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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 1, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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fox fox5 51010. now now at at a terrifying turnf
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::: ::: contractor ::: ctor
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a look ato this proposal and you can see why it's a problem for d.c. board members. metro would close 11679. 30 through 1:00 a.m. and it would run from # 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. on sunday. that would give metro an extra eight hours a week to complete maintenance work.k. a vet ohio from board membersrs could kill the plan. we are not willing to go beyond a year. you can resolution and at the end of this meeting i will inform the board that we plan to exercise our jurisdictional vote ohio.cto it's in the a threat, mr. golden, it is what i -- it's a threat.a it is the position of the district of there's no way we're going to have this preventive maintenancn program up andti running and get reel data back in a real. it's not realistic.
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jurisdiction veto and after safetrack the hours of service will go back to what it had been, that means service on saturday and sunday until 3:00 a.m. now, the full metro board will meet in two weeks and the mayor's office is also pushingsn for late night hours. tony. well, tonight d.c. police are on the lookout for five to six men wanting in connection with a deadly shooting in northeast. the report came in around 7:30 this evening. police say two men were shot on avenue. one of those men was killed. at this point investigators have not determined a motive. you're asked to call police if you know anything about this crime.crim fox5 is in montgomery countytgom where a one was rushed to theedt hospital after a bullet through her apartment from the outside.d it happened around 3:30 thiss afternoon on stuart lane in silver springs. the woman was shot in the leg. police believe the round camed from another apartment. ano they say theth shooting appearss
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suspect.spec for the third time in five months the jury indicted acted prince george's county police officer. juan hernandez is now facing second degree charges of assault in. he hit a suspect with his police cruiser. officerrer her in an was placed on leave following the incident back in june. now the case is in the hands of the state attorney's office. from our review of the evidence we believe that he struck a suspect with his cruiser during a pursuit.suit this stemmed from an incident that happened last year. officer hernandez and another officer were responding to a call for an armed person.n. the officer -- the first offerfr on scene was giving chaise by a foot. officer hernandez arrived and began to pursue in his cruiser much the suspect was arrested and charged with with resisting arrest. he has asked for a jury trial. no date has been announced.
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orleans.orle former nfl joe mack night diedd following a road rage incident. tmz reports the 28 year old got out of his car and was trying to apologize to a man after a traffic accident. the man is accused of pullinging out the gun and shooting mack night. he was drafted after he played for usc. he was currently playing in the canadian football league. we have an update tonight after a disturbing story in princest george'sor county. two young boys stabbed allegedly by their own first responders was so moveded after treating them she is now continuing to help the family. fox5's lauren demarco joins us with more. >>reporter: tony, the boys'ys' father christian kill hard is il jail without bond.itho the children are out of the hospital.. their mother has relocated them someplace save and one paramedii is doing everything she can to
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christmas. i spoke with her about it andt t what it was like when she responded to the call that night. police were running my way and said come on, come objection to the form com i think somebody grabbed me and i was running.nig pamela gram describes a hectic scene. he was the first paramedic to at dennis court after two young brothers two and three were stabbed by their own father. the younger one appeared to be stable. but the younger one was losing a lot of blood. i called children's hospital. i told them what we had and i told them they would be getting two children, multiple stab wounds. basically include knew what iew needed to do and they made it. an enormous relief for the # # year old veteran. several years ago she witnessed a die from a gunshot wound andd
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that was iat was just determined that tht child was not going to have that fate. gram has been honored a number of times by prince george's county fire chief mark bayshoref the m mother and grandmother proudly displays awards on her wall. going above and beyond is her norm. the boys are now home after severalho surgeries.erie she's been following up with their mom say hi jordan. >> and was just thrilled withth this video we asked them to send. that one almost brought me to tears. gram started an onlinene fundraiser for the family, her goal was 250. she got such a big response she's now upped it to $10,000.1, i know the struggle and i know it's going to be just beyond christmas. > but with the holiday approaching this life safer turned guardian angel is now also organizing a way for them
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christmas morning they'll be here at 11. at your house.e. >> in my house here. and santa is coming on the firetruck. > and she's invited all of the first responders who were there h that night to stop by for the fun. i just picked up their bikes today from the so that's going to be fun trying to put thatt together. it will be good.. gifts, santa, she's also reaching out to local sportsl teams for help boys a christmas they deserve.ey if you would like to help out, the fundraising site the grandmm is using is called you caring. we will mostest post a link directly to it. > an update to a story out of t alexandria, virginia. the man wanted for allegedly setting his girlfriend on fire has been found.und. lewis reader has been arrestedrt in richmond thanks to a citizens' type.
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old delores williams in herr month. williams passed away from her injuries last night.t. let's take it outside. it's breezy, a little chilly out there. over all we saw a nice start to december. december already? > tomorrow will be december 26789 we had a great day. how perfect for the lighting ofn the national christmas tree. >> absolutely perfect. thank heavens it wasn't lastst night with the the winds tha gtusty came on thg today the sun was back. and tomorrow, a very nice fencee issue to this workweek, a sunnyy and breezy day. it will probably be a little bit cooler than it was today. at this hour we're watching a few lake affects up through new york and pennsylvania. p clouds over us for the short term. i think they'll break up closer to dawn and we'll be back to sunshine as we get into the morning hours.
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us and it will be fairly closely by tomorrow. that does mean we have to keep a chilly night a the hand, partly cloudy to mostly cloudy for the next few hours and temperatures falling into the 30s and 40s as the breeze continues.e br inee terms of temperatures, definitely a lot cooler than itn was last night at this time, but not bad for december 1. 39 in culpeper and fredericksburg. those are thefr cold spots. 47 here in d.c. 45 in dulles. that's kind of a bargain for this time of year and of course it's a whole lot colder than itn was st we're 24-degrees colder in fredericksburg.fred 13-degrees kohl'ser in the district. but that's the difference thatfr big front made that brought us the showers coming on through. wind have settled down quite a about it.abou we're still picking up place he getting gusts up and over 20 miles an hour. an the gusts will be back with us tomorrow. so expect that to make the temperatures feel a little bit overnight low to mid 30s northh and west to about 40-degrees in the district. again, high pressure rollsolls
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be breezy and sunny locally. feeling a little cooler because the northeast breezes will gust over 20 miles an hour.. > when we come back a safeway grocery store in the districtic has reopened tonight after i was closed for food code violations. what inspectors found that had them alarmed. and the reward to find the twoo men who beat u has ground.ha how you can help police. fox5 has a critical look at the man who can potentially becomeo the next chief of police in theo the news at 10 will be right back.
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all eyes on the nation's capital. in just a month and a half a new president will be sworn in and hundreds of thousands of peoplep from across the country and the world will gather for the presidential the spotlight is also on d.c.'s
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chief cathy lanier resigned two months ago. peter new ham has n been that spot and will continue another a new one has been appointed. >>reporter: a process that has been completely halted as mayor bowser filled other top vacancies. for now peter newsham is at the helm of thpo and last year he was a finalist for the chief's job down in florida and just this summer when was a finalist for the police chief position in phoenix, arizona.rizo both times a finalist other than new sham was given the job. now here at home there arere plenty who ask if peter new sham
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after protestors void to setot down thees city. at this time the assistant chiea of police was peter newsham and the chief of police was charles ramsey. we have protest and' rests today as demonstrators have been takee to the streets of d.c. what's clear that both of them in the order of arrest. there is no goodness. nows knowing he would be the replacement is like giving the devil.
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for the past 27 years, peter newsham has risen through thetho ranks of the metropolitan polici department.. a person who is so hostile to free speech and he arrests 400 people who are piecefully milling about in a park, a public place of refuge and safety. that is a person who is notis qualified to be chief of police for washington, d.c. at 25 year old peter newshamwsha police as a rookie officer.icer and for the past 14 and a half years he has stood in the s shoulder dystociatood owes of to police chiefs passed up for the position of the city's top cop once before. the entitlement that would come with him being the chief, owe, my goodness. owe, my goodness.dnes it's almost -- not almost, it is scary. peter newsham has had a long
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the 90s aofes and 2000s wereere playinged of allegations of alcoholism and domestic violence, a history of love affairs as well as the mass unconstitutional arrest of 400 people at d.c. persian's park and a scathing third-party report uncovering the department's mishandling of sexual assault cases whilele newsham was at the helm of the mpd's investigative services bureau. did peter newsham lie to you. >> in > is peter newsham a liar. >> in my opinion, he is.s. > does peter newsham ruin your daughter's life? l >> he did more than ruin my daughter's life.e. my husband, myself, family members, close friends. it's been ate, nine years andnd
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> veer konica best daughter was raped by multiple men at just 11 1 # years old. >> he lost her youth. her daughter who is still emotionally recovering from the 2008 aggression was charged with filing a false report after her account of events were found to be inconsistent despite severala medical accounts detailing her sexual injuries and the findings of multiple samples of semen on her underwear.derw the case t opened. the men the 11 year old accusedd are still on the run. beth blames newsham of allowing investigators to charge her # 40-year-old daughter over ove locking up the men who raped her. he perpetuated the wrong and i say that because there are still officers on the force who he
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not sent to another desk. i don't know about his past and i don't know how he started out, but somewhere longing a he lostt the ability to be empathetic and it's not i think he would lie just as soon as tell the truth if it benefited him. > 52 year old newsham had a protective order filed anded a granted against him wife in records show a litany of a alleged domestic violence encounters involving new sham i and hisnv former wife, the mothr of two of his children. he turned around, busted mymy teeth, gave me a black eye,, busted my lip.y i still have a scar.r. i still have the scar, yourou honor where he busted my lip and my two teeth almost fell out.
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then wife claimed she was strucw in the mouth.ashe we had a physical confrontation. i picked up a little knife. which no doubt was going to protect me from this six fourou man and i am five one and i told him if he ever touched me again i will kill him.him. cases that nearly cost newsham his job. my dad's career is on the you. >> no, i don't. > you have a serious drinking problem, don't you.on't >> no, i don't. > you had your gun taken away.. >> objection, move to over ruled, you can answer.nswe > haven't you had your gunur taken away from you because youb were found passed out on the sidewalk with your revolver? >> in the early '90s i had my weapon taken, yes. during this family court hearing allegations from both partiesari were made painting a picture
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relationship. and your wife have argued? >> yes. have those arguments, on occasion, lead to a situationita where there was some physical confrontation between the two of you. >> yes. > did you ever initiated or been physical against your wife. >> no, never. > a montgomery county judge ultimately granted new sha his wife joint custody of their children with new sham havingm final >> his actions have cost the city mills upon millions of dollars. people were getting hit on the head with night sticks.tick people were getting choked. people were getting hit.g he ordered the arrests of almost 400 protestors, journalists and by takens during the 2002 world
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> what is the charge? >> the federal district and the appellate court found the arrest. >> was nothing short of ludicrous. > it cost the city more than $10 million to settle a lawsuit filed by those wrongfully arrested. >> they hawg tied them wrists tosts opposite ankle and left them in that painful position for 10, 15 hours on the gymnasium floor. it was an extraordinary act of punishment.pu why? because them were in t dissent and they wanted to shut it down. >> the arets that followed the 2002 demonstration protestingro meetings between the world bank and the international monetary fund also caused taxpayers a reported merely $3 million just to defense newsham and then police chief charles ramsey. not only did newsham order the wrongful mass' arrests but he was virtually allow tollow investigate himself because atei
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responsibility. the ethics branch of the police department. it was ultimately discovered that the log of events thatents would have certified andand documented the chain of commandf and orders made that day completely vanished.ishe the evidence somehow disappeared in the immediate aftermath of the arrests. you have the mass false arrest of 400 persons followed by a subsequent coverup. peter knew ham has never apologized. he's never indicated that what he did was wrong. i believehe knew it was wrong.wa if you take a look at what the court opinions found. the court opinions found that no reasonable police officer couldl have ordered theseic mass arres. newsham's final destination within the department lieslies ultimately with the city's mayor and we'll need green lights frot the city council. please think about what you are about to do. you are about to unleash a monday store in this city thatat will have not have restraints.
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have to hold yourself accountable as well, not justt whatever he does, but you hold yourself accountable. > the interim chief newsham dih not directly respond to ourou request for an on camera interview. instead the public informatione office putpubl out this statemes which reads in its entire quote, more than a decade ago chief newsham was involved divorce and protracted custody s dispute. it was one of the most difficult he had to go through in his the thought of losing his children what heed out heavily. unfounded allegations were launched against him. a he wasga awarded custody. the allegations that were raised were subsequently reviewed andad investigated by internal affairs for misconduct.cond the interim chief, a commander at the time was not charged witd any misconduct.
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he invites anyone to read themtr and draw their own conclusions,c but out of respect for his children and his ex-wife he chooses not to speak publicly oi the matter.atte as to the questions for the 2008 rape investigation and the mass arrest at perishing park, thehe statements reads as well, the incidents you reference occurred many years ago and the media has reported extensively on both on matters over the years. they have long since been ad jetted. we have also mayor bowser repeatedly over the course of past 36 hours and we are still waiting to hear back. fox5 extends an open invitationt to both mayor bowser and interim peter newsham 20 come onto any of our fox5 news programs to respond to the story.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017.
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federal police have now joinedce
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robbed in thioebe district.attrc they've upped the reward for the two men wanted in connectioned with i the crime to $50,000. the attack happened saturday in the 2300 block of second street in northeast.east officers spent sunday searching for clesy in the edgewood neighborhood. surveillance cameras from pentm gold medal gone city mall caught thee ci suspects shopping aftern hour after police say they attacked the letter carrier. a safeway in adams morgan isga back opened tonight.d i was forced code violations. they closed yesterday after inspectors say they found mousee droppings, standing water andd items that weren't cold enough and food on the floor. safeway release a statement tha reads in are the pennsylvaniansl our team worked over hard overnight and throughout the dar to ensure thethro issues were fy addressed and all areas have been cleaned and sanitize add. we apologize for the inconvenience to our customers and our commitment to do our best to make sure this issue doesn't reoccur.
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holiday events in the district. yeah i was into it. today the first family celebrated their final nationali treena lighting with a crowd celebrities. we're going to have the highlights for you coming up
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > this is fox5 local news at 10. we are now back with a look at tonight's top stories. we begin with a deadly shooting that happened tonight in northeast. the report came in around 7:30 this evening. police say two men were shot on the 1800 block of capital avenue. one of them was killed. at this point investigators have
10:35 pm
to six men wanted in connection with this crime. in prince george's county, ae ge grand jury has indicted a police officer after prosecutors say hy struck a suspect with his police cruiser. it happened during a pursuit last summer. the suspect was not hurt. officer juan hernandez wasas indicted on one count of secondf degree assault and one count of misconduct in office.ffic the alexandria man wanted foray lienally setting his girlfriendt on fire has beenting police say lewis reader wasas arrested in richmond, virginia thanks to a citizens' tip. it's believed reader intentionally set 64 door already ease williams on fireili earlier this month. williams passed away from herrom injuries last night. > i'm sue palka with another check p oaflk your weather fore. we're going to run you through your weather headlines. if you like today, i thinkday, you're going to enjoy friday.idy the end of our workweek is going
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day.da it will be a little bit chilliet and that's because we are noticeably colder tonight. we are heading for the 30s.0s the breeze will be back tomorrow. it will lighten up a little bita i as we go through the overnight hours. sunshine will be back in the morning and it wall be on the breezy side tomorrow.ide on a day that will featureture temperatures in the low 50s you need to bundle up for that because it will feel closer toos there mid 40 #-s.-s what about the week almost another and it will stars on a sunny note. there is a very slight chance oe showers late in the day on sunday. but definitely don't think of ti sunday as a washout. we'll have a look at your sevent day forecast coming up in just u few minutes.
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all right.ght. it's a sign the christmas seasos is officially upon us. tonight the first family flipped the switch to light the national christmas tree. president obama as you just saw led the count down forth veryvey last time. our own jim lokay waa there for all the festivities.ft this was a big deal because it was the obama's last one.e. eva long gory was the missing obama. ma lee a was not the recurring theme was one of finality. the 94th christmas tree lighting was the eighth and final one for barack obama. this year was especially worthsc the wait. a star studded lineup on hand at president's park tonight.ight in the cold temperatures obviously at president's park in the front row, the obama familyy and there were other celebrities on hand. kelly clark son.
10:38 pm
year wood sitting on stage. the rapper, a special reading of was the night before christmas involving michigan he obama. james taylor once with his wife and another time with trish year wood. eva rongeursry got the crowd inn a political mood because she got the crowd chanting f years. the president taking a highigh approach to the holiday. a message of december even i and a message of hope t dhatec never goes out of style and it's one that we all need very much today. after eight years as your president i still believe that there is so much more that you nitous than divides us.s. > sue pal what cas right, she
10:39 pm
it was kohl's out there. the skies were clear. we didn't see some precipitation,'ei but there werr some familyies leaving early. politics out of the equation. if you missed the moment theent tree was lit you can see it onn our d.c. facebook page.e. it's also going to air on the hallmark channel on a tightly produced challenge.llen you got to hear everybody. do you have a favorite. >> i got to tell you, kelly clark son was amazing.zing she a only that she had a great sensea of humor.or. as it played out, there were some technology problems along the way. she was very i'm pressive.pres it's just a lot of fun to bebe there. > i agree with you. wit >> the atmosphere.osph > thanks, jim. well, a victory lap across america. president elect donald trump and advise elect mike pence are travelling around the country to swing states to help seal their victory on election night.
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campaign trail promise next at 10.
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?? ?? ?? ??
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?? you love all-day breakfast. but you don't love that you can't get all your favorites. but now you can get more of what you love. so you can find something else to not love. like hearing the sound of your own voice. (softly) like hearing the sound of your own voice. get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. president elect donald trumpld t kicked off his thank you tour in senate he.e. he's also celebrating a deal that he says keeps his promise to keep good jobs in america. fox's john roberts. >>reporter: reporter i want to thank all of: rep the workers s still t seven weeks away fromawy taking office, president elect
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mate made good on a campaigncamp promise today announcing a deal with carrier to keep more than a thousand jobs in indiana. when donald trump was running ru for president he said if he was elected president of united states, america would start wou winning again. well, today america won. and we have donald trump to thank. at nearly every stop on the presidential campaign trump singled out carrier, threatenede massive terrorists if they moved th indiana is the home of carrier air-conditioning which leaving for mexico. we will be charging you a 35 percent tax. carrier carrier will not beot b leaving indiana if i'mi'm president. he'll use a combination everver incentives and threats to keepkp other companies from leaving. companies are not going to leave the united states any more without consequence.with
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the palace intrigue continues over two of the top cabinet positions after declaringlari yesterday there were four finalists for secretary of state sources say that number is fluid bolton says the state departmen is in urgent need of reform. it's not a question simply of a management restructuring.truc it needs a cultural revolution for at love reasons and i think because of the damage that's done to american interest by not having a department which iswhic what we need to be effective advocating american interests. e some officials in the transition office continue to push retired david petraeus for secretary ofo state although there is concern of leaking classifiedclas information would be problematic. he would also have to notify his parole officer any time he
10:46 pm trump could always pardon him. he retired from the military in 2011 he would also need a conscious waiver to serve.o > a three year old girl wondered out of a local daycare alone. what makes it worse is the facte that it was dark outside.ut the little girl ended up at a nearby find out what happened andar how the daycare is responding tonight. the fight over when can you canu ride metro. reduced hos safety so why are some d.c. city leaders are standing in the way and can they come to a compromise. that at 11 1 #. are you looking for a new car? well, you might want to look for some more cash. the average price for a new set of wheels just running under $35,000 and that is up nearly 600 bucks from this time lasta year. you know what else is up, a 30 3 year fixed rate mortgage tickini
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row or just under 4.1 percenter now which is the highest level h of theig year. that's not stopping builders taking out hammers and nails,ai construction boosting. new money spent on new home products and government billingi and the big apple is the big winner at least when it comes to sports. new york city, the best sportsos city in america. that takes into account theun success oft the professionalthe teams, ticket prices and the number of sports bars in theth
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> it is 10:50. time to talk the weather forecast on the first day of december. i was very easy on us. shawn liked it because the humidity was down.
10:51 pm
yes, it i appreciate it. better than yesterday. a little bit breezy, too. again tomorrow:i just take it off the stand and put it rightgt on my head. > what an image it conjures. i love that. do you need the extra glue? glue there and the badly needed rain that we got yesterday is long gone. our next chance of showers may be late in the weekend onon sunday. right now things are looking great as we get ready for the weekend. i know a the lot of you did go down to the national tree lighting. v.a. philly said he was waiting for the tree lighting and you can see there are a lot oflot people down there.ther very few clouds in the sky. it was a great day.da now we are officially in
10:52 pm
meteorological winter when isen the winter solates. it begins december 21 at 56789. 44. so far no signs of snow in the forecast. we think december is going to be a bit more active in terms ofof more storms coming by and we have a pretty good chance of rain for next tuesday. this 63-degrees that was as t little bit after one in theh morning. our high this afternoon wasfter closer to 359-degrees. dulles and bwi in the upper 50s to low that ace an easy start tort december that's for your sh.'s f how are we looking as we go forward through the weekend. friday, 53 degrees and thenn we're a little cooler for saturday and sunday. 53-degrees on not bad. and obviously pretty close to normal. we do see a few places alreadypc into the 30ss tonight. we expect to see widespread 30s tonight. last night was mild but we're going to get a about it of a reality check for tomorrow
10:53 pm
up again but there should be au bit of sunshine. we do have some clouds but ibut expect to break up as we go through the night. our storm system to the northrth provides some breezy as well as an area of high pressure.pres expect the mid 30s to near 40-degrees tonight and againain looking lovely for our friday as high pressure returns to thethe area. clouds on the other side of the mountains. sunshine for us and we'll stay breezy with gusts between 20 and 30 miles p an hour.30 what about the m weekend? i saturday looks to be the sunnier case, more clouds on sunday witi a small chance of showers laters in the day.ay. the clouds linger for monday. at 53 degrees and there's a substantialing soaking possibles from our tuesday storm systemtem that would be coming up from thr south and grabbing gulf of mexico moisture.. wednesday and thursday 50s with a couple of showers, thursday as well. nice to be able to load up on u the rain. woo he really need it.
10:54 pm
their play off stand aing with a win in with will their top receiver be a part of it. broad ski logan has an update on the the status of jordan reed.
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at you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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no matter if you think kirk you cousins is worth a 22 to $25 million a year deal he's been putting up proves he's worth that and maybe more. today he was named player of the month for november. he's going to get paid. and the newly minted nfc player of of the month will have some new cleats this week. thi it is my cause my cleats whereer players will wear cleats for the cause for charity for the international justice
10:58 pm
just about every player will be sporting kicks for the cause. the nfl has a weak 13 opportunity. you can wear whatever cleats you want. they take the rains off a little bit. so the charity i've also part nerd with and tried to supportpo as best as i can is international justice mission.e if you like that game we're able to give the monies raised from the t-shirts to ijm and i always wanted to get bhi players that won't be able to take part is jordan reed 6789 he hasn't participated in practice all week after separating his shoulder in the game against the cowboys. not individual drills, only used his right arm. jay gruden said he he will wait and see how he is beforefore tomorrow for a final determination.
10:59 pm
ambulance opened by zac crow on craigslist. reason he is selling the redskins rescue wagon hison wife wants it out of the drive. the craigslist posting says it only has 43,000 miles on it. the loudspeaker and sirens still work. he worries about selling it now. his wife is pressuring him to get it if he sells it and they're on this super bowl run and if they lose, he doesn't want his fam ambulance. -- > just let him wait until thel season is over and then makeen your decision.isio who doesn't want that in their driveway? that's art.
11:00 pm
most years skins fans are worried about the woman ambulance. we went on 20 seconds too long. fox5 news at 11 1 # starts right now. this is fox5 local news at 11 1 #. right now at 11, the fight over metro's closing times. not everyone is on board with a new safety plan that will effect thousands of metro riders. find out what this could mean for you.. plus, a daycare child neglect charges after a three year old girl wanted away from her preschool. find out how it happened. > and the first responder who helped safe the lives of two young children and is working tn make this a special christmas for both of them. christmas morning they'll be here at 11. > at your house. >> in my house.


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