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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 5, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? straight ahead, a fake news story turns realht ahe serious. after a man armed with ann assault arrival walks into a dc he claimed he was investigatingi an online conspiracy theory.. we'll have a live report. trump transition.nsitio this morning, the short list for secretary of state just got a g little longer.. plus, breaking overnight, former rival ben carson nominated for a cabinet position.ition. we'll tell which you one. o and this pass is going to bo picked off by peterson. >> two in row.ow the burgundy and gold playoffs o
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what has to happen now ifow i washington wants to keep theeepe season going. of course if ben frankline had had his way that band wouldo be called the turkeys. >> and later, a standing ovation for president during a ceremony honoring somen of the america's bestest entertainers.ners good day at 9a starts now. ?? >> that's a throw back >> get it mike.e. >> don't believe and just watch. >> good day d.c. it is 9:01 on this monday, december 5th.ber 5. i'm maureen along allison, holly and wisdom martin. >> what's your name >> wisdom martin.marti >> steve chenevey has thenevey morning off. mo just kidding.. >> well, also ahead this morning, the no fun league nfl take something heat after a aftr series of penalties fans and players say sucked all the fun out of the game.
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>> continue to go suck the fune out.tot. >> suck it all out.. >> the thing they take from somm and any other others.y otr ot sucking the fun and they'rere aggravating much that's not the problem. le >> they're not consistent. not t >> sucking is just notki is ju consistent. >> you need to suck across thece board if you're going to do it. >> first at 9:00 let's tack about the weather. we are just 20 days, 20 fromm christmas and guess what it'st' starting to feel like. lik more changes on the way thisyhi week. week. for details we have the always pleasant happy and up liftingpii mike thomas in the loft with us. >> you guys are being especialll sweet today. i feel like i did somethingng wrong or i owe you all y a something. >> no. we're just happy to see you. y >> you owe me something. somet >> what do i owe you, wis. w >> not on tv. >> ut-oh.t- >> what could that be. what coud >> be careful. thaca >> help me! help >> hey, we'll do a littletl weather here. pretty good day or it's going to be a pretty good monday here inn the d.c. region. regn dry and sunny afternoon comingon our way even though we had theue rain and clouds this morning
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out. out towards the mountain gettini clearing. that will push over into our neck of the woods through thel h next couple of hoursro and agaia sunny, bright afternoon not not terribly warm not too cool coo either. temperatures in the middle to upper 50's today.ures i supyspetem down here inown here texas will be moving our way foy your tuesday. so don't put that umbrella away just yet you'll need it for thee day toow. temperatures outside a mentioned feeling dean issue.d e 44 degrees in washington. wasngo trainor gaithersburg.urg winchester good morningd mning 39 degrees. as well as martinsburg west west 43 this morning in leonardtown. your planner for the day headini out for the 10:00 o'clock olo hopefully not.ot. hopefully stay in watch us goodo show at 10a. 47 degrees.eges. by 1:00 o'clock little moree pleasant 52 degrees.ees 54 degrees by 4:00 o' again cool day but not too badad by december standards.ndards there's your highs today.od 55 here in washington.ashing 57 for quantico.ntico 57 for fredericksburg.sburg. cooler north and west. martinsburg and hagerstown stucc in the 40's most of the day they today. what about that weekend? holly
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coming up in just will littletle bit. all right. back to you. >> i like that. >> thanks, mike. appreciate it.ikappriate first at 9:00, eight familym members from northwest dc need a new place to stay after a rowow house fire in the pet worth area. the blaze started just before br 5:00 inside a vacant home along iowa that fire quickly spread tod to nearby home.e. thankful all eight people insids were able to get out it but nowt people who live in the damaged d home are desperate for help andd for shelter.heer the area, um, i need as much asm help as i can.i c i don't know how much damage isi done to the house want we're wee left with. le but i would really appreciate ie people out there have goode hearts can't help us out,ut whether it's with money, clotheo or even a place to stay. >> one firefighter was injuredad fighting the fire. fir the cause of this blaze is under investigation. the other big story thistory morning a fake news report thatt may have turned dangerous inngen northwest d.c..
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under arrest. >> it all went down sunday suny evening at comet ping-pong which has been at the center of series of online conspiracy theories. e a man walked in with an assaultu rifle. rifle. melanie alnwick has more on whae happened and why comet and its employees have been receivingec these threats for weeks. wks here's our we were talking about this, mell like how did comet become the target of these conspiracies? >> reporter: you know i'venow i been trying to kind of followf o the threads on this, you guys, g this morning, and tell is apparently there may tre have been some reference to the restaurant in some of the leaked e-mails those leak hillaryk clinton e-mails i haven't been b able to pin that down so probably take a little bit morer investigation than just a fewans hours in the morning to followol the line on that one, but somehow this restaurant comet ct ping-pong got connected with hat hillary clinton, and people started this online conspiracyac theory and the restauranturt employees here they talked to uu
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they were being threatened and harassed online and occasionasin smell strange people would comem restaurant with video cameras filming and then and asking oddd questions. they're fears it mayqu turn tn violent became more real with wh what happened yesterday and iyen want to you listen to the restaurant owner and his h comments about how this fakehisf news can cause real harm.m >> we should all condemn theonde efforts of some people to spreaa malicious and utterly falsely fe accusations ping-pong beloved dcc institution. let me stateinst unequivocally t stories are completely andnd entirely false. what happened today demonstratet that promoting false and wrecknk bless couldn't zero see theorier do come with consequences.ce >> reporter: can you push into o the moon and stars. okay.. so police swarmed of course one this was the video you'reeo'r looking at right now. sunday afternoon where policehee
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nebraska avenues in northwest ah little before 3:00 p.m. a man m walk in and apparently pointed d an ar15 rival at an employee.loe now somehow we don't know thewhe details on this yet either.r. i'd love to fine out buto fineut everybody got out we understand there may have been patrons in the restaurant at the time,ns i too. too the suspect has been identified as 28-year-old edgar welch of salsbury, north carolina and thd police reports say he did firee the weapon inside the restaurant. about 45 minutes later he sut 45rrendered to police. mred. his arrest was captured here onr cell phone video by our executive producer jeff. jef two weapons were recovered inside the restaurant.esur the ar15 rival and a 38 handgun. and then also there was aas shotgun that was recovered recov inside welch's car and after tht arrest that's when he told people that just to be clear you're looking at video ofng av employees leaving the restaurana and talking to the owner there. but then he said he was health investigating this -- theses --e online conspiracy theories thata somehow connect this restaurantr here to the hillary clintonlion
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trafficking in the basement and satanic rituals h i want to come back out live ant show you one of the things people are sort of where one ofo those theories came from. if you look at the signame you e the star and the moon.oo online some people are sayingay that's connected to satan i andd the restaurant's owner sayser s nothing of the sort. this sign actually came from a a liquor store in adams morgan. hit been around for a long longn time and it was getting ready t close he want to do save thesa historic sign and that's how itw came to be here on com for the rest of the stuff, d.c.c police say absolutely false. fae totally unfounded in terms of o those rumors. ror and they had been increasingncag surveillance in the area butance this is the kind of thing thatn they were worried was going to t happen here that it was going tn escalate into violence so amazing here that all we're a we talking about someone whoing discharge the theab weapon insie the restaurant and the community really rallying around the t employees here.e. owner wanted to give everybody e the day off today just to sort o
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breath and they're hoping thatdo the community will come back.omb the community is trying torying organize big everyone coming ouo on friday to patronize the restaurant and give -- showhow their support to everyone here.e back to you guys. >> so many layers it to.maers mel, thanks for, she did ask a what the man was hoping to doin once he got there. he what provoked him beyond thishi fake news.s >> it's very >> so crazy if you saw it inaw i movie you can go that would never happen in real life. l >> yes. >> 9:09 is the time.e. president-elect donald trump isi once again taking on twitter,, talking to twitter lashing out t at critics and taking china's to task. all why his transition team tea continues to build an administration naming a new housing secretary early thishi morning. but the short list for secretary of state just got little bitit fox's doug luzader has theas latest names the backlash on over an snl exit and the phone p call with the president ofdent o taiwan. >> reporter: trump transitionmpt
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announcing ben carson will bewil nominated for secretary ofreta o housing and urban development.. surprising insofar as carson not too long ago indicated he wasn'w interested in that a formal jobj within the administration. meantime the search continues ci for secretary of state and the field seems to be expanding not contracting. whoever gets this job will havev to deal with china. president-elect donald trump spent the weekendt- oeln twittei going after everything from saturday night live'ss and allegations of currency manipulation after being accuset of upsetting a diplomatic applep cart last week by accepting a congratulatory phone call from m taiwan's president.rede real sticking point for china fi which sees taiwan as a province. but one of trump's contendersonr for secretary of state defendedn the call.the ca >> people need to unthe unt president of the united statesos should talk to whomever he wantn if he thinks it's in thet's in interest of the united states, e and nobody in beijing gets tos t dictate who we talk to.te whotat
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search continues for a secretara of state. s with more indications that trumt may be moving away from former r gop nominee mitt romney.omne and he may be considering former utah governor and us bam aciderr to china john huntsman.ts >> the list is expanding.t is eg at the moment there are no -- there's not a finite finalist fl only because he will interview i with additional candidates earla this week. >> reporter: but at the same at th time a recount of the november m vote could begin today inay one of three states includingncg wisconsin and pennsylvania thatt green party candidate jill steii has targeted in her efforts to uncover voting fraud, and many n of the voting machineshi themselves are suspect she sayss >> we need to get rid of these voting machines, these electronic touch screens whichcw have been proven highly vulnerable to tampering to hacking to human and machine this is -- this is an abuse of o the american vote. v >> reporter: as jill stein jillt
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out recounts in these three states, time is a factor in jusj two weeks members of thebers the electoral college will castill s their in washington, doug luzader, fox news.. fascinating that we're stil talking about this row come. rom i'm just -- not surprising. surn >> i understand the point but -- >> i kind of do but i kind ofd dot.t. exactly. >> what happens -- this is always my argument as far as ths recount is concern.count is con. what happens when your candidatr doesn't win next time around. >> that's the only thing. tng that's >> it's good for the wholeho democracy to have the recountavt much this is my thought on it.i what's wrong with looking.g. >> it's costing taxpayers tons t money. >> we always thought that costing taxpayers mone ey.alwao. there's so many other thingsso m that tax dollars are wasted on.d so that end i say what is wrongw with looking? if jill steinills believes there were irregularities and we find i whether it be in favor of presriidentiest-elechet trumpr r clinton, then so be it. b but in a democracy what's wrong with putting to rest that okay o the system did work. it was fair. was f especially when issues were w
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being illegal voting and fraud a on a massive scale. why not look? >> but are you going to do thist every time because that'sy ti almeways -- this is not newthis information. >> i get it.ett >> they've always talked aboutsd voter irregularities and allnd this >> i get it but i say if you know if that's what it takes sos be it.t. we're in a state where nobodyred believes anyone any more. m >> i don't think they'll believe this either.hink th >> they've done done a recount such a wide gap.e g they've dawn recount whennt there's like 100 vote difference or something this like 10,0000 votes dife so -- -- >> i say that this whole thing t was so divided and it comes dowd to this. t a lot of people i fear will feef like their vote doesn't matteroe because of the popular vote vot versus electoral college. colle >> we had that before. >> true. t i can remember when we've seen such passion.sion look i got caught up a bernieer rally in new york city back iney the day. so it egg sight the youth peopll millennial group we always talkl about and so, you know, if the t
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then it's done. >> do you think people believetp it?le >> then at that point what are you going to do.pointing >> you can't do anything.'t do i >> right. >> you spent the moneyig. >> all right.ight. 9:14 is the time. is thtime redskins play off dreams heightg now be in someone's hands.s hds they are in someone else's else' hands. we'll show you the em picketet yesterday's loss may have had oe the rest of the season and whatw they need to fix fast if theyhe want to keep their hopes alive.i >> and later, it is show time at a pop low legendary variety show is backhc on the the small screen and this morning host steve harvey givess us a sneak peek at what tok at w expect this time around.s ti aro it is 9:14.:1 we'll be right back.l be rht ba. ??
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redskins play off hopes took a hit sunday.lay nday major hit after they droppedro their second straight now despite the fact the redskins had tenges days to get ready for arizona the offenseheo and defense came up short and the red zone offense they stilll need a lot of work.or tough calls from the officialsfc as well that didn't it never does.everoes. final score in this one, 31-23 cardinals win. now any hope for a spot in the playoffs basically lies in thein hands of other teams. tms for details now we got mondayony
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we turn to fox5's grant paulsenu who does not have a hand ind whether they're going to make tm playoffs or not but some other teams that do.o grant, let's talk about whatut happened yesterday a lot ofed ye people on social media talkingai about the defense let them down. i'm still pointing to the fact f again we have this high powered offense with all these hi paid p dudes and all these very skillel players and they are good, butut six points in the first half.f. two field goals. goa is this coaching, play calling,i what's going on here? what is the problem? >> rep little bit play calling, coaching, lack of execution.cuti six points in the first half, h, that's also attributable to thee defense who couldn't get off the there's a 15 play drive to start the game when you had 10 days ts prepare fort cardinals.dinals where they allowed a third and d 11 and a third and 12 to beo when the cardinals possess thehe football as long as they were ag able to, the defense should have been fresh and by not getting to the side line your offenser off doesn't get many drives thet ma redskins came out offensivelyffy they committed two penalties pes before their second snap, theysn
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drive in the first half as you y mention the.ion they weren't able to cash in ana had to kick a field g they got it going frankly whenle you score in the mid 20s in0s points routinely like you areika you should be able to win morene games than they an t defense over the last month last given up close to 30 points a game. you're just not going to be abll to win doing that very often. >> so how do you fix this? i mean, right now, you're back iss against the wall.agnst th every game from now on pretty aa much within situation. situation the only up side to this the t giants and the eagles also lostt so how do you fix this, where dd you go from here? her >> reporter: well, i think the offense you spoke to needs to be crisper. a lot of pcrressure on them as u mentioned most salary cap and the money they spent on that tht this team is on the that side oe ball.ll it's not necessarily fair toly o expect them to score 30 a week that's will it take defensivelye they aren't that good right noww the first thing they can't havet a hack they only score six sco points. points you need to play close to a
9:20 am
out of your final four haven't a trance chance to make the place off. the tampa bay buccs moved aheade of them in the wild card chase c that's a team you need now to nt start losing football gamesootbl quickly but the redskin on thein road in philly desperate for wir if they're going to make to m playoffs they've got to beat tht frank physical you're a play ofo team that's game you into he ha to win any way. way you can drop back to back games against teams you're better thaa and expect to make the playoffso in d >> you mentioned the m situations.tuat dallas cowboys are in firstrs place in the division but alsoo playing some of the teams thatea could help the redskins if the t dallas cowboys beat these teams. is it a sin for the redskinsskin skins to root for the cowboys tt beat those teams because if thee cowboys beat those teams down d the stretch, and the re skins rs win, the redskins move up. is it okay for them to route foe the cowboys?bo >> reporter: it's okay if youayi want the redskins to make theakt playoffs.ay that's what needs to happen. h
9:21 am
dallas cowboys to win any timenm they're playing any teams the te redskins are vying against for g the wild card as weird as thatha sound. so here's how you can make it okaym i think if your everything is about is aut justification, right? i think?t what you can tell yourself toelf help yourself sleep at night is, setting up maybe redskins fansks for them to lose in the firsther play off game they play att 15-one and then it was add to at the devastation andnd disappointment of that team andm their fan base.r fan b if you want to justify it thatyt way. there's no doubt. dou they play mp the schedule the rest of the wat teams like detroit these are the clubs the redskins are competini against. so you got to hope that the cowboys do continue to winwi because it would benefitenefit >> all right.>> a rig grant we appreciate your timeurt this morning.orng. hopefully this time next weekt w vela different conversation con because look at the rest of thef schedule right l eagles, eles, panthers, bears, giants, i mean, technically they could get allol of these games but you neverer know. >> you never know. >> reporter: going to do it.o do >> you going to do it. d i thank you grant. grant
9:22 am
my rifle. i want my rival to win everyn e single game.. so when i beat them, the victory is even greater.reater and it makes your couldn'tour friend bet >> okay.>> oy. >> right? >> all right. eskwell, all i know the redskins squandered yesterday. they squandered a golden opportunity yesterday.esterday they fall back to the back of b the pack even further back than they were. so now, they almost -- the fansf almost have to root for dallas. >> let me follow what you'reloay saying. so we need to route for dallas a so that dallas can win which w does what >> s the teams that are ahead --he - redskins are out of the playoff because of yesterday. yterd >> right. ms the teams that are ahead of the redskins play tthe dallass cowboys.s. >> gotcha if the i cowboys beat those teams. >> i follow you. therhose other teams come downth to our level maureen we want to bring otherrg people down to our level.urev >> right the redskins still havv to win their games. they still got to win.o w you want dallas to beat the b teams ahead of you because youou keep squandering these tse opportunities. >> i understand it now. i undstn >> key word is squander. san >> all right. that's right. >> i'm on board. >> okay.n
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coming up the grim search form r more bodies and answers afteriew that warehouse fire inouse fe i california. california plus a vic.k four for the for t pipeline protesters in north ino dakota and college football four best teams go to the playoffs. . beeamseams. there's discussion happeningdisc about that too. we'll have all the details whenn we check what else is makingel headlines next.. >> later, make sure your manour looks his best this holiday season. celebrity stylist is sharing his favorite looks coming up next. here's a little sneak peek right now. you're w
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?? ? >> 9:26. time for a check of what else ie making headlines this morningni and first up, update now on that horrifying scene in oakland,n od california.rnia death toll from warehouse firese is now at 36 and that includesne teenagers unfortunately.tunate as many as one hadn't dread people were inside the buildingn when it caught fire during aurig dance party late friday this morning, firefightersighter continue to dig through what isa left of the warehouse using buckets and shovels as they for people believed to still beo missing. city planning officials open ana inquiry last month aftery st m complaints about the warehouse from neighbors. oakland's mayor says the city iy doing everything it can in ordeo to fully investigate how the hoe fire next up a big win fora bin o protesters and indian tribe inin north dakota. the controversial dakota accessa pipeline is on hold for now. federal government putting thene brakes on the mostly finishinish project.t u.s. army corps of engineersng released a statement yesterday saying the best way to completet that work responsibly and
9:27 am
alternate routes for the pipeline could having.g. pipeline was pin finish with the company building it needing toeg permission to cross under a missouri river reservoir. >> cubans bidding farewell too fidel castro after eight days of morning and a nationwide toure r with his ashes. ash raul castro placed the ashes inside a tomb is a cemetery in santiago.go well wishers left flowers in his honor and memory.ory well this is the weirdes rashes, headaches, just some of the complaints that has flight attendants complaining about american amern airlines brand new uniforms.rms okay. so this morning the union that union tha represents them is demanding a full recall.ecal american airlines holding offnen though on recall it says they're confident the uniforms are safes but they are looking into whatno is causing the reaction.n. a union believes -- the unionni said it's not fabric but ratherr something to do with the actuall manufacturing >> i don't get that..
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>> i don't know. kno who am i an expert in thisinhi sorry?sorry? >> no. >> finally, actually i am. ask me final the match up for the for e college football playoffs offset. if you it on four shot right our now. a lot of complaints.s the four teams who made it in number one alabama will take onn number four washington on on december 31st.cemb later that same day, the must bb two and the number three teamsea will battle it out. o so far it doesn't seem too odd.d clemson and ohio state. but this morning there are a lot of football fans who think the committee got it all wrong wro period. why do the buck eyes get in over in ove penn state who beat them and want the big 10 championship.hi >> fair question.ion >> commit cited strength of schedule.schedule. >> is this the first yearthis te they've done that?'vdone >> no. this is the fourth year they've' done this format. the four teams are in. are i >> this is the first time a team that did not within the not whi conference championship isn't't ing.g. >> that's to the fair.hat' >> the team that won the t
9:29 am
ohio state.tate >> both schools have huge -- hu >> what's the difference.iffenc. >> program and alumni, right. rt >> they do but the ohio state se university bigger than -- than >> when it comes to collegeit cm football. i mean penn state is hugeug obviously don't get me wrong but it's -- the ohio state is ae is different level.difft le >> and here's -- when they wentn to this -- t >> they have urban meyer.rban m >> they have urban meyer.eyer. it's ad program.. ohio state is much bigger as far as tv ratings thee do these thee things for rating.atg when they have a on this committee in the backheb room trying to be fair it's not fair. >> there's whole lot of thingsho that come intole play.. >> they look at and say ohio state has this and this and this. this is why we'll put them on tv. >> ah. >> who will watch? >> who is going to bring>> w inn bigger audience? who willho wil travel more? penn state fanstef would travel, too, but the ohio state fans might travel evenve e more. >> you have the put in front of your name. yo >> you've got support.o. >> bottom line the team thateama
9:30 am
second place.ce. >> loser.>>er. >> the loser. ler >> the wisdom martin. >> you got the tease. tse >> football just a game but the nfl serious business and nows some fans and players say it's s more like the no fun league.e. coming up next, three newew examples that may prove therove critics right.itics ght. >> plus our first chance for some real bonafide wintrye wtr weather. mike thomas track something raig on the way and he's going togo t join us live with the seven dayy and then fresh at 10a good day's first ever linge show, oh, my.y. move over victoria secret mucheh this morning we're showing you how to summon your inner angelnl with help from a local shop sp owner.ow it is 9:30.:3 >> are though wings? i sure i r hope so.o. >> we might be. we'll be right back. rightk. ??
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>> 9:33. talk about a panda who notice how to chillax bout a. >> remember a minute, is that his foot up on the rock.foot u t >> this panda is like i'm all il for this relaxation bit. >> so queue. >> national zoo the panda housea was closed for a bit.nda s osedb it reopened this morningit at 9:00. >> this is bei bei actually. >> recovering from surgery. >> that's a yoga pose.g fromhat i'yom almost sure of it. i >> had an intestinal problem ham surgery for that but it looks it like bei bei is on the mend anda just kind of letting things hang out. >> all hang out. alhang >> he's -- look this is my homeo i'm going to relax.. his little hand over his face. >> i cannot face mondays.. >> challenge our viewers to comt up with a meme for this. >> mondays, right. mondays, rig i don't do mda >> i love it.. >> i need another cup of coffee. >> how cute are you? y? >> all right. right >> or just the eyes -- i just j can't. >> i just can't.usn't. >> yeah.>> >> that's bei bei.s bei i. >>.aww. >> hilarious. nfl the national football league
9:35 am
that should be what it's calledc right, aft this weekend proved p the name is serious business. >> that's right.t's we'll start with theri paniers p versus the see hawk. cam newton's up ability to start the game. if you're wondering why itth waa fashion faux pas because camas e newton was benched for the first offensive play he didn't wear aware a tie from the team's tea' flight to seattle on friday. mvp says he got to pack the sht.t. players to wear a tie.a tie instead veteran derek anderson o started the game through ane interception on the first play. setting the tone for a tough game for the panthers. the pers. >> to be clear, though, that'sug the coach's rule not the nfl rule. le. >> right. >> the coach's rule.e. >> after the incept exception he can be like cam forget that tiet bit. >> he did after he through thehe pick. derek anderson went back to the bench. >> dumb rule. >> next. >> here's the deal. d let's go to chicago now. n chicago versus the 49ers. they're taking on the bears.ea
9:36 am
eastern in the game.rn i what better way to celebrate the game's first touchdown than with a little fun in the snow. >> snow angel. ang >> nfl doesn't think that'ss funny not so fast. fas 49ers punter don tan johnson j with a snow he stepped out of bounds at thed 4-yard line not only was it not touchdown but the ball was atast the 19-yard line. lin 49ers were forced to settle forl a field goal nfl rules prohibitt players from going to the groung to celebrate. >> but it's a snow angel. >> really? >> okay. >> and finally to california the riders hosting the bills. bills were called for roughingig the kicker after coming intoo contact with his leg. l he pick up the flag that wasg tt flown and waived it in the air. >> now, okay. >> i don't have a problem a witness the ref -- >> the ref blew the whistle thot little act. but it was not ruled taunting tn because the flag dance was not t directed at any bills player. pe >> i think he should have gotte in trouble for tro f
9:37 am
showed a game earlier maybe note yesterday but earlier in the season green bay where someom players did snow angels and thet did not get in trouble.. >> it's all subjective to the refs. >> it really is.t re this started way way way back i the day with this silliness witw the fun bunch with the redskinsn i remember the fun bunch with b the redskins in the end soap and jump and celebrate they got inty a fight with the dallas cowboys they got nobody can celebrateeb any more. >> no more f >> no more fun period. period. that's when it all started.. >> you know who is always fun.n. >> who is that. >> mike thomas! >> hey, i missed i wish they'd e bring it i remember watching ochocinco on play golf with whatever --ha >> i don't mind it either. eith. even it's entertaining. >> mild please. >> ochocinco.. >> child, please. plee. >> let's do a little weather wea here. here temperatures around the region o on the chilly side.on t chi
9:38 am
frederick as well. everybody out of the 30s exceptc west minster still hanging inan the theirs at 37 satellite/radar we did have raii overnight that push off.nit th no more rain today.e rain today put the you will bream la awayma not too far away we do have he another storm system gatheringin strength just to the south willo come our way tomorrow and giveod us more rain for your tuesdayr t afternoon much here just thech u general setup.etup storm season down here. down h high pressure is in control con overhead that means sunny that u conditions for us this afternoon and we'll it dry. d as comes up tomorrow, it will givev us pretty good chance of rapee f especially the second half of the day and temperaturesperau especially during the first hall will be cool enough i can't evet rule out a little bit of wintryy precipitation.ecat again, cold, dry air pushing ing from the north warmer mild airrl coming up from the south.. those two combined and we donedw have at least the chance for fer pocks of sleet.s s a lot like last night.t nig you probably didn't even noticen if you missed it last night ania few areas leesburg, virginia,gii columbia, maryland, saw some sleet late late last
9:39 am
stores. don't panic.don't ic and don't worry about yourut ing commutmmute. it will not be anything to causu any sort of issue there.. just fun to see this time ofhi t year. all right. as we move through the day h day today, again, sunny for theny ft afternoon much but tonight weonw have clouds that will move backc into the region by about 10, 11:00 o'clock.11:0 they will stay through the willt overnight hour.hrnigh morning commute looks dry butut you can see some of the pinke m there.ther that's those pocks of sleet andt then by the afternoon hours,on u we're seeing some rain push up u into southern maryland, maybeanm some showers here around aun 3:00 o'clock and then the rain looks like it will come inn just in time for the eveningning commute. tuesday evening commute plan onl maybe a little bit of eanxtrafra time. it may take awhil e.. 55 degrees later on this afternoon again we have thernoo clouds for now.n we get into the sun by the afternoon. afte it's pretty pleasant for the day today. to 39 degrees tonight a chillyhilly night. clouds build in through the overnight hours.ds buierni take look at your fox5 accucc weather seven day forecast.t 45 and chilly for your tuesday.d and yes, it does look wet wet especially the second half the c day. 55 on wednesday.sday and then as mentioned earlierarr here come the winter cold forr f
9:40 am
friday a high of only 40 and thd winds will be blowing it willngl feel like the 20s and 30s all al day friday and saturday as well. december is here everybody. all right. back to you. ightba.>> all ks, ks, mike. ready to roll the dice muchh anticipated mgm grand they willi and casino getting ready for itf grand opening at national whoio are bow. >> it's this thursday.o>>t' the casis no will welcome guestt for the very first time.t t our babb bernard getting a sneak today. i have noticed they haven't letn you inside. yo good morning. >> reporter: morning.g. yeah, three days is the grand ir opening. openin thursday december 8th but inut just about half hour we're going to be welcomed inside the new mgm national harbor.arbor get to look around, meet some oo the people there. the erin como will also be in there and tweeting out some photose want have you.e u. we'll be back on air about 10:20, 10:25 and i'll give youey my first reviews of what we sees see inside in the quick shortho deder. they're letting us tour untils u about noon today. you see there's still a lot ofa work being done here, and dhere
9:41 am
roadways.. there's a lot of activity down here still as this $1.4 billioni resort spends 10 millions dollars for trafficfor tic infrastructure and, you know,no, helpful ways to get uh-uh in ana out. out. we spoke to aaa to get their sense from tom kill kenny of tht effort that is being made herebh to make it easy for to here ton want to come back. >> they've invest another lot of money really in the invmoney rel infrastrlyucture around this lae facility.ty for instance, they've widenedst thanece roadways, they also havt in really state of the artrt camera system so they can seeeys what's going on at every seconds life and they can have multiple jurisdictions, police fromsdons, multiple jurisdictions in thensi command center. co so that they can make decisionsc
9:42 am
traffic signals if necessary. >> reporter: so they're expecting 30,000 people on thursday.thursd roughly 20,000 is theirrougy 20 estimate. 20,000 people every day at leasa initially here to come to see ts this resort here nationa harbor. and so they know it's going to be an issue withehy traffic.ff it's going to be congested as you heard tom say guys the folkf here at mgm national harbor ando local authorities have done isee try to make it i easy.y they'll have cross their fingers that you geu here and then it's not so rough that you won't want to come k back. >> yes. >> okay. we'll see inside in half anl sen hoursi. bob, thanks so much.hanks >> reporter: you bet. >> okay. i just want to take a quicka second if nobody says it today,y happy 18th anniversary ladies. e >> thank you. >> sticking it out. >> last saturday 18 years agorsa last saturday i started here at fox5.x5. >> wow, congrats.ongrats >> isn't that amazing.>> isn't >> i know. tha as
9:43 am
>> i wasn' >> thank you for remembering f m allison. alliso that's very sweet.y eet >> congratulations. it is show time at the>> apollo again. agai you never start singingne something you don't want to sino the whole thinu g but you can'ty help yourself.he you >> exactly. >> i apologize. >> it's show time at the apollol city harvey brings back the bact legendary show with two hourtwr special right here on fox5.t heo first he's giving us a sneak preview.iew it is inn 9:43. ?? ?? >> bei bei -- >> he move his hand like on the head woe, is his me >> he put his leg down. >> why am i covering up thisgp cute face.cute face. >> right. >> i love >> is he going to be a part oftf our lingerie fashion show. sw >> i think that's what's i t enppening. >> look a the at had little paws on the news. >> good news, panda house
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
?? all right. 9:00 frick is the time. 00 fri time at the apollo. all >> now everybody is singing it.g >> that's how you do it allison. >> show time at the apolloll returns to the small screens tot tonight right here on fox5.ox5. >> this time around thedhe legendary variety show host steve harvey because he needse n one more thing to do will bedo b hosting this is too adam housely caught up with up w steve for a sneak peek. >> there is no other stage,. s
9:47 am
presents two hour hosted byoste steve harvey.. it will feature star-studdedstud performance ands new talent. harvey shared his personaler connect to the theater.nnect to>> this building launched myhd career in television. this building made me have to be a certain w you know, look, i tell anybody,y if you can perform in thiss building, you can performu capef anywhere. >> reporter: he says stepping sp milestone for artists. artts >> this is like a provi ground. everybody knew it. anybody that was somebody, iebod mean you look at some of theme tapes. why would adam sandler come here.. why would he know lay sis come m here? why? because they knew,, they knew, man. m if you could come here and pass the test, you were the real l deal. sim he pell as that.pell as th
9:48 am
apollo amateur night will alsola be a part of the special. >> when you're performing andu'm you're not performing at the att level we expect, people to puto out on that stage, you get booed. so come on and let's find out if you got it or it or not >> reporter: as for the lineup joining him it includes johnohn legend, flow ride today, tracy t morgan, among many others.. >> chris rock, george lopez, martin lawrence, um, bivdevo. salt and pepper. big daddy cane. current stars of today.od it's going to be huge. one of the best specials of thee year on tv. that i can promise you. >> reporter: show time at the apollo airs december 5th only on fox. f
9:49 am
news. ne i think adam extended his -s >> we need a snappy sign off. o >> we got to work on it. it. okay. okay i'm looking forward to thathat show. 9:49 is the time. coming up making sure the guy in your live looks his best this b holiday season. celebrity stylist sharing his favorite winter station adviceoc like this. hello, handsome.e we're back with more after thist >> is that what you wear to the grocery store. >> i think so. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love.
9:50 am
we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
9:51 am
oh, that's lovely... so graceful. the corkscrew spin, flawless... ...his signature move, the flying dutchman. poetry in motion. and there it is, the "baby bird". breathtaking. a sumo wrestler figure skating? surprising. what's not surprising? y switching to geico.
9:52 am
?? >> calling all classic men innga the dmv. everyone wants to look theirll best around the wants to holidn that we're talking the hottest looksl when temperatures drop and herea to help us out guy who knows ano thing or two about fashion derek, has work with beyonce', solange knowles, dwayne the roce johnson. miranda kirsh, header graham too name a future he joins us lives in the loft to talk about men'ss fashion want you shall be doingi right this holiday season.son wait. dwayne the rock johnson let me o touch you. y >> you're so funny. fny >> you're so funny.ny >> i am in love with this man. m
9:53 am
and i owned company in miami.. so when we were down there were used to work with a lot ofot different people so my company kind of handled a lot com of different celebrities. >> i love it that you've donet e celebrities and we can talkwe c about people of different sizess shapes, whatever but they allhe look fantastic which is a commom thread in all of it. i >> you know what's interestinghr about that comment, peoplent,eo always think celebrities are ala like models. mods. that's so -- it's the oppositee actually. actually everyone is a different body shape. i used to work with darlene lovn the oscar winner and years old.. >> and still looks phenomenal. >> looked amazing every d you've got three very handsome m men we'll get to that. t dress fog the holiday season can be a little tricky because youay never know am i going to be ovee dress the, under dressed you'rer showing us looks that tiehat together a lot of different dfe things. >> i went to joe say bang and bg got great great looks that l t really easy to wear and. a >> avenue forrable.nue fo. >> and very of a forrable g this is great meet the parents. mt th >> i like that look. lk.
9:54 am
the hottest hottest things you t can own this year. yr. especial al bomber jack. i had to get a bomber numberum one. one. >> okay. >> >> then i mixed my plaids i'm all about mixing the plaids. pid >> i would never thought to do r that. >> here's the trick.ere's tr you take one common color. col >> okay. >> so once you get that one common color little bit of blue all the way through.ough >> um-hmm. >> little bit of gray. l it. >> work. >> it really work, right? it's. k, rig? i really fun.t's it's really fresh, really chic.i this is part of their 1905 collection clean american a collections. joseph a bud does it.ud ds it >> that it looks amazing. >> let's talk about the sue. tal >> yes.>> yes. >> going to work specialsly s being here in d.c. everyone ise wearing suit to work every day,d right? so i wanted to get a a very clean classic suit but then how do you go out at night? ig that's the big trick, right. rht >> yes, yes.>> yes, yes. >> during the day, now i add add couple little extra thing. tng number one, i love a pocket >> we do, too.. our man wisdom martin -- >> very as you can see i mixed my plaid
9:55 am
>> with the paisleys.psl >> and the colors so i'm really mixing my colors up but that's a very clean classic suit.ic suit. >> looks amazing. >> so simple.>> ssimp then he's got his gym bag his gm everybody is going to the gymth now and to kind of bring it upri for night, i got a scarf forrfor him. him. another plaid. >> throw it on that dresses himh a little bit. >> there you go.>>re you go. >> i'd go to dinner with you. >> i love that. love it. [ laughter ]ught >> i got him a fedora so he can be rat p >> true classic.rue classic. here's what i like about this every guy likes frank sin nat traffic light every guy can get away with that.t >> you can. c >> really can.eally >> fedora dresses it up and. >> we got a minute left.ef let's get to the classic. >>uxededo. so classic number one biggestig thing i hear all the time shouls i rent or buy. >> exactly. always buy a tuck seed dough. dh >> why. >> here's the trick. because you'll end up -->> h yoy it, you have it forever.. >> okay. >> here's the trick. >> okay. oka this is a big trick if you're yr guy that's waist goes up and a
9:56 am
and have them pinch the back ofk the waste.the ste. >> ah, you can let that little -- >> you can let it out again can depend ling on the season. seaso if you're eating a lot. l if you're not f you're in theoue gym, if you're not in the gym.ym >> great trick.ri >> i made this more fun, right? with the boot tin near and whatnot.t joe say banks they -- joseph a banks they sell it in the in t packet. you can change it every season.e i love blew clearly. i do a loft blue. >> we have a couple more seconds left. le you've been like cover boys whaw i'll call it. cit. let's show a couple of your you've done le paul magazine ana luxury style dodge we have thos covers we can show.n sh. >> i'm on the cover decemberecbe issue of luxury style right nowg >> you wow. thahat's you. >> that's me. >> wl, h hello. >> in front of the los angelesng public library.ic library. >> you are looking good.ou >> a but then i think you have v some other covers, right?ight >> can we show them? >> okay.ka this is i own and direct the lee paul magazine this is our brandd new cover with jamie alexander.
9:57 am
the second yesterday shoots of the and derek huff who i love and so much fun. f >> we're out of time. you guys look amazing. where can can if he they find you. >> le paul >> welcome to d.c. d.c. stay if you want. w >> back over to you guys.s. i'll stay here because i want. right over here as a matter of fact. hello. right in the middle. >> looking good, mo.righ>>oo >> look at thakit.ha looking good.g go. listen real quickly coffeecf time here on good day if you'veu been looking at our mugs you oum it's a new good day dunkin'un donuts mug we give away every day. so just head to our website fda5 or check out ouo facebook page to enter the contest we'll choose one lucky c winner by random drawing. hurry up, you only have until 11a. 11 good day at 10a on the other side.
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10:01 am
>> must see moments on good day 10a. victoria secret fashion show tonight but why wait? we have one of our own life. also live at 10a it's been years in the making and during thise t show, wehis will get our first o at the new mgm national har plus, we have a major a announcement what we havehat wee planned later this live in thd e loft, new song is burning up the charts. cha stevie wonder even a fan. josh is here and yup he's performing. >> plus she styled everything s from jennifer hudson to theenni firsfetr lady so what are the hottest hairstyles this holiday? we find out live. liv what a way to star the week.e we good day at 10a. roll it.
10:02 am
>> i love this song.on might be the cheerleader in me.. >> right. >> i never heard it outside of i game. >> i don't think i have ever.'tt >> i heard it one other time.hi. >> really? in the loft? >> no. i can't say where i'm heard it.m >> ya'll ready for this.a' good day atll 10a. 1 that was a was joke. >> i don't want to know. d >> you toll me you don't go tont those places.osp >> no, no new york city no, n absolutely not.o ne ab game time innle his own place.ce >> got it. you know what i'm saying?may >> you know what i >> that's way said to ya'll ready for this. t [ laughter ] >> hey, good day d.c. we're so glad you're with us i'm holly morris alongside -- are - you blushing? [ laughter ] [ >> maureen, allison and wisdom.w steve is enjoying the morningor off on this monday.on right out of the gate at 10:02 1 we'll go ahead and check what'sa trending and first up, glitz and glamor in the district lastict l night at the 39th annualnnua kennedy center honors.or this was president obama and oba first lady michelle obama's
10:03 am
among the honorees al pacino,in james taylor, the eagles, blue singer mavis staples and are a jenn tine pee an nast margaret.e the performers were recognized for influencing ameri culture. talk show host tee fenn colbertt this is the last official offic kennedy center honors the firsti familiar l attend when they mads their entrance last night theyhy got a warm welcome and a and standing ovation. >> this is part of our had heurh y president and mrs. kennedy.y they understood how fight art it to our democracy.ra we need song and cinema andnd paintings and performance to help us challenge our assumptions to question the way thing are and maybe inspire uspi to think about how thing might t be. the arts help us celebrate our triumphs but holds up a mirror r to our flaws and all of that tha
10:04 am
human condition.dition it helps us to see ourselves ini each it helps to find us together as people. >> the program was taped apendaa will air on network tv later this month.. >> always so star-studded andude special.special. >> um-hmm. >> i heard it was a littlet wast emotional with the eagles because member glenn fry died. d >> right. >> so he's no longer with themet so that was emotional moment fon them to be there without him. >> um-hmm.. >> okay. i'll wait until it's televised's because we clearly didn't getn't our invit >> again.gain. >> okay. saturday night live not backingc down from its portrayal of med f elect donald trump and president trump elect president donald dal trump not back on barbing the show for doing so. s it's business as usual. usual this week's topic, trumps' use of twitter.. >> i thought i told to you turnr off your phone. >> i'm sorry i think someonehino retweeted me.. >> seth you're just some randomr kid in high school.choo
10:05 am
>> kellyanne, i just retweeteded the best tweet.we i mean wow a what great smart tweet.t. >> mr. trump, we're in a security briefing.riing >> i know but this could notot wait. it was from a young man named seth, he's 16, niece high school and i really did retweet him this is real. r [ laughter ] >> president-elect not pleasedot with the exit once againe a tweeting this messag saying "just tried watchingchin saturday night live. unwatchable. totally biased.totay bi not funny and the battle baldwin impersonation just can't get any worse.. sad ". to which alec baldwin respondedd with quote release your taxr returns and i'll stop. stop. throughout the campaign -- camig really ugly now.y now throughout the campaign trumprup claimed he wasn't allowed toasno release his returns due to a toa routine that's despite the irs saying hs was free to release
10:06 am
claims he intends to releaseelea them but he doesn't think thatnt people will care.. so for me it's just surreal thaa it crosses from, you know, comedy show that has long parodied politicians into realno life like with the actor who w portrays the politicians.ians. >> right. >> what's real, what's not reals >> one thing we didn't put a woman is going viral she tweeted president-elect trump about hist tweeting basically saying listen you know you've got to just movt on and you're going to be the president of everyone. you can't let thing get to you.y her last name is moscaato a long rant. >> did he answer.we >> it's pretty protect she goese on and on it's gotten a lot of o steam online and going viral. v. if you haven't seen it check iti out. she makes a lot of valid pointst but then again, you know, i kw, think president-elect trump isci having fun at our i'm convince. con >> maybe when he actually getshe in the office and hen has theas real work to do he won't have h
10:07 am
these petty thing. >> the whole president obama did tweet. >> i think it's like anything. it's like the more you make fune of someone, the more they knowyw that it bothers you the more m they'll do it. right?gh >> so -- >> but that seems so self morefr rick behavior. -- sophomore rick behavior.ehio >> on both sides. >> we are in bizarre world right now. now. >> don't try to figure it it will make you crazy.l you c >> let's talk about the seriousr news back here at fake news real dangerous situation northor carolina man facings serious ser charges for bringing a loadedoa begun into a pizza shop inhop i northwest d.c. 28-year-old edgar welch is hiscs name and he was arrested yesterday at comet ping-pongingo pizzeria on connecticut andcticd nebraska avenues. police say around 3:00 p.m. a a man walked in, put gun to the employee's head, somehowd,om everyone was able to get outetut safely and while inside welch wl did fire his gun no one was no e hurt, though, police recovered d two weapons inside theweons
10:08 am
car. now he told police he was there because the pizza shop waszza sh involved in a national fake news story about a pedophilia the man said he was investigates a conspiracy theory about abo hillary clinton running a child sex ring out of that restaurantt >> but he thought it was real,ea ghough. >> he did. .id he. >> which is why he showed up and y hed again poliupce have said melanin alnwick reported all morning all long there is no base to thisnot story. it's completely fake.e they research it.t there's something about satanic ri acace. that has turn out to not be case. se. clearly you see the dangers off these fake new stories we've been reporting on and hownd how they've gotten unfortunatelyly into the main stream and this id what can happen as a result.esul >> the conspiracy theory stories are not new.not ne i mean, i don't understand whyew this one -- one - >> facebook is. >> facebook? >> the way we good it and how i comes >> research it all day and cross check it and --nd - >> if you have a disturb mind --
10:09 am
and what's not real.and you get all the ads that claimha different products do this andpd that and so then you think thata crosses over.r. >> if you're bent to thinkhink something of someone if you're'r already thinking line this person person is evil or can't n do such a thing it's not such s stretch a fake story is a real story.. >> showing up with two guns ands putting a gun to somebody'sody's head. he that's crazy.that >> i haven't heard any remark or the employee who had the gun doing.. obviously that has to be very traumatic. >> and >> if you were there -- - >> restaurant is closed danuran they're asking the communityda come out on friday aaskis a sort hey, we are not going to let l this stop us comet ping-pong iss not the swan of the devil and ad pedophilia ring.phil rin >> it's amazing i don't know iff you ever thought this, we haveav gone to comet ping-pong manypo m times to think that you couldhac have been there and that happene it's an establishment that you go even when you work in thek it
10:10 am
and always seems like it'sys sei happening somewhere else. else. but then all of a sudden it it happens in your paradigm. >> backyard.ard. >> shakes i was little more for sure. >> 10:10 is the time.0:10 is tht four years after the sandy hooko school shooting new psa is raising air wearness aboutne abo school shooting dangers andangea warning signs of a trouble teen. but it does -- but does it show -- did so by showing howwih easy it can be to miss the ms t warning signs. take a look. loo ?? daylight turned to blue, todaye, is the day that johnny met june ?? >> ?? he waited awhile, he knew that--- >> nearly three minute videote v depicts a growing friendship between two high schoolers whata most viewers miss is anotherer student planning a schoolng al shooting in the background.roun video was put out by sandy hooko promise a non-profit advocacyacy
10:11 am
experts every experts sayrts ev warning signs of a troubledpe te include aggression, anger or chronic social isolation.solaon the group says they hope the t video makes parents, teachersch and students more aware. >> i actually watch it. >> yeah. >> i watched the whole thing. >> and it is chilling.llin this is the most where he whe h burst -- the shooter bursts inui you think it's about them. you're so end grossed in what they're doing there's a kid arca student right behind that herehe comes the shooter.the hoot there's a student the gentleman or the young manng and he literally is doing the gun finger at somebody who walkw by. by but you don't see it because you're so end grossed in love story and you thinkos wsehatevee it will -- i mean on nestly itel will make you think differentlyr >> what does it say to do if you recognize someone is doing thisg what are you supposed to do? >> just say >> and just watch it. jush it >> he was literally sitting -- g when you say this scene --,ne - where is he.where is h >> he's the kid right there.theh
10:12 am
engage he puts -- right there he'sre h looking at disturbing images. there he is with the gun.he g you know, you just go passed it. here he is right here, boom, boom. boom and so it just shows was -- how much you miss and --nd >> i'll tell you i missed that e the thing. >> i missed it the first time fm time. >> i did. >> you shall really watch it.hal it's really chilling. rg. >> powerful. >> it makes you look at things s differently i think.hi for me did did >> what we all need to do ineedn order to see the signs.ns >> which is the whole point.leoi >> you need to be talking aboutt as well. >> very important.>> they are in these schools withht lots of people.e >> lots and lots of people.eople >> 10:12 is the time right now.n good day dc showing some skin. . coming up later, we're taking aa page from victoria secrets and hosting very own lingerieinri fashion show live in the loft. f you definitely don't want to wat miss this.hi. >> please don't say these wordsr wisdom. good going gilly move. move. >> i wasn't going to say that.
10:13 am
>> grady wilson from sanford and son. >> oh, my >> first though before we get tt all of that we'll serve up somem hot celebrity dish. >> great going gilly goo.illyoo >> i knew that was coming.
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> tame for good day celebrityro dish. speaking of ignitions -- let'sry talk aboutf igni a kelly. kel that was the name of that song.n >> what are you talking about.ek >> that was the name of the e g song. >> ?? i ignition. >> yeah. >> look here's the's a r kelly was at a concert incerti detroit. put and the picture. because it says a thousandusan words.s. put up the picture. >> that was on the naughty listh >> what you don't see he' performing on stage.. 12 nights of christmas concertce friday night at the legendary fox theater when somebody a fan grabs his --grabis - >> handful of chestnuts thists i holiday season.holi >> doesn't look like he's't lk i complaining. >> i know. i actually think that picture with the good day banner make it look even more worse than whatha it is.s >> than what actually hammed.lle >> i'm just saying.t sin that if she was supposed to makk it look less, i'm not sure we sr achieved that.eved tt >> now i have to search to see e what that image really lookedlod
10:17 am
>> yes. >> nut crackers are big thiss a holiday season.y >> do we think r kelly was r klw really offended by that? tha >> he didn't look like that. lit >> i didn't say he was offendedd we're just telling you whatt happened.happened >> favorite fans hash tag ho,fas ho, ho.h wowow! [ laughter ] >> r kelly merry christmas. >> what would celebrity dish bey without a kanye update.pd >> what would it be without ae t kanye update.kanydate >> this is actually -- it used u to be we would kind of have fun and, you know, make light of the kardashians but now obviouslybvo here. kanye west reportedly not out ot the woods yet but informationti coming out now that he has had h mental health issue in the pastp that were regulated by medication, and that perhaps hes got off of his meds or his medsd got out of balance and that led to the psychotic episode thatha landed him a real until bad wayy and in the hospital and so you o know actually we see this in thn real news all the time.
10:18 am
serious business. b they're not something to takee lightly.ghtl when people take medication forr them it's not something you taku one day, don't take the next t day. >> right. >> and so bad things that kellyy happen if you don't keep on them. so apparently though he's home o now. he's not on 24 hour watch anyny which is good.which and so he's getting better.. >> good. g >> getting better.>> >> all right. >> good for him. we wish him the let's talk about madge now.. nor lighted hearted news. >> she apparently a torch or says she stillti carries a torch for sean penn.n >> how do we know that, wis? >> well because she was had a sd charity open. sean penn was there. >> does chef pants on.ants >> that's a whole other tha conversation right there.s ight. >> she's at this charity event e lot of celebrities were there as well. and madonna offered to remarry sean penn if a certain person ip the audience did bid $150,000.00 she said i'm still in love withw you. she told sean penn that.t
10:19 am
grand. grand. >> he put up for the charity bui then he didn't have to marry heh because someone else actually al out bid him and some of the the things -- this is crazy. some of the things they the auctioned off were never beforef seen pictures from their wedding back in the mid '80s.s. >> they're in love again? ain >> are they still -- yeah.h >> they still have it.. >> did chef to marry somebodyomd else. >> it was the one time bid fromf sean penn that came marriage. mg >> in regards to the charity she raised >> wow. wow. >> for the african nation of malawi. mala >> what's happening here. wi>> shehat' allowed hims to hc himself to her waist, sean betet got handcuffed to her waist shet said the many moments that weree in our marriage.riage >> then they're back together. >> you think they'll get backk together. >> they seem like it. >> you t>> thehink. >> i don't think that he would i
10:20 am
pretty cranky.ray. sorry. >> cranky. >> yeah. i don't think they'll get backih togetheyer. together. i think they had fun that ink thweekend. >> i think they've been backn bk together.ther >> they're probably friends wit benefits. -z abend andk about jay birthday. guess how old jay-z is.old jais 4747. >> you are sharp. >> she looked ahead.>> she s 47 years old. so he decided to have a birthday celebration that was on december 4th and he celebratedth with beyonce', a kelly roland,d, tina knowles. they were at a private dinner parte yat a in la and their frin came by the name of the place was republic.ub >> you think that's what they tt called it. >> i don't know. i just said that.>>justaid that. i just said that. t so any way they were all outell there and it was a big shindig,g and it was so big in fact theytt didn't want anybody on thet ody inside -- outside to see them ss they put up these dark coloredao drapes so no one could take aak peek inside that were pig party they were having inside. wer >> a little private affair. aai >> it wasn't big as beyonce''s party. >> why you going to put tarps pt and whatnot. wtnot >> they can have a good time and
10:21 am
>> maybe it's one much theirhe favorite restaurants. >> i'm surprised you of allouf people are saying it's cool.t's. >> if you're going to t be seen. >> you know who is going out. go >> biebs is going on on tour. t he announced on ellen that next summer he's doing a huge stadium tour.ur he is now been on ellen like 277 mes.s. >> really?eally >> 26th appearance.eance. i'm sorry. sry his 26th appearance on ellen.. he often makes exclusive excve announcements when he's on and d so his latest stadium tore next year.ea get your tickets now, >> yeah. i'm going>> to do that.. now, what is he wearing? weari >> is that plastic? what has he got on on this -- look at this. >> white haines t shirt. >> i'm talking about the pants.n pants that jj evans wore back ib the '70's. >> then their retro. r >> he'll sell out the
10:22 am
screaming fans everywhere. more money in his pock.eyn hi didn't he retire? that's way said. apparently not.parentot came out of the retirement. othe >> welcome back. >> they're your celebrity dish u for monday. >> thank you so much.>> tha s >> delicious. zen 22:00 is the time.n 22:0is t coming up a little later singer josh x from behind the scenes as empire making news for himself e in the music world.. he'll join us with a special ape performance you don't want tonco miss it. he's standing by right there. te >> our first look inside the new mgm national harbor we'reboe' showing wa t doors finally only in just a fea doors finally only in just a fea more days.ays. ?? more days.ays. taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
10:23 am
?? ?? ?? ??
10:24 am
10:25 am
?? all right. ready to roll the dice.oll if you are the much anticipated mgm grand hotel and casino getted ready for its grandts grd opening at the national harbor e this thursday. casino will kell welcome guestsg for the very first time and oura bob barnard getting a sneak peep today actually going to head toh inside and tell us what it'st' looking like in there. good morning, bob >> reporter: hey, good morning. mo i just was inside and i took a few photos and snapped them fort you. this is one of the two mains entrances onhere.e entr you see the mgm line here the logo, and there's valet parkingi you go inside and there's a big beautiful lobe. we can show you some of the pictures they're letting us taks today. they didn't want us going livee inside. they didn't want us doingins d facebook live inside theyinhe allowed to us take pictures muce this is a big beautiful opulent
10:26 am
into the lobby there that --- it's big and wide and open and beautiful.beau we can go through the next nex photos here.. you'll see we've seen lookingnoo down on there.. there's a couple of restaurantss that you can access from the main lobby and what they're doing, they'ree taking tours. groups of people are going around. there is, um, also constructiont people there.le still working.working. i mean they've got lot of work w to do still inside they'll have' there's the front desk and theye were posing for us very happy tt have us in there. tre they're taking media groups. my colleague erin como is ino i there in groups of five or so they wouldn't let us look insidd the ballroom there but they the say -- i mean it will be one of the biggest in the area. i went to wash my hand much thim is a fancy sing i've never seene it before on the left you get g your soap, in the middle you geh your water and that chrome barco on the right is actually a handh drier so you actually dry your y
10:27 am
sink. nk so something unusual very nice e stalls and what have you.hat hay and this is the lobby bar. there's one gentleman therere working on something.omething no bartender yet. y but that's the lobby bar and so basically it's what you see at s your finest resorts here in in this one will be opening to thee public on thursday night at 11:00 o'clock.ock. they did what we're hearing wass like a soft opening last week. . it was actually for maryland man gaming officials.icials they had the whole casino lit ul with maybe 250 employees.mpye they went aro everything was working.eryt w what we heard was they did veryv well. well there's going to be another onee early this week ahead of the the opening on thursday.rsday. so another run through forgh for gaming officials.. we understand little birdie tolt me that tonight employees areyea able to bring their familiesilie here tonight.ight have dinner, check everythingg out, kind of like a pep rally in a mellow way for all the all families of the nearly 4,000rly0 people who will be working herer and then we'll see how thingshig go.
10:28 am
the first night that this placee opens, and we'll see how the roadways handle everything.rythn they've got like one lane one direction, one way roads aroundd the resort and then you got thet feeder, the bell way and 295 ana they've made some adjustmentss guys. we'll see how it goes.oes. they're expecting a lot ofe pe people and what they will see is something pretty fancy here atet national harbor. harbo >> i'll bet.. >> bob barnard -- >> exciting. can't wait. >> yes, it is we have jeff correct me if i'm wrong we have another surprise for later this week fromave the >> we do.>> we do >> live there all day on -- alla morning long on thursday morning. >> thursday mog. >> broadcasting life. >> doing our show live from ouri there. >> wow. >> new view.>> new v >> waiting for one more name. n wis you and i are going. >> lucky seven.even. lucky sevens.
10:29 am
>> i'm take your spot n.pot >> i'll make it up for youor brother. >> who needs the victoria secrec when you watch good day dc. coming up next our first ever lingerie fashion show advice for guys before you start shoppingg for your significant other. othr >> i would watch that.. >> women watching to channelg to their inner angel.r ner ange right now 10:29. 10:29 back in a mommy.
10:30 am
10:31 am
10:32 am
?? all right.> it's holiday tradition almost as beloved as catching your y favorite christmas movie annual victoria secret fashion showho angels hit the runway in parisnr last week for the show airingri tonight. but this morning we're bringingg the show to you first. fst so without any further a do, we'll present the first ever eve good day lingerie show. allison >> what? we have professionals in here for >> i know. i know. >> this is nice. nic are we bringing in stephanie? p she's the owner. we got the fashion show first. you look stunning my hot pink and black. >> this is danica edwards.dwds
10:33 am
>> there's no place foror microphone, wisdom.m >> i understand. i understand. .> thank you danica >> all right.ig this is taria everett.verett is that correct? i got thatecto right, allison.llison >> all right. he>>rocking they're rocking t fashion this morning. okay. >> michelle you look stunning.g. beautiful.ti come on over. then i choke that i can wear this but maybe not -- >> cap tan. >> underneath is -- yes. y i don't know what that is.. >> every little thing.hi >> should i know what a calf tan >> explain that to you to meouom >> all right.ll rig i think that's our models. mod so this is stephanie jason thehe owner hasn't brought all theseal beautiful looks in of will heilh abuse tee yea adams morgan --ga adam morgan's own.. welcome to the the >> thank you for having me. you f>> i'm not sure we didn't have you talk when the laiddies werew
10:34 am
locks and what's hot in lingerie right now.. >> michelle is wearing a classic french lingerie set and she's wearing a bra that you can use for multiple occasions.asio inn corned with wardrobe and a she's also layered it with a skirt over high waste pantiesh and you can see thewa nice frene lace detail around. >> so pretty. prey. i think that looks like a dress stmost. it's so complete.. >> almost allison.llison. >> where could one wear that? >> the zinc about this piece is that you could put -- my drap mp dress on with it and you would u see the detail of the skirthe st under 19. >> oh pretty.>> oetty. >> wear the with a coat or >> it's for layering.s folaye >> okay. >> all of these good ford for layering for some of these forhe private use. use >> i'm just asking. ag. >> you can use it for bt >> wear this to work, put workor
10:35 am
home to your man. man >> exactly or you can go out go after work you have a date witht your husband or partner but you're set to go because youausu already wearing your lingerie you make the most of what you'v' spending for lingerie. >> it's so special. >> is it comfortable? because e it looks like it might have restrictive?e? >> so this is a pencil skirt.l t in every pencil skirt -- it'st' very comfortable because it's is very stretch. stretch fits her perfect.erct >> i'm curious about the hooksho right over here because i'm a he detail kind of guy.ind guy what are those hooks for? sr. some something i don't need to n know. details maybe. >> taria is wearing waste sinte cher it helps to search the waistline it has garter a tajed. you can't use this wtaintertime use it with your hosiery andry a this is also a skirt. ski
10:36 am
and dresses, but these arehese e pieces that you can incorporatee with your every day wear.r. >> i do what they're love doing with the brass with the detailss it looks beautiful but you'reut not necessarily seeing cleveg ce latch. more conservative look. >> exactly. >> we are in d.c. >> we only got 30 seconds left. last two. >> danica is wearing a bra let with she can use to lounge in.n use o >> i think i saw prince wearingi them one i'm not kidding. >> exactly.xa >> she has a robe which is goodb for thee wh holiday because it h that fur feel of it. >> tony is wearing -- >> stopper. >> kimono and panties with wit garters she doesn't have to doa the three looks but she can juss put stockings with her undies ue and also she could wear a bra b that has a details which
10:37 am
>> wisdom that's how the clips work? work? >> on the hose. >> the clips are on then the e stockings.ocking >> gotcha. all right. >> that's what the clips arewh for.atre >> gotcha. what ladies used to do before the whole panty hose. he. >> gotcha.>>otcha >> my bra is all a part oftf wearing it as a wardrobe.ob. >> i love that, gorgeous.geou let's give folk the address. >> 1744 columbia road northwesth located on the second floor in i adams morgan.gan. we do bra fitting, personal perl fitting and lingerie styling. sg >> there's a whole other segment about we're wearing the long bra ladies. >> very important to get fitted forrtant a bra because 87% of n wear the wrong bra.ra and we have -- >> you're not supposed to bed to three >> exactly. >> just two. one you're supposed to have two. >> i understand. i'll be coming to see you.ou >> second floor which isflwhichs important, right.portt, r >> very important.tant. >> 1744 columbia road.iaoa thank you. yo thank you ladies.u lie >> thank you for having me. have >> beautiful. bea >> thank you very much. [ applause ]utnk y ]
10:38 am
>> figure >> lingerie chest goals.. >> the holiday party season is already underway of course and d great time for you to go glam. coming up we're showing you somy of the hottest hair looks thiski december and some simple ways to give yourself a few, a new look for one night that is. is. thank you.ou i'm looking this way now to tall to you.. >> hello.el.
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
?? all right. you can get away with a lot off glitz and glam at this time ofgm the year. the so why not throw calling to thee wind and treat yourself to great holiday hairdo? three time emmy award winner will he vet slaters done whoopi goldberg andgoldbe a elizabeth hasselbeck of the viet to jennifer hudson to first ladt michelle obama.. now this morning she joins uss live in the loft to show off some holiday hair ideas and simple tricks to give you a whole new good morning. >> good morning. >> i think this is really fun.. because if there's ever a time to kind of get outside your you ort ort circle. >> yes. >> right much it's the holidays. >> it's holidays and it's allt's about accessory.esso you have to accessorize yousoriy could do little thing amp upmp u your hair.ur hai what i did with taylor here i i took a big barrel curling ironir and all i did was wrap the hair right around schenn has soft s waves. added extensions fromrom perfect locks these are really l
10:42 am
you could have clip ins.could c clips in and everyone can use c them they come in all differentt colors. >> they're actual ly easy to puto in. >> it's really easy. also what i did i added some really great really great starss clip in stars and this is whats everybody is doing.erybod so if you had your own hair andr you just didn't want to put inut he can tensions and just wantedn to do something glam for themegl party at night, go to the office party, you just add a little clip. >> little blink.tle >> pull the side up and add a clip.ip that's it. extensions. you need to buy goonsd ones. os. >> yes. >> this is virgin human hairai comes never color.ol they're really easy to -- youou need a stylist but really easy to, upping torque put n it's i >> all right. what i did with mickey over her i added he can tensions too. t it comes in every texture. ttu it comes in every texture herexe hair is actual really short.ho and it's natural.atal. so we gave hereaway and it looks really -- look how great this looks.
10:43 am
>> you need instant length yougt going to the extension route ixi wanted to show how easy it iss to -- my goodness. i just wanted to show how easy e it is to a full bob.ob all you have to do is pull it in ponytail really easy right hereh and you put a clip,.p, >> e my gosh.yosh. >> off really -- it looks likeok she got her haircut. >> i don't know where myw wherey ponytail holder went but it'suti really great. >> so here's my t if you have -- i know you'vew given her long hair with text we innings and she has beautifulut long hair.long hair what if you have short hair. there's only so much you can do. >> accessories, clips. clips you should try it.u shou it. >> put one in. put o in. >> okay. let's try it. >> where is the best place to pt get your accessories.sori >> that's really great. >> look cute.ute. >> accessories or one of the company here, there's claire's. this one is
10:44 am
look how great that looks on you. >> oh, yes. this goes on. o >> if you just want to put it in straight hair -- >> you just lemme play aroundt y today. isn't yes, play.. >> this you just twist it rightt into your hair and you have a couple of stars. stars it's all about the star. sta everybody is doing stars.ybodisd >> should i maybe not wear thewe head band and the stars. >> we're just showing america -i >> i want to put them all in. ai >> just everything.thg little dab will do it. it doesn't do anything -- youg y can just use your regular styles it bright tense it up a little t bit.t. >> you want to be fun. you trying something different. som you don't want to do too much. m if you had your own hair, lookrk how great that looks. >> all right. so what about in terms of like l clips and barrettes? i never n know like how to do -- how to d my barrett so that it looksoo right. >> you don't want it to be too tight. i know you're my model today.od
10:45 am
off. the hair is just -- you don'ton want it to be too flat to yourt head and you just kind of grab b it u you leave a little bit. b let's give a lull jewel. jew >> let's bling it of all the famous people that you have done, who has been your favorite? favori >> oh, my goodness.te>>y go i have to say barbara walters. >> >> she's such a pioneer.neer. why wouldn't i say >> that's true.>> tt's >> i like coop pee.>> i like them all. i them all. i have to say michelle obama, oa too. >> and her, right.right. >> there you the thing about barbara she's been glam russ through the yeary and so -- so >> barbara likes to have --ikes- barbara likes to have a goodliko time when she's h oavff going to vacations a lot of times she'shs actually a little air pieces ane things of that nature.thatat i mean it's hard to -- you knowo >> do you often find with celebrities -- >> that looks good.le>> t >> many of them -- that's cute.t many of them are just like doe what you want to >> i love the celebrities liketl that. that want me to do whatever ihar want to do.o i love that. >> you have those that are h likeav --ke
10:46 am
because, you know, i see the vision and i keep their visionin in mind. min add a little something give youy a have a vroom. v >> clearly you're talented.e t thank you very much. you can do my hair anythan time. >> whenever you want to do.t d >> this looks really good.rely g you shall keep that looks good.shthat lks g >> here's our inspiration for tt you glam it up this holidays h season when you head out in youu hair. back officer over to you ya'll.' >> super fancy. fcy >> cute, holly.. >> 10:00 frick is the time righh now. coming up new music monday. singer live in the loft for a special i performance coming up next. nt we'll be right back.
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10:48 am
my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! wow. everything for the holidays.
10:49 am
>> in you neck guest is a talented brooklyn born singer song rider who started playing piano at agerook slyixho. s six he's written songs for empiree and he has even worked with big names like lil wayne, bird man, jim jones, shady today kiss ands carty b we're talking about r at and b pop star josh x justus
10:50 am
he joins us live in the loft tot perform this latest single "heaven on my mind" featuringeai carty b. josh x. everybody.erody. ?? >> okay. here we go.. ?? ?? oh, girl, i've got to have ii your body is more than average, drives me craze. cze what you say, girls, your eyes, your smile, your body, girl, are real. that's you.. your hair, girl, i love it, so smooth, girl, i love it, girl i
10:51 am
give it up ?? >> ?? heaven comes to my mind. girl, when i see your face ?? >> ?? >> oh, baby, send me on one way, girl, my way ?? >> ?? okay.ka we come around queen because i know i hold youy down ?? ?? ?? ?? >> you must be tired of himed oh always cheating, constantly,stt,
10:52 am
my hand and step in the name off love ?? >> ?? hoven comes to mind, girl, when i see your face ?? >> ?? oh, baby, send me on one way, girl, my way ?? ?? >> just know i will chase youhau till the end of the world 'causs i believe in love.. for sure i will do anything that he didn't want to do, girl, because i believe in us ?? >> ?? you must be tired of him h always cheating, constantly,ly
10:53 am
out with me.e. i'm just saying so take my handn you ain't got to for love, you y deserve what you want ?? >> ?? heaven on my mind when iwn see you face.. oh, baby, send on one way, my way ?? whoo!wh! >> josh x. yay, heaven on my mine. me. welcome to the show. the s >> thank you. thank you, thank you. >> you got cardi b. b we know her from love and hiphop internet sensation. sensation. how did you get this to happen h with cardi b. >> cardi b and i are on the same label together on the sameer ona company together. ksr.ks >> it sounds good.>> isoun >> thank you so much. >> josh, you know from being frg written for a lot of people. pel
10:54 am
you're now in front.frt. >> yes. >> how does that feel? it's what the differencs eth for youu >> the difference is hearings hi your own song on the radio. rado >> and being able to perform p them. >> and being on tv. >> yes, yes, yes.>> and, yes,es >> and actually getting to watct people enjoy my music. >> yeah.eah. >> and sing along with me whilee i'm performing it definitely any blessing. >> this has been life long goala you've been playing piano sincen six years old we mentioned doeno you do the producing as well, the full gamut isn't i produce,u i play the piano and acoustic guit when i work with certain artists --sts >> what's your sound? how would you describe you srou sound? >> well, since growing up as a kid i was definitely --y -- >> as a killed come on. o >> growing up.wi >> i got you. i'm just joking with you. >> you're very cute. cute. >> thank you very much. growing up, you know, i was listening to lot of stevihaenk i wonder and early non my career i got endorsed by stevie wouldn't' >> yes. i read that. >> and basically, i feel like my
10:55 am
see wonder. nd >> you love the love gongs andoa ballads more. >> i like to talk to the ladiesl and let them know that i love le them.em. >> i'm all for return back toact that whole sort of romance and a when r and b was r and b i'm anm fan of that.fa i'm glad you're keeping withh that tradition. tradion >> definitely >> anybody you want to work witw you haven't work withork yet? >> drake definitely.efinely. definitely like drake's music a lot. lo looking forward to doing something like that. >> we mentioned you work with repimethre.ioned >> yes. there right now.right w >> one the hottest shows. i got called who was producingng the show and i wrote -- co-wrott the song ready to go with jamal. the pepsi commercial and that aa was just a dope experience.xpie definitely a blessing and very very happy to be part of that. >> you're dope.eop university done so i feel like we can talk totyan o forever where can people findeoe you, your music what's next forn you on the tour. the >> right now i'm working on an an bull.
10:56 am
>> okay. >> and i'm promoting single sin heaven on my mine number 28 on28 the r and b charts.s. >> yes. >> and just working it all thewo way up to number one.r o. >> that's what we're pushinge'ri for.r. >> that's what we're pushing for.wh >> i'm sure you'll make it happenature .ppen you're'resome josh x heaven on my mine. m this is young man going places.a we can say we had him here onero good day first.od day first. >> this is actually my first tv appearance.ance >> all right!ht! >> welcome. [ applause ] ] >> we're proud of you. you. continued suck suss to you.s toy >> i'm hang out with him for him bit. bit. rubbing off on that greatness.a. [ laugerer ] >> thanks, mo. >> thank you. mike thomas here one more oe look at the weather.okt th >> turning very nice out there.. still a little on the coolerlenr side but this afternoon we're uu to 55 degrees.des. do pre pay for tomorrow. we'll start dry but we'll haveae rain in the afternoon, big coldl weather comes this weekend.eeke. >> all right. >> all right. >> thank you, mike. me. >> this is how we do it onow wen monday folks. not bad, right?ig >> very good.od.
10:57 am
we'll see you tomorrow. agine a world where the holidays are about joy again. where days are filled with magic instead of madness. at t.j. maxx, marshalls and homegoods, we've imagined the holidays this way for decades. it's why we never have crazy sales. never make you clip coupons. and always have amazing prices on popular brands and thoughtful gifts.
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? ?? ?? ?? ??
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." >> wendy: how you doin'? we won't judge, but we're judging. it's going to be juicy. [ applause ] >> now here's [ wild cheers and applause ] >> wendy: hi. and away we go! [ cheers ] thank you for watching our show. say hello to my co-hosts, my


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