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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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on who was behind the attack 18-year-old abdul artan born in somalia and legal resident of the united states. university officials say he was a student at ohio state. as of now investigators don't have a motive and they're not ruling out terrorism. here's how tun folded. shortly before 10:00 artan drove his car offer a curb and mowed done a group of pedestrians and got out of his car and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. 11 people were hurt in the attack and one of the victims is in c >> there were multiple injuries related to lacerations or cuts and most likely as chief said from the stab wounds from the butcher knife and there were a number of people that had orthopedic and other soft tissue injuries related to being hit by the car initially. >> you never like think somebody like that will happen it's mind blowing and most tragic thing that like you can imagine happening to a school. especially after you know like big weekend like we had and
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campus police officer was in the area even responded quickly. university officials identify him as 28-year-old allen for his quick, as and fbi joined the investigation and is word of attack spread this morning the university put out a series of tweets warning active shooter own campus that was initial alert and telling students to run, hide or fight and warning was prompt bid police gunfire not shots fired students were told to shelter in place and order was lifted 90 minutes after the attack and some of the tweets you can see coming through there this is a section of what students were up against barricade of chairs up against a door on campus and few other ones coming through tonight every college student should sympathize with osu because it could be any one of our campuses. lebron who was on the campus the day before for ohio state michigan game.
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allow the tragedy to cultivate islam aphobia. the cause and motivation of the attack we'll keep you posted on the attack. tony, over to you. >> jim, thanks so much. "fox5" is in the district about attempted sexual assault at knifepoint that hopped over the weekend inside a downtown hotel. d.c. police have released surveillance of a man investigators say got into the brand hyatt through an unlocked door. pa the hotel tonight with the story. paul. once the man goted in the hotel he made his way to the 11th floor where he found employee inside a row room and proceeded to viciously attack that person
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hair was taken off her scalp. >> reporter: take a. >> look at this picture. do you know the man? d.c. police say he was inside the grand hyatt hotel saturday night at 8:00 and armed with a knife and made his way to guest room where he attacked an employee. >> this is a straichinger case it was blazeen attack. the suspect entered through a side door of the hotel that was not shut properly. he made his way to the guest floors inside of e pushed his way inside of the hotel room and attempted to sexually assault the victim. >> man put a knife to the victim's throat and forced her to take off her clothes and as he dropped his pants there was a violent struggle. >> this is a frightening offense, blatant, stranger on stranger case and we need the public assistance in catching him. >> you cannot tell from the photograph but the witness says
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with black hair and appears to number early 20s. >> i asked captain dickerson if they saw anything like this at any other hoe tolls in the washington area and at this point she said it looks like isolated incident and they would like to get this guy off the street tonight if you recognize this man. call d.c. police at 202-727-9099 and i should pot i got a spokesperson on the phone this person very, very quickly read a statement and then when i asked if they would send it to me imprint to so i could read it and use the quote on the air they does he explained. >> we appreciate that, paul, of course, somebody tying to fwet in the way there. again we'll keep reaching out to the high at to find out what they have to say about the incident and how they protect their guests in the future. >> now to a remarkable tale of
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scene in the french wart quarter, two men opened fire after app argument killing one person and hurting 9 others. one aunt tried to shield her nephew with her own body. the child is in critical condition and aunt released. the grand mother is happy they're alive but she's in disbelief over what happened. >> stop all the killing it's not worth it they shot an innocent little girl that don't she's in school. good child. trying to protect somebody else she caught all the bullets. she went out there to have fun and caught five bullets and she did not deserve that at all. >> the suspects are believed to be from out of town and they did not know the victims according to police and the 5-year-old who was killed was out celebrating his birthday. >> jury lex is underway in the trial of dylann roof the alleged charleston church
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nine people during bible study. a judge declared he can act as his own lawyer at trial. he want the death pepty an he plead not guilt toy to murder and hate crimes. >> president-elect trump say the latest tweet storm is cause a stir in virginia. trump went on twitter to dispute efforts to recount the election in several states. he claimed there was serious voter fraud in virginia and fired off a series of aimed at greeb party and clinton campaigns. >> if it did happen i want to see the evidence as to what the allegations are. who are these illegal voters and how did they get through all of our checks and balances and elections, because it certainly did not happen here. >> during the campaign donald trump claimed u.s. election system was rigged and in sir vir crump was highly critical
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of thousand. >> the owner of ben's chili bowl hopes to be the first to welcome him. >> countless celebrities and dignitaries and ali the owner plans to carry on the tradition with the next president and in fact has suggestions in mind for donald trump. >> will donald trump be welcome at ben's chili bowl. >> everybody is welcome at ben's chili bowl. absolutely. >> what would you recommend him works. >> mrs. ali expects president obama to become a regular as he returns to office. >> it's your station for politics. we invite you to weigh in. tweet us now using 5@630 and look for your tweet on our political show next at 6:30. >> metro kicked off another round of safe track improvement work today and it's expected to
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metro says the track work will result in service reductions for every rider on the orange and silver lines regardless of point of original inor destination. and on the orange line expect continuous single tracking between east falls church and west false church and expect rush hour trains that only run every 20 minutes and expect the same on the silver line between wheelly rest inand largo and the track work will continue through december 21. >> nine underway in havana. cuba says good-bye to fidel castro and how he's remembered in the united states and what could come next for the tiny island. caitlin. >> hey there, tony, shawn, hopefully everyone had a wonderful thanksgiving weekend. weekend is over back to reality today and clouds rolled in thick indicating the rain that is headed our way. we really need the rain. i'll let you know what to expect when the rain arrives and how long it lasts and how high the temperatures will climb. yes, climb during this rain event. that's all a hold in the 7 day
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thousands are lining up at revolution square to mourn the maybe that ruled for of a century. >> day three of cuba official mourning period. for fidel castro. thousands of cubans lining up in the plaza of revolution. some crying and some paying tribute to the life of cuba long time leader as they file through three rooms where posters of castro were mounted alongside flowers. >> this is the worst things
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because he gave everything to us. >> it's a great source of pain and something that had to occur because we all must die and sometimes hard for us to accept fidel has died. >> castro also honored here with the 21 gun salute and planned mass gathering in the plaza tuesday. it's a stark contrast to the parties and celebrations we've seen in parts of miami where young cuban americans are embracing castro's death and look ago head to the possible political reform. >> definitely hands of of the young people to take it over. >> those reformer hoping castro death will pressure president-elect trump to following through on campaign promise to roll back the recent out reach to cuba. trump saying on twitter that we hill call for the release of political prisoners and greater freedoms for the cuban people and white house is warning it would be a mistake to roll back the progress made in the past few years.
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united states per sued more than five decades failed to bring about the improved human rights climate that i think just about every american citizen would like to see. >> castro's remains would be interred in santiago. steve harrygan fox news. >> it's a concern around the holiday shopping season that can go overlooked. parking. coming up tips on how to avoid common parking mistakes that could lead to you get citation or worse. >> apple is looking consumers with its next iphone consumers with its next iphone the sleek new design that may be coming soon the sleek new design that may >> how about a friendly little game of football. prince george county executive baker and an arun dull steve shoe made a friendry waim he offer a flag football game today. 100 service hours at a country food bank. prince george county dominated 18-7 win even though county
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>> as we rush to get presents it's important to stay safe in parking lots and on the roads. police were out urging pedestrians and drivers to be seen, responsible. officials shared tips on parking lot safety. drunk driving prevention and respecting disable parking spaces. >> as a pedestrian look out. look up. and we can give the folks a break and if you're the driver understand it's pedestrians day and night need to rely on the infrastructure and i you as a driver need to have eyes and
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ear as ware of those pedestrians. >> montgomery county police also suggest putting your phone away. they say distracted driving and walking are the leading causes of collisions. >> and well today of course is cyber monday and so if you have not already, start shopping. >> okay. >> no. >> after the show. >> okay. >> of course you guys know this is the buzzest online shopping day of the year. best buy, walmart, target, amazon are among retailser offering biggest discounts out there. people ordered 54 last year on cyber monday. one of the fulfillment september certifies located in baltimore. i was hoping we whoa would see it. what you ordered may be among the items stocked there. >> one thing we know customers will never tell us they want an item to come to them slower or more expensive. >> i think she's right about that. >> 1 million people will shop online today alone.
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electronics and hotel deals. i hear travel deals are pretty cool this time of year, too. >> i'm hearing that as well. >> if you would have let me you i would have continued. >> you'll still find some. >> speaking of possible great gift ideas in the future a curved screen iphone could hit markets soon. some people already have that when they sit on their iphone. "wall street journal"says they will unveil a device as early as next year and asked pp types for displays that work with curves screens, they're ar pressure to come up with an iphone that will wow consumers. a curved scene will likely come from a higher price tag. >> i like the curved screen tvs at home i don't need a curved screen on my phone. >> it sounds like it will complicate where to put it. >> it will be like the cases will make it look flat but sit
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new curved case. >> here's what's crazy. that apple feels pressure to you would people with a new iphone. >> there's competition. >> people are not wowed by it as much. >> i guess. >> i thought the iphone 7 was wow. people who have it it's like wow i can't believe you have the iphone 7. >> speaking of wowing us did i hear about a warm-up. >> 70 degrees on wednesday. >> i thought she said 70. >> i thought that was not comes with rain but it's warm rainy know unusual. we had warm days this fall especially november and we'll do it again to end the month. yeah it's pretty remarkable. we could use the rain. we're in moderate drought. as we look outside on a quiet and dry evening i know rain forecasting is never fund and i never like to deliver too much news of rain during the week it makes it tough to get to and from work at school.
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september 1. and weatherhead lines we'll start with. much needed rain. maybe an inch or two in the dmv and we'll take what we can get. anything will help. and 70 degree temperatures. thanksgiving over and all eyes christmas and 27 days official holiday count down is on. 27 days to get it altogether. not to cause panic. we have plenty of time until christmas arrives on sunday this year. >> all right today's high temperatures seasonable. 54 out at r dulles and 54 bwi marshall and even though we dent have sunshine despite the cloud cover we made it to low to mid 50s everywhere. temperatures outside now cooler. 47 baltimore. 49 washington and 45 gaithersburg and 46 frederick and 45 martinsburg and if you want to do holiday shopping or even just up are running errands around town rain hold off until after midnight. radar shows a couple of showers
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the mountains and most of that rain is far off west. you can see it stretched out across the cold front from michigan to southeast and there's pockets of heavy rain active severe weather moving moving across portions of alabama and miss misnow. you can see the squall line cutting into tornado watches and severe thunderstorm watch ahead of it. severe weather there on the southern end of storm. and snow on the northern end. good swirls, low pressure system showing the snow moving into the carolinas >> and through 1 p.m. tuesday we'll fwt a lot of wind and as it approaches this evening the cloud will inceeltion and winds increase and showers arrive by dawn and they will look to be fairly light as they start off. umbrellas needed tomorrow cloudy and cool to begin the day in 0s and temperatures rise rapidly. well into the 6 owes tomorrow. 70 possible wednesday. it's all along the slow pressure system that will deliver two ways of rain.
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tomorrow and showers raising temperatures and breezy. second around another low pressure system that rolls in wednesday. i think we get a break late tomorrow night into early wednesday morning and then the rain comes back in ernest and with this low pressure system we have the better chance of heavier rain with it. we're talking about an inch or two. low temperatures overnight. 48 washington, 4 gaithersburg and 48 leonardtown and those are early temperatures the rides and by down in the 50s. it will feel mild into the afternoon possibly humid. 66. that will be high temperature and look at that already 70 in fredericksburg as that warm sector approaches. 66 tomorrow with showers. 70 with rain. steady at times wednesday even possibly rumble of thunder if not a thunderstorm in heavier bands of rain. 7 day forecasts shows we have a 70 pennsylvania and by khurs
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thing off. sunny and cool 55. 5 o fios is not cable. we're wired differently.
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snrvr a special delivery appeared in the nation's capitol. that is the christmas tree the 0 foot spruce traveled 4,000 miles across the country from
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the way and garnered tops after tension on social media more than 6 thours ornaments will be used to decorate this massive tree look mow big that tree s when you just look tat i feel sorry for it. >> awe. >> i mean -- >> i have to admit i do not know i'll have to do research i don't know what they do with the trees once they're done with it. >> i know. >> hopefully it's. google it. >> one more look at the five-day. >> yes. when i look at that forecast quick rain on the way arriving tomorrow morning and showers. much warmer, 66 and then steady rain likely wednesday morning where we should hit yes 70 believe it or not and then drying out by thursday. later on this week early part of the weekend better days to be out shopping or getting all those decorations and getting the tree you know maybe not as big as capitol's but i'm sure we have good farms around here.
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>> happy monday after thanksgiving. >> did you hear about the twitter tirade. president-elect lashed out at the latest recount efforts and tweeted the election he wanted was marred by massive voter fraud. >> this will be one of the most watched twitter is account for the next four years. you can see on the run down ever the screen this is what we're talking about. tweet us what's on your mind. do you think donald trump is right. hag. >> that's the u.s. army band. >> and the first major presidential vote recount may soon be underway. hillary clinton campaign joining effort to examine votes in critical swing states and president-elect is blasting efforts and made big accusations and allegations


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