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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 7, 2016 5:00am-6:01am EST

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>> a popular d.c. pizza place reopening. >> and donald trump beefs up continues his victory tour. live with details of his latest appointment. >> looking live outside on this wednesday morning, clear out there. we'll get the details of what the days hold as we continue. good morning to you thank you for joining is i'm maureen umeh. >> i'm holly morris. >> gary mcgrady, erin como, and they're joining us as well of course they're caulking weather and traffic in just about five minutes. but, off the top of this house. >> ahead, heads up for parents in prince william county water
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communities knowledge of virginia gateway and atlas. virginia gat way and atlas walk area hey mark are underwater boil advisory. student should drink bottled water to drink from today. list of schools are battle field high, bull run middle. reagan middle. graphically elementary,al i have elementary martin view hey market and buck land mills elementary. tyler almost my and case west. all schools though, are on today. but again that list of schools there to put on our web site in case you need more of an update to what is happening your area. talking politics, president-elect trump makes secretary defense pick secretary james mattis official. "fox5" melanie alnwick is on capitol hill with latest on trump's thank you tour. good morning, mel. >> good morning, no coincidence that that rally was held in fayetteville north carolina home to several military bases including ft.
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operations command. >> i'm here today for one main reason, to thank you, the people of north carolina. >> president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour with a stop at north carolina tuesday. he reitit raked plan to punish those who burn the american flag which even many republicans say goes against free spech. >> we love our flag and we don't like it when we see op burning our flag. we'll see what we're going to do about that. >> mr. trump says his administration will immediately put a ban on immigration from certain regions in order to prevent terrorists from entering the country. >> right now thousands and thousands and thousands of people are pouring into our country. and we have no idea who they are, where they come from, do they love us? a lot of cases, no. they don't love us.
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to deport illegal immigrants won't be feasible. >> most of the people here now are not leaving and so unless donald trump wants to deport over 20 million immigrants not here legally. >> sanctuary cities need to be punished but they agree they can't go after anyone. >> he'll go after worse of worse and not law abiding people. >> he introduced secretary of defense pick and plans to make more nominations in the coming days. >> we have great, going to be named over the next couple days. >> reporter: and here on capitol hill, republicans added language to a must-pass budgets bill to make it easier for general mattis to become secretary of defense. right now the law says exmilitary officers may be out of uniform before elevated to that position and he's only been retired three years. that budget bill, by the way, must pass by friday to avoid a government shutdown. live on capitol hill, melanie
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well the president-elect also picks -- named his pick for the key post of u.s. am bar door to khip a sources tell fox news he tapped iowa governor terri brandston after meeting whim had. he was early and staunch reporter as trump and his son eric served as director for trump's cam neighbor iowa. >> trump fired a transition team staff member michael flynn son of mr. trump's choice for national security advisor for using twitter to fake a -- spread a fake news story about clinton that employed an armed robbery. welsh drove to d.c. from his north carolina home to a pizza shop and fired his rifle mull it will pimz inside. welsh told police he read online that the straipt was harboring child sex slaves and
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fake online news story. >> meantime in texas students, faculty and administrators are at texas a&m are united in response to a speech by white national. richard experience was invieed by student and political activist and prompted 500 or 600 protesters to chapter and raise signs against controversial political leader. they have publicly rejected spencer's views but cannot ban the eventec university. >> today, senator bernie sanders representative keith ellison and actor danny fwlovr will join a strike against federal contract workers they want jobs stopped from shipping overseas and they want them to stop federal contractor from stealing monday from those who serve. rally starts 10:00 freedom plaza northwest. 5:05 the time. gary mcgrady talking about this
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start to the morning. >> not super cold. we have cold weather coming in all right? that will get -- we'll start to feel it tomorrow afternoon and by friday and saturday morning it will be cold. you know what, we have yet the to have the first official freeze for d.c.. i think we get there friday. if not friday morning definitely saturday morning, okay? not that it's a big deal. i'm putting it out. there everybody else had first freeze. here's visibility i wanted to tough on this winchester 2 1/2 miles and martinsburg quarter of a mile. visibilities issue out there along 81 just so you know. it appears everybody else is in good shape. culpeper 5 miles frederick four miles and mere in town 10 miles visibility probably more. we max out on this at 10 miles. so listen, temperatures now 4 degrees here in the city. still 30s out there. winchester 34. martinsburg 3. colder there along i 81. that means temperatures closer to the dewpoint and that's why
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there. forecast for today, breezy this afternoon, sunshine. we'll go lower to mid 50s for highs north and west you stay in the upper 40s today. just so you know. here's traffic with erin como. 5:07 keeping our eyes on the roads. 270 northbound earlier crash before 370 cleared. traffic is flowing freely as you head out through montgomery county. getting into frederick, maryland this morning. nice and quiet through rockville. i'll let you know if that changes outer loop crash cleared all lanes on earlier ladder that dropped off a vehicle and cleared out of the lanes as well all outer loop lanes 95 to 20 spur back at speed and looking quiet i'll let you know if that changes secondarys in kensington and silver spring same torrey coalsville and i'll let you know if anything pops up. ed in the district, 295 southbound 50 to 11 street
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no complaint through cheverly inbound 50 and out bound to annapolis great shape on 50. if that changes i'll let you know things in virginia quiet volume increasing stafford 95 nobody. that's your traffic. back to you, locally and maureen. >> d.c. paving way for new law to allow weeks off of work for new parent not without making changes to original proposal. what it means for you next. >> and later, 75 years after pearl harbor attacks d.c. remembers those who gave at matt sacrifice. >> app a look outside as we head to break, 5:08 on the clock right now. 43 degrees on the they are mommer. yeah, it's cold outside baby, we're back in 30 second, don't go anywhere [ it's cold outside
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wiz joining is now with what is hot on the web. >> first up president he lent done zone announcing telecommunications giant soft bank groups plans to invest $50 million in u.s. economy and add 50,000 jobs. trump made the announcement over twitter after meeting with soft bank ceo. next up, d.c. council
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all d.c. workers would be entitled to eight weeks of parental leave. six weeks to care for ailing family member and two weeks in event of personal illness. d.c. council will take a second reading on the bill december 0 and is widely expected to pass it again. also this morning, inis it a gra making changes again including options for users to turn off comments and remove followers from private accounts. the company says the new tools are part of efforts to encourage positivety and make place for everyone. how about this? the navy football team would be sporting new uniforms during the game this weekend. will be playing against army at m & t bank stadium in baltimore. uniforms are beat army uniforms and designed by under armour which is happening to be based in baltimore. >> are those inside of his gloves? >> yes. >> when you put your hands together. >> sglep that's cool i like those. >> that's other people have
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>> okay. >> that's pretty cool. that always looks like a fun game on tv. >> you can say fwheet four letters. >> beat who. >> think of other stations we're wttg, b, ut, oh. >> i'm throwing down the gauntlet to the other stations going need gloves. >> ut, oh, she came back from jury duty >> what was that trial about. >> you were not set. >> i was not set i was really close. >> don't you hate with that happens. >> a three day control trial a lass i'm sitting in the chair now. 5:11 the man set to takeover d.c. school chancellor said to meet some of those he may leave. the school where he will great students today. >> plus a frightening ordeal a teenager nearly kidnapped on way to school. police now serving for a suspect. we're live with those details.
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>> back at 5:14 now happening today d.c. school chancellor antoine wilson will great students. wilson was nominated as city leader last month. he was previously in oakland, california. >> major commemerations for the 75 anniversary of attack on pearl harbor. a wreath laying will take place at the navy yard this morning. a 99-year-old survivor of the attack will be part of that a a major ceremony will happen at the world war ii memorial happening 12:50 this afternoon. it coincides with the time the attack began in hawaii.
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time to chat about the weather and not bad today as we're here on this hump day. but i fear that it's all down the hump from here in terms of temperatures here. >> it will get colder. we'll have a quick blast the way it's looking now. it sarts to come in tomorrow and lingers through saturday and we'll start warming back up on sunday. so, the coldest of the air is just going to touch us. it's not going to blow through here and bring a true arctic air mass on top of the mid at plantic. national 43. dulles 40. bwi marshall is 41. sunshine later today. that means we start off this morning with clouds. all right? and here's the setup on the jet stream. today we're still on the if you will, mild side of of the jet stream. because the real cold stuff is lurking back out to the north and to the northwest of us. super -- i'm talking super cold air up into canada right now and it looks like we'll get a couple of pieces of that this week and next week.
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week's piece of cold air is probably colder than we end up getting. by friday afternoon we'll be in the 0s here. the wind will be blowing so it will feel like 20s all day long and it does look like friday morning, saturday morning, we'll probably end up freezing here in d.c. and of course, surrounding areas will be easily in the 20s. here's the forecast for the weekend. and saturday, 9. good amounts of sunshine. it will be a little breezy. it will probably feel like it's in the lower 30s. most of the afternoon. no but we'll warm up. little area of super cold air gets pushed back up to the morning. so should be in the middle 40s on sunday. so, friday, saturday will be the coldest of the temperatures around here this week. so, clouds in place this morning. they'll be holding with us on and off throughout most of the morning hours. i suspect later in the -- late morning, early afternoon that's when we should get the majority of sunshine. winds will be northwest at 10 to 20. little breezy.
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54 for high which is actually above normal for this time of year. and all right, coldest ever the year starts moving through tomorrow. and as it does, there could be a spotty shower here or there. and snow flake in the afternoon north and west would not surprise me. and a super cold air coming down. cold and windy on friday, hi of 40 but it's never going to feel that way not with the wind. 39 saturday. and then we start a trend of of warming back up again next week more cold air comes down. maybe even colder next week than what we're going to experience frida and that's your forecast. how about traffic. erin como, she's here. >> well, 5:17 now and taking a look at your roads. this is a live look coming out of fredericksburg, virginia, northbound side north of 17 heavy volume increasing, right now you need extra 15 minutes to get 17 to aquia harbor and heavy congestion stafford quiet. this is a way out to 66 nice and quiet now.
5:18 am
know if and when that changes and this surpriseer loop by reachy marboro. inner and outer loop little volume not enough to slow us down and as we forward cameras one more time take a look at 270. earlier northbound crash north of 370 cleared and we have heavy volume increasing southbound side. wet roads there. caution will keep you updated. that's traffic, holly, maureen. >> happening now montgomery country police have a warning for parents. comes after attempted kidnapping. that while she because on owe her way to school. >> this morning they want parents and student to be on high alert. "fox5" annie yu is live in gaithersburg with more on what police are looking for. good morning, annie. >> good morning, holly, maureen, well, montgomery country police tell us that the young victim did the right thing by screaming and caring offer her attacker and brought attention to what was going on. meantime, i can tell you that neighbors and those who live and work near the sideer mill
5:19 am
they're frightening by what happened that someone tried to kidnap a teen nearby. police are not taking any chances they'll step up police resence in the area. victim is female student at watkins mill high school talking to her bus stop off lost knife circle 7:00 monday morning when suddenly a mana approached her from behind and told her to shouldn't as he tried toy put a big black bag over her head. the suspect screamed and she and reported the incident. the school district sent students home with a letter asking parents to talk to their children about staying alert and really avoiding leaving those head phones on their heads as they walk to school. and detectives are not sure if the attacker got away in a car or on foot. but, they did give us a good description of him and tell us he's a black man. about 5' 5" medium build with goatee somewhere in mid to late
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if you have information montgomery county police want to hear from you. that's the latest from gaithersburg maryland, annie yu. >> the number of americans who smoke at a 50-year low. we'll share details coming up. >> not backing down. why not even a mrizard can force the so-called pipeline protest others to go home despite a victory earlier this week. >> as we head a break a live welcome look across the d.c. region this morning. x
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him.
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what makes thermacare different? two words: it heals. how? with heat. unlike creams and rubs that mask the pain, thermacare has patented heat cells that penetrate deep to increase circulation and accelerate healing. let's review: heat, plus relief, plus healing, equals thermacare. the proof that it heals is you. sxwrv the heartbeat bill prohibits host aborgs as early as six weeks into pregnancy after the first detectable heart beake. john okay sis abortion opponent
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voiced concerns over when search a move is constitutional. the bill is on its way to his desk. >> not convincing protesters former dakota access pipeline to go home. chairman of standing rock is add scienceing sun porters nothing more will happen over the winter before president-elect trump takes office. to are their safety they should return home. those staying at the camp fear the stopping construction will be short lived. in south carolina layers picking a trial because of pub listly surrounding mistrial in former police officer accused of shooting and killing a black man. roof's lawyers file the request yesterday. jury selection is expected to started. roof's attorney said if the jrj goes forward he at least needs to question the jury pool extensively about their preponderances in the michael slager case. >> the man accused of shooting and kill being former nfl player joe mcknight is now facing manslaughter charges.
5:24 am
arrested and intentionally questions and released without being charmed. sheriff department defend that decision saying authorities strategically waited to make arrest because they needed to find independent witnesses. weeks after prince george county council member mel franklin was arrested and accused of drink driving while united statesing a county issued car the county will issue a policy on take home vehicles. while franklin is no long area loued to dri vehicles. the county executive cannot remove him from office because he's elected official. all right. coming up on 5:25 on this wednesday morning are day gar we're talking weather and okay. we'll take it. >> ah. >> well, look we're mid 50s today. so enjoy that. i mean it will as always we reach high temperature for sometimes minutes a day. so we'll go for 54.
5:25 am
upper 40s and lo to mid 50s and cold stuff comes around for a couple days. so, you know that's what we can expect. 43 degrees in d.c.. gaithersburg 39. frederick 39. west mipster this morning is 37. so there's a lot of 0s north and west i'll say this along interstate 81 between haagers taken to, mar tipsburg, winchester, there's a little fog out. there last time we checked martinsburg visibility is down to quarter of a mile. that's substantial. everybody else was well up to at the city we were ten miles. here again it's not widespread. any fog throughout is west and localized. clouds in mace this morning. rain moving out. area of hoe pressure that helped to bring all the rain here yesterday especially yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening the traffic was a nightmare yesterday. it is basically moved on off with the storm. so, we're going to dry out. trend is for drier weather. trend is for colder warm starting tomorrow really tomorrow evening and through friday and day. forecast for
5:26 am
we'll start chilly with clouds. here in town 8 a.m. about 44. it will be cooler suburbs. by lunch time today breeze picks up northwest 10 to 20 there's a frontal system that will move through and it's beginnings of cold are air coming through. it will not blast through anything like that. it will kick the winds up this for this afternoon. and northwest 10 to 20, gusto occasionally up over 20. it's not exactly going to feel all that great this afternoon. but with sunshine it should help. coming in a bit. right now let's talk about traffic. erin como, she's the expert on that. >> outside gary, 5:26 can't believe we made it to wednesday morning already. 95 northbound dale city to the beltway. things look going occoquan. south ever that point volume developing past dale city nothing compared to what we she start to pop up north of 17 and stafford fredericksburg leading to stafford a lot of
5:27 am
we'll see increased volume. good news, once you cross the mixing bowl 395 northbound from the mix bowl to 14 street bridge quiet and secondarys looking good. and looking really nice arlington and 66, 234 to september areville no problems. i've got you covered in that changes metro on time except for safe track back to you guys. >> 5:27 now breaking news over sea this morning. powerful earthquake leaves dozens dead in indonesia. we'll have the lat 5:30. >> and trump another member of his administration team as he continues thank you tour. >> let's go ahead and head outside this wednesday morning. there's a live look at what things look look now. guess what, it's still dark. but the sun will come up. it won't be bad today. we're at 5:27, 43.
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i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great!
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays.
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ahead fox news morning done done beefs up his administration. >> my intent to nominate general james mattis "mad dog" matt is as the next secretary of defense. >> president-elect adding to his team as he continues his victory tour. police in one maryland community stepping up patrols after a teenager says a man tried to kidnap her on the way to school. how neighbors are reacting to
5:31 am
years later we remember attack on pearl harbor which marked world war ii. our nation capitol is honoring those who fought. fox news morning starts right now. >> this is "fox5 news morning". 5:3 19 time now good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> today is beps wednesday, december 7. >> gary mcgrady is here, airport erin is here. weather and traffic it a moment. first, 5:30 this morning breaking news out o where nearly 100 people dead following earth quake. 6.4 magnitude quake struck early this morning and the quake is not expected to trigger tsunami but it did cause extensive damage to some areas with more than 40 buildings destroyed. and in addition to the deaths hundreds of others are injured. >> back here at home fairfax police are trying to figure out what led to shooting in annandale damian and medford drives last night. during the incident a 19-year-old and 20-year-old
5:32 am
apparently everybody involved in the shooting knew each other. a fight occurred right before the shooting. in northwest d.c. police are trying to find a suspect and note any deadly shooting. officers found 45-year-old terri cruxfield dead inside her home yesterday morning on the 1500 block of olive street. a witness reported seeing two againmen on the street moments before the murder. anyone with information is being asked to call police. >> let's talk politics now pez elect continues thank you tour of battle ground states that put hillary clinton. trump made ad lines last night when he introduced his pick for secretary of defense. general james "mad dog" matt is he introduced him to the nation. >> mel is live with that story. >> just six weeks until inaugurations and preparations are being made to welcome incoming administration outside and inside the capitol where yesterday, republicans started to make moves to try to get president dep shall nominees,
5:33 am
possible after new congress is sworn in. in announcement that surprised no one, mr. trump introduced his seingts of defense pick general james mattis yesterday. no coincidence it was in fayetteville, north carolina, home to several military bases. and a retired marine corps general mattis would be first career officer to lead pentagon since just after world war ii. also at rally mr. trump reiterated plan to punish those even many republicans say goes against free speech. he promised peace and prosperity through strength. >> we're going to eliminate every single wasteful regulation that undermines the ability of our workers and our companies to compete. the regulation business is a disaster in our country. we'll get rid of all of the unnecessary regulations. mr. trump also said his
5:34 am
put a ban on immigration from certain regions in order to prevent terrorists from entering country he plans to make more nominations to his cabinet in coming days and here on capitol hill republicans added language wang to must-pass budget bill to make it easier for general matt is to be confirmed and the law says exmilitary officers must be out of service 7 years before becoming set of defense. mattis has been out of uniform for about years and that budget bill needs to pass by order to avoid a government shut down. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> and president-elect also named pick for key post of u.s. am bar door to china. sources tell fox news he happened iowa governor terri brandstayed after a meeting at trump tour yesterday afternoon. 70-year-old was early and strawn. supporter of trump and son eric served as state director for trump's campaign in iowa.
5:35 am
of highly anticipated and hotly contested paid family leave act. under the bill nearly all d.c. workers would be entitled to eight weeks of parental leave and six weeks to care for family member and two weeks personal illness. mayor bowser is not on board totally saying most of those that benefit live outside the district and the bill needs a second vote later this month to pass. 5:35 is the time now. look at him over there. working hard in the weather center. >> waiting go. >> here we government listen bus stop forecast for the kid owes out. there so much nicer than yesterday morning as we were anticipating. and waiting for that little bit of rain and sleet thap that was mixed n most of the bus stop yesterday morning was dry. it definitely is dry this morning and clouds to start. maybe a little sun here or there. for the most part we're starting off this morning cloudy. it will be chilly, too, temperatures in 30s out. there and most of the dmb in the 40s all right.
5:36 am
be dry. it will be not as cold and it will just be you know good sunshine breezy and winds kick up out of the northwest 10 to 20 occasional gusts higher than that. so you know, all things considered not bad for kid owes i'm are side of bus stop. early this morning or late this afternoon. 43 now in town. gaithersburg 39 and holding and dulles is right at 40. winchester remains cold spot this morning at 34 degrees. there's a little fog. not muh. the i 81 corridor. notice clouds this morning they're in place and as we progress into the late morning early afternoon i think we'll end up getting sunshine poking through. so this afternoon, not that bad. at least it's a dry start this morning. so that will not compound the problems with commute this morning. see if there's anything else going on with erin como. >> well, 5:36 gary we're tracking a few separate crashes reported on the outer loop of
5:37 am
we had earlier alarm ladder fell off the roads and that got cleared an new crash reported by georgia and another coalsville. as you can see atypical volume this time of morninging leading up to the scene. let's look at maps. as you make your way out 95 to 270 spur you're in for ten minute slow down. again you can start to see all of that volume building just before coalsville road leading past connecticut avenue. so again about 10 to 15 extra minutes needed for congestion and if you knew reported we can keep you post odden that one. more traffic in a few. back to you. >> thanks, erin, a5:37 now, 75 years later d.c. remembers those that gave ultimate sacrifice during pearl harbor attack and ceremonies taking place today ahead. >> a local message for a local service member overseas. >> kevin shawn friday from afghanistan saying happy
5:38 am
back in annapolis, maryland, i love you guys and wish i could be there with you but hope you love you guys and wish i could be there with you but hope you guys have a great holiday
5:39 am
and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone the strong in me, i still smile. ?? ?? ??
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>> 5:40 now happening now montgomery county police stepping up patrols in gaithersburg after attempted kidnapping situation. she was approached by a man that tried to put a bag on her head over way to school she screamed and suspect took off the girl went to school and told teachers and they called police. police say they want parents and student to be on high alert while pawk walking to the bus stop and to school. officials in montana investigating the death of hundred of migrating snow geez the birts were found dead after landing in toxic water of a pit mine. and that holds billion of gallons of acidic water it's estimated as many as 10,000 geese landed in the pit during a snowstorm last week. >> good news this morning the number of americans who smoke at 50 year low. cdc reports number of smokers dropped from 45 million in 2005
5:42 am
raids decreased more among men than women and those between ages of 25 and 64 were most likely to smoke. >> 5:42 the time and a store going viral this morning next. >> and besides all being singers what do justin bieber, prince and david bowie have in question. >> good question. >> if this past year is a question social media could be the answer. we'll explain coming up. >> a live look outside right now. fox news morning back in less
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sdmrvr all lit up. nation's capitol getting even more in the holiday spirit thanks to annual tree lighting at the capitol christmas three we saw last night. and idaho you fifth grade is preside over the countdown. the 80 foot engelman spruce was the true on the west lawn will be lit every night until christmas day. >> georgous. >> one of my favorite oranges i have to the tree this day covering tree lighting was this huge potato and it's got eyes on it and skis on the bottom it was like this big because it was hanging on capitol christmas tree because it's so uj hoo. i still have it on my tree today.
5:46 am
>> yeah but it's idaho potato not just any potato. >> it's like real. >> no like a stocking offer stuffing before i'd hoe. >> i got you. >> and wisdom how about you. favorite christmas ornament on your tree you. >> don't even know where your wife keeps the ornaments. >> i don't take part they pull it out, set it up. >> i can tell you where i got every ornament every ornament has a story good we get my wife a ornament every year she knows name on it and dog on there and. >> i love it. >> those are the wuping i like like i said everything has a story or should. >> sunshine later today and weather has a story right. we're 43 here cincinnati is 34. and that's holly's hometown. detroit is 1. buffalo 39. sorry wisdom i did not put jackson on the map. it's okay i live in maryland. >> i get it. >> this is the story we've been following weather story now for the last several days.
5:47 am
this morning actual air temperature. casper, wyoming is minus 5 this morning actual air temperature. and if you have been following along the last couple mornings we've been talking about old crow canada. remember, guys? okay. so, 40 degrees below. >> let's check on old crow this morning, 45 below zero. see it right there? i think it's time to move out of old crow. >> does anyone actually live there. >> yes heck >> 17 degrees below zero yellow knife. all this being said that is super cold air. we're getting a little piece of it coming down to lower 48. we have another piece of cold stuff m coming down next week. couple of cold shots for us. obviously it's not going to be that cold when it comes out across and settles to mid atlantic and it will be a brief visit the way it looks for this initial cold wave thank goodness. this morning starting with clouds future cast brings us
5:48 am
to 20 and occasional gusts higher than that and tomorrow morning colder air starts coming on in. it doesn't just blast through it comes in and there could be a spotty shower. just a spotty shower tomorrow morning. it won't be a big deal. we'll probably end up with a little snow flying back north and west late in the day tomorrow afternoon. that's it. and the next few days as we get the cold air across the lakes lake ontario, lake eary, there could be two to three feet of lake cold air coming across friday, saturday and into sunday as well. here's the weekend forecast for us quick. cold friday, cold saturday, 39 saturday with sunshine and it will be a little breezy. more than likely feels like lower 0s all day long we will start to moderate again sunday we goat 46. it's a quick cold blast. real cold in morning lows will number 20s and teens and highs only in 30s to right around 40
5:49 am
monday 50. next later on next week another shot of cold air comes down from old crow. it brings us some -- >> 2 45 people live and they're hearty i can tell you that too. here's erin como with a look at traffic. >> minus 45. >> wow. >> that i will stop complying about how cold it is in the holloway between the studios you. >> may not want to do that. >> maybe not. behind me you can see we're backed up outer loop crash coalsdale roadnd to new hampshire. you see flashing light right shoulder there second crash near connecticut. outer loop jammed up 15 minute delay from new hampshire to the 270 spur inner loop however traffic slowing there. let's go ahead and show what you you're up against this morning and switch it over for a look at other camera. this is wide view of the delay. you can see a lot of brake lights towards coastal road and we'll keep you updated. taking a look at maps. not the only crashes we're up
5:50 am
now. we have a crash as you can see jammed to new hampshire baltimore washington parkway southbound after 410 jammed solid to the beltway. turning into messy commute, holly, wisdom. >> 5:50 is the time now d.c. alcohol chancellor antoine wilson will reach families in norm west. he was nominated late last month and was previously in oakland, california. >> colin powell is being rk american history presented the great american's award embodying american eye dolz and ideas. ceremony will be held tonight. >> solemn commemerations around the area as 75 anniversary of the moment of the attacks on pearl harbor draws closer. this morning they will lay a wreath with 99-year-old survive of historic attack. ceremony is on to public and
5:51 am
special ceremony begins world war two memorial with wreath laying at freedom walls and remark from senator john mccain. that morning coincides with similar he snrept hawaii at the exact moments the attack took place. coming up 7:15 bob barnard will be at the national air and space museum and he'll be throughout with live coverage of pearl harbor and that commemeration taking place there. >> ceos of at&t >> ceos of at&t and time warper will meet with senators to con vns a merger would mean innovative new experience for consumers. ceos can expect a skeptical audience as critics say proposed $85.4 billion merger would raise aunt a trust issues. 5:5 1st time now let's look at stories you're engaging with this morning on social media. >> maureen joins us with what is hot on the web.
5:52 am
and some teammates play against knicks this week they will not stay at trump hotel in soho. accommodations were arranged before the 2016 presidential election. the team was given the option to stay elsewhere. james was a supporter of hillary clinton during the campaign. the navy football team will be sporting new uniforms during this weekend and they will play against army m taevrment bank in baltimore. new forms are beat army uniforms and designed by under armour and this morning police say they do not suspect foul play in death of heisman trophy winner rashian salam found in colorado park less than two miles where he made history as one of their greatest players. police announceing a note was found near his body. he played for the bears and won nfl rookie of the year. honors before his careers was cut short by injuries unfortunately.
5:53 am
they hild clay lunly and service dog charlotte. lucy says he was looking for a job after time in the air force and who would not mind a service dog tag ago long. lowe's fopd a job for him and lucy. >> that's awesome. my favorite store of the day so far. >> thanks, mo. >> instagram is celebrating the fifth birthday with a slew of new changes to the popular photo sharing platform including new options for users to turn offom followers from private accounts. now the company says the new tools are part of the effort to encourage positivety and make the app safe and welcoming place for everyone. as 2016 winds down it is a chance to look aback at some of the most popular trend of the year and it turns out music was something everyone could relate to. especially on twitter iser. >> now when you it it comes to most talked about artist on twitter korean sensations xo
5:54 am
top two spots. >> never heard of either of them. >> all right. >> they were followed by prince, justin bieber and david bowie rounding out top five. >> we know those three. >> making list one direction and beyonce. >> i know those, too. we don't know the top two. >> xo and jimane. who knows. okay, speaking of twitter katy perry roaring way toe most followed celebrity. she as has a whoing 94 1/2 million followers followed by justin bieber at 09 taylor swift 82 million and president obama 80 million and rihanna 68 million. lady gaga, kim kardsahian and ellen degeneres also made the list. >> a lot of people following. >> time for facebook fan of the day and today it's jen and her husband ben. it's jen and ben. they recently got married and now enjoying honeymoon in hawaii. >> ben fer. >> remember when? >> i toll that yes bought man
5:55 am
even from paradise they love "fox5" and the entire morning crew. police turn us offer during your honeymoon. enjoy each other. leaf a comment and photos below ben and jen's photo on the leaf a comment and photos below ben and jen's photo on the facebook page. dpary, what's going on. >> wait a minute, you're giving them out just because they're in hawaii they cannot watch on their phone? >> i think on your honeymoon turn off the news. >> they would have to watch early right get up super early. >> you're right they would. >> maybe before they go to sn it. 30s and 40s for the kid this morning. you know it's pretty cold out mainly in suburbs in 0s. to right around 40. we've been averaging lower 40s here in town this morning. and after school 48 to 53 and we'll have more sunshine and it it will be dry. thank goodness for evening commuters. how many hours did it take to you get home yesterday afternoon? and last evening with all that rain? it was a nightmare. 44 degrees for washington.
5:56 am
you see further out north west communities fredericksburg, hagerstown, martinsburg, in the 40s. tomorrow cold air spills in and get to 50 before the cold air gets here. super cold friday, super gold saturday and moderate on sunday and another shot of cold air comes in later next week. winter is approaching. here's airport erin. well, 5:56 tag a look at sky fox over topside of beltway outer loop crash activity blocking right shoulde prior to that point there's another crash where a car flipped around and facing the wrong direction you saw police light there and closer toen con a third accident we're aware of. 95 to 270 spur traffic is slow and speeds under 25 miles an hour and we're starting to see about a 20 minute delay pick up. we'll coop you posted on the mess we're tracking outer loop. let's switch it over to cameras, 66 look at this center lane is blocked. left lane is also blocked. this is right at 234 business
5:57 am
2-g 34 prince william parkway more traffic in a few deep to fox news morning we'll be back
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6 the second stop of thank you tour. donald trump, president-elect laying out eye plan for presidency and plus he share the stage with latest cabinet pick. >> and also this morning
6:00 am
harbor. 75 years ago. and what's play ago roun the d.c. region welcome several survivors toy nation's capitol. >> first look outside wednesday morning december 7 warm and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 6:05. >> good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning. first up part of prince william county waking up to boil water advisory hey wood area. >> schools advised to bring bottled watt to drink today. list of schools on juror screen right now. and the battle field high, bowl run middle. reagan middle. graverly elementary. afterly elementary. mount view elementary. hey market hmently. buck land mills almostly. tyler elementary and pace west. all schools are on today just advised to bring bottled water. >> right now 6:00 this morning the death toll rises after a


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