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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 6, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on fox news morning we're learning more about the attack on d.c. pizzeria and viral conspiracy theory which may have nruned the suspect.
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it's -- i'm going to say cold. it's not chilly, it's cold to me. that's only perspective i have to go by is mine. this morning, you have to deal with rain as well. those are facts that the rain is coming down. make sure you have a coat and umbrella when you walk outside this morning. good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is tuesday, december 6. gary mcgrady will talk about the rain and cold moving in and erin como will talk about our traffic hopefully the rain will not have a huge issue today. we'll check in with her for the de meanwhile in the news this morning the man accused of firing an assault rifle inside a northwest d.c. pizza shop that what we're learning about. >> edgar welsh drove from d.c. to virginia to investigate a conspiracy theory that a local pizza shop was part of a conspiracy ring. we have more details. >> let's be clear that all authorities have said this is absolutely fictitious they call
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around comet ping-pong and you know employees here said even before this, there were some concerns. they had about having some harassment and odd people coming into the restaurant. and then suddenly there worst fears became true when it became violent sunday. meanwhile the restaurant plans to on tonight and edgar welsh was in court yesterday held without bond. detectives told welsh or are were told by welsh he did indeed come wanted to investigate this online theory for himself. he went to the pizza shop with his guns to see if any sex slaves were being harbored there and he was prepared to forcefully rescue them if needed. he did peacefully surrender to police when he found no evidence children were held there. the conspiracy theory goes further claiming the kathleen kane it campaign was involved in all this and once again the fbi and d.c. police have said it's completely false and it has still persistsed online.
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and customers, though, say it all has them unnerved. >> i don't know what it is, but this area has been the center of so many things lately. swastikas at schools and we've seen neonazis gathering in friendship heights and this happen anyone our community and it's time for people that really love our kupty and love our neighbors and believe every has a home and place here and we can live together to stand up and for the silent majority to be made >> now, welsh faces seven charges including a sawed with dangerous weapon and unlawful discharge of weapon. he fired three shots inside the restaurant striking walls, a door and even the computer toyr. we don't know if that was intentional or not. we do know his next court hearing is scheduled for thursday. live in norm west, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 5:03 is the time 6th northwest between e and h is
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issues near the verizon center. overnight d dot made temporary repairs to the road and unclear what caused that sinkhole to form. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser is set to meet are president-elect donald trump 11:00 this morning in new york city. two are expected to discuss a number of issues including infrastructure and president. >> we're he >> we're hearing talk about 2020 already. joe biden told reporters yesterday he want to run in four years. when reporters asked him whether he was be serious the vice-president didn't exactly back down and said "fate has a strange way of intervening. the vice-president turned 74 last month and would be 78 if he ran and won in 2020. happening today, major action that could make the district one of the most generous places in the country for new moms and dads.
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family leave act that gives leave for birth or adoption of child and eight weeks to care for sick child or parent. leave would be paid through for through new taxes on busies. muriel bowser is not on board saying it would be would benefit those that live outside of the district. >> tomorrow mark the app versey of attack on pearl harbor ceremonies to honor men and women that served back during the attack. 5: vigil will be held and names of 2403 help and whom died in attack will be read out loud and then tomorrow around noon senator john mccain will be the keynote speaker at a ceremony where pearl harbor survivors will be individually introduced and honored. >> gary mcgrady is here to talk about weather and we're talking cold and rain. >> yes. >> par for the course for december. >> you brought up a good point. it's simple. since it's not raping now you
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it go ahead and take umbrella. make sure it's with you or whatever because basically rain spread in and it will be with us by mid morning everywhere and then as we get to late afternoon it's going to be wet. it does look like hopefully most of the morning commute goes off before the rain or a little light mix spreads n but this afternoon, and this evening t. will be a wet commute. just so you know. and let's see, winter weather advisories way back out to the wet of us and higher elevations actually some of this is inside all these will expire by 7:00 couple of them expire by 3:00 today and a lot of times they have to adjust. anywhere there's a problem will be out there well to the west and within advisories whether winter weather, the pink was actually freezing rain advisory. 37 now here in town. westminster, frederick not coming in now. dulles 39 here in town back down to 4. you can see i moon a lot of this initially is so light we're not really seeing it it's not touching ground. but it will.
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across by 6, 7:00 and get heavier to mid, late morning expect it to be wet later on. chilly rain, early mix. airport airport we may get most of the commute in dry and some will be compromised later on. >> i hope so, gary. right now not seeing rain in the cameras. but grab umbrella later this morning. it might be a good day to get earlier start. if awe void the roads and take metro their service kicks in at tracking safe track surge 11 continuous single tracking west false and east faltion on the orange and silver lines that could cause crowding on blue line a side from safe track work now the rest of metro commute son time and not seeing reported delays with metro and if we take a wide view of tuesday morning commute for one second when i looked at tuesday morning i was like no way it's thursday. but it is not. it is only tuesday. i was think ago head. right now as you look around route 1 look going problem free
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i'm seeing in millersville and we're probly free upper marboro four inbound none ever that congestion and traffic looking good suitland parkway to capitol. look at 95 wide on through stafford look going i have you covered if and when anything else pops up. wisdom and maureen, just a few. >> all right, erin, thank you very much. it's on you. >> okay. coming up on you fox news morning nationals outfielder bryce harper wants to get paid with capitol p we'll let you up. >> and pure joy of childhood is put on display during a break at the caps game at the verizon center. >> he is excited. we're heading to break now. a live look across the d.c. region, 5:08 and it's 44 degrees. region, 5:08 and it's 44 degrees. back after just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot
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cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. >> happening now loss ang sles an alert. the fbi says a call was made yesterdaying threatening attack at transit stop near universal studios today. it came over the public safety line. commuters will see extra police and police dogs at all transit stations. >> also in california death toll in oakland warehouse fire is at 36.
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officials don't expect to find anymore bodies. murder charges would are held. a vigil was held to honor the victims. the search efforts to recover some of those bodies will resume. >> a mistrial declared in case of south carolina police officer who shot and killed unarmed black man. michael slager was charged with murder after recorded on video last year shooting walter scott in the back while running away from the slager. prosecutors say they plan to try slager again. he also faces a federal trial. ruled damaging testimony given by bill cosby in lawsuit from one of his accusers can be used in upcoming trial. cosby is charged with drugen and molesting an degree owe constan in 2004. the comedian admitted to giving women drugs or alcohol before six. he claimed they were all consensualen counters and enmany of the women say they were not. his mission after promised no charges would be filed.
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be the official baseball uniform provider. under armour will replace majestic athletic as the uniform provider. it's the biggest deal to dates for them. >> colts versus jets this was bad game if you were a jets fan. andrew luck four touchdown passes, colts win 41-10. indianapolis is in three way tie with houston and tennessee in afc south. last night's caps game was might on ice night between period. and miesha marzoff of howard husky scored a goal own nice wrist shot but celebration is even better he falls to knees and exhaults to the heavens and put his stick over his head it's pure joy and excitement. >> look at that. >> from this young person right here. >> look at that that's pretty cool. >> and wearing number sglun no. >> that's noise.
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>> bryce harper contract request that's pretty much guaranteed he won't number d.c. in two years. going to be a massive number. >> and broken machines in the michigan recount into chaos. >> and a live look across the region. get ready for the rain and cold. time now is 5:12. temperature 44. time now is 5:12. temperature 44. back in a moment. look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders, with the geico app you can get roadside assistance, digital id cards...
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yeah, yeah that should work. it's not happening... just try again. uh, i think i found your problem. thanks. hmm... the award-winning geico app.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> welcome back. 5:15 happening today dioceses of maryland gets a new bishop. he will be up stalled p.m. canal reed allah st. thomas moore. he will be the fourth bishop of arlington replacing carl levity who is retiring. 5:14 is the time now let's talk to gary mcgrady about the weather, hey, gar. >> it's dry now, okay but
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could be rain or sleet and further north and west initially maybe there's going to be snow mixed in. i doubt. it but that could happen. precip covers a whole variety of thing. early mix possible especially northwestern suburbs sleet pellets mrix in in the dmv as well and it goes all to rain and looks like it will be fairly moderate rain afternoon and evening now. 43 now. look at all the 30s. gaithersburg 3, dulles 39 whip chester and martinsburg and hagers down middle 30s. there rain west and southwest of us but as the rain gets here it will further cool things done a little bit. where temperatures are marginal or close to freezing they may come down a little bit and get down to 32, 33, 34 something like that and we'll watch and see if we have technical freezing rain but even if we do i think the roadways are so warm. and it doesn't look like it
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here. and future cast this morning with updating the model you see how the newest information is. briefly faster. and i mean it does look like we don't get the entire commute out and dried. definitely this afternoon or evening will be wext by noontime you see we're all wet here. way out to the west there's winter weather advisories out there for extreme western virginia and eastern west virgia there. they may get a coating of snow and it will switch over to possibly sleet and freezing rain. we should be all dry here on this side of 1 and look at 4, 5:00 this is decent moderate rain that wants to come on through on the very tail end of this. it will get all out of here tomorrow morning we'll start with clouds and sun and clouds tomorrow. definitely dry tomorrow. we're not obviously going to be dry today. stormtracker radar just to show you that anything we're seeing is well down south right now
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it won't take long. couple hours now we start to get rain moving out across. let me show you 7 day forecast. today it's chilly rain. it starts early as an early mix. welcome at friday and saturday expecting cold conditions. hopefully most of this morning commute gets in dry, erin. i hope so too, gary, 5:17 now and i want to enjoy what's going on on the roads now. i don't have any problems. all green all good in southern maryland and inner loop without any problems. branch avenue inbound looking good in clinton traffic is moving south of clinton and traffic excuse me 301 at the five split moving without any problems and accokeek things look going 210 northbound through for the washington cruising towards beltway and wilson bridge in great shape. even if you wake up in rosaryville or upper marboro traffic is smooth sailing now and i and more coneston to hit the road in the next hour and
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problem free centerville. i like what i'm seeing 28 and chantilly. if they have an early morning flight to catch traffic on way to dulles good and problem free reagan national and bwi. if you valve today you should not hit problems on the roads on the way to airports. 9 5 northbound etsell road cruising and secondarys are moving along long. problem free rosalyn as you pass the key bridge to georgetown. m street in wisdom marti quiet. 295 southbound. 50 to 11 street bridge plenty of green. 50 inbound through chefly moving and outside thebility way 50 from bay bridge through annapolis will also problem tree free i like what i'm seeing there. plenty of green through largo. outer loop as you head to 50 i'll let you know in anything changes any questions at erin "fox5" d.c. back to you. >> it is 5:18 let's look at stories you're engaging with most this morning on social
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tracker. first up michigan ballots cast in the presidential election being counted and moving along head with the recount making it second state to conduct a recount of ballots and ruling follows request of presidential candidate jill stein after raise or thin margin made it last to be called in november election. >> and depend enters of south african slaves are fighting for keeping their land being lost in auc home if they don't pay tax for sewer they say they didn't want and don't need. last week 20 homes were put up for auction. more residents are direct descendents of west african slaves who bought the land on former rice plantation or were deed today by the government after emancipation in 1865. >> nationals are taking aback by bryce harper contract demand he wants ten year contract with
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now this could mean the team would lose harpner 2018 when becomes a free agent. i say, yeah. >> they're not going to lose them he's there -- >> they would pay him that money. it's baseball money. >> are there other phenoms not in the pipeline that could replace him. >> no sdmri deposit say he was that good i said he's a big name. it's all about star power that's all i'm saying it's about star power. it's baseball money. you look at it from perspective like 400 million us to. >> these hundredaires is can't equate to the billionaires. >> airlines have come one a new line to make money, guarantee todd change the way you fly and leave you shaking your head, too. >> and you go into a store to buy groceries pick up what you need off the self and walk out. this used to be you know called stealing.
5:21 am
it's called shop sdmring sign me up i don't have to pay. walk out with the goods. oh, yeah. i know. there's always a catch. we're heading to break this morning with a live look across the d.c. region. 5:1 now and it's i think 44 degrees. my old eyes ailing me. 44. back with more after this. >> was it really 43 maureen. >> it is 43. >> are you sure. >> oh, my god somebody get him
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>> 5:23 is the time. facebook, microsoft, twitter a new program that would create a database of unique digital fingerprints to identify videos or images that the companies could remove. goal is to combat terror recruitment and radicalization.
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return to payoff your credit card bills from holidays don't hold your breath. irs will hold federal income tax refunds until february 15 delay will give agents enough time to you check filings for fraud and identity theft. irs will accept and process 2016 returns once filing season starts and took starts next month. >> you -- will they stop you from pay physical they owe them tie bet they want that money on time. >> right. >> not checking bags on airlines used to have perks that's because united airlines announced new ticket option called basic economy banning use of overhead bipz for luggage. this means you're either stuck paying for checked bag or more sxen sivrtic tote bring back on flight with you or you cannot fly that airline because i would not -- good how do you ban overhead bins lock them? >> you have to pay for them. >> how do you figure that out. >> yeah so.
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am gone gold no lines grab and go. the store uses sensors to detect when shoppers pick up an item if they don't put it back amazon send a bill to the shoppers amazon account. the first go store is no seattle available for company employees and expects todd on to the public sometime early next year. >> i think that's a pretty good idea. if you pay for it in advance i'm just saying. >> all right. >> what do you think about that do you like that concept of ordering and paying and then going to pick it up and walking out? you like that? >> i think pretty soon we won't have to -- >> and not feeling that idea. >> floor director is chris.
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we need to stay drive and rain boots will do. it i'll need to especially this afternoon and rainy out there and modeling is showing that potential exists for actually pretty accident rain this afternoon coming out across. and we need it that's okay. it will be chilly though. 43 in town and 0s north and west and when precip gets here it starts early mix and basically goes over to rain. winter weather advisory west goes to 7:00 tonight you get snow and ice not in the district. no rain impacting roads yet. traffic is wide on and flowing freely across the 1 4 street bridge. looking gooden aconeston free.
5:27 am
check in on 66. this is nutly street westbound and eastbound a little increased volume and traffic is still flowing all the way back to 234. so whether we wake newspaper gainsville, mannasas, centerville i like what i'm seeing on inbound route this is actually 50 through chefly at 202 moving inbound inside the beltway at 295 looking great and new york avenue problem free back to you maureen and wisdom. >> coming up on "fox news morning" rumors swriling of biden did the vice-president miss the window. and i kind of say more like 42.9.
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d.c. mayor muriel bowser travels to see president-elect donald trump and joe biden talks about a presidential run in 2020 but did he miss his opportunity. >> and a progressive family lead law. fox news morning starts right now. >> this is "fox5 news morning". >> good morning to you thank you very much for joining us
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>> study tuesday, december 6. gary mcgrady talking about rain and cold. airport erin talking about traffic we'll do that in a moment. first let's get you caught up on the news this morning. we have new details about the man accused of firing assault rifle inside a northwest d.c. pizza shop. >> we're learning more about edgar welsh that claims he drove from d.c. to to investigate a online conspiracy theory. >> joins us live from northwest with the latest. >> well, we can tell you concern over what happened here is reverberated to the white house. it is deeply troubling that false news reports have now led to violence. in court, yesterday, edgar welsh was held without bond. now he did tell detectives according to court documents he came to pizza shop to see for himself if any sex slaves were being harbored there and armed and prepared to rescue them.
5:32 am
evidence his children were held -- children were held there. it is crazy conspiracy theory saying clinton campaign was involved in all this. fbi i and police say it's false and rumors persisted online. welsh faces 7 charges including assault with a deadly weapon. d.c. police are continuing to increase patrols. all this has them unnerved. >> i think the only way that we can push back against the darkne where people are in the midst of so much hate receipt and so much suspicion and fear is to stand up. there's more people that care about our community and that believe we can live together in respect and unity than not. we just have to start being as physical and loud and not loud in anger but loud in love. >> and as you can see behind me here the community has really rallied in support of comet ping-pong which they say
5:33 am
is good neighbor over the years. they've put all kinds of signs in front of restaurant of support. also i want to let you know the restaurant is planning on reopening tonight and many people online are asking their own friends and community members to come together and patronize the restaurants who again give a physical show of support for them as well. and live on northwest i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> and d.c. mayor muriel bowser is set toe meet with president-elect donald trump at 11:00 new york city a expected to expect a number of issues including infrastructure and d.c. statehood. if the first for mayor and president-elect since groundbreaking of the trump's d.c. hotel. >> we're just getting over the presidential election and already we're talking about 2020. vice-president joe biden told reporters he wants to run in four years. when they asked if he was serious he deposit back up down and said fate has a strange way of intervening he would be 78
5:34 am
if you have to take some time off to care for a loved one or the newest addition to the family the last thing you want to worry about is whether your job will thereby when you get back to work. today the d.c. council will vote on one of the most generous paid family leave acts in the entire country allowing 8 weeks to care for sick child or maernt and 11 weeks for parents top bond with a newborn or adopted child. we'll see how that turns out. >> all right. in the meantime talking about rain. weather, rain, cold, fwar gar, telling us details. >> pain maybe a little early mix, too, sleet pellets mixed in. this is not a big deal at all. >> eye ii. >> when the kids are out at the bus stop. >> i don't think so. because the way it's looking now most kids are on the bus by 7:30 don't you think. >> i hope so. >> we have a lot of walkers. >> well, it will start spreading in but has not started yet.
5:35 am
and precipitating is a better word. a little rain, sleet, too, could there be a flake mixed in yes i guess the chances of that are further north an west and with atmospheric temperature profile will support that. low the of 0s north an west. winter weather advisories have been issued and this is going to go between 3 and 7 and some will be issued to and others issued to 7. freezing rain advisory this is way out west. western virginia, eastern and western maryland. there will be snow there. sleet, maybe a little freezing rain on top of all that. here in the district we don't have have to worry about anything like this. initially if we get a mixture it's again not going to be a big deal. i'll watch some of the areas north and west because as it starts to precipitate it will actually cool the air a little. we could get close to freezing in some sots north and west not here in the city. stormtracker radar i'm showing you this because it's all
5:36 am
where it is though. it's having a hard time getting up here. he eventually it will. after 7:00 the way it's looking now. and real quick look at the forecast. no doubt it will be chilly and rainy and all day, heavier rain late this morning into the afternoon hours. there's forecast. how about traffic with erin como. >> hey, erin. >> gary, 5:6 now and things are moving along round the beltway. topside and college park on outer loop 95 to georgia. we're at speed. same s cross the legion bridge. no problems in great falls. taking a look northern maryland coming down 270 spur look how quiet we railroad rockville down. speed same story secondarys in concernsing top we're looking great in coalsville in silver spring as well as we look at 270 quiet commute. it's a little congestion building from 70 to truck scales and not enough to cause major slow downs yet i'll let you know if and when that changes 66 all good all good on the map and not seeing any
5:37 am
south of that towards the occoquan 5 minute delay building with congestion. closer look there next wisdom and maureen. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" rolling stone wants verdicts in uva def nation case thrown out. >> owners of pulse night club in orlando reveal their plan for future of the club? as we heat to break with a live look across the region 5:37 with the temperature 43 degrees
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what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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>> time 5:40 a 7 levrn hit in flash robbery. teens involved. the same store was target of similar robbery earlier this year. rolling stone magazine is asking a federal judge to throw out a jury verdict that the magazine de famd a former dean university of virginia in article of campus rain that turned out to be false. last month the jury awarded former dean $3 million in damages and the jury found guilty of liable. >> pulse club orlando will not sl the club to city.
5:41 am
$million purchase price for the club in the end the owner barbara palmer couldn't part with the club these owned for years. 49 people were killed and dozens more injured in a mass shooting at the night club in june. the city of orlando intended to turn the land into a memorial for the victims. >> coming up on "fox news morning" crowds are flocking to suburb urban chicago neighborhood to she a house decked out in christmas lights honoring prince. >> if you plan to have children get a job working at ikea. we'll explain why in a >> we're heading to break with a live look across the d.c. region. finding common ground if you will? a hit a couple years back. enjoy the music as we head to break.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country?
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>> check out 5:44 look at the capitol i love the scaffolding is down and the dome is beautiful. >> glistening. >> crack free. >> i like it. >> that's what it is. >> i like it.
5:45 am
>> how are you doing? >> all night long? >> yeah, you shook my all night long? >> wisdom quiet so we'll move on. >> wisdom is enjoying the quiet. >> great morning for wisdom. >> we talked about that. >> i want to show you this quickly and we'll get to what is going on. see this cold stuff. great falls at 5 degrees and casper minus 3 and well below zero some places in southern territories of canada there. wisdom remember old crow yesterday way up in the uconn territory. >> yeah, yeah, yeah, >> it's like 42 below zero this morning and that's right it's off screen here you cannot see it. >> yesterday was 33 below zero. >> it's getting worse. >> coldser. >> that actual air temperature. that's some of that arctic air been building over the next couple weeks and we'll get a couple pieces of that. first piece comes in late week into the weekend. 43 now let's drill down. i want to show you numbers
5:46 am
hagerstown and mar continuesburg and win chester those temperatures holding steady and gaithersburg sitting at 37. frederick westminster not coming in this morning. other than that a lot of 40s around. we have not started bringing rain to the area yet. but as that happens temperatures will got a little colder and we'll start with early mix. then we'll go to rain. and this is how future cast sees it by 8 a.m. or so. the longer we can hold this off obviously the better it will be for commute. if we can hold this off longer it will come out across maybe a mix. sleet pellet here or there that will be it. any accumulation or nasty stuff will be well back out to the west. higher elevations. there's a wiptser weather advisory out there. eastern west virginia extreme western maryland an higher elevations too. you see how we stay wet today. heaviest of rain will be late this morning and through the afternoon and evening. tomorrow, we will dry out. looks like tomorrow we'll get to sunshine. not a lot of sunshine but a
5:47 am
45 today. chilly rain. again early mix going over to all rain. 54 tomorrow. limited sunshine. but again it will be dry. here's the rain and wintry precip now again having a hard time initially getting in. but it will get here eventually. you'll need the umbrella and fancy rain boots and i can guarantee you the evening commute is going to be wet. we're 54 tomorrow. bottom drops out of temperatures late week high of 39. friday 39 and saturday 39 that here's erin como. >> 5:47 want to grab that rain jacket and boots later. right now, gar i'm not seeing any precipitation. >> no wet road. >> no wet roads. >> i said participation and i meant precipitation. anyway, building 95 northbound prince william parkway throws to dale city and says 5 to 8 minute delay because of groffing volume once you pass
5:48 am
flowing freely to stafford. if you head to stafford 95 northbound jammed between 610 and 60 by courthouse road as usual this is look 270 southbound 109 from 70 to 109 you hit cop juston and give yourself ten extra minute you'll need it it's stop and go conditions building and good news we're not seeing crashings in our 270 cameras, nobody side flowing freely right now. we'll go ahead and take a look at maps. we'll show what you else you're facing at 5:48 this morning. traffic for the most part looking nice and quiet outer loop. no problems for tuesday morning commute on beltway and if you take metro and skip the roads things are looking good on the rails except for safe track surge 11 impacting orange and yellow back to you maureen and wisdom. >> happening now three voteers in florida suing for recount in president elect. in the lawsuit they say hillary clinton, not trump won floor
5:49 am
joel aand they say state results were off because of hacking and malfunctioning voting machines and they're asking for hand out of every paper ballot in florida. >> 43% of maryland kindergarten student are ready for school. those are results from state test administered this pastier in most har mar school districts. the test measures academic readiness in lang whammy, math, social skills, motor development and physical well-being. kindergartners scored at 6% readiness. >> cdc says health cam paipz are doing nothing to help control waste lines. the u.s. is losing battle of childhood obesity. though campaigns flopped the cdc says there was success in combating smoking and teen pregnancy. >> someone at npd has a sense of human or. look at this 11:45 last night official twitter account of d.c. police department sent out this tweet which read, tired of current job to.
5:50 am
of course you see the guy on the screen doesn't work for mpd. that's a picture of crying michael jordan. that's what was on the post. all jokes aside if you are looking for a great career npd is hire hiring. michael jordan. you. >> all need to leave michael alone. >> leave michael alone. >> greatest basketball player ever been reduced to crying michael. >> that's a good >> hey, time now for facebook fan of the day. or actually you know what, facebook fan of the day has to wait we have to look at stories engaging with the most on social media and realtime news track erin first up $125 billion wasted that's what new internal study of the pentagon said it wasted to business operations and that study done almost two years ago was hidden from the pentagon fearing kong fwres would use findings to take away money from the
5:51 am
"washington post". pentagon leaders requests the study and found there was more are wasteful spending than expectd transgender walmart employees s can now get insurance this year. companies joining more than 500 other companies protecting employee rights and improving gepd erie quality. >> ikea giving new parents more time off starting january 1 employees will be eligible to take three months of paid parental leave if they worked a full year with the comny now if they got three years working at ikea under belt the new plan offers new parents four months of paid leave. ikea says it is our arena and people working for them should experience home especially welcoming new family member. >> i lover it, ikea. >> the five finalist louisville quarterback lamar jackson and desean watson and oklahoma quarterback baker may
5:52 am
receiver are west brock and michigan defensive back peppers. and jamar jackson considered to be heavy favorite. >> going with lamar jack sop i think he'll get it. >> okay. >> let's talk about this. 60 points in 29 minute of play. >> wait a minute. >> i talked about this i couldn't believe it. >> that's three-quarters it also is trending this morning warriors guard clay thompson one of best chute the shooters i've ever seen was on fire. he the warriors game against pagers 60 points and most for golden state warrior in more than 42 years. oh, and final court in this game 42-106. he had 21 out of -- 20 out of 1 shots. >> 20 out of 21. >> clay thompson was on fire last night. >> all over the place. >> all over the place. >> i thought he was just doing it.
5:53 am
best group of shooters i've seen in nba period. >> golden state is ledge sglit tomorrow marks 75 anniversary of pearl harbor and honoring men and women who served during the attack 5:00 this evening a candlelight vigil will be held and 2403 men and women names will be reld and tomorrow around noon senator john mccain will be speaker at a ceremony where pearl harbor survivors will be individually introduced and honored. christmas spirit. paul ryan would lead the capitol tree lighting ceremony. an 0 foot spruce from idaho will be lit and more than 60 hand crafted ornaments will decorate that tree. >> a family in chicago as a spectacular light show at the tomorrow home. they have tens of thousands of dancing lights and christmas music and display honors musician for instance and as
5:54 am
the troops and last year they raised 5,000 bore the wounded warrior project. >> that's pretty spectacular. >> amazing. >> i know right? >> and this guy comedian jimmy kimmel will host the biggest night in hollywood the oscars this would be first time hosting award show and he's emceed emmy, espys and american music awards. oscars air sunday february 9. >> i thought james corbin was in for the running or that. >> i thigh he's doi >> facebook fan ever the day today tamika and her husband johnthon. >> her husband is a tour bus driver in d.c. and he listens to "fox5" every morning for the latest traffic. tamiqa said she and steve share a birthday. >> your chance to be tomorrow's fan leaf a comment and photo below tamika and jonathan's on our "fox5" facebook page. >> nice couple. >> yes. >> and a gary mcgrady glorious
5:55 am
and in spivt cold and rain it will be deploreious. >> take his temperature. >> please return -- >> here's the deal, all right, i'm hoping this rain and this potentially early mix will hold off until we get most everybody to work and certainly school and at least a chance of showers and early mix for pickup time for the kid owes. it will be latter probably elementary school kids that may have a deal with a little bit of this. after school wet. 39 to 44 talking about early mix transitioning to just a cold rain. we're 44 now. we're back up. gaithersburg at 37. 0s out along i 81. once this prescriptions comes in, it will be early mix. we may get sleet bell's round the d.c. area. no worries. anything accumulating way back out to west where winter weather advisories are in place between 6:00 and 7:00 and
5:56 am
western maryland there and higher areas of elevation out towards you know the stanton area and places like that where higher elevations are. otherwise we're in good shape. stormtracker right now shows a few little showers down to the south. we're still dry. that's good news erin como because this would have been coming in a couple hours earlier and morning commute would have been miserable. >> what time do you think the rain hits the area for the morning commute. >> i'm saying after 7 it will start to spread. >> get an early start we'll tell people. >> just in case. >> rain hits >> for sure the beltway is quiet as you make your way toy pred rick crash 270 southbound between 0 and 85 with left lane blocked bups you hit 80 you hit a slow down. and this will turn red because the left lane is blocked. be prepared to keep it right and pump brakes take it slow this morning. we also have a crash reported in centerville, 28 northbound 66 and we'll certainly keep you updated on that one and take a look at that. 66 jamming up frl 29 all the
5:57 am
areville and speeds down to 8 miles an hour and new crashing on 2 is about right there as you head to 66. and i'll let you know if metro delays pop up now safe track surge 11 beautiful camp view of national harbor and ferris wheel and keep it to "fox5"
5:58 am
5:59 am
6:00 am
snrvr straight ahead at of the d.c. pizzeria targeted all because of conspiracy theory set to reon today. this is man behind the attack makes first court apeerpz new york city for a meeting of president-elect donald trump and fox 5 also on a train to the big apple right now. we'll tell what you the two plan to discuss in new york. >> liver look outside on tuesday two things you need to know when you head out the door this morning. don't forget umbrella and jacket those are the two. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday everyone i'm allison seymour. >> welcome to morning morning you'll get reminder for both if you forget. we fwin with undate on sinkhole northwest d.c. major traffic jams last night. overnight d dot made temporary repairs to the hole and 6th


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