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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  November 28, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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suspect was osu student named ab du l, razak spts ali artan the investigation is ongoing in that regard. >> you never think this will happen. it's mind blowing, the most tragic thing you can imagine happening especially after a big weeke this is crazy. >> a lot of conflicting information coming out this is what we we artan was a legal resident of the united states. it's unclear when he came to the country. the college is praising the university police and the alert sent out urged students run, hide or fight. authorities blocked off roads nearby and students barricaded themselves inside offices and
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order was lifted after the attack and classes were cancelled the rest of the day. these were tweets that came through. you see this from a stuvrnlt you may be able to make out the stack of chairs there to the door. let's move through. we've seen a couple coming out. every college should sympathize with osu it could be any one of our campuses going through this lebron james oz on the campus over the weekend said praying for all students ton campus find safety asap and do allow this cultivate islamic phobia. pray for osu. sarah, back to you. >> developing in the district tonight, new details in attempted sexual assault at knifepoint. it took place over the weekend inside a downtown hotel. d.c. police released surveillance of a man investigators say got into the grand high at through an unlocked door. paul wagner joins us live from the hotel tonight with that story, paul. >> sarah, these are details we
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from d.c. police. the man making it through unlocked side door here at the grand high at hotel on 8th street north west. he's armed with a knife and makes his way to the 11 floor where he attacks employee inside a room on that floor. sometime around 8:00 saturday night. an attack so vicious the police report says the man pulled the hair off the woman's scalp. >> take a good look at this picture. do you know this man d.c. police say he was inside the grand high at hotel saturday night 8:00 and armed with a knife made way to guest room where he attacked an employee. >> this is a straichinger or stranger case it was blazeen attack. the suspect entered through a side door of the hotel that was not shut properly. he made his way through the guest floors inside of the hotel. he pushed his way inside of the
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victim. >> according to a report the man put a knife to the victim's throat and forced her to take off her clothes and as he dropped his nrants was a violent struggle. >> this is a frightening, plate aunt, stranger on stranger case and we need the public's assistance in catching him. >> witness said the man is quite small. possibly as short as 5' 1" and hispanic with black hair and appears to be in his early 0s >> now according to the police report during that violent struggle the woman was able to get out of the room and somehow notify authorities and d.c. police came down here to the grand hyatt at this point police want to get the guy off the street. they have this photograph they put out. you saw it. if you know this man, if you think you know him, give police a call at 727-9099, 727-9099,
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"fox5 local news". and new tonight, alexandria man under arrest in connection with his wife's murder that happened before 5:00 this morning in the 400 block of dixt ablo court after a woman was screaming they found diaz on the ground unresponsive with stab wound. she was pronounced dead at the scene. her husband was taken into custody. police obtained a murder warrant for his >> and tonight, president-elect donald trump new tweet storm is causing a fire storm in the commonwealth of virginia. last night trump to to twitter to dispollute recounts and live in arlington tonight officials are wlaingting the president-elect claim. hey, tom. >> reporter: good evening, sarah, in all of donald's trum september out 11 tweets last night the president-elect was
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effort fostered by the green party and now clinton campaign. however, here in vir vr the commonwealth where donald trump said there was widespread voter fraud, voters here we found today war shaking their heads in amazement and somewhere shaking their heads in agreement whavrjts do you think about donald trump saying there were millions of illegal voters. >> it's kind of hard to get someone to go out and vote much registered. >> do you read the tweets? do they matter to you? >> i don't read his tweets, no. >> especially because he won why is he bringing it up. i don't know. >> do you think it was weird? >> i think it was rigged. >> something was not right. >> why would you say that. >> all the numbers were too close sdmrt numbers were too close. >> yes, as far as hers and his. >> reporter: all right so what did he say. trump posted "serious voter
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hampshire and california with the so why is not the media reporting on this serious bias big problem. hillary clinton won virginia and was only southern state she picked up. today governor terri mccallive offed trump's claims saying he should put proof behind these allegations. claims of voter fraud in virginia during november 8 election are unfounded and election fair and all votes cast counted. here in arlington we spoke to head of elections here. she says the president-elect is wrong. >> did virginia have illegal voters let on election day. >> certainly not to my knowledge. that comes as a huge surprise. if it did happen, i want to see the evidence as to what the allegations are. who are these illegal voters?
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our checks and balances at elections. it didn't happen here certainly. >> reporter: this is not the first time donald trump aimed his fire at virginia. during the campaign he was highly critical of terri mccallive's efforts to restore the voting right of 16,000 felons eligible to have the voting rides restored. live in arlington, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". still has a lot of decisions to make including who will serve as secretary of state. earlier today retired general david petraeus took a visit to trump tour in new york city to talk about joining the team. mitt romney is also under consideration. he met with trump nine days ago and will meet are trump again tomorrow and we're told former new york city mayor routey guiliani is also a possibility.
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of safe track improvement work today surge number 11 if are you keeping score that hundreds through november 21 affecting those on the orange and silver lines and this one the biggest customer impact yet. single tracking continuously between east falls church and west falls church and run every two 20 minutes. metro general manager says officials need half of all the riders on the lines to stay off metro altogether and we will all make it through. >> a lot of people rely on it heavily. >> straight ahead at 5:00 an an attempted robbery caught on camera. >> and a gun pointed at the clerk's window. how quickly the clerk reacted. >> a new warning from the fbi tonight about new methods used by crooks and how they're using social media and you should never post this particular item.
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practiceage today. we may know where it is. buzzest place in town we're heed headed to baltimore where package you're tracking may be waiting to be delivered. you know, caitlin, sometimes weather plays a factor in those things. >> i've been ordering steadily since beginning of nox. packages keep ongoing. i'm tracking them closely as i'm sure everybody everyone else will be as the holiday season rolls on. monday after a long holiday weekend back to work and clouds return too. which is some much needed rainfall. i'll let you know when that arrives and take a peak at evening forecast when fox news
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>> we all know black friday people are so well behaved. not at this nike store seattle. totally trashed. the store was on from:00 thanksgiving until 10:00 friday and store employees state scene was "jurasic park crazy. >> it looks like a bunch of animals went through there. >> now they have to clean all that up. >> good luck with that. >> if you plan on shopping online listen up. >> online fraud attempts will increase more than 40% in the u.s.. before making purchases fbi
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accounts with strong passwords and also never post photos of event tickets own social media because you examiners can use the bar codes todd recreate tickets for resale. >> and don't let your guard down as we get closer to christmas either. the biggest day for fraud attempts is christmas eve due to populartive the gift kashdz and last minute gifts. >> special up to the minute deals you can only find online. >> again where else would you find and " barnard tells us in baltimore they have a team of robots and,000 workers helping the company break records today. >> you could call this place cyber monday central. amazon hugh mungest fulfillment center in baltimore. >> cyber monday we focus on having a great deal of selection at great prices but we focus on getting items to
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buildings like these that help us do that. >> when you order online, at home or on your phone can be found among millions of items stocked here. those items are collected, boxed and labeled then sent to your front door. >> one thing we know customers will never say they want items slower and never want an item more expensive. >> kelly cheeseman says you can fit 28 football fields under this roof. is the a.m. bly line of box boshell. >> we're working together as a team. that's what i enjoy most the teamwork. >> there's 70 centers like this across the country and today on cyber monday processing 629 orders per second. >> we would have more than 15 million items on arm in typical fulfillment center and those items we know are getting to customers doors faster than
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mind is the fact little apparently gets misdirected. >> how do you noe not sdru up one order with all this going on. >> well customers are number one focus. since day one of amazon we focused on technology that you're seeing here today that helps us with the orders. and it's that technology mixed with great people that help us get items to customers and ensure it goes right every time. >> amazon offering signer is monday deals as w cyber monday deals more than half off and we have all apparel 30% off today it's eye great day of deals. >> happy shopping from the comfort of your home "fox5 local news". >> they make it too questions. y. >> they, they do i don't what to leave my housefy don't want to. >> sometimes that's a good
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those nights if you want to go outside and get a jumpstart on holiday shopping is you can do that if everyone is inside ordering from their home sish monday is not bad out at the stores. >> that's true. >> works both ways i know i went out this weekend and it was not that crowded. >> it was not. >> i did it as well. >> i did small business saturday thing. >> that's important to do. chilly there on saturday. and temperatures evened out bit today made it to the mid 50s. looked like it wanted to rain all day today and has not yet. we're waiting ob showers that should not arrive until after midnight. any shopping this evening or holiday decorating going to get the tree you should be fine. satellite and radar shows a lot of cloud cover and few showers trying to make it to the ground over the mountains and main arch of moisture still back to the west. and you can see a lot of moisture with that we have rain showers struching from michigan to the south east and in fact that's severe weather
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and mississippi where there's tornado watchs in effect. we'll show you that coming up main weather at 5:45 you got an idea the rain is far away and once it does arrive it should be mainly showers during the overnight hours. temperatures 50 washington and cool north and west and 46 gaithersburg and 49 dulles and 46 martinsburg we're track ago approaching cold front. and clouds around like i said everything after midnight early morning showers and with signy showers gloomy start to the morning and factor in a little rain which we have not seen much of by the way for the morning commute here's planning forecast tonight temperatures staud steady around 50 low temperature early upper 40s and temperatures start to rise durt overnight hours with the rain coming through. there's actually warm air out ahead of this cold front that we'll feel affects of. low temperatures tonight low up
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by day break tomorrow i think we'll be back into the 50s. steadily rising into the 60s tomorrow with those 60s some much needed rain we have been in a moderate drought for the past couple weeks in washington and we need a little rain to alleviate what has been such a dry fall. i'll have the latest what to expect with the rainfall and very warm temperatures as we round out the month of november still coming up. jim, sarah. >> all right. thank you caitlin. ahead at 5 a shooter opens fire at a crowd on popular tourist area of >> i thank god i still have my child. >> you know because i could have gotten a call saying she was dead. >> what police say sparked the deadly bourbon street shooting and one grateful mother's story how her two kids survived the violent incidents. >> a man falls inside a sink hole and gets trapped. >> frozen fish inside causing an up roar.
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saying about the controversial attraction. >> as always you are eyes and here's give us a call at "fox5" or email tips to
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you >> nine fem were snot new orleans over the weekend on bourbon street in the french quarter. one victim tide and the other eight are expected to survive. police say it was sparked by an argument and police are looking for two people they say are
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shoot sdmring there's new developments in the case of a mana us coulded of shooting four people. dillon rough can represent himself in court. it came against lawyer's device and the judge called it " unwise decision." >> and in north carolina emergency crews rescued a man trapped inside a sinkhole. he fell mudd a witness heard the man cry for help and called authorities and crews got him out in 20 minutes. >> he didn't see it. >> and let's talk about what's trending right now. public out reached forced japanese sea park to close a controversial attraction. >> space world skating rink features thousands of dead fish frozen under the ice and several explained call it
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in response a spokesperson for space world said they lab to unfreeze the skating rink remove the fish and hold appropriate religious service. >> an electronic billboard showing santa clause with an assault rifle. >> it was advertisement for a black friday sale and many found the board offensive and confusing to kids who see him as a hero. it's all in holiday fun. >> risky there. >> tourists alike flocking to city enterer is in the district this holiday season. over the weekend hundreds gathered for the light be of 8 and 9 northwest. it's a major shopping and area features a big art display in palmer alley. people stopping by will see beautiful and unusual holiday ornaments. >> you have been to mama fooka milk bar. >> i have not everybody has been telling us about it.
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>> an elderly man murdered inside his falsz church home on thanksive gooding night. tonight police made three arrests in the case. >> and rg3 robbed. bandits took advantage on the brown's artier are 1/4 are bag on game day. >> and ben's chili bowl already planned for president-elect trump if he stops by. hi ronica cleary. >> well if you opened whaer to get loved ones this christmas there's political junkies like i am i have the scoop on c what's going on at the white house gift shop. we'll have that after the
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>> they confirm the suspect was born in somalia. police identified him as abdul artan had gap with a car that jumped a curb and ran into pedestrians. the driver got out and starkt add tacking people a bunchier knife this unfolded near the engineerg a policeman shot and killed artan. it's unclear what motivated the attack. >> take a look at surveillance on your screen. d.c. police need your help identifying a vehicle of interest right there wanted in connection with two shoots. this whole thing happened back on november 19 on 1500 block a street southeast and police say the suspect shot a man and took off in gray volkswagen sedan and another man was shot and got auto way in the same car.
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information give police a call. >> meantime police are looking for the brianna mcmillan off i street northeast and meeting will be held tonight to address the ongoing violence of greating washington in southeast we now know identity of a man killed in a false church apartment. 69-year-old lee olsen was murdered last week on sem nawry road. police arrested three men connection with the case. freddie august inand jose amaya all charged with murder and burglary. police are looking for a fourth suspect 21-year-old cabrerra wanted for burglary charges. meantime a medical examiner is working to find out the cause of olsen's death. >> district police on the hunt for person of interest in connection with armed robbery last month. this is surveillance attempted robbery back on halloween at
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suspect inside and walk up to the window and pull out the gun and the clerk runs away from the cameras before the suspect walk out. police want you to call with any information. >> people are out and about for the holiday shopping season and montgomery county police want pedestrians and drivers to be safe. earlier officers handed out shopping bags to people at the new clarksburg premium outlets which are very busy. message on the bag, look out for each other. and look for pededs in parking lot or crossing the street and urging people to pay for more attention to their surroundings. >> and looking for the perfect holiday gift for you political junky on your list. >> "fox5" political reporter ronica cleary live. hey, ronica. >> hi, sarah, jim, we cannot dive right into shopping. very important political headlines first.
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and there's many people looking to the united states to see how they will react and see how this will affect u.s. and cuba relations and white house confirms today president obama and vice-president joe biden will not ab tending his funeral however today the press secretary josh earn whole left on the possibility that other top u.s. officials may actually attend the funeral on december now president-elect trump took to twitter to just give us a taste of the future of u.s. cuba relations where he tweeted if cuba is unwilling to make a better deal for cuban people the cuban american people and u.s. as a wholly will terminate the deal. >> and now let's look at the building relationship between president-elect trump and president barack obama. now you may recall the two met actually for the first time
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meeting it terms out the two have continued the conversation. on meet the press kelly an conway say the two talk regularly and gate along nicely and white house confirmed the two speak paz well and most recently this past saturday a 45 minute phone call no, i list talk about the fun stuff. if are you looking for a gift for the political junky we cyber monday. di digging on the web and fond you some psycher monday deals. let's first look at they're selling trump for christmas wrapping paper and it's originally 38.65 but it's 40% off cyber monday and cafe press if you love furry ones in your life a wide variety of political shirts for your dog and i'm so cute i must be a
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now selling for 1495 if you have not heard about it yet there's official make america great again christmas ornament for sale it's on donald trump web site and there is a cyber monday shipping deal. well, i'll be back at 6:30 we'll go inside the white house gift shop and give you a tour and see what's for sale for christmas and get you in the holiday mood and if you're like me this is when being. reporting live, ronica cleary, "fox5 local news". >> 99 is a lot for ornament no matter who is on it. >> it is. >> it's the perfect gift for a lot of people ronica. >> thank you, ronica. >> ben's chili bowl has had countless dignitaries and celebrities and they plan to carry on with next president. >> she already has a menu item for donald trump, too i take a
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welcome at ben's chili bowl. >> yes, everybody is welcome. donald trump can come on in. >> and what would you recommend him to get. >> chili cheese fries the works. >> all sounds good. ali expects president obama to become more of a regular once he leaves the office. >> will michelle let him will healthy eating continue or can he let himself go. >> he can give him savl a break. >> speaking of breaks redskins did not play this weekend because they played thanksgiving. reed had a big game after a separated shoulder on his two touchdown performance he was out of action today and we're getting a better sense of what is ailing him ac joint separation and this is the reason number 86 had to leave the game for a while. keep in mind he left, had it treated with the injury in
5:36 pm
one handed catch. he scored twice in loss of cowboys. he's about 0% capacity in the shoulder and reed was asked how every day tasks are affected and even as simple as putting on clothes. >> oh, being man, not really it's pretty painful right now. i'm getting a lot of help at home with that stuff. i'm taking it di by day. fy go out i have to make sure it's ready todd government they're not going to put me out there unless i have to and if i'm able to do that i'll play. >> you want a sense how life can change after that girard gilatnfl coach of the year finalist. but, last night, galat was fired 2 games into the season after 3-2 loss to hurricanes. it's what happened after firing that has people talking. take a look at this there he is behind the bench and outside the arena of dismisseded.
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him at the curb. that's where we had to wait for a cab. what way way to end a decent run. >> and brown's fan had the number 80 winslot jr. jersey he played cleveland 2004 to 2008 by taking off l and w from winslot he update today and it now reads wins 0. >> very funny. >> and i'm everybody is saying well they're going to go for the winless season. i think they're still going to win one. they'll ruin that too. >> could they. >> unfortunately that's how it happened to cleveland. >> it's not easy being a fan of the winless cleveland browns especially the girlfriend of robert griffin the third if that was not enough she tweeted her wallet and money was stolen from her car during the game. her car was valet parked in the
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they're looking intoit situation. >> want to win free super bowltic eingts for the rest of your life. it's possible. then it may be time to switch to bud light apparently nice marketing scheme. they're selling gold cans that give one lucky fan a goldentic tote five decades worth of super bowls. 37,000 gold cans will be sold until january 16 and six will be selected weekly and only person was till the grand prize. >> that's cool. >> value is -- >> off the dhorts. >> thousands. >> okay. >> comeen up, alarm systems may be a thing of the past. >> how one company is turn drop into guardian uncles for your home. >> and memorial ceremonies for fidel castro begin in havana. >> and dominos testing pizza delivery via reindeer. >> oh, gosh. >> i'll let you observe that one. >> video to prove it.
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>> riding through the snow in the carriage. >> pizza only no bread sticks with that. dry weekend. rain on the way. clouds increasing all day. 50 out there along with the rain chances we have winds and we'll also have unusually warm temperatures, 70 in the forecast? i think it s crazy. we start move of december big change for the weather. it's all straight ahead as fox
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>> it's really beginning to look a lot like christmas. u.s. capitol christmas tree was delivered this morning it traveled from hyatt national forest in idaho and once decorated will have 6,000 ornaments made by hand from communities around idaho.
5:43 pm
>> the tree represents the natural resources found in diverse idaho landscape and this 84-year-old 80 spruce came from a little ski hill outside of idaho and the little ski hill was established 79 years ago and this tree was a sa sapling when people started to ski there. >> wow i hate to see it was cut down. >> the tree lighting ceremony take place tuesday december 6 on the capitol front lawn. >> i can't believe that. >> that's impressive. >> yeah it s it doesn't feel like christmas quite yet. we're in the 50s. >> yes. >> and it won't the next couple days. 70 in the forecast. >> perfect weather to start putting christmas lights up. >> get them now. in you dare. >> or wait until the weekend.
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just keep putting it off. that's what we do in my house. let take a live look outside on this yeahet and cloudy night as we take a live look at national harbor mgm casino about to hop and it looks impressive and we had cloudy skies all day and just kind of looks like it will rain all day and not expecting that like i said until tomorrow morning and let's go through weatherhead lines what to expect. different week. whole different weather pattern and we're beginning with cloudy and breezy coit tonight. stays overcast and fine if you want to do holiday shopping no problem. showers likely by early tomorrow morning and wednesday better chance that we can see brief heavy rain and rumbles of thunder and temperatures well into the 60s to possibly 70 in the distributes on wednesday and we need this rain. we've had a dry, fall season barely rained at all and not
5:45 pm
plague out alabama and northern northern virginia and atlanta seeing deficit of rainfall over a foot. into new england extreme drought too. moderate in washington. 8" below where we should be for the year climate logically for the rainfall we need and most has been over the past few months this fall season and brought like conditions extend all across the area into northern and central virginia. this is actually a welcomed sight. this whole swaj of moisture skengd bde the great lakes to east texas and into the gulf coast state. we have severe weather where there's tornado watchs in red and severe thunderstorm watch in mississippi here and taingt nasty storms bringing heavy rain and severe weather they don't across portions of south east. on the back edge of the system on the northern planes look at the swirl. definitive system with snow move into dakotas. it's a dynamic system and will
5:46 pm
be stronger. today's high temperatures 54 at reagan national. that's seasonable. 5 dulles and 54 bwi. elsewhere we're seeing temperatures currently in the mid to upper 40s. 4 8 frederick and 50 right now in d.c.. winds out of the south ahead of that cold front. not too blustery yet. we're only seeing 10 to 0 miles an hour preezs and windy as the storm system arrives as the morning and still windy in fact for the ridge stops in eastern and western virginia and western portions of virginia lor ray and harrisonburg there's a wind advisory 5 p.m. tonight that will take us through the afternoon on tuesday. and all right, fox fruit your cast a lot of cloud cover out there you now. here's what arrives first, 3, 4 a.m. rain showers and maybe heavier pockets of rain through tomorrow morning. future cast wants to put them mainly north of washington and
5:47 pm
that could even feature a rumble of thunder at some point tomorrow. and warm air pulled into the system. one wave pulled out and decent showers for some of us. there's the break lake like i said late tuesday early wednesday and you can see a lot of rain over majority of the area. this could change but the point is we have potential for good soaking rain through wednesday morning affecting the drive as well. most of the rain moved out wednesday and when are we talking about as far as accumulations it looks like just about half inch to inch. if you are under that swaj of heavier rain which looks to pivot north of d.c. you're talking over 2" of rain and that would really help out the drought situation here. whatever we get we'll take. some of us could be seeing hefty amounts of rainfall. as far as jet stream pattern with the storm system coming up in temperatures warm. well into the 60s. both tomorrow and again wednesday. once that front passes jet
5:48 pm
back to the cool air, 40s and maybe into the 50s for rest of week. so here's forecast again tonight. cloudy, cool, breezy with a shower possible overnight 47. that low temperatures comes early. temperatures rise over the day break and winds increase out of the south and gusts to 50 miles an hour possible within the wind advisory well off weing. breezy, 66. very mild and yes here we go one of the last days of november. it's been a warm november. i'm not surprised. 70. how showers moving through on wednesday and again heavy rain possible could see a thunderstorm around. 60 on thursday beautiful weather to round out the workweek there and 55 cooler on friday as we head into the weekend it looks good too. the longer ridge models up for grabs on a system affecting the second half of weekend with rain. this far out we'll say rain showers possible. for now a bit of soaking on wednesday and then some dry nice weather to round out the week there.
5:49 pm
december begins thuring. >> we have a christmas tree lighting on thursday, too. >> and thursday we dry out exactly all the rain out of the way for that. >> perfect. >> yes. >> appreciate it. >> coming up we have the latest ob kanye west condition. >> and rudolf jay job where reindeer are powered with gps technology to deliver warm pees as to your door step. >> "fox5" on the fly coming up
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?? ??
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?? i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door. on this side,
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but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security.
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>> all right. tonight's "fox5" on the fly rapper kanye west condition and home alarm system could be going high tech. >> first national mourning period. following death of cuban president fidel castro. >> memorial ceremonies for fidel castro underway in cuba. today, thousands lined up at havana's revolution square for start of week long services for a man that ruled the country nearly half a century. on wednesday castro's ashes will begun session across cuba? it's a no-go for kanye west the rapper will not be released from the hospital today as planned. the star is still not stable following his breakdown last week. and that he is struggling with extreme paranoia and his wife kim has been by his side the entire time? i always feel like somebody is watching me? and forget your old alarm system.
5:54 pm
startup sun flower lab says home awareness system relies on drones and inground smart lights to watch over your house. it detects motion, vibration and sound using artificial intelligence to identify the disturbance and then alert you of potentially dangerous. >> rudolf sglot presents not the only thing delivered by rain deerz apparently they will drop off warm pizzas, dominoes in japan tested reindeer different delivery options mounting delivery case on their back and maybe dragging pizza laden sleds. the reindeers will gary gps for customers to track their location on the smart phone? oom eye survivor? good news nor baebae the panda skub bright and alert and active fol surgery to remove bamboo stuck in his intest teen.
5:55 pm
eating apples and softened biscuits, not in the diet now bamboo. that's "fox5" on the fly. ?
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snv as we w50i7d down 016 here it's time to go throughout list of what was most popular for the year. today we're focusing on diction word of the year. >> zeno phobia fear of others. police violence against pens of color and refugee crisis an trans rights and presidential race. the search for zenaphobia. thank you for being with
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>> we thank you for joining us on "fox5"local news at 6 coming up everything you need to know tonight including very latest for you on the shooter who is accused in the south carolina shooting and here locally. we'll be talking about the shooting at ohio state university of course we now know who police say the gunman was and waiting to find out if police have more information. >> we'll bring you that information in a bit. >> we can tell you this starred with the suspect driving his vehicle on campus near the engineering building. police say he then got out and started stabbing people with a knife. "fox5" jim lokay starts us off with the latest developments, jim. >> this was a breaking incident on the campus and now we're getting new information
6:00 pm
on who was behind the attack 18-year-old abdul artan born in somalia and legal resident of the united states. university officials say he was a student at ohio state. as of now investigators don't have a motive and they're not ruling out terrorism. here's how tun folded. shortly before 10:00 artan drove his car offer a curb and mowed done a group of pedestrians and got out of his car and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. 11 people were hurt in the attack and one of the victims is in c >> there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts and most likely as chief said from the stab wounds from the butcher knife and there were a number of people that had orthopedic and other soft tissue injuries related to being hit by the car initially. >> you never like think somebody like that will happen it's mind blowing and most tragic thing that like you can imagine happening to a school. especially after you know like big weekend like we had and


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