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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  November 28, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> happy monday after thanksgiving. >> did you hear about the twitter tirade. president-elect lashed out at the latest recount efforts and tweeted the election he wanted was marred by massive voter fraud. >> this will be one of the most watched twitter is account for the next four years. you can see on the run down ever the screen this is what we're talking about. tweet us what's on your mind. do you think donald trump is right. hag. >> that's the u.s. army band. >> and the first major presidential vote recount may soon be underway. hillary clinton campaign joining effort to examine votes in critical swing states and president-elect is blasting efforts and made big accusations and allegations
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popular vote if there were not "serious voter fraud in virginia, new hampshire and california. he said unstan jaited claims following word recount effort could be underway in three battle ground states. by the way trump won electoral vote but hillary clinton leads the national popular vote by more than 2 million votes. >> joining us live via skype what is the end game on both sides, john? >> i think end game is look this is distraction sides they want tomorrow bar as the other side and trump with his tweet i think he's mocking his critics and he's right to mock his cetics. critics deserved to be mocked and he should let someone else do that and the fact is vote spread is so huge there's no way the outcome will be overturned. in the past 16 years there's been 4,000 elections and 27 gone to recount and the average votes weighing in those recounts has only been 28 votes
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10,000 us in michigan and 68,000 in pennsylvania and,000 in wisdom martin. and there's no way that he will lose this election. hillary clinton would have to win all three states and so really this is just i think jill stein trying to raise money and it's hillary clinton's staff trying to make money out of the effort quite frankly. >> let me ask you a quick question. donald trump's campaign spokesperson kelly will they continue to do this and sort of put up a wall where president obama said we're trying to move forward with this normal change of you power smooth transition here. why would hillary clinton's campaign jump on to this jill stein is the leader here. where do you think this all stand. >> i think it'ser responsible and people stand to profit from it quite frankly it's a fund raidsing gimmick and tool and a
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their pain and understand their disappointment but it's crossclaimal waste of time and sgrax and democrats especially need to recup they don't need to focus time on recount they need to look at why did we lose election and what's wrong with policies and why did voters not turn out to vote for candidate and it's a big waste of time and but people want to make money off it and that's what's going on. >> you have to admit it's funny to see on the one side donald trump saying it's a waste of timend saying massive voter fraud and something has to be done about it it's coming out of both sides it seems. >> it is funny i think he's mocking critics and having fun with them. this is one example where everyone feared what would donald trump be like as president. this is not best use of his time. he needs to be above this and let someone else mock the effort or criticize it and he needs to be about results and getting people to work together
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that led to his rise and victory and he should leave this is the comedians and snl and other people to make fun of the effort, sour grapes. >> somehow i don't think the twitter account will go silent any time soon. thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> donald trump named virginia as one of places which he described a serious voter fraud occurred. election no proof and they are worry whad it could would >> and from northern virginia we know key officials in virginia said no, nothing was wrong here. >> well, you recognize this spot? this is exactly where we were a couple weeks ago when the in person absent tee voting was going on right down that hall and we talked to people at that point about whether they were concerned about this election getting hacked back in the good
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why are we back. keep in mind last night this just was not one tweet this was series of 11 tweets that started going out by the president he at about:30 last night one after another after another after another and now the main target of all this originally were these three states that jill stein and clinton campaign identified. they being michigan, wisdom martin, and pennsylvania and but you know the president-elect was n to let it go there. he called out virginia. he called out the commonwealth. and he did it in a very pointed way and it was not the first time that he had done this. trump is very critical of the governor of the state terri mcd auliffe launch everyday to restore voting rights of 1,000 fell commonwealth of commonwealth of pennsylvanias who lost those rights because of crimes they committed and then went to prison and he as
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the roles once they served time they should have rights restored. donald trump as incredibly difficult during the campaign and said this should not be allowed that those people were felons and they should not be allowed to vote. today mccauliffe was reached and he kind of laughed it off. he said if donald trump has any proof of illegal voting in viin and then we'll go from there. that's app effort later in the day from iing ward owe cortez. nobody really knows who iing quard owe cortez is. we'll tell you. he's the guy that runs elections in virginia and came out with a very pointed statement today saying that mostly this was unfounded allegations by donald trump in the statement and he says all of the votes cast by eligible voters he says were accurately
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arlington county we went out and we talked to some of the voters. we asked them this. you have been following what trump said about the election in your state and what is your 'reaction to it. we got people shaking their heads in disagreement that the president-elect would say something like this and got a feel i'll tell you that shook head in agreement. let us know what they had to say. >> what do you think about trump saying there were millions of illegal voters. >> it's hard to get someone to out and vote when you're not registered. >> do his weets matter to you, do you read them? >> i don't read them no. >> especially because he won. >> do you think it's weird. >> yes it's weird. >> i think it was rigged. >> you think it was rigged? >> something was not right. >> why would you say that. >> all the numbers was too close. >> the numbers were too close. >> yeah, as far as hers and his. p.
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well with the trump came pain is the fact that hillary clinton won this vur vir the only southern state to fill hillary clinton and incidentally the results of race here in virginia well they were certified back on november 8 commission he of elections here tonight saying this vote certified and this vote in his words is accurate and correct. sending it back to you. >> all right. thank you very much, fits, we appreciate it. >> news broke over the weekend and it's end depending ow you look at it it's good riddance for fidel castro. >> and president-elect are lease aid statement over the weekend saying though the tragedies, deaths and pain caused by fidel castro cannot be erased we'll do what we can to see you have prosperity and liberty. we rewind to a couple weeks ago to what president-elect said on
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>> with all of the concessions bram granted the castro regime were done through executive order which means next president can reverse them and that i will do unless the castro regime meets our demand. all right. so people expect donald trump to ground flights to cuba or roll back regulatory changes. undoinging those changes may not be easy. editor of red may not be here and thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> is this a good idea that we see things rolled back and stop the flight to cub aor is this all talk. >> one side says that a free mark wet cuba will power them economically and give them freedom to stand up against the regime and the other argument by not forcing the regime to stop jailing disdense and stop
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embowering dictator and so it's sort of do you try to empower the people with the economics and meanwhile by the way making lot of americans happy by having access to cuba or do you try to stop the dictator by cutting him off. that's what we've been trying. by the way that's what donald trump said our policy with cuba failed oaf the last five years. he's in aagreement we should on up relations and but his point i think is what he would say anyway his point should have a better deal that obama administration should have gotten more concessions on human rights violations. we actually have seen more jailed since agreement was signed than before. it's a little ridiculous for some people's extensive and being up for the and that's part of the frustration. >> one i'm thinking about back to the conference are raul castro and president obama a
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raul castro straight up what about disowe dense are you still gooding dissodence. >> that's the biggest area of disagreement. president-elect trump and obama believe that economic empowerment is the way to go for juvenile peopleen clearly the stance the press elect was saying was next and he's sake i'm the art of the deal guy and ba twitter he's using it to an advantage and tryinging to renegotiate this things. when you talk to us sometimes it backfires. we'll see where it goes. >> we'll be watching, ron buyer meier, thanks for joining. >> all right. let's check on the weather now. i'm guessing down in havana it's nice.
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week either. caitlin. >> guys right this is when you plan tropical vacations and however, this week a little deviation from that rain moving in and with that rain actually tropical like. so for tomorrow showers move in by day broke. we're well into the 60s and i breezy too. a lot of wind two. around of rain. fist one tomorrow should end by the evening. wednesday morning and next round of rain comes through and this could be pretty heavy along with steady rain and rumble of thunder and preez i and 70. we dry out beautiful thursday fist of december and cool weather into the weekend and back to seasonable. yeah, guys, 70 in one of the last days in oaf and even with the rain kind of nice to be so mild for a change. send it back to you. >> we'll take it for sure. >> i think thursday when they light that tree that big tree it will be nice. >> it will be nice to be out.
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>> i do. >> as we head to break special delivery in the nation's capitol this afternoon. >> speaking of trees the u.s. capitol christmas tree arrived traveling 4,000 miles frl idaho. let me tell you it's huge. it made 31 stops. >> biggest and best tree. >> more than 6,000 social media -- more than 6,000 ornaments on the tree than was a lot of social media posts about it.
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today cyber monday if you have not started shopping yet you may want to start. >> deals in doors. it's the white house gift shop they have a lot of stuff there ronica don't they. >> they do, jim, shawn, it's
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i'm here with jim you're with the white house gift shop. right here we are with the trump stuff. come here. donald trump does the best you said. >> he's doing well >> the boble head head is number one seller and make america great again we can't keep those in. >> l's president obama and first lady stuff. people feeling nostalgic and they have high approval ratings. let's look what the we have here. >> bobblehead is a big seller just about anything what's interesting we did barack obama 30% of customers are from over seas they love obama. they'll buy anything we v he
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she's out selling him and it's michelle, barack, then trump and by the way we have hillary clinton misdemeanor also. >> i want to take you there next jim and shawn. cyber monday we had black friday and well, lot of people thought hillary clinton was going to be president. so right here if you want to get deals hillary clinton gear is on sale look at this. she did it. oops. >> and you know hillary clinton stuff collectors items. >> yeah. >> and america when they misprint currency it's worth more and when they dropped eagleton off ticket in 1972 they already presented those buttons those were more valuable than the other buttons any way. only in america you can buy something different and become collectible. >> and i'll tell you one thing if you come in and shop and spend nephew can head over and get your picture taken in oval
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very cute. a lot of fun now jim you sold me maybe i need to pick up one of these as well. >> we have some leftover for you. >> sending it back to you and having a lot of fun. >> is he selling hillary clinton gear sglil are you still selling a lot of hillary clinton gear. >> yes, we are. >> that's interesting. >> you look atty heard a handful of people looking and saying repeatedly feeling we thought she would win look at this and i think people have a lot of emot collectors items. that reminds me at the end of the super bowl and at the world series they sell them. >> they don't usually end up in stores they see them in walmart or overseas and they destroyed them this year. >> we're warming up here we have a few things to keep you
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. >> i want that without pomp and circumstance. welcome back. 5@60 warping up in the fox kitchen tonight. >> kristin and maimy from central sgln lina. >> di say that right. >> centrallina. >> here with a hot buttered rum and so guys thank you very much for being here let's tell
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isn'tly. >> let's get it startd have tat. >> what are you doing here? >> basically taking water equal parts water and brown sugar. >> we think your microphone is not working. you keep talking. >> hold on i'll do something on live tv. >> there we go. >> two parts water and sugar to make boil that and have one teaspoon clove and one cinnamon to spice it up. >> i can feel that it's feeling -- >> definitely you infuse it and we'll take rum this is caribbean rum. >> smells amazing. >> you have to have caribbean rum. >> well yeah. >> this has clove and cinnamon and other spices in it. >> smells wonderful.
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combination of that is cold and hot and uzi and i think that's really. >> there you go. >> all right let's keep this going. >> so we'll basically take gelato and this is not complicated and anybody can do this at home. scoop this into the cup. >> scoop it there. >> take three-quarters of runl and that's 1 1/2 tee spoons and three quarters ounce of that combination of syrup we pour them on top of with graded nut meg. >> now this you can add as much as you want. >> of course you can. >> you're at home you do what you like. >> what is difference between ice cream and gelato. >> gelato has denser mouth feel to it what's available you use what you like and certainly doesn't have to be vanilla it can be nut meg. >> producer is telling us we're out of time. let's make these two here to
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taste like. >> where can folks find you to come down. >> centrallino city center. >> and go down and check out the ornaments and decorations down there. >> absolutely. >> you do that. >> thank you very much. thank you. cheers. >> cheers. >> meantime we've been waiting
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>> all right. welcome back. presidential inauguration set for january 20 and u.s. army band will be playing. >> that's right. i'm sorry we have band major sergeant julien airs with us here to give us a feel. how are you involved in the inauguration. >> we are leading parade. presidential court and after the both of office when the president is sworn in they will go to lunch. out of lunch he will step up and we'll play honors and
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>> wow. this is not the first time you've been part of inauguration. >> no not at all. >> how many have you done? >> i've done five. >> six. >> three. >> four. >> so you all are veterans of this. >> done it a few times. >> it doesn't matter who takes oath of office this is incredible atmosphere to be part of, isn't it? >> absolutely impressive. it's a great honor to be part of such a peaceful transition of power that this known for and what makes it wonderful. >> absolutely. will you play us more music as we head out today. >> absolutely. >> we look forward to seeing you january 20. >> u.s. army band, go for it.
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being a wife? harvey: she's an emotional wreck from the robbery. >> the paris thing was three months ago. it's time to move on. >> you lost a ring and a gun was in your face! >> britney spears. she's on a sushi date with this guy. he was the co-star in her new


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