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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 6, 2016 6:00am-7:01am EST

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snrvr straight ahead at of the d.c. pizzeria targeted all because of conspiracy theory set to reon today. this is man behind the attack makes first court apeerpz new york city for a meeting of president-elect donald trump and fox 5 also on a train to the big apple right now. we'll tell what you the two plan to discuss in new york. >> liver look outside on tuesday two things you need to know when you head out the door this morning. don't forget umbrella and jacket those are the two. "weather and traffic on the 5s" at 6:05. good tuesday everyone i'm allison seymour. >> welcome to morning morning you'll get reminder for both if you forget. we fwin with undate on sinkhole northwest d.c. major traffic jams last night. overnight d dot made temporary repairs to the hole and 6th
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caused that sinkhole last night. >> developing right now. at 6 a.m. prince george county police investigating two shootings one deadly. last night a man was shot and later died in the 4100 block of southern avenue in capitol hight and then just moments later police responded to another shooting on curtis driver in tenl pl hills and vick anymore that shooting is alive and in critical condition. police do not believe two shootings are connected. >> still developing this assault rifle inside a northeast pizza shop is held in d.c. this morning. >> after fiveing a gun inside a piece ashop. tonight that restaurant plans ton reon. melanie alnwick joins us with the latest. good morning. >> good morning steve and allison and concern about this incident reverberated all way to the white house. josh ernest yesterday saying how concerning and deeply troubling in fact that these false reports to lead to
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is spending another night in a d.c. jail after being held without bond. and now, he apparently is in court documents telling d.c. police he came to the piece ashop to see if child sex slaves are hosh ored there and armed and prepared to rescue them. he peacefully surrendered to police when he saw no evidence children were held there. it's this crazy conspiracy theory claiming clinton an campaign was involved in all this. and the fbi in d.c. police said it is false and has persisted online. welsh faces 7 charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. now d.c. police are adding additional patrols and neighboring shops and customers say it all unnerved them. >> i don't know what it is but this area has been sensor of so many things swastikas at schools and neonazis ganlerring in friendship heights and we've
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love our country and neighbors and believe everyone has a home and place here and we can live together to stand up and for silent majority to be made visible. >> and they're making themselves visible with signs support here painerd out in front of this entrance on connecticut avenue. a lot of people coming buy yesterday to show their support and they also plan to come by the rest of this week as well. the restaurant is planning on opening around 5:00 tonight steve, allison, that are talking about coming here with their friends to physically show their support for the restaurant as well. live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser on her way now meeting with president-elect donald trump later and they'll talk about the district growth, infrastructure and growth for statehood. last night on "fox5"she talked about the meeting today.
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uniqueness in the federal time and we're proud to be the nation's capitol but it's also important he knows we are independent district and that we raised and spend our money locally and we take care of the needs of d.c. residents. >> the meeting is set for 11:00 this morning again in new york. now 6:30 we'll check in with with matt ackland he's on a train to new york city where he will >> after a day of transition donald trump will continue thank you in north carolina personally thanking thousands of supporters in fayetteville and president-elect plans to visit two other states week iowa and michigan coming one day after he picked ben carton sop to be head of the housing and urban development. >> and mike peps was in a box with owner who is considered to be ambassador to great britain consideration. he was one of the chief
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tape over yet and vice-president joe biden says he's running for president in year 020 well maybe. he made the remarks to reporters yesterday when asked if joking the vice-president didn't back sdoup he said "while he's not committing to anything, fate has a strange way of intervening" he'll be 78 if he ran and fwhon the year 200. >> happening today the districts could be one of the most generous country when it comes to new moms and dads at least. d.c. council to vote on family leave act that gives 11 weeks for birth or adoption of child and allows 8 weeks to care for six parent or child and that would be paid for through business taxes and mayor bowser is not on board though saying most of those benefiting live outside of the district. the bill will need a second vote later this month in order to pass. 6:0 a5 on tuesday. expecting rain, hi, mike. >> expecting rain and maybe a
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>> what do you mean. >> no -- well depend where you live. if you live in mountains to the west you may see snow in d.c.. we might see a little bit of sleet. but it's nothing that if not enough we're not to the point any sleet or freeszing rain would cause issues yet. look at your satellite and radar. you see clouds over taken the region and you see rain creeping up and little pnks and white starting to pop out west. that is that know snow. here's in our direction. test least it's wet and soggy day and temperatures will stay on the chilly side. look at temperatures outside right now. you can see why we're concerned with the sleet and snow off to the west. look at martinsburg 30. 35 at this hour and dulles 39 and gaithersburg 37 and as rain comes in temperatures drop a little bit. that's why there is concern. there are advisories out to west and i'll show you those in a second. 44 washington. again even if we mix it sleet
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roads this morning. winter weather advisory in effect for those areas in purple and include couple better land, maryland those are locations where especially if you live above 1000 or 1500 feet you could get snow advisories in pink go until 7:00. 45 today. maybe morning mix possible. again nothing to be too concerned over. and then rain likely rest of day. it will be a soggy tuesday. in fact umbrella and all the fixings for one of those days. >> i'm below 1500 feet i'm good. >> i think. >> i think. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> 6:07 now. you can see the flashing lights behind me out in september areville. 28 northbound there's a crash blocking right shoulder just before 66 and we're seeing a little bit of slow moving traffic and overall volume pretty light. 68 northbound just south of 66 we'll let you know if that changes and again be mind full there's a crash blocking right shoulder.
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definitely picking up causing delays and this is out by 28. you can see heavier volume and traffic looking good. there's stop and go traffic 234 as you make your way past 28. give yourself ten extra minute in total to play it safe. dry companies on the roads. but as mike and gary have been telling us as rain moves in that could cause additional problems once that:00 hour hits. let's look at maps now. aside from that in virginia we have typical congestion head stafford 17 to aquia harbor give yourself extra moments. we're starting to see congestion. all in all 15 extra minutes if you head to the beltway. once you get out of stafford things on up and more stop and go traffic. let's see if we can forward maps once you get to dale city to prince william parkway that is the where you hit the second area of con just don't as you cross the occoquan and things are backing up. tag a look at northern maryland and outer loop has about 5
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seeing a crash at 80. it was blocking left lane. right now that yellow zone from 70 to 80 turned red it's 15 minute delay and once you pass the crash scene heavier volume germantown. if you skip the roads and take metro safe track he slowing down between east and west falls church other than that metro rail lines okay. i'll let you know if that change. caused oilly sheen. environmental protection agencies is a power plant in ticker son, maryland is to blame. the sheen showed up on the river near point of rocks end of november and oilly sheen did not affect our drivlinging supply. >> coming up next terror threat in loss ankle tlos target the city commuter rail sim system. >> and goingal lerts family and friends of location if you're in trouble. we'll tell you how this works.
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>> stepped up secure any in la after officials received a terror threat involving the city rail system. the anonymous tip came from over seas in phone call monday morning and the ill killer was specific about a plot to bomb the universal station on the red line.
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the sheriff asking the public to stay calm and vinl lant and the city rail system carries 145,000 passengers from la to north. >> ohio man will spend 30 years it 'tis in prison for plotting to attack the state capitol. 22-year-old christopher cornell planned to assassinate president barack obama and others during last january's state of the union address to show his support for isis. prosecutors plan to retry a former police officer for killing of unarmed black man. a mistrial was declared in murder trial of michael slager he was charged with shooting 50-year-old walter scott in the back as he ran from a traffic stop in charleston last year. jury members were unable to come to a unanimous decision. scott's family says this is not the end.
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just god and unjustice, injustice will not prevail. >> that shooting happened in north charleston flager remains under house arrest this morning. >> more vick frimz deadly warehouse fire in oakland were identified. 36 people killed when flames erupted during a dance party late friday. last night mourpers gathered at a vigil to remember those victims. still no word how it started but we know authorities investigation even though it's still unclear if any crime was committed. >> and the soccer team from brazil involved in the deadly plane crash last week is awarded a championship trophy the team was on its way to attorneyments final when the plane went down in columbia killing most players. the team will get $2 million in prize money and qualify for other tournaments and other teams in brazil promised to provide players for a couple seasons during the rebuilding process. >> as we get that to mark the 75 anniversary of pearl harbor
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vigil will be held at the world war ii memorial. the names of the help and women killed ill westbound read out loud. xhen occasions ceremony will include world war two veterans. 7 of them pearl harbor survivors and they'll present wreaths at the freedom wall. >> a new way to shop for groceries without having to waits in the checkout line. >> all right. let's look outside right now as we head to break tuesday morning. may be the driest part of the day. it's 6:1
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>> live look at the linc on mem or had 3 degrees. let's check with mike miping michael thomas and see we'll flatten out throughout the day. chillier day with temperatures hanging below the mid 40s all day long and maybe cold enough for early mix around here.
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norman west in higherel vagues and won't rule it out broovrly here. it would be nothing to cause any issues. most of the issues today will come from the rain which could be ever hade at times later on this afternoon. and showers out there right now are mostly south of d.c. as you head down 95 and sought 8 1 towards harrisonburg and maybe sleet mixed in there. and that's where the bulk of action is and later on again most of the rain will work its way up the next couple hours say at least the very least 8, 9:00 moving in in d.c.. future cast in a second. look at the big picture here all that moisture headed to tennessee through kentucky it's all headed in our direction. we in for a soggy and wet day. not going to be best day at all forgetting outside for any ran. 8:00, this morning, there you go. future cast has rain pushing up into the d.c. region southern half of metro if kids are getting off the bus stop across northern maryland today they'll be type this morning and by the afternoon they'll need rain gear. here they with 10:00 rain pushing into the region as you
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would be pockets of heavier rain especially done through southern maryland as you head down i 95 and i 66 as well and you see the pinks in mountains there's winter weather advisory posted in the moun tons until 3:00 this afternoon nor sleet, freezing rain and accumulation in the elevated regions. and by 3:00 this afternoon maybe a little bit of a lighter break in the action before heavier rain moves in just in time for the evening commute. pass several days here fruit fewer cast has been saying the evening will be rough to heavy rain. how much rain is expected today? we're running dry. an inp of rain would be welcomed in d.c.. gainersburg, dulles, nothing heavy soaking and much needed rain this afternoon. let's lock at temperatures outside right now. they're rather chilly. 44 washington and we're flirting with high for the day already. temperatures will hold steady this afternoon. 39 mannasas. 39 dulles and cooler air north an west and that's where bulk
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hagerstown. forecast for today 45. cloud and sunny this afternoon -- that's right -- i have to change that -- that's right that's what the day looks like good amount of rain coming our way. stayed yeah rain certainly early and showers ling ebb late to evening hours and clearing by early tomorrow morning. 40 your overnight low. so again, temperatures holding pretty steady. there's your 7 day forecast by tomorrow drying things out mid 50s. that's not but here comes winter december. we head through thursday. maybe a rain or snow shower that would be nothing to worry about as well on thursday, 48. cold gets here friday, saturday, highs in the 30s here in washington. with good amount of wind around as well. >> that's it. look at the weather. traffic time with erin como good morning. >> 6:18 and even though you need umbrella later this morning roads are dry. still tracking this crash in centerville blocking right shoulder. 28 northbound just before 66
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once you get on 6 of from 234 sutly road over to 28. about a ten minute delay stop and go traffic. we'll take a look at maps right now. we are seeing some issues with safe track. so, keep in mind this is ongoing through december 21 and continuous single track on orange and silver between west and east falls church and expect crowded trains on orange and silver and couped conditions and rush hour trains running every 0 minutes if you have questio witness twitter and rest of d.c. commute looking good. a delay picks up once you cross the beltway, 395 northbound beltway to etsell road and jammed 95 to george aten minute delay and southern maryland inbound delays 210 for the washington to beltway. heavy volume there. same story clinton on 5. south of that point at the 5301 nature and 270 crash by 0 cow using delays by frederick.
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this morning but bryce harper future in d.c. is unclear. coming up reports of his most recent contract demand. >> he'll get paid either way it's whether we get to see him play. >> how does this sound walk into a grocery store get your food and walk out like that. >> and they took license plate. >> i had it great. one great i understand
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>> back now with new way to shop for grotionyes. first we'll check the market. hillary voun with the "business beat". >> good morning, steve. there was another record setting high for dow yesterday. 19216 up 45 point and consumer based stocks and text stocks
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we're expecting dow boun points s&p down .25 and nasdaq up two. >> greet seat records continue on wall street. i want to get to amazon story. i love this and the fact that having ease and con veerns turning big stores into convenience stores. >> amazon is trying to change the way you shop again. if shopping online is not your style they're trying to make instore frosry shopping just as easy. there's a new grocery store called amazon go. you grab the umz tmz you want and walk out of the store and charge your amazon prime account for the items you take home with you. and here's how it works you walk into the store and top your cell hope to on a turnstile that logs you to instore network using am gone prime and using artificial intelligence they track the tmz you take off the shelves and take home with you when you leave they add up everything you took and charge amazon prime account and this is great
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ever not waiting in checkout line and not opening their wallet and additionally you don't have to wait for delivery. and the bonus is for those what like to see and feel the produce that they're buying they get to do that with the convenience of online shopping. >> first of all hillary would you take advantage of that yourself and use that and second of all unfortunately we cannot do it yet can we? >> no. i would say advantage of. it i feel like i would be surprised at how much i'm spending on amazon prime account. but, ye employees only right now in seattle where the amazon go location is but early 2017 they say they make it on to the public. >> very cool google was new way to folks to stay in touch with loved ones if they get trouble. >> this is refer lution arie safety app. it let's you share location be if battery phone dies or off-line or can't get to phone. it's called trusted contacts and it let's you share your location in emergency situations or when you feel
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google will share location automatically it's a free app for android users on google play they're till still developing iphone compatible version you can use web interface in the meantime. >> sounds good works for loved one in mnls not just like tracking your girlfriend, boyfriend, kids, et cetera, hope that's not the emergency. >> emergency situations yes. >> hillary, thanks so much, appreciate it. >> thanks, steve. >> 6:5 now. >> sometimes that's an emergency. >> i know. >> i love the ide store we talked about this machines taking over if jobs come into play on this cop convenience factor you cannot argue with that be nice to not wait in line and walk out. >> time does march on and sometimes people have for foten which is bad part. >> future i get it. >> i like it future coming. >> rain is coming as well a soggy tuesday here.
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umbrella. >> good clouds over the region now. rain is down south. you see radar filling in there. that will head our wayen with the next few hours and we're stuck in it all day long. good amount of rain fall needed. it's rain yes inconvenienced and from time to time it's something we deal with. there's planner for the day today. 10 a.m., 43. rain has over taken the region and by 1:00 hour only 44 with rainfall continuing all day long. >> wow. >> okay. >> thanks, mike. >> not good. >> >> let's check in with erin and and look at roads and rails all the fun stuff. >> breaking news at 6:26 out of stafford, virginia, vre crash involving vre train versus car intersection of brent point road and archdale road stafford watch for delays there around that intersection and keep in mind we're hearing from vre all fredericksburg line trains are delayed two plus hours and opening metro
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but if you take the fredericksburg line watch for delays on vre train line and keep in mind in stafford county in neighborhood around brent point road and archdale road you see big significant delays building. sky fox is on the way and we'll keep you updated as we continue with traffic this morning steve and allison. >> thanks very much, it's 6:27 now. >> coming up not only are we talking about bryce harp they are morning but the nationals also making headlines for the ace they have a good chance of bringing to the district. >> they lost, somebody, too. >> train headed to new york city for d.c. mayor meeting with donald trump. there's a live look in on the journey now. live pick from a train. >> i think matt wept to the restroom. >> we'll get it back and chats with him next.
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>> back now at 6:30 breaking news. airport just told us about it. a vre train that has struck a vecl involveing a fredericksburg line train that hit the car north near brent point road and archdale road and we don't know whether the drive of that car was hurt. vre says fredericks lineburg passengers should find another way to work today. and we'll have more month in five minute. there will be a two hour delay on that line. we'll stay on top of this and share new details and updates as we gets them.
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carolina man that shot a gun inside comet ping-pong northwest d.c. monday faced a judge yesterday. 28-year-old edgar welsh is held without bond comment ping pong will reon tonight. >> mayor becauseer will meet with president-elect trump in new york city today. matt ackland is on the way to tell us what about. that's my question what's on the agenda. hi, matt. >> hi, allison. good morning to you i think a >> hi, allison. good morning to you i think a lot is on agenda today.
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later. we appreciate you joining us this morning morning on that train headed to new york city to cover the meeting between president-elect and district mayor. >> tonight, d.c. is getting into christmas spirit house speaker paul ryan will lead 2016 capitol tree lighting ceremony west lawn of capitol this year 80 foot spruce from idaho will be list and more than 6,000 hand crafted ornament from idaho will decorate the tree. staev ever to you. >> thanks very mu i for morning line. swell was not easy capitols got a w after dropping three straight. verizon center last night caps trailed 1-0. there's rival friends sitting next to each other at the game. caps down 1-0. shot on neck. deflected by beagle for the goal. fifth of year that evenings things as one. and then six minutes go john carlson slap shot deflected by
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game at 2 and forces over time midway through over time marcus johann sent with game winner, next up caps host bruins 20e78d tomorrow night. 3-2 was the final. >> ways ardz last night against the nets get a win as well. fell behind by 6 and rallied in the second half. ot owe steel lows this down and john wall knocks it from behind with the steel and porler ahead with a throw down. team high 25 points. wizards win 11, 1 victory of the season. it's a start. washington back at it tonight home against magic. clay thompson did you see what at the did for warriors scored nba season high and career point 60 point and did it in three-quarters would have been 80 if he did it the whole game. and golden state ended up winning 142 to 106 thompson joins hall of fameers wilt chamber land, rick beforey and
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score 6 points a game. 0 and 21 for the field. "monday night football" ugly. home team embarrassed. final score 41-10. three way tie first place afc south. college football heisman trophy finalists head to new york saturday to find out who wins prestigious award for second year in a row desean watson is finalist. michigan defensive back jamaal peppers and oklahoma teammate baker may field quarterback and de de westbrook a wide receiver. will mar jackson should take home the prize. >> potential huge news up for the nationals. one day after losing closer "fox sports" ken frozen thal say nats have legitimate chance of landing chris sale. gm rizzo says what will it take to acquire sailor any big name for that matter. >> we'll allocate resources in
6:35 am
that's closure ur it's not if it's another position that's type. we're going to give ourselves best chance to get impact full player at the right place and use our dollars the best way we can. >> might want to think about outfielder too other news that may not be well received by fans could the team move on without bryce. signing unnamed team executive "usa today" says harper agent lookinging for ten years $400 million deal. according to some nats not interested he made $5 million last year. you go from $5 millionto $40 million that's a nice raise. and then do that again for ten years. >> why not? >> i cannot imagine nats without bryce harper. >> do you think they'll let him go. >> i think it all comes down to money in the sport. >> what do you think? >> i think if they offer him the money he would stay versus going another team. if they offer him substantial amount more somewhere else
6:36 am
>> do you think they'll pay money or no. >> i don't know. >> i honestly don't know i think he will get paid by somebody. >> he's here definitely for one more season. >> okay. >> possibly two. >> get the money while you can. >> stormtracker radar. we're tracking rain and even sleet and snow this morning out west here. here this d.c. should be mostry rain for us and not a keep for the road. look at george harrisonburg. sleet loray rain, snow, sleet mix and petersburg some snowflakes for you. again no reports ever accumulation. if you see snow, sleet, please tweet me. i'll low you up on air and wield kind of see what's going on out there together. 44 reagan national current temperatures. dulles happeninging in 30s. 39. bwi marshall 4 2. here's forecast for the next couple days. rain, rain, rain and more rain today. evening commute could be it a
6:37 am
we later today. chilly. holding at 45 for daytime high. we're kind of right there already. temperatures not going far. tomorrow dry it out a little bit. clouds to start. sunier by the afternoon. 52 degrees for daytime high not bad for december at all. >> not bad at all. all right. hi erin, house commute. >> we're tracking breaking news out of stove ford 6:7 crash involving vre train and car it's north of brook station because of that fredericksburg lines are delayed u hours plus. and some trains may be cancelled they are setting up metro option for you. and that is also closing brent point road arch dale road that could cause traffic problems in stafford as well as big headaches fredericksburg line commuters we'll keep you updated on that sky fox on the way and again breaking situation in stafford county this morning. as we forward maps northbound 95, 17 to aquia harbor significant delays fredericksburg to stafford this
6:38 am
dale city do beltway. you also jammed dale city across occoquan and we're seeing slow moving traffic there ander loop we have a crash between 295 and wilson bridge jamming traffic back to 414 give yourself extra time there upper loop not looking hot and 29 5 northbound congestion as you come off the beltway laboratory road. for rest of tuesday morning commute 66 dealing with congestion once you get inside the beltway false church to 95 over to georgia with typical 15 minute delay. 50 inbound chefly and 95 southbound dealing with heavier traffic and same story outside the beltway beltsville bw parkway southern and crash shoulder by 80 and still big delays out of frederick, maryland this morning. metro on time except for safe track surge 11 allison and steve. >> coming up next we'll take a look at what is trend on the web tuesday morningen including
6:39 am
new moms and dads. >> and holiday message from a local service member overseas.
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>> 6:42 what's trending on web deserve from can aid yap police for threatening drunk drivers for playing music in patrol cars. they posted message on facebook it went viral. band members didn't find it funny. representative for nickel back -- stevie hope you listen to this story -- a representative contacted police department to demand they take the threat down they did and apologized. >> ikea giving new parents more time off starting january first
6:43 am
take three months parental leave if they worked a full year for company. if they have three yeerkz working at ikea under their belt the new plan offers parents four months of paid leave this is amazing. ikea president says the home is our arena and the company thinks people working for them should get a chance to experience their home especially when becoming a new family or welcoming a new family member. and finally, what app could stop working this month which on with no longer work on 3 g 1's window phone 7 devices and phones running android 2.1 or android -- is that 1.2, android 2.2 older mod positive elz. >> you're such the tech reporter. >> steve. >> you nailed it. >> i'll come over there and be the you know what reporter in a second. >> i know i'm afraid. 6:43 now my friend coming up next comedian that will host the next oscars.
6:44 am
break if you have a news break if you have a news stipulate share with us
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stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> oh, boy. problems out there upper loop. wilson bridge area. we'll keep you posted on what is happening there. checking in with erin in a moment. not a good scene. the rain has not even started yet, mike. >> once did gets here you know
6:47 am
unfortunately we're in for one of those types of days and evening could be compromised as well. >> you said rain, rain, rain. >> rain all day. >> rain, rain. >> when it starts around 9ish. >> somewhere between 7 and 29 will start. >> and literally all day. >> yes. >> and all day long. >> okay. >> we need the rain that's what tucker would say. >> yes. >> yes. >> and tuger will tell you that tomorrow. >> 0s and 40s this morning for bus stop. and those living out to the west may see know and sleet. report sleet to the west. if you live north an east of d.c. i think you will be dry for pickup for the bus stop. definitely after school everybody will need rain boots and gloves and jackets and all that good stuff. it temperatures pretty much the same. they're not going to go anywhere today thanks to the rain around the region. there's satellite and radar. just radar. showing that rain creeping up from south starting to push into southern maryland across
6:48 am
the higher elevations starting to see snow fakes flying and sleet and freezing rain as well. there's the big picture. allison you can see it lots of moisture coming our way all day rain event here and we could be heavy at times especially during evening rush. temperatures now once again 44 washington. gaithersburg 7. 6 hagerstown and 36 mar continuesburg and mostly high elevations. that's where concerns are for snow and winter snow and winter weather adviceyes martinsburg. >> pink there could mix with sleet. only place we're concerned about accumulating sleet or snow would be higher elevations above 1,000, 2,000 feet or so. by this afternoon rain builds in and at the evening commute could have heavy rain in d.c. and most accumulating snow stays north. we're got ready for that yet in washington. 45 daytime high today.
6:49 am
temperatures just about everywhere hanging in the 40s. big time cold air comes our way later this week, though, because it's a "fox5" accuweather forecast. see it there. saturday and sunday highs in 30s. >> let's check the forecast erin como has what's now a very busy traffic. >> 6:49 sky fox made it to breaking news we're tracking out of stafford. crash involvinging a train and intersection of brent and we have mark doyle assistant chief with stafford fire you can hear us. >> i can hear you. >> thank you for joining us. tell us a little. let's switch to maps when we talk to mark. tell us about the crash i understand there's no injuries involved. >> that's correct i spoke to units on the scene no injuries on the train. vehicle became stuck on tracks and occupants were able to exit prior to the train striking the vehicle.
6:50 am
command post there that the minimal damage however the train is blocking intersection of brentpoint and archdale road which cuts off the access to the peninsula on east side of track. >> what does that mean for pokes living there? >> go ahead sgled what does that mean for folks living in the neighborhood where the access is cut off? >> basically the residents of the brentpoint area of wide water are not able to get across the tracks that's however, in event of emergency we have mnl vehicles staged there. the train can move if we have mnl on that east side so we can rendered aid and in whatever form needs to be taken care of over there. >> do you have any idea how long -- >> it's one way in and one way out the community. >> thank you so much for that information. so it sounds like accident was caused by a car stuck on the tracks and again no injuries
6:51 am
stuck on the track and of course, it's under investigation and all that will come out later from the authorities. but, there are no injuries on the train. there were no injuries in the vehicle that was unoccupied when truck. >> do you have any idea when they'll be able to clear the train. >> it will be several hours and basically right now that is undetermined when the train will be moved. but it will be and with the rain coming that could hinder into that operation. >> mark, thank you so much for joining us we appreciate the information we'll keep everybody in stafford informed when they can clear that train. if you live in. vre community that causes an impact. we'll keep you updated on fredericksburg line delays. any questions at erin "fox5" d.c. twitter we'll have more on the commute. >> let's go to rails metro
6:52 am
informal tour about the agency rail car reliability plan that starts 1:0 this afternoon green belt rail road in college park. paul wiedefeld will thereby talking about what they'll do to improve reliable of of the fleet. >> two days away until grand opening of mgm grand hotel and cassie even owe national hosh or. it is so pretty. >> doors on for the first time 11 p.m. thursday and " will thereby. traffic most slirn will thereby too. it will be a big issue. bob barnard will take us inside the traffic xhapd center at 7:30 this morning. >> i was out there last week very pretty. >> more coming up 7:30 and amtrak teaming up with universal for a pets ride free promotion celebrating dvd release of secret life of pets. they'll be able to ride for free this friday toy march of this year. got a nice window couple of
6:53 am
dogs and cats must number carrier and cannot weigh more than 20 pounds but they can ride for free as long as you do it now. >> suppose you have three under 20 pounds. take three people with you. >> going on a trip, guys. >> northern virginia elementary school known for energy saving features is in the spotlight today. department of energy officials will tour school in lar ling ton to launch new program to make zero energy stools mainstream. they have 0 energy bills and expects to save $78,000 in first year. >> happening today cam lick dioceses of arlington gets a new bishop. he will be installed special mass 2 p.m. cathedral of st. thomas moore he will be fourth bishop of arlington replacing bishop paul loverty who is retiring. >> and charm city new mayor is taking office today.
6:54 am
at the war memorial building and governor hogan will be there at the ceremony and that event starts 11:00. jimmy kimmel will host the biggest night in hollywood. kevin mccarthy is off globe trotting we're doing fox beat. he'll host oscars jimmy kimmel will it's first time hosting this award show he hosted emmys, espys and american music award. he said his goal i get arrested while hosting show. >> what? >> i have a few tips for you. >> oscars will air february sunday 26. >> from deep dark crypts one of hollywood most favorite films and also the mummy. >> welcome to a new world of gods and monsters. >> oh, no he's not supposed to
6:55 am
>> tom cruz and russel crow star in action -- >> wasn't the rock in one of these, maybe not. >> something mummy related "star trek" beyond actress sophia bucella takes on iconic role as mummy in the modern day monster mover write it hits june 9, 0 17 but trailer was released. >> we release the trailers. >> bet than this is within the calendar year. >> want to it say hello to facebook fan of the day tamika and jonathan her husband. >> he tune into fox5 for the latest traffic and they says she and steve share a birth day. >> thank for tuning in have a super day. >> 6:55 let's check in with michael thomas for the forecast. >> so far so good no rain hitting the ground in
6:56 am
stormtracker radar, southern maryland seeing rain pushing across the potomac now and snowfall is out towards petersburg or mixing with snow there. front royal coming ur way in the next 15 to 30 minutes. 7 day forecast. 45. chilly rain for d.c.. evening commute could be on rougher side. big time cold gets in here for the weekend. all right that's a check of forecast, airport aaron has the roads. >> 6:56 starting you offer with sky fox and breaking news tracking out of staf county. vre train hits a car intersection of brent point road and arch dale road. as you can see the car right there still on the track and vre train completely stopped. heard from mark doyle assistant chief of fire dmement stafford county says the train with rain coming could be out there for duration of morning commute. no injuries reported. but vre trains up to 2 hour delay and we're seeing some train cancellations metro setting up option for you and big problems if you live in that neighborhood out by blue
6:57 am
6:58 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
6:59 am
all seems beautiful to me. >> braeinging right now at 7:00
7:00 am
>> vre train colliding with a car in stafford. we'll tell what you you needed to know as you head out the door. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowser on way to city to meet face to face with president-elect donald trump. matt ackland is headed to the big app this morning and live preview for him coming up. >> back-to-back train stories there and popular d.c. pizza place targeted by gunman on onlineon on today as we learn more about the man behind the attack. >> should nats fans prepare for a season without bryce harper. i know? that could be if he lands a major multi-million deal he's hoping for and it won't likely be here in the nation's capitol. should nats cough you up the cash to keep the all star. >> a dreary day out there. rainy start this morning and it's well only going get worse. we have you covered and we'll get you the forecast in a


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