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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 5, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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spot after losing in arizona. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ?? 5 news morning. morning >> good morning to to yo. thank you for joining us.k yo i'u m maureen umeh.m ureen umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martinndma is monday december the crew is in place. place erin como talking traffic, trafc gary mcgrady talking weatherrady coming up in just a moment. juso >> right now at 4:30 a north carolina man arrested in in northwest d.c. after bringingngn an assault rifle into a popular zz >> now, the news here is thatrea no one was hurt but some veryery scary moments unfolded at comic ping-pong.po it made headlines for being at g the center of a fake news n article. >> melanie alnwick is liveanieln with the disturbing details. des mel. >> reporter: good morning, guys.orte yes, comet ping-pong is angs friandly friendly pizza restaurant loved by unfortunately it has been thease
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online conspiracies and fakend news and that appears to be what drew the shooter here. now, police swarmedolice sw connecticut and nebraska nebrask avenues in upper northwest norwe sunday afternoon around 3:00rou: p.m. a man walked in and put aut gun to an employee's heade's somehow though everyone wasthous able to get out safely. sel the suspect identified as 28-year-old edgar madisonear-ol welsh of salisbury north n carolina did fire the gun inside. inside. forty five minutes later he was taken into custody.five m his arrest here captured on cell phone video by fox5 p executive producer jeff gigac.ho here's how witnesses describedeb it. it >> we saw a bunch of peoplefeope clustered around comet and allat running this way like down connecticut. and then someone told us that the shots at comet said s someone had come in with a guna and told everyone to evacuate. t >> he was immediately pickedelyi up by the police and taken away. aw >> reporter: now, police did recover two weapons fromeapo fro inside the restaurant and one
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after his arrest he toldt police he came to investigate what is known online as pizza gate, fake stories claimingto that hillary clinton and herli d campaign were involved in child trafficking and satanicic rituals.tual d.c. police say all the stories false. they are continuing to monitor the area but we canonti also tet that you comet pizza is going ig to be closed the neighborhood though isighbor rallying around the store and asking the community to come com to the restaurantmu on friday to back to you guys.o u gu >> 4:32 is the time right now. n we're also following news out nu of spotsylvania county in couy virginia. is in jail accused off robbing and beating a gas station clerk to death.erk eath david washington facing firstn c degree murder robbery and a grand larceny charges.eny chs. investigators say washingtons walked into a gas station on jefferson davis highway earlyda saturday they srday he began talking to the clerk and washingtond
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the clerk died at the scene. the motive for the attack remak indismotive unknown. uno also following aalsong developing story out of princerc william county. fleece are looking for a man fon who assault add woman inside a massage par there are noag woodbridge.e this is a look at the suspect theuspe around 10:00 sunday morningorni the suspect entered the y massage on dynasty loop lockedyp the door and attacked a l woman inside. in in you if you recognize the if man in these pyoicu tures you'ru asked to call police.ked to c >> to the latest on the green gn party's effort to demand a recount of the presidentialdenta election in three states. we'll get to weather in jst moment. michigan recount is scheduleds d to start at noon.n. a federal judge decided to give the state more time toore o complete the hand count of cou ballots ahead of the december 13th deadline. president-elect trump defeated a democrat hillary clinton by 10,704 votes in michigan. michi jill stein is heading the recount effort while donald trump has sued election officials to stop it. hcito s stein says this isn't about trump.p. >> this is not about donald trump.s it's not about hillaryis nd ry it's not about my campaign. cpa
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voters who deserve to have ae a voting system we can >> stein's successfullyuccess petition for a recontinues in wisconsin which is under waywhid and in pennsylvania she redrewhd her state lawsuit is thatstate s taking it to the federal leveltt instead. >> a $1,000 reward offered for f information which could helpwhi officials figure out thefigu out source of an oil plum alongal the potomac river.c iver the oily substance was first was spotted last weekend nearkend nr point of rocks in maryland.ks iy the epa believers it may be hydr officials are taking steps to ss make sure the plume doesn't affect the water suppl >> if you want to visit the washington monument you'll'll have to wait quite awhile.ile. it will be stay closed for two years because of the problemsus with theof elevator system.yste the two to million dollars needed for the fixes has been b secured thanks to ao philanthropist.phil the monumenant isn't expected to reopen until 2019. >> what can you say about theutt redskins.ds a must win road game then fell e
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week. redskins defense struggled allgl day long on the opening drive d cardinal david johnson punted pd the ball into the end zone forfo the score. 10 to six arizona at the first .alf. third quarter, washington finally wakes up kirk cousinswae scored ons the quarterbackuartr sneak then a pass to jamisonto n crowder they scored 14 in there third quarter then they wentr t back to sleep. sle in the fourth quarter you sawar it right there palm worry findof nelson for a touchdown. touchdo skins got the ball with time left. kirk cousins hit the wrong mannm threw the ball to patrick peterson.on. cad analysis win 31 to 23. >> wisdom explained to me theaie whole seahawks and carolinaa panthers thing. t gary i'll move on and say a whoa, what a wet start to this s monday morning.nd m >> yeah, but it's all out of of here and the forecast forec satellite and radar togetherger shows you that basically allally this is moving on now and soo we're not dry but we will be drying output it that way overao
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beginning of this commute iss going to -- at least the roads e are still wet so watch out for that; e-is tracking that. t i think it dries up over thees next couple hours because allcaa the precip is basically moving n off to the east towards thewas shore. sh temperature right now buffer bur freezing for everybody. everybo we're lower 40's here in town.r0 gaithersburg is 39. temps later today, we'll go 34r' mid-50's s it will be a little l bit breezy but not too bad andad we're going to end up with a uph little bit of sunshine. oe. erere you go. erin it's a little wet but atut least we're hopefully some of this will w dry up over the next couple coul hours.ho >> if you're outbound earlyund this monday morning at 4:36 4:3 you can see some wet conditionon also. this is a live look 66 by thek y vienna metro station.enna we're seeing a little bit m of light volume folks reducing redc their speeds because of thoseede wet roads. we move it over to maryland mar things on 270 looking the same s this morning. m this is out by shady grove gro road. more increased volume here and you can see a little bit wetter -- more wet conditions ci i should say coming down fromaym urbana but the good news is wes still don't have enough volumenv
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as we look at our maps we'llapll show you all the green you caneu seal despite the fact it'sespitc monday and we're out and abouttt early entire stretch of theretc beltway looking good. we'll look at metro with yourh next look at traffic. tff back to you wisdom and urureen. >> 4:37 is the time.>> coming up on fox5 4 news morninr controversy and debate brewingre over the decision to name ohioio state the college football's fo' final four. >> and the obamas attend and enjoy their last ken deept center honors ceremony as theres first couple.cou >> as we head to break here'ser a live look outside across theos d.c. region.egion. the temperature is 41 degrees.
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y26i0y y17vy >> ?? 4:39. 4now is
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this morning. sto >> holly morris joins us way thrijoin closer look. l >> good morning, everybody outrn therg,e on this monday.on donald trump is defending hisis phone call with the president of taiwan.. trump insists that taiwanese taa president initiated friday'sri call and was set up in part by the d.c. based heritage foundation to congratulate him on winning the election.lectn. now the calls triggered political outrage.tica the u.s. has not recognizednized taiwan since 1979 when itwh shifted relations to chinahi over the country's cnt independence. china has since filed a complaints warning the u.s. to r proceed with caution. some democrats say the calprocli a threat to national security. next up in search of a of job? well, the phone book is bs here to help.p. it contains 9,000 jobs000 j available to those who want to t work donald trump's administration. it lists every position thatio will be vacated bite obama by oa the obama administration t theit book is available atailable at 10 o'clock this morning at the government publishing office bookstore.
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final kennedy center honors. among the honorees al pacino james tailors eagles mavis m staples and martha.a. finally are you ready for some football? college football that is. alabama, washington, the ohio ti state and clemson all heading ha to the playoffs. alabama will play washingtongt in the peach bowl.each b then ohio state will take on clemson in the fiesta bowl.bowl however, the decision doesn't buckeyes are the first f nonconference champion to make m the playoffs in the three years of the currents system. college championship has been set fchorampi january 9th just because penn stateentae beat ohio staton theaton conference championship i don't know, they might have anec argument.ment. >> every time, f-they had 10ad 0 people in this whole messed upe system people would bestbe complaining. it's a mess all the way the around. around >> i think if they added more m teams it would be a little better. >> then number 11 and 12 would
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16 and 17. 1 >> no leagues anyone. a >> yeah. >> thanks holly. coming up on fox5 t news fow morning an armed gunman entersnt a northwest pizza parlor at plo the center avenue viral conspiracy theory.cent >> 100 years key part of thehe cleveland park communities in northwest d.c. passes thehe century mark.ury mark. >> as we head to break let's brs take a live look across thes t d.c. region.c.egio it is 4:42 and 41 degrees arc little wet out there as you'rero heading out. be careful more fox5 news morning afterngfr
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> today on fox5 news morning,ng comet ping-pong gunman.unma we're learning more about an aut armed man who went into aent northwest d.c. pizza parlor. pl. >> live look outside.losi it's a little bit wet out o that happened overnight.veig further west some of you may be dealing with freezing rain we so it's even worse. wor that's all i got say about >> okay. >> i was waiting. >> pause. pauseramatic >> i was letting that sink in like the rain. rai >> i see what you did there. hey everybody thanks for tha inining us. i'ureen een umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin i wisd today. is monday december 5th. erin como has got traffic and a gary mcgrady is here to talkrade about the rain. t like the dramatic
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impressed?imessed? >> anything too -- anything to n alert the media, right.ig >> manufactures mcgrady.acture g >> here's what's happeninge's right now.. storm tracktory -- i like i l dramatic pauses.dramatau they're good for effect raint has moved on. don't worry about any fre ing fren rain or anything like that. no concerns. it was a little bit of a of a mixture in place out there as this went through during theou overnight but again no big and way up to the north withth w some pockets of snow throughw tu parts of pennsylvania, pennsylv, southern pennsylni too but again no big deal. temperatures are all above a freezing all right. right well up into the 30's the coldest temperatures outpera there. here's where we areere's today. by 8:00 a.m. decreasinging clouds.clou 43 degrees. it will be chilly. 52 degrees at lunchtime today.od cool conditions all day long.g. not cold just cool. c temps make it up into theke i middle 50's.t a little bit of a breeze outreeu of the northwest. nwest 10 to 15 miles per hour.ou more rain coming tonight. tight maybe a little bit more stuff as well. we'll talk about abot.
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>> 4:46 right now.:46 right now keeping updated on your commute. if you want to except roads and wet conditions and take metro they are gearing up forear service at 5 o'clock.lock continuing to track safe track surge 11 in place through theugh 21st.. continuous single trackinguous between west falls and eastn fallwes chsturch on f the oranga line and silver line. crowded trains just plann ahead. it is monday morning andorning traffic right now is thatha light despite the fact we'ret w seeing wet conditions from theot earlier rain that movedt m through from annapolis 50apol 5 inbound looking really problem free through anne tough arrundel. rundel. no issues in bowie this morning.rn crofton quiet as well.oft same story coming inbound from virginia on 66 gainsville youvi can see nice and quiet on 29n and 50 as well on the virginiair side reston and tysons lookingki good. take a live look around therounh area n that's your traffic.that back to you wisdom andsdom a maureen.een. >> thank you erin.n. 4:47. developing this morning alo north carolina manping arrestedn northwest d.c. after he brought a arrive tell into aell se saoao shop.
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unfolded at comet ping-pongomet- the pizza shop recently madead national headlines for being f b at the center of a fake news fan article. fox5's melanie alnwick joins als us now live with the details. di >> reporter: yeah, unfortunately wisdom andm and maureen it appears that those fake news articles and thosese conspiracy theories are whats ae perhaps drew the shooter here. that's so much as what he told t d.c. police.ol police swarmed connecticut and nebraska avenuesor it was aboutr su 3:00 p.m. whenn man walked in and put a gun toan an employee's head somehowd somw everyone managed to get outt safely. the suspect identified as 28-year-old edgar madisonear- olwelsh of north carolina didorn fire the gun insides.nses about 45 minutes later he wasesr taken into custody.ta you can see his arrest hereken capturared oren cell phone vided by fox5 executive prizer jeff police recovered two weapons
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he came to investigate pizza gate fake stories that hillarysh clinton and her campaign were involved in child trafficly. restaurant's owners say fakes sf news can do real harm. real h >> we should all condemn theou l efforts of some people to to spread malicious and utterlyndty false accusations about comet ping-pong a venerated and beloved d.c. institution. let me say unequivocally these t stories are completely and what happened todayd t demonstrates that promoting proo false and reckless conspiracy cc theories do come with consequences and i hope thate t those that are involved withnvve fanning these flames will takee a moment to contemplate whatmplw happened here today and toy t stop right away. a >> reporter: and now again d.c. police also say that allt of those rumors, those conspiracy theories are falses s and unfounded. the shop is going to be closedlo
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community are rallying aroundund the shop and certainly itsnl employees as well and they'rehe asking everyone to come com sometime during friday and patronize the restaurant alsoan asking them to tip those tho employees well. live in northwest, i'm melanieia alnwick, for local news.ic >> melanie thank you verk,you vy much. 4:50 is the time right now. happening today an ohio man50 ii will learn his fate in a i foiled terror plot he plannedr h to carry out on the u.s.e capitol. capitol. christopher lee cornell to corno could face 30 years in prison.i he was arrested plotting to carry out an attack at 2015 state of theta of union address. >> firehouse engine 28 in i cleveland park is celebrating its 100th anniversary.nnivers the station opened its doorsts d in 1916. 191 the firehouse underwent a $4.7 million renovation and today the facade still looksti similar to the original origi something that is very is important to the community.ommui >> it was in poor shape a fews p years ago and it had to be
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bottom.bott it was very, very important to keep the facade looking the same way and one of the challenges is the fire enginesii are a little larger andy than t they were back 100 years ago.go >> this firehouse is also one ia of the first in d.c. to get motorized vehicles back when w this firehouse opened. ope horse drawn carriages were used to respond to can you imagine that.imagin t >> in other words, that was ahe long time ago.woo. >> yes. time changed. >> coming up, we're countinedget region's newest casino opens its doors. >> and president obama hasn't said what he plans to d o irenside his life after the white houseae but we do know one thingr he h will not be doing. dng >> as we head to break right hea now live look outside across the ld.c. region.oon. the time is 4:51. 4:5 the temperature 41 degrees. fox5 news morning back after a this. this.
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>> 4:53 is the time.>>im few days weigh from the grand wh fopening oft new mgm grand hotel and casino at nationalatna harbor.or. it's happening thursday at 11:00 p.m.ning maryland gaming officials didicia d that a controlled demonstration to make sure things are running smoothly.tras we're told things went verynt vr well. as for traveling to the casinovt the beltway is expected to be b congested around the exit for the first few weeks. wee also this morning thealso t white house is washing rumorsngr presidential plans.ti last weekal a story on mike.comm suggested the president has anna incidents opening his ownde media company once hent ls everv the oval office.ff the white house director ofit communications later tweetedhoat the president is interested inee changing the ways that people po consume information but has noot plans to get into the mediaed sssiness. >> disney's latest animatedlatea feature taking the top spot inp the box office moana taking in 28 and a half million dollarshaf in its seconds weekends of weeks
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take to almost one 20'ss million dollars.. we now know which bowl whicl games some local teams will be playing on december 23rd.ember d navy will play louisiana tech t in the armed forces bowl inl fort worth texas december 26th, maryland and boston college and a bowl atl at ford field in detroit.n detr the military bowl in annapolis with pit-temple against wake for rhett. december 29th it's virginiait's tech and arkansas and in char the pool running media bowl. bow gary what's going on in the on weather department.r partm >> wow. [laughter] >> i was trying -- tg -- >> in other words, there arehero too many bowl games.rd >> i feel your pain this morning actually i-do, i dotoo e fromtuly i all the way down her. 40 degrees in culpeper. cpe 39 for manassas. manas 41 for fredericksburg andg a 40 degrees for those are your current temps you out there right now some upper 30's out to the west orifgh us.u if you look at the satellite sai and the radar together here, her
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great rain, too. too wasn't too terribly heavy. h a lot of it soaking in coming i in during the overnightvernig getting out of here in timeof hn for the morning commute but listen in its wake it's stillsti wet so hopefully we can dryry the roads pretty substantiallysl over the next couple of hours. h that will help thin. i mean, exponentially.xponential there's a little bit of precipfe still coming through the northwest i'll keep an eye onlln that, too, and see if that tha expands a little bit but doesa b look like we're heading for a drying trend. this afternoon it's sunny. te into the middle 50' that's a look at your look at y forecast. how about a look at your traf fic.abou erin como it's monday morning,og she's here. h >> monday morning 4:57 we have h a crash reported inside the beltway. george washington parkway on the ramp from the beltway to gw parkway underneath theatthe crash scene.e. few extra minutes neededextr there. once you get off the the ramp gw parkway inbound inbound flowing freely towards the the roosevelt bridge. 66, two thirty four to nutley
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looking very nice dheespi beltee wet roads.te wet we're not seeing any majorany ma slowdowns. we'll have more traffic ine af just a few moments. back to you.back >> coming up on fox5 news morning reward is being tiredngd anyone who can identify the idet source of an oil sheenil she floating on the potomac river. >> dakota pipeline protestota appears to be working.orki we'll explain why in just a little bit. >> before we head to break though loret's take ewe a quickk outside at today's stockoday futures. there they are. more fox5 news morning afterornr the break.e eak. >> ?? ?? my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive.
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we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays.
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>> ?? news >> today on fox5 news morning,n, comet we're learning more about an armed man who went to a w northwest d.c. pizza parlorzaar looking to investigate a viral conspiracy theory. >> looking live outside rightcos now a little wet outide there.e rain overnight and for theor west some of you might beht dealing with freezing rain. r oh, no. it's a dreaded four letterour lt winter word. >> uh-oh. >> uh-oh. icy? snow? there's so many'so possibilities none of which wefe want by the way but we saye good morning.


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