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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  December 5, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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conspiracy theory. this is a crazy situation really. >> reporter: jim, sarah, there is no quick way to describe. it conspiracy theory known as pizzagate the people that believe in it says hillary clinton campaign manager and other democrats where involved in child sex trafficking rain and coming met ping-pong is also a part of that. also want to say that people are are aling that the media is trying to cover this up. "fox5" has reached out to the fbi and they are aware of the claims and that they're false. the exact statement from d.c. police is this is a fictitious online conspiracy theory but i can thrill are a lot of people out there who will not accept that. ed car madison welsh is one of them these are photos from the facebook page. he brought several guns with him yesterday when he drove from north carolina here to d.c..
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ping-pong as people were eating and point assault rifle at someone causing a police police-off and he fired at least one shot. welsh read online that comet was harboring sex slaves and he wanted to see for himself and try to rescue them. "fox5" executive producer was in the area when all this went down. can see the video he was able to capture this as welsh was arrested. luckily nobody got hurt this happened yesterday afternoon. earlie the scene and saw police are now stationed near comet ping-pong even though closed for the day. officers are keeping an eye out because other shops in the area have also been named in this child sex crimes conspiracy theory and it's causing them to get threatening calls and threat online. the owner of a bookstore in the area said his fear was this would turn into something physical and yesterday that's exactly what happened. with all this craziness he says there's also been a lot of support we saw for ourself the
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drawing from her young son this is what she had to say. >> i think the only way to push back against the darkness we're seeing now where people are are the midst of hate receipt and suspicion and fear is to stand up. there are more people that care about our community and believe we can liver together with respect to the community than not. we have to be visible and loud not in anger but in love. course are nothing new. this one just seems to live on it's been going on weeks now. i want to show you atweet from the son of our country's next national security advisor under trump administration, michael flynn serves as chief of staff for his father general michael flynn and said until pizza grate is proven false it will remain a story and that's despite the fact d.c. police
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the suspect judge decided is going to be held without bond at least until thursday and 9:00 thursday there will be another hearing to decide whether he is held here in d.c. until his trial. reporting live lindsay murphy, "fox5 local news". new tonight, an electrician apprentice working on massive war. construction project in southwest walked off the job last week after find nooses on the web site. he quit after receiving initial reaction from immediate supervisor who did not seem to take it seriously. fox 5 paul wagner joins us live from southwest tonight with more on this story. unbelievable, paul. >> yeah, we've about dicking into this all day long. this is the building behind me put up by park construction in war of project main avenue. its with a week ago today last monday that these two nooses were found.
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construction is taking this very seriously. they had a work stoppage. they talked with the workers on the job site and we can tell you tonight that they have identified the person that hung the nooses and that person has been terminated. but we talked to the man who found the nooses let's tell you the rest of the story now. last monday morning on the 7th floor of this building in the war of project ter res powell foum the first noose hanging offer a doorway 6:30 in the morning and immediately notified says was only concerned about getting back to work. and the noose was cut down and powell says he went about his day. however when he found the second noose draped offer a ladder he became deeply concerned for his own safety, called some other friends on the job so they could see it for themselves and finished this day and walked off the job. powell says he felt like hes with being targeted even though he says there's been no trul on
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>> it was definitely frightening. i've been through a lot of things in my life but being tortured like that happening noose as rountd man you know it's several people that work there but i was feeling i was being targeted because what are the chance that one black man find two nooses in the same day on one job. >> powell doesn't feel safe on that job. he's found another job since. let's show a portion of the statement we saw from clark reads investigation was immediately initiated and it was determined that subcontractor employees was involved and terminated from the project. in addition clark construction project management conduct aid series of meeting from job site personnel and under score clark zero tolerance policy for such action and will result in immediate termination. and now we had a question as to
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notified and we asked clark if that happened and we have not heard back from clark. we contacted d.c. police and they said right this second they cannot find any record of it and they're now looking a little further. it looks like they were not contacted. one other point we want to say terrell powell says the person he first reported this to did take it seriously took photos and cut down the noose but it was his immediate supervisor that didn't take it sear cusly and that upset him and that's why he found another job. live in southwest, paul wagner, "fox5 local news". >> "fox5" in prince william where they say a man salt add woman inside massage parlor in woodbridge around 10:00 and they wept into zy massage dine agenty loop and locked are door and attacked the woman inside. you saw the fikt. with you recognize the man you
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meantime mannasas man is in jail accuses of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl and the alleged assault happened in mannasas two weeks ago and investigators say andre caban approached the team while in her backyard and two knew each other. they say the girl told him to leave several times and he followed her are into the house where she was sexually assaulted and the girl told relatives what happened and police arrested him last week. he is currently held without bond. >> a gop lob just is increasing he is adding another 5,000 to the reward bringing total to 130,000 for information that leads to arrest. rich was gunned down in d.c. nrooming dale neighborhood after a botched robby in july and his parents add for help and offered a 25,000 reward. so far there have been no breaks in the case. and time kaine toured a community health center in
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affordable care act. >> and they wanted to repeal in the first 100 days and they were there to highlight how community centers are critical to providing under served communities. >> i'm a huge fan of community health center and we're expecting whether it be in discusses about continuing resolution and budgeting and discussions of affordable care act and medicade, medicare there will be a lot of discuss about healthcare issues. just as we finish and adjourn this year in especially when new congress comes in earl le january under new administration i can do vring i can to continue to be a strong support are forecommunity health centers as absolutely critical part of the nation's health safety network. >>. straight ahead at 5:00 a party turns into a tragedy as a warehouse catches on fire with
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went out in the building. >> and they had to escape when it was dark. >> and as the death toll continues to rise in that fire find out why crews had to halt search for survivors. >> an a father will spend the rest of his life behind bars for leaving a small child inside a hot car. what the jury said they believed about the horrible crime and how that impact the father's sentence. >> and caught in the act a crime these two men committed inside a d.c. garage and what police are offering to anyone who helps catch them. hey, sue. >> sarah, we had a beautiful monday with sunshine and temperatures above average. hope you soaked it up and enjoyed. it because as you can see by the weatherhead line behind me we have chilly rain on the way for tuesday. and i'll have the timing and let you know where you might have to watch for a little wintry mix as this system approaches. first look at the forecast coming up when fox news at 5
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>> the latest on the death toll stand at 36. authorities still fear it could go higher. search for more vicks tim is on old right now. the building is too unstable for searchers to continue work. it broke out during a dance party friday night and criminal investigation is underway now though. the warehouse was convert todd artist studios and i will legal
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tenants say it was a fire trap. i'm not here to make excuses for me the bottom line we need to enhance our enforcement and certainly property owners need to be held responsible because they clearly know what the rules are for operation and activity that happens in their facility snrz investigators don't know what caused the fire. >> and it's now considered the deadliest fire in the united states since 100 people died in rhode island night to ten it now where city of gatlandberg plans to reon this week after raging wildfires devastated the area. 14 people confirmed dead and more than 130 injured and fires damaged or destroyed more than 1700 buildings and city officials are allowing property owners to return to homes and businesses and tourist founz and they're is till a dawn to dusk curfew in place. the city hopes to reon to the
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camera. air-lifted to safety during a flash flood. a weekend of heavy rain caused the worst flooding that area has seen in three decade. two confirmed dead and forecasters say more rain is on the way. >> we had rain in this area and let's check in with sue palka and see if very have more on the a way and chilly out there. >> hi there, sarah, jim, we seat the rain coming as temperatures drp a bit. i'm glad they were able to rescue that man and they looked like they didn't want to get in the air lift. it won't be flash flooding rain it will be badly needed rain around here as we may pick up a half inch to one inch of rain and starts tomorrow morning. you'll get through the rest of the night dry. today's high temperature, 57. not too shabby. average high temperature is in the low 50s as a matter of fact it's at 50 degrees right now. we had rain last night mixed
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morning and don't be surprised if the rain we see tomorrow also shows up with pocket ever sleet in it. temperatures now 52. few spots in the 40s tonight and it's not going to be as cold is tonight you notice clouds are filling in, too, that will continue to thickening and increase as we go through the night. tonight we'll stay dry. there's the rain though. it's pushing into western portions of north carolina this is area of low pressure that will be moving in our directi will be moving in our direction. and oui see the area of high pressure off to the north supplying cooler temperatures just as that rain arrives. our rain tomorrow will fall through temperatures that are in the 40s and as the clouds build overnight. so the early morning rush hour may start dry and any time after about 8:00 or so from southwest to northeast we see rain building and in the mountains beginning 2:00 in the morning especially for places like western facing alleghany and highland and eastern highland and western grant
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you will see snow, sleet or freezing rain and untreated surfaces will get a little slippery and coating to inch out there in the higher elevations beginning again tomorrow morning and not wrapping up until 7:00. it will be colder out there. again don't be surprised if like last night some of that rain occasionally has ice pellets in it especially as it begins tomorrow morning. a different feeling day tomorrow you need heavier coat and also need will likely not wind down until tomorrow evening. someing up in a little bit i'll take you hour by hour through the forecast to see what it expect heaviest of the rain. jim back to you. >> thank you, sue. >> and new tonight george aman will spend rest of life in prison after he left his son in a hot vehicle. a judge sentenced justin harris this afternoon. back in 014 he left the 22-month-old son cooper in suv on sweltering day and boy later died. they convicted him last month
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murder and believe harris left his son on purpose. >> you feel this is great victory. >> you look at each other and automatically understand the happiness and victory we're all witnessing here. >> protesters they're celebrating a government decision to temporarily block construction of the dakota access pipeline. u.s. army corps of engineers made that announcement yesterday and corps said it wants to explore other potential impact. standing rock su tribe has been in the center of the forecast and say the proposed construction would cut across native american lands considered to be sacred. state leaders in north saturday coat acriticized the court's decision calling it serious mistake. >> jurors unable to agree the carolina officer that shot walter scott. >> with killinging in the heat of passion brought about by
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the judge today before completing final deliberations. >> and on the mend national zoo panda house back on after baebae emergency surgery scare and there's change sfwlz and mgm prepares for opening at national harbor. first "fox5" is getting a sneak peek at the maryland land mark. we'll he take you behind the sdreepz, next. we'll he take you behind the sdreepz, next. ? i really did save hundreds of dollars on my car insurance with geico.
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on this side, i want my customers to relax and enjoy themselves. but these days it's phones before forks. they want wifi out here. but behind that door, i need a private connection for my business. wifi pro from comcast business. public wifi for your customers. private wifi for your business. strong and secure. good for a door. and a network. comcast business. built for security. built for business. >> one of the national zoo biggest attraction back on display. crews were back at the giant panda habitat. it was closed after baebae underwent surgery to remove a
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he is on a special diet as he recovers. >> he hope he's not eating bamboo. >> no bamboo free diet. >> he'll have company as far as star attractions in the area. >> we're talking about mgm national harbor casino set to op sunday night. here's a look at the new and largest casino resort. here's bob barnard. >> this is our first look inside mgm national harbor massive casino. slot machines and for as far as the eye can see. blossom is a quiet lounge for all you blackjack players and this room has an asian theme designed for those who want to play bacara there's silver and gold to treat you and they call this center piece of the resort. bellagio conservatory and holiday garden themed with ornaments and 70,000 flowers and there's plenty of places to
5:23 pm
jose an delays will on a seafood restaurant and voltagio brother this steak house and jason johnson is executive chef at mgm national harbor. >> what i like did the restaurant is that you know it's a little bit of mix of local and then influx of what mgm does strongly you know. >> 3600 to 4,000 people will work here many of them still getting in some last minute training and still some finishing touches to be made on the property to bring it up to >> it's ongoing process as we walk around and start to find little nuances we just want to polish up before the grand opening thursday. we're extremely excited and proud of the beautiful property that we've created anton nickdeemious is ceo for operations mgm. >> i hope people will come to our property many times and each time they come will discover a new element that makes it more of a monumental
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>> maryland state gaming officials are here again today putting casino operations through a second controlled demonstration. all the tables and machines up and running last week it passed inspection all ahead of thursday nights's grand opening. >> and the feel of vegas about the nice touches of home and behind the front reception desk is prince north boozer a map of the area using soil from this site. and musician bob dillon created portals that metal framing casino enter reference from guests from self park and prince george photographer ron beverly decorated lobby walls with mural of his pictures documenting last year's cherry blossoms. lots to see and do here starting in three days. at national harbor, bob barnard, "fox5 local news". >> hm, looks like it will be fun. >> i'm waiting to see the slot machines. >> why. >> selection be. >> they have a judge judy slot machine now.
5:25 pm
>> judgment in your favor you hit the jackpot. >> we're getting ready for the grand opening some of the morning crew will be there thursday morning come talking liver from the new mgm at national harbor. it's great to see how well developed that's been between the outlets and gaylord and now mgm and everything else. >> traffic will be fun. >> interesting yeah. >> at first. >> coming up at 5:30 safe sfais spaces on college campuses. >> fitz is working that story tonight, >> anti-trump student protesters made big demand of george washington university. coming up why one professor is crediting his school now for not giving into political crediting his school now for not giving into political correctness. >> and the results are in. find out if the presidential recount efforts were actually worth it. google what is ecstasy. >> president-elect trump is
5:26 pm
impersonation on snl and the actor is making a deal with trump and what he is calling for the president-elect to do in exchange for topping the act.
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?? ??
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?? >> police in prince george county need your help finding a man who shot an officer.
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saturday morning and they found a man shot and taken to the hospital where he later died and police with like to hear from you if you have any information. >> and investigators are still trying to determine what caused row house fire in northwest. and the fire started just before 5:00 this morning in vacant house around iowa avenue and one firefighter was injured and fire spread to nearby home. all eight people inside were able to get out and that family is in desperate need of help and shelter. men. d.c. police say they're pens of interest in a bike theft that happened in a parking garage along the 1300 block of 13 street northwest. there's as i 1,000 reward for information leading to arrest in that case. >> tonight a university professor in d.c. is crediting school administrators to standing up for anti-trump administrators in political correctness run amok.
5:31 pm
test because they're pro trump and diverting tuition money to homeless facilities. tom fitzgerald is on campus today and joins us live with more. that's not all they're asking for is it. >> no, in fact they're literally dozen demand in this letter penned by several organizations and let by george washington university progressive student union including in this the university acknowledge what is called what nationalism xriv him and the university create a sanctuary for muslim refugees fleeing the middle east. apparently though the university is having none of this it appears toe not be meeting any demand spelled out in the three page letter. take a welcome at this one of the professors today went a bit off script on all this and in on ed pent by george washington law professor university administration tonight is credited by professor for not
5:32 pm
and in fact taking a stand against what he calls political correctness run amok and over taking college campus as cross the can'ty and that three page letter at george washington university from the young progressives and several other on campus liberal orgies de mapped the they take terms to rechannel resources and money to protect students from racism and sex imand students complained fraternal order of police is endorsement of trump makes that act of violence against proceeded to provide security. long time faculty members say if they had agreed to inmates demand he said that would be tan nount what he calls "the inmates running asylum. >> in all too many cases we have political constructness now becoming political craziness. students are making demand. faculty deems presidents are
5:33 pm
they hold meeting and do conversations we didn't do that. student groups made more than a dozen literally crazy demand and with no imaginational basis and university ignored them and nothing has happened. >> we should tell you we did reach out to the progressive student union tonight and we have not heard back. a spokesperson for george washington university made the point of remiping us that for himself on this issue and not the university. they say the university has been speaking to these students in on forums tone gauge this are temperature and the professor does not speak to gwu. >> president-elect donald trump has selected former campaign rival ben carton lead
5:34 pm
carson is first african-american to serve in president-elect cabinet so far and he nominated carson because he has a brilliant mind sean passionate about strength eping xhoon 'tis. new information about the preount efforts in biss witness, push mish and pennsylvania. six counties were recounting and margin of victory has not changed judge ordered a recounts of 4.8 million ballots in michigan. trump defeat the clinton by more than 10,000 votes this and in pennsylvania green party candidate jill stein withdraw her state lawsuit sean taking it to the federal level inside. >> reverendal sharp ton with strong words directed at president-elect we're learning more about this story tonight today sharp ton said he would
5:35 pm
the washington monument and march to martin luther king jr. memorial. it's sem bolic of the protests that happen in connection with the president elects and will take place days before the birth or anniversary of martin luther king jr.. s in no more a appropriate time than civil right leaders and faith leaders and others to raise cannot have the extreme and principals of dr. king violated as we now go into a new administration. >> other groups expected to take part include the national urban league and naacp. >> callly anne i just retweeted the best tweet wow what a great, smart sweet.
5:36 pm
>> i know but this could not twait was from a young man named seth he is 16 and in high school and i really did retweet him seriously this is real. >> another witness twitter war erupting over saturday night live exit donald trump weighed in once again on snl this weekend and again he was not happen we with alec baldwin portrayal. just tried watches saturday night live unwatchable diced an impersonation cannot get worse, sad, this time baldwin tweeted back saying release tax returns and i'll stop. >> and you lover how he's biased. it's not news program. it's snl. they can be as bias as they want to be. >> done done hosted a year ago and been on there several times. >> he knows the drill. >> yes, he did. >> if you're up front you'll be the target. >> absolutely.
5:37 pm
monday to you guys. >> is that saich thing. >> it's such a things compared to tomorrow. >> okay. all right. it will be a little wet tomorrow we need rain as you heard this is about an inch and chilly rain see rain coming in and winter weather advisories to the mountains. could get click where cold air stays trapped in the overnight hours and into the morning. so tuesday will be a little bit on the soggy side to half inch to inch of rain aco the nation. nice good amount of sunshine those clouds thickening as we go overnight and we're not expecting rain tonight. you'll notice those clouds coming in that helps us keeping too cold overnight it's soggy tuesday and we're expecting rain holds off until later part of the morning commute south and west and mid-morning hours
5:38 pm
evening rush and we'll see it winding down after 5 or 6:00 tomorrow night north and west as rain starts it's possible those ticking ice pellets mighting in there. we saw sleet last night what rain started and elevations in the west where it will be colder you have winter weather advisory. if you miss that we showed with the first weather i'll show it to you again in the next few minutes. >> one day rain special. the sun is back with us. so on wednesday afternoon and check of t district and 40s in mannasas 55 and annapolis at 54. so for the planner tonight while oui see the clouds thickening up we see 48 degrees 7:00 in the city and 9:00, 46 and 11:00, 44. so overnight maybe mid 40s north and west and most places well above freezing tonight and 9 district and quantico and
5:39 pm
the clouds soon to follow will be the rain. it's just now pushing into western portions of north carolina again sometime predawn south and west and it's good amount of moist fewer that is able to tap the gulf of mexico and supply itself. mild and wet south. with high pressure close by will be colder rain and keep that high pressure on deck through the night hours so we won't see the rain. because it will be cold and i several layers don't be surprised for pockets of pink in this area. it doesn't last all day it's usually at the onset. you may have to watch western facing counties and higher elevations for accommodation of snow and sleet that may become freezing rain than will begin in the morning between and 6 it could last until 7:00 talking about untreated surfaces being
5:40 pm
accumulation with snow, sleet and ice. future cast let's take you through tomorrow so you have an idea what to expect. 00 in the morning the commute may be done before then. d.c. on east it looks like it will be just cloudy and rain will be coming up from the south and west and you can be seeing these pink areas in kas you don't remember that's how radar sees sleet. on we go to noon hour raping hard moderately across the area and seeing sleet in higherel vague and little bit of snow by the time we get to 5:00 heaviest rain is eas but it is still raping for evening commute and by 11:00 if anything is left it should be just straingler showers but this could be a good soaking for us. it could be anywhere from half inch to in. as mentioned in more places are showing up closer to the inch now. and as we get closer to the events. we'll continue to coop you posted on that and temperature-wise we are 55 to 57 today and in fact the distribute was closer to the upper 50s. 44 tomorrow. 40 frederick. some places 345eu only stay in
5:41 pm
the low 30s in those higher elevations where the winter weather advisory is. here comes even a stronger front on thursday before youing temperatures in the0s with windy conditions. feels like december 7 day forecast of the let me show it to you here. with tomorrow being 4 degrees we pump up again wednesday more sunshine 54. thursday here comes front with few showers and it's only 39 at a cold and windy friday and only 9 saturday so coldest air into town for friday, saturday time frame and sunday 45 maybe early showers monday 48. so getting a little more active now that we're into december as we expected, sarah, over to you. >> thanks, sue. coming up american airlines flight attendance weren't their uniforms recalled and why faulty fabric is making them sick. >> and every baseball team major league will have a maryland flare.
5:42 pm
booted from part of the game and why he says it was because ever a fashion fail.
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>> nba police officer is at the heart of investigation matt barnes accuses of chokeing a woman outside avenue night club in new york city last night. two others were assault as they tried to intervene. lauren left the scene before the cops show upped and no rj chas filed. kings were in new york stound play the knicks. >> and grid sign a big story between carolina panthers and seattle seahawks. cam newton was benched for first play on offense the
5:46 pm
when they traveled toll seattle friday. how sdair he. which is violation of team's dress code. newton said he forgot to back a collared dress shirt and a tie wouldn't work with the shirt he had on. >> how about that? >> yes how about that? >> is that something they would normally get in big trouble for. >> you figure team rules. that's what cam new son said it's a rule. somebody that fashion forward you think he would have a collared shirt packed away. the turtleneck look it's not bad. >> carolina lost 44-27. >> i want to take you back to something that happened 15 years ago two. remember this? >> what's that? playoffs? don't talk about playoffs. you kidding me. playoffs. >> i'm sitting next to the girl who worked in indianapolis. she may remember that.
5:47 pm
two weeks ago redskins were sitting pretty 6-3-1 back-to-back crossclaims to cowboys and cardinals have the redskins outside looking in. after the loss jay gruden laid into the team for failure to be ready at the june. . he said it's urgency rather than anger. coach is forced to think about short term. >> there's no tawvk playoffs here we're trying to win the next game not close to playoffs now. a lot happens th these last four games f we get an unit to play great but we'll dot best we can against philadelphia that's all i know. >> four games left here nfc wildcard standings top two make the postseason. giants sitting 78-4 after losing to steelers yesterday and bucks 7-5 and there's rest of pack. redskins, 6-5-4 packers and strikes 6-6 redskins have win over pack irz and strikes and
5:48 pm
hatch rematch new year's day fedex feextd all right it is december and that means things are heating up with major league baseball. winter meetings being held national harbor they'll mission the opening of mgm casino though. nationals continue to pursue deals to require pirate center fielder mc kuch in. white sox star pitcher sales it a possibility and what about the one guy nats should not have to worry about for another two years. we're talking about bryce harp erin tonight "usa today" bob nighten gale suggesting the nat this is just a suggestion may be ready to move on to post harper area right? and his camp is asking for somewhere in the neighborhood of 400 million for step years or so. hundreds of millions tied up there and is harper too rich for the nats blood. we're talking two years from now. that is state of the talks. gm mike rizzo de explained details on harper and said he h has had conversations with him and his agent weekly. stay tuned to that one.
5:49 pm
field 2020 and will wear new uniforms made by baltimore based under armour. they manufactured and districted league misdemeanor majestic athletic will have right through 20 19 making mlb un forms more than 0 years it's time to move on and under armour has been become a huge player in everything. they do college teams and overseas team and now making their way across the u.s. >> they practically own baltimore, too. >> well deliberations end doubt. a bomb shell decision made in the trial of south carolina officer who shot walter scott. >> plus jeweler tiffany and company is blaming president-elect donald trump for declining holiday sales. "fox5" on the fly coming up
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stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. they will.
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>> we now know who will host the oscar this year and tiffany and company in ative with billionaire neighborhood new fwhork happens to be the president-elect. >> and while police officer ais coulded of killing a plaque man in south carolina and it's not what prosecutor expected it's all fox5 on the fly. >> mistrial that is verdict in south carolina after a jury dead locked in trial of officer playing inner in the shooting death jury said it could not rooch a verdict after deliberating more than 22 hours over four days. playing inner was charged with murder in the april 4, 2015 shooting death of scott. the judge had said the juror write could consider a lesser charge of voluntary manslaughter. >> oh, get out of the way. get out of the way. >> health warnings. two popular hum us sold at trader joes recalled for wisteria contamination. mediterranean flavor and white
5:54 pm
returned to the store if you bought evenlyer of these. ? burping up? >> itchy rash, headache, ivzing in sht air at american air liens and new uniforms may to be blame. night ascend tend aunt a the uniforms are making them circumstance. 1600 employees are complaining with the reaction and want them rawldz welcome to my house? >> bad neighbor, tiffany and company is complying trulp tower is disrupting business. the iconic jeweler has flagship store on fifth avenue next to where trump lives. tiffany says recent scorety changes could have negative impact on their business this holiday season. ? and the oscar gig goes late night host jimmy kimmel named official emcee of the 89 academy awards and first time getting this honor.
5:55 pm
all eyes will be on the 49-year-old comedian to see if he can make a come back after emmy emceeing through one of the lowest viewings ever. that's "fox5" on the fly. the lowest viewings ever. that's "fox5" on the fly. ? afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. ?? ??
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>> a big news story turned real serious after a man armed with assault rifle walked into a d.c. pizza restaurant. thanks for joining us at 6 i'm shawn shawn. >> i'm tony perkins. >> man claimed he was investigating an online conspiracy theory. and fox5 is learning new details about the suspect edgar mad i sop well. . he claimed he was investigating an online conspiracy theory and at the restaurant free child sex slaves. our linzcy watts was in court
5:59 pm
>> reporter: shawn, tony, i'll start by sxhaiping this conspiracy theory known as pizza gate and people who believe this say that hillary clinton's campaign manager and other democrats are involved if a child sex trafficking ring and d.c. piece arestaurant comet ping-pong is also involved in this. and "fox5" has reached out to both d.c. police and fbi and they say they're aware of the claims but they're false. the exact statement from us online conspiracy theory and i'll it will you a lot of people out there will not accept that. and police say that the man arrested yesterday is among them edgar madison welsh is accused of showing one several guns at comet ping upon. he drove from his home in north carolina and went inside the restaurant and point assault rifle at employee cowing a
6:00 pm
least one shot. according to arrest records welsh read online the restaurant was harboring sex slaves and wanted to see for himself and try to recuse them and he surrendered after finding no evidence and "fox5" executive producer jeff gajak was in the area at the time and got this cellphone video as welsh was arrested yesterday afternoon. earlier today we saw that police are now patrolling in the area near comet ping-pong. have also been named as part of this sex crime conspiracy theory and it's caused them to also get threatening calls and threats online. the owner of the bookstore politics and pros told me his biggest fear was this would turn into something violent and yesterday that would happen. and with all the craziness he said there's been a lot of support and we saw that for ourselves.


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