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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 26, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am EST

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something unconventional. some kickers will try to do a misdirection, fake to one side, kick to the other. sometimes they will try to dribble it up the middle and recover it themselves. but either way, he is going to be looking for that one big hop that allows whatever designated player it is on either side of the field to go up and recover the football. >> joe: colorado holding its collectivere andy phillips. not a very good one. recovered by ento at the 41. but here's the thing, colorado has not been able to move the ball in the second half, and utah has three timeouts left. >> brady: is still plenty of time, and here's another look.
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that thing never really got more than a foot off the ground. made it easy on ento to track that thing down. but you are right, three timeouts left. although utah needs a touchdown, and based on where the ball is at now, if they were to get a stop, they would have to work down the field fast because they won't have any left and there is going to be a lot of space to move. >> joe: here is phillip lindsay with a big hole and a nice first down run for six. first timeout, taking k whittingham, 1:29. >> joe: mike macintyre holding his team can get one more first down, and then a chance to run this clock out. fourth season here at colorado. a coaches son, his dad, george,
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passed away this january after a 20 year battle with multiple sclerosis. mike macintyre learned so much from his dad. he played for his dad for a short period of time at vanderbilt, one of the programs that his father turned around, like he has turned around san jose state, and now the colorado program. still carries a coin with him that commemorates his dad's coach of the year honor. it is in his pocket right now. on second and fourth, it is lindsay again. plowing forward! and spotted right at the marker. >> brady: credit jeromy irwin. the left tackle was the player to come in and get phillip lindsay the extra burst. that's not a very favorable spo spot. as you see lindsay bounce off
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him another little child. that is 100% legal. you can push, you just can't pull, a ballcarrier. >> joe: will it to move the chains, or will it be third down and short? third and a couple >> brady: the last couple snaps we have seen colorado play from under center. typically in the scenario you see sefo liufau become part of the run game. of the guy who really wants the ball in his hands at the end of the game. but we showed it earlier in the
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or up or trailing by one. basically when the game is on the line, the coaching staff and sefo liufau wants the ball in his hands on the running game. >> joe: there is a reason for that. mike macintyre says this guy is one of the most mature kids he's ever been around. toughest quarterback he has ever coached. from a military family. his dad, joe, is in the u.s. army. it included a couple of years where he was stationed in colorado when he became a buffs fan, and now he is watching s son in his fourth year as a starter at quarterback, and 1:23 from leaving them from a three-year stretch where they went 2-25 in conference play to an 8-1 regular-season conference record and a date with washington in the championship game. >> brady: end it all starts up front with the center, alex kelley. , sr., here on senior night, he is going to be the guy that helps try to get the surge through the colorado offensive
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>> joe: third down and inches. he turns and hands to lindsay. bouncing, first down! >> brady: he probably could have gotten more. but oh, well, coached team, and a wise play p bounds, and get down. >> joe: utah saving that last timeout to wind down to one minute. all but the details in the final seconds now. victory formation. it has been a long time since it has meant this much for the
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>> joe: and kyle whittingham just now uses the third and final timeout. you know, the last time somebody other than stanford or oregon won the pac-12 championship game, eight years ago when pete carroll's trojans did it. it will be somebody new this year. it will be either washington or colorado. >> brady: and the team most affected by colorado winning tonight is usc. they had that tiebreaker, they needed utah to give them some help. but it is colorado. they win the pac-12 south. what a turnaround for this team, and what a turnaround for mike macintyre and his crew. >> joe: 5-40 in their first
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5-40. picked to finish dead last again this year. they will go 8-1 in conference play. and tonight they will match their win total from the previous three years combined. and they will have two more opportunities at a pac-12 championship game. at least two more opportunities, may be in a bowl game, who knows, maybe in a semifinal. >> brady: and at the end of the day, their offense played well enough to win, but it is their that has been the biggest thing about the turnaround for this team. their defense and their defensive coordinator jim levitt, the attitude that he has brought, the ability for the senior class in particular, the guys who persevered and went through all that adversity the last couple of years to really step up and make stops and put
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malfunctions here. all the way back up to 44. mike macintyre is trying to figure out what is going on. now they run it, they will have to snap it again. the play clock is about four seconds ahead of the game clock. that's it. mike macintyre told us they had elevated the program to "good" over the first couple of months of the season. in november, they could elevate it to "great." a perfect month of november. i pac-12 south division title, and a trip to the pac-12 championship game to take on washington on friday.
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>> joe: worth every last dollar of that $100,000 fine they will get for storming the field. >> brady: the games in november are the ones you remember. you will never forget this win tonight. >> joe: somewhere down there in that mess, jenny taft's with sefo liufau. >> jenny: well, the rise is for real in boulder tonight. what does this mean to see how hard your work team has to go from worst to first? how proud are you? >> it means the world to me. i'm so proud of this team. i didn't play very well tonight, my teammates picked me up, they picked up the slack, and so we are just very grateful to be in the position we are in, a great team effort tonight. a >> jenny: coach mcintyre knew that this team was special this year, what can you say about the way he turned this program around? >> he has definitely helped us, he has been with us all for years, he has pushed us to do things we didn't want to do, and we are very grateful for that.
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we have a very important game coming up, but we are think both for how hard he pushed us. >> jenny: wanted to play in front of a sold-out folsom field, how important was this? >> unreal. i just really appreciate it. the guys appreciate it, everything they have done for us, at home especially, we don't lose out folsom field, and i'm happy for these fans. >> jenny: last thing from me, washington next week, you've got the championship game, how do you lead the offense? >> we can't this week. i didn't play my best. we will look at the mistakes we made and we will make sure we bring our a game for washington. they are very good on defense, all around, so we have to play well. we have to come out offensively ready to go. >> jenny: we will see you there, go enjoy this, thank you. >> joe: all right, a few years ago they were playing in front of 20,000 and losing every week. in front of a sold-out crowd tonight they clinch a south
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>> joe: what a scene. and really at this point, as colorado heads to the pac-12 championship game, it will be rose bowl at worst, because of washington wednesday go to the playoff you, you would assume. colorado would fill the pac-12 spot in the rose bowl, but if colorado wins the pac-12 championship game, what are their chances? >> i think emma shot. it looked, alabama is most likely going to win the sec, they are undefeated. you look at clemson, they have one loss, they will win the acc. but there's two spots, between eight to lost big ten a two loss big 12 champion, and essentially a colorado win, may be a two loss pac-12 chamfered and you've got to look at the schedule and say they be washington state who is a top 25, utah is a top 25, stanford is a top 25, and washington, who is in the top ten. so at that point in time you would have to think that their resume compares very, very bubbly versus a big 122 loss, and even penn state or wisconsin, you're looking at
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in, it just comes down to how the committee is going to weigh the conference champion versus a very, very good one-loss team in ohio state, who will not have a conference championship next to its name. >> joe: i have a feeling we will be talking about this plenty over the next week. >> brady: i think so, too. >> joe: can't wait for friday to start the championship weekend on fox, the pac-12 championship game, washington against colorado, coverage starting at 8:00 eastern. and then on saturday, penn state-wisconsin for the big ten championship. all finished from here in boulder. utah by no means laid down after the disappointing game last week. they gave colorado all he could handle, but ultimately liufau and the buffs win the south division title and head to the pac-12 championship game to face off with washington. for jenny taft, brady quinn, and the rest of our crew, a shout out to barry allen, we hope he gets well soon, and can't wait
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joe davis saying so long.
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it was happening so fast. somehow it felt like everything was moving in slow motion. if i didn't react, things could have gotten messy in a hurry. i mean just got that sweet ride with a great rate from navy federal. i was not about to let anything happen to her. just looking out for my wingman. open to the armed forces, the dod and their families.
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this is fox5 local news at right now, the world reacting to the death of former cuban president fidel cas treatment what cuban americans in the district arean a saying about tt controversial leader. also tonight a robbery in prince george's county leads police onb alead pursuit into the district where one suspect shot an officers. a posta l worker beaten and
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details on the investigationesti coming up. fox5 local news starts right now '78 ' lauren demarco and i'm matt ackland. we're going to start tonight sta with the death fidel castro. the reaction to his passing hasg been mixed. many people considered castro a tyrant. others saw him as a levels rugls here on. he came into power in 1959 after leaving a rebel army to victory. he president obama issued a statement saying we extend a hand of friendship to the cuban people. we know this moment fills cube answer with powerful emotionstin and president elect donald trum said through the tragedies death and pain cause -- though the tragedies, death and pain caused by fidel castro cannot be erased our administration will do all it can to ensure the cubanuban people can finally begin theirti
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liberty. fox5's alexandrialy mean has more. >>reporter: here at the embassy of cuba in northwest washingtons d.c. we have seen people comingn and going. take a local. you can see the flag lowered to half staff andaf several employees and officials from the embassy have showed up throughout the day. however they quietly made theirq way insideui the embassy notsy saying anything to the mediamedi outside of the gates. meanwhile we've al members of the public, people of cuban desent, but also people of various nationality, some expressed joy around happiness. others mourn bringing stars andn flowers. one woman was in bri tears. i don't want to say i'm relievee he's gone, but i'm happy thathap maybe relations will open up and i can take my children back to visit where my parents and my grandparents came from.ts c
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grandfather. he died always wanting to return home and he was unable to. to. everything he took away from the people, their human rights, their liberty, their business. he destroyed havana, not only havana, but the whole country. the association and all the by fire squad and not to forget the ones that have died on the stretch just to grt out of that. today i have groan up with fidel castro aps a hero throughout my life. not too am people can say he's a hero, for my parents' generatior and the generation before her. he's definitely a very, very v special person and a huge loss.
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youngest brother after fidel arl for us, it was a dream. i know it came out as expected.e officially the embassy of cuba has not made any sort of comment or statement saying only that they will make a statement and perhaps hold some sort of ceremony here at the embassy in the next day or to. reporting in northwest d.c., alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > here at home right now police are searching for a robbery suspect who shot at an officer in southeast d.c. that officer was not hurt.urt. this all began when three men robbed a barber shop at prince george's county. the latest now from fox5's lindsay watts. a lot to tell you about. there was a robbery, a car chase
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one of the robbers was accidentally shot inside the get away it started here in see pleasant at joe's old fashioned barberber shop. it was just after 5:00 when police say three guys showed upd here with guns and robbed thehe place am they got into their var and got away, but police were oe their tail quickly. qui officers attempted to conduct a traffic stop. the car failed to stop.stop the chase ended here on c 53rd streets in southeast about a mile and a half from th barber shop. during the chase, the guy driving this fan somehow got shot. police say they didn't shooty di him, one of the robbers' own guns went off inside the van. police say the driver fell out of the car and was taken to the hospital for treatment. a second suspect in the van was also caught and taken into custody. the third suspect took off running.
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investigators say he turnedors around and shot at a the officer. the officer wasn't hurt and the suspect kept on running. here's the seat pleasant policel chief. in today's climate it's very tough. there has been a recent attack on a lot of officers being ambushed across the nation. initially you have that adrenaline rush. you want to make sure your guy is okay. it could have ended another way, but we're thankful to god forgo his grace in protecting our officers. police tell us they one of them we spotted here on the sidewalk. police have not release any information about the suspect tonight. we will keep posted as we learn more information. in seat pleasant, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > in northeast d.c. police taped off several blocks as they investigated a violent crimeme againstimh? a us post al carrie. this second on second street in the edgewood neighborhood. the male man was robbed and
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during the assault. police sent out a tweet sayingig they're looking for two men dressed in black. no word on how the male carrier is doing tonight. if you have information about this give police a call. now to the transition of powerit here inio d.c. former green party candidate jill stein says she believes the presidential election is notis n over yet. she's demanding a recount inin three battle ground states. hillary clinton is supporting stein wants the votes recounted in wisconsin, pennsylvania and michigan gab. donald trump narrowly beat clinton in all three contests while trump won electoral college. clinton is far ahead with the popular vote with 2 million moro votes cast than trump. here's a live look outside right not a bad fall saturday, breezy at times, but it wasn't too, too
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hitting awful the stores. gwen, how are we looking for thk rest of the weekend. not too bad. you're right, it was a little cool outside but the bargains were who the so they didn't mind i'm sure. standing in line wasn't too bad. the winds have picked up a about it. let's take a look at where weere hit with our highs today. we were in the 50s, the low 50s to be exact and that's exactly where we should be temperature wise.wi so very seasonal conditions there.ther right now we have 43-degrees at 37 at baltimore.balt 39 at winchester, dulles at 36, 38 at culpeper and a very chilly 28-degrees at a manassas thisis hour. now things have really improved in the wind department for sure. not talking any major gusts atts all right now, but winds are fairly calm anywhere from about 8 to 10 miles an hour. things have really impaired quite a bit and that's the same story when we move into your sunday. we're going to be seeing someeig
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saturday radar composites there are some clouds to the west ofwt us as well as to the north. we're going to be held fairlyfar sted. we have a ridge of high pressure that's building in and we're going to end up seeing clearlyca skies into the overnight hours. 38-degrees expected, partly cloudy skies to become be clear, breezy night, northwest. the winds are finally improving and for tomorrow we will havel light winds across the area, bu, we're also going to have a lot of sunshine. day to get out.out. you've got another day or twowo yet to grab some of the bargains, so take advantage of this weather while we have it. we have some rain ahead in the seven day forecast.y fo sounds like a good day to go get a christmas tree. >> see a holiday movie. > stay in and watch a holiday move inquire? tomorrow. like us > there's that, too. coming up, it is the district's chance to show off that comes
11:31 pm
presidential inaugerations are a huge deal.l. they bring in big business. coming up we're going to take a financial look at the inaugeration impact.mpac we're going to he that you to some nice lighting of the city center christmas tree.
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> a frederick woman is out ofck the hospital after being attacked by a wsp karens on born was mold last week when she left her house ane walked next door to her daughter's home to see why the family doing was barking. as she headed out into the dark she unknowingly walked between a full groan female black bear ana her three cubes. fox5's jennifer davis spoke with the victim. >> i really didn't think i was going to make it.
11:35 pm
stitches, a broken arm, a broken pelvis, four broken teeth and bite marks all over her body, but she lived to tell the heroin tail of coming face to face with an angry black female behavioram i heard this horrendous growlino and i turned to look at itrren d the bear came out on two feet and she grabbed me my my face and she threw me to the ground and then she came behind me and grabbed my arm and pit it in half the bear came at her four separate times from three different directions for about t 35 minutes.35 and then she came back around again and grabbed the top of my head with her teeth. and then she started to try and go for my neck and i sort of was doing like this to kind of protect my neck so i hit her four times. i tried to hit her really hardly to get her to go away and itt didn't work. and then she came around another time, the last time she attacked me and put her paw on my back
11:36 pm
every time i moved she'd start to come and attack me. i think she stopped because shee was tired. > curled in a fetal position on her daughter's driveway, karen finally felt her phone under her leg and managed to call 911. > i'm being attacked. this bear is coming back. hurry. he's broken my arms and my legs. > people said you were so calm and collected. i said, no. that was rel i was bleeding out.t. i could feel my energy leaving e me at. > morning after the attack, maryland t department of naturam resources tracked and killedacke that bear.r. karen is upset they didn't act sooner. she says there h ave been a number of nuance calls from the neighborhood about that bear and now she's left that those three cubs are left to forge for food on their on. i understand o they're trying to set upn. aup
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neighborhoods. she has a lot of rehab in fronti of her, but she holiday week she also realizes she has much to be thankful for. i'm happy to be here. in frederick, jennifer davis,is, fox5 news. > s on born says she's consider legal answer against the dnr which she doesn't feel to protect the neighborhood enough from a bear she knew was causing problems.prob the frederick news that mike monday sell a is going to host a question-and-answernda session at the mt. airey library on december 1. wall sal a applied for a special exception to restore and sell fire arms out of his home. the town council has not yet voted on it, but a petitionion started circulating on social media this week calling for the gun sales to occur only in commercial zones.s. the upcoming presidential
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for the district's hotels, museums and shops. fox's joel waldman takes a look at the preparations and breaksas down how much people are forking over foreopl a front row seat. >>reporter: january 20, 2017, a day those in d.c. have been preparing for for quite sometime as all eyes which be in the city think in charge of hosting the inaugeration. with nearly 1 milli festivities, hundreds of local c businesses are getting ready to cash in. the city's hotels, restaurants and other attractions are creating packages, menu, exhibits and tours for visitors eager to participate. the nice thing about having this event every four years is that our community really knows what to expect in terms of an in flux of individuals coming into the city so our restaurants havee probably some unique deals in
11:39 pm
other food options and uniqueque opportunities. > and from the parade to the balls, to the actual swearing in ceremony probably comes as no surprise that being part of the big celebration means forking over a whole lot of cash. hotel packages have been designed for family friendly groups as well as luxury travelers. we have one of our, you know, main suits, our lawyer's seat as we call it which is the only bullet-proof resistant equipped winnow in the city will be selling for 20 now it isow about p 4,000 square feel if00 you're lucky0 enough to fall io the group of luxury travelers you may consider a package such as the one being offered by the four seasons in georgetown.rget a lot comes with that. entertainment space as well. our house gallery is available for the guests that are stayingg there. we have a private entrance.
11:40 pm
you want to. an entire security system. a committee of locally officials estimates that ensuring the well-being of everyone n involved in the festivities wilt cost over $75 million. the city itself will spendd somewhere between 40 and $50 million to manage a event ot this size with much of that money going toward crowd control. some of it being spentg just to get people around town. you'll find that washington is a small bi very easy to get from point a ta point b, but we encourage individuals who take metro, dot, not take car. as for the hundreds of business owners they're cashing in, too. many of which will be open 24 hours a day for five straight days. in washington, joel waldman, fox news. > you and i are taking
11:41 pm
while some emptied their wallete on black prescriptionir otherser waited until today to go shopping. on what has become the newest shopping holiday, small business saturday. daumier bowser and other city officials went on a walking tour of the shaw neighborhood.od. they wanted to bring attention to the small businesses in these area and encourage people tole shop there. last year more than 95 millionlo people shopped on small business saturday and thats what an > switching gears now to get another check on the forecast. here's a live look out stifled not bad out there tonight. gwen is standing by with a forecast that when i think youu say doesn't look too t awfullyly bad. >> it looks very good. temperatures wise we're going to be pretty close to where we were today.toda we're going to have a little less wind and a lot moret m sunshine. let's take a look at where weere were today in terms of the
11:42 pm
seasonal and right now it's's 43-degrees right now in d.c. so it's starting to cool down a about it.abou the winds have littenned up considerably. we have a north, north westerly wind at about 10 miles an hour. your overnight lowe's tonightht it's going to be cold, chilly, however you would like to describe it. definitely you want to pump up the heat. maybe an extra blanket on the bed, but the temperatures in the 30s just about every where iner all of our neighborhoods for tonight and the winds have with we're going to he zoo a big improvement for tomorrow. as i mentioned our highs were into the low 50s and we were seasonal.. that's not bad over all. gusts today up to 31 miles per hour. right now the winds are anywhere from about 3 to 10 miles 3er 10 hour. that was a pretty cool wind forf us today. satellite radar not showing a lot happening here.t we h have a few high clouds to e west. but we are looking at clearing
11:43 pm
high pressure continues to buili its a way in. the next couple of days we're talk sunny skies for yourr sunday, but on monday we're talking rain and a rice in the temperatures. we'll let you know how long that's going to stick around,nd but the good news is it's going to rain. i know of you may not think it's good news, but for me it is because we're at a big deficit almost l 8 inches blow where we are in our area as far atrazinef rain is concerned. so we need it.arrain more details later on the seven day forecast. beginning to feel like christmas around d.c. tonight. i'm not singing it. you don't want me to. there you go, the lights came on at the city center tree in northwest. the 75-foot christmas tree is adorned with hundreds of lights. there was also plenty of entertainment and activities foi the hundreds of people who showed up. jug letters, face painters alles were on hand to make it a memorable event.
11:44 pm
favorite places. >> i kept seeing annual treatment of would that be the second year? this is brand new. they did do a tree lying. i thin tk lindsay was saying itself eat tallest in the city.. up next, protecting high profile holiday events. how police in new york are working over time to keepep restaurants and tourists save
11:45 pm
new york city police are workin over time to make surepo touriss and residents are safe. there are many concerns about terror attacks at high profile events. fox's rick leventhal has more on the security effort. >>reporter: new york city has the nation's busiest subway system with close to 6 milliont6 riders every day.y. the trains could get crowded and so can the platforms and while
11:46 pm
elite political patrol the stations crimes can occur blow ground. we ask people to be aware. when trains are pulling in andui out of the station that's not at good time to be on your phone. people can fall or get pushed as a train approaches and bigig crowds mean more opportunitiesmo forre thieves.eves so veteran officers recommend keeping stuff in your frontur pockets or close to your chest. make sure if you're carrying a bag, especially a female you of you. make sure that the zipper is closed, backpacks the same thing. i don't recommend backpacks because there ' easy for pick pockets to open up behind you. we're always focused on mass transit. it's something that the terrorists talked about. i think they dream about causing some kind of terrorist attack in the trains.ins. we're focused on mass transits all the time.time
11:47 pm
an online magazine encouraging followers to use a vehicle to try into crowds lining the parade crowd similar to this summer's bass steel attack in knees, france. this is not something new to uss in new york city. wein used to block car vehicle also and re-create a safe all the we are going to use sand trucks. they trucks don't will not move. > meanwhile security haseanw stepped up athi this year's -- this h year at germany's famous christmas market in newerren burg. the market officially opened yesterday. extra officers were deployed after american authorities warned there was information thatamerhere terror attacks werg planned in europe during the holiday season. the market will be open through christmas eve.. > coming up tonight celebrating the holidays at the national zoo. zoo lights have arrive.rriv
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. > i like this weather. >> owe, yeah. don't you feel it, though. maybe it's just the holidayholi music and all that, but i feel like -- we went walking for dinner and we saw the christmas displays.di >> i had the fuzzy booths booths. after thanksgiving you don't get much of a break.brea i put the tree up today. >> just saying. > did you already. you >> i did.did. > it's not a real tree. why don't you tell everybodyrybo this. we have it sitting in the closet so we plugged it in. >> you hit a button and it's all
11:52 pm
> it's there. >> keep it real. we're going to keep it real for you tonight because it iss getting nippy out there. i mean really the official firsl day of winter is just around the corner somewhere. get the woolies. anyway we're not there yet. i think we've got quite a fewtea days to go.go. let's enjoy what we have so farr because before we even get there i have some 60s on my seven daye forecast. so, yeah. in the meantime a little bit onm th very cool into the 30s. chilly, chilly, chilly for sure. sunday sunshine with some light winds. so not as windy as it was todayy which is some good news to get out and shop. much rain, do we ever need the rain, the much needed rainfalled we're going to have in my sevenn day forecast because we areecau really at a deficit. temperatures as i said rising to the 60s by mid week. 30s tonight and then we're going to be in the 60s in the middle of the week. and we're going to be what
11:53 pm
the season right here. we were at a seasonableseas temperature for our daytime highs into the low 20s. we were right on track. the national map showing you all the colder air that's settling in so we're not alone as far as the cold conditions are concerned. we have a pretty strong north westerly breeze that has kickeds in for today. in some parts of our area we die have wind gusts over 30 miles an hour. in fact, d.c. winds are gusting up to 3 s miles an 33 at d.c., 37 at baltimore. 28 at manassas, chilly, 31 at fredericksburg and 37 gross at frederick. your overnight lowe's tonight as i mentioned into the 30s right across the board and we're're talking winds that are finally calming down quite a bit as youu can see here. so things things definitelyinit improving and that will be great for tomorrow when everybody iser out trying to catch more of the bargains. a few clouds to our north and to our west and a ridge of high
11:54 pm
improvement as far as that's concerned. clear for tonight and then tomorrow sunshine.unsh the ridge of high pressure will allow the winds to push in fromr the northwest. daytime highs into the 40s and the 50s with the 40s being moreb to the north and to the northwest. to help plan your day tomorrowoo here is my planner. by the 8:00 hour, a little on the chillier side at 40-degrees, 48 by midday under the sunshine and 49 in the 4:00 hour.ur. traveling tomorrow, owe, y get home, west coast seeing somi snow, mid section of the country seeing some rain and to the northeast some snow as well. anybody traveling from any of these areas, if you are heading to the airport to pick them up p keep saying make sure you check in first. as far as the rain needed isis concerned, look at this, we neee quite a about it of rainfall. we're actually almost 8 inches c blow where we should be in terms of our rain. so let's hope that we do get some to help us out.
11:55 pm
i want to help you plan youryour day.i?t &nk"egrees for tonight,y clear skies, breezy and chilly and then for tomorrow we're're talking a day t time high of 53 degrees, sunny. let's have a look at that sevent day i'll show you when the rain isis coming. looks like tuesday into wednesday. we g could get a pretty good rainfall. ahead of the frontal system. we get a surge of warmer air. 64-degrees on turks 67 onre wednesday withes lauren's christmas tree and then we cool down again ton the end of the week.we the season just keeps changing on us. it's back to you.ou. >> thanks, gwen. > zoo lights kicked off at the national zoo this weekend. half a million lights are on display there ever night until january 1. not all of the animal exhibits are open at night, but if youuti are and the best part, admission to the zoo as always, it isis free.
11:56 pm
jingle, jingle all the way. > they both really loved it. they loved the music. she was dancing over there. and with the lights, they lovedl watching the trees. it's cool how they mix them on some we loved the light show. we were watching it for like five minutes. my favit crossing from the what's your favorite that you see. green. > green lights. >> yes. > nice. green like your coat. if you get it to spin, then it's super fun.
11:57 pm
first part when it was like going down. > they love it. it's a good christmas tradition to start. i love life.e. i love christmas.istm can't get any better than this.. > zoo lights is happening every that's until january 1. admission is free, but parkingar will run you 22 bucks. there is a metro stop nearby. there are also some events within zoo lights that you might be interested in. there's a craft beer night, a date night and a military nighti coming up. we have all of the information t that you into ehed on our websi, at the national zoo, lindsay watts, fox5 local news.
11:58 pm
giant panda cub bei bei iss recovering tonight after undergoing life saving surgery.g on friday doctors removed a lemon size mass of bamboo from his small intestine. after the zoo officials say the one year old panda showed signss of stomach discomfort and nausea. bei bei will be on a strict diet before he can start eatingati bamboo again. he will initially be given watee and then transition to foods like sweat potatoes andand pairs. >> i'm glad they caught it. > life saving surgery. > coming up, looking for a l holiday present with some tollol gentleman. why not?t? >> a few items that are a real
11:59 pm
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