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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  November 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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. right now a violent weekend in the district and two more deadly shootings this afternoon as police investigate friday's murder of a teenage girl. how the mayor and city officials are respond together outbreak of violence. >> then a mail darier robbed and beaten while on the job and tonight we're learning federal investigators are joining the effort to hunt down the suspects. >> and spreading on social
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local man that rt stad the whole trend. "fox5 local news" starts now. >> thank you for joining us i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland. >> we'll start with a deadly weekend in the district. three homicides in three days. among the dead is 16-year-old girl who was home for boarding school for thanksgiving break. >> in all three cases police are still searching for the killer. tonight, d.c. mayor and interim police chief held a rare weekend press "fox5" lindsey watts is live tonight with the story. lindsay. mayor muriel bowser and acting chief peter newsham spoke at district headquarters in southwest. while they don't believe the homicides are connected there's a common thread here they happened in the middle of the afternoon in southwest d.c., we'll show you a map now. the most recent killing happened 4 p.m. today howard
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was shot and killed there. still not a lot of details on that one. earlier, just before 1:00 on the corner of l and 7 streets police say there was an argument and a man and woman were shot. the man did not survive. then on friday, at i and 12 street 16-year-old brianna mcmillan was shot and killed. we were with her friend and family just a little while ago as they gathered for a vigil. they have a message for everyone involved in the violence in >> i don't understand why our kids and everybody just want to pick up guns. >> wake up! >> we heard outrage in addition to heartbreak. >> wake up! because we are really, truly sleeping a gun does not solve anything. >> dozens of people gaerm todd remember 16-year-old brianna mcmillan heard a pass
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candles and balloons are not enough to honor her niece. >> it's about putting the guns down and putting more love out there. and leave the gun as home where they belong. throw them in the trash, whatever, get rid of the guns. >> new details about the shooting that happened near the potomac gardens housing complex. >> it's our belief that there were several people outside at the time of the shooting. it appears at least fired multiple times discriminatively during that occasion and as a result of that reckless behavior we lost one of our 16-year-old kids. >> acting chief peter newsham doesn't believe brianna was intended target and we asked him about residence calls for more police patrols. >> i don't think the shooting the other day was for lack of patrols.
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we'll step up patrols because of this incident. >> the primary reason for the press conference was to ask for public's help with these killedings. you could be eligible for a reward up to 25,000 for information leading to an arrest. looking at the overall homicide numbers in the district now d.c. police have not updated tally with recent killings but by our count we're at 124 for the year. for comparison in 162 homicides significant spike from 2012 when there were 8 killings. looking further back, though, -- 88 killedings. they're on the decline from the 90s and peak was in 1991 when there were more than 40 homicides. live in southwest, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> while the mayor was holding her news conference this evening to talk about the
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frustrating d.c. residents was there on display. illegal dirt bikes and atvs take a look [ revving engines ]. >> interesting. >> you could hear the riders buzz by as the mayor was speaking. they interrupted her there. our crews on the scene estimate there were at least 0 of them. illegal dirt bikes ongoing problem for the district and we did countless stories on "fox5". d.c. police offer a $250 reward for people who lead toe arrest for illegal dirt bike or atv rider. >> new details on a story "fox5" first told you about last night. federal police now joined the investigation of a mail carrier robbed and beaten in northeast on saturday. this was the scene today at the edgewood neighborhood officers serving alleys, side streets
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tells "fox5" the mail carrier was robbed and pistol whipped saturday evening. police sent out a tweet saying they were looking for two men dressed in black an a source says investigators believe the gun went off during the attack. so far no word on the condition of the mail carrier. >> elsewhere in the district police are searching for a robbery district who shot an officer in southwest d.c., this all began when three men robbed a barbershop in the evening. the men drove away police chased them. it ended a short time later in the district and the van driver was shot when one of the robber's guns went off during a pursuit. the third suspect got away and he fired a police as he was running. no officers were injured. all right. it is back to work tomorrow and for some of you, well, riding metro it won't be easy. surge 11 kicks off tomorrow. this will impact riders across northern virginia along orange
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are warping commute others to have alternate plans. "fox5" alexandra limon has more whoon you should expect. new safe track surge and this time it comes with bigger headaches because according to metro it will have biggest impact to customers yet. we're talking about surge 11 and kicks off monday and lasts through december 21 we're talking about almost a month worth of work and the agency replace portions of the track that are crumbling. and also doing work that has been neglected for years and that all means orange and silver line riders will be greatly impacted for things like single tracking to west falls church station and trains will run every 20 minutes between vienna to new carlton
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metro wants to warn customers to expect crowded platforms and crowded trains and even the possibility that you may not make it on to the that you want. >> i just moved myself here to d.c. and so i came back and it's like rush hour and traffic and just it's crazy and i actually hate it i hate catching the train now. i used to love it. >> being that's the only commute back and forth they should give us some type of alternative to get back and that's going to make a lot of people late. >> it's something that needs to be sglon yes. >> in order to have a better metro system. >> also keep in mind that metro will not run the normal shuttle bus service typically does during the surges instead there would only be limited shuttle buses between boston and areas like claireton and rosalyn and also to the pentagon station. but that's pretty much it. reporting in arlington,
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news". >> by the way we invite to you joins us tomorrow morning 7:30 when wamu transportation reporter will join us live from the east falls church metro stop on the latest on surge 11. remember that's tomorrow at 7:30 on "fox5 news morning". >> the forecast has been cooperative this holiday weekend. there's a live look out there at the may sopic temple in alexandria. he he cannot complain. >> especially today. it was a nice day out there today. gwen, how are things looking as everyone heads back to work tomorrow. >> not bad at all to be quite honest. we're seasonal as far as temperatures are concerned. we're going to see aly little roller coaster ride though once we get into the 7 day forecast. in the meantime let's take a welcome at temperatures for today. we hit the low 50s at all three airports. that was the same story yesterday. so, exactly right in the bat park of where we should be in
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right now at z.c.. clear skies. and we will see those skies continuing to be clear and with a few clouds here and there as we move into the later part of tomorrow. relative humidity at 70%. current temperatures then is getting chilly out there. 32 degrees baltimore this hour and same gaithersburg and very chilly 28 at frederick and we have 30 winchester avenue 28 mannasas and 3 dulles and 30 at culpeper and winds light and in from the west and once we get into tomorrow afternoon we'll see more in terms of increasing clouds. ridge of high pressure is moving out. that's what held us for all the sunshine we head. next couple days, 56 for monday. look at tuesday. we're heading back into spring again with temperatures. but also spring rain so to speak. we need the rainfall. no complaints there as we warm up into the mid 60s and then, of course, cools back down all
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i'll have the details in that all important 7 day forecast in a bit. lauren. >> thank you, gwen. looking forward to it. >> up next, president-elect trump continues to work to fill his cabinet. >> and the latest on trump's transition to the white house and what his senior adviser is saying about mitt romney as possible secretary of plate. and then he's been providing comic relief from the worlds of politics. you've seen the tweets and everything on facebook that paint joe biden as prankster. we talked to the local man behind the tweets coming up.
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>> we are less than eight weeks away from a new president taking office and this week he could make appointments for his cabinets.
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secretary of state? will it be mitt romney, rudy guiliani or possibly third cabinet one of the senior advisors weighed in on who she thinks he should pick. more from kristin fisher. >> kelly an conway said she already shared feels about mitt romney privately to trump and today she took them public in a big way on three separate sunday shows blasted mitt romney as wrong man for the job and questioned credentials and importantly loyalty to the president-elect. >> people feel betrayed to think governor room any that went out of his way to question the character and intellect and integrity of donald trump now our president-elect would be given the most significant cabinet post post of all, secretary of state. is that the a decision only one man can make president-elect donald trump. i will respect it and support it 1,000% but i'm reflecting what the grassroots saying.
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contender are former new york city mayor rudy guiliani and john bolt ton and bob quarker and david petraeus. donald trump has made four appointments. kansas congressman mike pompao and nikki haley un ambassador and jeff sessions for attorney general all four require senate confirmation and today florida senator marco rubio gave us a taste of who should sale will likely nrun trouble. >> you're not ready to say if you'll support confirmation of jeff sessions as attorney general. >> i never do until that person works their way through process, in the case of haley and pompao they'll come through the committee. >> it will continue in new york. mr. trump is set to meet with 8 people for variety of roles in his administration n washington, kristin fisher, fox news. election officials in wisdom martin plan to meet tomorrow to discuss a possible
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presidential results from their state. former green party candidate jill stein asked for recount and plans to do the same in two other states. pennsylvania and michigan donald trump holds narrow lead in all three states over hillary clinton. she has now joined the recount effort. it's not sitting well with the president-elect that calls the recount effort sad and says outcome will be the same. starting in just a few hours the people of cuba will begin to observe nine days of mourning to honor their f leader fidel castro who died friday in havana at the aim of 9 owe 0. castro's death was major topic of discussions on the sunday talk shows. republicans and democrats sounding off. we hear more from garrett tinny. >> the future of u.s. cuba relations will be decided by republicans in particularly, president-elect donald trump. we've seep over the last few years obama administration has taken steps to reon political
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cuba. this morning on "fox" news sunday incoming white house chief of staff said mr. trump plans to renegotiate the u.s. agreements with cuba once he takes office. >> what that deal is, is yet to be determined there will be some move front cuba in order to have a relationship with the united states. >> florida senator marco rubio is another harsh critic of castro regime and said he did not expect dramatic changes from the communist nation despite castro >> as far as practical day-to-day affairs that transition happened a decade ago. his death is historical and psychological milestone but from practical standpoint cuba today is govrpd the same way it was 48 hours ago. >> on the other side of the aisle this morning senator bernie sanders argued it's important for the us to work with those it disagrees with and defended president obama statement in offered castro family his condolences. >> the united states of america has relations with china.
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dictatorships all over the world. the goal is to see we can improve our relationships with the people of cuba or do what we can to impriv their economy and make sure that the younger generation does better than their older generation. fidel castro's funeral is scheduled for december 4 and we're waiting to hear who, if anyone, from the u.s. will be sent as on official representative. in washington, i'm garrett tinny, fox news. church goers in havana prayed forecast row. he shund the catholic church nearly 40 years of rule and reconciled with the church in the 1990s. that opened the door for pope john paul ii to visit in 1998. he sat down with castro at the time and last year pope francis met with castro the former cuban leader's health already was in decline at that point. >> today, at the vatican, pope francis offered prayers for
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were ten deaths and hundreds of homes destroyed against september ral america nicaragua and costa rica were hardest hit. >> take a look at this. amazing images from northwestern italy tonight. heavy reigns in recent days triggered widespread flooding. you can see water kas aiding down the hill. images were captured by a drone. so far no word of any injuries. but the flooding caused quite a there residents there should expect even more flooding in coming days and more rain is headed their way. >> all right. let's get it back to home and talk a little bit about the warm. there's a live look outside on this sunday evening. sure hope you had a nice holiday weekend. the weather it's been pretty good this whole weekend especially today. but, you got to go back to work and let's hope there's some good weather to greet us. >> hey, gwen, sounds like there's a little wet weather ahead this week as well.
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so we hope everybody will be embracing of it. and because we'll give you rain but also warm up the temperatures four at the same time. pretty good combination i think. let's look at sky conditions right now an a ridge of high pressure large and in charge today gave us no shortage of sunshine for you and now we have clouds rolling in. and so we'll see some of those clouds hitting the area for tonight. and the first part of tomorrow will be a little bright before we see more clouds. but it's all ahead of the system that wille and in the meantime, 30s and 40s tonight partly cloudy skies across the area and that's what we're talking about and current temperatures, 32 at dulles this hour. 48 d.c. and 32 baltimore and chilly 28 mannasas and 29 at culpeper. your overnight lows will number the 0s. low 0s norm and northwest. elsewhere into the mid 0s to upper 0s overall and as we move into the week we're talking roller coaster temperatures on
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rainfall. so i've got lots happening on the weather buffet and i have all the details for you serving it unin a bit. lauren. >> sounds g. thank you, gwen. >> black friday sales reached new record this year for online shopping. >> isn't tomorrow cyber monday as well. >> that's right. >> people are shopping for the first time black friday online sales surpassed $3 billion according to numbers compiled by online retail tracker adobe a 2% and the firm says the amount of people using smart phones to buy this season well that's up 33%. >> retailers are hoping the trend continues tomorrow for cyber monday. stores including best buy and walmart already started their promotions and of course, amazon does big business on cyber monday. last year customers ordered 629 items per second. >> what? >> yes. >> tomorrow morning on "fox5"we'll be live from amazon
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for inside look how the company handles all those orders. that has to be cool. >> i'll tell you i'll be one of those guys in line tomorrow. >> amazon prime is great. >> perfect. >> fast. >> right to the door step. >> really is. >> what did you get me? >> i have not gotten there yet, matt, still got a long list. >> okay. >> they'll be something good. >> i'm at the end of the list. >> no you are not. >> okay. >> all right. still to come at 10 combining combine sweets and selfies we'll take you to the candy store making edible portraits out of your own photos that's what i want lauren. >> that's what you wants i'm on it. >> no. >> the internet is convinced the vice-president is a prankster. we'll sit down with a local man wrapping up the retweets for all these joe biden tweets. wrapping up the retweets for all these joe biden tweets. stay with us e gonna be comparing the roll formed steel bed of the chevy silverado to the aluminum bed of this competitor's truck.
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first, let's check out the aluminum bed of this truck. wooooow!! -holy moly. full on crack here. now let's check out the steel bed of the silverado. i'd expect more dents. no holes. you don't have to wait until black friday to make a strong decision. find your tag and get 20% cash back, or, get 0% financing for 72 months on select remaining 2016 silverado double cabs in stock.
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>> developing news from in or leaps tonight where shots rang out on bourbon street. it left one person dead and nine others wounded. police still don't know what triggered the violence. we hear more now from fox's will carr. >> witnesses described the aftermath of a shooting that took place overnight on bourbon street as pure chaos. they say there was a tam is period of people running from the area. some tourists were tramled in the process. the shooting took place during days of events including college football game saturday night. the area was packed with tourists and shots rang out around 1:30 this morning. >> one snot hand and one shot in chest and one shoddy can't tell right now i need the ems asa. >> victims ages ranged from 20 to 37. officers swarmed the area immediately.
10:26 pm
arrested. two people including one man shot was nine custody. we were able to make two arrests on this scene one of the victims was in possession of a firearm another subject who may or may not be affiliated with this event had a firearm in addition to eight other firearms arrests we made over the past 24 hours. >> mayor of new orleans tweeting the shooting was unacceptable. police and ems were on the scene and responded fast. aggressively. this is early similar to i ashooting on bourbon street in 2014 when the same number of people, ten were shot and one person was killed. the gunman in that shooting was recently sentenced to 60 years in prison. willing carr fox news. >> still to come spotting professional shoplifters. >> how police are working to bus criminals that are trying to take advantage of holiday shopping season.
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i didn't know what to expect when i went out the door. i should have licensed better last night. it was nice. it was not cold at all this morning. >> was not bad. >> wept for a run and it felt like late summer, early fall. >> i think the lack of winds made the difference. >> yeah. >> because it was so windy saturday and saturday night. >> that's what really gives you the chill. you have the wind chi in there you know, but, today was really pleasant and very nice and hopefully you got out and enjoyed it as you did the bargains i was saying to matt i don't know if it's christmas with thanksgiving but if you have turkey money you could go shopping. i don't know. do you get turkey money? for thanksgiving? >> turkey money, honey. >> turkey, money, honey. i need turkey money honey to catch the bargains out there. that will keep you warm. it was not cold so you can
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so you know hey send me a tweet and let me know that. "fox5" gwen d.c. and a cold night tonight, though, light winds into 30s. it's chilly out there. bundle up. bump up the heat to stay warm. we'll see a change in temperatures into the week. but in the meantime monday we're starting out with sunshine. then we'll see clouds and some of those clouds starting to approach the area now ahead of a system that we're going to have to deal with. but much needed rain is what it brings the rain we have a def sit in terms rainfall. and then we'll sigh a change in the temperatures. i've got a roller coaster temperature matt to show you. temps will be down and up and down and it will be a question of what season are we really in? well, we know what we were in today. temperatures were where they should be in low 50s all three airports and rights now it's getting chilly out there. 0 at winchester and 29 at culpeper and 32 dulles and 28
10:32 pm
40 in nation's capitol and. 33s fredericksburg and 44 cumberland. winds light and fairly light all day. which is what i mentioned. here's cloud deck starting to move its way towards us. ridge of high pressure moving out and we are going to end up seeing a warm surge of air though once we get into the early part of the week. so, this is the frontal system that is in mid section country now. as it moves towards us we will get a piece of energy aengt nice warm-up. we'll see the temperatures head into the 60s can you you believe it? and mid up toer 60s. tuesday, thursday, then when the front comes through, it will bring the rain with it. and ahead of it and along it what we'll see and you could see rainfall. here's a future cast for you. 7 a.m. for morning commute on tuesday. and here's about midday to 1:00 in the afternoon and here's later into the evening hours. so, get ready for rain and expect another little piece of energy by wednesday that brings
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look at deficit. almost 8" below where we should be. we'll welcome the rain because we'll have warm conditions on those days. highs into the 50s. across the board for everybody. midday 52 and 55s by the time we hit the 4:00 hour. 3 for tonight then. for tomorrow, we're talking low 50s. your 7 day forecast showing you not only rainfall but look at the warm up. by wednesday we're flirting with 70 degree mark year an we cool back down again. there's that roller coaster. let's check back in with the aching ors, laura. >> thank you, gwen. after a bitter, hard fought election we needed comic relief. internet has you covered. there's posts featuring photos with joe biden with silly captions going viral you've seen them on twitter is are oregon facebook the man that helped the trend is from northern virginia. >> they're great. josh has been churning out his
10:34 pm
likes and retweets including this one with president obama frustrated with vice-president replacing toiletryes with travel size bottles. josh joins us now in studio with all of this. everyone is talking about this josh. you cannot go anywhere. did you just start this up as a joke. did you think it would take off. >> yeah i kind of had 300 followers on twitter before all this and kind of tweet out into the void and nobody here's hears it i went to bed one night a few election and woke up and phone was lighten up and turned it off rolled back over and got up saturday after the election to see what really happened. >> how many do you have now. >> almost 17,000 now. >> my gosh. >> i love this tell us about yourself. i was asking are you a comedian or any kind of background. >> i'm a preschool teacher, amateur photographerry, nothing like this. >> from thisary area. >> yes northern virginia.
10:35 pm
where did you come up with the idea? >> for me personally not toll totally happy and it was like a coping thing i started doing it and response i got a lot of people appreciated it they needed to laugh and influx of messages from all over the country and world and people thanking me for making light of something when they need aid break from how serious it is. >> you hear so man question people saying i'm giving up social media i need to step away. every post is political post i can't making me angry and then you come across these posts i saw a few on facebook it makes you chuckle different and involving vice-president who really -- >> yes and i think it's like onion did this persona of joe biden, uncle joe washes pontiac in front of white house it goes from there. >> you're a big fan of road biden. >> you have reached out to him has he reached out to you wouldn't it be great to get together. >> i wrote a letter in may
10:36 pm
ice cream. i hope maybe now may have more leverage. i hope he's seen it. >> which is your favorite. >> my favorite? >> that's gotten most response. >> most is toiletryes one 38,000 retweets now and other one was kenyan passport has been posted on instagram by snoop dog and george pkay post today too. >> will we see more. >> yeah as long as people want to see it i'll keep in >> how often are you doing it. >> i'm tweeting all the time. it's not always joe biden tweets but i'll keep doing it if people keep asking. >> it's not just demonstrates happy to see these. i've seen my republican friends reposting. >> they want to laugh. >> it's been stressful or all of us everybody can find humor. >> responses i've gotten have come from all sides of political spectrum. they wanted to laugh. and it's been great to be able
10:37 pm
>> you have thought about doing it on the other side like maybe being trump and pence wouldn't it be great. >> people think it's funny if i can find a way to keep it going yeah. >> we'll have a book deal i have a feeling. >> fingers crossed. >> thank you so much for joininging us. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for the laughs and lightning social media up. >> redskins were not in action today but that didn't stop them from making news. quarterback kirk cousins with quarterback kirk cousins with burgandy and gold. sports is next. burgandy and gold. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
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>> red skips were idle after plague coye boys on thanksgiving. >> one of the biggest questions
10:41 pm
cousins. today some clarity. there was a very good chance we could experience deja vue all over again with the next cousins contract. espn is saying the team willing to pay franchise tag on cousins it they cannot come to terms on long term deal before free agency begins in march and season under tag cousins is earning close to $20 million and next year it would jump to just under $24 million. >> lauren. >> yes, right there. >> it's that time of the week for our top five plays brought to you by close five. number five. indiana pacers hosting atlanta hawkdz. and front row take a look at that. >> so cool. >> i know jacks. >> hi jacks. >> along with shawn's mom, jacks is wearing a pacers jersey and that will not prevent him from making a new friend the hawks cefalosa takes
10:42 pm
him up. isn't that cool? love jacks he comes into the newsroom all the time. that's a great fit. >> coming in number 4 sarah molina former maryland soccer player about to greet boyfriend he just played final home game and things good to get better you see him get down on you one knee and propose? well, she said yes. that there is whipping on and off the field. congratulations to them. >> yeah, all right, number three, senior day at alabama number 43 running back lawrence eric seema one of the seniors honored he's about to get a great surprise his military mom jacqueline page stationed in kuwait she was allow todd leave early and thereby for her son's final home game. isn't that great? >> awesome. >> she's 12-year army veteran. >> pure joy. >> love that. >> number two high school
10:43 pm
football in lynn, massachusetts. lynn english versus lynn classical touchdown pass with eight seconds left lynn english leaves by five point and celebrate and rush the feel and there is time on the clock. ensuing kickoff lynn classical player restreets and gives ball to marcus rivera before tackled and with no time opt clock rivera heads up the right side and there's plenty of room and he goes the distance 83 yard for game winning score. that's out of control. >> great. and the number one play new jersey high school football hadon township kicks offer to abbbon to start the day and they gift ball to mirk alarchball who has down sin dromdz he's nicknamed the mayor because he's so popular he gets is court to the 65 yard touch down it was coach's idea to pay
10:44 pm
work and his mother donna said it was a dream come true for her son. >> you know what, great job to coach and kids. that's awesome. >> and for us trying to read sports. >> top five plays of the week best time of the week. we cannot give it up because the sports guys have time off. >> i would not say we nailed it but did you better than me. >> thanks i try. >> coming up for get your mom told you about waiting until after dinner to eat dessert. >> new research suggests there could be a ice cream for breakfast. yes, we have details on that great story. >> there's a lot of benefits i
10:45 pm
10:46 pm
10:47 pm
>> bargain shoppers spent time
10:48 pm
were looking for shoplift sgrerz they look all yearlong especially at the holidays. police look for signs of pro like tat earn well worn bags lined with foil. >> and what this foil does is help defeat the theft sensors in the store when we see people using items like this we know they're doing this almost as a career. >> why would they give that tip away. >> i was wondering the same thing. we're giving them -- >> investigators say frequently profess shoplifters sell stoneen goods to find larger crimes like gang activities. >> i didn't know that. i didn't realize that a lined bag does that. you also have to watch when you go to cars because people are in parking lots and target folks. >> unfortunately it's that time of year. >> yes. >> everyone knows santa right? you know who santa is. >> i do. >> what about his evil twin crantus thousands came out in
10:49 pm
sant's evil side kick prowl the street. that's scary. in german folklore crampus punishes bad kids by beating them. more than 100 imperson nateers ran through the streets of ought rea organizer say they have had several requests to bring the holiday tradition to the united states. i say keep it there. >> really? >> that was a movie remember last year? >> is notoriety. >> i thought was crampus. >> it is spelled like crampus. >> let's stick with santa. let's talk about something sweeter what do you think about that. >> i love talking about ice cream. >> new research suggests eating ice cream for breakfast could make you smarter. professor in japan did a series of clinical trials that required some of the subjects
10:50 pm
was me and then do mental exercises on a computer. the participants who had ice cream for breakfast scored better than those who did not. >> okay. this is true. sometimes in the morning i swear i crave ice cream for breakfast. i wake up and you know what i want now ice cream. i don't do it. but i don't know why in the mornings for some reason that's something i think about. >> i like all sugary stuff in the morning too for some reason. >> it's because sugar gets mind going. >> let' breakfast, lunch, dinner for ice cream. >> way to call me out. >> okay. >> here's the perfect gift for someone that likes svlyes and sweets. captainy arts the can'ty factory in sacramento california can whip up personalizeed gifts in minutes by using i picture it takes five minutes for special 3 d print to make edible portraits they're $15 and you can have
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design. that's cool. i bet kids would like that the. >> get your wedding picture redone wouldn't that be great. >> edible wedding picture okay. >> back in a moment. okay. >> back in a moment. stay with us. not getting your best sleep? could be you've got the wrong bed. enter sleep number... she likes the bed soft. he's more hardcore. you can both adjust the bed for the best sleep of your life. right now save 50% on the ultimate limited edition bed. hurry, ends soon!
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>> it's top of box office and music is big part of music film mahana. >> kevin mccarthy sat down with tunes? >> was there a mr. speaker
10:55 pm
would speak to moana. >> that's what i related to most about the character of moana this was someone who you know loves her family and loves her island and loves her life. and yet, there's this voice. there's this voice that always drives her to the water and always drives her to see what's behind the horizon. i get it i've been there >> obviously when you see a movie and see your songs on screen playing with the beautiful story line is there a difference in writing music for the stage versus movie? i feel like if you were to write the songs for the state there would be a different type of progress the difference is you can go anywhere on screen
10:56 pm
say at this point the ocean is fighting her in the sky and you don't have to worry about staging it because you can go anywhere. >> it's sort of really free. >> i'm a big "star wars" fan i love what you did with j.j. be a rams. i'm wondering what are son to writing that verse what's did you here. that was a different style of music. how much did be a rams give you about the story. >> what's great we wrote it together. he said this is our version of what the canteen going to just the world and lots of different -- >> and i pitched him i want to hear international reggae and i want to write it in a language is that the unique to the "star wars" universe and i wrote the lyrics in hutees and found that diction are online and i wrote lyrics and he started jamming we were accepteding a logic session back and forth. >> wow, that's amazing. i'm geeking out when i heard that. >> that is one movie i want to
10:57 pm
looks awesome. >> it really does. >> thanks for joining us tonight at 10. >> the news at 11 starts after
10:58 pm
10:59 pm
11:00 pm
>> thank you for joining us tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm matt ackland. >> we'll start the 11 tonight with what's been a deadly weekend in the district. three homicides in three days.


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