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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 2, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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high school. he had an inappropriate relationship with a student's alexandra limon is live outside the school in northeast with the latest. >> reporter: this to investigation got started because the suspect's wife allegedly text messaged two students here at archbishop carol high school to ask if they were having sexual relationships with her husband. that's how the investigation got started and led to the arrest. earlier this week of mr. augustine. >> 33-year-old was arrested with miss misdemeanor child sexual abuse of a minor after police say he inappropriately touched and kiss a 17-year-old student where he was an athletic trainer. one of august teen's neighbors tell fox 5 he's a pleasant neighbor who's married and is a father. >> pretty quiet guys, in and out, go oh to work >> court documents revealed next messages of a sexual nature were exchanged between the
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including messages where augustine messaged the girl, quote, i'm going to start kissing you again and again. and too bad sharing your feelings turned me on, at one point. the student messaged him with don't touch my clothes, shoes, nothing, augustine purportedly responded with not before i sex you like it's my last meal >> he met with the students multiple times in archbishop carol high school in dc. they shared intimate hug asset touched her backing but and kissed her neck, cheek and mouth, school issued a statement, archbishop carol high school takes seriously the responsibility of protecting student and the child protection policy mandates criminal background checks. mr. august teen cleared the background check and accompanying requirements. >> also said augustine was removed from his job immediately
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however, police say there's a concern there could be more victims. anyone with informationed to call the dc police department. reporting in northeast, alexandra limon fox 5 local news. also in the district, the washington teachers union is upset with dc mayor muriel bowser and her selection of antwaine wilson as her selection. it voiced its complaint. while the union doesn't necessarily object to wilson, they're upset with the selection process itself. they say under mayor was supposed to consult with the union before making her selection. the union claims that did not happen and leaders say the process was not transparent >> the mayor did not comply with the law in its totality. members of the panel, 17 members, were not aware of the qualifications of any of the candidates. we never met them. we never reviewed their resume. we never interviewed with them.
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nominee antwan wilson was the first time the members of this panel met the candidate. >> mayor bowser is out of town but a spokesperson issued a statement that said, not only was the mayor compliant with the law, she conducted most inclusive search under mayoral control and possible beyond. we received and solicited the committee's full input in compliance with the law and used it to inform the critical selection for our children's fire on capitol hill. a house oversight subcommittee held hearings today and member $ not minced words. the hearing began with questions about the feds investigation into the east falls church derailment last summer and about the possibility inspection reports were falsified. >> once again, the metro track
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inspections. in accordance with written policy and responding to defects in real time. indeed, the ntsb found clear evidence that metro's safety inspectors deliberately falsified reports >> while committee members expressed concern with the metro's board infighting they did express confidence in general manager paul weidefeld. they say they're pleased with the steps he has taken in his first year on the job. big news about the washington monument. you see it there in the screen next to we've learned the monument will remain closed to visitors until 2019. can you believe that? the reason is the ongoing problems with the monument's he will investigate system. lauren demarco is live at the national mall. when we heard this today, we were like what? 2019? >> reporter: i know. disturbing, it's sad news for tourists, disappointing news for those of us who live in the area. but that is the case repair that
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will monument had to be closed in the year leading up to august 17th of this year. and that was when it closed because of problems with the he will elevator. we learned today that until 2019 we will not be able to go up into the washington monument because the funding has been secured for work that needs to be done. that's the estimate. i have with me here spokesman with national park service. mike glitters, it is so outside. the temperature dropped. so you're holding your hat. let me ask you, 2019 sounds like really long time away for work on an elevator. we're all going what? >> we share everyone's frustration, and over the closure. but it's not simply a matter of going in and doing a couple quick mechanical fixes. we're going to design, construct
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operating system, a computer brain, if you will that operates the elevator. also, we're hope is at the same time that we can build the long pending permanent screening facility where people will queue up, get their bags checked, and before they go into the monument. so those two projects we can do them at the same time, two years is a long time, but that's considerably shorter than if we had to do them back-to-back. >> we got a little bit of video because we remember earthqu monument was closed for two and a half years for repairs after that. but what's going on right now with the elevators you have found is not related to damage from the earthquake >> that's correct. some of our initial conjecture was maybe these problems was some lingering earthquake damage. but we had, as we started this process to resign the computer system, we had a third party
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government inspection and found no evidence that the earthquake was responsible. it's just 20-year-old computer system. think of how far computers have come in 20 years? we got to get the elevator system upgraded >> learning today that the project, 2 to $3 million will be funded by philanthropist david ruben stein >> he's the bruce wayne in some ways of history and culture, his generousty for our projects. any time we have a project we need help with he's there with assistance. and be we cannot not express our appreciation enough to him. >> reporter: we'll have more coming up on the late news as well. that's the latest in the washington monument. back to you. developing story out of south carolina, attorneys representing former police officer michael slager have asked for a mistrial. this comes after the judge read a letter to the court from one
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not in good conscious proven a guilty verdict in the case. slager you may recall is charged with murder in the shooting death of walter scott last year. scott was shot five times in the back after he ran from slager during a traffic stop. donald trump names another member of his cabinet. we'll have more on who he called james mad dog mattis coming up and some of the other rumored names on the list. one month away from donald trump being sworn into office. coming up more on wht national park service is planned to keep protesters from interrupting the day's event. gwen >> we got cold air heading our way and some cold nights this weekend. it will be chilly. and some gusty winds to deal with. i'll let you know what the rest of the seven-day forecast looks like in just a bit. stay with us, back after the break. k.
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happy holidays to my friends and family in montgomeriville maryland. happy holidays and i'll see you
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president-elect donald trump is back to work building his cabinet. he surprised his own inner circle by dropping the name of his latest cabinet pick during lauren blanchard reports. >> reporter: detroit making a surprise announcement during his thank you tour yesterday telling thousands of his is supporters he has picked james mattis as his nominee for secretary of defense >> we are going to appoint mad dog mattis. >> reporter: he'll need a congressional whatever to serve since he's only been retired from active military duty three
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due large bipartisan report mattis is already getting most don't foresee it being an issue. however, there are critics taking issue with the general's well-known intense demeanor. >> in the statements he made is a colorful military general in the tradition of many of our successful battlefield commanders. >> reporter: another headline to come from yesterday's victory tour, a comment made by the president-elect during his stop at a indianapolis where he warned companies looking to move jobs offshore >> companies are my going to leave the united states anymore without consequences. >> reporter: those own both sides of the aisle were quick to weigh in on mr. trump's threat. questioning what impact it could have on how the u.s. does business. >> one of the big questions, as you raised is what is it it mean? what are the consequences that he's contemplating? are we talking about tax
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>> reporter: the president-elect is back in new york continuing to shape his cabinet. he is officially filled eight cabinet level positions, leaving him and his team with eight more to go. in washington, lauren blanchard, fox news. meanwhile, there's new information tonight about trump inauguration and the group's planning oncoming to washington to protest. >> fox 5 learned the national park service set aside the mall, elipse, lincoln memorial and several other prime locations for the exclusive use of the presidential inauguration first right of refusal, which means all of the groups hoping to protest are on hold. paul wagner joins us with the story. paul? >> reporter: we been looking into this all day today. looking at documents. talking with people, including the national park service. we learned that the presidential inaugural committee has that right of first refusal, and they have selected all of the prime locations here in the washington area for any kind of demonstrations and the national
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have as many as 15 first amendment applications that are now on hold as they wait to see what the inaugural committee wants to do. >> take a look at photos of these documents obtained by fox 5. they're permits posted by the national park service, showing the presidential inaugural committee has the right first refusal to the mall, the elipse, the lincoln memorial, independence avenue, constitution avenue as well as other locations. and take a look at this. showing the presidential inaugural committee has the right to pennsylvania avenue. lafayette park and the mall. well before and after the inauguration. amara is with the partnership for civil justice, a group that looks out for first amendment rights >> we're faced with an extraordinary situation where you have the presidential inaugural committee, the trump presidential inaugural committee being allowed to make the
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will be allowed to demonstrate in washington, dc against the incoming trump administration and the trump agenda >> with just 49 days to go before the inauguration, there's vast uncertainty as to where these groups who have already applied for permits will be able to demonstrate >> everyone is being put on hold. they're being put off, which completely obstructs the ability of groups to organize. being able to organize, plan what you're doing, a for people to make plans is completely disruptive 10 in and of itself is violating people's free speech rights. >> reporter: groups that have applied for permits to demonstrate are waiting to see what the presidential inaugural committee will do. >> that is correct. again, because their first in the queue, we have to find out specifically what they want to do. like many organizers, they're not sure where specifically their event is going to take
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president wants to do for their inaugural activities. so they reserve a wide number of areas, places that some of them are not likely to use, once they figure out what they're going to do and not going to do, they will, if you will, withdraw their applications for some sites making them available to other applicants. >> reporter: less than two months ago they have yet to make a choice. >> here's one other little known fact, there is no date certain that the inaugural committee has to let the national park service national park service know what they're going to do so everyone is sitting ringing their hands waiting and wondering what is got happen. we tried to reach the inaugural committee today without success. on the national mall, paul wagner fox 5 local news coming up, finally relief for residents in tennessee. they're starting to pick up the pieces after crews finally extinguished massive wildfires across the state. what will the weather be
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gwen will have your forecast. yes, we're working for the weekend. gwen will have your weekend
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good news to report to report. the situation is improving in and around gatlinberg tennessee. they put out the wildfires that caused major destruction. julie bender res has more clean-up efforts are getting started. >> reporter: the fires are out but the damage has been done. 16,000 acres in and around gatlinberg tennessee scorched by a series of wildfires that prompt more than 14,000 evacuations. the town of gatlinberg is still closed but residents and business owners are now being allowed back to assess the damage. >> i was able to get a signal and call our pastor and say you have to pray for us.
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out. >> reporter: authorities are following up on dozens of missing persons, most have been accounted for but some people are still searching hospitals and shelters >> she called me about 8:15 and said that there were flames across the street from our house and she didn't know what to do. i told her to call 911 and that was last time i talked to her. >> reporter: inside great smoky mountains national park, 15 square miles burn leaving parts of a national park a scorched landscape. and officials warn with the area, experiencing extreme drought conditions, the wildfires could easily be rekindled. >> when you have such strong winds and dry conditions, there is not a fire line wide enough that can possibly stop it. >> reporter: federal officials say the fires were likely
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started intentionally or put by accident. in new york, julie bander res fox news. it is finally friday. 6:21, how about the weekend forecast >> it's going to be chilly. going to bundle up, folks. find way to warm up. stay inside and watch us, that's what you do, get hat drinks, hot toddies, something hot. it's gng starting tonight. you know what? we're going to go see partly cloudy skies, we have a few clouds around now, they will be partly cloudy before the night is over. cold for tonight. and saturday, plenty of sunshine but don't be fooled by the sunshine, we got gusting winds. it is going to feel a lot colder than it is. sunday we're going to see a lot more clouds, but by the later part of the day, i can't rule out showers. today's highs pretty much exactly where we should be, just
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seasonal average for reagan. otherwise, they were actually just right on the money. low 50's and not the 60's where we have been. we've been totally spoiled. we're not getting spoiled anymore. it's what i call the reality check. 46 degrees at dc. 41 at gaithersburg, we got the double 4s at baltimore, 43 at frederick. a chilly 37 at winchester, and 43 degrees at manassas. now, ridge of high pressure building in. that will hold us tonight. we'll be into the 20's a and the 20's being to our far west but it will be pretty coulter there. if you are heading out anywhere, make sure dress accordingly. as far as the winds go, breezy today, but gusty winds for tomorrow. sustained winds anywhere from seven to 16 miles an hour wind, coming in from the northwest. gusting up to 22 miles per hour. if you step outside, you're going to feel feel it, that bone chilling kind of weather that we
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year. so as we move through into what we're expecting, low pressure system heading out. once this ridge gets over us, once we get into about saturday night, we will have improvement. in the meantime, 20 to 30 miles an hour wind gusts are anticipated and as i said they're coming in from the northwest. so we will have windchills. for tonight, temperatures into the 30's to our far west, we will see 20's, so don't be surprised. over the higher elevations, i can't rule out m shower or two. especially once we get into sunday, because we are anticipating seeing rain showers, as we have this trough, that will bring us a chance of a chance for shower. tomorrow 46 and plenty of sunshine, it will be windy, 37 for tonight, scattered clouds, tomorrow high talking a cool 51 degrees. here's a look at that accu-weather seven-day forecast. tuesday, we're talking rain showers, and wednesday, double
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really cold blast of air head outstanding way as we get into the overnight lows, it will get colder and later in the week, chance of showers also. we'll be right back after the
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. the classic sit come full house, jeff franklin purchased the san francisco home that he
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ago for the tanner family to live in. they film the outside of the house. this house went on the market back in may for just over $4 million. the interior was recently redesigned for a more sophisticated look but frankford said he plans to re-do the interiors. he eventually wants to open the home up to fans. that is pretty cool. speaking of cool. cold tonight, cold tomorrow >> that's the news at 6.
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donald trump filling his cabinet up. the president-elect donald trump announced retired general james mad dog mattis will be his secretary of defense >> as you can see from the ruow screen, this is one of our top talkers as 6:30, we invite you to join the conversation's we want to know what you think, tweet us use the #5at630. general mattis had a career in the marine corp nearly 40 years. served as commander of the united states joint forces command and head of central command. could there be an issue preventing him from becoming secretary of defense?


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