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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 6, 2016 10:00pm-10:59pm EST

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> this is fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, two people shot in a northern virginia neighborhood, a live report as police try to piece together what happened. ? tonight, a woman is sexually assaulted while getting medicalg care at this d.c. facility. now a former employee is facing charges. a teenage girl says someone threw a bag over her head and tried to abduct her while shee was heading to school. what maryland police want you to know.
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we begin tonight in northern virginia where four people are recovering following an incident in annandale. i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn yancy. this happened on dave ondrive around 6:00 tonight.ght. teisha lewis joins us with theth very latest. what do we know? did thisd happen outside, inside a house? what have we >>reporter: well, sarah and tony what i can tell you is it happened outside a house, quiet, calm.calm that's some of the ways that neighbors described thisribe community. it's still an active scene. it appears that police have kind of comb this front yard here searching for something. what they're searching for ir can't tell you. but what i can tell you is there were four women involved in this
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were shot according to fairfax county police department. a 16 year old young lady and also another woman was injured. the 16 year old suffered someme minor injuries, not from gunfire. another woman we don't know her age, she suffered some type of medical condition.diti everyone was taken to the hospital. all of this unfolded shortly after 5:00 a. we spoke with some residents who were returning home to this crime scene. all the neighbors know each other and to hear about something like this, it's really surprising. > police say the shooting happened near dave onand people ford drives. everyone involved reportedly knew each other. police are not searching for a
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altercation, what happened afterward. we do know again the ages of three of the victims, 19, 20 an0 the youngest victim said to be 16 years old. this is just one of the crime scenes. just a few blocks away another related crime scene centered around this white car. that's where apparently the 19 and 20 year old were found.. a police officer on the scene tells fox5 local news that some of the victims were inside this car. even though the car d appear to have any bullet who else. it also remains a mystery if the victims lived in this neighborhood or if they wereey simply passing through. it did not take place inside the house. all parties are accounted for. interviews are being conducted, crime scene and detectives are on scene and the investigation is ongoing. back out here live, fairfax
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information about what happened. most importantly they say that there is no threat to public safety. we do not know the relationshipios between all of these women, but obviously very they're talking about four womer involved in some type of massive fight that led to gunfire and now police searching for clues and plenty t of questionsesti they're h?ping to answer.swer they're go door to door conducting interviews as when. fox5 local newses. > we all know that this rain and we've gottenen pretty doused.used but it's been down right cold and ugly. will we see the sun tomorrow. that's the question?stio > that was a chilly slog of a day we got through, wasn't it? >> it sure was. you're right.ght. we needed the rain.e it ended up being a helpful rain. it was hard to navigate through. it was mighty chilly.migh we will see the sun. most of the rain is down to just a little bit of patchy drizzlele
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away. i'll put it in motion for the last several all of the beaches are departs very, very quickly. what lingers behind is the lightest of patchy drizzle. all advisories that we had out for the mountains because they had a little bit of ice accumulating. those have been dropped as well. there's still a lot of moisture around. the wind hasn't quite picked up. in a few areas we are starting to see visibilities come down c due toom fog.g. not terrible, though two an martinsburg, but we'll continue to monitor this and maybe theyb breezy will pick up and disburse some of that's the only thing we're going to worry about overnight.i we're not worried aboutt temperatures dropping blow winchester 36, martinsburg 37, d.c. is 46 degrees. again a little bit of patchyhy fog. for temperatures to stay steadyy or to just drop just a littlesta bit. don't worry about the wet spots
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it doesn't look like it will get cold enough for that to happen. there's a dryer day ahead. there may be a few clouds around tomorrow morning that they'll break up with sunshine and with that sunshine you'll see the temperatures heading right on up to the low 50s.. the snow showers will push psh p away.away if the clouds don't break up for your morning commute they willll shortly after as a frontal boundary enterings on the coldestin air of t rolls into town later this week. i'll have more on that andon whether or not t we see a snow shower with that coming up later. > new tonight, a, woulder withh united medical center in southeast d.c. is accused of sexually abusing a patient. police have chargedry marko simon with the assault.saul it happened sunday morning. a woman was undergoing medicalgn treatment when the attack took place. police are still investigating,i so isnv the hospital. they want to know if there are
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asked to call police.ce. it's been two days after a gunman entered the popular d.c. restaurant, comet pingpong in northwest.nort they reopened their doors tonight. while crowds gathered. the man whoe cr surrounded to pe is behind bars. fox5's marina maracco joins us live tonight witush more on what people had to say as they made their way back out to the restaurant tonight.nt >>reporter: hey, there. despite the pouring rain earlier today it was quite a show of support here from neighbors. still plenty of people dining at times a 20-minute wait to get inside and get a slice of pizza. you see an armed security guard. they are taking no chance atki thisng comet. mpd had several cruisers stationed here during business hours from 5 until about now when they're getting ready to wrap up and close. you'll see a small show of
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up flowers. fake news is not all okay. this of course all spun from conspiracy theories that comett pizza was harboring child sexrig you'll see some cell video here from sunday. 3:00 that's when 38 year old cigar welch of north carolina barged into this restaurant carrying three thisee according to police, twon his person, one a handgun, another a rifle and the thirdril according to this police, this man pulled the rifle on one ofhr the employees and he says he was coming here to free the children. once he realized that there were no children that's when he decided to what can out, comply with mpd commands.ands he's been under arrest sincence then, but of course this community reeling as well as th owner here. we spoke to him earlier tonight. here's what he told us. we've been completely overwhelmed and incredibly, incredibly touched by the
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washington and around the world and we look forward to serving you for many years to come. i've known james for over 10 years and he's one of the most polite and general russ boas. he was my boss for a little while. just an immense supporter of the arts. it's strange because it doesn't fit with anything that i can could ever imagine.ever it's silly. i don't understand what's goingg on. we're all q. i had run into james i think ask him, i had seen the internet furor and i asked him if he was worried about it.. we chatted for a little bit. i think that we thought it was a remote sort of attack. nobody really thought that it would come home to and reach the restaurant. were appallede we and shocked that it did. and 28 year old welch remains
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he'll go before a judge again on thursday. live tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news. > a sobering report out tonight about the threat of terrorism. the house homeland security committee report says the united states now faces its highest threat from islamic terrorists since 9/# 1. the biggest concern is home granter rims. the report says groups like isis are radicalizing and recr us. this year alone they carried out 60 attacks worldwide. those attacks killed 215 peoplee and injured more than 700 others. the report says the terror threat will continue into next year. in just two days thousands of people will flock to nationalnal harbor for the grand opening of the mgm grand hotel and casino. developing a plan for people to safely get to and from the destination it takes another aas
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chief is live inrge's the loftl us tonight toof talk about the e opening event. we're in montgomery county where a teenage girl says she was nearly kidnapped on her way to school. police want to find the suspectct before he strikes details next on fox5 news a at 10. is there an elk in your bed? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. tilt your tormentor and put those snores to sleep. does your bed do that? come into a sleep number store and save $1000 on selected mattresses.
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> today we learned thatod maryland casinosay generated a whopping $92 million in then th month of november alone. we can expect that number tothat grow suban hotel and casino at national harbor this thursday.rsda the casino features more than 3,000 slot machines and many gaming tables. visitors can also expect nightclubs, how longs, plenty of shopping and fine dining.ning but keeping things orderly and safe at the casino will put more demand on law enforcement. i'm joined by prince george's county police chief hang that within ski to talk about that. thanks for being here. >> we are really focused on
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been talking about it as well. let's talk about the demands being put on your department. first of all, what role were your department play in helping protect people, keep people save and keep things orderly. i see it as threeee responsibilities, one to the long-standing community, one to the mgm and the national harbor community principlesly for the next 72 hours regarding traffic. but interspersed with that andnd continuing into the future iss our responsibility to p hospitality industry in princeyn george's county.orge we've taken the opportunity to prepare for that by making trips to las vegas, to casinos withinn maryland, to casinos on the eas coast and looking out police departments deal with those kinh of issues. trained our detectives, trainedt our officers so we'll be sophisticated as this venue opens. do you have enough officers touh handle l the in flux of traffic, the in flux of people that are going to to this site.
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you're understaffed.erst >> no, we've been growing around the department where a lot of the departments have been getting smaller. we've opened our district sevenc in addition for demands in the south part of the county. we can provide life safingfing services on the water, the potomac. in addition that component also encompasses our aviation unit which will have a role in all of this. we've been thinkg for a licensing time. we're not surprised that the mgm is opening and bringing aa bringing a large number ofarge people in. the property owners themselves are supplying most of the security, the in-house security, they're highering their ownheir people for that; is that right? >> yes. and the difference with this wit kind of a venue, a casinoasi environment is that it's a very sophisticated operation. it requires high levels of security because there's a lot of money involved and there's ae lot of patrons involved.
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plan and they've staffed thattaf well and then we're supporting them in the same way that wethat support other enterprises in thn county. in terms of traffic, forffic instance, we've learned a lot of our interactions at fedex fielde with the at the air show. we've taken the lessons.sons we've also supported other occasions throughout the county. we see runs and walks and various events down at the national harbor. dealing with crowds and traffic we've got some good experience. we're applying but those particular venues have a perspective on security that is an enhancement to the services that we provide, but we provide those services throughout the county already. let's talk about traffic because that's probably the primarymary concern that most folks have as they try to head out there forfr opening week and openingd op weekend. what do you want people to know any advice in terms of them getting there? >> one of the concerns consistently is this is going to
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is bad. my message to the community is we're not relying on signalization.ion. we're actively manning these signals. this venue will only open once. come early, plan to stay late. we've had a followuplowu conversation with the leadershid of mgm security just today about how to most efficiently loadicie that garage.arag how do we anticipate turnover? how do we anticipate getting patrons out and back home? not just into the venue. as with anyen people going and shopping, but as with any again opportunity to be out and about be cognizant of your surroundings. if you win a large amount of money, somebody has already won $25,000 on one of the slots, pay attention to the people in thete parking lot. if they're in the activelyivel getting into or out of a car or just standing around, turnaround and go back to the entrance or exit that you've come from and alert someone mgm or one of ours offers.
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that i tell people right now now that are visibly shopping forshp the holidays. be aware ever of of your surrenderrings and keep youreep personal items in the trunk of your car, not in plane view. > be smart. can we have a little music toic set the mood? owe, kenny rogers. are you a gambler. >> i am a gambler. > chief, you're at the blackjack table.tabl card. the dealer is showing 13, do you take a hit. >> yes. > you do.ou >> they say you shouldn't. > well, i'm a gambler. > come back in the next 72 hours. > thanks so much. always a pressure to have with you. > fox5 now in montgomery county right now where police in a local school district aret ar warning of an attempted
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who says she was approached by y man who tried to put a bag over her head on her way to school. fox5's anjali hemphill with how the high school student managed to get away. >>reporter: well, between this large apartment complex on onetn side of the street and the lakee forest shopping mall on the other, this area is extremelytrm busy almost any time of day especially during morning rushrn hour and now police have stepped up their patrols here in hopesn of catching a brazen suspect that's really sad. i'm glad she got away. neighbors of the cedar million apartment complex on edge after someone tried to kidnap a teen. we take every report seriously and we investigate it to the fully extent. a watkins mill was walking too her house around 7 monday morning when she was suddenlyddn approached from a man from
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put a black bag over her head.hd until detectives can identifyan this individual. the girl screamed and the suspect took off. she was able to make it to school where teachers called police. the school district also sent students home with this lettertr asking parents to talk to theiro kids about staying alert and not walking with head phones on. just be watch your surroundings and always walk with someone. walk in a group. don't walk alone. especially young girls. in this particular case by her making noise it individual off. he may have been in fear of being identified and fled. so that worked out for her in this situation. see if anybody is in a similarir situation, if you can make noise and bring attention toes what's going on.goin you have a better of us being able to identify the suspect. the suspect is described as abed black man in his h mid to late 30s, five, five, medium billion dollar with a goti. he was dressed in all black a except for a red logo on his sweatshirt.
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in gaithersburg, anjali hemphill, fox5 a local news. > the future of d.c.'s leadership coming face to face m for the first time. i wanted to introduce washington d.c. to him. mayor muriel bowser met with president elect donald trump inc new yorkt today. what they discussed coming up next at 106789 plus new detailse in the murder of a former nflmer star on the streets of new orleans. why police are finally making an arrest nearly one week after the news, shawn yancy will visit thi morning crew to talk about a cause that is near and dear to her heart.rt. we're talking about girls night out. it is a party with a purpose. a travel journalist will share some holiday ideas for yourour friends who love to hit the road.road fox news morning kicks off at
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back. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the north and the south are mine.
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> developing tonight, theel louisiana manop accused of shooting former nfl player joe mack night to death is now facing manslaughter charges. 54 year old ronald gasser was arrested yesterday. he i accused of fatally shooting mack night last week in road rage. he was initially questioned and release without being charged. today a sheriff defended theefen investigation saying it was not about raisin they waited to make the arrest because they needed to find independent witnesses. police in the district continue to investigate a deadly shooting. this morning officers found 45 year old terry crunch field inside a home on the 1500 block of olive street in northeast. police do not have any suspects. they don't have a motive, but a
10:27 pm
gunmen on the street justust moments before the murder. anyone with information is being asked to call police. ca it was a big day for d.c. mayor mount laurel boys. the democratmoun headed to new k city where she met with withith with president elect trump for the first time. she talks about her take away next at 10. 10. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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at 10. we are back with a look at tonight's top stories. we@w? begin annandale, virginiai where four people were hurt outside of a home.ho teisha lewis is there with more reporter report an active crimee scene here in annandale. police are still here after an altercation and some gunfire. police say two women, a 19 year1 old and a 20 year old were shot. two not injured.ured including a 16 year old girl. right now behind me police arepi combing the front yard where the altercation happened searchingna for clues and trying to answer plenty questions. marina. comet pizza back opened 48 hours after an armed man opened intoo this restaurant here in northeast following conspiracy
10:32 pm
the community rallied around the restaurant which has armeded security following seasoned'sses scare. accused of sexually abusing a patient. police have charged remarko simon of waldorf, maryland with the assault.saul a woman was undergoing medicaler treatment sunday morning whegonu thend attack took place. police are still investigating and so is the hospital. sue. sarah, you're not going to have to deal with a wet morningmo commute tomorrow although there and a little bit of fog. this was helpful rain that wet got today closing in to a half inch to an inch in many areas. tonight we're down to a patchy drizzle.dr the fog is not dense.dens fine visibility dropping toropp maybe a mile or a half sunshine will be back with us by mid to late morning if not the noon hour.hour temperatures climb back up into
10:33 pm
strong cold we could get a snow flurry,flur maybe a shower out of this passing front.nt the big deal is the cold airold it's going to be bringing in, the coldest of the season.son. that will be here late week, friday and saturday. windy, cold, with temperaturesh feeling like they are in the 20s. we'll have a look at your sevent day forecast coming up in just t few minutes.utes tone aand sarah. > thank you much. d.c. muriel bowser got a chance to face. that meeting took place at trump tower. the mayor and the presidentresi elect talked for about 40 minutes and talked about a number of issues that faced the city. fox5's matt ackland has more. >>reporter: you'll remember you muriel bowser was no fan'l of te president elect during the campaign. in fact, she avoided going tong the grand opening of his hotel on pennsylvania avenue.vani but she made the appointment.oit she came here to new york city today and she says she looks
10:34 pm
trump administration.inis after a half hour with president elect trump muriel bowser camea out to brief the media.edia do you think he'll be a friended of the district? >> actually the one thing i know emphatically that he said is that he is a supporter of the district of columbia. he's familiar with the district ofwi columbia and he wants it to be supported. > muriel bowser sat down with w us after the meeting.ting you really blasted him from time to time was there any any animosity. >> certainly not.tain for those of us in an elected office and it's his first time,, when voters speak, you move one and accept what the voters havee say. muriel bowser says she put in a request to see president elect trump not long after the election. she wants him to know about the a reel d.c.. i wanted to introduce washington, d.c. to him. and make sure that -- sometimes
10:35 pm
function as a city, county and state, that we pay that we're no different than anh of the other states.tes. > bowser wanted the new president to know aboutto important issues in the d.c. region, metro and other infrastructure problems at thetu top of herre list. and they also discussed public education, something important m to both of them. in the area of education, whichi the president elect wantedwa particularly to talk about we, for example, we want to maintaia our d.c. tag program. threats made by trump during the campaign to take federal funding from sanctuary cities.ies. our clear statement was certainly about the fears andrs concerns that people have. and to layout the values of washington, d.c.c. and to really say to him there are opportunities to heal some of those feelings of anxietyxiet among residents. by the way, muriel bowser would the not give specifics of whatf
10:36 pm
president elect, but they did talk about the inaugeration coming up in january, an inaugeration bowser says shesh will attend.tend in new york city, matt ackland, fox5 local news. > we are also learning tonightt the president elect sold all his shares he had in companies over the summer.mmer the washington post is reporting a recent stock portfolioortf revealed trump had shares in a number of banks, oil giants and other companies worth an estimated $40 million.$40 separate from his own business. the trump organization. he is scheduled to hold a press conference on december 15 where he will outline his plan.lan. president elect trim is calling for thelect us government to cal a deal with boeing for the development of a pricy new air force one. trump blasted the deal on twitter this morning saying it will cost too much money. earlier this year the air forcee signed deals with boeing to design certain parts of the presidential aircraft. government officials estimate
10:37 pm
about $3.2 billion, including 2 bill for research and development. the plan is totally out of control. it's going to be over 4 billion-dollar for air forcere one program and i think it's ridiculous. i think boeing is doing a little bit of a number. we want boeing to make a lot off money, but not that much money. boeing release a statementtate saying its current deal for air force one development is worth $170 million. the air keep costs down, but says the replacements are necessary. now to a followup here, a hagerstown man faces seriousious charges tonight after he wasafte caught on camera stealing presents left on someone's porch last month. 25 year old jeffrey black jr.. faces burglary and theft charges. he turned himself in to police after the owner of the home posted this video on facebook. black picked the wrong house to steel from.
10:38 pm
of a well known security company and his home is under constant surveillance. big > a new arlington elementary school is making headlines for its green innovation. believe it or not, the schoolool uses zero energy and we're going to he some how it works next att 10. america's beer industry is taking a why more people are taking a pass on brews.rews new for metro riders. ri you can now get a cellphone signal in the today theyal i launched commercl service on 1.15 miles between potomac avenue and station armnd requirement the service isce available on the blue, orangee, and silver lines.
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it could be become the prototype forco school buildings across te country. discovery elementment try inry arlington is unique because the building uses zero energy. 40 of these schools exist across the c the energy department would likd to expand the program. discovery is a two-story building. when you first come to schoolo you sign your name on the wall. take some ownership of it. this is a really fun school. my name is whether it fox and i was the lead architect for the
10:43 pm
we will pull from the grid. we go onto the roof. they have like the solar panelss and then i think it's really cool because he talks to usus about how they work and how then school is a zero net energy school. > with a school budget we're going to be saving $100,000 ain year for operating costs and that's taking bond money, a one-time debt thing and leveraging it to use tax money. last spring we made enough energy to power discovery and two single-family homes. that was pretty cool. it was one of the best echo systems in the whole entire country. we can learn about sustainability. we can model sustainability ands every dayu our students are learning about the world thath they live in and how to care for it.
10:44 pm
down it from lunch to recess.ree when you see students coming upp with their own ideas, sharing, collaborating, criticallytica thinking. using this building i've had resources in ways that we. even planned for. for they're teaching us as well and that's really colorful. new tonight, it looks like people who live in states with legal trading cold brews for joints. according to a new study to beer industries in washington, orgor and colorado, beer has under performed over the last two years. sales of course light and budud light have tipped by fourur percent. researchers say the gravitatione toward legal weed is the most popular among millenials. it is a a starting reality.eal one in ate women in the unitedin
10:45 pm
theiran lifetime.etim the tiger lilly foundation sponsored its annual young woman's breast health day. it supports young people and encourages women to get screenet for the disease.ease debbie what wassermann schultzae was the featured speaker.spea our own shawn yancy helped mcmc today's event. we're continuing to follow a developing story at 11. four people injured, two of thef shot in a virginia neighborhoodh what we've investigation. also, metro's general manageragr fires back at the metro june onpresident over the claim that riders like you are partly toto blame for the rail system safety problems. and they are not your ordinaryrdin candy canes.y the company that is making some bizarre treats this holidayolid season. one of them is bacon flared. that's coming up at 11.11. what are you willing to do toto
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study out that says more than four out of ten would donate a vacation day to their co-worker doesn't bring in their sicks to the office.ffic a record day on wall street forth big and the small companies. the blue chip, dow jones industrial average hitting another all-time high.h. the russell 2,000 index. if you're busting your giftyour buying budget this holiday that's because the majority of americans say they will exceeded their spending plans by an average of 15 $5 and is that upt from last year. listen up kids, santa is not the only one checking to see if you're naughty or nice. two out of three parents say monitoring their kids' media use is more important thanhan respecting their privacy. that's a look at business.
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> as long as you're in my house got clothes on your back. why do you think that is. because of you.. hell, i know it's because of me. that's a clip from the new film senses stark dense staffeldt washington. at the new national museum of african-american history and culture. washington also directed the movie of the pulitzer priced play. this is a story about a lower middle class african americanss family and the a issues they ha. the universality of it is itt could happen to anyone, any color, any socioeconomic background. that's part of the beauty of
10:51 pm
christmas day. i can't wait to see it. all right. christmas day, hopefully thereel will be a little snow on theow o ground just for that day. 19 days away. i'm not ready. i need more time.ime. if only the weather willther cooperate for us to get the shopping done. we have dryer days coming. we also have colder days coming. tomorrow is our day off fromfrom we had all the rain today, tomorrow the sun will be backe and then thursday is our changeup day where we're going to go from temperatures that are pretty seasonable to artic feeling around here as the coldest air of the season is going to be rolling into town to finish up our workweek and begin our weekend.week we're looking at the national harbor, the big mgm opening thursday night at # 1:00, the casino down there. for the short term we're lookine at a dryer wednesday ahead. we may see a few clouds aroundos
10:52 pm
sun will be back around tomorroo afternoon. we had some ice storm warningsng today and some winter weatherso advisories in the higherme elevations off to our west and a few places picked up a quarter inch of ice. hartmannsville, west virginia. frost burg got about a stent t of an inch of ice. all advisories are now droppedoe for those areas. precipitation has moved on out. but that doesn't mean therere might not be a few slick spotsck out there until the tpe our average high is 49 degrees.9 we'll be above it tomorrow att 54 degrees. thursday we'll top out around 48-degrees, but that strongat front comes through in the afternoon. it drops our temperature onmper friday at the high temperatureh to holiday season 40, but it will also be quite windy a ondy friday and it's going to feelto like it's in the 30 #-s to 20s.0 saturday only 39 degrees. deg you can see why we're saying thy coldest air of the season is getting ready to role into town.
10:53 pm
precipitation is out of here. everything now moving away. so how much rain did we end upen getting out of this? this is our 24-rain totals and many areas picking up between a halff inch and an inch of rain. 1.5 inches not too far from bridgeville on the easternll shore. so this is a good help because of the drought. we're still about seven inches behind so far this year. short-term problem tonight migho be thebl development of a littlo bit ofpm we'll continue to much what itut and we'll let you know tomorrow morning if there are any delays due to fog, because we're not anticipating t we'll stay above freezing inreez most areas.eas. here's a look at overnight temperatures. worry about slick spots tomorrow morning. mor let's check out your fox5 seven day forecast because on thursdar we could have some isolated rain or snow showers as the cold air blasts into town.ow a couple of cold days coming.omi
10:54 pm
exception of a few light showers or snow or rain on thursday and then sun to clouds on sunday. we rebound to 46-degrees monday and tuesday near 50-degrees. that's your seven day forecast, but don't go anywhere. we'll be right back. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the north and the south are mine.
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?? ?? > hi, everybody, day two of the winter meetings of the nats coming in.n. just a few hours wilson ramos signed a two-year deal with tampa bay. after that knee injury it wasas almost a done deal that he wouldn't be coming back. but the biggest loss for ther nats was really the one that never was. we're talking about chris sale. the chicago white socks.
10:58 pm
too bad. fortunately they reversed course and this week the titans and browns only will get their chance to represent.epre that is good news for quarterback jason. these are the cleats he'll bee'l wearing against sickle cell. his brother devon wore the same ones on sunday.nday they auction all those off and make a lot for charity so they go for a good cause. it's cool. creativity shining through ther right now at 11, four peopleple injured during a shooting in a northern virginia neighborhood. what happened. we're live. quite a equal soming we hade today on this messy, chilly day. the sted year rain is pulling on out. we're left with drizzle and fog. but what's ahead for your wednesday morning? i'll have the details.
10:59 pm
how a neighbor is showing its support for a business at the center of a begun scare your you news starts now.rt and we start with the developing story in annandale, virginia. two women shot and two othershes also in the hospital. thanks for joining us i'm sarah simmons in for shawn much and i'm tony perkins. we're learning new details about what happened on davon drive on this evening. fox5's teisha lewis there live with an >>reporter: tony and sarah, neighbors tescribed this neighborhood as calm and quiet,, but it was anything but tonight. what we can tell you is that some type of altercation happened outside that on. in can pennsylvania, you can see detectives over my right ove shoulder going through the front lawn looking for clues and pieces and also information that can help them kind of put together the puzzle of what exactly went down tonight.nigh what i can tell you is that the shooting happened shortly after


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