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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  November 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on "fox news morning" president-elect donald trump ivrping a deal to keep american jobs from moving to mexico. >> it's mild this morning. some would say it's warm out.
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across our region. so you will need to be careful as you head out this morning. allow extra time for sure. we say good morning to you, thank you for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, november 30. >> this month is flying by. we are going to talk about that dense fog advisory. gary mcgrady well in the weather and erin como talks about traffic obviously impacted by the fog. first we'll begin with morning's top story. extremely foggy outside. it this morning. she's checking on the roads. annie, where are you now and what's it look like. >> reporter: good morning, holly, maureen, we're on outer loop of beltway headed to the american leemon bridge. really you don't have to be on the roads to see how the fog is. there's dense fog affecting all parts of the region. that will be the case much of the morning commute. you will be dealing with those
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fog this morning and it's one of those days to use common sense driving, don't speed. leave plenty of room and give yourself extra time. drivers hitting the road extra early should be prepared to drive through these tough conditions. we just left rockville pike area and it was not good at all. and then you're dealing with the wet roads. you see the glare and that sort of thing. and again visibility not good. i would say about one mile in some spots and near zero in other spots. also very tough to see those signs ahead of you. so, we missed a turn because we could not see the sign there. but, some reminders for you. it's just you know use your low beam headlights so that the vehicles in front of you as well as behind you can see you and use fog lights if you have them. reminder never use your high beam lights. that's super important bays it causes more glare giving it or making it more difficult for
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drivers as well. and also, on those smaller roads, make sure you watch for those pedestrians and if you're a pedestrian this morning you may want to wear something extra bright or just be very, very careful as you cross the roads there. but, if your commute takes you near waterways be extra careful as well. that's the latest from the beltway, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> thank you for the update i appreciate it let's look at the other top story this hour. the deadly inferno the deadly inferno in gat lenberg tennessee three people died because of of the wildfire there and hundreds of homes lost and isis is claiming responsibility for attack at ohio state university. the terror group says the suspect abdul artan was one of their shoulders. he never formally pledged isis
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attack but they believe he may have been inspired by them. >> president-elect is filling out his cabinet. >> talking conservatives with deep ties to washington and wall street as deliberating over secretary of state. >> melanie alnwick is joining us with the trump transition. >> good things trump tower has revolving doors because there's been a lot of people swipinging through them. picks are made and campaign pledge to keep jobs in america looks like carrier the company that makes heating ventilation and air companying systems and will be staying in the united states. they planned to move two indiana plants to mexico. it reached a deal tuesday with president-elect trump to keep nearly 1,000 jobs. carrier is opened by united technologies a big defense contractor that ben fritz billions in federal spending. >> the secretary of state job is still up for grabs and president-elect trump last
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again they sat for dinner tuesday night at trump tower restaurant and room any said he was impressed with trump's victory speech and cabinet picks so far. one of those picks former secretary bush secretary elaine chow picked to head the department of transportation. her record suggests she will be light happened todd regulations and married to mitch mcconnell. sources are telling the associated will nominate steven munch inas secretary of treasury despite his connections. the president-elect and team as we know have been spending a lot of time at trump tower. now they have plans to hit the road once again. trump invites president-elect pence will start victory tour on thursday. maureen and holly. >> mel, thank you.
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rare public appearance tonight to introduce supporter katy perry at the unicef snow flake fwhal manhattan. she called perry a champion before she received the audrey help burn high man tearian award.. >> 5:06 is the time now. man, mild out there gary amazing. >> what is this 9th of november or 30th. >> it's 30th, last >> last day of november. >> we can be 70 for high today. >> crazy, decorations going up. >> we can touch 70 briefly and then pull back into the upper 60s. a lot to talk about. let's get to the bus stop forecast. watch out this morning. be extra careful. the fog gets better over the next couple hours. the rain kicks in and comes in. kid owes out there you have to dress to be dry all right. everything you need to stay dry out. there this afternoon, temperatures will go to the mid
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later on today and into the evening hours we're talking about the showers potentially becoming thunderstorms out there. couple of them could be strong. i'm not too tear bally worried about an outbreak or anything like that. 58 now. so, so mild. gaithersburg 5 5. cooler along i 81. there's cool air hanging off tough where temperatures were in the 40s. dense fog add sciencery for everybody west of the bay. not talbert county. i don't know wh they're not getting any fog there. but they're not in the dense fog advisory. look at the rain moving up. we'll have more from time to time with passing showers and eventually thunderstorms this afternoon and evening. it will be a busy morning commute, airport, with all this fog and in the fog goes away and in comes the rain. and 5:07 already tracking a crash. you see behind me the flashing lights through the trees.
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ramp 7 westbound and car spun out facing wrong direction. slick companies, foggy conditions causing visibility problems. you can access the ramp. use caution. let's look at cameras, fogest conditions over bridges and waterways use caution on 14 street bridge. as you zoom out there traffic moving along okay. they're giving us a shot towards pentagon area. use caution. volume light as we forward cameras, once again we'll show you a look at this 270 from around the dmv. reduced visibility by father hurley coming down from 70 through frederick to the spur we're looking good. let's take a look at maps. want to give you an update on metro if you want to keep it to the rails instead of the roads and continuous single tracking for safe track surge 11 between west falls and east false church. back to you holly and maureen. >> coming up.
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universities around here. >> and tens of thousands of cubans filled havana plaza of the refer lution to honor their late leader fidel castro. >> it's 5:09 now and 55. more fox news morning after the >> it's 5:09 now and 55. more fox news morning after the break
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>> steps of thousands filled the square last night to honor fidel castro where he seized power. it began with plaque and white revolution footage of castro and other gorillas on the scene as the cuban national anthem played. dozens of leaders are flying to havana >> planning for the worst in wake of attack at ohio state university. university of maryland is launching new technology this week to keep the campus safer. the system is called shot spotter. the school installed sensors around campus that would immediately detect gunshots and notify dispatch. university is doing a free test of shot spotter for six months. >> defense rested its case in the murder trial of michael slager white former south
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shooting unarmed black motorist refaces 30 years to life. the shooting was captured on dramatic cellphone video. house and senate negotiators rejected a plan forcing women to register for military draft. the man was part of sweeping defense policy bill authorizing spend are for military programs and struck a measure to offer protection texs against workplace a vote in the house is expected by friday. >> congress is set to vote on a bill to speed up drug approval. it has to the house today. the bill called 21 century cures tk rushed. it would set aside more than $6 million for biomedical research it weakens the regulatory power of food and drug administration which could put patients at risk. the u.s. government wants more people to complain about
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safety administration want automakers to put labels on sun advisors with instructions on how to file safety complaint. the agency use are consumer complaints to spot safety problems. main draw back is that the agency doesn't have enough people to thoroughly analyze the 75,000 complaints that came in just last year. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" an nfl player suspended for using medical marijuana to treat an illness. >> and thanks to living in tennessee. >> let's look across the d.c. region. time is 5:1 we're at 55 it's foggy throughout folks. be careful and allow extra time this morning. fox news morning back after
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if you feel like you're waking newspaper a fog, you are. i mean literally. it's foggy out there. 55 right now. and time for us to talk a little weather with the professor. schools on this fog. >> the fog is getting better and rain is coming in. we're basically trading. we're trading fog for rain. and neither of those are a good thing for the morning commute. and but, you see the rain coming up from the south and again this rain over takes your area and the fog will lift and dissipat little better at least relative to the fog out there and you see where the showers are coming in this morning. some of this is good, moderate rain coming up 95 and eventually take over 66 and moves into maryland. that's the trend. listen, this is kind of november severe weather outbreak down into the deep south. they've had 27 reports of tornadoes since last night. and unfortunately they had
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across. the real dangerous storms are down in the deep south. we find ourselves in the northern extent of this entire time. to we're in this marginal risk of where with thunderstorms could be stronger or severe today. visibilities is getting better. culpepper below mild and coming up, look at fredericksburg. ten mile visibility there and no problem and we continue to see the rain sweep across and fog situation will get better. mild out this morning, close to 60 now. and for reagan national. dulles 5 5. bwi marshall 66. jet stream is lifting all this warming moist air up and creating showers and creating thunderstorms and we'll get this through and the change will be tonight and tomorrow that the cool are air will come down on the backside of the jet stream making for colder conditions around here. by the weekend here's what we're thinking, 50 day. a little cloudyness and especially for the afternoon okay? but as we get to seasoned a chilly rain looks like it will takeover and temperatures will
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here are big thunderstorms down to the south here and all that moisture is moving in. matter of fact we have waves of rain and thunderstorms possible this afternoon and into the evening hours. okay? i'll show you the 7 day real quick. temperature today will briefly touch 70. tomorrow we'll cool off a little bit as we go into the weekend will feel much more like fall. i promise you the 7 day and it didn't come up. erin back to you you have a lot to talk about as well. >> 5:17 dense fog add sciencery in place and this is a crash w 9 5 northbound on the ramp to 7 west. traffic getting by in single file to the left. right lane blocked a car accident where the car spun around and faced the wrong direction. slick road, no fog in this area and we're dealing with problems. look at this camera. very dense fog as you make your way out on 95 at 212 through calvertton this morning and headlights coming southbound at the top of the beltway and be prepared to reduce speeds.
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of buffer room between vehicles so you don't get into a crash this wednesday morning. from that camera we'll go over and check in wour maps. this is overview of the area where we're seeing green because of 5:18 there's not enough volume to slow things down despite wet conditions and fog. as you come in through anne arrundel this morning traffic on 50 looking good and problem free baltimore washington parkway and i would suggest calling carrier and checking before you head out to a flight this morning at reagan national, dulles and bwi. if you a safe track surge 11 with continuous single tracking and all other rails on time. back to you maureen and holly. >> thank you, airport, it's 5:18 now and let's look at stories you're engaging with this morning on social media. >> wisdom is standing by in the realtime news tracker. good morning, wiz. >> outgoing cia director has words for president trump. in recent interview john brennan said it would be height of folly for trump to ascrap
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it would on the door for iran and others to get nuclear weapons and mike pompao wants to tear it up. next up, how about this using illegal party drug to treat post traumatic stress disorder. fda moved a step closer to doing that. yesterday it gave permission for large scale clinical trial of the drug ecstasy that could lead to approval of he can stancey as a precipitation. >> next up suspended from nfl for using marijuana to treat crohn's disease he was hit with ten game suspension and he plans to fight it because drug was prescribed by his doctor. problem here nfl does not allow medical exemption for marijuana use. this is his second suspension this season. he was suspended for four game earlier in the year. >> and how about this, money, money, money, 20 people in tennessee are waking up millionaires this morning.
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american group won 421 million jackpot. he entered office lottery pool oaf the weekend and since were called the tennessee 20. they plan to take the cash payout. of course they do. 2 45 million split among that group. the group has been playing the lottery for eight years. and now they're paid. so that means here at "fox5" we still have hope because we've been playing for a while. >> our day is coming. >> we've been doing the office lottery for years. >> gary says about 27 >> did they all quit thoez though wisdom do you know. >> maureen what do you think. >> i don't know. >> some people would stay at work. >> for a week. >> exactly. >> making sure the check clears and i'm outy. >> oh, man. >> would you quit either one of you quit. >> absolutely. >> absolutely. >> i would -- because i would stay here and keep working. >> yeah right you. >> know what wisdom. >> you're pinocchio thank you four that report. >> and i'm driving here every
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>> you can rub it in their faces. >> and i would come and pick you up. >> we would buy our own. >> thank you, wisdom. >> coming up a maryland company we can all find on our space rack at home tapping into the european market. >> and a number of us could be paying a spanish company for utilities. >> we're headed to break this wednesday morning with a live look across the d.c. region. it's looking clear out there now. dense fog this morning may 5:21 the time. 58 degrees. wow, more fox news morning 58 degrees. wow, more fox news morning after the break ? ? . he gets a lot of compliments.
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and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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>> a compromise to provide
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mariott will get a loan for new headquarters in bethesda and hogan provided funding for maryland public schools. it will go before the general assembly next spring. reports this morning that washington gas is in talks to be purchased by spanish utility company. no agreement has been reached. bloomburg is reporting a deal is imminent. the talks come eight months after pepco was purchased for nearly $7 bill don't by exlon. >> you know seasons and spices you may have used on your thanksgiving dinner the company behind them is expanding options, mccormick and schmidt company announced plans to acquire italian flavorings firmen ricoh giat a for $127 million. the acquisition is expected to close in december. trader joes opening another store in the district. yeah. it's new location will be union market that hot area off
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trader joes has two other locations one near u streets and other foggy bottom. cop on trader joe's love that store. >> they have the greatest stuff. >> every time you go in and you want to entertain. they have these cute little. >> then i think about people coming over no i'm kidding. >> please she's the hostess with the mostest. >> i love to entertain. >> i know. >> we're entertaining fog this morning. slowly burping off. >> once again, i have been saying this once again the rain the fog. and what happens then? rain. >> but we need it. >> i'm not sure which is worst the rain or fog here. and either way it's not going to be a morning commute. give yourself extra time. yesterday morning slow getting into work. and off school or wherever you're going the same case today. tracking visibility. we have dense fog advisory in place until 10 a.m. this morning. pardon me until 7 a.m. this
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better and fredericksburg will be bouncing a round between 7 and 10 miles. cup pepper and mannasas half a mile. better here in town up to 4 miles and frederick up to a mile and a half. as the rain comes across things will get better here. more moderate rain will clear the fog faster. you see the big area across this is initial wave of rain out ahead of a lot that is further down to the south and southwest. and right now, it's approaching 66. it's at least the western property royal and back close to winchester and down towards stanton and places like that. harrisonburg it too and eventually it comes across we'll all ends up with rain before it's said and done. i say this morning rain. showers possible around late morning or early afternoon. there will be a lull and then we'll get more showers and thunderstorms firing up this afternoon into the evening
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cooler temperatures. high today, 70. now over to erin. >> well, 5:27 now. fog definitely a problem visibility an issue. 95 north there's a crash thoulder so the ramp to king street and look at dense fog. use caution. there you go. that's a view of accident coming up from 95 move the camera over to the tral ramp. flashing lights and let's look at maps. aside from dense fog add vutsry we have breaking news on ra because of track problem outside medical center single tracking between grovener and medical center watch for delays in both directions and not the only red line problem on metro. a deer struck outside for the to the insingle tracking between dacoma and for the to the in. back to you holly and maureen. >> coming up. d.c. leaders no longer want to offer services to homeless people actually not from d.c. >> and the burgandy and gold
5:28 am
back to school. >> as we head to break let's take a look across the d.c. region. time 5:27, mild, 58, foggy, wet, allow extra time for your commute this morning. we can't say it stuff. more stories to share. fox news morning will be back
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> -- c. leaders say they don't
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helping homeless not from the district. >> and trump keeping jobs from moving to mexico. >> and turning down an offer for the trump administration. fox news morning starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is wednesday, the last day of november. >> last day. >> we're done with noah today. >> but, we're only beginning these two, erin como, gary mcgrady, talking about traffic and thawa dealing with. fog. fog. causing issues. we'll talk about that in a moment. >> we'll talk news this morning you may want to leave home early and take time on the roads. because the big story is the weather this morning. dense fog warning for parts of our area making it hard to see while driving. >> foxing 5 annie yu has more opt roads. annie how is it looking out there or not looking? >> good morning, wisdom, holly. not only are we dealing with
5:32 am
this is route 7 near tyson's corner and we're also starting to see each more rain coming down. so hopefully as gary said, this fog will lift once we see this rain pick up. definitely one of the tricky driving days where you don't want to over drive the conditions and drivers hitting the road early right now should be prepared to drive through tough conditions with the visibility not being great. we've been driving from maryland to rockville pike and we hit the beltway route 7. everywhere we've been you're dealing with not so great visibility. some parts quart he of mile and some parts especially near rockville pike the visibility was near zero where it was tough to see and it's also very dangerous. so obviously use your low beam headlights and avoid using high beams because it's going to create more glare for you as well as other drivers. and just take it easy and watch for those pedestrians this morning.
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annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> 5:32 now updated on transition of power to donald trump presidency. trump and president-elect pennsylvania will travel to indiana to aannounce a dale with carrier. >> the company threatened to move 1,000 jobs to mexico. carrier says it worked out a deal with trupp to keep them in indiana. >> secretary of state remains on. trump held a second meeting last night romney. and chief of staff was also that that meeting. room any along with retired general petraeus and former new york city mayor rudy guiliani are under consideration for the job. >> and elaine cho was picked to serve as transportation secretary. she served under george w. bush.
5:34 am
on proposal to crackdown on homeless population in the city. the mayor wants to crackdown on families that cannot prove they're d.c. residents and now she wants immigrants to prove they are residents just like anyone else. >> if you show up and you say you're homeless we basically have to provide shelter and when we did that, we may miss the opportunity to put a d.c. family at the end of the line. because we're serving people >> a lawyer for the national alliance center own homelessness and poverty says the proposal makes it more difficult for people in d.c. to get the help they need. all right. 5:34 is the time right now. >> you always want to move forward. >> fog has got me in a fog this morning. so, yeah. >> how about the fact moving forward tomorrow is december. >> yes. >> december 1.
5:35 am
today will not feel -- it already does not feel like the end of november. mild out there. >> fog. showers. thunderstorms, temperatures up around 70. do i have breaking news for you right here in a second. mild visibility in town. as i mentioned things get better as the rain picks up. usually takes moderate rain to lift the fog good. dense fog advisory is in place. mostly to the west of the bay. but now has been extended over to the now that's not a big concern for us in delaware. but a lot of the southern areas of this dense fog advisory has been cancelled early. okay? because again as the rain comes across the fog breaks up and lifts. so you see that matches up nicely with where the rain is now. light rain is not going to break up the fog. where the rain is moderate or so a little heavier, light or moderate. . that will help with the fog situation a bit. rain is moving up quickly and over spread the area all morning long.
5:36 am
during the morning hours. a little lull early afternoon and we'll get a little pickup of potentially thunderstorms late this afternoon. which will be gusty as well and last through the evening hours. there's the forecast. how about a look at traffic on this slow commuting tuesday. >> yeah well roads are a mess. i want to start you off with breaking news from metro. montgomery county confirming the track problem outside medical center is a smoking insulator. because of that fire department at the scene single tracking on medical center you may see significant delays in both directions. we'll keep you updated on that smoking inlater and how it's affecting your red line commute. unfortunately that's not the only problem we're dealing with on red line a deer struck outside for the totten and more delays on the red line in addition to safe track work with single tracking orange and silver between west falls and east false church. let's look outside at cameras,
5:37 am
you on the ramp eastbound king street to 9 5 northbound just left lane getting buy delays through the trees you can see the flashing light. watch the fog. back to you wisdom. >> 5:37 is the time now. coming up on "fox 5 news morning" a number of vets may have been exposed to hiv during a visit to a va hospital. >> and we snow who would the 420 million powerball jackpot. >> it was not us. >> not even close. >> we're going to break right now time is 5:37 and temperature is 58. fogy.
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>> 2,000 vet rapz are planning serve as human sheemdz at the rock says dakota. the group is called veterans to stand for standing rock. >> the diseases have about linked to one mar departmental provider that used equipment not cleaned in accordance with va regulations and that dentist
5:41 am
and is now working in administrative role. veterans that may have been impacted are offered free screenings and medical treatment. >> workers are rip are they went in together on a single ticket in a town of lafayette in tennessee 60 miles from nashville. jackpot is fifth larger of all time. lump sum pai25 >> i'm happy to see 20 people won it instead of one person. >> spread the wealth. >> if you want to spread it our way we also -- >> something tells me they're not looking our way. >> i'm happy for that. 5:41 now. coming up on "fox news morning". bet founder says he was forced to turn down offer to be in donald trump's presidential cabinet. >> and growing number of accusing walt disney of
5:42 am
appropriations. annie yu on the roads this morning checking it out for us. looks like the fog is lifting a little bit. good news. there the roads are wet. it's going to be a tough commute this morning. we'll check in with annie, gary, erin, after the break. fox news morning is m coming
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot.
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we got our crews out and about this morning checking out the road conditions. checking out the weather conditions. i believe this is our dave risedemocratic national convention headed to arlington. >> that looks pretty good. >> when we got up this morning a whole different ball game. >> it was. that looks pretty good. dave i suggest you go straight to starbucks and get a hot cup of coffee that's what i would do. >> or drive to tennessee and >> try to make new friends. >> you have 20 people to choose from. >> surely you can make one friend. >> we have our tree today in the shot. >> doesn't that look pretty. >> getting us in the mood for christmas. >> december starts tomorrow wow. >> december 1. >> hard to believe. >> not feeling -- i have a lot to talk about here. i meng todd holtly i have not had a cup of coffee yet that's how busy it's been this morning. fog is breaking up.
5:46 am
throughout mornings hours and lull early this ang and more thunderstorms pop up later on. we're drew still here. it's getsing a little better in the visibility department. i'll show you that in a second. rain coming up from the south starting to basically over take 66 right now. coming up i 95 that will nobt fun commute and efficiently initially everything over tape with rain before all said and done the next hour and hour and a half. visibility is 4 miles. you pretty good there. no worry whys, mannasas three quarter mile and couple pepper three-quarters and culpeper 7. that's not a big deal. all these come up south to north. dense fog advisory south has been cancelled. all this was included earlier. but with the rain moving in visibility coming up they cancelled earlier. this rest of this goes until 7:00. i think that is good. listen this is forecast model
5:47 am
a little bit too much rain back to the west of us this morning. but you get the general idea that anywhere in the area here we could have rain. we get a lull late morning, early afternoon. watch chaps this afternoon. showers and thunderstorms could be potential a line here setting up and we'll watch this gusty winds possible. technically we're in a marginal risk of severe thunderstorms and that means we could have a couple of strong thunderstorms or testify severe thunderstorm with gusty problem. before 5:00 we continue with rain and imbedded thunderstorms as well. heavy rain within the thunderstorms and moderate rainfall outside of that. this takes us until 8:00 tonight short range model here. but you see the reigns will continue. marginal risk of severe weather. what does that mean. as i mentioned earlier there's a chance one or two potentially could be strong or severe. not an outbreak today like they
5:48 am
dangerous and deadly night in the deep south where they confirmed three fatalities to alabama with the thunderstorms and tornadoes down. there erin we had 27 reports of tornadoes. that doesn't mean 27 tornadoes but 27 reports it's been active down there. here's the 7 day forecast. it's a busy erin como with all this traffic going on this morning. >> that's right 5:48 in addition to traffic we have breaking news. queen anne country schools rate operating on 9 and no a.m. prek. their schools operating on 90 minute delay. we'll keep you posted on that morning news. fog on the roads. we have metro delays. smoking insulator reported medical center and that means single tracking on red line between grovemer and medical center watch for delays in both directions. the only problem on the red line a deer struck outside for the totten and more single
5:49 am
tracking orange and silver as you make your way between west false and east false church. northbound side of 210 berry road caution there. watch for fog. use low beams. take it slow this morning xing i suggest getting early start. 9 5 northbound 17 to aquia harbor slow downs. especiallyed red line past courthouse roads. early start from fredericksburg a crash 28 northbound norm of 6 6 causing big delays. 66 east and westbound especially 34 to 2 lot to get through this morning. back to you wisdom and holly. >> big meeting today in austria could mean a huge deal for gas prices. they're expected to cut oil production and that means higher price as roun the world.
5:50 am
to 50 the price was as low as 0 earlier this year. >> entire d.c. police department will be wearing body cameras by the end of year. the city spent nearly 5 million and the program will be complete at the end ever the year. only 400 officers this time last year wore body cams. >> senator ulessyes carry announced his resignation earlier this month and said yesterday political fighting over his replacement led him to change his mind. three candidates were interested in replacing him including his wife and he initially decided to resign due to helm reasons. >> the potential sites for helm department inchewed nona, capitol river front and popular point. it needs more space and is head quartered constitution avenue northwest. the fact of department of labor staying in d.c. is win for city which could lose fbi headquarters to maryland or
5:51 am
no word when the department of labor will relocate. >> ten minute from the hour now. time for us to check out the stories you'reen gaming with the most on social media. >> maureen umeh is standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> first up president-elect trump's comment about burping american flag created a fire storm. trump said flag burners should face consequences like loss of citizenship or year in jail. while the position may be couldn't jers verseial it's including an effort by hillary clinton when she was in the senate she spons order a flag protection bill in 2005 that prohibited flag burn physical it was threat to public safety but the bill never came up for a vote. >> next up with interviews taking place at trump tower we know one person that turned down a position in the president-elect cabinet and bt founder bob johnson said he was offered a job earlier this month. he declined because he doesn't want to be part of the government and johnson said he
5:52 am
in chief is racist and praised trump for not looking at issues just based on party affiliation and kansas man that donated sperm to two women, so the two women could have a daiby together is now legally off the hook for child support. after the women separated the birth mother received aid from the state and the state went after the man for child support arguing he was biological passenger and therefore not just sterm done or agent week the judge ruled heis required to pay. >> weird to me. i wonder if he donate todd them specifically to a couple or generally. >> it does on up a lo lot of legal issues. state ruling he is not on the hook for the children. >> interesting. thanks, mel, appreciate it. >> 5:52 it received critical ak plame and box office success.
5:53 am
moana the demigod while many call him a hero. they call it cultural miss appropriation. she admits the original concept did change to a larger more exaggerated character during production. maui's voice is twain the rock johnson. >> in the switch on the nation's most famous christmas tree the rockefeller center tree will light up with more than 50,000 bulbs and stands 94 feet tall. this is video there of the tree arriving in new york. it's second largest tree to ever grace the plaza. it teet furz performance from neal diamond and dolly parton and josh grobe in. >> i love her i may have to watch that. >> how exciting it's rockefeller tree tonight.
5:54 am
tomorrow. >> yes. >> and capitol christmas tree next tuesday. >> di ever tell you i went with the family to see the whole christmas tree thing in new york. >> you did. >> it was the coldest experience in my life. >> we go to see testify year i love it. >> you can dress for it wisdom. >> i did. t i was freezing i said i'll never done it again. i'm a wimp when it comes to cold weather. >> we do that every year. >> that's no bre >> time for the facebook fan of the day. let's say hello to dashing eric butler, seenor, he's been a local "fox5" fan for a very, very long time. >> eric says the first thing he turns on is us first things in the morning to get on the right track. he thanks all the staff for everything they do and doing search a wonderful job and says "fox5" is the best station in up to. to be fan of day post a picture under eric in fancy coat jacket
5:55 am
and fancy hat on top of all that. >> looking good, eric. >> that's nice. we have such great fans. >> all right. gary. we'll happened the floor over to you i know you have a lot to talk about. >> let me get right to it kids at the bus stop this morning it will be wet. listen, give yourself extra time slow down around the bus stops around you know where they are. 65 to 70 after school and showers and thunderstorms could be developing by then and temperatures will be very warm. warm for the last november. temperature now 5 in up to. dulles 55. there's a little cool air almost cold happening on way out to the west along i 81. that's not bad this time of year. see all these counties these are what's left and dense fog advisory in place until 7 a.m. it's been dramatically reduced. this went all the way down towards 64 but the rain beat up a lot ever that fog this morning. we don't need to worry much about that south ever the city
5:56 am
fog will get better khxt is worse, fog or rain. and probably rain as it comes across this morning. you can see here the heaviest is now starting to come over to prince william country along 66 and more is coming okay. high today of 70 with thunderstorms this afternoon. here we go, erin, you're turn, very busy. >> rain, fog, crashes and metro delays we'll get to it. >> try fek tav awful commuting. >> not a great wednesday morning commute topside of bement way look at outer loop delay coalsdale road. point at connecticut and delays extend past coalsdale to new hampshire avenue. a 25 minute delay 95 and spur. let's take a look at maps. this is not the only problem we're dealing with this morning xing there's an inner loop crash on rapp to eastbound 6. car wentp into the guardrail. slick conditions. we're seeing a lot of single vehicle crashings. please use caution. there as we look 66 eastbound 234 to nut le street big delays
5:57 am
earlier crash northbound 2 cleared and more delays nutly streets report of debris blocking right lane and red line delays keep it to fox news
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
turn deadly down south overnight in alabama same system bringing rain to our region today. there's a possibility we may get a thunderstorm. we're tracking the latest on this wednesday morning. >> an a warning for drivers this morning. watch out for the fog. it's causing big problems out there also and alert for red line users, several issues on the rails impacting your commute right now. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> a lot to get to. let's good speed now literally good morning. >> breaking news tracking are from the rails before we get to fog and wet conditions on the road. smoking insulator medical center because of that big delays on the red line. single tracking between grovener and medical center. plan ahead you may want to keep it metro bus or consider car pooling or maybe uber this morning xing also a deer struck outside for the totten single tracking there on the red line. that's in addition to safer


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