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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 7, 2016 12:30am-1:01am EST

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we're live. quite a equal soming we had today on this messy, chilly day. the sted year rain is pulling on out. we're left with drizzle and fog. but what's ahead for your wednesday morning? i'll have the details. and rally around the restaurant. how a neighbor is showing its support for a business at the center of a begun scare your news starts now. and we start with the developing story in annandale, virginia. two women shot and two others thanks for joining us i'm sarah simmons in for shawn much and i'm tony perkins. we're learning new details about what happened on davon drive this evening. fox5's teisha lewis there live with an update. >>reporter: tony and sarah, neighbors tescribed this neighborhood as calm and quiet, but it was anything but tonight. what we can tell you is that some type of altercation happened outside that on. in can pennsylvania, you can see detectives over my right shoulder going through the front
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pieces and also information that can help them kind of put together the puzzle of what exactly went down tonight. what i can tell you is that the shooting happened shortly after 5:00. police say a 19 and a 20 year old woman were, in fact, shot. two other women were injured. they were not shot, but of the injured it includes a 16 year old girl, all four women were taken to the hospital for treatment. all are expected to survive. now, again near dave onand med forward drives in annandale. everyone involved in this altercation and this incident reportedly knew each other. police are not searching for a gunman. what they are searching for, i can tell you, is more answers about exactly what happened. in fact, they've been conducting interviews and they will likely be out here for the duration until they are able to kind of piece together a little bit more about what happen. this was just one crime scene just a few blocks away.
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centered around this white car. a police officer on the scene tells fox5 local news some of the victims were inside this car even so we saw the car. it did not appear to have any bullet who else. it also remains a mystery if the victims lived in this antibody odd or if they were passing through. >> it's pretty quiet. all the neighbors know each other. to hear about something like this it's i can tell you that the interviews are being conducted, crime scene and detectives are on scene and the investigation is ongoing. fox5 police department is very active on social media, especially twitter. they tweeted out there is no threat to public safety. they tweeted out a recap of a timeline of what exactly took place. they are asking the public for
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make sure you give them a call. > we want to turn now to the wet and dreary weather, the rain that came down for most the day is finally tapering off. is that a live shot? so what's next for this cold night? sue joins us with the update. i was worried because my words weren't matching the picture there. that rain we had made a mess the evening rush hour. it was so that's not going to happen tomorrow because the storm system that brought us the helpful rain that made traveling tough today is now off the coast and a the rain has pulled out as well. we picked up anywhere from a half inch to about an inch of rain. what's left tonight if there is anything at all will be very patchy drizzle but also a little bit of fog that we'll be keeping an eye on for the next several hours. although i'm not seeing anything terrible. visibility has dropped to maybe three or four miles in a few spots.
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that's not terrible. we begin to worry when we see the numbers about a half mile to a quarter mile. we'll continue to watch it and keep you updated, especially fox news morning at 4:25. you're in the going to have to worry about these temperatures dropping blow freezing tonight. we're at 46-degrees in the district. we do have a few spots that are in the mid and upper 30s but temperatures are going to stay fairly steady. they'll drop lit more in the district. the mid 30s. we're not expecting any kind of refreeze tonight. although they certainly had some ice build up out to the west. bottom line tomorrow we start with a little bit of cloud cover. it should break for sunshine. we have a frontal boundary that will swing on through. with temperatures heading to the 50s for us on our women we have to talk about the coldest air of the season coming to town.
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> comet pingpong in forth west is back open for business two days after a gunman fired shots inside the popular d.c. restaurant. the man who surrounded to police is behind bars. fox5's marina maracco joins us live tonight with with more. >>reporter: that's right and today they are finally back open after 48 hours of being closed and letting their employees kind of get back on their feet and time emotions following the active shooter on sunday. people who continue to antagonize this restaurant. it was quite the scene here. about a 20 minute wait. showing up to show support forth owner here which has been in the harassment of these alleged theories that this restaurant was harboring child sex slaves. you'll see here the cellphone video from sunday. this goes back to 3:00 on
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welch. he surrounded to police after he entered this restaurant that was packed with customers with a handgun, a rifle and a third gun in the car. when he came in he said he was coming to safe those alleged house sex slaves. he found no children and then he sunned. we spoke with the owner. we spoke with some guests. here's what they had to say. we've been completely overwhelmed and incredibly, incredibly touched by n the support of our community here in and we look forward to serving you for many years to do. i've known james for over 10 years and he's one of the most polite, generous bosses. he was my boss for a little l while. an immense supporter of the creative arts. it's strange because it doesn't fit with anything that i could ever imagine. it's just silly. i don't get it. i really don't understand what's going on. >> we're all q. i had run into james i think
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asked him because i seen a lot of the internet, you know, furor and i asked him if he was worried about it and he and i sort of both chatted for a little bit. i think that we thought that it was a remote sort of attack. nobody really thought that it would come home and reach the restaurant. you can imagine we were appalled and shocked that it did. 28 year old edgar with remains behind bars on no bond. he'll go back before a judge on thursday. live north tonight in northwest d.c., marina maracco, fox5 local news. > also in northwest police are trying to find a suspect april a motive in a deadly shooting. officers found 45 year old terry crutchfield dead inside a home in the 1500 block of olive street. a witness reported seeing two gunmen on the street just moments before the murder. police you to give them a call if you know anything.
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looking for anyone who might have seen attempted kidnapping in gaithersburg. a watkins mill high school student was walking to her bus stop yesterday morning when a man approached her, told her to shut up april attempted to put a bag over her head. the victim says she screamed and the suspect ran away. the suggestion peck was last scene wearing black pants and a black hooded sweatshirt with a red logo on it. d.c. muriel bowser says she is hoping she will have a g working relationship with donald trump once he becomes president. they met face to face and talked for about 40 minutes and discussed a number of issues that is pennsylvaniaed the history. bowser wanted to give the president elect into the city he will soon call home. i wanted to introduce washington, d.c. to him. and make sure that -- sometimes people have miss con acceptings of who we are as a city or how we function as a city, county and state.
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states. > the mayor and the president elect discussed metro infrastructure problems and public education, an issue important to both of them. bowser told trump she plans on containing his inaugeration. she says the city has worked closely with republican presidents before and a she looks forward to working closely with him. the city council voted today to impose a new tax on businesses to provide more than half a mi paid leave for the birth or adoption of a child. the bill also would allow six weeks of paid leave to pay for a sick relative and two weeks of leave for a, woulder's own illness or injury. council will hold another hearing or another vote. if the bill is approved it will go mayor mercer county's bill. metro's general manager fires back at the metro union president over the claim that
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safety problems. also ahead getting to and from the national harbor as the gm casino prepares to open its doors. we're back after this. so, mr. harris, we have your fingerprints on the safe. a photo of you opening the safe.
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> sing it, frank. blackjack, slots, high end restaurants and shopping. the excitement is growing. we're just two days away from the grand opening of mgm national harbor. the casino is obviously going to draw in big crowds, but there's a lot of concern about the impact of traffic in the area. mgm says it has spent $10 million on roadway improvement to help ease traffic there are 5,000 garage parking space he at the resort. public transportation may be the way to go. mgm suggests taking metro to alexandria and hopping on a metro boss or water taxi. there's also a circulator bus that will be making the rounds from the nearby outlet mall and national harbor. just take it easy. just be a little bit patient. it may take you a couple more minutes but you'll get through
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comes online full time and that should make things a lot better for everybody. mgm national harbor officials opens thursday. the company anticipates at least 20 to 30,000 visitors each day over the next few weeks. > we're checking metro for you tonight. today the transit agency opened its doors today for a rare look inside its rail yard. the up close look was all part of what is being called a renewed focus on car inspections. metro general manager paul wiedefeld was in attendance and made it clear he's not on board with the recent tweet by jackie jeter. she suggested that metro passengers somehow share the blame for metro's problems. our focus is on what we do. we're here to serve the customers. that's our job. we have to make sure we provide the best product we can. we're trying new things that you
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everything that we can do for them. that's our job. today's inspection took place just days after the federal transit administration told congress metro was improving but it added there's still a lot more work to be done. 3, 2, 1, look at that. pretty, pretty, pretty. the rain didn't dampen the holiday spirit on capital while tonight. dozens of people came out for the annual lighting of the capital house speaker paul ryan besided over the count down. the 8 # 0-foot spruce was. it will be lit every night until christmas night. i think the ' lit past christmas day, too. it's over.
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unfortunately there's been a lot to see outside today. did you feel the umbrellas. at least it wasn't terribly cold. although it wasn't comfortable temperature. we've seen it kohl'ser for the lighting of the capital christmas tree. colder air will be back in our forecast for the end of the week. that rolls into town thursday night, but spirits will be high out at the mgm live on a fog, lightly fogged in day. we do believe temperatures will stay above normal and they're not going to be dropping down too much. but there goes our storm system pulling away, a really beneficial soaking for our area, but very tough to travel in today. it's been a while since we've had this much much rain. look at all the snow it's producing through pennsylvania and upstate new york. they're getting uponned as temperatures are a little bit coral up there.
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the headline for tomorrow, it's a dryer wednesday that we're expecting around here and in case you're wondering when winter begins and the cold air starts to arrive, well we're 15 days away from the winter solates. that's december 21 at 56789. 44 in the morning and while we're not finding temperatures terribly cold out there tonight i want to show you where there is some cold air. most places safely above freezing. northwest d.c not expected to get much kohl'ser than although we could drop a little bit more in the district. cold air is out there, chicago, minneapolis. denver is 19. this is the cold air that is going to start to push in our direction. but wait, there's more as we move on up toward alaska. plenty really cold air poised to feed down into the northwest. we're going to see that cold blast behind a strong front that crosses us on thursday. so that's why we know temperatures toward the end of
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sharply colder. the sun will be around friday and saturday, but temperatures will only be in the 30s and there will be a really strong wind gusting on friday which means temperatures in the 30s might feel like they're in the upper 20s to low 30s. here's a snap the shot of the next two days, 54-degrees tomorrow. that's not bad at all. a dry day. thursday 48-degrees and we're painting on a mix of rain or snow. that would be rain or snow showers with the artic boundary coming and a little disturbance that may form to the south of our area that could form tidewaters in our area. overnight maybe some patchy light together. 43-degrees in the district. there will be some places down into the mid 30s, but not down to 32-degrees. we believe that your commute tomorrow morning will be cloudy, but dry. maybe some wet spots around, but not icy spots. areas of fog and again if there is any drizzle around it's very patchy.
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some morning clouds burn off with afternoon sunshine back in the forecast. 54 for the district, 55 for fredericksburg. 52 for annapolis and again, thursday's forecast with the front moving on through with an area of low pressure behind it we could see a few floweries here and there in the afternoon, but nothing that should cause any problem. your fox5 seven day forecast, looking like this, 40-degrees on friday. again, very cold and windy day. saturday about 39-degrees. sunday 46 and maybe a few early showers on we should start to moderate as we get on into sunday. by the time we get to tuesday of next week we're in the upper 40s. that's your seven day forecast. sarah, over to you. candy canes they are a staple of the holiday season of course. but some candy makers are putting an interesting twist on the sweat. they are offering flavors like
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this, gravy. and the most popular one is bacon. bacon makes everything better so it's okay. a 10-inch bacon candy cane runs about five bucks. the company says they're selling so fast they have to order more. who knew. > bacon candy canes. bacon i can kind of get because a lot of people like bacon. but gravy that would be disgusting. john wall did that he has never done before. and coming up tomorrow on fox5 news morning we're riding with fairfax county police as they collect toys for children at local hospitals. plus clever gift ideas for your friends who love to hit the road. >> and the good day d.c. paintoff, erin and tucker go toe to toe who see who is the better artist. my money is on erin.
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now and then you have to do it back to back. we do it five days aweek. the wizards rallied to defeat the nets in brooklyn. tonight they were back home to face the orlando manlike who were idols since sunday. career night for john wall getting it done from the inside and the driving for lay in after lay in. also singing five three pointers. career high 52 points. its was upset by the orlando points which scored 73 points. the magic kept them at arm's length. a three pointer at a key moment to beat the shot clock. there it is right there. the wizards lose 124 to 116.
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after 20 games. virginia home game winning streak came to an end. kyle guy supplying the long distance shooting. 14th rank virginia crews 76 to 53. no sale no problem. multiple reports out of the winter meetings that just as the world series champion cubs were about to add kansas city the nats have swept in and opened the talks. davis with 27 safes last year but he really shined with the royals during their world series run last year. get this, he just allowed one easterned run in 20-post season games with kansas city. he would be a nice addition at nats park. let's face it the new york jets are really bad. how bad are they? they lost 4 # to 10 at the hands of the colts and a real monday night barn burner.
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when the two ran onto the field. taking their shirts off running all over the place. the last person i would want to run into is a new jersey state p trooper. did you see that tackle? and the other girl is knocked down. they're actually hitting harder than the jets defense. ? play of te game. if you're paying for a ticket at the meadowlands, at least you right. i love it. he dove in. it's great when they do it on radio because they can't do it on tv. that does it for us. stay tuned, tmz is coming up next. join us again of course tomorrow starting at 4:25 in the morning
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