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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  November 29, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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traffic. we'll goat them in a moment. 4:29 tracking metro more cuts can be on the way. metro leaders considering a proposal to reduce service every day of the week. cuts are needed for proper repairs and maintenance of the system. the plan looks like this stay with us. monday through thursdays operate from 5 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., fridays and saturdays runs until only 1 a.m. two hours of service will also be cut on sundays running from 8 a.m. to a.m. to midnight despite push back from d.c. leaders this is the most favorite option by the public. not all raid riders are happy with this proposal. >> i don't think it's fair to us to catch the train. especially the fare they pay and cut the train out it's not right for us. >> it's an inconvenience for everybody expecially if people want to do things on the weekend you have to plan and rearrange thingsment that's
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>> meanwhile, montgomery country police need your help identifying a man found dead in gaithersburg. this is photo of shirt and shoes the man was wearing and group of hikers found him in wooded area earlier this month. they found him until shallow graph near game perform road. they believe he was murdered. he is 5' 6". medical examiner says is possible he was in the woods since this summer. >> talking politics today president-elect trump is department of health and human services price has been a leading critic of the signature healthcare law. trump advisor newt gingrich treated price as the right leader to replace owe ball acare. >> president-elect trump met with david petraeus a candidate for secretary of defense or
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as director of cia after revealed he was sleeping with hi buy oing fer and shared highly classified information with her. petraeus agreed to plea deal on misdemeanor charge of unauthorized possession of classified information. if chosen as secretary in the cabinet he would be first cabinet secretary on criminal probation. >> mean while president obama soopd a law into bill to ensure help for department of veteran affairs hot line to make sure telephone calls and other communications to the department get answered timely manner by a qualified person after federal investigators substantiated that some calls wept to a voicemail system and some veterans did not get immediate assistance. >> happening today the montgomery county council will hold a hearing on bill that would increase penalties for people who do not remove snow on their properties fine going from 50 to 500 nrrt 50 to 500 in montgomery country and council members say the increase is too high.
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enforcers deal more effectively with those that don't follow the law. >> going to ar lip ling ton police department to make the holidays brighter for children in need hosting a toy drive at three different locations. drop new unwrapped toys at the lee harry ton shopping kepter, all locations will be accepting toys today from 6 to 8 . if you cannot make it to these events you can drop off donations at police head quarters on courthouse road until december 16. >> another holiday tradition playing out in washington lighting of capitol hill christmas tree will take place next week the tree arrived on the hill monday from idaho and will be adorned with more than 6,000 ornaments. paul ryan will lead the tree lighting ceremony next tuesday. >> lawmakers will work on whether to get workers into the city and paid benefit. 11 weeks of paid leveled for
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place of foster child. it providesale weeks of leave. i new payroll tax would fund that. it would require congressional approval. this tuesday starting out a little wet. >> wet morning commute is never fun and showers will be with us on and off all day long into the ev get ready to tackle traffic out there earlier or later. that would be better if you could do it erin will talk more about that all morning long. 49 in town. not too chilly out there. frederick 43. temperatures warmer than what they were yesterday morning with clouds and showers. we'll have southerly flow in place and southerly flow will be us with the next couple days and that means rain today and rain tomorrow and we can have thunderstorms around here tomorrow. taking a look at the radar to give you an idea.
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but by you know throughout the morning this rain will continue to kind of develop off to the west and move on through. so the showers right now district to the south down i 95 towards stafford and fredericksburg the heaviest of the showers further south of us where a you little line is set up and if you look that and how it's been moving off east it's actually getting a little stronger on its northern edge as it heads toe extreme southern sections of st. mary county. we start to we start to keep an eye on that. i'm watching that for potential -- i don't think it will happen but there could be thunder and lightning i doubt it but i'll watch real, real close. temperatures now in the upper 40s. mannasas 46. culpeper 46. i wanted to get to temperatures later today. we will warm up lower to mid 6 0s couple of spots will be in the upper 60s before it's all said and done today. we have southerly flow actually winds will be gusty out of the south late this afternoon and
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tomorrow. tomorrow, believe it or not. even with clouds, showers, thunderstorms, we may get to 70. how about that? here's erin como. >> all right. gary. with the rain on the way we're keeping a close eye on tuesday morning drive. so far so good. we're crash free on route 1. beltway, things look going in kensington right now. problem free on our rails gearing up for service at the 5 except for safe track. safe continuous tracking orange and silver between west false and east false church and we were telling you about this for the morning commute monday watch for crowding and crowded platforms and trains. trains every 20 minutes on rj line vienna new carlton and willry rest ineast and this could cause crowding on blue line between rosalyn and stadium armory. we'll keep you updated on that. consider vre taking metro bus
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looking at 295 southbound on the roads i like what i'm seeing to 11 street bridge and we'll look live at the cameras with our next look at traffic. >> 4:37 coming up a congressional bill could help solidify our right to critique the service you receive. >> and a number of africans are singing his phrase praises. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region.
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i can't believe we're on a whale. i can't believe my role isn't bigger. oh, it's real. real ingredients. unbelievable taste. go ahead, enjoy. >> we're back at 4:2. what is trending this tuesday morning. >> holly morris is standing by at the realtime news tracker. >> good morning everyone that is this early. first up we're talking customer rights. if you are not happy with
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business should you be able to post a negative view without fear. congress thinks so. you should be able to post negative reviews without facing legal repercussions and supporters say it's necessary to ensure freedom of speech online because some businesses made customers sign non disparagement clauses and sue them if a bad review showed up. >> next up fidel castro proved to be poll larze alive. african americans are applauding former cuban dictator as freedom nighter who cared about improving lives of all cubans regardless of race and he sought out black leaders with malcolm x and maintaining a close relationship with nelson mandel aand other african americans and his efforts to achieve racial quality means he will never be
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>> and december one deadline to avoid a strike is two days a way for major league baseball and they are meeting in dallas to come one new bargaining abefore the current one ends thursday. if a deal is not reached it could lead to lock out some inissues include a financial penalty if they spent a certain amount those are the stories trending. >> ar liping top police department making sure every child has a happy christmas morning. >> this time next week capitol hill will be lit and decorated for the christmas holiday. >> wet out there this morning. 4:41 is the time. christmas music. mar eye after carry to got you in the mood. we hope you're getting ready for christmas. it will be wonderful. back after this. more fox news morning after
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you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >> today on fox news morning snow removal. one local government wants to phone you more for not shoveling the snow outside your home. >> no snow to worry about yesterday.
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way to weather. slightly warmer than yesterday, there you go. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm wisdom martin. >> today is tuesday, november 29, erin como is talking about roads and gary mcgrady is talking about raindrops that were falling on our heads and how the kids should get ready for school this morning. hey, gary. >> plan for raindrops. however you do that umbrellas, rain coats, fancy rain boots you need it all today because it looks like rain will continue on and off long. we may as well call it rain showers passing by. wet commute because it's going to be wet commute this morning and looks like it will be wet commute evening, too. sorry about that that adds a new time to the commute there and it looks like this will continue. we had enough rain. damage is done tracking that thought the morning of course. good news or bad? sheebl on it here is the rain now as we see it not bad now.
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to the south and heaviest of rain down to south will clip extreme southern sections of st. mauri county and headed to eastern shore and we'll continue to have showers etch developing and moving through and does look like this will continue on and off all day long. you see the clouds in place later this afternoon and rain will be with us as well. day parts here. don't you know it nothing but showers in the forecast. 8 a.m. lunchtime. later this covering both commutes. lower 50s 8 a.m. and lower to mids down south could be a few spots that make it upper 60s. we stay wet again tomorrow. tomorrow will be warmer as temperatures tomorrow will get right up to around 70 or so and we may have thunderstorms as well. we'll keep an eye on that. here's erin comothon tuesday morning with your commute. sure to be a busy slow commute this morning erin. >> i don't like the sound of
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4:46 grab umbrella before you leave. if you geten early start on 66 still dark. but quiet. volume light passing 234 all the way to false church through arlington. let's forward cameras same story there 395 north of et se l road. we're seeing shine on that strep of 395 indicating rain in the area and already starting to see tim pacting commute as you pass the 14 str quiet. go auto head and forward cameras once again. in maryland this is prince george part of the beltway and traffic slower vine is light simply because of those slick conditions. we'll keep a close eye on the rain in the area and how it's impacking tuesday commute. if you have questions hit me up on twitter @erinfoxdc we have you covered for this doosy morning. >>:37 is the time. top story whys wildfires
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cities of gatlinburg and pigeon ford in tennessee mandatory evacuation orders issued in both city and 0 structures caught fire including 16 story hotel. national fward is on the scene trying to fight the flames. >> a chartered plane carrying 72 people including players from brazilian associating team crashed in columbia. the plane was headed when it crashed and soccer players were not from team brazil. the mayor says this are survivors and not clear what caused the crash but there was heavy storms in the area. >> police in columbus, ohio are looking for motive of attack at ohio state university a somali born student plowed his car into a group of pedestrians and got out and started stabbing people with a butcher knife. he was shot by a police officer. 11 were hurt in the attack and one is in critical condition. >> north day keit pipeline protesters order todd leave by order of governor no action
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evacuation and in his order the governor says unpermitted camp sites are not stopd for suitable housing. >> and the favorite case of zika to be transmitted by local mosquito the woman is not pregnant and has not traveled to countries that the have the seek avirus. >> back in our region montgomery country police need your help identifying a man found dead in gaithersburg. this is photo of shirt and shoes the man was wearing a group of hikers found him in the woods earlier this month. they found h graver near game preserve road. police believe the victim was murdered and he's hispanic late teens to early 20s and 5' 6" and it is possible he was in the woods since this summer. >> happening today montgomery county council will hold a hearing on a bill that would increase penalties for people who do not remove snow on their properties it would go from 50 to 500 dollar fine. some say the increase is too
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enforcers with those who do not follow the law. >> making the holidays brighter for children in need. they're hosting a do i drive at different locations you can drop off new unwrapped toys. all locations will be absenting toys 6 to 8 . if you cannot make it to these events drop donations at police headquarters courthouse is road until december 16. >> another holiday tradition playing out playing out in washington lighting of capitol hill christmas tree taking place next week it arrived from idaho. it will be a corned with more than 6,000 ornaments created by people of idaho and house speaker ryan will lead them own capitol hill next tuesday. >> we have capitol christmas tree, shopping in effect. >> i love this time of year. >> all we need is sprinkle of snow we'll be good to go. >> shut up. >> 4:50 is the time coming up
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state plans to investigate diversity in the world of medical marijuana. >> and forget willy wonka golden ticket and lifetime supply of ticket you want a golden beer can. yep. we'll explain why when you come back. >> when you drink beer. >> look it's your song. you're a mean one mr. grinch. >> why is that my song i'm happiest man on earth. >> a live look out the region, 4:51 is the time. the region, 4:51 is the time. >> you're actually a teddy bear.
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>> right now all the medical marriage math dispensaries are owned by caucasian peopl race was ignored when reviewing applicants for licenses. >> 4:54 is the time now. want to win free super bowl tickets for the rest of your life. >> why not? >> it may be time to switch to bud light. anheuser bush is selling cans that will give fans a goldentic tote five years worth of super bowls. 37,000 gold cans will be sold
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six people will be selected weekly and one will take home the grand prize. >> that's amazing. >> bad for me i don't drink beer. >> i guess maybe you become a collector or buy for friends. >> of beer. >> yeah. >> i know i'm not a beer drinker. >> have to put the can and bottle. >> we're not putting gary mcgrady down even though he's talking about rain. >> we need rain. we're getting like over 7" below normal. yeah you've about saying it a while. >> you see the wildfires in tennessee it's worse down there and hopefully they got much needed rain with the system more tomorrow. every little bit helps. they're like more than a foot below normal do you remember there. super dry. temperatures out there this morning down to 48 now. gaithersburg 45. frederick settled down to 43. it's mild. no doubt about it and lot warmer out there with the clouds and showers than where we were yesterday.
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not coming in i suspect 53 to 54 and clouds -- showers moving through this morning. nothing too heavy. there's a decent area of rain down here in st. mary county. i told you it would get pretty good down here in extreme southern sections of that and drifting to central ports of st. mary country as well headed to the eastern shore. bigger picture here shoz you this whole system moving in through the southeast. again they need the rain down there. they're -- this welcomed for them. we'll have more developed tomorrow and come through. this is two days of rain and we need it erin como today's commute is wet and tomorrow's is wet as well. >> 4:56 wet commute and look behind me at all this paper between sunny side and beltway truck's axle built and spilled paper all over the road. traffic is moving blocking
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shoulder an ass you head to green belt this morning you will notice a lot of paper on the ground and don't be alarmed everything is under control. cleanup underway. let's switch it over for a quick look at cameras things are starting to pick up volume wise, 270 towards the spur. little wet ride already there. the good news is volume light enough to not cause con just job. i you have covered. use caution this rainy tuesday morning. wisdom and maureen. >> 4:57 is the time. coming up mandatory evacuation ordered for pa national forest in tennessee. >> pipeline protesters order todd believe north dakota. >> before we head to break a quick look at today's stock futures at 4:57. temperature 49. "fox5 news morning" back after
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>> today on "fox news morning" metro riders prepare yourselves for' bill of even more service cuts. >> president-elect donald trump cabinet beginning to take shape. announcement on cabinet picks is due sometime this week. >> live look outside dry skies have given way to wet warm. silver lining, though, is


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