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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 7, 2016 7:00am-9:01am EST

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and whether trump plans to govern through twitter. >> and dozens dead after an earthquake. rescuers are iinging it through rubble looking for survivors. >> a live look outside wednesday morning december 7 weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05 good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> ip steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> let's start 8:00 with what you need to know right now. some people in prince william county, virginia, waking up to boil water add sciencery because of water main hey market area. the affected communities are norm of virginia gateway and atlas walk. and students at several schools are advised to bring bottled water to drink from today. here is the list of those schools on the screen right now. battle field high, battle field high, bull run middle. reagan middle, graphically elementary. al i have elementary. mountain view almostly. hey market elementary and tyler elementary and pace west.
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but students are advised to bring bottled watt to drink. >> also happening now montgomery county police stepping up controls in gaithersburg after attempted kidnapping of say opportunity on the way to school. >> annie yu is live in gaithersburg with more on the frightening incident. annie, good morning. >> reporter: yeah, really frightening and it was around this time on monday that the man tried to abduct the teenage girl. but we're told by montgomery county police that she did the right thing. the young victim screamed, situation and scared off her attacker. so that is the good news. and while she is not physically harmed, you can imagine that she is traumatized by this event. and behind me is the sideer mill apartments guys and it's near lost knife circle and that's where her bus stop is located. that's where she was standing when this incidents happened and so police as well as school district they're not going to take a nps chances and they're stepping up police in the area and the victim is a female student at watkins mid high
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bus top or at her husband bop 7:00 monday morning when the mana approached her from behind and tried to put a bag over her head. the teenage girl scaem ed and the suspect took off. she was then able to make it to school where she reported the incident and teachers did call the police. now the school district sent student home with a let'ser asking parents to talk to their kids about staying alert and not walking with those headphones on. right now, detectives are -- they tell us they're searching described him as man in 30s around 5' 5" and he was wearing all black at the time. he has a goatee and they're asking anyone with information to give montgomery county police a call. that's the latest from gaithersburg maryland, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> annie, thanks, overseas panic and devastation in ipd nearbyia this morning death toll arizing after a earthquake
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children and hundreds other and dozens field in collapsed build tionz. one hospital was damaged and 6.4 magnitude quake truck overnight and not expected to trigger tsunami. >> aapparently it's a refrigerator to blame for the dead le warehouse fire in california offer the wiingd. the bureau is looking into that as a possibility. they say it's too lerl ily to confirm that that's where the narrowed search. firefighters completed search for bodies and 90% of building and mind for more victim. a fire broke out killing 36 people and the man who leased warehouse and operate today could now face charges. >> a worker with united medical center in south east d.c. charged with sexually abusing a patient marco simon of waldor. maryland alleged incident happened sunday morning a woman was undergoing a medical treatment when the attack took place. police in the hospital want to know if there's other victims out there.
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entered popular d.c. restaurant comet ping-pong in northwest d.c. reopened their doors last night. on sunday police say 28 greerd edgar madison welsh drove to the district from his north carolina home. when he got to comet police say he fired his assault rifle multiple times inside. no one was injured. according to court documents welsh told police he read online that the restaurant was harboring child sex slaves and wanted t that story tupd out to be a fake online news story. >> happening today solemnly commemeration as around our area as 75 app versusy of the moment of the attacks on pearl harbor draws close they are morning. national museum of u.s. navy will lay a wreath with 99-year-old survivor of historic attack. ceremony is on to puck liing and begins at 9:00 this morning
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ceremony will begin at world war ii memorial with wreath laying at the freedom wall. and remarks from senator john mccain. that happened in hey high at the exact home the attack took place. coming up 7:15 bob barnard will be at the national air and space museum center with live coverage of commemerations in our area. >> i look forward to watching that. 7:05 now i'm stopped. hopefully this puts a dent in the drought we've been having here. we have a lot of it. >> real quick a couple years ago i was in pearl harbor wept to pearl harbor you could see the oil coming up. >> that's amazing. >> they take you out on a boat. >> if you ever gets a chance you should go. >> rain is out of here. low to mid 50s later today and we've got real cold air on the horizon here. enjoy today. sunshine today.
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needed of course with recent dry weather we h we'll take it 45 reagan national 40 dulles and baltimore and bwi marshall and 42. waking up with clouds here and we're going to turn partly sunny and breezy late morning and then mostly sunny this afternoon as mentioned and temperatures in the low to mid 50s. so a few degrees above normal. again with winds out of the northwest 10 to 20 it will feel like cool afternoon. you have seen nothing yet until you saw the 7 day and then 30s and 20s snowflakes and yeah. >> all right it's december. >> holiday. >> we'll deal with it. >> let's look at the roads. >> erin i will pinch tucker's arm. >> you should do it i'll talk traffic. 70 eastbound fatal crash involving tractor-trailer and multiple vehicles choseing off ramp 270 southbound, 70 ooen one lane gets by. we're seeing delays jammed all the way to 17. take 85 to 70 or 40 down be
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a half delay on 70 eastbound. let's take a look at 27. ridge road. there's a crash in demascus. pole down in the road car off the road overturned to field. seeing huge delays there. let's hop outside and show you other problem areas in the cameras we're facing. we'll get to those with the next look at traffic. we have plenty of other crashes to talk about. 9 5 northbound jammed 98 and crash before suitland parkway jammed past one crane highway d baltimore washington parkway crash 410 moves to shoulder delays extend to powder mill. take 95 southbound and again back to calvert ton there. allison and steve. >> airport, thank you. >> happening today a federal judge in detroit is calling a hearing it to consider whether michigan presidential recount should continue. judge allow the recount to begin monday and decision dealt with timing not merits of count. this after michigan appeals
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green party presidential candidates jill stein saying she had no chance of emerging as winner in the state. >> president-elect trump makes secretary of defense pick general james matt is official. the announcement coming at app event in north car line a. >> "fox5" melanie alnwick is on capitol hill with the latest on trump's thank you tour. good morning. >> steve, allison. no coincidence that rally was held in fayetteville home to several military bases and ft. bragg and home of army special >> i'm here today for one main reason to thank you the people of norm carolina. >> president-elect donald trump continues his thank you tour with a stop in north carolina tuesday. he reiterated than to punish those that burn the american flag which even many republicans say goes against free speech. >> we love our flag. and we don't like it when we
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we'll see what we'll do about that. >> mr. trump says administration will immediately .a ban on immigration from certain regions in order to prevent terrorists from enterserring the country. >> right now, thousands and thousands and thousands of people are pouring into our country and we have no idea who they are. and where they come from. do they love us? a lot of cases, no. they don't love us. >> but democrats say his plan to depor won't be feasible. >> most of the people here now are not leaving and so unless donald trump wants to support over 20 million imgrant not here illegally -- >> sanction tu aarry cities need to be punished but they agree they can't go after everyone. >> he'll go offer the worst of the worst and not law abiding people. >> trump introduced pick for secretary of defense and plans to make more nominations to his cabinet in the coming days. >> we have some great, great people going to be named offer
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>> and here on capitol hill, republicans added language to must-pass bill that would make it easier for general mattis to be cop frmd and rights now the law says exmilitary officers had you be out of officers for 7 years before nominated or chosen as secretary of defense. and they are asking for a waiver and right now general mattis has only been out of his uniform out of service for a little more than three years. has to pass by friday in order for the government to continue reasoning to avoid a government shutdown. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick "fox5 local news". >> 7:10 now. z.c. mayor bowser says she's hopeful she'll have a good relationship with the president-elect once he becomes president. and mayor and trump talked 40 minute and they discusseded a number of issues that face the
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president-elect some insight into the city and he'll soon call it home. >> and i wanted to introduce washington d.c. to him. and make sure sometimes people have misconceptions of who we are as city or how they function at city county and state that they pay taxes and that were no different than any of the other states. >> the mayor and president-elect discussed metro, infrastructure problems and public education and bowser on attending his inauguration. she says city worked closely with republican presidents in the past and she looks forward to working with him in the future. >> mayor bowser picked to be school collapse lor in d.c. today. that will happen 8:30 this morning. mayor bowser nominated him to fill the position last month but still must be approved by d.c. council. he joined us earlier i guess end of last month here in our
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he was previously superintendent in oakland, california. >> today by the way the 75 anniversary of pearl ha harbor bob barnard live in chantilly this morning. >> bob what are you doing today. >> steve, allison we're with one of the smithsonian prized institutions unlawfully aircraft that survived the attack on pearl harbor 75 years ago today. take a look at this thing we'll go up close and personally when
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lock at that. >> after a day of rain. >> is the calm after the storm this morning. >> it's camp after the storm. >> what should we expect. >> clear it out. trying to break out sunshine and low to mid 50s i like it. >> needed rain yesterday about inch of rain and today will be quiet and look steve you have to check this out. ready? >> ready. >> 45 washington. got 39 boston. let's go to the rest of the can'ty shall we? >> okay. 15 denver and minus 4 in casper this morning and minus falls okay? get an idea here. i mentioned arctic air guess what's headed in our direction oh, dip into part of northwest canada and alaska where temperature yesterday was minus 50. currently minus 44. >> i will cancel today's trip to old crow. >> old crow probably not a lot going on today. not at minus 4. everybody is stayinged in. here's a look at satellite and radar. i mentioned that because it's on the way not today it will be fine today afternoon sunshine
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and that frontal position won'ting cold around here but upper 0s to 40, friday and saturday with a very chilly breeze around here. wind chills will be certainly coldest we had this season and look what happens by end of weekend. we may end weekend with wintry mix before we transition to few showers monday. so, here we go. december. >> all right. airport, allison is mock what i said about going to canada. >> it's a lie. >> it's no laughing. >> our work marriage problems. >> exactly what it is. >> we're intergity a live look outside 66 we're seeing big delays still by sutly road. jammed back to 234 for instance william parng way as you head to 2. more congestion towards the beltway. earlier crash cleared and residual delays and nasty commute in for a slow down. forwarding cameras to topside of beltway outer loop several crashes during the 5:00 hour and actually not as dark as i'm
7:17 am
outer loop jammed route 1 to connecticut avenue, 35 minute delay. if taking metro tell you about safe track green line earlier train malfunction for the totten branch avenue and watch for additional metro slow downs. inner loop crash ramp to 7 blocked right now. if you head out in tysons just be prepared to detour around that upper loop through mcclain seeing some delays across the inner loop and don't forget 70 eastbound ramp to 7270 southbound closed a look at that next allison and steve. >> i didn't mean to mock you. >> wednesday morning we're back together again. >> all right. >> 75 years ago going today japan attack at pearl harbor forced united states to enter world war ii. >> solemn commemerations are happening all over the area including wreath layings and services to remember the lives lost on that fateful day. this morning bob barnard is at national air and space museum center where one of the few
7:18 am
attack is being restored. it's history right there behind you. good morning. good morning allison and steve it's very cool to see. this is that aircraft but before we get up close and personally want to show you film footage december 1941 franklin roosevelt said it was a day twhoot live in infinance any and by pearl harbor there for the island was naval air station and there were in my opinion of these swkorskijrs 1s there she survived and went into service and one of them is still pretty much intact and it is here. a prized possession of smithsonian institution. here it is, guys, this is the only one that sure vivld the attack at pearl harbor the smithsonian has. it's the only aircraft in the
7:19 am
attack. soyping us is pat rob up sop. thanks for being up and early with us this morning. >> tell us about this aircraft it's amphibian. >> it is 1938 sakorski amphibian one of 17 purchased for the u.s. navy to play utility role. it's pickup truck, van, moves critical personnel and it takes pictures this kind of thing. very, very original. it's in original colors. what you see today is over spray blue applied to aircraft after attack to tone down those pre war colors which was silver. orange, yellow wings and we have back on the tail the original colors of utility squadron one which is willow green. >> this is how it would have sglookd exactly. >> that's depiction of it flying over pearl harbor. >> it is indeed that is how it would have appeared that day. >> this one flew later that day. >> it did indeed air important with five others after the second wave of japanese.
7:20 am
the japanese fleet may be. >> let go to the back and tail end of plane. this was in service until 1944 during the war. it became possession of smithsonian institution back in 1960. it was over at their facility in suitland pour many years for about five years it's opinion with here and been put back together and you're working on it. it was rather for tu tuesday that this was performed. >> exactly. someone noticed somewhere along the way when it was in storage towards end of war that the logbooks and fact it had been at pearl and brought that to attention of the national air museum which we know as national air and space museum and then the museum had it transferred to the collection. >> eventually pat shawvrping trech he rent sli guys this will be on display with anolage
7:21 am
hiroshima and when you see the tale it looks like we're standing at pearl harbor that day even though the damage did not occur that day it's from 75 years of life in the elements. but, really unique world war two artifact guys. the only aircraft the smithsonian institution has that survived attack on pearl harbor. >> what a pressure our ur museums with. thank you, bob. before family paid leave law before family paid leave law can become law. >> details after the break.
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sdmrvr 7:24 welcome back to the district one step close to to sxapingd paid family leave policy. counsel iling voted 11-2 to impose a new tax on fiz businesses to provide the much time people would get off for birth or adoption of child. council approved 8 weeks of paid leave. that's down from 11. the bill would also allow six weeks of paid leave to pay for relative down from 8 weeks under original proposal and council well hold another hearing and snrot next couple weeks. >> metro riders get cellphone signals in some transit systems tunnels. yesterday cellphone providers launched commercial service on
7:25 am
between potomac and stadium armory. baby steps. but good step. service available on blue, orange and yellow lines metro signed a contract in 2008 for carriers to wire the tunnels. eight years later we have one mile of service. they'll get. there now metro has new look. there's something. transportation authority unveiled a new web site overnight with a more modelen planner on home page new site offers bus and train loblingter featured prominently on home page. >> and alerts too. and which logs are having delays. >> i like the look. >> tucker loves it. >> ducker is big fan of all things online. i seen him use the metro app before. >> right now getting sunrise photos from people. tucker "fox5". william and chris. chris sent me great picture from alexandria and william from aspen hills.
7:26 am
we'll get sunshine this afternoon. and we'll below to mid 50s. 45 washington. winds pick up breezy day wind out of north and west at 9 and times to about 20 this afternoon. there's morning stormtracker radar. clouds for us right now. we'll be partly to mostly sunny later today. low to mid 50s and in for a quiteet day today. big changes hereby late tomorrow by friday and saturday. it's going to be plain old cold around here. high temperature upper 0s to 40s cold and brooz saturday mean the weekend. be prepared. all right. erin is back with all things that are not going very fast on roads. >> that's right we're having a rough commute. sky fox in frederick right now. this is look at fatal tractor-trailer and multi-vehicle crash that we've been tracking this morning. right now sky fox over 70 eastbound where one lane of traffic is getting by. just outer left lane on 70 eastbound traffic is basically parked all the way back to 17 for several miles.
7:27 am
the exit ramp to 270 southbound from 70 eastbound you cannot access ramp to 270 southbound take 85 to 270 southbound to get around that and give yourself an extra hour and a half if you try to battle 70 eastbound congestion. we'll let you know as soon as everything reopens. more traffic in a few back to you. >> everybody coming now norm of frederick this morning. time now 7:27 still ahead president obama may have usherd president denny into twitter age. >> and president-elect trum level and in over a month he'll be handed reigns at at potis that's official twitter account. some trump skeptics see trouble ahead in event of foreign policy crisis.
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?? 7:30. welcome back to fox5 newsew morning.rn live look of course at the worl war ii t memorial on this pearlr harbor day. 75 years ago today.ay happening right now,ing rigw montgomery county police count stepping up their patrols in gaithersburg after an attemptedd kidnapping. police say a teenaged girl sayss she was approached by a man whow tried to put a bag over her heah on her way to school.chl she screamed. the suspect took off.ff her teachers who then called cae police. po police say they want parents ana students to be on high alerthlet when walking to the bus stop ana to school. meantime, people in princen william county, virginia, wakink up to a boil water advise 54 ads bough because of a water maina break in the hay market area.t the affected communities areties north of virginia gateway and atlas walk much students at several schools are advised to o bring bottled water to drinkd wd from today. od the list of those schools is ons your screen right now. n
7:31 am
this boil water advisory. 7:31 right now are we entering an age wherehere presidential news conferencesonc could be out? while tweeting tt would be in for the commander ii chief? president-elect donald trump has been tweeting up a twa storm for months.orm we know that. and now he's even using socialnc media to declare policy positions to criticize cti government contracts and applaua certain companies.nies. in fact what he's saying inayinn those 140 characters is havingav an impact on the stock market. r among others. oths. joining us now for a look the jesse burns the associate editoe at the hill who also manages the web content much jesse good to see you once again. again >> good morning. >> how will this change thingsic if theha president decides he wants to essentially make big announcements versus twitter ass opposed to the traditional press core. >> this is something we haven'tw seen before.or this is unchartered territory. we thought with president obamao the white house expanding itsans social media presence and usingu that as a way to communicateomni with his audiences.
7:32 am
and kind of bashing certainng cn people on social media. he's really using the platform a in a way we haven't seenen seen presidents in the past do.past d >> we'll step aside for little l bit. the boeing tweet is behind usbeh when you look at this thingsthii like this and you're notd yo n necessarily making a policyol decision, but you're puttingou'i something out there, to millionn and millions of people sayinge s this is what i feel that wel the should do.o good strategy or not for the commander in chief? >> something like this we saw even boeing stock tumble in the early trading yesterday so just the power of having a person inn an office who could instantlytat send a tweet that could, you know, affect even individualidul companies that's you know a hugg shift from traditional presidents who try to speak in k broader terms. >> we have something like thismk which could affect something ing the future then we also havels v tweets like the one we saw about carrier company which could basically bring praise toy brini yourself about decisions that
7:33 am
>> trump transition team the waw they used social media they've t loud trauma top do what he'sha done for years and that's to bee himself online to kind of put pt out there exactly what he'ste' thinking at the time momente whether it's 3:00 in the morninr or midnight and that's somethini that traditionally, you know, ko it's very difficult for hisis handlers or his advisers todvis really be advising him when he'n at those hours kind of sendingin these messages to random rdo companies. >> here's the question and i'll take the carrier situationth aen because donald trump has put ams lot out there about quoteut unquote the media which we knowk is not one entity there arere many, many different peopleeople involved in different mediaed i organizations around the country. not everybody in quote unquoteue the media makes the sameam decisions, has the same thoughtt puts out out the same articlese when you have something like hav that and you have a responseespo from, say, the headline that yoh guys ran in the hill from them union leader of carrier who was saying something completelyompl different about donald trump,ru, what falls in between there? i
7:34 am
to say believe me, don't believe anybody else? where dot checkse and balances still come togethem to try to get to that search thr truth out there?t e? >> it's much harder he'sarde speaking directly to the publicp you know, when he has 110 million followers and a instantly a lot of his tweetsis become their own news stories. very difficult to, you know, veo that information before it getsr out there. so we've seen this week with the boeing incident, for example. ep his first tweet on that claiminn it was a $4 billion contract.on it took few hours actually came out and said newon york, the contract currently iss only 170 billion and so some off that information is veryy difficult to vet it right awayy before it becomes, upping,in popular arrived in articles.rtic >> right. so we have a couple things coming up.have we havmie -- we don't know yet h this will work with the t traditional press pool want we have seen in the past.n in the . do you think that once we getha passed january 20th when he'se' in fact president trump will wew still have press conferences? will we still have opportunitieo to ask questions or anything beb controlled through, say, sociall
7:35 am
the on the.he there's kind of been hints from surrogates pushing that trumpt t transition team in one way ore the other. at this point it stheems likemsk they're still would be.ey'r. that would be the expectationldb that there would be these whitei house press conferences, but that's not going to replace thet fact that trump is still havingv you know, coming into officeff with this propensity for sociall media we really haven't seen ate this level before fromrom presidents, and so that int i addition to traditional mediaalm and how they handle that that t will be very interesting to loog forward to. an do this,s,r, he c right? there's nothing saying n >> we saw for months that theyy said, you know, we'll reign himm in. in he'll use twitter less and lesss he's present elect taking officf in six weeks he's still kind off sending these very brazen kindr of tweets that are for trump t terms we'll see if that changes. >> nothing prohibits it at thist this point. >> thanks, jesse good to seed te you. 7:35. 35 let's check in with tucker tke barnes. >> steve, i have breaking news.a are youve there? >> yes. >> drum is that your person of a the year time magazine.e zine
7:36 am
i do more than weather. wea let's do the forecastth.. temperatures later today will bd in the low to mid fit ties. t we'll clear it 45 right now in washington. waso 40 up in new york city.k c you can see the 30 there is off to the north and west.est. pittsburgh 35 degrees.s. binghamton 32. 3 a lot of lake effect snow in tho forecast next couple of days ifs you're headed to parts upstateps new york we'll talk more aboutme it let's focus on our local forecast.fore clouds early partly to mostlyos sunny later today.. it will be breezy feel cool outo there daytime highs will top ouo in the low 50s it should be dryy day. no need for t you wore yesterday.te all right.all right more weather and i'm sure'mur allison and steve will have morr on our times person of the yeary coming up.mi up. erin. >> don't worry i'm walking in.'w we have a lot going on, tucker i wanted to make sure we lined upp all the cameras.the cas. skyfox right now over frederick, maryland.mand 70 eastbound there's a crash deadly crash involving tractorvt trailer and several cars. c as you can see the off-ramp to 270 southbound is blocked, onec lane just the outer left lane oe 70 eastbound getting by.
7:37 am
on 70 eastbound all the way back to maryland 17 avoid take 85 too get to 270 and in frederickreri allow for a lot of extra time t there's a huge accident a investigation there.igatio we'll certainly keep you update oh and that multiple vehicle vie fatal crash this let's switch it to ouro our cameras.came the inner loop out in virginia i there is a crash right now it i had been blocking the off-rampam to seven from the inner loop.he. it's moved over to the shoulderl so as you can see as you head h threw tysons the ramp to seven e has once again reopened butpe we're seeing a lot of backups on the inner loop past sen because of that crash.caus t as we move over for look comingg from gainsville let's switch our cameras shown you 66. 66 eastbound as you make yourou way between 29 and 234 princee william parkway crash moved oved to the right shoulder. shode another crash involving at leasa three vehicles, and we're seeine huge delays from 29 past that point.t. more traffic in a tra green line getting back toac normal on metro.n metr allison and steve.teve. >> 7:37 right now.tow coming up the popular departmenn store in order tromm's making m headlines this holiday season.ea >> is it a joke or not? we'llew
7:38 am
product they are selling thatngt doesn't seem to have much of aua purpose.os 7:38. 7:38. ??
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?? 7:40 right now. beauty products market to doma african-american women contain a more hazardous chemicalsls according to new report from a non-prot environmental researche group. researchers analyzed more thans 1,000 beauty and personal carear products market to dotoo african-american women andn- compared the ingredients inngren database that ranks the safetyat of cosmetics and it found the worst scoring products wereere hairy lacks sers, bleachingacng products and some cosmetics. also, new this morning atthr 7:00 o'clock this morning, pet 1970s. we knew that. kthat apparently, they might be makini a come back. nordstrom is selling a stone s from los angeles wrapped in a leather pouch.ou do we have it? hopefully we cae show was it look like. >> it looks like -- potato in a pocket. >> exactly what you wereu w imagining in your head is whatwa it look like. u mighitt not imagine the cost. $85. $85. >> what?>> wt?
7:42 am
it to maybe as a paper weight or conversation piece.tion i'll try to pull up the picturec right now. right >> i'm trying to seat originalti price. they were huge back in the day the pet rock.huge ck >> they were not $85.hey not >> no, they were not $85. not $ >> or even close to it if youo y count in inflation. >> okay.>> oka >> any who, we'll try to get iy was picture. was pi sorry about that.y abouat. and if you are traveling through san francisco thisnc t holiday season keep an eye outyo for this little lady. little blue tutu lee lou a therapy pig.erap you can't miss hershey's the one with the painted she sports little wig sometimess all sorts of costumes.s we're told she loves doing d tricks for an audience she has lots of experience visiting visg hospitals and senior centerss an before getting this gig. g she is specially trained to calc down nervous travelers and she's the first known airport therapyt pig in the united states. >> isn't that something you don't hear every day? >> imagine that.'t thadon't imi she's the first.she'the lee lou.le just adorable.ble. >> good. i'm glad. i never heard of that in the past. pa i know i didn't miss out onsut something. >> she's the first. >> 7:43 right now.>>:43
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much would you pay for your your christmas tree? 50 bucks, 25 bucks, okay you won't believe be how much some people are a shelling out for the finest fir. -f-i-r. >> and greetings i'm carl smith particular bagram air feel,l, i just want to wish all myall family and friends fromm frederick, maryland a happyick,l
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>> al, guess what this is.uess >> that's the rock at nard strom's. >> just like we said. is this how you pictured it wheh we were talking about? it jus o like a rock wrapped in let theye are. are. >> the stitching on the leatherr pouch is pretty awesome.wesome >> but not $85 awesome. maybe if it was a differentiffet color.cor. >> our colleague mark gardnergae told me that the original pet rock costs about 3.95.. >> well, inn nation is bucks to $85.8 >> it did not have a leather ltr pouch to it in. you can get that if you want it. >> if you know anybody who buysb this, let us know.leus k >> you know people will buy it.u >> i want to know why theyhy the bought it. >> i don't want it for christmar though,, boy don't get it for me.e >> i'll get you a rock in thek t parking lot and wrap it up inp i something. >> it better be leather. >> we'll draw smiley faces on t it. >> i heard mike tried to take my walk while i was gone. ge >> he didn't just try.ust t he did. he did. he raised the bar.he
7:47 am
>> big difference. >> he actually broke it d>>own.w >> he did break it down.t down. >> dropped it low. > i'l dl walk like maybe i'vh lady or two in my life along the way. >> i didn't need the pop part, mike. mike >> he brought it. >> ?? >> what is this song? come on. >> come on.. where is max. >> it's stacked against you,ack, tuck. >> this is ridiculous. >> ?? >> now that's mean. mn. >> mike had all the number oneue tracks yesterday, too, didn'tted geay >> here. do a little spin. >> spin did s not got to help with love possession number num nine. >> i got to do the weather. [ laughter ] ] >> that was a set up.. >> let's do it. 45 in washington.hingn. 39 in gaithersburg. someone will be looking for newr job at the end of today. tay 38 in hagerstown.erstown. i'm going to go i got one got oe minute. i get it. t it.t there are your winds out of thef normal and west at nine. annapolis 10.pos 10
7:48 am
sunshine back in the forecast.os there's your cloud cover early y it will take while to break ith up. sunshine this afternoon.ter all right.. arctic front, arctic boundaryou real cold air on the wayr tomorrow and by friday andfridad saturday our daytime highs don't get out of the upper 30s to about 40.out get ready for real chill aroundo here by friday and saturday.atua there's your look at today and d high pressure builds in.ressurel we'll get sunshine andds sunshie this afternoon -- we'll getllet sunshine this afternoon. there's your seven day.e's your 50 tomorrow with passage of thaf front much lock what happensk wp friday, saturday, bottom fallsto out really cold around here with breezy conditions into saturday. maybe wintry mix sunday beforee transitions to a shower on o monday morning. all right.. now i'm erin has traffic. traic >> why are you cranky. you rocked your walk.r wa it's yours. you own that. tha >> let's move over to traffic.. 7:48. bad traffic everywhere. new crash 295 northerly at the e 11th street bridge. bridg
7:49 am
traffic is jammed up all the way back to the beltway. really nasty conditions the inner loop is slow fromw frm before branch avenue across thet wilson bridge. we do have crash in the district in southeast as well,el pennsylvania avenue.sylvania one lane blocked in either in ee direction by 30th. so give yourself extra time.ra . suitland parkway jams 295 as well.ll dulles toll road a crash csh eastbound after fairfax countyoy parkway. left lane is blocked you're your backed up to well beyond 28d 28 right now. n clara barton pork way outsidey i the beltway macarthur boulevarda there's a crash cabin john, clara barton and and river road seeing a lot of heavy traffic inbound much this crash cleared to the shoulder onder suitland parkway on pennsylvania of a inbound slow traffic back c to crane highway.ig in damascus ridge road a crash at kemp ton. ton pole down, car off the road inta a 70 eastbound huge delayss off-ramp to 270 southboundboun closed with a fatal crashsh investigation.statio closer look there next we'll take a look at metro, steve andd allison. >> erin, thanks very muc 2016 winds down a chance to lool
7:50 am
trends of the year.tren. >> turns out music was somethini that everyone could relate toate especially on twitter.. >> maureen is back now with a look at some of the most talkede about artists on twitter thisert year. >> not exactly who you might suspect as you know.ctly you k twitter sort of pretty muchuch spanned the entire globe.e globe some of these are internationall okay. okay. everything from music, movies,s, tv shows to celebs.s. twitter came up with their topir everything this ts w let's start with a look at thek top trending artists of 2016. korean sensations xo and national the top two spots. thet you don't know who they are? google them.googhe pretty good stuff there.ere. followed by prince, justin jti beiber and david bowie woundingn out the top five. five. also making the list oneist o direction and beyonce'. now oddly enough america'smeri's sweetheart taylor swift wasn't ' in the top 10 and speaking of my favorite indeed, he can speakinn of twitter katie perry twist tee's best friend not roaring ri her way to the most followedd celebrity.ity she has whopping 94 and a halff million followers.lowe
7:51 am
90 million.90 milli taylor swift with 82 million.llo president obama with 80 milliono and rihanna at 68 million.8 mii. lady gaga, kim kardashian and a ellen degeneres also made thatt list. st twitter also releasing the top t trending topic the first threeee the 2016 rio olympic.. election and pokemon go.o. there you have it. twitter's everything list thisit >> pokemon go was so hot for so >> i it was like -- so last month. >> what will it be next year? hmm. >> we need that be ahead of the trend.hat be tr >> yes. >> exactly right.>> >> that's where the money is. >> i lik eewher ye our style st. thanks, mo. mo. >> time for the fox beat thisr o morning. ivanka trump is house hunting hi here in the nation's capitol.apl and the material girll herself gets shotgun on the late show with james corden. ??
7:52 am
>> a night out with my cag cal jackson or oh night in. i >> you want me to kiss and tell? good did you kiss? >> the drama. d >> of it all. >> at 1. madge you saw her attempting to twerk in the carhr showing off what, um, some speculate is a brand new back de.e. >> really? >> that's a whole other story.y. >> whoa!hoa! >> really? >> it slipped in concert.slippe it was just d ain butt pad. p it wasn't a permanent >> all right. rig >> what?>> does she kiss and tell? you'lly have to wait, and watch the segment airs tonight although ww don't want to you turn to to u u another network ever but you cac watch it tomorrow how about t that. >> we'll have highlightsligh tomorrow morning.rrow >> there you go. james m corde>>n carpool karaok. very funny.ny. >> back to ivanka trump she and her hub are planning to moveg te from new york city to d.c. the couple plans to come herecor along with their three childrene once her father takes office inn nuary.y. they've been house hunting butsg
7:53 am
expected to take over the family businesses along with herh her brother but they'll be in here h in washington.ton. >> designer carlina who are hoorah, it would be an honor if melania trump wore one of her outfits.ouits she dressed michelle obamae oma during her white house tenure tr famed designer said that workor fog first ladies is not for her but for the country. tis the season for stress.or christmastime is here.e here. happy holidays or a notice maybe turned into a io a scrooge. add in shopping experience andnc what if you have kids and tellel the little ones they can't allal those toys they want. when the child screams for amsoa child unsay no, you can give ge them something even better, an experience. sounds like from the mind of wisdom martin.e fr om>> what?>> w >> not all adults even rememberr their toys as a kid but they doo remember activities they did doo with their their fae i guess that's the point,s. al.a if you can say i'm not going toi get you theng little -- what are those thing called everybody eve wants?want
7:54 am
>> i'm not going to get you foie there but i'll take you someonee fun. >> i'll take you on an'll experience. >> there you go.exhere y go >> good luck with that parents. when you think of christmas youk probably think of time with of u friends, presents, santa claus, candy canes, but candy makersdyr are putting interesting twiststt on holiday in fact, you can actually find a sweet treat and pickle flavor, wasabi, coffee, gravy and even bacon flavor. flavo economy candy out of new york yk sold out of its bacon candy can canes last year.s last they have ordered more for christmas because nothing says >> there you go. the final wal would charlie brownul say about this.ut this. this is no charlie brown brown christmas tree. this is a new york city where w they sell high-end liveend christmas trees.christma they're not decorated or or anything. they come plain new york lights, exotic korean fir perfectly proportioned.on >> how much? >> snot 75. $100.en they are $650. >> why? >> they won't last. > ty wo they're real trees. tes trees don't make it past the holidays.holidays
7:55 am
delivery set up and tip it costs her $1,000. $1,00 happy holidays! okay.> . ?? >> so much money i can't reallyy relate to that. so, you maybe that's what people who --- >> i think i spent 60 once and i was like can i get to live for two >> we'll see you later homeouerh tepot. >> i'm decided i'm going asksk stan for a butt pad this year y for >> i have an old one when i wasw jennifer lopez for halloween. hn it's been washed and everything. >> i hope you wear it every dayd tuck. >> steve, i will., i ll. don't worry.t worry. we can share it. canhare i we can take turns. turns >> that's getting weird now. now >> 44 in washington.n >> that was weird. t >> winds out of the north and west at seven we'll be lookingui at breezy conditions, 10 to 20 out of the north and west.thnd w lots of clouds out early i'm getting lots and lots of tweetse of the beautiful sunrise. sunri thank you.k u. clouds will break later today. y we should be dry as well.s well. daytime highs in the low to mid 50s it will feel breezy, cooly,l out there with the breezes agaia
7:56 am
all tomorrow arctic front comes com through. look at friday and saturday daytime highs those temperatureu 10 degrees below normal bma overnight lows back in the 20s 2 even in the city. cit by early saturday morning we'lll be in for chilly in fact we may end the weekndhen with a wintry mix around hered h late sunday into early mondayony before we can warm things up. so we got a lot to talk aboutbo weather wise. wise. not only weather wise, traffic c wise. erin has got roads.oads >> oh, yeah.ea 7:00 vick right now.k righow. and big problems right n earlier police investigationtion potomac avenue. silver and/or ranch line inine i addition to safetrack single sil tracking west falls to eastlls o falls. we have residual delays largoar town center and new carrollton.o aside from that in frederickrede we've been tracking this fatals crash for several hours now.ow. 70 eastbound just one lane getst by and the off-ramp to 270 270 southbound is closed.d. jammed back to 17 with basically parked traffic.ff take alternate around that, takk 85 to 270 but avoid 70 eastbouns because you're looking at wellol
7:57 am
coming down towards 270.. aside from that's correct takink a wide view a lot of slow-movini traffic. 395 parked from the beltway tott the 14th street bridge.ri let's take live look outside. o. show you some other issues weuee were dealing with. wit if you take a look at 60 right now, traffic much better earlier crash between 29 and prince pnc william parkway cleared to thel right shoulder.ri you can see a littlghe bit of bo flashing light. lig traffic slowing so much better.. keep it to fox5 news morning.n we'll get you around on thiss wednesday morning.orning. still problems on the inner
7:58 am
7:59 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. o one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate,
8:00 am
say more with kisses deluxe. ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. good wednesday morning w everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenem vey.alve che thanks for joining us.ksor >> it is 8:00 a.m. on thisn this wednesday, december 7th.ber 7th here's what's on the fox5 news n morning menu. fox news host megyn kelly is under arms guard following death threats from donald trump'sfrom tran dsition team. tea this is as the president-elect-e fired starting pizza gate. new clues as to what may t have started the deadlydl warehouse fire out in oakland,, california.. residents there now under a unda state of emergency. and today marks 75 years 75a since the deadly attack on peara harbor that plunged the united d states into world war ii. this morning americans arensre remembering those lost. l live look right now at the e world war ii memorial, of course, as we remember 75 years ago today at tack on herl had ad
8:01 am
breaks newcl.ock president-elect donald trump hap been named the time magazine 2016 person of the year.ear. there's your cover. cover this was just announced on nbc c today show about 30 minutes ago. every year time editors selectec the person or idea who has or which has most influenced theluh news and the world in the pastes year. the president-elect beat out 10o other finalists including his democratic rival hillary clintoh for the top spot.for th she meantime was declared times runner up.erp. it seems the president-elec the scoop. he tweeted out 10 minutes beforb the announcement he was going tg be interviewed on the today show at 7:30. 70. today show had already said they would talk to the person of thet year at 7:30.:3 >> got that exclusive.. the president-elect continuesons his thank you tore battlegroundd states put him over the top against hillary clinton.. >> last night trump madee headlines when he introduced his pick for secretary of defense de james mattis to the nation.
8:02 am
with the latest on donald trump's thank you tour. mel. >> reporter: no coincidenceter:n that introduo ction was made in fayetteville, north carolinaarin home to several military basis including fort bragg and thegg e army's special operationsraon command.d. 66-year-old james mattis the first career military officer tr lead the pentagon since just after world war ii.r ii he served as a top commanderer under president obama. oma but was replaced in 2013 when ie was clear he and the president t were not on the same page.. president-elect trump told theoe military heavy audience thate military will be bigger andgernd stronger than ever before. [ applause ] >> jim a marine corps four star general commander of us central command nato supreme allied command. co your transformation is going tog be so great for us. he led assault attack in
8:03 am
saw what happened. that was the way you're supposee to lead. lead. no mad dog play nos games, right? t [ applause ] >> reporter: as you can c imagine general mattis there greeted with wild cheers ands a said he looks forward to serving the military once again though g this time in a suit. ?? >> -- for the opportunity to to return to our troops, our families, the civilians of the t department of defense because ie know how committed he devoted they are to the defensee of our country, the defense of our constitution and with our allies strengthened, with our country strengthened i'm eye i'e look forward to being theo beine civilian leader so long as thehe congress gives me the waiver and the senate votes the thank you very much.ry m [ applause ] >> reporter: here on capitol cat hill republicans have started that process already adding thaa waiver language to a must passas
8:04 am
dog to become secretary ofre o defense. right now the law says that tha retired military general has toh be out of uniform for seven sev years before he or she can c become secretary of defense, and mattis is only served for threee by the way that budget bill must pass by friday in order to avoid a government shut down. dow live on capitol hill, melanieane alnwick, fox5 local news. 8:04. megyn kelly is under armed guarg after receiving death threats ta and she says donald trump's toll blame. bme last night kelly publicly asked don skavino to start encouraging online abuse and harass many m telling an audience that he hash stirred up an angry group ofup trump supporters who have ine i turn targeted her with violent threats and visterol.istel. kelly admitted the harassmentasn has been difficult. meantime the president-elece has fired one of his transition team staff members.
8:05 am
donald trump's choice fore for national security adviser. advir he was reportedly let go after r using twitter to spread a fake news story about hillary clintot that may have led to the armed confrontation at comet pink upou op sunday afternoon. hours after that episode the 33-year-old went on twitter too say that until quote pizza gatee was proven false, it remained a story.. >> pizza restaurant at thetahe center of that online news storo back open today after police pic said a gunman entering the place firing off with his shots sts assau police arrested edgar madisonon welch.weh according to court documents hec read online that the restaurantn was harboring child sex slaves s end wanted to see for himself.lf the owner of the restaurant sais now he cannot wait to serve thee community again. >> we've been completely overwhelmed and incredibly, inn rebel cell touched by the support of our community here in washington and around the worldd and we look forward to servingeg you for many years to come.e
8:06 am
residents have left flowers ande left signs in front of the building show he showing supporo increased police presence couldc be seen in that northwest dc neighborhood. >> good pizza. >> it's a fun place. >> it is good pizza.iz >> it is fun.>> iis f i'm hoping they bounce back. looks like it. 0 sick and time for weather.eatr >> let's do it. get sunshine this afternoon. thn clouds this morning. mor we're done with the rain from yesterday.da temps in the low to mid 50's. 5s >> it did rain all day.ay. >> we needed every drop.p. about an inch of rain at reagann national sunshine a little later today ii will turn into a pleasant dayt although a breezy afternoon.erno 44 at reagan national. nationa 40 dulles.. baltimore 41 degrees and there's a live look t at your storm tracker radar real satellite sal picture at this hour as the raii is out of the here still doing some clouds and it will takes a much of the day to get thetoet clouds out.ouds. by afternoon we should get at least partial sunshine and inndi for a pleasant day.anda it will be a cool afternoon lowl to mid 50s we got cold air ond a the horizon.
8:07 am
accompany snowflakes? whatha else? whatever else you what w and the to talk about we can.e . coming up. coming u we'll do cuteness factor. ftor. maybe that will save wilvm >> look forward to that.k fo [ laughter ] >> it's hard to come back from f vacation. >> i know. >> you're going a great job.ea b >> i'm a little nervous. nervous >> you are. s in a coupleouthi of days. >> it's like ride ago bike. >> hey. >> erin, over to you. >> okay. he doesn't get nervous.ervous right now, wide view of the area. ar ton of delays. tsiden hosif we can hop ou for a live look. basically parked.y p we had earlier crash on the onhe off-ramp to seven. sev now that has cleared but look lo how slow traffic is. as you head threw tysons thiss i morning also all the way back wk through annandale a lot of heavy traffic as you head towards thee american legion bridge beid b prepared for that as we forwardf our cameras we do have someeom other slow downs. this is 95 on the northboundthun side at 123. 123 jammed up crash blocking theinge right shoulder.der. so from dale city to past 123 13 watch for some slow downs. dns take look back at our maps we ms showed you all those otherhose r
8:08 am
earlier crash by the 11thby theh street bridge cleared.cleed big delays lingering 70 7 there's a deadly crash involvini a tractor trailer and mull pell vehicles. now one lane is getting by on 7 but the off-ramp to 27070 southbound remains closed.lod you are jammed on 70 eastboundad all the way back to 17. 1 you can try your luck on 85 to 270 but avoid 270 on the on t eastbound side. se that traffic has been parked par just all morning lon over anven hour delay. day we'll keep updated right now and delays on the green line byb branch. ck to you.u. >> happening right now people ie prince william county maryland waking up to boil water advisors because a water main break in bk the hay mark area.hare affected communities are north r of virginia gateway and atlas walk.walk >> self schools affected as well. students asked to bring bottled water to drink today. there's the list on your screenr right ari willschools in the are stay hope today but remember ree send the kids with some bottled water.r. county says the notice willic w remain in effect for about 48ut
8:09 am
tomorrow as well while waterat quality testing is done.s de. again the schools are but send the kids with bottledte ter.r. montgomery county police cou stepping up patrols inp patrs in gaithersburg after attemptedtted kidnapping of a student on herfd way to schoolen.. police want parents andarend students to be high alert. fox5's annie yu live inive i gaithersburg for us with more oo this incident.en annie? >> reporter: hey g morning, mni steve and allison. well, police are worried thateda this could happen again and so s they're obviously hoping toin catch this brazen suspect tocto give you a happen, this is a main access road right off lot of 95 circle right between this large complex called the cidar mill apartments and you have lake forest mall o thotheher side. this can be an extremely busy roadway almost any time of dayod especially during morning rushgr hour. we also see a lot of peopleeopl walking around. >> walking their dogs walking ti work and students walk aig round
8:10 am
she was walking to her bus stopp near apartment complex aroundmet 7:00 o'clock monday morning whec a man proved her from behind anh he tried to put a bag over her head, she screamed and scared off her attacker and reported re the incident to teachers onceers she got to police and they alere the the police.ic montgomery county schoolch district center home a letter lr asking parents to talk tots t to children about staying alert ana also avoiding, you know, though headphones as you know a lot ofo students walk around with thealr headphones in police also have an important warning. >> in this particular case bysey her making noise it frightenedgd the individual off.ff he may have been in fear forr being identified and fled. fle so that work out for her in this situation.situ if anybody is in is similars sil situation if you can make noisee and bring attention to what's going on, you know,te offnt betr chance of us being able to dentt fight suspect. >> reporter: now, police arere
8:11 am
e areaea. they also tell us that the man m they're looking for is a a blackmail in his mid to late 30s about 5-foot five with mediumitd build also with a goatee.tee. when this accident took place he was wearing all black with a red logo on his sweatshirt. if you know anything, if you, iu know this person, montgomeryon county police want to hear fromm you. that's the very latest here from gaithersburg, annie yu, fox5u, f local news.ews. this morning fairfax countyg police trying to figure out wha led to a shooting in annandale.. the shooting happened near today of yann and medford drives lastt during the incident aidt a 19-year-old and a 20-year-old woman shot apparently everyone involved new each other. police say a fight occurred occe right before that to northwest dc now, policee are trying to find a suspect ini a motive in deadly shootinghootg there. officers found 45-year-old terry crutch field dead inside of af a home on yesterday morning.orng. this was in the 1500 block of olive street. str a witness reported seeing two to gunmen in the street or on the e street just before -- momentsen
8:12 am
anyone with information asked tt call pice. let's stay in d.c. now.. n a hospital worker facing chargeg this morning accused of sexually abusing a patient. police say pro marcus simon of waldorf allegedly attacked aackd woman sunday morning while shele was under going medical treatment. police want to know if there aro other victims out there.t th anyone with information contacta police. still ahead this morningning it's one day until the brand new opening of the new casino. prince george's county countingn on the cash flow. flo but will the gamers comes come through? we'll hear from them.e plus, the special sauce that makes online video go viral. val it's not just the number off hits. youtube revealing the key key ingredients this year's top trending videos ahead. she was in our studio.di >> yeah, she was.a >> we'll talk about that. talabu ??
8:13 am
?? ?? ?? ??
8:14 am
8:15 am
>> 8:15 right now.>> taking live look at the world war ii memorial 8e look on thist anniversary of the attack att pearl harbor.l harbor. 75 years ago today, japan attacked pearl harbor.arbo killing 2400 americans leading i the u.s. into world war ii.d wai today several events are plannep around the district toto commemorate this anniversarynnir including at world what two memorial. 29 world war veterans willil present wreaths at the freedomad wall senator john mccain willail speak at that ceremony joined ji boy the great-grandson of of franklin and eleanor roosevelt e
8:16 am
also today, at the nationalt museum of the u.s. navy a 99-year-old pearl harborbo survivor will be on hand for a wreath laying just some of the events happening around dc some today. i mentioned earlier i wentet to pearl harbor a few years ago. very moving. >> i've never been.>> i'v >> ie went, too.oo. you just stop. there are no words. some things you see you justseeo have to stop and take it in.n. just remember that horrible day. yeaeah. unfortunately i mean it's stilli living the way the oil was under 19 the sea. >> amazing. >> let's do cuteness.'s dcute first five photo of the day. >> aww. >> tori everybody.. >> hey, miss tori.>>ey, >> absolutely adorable.ra >> tori has a medal.edal i think she's a champion. >> we'll queue some music or what. >> s-u-c-c-e is.-e is. s that's the way we spell zipsip success.s. >> tori is four years old andnd competed in her first
8:17 am
past saturday where her teamerea took first place. >> you know it. >>ne.s how you get it done. >> tori now cartwheels somethine steve like to do. d >> sometimes. >> just about everywhere and the tiny tumbler loves being a flyer. >> yeah. >> up in the air. >> critical job, yeah.>> uritic >> being a flyer on the team. t. you got to be braved to that. and of course, you know the make up and hair.r >> oh yeah.eah always want to play dress up. u. >> that's so cute. >> all right. all so -- >> that's her favorite littlee t core graphe she's sporting. >> got to nail the pose.nil t ps >> good job, tori.b, t >> go to our facebook page fox55 dc send on your cuteness likeike tori and we'll get them on theht air as soon as we can. >> um-hmm. >> all right. >> nana, nana, nan, hey, hey, bye-bye. bye- that's what she said to thed t competition.. >> first place. firstlace 44 now in washington.ashiton. 40 up in new york city.p we are going to be coolin today. low to mid 50s. 50s actually a degree or two aboveoo normal. cloud cover early we're donere d
8:18 am
i know yesterday was a dreary wr day. we need the the rain, though.hog picked up about an an inch. no rain today's parly to mostly sunny this afternoon his in the low to mid 50s. i tweeted out colder colde temperatures on the way and getting lots of responses.. friday and saturday upper 30s tt about 40.0. we may end the weeknd with a wintry mix sunday night into monday. monday. it is december after all. start to feel like it around itn here bite weekend.nd >> looks like it.e it. all right. le look aitt the commute 8:18. 8:1 >> we have updated informationnn on the breaking news we've beene tracking and as you can see taking a wide view, a lot off congestion we'll get do in justu a moment 70 eek the crash the ct deadly tractor trailer crashileh involving several cars thats tha wassing the ram top 270 top 270 southbound that crash cleared from the ramp so you can access 270 now from 70 but you are youa still jammed solid back to 17. 1 you can see that stop and goo conditions hopefully it it's it' start to go ease now that now tt they've opened the ramp 270
8:19 am
those delays in damascus ridge road still dealing with a crash at kemp town road.oad. pole down on the road.oa car overturned with heavyea traffic on 27 in both bot directions.rectio dulles toll road crash eastbounu after fairfax county parkwayay blocking the left lane. 295 northbound this crash at the 11th street bridge cleared. ced look at the traffic.e from the beltway to thetr 11 ma street bridge you're completelyl park on the east and westboundtu side of the freeway heavytheewa traffic by the third streethirdr tunnel. 395 has about 25 minute delay from the beltway up to the bel 14th strt inner loop jams no crashes, juss heavy congestion from branchm ba avenue across the wilson bridge. northbound 395 wide view of thaa and look at the delay on then t inner loop from the mixing bowlg up through annandale across 66 heavy traffic threw tysons as t well and then inside the beltway 66 jams threw falls church in in arlington this morning outsideoo the beltway off and on traffic f 234 to sycamore street about abt 45 minute slow down from 234 to allison and steve.
8:20 am
fire out in oakland, california. theories now looking into the possibility that a refrigeratoro or another appliance was thece s source of this fire. this as local state of emergency is declared in response to thisi incident which has killed atleda least 36 people.e. fox's jackie ibanez with morehoe now. >> at this time we have proclaimed a local state of emergency, and this is scheduled to be ratified by city co on december 8th.be8th >> reporter: the tragicragi warehouse fire in oakland,aknd california, prompts citytsit officials to declare a state of emergency. in order to get state and federaler a tido .. >> it allows the city to bee eligible for possible state or federal refund in support of of this disaster.asr. it also allows the local loc residents or businesses who havv been impacted by this disasterie to get funding to help them the
8:21 am
while attending a dance partyce last friday night. while the local community hasty been impact the emotionally,onay there's also been an economiccoi impact in the area.. >> there's been many businessess in this area that have been impacted over the last fourasfo days. ter:eporter: the man at the center of the tragedy a rented the space to artists but wasn't' at the warehouse on the night oo the party. party he ran away from reporters whene track down at the hotel where hh and his wife were staying. they're my friends, they're myym family. they're my loves and myfa futur. what else do i have. >> we're hearing from one of thf tenants living in the building. he was able to escape the fire e with his dogs. >> by the time i got the doors o open, it was just, you know,, flames were start to go engulf l my space. >> authorities are investigatine the possibility that aibilitat a refrigerator or another ath appliances were the source ofero the fire.theire. officials say criminal chargesca may be filed in coming days.ay. in new york, jackie ibanez,,
8:22 am
overseas now americanowrican tourist is dead after beingter g struck by lightning in australia. the man was from new york. y the man and his girlfriendend pitched a tent tied it to a tre on topto of mount wearing. that tree was hit by lightning which then passed through thed h chair and kill the man. took three hours for help to arrive. a top ivy league school is i facing federal lawsuit several women say the prestigiousstigus university ignored their the complaints about a known sexual predator. >> plus angelina jolie abuseline allegations against brad pitts s we'll have those details ahead. it's's 8:22. ?? greeting this is seen your airman brandon sims fromon simsm afghanistan and i just want toaw give a special hanoliday greetit to everybody in langly hospitala i miss you guys. gs. i love you guys, and i can'tan wait to see you.ou ??
8:23 am
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>> all right.ight it is 8:25. we saw you guys. we caught you. instagram. >> they can't go anywhere without each other. >> erin and tucker, connected at the hip. >> that's right. instagram making changes app m ng c other's'saikewithtu eckah
8:26 am
no surprise they're morphing together. >> that's good. you have to write ng.ometi you just can't like it, right? i used to. us well now if you don't likeik comments on your pictures pic instagram now has the option fon to you turn that off. o users can also quietly remove rv others from their list oftf followers.foll the company says the new toolsos are part of its efforts to encourage positivity and to makk the app as safe and welcomingm place for everyone.. >> kudos to you.. >> a. seymour, right?ht >> that's not really it.t. >> i'll leave thr seymour 66. 6 >> that's it.has it. >> okay. >> check in with tucker. >> hey, tuck. >> hey guys.ey 44 in washington.44 i we're trying to clear it outr t although we're struggling a bitt with cloud cover.with c c winds north and west at seven.en it will turn into a partly to t mostly sunny afternoon.fternoon but you can see the clouds nicee and thick at this hour.r and the breezes will pick up.ezi high pressure out to the west builds and it will deliver a a nice afternoon for us. 54. cool chilly tomorrow..
8:27 am
daytime highs 1re0 degrees beloe normal. upper 30s about 40. 4 overnight lows 20 in the city. t get ready for the cold. rrrr. erin, how are roads.erinw ar >> improving in some spots.n sos not in others. other how is that. tt >> 270 this is still at a crawla out by falls road.d. coming down from urbana to the spur. spur. it's only about 15 minute delayd because of congestion as wen w forward our cameras.amas some other more crowded areaswde you need to be concerned about.o like this one right here on the outer loop by colesville.opy co it's been parked up all day all right now from route 1 you're still in for about a 30lb minute delay with congestion.stn inner loop that's a silverve lining it's flowing freely fromf connecticut all the way to bw parkway. 295 parked from fief tow to thew 11th street bridge on the t southbound. that's your traffic. allison and steve. >> erin,that thanks mucalh.hankc 8:27 right now.ow how much do you spend onmuch your christmas tree? 25, theirr bucks maybe? 50 maybe.ay >> very small one, sure. s how about a thousand dollars?? >> no, >> would you do so? we'll tellt hugh is.s.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
?? >> 8:30. here's what's happening right now. this is live pictures that you're seeing of the incoming d.c. schools chancellor the nominee at least. t' long as he gets approved he'll be thes hatliveing ofoo nl chancellor ant want wilson backc in d.c. and having a chance toeo meet and greet with someet wit students today.od. this morning he's outside tubman elementary school in northwesttt d.c.
8:31 am
felt position last month ofonth course he comes from oakland,akd california y he was previouslyol the superintendent of public schools. now having his first chance tono meet face to face down on the level of the students thistshi morning. good to see him here in thein nation's capitol. al? well, if you are crazy about cards, rabid for roulette oroulr slots your time is almost here. ?? >> come early, plan to spend a a goodly amount of time and you ta can avoid some of thatha congestion.estion. ?? >> the best advice we can givecv anybody when it comes to gettint here is plan ahead. ?? >> it's an extremely exciting ec time for us. ?? >> they've invest add lot of o money really in the
8:32 am
?? >> well so war the benefits anda of course what benefits come negative? when mgm national harbor opens tomorrow at 11:00 p.m., prince george's geo county executive rah shern she backer here with us thishi morning. >> good morning. >> it's good to be here.good tbh >> i can't believe you've nevere been her >> it's so ne. almost as nice as m.d. m. >> almost.>> that's a big joke.'sig j let's talk about mgm. mgm how excited is the county too welcome >> we're really excited this hai been a l when we first passed the the legislation allowing anotherther casino to come into maryland, ii was in 2012.was in 201 so it's hard to go from justrojs seeing it on paper to actually seeing it in life.nif it's going to bring in tons of s revenues for us in the county.nt which is going to help us in education and health >> we've been talking about a a traffic nightmare it will be, b and county executive you have tv admit it's going to be a >> it really is.>> i mean, but i can't help butp bt
8:33 am
you know this in prince george's county, people pass through ittg and they don't stop and spendnd money. this time they'll be there will be lot of folks.e los but we prepared for it. i we've been working for the lasts two years preparing for what's ' going to happen with opening. residents and people out there who want tod pe come, one, packu parties. the other you can go to mgmm traffic and it will give you thu county website. you can get text alerts andsnd e-mail alerts about the best waw to get around traffic in that ar and so we're doing everything wn can one to make sure people area safe and the other is to makeo e sure people have a good timeoodm while they're there.ile th >> to that end, police forcece working overtime making sure sue that especially in the opening g would imagine. what is the toll financially here? is it burdensome? is itt pectcted? >> well, we've been preparinge'e for it. b we knew it was going to be a big inening. probably not, you know, as bigsb as it is going to be tomorrow.oo but one of things that we openee a brand new police station downn
8:34 am
we've also work the last twoast years with mgm, our police pic department and our public works to make sure we can, you know,,, get the manpower and women power erere. and we opened a new, um, we're opening new, um, harbor police e station so that we can actuallyy go from water and do public safety.ty >> okay. are there any cons in yourour ininion? >> well, i mean the trafficic certainly, upping, one of things we -- we're making sure we do is while we're fixing 210 we pute p county, that's indian headd highway.way. there's about one venomil vomil million dollars that all rightl has been allocated for that.or we'll go back into the stateto e this year and ask them form for additional work to help uss around that area because we aree still dealing with traffic tra that's coming from charleshaes county, saint mary's county anda places like that.hat but it's going to be important as we go forward in the county c that we do that. t but you can, you know, it's $41 million additional revenuese coming to prince george's county
8:35 am
that's going to help us a lot. it expands our commercial taxl base which means that residentsn property taxes get to be helde d low. >> it also, i mean, princeri george's county all right on the map for other reasons. >> yeah.eah >> this is an additional i would imagine big old star on a checkmark. >> it really is. i think everyone is g>>oing tono like it. it may even at tract the new n president to come there andre a visit us. visit us. >> have you been already?en aeay >> i have not been.. so tomorrow will be my first day to see it actually completed and done. excellent.ll i want to ask -- i'm sure all sl these studies are done about doo we have real gamers here ate a least in our area to attracttt this beautiful casino?o? >> well, one of things i liked k about mgm and the way we went w about this, it's not depending i on just people coming in for inr mes.s. yes, we have table games and gaa slot machines there, but it's an entertainment and an activity.ct so we think we'll get international folks that arenas going to come here and visitndis
8:36 am
money. but it definitely -- wey -- we definitely have enough gamers in prince george'ss county to keee it open. >> look, i might become just a small.ll take a couple hundred dollars da maybe to start.ybto s [ laughter ][ la >> we will see you there at thee opening. >> yes. >>w niorrow night. can't let you go without talking about some county business. buss we saw in the beginning dc d looking at a new school'school' chancellor bringing in it lookoo like they're close to ant want wilson there are still calls cal about dr. mack well being let go naacp chief among them. t do you >> i do. i think we made great progressrs in terms of our academic performances in the county.nt our graduation rates are up anda our middle school promotion pron rates are up. those are the things.e ts. certainly we'll have struggles as d.c. has found out in the past, but i support him, and i d think we're moving in the rightt direction.ct >> and last bit of business, dui recently for one of the councill members in the county.nt. what happens now? this is notsn
8:37 am
this person on the council.ouil >> they made the right stepht yesterday when they decided toee put together a task force toer look at how they issue county cars and what happens when whe you've had more than one accident. certainly in the county we'll du the same thing.hi we limited the amount of fromf m the executive branch we limit lt the amount of county cars thatha employees can take. tak but we're also going to look ata our policies again, too, just tt make sure, because that's an important part. i mean, i have to say that, you know, our thoughts go out to council franklin and his familym involved in the accident. >> all right.>> all r thank you so much for joiningr g us. >> thank you allison. allis >> congratulations on mgm. that's huge we're all excited e about it. thank you. i am, too. good back over to you, tuck.. >> allison quick look at theo weather. 44 now. low to mid 50s this afternoon with partial sunshine expectedue around here later today. and a quick look at your satellite/radar showingrada conditions will be improving.mpg all right. maybe we won't.e we w't take my word for it.word f it. partly sunny, low to mid 50s mi5
8:38 am
coming up. u >> erin is back with traffic.tha >> steve and i were hanging out just beside your weather.ea. here's traffic. he maps.aps. so nasty wednesday morning drive. baltimore washington parkway north and southbound through beltsville slow. 95wa sshsoutbeouthbound from no icc to the beltway jams. jam outer loop from route 1 all thet way to the 270 spur is about a 35 minute delay. d and then 270 southbound coming n from gaithersburg through rockville still very heavye ill traffic.trfi the inner loop through annandala i don't li same story 395 northbound to th 14th street bridge. 295 northbound through southeast jams up as you try to cross thet 11th street bridge and freeway w east and westbound by the their street tunnel not looking hot ah we take look at ridge road inn damascus this earlier crashrash cleared on 27 at kemp ton road.a traffic back to normal and the ram from that 70 eastbound to to 270 southbound reopened.pened. keep it to fox5 news morning. m
8:39 am
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?? ?? ??
8:41 am
>> how much would you spend foro a christmas tree? would you spend 100 buck for a tree? itui has to be a really nice tree,e, right.ght. >> yeah. >> how about thousand dollars. >> no way. i agree. vendor in new york city though o indicators to high-end customeru who are willinghigh-end c to pah prices for what they consider to be the perfect tree. >> all right. of course they're not decorateda they are just the tree.the t there's no stand or anything.nyn it's just the tree. >> more ekistic the tree it ises
8:42 am
korean fir.rean fir i get very few of them every year. it was -- was 650 for the tree. $200 for the stand. sta deliver row fee of $25.25 and then installation. >> delivery fee is the bargain a when you're spending 650.g 6 if i sold thousand dollars treee i would remember every detailet about that. about >> let me say something.e say sg i would freeze it so i can havea e every year. [ laughter ] >> that's not going to work. wor don't try i tree vendor that you just saw -- h this tree this tree vendor.enr. >> also sells trees for muchlle more affordable prices. pce like for 50 i'm sure. >> i just to think 50 bucks wass lot for a tree.lofor >> i still do. i s >> i'm living in the pastin past apparently. >> that's how much i spend.s about 5050.w .> good deal. check in with wisdom and maureee find out what's coming on good g day dc.dc. hello.o. >> good morning.>> goo >> a thousand dollars ford tre? >> right.>>ight >> i will start growing one now and sell it to you neck year for half price. >> i got a little farm down d south. we'll talk about that little bit later.
8:43 am
continue to follow developingevp story. a warning to parents by policey after a man attempted to kidnapd a student while she was on hernh way to school.y to school. we're live with the latest topt story. we also continue to follow new dee taillights in the trump transition.tran what you need to know in theeed first five minutes.utes. all new at 9a we're live with tt seem. em the kardashians versus blacsubl yna.a. >> then she still has key card.r sarah fraser here with her her newest podcast subject, jim lokay. >> i was bore the l train. trai. then at 10a fox5 goe with denzel washington.hington. >> ooh, yes.. >> need them stuffing thosethems stockings. we have the must have items this hostliday. h holiday. >> and then things are going too get a little bit artsy in herenh in the loft.of >> what do you mean. what >> stay tune. you'll see what i mean. >> wow! >> you have to stay tune. have good day just moments away. >> nice >> real artsy. >> okay.. >> coming up in just a the nation's health insurancensn preparing for the repeal ofea o obama care and they have a list
8:44 am
>> we'll tell was they want
8:45 am
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>> live picture of the capitolct this morning. what a difference it makes from yesterday when we had nurasty ferencastyai all day.. >> thankfully i repeated chant c of rain, rain go away work. >> what's the rest today of wila be like. we have your full forecast fecas
8:47 am
>> all right. after day of rain probably ready for sunshine. we've got some in the forecastor t i later todayn . with daytime highs in the low tl mid 50s much it's cool out this morning. cool start to the day.the y. winds they'll be a factor hereet picking up out of the north andh west about 10e to 20.o currently not so bad. here north and west at se out or storm system fromm yesterday.yesty much needed rain about an inchni at reagan national you can seeio that cloud cover lingering thist morning. we shall see it break up aha s little lateree this afternoon aa high pressure is able to builde in. more and more sunshine laternd m today and again highs in the loe to mid 50s. snow flying back into theinto midwest.dwes that's an arctic boundary to will come charging that was herr tomorrow and your daytime highse on friday and saturday it'sy going feel like winter aroundelr here with highs in the upper ait their toss about 40. 4 that's the setup for lateror ler
8:48 am
to show you the seven day. day get ready. get a cold blast by late thursdaye h night really by friday andriy saturday. daytime highs upper 30s to aboua 40 an chilly weekend maybe abe little wintry mix here lateer l speaking of wintry mix, i've got very special guests. gsts. very quickly all the way from wo the north pole, hoe, hoe, hoe,o, merry christmas. >> mr. and mrs. claus. >> mer row christmas >> merry christmas.hristm >> we've got a very specialype event we'll talk about in thebon 9:00 o'clock hour.lo h we want everybody to stay because it's not too often youfn get to have san tan mrs. claus. you've been hard at workork bringing those toys. toy >> busy time of year. >> we'll talk all about toys in the 9:00 o'clock hour.clocou allison and steve, you want toat hear from these g >> we're on our best behavior ar well.ll >> i am too and i'm writing myy list. list >> just in case we slipped during the year. make it up for it today. >> stanford university facingd y federal lawsuit this morninguitr from several women who say
8:49 am
predator the suit alleges the unnamed man student strangled a victim and told her to kill kill herself. stanford has yet to comment onmt that case.ase. students tenches in texasudentst protesting against a guestst speaker.. >> white national lift richardfa spencer spoke at texas a and m yesterday. he was invited to cyeollege station texas by a former for student and political active acv visit. the university has publiclyty hb rejected spencer's views but i because it's a public a publi university.iv meanwhile spencer says he'sayse' ready to have dialogue with students. >> in a way, like, dent tanner i as understand it it is about itt diverse on the on a globalhe oao scale. >> i think it's important to show that hate speech is nhinkon tolerated on this >> the controversial politicalot leader says he's not a racist r but someone who wants to awaken his oppressed people cowered by the current world. his words in south carolina,outc
8:50 am
to delay picking a jury in the trial because the public is thee surrounding mistrial and formerr plea officer's case accused ofsd shooting and killing a black mam in south carolina. roof's lawyers filed the requesq yesterday. jury selection is expected totie begin today. >> nation's health insurers havs for the first time outlined whaa the industry wants to stay in the state marketplaces if thef affordable care act is indeedd pepeal. among their demands, assurance r from gop lawmakers that low l income households will still the insurance companies do not n lose money.oney and a promise that rules encouraging young and healthy hy people sign up for insurance inn will remain in place. p more than 22 million people will be left uninsured. uninsured if republican lawmakers don'trsd come up with an alternative to the affordable care act. ?? 8:50 new this morning a very special on nor for local middlel school student. >> eleanor see christ won a
8:51 am
for her efforts at a schoola s assembly this morning. this mor bob barnard is at louis fentonin mill school as we find outind o what's about to happen. to happe hi, bob. >> reporter: hey there, steve.,e guys, yeah, just beginning righr now. assembly here in the gymnasium i and i'll tell you eleanor is ini the orchestra they just playedua the national hasn't them these a she's the student there in the maroon sweater eighth grader and she won competition.mpit six to us owned on the people u across the countowry.. she won this national societyloe for science and the public she gets a $25,000 check thishi her project was calledrn "rocke, nozzles and thruster quote, oh,, my" basically they sayhe demonstrates her deep knowledgew and understanding of stem fielde very special day here and we'rew joined by the superintendent of
8:52 am
a lot of time the news mediaewed comes and there's a lot of attention on middle schoolersle when something bad happens muche this is an awesome thing for eleanor and for this school. sch >> yes it is and we're thrilledt to have you here to help to celebrate with us much this is i was m98000 public middle schoolo on other private schools can sch compete for this as well. as w so to have the national winnerln is an amazing accomplish many.lm >> we have a couple ofoue photographs of eleanor winningan the prize and with a classmatema working on her p she gets $25,000.,000. but you were telling me and tel everybody here as well that thee school and teacher gets someetom money as well. mo >> yes, they each get a thousans dollars so the whole school will benefit from this.nefit fr >> you mentioned that she is the win are in but the whole schools here is proud of this day. >> absolutely they are.ely th so it's a time when everyone evy should celebrate their peersrs success and the amazingng accomplishment of her with theih
8:53 am
school.hool. >> and are you not surprised that one your eighth graders wow this national competition againt you think this is a tough timeim for kids they're teens, teens transition time for and eighth e grade can be an awful experiencc for a lot of kids but here's onn and others part of this thi orchestra doing really well. >> absolutely. just listening to the orchestrag and how amazing they are,hey a they're better than some high h school orchestras.ras you're absolutely right, thoughg kids can be very bright at thisi >> all right. of prince william county alsocon 62. thanks for joining us. guys, she's a member of theth an, shorchestra she e'plays thei and a budding scientist, again a her project rocks, nozzles and d thrusts, oh, my, $25,000 middlel school award winner here, ande,a this assembly at her school s fenton middle school in manassas celebrating her and her mosh. ms today, guys.s >> what great accomplishment itl is. >> awesome. it is awesome. thanks, bob. sure is. s. who doesn't love good vilee deo,o, right. >> this year self made the liste
8:54 am
not all video online has what it takes to start trending. ?? >> welcome back.>> live look at the white house this morning 8:54. >> special sauce that little mojo that, bang that's correct makes for viral video it's quite illusive as probably many of you have already found out but 20166 has had plenty of youtube videos
8:55 am
>> we're talking about what putt the viral in the viral videos.s. youtube embraced the phenomenon tracking most viewed videos anda how often they're shared. sight's head of culture and trends kevin breaks down thiss i year's list. >> reporter: another of ourf our popular videos was the water bottle flip dude perfect videocv this is a big year for challenge videos, so the mannequinannequ challenge, the running man man challenge, the hundred layers ly challenge and water bottle flipi these water bottle flips comes m from dude perfect.. >> i mean it kind of surprised me. >> what's the sauce. sau >> i'm still wait to go see whai sauce ist to. >> maybe -- we'll have to lock k into that little bit more. mor >> okay. >> all right.>> all r go to >> you guys are good.d. >> sorry.>> s >> you'll have to wait for the e special sauce. >> i'm as let down as you you are. i wanted topping what the sauceh >> in good day maybe we'll sayes >> i've been here watching tv --
8:56 am
hey, we'll clear it out. gradually, gradually going to g clear it out later tod. should be a dry afternoon foraf you and a cool one.l one low to mid 50's. suing they cloud cover at theere moment holding tough here. so it will take few more hoursou for high pressure to build in from the west.fromhe w do want to mention cold front ft tomorrow and it means businessns look at the daytime highs, friday, is a, upper 30s to about 40. 40. overnight lows a hard freeze a e even in the city.ev in 20s around here with a cold cold breeze. get ready for chilly maybe even ar wchintry mix suny night before it change erin is back with roads. roads >> i am. 8:00 vick. new problems on the roads unfortunately for your wednesday g rning drive. look at all of that congestionon in the district northeast. michigan avenue closed atse at franklin street because of atree crash. it's causing a lot of delays ono franklin north capital backed uu in both directions with typicall volume.volu. northbound bw parkway crash cra north of 450 so we have some atypical delays from 50 up towards new carrollton.rolln because of that southbound sideh of 295 jams from 50 to theo t
8:57 am
50 leading towards 295. 295 now moving down to staff for v r have a, 95 northbound a crash at courthouse road left laneeft lan blocked so you're seeing biging delays as you head up for few fw miles to that crash location.oct keep it to the right haven't han some patience.atie route 1 can get you around thata one. metro on time except foror safetrack. steve and allison. >> al, fill us in on th details. >> from forbes say should berbes viral be short and sweet, shorts timely, be upbeat, be involved, and be informative and be b inspiring. >> now that's the sauce m >> you're welcome. >> good day is next.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
?? ? straight ahead a marylandadl teenager almost abducted waitini for a schoolbus.oous now this morning police are pe stepping up patrols in one d.c.. suburb as they look for suspect. donald trump and hisndis secretary of defense. the president-elect side by side with mad dog mattis during ag a plus, the latest title trump tru just added to his resume. >> a date which will live in infamy. >> today marks 75 years since the attack at pearl harbor thatr change the the world forever. we'll show you how america willl mark the anniversary from hawaiw to right here at home. and later, mending fences. >> as long as you in my house you put a sir on the end of itnt when you talk to me.e. >> oscar winner denzel dze


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