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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 6, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? straight ahead, d.c.'s mayo' on her way to the big apple to meet witness president-elect.dee what could be on the agenda? plus what happened when al goreo stopped by trauma many tower? t and the latest names swirlingwin around as secretary of statetate position comet pizza opening up forpz the first since that gun scare s saturday night. now the neighborhood is rallying around the restauranthbor and learning new details about theea suspect still behind bars.. bryce harper.arr >> bryce harper is $400 milliono man? rumors are swirling in thi nation's capital number 34 daysy in dc are coming to an end.nd we'll tell you why the team tea could balk at the slugger'sluggs demands. and the oscar goes to.....
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helm holiday's biggest night.geg that was the only surprise henl had in store.had good day at 9a starts now. ?? >> you have no idea. >> really?eall >> oh, i think i do.. >> 9:00 o'clock on tuesday0 o' morning, december 6th i'mecemr t instead of chenevey alongside wisdom, maureen, allison is herr today. holly has the morning off.rningf >> ahead this morning, music's best the grammy nominations jusn coming out ago, beyonce' in the lead but drake, rihanna and kanye closelo behind. we'll tell hugh is meeting forir music's top prize. prize >> first though at 9:00 let's:0e talk about the weather becauseer it's going to get ugly out thert today. we're talking rain arc chance oo fog. temperatures in the 40s. 4 is there any good news? that'ss the big question.ueio for details let's go to mikeo mk thomas. >> the good news tomorrow isthot only a day aomwaory, >> the good news is today is tai here and we're living in the lin moment.
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morning. >> what's going on.>> >> i know, right. >> i like it. > iike >> so salty sometimes, wisdom. . [ laughter ] >> if you want to live in the th moment live in the moment withh umbrella and rain jack out there and reports of sleet very ownwn terry tolliver reported in as in she dropped her kids off at o school this sleet was tapping on heras tap o windshield thank you for the fot reports.repo keep them coming we love to heah them and probably hear aboutbo snowfalling out to the north anr west up towards comer landan getting heavy burst of snow sw right now. out along route 68. rou8. frederick county, maryland, upp towards 70 probably s snowflakes right now. rig not expecting much to stick atti all ground temperatures far too warm for that.wa but just kind of getting thingsi started here through the morning and through the afternoon mostly rain here and good amount of it. needed rain we could get up togt an inch here in washington.hito let's do future cast byast b 11:00 o'clock just aboutus everybody seeing the rain maybem even some heavier rain down tonw the south across southern s portions of maryland andf maryld northern neck of virginia.irnia could be seeing some heavyomeea bursts of rain we get into the t afternoon maybe we get a break e where it's just lighter rain ana
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has been very consistent with wt kind of painting the picture for heavy rain around the eveningvei commute hour. hou again you're evening commute mac take you longer than your tha y morning commute. comte do kind of plan ahead for that.a we get into the late eveninge e hours finally start to clear c thing up and then by tomorrow ww get little bit of sunshine backc and temperatures will feel moree comfortable than they do outblen there right now. tnow. 44 degrees your current numberoe here in in washt we've been there all moroningrer long and we will not go far day.y. 39 degrees for gaithersburg. 37 for frederick. 37 for martinsu morning in winchester.ter. your forecast for da-da. 45 that morning mix is possible fol the next hour or so.xt hou s then it should switch to all a rain throughout the rest of thet day it will be a soggy tuesdayue but what does the weekend hold.h >> i got those answers coming up in just a bit. back over to you. over to you >> all right. thanks, mike. get to news this morning m first up this morning lost up ti angeles on alert this morning an security will be increased along the los angeles transit line ain light rail system. syste the fbi said a call was madeas m yesterday threatening attack on
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studios that would take place sometime today.some that threat came over the pubt luck safety line.ine. commuters in la will see extraea police and police dogs at all transit stations.. president-elect donald truml hits the road again today it'st' part of his thank you tour of to states supported him on electiot day. first, though, he has few more m meeting at trump tower includini one with d.c.'s own mayor muriel bowser who just arrived in newnw york city a little while ago.hio the mayor apparently requested e this meeting.thiseeti plans to talk to trump aboutut public safety, education and of course dc's statehood. fox's doug luzader has more now on trump's other meetings andnga the latest from the transitionrt effort.rt >> reporter: president-electside donald trump heads to northorth carolina today and then on to iowa on thursday, michigan on friday to thank three state thaa is were pitch vol to his election last month.onth meantime the real work of work putting the trump administration together continues in new york.. another day of comings andomgs
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rex tiller son the mayor ofor washington, d.c. muriel bowser iowa governor terry bran b instead, prospective press p secretary laura ingram and henry kissinger.r. no one seemed to be to get moree attention yesterday than al gore. go >> the bulk of the time was with president-elect donald trump. tp >> former vice-president and a climate change activist met nott only with the president-electdee but with his daughter ivanka trump as well.l. choosing his words >> i found it an extremely interesting conversation, and to be continued. continu i'm just going to leave it att a that. >> reporter: still no word whoto will lead the state departmenten under president still the most high profile spot to fill. f yesterday trump's team announcec his shrek of his formerme republican rival ben carson so s head housing and urbanrban development. he quickly ran into oppositiontn from prominent democrats inemra congress for his lack ofress fis experience and as this processro
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trump's style.le >> one of the things we go now about donald trump whether youhu think it's a good thing or badgo thing he really has sort of intuitive sense for heighteninge drama and creating drama andma suspense and all the rest. res it seems to me that they likey this story line and having allg of these people come and visit t the imperial court in cow downod to the next president. >> whatever the reason, theon, e suspense continues.ontinues. one thing to keep in mind it was duri week that trump announced whoouw his pick for secretary of defense would be. b in washington, doug luzader, fox news. meanwhile, it looks likee, vice-president joe biden is eyeing the 2020 presidentialde race or is he really? what do we think? do you believe it. >> i don't. >> the vice-president toldld reporters yesterday he wants too run in four years. y when reporters asked him whethee he was serious the the vice-president didn't back downw
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vice-president turn 74 last l month.h. he would be 78 years old if hefe ran and won in 2020. got to do research. rearch. he'd be the oldest. old >> if he won he'd be the oldestd >> who was the old defendant ddt aganan? >> seems like it. yeah.h. >> if i'm not mistaken i think he was the secondt mi term he w the old defendant. defen if i'm not mistaken.take. if somebody knows better thanr a they can feel free. fre i'm sure you'll correct me. cort >> in fact it's already done.on [ laughter ] >> okay.kay >> so let's move on. co to open today after it shut down on sunday when a gunman came inn and fired off three shots.hots >> gunman locked up without bont this morning due back in court u this w now the community is showing its golt comet's back.. melanie alnwick live inive in northwest with the latest.t. mel? me >> reporter: hey, guys.r: hg i got a feeling that tonightsont dinner service will be prettytt busy.bu take a look at the sign that isi people have posted throughoutou the night.ghgh they say, you can bet we stand s with comet.omet. you're small businesses, yours,u dream.
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even kids who have drawn littlee pictures here we love comet thit one over here fake news is not okay. these things were all posted byy members of the community whoomtw were horrified by what happenede here on sunday. we got a little bit moreit m information from the court court documents really giving usg remember yesterday we werete talking about guys we didn'trdau really have at gu sysense w of m by play. apparently, it turns out thatt 28-year-old edgar madison welch confronted the owner in the bacc of the r he was out there.he was out the he was getting some pizza dough. and when he heard the three t t shots inside. ie. came inside, the gunman swungn n his rival in his direct. dect. he ran out.he rut and then three other people not clear if they were employees oro few employees and a patron but i think probably just employeeses came running out of the front. fortunately nobody else insidens there but facing very serious charges.chs. 28-year-old edgar madison welchw
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weapon -- discharging a weapongi unlawfully and assault with ait dangerous weapon. wea we can tell you that dc policeoe have increased patrols around a the area.e aa now welch did tell deck that ish yes, indeed he came here becausc he wanted to find out for himself if there were childrenhe who were being traffickedraffice through here in the basement. that's aheccording treo i thatot internet conspiracy theory we'v' been talking about. abo but he toll detectives that whea he saw that there was noere evidence of that, we saw by the video shot by fox5 he did come m out here with his hands up.ds u left his weapons gave up peacefully.celly but even so, other shops along g this strip here on connecticutct avenue have told fox5 they, toot feel like they're getting kindek of wrapped up in this, that those online folks have alsoe a lashed out at them.d at t that they received some threatss online and also over the phone. definitely dc police, again, increasing surveillance.veilla we've seen them coming through e the area here, also, camped outo at gas station across the
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community efforts here the community support is really rll helping that that grass rootsras effort.ef people reaching out on facebookk telling folks to come here to bb good patrons and support notot only the business owner but also the employees obviously so shaken up by thisyt incident on sunday edgar welcheh being hell without bond. back to you guys.o yoguys >> restaurant reopening forpenif business today.od also happening today, major taym action there could make the couk district one of the mostf e mos generous places in the countryny for new moms and dads. dc council due to vote on family leave act that would 11 weeks os paid leave for the birth orirtho adoption of a child.hi it would also allow eight weekss to care for a sick child orhi parent. that leave would be paid forid f through new business taxes. tes mayor bowser is not totally on board saying most of those who e would benefit live outside thede district.district the bill would need a secondld vote later this month to pass. the countdown on the mgm grand opening is officially underway at national harbor. hbo coming and later, bob barnardrd taking us inside the new traffif operation center and sharing a s more from his first look insides
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>> first though a capitalscapita christmas celebration.on all star goalie brayden hull pe best in the nhl will join us live next to talk about his rolr in a special event tonight and of course we'll talk a little ll hockey, too., o. it's 9:11.:1 ??
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?? >> 9:14 right now. talk a little christmas holidays and hockey right now.>> 9chri rw our next guest is the top -- tht top goaltender in the nhl. nhl when you win the trophy you'rey' the best. the best he's taking a break from the ice to bring christmas spirit to our neighbors to the north.. canadian capitals star braden holtby set to take part at tree embassy of. o he joins us 35 share the35 sre christmas magic.gic. hi, braden g >> good morning, guys.oornin >> it's got to be prettyretty exciting to go to the embassygom take part in the big ceremonyem tonight and i guess celebrate ce the holidays a little early. >> yeah, it's pretty neat. neat. obviously pretty coolool opportunity. haven't been there yet so iten t will be fun for my family andy a myself. >> so, being from statue catchtc
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year when it's freezing cold? >> feels a little more when itt definitely is christmas for the holidays. a lot more snow but, you know, o you get used it to up there. >> so braden, i had chance toe t meet braden at the big event the caps event last week. wee there was a big charity event fundraiser. casino night braden i have toavt say your locate next to thet te just made about one hadn't dread people's christmas cards thisdss year posing in front of theing christmas tree. [ laughter ] ] >> i was trying to bury myself l in the background i guess out ot the commotion in the middle andn ended up being by t the tree itt turns out nice. nice. >> i don't think you can ever tk bury yourself in the background especially when you're the reigning stress in a winner. talk about that what does that a do for you then? does it boostt roar confidence at all as the goalie when you're winningin
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>> um, not all a whole bunch.unh our goal here is still to wino i games with the caps. hockey is a very individuall support and i think if you known that you can have team success. we're just trying to grind ito t out and get better as a teams am here. here >> it seems like -- i'm trying n to think how it would equate tot other sports if people go to a t game any time there's a win the entire team comes over to you. so i guess you are kind of --f - looked at a football referenceen maybe when it comes to hockey? o how do you view the goalie as far as that part of the team? ? some similarities do the quarterback.rback more a pitcher in baseball iss more the, um, what you cant u cn compare it to, but goaltend sagd little different than anythingh else. but mentally i guess and rolll wise it would be i'd compare iti
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pitcher. >> we were at the caps game recently watching at nt t we're thinking what makes itak i makes somebody want to be thehe goalie? and did you always alwy start out as a goalie or did yoy start out in a different difre position or was it just this was a life-long dream this is the ts position you wanted? >> yeah.. i grew up playing everywhere.veh but my dad was goalie so i so wanted to be like him. kind of in my blood and i just s kind of stuck with it. it. even though he tried to makee sure i took as long as possiblel to make that decision which wass a good thing, but, u, i made that decision prettytty young. >> well it work out in the end.d i guess like with most sports st you have to have a short memorym because you especially as theyst goalie if you give up one or tww i guess you have to block that t out. is that easy to do? >> no, that's the mosttheost challenging part of ourur profession is the mental. goaltending is mostly mental. ma physically everyone is fairlys l similar when you get to this level.
9:18 am
you, um, above and i mean it's there's a lot of hard work goese into it. a lot of, um, years in thehe making to be able to mentallyll strong in tough situations goodi i know you'll be hosting, bigig part of the event at the embassy. embassy is a great place to be t b any time of year but he isut i special ale round the holidays. do you get a chancing to homeinm for the holidays or will you playing through? through >> no, we don't have much of a m break for christmas.k for st we have a we have to be on the road rightt away. family is flying in to spent itt with us like they usually do ana nice to have them around but iti goes by pretty quick when you y basic vol two days off. off >> you can take part in thepan t early celebration tonight ionig guess i know you have a lot oftf fans there.. for you do you enjoy d.c.? dodo you enjoy playing here? the the fans treating way as a canadiand being here in d.c.? >> yeah, we love it here.ere.
9:19 am
neighborhood we live is is awesome.e fans are very positive which yoy don't see very often in professional sports, and makes it fun to play, um, fun to playy for your fans and, you know,u k, it's a good >> well braden, let's get to tho post season one more time.e. congrats again on the award youy pick up early this season sea wishing you the best of the ress of the year and happy holidays.. >> thanks a lot for having me. m >> you got it. he's the best nhl. tickets available if you want to go out tonight canadian embassyy 50 bucks, a light fair and fai drinks and a chance to meett braden holtby.tby. >> he only has two days off.ays sounds like us. [ laughter ]ught ] >> we don't even get that many.m >> you get two days.s >> i was talking about asut a collective group we get two days. >> you get two this year becaus it's on weekarend. >> exactly. >> everybody wins this time around. there's the informationbody w get it get it at the embassy of canada.anad
9:20 am
they know how to throw a party at the embassy. >> it is almost 9:20 on this ths tuesday. why a jury couldn't reach an'teh verdict in a police shooting trial. new study shows a drowsy driving could be even more dangerousvean than you thought, and why canadian cop is now apologizingg to nickel back. bk. we've got a check on what isha i making headlines next.. >> maybe he just really wantedyd to meet them. >> that's not the way to do it.i >> and later, relationship deal breakers from snoring we're talking all thing lon and order with sarah fraser ?? >> can i tell you who you annoying cary underwood's music is.
9:21 am
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brookside. for all your sides. >> ?? > you're not feeling the starotf boy. he's killing it right now on -- we'll talk about that later.eeri >>hat we'll talk rabout that lr >> time right now is 9:23. erin is back with a check of cho some of the other stories makinn headlines this m good morning. >> thank you very much allison.. well first up this morning, a, a that deadly warehouse fire inn oakland, california.. investigators believe they fount the spot where the fire startedt but they don't know how it began.began. however, authorities say chargeg including murder could be ibssible. last night mourners gather at aa vigil to remember the 36 victims. and this morning, 10 more bodied have been identified.ntifd. those victims all in their 20s s and 30s. deadlock in south carolina. prosecutors plan to retry a a
9:24 am
shooting death of unarmed blackk a judge declared a mistrial int the case of michael slager after the jury couldn't agree on a decision. slager was charged with shootint 50 year old walter scott in thet back as he ran from a traffic tf stop last year. scott's family says this is nott the end they will continue totit work until justice is served.d. slager remains under house hse arrest this morning. listen to this.en tohi a warning now about the dangers of drowsy driving.rivi a report released today triple a says skipping just a a couple hours of recommendeded sleep nearly doubles the risk oo a crash.a c and for drivers who get only onl four or five hours of shut eye the crash rate is four times tes higher. almost what it is for drunk drivers.. moving over to other news. clay tom moss mass on fire forer the warriors he scored an nba n season high and career best 60 0 points in three quarters beforer he called it a night. golden state whipped the pacersc
9:25 am
thomas joined hall of famers wilt chamber lane rick berry ana joe as the only warriors to score 60 points in a game andend finally, apology to nickel backc this morning? we told you last week about canadian police pice officer who threatened to make e drunk drivers listen to nickel l back in his cruiser ass punishment.punish now that officer has had a o change of heffart. of he he posted an apology on facebooo and also personally reached outo to the theand. he said his original post whichi has been deleted was don't drink and drive message but then realized he was being g bully.ll. maybe the officer was a secret nickelback fan all along and this was his ploy to getto g attention and meet the band. b >> that's right.ha he reach out to them personallyl as in i'll apologize in personnr if you guys want to hang out time. >> and get his own personalerl nickelback concert. >> nickelback should say no.ay . >> they'll be saying no.ll be y. >> they're saying no?g no? n no. >> saying no to this guy. come on.
9:26 am
>> i like nickelback. >> no nickelback for me. >> kind of funny.unny >> it was funny.un. >> we reported it.>>e reported . [ laughter ] >> we're talking mig been oneeno good day.od d for two reasons. 1mgm set to open in just twon jw days and wait until you hear how much bryce harper wants to stick around no winter wonderland out thereue today but were we do have someae rain that could make driving d quite a mess. mike thomas back in a moment men with a look how long this wholeo wss will last. >> former er star gloria you know her, we're heading inti the woods with the stars of thet new kennedy center productionion and later a tribute to someo som local heroes and a go-gogo christmas celebration.rati. don't miss it right now it's 9:26. we'll be right back.ight bk. ?? ?? greetings airman brandonng sims from afghanistan and i just want to give a special holids ay greeting to everybody in langlyl hospital. i miss you guys.i miss y i love youou guys, and i can wai to see you..
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?? >> all right. to days and counting much that's how long is left before the dmv can check outcouns theleft allm national >> doors officially open atopent 11:00 p.m. on first of all can we just say a y
9:30 am
>> right. >> on work night. >> what? >> who can do that.>> w w c >> fanox5 already got a sneak pk inside which features more thana throw thousand slot machines,sli several new restaurants,, nightclubs, lounges and plentylt of shopping.g. fox5's bob barnard is not doing any of that fun stuff but he'se' doing the important work thisork morning. he's in the nerve center wherete officials keep an eye out for fr visitors coming to the venue.ene good morning.orni >> reporter: good morning, mni allison. once this thing hopes thursday s night at 11:00 it's 24/77 indefinitely basically you talku about the nerve center.en there are a lot of cameras outet there watching everything from the roads to the parking garages to the highways, basically, making sure everything goes all right. i mean in terms of traffic issues and making sure people po get to their cars safely after a gambling and perhaps they won,hn here's a look at the beltway at
9:31 am
so the attraction is this. you mentioned, we were in herenr yesterday we got to see what itt will look like signed the kaseek new york the restaurants still a putting some finishing touchesnt on getting everything ready fory thursday night. basically, it's a $1.4 billionbn resort, and mgm resort has also spent $10 million on roadway improvements to try to get tet people into their hotel casino and the restaurants there as easy as the prince george's countyince police department has gone to to vegas to look at some of mgm resorts other properties p including the billagio out there and mirage hoe physical on theit las vegas strip to see how thint work there in terms of keeping k people safe and getting peoplete in and out of the casino hotels as easy as possible. possi they've been mentioning theg figure of 30,000 people may beab there op thursday and 20,0000 visiting the mgm national harbor each day at least initially.
9:32 am
officials about that how do you possibly handle that here now is anton nico dee musss coo of operations for mgm. m >> we spent a tremendous am ofm time and energy and resources tc look how that traffic flow willi come. when we talk about thoselk a tho numbers, you know, please keepek in mind that's over a 24-hour 2- period of time. o time. it's not during the hours of 8:00 to 10:00 in the morning ang four to 6:00 o'clock in thenhe evenings when residents we traffic impact that can createae this is about an overall ove experience that people can comen in and a have great lee gat l insuresly dinner in they er in e evenings. go to a show and leave after theft show after they've had maybe a cocktail or desert in one of ouf restaurants it's really aboutlyo overall experiences.ienc we truly believe that traffic won't be as bad as maybe some o the initial thoughts might be because of the effort and the investment we provided to ensure that experience begins beforeegs
9:33 am
property. >> reporter: yet you talk to prince george's county policeter:e chief hank stawinski as we have earlier this morning and theyngt expect at least for few days d people get used to it and thehe authorities and all the peoplehp who will be watching how the traffic patterns go, that theree will be some issues. issue they just want people to beple b patient and even those who livew and work in the surrounding communities of oxon hill, templm hills and around here in princen george's county just to be patient and that it should allua be a little rough goingugh gng itiaially. guys. >> all right. r we'll have faith it won't keep p folks away.. >> do they have any idea, bob, b know it's going to be a ton of o people there seemingly around a the clock i guess literally butl is there like any day, time,im evening, that will be more more crowded than others? >> weekends, et cetera? >> reporter: hard to tell.o i would imagine a friday ory o saturday night or right beforehf or after a show.ho you know there's going to beoi e
9:34 am
they'll be inviting conventionvn business. so during the weekday parts werr they have conventions in town,ow late nights on weekends i mean m if you know the history of the casinos out arundel mills in anne arundel county it's kind of all day parts, but what they're' saying is, you know, maybe likek sunday morning the casino willaw still be open but it will be wie quiet then. qu so if you love to gamble maybeey like a sunday morning or maybe b thursday mid afternoon wouldn't' be so bad. but 's attraction.ti at least initially almost arounn the >> we'll have to see how traffif goes right now everybody doingrd holiday shopping at the outletsg up the street from there, a toot a lot of traffic. >> sunday when they have home we games for the ren dskins peoplel get out there early.t ere earl won't be any relief on sundays either. th it will be crazy out there. >> shopping, gambling, footballl >> there's options, too. t >> there's options, you're right. there are obviously options. .> i'm going.e ob youou're going. >> bringing a lot of goodringin
9:35 am
>> we're all going.>> we're >> i'll go on thursday. i'll after that i'll see.l see. >> okay. you guys let me know how it is.i >> you're not going on thursdays just to check it it. it it. >> we're going for work.e'reoinr that's mandatory, i'm talking ti about on my own time. tim [ laughter ] [ >> on my own dime, no. n >> get to mike thomas right now get a check of the forecast.ect starting to pick up out there ot with the rain obviously in somes places it >> check out that live shot raii coming down across parts of thef snow cominong down far off to tt north and west up towardsds cumberland and locations in thet maryland panhandle. live reports of rain around the earlier reports of sleet comingn down 44 degrees your currenteest temperature here in washington.o there it is. you see the rain starting to sta push up from the south s overtaking d.c. maybe princeybei george's county still a littlelt dry for the time being that wilw quickly change here as we headd through the neck few hoursk h there's the snow cumberland,and maryland, maybe snowflakes flying up there. maybe even up as close as a frederick maybe seeing a littlen bit of a mixture or snow as l well. all right. winter weather advisories are th aposteddv for high lands out tt west it does include comer landd
9:36 am
1500 feet could see a little ltl accumulation and inch or two off snow in some of the more extreme locations. that goes through 7:00 o'clock k tonight. satellite/radar here showing yow all that rain pushing up fromhim the that the south it keepsat t going and going and goinghe if i can expand it farther you wouldw see even more rain down to theoo south. this is good for us we need ad good soaking rain we've been ane little on the dry side.y side. perhaps up to nothing in dc looks like i lost data there but about an inch in d.c. is.c i possible later on this that f looding is a concernwo.n' a con but we will get it slow enough g that it will help with the drought situation.ough 44 your current number here inen washington once again. 39sh inin gaithersburg chilly nn and west.and w frederick at 37.erick west minster 37 degrees rightgrs now winchester is at 36 degreess it or not we'll get colder as ww head closer to the end of thefhe week. your planner today, rain, rainan and more rain. 43 at 10am. 10a 44 by 1:00 o'clock and by 4:00 p.m. rain and 43 degrees. 43 gr. so a very chilly rain.
9:37 am
>> all >> briefly share the seven day a if you want it. we're getting cold this weekendw >> we like it. we like it.we likit >> all right.>> all right. >> try to figure out what day to hank decorations tomorrow might be the >> tomorrow is much better.orrot much drier.much der >> okay. >> send it back to you. send >> mike thomas, thank you.ou. let's talk about the natsats because they're sparking someg s conversation this morning over n who may or mayin notg be a partf the team in the next few years s and next short years. yrs let's start with all star bryce errper. >> the nats could be withoutitht demands talking 218 it won'tton happen any time soon.n. harper reportedly asking for a record $400 million over 10 years. year 40 mill per year average however his agent says recent rec negotiations involved one-yearni deal in 2017. de harper made 5 million last year. he'll be a free agent in 218. get a deal done in the meantimea on the teams will step up if up they don't.ey don. yup. >> better news for the nats.he s white sox pitching ace chris c sale could be joining the team h
9:38 am
it could involve sale possibly right hander lucas, outfieldeld victor row bows from the the nationals. they say that's steep price top give out two top pros specs. red sox astros braves alsos bras reportedly interested in sale.. nats already lost one playerlaye because the giants hit homerun r deal with rice hasn'ted pitcher mike, he was the nats he's good. reliever securing a deal to beao the team's next closer in sann francisco worth between 60 andnd that make it rich chest deal fo closer in baseball history.tory last season he recorded the second most saves with 471.6 fof era with the nationals and the pirates.ra at this point the rich chestst deal for a close close summersee hit history. a couple top closers can couldac sign including the dodgersodge closer and the cubs. es yes. >> so one of them could come tol d.c. flip it around.d. >> they need start saving all sl that money for harper. >> back to bryce harper. hpe
9:39 am
money on one player.on o >> i do understand. do unerst that's very valid pope he seems like the heart and soul the andd the bad boy of the team. t a lot of the identity. >> like the ptp baby. bab >> you would like to have himeim long long time if you could locl him down for 10 years haven'trst that presence it would be p >> 40 million a year really thaa much asking considering other -r in terms of baseball players has no one every garnered that mucht a year. >> 325 million right over 14 years.ea. >> i wouldn't turn it down.ould >> over 14. okay. ok >> either way.ayit >> it would be substantially more than anything done to thish point. >> give me over 50 years i'll bs all right. [ laughter ] >> i'll be just fine.l be jfin over my lifetime.litime i'll take it in an an new witness. >> coming up a time lesss christmas story but this yearea there's something differentrent about the washington ballet'sale version of the nutcracker.acker erin will tell us what it is ans learn a few moves while she's aa it. we'll check in with the cast ofn
9:40 am
9:41 am
at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. join all your child?s sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes musc its sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena december 16-18 tickets on sale now
9:42 am
>> time less christmas story s starring wooden soldiers, mice, sugar plums nair reece this year there's one big chal confess about the washington balletn b performance of the nutcrackerhec much the name above it.t. erin company smo hanging out with some of the cast membersasm learning a few moves and showino what's different about the the
9:43 am
hi erin. >> julie kent is the artis tuckt director of the washingtonng ballet and this production markk her first christmas back home h with ballet in more than 30 3 years. she joins us now live along witw ballet master louis torres andnd julia crosby. csb good morning julie thank you so much for joining us today.or j >> good morning. thank you for having us.havings. >> i had the pleasure ofure o catching the nutcracker on thehn opening night on fri blown away by the stagehe stage production and the dancing andci the costumes.. tell me what you brought as an >> well, webber just created an absolutely beautiful productct we're splendid with local charmc and character it's been a real r pleasure to watch it unfold andn usher in the holiday season.ea i've danced the nutcracker in various productions my entire career as the sugar plum fairyry and,ing. g. >> my favorite character.haraer mine, too.o. [ laughter ][ laughter ]
9:44 am
also just plum of a role. >> for sure.orur let's ask clara and louis starta dance ago bit. bit and show the audience a little l taste of what can see when they head to the warner theater.heer >> wonderful that.>> would be great. mus.t's queue the music. >> ?? >> intricate moves are just so incredible. how long has july been training. >> julia is steen now. n i imagine she started about 100 years ago, and martha graham gra also said it took 10 years to ya create a dancer.r. so here she is at 17 just completely blossoming. >> flawless. >> yes, gorgeous. >> i mean louis' character haser such a depth role in thise t
9:45 am
>> he's the godfather, uncle, ue that we all wish we had and lool forward to seeing every holiday season. >> i can assure i have not beent training for the ballet ever. e [ laughter ] >> do you think louis would bet able to teach me any tricks.cks. >> sure.. >> every little girl dreams ofrs being a >> i'm sure he'd love to many. n >> being on on. >> look beautiful. loo round of applause for you.use f. [ applause ][ ap >> beautiful guys. guy louis what would you tell me tom do simply speaking in i wanted n to your beautiful performance?forme >> i think it would be amazingmg and beautiful doing theoi grandfather dance at the end ofe the party scene.frty ene. >> okay. >> everybody has champagne glasses and we're celebratelyra the great party we just had andh clara is receiving herng her nutcracker. >> that was one of my favorite. it's really hard tos one pick a favorite scene even the clown tn scene when you have the clowns come out with the vibrant colorl there's so much to look forwardd to in the performance it'se e really family friendly show me a move.. >> pretend you have a champagnee glass in your right hand andghd
9:46 am
leg and touch with the left legl in the back and we'll cross champagne glasses. stem and touch and then you go u back and a little courtesy.ou step and courtesy. >> step and courtesy.esy. >> it look so much more elegante when you do it. >> you look gorgeous.ous >> we'll walk around. aund walk around and then we go to this side and we receipt thept same thing on this >> okay.y >> step and touch and step andd curtsy.rt and go around. >> very nice.ic >> i feel [ laughter ] >> beautiful.>> b >> let me just tell you standing on my tippy toes to mirror youru dance moves is hard.danc do you find daning in the woodeo shows the ballet slippers an art form that you have to acquire? i >> it takes a lot of >> for sure. sure. absolutely beautiful.lute bea tell us where julie we can buy tickets to the warner theater ie we watch to catch thehhe performance of the nutcrackerute this year..
9:47 am
just love to have you tonight is military appreciation night at the washington ballet we'regton celebrating all those that servs our country.try. so we'd love to have you there e this evening, and throughhrough december 24th at the warner ware theater. >> thank you so much,,e again it runs throughou december 24th christmas eve ive hope you all get a chance tohae enjoy the nutcracker at the at t warner theater. i'll toss it back to you and i a think i may need to invest in professional dance lessons.sons >> you looked great. great on the spur of the moment, goodd job, erin. eri >> has zula been to the zula bet nutcracker. >> we're going to go this year.e she started ballet a year and aa half ago she fancies herselfer quite the ballerina.alrina. >> i can wait. i'm going with you guys.goinwity >> you are? >> yes. y >> you got tickets? >> ooh. ooh [ laughter ] >> i men tickets for us. u >> tickets for us.s >> spirit of giving, yeah.ivin y [ laughter ] >> 9:47 right now.. coming up, should snoring be a
9:48 am
hope not.not should her family accept the acp fact that she's dating a married man? >> oh, snap film we'll talk t little love and order next. >> you know what i'm going to g say.say >> we know. ut-oh.
9:49 am
9:50 am
9:51 am
?? >> i was doing in backup. d go ahead, allison.. >> wisdom messes up the gong.hen >> one more chance.chance. >> go ahead. it's tuesday -- grr. g it's tuesday that means maureenu you're out of order. >> it's tuesday and that meansea it's time for a order.or that's when our friend sarah hey fraser shares messages she gets from fans and we try to offer of our advice.ic because that's what people want. first up -- >> first is an easy sweet one by snoring.snorg what do you do when you'reo yo dating somebody and this is a really sweomebetod e-mail from y unfortunately his wife passedfee away five years ago.ears ago. he's been doing online he's finally met a woman.oman she was divorced after 30 yearss he was with his first wife for
9:52 am
and he emphasizes it it's realla really lou she has a sleep disorder. she has cpap machine but she s doesn't really wear it.r it. and she says i'll sort it out. >> your mike there. >> scratching. s in let me pull this up.pull t isn't keep talking.. >> he says, look the snoring isi really bad and so loud. l what should we do? he thinks it mob a dole breaker. it. it she doesn't doing anything ton'n make it better. >> she has to wear her cpap forf her first and for most.forost. if you've been with a snorer it's like holy coagula really? l >> i'm not going to out anybodyy i c can. >> you are.ou >> it used to be really bad. >> do you think can't they sleep in differ rooms. >> no. that stops your intimacy evenyve like sleeping with your partner. even if you're not -- -- >> can't you cuddle until theilt person falls asleep and.eep and >> dip out. >> buzz saw..
9:53 am
precedence. >> she needs to real take to alt control of this.hi >> if she wants the relationship to work sheathes.he >> maybe he could say i reallyll like you we're real tal certainr place i'm feeling comfortable c with you i want you to around. you have to wear it it's probably uncomfortable it's tha big -- i get why she might not t want to do it but it's for heroh health first and for most. >> if she doesn't dow do you feel like it's a deal breaker. e >>h.eah. >> yeah. >> if you've been married for 30 years --years - >> not sleeping for 30 >> sleep is important. >> what do you think. >> have you been with seriousou snorer. snorer. >> are you the serious snorer? e >> maybe. maybe i am. am. i mean not serious where it'st's like, you know, you can't -- >> it's live or death. >> if she has a disorder. dde >> she has a sleep diss or. he should encourage her to do it for her health because he caress about her and maybe he can getet some sleep. s >> women needs to work on that c cpap sounds like we're divided.
9:54 am
snorer. >> if she was super cute. >> cary underwood, nope. snore all you want cary. >>isisdom. >> you got to fix it.>> you g i don't care how cute you are. >> wow! >> i'll go with the masses mse unanimous.ou next? >> next one will get all kinds s of discussion.ion. this woman wrote to us and she's dating a married guy.riuy. okay. she says, look, i am well aware --e >> are we done. >> case clove. next. [ laughter ]ht >> okay. change.hat going to >> you know who you wrote to.noh she says look, this guy is is married. he told me he's never leavingeva his wife. >> next.t. >> his wife knows that he hase another relationships.ions >> next. >> as long as they're -- they have an open asp >> yes. rel>> yes. okay. >> she doesn't want it in her face.fa. i've made the choice to date tot this married guy and i'm finein with it i'll live with my my choice. my mom doesn't want him tcho coe to her house for the holidaysord good right. >> friends have even tried toedo set me up with other men whileew
9:55 am
>> yes. >> how do i get them to lay offo >> deal with the baggage thatagt comes with the territory. >> or sever all ties.allie >> why don't you just respectect people's choice.le's choice. >> no, no, no. no, >> they're not going to enablebe it. >> that's like supporting -- >> don't put it in your family'' face we're privy to your t y nonsense. >> if you're making your choiceo and you're conscious -- consc >> it's a bad choice. in nooser nay 84 what big choicc for her. >> why are you setting yourselff forh there's nothing long term inter that relationship. >> wire being an enabler if you allow it.low it >> really? >> basically you're an adult signing up to beally somebody'ss piece until they get tired ofedo you. >> you're happy with that?? >> he's never going to leave. l >> are you kidding me?ou kidng m >> he's never going leave.s ne saiaid it. >> he's told you -- he's you -- >> she's fine with it though.hog she's fine with it n how long has that been going on. >> i guarantee she still thinksi he'll give in.'lgive >> men do this they tell you upu front they feel like being bei tshiffley russ by telling youy b i'm married or i'm whatever w because they told you that thato
9:56 am
it's still the same. s it's still the same.. no. she's a side peace forever anorr day. >> she's a side piece and here n friends and familiar confidential continue to give her crap about it?tial cap aut i >> absolutely. she's making as we've said she's making a bad life decision. dis people show you who they are up front much live is who areve enough as it is why would yous sign up for foolishness. that's exactly what what's going on. >> if she wants to do that forot herself and put herself in bad b position. >> that's fine. >> don't put the family andut t everybody else.od. >> and don't bring it around med f you're a friend don't bring ig >> don't talk about it around t me. you're on your own. own >> oh, nerve the. t >> do we have time for one morer or we're done.e' done. >> we're done. don. >> our hate took over the wholeo >> we'll do it again next week.w >> but truly it's not just hateh it's love for her. >> yeah. ing her enough toing say, we don't condone this behavior. >> all right. >> don't come around us beat iti >> grammy nominations are out na fine out who is leading theinghe charge to pick up some hardwaree and oscars awards as well jimmym
9:57 am
exciting news coming up forng n award shewows.s o >> amazon talking about go grocery take in and take whateha you want and leave. l how does that work. that rk. coffee time good day dc.c i know you have been looking ata our mug the one you drink coffee out of people. go to our facebook page, big, b bam bang, boom.bam bang, that it's what you do.t's whou it's great for that coffee.ofe you got until 11:59.1: we're back with more good day oy the other side of the
9:58 am
we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. ks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed.
9:59 am
10:00 am
?? the powerhouse good day at 10a is tremendous. >> beyonce' and the biebs up for grammys this morning. madonna's carpool karaoke sneaks
10:01 am
live in the loft he was one of the stars of er.r gloria rueben is here live andld sing agnew tune these days.seay plus, get ready to groove. red hot band is here to get us s in the holiday mood.oo >> we're not done just yet.t yet we're getting a performance fro the stars of the kennedy center's into the woods.oo r role it. the 10a starts now.ow ?? >> steve and i clearly are notrn feeling it. >> do your thing. thi >> as always.lways. >> do your thing.>> d >> there we goo yo. >> she's the resident queenent here. love me some beyonce'. >> it's so interesting how how divisive she is. i >> she's become.. >> no, that people either loveie her or -- i don't understandnded because that girl has been onat
10:02 am
six years old.rsld >> she's mastered the art ofrt f being controversial.. which sells. and i think before she was kindn of just -- appeals to everyone.. she mastered the whole art i maybe tin till lating anding and controversial. >> do you think she cares. >> as an artist for your branduo you gourt to care.. >> she's amazing. amazing. >> she keeps pushing the kps envelope. >> i don't think she has to. t she doesn't have tohi. she can just make pot pop musicc that crosses, you know, racialac boundaries, political -- she can do that but she's chosen to, you so she gets paid for it and love for it -- hate for it and love v for it.fort. >> you want to evolve not just j in music. m >> you know when you cause allsl that controversy.ersy. >> speaking artist a residentarr artist in the studio we'll havev little fun with it today. we'll get caricatures done today. so we're excited for that. tha chat with her later as well andl of course we will show off the finish product.duct >> that's a word i have trouble with caricature.icatur >> rolls right off the to know..
10:03 am
[ laughter ] d >> thanks for stick wig us for r the 10a. maureen and wisdom, allison is i here. holly has the morning off.ngff glad you're with us.s let's check what's trending. tin >> music fest recording industrr rolling out the red carpet foror adele and beyonce' they rule the nomination for the 2017 grammy7y awards both nominated in album,, record and song of the year.e y. beyonce' has the most nominees with nominations with ninee followed by drake, rihanna and newcomer chance the rapper hasrh seven grammy nomination.inat still don't know what he doesoe besides that no problem song. but i digress.igre other big --other g -- >> chance? >> chance the rapper. cha >> he'ncs prolifie c.fic. >> okay. name another. whoso who i'm not a person can actually name. especially with rap songsith ra because you never know what thea name of it oit i >> >> but as far as his, you know, representing chicago with his positive message. >> when i found out that's t chance the rapper.appe. i've seen him everywhere but iw
10:04 am
>> okay. other big nominees includees ile justin beiber, david bowie, kirk franklin, max martin and marion morris.. a lot of nominees. posthumously. >> it should be good.t shou be >> find out what happens grammys coming up also the oscars cominn up that will be in february. talk show host jimmy kimmel will host the academy award the first time he's done so. s but you've seen him on othern or award shows no doubt. doubt he's hosted emmys, the espies ee and the american music awards aa bigger deal.bigg i would think the oscars wouldou be probably as big as it getstet when it comes to hosting studios. studio >> you listed all of them.ted at i think you're doing okay.. >> oscars one of hollywood's biggest night it wasn't his only big good announce many lastanyat night because he has somethingog else coming along soon.oon. check it out.. >> i read online today inoday i february i'll be hosting the oscars.
10:05 am
inside her body. >> aww. [ applause ]apse >> that's we got the ultrasound. we went and got the ultrasound which is weird because you're spying on the baby. the babyspying doesn't -- alreay you're spying on the ob but we asked the technician notn to tell us whether we're havingg a boy or girl our plan to leto t the child decide for itself.el [ laughter ]ht ] >> you know we want it to be a b surprise but i have been tryingn to think of names that will worl for either a so far i've come and with two. >> oh! what a cliff hanger. han >> oh, man. oh, >> any way it's i think hehink h should do a good job.ob very funny guy. guy. a lot of big named hosts havee been there. tre seth mc far land, ellen degeneres, ann hathaway, alec baldwin oscars are on sunday, february 26th. >> chris rock last year.ock la some people say, remember thatrt oscar so white thing. t a lot of people say that the ---
10:06 am
that's what it normally does. you're just like really nowll nw what's going on now? it will wl like shift. s not to take over any majority of anything but the diversity they're trying to -- too hard.a. >> get there.. right. we'e'll see. >> i remember jimmy kimmel --im- does anybody when he was on foxf sports the nfl show he was a funny guy on the nfl show backhb in the day. d >> oy, my gosh. gh. >> look at him now.>> loo >> he's hosting the oscars. >> big-time star. >> all the jimmies are doing itg coming up next -- jimmy fallon,o jimmy i guess it's really only two. >> next up -- maureen was like a low key hater right now. >> shade.. >> one twitter person will telll me i knew it. i i've been saying it for 10 f months. >> it's all love. it's all >> i love right mo. >> more shame.ore s >> next up, talk about an exit interview.rview. oprah has scored the final white house sit down with first lady d
10:07 am
>> cbs and own network teaming i up to air the one-on-oneone interview, hey, at least it's ls not steve harvey who does does everything in hollywood, right?? >> or michael stray man it'san call the first lady michelle obama says farewell to the whiti house an oprah winfrey special i that's the name of it. winfrey will talk with the first lady about the legacy she leaves behind her future plans, how doo you say -- chicago ans interviei will air december 19th.h. >> very cool. >> all i'm saying she could she could have come here too ande cd toll us her plans.ns. >> it's not over.>> can i make the i plea? ple >> first lady michelle obama --- >> get mo -- from one chicago yann to another i beg of you tot bless us with your presence here in the loft. youboutount to talk about washington you're going to do yo next. we just want to hear how you y lived in the white house andousa from this chicago girl too another chicago woman, i ask you to do this in the name of lovefv
10:08 am
the name of l. >> you were good until you talkd about r kell uy. >> in all seriousness, first f lady michelle obama, please., pe right here.right re >> oh, boy, no.o. we all second that.tha >> before the 19th, though.houg >> that's true. t >> oprah locked down the last l one. >> okay the 17th we'll take take >> 16th. thth. 14th. >> 10:08.>>0:08. tomorrow. >> 10:08 is the time.e. amazon coming up with solution s to those dreaded lines at theine grocery store and possiblyy changing the way we sho foreve no l ines, no check cal out just grag and go.ando. the store uses sensors to detecc when shoppers have pick up anpn item and if they don't put it pi back amazon will sent the bill l to their amazon accounts.ccous. it's expected to open to thehe public sometime early neck yeara i don't know how i feel abouteeo >> it's an interesting concept t it. it. >> everything has a sensor.thin >> when it comes off tg he shahe or goes back on they would know. i think it would be like scanik ity in there. like everything in the storehe e would just have scanning stuffcg everywhere.ev. i'm always sympathetic to the tt
10:09 am
when it comes to automationation center you don't want to see tos people lose their jobs but atobt the same time i think if theyim don't do it somebody else e will do it will be the future at somet e point because it's all about all convenience.coen >> if no one else concernedceed about maybe health hazards, am i the only one thinking aboutg a radiation or anything that might come you have all these things on you and they're scannable and all the frequencies? >> you're already doomed. >> that's why i'm feeling the way i'm feeling. >> the wire pack that is you have on now the two of them,whye freqm,uency ---- >> just kidding.ddi >> i'm just saying. >> i'm more concerned about theu scammers. i'm not paying for your f your groceries. >> that's true. you have to work all that out.>a >> there's a lot to work out. o it is a good couldn't ept.t ep >> i love the grab and go and gd not wait in line. in le. >> i'm already not fan of thosee do it yourself line.fin >> no, no, no new york city.yort i love as a child all were did he was play grocery store with the big calculator.ulator >> until we have to wait forwa f somebody to come help because b the light goes off.esff >> exactly much those are awfull >> maybe you're not doing itint right.
10:10 am
>> if i wanted to work i would d get a job at the store. store. i don't want to get myself off the shelf and have to do it. doi that's what i came in here.. >> the system is already inem ia place the scanner you scan sca everything and you put it in your cart and then when you goth to the checken w outline in thoe you just put the scanner,/what,t store is this? >> giant does it. >> the one up hereia.he op here >> my giant does it. >> wow! >> so you scan everything in the cart. austin jeep does it when you gen to the check out you put theck o whole thing and >> wow. >> it's perfect.>> it's pe that to me irfs like maybe alrey the future is already here. >> that's pretty good.haty >> that is good. okakay. when is aldi getting that. >> girl, high fie to aldi. ald >> don't sleep on it. don't s >> no, no. >> it's one the the hottest shows and live in the loft weof get a performance from the fm actors of the kennedy center's ' into the woods.intohe w >> first though celebrity dishts madonna, mariah, lady gaga, whyw those divas are all making newss this morning.ning.
10:11 am
>> i know about lady gaga. ga >> we'll figure it all out. o and we got some work going onngo over here.e. >> yes. >> some >> you see that? >> how you stay in french?re >> it's mo. >> mo you look cute. cute. >> it's me. >> look at me. >> with my red lips.ips. >> it does too. >> it look like holly morris. mr [ laughter ] holly is home like no, it's not.
10:12 am
10:13 am
10:14 am
?? come on allison.llon >> come over here and visit witw me. >> i don't know what we're talking about. >> it's all good. >> is it?'t k >> hey, what happened? hapne >> give you a little time rightg there.there. >> okay. no shade on tuesday. >> thank you. sha >> now you got your ownr n spotlight there for a second. s. >> and now it's over.ver. >> and now we're back with goodd day celebrity dish.ty dis how about lady gaga informational son. >> you start us off with lady wy ga.a. >> i saw this yesterday reallyyl brave. she was talking with homelessom teenagers and she revealed she indeed suffers from post traumaa stress disorder and it itemsms from a rape at the age of 19.9. she's 30 now she made announcenu many in an interview shelf talkf
10:15 am
on the today show on monday. mda it was a segment schenn wass visiting homeless lgbt youth facility in new york and she s told them that it's a mental illness and that struggles withh it every day and she usess meditation to cope herope appearance was part of a pof a campaign to inspire kindsness.ds she says the kindness she's been shown by her doctors, family ana friends saved her l lady gaga later said on twitterr that in telling her story sherys shared one muh secrets with the world. wld >> i had no is this,ing.,i >> so many empowering.ow >> did you know this already about her. >> i had heard that w knohen she was started out in the business she had suffer sexual violence.lence of course, i would imagine thata you suffer it with every day she put it a name on it.n i this is ptsd.ts this is what it is.iss what >> i had no idea.>> i >> brave move. >> let's switch gears and talks about james core din he's famous for carpool karaoke. guess whose in his latestatest
10:16 am
m >> of course. >> madg. >> can we show video of madonna and james corden. they're looking vogueing you vo like that? vogueing?g? >> all right. nobody is feeling that. is fe >> they hadn't started vogueingn yet. at some point i thought youht yu would see madonna. >> there she is. the >> there she is.>> there's madge right there. so this is going to be in thee t wednesday show.. >> okay. >> james corden wednesdayneay episode.ode. they'll be in the car. in car >> there we go. she's doing vogueing. >> and twerking.>> all right.ght >> not doing it right. >> vogueing and twerking and she also talked about something thaa she did with michael jackson ini the '80 ross or may have doneavn with michael jackson in the '80s how is that for a tease.ea. >> that's an old story. old sry >> oh really that's an oldt'an o story. >> >> i'm looking forward to herorh there. there. do we think she's a nice person? or not nice person when you meet her on the street?eet? >> no. >> what do you think? wha >> it f we meet or on the streer >> i would say no.ould so. >> if james corden meets her she seems to be very nice.toe
10:17 am
>> diva.>> diva. >> i think she's a diva. >> okay.hink >> let's talk about your>> oka'l boyfriend drake.rake >> well, what about him? >> because -- oh. >> oops. oops. >> we'll talk about drake in akr moment. first let's talk about my m girlfriend mariah.ia >> never mine. m let me get my face together.oget >> that was another tease.was a. we got that coming up.otco let's talk about mariah.aia because allison get this her little heartbreak let to vision of love. she wants only one person toson touch her body she gets soet s emotional with her new dream d and they belong together.ethe >> um-hmm. >> she likes to shake it off because this neesw t dude willel always be her baby. by. it's like a fantasy to her,. her >> dud do this. >> how much rhyme do you have.eo >> when dud this.>> w >> this is her new honey. >> he's a cutie >> that's all you got out of ala those songs i put together. toge >> that was awesome.waawesom >> good job.>> good job. [ laughter ] >> yes, i'm thirsty fortyor attention today.ntion today. >> you can just shake that off.. >> shake it off.>> this is her new boo. boo >> my goodness.
10:18 am
for awhilebo. brian, he's a dancer that allegedly came in between her billionaire.ll >> and stop.>> a >> why? >> don't we love the fact thatle mariah has now started to date a regular dude? >> he's not a billionaire.. >> i know. >> he doesn't have anything tono give her except, you know, somem good smooches.. >> and cuddling. >> mariah found some wealthy men. >> she is stepping back.. >> she's >> she's wealthy. everybody she's had has been loaded. now she has somebody not loadede >> it seems like there was aerws pattern here which is like, okay, but now this must be lovev >> it's got to be love.. he says i always had thing for mariah. mari i love her so much. >> he's 33 years old.ears old. >> i thought he was younger.s y. >> yeah. yea any way that's enough of that tt vision of love. >> that was a awesome. aweme
10:19 am
>> he's history.. weekend passed him. >> mr. star boy -- >> i'm a star boy. >> broken the global record forf first week streams on the sms o service. >> i don't get it. >> 223 million.>> he's also the numbe i 2r23 one t on the spotify based on on listeners surpassing allison seymour's boy toy drake. dra >> this does not make any sensen >> to my knowledge -- - >> what's his in a name. weekend has two songs. >> drake has like two songs newn songs every t' that's true. how does that work?how doha >> i don't know how that work.k >> all of drake's catalog versuu two >> just this week. weekend put out a new cd this week.week. never mind. min >> he has three albums. albums. >> no, no new york city. >> you're confusing me. >> can he we talk about mariahkh some >> you know what, enjoy it the
10:20 am
almost over and drake will oncee again reign. >> if you want to work in the weeknd song titles it would be a much shorter segment. >> tell me about this other dude. >> i think she's throwing shaded >> what did i do. >> ryan lot key got new boo as well. >> i thought he was engaged. >> that's his -- is she really l knew then. >> he's engage her name is kayla ray receives.y rees. >> yeah. >> she's in playboy.oy. >> okay.>> okay. >> but he hadn't looked at t >> oh. >> he said i don't want to see e her as just that. there's more depth. dth ere e you go. >> there's more depth. >> ryan lot tee saying there'sis more depth. mo >> that's his quotere. d. miss reid or july of 2015 if yoy want to refer to her. >> she doesn't want to be callel that. >> that's him. he can't control me.ol me prefers to be described as aib a center fold.old >> okay. >> that's that. >> that's the whole thing. >> that's the whole thing. >>s ths look at her picture. >> i don't want tothpitu sreee a st t that.
10:21 am
>> okay.>> oy ryan lot key taking a stance foo that. at. >> nice looking coupl is that all, then.ishat >> that's all.>>hat's there's no more visions of love. >> that dish is luke warm at waa stst. >> did you see the shade she's s throwing our way.ay. >> i feel it. >> 10:21 time.ime >> former er star gloria rueben is in the house.ouse. yes, she. >> trying to get wisdom todom to acknowledge me.dge . >> that's all right. tha she'll join us live in the loftf >> go-go christmas celebrationei all in the loft.l the vibe band is here to get usu in the hollywood spirit. sri take it away.y.
10:22 am
10:23 am
sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eaglebank arena december 16-18 tickets on sale now
10:24 am
>> we're back on good day happening the weather story of this tuesday. cold rain you can see rightk th thern ee ri our photographer dae making his way up 95 through 95h northern virginia.nort it's coming down all around the dmv really so how long does this going to last? mike thomas dowd in the weather sent with the wih scoop this morning.scoo good morning, mike. >> it will be lasting for the next several hours -- next n several hours all the ways all y
10:25 am
the evening rush could be worsee than your morning rush was rushs around the region much here's h' storm tracker rain over taken just abouttbo everybody. even some snowflakes flying.e ok we did havese f reports of briei period of sleet in germantown and wheaton as well and virginii saw sleet this morning. mor not enough to stick or cause ana problems but again just funny ty see early in december. dembe more snowflakes lying out to the west. maryland panel handle seeing p snow this hour.ansnow thi northern portions of westhern p virginia as well up towards berkeley that will con hours but they believe make them change over as we head into thet afternoon hours. all right. there's a bigger picture lots of ictuots moisture he had heading our way the rain extends back throughaco southern tennessee into northerr gentleman georgia we're in for f the long hall today. tod 2:00 o'clock this afternoon light rape around but look at l the evening commute 5:00 o'clock tonight maybe heavy rain aroundd again plan on some extra time t the evening commute will take wl little longer than it usuallyt u temperatures outside right nowig still in the 30s north and west.
10:26 am
44 degrees. take look at your accu setteru t seven day forecast. 45 today with a cold rain alln a day long. back to sunshine by tomorrowomrw afternoon we'll make it back to the mid 50s big time comes this weekend. week highs on friday and saturday staying in the 30s all day longl that's quick check of the check forecast. i'll send it back to the goodk o day loft.of ha thanks, mike. it is a fairy tale come toet life at the kennedy sent. sen coming up next we are heading ha into the woods.. right now though it's 10:26.26 we'll be right back.ack.
10:27 am
10:28 am
10:29 am
?? all right. 10:29. 10:29. instead of out of the woodswood today we are going into the woods. [ laughter ] ] >> brand new tour of the a claimed product into the woods s with a huge hit in new york. y and is now come to the kennedydy starting today until uil january 8th.8th this morning we welcome actor ar and singer phillipe aurora and production evan reece to theeeot life. they join us live to sing the sg song giants in the sky. s take it away. ?? there are giants in the sky, there are big tall terrible giants in the sky ?? >> ?? when you're wake up highpg and you look below that theth t
10:30 am
to show you just how smallgl you are ?? ?? >> when you're way up high onh o your own in a world like noneik you've never know the sky is les and the earth is stone you'ree freed to whatever polices you, u exploring things you never darer because you don't care when carw suddenly there's a big tallall terrible giant at the door ?? >> ?? a big tall terrible lady giant sweeping the floor. and she gives you food and she gives you rest and she draws yos close to her giant breasts andra you know things now that you never knew before ?? >> ?? not till the sky only jusy when you made a friend in all ia and you know she's big but you b don't feel small so i'm biggerig than her comes along the hall tt
10:31 am
???? >> ?? and your heart is led andd your stomach stone and you'reour really scared being all alone, and it's then that you long forf the things you've known in the t world you left and you the funun is done, you see what you cant c have fun and scramble down and you the world you know begins tt grow the roots, the house and your mother at the door, the roof, the house and the world and you think of all of the thing you you've seen unwishnwis that you could live in between ?? >> ?? and you're back again only different than before. after the sky.
10:32 am
there are big tall terriblee awesome scary wonderful giants g in the sky ?? [ applause ] >> at the kennedy center. good morning. >> if morning. >> good morning. >> good morning.>> i have h leave some g tooimd e to find out how singers like you do the fast clip and i want to o you show sh me. >> fast clip.ast >> yes. we'll do it late.t . >> gotcha. >> first though ll >> thisho mugusical .al. >> oh, boy. well, it's a musical about, um,u a group of people who are allrel trying to get what they want and they fine themselves in a crisic and figure out that the only wao to get out of it is to work w together and come together asgea mmmmunity. >> oh, can't we learn a littlee something from that in our society. what does this mean to you beinb in this show? sho >> well this is a show that i'vi
10:33 am
show into the woods.oods it's also a steven show. s i think the shakespeare of modern day musical theater and it's such a powerful show and io think anyone who comes to see the show is really going toal g enjoy it. >> tell me about that song. song what does that song speak to, obstacles? is it boundaries, br hurdles in your way?? >> what is it about?bout >> well, i mean jack -- jack has this life of sort of -- what his mother very much and -- >> classic jack and the beanhe b stalk. >> jack goes up the bean stalket and finds this wonderfulis wonrl treasures he comes back down at the end and sort of sees thes world that he knew in whole new way. >> because he's seen somethinget so magical and magnificent and when he comes back down, it's beautiful. he just sees everything so --go like you said brand new.ew. >> right. r >> he wishes that he could likeu live in a world that kind of o contains both. bot
10:34 am
>> i can't wait to see the showw at the kennedyait center throuh january 8th tickets on salee now. now. much luck to the production.ct here's what i was talking abouta when you go -- i don't know.w theater lovers when you sing y s your like it came to work and id went to -- isn't oh yeah. >> because it's much like what rappers do even. >> but it's so important to gett every word.y wo >> yeah, yeah. how hard is that to do. >> it's not too bad once youo ba know the words. >> really? >> truly know the words like if i'm get, the full thought of the phraseta and knowing the true intention once you got that, everythingth comes into place. >> suppose you mess up onepose little thing. what's the --at'she - >> ooh. o >> what is it for people if you're not a theater person per what's the advice?wh's t >> you just got to keep going. >> yeah. >> just keep going. >> just keep going and m>>ost js likely the audience will neveril know.know. >> right. >> wow. >> it's so true. dyto the woods at the kenne center now, g luck tonight it'si opening night. night right. >> yes. >> opening night through january 8th.
10:35 am
>> you did pretty good.y maureen and steve and wisdom and hello.llo >> now i'm embarrassed here's hs gloria rueben. >> right. >> you call that scattering intt the day. >> it is kind of likef li it's jazz, it's, you know, it'si beautiful. thank you guys. >> thank yoube. >> true story we messed 47 mse sometimes this hour alone.thour >> and everybody new.verybo >> they did. they're tweeting us right now.ow we already showed you these t shear much here she's an act night she's bringing s allin tgt talents right here to the dmv. coming up next former er star gloria rueben joins us live in the loft. it's 10:35. 1 we'll be right back with thisits beautiful lady.betiful la
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
>> good friend of mine testedfre positive lastnd year. yea i think i'm one o people he's told. he's lawyer. didn't want to tell hislis co-workers afraid he might lose ieients. it's got to be hard to carryo cy that around all day. >> it is.. >> so look that was glorialo
10:39 am
more television since then.ce t right. >> you know what i'm saying?in [ laughter ] >> she's done a lot more sincee then. then we'll talk about that.l lk abou. that was from er.. gloria rueben played jeannie jea buehl lay a character who musths come to terms with an hivn diagnosis.di now after that show ended a long time ago she continued acting at and building her music career as well. now you can see her tonight atoa blues alley but first gloria gla rueben joins us live right here in the loft.oft. not talking about that old old >> no. >> we're talking about the newaa stuff.stuf >> good morning to you. goo thank you very much.d than >> thanks for having me.hank >> appreciate your time.ppci so let's talk about what you'ret doing right now.ghtow blues ally. >> blues al toll night twoes a shows. 8:00 o'clock, 10:00 o'clock. just panel and vocals it'socalst called a time for love.r lov >> okay. >> it's funny because when iausi titled the show time for love le few months ago of course ihs a e thought of the holiday >> right. >> and so they'll be holidayo th soeyngs and other songs that iti love. love. actually songs that i sang ongn television one of them beingm b from er.
10:40 am
your life. other songs that i love and just piano and vocals because i lovel prince and the last concert dide was piano an microphone. remember? >> just about week before he passed away.ab >> rouight .>> >> i've always wanted to do atoa show that was so intimate and brave and sill vulnerable pianoo and vocals so i'm thought them h time is now. >> what is it about singinggi piano the vocals, what is ithati about that that you like and you enjoy. en >> i love it because it's such creative expression and i thinko that sinkingn alone i l literally from the heart out ofa the mouth and it's scary to doc it. >> right. >> i mean if you ask anybody,n sing me a song right nowif y. rw people are terrified.rified >> go ahead. >> i can sing. s >> oh well. >> that's the problem.s e proble not that i'm terrified i caned c sing. >> everybody does sing. i'm sure peopl everye sing in ti shower. i'm sure you sing in the shower. i don't know want to know if yoy sing in the shower.thshower >> idol it's not very g it's awful.
10:41 am
loves singing and so it's a way to kind of combine the love of a human, a prime mal human m h expression like music and singing and also personally it's a great conduit for unexpressedd emotions.s. things i feel very strong abouta >> you have an album coming outt >> my album is out.bum isut >> album is out.s o acting or singing which one is harder.. >> they're both hard.y're >> it depends on -- they're both very different -- very different live music, of course, or live v theater is the most -- the-- the scariest and the most vulnerabll because there's no take two.e t >> everything is go.thg is g >> exactly. and yet, you know, filming greae interesting complex complicated fantastic writing lik mr. robot --ro >> which you're on. >> which i'm on.>> w did you like that.>> whiu li >> i did like that.>> i dik good plug. >> tran zig into mr. robot. you know what i'm saying. >> i gotchaknow w..
10:42 am
amazing and won the emmy very v well deserved it's one-on-one.n. i play a psychiatrist so it's very intimate.ntimate. it's very personal and it's very, upping, it's deep.. it's real. and i like that.ha acting or music, deep and real a is the way i like to go. >> you're on mr. robot.obot. >> yes. >> >> you have another show vh runr the break.the bre >> i know it's coming notw it'sn february.. >> what's that about a scripteda show about the beginning of thes hiphopcr eipra. the b era so literally like the breaks.aks >> like curtis below the breakse back in that era. e >> bac >> okay, all right. >> that starts in february.t sti >> okay. so are you going to be doing hip hip. >> my myself personally, no. >> no. you're just on the jus >> i play an executive -- roar executive.exec in charge of the hiphop. i don't rap. rap. >> why do this now, what do thit kind of show now about hiphop.up >> i like to mix it up. up you know from i mean ton psychiatrist to mr. robot andnd record executive in hiphop era.a dude you got to keep it fresh. h >> i understand. >> i keep it fresh.>>ee
10:43 am
>> i'm like fresh she fresh. fre >> real quick your latest album the album out right now, tell ul why it's so spectacular whyctacr everybody should go oh out andh buy it. >> it's called per chance to cne dream it's on my -- you can buyc it on amazon, i tunes what havee you and a compilation avenueve couple of originals with some jazz standards and a couple of other, you know, contemporaryary thing mixed and knew a rangea r many.ny. it's a great compilation.tion got good reviews on it.wsn i >> you got tv shows coming outut you got music everywhere.. you're at blues ally. at b a >> dude, i don't have a a boyfriend. >> oh. >> that's what i don't have.s ai >> we can make that happen too.t we can set up now.p n you might not like the results.s you can try to set you up. >> you see the information righr there. she's single and ready to mingle. come down to blues alley andn u listen to her sing. s don't try to ask her for date at blues alley.. she's going to be working.. >> i'm going to be working. goie >> no dates at blues alley new york city. don't do that.n't dohat. >> forget i said that.ha social media -- no..
10:44 am
>> no. >> no, no new york city.o, no ne no match makinw g on fox5. >> no, do end good we do want to you come ac you take it away. >> that might be the best way te pack a house tonight. tig no doubt about it, right? >> best thing to do. >> you sol out every show for s the rest of the year. >> seriously. [ laughter ] >> i think wisdom actually wantslly to know if you'll perform any prince, will you perform any prince with the piano.inith >> i am. am. >> i love prince. >> there you go. t you >> i do but i'm not going to gng tell you. >> oh wow.ow. come to the show. >> it's not eroticco city, is i. >> no, what?wha >> i'm just saying. i'm it's one of my favorites j. >> of course it is. >> oh, no. n somebody go get wisdom.m. >> thank you so much for comings in tay.y.o 10:44.4. listen more music coming yourou way next go-go christmas live iv the good day loft. l vibe band is here.vibed is here. crank it up, up, they're paying it forward thisws holiday season. >> all right. >> and we're showing off our christmas caricatures. we'll be right back. b
10:45 am
10:46 am
join all your child?s sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes musc its sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena december 16-18 tickets on sale now
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10:48 am
>> if you're looking fog quick o conversation starter, who is that look kerr? on s look no fur than right here. caricature artist marie has beee in the lot of drawing picturesfr the hate is just emanating from the loft.of righthe we'll draw you too, wisdom. okay. >> she's drawn pictures of somep of our staffic here in the loft. she tells us now how she faces s the challenge of doing a lot ofo drawings very quickly and very well. good morning to you.od m >> good morning.>> g >> you were here last year.ere e we love what you did and you'rer back again. first of all,ba seriously, i lov what you did with mine right rht here. >> thank you. ad you made me look like a million times better i think.s r >> i think you look beautiful.uf >> come back any time.ome a thank you. than [ laughter ]k ught >> but do you this, you do ito very quickly you're talking'rtak
10:49 am
>> an hour and a half 20 peoplel >> how do you do that. >> you draw really really fastyt you sketch it and ink it reallyl quickly. >> when you look at someone do you like atlook an overridingrrn feature where do you start start what's your standing point.our t >> i usually start at the eyes s and work from eyes, knows downnn to the mouth and just try to geo the spacing right and put thende shape of the head and the hair.. >> once you get kind of the o t framework down you can do thedon rest. ye >> right. >> okay. you're talking about having holiday party want i didn't knoa you're saying you guys cannt i c actually come and have this be festive mood.d. you come you start drawing dwi people guests have another anoth outlet to sort of have fun withw someone drawing them as their t mingling about. >> right. omething to take to home from the party, too.rom they have a so wthe do, youey know, holidayy parties. we do a lot of school events. e. we're hoping we get in inauguraa events. >> i'm sure you will. i'mure >> so you've donyoe me.e. anyone else. els >> let's take's tlo >> i brought you a present. >> you brought me a i don't don't mind if i do. d >> in you silhouette.
10:50 am
>> wow. >> cut out all the features oftu the person and then -- >> wow. >> can you see this? okay.y. boss, can i september this. thi >> thank you. >> that is awesome.o >> and again i'd love that youeu found a picture of me online and you were able to do this. t i love this.e ts. look at wisdom.m look at this one. one do we think it look like wis. l. [ laughter ] >> i don't know who that is. >> how about this one? >> this is a little closer, right. >> that's >> let's show steve. steve. >> this is steve.>> >> that looks like steve. toks e >> yeah.>> y >> do we have allison.o wee al >> beautiful. i love it. >> let's see. we have allison. hese shushes buriewed in here ih somewhere.some >> let's find al. [ laughter ]ughter ] >> you're in here somewhere. >> no worry.ry he will owe well.el >> show is over. >> we'll mail it to you, al. >> there she is. >> oh. that is icute >> okay.y >> okay. she's going to continue kind ofn shading the rest. this one you'll shade in it.t.
10:51 am
>> they can go to my website wse which is big head little >> i love that.dy>> ie th big head little you did an excellent job.ob >> thank you. y. >> i have mine from last year hanging up. thank you so much marie. >> look how fabulous.abous >> thank you. so cool.l. >> back over to you guys. gs. >> put more wrinkles. wrile >> keep me looking young i likee that too. >> 10:51 we know firstrst responders like police andrs firefighters risk their livesthi every day in the line of duty. . now this friday one localoc veteran firefighter l honor them for the work thatk ta they do.ey do. his name is kirk walker he'slkes throwing first respondersng f throughout their dmv an em pick christmas party call the dmv first responders barbs b performances from our next guest dmv's own vibe band who stoppedp by the loft to perform their thr version of the christmas classis some day at christmas.tmas take it away, guys. ?? merry christmas and happyndap
10:52 am
?? >> ?? some day at christmastmas there won't be boys like kids play toys. one cold december all hearts hrt will see a world will men are free ?? ?? ??
10:53 am
?? >> first responders of the dmv christmas night.
10:54 am
?? >> happy holidays. [ applause ] >>
10:55 am
nice job. this is derek and this is kirk.r first of all tell me i want to know about when you takeu tak christmas songs and you put thet go-go beat to it. it. do you a range that wholet wle process, a little process to pup together.toge >> yes, but it's sort of natural. >> yeah. .. it's sort of natural the band is called vibe.ib >> it goes along with the flow,o ght.t. >> i did hear when you guysou gy started out it was like youeou never really pic you just get together and play.a >> right. >> you doing the same thing.. >> correct. ctice a little for this live tv.v. >> thank you so much for comingr in. kirk let's talk about this fundraising coming up where didd the idea from that come from. f. >> the whole idea came from juss being a firefighter myself andfa just wanting to get first fir responders under the same roof,o same building and just giving love to them.them. that's all. >> very easily said. >> yes. >> i mean, we done been through a lot this year. y >> right. >> so i used to do the fireman m
10:56 am
a first responders.pond >> include more people. >> all avenues m what do folksos need to know if they want tot to come to the party it will bey ie open to any that wants to comeom down, >> anyone that wants to comeom down to blitz nightclub shoutub out to abdul for opening the building up for us. from eight to 3:00, $25. $ we got a lot of proceeds going to the burn foundation withion h firefighters get burn in the get line of duty.he >> um-hmm.>> um. >> as myself i have been burn i the line duty.e line duty. >> you k the risks that are involved andd what people need to know then.wt >> yes, indy, yes, yes. >> your money will go to a goodd cause but you'll get good goo entertainment.nmen do you know what time you'll got out. you'll play the whole night like a seven higher set. set >> that's either band that willl open up. we'll play after them. them. we're going to play until theyt put us out.until >> i out like that attitude. at. i like that attitude.e >> 3:00 in the morning. >> yeah? >> we'll let them party allm pal night. >> all right.>> aht
10:57 am
bucks, eating and music. good luck with the event.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
>> how you doin'. >> it's the hot topics show. >> we won't judge, but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy! ?? ?? ?? now here's wendy! ? ?? ?? ?? >> wendy: it looks good! >> wow! ?? ?? >> wendy: welcome to the show. thank you so much for watching. say hello to my co-host.


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