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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 5, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now in d.c., crews on the scene of a house fire in fo northwest.rt it was so intense that it tha spread to a neighboring home. what we have just learned fromeo the scene is straight ahead. ahd >> plus an armed man takes aimam at a d.c. restaurant targeted by a fake news conspiracy.iracy. we're live outside comet pizza p for the very latest.y st >> first though a live looke lo outside. it is monday morning.or yeah arc little rainy out there. it i 95 southbound tractor-trailer crash and fuel spill closing c all lanes heading into stafford. of course we'll be on this one. erin will be along shortly.e wes weather and traffic cl oming bep on the 5's at 6:05.5. good monday. mda i'm allison seymour.eymour >> and i'm wisdom martin in'm w for steve chenevey.isfo wer lcome tostev fox5 news morni >> first off at 6:00 we have hav that breaking news out of northwest d.c. fire and ems on the scene e of a two alarm row house fireour in that northwest.thst giving you a live look right
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five:00 in the 4300 block of iowa avenue in the petworth t pt neighborhood. d.c. fire tweeted out that theht row house is fully engulfed and the blaze has spread to a a nearby home. home. no word on the cause or if anyone was home at the time. >> a north carolina man arrested in northwest d.c. nort after bringing anort loadehd rwr into a popular pizza shop. >> no one was hurt but scary scy moments indeed unfolding at spot a restaurant that madeade national headlines for beingei at the center of a fake news fak article. >> melanie alnwick is live in northwest d.c. this morning aln with the disturbingd.c. t detais mel. >> reporter: wisdom andmnd allison s-you know, comet c ping-pong is very family friendly. sometimes known as a hipster hir pizza place really a neighborhood joint here andoiern unfortunately it has beeny it he since november the subject ofubo some online rumor andumor conspiracy theories and thatheo appears to be what drew thet dre ooteter here.
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fake news can cause real harm. a >> we should all condemn themn t efforts of some people to to spread malicious and utterlynd r false accusations about comet ping-pong, a venerated and beloved d.c. institution. let me state unequivocallynequil these stories are completelyomel and entirely false. fal what happened todayd tod demonstrates that promoting proi false and reckless conspiracyspy theories do come withh consequences and i hope that t those that are involvedwi a moment to contemplate whatte t happened here today and to a t stop right away.wa >> reporter: association itia was about 3 o'clock sunday afternoon when police swarmedswd the intersection ofteecti connecticut and nebraska neb avenues. a man had just walked intont comet ping-pong and put a gunndg to an employee's head.ea somehow everyone was able to get out serafelyoy. the suspect identified as 28-year-old edgar maddisondin welch of salisbury did fireid fe
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his arrest captured on celln c phone video by our executive police recovered two weaponswo a inside the restaurant and one ao in welch's after his arrest he tolde t police he came to thee he restaurant to investigate what is known online as pizza gate,at these fake stories claimingke ss that hillary clinton and c her campaign were involved inved child trafficking and satanic st rituals in the basementt d.c. police say unequivocallyoc all of these stories are false extra surveillance to not only comet ping-pong but alsoso restaurants in the area. the shop today is closed and ics will remain closed today but b we can tell thought neighborhood is rallying around the employees and the owners here asking everyone toro come out and patronize thenize e rest opportunities support good things here. live in northwest, i'm melanieod alnwick, fox5 local news. >> very bizarre story. sry
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fate in a foiled terror plotrr p he planned to carry out on theoa u.s. capitol.apol christopher lee cornell couldllu face 30 years in prison. he was arrested you'lld yoll remember last year for wanting n to carry out a deadly attack atc at the 2015 state of the unionon address and kill u.s.l u officials and workers. >> 6:04 is the time.he time. suspected dangerous criminaleroa in spotsylvania county isnt behind bars.hind b police arrested and charged david washington for robbing rob and beating to death a gas g station clerk early saturdayy s morning. investigators say washingtons jefferson davis highway beganvia talking with the 54-year-oldyeao clerk and then moments later lar attacked him way piece of pieceo wood. >> developing story out ofopin prince william county.ce wil police are looking for thisli man who they say assault addaula woman inside of a massage m parlor in woodbridge aroundbr ao 10 o'clock sunday mg the suspect entered zy massage s on dynasty loop locked thety door and proceeded to attack taa the woman inside. i if you recognize this man, man pretty good surveillance good sv photos right there, if you recognize him in the picturesre
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>> we have an update now on that horrifying scene in oakland the death toll from ae warehodeatuse fire is now at 33 and that includes somedes teenagers as well.enags as now, as many as 100 people win side the building when it it caught for -- inside theehe building when it caught firee during a dance party. par firefighters continues to digrsc through what's left of theonefte warehouse using buckets and shovels as they look fory lo for people believed to be missing.. >> i just want to find myd brother. i don't know where he h i it's a death trap. trap. it is a house of horrors.orro it is a house of horrors now. nw it was then. >> officials have so far onlylsh been able e to identify seven victims: the building was being used to house artiststs studios and also serve as an illegal home for a dozen or so opople. now city planning officials opened an inquiry last month m after complaints about thempla warehouse from that oakland's mayor says the cityhet is doing everything it can in order to fully investigate
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happened. >> 14 deaths blamed on the wildfires in the gatlinburgat hsareas .in t the latest victim an 81-year-old woman who sufferedw a heart attack while drivingring away from the fire causing a multi car crash.. also this weekends officials cents a mass text message tossag telling people to evacuate was never cents due to thatr ce disabled phone and internet access.nt phone coacuntry music legends dolly dl parton is planning a telethonelt on december 13th in >> mike little weather. weath allison how was the rain for rai you. >> it was t-, i was surprisedurd by it because i didn't see thei late night news last night and you know that's how i get all my information. inf >> oforma course. cours >> so i was a little taken aback. >> did you hear any -- >> i heard y rain. >> no, just rain. >> uh-huh. >> we had ice up in columbia. >> really? >> i was going say pittsburgh. i don't know why i almost said i [laughter] >> i don't know why you said that, either. knothat, ei
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>> my mind is still on theind football game. satellite and radar here. ite anhe rain that allisonis heard this morning is moving rig out. it's pushing out over the eastern shore.n s. we're just left with clouds for now and by the time we get g to the latter part of this of th morning those clouds willds wil clear, we'll be back to sunnyoun and beautiful condition thatditi is we like so much around d.c..c big picture though showingh ow some rain. look towards texas. tex houston getting rain thisrain morning, dallas about to getallo some rai that's our next storm system ner that will be here tomorrow andmd tomorrow is looking like a wet w and soggy day.soggday. more details on that in just ana few minutes here. illy s side. 42 in washington.hingto 39 in gaithersburg as well as frederick.ick. 39 in hagerstown.hage 37 for martinsburg thisrghis morning. good morning leonardtown, 41., . and good morning baltimore,tire 40 degrees at this hour. at thou 55 degrees your daytime high.meg again we'll have the cloudslos around for the next severaleral hours. by the time we get to theo t afternoon bright sunny bluelu skies. nevehenever you say good morning baltimore of course r ii want to sing the song from fro hair spray, good morning baltimore.baim >> ?? good morning baltimore.mon
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>> probably. >> let's get over to erin. >> i could use that s gometehats nonsense right now. bad traffic already. already sing in the background.ackgroun it will clear me up. >> okay.kay. >> 6:08. don't let me steal 10 minutesal from you in the morning. 1 6:08 right now. 95 southbound headed towardsdds stafford all lanes had been all shut down by l aan tractor-trail crash and fuel leak.uel leak. right now the center and right lane blocked for cleanup. cleanp left lane getting by. traffic towards russell road where thewh closure was and the two lanes tl are blocked.e bloced it's several miles of backed of up traffic giving you about an a hour delay. route one route oe southbound around the delay day and after stafford hook backback onto 95 southbound leadinguthboa into fredericksburdg.deri but again give yourself a lot of extra time despite the factac traffic is crawling by therawlgy scene we're seeing massive delays right there. there let's switch over from a lookook at our camera to our maps. map that's not the only big problem.p again also a side from that delay there's a rubber neckso as delay on the northbounerde' ss b
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you're seeing that.g that. you can always again takee route one north to bypass to bya that. get an early start in bothta in directions past that scene. let's see if we can forwardns pd our maps and show you whatha else you're up against this southbound baltimore-washington parkwaywash moving over to a look in maryland traffic is jammed from i-1 o95 avell t thera way t that crash scene just south of 32. to get around that delay 95. all that green 95 southboundboun moving so much better.ette we'll keep you updated thisatedt morning. we also have a crash 50 50 inbound at 197. >> 6:09 is the time right nowghn a recount of the presidentialdea results in michigan set to geto under way today.r it's a victory for the green party who said delaying theng t hand count until wednesday wedsd would have been cutting itven cu close to complete by december 13th deadline.ea a count is currently under wayey in wisconsin and there's are push for one in pennsylvaniavana as well. wl. meanwhile donald trump is expanding his list forg hilist secretary of state and plansnd to meet with more candidates this week.eek.
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have just learned that the prime minister of japan will visit pearl harbor later this month with president barack obama. he said he'll join the president to remember the preaih victims.viim japan attacked u.s. forces ofore course at pearl harbor 7575 years ago. 6:10 now and coming up comip next a victory for pipeline protestors in north dakota. >> plus a-young nfl star talks retirement and why was cam newton benched for the first play of last night's game inchen setltle. we're back in 30 seconds. ds. just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours.
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better. together. >> magnitude 3.9 quake strucktue in northern oklahoma. great news so far no reports of any injuries nor damage. the u.s. geological survey 3in r says the quake was sent near pawney. north as the kansas border and e oklahoma city. dakota access pipeline is is on hold for now. >> ?? the news comes after months of fierce oppositionf ere from a local native americanmeri tribe environmental activists military veterans.eterans. >> and as fox's kelly wrightly h tells us it's the federalheeder government putting the brakes te on the project. proje [cheers and applause][che >> reporter: a berig win for win
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in the midwest. midwe with the u.s. army corps oforps engineers announcing it willil not grant an easement for the dakota access pipeline. the project fiercely opposed oed by the nearby standing rockndin sioux tribe and others.x e an the army says there's morehere'm work to do. releasing a statement whichme reads in part "the best way to complete that work responsibly s and expeditiously is to explore alternate routes for the pipeline crossing. if completed, the three 8 billion-dollar pipelinellion-o would run some 1200 miles through four states carrying car up to 570,000 barrels of crudeld oil a day. the pipeline was mostly finished with the company cpa building it just needing permission to cross under a missouri river reservoir. >> these investors -- best-es news i've heard best news for native country, ct the whole united states, alls, a
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>> reporter: not everyone is non cheering the decision however. . house speaker paul ryan tweeting "this is bigig government decision making atg t its worst. wor i look forward to putting this s anti-energy presidency behind bh us. all of this could change oncehae president-elect donald trumpt- is in the whiteel house. he has already said he will bring back another controversial project, the keystone xl pipeline n new york, kelly wright, fox news. n >> the cpa dakota access oil pipe shrine se cyst saving the decision. savin energy transfer partners releasing a statement late l last night calling it "just " the latest in a series of overt and transparent political actions by an administration that haslitica abandoned rule of law in favorai of currying favor with a narrow and extremely political constituencies.tuen >> another tough loss for the redskins making a trip to thep t
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we're going break it all down for you straight ahead at .ing bryou st >> and a live look now.look n this is 95 southbound justd j south of russell road in stafford county. count big backups due a tractor-trailer crash.acr- erin has an update for you. 6:14. stay with us. t just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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>> good morning mike thomas.morn >> good morning to you as well allison. we got a reallyrnin good mondayy store here. store here. even though you're waking upugh with raindrops on your car, on c roads are wet, grass is wet.s by the time we get to thehe afternoon we're drying out sunun comes out. o temperatures in the mid to 19 t a few locations upper 50's this afternoon. 42.. chilly start in washington. grab the jacket as you head out. ou
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morning.morng. binghamton new yorkbing 30 degrees.ha chillymt air around the region o getting cold as we headttin towards the end of this week.e i more details on the seven day s in a first i want to show you satellite and radar. there's that rain that camesatec through overnight.ugh ov we do still need the rain it was welcome rain. we'll have another round as we s head towards tuesday.ards tuesd that's because there's anotherrs system gathering strength down here across the gulf statesthe s bringing rain to houston and louisiana this morning.sian by the time we get to tomorrow o that will be up in our area and tomorrow does look like quite the soaker. hours it will be through the afternoon hours tomorrow.oo again here's yourn drying later today and sunnyunny despite the clouds this morning.rn low pressure makes its way upsuk ines our direction. that will bring the rain as we a head through the next i'd say 24 to 48 hours we'll bell be dealing with a good amount of rainfall activity. clashing air masses tomorrow morning. high pressure off to the north, warmer low pressure trying to scoot up from the pref south. because of that, some areasome a much like last night will have the chance of seeing some pockets of sleet earlyets ofar
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best chance is going to be the e high elevations and areasreas north and west and it doesn't d look like it's going to bet's enough to cause any sort ofort issues for tomorrow morning'sni commute. co just don't be shocked if youckef hear those ice pellets kind of k pinging off your roof earlyly tomorrow morning.. 55 degrees later on thiser on afternoon. some morning clouds but sunny as we head farther and farther through the morning hours andth into those afternoon hours. 39 degrees overnight tonight,ht, mostly clear skies and then c the clouds will that buildlear through the overnight wil hourss and by tomorrow morning we're looking at a few showers and again maybe a pocket or two of o too big of a deal in that department. 55 today. 45 degrees tomorrow.45 it does look rather d wet.r w time we get to wednesday wed mixing clouds and sun, 55.un, weekend is getting colder only 39 degrees for a high and saturday. that's a check of the of the forecast. erin como has got traffic this goaffic monday morning.monday happy monday. pp y >> happy monday to you mike.ym right now at 6:18 as you can see some big delays picking up. outer loop there's a crash by 55 jam packed past 95. 9 let's look in stafford.or
6:19 am
there was also a fuel spill.pill hazmat team headed tout thatt scene. scen they had been letting trafficrac by in the left right now the center lane, l right lane right shoulder shoder blocked and they temporarilyeypa stopped all traffic again. aga you're backed up solid from the triangle area at 619.19 take route one southbound butou be prepared route one south sou dealing with big delays.el northbound side is completelyetl jammed up from that 17 past17as the aquia harbor.r. there's also a crash on the side as you get up towards that rubber neck delay. del get at least a 45 minute heade start north and southbound sth heading through stafford thistah morning. in maryland right now southbound baltimore-washington parkway there's a crash just south ofe-s 32 aound traffic is basically bc parked back to i-195. save yourself some time thisime morning by keeping to it 95ng southbound. 50 inbound crash at 197.t delays past crain highwayys pas right now.ghtow metro is on time but caution buu on the outer loop.on
6:20 am
back to you guys #.guys >> a high end jewelry storere blaming its lagging holiday hol sales on its location next trump tower. >> plus, rashes headaches, heach hives just some of thesome complaints about americanlain airlines brand newts uniformsfo and this morning flightght attendants are demanding aandi a recall. tell you about it next.t. >> ?? >> ?? be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. espressos, and donuts. ?? ?? ?? ?? ??
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what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america. >> major airline getting a lotii of back hash lash over itsh first a check of the markets. me joining also from the fox fox business network studio hillary vaughn. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. we are expecting a rep day foror the dow nasdaq and s & we're expecting futures toutur open very high today. but global markets are down in response to the resignation ofei the italian prime minister mateo renzi and we're seeinge'rg that that has caused a lot of doubt about the stabilizationbii of the european political pit
6:23 am
that asian markets are downre d but alsoow the euro plummeted tt a 21 month low against thehe dollar before recovering befe slightly but again u.s.gain.s. markets appear to be thriving tv and we're expecting a big day dy today. >> all right. that looks good for us. at loobeen doing okay on the markets. let's talk about americans talka airlines and flight attendantsds that say these uniforms aresre making them sick.m >> reporter: they are notare happy with their new outfits. os they are complaining that the new uniforms are causingorms health issues including rashes s headaches and respiratorych ob americany're a airlines to recac the uniforms but american saysmy they are confident that the uniforms are safe to wear.reafe in fact, they're saying thatinga they don't think that there isee an issue but they're lookingoo into now, the flight attendantdant union has requested theuestedhe outfits outfits in a different difre material but they say theyaly don't think the issue is thee it actual material that theateria uniforms are made out of butf that it's the manufacturingufacu process that's causing thecausie issue and american is notot recalling the uniforms yet.g thn but we'll see what happens'll
6:24 am
the issue. >> hillary it's weird because this is something it' i wouldn't think we would hear about.we it must really be a w problem dm you know what i mean?know wt >> reporter: yeah, there are hundreds of reports of people having major health issues issus rashes and a uncomfortable reaction to the actualct material. >> really strange. rea let's end on a verlly wonderfulf jewelry store saying thatin t they're in a bad locationocat because business is down.isow tell us about what's going onn with >> reporter: well, tiffanyell, y center city not happy withy th their next door neighborr president-elect done trouble. tb their flagship store on fifthe avenue is right next to trump tower where president-electdent trump lives and conducts lastdu his business. and so they're saying thating t recent security changes are causing major issues and theyhe have an impact on their the holiday shopping season. recent security measures haveecr led to anit increased police pol presence concrete barriers
6:25 am
access that people have toto tiffany's and additionallyitna they're saying that the swarmt of media protestors and tourist loose are visiting vitin trump tower are also making itag harder for people to getor peop around and access their >> maybe they'll have a giante g sale and then we can all go cano and get lots more tiffany.ifny hillary thank you very much. >> reporter: thank you so you much.much. >> okay. >> that's not going happen.goinp >> i was going say probablyng s >> no. n >> i don't think so. >> you guys come to d.c. there's a>> iou g beautiful tify store right on wisconsin wco avenue. >> that's true. >> if you're visiting frohat'm w york. yo >> i've been in there a coupleei of times. times went to the back section whereio tn he accident regular people come in. >> i've never been. >> oh really.iden >> you haven't. inhe can't afford walk in>> i t front door. front >> you can walk in the back. w there is a back dooral i'm serious. >> is there really. >> there is.>> i [laughter]ter] what's going on >> couple showers here andowersd there but for the most partt r h
6:26 am
carroll county up towards up tos westminster maybe a sprinkle or two on storm tracker that's about it.>>that temps are chilly.are hilly. still need the jacket.l need t c reagan national 42 degrees. other two airportsand bwi arendi 40 degreeees. take a look at your plannerla for the day today. tod 47 by 10 o'clock.0 o'oc we'll have a few clouds around o into the afternoon hours. h sunshine breaking out it's it' cool but pleasant.lean 52 by the 1 o'clock hour andnd by 4 o'clock 54 degrees sos mid-50's this afternoon. not so bad for a >> can't complain.>> thanks mike. >> uh-huh. >> let's get over to erin's get makincogingif you're your way out top side of the the beltway we're dealing with bigg oblemsms. right now north of that pointt n southbound bw parkway there's a crash at 32.h at you're jammed all the way backwc to i-195.-1 to avoid getting stuck inti close to an hour delay take 95 southbound. that will save you a lot of l time this morning.time this mo let's show you a look on theow outer loop of the beltway. y bey there's a crash betweenash bwe connecticut and wisconsin andco because of that, traffic is
6:27 am
to 355. you're in for about a 45to in ou minutes delay. inner loop looking much better.better. stafford 95 southbound superun s bonged. a look there next.ok theext. back to you allison and wisdom. >> coming up the latest on theas that row house fire in these fit district. fire crews still on the scene.dc >> plus redskins fans waking up disappointed this morning.tem we're going to take a look atoo the good, the bad aren't the ugly with tailgate ted who is bringing in some good right there. >> tailgate ted is here.e. >> also he richard. >> awesome. >> we're shooting 3's today. >> i like it. >> all right. we're going talk about that sho in bg ack.
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>> ?? >> welcome back everybody. it is 6:30. looking at backups there outerce ackupsre o loop afteruter connecticut aven. backups, backups, backups thisku morning. rain out there as well. bigin o tutrouble on 95. erin como will be alongng shortly to let you know abou good monday morning to you. i'm allison seymour. seymo welcome back to fox5 newsfoews morning. again weather and traffic on the 5's ather an 6:35. 6 right now though at 6:30 breaking news out of northwest d.c.c. a row house goes up in flames early this morning and aning a nearby home also is on fire. fir let's check in now with ourh bob bob is live at the good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison,orter, good morning to you.go yeah, this is rouodghly the 4304 block of iowa avenue northwestoh
6:31 am
the end unit that basically iscy destroyed by fire.d ire. look at that.ok this was a fire that started stt around 4:45. 4 there was app partial collapse s of the upper floors and the unit to the left of it has some attic damage, some fire see to the upper floor there.loor te there were eight people livingp in that next door row housero and they have all been displaced and need a place tod and ne i want to show you some video v that shows you a series of still photographs. look at this. lo this was d.c. fire andok at ems first noticed this thing fully engulfed. again, this was a unit thatunith was under renovation so nobodyob inside at the time and thank goodness because a lot of fireso showing there and thehe people -- all the people whoplew live next door got out safely. l nobody else down the row ofow o homes impacted right now. n and nobody hurt. h a lot of fire units here. her a lot of people -- and if youndf come back live, look at thishi lady here, if you take usf take live, here's a lady taking tak some of her things, you canhingc show her live, this lady iss
6:32 am
the leaving because again youyou have eight people, weple, w understand it's threend it's the families, eight people in thaten next door home that are without a place to stay, attay,a least temporarily and a terrible fire here thisthis morning. busy for d.c. fire and ems, guys. guys >> ?? >> all right, time now for the morning line. well, theht, redskins they losey los another heartbreaker and nowbren the tough road ahead if he inn i they want to make theake the today. we went heavy after a heavy a loss. we got tony richards, whur. w >> yes, sir. >> bj flex 95.5 and tailgate tlg ted, the best tailgaterat guys, let's -- ted it smellstme good in here.go kind of hard to focus when youhy got this food in here like lik this. >> you got have something.hi >> you >> celebrating. >> no, no, we're not>> celebrating. >> i was about say. i w about s [laughter] >> this is how you get over a loss. loss. >> oh. >> oh, nice. >> that's what we're going to tell ourselves this morning.
6:33 am
yesterday.sterda >> we lost. >> we lost.>> wlost. [laughter]ghter] >> bad. >> back to you. [laughter] >> let's eat. e >> here's the deal. hs th here's what i saw.he in the first half i mean twon to field goals in the first halfir with all of thesest weapons wepe have on the team, to me it's it' just unacceptable.ccep how do you describe whate wh happened? let's start withrt w offense in the first half. >> offense was terrible.e. >> terrible. >> terrible offense. actually did he first, both ofer course defense and off were both bad. both the tone of the game in myn m opinion was set on that firstthr drive when they came down ande n scored that touchdown i wasdo is like oh, here we go again. >> right. >> all right, flex. r >> well, the redskins never>> at make it eahesy you know what i mean and i think they shothey st themselves in the foot likee fok they always do.s d you know, we get to this timeo t of the year now we got to win tw all the games to try to get into the playoffs. it sucks. i want to talk about the did o talk he first because the offense abt ended up doing wha thet bec thet supposed to do somewhat.t. but the defense was >> horrible.
6:34 am
>> with app capitol h. >> not w wayit little h but auta capitol h. h >> horrible. >> like a hoagie. hoagie. i'm focusing on the food. f ted what's your perspective on what happened yesterday. yester. >> we had 10 days to plan ford 0 this d game there wasn't no gamm plan. what was the offense going to do? you knew jordan the o read wasn't going to be you're hoping -- you have all these weapons why not game plan for them mental mistakes.k. it made no sense. sse. >> and the penalties. >> penalties esp guy. >> and the turnovers.urnovers. >> two turnovers but that -- bua you mentioned penalties 'cause s that got me right there.ere especially that josh normant jon thing at the end of the game.e. now, let's talk about this.this. was it a good call or not? ? they said -- they called ahold on josh norman. >> it was a very close call.s ae it could have went either way.iw >> right. >> but i did think it was bad call. call >> okay. >> it -- >> it's one of those.>> >> you know what i mean. >> all right, ted. it'ou kightte good call or bad call. call. >> bad call. he was within 5 yards right r
6:35 am
he didn't see it and you can'toc call with that time left on lef the clock in that game.atam >> bad call. c so, after that, you know, josh j norman doing his thing. tng okay, i'm going ask thishi again. does that boagther you when you see josh norman after a penalty or whenever just talking, i didn't do anything,. >> i don't think so. that's the way josh norman>> i s plays man. he's one of those very passionate and hard corear players. i love it actually. >> okay, all right.i >> emotion is good so i knowo i he's into it you know what i yot mean. defensive plays. he was thede only real spark onp defense.fense. >> okay. >> ted, does it bother youly.dos >> it does. i >> okay. >> have you ever seen a ref gono back and say you know what, s you were right, it's okay. [laughter] >> let me fix in that next time. [laughter]gh >> good point because he'secse s drawing last attention toing philly next. real quick.ui. >> start on that end. srt o >> ted real quick are they r going to do it orea not? n >> it's tough man i mean, we got to get around the ball. b
6:36 am
we should be able to do ity su t it's a rivalry game so we knowno philly is going to get up forgef us. if we do what we got to do in t the did he first, come on,e guys, please protect the ball.hb >> i think we can do it again. a did he first has to step up. we're going into a veryer hostile environment but i think we can do it. we have to do it at this point. >> oh, yeah.ile enthinave is m for>> yea error.rr thanks gentlemen for comingentlr in. let's eat now. let's eat. e >> let's go. >> you guys go ahead and takeuy over. we're going to take caregoake of this. >> tummy is grumbling a littleru bit over here wisdom martin. t n't be greedy. her >> saybe hi to the fellas for ff us. not a good score on that t redskins game. >> no, but it's tough to beat t arizona in arizona. hopeful the they can come homemh and get some win we'll be all right.'ll be all rg >> you give me sump hope. h >> i'll give you nope thethe weather department.artm >> lets it. >> sunshine in the afternoon despite the clouds this morning. cloudy and wet this morning although the shoinwee rs arespio longer falling.longer fal they've pushed off ovelir the ocean but still some wet w
6:37 am
temperatures around the regiones are on the chilly side as well. 42 degrees in washi aon thengtos 39 inhi gaithersburg. 37 up towards westminster.. 41 degrees in leonardtown. here's your forecast. 55 degrees. sun will come out later oner o this afternoon and we'll have bright and sunny conditions,ond, fifty five tomorrow, though,ft back to thee soaking rain. in fact chilly soaking rain. r 45 degrees for a high. hig yup, definitely going need thehe umbrella.. >> okay. thanks mike. erin, good morning. lots of trouble out there ont th the >> so much allison unfortunately at 6:37. you can see traffic on the the northbound side coming triangle ine virginia 95nia northbound moving okay butka it's the southbound side that s is parked from north of 619 o61 down past russell road. r tractor-trailer crash andr crasd cleanup, fuel spill blocking bln the right lane, right shoulder s and center lane. left lane getting by. but again, because of thoseof big delays, try to givetry toiv yourself extra time at least l 45 extra minutes. minutes top of the beltway outer loop l basically parked betweencall connecticut and wisconsin.d wisn there's a crash scene. you are jammed up from 95 over
6:38 am
again you need 35 extra35 minutes to get through thatou manygh congestion. const east-west highway may be aest hi better bet.bett to avoid virginia delays route e one southbound. we'll look at our maps. map several other crashes you needso to be aware ouf and trouble tle spots and delays this morning.n. southbound baltimore-washington parkway a crash at 32 as you make wear down towards lwashaurel. 32 you're jammed fromards i-195 so coming down from baltimore, 95a5 southbound will save you a lot l of time as opposed to baltimore-washington parkway southbound. outer loop that's a look at the crashes in there-was loop t delay. the delaysl spur. more traffic in the next 10 minutes. >> ?? >> hi. i'm lieutenant colonel randy ivil bagram i'd like to wish a happyappy holidays to my wife and kidsndid in frederick maryland. happy holidays angie, loveove you. happy holidays kaitlyn and olivia. love you very much. miss youlove guys. >> see more greetings from ourso
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. >> ?? >> 6:41. we're back now with what's
6:42 am
monday morning. first up the season is not up t and bright for everyone. ey its decision by the mall ofalof america to have its first african-american santa claus cls triggering a lot of people tongl criticize the idea.the . a minnesota newspaper says iters even had to turn off the the comments feature on the story fa it posted to its web site duetue to all of the negative of course many people alsomany p applaud the mall's move. m the baseball hall of fame f welcoming its newest memberest e bud selig voted in by the committee over the week. theee mlb commissioner. credited with spearheading initiatives like interleaguentee play expansion of the leaguean and the playoff format.siort. as well as leading the nino t n lockout is that credited with helping to clean up baseball following steroid craze.g sterdr he will be inducted into the iue hall of fame next july. i'd say he earned his way in. i don't know all thoses twahin. okay. congratulations you to bud selig. finally there will be wedding bells again or willfi
6:43 am
pen. the pop star tired remarry her r ex-husband in return for a $150,000 donation to the african nation of malawi. malaw madonna reportedly admitted ait she's still in love with himh so there's that. theha the singer's offer was ultimately outbid by another guest. guest. the two were once married from 1985 tore o 1989. coming up after the break,he brk we'll have more news and news a weather and traffic includingng saluting this year's ken deeps center those are your headlines we'll
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> welcome back. we are showing you the remnants of the are massive fir. ends units fire so intense it ie did that spread to thed th neighboring row home. we have a crew on the scenece and we'll continues to bring so far no injuries that we know of. >> all right.>> all right. >> good morning.rn >> good morning to you mike. >> good morning to you both.inmt i missed the gold memo today.o y >> that's okay.t's ay. >> you all look stunning. >> allison looks stunning.tuing. i'm just looking. >> that's true. you go. [laughter] >> well, i do speak the truththt but thank you for trying,ryin mike. >> thank you. [laughter] >> all right, let's get tot t weather. how about a little christmas countdown. >> let's do it. >> getting in the spirit.etti 20 days to go.ngays too.
6:47 am
can you believe it?can yoli >> oh, yeah, i can believe it. it will be feeling -- it won't w be looking but it will bewill b feeling like christmas by they time we get to the end of this week.. cold air heading our way byur friday and saturday. surda pretty chilly 42 current in washington,to dulles 40 degrees frederickrede good morning 39 degrees at9 this hour. westminster 37. quantico 42 and then down in2 an southern maryland 41 degrees 41e this morning in leonardtown.nar. different hat gloves anderent do have a good amounts ofmountsf cloud cover right now. rain has mostlyoud pushed offeo the coastline.line. still one or two showers up in northern maryland but that'syla' about it so far this morning and by the time we get to thehe afternoon we'll clear the cleare clouds out and get back to the o sunshine and temperatures willea moderate a bit.dera a we'll get up into the middlehe e 50's later this afternoon.ater i not so bad fors a december dayy down in texas louisiana it'soui' going to be heading up in ourpno direction as we head throughn as the evening hours tonight buthtt by tomorrow afternoon is whens w it will come in. wcom
6:48 am through monday again sunshinemo for the afternoon houndrsay buty 9 o'clock tonight clouds clo starting to build in from theine south. watch this system kind ofnd o getting time we move into tomorrow morning it's getting a littlengl bit closer. bit doesn't look like the morningeor commute will be too wet.ute wi can't rule out one towardsne tos showers but it doesn't looks like the soaker we hadbut ke toa overnight that is until we get g to the afternoon hours. here we are at 1 o'clock o'cck starting to see more and morendm shower activity maybe sleete s north and west.h an it will be colds enough to get aol couple ice pellets fallinglg down but it shouldn't ben'te anyt any major road concerns orr anything like that. by the time we get to the eaherl ty eimvening and middle r of the evening hours, there wee go, 6 o'clock tonight there's te some heavier rain.n. warm air will mover in.r it will be i nothing but rainfall but it could be heavy e at times. we still need the we're still in a drought 55 degrees your high.55 degreesu clouds out there right now.r hie by the time rewe get to the to afternoon we'll be sunny andl uy bright once again.gain quick look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecastay fot tuesday is wet only 45 as well l
6:49 am
55 for weekend brings the cold. only 40 for a lie on fridayn and it will be windy and chilly and breezy 39 for a39 high on saturday. satday. that's a check of your forecast. erin como has the roads on rds o this busy monday morning.or. >> yeah, mike you can said ityod busy. bu traffic is parked on the the southbound side of 95 headingdig towards stafford. staor from the triangle down we're w seeing delays because of ausof crash involving a tractor-trailercr and a fuel f spill. right and center lane just the left lane issteft squeezing by as you head pastads traffic is parked from north and 619 town past russell. russe i would say hop off 95 take5 tae route one southbound to getone around 95 northbound looking better ber here but south of that points from fredericksburg 17 to the aquia harbor heavier northernvin northbound we'll look in college park rightrtlook now. now are you jammed past with aboutht an hour delay from 95 over to the 270 spur. spur. there's a crash blocking twock lanes after connecticut avenue e between connecticut and wisconsin.scon try your luck on east-west highway or other routes but itet
6:50 am
right now. inner loop looking nice. n no problems there.he we'll take a look at our maps ms because those aren't the onlye o crashes causing some big delays. inbound douglas bridge eveni though a crash cleared we haveae delays on suitland parkway. parw suitland parkway is very heavyey traffic past south capitol. cap. big delays bw parkwaybw southbound because of a crash or by allison and wisdom back toac you. >> 6:50 is the time. time. another public hearing set for r this evening about theng abo widening of i-66. i the hearing starts at 6:30 at washington lehigh school in the i-66 transformationransformt project will attempt to ease toe congestion on 66 outside theon6o beltway. vdot's plans call for twoor express toll lanes and three regular lanes in each in eac direction between the beltway and hey markets.ts. >> brands new capitol bikend share is opening os the newests docking station opening atin 22nd and constitution avenue in northwest. itwe will dock 23 bikes.. the department of of transportation and u.s.sptation department of state employeese p will be on hand for the ribbon
6:51 am
2010. right now there are more than t 400 capital bikeshare locations across the dmv. >> nfl news. star on the seahawks teamahawksm talking about the possibilityabu oft retirement this morning. mg he's a member of the legion of earl thomas broke his leg during thoma seattle's blowout w over the panthers last nights la on this play and will be outeut at least six weeks. w now afterwards thomas tweetedwe this game has been good to me. no regrets a lot is running through myhroum mind including meanwhile something elsee meth trending from the game.the g cam newton benched for thed t first play on on on the reason because did he note wear a tie when the teamth traveled to seattle on friday fa which is a violation of the team's dress code.'s d cam newton said he forgot pack p a collared dress shirt and airta tie wouldn't work with the shirt that he haduldn on. that will teach him benching him for one play. for one period.
6:52 am >> i didn't realize he didze hed that until they startedat u talking about it.nt >> those guys aretalk so tough.. >> they are. >> i would still object groundtn a fetal position crying.tal tion >> when i was in the ninthin thh grade i got hit one time and iin turned in all my stuff. stu i'm done. >> i'm retiring. i'm rir >> i didn't like the plays,la the outside inside. ins >> the pain. >> the pain, the practice. pct >> all right. in today's fox beat a the 39he 9 year tradition near d.c.ead. rolling out the red carpet for this year's kennedy center honorees.rees >> actor al pacino james taylor the eagle staples and the argentine aenti pianist received the lifetime lf achievement award. >> it will be broadcast aftere christmas. this morning's fox5'ss lindsey watts has a lookk behind the scenes. >> reporter: it's a night n where worlds collude. politicians athletes and hollywood celebrities. >> how are you?re you? >> let me look at you.. >> hey. >> reporter: easy to get a a little star struck here on theee red carpet even if you're a youa star yourself. yrsel
6:53 am
mean, those records were hugeos for us.e re for we listened to them all the time. we would sit around and try tort write songs like james.s li >> i'm here toke honor mavis m staples. it's an incredible opportunityoi and she's sump a wonderful person and she had a hugeadug influence on me as a singerr loving gospel loving soul music. actor don cheadle spoke of the influence of alchea pacino. >> i know so many actors that want to emulate him in i everything that he's donism carter couldn't pick arter coul favorite among thepi honorees. r >> it's james taylor and the eagles of course and al pacino n all of it.of >> reporter: for aretha. anyone you're especially excited to see or meet.tor me >> the entire ceremonyemon tonight. tonigh >> reporter: all of it. while some of the honoreesso o skipped the red carpet wepe caught up withd th singer jamesj tail for it's -- tail for it's ' sort of a life achievement thing. thin
6:54 am
mavis staples.mavis >> i normally have to hold hol back tears. >> reporter: she's had a 60 year career fromorter: performia president kennedy'sdy's inauguration to being here atint the kennedy center.enter. how does this honor stack up to other awards you've gotten over your career. >> sweetheart, this is the is te highest note. n this is a higher and no higher. this is zero and no higher.ighe none above this one.hine this is the best one. bt this is the best one yet.est ony honored guests will welcomedl wl by name. n >> joe walsh. >> reporter: while we wereor advised not to taltek politics t on the red carpet, hostt, hos stephen colbert wasted no time t going there in his welcome. wco >> distinguished honorees, politicians, diplomats endangered swamp dwellers. dwe [laughter] honoreessr: the were seater around the obamas, t the couple's last time here at t least in this role. r
6:55 am
honorees testimony get to go to the white house so they hadsy some one-on-one time with the obamas as is the tradition. trai if you want to catch the event it will be airing beirin december 27th. at the kennedy center lindseyin watts fox5 local news. >> ?? >> awesome evening.>> >> it is. >> really cool. >> okay. a >> check this out allison. allison this is our fox5 facebook fancek of the day. this is miss jerry sharrod.od she's 70 years old o happy birthday to you.y >> life goals right there.ght te they say she's ann inspirational person and she a always tunes into fox5 and and updates her friends about whatha they missed. th >> i want you not to miss thehe polka dot shoe and matching. mch >> i'm peeping the shoe game.gae >>es.s. >> bringing it strong. bringg it >> beautiful. mike, good morning.mike, good mg let's give her a beautiful. day. >> she deserves it for heresvest birthday. you know what i'm going to come through.ow wcomeou >> okay. >> you always do mike.ouays >> thank you allison. y not so much this morningso though sorry. we have the clouds out there m . it is a little wetut t and soggs also a you get your day d
6:56 am
that those clouds will breakwill and by the afternoon hours we're back into full sunshine. straight to the fox5 accuweather 7-dayst fraorecast c here. he 55 for a high later on thisn th afternoon. that's not bad by decemberecembe standards.andards. tomorrow though does look rather wet. lots of clouds around and by b the afternoon hours we couldhoud have some heavy rain at times, only 45 degrees for a daytimeay high as well.el back up into the middle 50'se by wednesday but the big kindigk of first taste of winter coldtel comes our way late this friday a high of only 40, very, very wet and saturday and highs will stay in the 30's.n t. all right, tha the forecast. erin como has traffic thisic ts morning. >> right now we have some new na updated information for you. 95 southbound between princed be william and stafford closedm and once again because c oflo this b tractor-trailer crash. and fuel leak cleanup. all lanes blocked because of o closure moved to north ofth of russell road the last pointt for you to exit is at 619.19. traffic on 95 southboundouthboud backed up well north of 619. the best bet for you to exit is 234 dumfries road.s rd. work to route one southbound
6:57 am
stafford tons of bailoutai traffic crowding route one route south. we'll keep yousout updated. updt keep it to fox5 news morning. back in a few. ew. thank you for dining with us.
6:58 am
just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do.
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>> crews on the scene of an o overnight house fire in d.c.'snh
7:00 am
evacuate.te. we're live with the very latest. la >> also developing in theo deve distlorict, new details in that frightening armed standoff at a popular northwest pizza p parlor. we're learning about theuthe suspect and how the communityomy is rallying behind this restaurant.restnt. >> president-elect donald-e don trump, president-elect donaldsit trump once again i'll say it s twice taking to twitter ttt lashing out at critics andcs a china all while his transitionro team continues to build ann administration as we learn thewe search for his secretary ofta state may actually be >> and a live look outside ode this monday morningorni december 5th. weather and traffic coming upd i on the 5s atc comi 6:-- 7:05.05 >> holly morris in for steve chenevey. well do you mean fox5 news morning. >> more on that breakinyog news out of northwest washington. d.c. fire and ems on the scene e of a two alarm row house fireser along iowa avenue in the petworth neighborhood. >> while the flames are out this hour good news thereorth tu several people unfortunately are now without a home.nfor


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