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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  November 30, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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turn deadly down south overnight in alabama same system bringing rain to our region today. there's a possibility we may get a thunderstorm. we're tracking the latest on this wednesday morning. >> an a warning for drivers this morning. watch out for the fog. it's causing big problems out there also and alert for red line users, several issues on the rails impacting your commute right now. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> a lot to get to. let's good speed now literally good morning. >> breaking news tracking are from the rails before we get to fog and wet conditions on the road. smoking insulator medical center because of that big delays on the red line. single tracking between grovener and medical center. plan ahead you may want to keep it metro bus or consider car pooling or maybe uber this morning xing also a deer struck outside for the totten single tracking there on the red line. that's in addition to safer
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west false to east false on orange and silver line. few crashes in the area causing big delays. inner loop crash ramp 66 eastbound single car spun out with wet roads and hit the guardrail. you can use the ramp. use caution prior to that point 66. backed up from 24 to 28 outer loop crash connecticut avenue center lane blocked there and use that red line back to heavy volume. gi minute to get to college park on the topside of the beltway now. closer look at 66 eastbound jam-up. again, 234 to 28 earlier northbound crash 2 cleared. a live look outside to show you rain and fog and what it's doing to your roads this morning we're seeing a lot of congestion and slow conditions because of that fog and the rain. if we can't get a look at cameras i can tell you you want to use low beams. take it slow this morning and
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morning commute. and my best advice to you get an early start and take it slow. any questions at erin "fox5" d.c. on twitter. that dense fog advisory in place through 7 a.m. back to you steve and allison and tucker. >> actually had annie on the roads right now we want to get to her first. we have team coverage a live look at roads i wanted to show you. >> hey, erin, good morning, we're actually just jumping on 66 east i heard you mansion a car accident and i heard g mention prince william county is where they're getting bulk of fog. and but we'll head in that direction and see what's up. but got news is in our immediate area dense fog seems to be lifting in most parts we traveled from rockville to virginia route 7 along the beltway as well. and we're seeing a big difference. that's good news. but remember we're still not in the clear. as you mentioned fog warning is in effect until 7:00 this morning for much of the region. be prepared to drive through
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the darkness right now it's making it trickier. we're seeing a lot of head light glares and deal with wet roads as rain is picking up. it's a tricky driving day that will be complicated commute for you with all the factors in place. take it easy. take erin's advice. slow down. allow extra time and use low beam lights and fog lights if you have them. definitely avoid using high beam lights it only makes it worse for you and other obviously we have plenty distance as well in case people have sudden stops or traffic pattern changes, that's the latest from 66 eastbound this morning, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> a line of violent storms in alabama kill at least three people and critically injured four ours. it's believed it was a tornado that came through. damage as many as 20 buildings
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including 24 hour daycare aand shopping plaza. the system is headed our way in part of georgia and tennessee especially vulnerable to tornadoes until 9:00 this morning those storms not expected to be fearly as severe in our region. >> still a possibility of thunderstorms here later today. >> yes. >> and fog across -- i know annie was saying to the west as well. northwest d.c. it's still thick in places. >> we have a batch of rain moving in and the atmosphere. they started to back off on dense fog advisories. >> let's do temperatures tradeoff is good rain care momently. 57 washington. 55 dulles, 56 bwi marshall temperatures and rain showers moving in south and west. you can see that south side of the beltway out to 66 and again racing off to the norm and east here. we expect rain showers for much
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much of our day today is rain. we looked at this radar a few moments ago. you can see all of that moisture off south and west that has to work through mid atlantic today. chances for rain. good throughout the day today. chances for thunderstorms that could go there as well. some of longer term goydence today suggesting we may get thunderstorms early this afternoon. all right. fog advisory. there it s retreating further in some spots still quarter mile or less. look out for that fog in spots. daytime high 70. here's tradeoff steve. there's warm temperatures and look out for thunderstorms and again take umbrella today it will be rainy one and rainy commute. both sides of commute both morning and evening will have rain showers. >> almost unfair to give 70 and thunderstorms. >> if you donl the raindrops. >> there you go. >> you'll be fine. >> look for the positive. >> thanks, tucker.
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transition president-elect filling out his cabinet. >> deep ties to washington and wall street as it continues to deliberate over secretary of state. >> melanie is here with latest on the trump transition. good morning, mel. >> good morning you may remember during the campaign donald trump thought there should be more people in business with business experience and government experience in administrative positions and many selections are staying true to that. mit only any under consideration for secretary of state. last night the former utah governor and president nominee had a second meeting with trump. it was a dinner at trump tower's restaurant and after the meeting room any told reporters he was impressed with the cabinet picks so far. more of those picks on the board since tuesday. steven mnchin with deep ties to wall seat to and sources are telling cnn billionaire wilbur ross will be named as commerce
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services went to tom price. he was orthopedic surgeon leading crusader against obamacare and former secretary of labor elaine child elected to lead department of transportation. child served under george w. bush and george h.w. bush and is neared senate leader mcconnell. >> and the company that makes heating, ventilation and refrigeration will stay in the united states after all. the company had plans top save $65 indiana plants to mexico and reached a deal tuesday with president-elect trump to keep nearly 1,000 jobs. it's opened by a defense contractor that den fritz federal spending. elect mike peps will up veil at agreement in indiana. they'll then kickoff a tour of swing states starting in sin fatty. >> thank you very much.
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filling up. >> hillary clinton made a rare public apirps surprising one of her biggest supporters she introduced katie perry in map hat an. the unicef am bar door revved the humanitarian award. >> and democrats need decide if they want to he elect nancy pelosi for a three year term. it's expected she will continue to serve as top house >> three dead, 14,000 evacuated and. >> update in the case of muddiered teenager in district. a person of interest behind bars now.
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>> a man wanted in connection with a shooting death of 16-year-old girl the day after thanksgiving he turned himself into police and detectives say evans was caught on surveillance camera fireing a gun when brianna mcmillan was killed. she was talking to friends outside her narments south east when those shots were fired. investigators believe the teen was noten tended tarring snret prince william county a deadly shooting at a shopping parking lot happened near the food line in mannasas. when officers arrived they
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gunshot wound. he was rushed to the hospital where he died. it appears to be a domestic related incident. >> mel franklin facing charges after being arrested on suspicion of drunk driving. district nine representative says last tuesday morning at 4 do youer house road state record cop firm he was arrested and charged with driving under the nrus. failure to avoid vehicle spe other charges. >> the man that attacked several people with a bunchier knife was up spird by isis. >> islamic state saying abdul artan was one of its soldiers. there's no evidence to support that claim. >> the university of maryland launching new technology this
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it's already being used in major cities including washington -- c.. the system is called shot spotter and the university installed cameras around campus to test the equipment. they are doing this for six months. >> in brazil overnight soccer players gather todd mourn those killed in the plane crash in columbia. 6 of 77 passengers on board survived app the team compete in typeal tourpment in october. four people that were checked in didn't make the flight. two were injured mrairdz and another was team manager's son who forgot his passport. >> in cuba thousands lined streets of havana paying trib out to fidel castro. speeches were given forecast
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and he will be laid to rest on sunday. metro rail issues and fog two big problems impacting your commute this morning. >> let's head outside now as we head to break wednesday morning and there's passenger side view cruise around the area this morning. we'll have weather each traffic area this morning. we'll have weather each traffic on the fives next 6:1 2. what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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>> 6:14 if you travel on 6 of youil this is here. cars backing up on the highway and there's a crash scene and you see there's a roll back tow truck there helping them out there. it's wet out there this morning. >> lots of weather. action packed warm day. say that wet, warm and windy wednesday. wet, warm and windy wednesday, all of the above. definitely umbrella weather. headed to the bus stop make
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go as here's good news, mild temperatures in the 50s now near 70 this afternoon we have showers and possibility of thunderstorm in the forecast. a little later this afternoon. and let's get to it. 58 washington and 57 annapolis and look at 60s. 63 this morning in leonard up to and 61 fredericksburg and upper 40s in the mountains. everybody off to mild start. 49 hagerstown. there's rain shower activity. racing in here from the south and west. and i think we'll have periods of today. and even the possibility of few thunderstorms developing as we get this frontal system moving through. steve mentioned terrible weather off to our south and west overnight and with the -- it's not confirmed yet but reports of several dozen tornadoes possibility in the south. for us we're not looking at severe weather but we're looking at possibility of heavy rain and gusty winds this afternoon.
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here's future cast. high resolution model will over play a little bit. rain showers in the forecast 9 a.m. through much of the day it wants to develop a line of thunderstorms by 1:00 and we'll keep showers and the possibility of thunderstorms in the forecast through that evening commute tonight. so today will be a wet one. only to for some good soyking rain at times and put a little dent in our dry spell. all right. severe weather. marginal risk as mentioned for afternoon. so just keep that in mind. that if you hear a rumble of thunder it's not your imagination. 70 today. cooler air works in tonight and a down trend in temperatures with more sunshine thursday, friday, saturday. all right. action packed weather day can mean one thing. action packed roadways. >> it's more few that it is. 6:16 we start you off with metro problems on the red line. currently dealing with disabled train outside tenly town.
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where we were dealing with smoking insulator this morning. red line was single tracking and right now normal service resumed and we're dealing with residual delays. quite a scene out there outside medical center and it looks like smoking insulator system is under control and the scene is clearing and residual delays there. back to maps now. additional red line problems outside of tenly town and deal with a problem there. if we can take a look at maps we'll get you updated. single tracking between friendship heigh a additional delays in both dreks and a deer struck by a train outside for the it otten. as we take a look at some of our other crashes on the roads there's a dense fog advisory through 7. it it's a wet, rainy commute. 70 eastbound ashburn one lane gets by with big crash jammed back to leesburg. eastbound crash before 110 delays past 29 now getting to be closer to spout run.
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at the crash to get perspective. blocking left lane and shoulder just one right lane getting by. inside the beltway big delays on 66 eastbound and outside the beltway those delays extend back to 34 prince william parkway with heaviest traffic prince will dwroum 8. let's forward cameras we have wet roads, and fog everywhere slow conditions all over the area. this is look at another crash now we're tracking and you need to use a lot of caution as you make your way out on 6 outside the beltway. this crash is closer to nutly street and we'll keep you updated on that outer loop of beltway there's a crash blocking shoulder by connecticut delays back to 95. jam pack add cross the 14 street bridge now. huge delays 35 northbound coming up have beltway to the freeway. jamming up by third street tunnel looks like a lot of fog we're dealing with elevated as rain moved in. use low beams if you encounter any visibility problems. light commute on key bridge
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but with wet conditions i and that slowing down. starting to see a lot of volume building 9 5 northbound as you cross through dale city. busy morning on the roads and rails. we'll keep you updated steve and allison. >> you should know that queen and's country in maryland, 90 minute delay. no morning prek in queen and county. >> we'll let you know what happens there. good call. cashing in on great deals on airf >> and cabinet nominees in the new administration have long resumes. we'll head to the fox business network in new york after the break.
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>> 6:21. if you plan a trip we'll tell you how you can get airfare at a discount today.
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the markets. >> how are the markets looking today? >> awesome. dow up 25 and dow up 5 1/2% and broader market up 4% and yesterday two great reports number one best, strongest reed on gdp economic expansion two years and consumer confidence we're the most optimistic and confident. big story today is price of oil surging 6% as i speak. opec is meeting in austria they'll announce production cut. we'll see. >> something to look forward to today. first of all we don't get a chance to talk all the newsy stuff that often, lauren. today we get a chance to do that. you can be like d.c. news geek like everybody else now. one thing the market likes and wall street does is look forward. as we look forward toward new administration big time wall street executives looking to be part of the puz until
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is that a good or bad thing for the economy and wall street and markets. >> well for these we're talking about treasury secretary position and commerce secretary position and trump continues to fill out the cabinet. he tapped guys that know a lot about making money and a lot about specific industries like steal and coal industry which he said on campaign trail he wants to revive. also he said he want to rip up trade deals and keep american jobs here in the and so he has tapped and is expected to nominate steven mnuchin as secretary treasure as earlier today. he is big time banker worked goldman sachs and started his own hedge fund and went to movie making business and financed after tar and x men he knows a thing or two about business, of course he apparently is running treasury department. and wilbur ross older, billionaire, he is loyal friend
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in many industries but particularly steel industry when they were all crumbling years and years ago he got many mills back to business. he would be commerce secretary. we expect those announcements today. >> we're in a positive trend when it comes to market activity it's not like they're saying we don't like this and will shut everything down. >> because of potential picks. >> right, right. >> no they were expected honestly. i know fox business was reporting good possibility months ago. >> i can't say want to get away that's somebody else's deal jetblue want to go fly somewhere you can do it cheaper. >> i want to get away. >> that's southwest. we're talking about jetblue. >> well now i got you. okay. jetblue. 20% off every single flight today if you book by end of day.
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are there caveats of course number one book travel between -- you have to take flight between dpes 7 of this year and february 15 of next year but you cannot fly around christmas or new years. those are blackout dates i'm sorry still 20% off. >> 20% off is better -- >> take it use unused vacation days before we close out 2016. >> could be a perfect deal. thank you lauren, we'll do it tomorrow about the same time. bye-bye. >> bye. >> slogan. maybe it's people jet ready. >> did you make that up? >> no. >> it was a good one. >> clever. >> i'm trying to do my part. >> what's going on? >> i want to do my part. lots of weather to talk about. flight delays possibility but rain moving through. fog has been an issue and possibility of fog this afternoon. we have mild temperatures to enjoy, 58 in washington.
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baltimore, annapolis, quarter miles visibility and because of that quanitco three-quarters mile we have dense fog advisory in effect until 7. i expect both advisories extended for parts of the area and later this morning as well. stormtracker radar is tracking rain moving back in. it could be heavy at times today is looking like a more significant event than yesterday and we can pick up have to maybe plus inch of rain and thundeto well. that whole complex off south and west there's a frontal system there. it has to work through our area today. rain off and off throughout wednesday with daytime highs on the warm side. if you donl raindrops the 70 should feel g rain could be heavy at times and thunderstorms this afternoon. keep that in mind. cooler air tomorrow. >> all right. >> it's really you above all. >> yes jet ready. >> i like yours better. >> what's going on yours busy,
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load a little better. >> your smile always makes my morning better. topside of beltway outer loop we have a crash between 20 and old georgetown road. and all lanes are blocked just the left shoulder crawling by. this camera is by wisdom martin avenue you can see the sdlai. traffic is parked from connecticut to 270 where crash is blocking all lanes on beltway outer loop again just left shoulder squeezing by and delays extend like this heavy another crash blocking shoulder there earlier by connecticut by coalsville you can see average speeds picking up at the most to 15 miles an hour and looking at a 45 minute delay 95 to crash i 270 split there i suggest taking east west highway secondary exit at 95 working your way through the city and making your way maryland side of the beltway to vir vr you hit huge delays.
6:28 am
things go back. you can see through silver spring, kepdzing ton. it's a mess the topside of beltway and eastbound 66 theres with a crash and traffic was parked to fairfax drive. so inside the beltway 66 eastbound is parked between false church and arlington and outside the bement way 66 eastbound jammed 234 to 28. i would say you need an hour of extra time keep it to "fo
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>> cause a lot of problems on the roads a crash old georgetown road and delays back to the 5 we're tracking delays eastbound 6 and traffic coming up 6:35 and four others critically injured for the line of storms and possible tornadoes slammed to northern eastern alabama earlier this morning. officials say as many as 20 buildings leveled in the storm including 24 hour daycare center and baptist church and
6:32 am
and unsure of homes they're still sanding and child fires continue to range. 15 fires uncontained as of this morning including one in tennessee that's believed to have wiped out entire resort maureen joins us with more. >> more than 100 buildings charred and displaced after wildfires tore through tennessee resort town. ry dense not fleeing homes and thousands without shelters and we told you emergency shelleders set up a dozen people getting treatment in local hospitals again in the tennessee region and storms hopefully ebbing with rainfall
6:33 am
player ups. those are scorching a huge part of gat landburg back to you allison. >> thank you very much. >> developing closer to home now this morning d.c. mayor bowser asking city counsel toil ask on proposal to crackdown on homeless population in the city and the mayor wants to crackdown on families who cannot prove they're d.c. residents and now she wants imgroonts prove they're residents like everyone els lawyer for national law center on homelessness and poverty says proposal will make it more difficult for people in d.c. to get the help they need. >> if you show up and say you're homeless we have to provide shelter and when we do that we may miss opportunity to put d.c. family at the end of line and people from other jurisdictions.
6:34 am
difficult for more them d.c. to get the help they need. >> other news this morning remember that mysterious machine we told about you yesterday around this time. it's still floating on potomac and it's get heing closer to district. sheen is monitored by washington tush urban sanitation commission and it does not propose a threat to the region drinking water and it's unclear what the substance may be or where it came from. environmental officials spotted sheen on sunday near dickerson maryland steve over to you. >> all r allison. thanks very much. time for the morning line. quick check of sports this morning a road trip today for wizards team headed to oklahoma city to take on thunder. this is head coach scott brooks first trip back to oklahoma city. he is looking forward to going back and understands the focus is on the game and nothing else. remember, no kevin durant in oklahoma city anymore, tip-off tonight set for 8 a.m. college hoops now. ut, oh not a good night for
6:35 am
pit led by as many as 25 point in the second half. deficit too big for maryland to overcome. one huge problem 10-36 free point range final score -- and acc also dominated in another big ten match-up. duke takes down mib mish state and neither team led by more than final score 78-69. tiger woods back on a golf course a day away from returning to the competitive game for over a year now he's in bahamas for the world khaevrping. a possible good luck charm for woods he will use punter that won him 13 of 14 championships. >> players for this week only can wear custom cleats for
6:36 am
kirk cousins one of those that will do so he tweeted this over the weekend he's one of 500 players participating he showed this photo of his cleats bearing the mark of international justice mission anti-human trafficking organization cousins has done major work for. hopefully they bring he and the skins luck. let me say wouldn't it be nice if we took a year off of competitive newscasting to resurface in the bahamas wouldn't that be a nice ease back into bringing people the news. >> with a fat $44 million contract. >> the cleat thing i think it's tough. you only get one organization right? >> yes. >> probably a lot of pressure to choose which one. >> everybody so they wear them -- we'll talk. >> yeah. >> through the whole game? >> yes. >> they're saying this time they'll allow it. >> a lot of times you have to wear for pregame you would get find if you wore in game. the nfl saying it's for a good
6:37 am
your cause and fwet your cleats. >> what if your cause is something i don't -- any way let's talk about the weather we can all agree. >> 58 in washington and 55 dulles and 56 bwi marshall. and lots happening here. fog overnight. rapes moving back in and some locally heavy. today will be action packed warm day. a lot going on. feel energy out there the moment you step outside with strong southerly winds and warm temperatures and in addition to showers possibility of thunderstorms later and update here we have five confirmed fatalities in alabama from tornadoes last night. 27 reports of tornadoes there. they're on tornado watch for parts of alabama, mississippi, and so, they may not be done with it yet. we're not expecting tornado around here but we could have few strong thunderstorms. if you hear rumble of thunder later today it's not your imagination we'll deal with the cold front for much of the day today. most of your day will have on again off again showers and
6:38 am
north and east. still includes up towards baltimore anne arrundel county and 8 a.m. now. our forecast upper 60s near 70s and showers and thunderstorms through evening commute and things will let up overnight tonight and will be cooler with sunshine tomorrow. but today half inch to inch of rain could be local flooding if you get heavy down powers that kind of thing. >> after this we'll be where we need to be rain wise or not close. >> not even close. >> all right >> thanks. >> hopefully we get there, hi, erin. >> 6:updates for you on outer loop. it's at a crawl. the crash had all lanes blocked between 270 and old georgetown road and it has moved over just the right lane is blocked now and look at that crawl from well before 95 back to route 1 to 270 that's what traffic looks likes i want to show you maps now. two other crashes in the delays blocking shoulder one by
6:39 am
skepdz. let me get out of the way. all the way back to route 1 average speeds ten miles per hour and we're being ing at over an hour delay if route 1 to pass 270 spur. try luck on east west highway perhaps exit and work your way through city any way you cut it because outer loop is closed again now just right lane blocked we're seeing huge delays. 66 eastbound there's a crash before 110 and moved over to shoulder and delays are still very heavy all the wa fairfax drive. let's take a look at camera. we'll show you that delay. you can see how my traffic is inside the beltway and then unfortunately outside the beltway as you make your way out we're still seeing big delays on 66 inbound and keep it to "fox5" we'll look at
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities.
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while the united states have not drovted since the vietnam war men have to recommendster. >> and tennessee millionaires this morning. here's the real deal. a group of co-workers at north american stamping group won. the 421 million jackpot.
6:43 am
the weekend and they plan to take the cash payout of 245 million playing lottery for eight years. so there's hope co-workers one year maybe we will win 26 dollars and finally kansas man donated sperm so two women could have a baby together is off the truck for child support. the state went after the man for child support arguing was pie logical father and therefore not just sperm donor and last week a judge ruled he is not legally the father and he is not required to pay. i'm sure that one has people talking. >> just in case people don't know what the stamp is it's where they build car parts. >> people may have. >> you know it was a company that made car parts. >> shaquille o'kneel in
6:44 am
we'll let you know. we'll let you know. if you have a news tip share it with us if you have a news tip share it my guest list just tripled. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays.
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>> 6:46 having trouble on the roda a lot because of wet conditions. we have team coverage for you this morning and update on the road conditions in a minute. first though let's talk about the warm, tuck. >> we a will the to talk about. fog and heavy rain muching in
6:47 am
wet, warm and windy wednesday. try to say that twice if an hour. i gs i did. >> good job. >> and let's start with warm temperatures early this morning. 61 degrees at 6 a.m. and 6 leonardtown and 57 gaithersburg and everybody with the exception of mountains in the 50s you guys in hagerstown 49 degrees with mild temperatures and warm temperatures expected for a time this afternoon. we may hit 7 0. tre shower activity quickly racing into the area. moving in south and west it's another warm front. with you will feel that punp of of warm air winds out of the south. we'll deal with a day or potentially a day here of on again off again rain shower activity and potential for thunderstorms this is very vigorous and a lot of energy to talk about. we talked about situation in the south and reports of up to two dozen plus tornadoes and portions of alabama and mississippi last night.
6:48 am
watches down there. i don't think we'll get tornado activity here and we will have potential for thunderstorms and few of those could be strong this afternoon. so again we're looking at warm front bunching north and cold front slides lieu later today. we'll number for showers throughout the day and cooler and drier more seasonable air here for the pe first day of december tomorrow. but we have to get there 1st and until then we'll have a lot of rain in the forecast. future cast stays wet for most of the day heaviest rain up north and can't rule out the possibility it a thunderstorm complex developing in the afternoon. they're at 1:00 and we keep chances for showers in the forecast. here we are only to at 7 to the evening commute. it will be a wet one today. we'll look at potential for half inch or inch of rain and we'll take the rain. marginal risk for severe thunderstorms later today. don't often see that end of november. there it is for you. keep that in mind if you hear thunder outside not your
6:49 am
love to hear from you. cooler weather on the way. with sunshine returning by tomorrow and low 50s hereby friday and saturday. my half is down. erin gets to tell you how not fun roads are this morning. >> i have a request. >> sure. >> can i have some of your m & ms they would improve quality of the morning. >> i can only share green ones. >> i'll take your green ones. >> we'll talk in >> right now outer loop -- did i miss a joke. >> old school joke yeah we have a certain age in the green m & ms. >> i know nothing about the green m & ms. >> i can tell you about traffic outer loop crash right lane blocked 270 to old georgetown road at a crawl now that delay extends back past route 1. let take a look at maps. we have two crashes blocking shoulder and backup as well one by connecticut and another wisdom martin.
6:50 am
over an hour delay to get through that stretch outer loop college park try luck on east west highway and secondarys work your way through the disstrict an he suggest a different way towards the leemingon bridge this morning. eastbound 66 crash blocking shoulder before 110 and delays heavy all the way back past fairfax drive it's a 35 minute delay through the beltway in to bridges, and upper loop crash on ralp into guardrail and fog conditions and wet advisory lifting in ten minutes. it looks nicey out there for you as well. erin we're losing patience here than as well. i can only imagine what the other drivers are feeling. 66 west we traveled 66 west and
6:51 am
dudly road. i know you mentioned that accident on 66 east and man it's -- there's big backups on that side of the roadway. but as far as dense fog we're definitely seeing a big difference that's good add voosry lifts in nine minutes here and we're still not in the clear. there's certain pockets where we're seeing some of that fog now we're dealing with slick roadways and in some parts visibility is quarter mile. you want to keep that in mind and be extra careful. we have stops beltway near the region bridge we've been top routes 7. it's different everywhere we go. drivers use caution today it's one of those days we keep extra light on the foot and we saw a car without headlights on that's dangerous. not a good idea. remember headlights. back to you in the studio.
6:52 am
complain about car safety problems even giving you tools to do so. national highway traffic safety administration wants automakers to put labels on sun advise orr's with instructions how to fail safety complaints. they use consumer complaints to spot safety problems. >> happening today, fairfax county officials will break ground at the site of new 2,000 space parking garage in hermine don and 30.45 million project will be done by spring of 20 19 and designed to help reduce congestion on northern virginia roadways by creating a ride sharing opportunity and making it easier for commuters to use public transportation. >> former nba basketball player shaquille o'neal will be on capitol hill to talk about dangerous driving. now the panel discusses challenges that officers face while combating impaired driving, drunk, distracted and drowsey driving. that is set for 1:0 we'll have
6:53 am
>> today new children's health center oning in anacostia. new facility has 20 cam rooms and provides child healthcare services along with mental health, hearing and speech services and ribbon cutting will be held ot noon celebrating opening of this new health facility. >> how about trying a sport that could save your life. several types of exercise including cycling, swimming erics and racket sports request prolong your life. sports like tennis and squash are most beneficial reducing risk of death by 47%. what's not on that list interestingly enough is running. >> launching a voir campaign that says a dog escaped the capable and got lost in the mexico airport. >> find mica offer a $250
6:54 am
dog she was not told the dog was missing until the flight landed in houston. >> that's a problem. >> low cost airline posted flyers around the airport with information about the cam pain hoping somebody will find her and claim that reward. >> can't be hard in an airport. >> it's really big. >> time now for facebook fan of day. good morning to the dashen and debonaire eric butler senior. has been a loyal has been a loyal "fox5" fan for" a long time. >> first thing he does is turn us on to get on the rights track. >> thanks, ar sarah. >> he thanks the staff here for doing a wonderful job and says "fox5" is the best station in town. to be fan the day post your picture under eric. have a good day, sir. >> dashing and debonaire tucker barpz with the forecast today. >> thank you, steve. >> very welcome. >> look at the warm eric getting road we have problems everywhere because of rain. returning here 57.
6:55 am
and fog is lifting and rain is moving back in and we're going to be deal with on again off again rain showers potentially thunderstorm ak toughty later as well this afternoon and be prepared here we could be in for period of heavy rain during the course of wednesday. all right there's stormtracker radar again we're moving rain south and west it's a warm front now and later today a cold front. but the bottom line clouds and warm temperatures highs near 70s unfortunately severe weather in the south overnight with reports of two dozen plus tornadoes there and fay ta tallties we could have few strong thunderstorms for parts of our region later this afternoon. 70 today and we clear it out. much more like early december tomorrow with daytime highs back in the 50s by friday and saturday and 40s for the weekend. all right. that's weather update. erin is back with roads and rails that are not fun.
6:56 am
rainy wednesday morning and we're taking a go pro shot from dave our photographer's camera inner loop virginia just passed braddock road traffic is slow and windshield wipers are on and brake lights ahead of him. give yourself extra time mixing bowl to 66 and across the leemon bridge. we'll take a look at camera on 295 on the northbound side now. you're jammed beltway toy laboratory road. heavy congestion. slick companies on the roads. southbound 295 looking good here and north of that point 295 southbound jammed up from 50 down past pennsylvania avenue and suitland parkway inbound very heavy as you pass capitol as well. we'll take a look at maps. topside of the beltway is a mess right now. outer loop crash that had previously had all lanes blocked and then again the right shoulder is now moved over to the shoulder all lanes on and old georgetown road. huge delays with accidents on the shoulder within the delays out by wisdom martin and connecticut and delays now sending all the way back to
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> breaking right now at 7:00 a deadly night of severe weather across the nation. mostly south and east powerful storms killing several people
7:00 am
>> same storm system bringing rain and maybe thunderstorms to our area today. and it's already causing for a messy morning commute. team cover ramming on what you need to know. >> and donald trump said toe make more announce presidentials today about who is part of administration and the big spot still available secretary of state. clues we're learn about who could land that role of president-elect to keep jobs in the u.s. and now pledges to step away from his business dealings. >> and 7:00 on wednesday morning good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'mte >> lx no "fox 5 news morning". >> a lot of breaking news to get to this hour let's again with the havoc mother nature is wreaking across the south. >> deadly mament of storms dow down south and three killed overnight in alabama and that number rising this morning and tornadoes reportetly ripped through the region. >> in tennessee fire fighters are still battling massive and deadly wildfires although relief by the way of run comes to that area. >> and same storm system in alabama bringing rain to our


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