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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 7, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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harbor. 75 years ago. and what's play ago roun the d.c. region welcome several survivors toy nation's capitol. >> first look outside wednesday morning december 7 warm and traffic coming up for you on the fives at 6:05. >> good morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to morning morning. first up part of prince william county waking up to boil water advisory hey wood area. >> schools advised to bring bottled watt to drink today. list of schools on juror screen right now. and the battle field high, bowl run middle. reagan middle. graverly elementary. afterly elementary. mount view elementary. hey market hmently. buck land mills almostly. tyler elementary and pace west. all schools are on today just advised to bring bottled water. >> right now 6:00 this morning the death toll rises after a
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97 people confirmed dead and 7 children. hundreds of others injured and dozens feared trapped in chanced building. 14 mosques collapsed and one hospital damaged. 6.4 magnitude quake is not however expected to trigger a tsunami. >> heading back here locally a minute after 6. montgomery county police stping up patrols in gaithersburg after a watkins school studented is a mana approached her trying to kidna to put a bag over her head. when she screamed the suspect ran away. he was seen wearing black plants and black hooded sweatshirt with red logo of some sort on it. >> a worker with united medical center in south east d.c. charged with sexually abusing a patient. police arrested the man marco simon of waldorf maryland. alleged incident happened sunday morning ching a woman was undergoing medical treatmentp when the attack took place.
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well the president he lebt continuing thank you tour of battle ground staidz states that put him over the top of ill hill. >> donald trump made headlines when he introduced pick for secretary of defense james "mad dog" mattis. mel. >> good morning, steve, allison. it's six weeks until inauguration. preparations being made outside and inside the capitol for with reps in congress trying to pass legislation to make things a little easier for those nominees to be confirmed once the new congress is sworn in. well announcement that surprised no one. trump introduces setting of defense pick general james mattis last night in north carolina. no coincidence i'm ter was in town of fayetteville home to several military bases including ft. bragg and army special operations command.
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since after world war ii and also at rally he reit rated plans to pupish those that burn the american flag. he promised peace and prosperity through strength. >> to ak lish our goals we must reject the failed approaches of the past. and we must move past the tired conventional thinking of washington d.c.. and as abraham lincoln said, as our anew and act anew and my plan begins with bold structural reform to create millions of good paying jobs and even great paying jobs. >> mr. trump also said that his administration will immediately put a ban on immigration from certain regions in order to prevent terrorist from entering country. he plans to make more nominations to his cab they in the coming days.
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mentioned earlier republicans put that language in a bumet bill a must-pass budget bill that would make things easier for general mattis to be confirmed as setting of defense. right now the law says exmilitary officer has to be out of uniform seven years before becoming secretary of defense. they're seeking a waevber on that. general mattis has been out of uniform for about three years and that budget bill must pass by friday to avoid a government shutdown. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, news". 6:04 now president-elect also named pick for key posts of u.s. ambassador to china they tell fox news tapped iowa governor terri brandston after a meeting yesterday afternoon. the 70 yeerld was early ape strawn. reporter of trump and son eric served as state director for trump's campaign in iowa. >> meanwhile trump fired -- >> i'll pick it up.
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team staff members for using twitter to spread a fake news story that led a gunman top comment ping-pong. son of the national security advisor was forced out that. piece apolice opened yesterday and the gunman is expected back in court tomorrow morning. >> texas a&m there was a speech by spencer a white supremists. he was captured non a video saluting trump with mzamaney sa student and political activist. the university publicly rejected his views and cannot ban the event because it's a public university. 6:05 now. guess what? uk tucker is back. >> i'll keep talking al, guess what, tker is back. >> i like it better when you said that. >> good morning. >> what's up we missed you. >> obviously. >> yeah. >> let's see what's up?
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took me long to drive home from dulles than it did to fly across the country. >> i was on the beltway commute as well not fun. not newspaper at all. >> 1/2 hours. >> sounds about right. >> perfect. >> yeah. >> welcome home. >> but you're back. >> so han pi to be back. rain out of here. we'll clear it out today. about 50 this afternoon. 50 to 55 in for sunshine later today. done with soaking rapes from yesterday. we'll do -- >> i think we have a gremlin in there or two. >> reagan national is 44 this morning. dulles 40. up in baltimore bwi marshall 41. much of area about inch of rain yesterday getting it all out of here and again rain off to nrm own east deal with cloud cover. we should break into partly to mostly sunny skies this afternoon and again highs in low 50s. there's a bigger look and we're in for quiet couple of days as we get to weekend.
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are air will feel like christmas here as we have cold air on the way. we'll talk about that. not so much today. winds breezy north and west 10 to 20. 7 day, stay tuned. might be a frozen flake or two on it. >> bringing snow backments all right. thanks, tuck. >> erin como and a look at traffic. >> good morning, welcome back, tucker, unfortunately so many problems on the roads starting with sky fox. over the topside of beltway outer loop we have separate crash scenes reported jammed from 95 to connecticut across georgia. they're all blocking shoulders. one vehicle in the crash spun out facing wrong direction. you can see a parking lot of couling traffic. but again all accidents scenes moved off shoulder and wide view from chopper traffic nasty there. want to switch for a look in virginia as we make your way 66 eastbound by 234 business a crash blocking that cents are lane and as you can see it's causing a lot of backed up
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as well. want to forward cameras and show you alternate view of this from the back because traffic is so backs up from 234 prince william parkway past the scene again left shoulder set are lane blocked funneling to left lanes to get lieu that. 66 not looking great gainsville through mannasas because of this mess. we'll take a look at maps. those aren't the only big problems up again this morning. 27 ridge road demascus kemton road and pole down in road car off the ro field and big police presence there. let's forward maps and show you what else you're up against this morning. 70 eastbound if you're waking newspaper fred rick. huge delays. offer ramp to 270 southbound is closed and you're jammed all the way back to 40. and your best bet to get around that hop off 40 take 15 to 270 keep in mind causing big atypical delays on 70 eastbound this morning and once you get on to 20 traffic backing up with stop and go traffic
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shoulder look at that you're packed up from the beltway down to the crash north of 50. i would suggest taking alternate this morning. and as for your wide view you can see justin call volume starting to develop through arlington 66 eastbound and we have metro on time except for safer track surge 11. unfortunately a lot of traffic. >> metro has a new look on web site rights now and should make it easier for to you plan your trip. transportation authority unveiled the web site overnight and as a sleek modern feel log onment fivrment thing you see is trip planner and then underneath it site offers a next boss and train locater which featured promptly on the home bathe there on the bottom where you see the sxlaition point and which lines disrunted service off the bat. hopefully help you out if you go on the line before you dwets in the line for the train. >> all right. >> 6:09 happening today d.c. schools chancellor nominee
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families in northwest d.c.. mayor becauseer nominated wilson to fill the position last month. previously the superintendent of public schools in oakland, california. >> senator bernie sanders will abt freedom plaza to join striking federal contract workers low wage federal contract workers are staging fight to call on president-elect trump to stop all federal contracts from shopping jobs overa seas. sanders will be joined by elliso >> 75 years ago going today jam an attacked pearl harbor which killed americans and led to world war ii our involvement in it. today several events nroond d.c. to commorate the anniversary. senator john mccain will speak at the ceremony joined by great grand sop of franklin and eleanor roosevelt. and also today at the national museum of u.s. navy 99-year-old pearl harbor survivor will be
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>> and australian american tourist killed while backpacking. >> if your phone is shutting down on battery is not holding a charge we'll let you know what is going on. a charge we'll let you know what is going on. we'll be back in a
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pats pass an american tourist killed while camping in australia after struck by heightening man in new york and girlfriend pchd a tent and tied to tree on mount warring the tree was hit by lightning which passed to the victim chairs to his feet killed sfaptly. it took three hours for help to get there. >> a refraij rater may be to blame for igniting deadly warehouse fire in oak land, california. atf said it's too early to be sure but investigators are looking at anything electrical on the first floor where the crews expect to remove remaining debris today. at this point they don't believe they will find any more vicks timinged in. 36 were killed from smoke inhalation. >> federal death penalty trial today begins for dylann roof accused of killing nine plaque parishioners in a bible story study in charleston last year. jury selection is expected to started. lawyers requested a delay
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slaying they are week also this week in the charleston area. >> an arrest in rhode island incident that left former player joe mcknight dead. the driver and other person involved ronald gasser is facing charges of manslaughter. gasser had initially been released after incident without any charges filed. >> foul play not suspected in death of former heisman trophy winner rashad salom less than two miles where he played university of colorado in 1994 one of the greatest in that program. police believe he took his own life. >> what you need to know if you own an iphone 6 and you have trouble with it. >> a live look outside on this break this wednesday morning rain is gone and good thing traffic is not coming back for another day. 6:13 we're coming back too
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world war ii memorial this marks the pearl harbor attack. activities will be scheduled there and around the nation's capitol later today. first tucker with the all important weather forecast. welcome back, tuck. >> steve, good news we'll clear it out and be in for sunshine later today. so, it's mostly good forecast. good morning, bus stop forecast jackets weather out there. winds pick up. but i don't think you need the rain boots you had yesterday as all the shower activity daytime highs later this afternoon. in row to mid 50s. we'll be in for a nice afternoon. that should say yesterday rain total sorry i was making that map. those numbers correct. inch of rain reagan national and dulles and bwi three quarter inp of rain. cool in washington. 43 quantico. 43 leonardtown and 30s west and north. frederick in gaithersburg both 9.
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to mention winds will pick up today out of north and west at about 15 to 20. ah, got me. it's not impressive yet but the winds will pick unlater today. we will be seeing breezes out of north and west again in 15 to 0. cloud cover little bit of that to start the day. we'll see clouds break up. rain showers off east to north and we'll be quiet for time being. looking downstream here. there's storm yesterday. snow surprise into new england. arctic blast we're looking forward to. i'm using that word loose lie as we get to tomorrow and friday and that may bring us shower tomorrow and it will bring colder air for the week in fact daytime eyes won't get out of upper 0ss for part of the area day. blasts of cold air on the way. 50s sunshine this afternoon and more clouds this morning and sunshine this afternoon. dry day for you. there's 7 die. 50 tomorrow. front comes through tomorrow. notice colder weather friday. cold and windy.
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get out of 0s and we'll keep colder around for weekend perhaps winty mix changes to showers sunday night to monday. we'll look for that time frame as well. all right. erin is here and she's got -- erin i had a great drive home yesterday i went one mile an hour for let's see two and a half horz i went ten miles in like -- >> i had a similar experience getting my roots touched up in alexandria at my salon and tried to drive back norm west tota commute, 66 eastbound crash blocking september are lane. it has cleared. as you can see by sutly road what we're left with is residual delay. prince william parkway past 234 suddenly road in for a 20 minute delay and that slow down continues past 28 and more stop and go towards beltway. be prepared we're seeing a lot of bad traffic there. want to switch it over to maps. 66 eastbound is not the only trouble spot. chopper right now sky fox on
6:19 am
ridge road this a crash ken town road pole is down car off the road over turned to field and nasty scene. there police presence will bring you a live look when we get that one. westbound 4 there's a crash before suitland parkway and jammed all the way back to richie marboro road. huge delays there into the district from upper marboro be prepared for that one a look at 70 frederick in maryland eastbound crash closing off ramp 270 southbound jammed back to hop off 70 eastbound to 40 and take 15 down and just watch for really heavy traffic there once you get on to 270 southbound good news traffic is light as you head from 70 to urbana this morning. bw parkway there's a crash. it moved over to shoulder southbound just after 410. look at that delay extending outside the beltway right now. if you head inbound to baltimore i would say as you make your way through laurel hop to 95 southbound. 95 southbound to district towards beltway will sawv time
6:20 am
building towards clarksburg and outer loop three separate caishs on shoulder between connecticut all the way back to georgia and traffic jammed from 95 to 2p 0 spur. allison and steve. >> another record closed for dow we're tacking about your money next. >> mrs. a boil water add sciencery in heymarket area of virginia also impacting prince kill wum yum county schools. which students are affected and what they're told to do at 6:0. which students are affected and what they're told to do at 6:0. but through good times and bad... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> listen up it's not you it's your device if your iphone going crazy. joining us is hillary vaughn good morning. >> good morning. >> let's talk about how wire looking on markets. >> all right. well dow hit another record close tore soaked day in row. big day for the dow. closed up overall the dow gained 35 points for record
6:23 am
and nasdaq up 24. closing at 5333. so overall good day. >> every time i look at i do the cheat and look at it on my phone it's green, green, green, green, maybe one green, red, red, green, green, it's amazing. >> yeah, it's all green. so it's good. >> it's good. >> let's talk about apple i cannot recall when they ever say they'll do something for free you know. we love those products normally it's not free for a fix. something must be wrong with i hope to >> yes, so people are reporting issues with their baties and they originally thought it was isolated to phones built september, october of 2015 now apple is saying they think it's larger issue than they thought and more people affected. here's how you know if you're affected. if your iphone shuts off randomly or not hodzing charge you may want to look into whether or not your eligible for a free battery upgrade. and here's what you do log on
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tell you if your phone is affectedment here's the problem. they think when they installed batteries the batteries were exposed to air for too long and that's causing issue. they're working on software upgrade to see if that resolves it the in the mean time get a free battery see if you're eligible >> plug in serial number. >> last but not least here it's few any because a lot of kids don't think facebook if cool and all that necessarily anymore but when it comes t number one. >> oh, yeah. so facebook ranked number one in tech companies number two overall on glass door survey of best places to work that's combined data from people that work there and here's why facebook is saying they fwot it because they say it's not about how much time you spend behind the desk and they have a very comprehensive parental leave package. they enable parents to be able
6:25 am
do their job really well too. they're not necessarily restricting people to 9 to 5 schedule but letting them do whatever they need to do to make their job happen and make their home life happen as well. >> seems like simple formula it does hillary but they win. thank you so much. >> yeah thank you. >> okay. >> 6:25 high tech how are you today. >> started in san francisco. unmarked buses come into the city andic of facebook and google and take them away. >> down to campuses. >> uh-huh. >> must be nice. >> right? >> that's scary. >> air conditioned. >> probably have laemer couches. >> had you do you know what it was if unmarked. >> there's news story about it i can see everybody on their phones yesterday morning as i was driving to the airport. >> low to mid 50s later today. reigns out of here. about inch of much, needed rain at reagan national.
6:26 am
you go. windchill 42. winds out of north at 5. winds pick up otherwise we'll be partly to mostly sunny by afternoon. breezy and come. high temperatures in low 50s. enjoy today. because guess what? arctic blast. on the way. and looking at friday and saturday daytime highs. >> yikes. >> look at lows. >> maybe wintry mix friday or sunday night into monday before changes to rain. >> i don't like seeing 20s on there tuck. >> all right. >> all of a sudden ow the blue. >> hi, erin, good morning. >> good morning right now 6:26 and breaking news out of frederick this morning we got confirmation from police this is fatal crash 70 eastbound crash investigation and initial crashes involving a tractor-trailer and multiple vehicles. it's still closing ramp 70 eastbound to 270 so you have to find alternate around it traffic backing up past 40 right now and you can continue 70 eastbound and take exit to 85 to get off on to 270 south
6:27 am
causes big headache for commuters and fatal crash investigation we'll keep you updated on latest on that one. route 27 ridge road crash in demascus. pulled down on road. car off road. overturned in field. we're seeing a big back glup that area as well. aside from that westbound four there's a crash before suitland jammed to richie marboro. more traffic in a few. >> 6:27 now. still to come this morning stepped up patrols in gaithersburg school student said a man tried to kid map here. >> a live look at world war ii memorial now where a ceremony is test to take place marking 75 years since attack or pearl
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>> welcome back. oh, what a mess at 6:30 you're looking at i 66 near sutly road. there was a crash it has been cleared but you see spot filled. so con jeingtd and erin will be long in five minutes at 6:35 to let you know what the deal is here again crash scene has been cleared. slow going. welcome back to fox news morning. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:35. first now 6:30 parts of prince william county virginia waking up under a boil water advisory. and now this is all due it a water main break in hey market area and affected communities north of virginia gateway and atlas walk student at several
6:31 am
bottled water to drink from today. the list of those schools is on the screen right now. let's me let you know what they are though. they're battle field high. bull run middle. reagan nidle. bradley elementary. al i have elementary. hey market elementary. buck land mills elementary. tyler elementary and case west. the schools are all on today just bring bottled water for the kids. developing overseas papic and devastation in indonesia death toll rising after a massive earthquake sketched off the post there earlier today. right now 97 people confirmed dead and hundreds others are hurt and dozens feared trapped in collapsed building. >> locally now, fairfax county police are trying to figure out what led to a the shoeing in app an dale. the shooting happened near dabian and medford drives last night during the ins deposit a 19-year-old and 20-year-old woman shot apparently everyone involved in shooting new each other. police say say fight happened
6:32 am
>> montgomery county police have a warping for parents that comes after attempted kidnapping of student while she was on her way to school. this morning, parents and students on high alert. annie yu is live in gaithersburg with more on what police are looking for. annie, good morning. >> hey, good morning to you allison. good morning, everybody, that's right, montgomery country police as well as school district officials are not taking any changes. they'll be stepping up the police presence here in the area after this incident took place on monday. i want where we are between this apartment complex and it's called a sideer mill apartments and this lake forest shopping malone the other side. this area is extremely busy almost any time of day especially during morning rush hour and police are hoping to catch the brazen suspect. again this happened at 7:00. the victim is a female student as washington mills high school and says she was walking to bus stop off loss knife circle near
6:33 am
mochb morning a mana approached from behind and told her to shut up as he tried to put a back over her head. the teen was able to scaem and the suspect took off she was able to make it to school she reported the incident and teachers called police. school district sent students later home with a letter to ask parents to talk to their children astaying alert and not walking with head head phones on and montgomery country police have an important warning for parents. >> this this particular case by her making noise end the individual off. he may have been in fear for being identified and fled. so, that worked out for her in this situation. you know if anybody is in similar situation if you can make noise and bring attention to what is going on you have a better chance of us being able to identify the suspect. >> now, detectives tell us they're looking for a man in his 30s about 5' 5" black male with goatee wearing all black at the time with red logo on sweatshirt.
6:34 am
call. that's the latest from gaithersburg, maryland, app an, "fox5 local news". >> thanks so much. annie. hagerstown man faces serious charge this morning after caught on camera stealing presents left on someone else's porch last month. 25-year-old jeffery black jr. turned himself into police after owner of home posted video of theft on facebook. >> time for the morning line. sports all around the area. john wall what a game he had last night set career high in point and wizard pace with magic at verizon center. losing to orlando 124-116 career high 52 points. took 31 shots he was getting it done fromed in and outside. and also getting five three pointers. wall the first player to hit the 50 point mark offset by orlando bench which scored 7 point. wizards 7-13 after 0 games and next up they host denver
6:35 am
maybe it has something to do with them taking 73 shots and having 20 assists. scare on ice for philip larson. this is fasty. taken to hospital after hit to the head. hard hit there. you just see it behind the goal. collided with devils player as he skated along the board. carted off alert with full range of motion this morning and still undergoing evaluation. >> developments coming out of winter league meeting in baseball across the river from nats park. wilson ramos forme catcher and i say former signed a two year deal with tampa bay ushering derrek norris era and chris sale not coming to washington. white sox ache shipping to boston. red sox laying it out there giving top prospect and others to land sales. the nats try to get a closer kansas city closer weighed davis.
6:36 am
nighten dale cubs got him in exchange for cubs player. >> pittsburgh star mckuch inthird time they played a play for him. washington seemed to have the inside track for a while. rangers, giants, dodgers have now entered picture. we'll see how that goes. if yankees fan derek jeter getting number retired but you knew that ten years ago right? >> official next year. >> so yeah >> they picked a date for ceremony. >> coming back stirring pot up. >> tucker? >> yeah that's what he does. >> yeah. >> we missed you. >> awe. >> we need to learn about something called defense. >> how do you have 20 assists on 93 shots. >> you cannot give up 125 points at home. >> 7 shots were taken without assist. >> put me in a bad moody watched it actually. >> you had a lot of time on your phone or whatever. >> i was driving slow on the beltway not driving sitting in back of uner.
6:37 am
we will clear out low to mid 50s today with afternoon sunshine. breezy and it will feel cool out there. it will be dry. you can put away the cool boots you had on yesterday steve. cloud cover early this morning. reigns north and east. and again we'll be quiet afternoon. will it be quiet end of week and will we have cold air move in or snowflakes before i turn 50. i'll have those answers coming up. >> all right. >> we're looking forward to the snowy trust. >> it sets the scene for holidays.
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>> army unveiled new uniforms and instagram again with of use to turn offer comments and remove followers from private accounts. it's pats of efforts to encourage positivety and make the app a safe and welcoming place for everyone before you could not have someone unfollow or block them on instagram and now you can. >> low. lowe's store hired disabled veteran clay lucy and clay's service job charlotte. that's charlotte right there.
6:43 am
and wouldn't mind service dog tag ago long. definitely will help. now back to you. >> i love that story. >> good way to end. >> sure is. rolling out the red car net d.c. for special screening of new film "fences" we caught up with the denzel washington and new film "fences" we caught up with the denzel washington and will have that next my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast!
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that's my giant. ?? ??
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?? ?? ?? >> christmas tree lights steve.
6:46 am
sparkled with white flights holiday season. >> it's only 6:45. >> i know. >> 270 coming down in rockville and. ah. >> is this typical. >> i think it might be. >> there's really no reason for this there's no accidents it's just traffic on wednesday morning. >> play lot of people going to work. >> courage everyone, courage you'll get there. >> it's not raping at least. >> sign of vibrant economy. >> that's what i was thinking. >> yes. >> let's look at bus forecast. rain over yesterday resulted in much, much need of rain inch of rain. there's bus stop forecast we're done with rain. chilly out there will not needs boot and umbrella today. i want the jacket it will be cool and breezy this afternoon highs in low 50s this afternoon and dry day. rain totals an inch. reagan national, dulles, great news in baltimore about three-quarters of inch in downtown baltimore we have that baltimore at marshall they
6:47 am
39 fredericksburg and 36 dull pepper and frederick 37 for you. you can see cool are air working in out of north in wake of system which is off east. and it will be for a cool one today. not cold weather this weekend but cool this afternoon. winds not so much a factor at the moment picking up north and northwest 10 to 20 breezy day today. we should clear it out quick. satellite and radar leftover cloud cover l showers and snow up to parts of new england this morning. but for us it's clouds and again this will break up a little later this afternoon. we should be in for partial sunshine as we get into afternoon hours. there's a bigger look at the storm system yesterday looking down the road. very, vo strong arctic boundary which gets in tomorrow and that changes things up in a big, big way as we get into the weekend. first real blast of cold air
6:48 am
friday and day. this is set up for today. 350s this afternoon and breezy and cool. and when does the cold air get here. second half of tomorrow maybe spotty shower with passage of front. look at daytime highs wind friday and wind chills will be below freezing much of the day only around 40. maybe even wintry mix by surprised and into monday as we transtoytion warmer air. built a cold weekend in store across washington area. all right. looking for holiday you have started shopping. >> yes i have. i like to break it up between months of september and december. so it feels like every paycheck just a little is sliding out towards present and not overwhelming at the end. i made that mistake last year. that's my shopping tip. rockville, looking nasty out there. delays are from clarksburg to spur and frederick on down you're in for an hour delay simply because of very heavy volume. have patience there. we'll switch it over from a
6:49 am
show what you you're up again. now a fatal crash involving tractor-trailer and multiple vehicles it's closing 70 eastbound it's closing off ramp 70 eastbound to 270 southbound. one lane 70 eastbound gets by the scene your best bet to get to 270 southbound this morning so many folks take 70 eastbound to 270 take 5 hook back to 270. look at backup 7 0 eastbound north of 40. huge slow downs you need well over hour toat out are loop jammed. delays back past 95 to route 1 now. two earlier crashes georgia and coalsdale. they're blocking shoulder now. it's a 35 minute delay and bw parkway southbound side jammed well north of boulder mill road to inside the beltway to 50. we had earlier crash by 410 blocking shoulder and as you head out to demascus 27 ridge way crash involveing a downed
6:50 am
overturned in field causing huge delays both dreks 27. here's a look at 95 southbound crashing jammed back to 198 and then westbound for pennsylvania avenue before suitland parkway crash jammed back to crane highway in upper marboro. nasty delay. there tag a wide view all those issues you can see. let's hop sounds and show you lock at leesburg now. this is 7 on eastbound site. crash belmont ridge road blocking two lanes. look how slow that traffic is as you forward cameras, 6 of eastbound sutly road earlier crash. has cleared but we are still seeing significant delays on 66 eastbound as well. and it's a parking lot from 234 prince william parkway past 28 it's about 45 minute dray to beltway best advice to you tucker and steve we were telling you how yesterday's evening commute was a pain this morning is similar even though not raping like it was last night.
6:51 am
patience. metro on time except for safe track allison back to you. >> erin, thank you. happening today, construction will begin in loud on county to improve the intersection of loudoun county parkway and center street. work will continue through may, 2017 and temporarily close lanes. from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. on saturdays and sundays. >> make the commute more generous this holiday season donate toys for tots on trip to icc and unformed and staff will be on right shoulder of ramp 6 to 9 p.m. today through friday you'll see them throughout now collecting toy donations for less fortunate. they'll direct drivers back to icc. >> happening today prince george county police chief hank star win ski will host q & a session facebook live to apps your questions about grand opening of mgm national harbor. chief little go live again 3 fooem participate in conversation and just search
6:52 am
pgpd 1. facebook. the new casino resort opens tomorrow night at 11 p.m. >> today d.c. mayor muriel bowser will break ground on mcmillan sand filtration site that will create more than 6,000 jobs and produce more than 1 billion dollars in economic activity and the goal is create a park and on green space and ground breaking ceremony starts at 11 a.m. the longest serving woman in congress will give her final speech on maryland senator barbara mccall ski will speak about her service in united states congress and serving on behalf of maryland and nation. her speech will be hel at 11:30. democratic representative chris van holland will takeover for senator mccall ski. >> former secretary of state colin powell is recognized today at the nootion national museum of american history presented great americans award which recognizes someone's lifetime contributions that embody american ideals and ideas.
6:53 am
tonight. as long as you in my house you put that on the end of it you eat over day. >> yes, sir. >> roof over your head. >> yes clothes on your back? >> yes, sir. >> why is that? >> because of you. >> it's a cliff from the new film "offensive" starring denzel a screening was held at the hope ra fin friday theater and washington directed a movie from the prize whipping play. >> this is specifically a story of middle lower middle class african-american family and issues they had. unversusalty of it it can happen to anyone, any color, any socioeconomic background,
6:54 am
august wilson story telling. >> it opens nationwide christmas day. >> i wanted to say good morning to facebook fan of the day on this wednesday morning. today that honor goes to jen and also jen's husband ben. what a great picture. >> they recently got married and now enjoying honeymoon. they're in hawaii. even from paradise "fox5" and entire morning crew. leave a comment and photo below jen and ben's photoen our facebook page. >> congratulations guys. >> by the water awe sam. >> enjoying hawaii for us. it's chilly here this morning tore us tucker. >> can't go wrong for honey plan to. >> we are clearing out. we'll be in for decent day today. sunshine this afternoon. done with rain. needed rain. all good news here as we are in low to mid 50s this afternoon
6:55 am
north and west at 9 and again cool start to the day. cloud cover. rain showers. we picked them up yesterday and it will be a cool and breezy day. but again should be sunny and bright by afternoon. there's 7 day. want to mention arctic boundary comes through tomorrow and look at the daytime eyes friday and saturday we don't get to upper 30s to 40 and it will be cold and breezy around here maybe wintry mix. sunday night transition to rain showers monday. so, wint here. by this weekend. and erin is back with lots of roads and khechings and parking lights. >> that's right. right now we'll take a look at maps. we're tracking breaking news out of frederick. 70 eastbound there's a crash. it's fatal involving a tractor-trailer and multiple vehicles. it's closing off ramp to 270 southbound causing a huge problem. one lane 70 eastbound does get by the scene and because that off ramp to 270 closed you want
6:56 am
southbound that will help you get around it and notice 70 eastbound is backed up well north of 40 and once you gets to 270 because so much traffic is congested on 70, 27034506ing long fine 70 to urban an and clarksburg to the spur with 45 minute to hour delay of congestion and outer loop jammed now delays past 95, about a 35 minute slow down route 1 to 270 spur and huge delays on bw parkway knowledge of powder mill southbound side all the way down to 410. ridge road there's a crash on 27 in demascus. pole down in the road. car overturned in field. nasty scene there and 95 southbound calvertton jammed icc to 198 and westbound crash to caip highway. keep it to "fox5". we'll help you get around the
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
be safe. watch your surroundings and always walk with somebody. a maryland teenager almost abducted waiting for a skl bus. police are beefing up controls looking for a man behind the frightening attack. >> president-elect trump beefs up his administration with more official announce presidentials
7:00 am
and whether trump plans to govern through twitter. >> and dozens dead after an earthquake. rescuers are iinging it through rubble looking for survivors. >> a live look outside wednesday morning december 7 weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05 good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> ip steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> let's start 8:00 with what you need to know right now. some people in prince william county, virginia, waking up to boil water add sciencery because of water main hey market area. the affected communities are norm of virginia gateway and atlas walk. and students at several schools are advised to bring bottled water to drink from today. here is the list of those schools on the screen right now. battle field high, battle field high, bull run middle. reagan middle, graphically elementary. al i have elementary. mountain view almostly. hey market elementary and tyler elementary and pace west.


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