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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm EST

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least one shot. according to arrest records welsh read online the restaurant was harboring sex slaves and wanted to see for himself and try to recuse them and he surrendered after finding no evidence and "fox5" executive producer jeff gajak was in the area at the time and got this cellphone video as welsh was arrested yesterday afternoon. earlier today we saw that police are now patrolling in the area near comet ping-pong. have also been named as part of this sex crime conspiracy theory and it's caused them to also get threatening calls and threats online. the owner of the bookstore politics and pros told me his biggest fear was this would turn into something violent and yesterday that would happen. and with all the craziness he said there's been a lot of support and we saw that for ourselves.
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came with flowers and a sign and a drawing from her young son that she placed in front of comet ping-pong and this is what she had to say. >> only way we can push back against the darkness we're seeing right now where people are in the midst of so much hatred and suspicion and fear is to stand up. there's more people that care about the community and believe we can live together in respect and unity than not. we have to start being as visible and loud not loud in anger but loud in love. conspiracy theories are nothing new this is just refusing to die. it's been going on for the last several weeks i want to show you a tweet now from the son of our country's national security advisor under the trump administration. michael flynn serves as chief of staff for father general michael flynn and he tweeted this last night. until pizza gate is proven false it will remain a story that's despite the fact d.c. police and fbi have said that pizza gate is false.
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earlier when the suspect edgar welsh was here for his arraignment and he is facing charges including assault with a daivrping are you russ weapon and unlawful discharge of fire annual. the decision from judge he willing held without bound at least until this thursday. and at that time, he will have another hearing at the courthouse to decide whether or not he's going to be held here in d.c. until his trial. reporting live tonight, lindsey watts, d.c. mayor muriel bowser is scheduled to meet president-elect donald trump tomorrow in new york. they're expected to talk about a number of issues including infrastructure and sidehood the mayor released a statement saying in part i'm pleased the president-elect accepted our request for sit down meeting to discuss washington d.c. priorities. it's a long-standing point of applied for washingtonians to be gracious hosts for presidents and federal government. we have an opportunity to continue this growth and
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forward to sharing our priorities with the president-elect. donald trump meantime has spent most of his time since being elected up in new york and he and his family round the clock security costing the big apple millions of dollars. new york city mayor bill deblaseo says enough is enough and it's become too expensive he wants the federal government to reimburse the city and asking feds for $35 million to cost costs of protecting president-elect. >> today i'm sending this letter to president obama formally initiated the reimbursement process. we're going to be continuing very aggressively in the course of the next few days calls and meeting with members of the obama add mringts and members of coming fwres to nail down the reimbursements for the time between november and january 20. . >> security has been extraordinarily tight outside of trump tower.
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single day since election. "fox5" is your station for politics. we invite to you weigh in on the election, inauguration, trump cab met picks or whatever is on your mind. tweet us now and use the 5 at 630 and look for your tweet on our political show coming up next at 6:30. >> "fox5" is in the district with disturbing discovery at a you construction site. a man walked off the job last week after find at the work site. terrell powell quit after seeing initial reaction of immediate supervisor that did not seem to take it seriously. paul wagner joins us live from northwest d.c. with the story. >> reporter: that budding is over my left shoulder war of project and this is instructed by clark construction and we can actual clark has taken it seriously. they had a work stoppage. they talked with their employees and say they actually
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up the nooses and that person say subcontractor who was fired. let's tell you the rest of the story. last monday morning on 7 floor of this building in war of project terrell powell said he found the first noose hanging over a doorway at about 6:0 in the morning and he immediately identified his supervisor who he says was only concerned about getting back to work vrn the noose was cut down and powell wept about his day however when he second noose draped offer a ladder he became deepry concerned for safety and called other friend on the job to see it for themself and finished his day and walked off the job. powell said he felt he like he was being tarring heed even though he says there's was no trouble on the job. >> it was definitely frightening. i have money through a lot of things in my life. but being tortured like that hanging noose around me you know several black people work there. i was feeling like i was being
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chances one black man will find two nooses in one day on the same job. >> let's show you the statement in part that we got from clark construction it says an investigation was immediately initiated and it was determined that a subcontractor employee was involved in the up incident and immediately terminated from the project. in addition clark construction project management con tuck add series of meeting with job site personnel to discuss the incident and to under score clark's for such action which will result in immediate termination. now here's another part to the story we asked clark if anyone had contacted the d.c. police about this incident. we never did hear back or get an answer from clark on that question. however, d.c. police said that they also never heard from clark construction about this. they're looking into it a little further but their initial search of records indicate that no one contacted them about this incident.
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"fox5 local news". a gop lobbyist is increasing reward to help solve murder of dnc staffer seth ridge. jeff berkman is adding another $5,000 to $100,000 reward he donated which brings total to $130,000 for anyone who gives police information that leads to an arrest and police say rich was gunned down d.c. blooming dale neighborhood after a botched robby in july. his parents asked for the publ offering a $5,000 le ward. >> professor in the districts cred id ilt id school administrator from stangd up to ants eye trump administrators. law professor john ban sgov asked them about political run amok. this comes after they de mapped the more be done to protect student from racism and sexism. ft. university agreed to this
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asylum. >> students are making demand. faculty, deans, presidents are yielding, resigning, and at very least they hold meeting and do conferences, we did not do that. student groups made more than a dozen literally crazy demand with no rational basis and our university ignored them and nothing happened. >> a spokesperson for the university says the school has held on for umingz with student protesters to hear concerns. are you ready to roll the dice. the much-anticipated opening of mgm grand hotel and casino national harbor is days away and casino will welcome guests for the first time this thursday and now we got inside look today. once you get there you will be greeted by silver and gold and when awe riff in the bellagio conservatory botanical features more than,000 slot machines and
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shopping taken also has a spa, salon and plenty of places to enjoy a good meal or even a quick snack and apparently we want to you know you can get there by taxi, car or boat as well. >> and i hope that people will come to our property many times and each time they come they'll discover a new element that really makes it even that much more of a monumental experience. >> and there's that video. all right. so if you plan to visit the casino this week make sure you share your pictures on our "fox5" d.c. facebook >> well, straight ahead on news at 6 a desperate search for appss in that deadly california warehouse fire the grim recovery tonight of more bodies as crews scour the burned out wreckage. >> off to a dry start workweek and mild start upper 50s today. as you can see behind me chilly vain in the forecast tomorrow. i'm not sure if it will be here in time for morning rush hour but it will begin shortly after. i'll let you know if it affects the evening rush hour we'll have a full look at forecast
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lot like december coming up. shawn. >> thank you, sue. if you have a story idea we want to hear from you let us know tip line is on 202895-3000 or sechbilityd mail to
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stlv the names of the some of the victims in the deadly warehouse fire have been released 33 and is expected to rise as the search continues for victims. fox correspondent claudey cohen has more from oakland, california. >> what fwan as late-night dance party nurnd massive fire that killed dozens of people many teenagers. now police and first responders are searching what remains of the building looking for victims and evidence of wrong doing. >> the primary focus has been on the location and recovery.
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conferences and shifting this investigation to whichever direction is appropriate. it's not clear how the fire started built a criminal investigation has beened on by the district attorney and neighbors say they have been complaining for months of up safe conditions at the warehouse known locally as the ghostship which was convert todd living spaces and con serlt area on the second floor. and many former ghostship tenants are describing the building's operator derrek ion almena as erratic. >> he's knowledge annual and can be charming but he has rage fits and he gets little angry. >> and meanwhile the mourning process underway and survivors, victim' families and area residents placing flowers at makeshift memorials remembering friends and family members. >> just a great guy and bright side to this is each day we'll find more and more and hear
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great a guy he was. >> locals say this is not only converted warehouse in the neighborhood and they're urging thor toys investigate other potentially unsafe buildings to make sure this kind of tragedy does not happen again. in oakland, claudia cowen, fox news. >> still ahead tonight at 6 it's show time at the apollo again. tonight steve harvey is brpinging back the legendary show with a two hour special on brpinging back the legendary show with a two hour special on "fox5". i'm lieutenant colonel teresa rivers in korea this is shout dwrout my husband randy taft inner virginia hundredy merry christmas and happy new year,
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>> show time at the apollo returns to the small screen
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>> this time around comedian harvey will play host and "fox5" caught up with harvey for a sneak peek. >> show time at the apollo returns to tv as fox present a two hour event. it features stars to perform answers and new tallen. harvey shared his personal connection to the theater. >> this building launched my career in television. and this building made me have to be a you know, look, i'll tell anybody if you can nerve this building, you can perform anywhere. >> here is. >> he says stepping on that stage is real milestone for artist. >> this is like proving ground and everybody knew. it anybody that was somebody, i mean you look at some of the tapes, why would adam sandler
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why? because they knew, they knew, man, if you could come here and pass the test, you were the real deal. simple as that. >> now in 8 2 year at palo amateur night will be a part of the special. >> when you're performing and you're not performing at the level we expect foam put out on that stage you can get booed so come on and let's find out if you got or not good for the lineup joining him flow rider, tracy morgan among many others. >> chris rock, george lopez, martin lawrence, man bell biv de vo and en vogue, salt and pepper, big daddy cane will show you how they all got and current stars of today. it will be huge. one of the best specials of the year on tv.
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>> show time at the apollo airs december 5 only on "fox". in hollywood, adam hously, fox news. now wait is adam tracking that out a little more than usual. >> sounds like it yeah. >> he likes to. >> that was like five seconds. >> because he was doing it like show time at the apollo. >> ah probably. >> that is it. >> maybe we'll see the next time we hear from him. >> the show looks great many jobs can steve harvey have. >> really. >> they used to say that ryan sea crest was harvey in hollywood think may rival each other. >> and larry king before all of them, too. >> crazy. >> they must plug in. unbelievable. here we are december 5. show airs tonight and it's like, wow, here we are rolling into winter. today not bad. >> not bad at all. >> plenty of sunshine. mid up toer 50s that's nice for december and more rain is
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could be an inch of of rain. it will begin shortly after the morning rush hour if not around 8:00 hour south and west. so get ready for that and grab the heavier coat, too, because we're not headed for the 50s tomorrow. and some places will only top out in the low 40s. >> wow. >> so it will be a chilly rain that we're expecting. but hey at least it's still rain because we are not far from the winter solstice and on this comfortable night have to remind you that winter begins later this m 5:44 we're 6 days away and in fact we even have winter weather advisories tonight for the mountains overnight because of of the possibilities of wintery mix out there. so, first time this year i've been able to say wintry mix. meanwhile 57 reagan and dulles and 55 today bwi a54 bargain territory for december 5 and here's a check of temperatures around the region now mostly low 40s. it's not going to be that
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mountains which have why there's concern as this rain begins out there you have a mix of sleet and maybe freezing rain and possibly even a little bit of snow. 51 degrees in the district. so very comfortable as we go through the evening hours tonight and the clouds will continue to thickening up and we drop to 48 by 7:00 and 46 by 9:00 and 44 by 11:00 and in and around here closer suburbs near 0 and upper 0s awlingt to do it at some time. south of d.c. mid 40s should be nice and here's the rain coming we've only got the clouds as we look down to the south plenty of helpful moisture moving and reminder we're still in moderate here despite rain last week that took the edge off. but the changes approaches our area we'll have a little good fly of cool air and as the system comes on up it's possible tomorrow morning that that rain could much with a little sleet in a few areas as it begins across the region.
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you saw this last night the rain began in our area there were ice pellets mixed in and that is possible anywhere in the pink area but for some of these high spots out to the west it could be more significant. so that's why you have a winter weather add vusry that will begin 2:00 in the morning and when the precipitation will begin until 7:00 tomorrow evening because temperatures may not come up very much. in the pink this is freezing rain advisory and so what you need to know about this area is that if you will live there or be driving in that area up treated surfaces treated surfaces could get shipry we're talking about a small amount maybe coating to half inch or inch and that's all it take to cause problems well west of us. >> so tomorrow morning while we may start out dry early part of the commutes by 8 or 9:00 maybe rain mixed with sleet as area of low pressure gets closer in the afternoon and that sleet would mainly be confined to the colder spots and then our system continues
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certainly cloudy conditions and by into, 4 and rain and by 4:00, 4 degrees. that's kind of chilly. but you can see that it is also going to be rain because many areas should get half inch to inp of rain for us tuesday. that would be good news. mean while we're looking at 40s during the day tomorrow. we wrap that up with "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. tuesday, 4. but by the time we get into wednesday the sun is back and we're near 54. so thursday a few showers. an you can see that we're much colder strong front comes in on thursday and it is really going into the upper 0s. so 39 degrees for the high on thursday and friday and that actually friday, saturday, that will be the coldest air we've seen so far this season. sunday 45 and monday back up toer 40s with couple early showers around. bundle up. >> so bundle up. >> get ready for it. >> absolutely. >> more active this week. >> thank you, sue.
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>> thousands of people and pets in greece came for a charity run. they rang billions and hang hohoho and the proceed will go to children's trauma clinic. >> a whole bunch of santas there. >> keeps you warm hope this was chilly. >> or hot. >> thank you guys so much for joining us tonight at 6.
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welcome to set of state the short list got a little longer. >> oh, yeah. >> plus ben carson nominated for a cabinet position. >> and as you can see on the side of the screen this is one of the biggest stories tonight at 6:30 we want ton know what's on your mind. join the conversation as usual to twot us using 5@630 and ben carson not a lot of surprise we hear the rumor for weeks and he picked ben carson to be housing and urban and he will not be joining trump administration. carson doesn't have experience in public housing and donald trump says carson knows what it takes to strength in families in american cities and he's honored tore accept the nomination. >> let's talk about this tonight and oum other things brandon cooper is chairman. >> we were not stopped hear ben carson's name tapped he earlier


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