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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 7, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? ? straight ahead a marylandadl teenager almost abducted waitini for a schoolbus.oous now this morning police are pe stepping up patrols in one d.c.. suburb as they look for suspect. donald trump and hisndis secretary of defense. the president-elect side by side with mad dog mattis during ag a plus, the latest title trump tru just added to his resume. >> a date which will live in infamy. >> today marks 75 years since the attack at pearl harbor thatr change the the world forever. we'll show you how america willl mark the anniversary from hawaiw to right here at home. and later, mending fences. >> as long as you in my house you put a sir on the end of itnt when you talk to me.e. >> oscar winner denzel dze
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appearance right here in d.c. good day at 9a starts right now. ?? and good day dc. d dc it is 901 on this wednesday wedd morning december 7th is theths date. i'm holly morris alongsideisngsi maureen, steve and >> all right. also ahead, this morning, manassas eighth grader getting t very lucky middle schooler just awarded $25,000.2500 that's not luck. that is skill. >> when it comes to science. within ago national scienceence etmpetition. bob barnard just talked with her and we'll check in with himithim coming up. u first at 9:00 let's talk about the weather because we're' going to get a little warmup wmu before temperatures drop again.n the good news, the rain is overe for details now tucker barnes be back with a check of thechec the forecast. hey, tuck. >> i didn't win so manyan competitions when i was kid.heni >> i'm not surprised by that. >> shocker. >> fame surprise.prise >> 45 in washington.hito 40 up in new york.or th guys.uys.
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chicago 24. yes, we got the colder air out o to the west. the w the reason i mention it that'sts on the way not so much today but by tomorrow and friday, saturday look out.ut. as this will feel like winter l around here. cloud cover this morning theis r rain from yesterday out of herer off to the north and east pickic up about an inch of much needede rain across the area. a and you can see some clearinglen skies starting to break out to the west and that will build inn later this afternoon it will be breezy, and cool but it shouldtu be partly to mostly sunny by afternoon with winds north and d west here at 10 to 20.20. lots and lots to talk about. tat we got cold air maybe some wintry precip on that seven dayy as well.el when will that arrive? if it f arrives at all.arri i'll have the details and we'vee got santa, mrs. claus. >> wow!>>ow lovove it. >> 9:30. you can get much bigger thanchg that. >> thanks, tuck.>> thanks, t welcome back. >> thank you. thank he is not president yet butb donald trump is time magazine'ss brand new person of the year.ea the magazine making thatg tha announcement just about 90ut minutes ago. a. every year time editors select a
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influenced the news and theews t world in the past year.heast the president-elect beat out 100 on the finalists including his democratic rival hillary clinton for that top spot. st. clinton meantime was declaredece times runner up. the president-elect acceptep times honor from the road wheree he is continuing his thank youny tour of battleground states that helped him push ahead of hillarl clinton in last month's mon's election. last night trump made headlinesn when he introducing his pick fok secretary of defense. general james mad dog mattis too the nation.. general mattis g cheers and said he looks forwara to serving the military oncenc again though this time in a suit. >> i'm grateful for the t opportunity to return to ourur troops, our families, the the civilians of the department of defense, because i know how i kw committed they are and devoted t they are to the defense of ourfr country, the defense of our constitution and with our allies strengthened, with our country t strengthened i look forward to i being the civilian l leader so o
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the waiver and the senate votesv the consent. thank you very much.very much. >> republicans added that waiver language that mattis mentionedon to a much past budget bill upl u for vote on friday. the law currently said formerr military officers must bes muste retired from service for sevenvi years before becoming secretarye of defense. general mattis has been out for three years.three years. president-elect trump told thehe military audience that withith mattis at the top the defense dn department will be bigger and bd stronger than ever before. >> hopefully they can addully t everything else they need to gey to the n must pass bill all done in one fell swoop.wo >> it does show you how they hoe slide things this i >> sure does. >> you know what i mean? what people don't likwheat. >> it's happened for years. >> the rules say seven years and now they're trying to change the rules. ru >> yup. >> even though he's been out for three. he'h.h. >> that blows my mind. >> i'm dumb founded by that.b f seven years is on the books. but now the rule needs to be changed -- >> the victor goes the spoils i what i say. >> i mean i guess --n guess >> change the rules every time?
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>> possibly. >> i'm so confused by this.o co >> younf can always propose tops change them. >> yeah.eah >> all right.ig. >> whatever. guess he thinks he's thehine best person for the job. j who knows? happening todayng ty attorneys and active visitse vis holding news conference torence discuss what they claim are unconstitutional efforts by thee national park service to blockoo protests during the inauguration next now, the demonstrators say theye should have access to several sr critical locations in d.c. too protest and their lawyers planln to announce how they will ty w respond to the >> well date infamy. today we mark the 75th mark e anniversary of the attack onttan pearl harbor that drew therehe united states into world war ii. somber memorials are being heldl from hawaii to the world war ii memorial here in d.c. fox's doud luzader has >> reporter: the world war ii memorial here in washington innn compasses the full scope of thet war but for the united states is all really began 75 years ago today. it was a surprise attack thathat would alter the course ofrse history.
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pacific lapping on the shores oo hawaii.wa a far cry from the images hereer 75 years ago today. tod the japanese attack on pearlpear harbor led to america's entry into world war ii ushering in a new age. >> december 7th, 1941, a date d that which will live in infamy. >> reporter: living survivors between now but for some, like lauren bruner, the images are still >> if i do talk about it -- i cannot sleep.leep >> reporter: he was on boardwasa the uss arizona that day which exploded after a japanese bomb b blew up its magazine killing nearly 1200 officers and crew. today the arizona memorial is a somber reminder for those born r long after the war.
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has been slowly bleeding out oil for three quarters of a centuryy now. >> ?? >> reporter: hawaii naive emma zero who was in grade school sch back in 1941 remembers the attack >> we could see the bomb -- the airplane flying and bombing, you know,. know >> and the black smoke.ckmoke black smoke, yeah and the firess >> reporter: war two voteswo v have been arr recent days to commemorate the anniversary but the first hand d accounts of those who livedhoiv through the attack are growingrg more and more quiet with each year. sights at pell harbor to the world wore twenty two memorialtt here in washington veterans andv those who beneanfited from theim sacrifice renew a vow today tooy never forget. >> later today there will be a ceremony -- we can still hearea you doug much. >> he's just talking about the l different ceremonies --
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9:07 is our time f you'reou crazy about cards, roulette or slots, your time is almost here. mgm grand hotel and casino oneie day away now from opening fromnm national harbor the casino casin features more than 3,000 slot,0o machines visitors can alsoits ca expect nightclubs, lounges lng plenty of shopping and fine f dining. keeping things running on the roads nearby hasings r some ress concerned. prince george's county executive rushern baker joi u talk about the traffic turmoil o the new casino to cause. >> we prepared for it.or i we've been working for the lastt two years preparing for what's ' going to happen with the opening. residents and people out there who want to come, oned pe, packu patience. the other you can go to mgmm traffic and it will give you tht county website you can get textt alerts and e-mail alerts aboutau the best way to get around aroud traffic in that area.a. and so we're doing everything we can one to make sure people are safe and the other is to make
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while they're there. >> mr. baker also joked that tht casino will keep people frome fo driving through the countye cout without spending any money.ey >> good >> montgomery county police theo do have a warniunng for parents this morning it comes after aer attempted kidnapping situationps that happened to student whilele she was on her way to school. s. >> this morning they wanty wan parents and students to be on high alert. fox5's annie yu is live inli i gaithersburg with more on whonho police are looking for thisor ti morning. morn annie? >> reporter: good morning toornt all of you. just rea we're talking about a teenagedee girl in high school. soo she was a student at watkinswatk mill high school this happenedhs on monday around 7:00 o'clock. and being out here all morning r long, we saw people out here ase early as 5:00 o'clock thiskhi morning walking around, walkingi their dogs and this right here h is a main access road along -- - long knife court excuse me. m and this is the cidar mill ml apartments.aparents so you have lake forest mall.
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a lot of people walking around lkg ar but this did happen around 7:00 o'clock. o'clo this young girl was waiting forf her bus.hebus and she says that a manan approached her from behind andda he told her to shut up and hee put a big bag over her head. she yelled really loud screamedm brought attention to herself,lf, and then she was able to scare r off the attacker and that's what police are giving kudos for. f they say any time you are attacked, like this, you shouldd obviously scream as loud as youu can. she reported the incident toncit teachers once school and they were able to abt call police.olic then the school sent home a a letter asking parents to talk to their children about these types of incidents being alert, onrt,o high alert and also keeping kng those headphones out of theirf e ears if they're walking around. they tell us right now thatha they're looking for a one suspect a blackmale -- mid to late 30s, 5-foot five, medium build, he was wearing all blacka at the time. they're asking anyoneat with wh information to give them a callc
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meantime, they definitely havelh stepped up the presence here ine the area. that's the very latest here from gaithersburg.hers annie yu, fox5 local news. new >> annie, thank you for thatha update.te local eighth grader $25,000 richer this morning. morng. it's all because of science.. bob bar far joining us next witn all those detailsh.s >> later jim lokay is zaria fraser's hot seat. seat. what he toll her about his h journey to d.c. and the moment n that changed his family forever. 9:11 is our time right now. now you're watching good ?? ?? ?? ??
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smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. ?? >> 9:14 is your time. very special honor today for a local middle school student or shall we say genius. >> she got 25k:1al hle sshal. eleanor won a national middlel school science competition and she got 25k as in $25,000 for fr her efforts in school assemblyll this mor bob barnard at fenton mill school to check it all out. out he got a chance talk to thealtot young lady. ly i assume she's pretty happy this morning. >> we haven't had chance to tale to her right n to ow she's speak to her classmatesin. thisly nor.isly we'll speak to her right afterft this she was just presented witw this check for $25,000..
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speaking to her classmates about this competition that she won.te it was a national competition. she beat out something like 6,000 other middle schoolers for this national scienceational scc competition. her project was called "rocket,t nozzles and thrusts, oh, my" and we spoke earlier with theith superintendent of public schoolh here in prince william county dr. steve here he is while you're speakiny you'll see a pictureou of eleann working on her project. >> this is awesome middle schools and other private schools can compete for this asa well. so to have the national winnerir is an amazing accomplish many. >> reporter: here's a photograph of eleanor winningean competition back in objection aa the national geographic societyr in washington.ngn. again, she gets a $25,000 cash prize.pre her science teacher here and there -- come back live you seee
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check the teacher here her science see teacher also gets a thousand dollars as does the schooll itself. so a lot of monitey going arounn showing what middle schoolerse can do if they put their hearts and minds into something, and again, dr. waltz up there withpr the audience mention to do uso o earlier a lot of times a lot of attention is focused on eighth i graders. grad it's a transitioning time forime them, and often things don't go well, and that gets notoriety. here for a middle schooler doind something really cool, guys, and getting $25,000 for her efforts. >> remarkable.emkable. >> bob, maybe you shall try toae talk to her parents. yher pants. they're probably like, over thet moon saying let's put that inhat education fun.un >> do you it now by the time shh goss to college you're in good'g shape. >> you got it covered.t cove. thanks, bob what great accomplishment.accomp >> love it, love it, love it. >> good luck to her.
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>> 9:16. comet pizza reopens. north dakota taking a direct hit from old man winter two for one deal at lose that has nothing tg do with the sales actually we'vw got a check of what else ist els making headlines coming up nextn later more family drama for the carryings. why they are trying to stopey an their sister-in-law from using their famous name. n going to talk about it when wehw come back.
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?? 9:19 is our time right now. allisoour n itis back in the loh a check of the other storieser i making headlines this hey,. >> good morning holly and good g morning to all of you. y travel comes to standstill in north dakota due to the first tr blizzard of the season. heavy snowfall whipped up by hide winds forced closure of the airport.rp low visibility and treacherousro conditions also forced the stata police to shut down i94 and i29 forcing truckers to hunker downd at truck stops for the night. comet ping-pong bringing itn back here to the district backgt in business.usin the doors opened last night just about 48 hours after a gunmanun entered the restaurant firingt n shots. sh the owner of the comet ping-pono says he's thankful for thel support of the community andni a looks forward to serving svi customers for many years to come. the suspect 28-year-old edgar welch was apparently motivate by what is a false news storyor
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>> i can see the circumstance ic which i'd run but what i've i learned a long long time ago,go steven s to -- to never sayay you don't know what is going tog happen. i mean, hell, donald trump is going to be 74, i'll be 77 in better shape. [ laughter ] >> all right. there you have so that's the vice-president joj biden of course reluctant to say for sure whether he will run for president in 2020. 2 not counting it o stephen colbert come a day aftea he told a reporter that hee planned a bid in four years. finding the perfect job is a challenge but for facebook workers they apparently have hiv the jackpot. the social giant is at the top of best places to work amongk ao tech companies in the united facebook says it focuses ons itn taking care of its workers who enjoy flexibility and say it'ss not about how much time you spend in the office. offic and finally, two for one deal da
9:22 am
the store hired disable veteran clay, he can't work without his service dog charlotte.rlot so the store hired charlotte,, too. he says that he was looking forr job after his time in the airir force and he, hooks won mind hih service dog tagging along? ? that's what he put on his applications and shall hot hasna become a customer favorite asave you can imagine in her job.. she's been there for two monthsn when i saw this post, man, i m, wish i lived in that part of texas. >> i know. >> such a cutie.tie >> love to see them. love ee >> charlotte get a paycheck,eck, too. she should. >> she should,e s right. >> maybe all the pets and hugs is payment enough.nt enough. that is very cool. >> good job for lose, too.. >> absolutely. >> 9:22. it is the season of wishes andhe coming up next we'll show youhou how one little girl got to livel out her dream of becoming a popp star and how you can make sureas other kids fighting for thinkori lives get the same experience. plus christmas now 18 days8s away. away
9:23 am
they need your help, too. t tucker barnes will have all thel details and a check of theheck e forecast coming up a little bitb >> fresh at 10a we're spilling l some secrets from the zest t z empire. stars taraji p. henson and tayet diggs are talking about the lasl two episodes before the showeho takes us to winter break. do you not want to miss this.s i time right now 9:23. 9:2 more good day dc after thehe eaeak. ?? ?? good afternoon.>> with the 29th infantry diviission. sth t i'd like to wisdih eviverybody o merry christmas, happy holidays. like to give shout out to my t girlfriend nicky and myy daughters loralie and
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?? fox5 d.c. cares is partnering with make a wish midm atlantic for its season ofts sen wishes campaign.ampan we have been sharing stories ofi local kids and their wishes andw we hope that the stories willesl inspire you to give or get involved. well this morning we meet addy.d she's eight years old. she beat cancer.cer but before that, she recorded. r watch and see what we mean. ??
9:27 am
own music video. my name is addy flint. ?? >> ed dee a tumor that gross ofs the top of the kidneys. kneys. so then from there it can reread. >> it's kind of her breaking itt stops your world for sure fororr little while.hi she's a calm, happy child, and they when she was ill, that light was gone and so for us we focused a lot on that light come >> so for us, make a wish becamm kind of that bright spot through her treatment.ment ?? >> it was awesome. it was so fun. so f i can barely even explain it.
9:28 am
>> addy did her video to theo te katie perry roar and that song follows me everywhere.verywhere. every time i hear that song it brings a smile to my face.. >> ?? i got the eye of the tiger ?? >> we watch the video all thellt time. and it really, even after the video dropped into remission, we still watched the video couple times a week ae just to see that amazing smileni on her face. >> ?? >> i am the champion you'reou going to hear me roar ?? >> thank you for helping me make my wish come true.rue. it was amazing. >> we've seen both our daughterh and other wish kids impacted by make a wish and we've seen how n
9:29 am
how they become stronger througn it, how it gives them hope, how it gives them joy, how it givess them strength and also after the wish is over and their treatment is over how that's such a happyh memory and how it kind of o replaces their other memories of being sick. ?? >> amazing. you are a champion addy.ondd if you what and the to add add dee' full video go to mid and searchg ac addy and remember make a wish a really needs money and/or air tt help grant wishes and there areh a lot of different ways sick s kids in our area that are waiting for a wish and a lot oft different ways that you can help grant them. so just go to mid atlantic-season of to donate. >> love those stories.toes >> oh, my gosh. g >> love those stories. stoes >> make a wish is mazing and hoh they make the wishes come truehe
9:30 am
>> really. >> they think of things.y thin >> you know since we've beennowe airing this i had a mom reachoma out to me who's son gone through make a wish and had cancer cance schenn talk about what it meantm to her son. ton her family having peopleeo care that much.hat muc i mean, each one of these t stories so unique it breaks your heart and you wish you didn'tout need make a wish but glad it's i there to help the people thatelh need it.t. >> love how they fulfill those >> addy roaring loudly.inloudl >> i wore purple in her honor. >> fantastic.. >> hi, everybody.verydy >> special guest today. tod mrs. claus are in the house, i', a little nervous. >> you should be nervous.erus >> something to worry about.hing >> they have a little piece of coal in their >> exactly. >> i got a big list here. got b let's doig the forecast and go g talk to santa about the speciale event they're involved in.thin 45 now in washington.ashingto hey, we'll clear it out, and a we'll get afternoon sunshine.. with daytime highs in the low to mid 50s much after day of much
9:31 am
weather and the roads stunk. snk nicer conditions to expect this afternoon. i like the dramatic >> i flew across the country than i got -- fast than i got from dulles to my house.ou >> a lot of people had that similar trek.r >> i put in the walk feature ine my phone. i can have walk home faster.. >> hey, there's your wind speede mimiles an hour. i mentioned the winds they'lldsl pick up out of the north andou west about 10 tot 20 later this afternoon but that will help h clear things out.clear things o we should be in partly to mostly sunny conditions and afternoon starting to break the clouds up out of the to the wese of hagerstown. high pressure builds in and a nice afternoon.ssure 50s todaynice a about 50 tomorrr then look look a cold front which is now bringing snow showers to partsor of kansas and nebraska that is i headed in our direct, and it it will really change up theng weather pattern around here forr the weekend.the eken daytime highs by friday and fday saturday upper 30s. that sun nice.ic >> get out your redskins glovese wisdom.
9:32 am
wind chill around here by friday and saturday. satda there you go. g upper 30s to about 40.ut >> get i was new pair for >> maybe even a little bit of ab wintry mix around here by sunday night into monday. keep an eye on that as well.l >> all right. rig special guest i'm headed in this direct. oh, what do i hear? (sleigh bells).ls). >> i hear santa and mrs. clausar and the whole group is oo good morning. >> merry christmas.>>erry >> so glad -- i'm honored toonot have you all here in front of me. >> >> and little nervous as well.> all right, this is obviously fos a cause, and we've got this ishs fairfax county police. this is sir your name. >> chuck reinhardt. >> reinhardt and you're the spokesperson for this greatnhare event. tell us about why you guys are g here today and thank you soap yu for coming out.for ut >> yes, sir. yes, si we collect toys throughouts th fairfax county from public and private schools. s other county facilities all thel police stations in fairfaxrf county all contribute.ontrib >> okay. we collect those toys next weekt on monday they'll be collected.d they'll be sored by a local higg school criminal justice class.s.
9:33 am
>> the toys are then taken to fairfax hospital child live unii as well as georgetown lombardioa cancer cen >> that is fantastic. fantastic tell me how people will know --o is there a box in all thesehese locations?locations? >> yes. every police station has a stion couple boxes.. they're basically the two by 2-foot 3-foot high wrapped boxex open top they can just throw a new toy, book or game in thoseno boxes. and we'll collect them. them. allll right. any particular toys we'rertular looking r >> we're looking for new toys. these kids in the hospitals thee have obviously they're in thehee hospital for reason.ho for >> okay. >> we try to keep it as steriler as possible. >> all santa you've been hard at work. tell me how the year has been he going. >> year has been going pretty good, s tucker.begood, ke >> yeah.>> y >> yes, sir., si >> everything has been good.g se >> santa i called you you don't call me, sir. all right i've loon looking upop to you for 40 plus years here. r all right. obviously the fairfax countyou
9:34 am
how many toys are we hoping to g raise this year, how toys weoye hoping to be contribute.ontr >> as many as possible. a ths ema toys aren't only given n for christmas tree.ristmatree they're given out for birthdaysh for children in the hospital. i. we give them to the emergency en department. any time the child goes in for f an operation or procedure, weduw also try to provide them with wt enough toys so that they canthen provide that child with a toy ty during that time. te ig all right. wonderful event.ful tell me more about what peveople can get information online ifino they want to figure out where tt fine a bock or how they can getc an go toan go to the fairfax county police twitter page. the facebook page there's links on there. there they can get more informationnfn there on where the boxes are at. okakay. >> again every police departmeny in fairfax county the governm pt center, pa nino building, animal control, many of the countyou police facilities, i'm sorry aly of the county police facilitiest >> all of the county policecounc facilities. >> correct. thank you so much for coming out. u so pushming puslike doing ups, just to get in shape forhaf the travel season.ea
9:35 am
he loves doing push ups. >> okay.>>kay >> and we'll see if he wanted tn some push ups. >> mrs. claus do you do push ups as well in i do no the. n the i leave that to the reindeer.eer reindeer and all. all >> frosty, do you do push ups. s >> frosty does not.does not. >> i don't even have to ask you. you're a busyven man. m take it away with a few push up here from -- you want toan t challenge me? >> yeah.h [ laughter ] >> the jacket is coming off.gff. let's do this.let's again, great event fairfaxrfax chuck tell everybody where theyy can get more information orma contribute. >> on the fairfax county policee page, i'm sorry facebook page oe twitter page. has links and information on inf there.ther >> go. >> don't lock antlers.ntlers. >> one, two, three -- this is the first time i've ever donemer push ups against a reindeer.. >> tucker is one behind.ehd >> fairfax county police andouna that event goes through the 12.. >> oh, no. >> rudolph. >> you'll be okay. >> rudolph pooped out.olph poop. >> all right.>> guys.
9:36 am
>> you did great.reat >> tucker, i'm impressed.ress >> yeah. >> with the deer. with the deer.with the deer. [ laughter ] >> not impressed that you beat a bea reindeer in a push upus u competition, tuck.n, t >> your form looked good.ou that's grer hopefully everybody donates toyn to help out all the kids. very important more family drama for the kardashians.ardashians. say it isn't so.sait isn coming up next, why they'rehe trying to block one of the the newest members from cashing insi on that kardashian name.dashianm we'll go live to tmz for the on that kardashian name.dashianm we'll go live to tmz for the details coming up next. next. we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. what made their skin more radiant? what?! wait! only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream. smooth dewy skin. dove, your daily beauty
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?? ?? ??
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>> 9:38 is the time.>> topping today's fox beat the kardashians try to stop blac chyna from 9 ctoashidangans pls for the --- >> let's turn to tmz and gary ar trock who joins us live from lam ang this morning.thisning good morning. good good morning.go> od g >> everybody wants to be arybo kardashian apparently because iu comes with instant money much m the fame is already there.adyhe. unless the kardashians block yoy from using their the n what's going on? >> yeah, this is going to getoit nasty. so earlier this year blac filed for a trademark too register the name angela renee'' kardashian.kardhian. she plans to marry robto mar kardashian getting into theettie family and, you know, her h business is social media and entertainment services and allec of that she wants to lock down d the name obviously profit off oo it. the kardashian sisters kim, khloe and courtney theiry the companies just filed to oppose that mark and they're basicallys saying that the kardashians have built their brand their name off
9:40 am
the world, and that if this -- if blac chyna is allowed toow t trademark this it's going cause irreparable damage to theiro tir reputation, and that she's onlyy trying to do this to profit off of the goodwill and reputationet of the kardashians.daians >> now gary ---- >> it's pretty -- yes.y isn't let's keep in mine, i cann careless what happens here. but that being said --ng s >> this is crazy. >> these marying in.. if she mary's in and takes thats name legally can they stop her p from using it? >> it's going to be a much m harder argument for them if thei do actually get maryland and shh has the name, because once shee has the legal name off kardashian, you know, she owns s that name. she can do, you know, what she a wants with it but they arehey trying to obviously stop that from happening before thepeningr wedding happens. >> okay.. >> and it's just interest t because you see one side of thee family and on tv and everybodydy is hunky dory.or clearly business is business.nei >> the claws are out. are o.
9:41 am
about taylor and lady gaga.or ld what's going on here? >> okay.>> oy. so taylor kinney showed up ond p lady gaga' instagram everybody y thought they were getting backgk they remember epp gauged. they were together about five years. weememlle togee, we are told thl thd e case.theas he was actually helping out her mom with a foundation event out in new york and they're reallyey really good friends, and theyhey are able to remain friends andds have an amicable relationshipati but they are not together. toghe so all the little mo there were very very excited but unfortunately not going toy noto happen. good at this point -- point >> they're just friends. >> uncoupling. >> as far as we know.s faas we >> as far as we know. >> conscious uncoupling as far as we know. does ain't nothing wrong with with that. not at all.t a >> david beckham and hisam his beautiful wife nobody will argua the fact they would havefact t beautiful looking children butln perhaps crazy talented childrene as well. >> yeah. cruz beckham and smart also. als he's a singer. sge
9:42 am
and he's been doing some youtube covers and i think he had a duee with cody simpson. but he just signed with justin beiber's manager scootie braun.a this guy is the guy that basically, you know, helpedd create justin beiber and he's a' the one responsible for bringinb him to the world and bringingldg him to all of us but he made hi a lot of money made him global,o you know, phenom basically and so apparently the beckhams and scooter bruner are good friends cruz to be in. >> here's what's going to beoine interesting, i think, gary. gar if you look at, you know, david beckham and victoria beckham,ec they grew up with fame. fam she grew up as a singer as a performer.r they kind of know what he's h getting 92.gettin. >> yeah. >> maybe as opposed to. mays >> absolutely. a >> justin beiber' parents.aren it will be interest to go see how this plays out.thislays o >> that is true. it seems like as far as -- the-- background of the celebrityeleby before and the fame before mayee be a better foundation for him r going forward but he has -- hea-
9:43 am
him out.him so, you know, it's only -- the-t sky is the limit for this it's crazy his new single sgl actually drops today. >> is he going to be able to have any tattoos lik geoi justin beiber? and his dad. >> that's the real stuff we wane to know sto kw about. that's what i want to know. whaa i want to get to the bottom of.m >> he's got a few years ago.ea . we'll see. >> okay. >> david has tattoos. >> he's got a bunch. >> maybe toot too is part of tho deal. >> just like justin he likes to show them off. theke jus tm >> seeof where i'm going with we th [ laughter ] g gary, thanks much. we'll see you next time. i of course you can catch gary and the rest of the tl seit is u cac weekdays at 3:00 and 7:00 righti here on fox5. >> thanks, guys. jim lokay, upping him,m right, his journey from journ fo pittsburgh to new england and da and the moment that change hishg family forever. all new edition of i still have a key car.tion that's next.
9:44 am
9:45 am
stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will.
9:46 am
?? >> all right n case you have not heard sarah fraser still has a key card and she's using it toto launch secrets around here at he fox5.
9:47 am
and work in a way we might notot do on today.oday today she's sitting down with fox5's jim lokay to talk aboutkt friendship, fox5 and the momentm that change his family forever.r they join us now live and good g morning to you okay. >> hey you guys.ou guy >> jim is an end anything ma to some people you have crack thisi code. >> you are a little bit of end anything ma aroun ad l here.d h >> am i. a >> you're like a mystery guy.key i feel like everybody on keyn k card you're the one that peopleo have the most questions about. t >> t that concerns me a little bit. >> why?>why >> i don't know. it just -- that's the way it's i always been. bn i'm boring, sarah, come on. >> no. i feel hike you're a man of manf mystery. and here's the thing. tng i do feel like because what we e talk about was lot of personal l stuff which we'll get into.l g i but also i didn't realize this, essentially your dream was to bo a game show host. >> at one point i wanted to be. it was one of those things i tng didn't know what i wanted to be for a long long time but iimeut remember in pre-school remembere
9:48 am
played with in pre-school.-sch >> yes. >> kids would build houses orses forts. i'll build podiums and we'd plaa the price is right.e isht >> you actually got all the wayw on to,, what was it who wants ts be millionaire. >> yeah. l i love that. atat was tough. 2006 i was in new york.o i had chance to audition for the show and i did. i did and they put me on.n. and it was like a dream come true. and, um, i got on the show and i was -- working tv at that pointt biggest secret trying to tellinl everybody what i did on the show. i got to the asked everybody who is on thehoi far right side of mt. rushmore. >> who is.. >> well, i thought it washtt was roosevelt but the audience waste wrong and everybody else wasy es wrong i walk out with a thousans bucks which barely paid for mydr trip there. but that was like a life long ambition to do it. over and done with now.ith >> that was pretty cool. >> also you know, something asha listeners and views get to knoww you. yo >> yeah.h >> you've had lot of personalofr things that have happened int h your family and several years y
9:49 am
stroke. stroke. which was a big shock to your y familiar.fa >> yeah. so that's, um, one of the onef t reasons i said i'd talk to you o about this is because my dad who, what, at the time 64 yearey old working, had his own business. one day i was home visiting iit was working in boss top had hiss massive stroke. didn't know if he was going tono pull through.pu >> we have a clip by the wayll.y i want to throw to that and getg back. >> take a listen to this. >> i just remember he w a bit lucid. he was sedated but he can c respond by squeezing hands.. >> wow. >> this is about a week after the stroke i wasn't reaisdy to t back to boston and i remember re asking my mom and my sister ir said, can you leave the room fof a second i wanted a moment withw my dad, and i remember, um, i u, was on the way to the airport ao but we were at the hospital, ana i went in and i said look, iooki want you to know right now i got back to work. but -- i don't know what your
9:50 am
this is your timing to -- >> oh my god. oh myod. >> it's okay.ka i'll take care of andrea and mom. >> i said, today, squeeze myze hand twice if you'll stick through this and he squeezed myd hand twice.ce i said he'll be fine.e >> so you talk a lot about thata and how impacted your life. youl how you got here and then, youhy know, it's something about you u but you are a cougar magnet.agn. the older women love you. lov yu [ laughter ] >> so we do talk a littletle personal li >> this is the whole thing.hing why i want to tell you about yot talk your mom little bit and this is to anybody out bit there when you think that, you know, o you think you're young and yourr parents will be around forever r you got to have the discussionso with them about what they want if something happens to them. te my parents were not preparedrepd whatsoever if the worst happened. and so we had to go through and take care of all that. that's the one big take away the cougar magnets we had fun withh that.. >> that's called segways.egwa isn't segways.isn'segw >> there's one for f y we did.
9:51 am
things as the newest -- one of-o the newest members here at foxet people will really love thisoves episode.episode. >> i'm hoe so. that was fun doing it with you i it really was.y was >> by the way you can downloadcd the episode for jim lokay on our website on i tunes please leave us ae es review when you're there. >> five stars. srs. >>onesones. google play as well. w so that's where you can find iti and it's up today.oday download i k ank you. >> i'll see everybody atybod at 5:00 o'clock.. >> shameless plug >> shameless plug from jim.from >> that's fascinating. that'fa i know jim can't hear us sarah h tell you what i am interested. he bought me with the whole t w story of his dad being in thengn hospital. seriously, you never want --t -- hope you never live through le h that. i'm glad he pulled through and he's doing well now i'm assuminm your dad is all on the mend, jim, can him that.ha >> your dad all on the mend.en maureen was talking how impactwi full that story was.llhat we want to know update.w upd >> he's doing well he's still a little -- it's a long process but, he's beene'ee
9:52 am
watches -- he watches you guys. he watches us.s i mean fox5 d.c. that man hehatn streams us all the time asks about, you know --no [ laughter ] >> it's a good thing g sarah tell jim --im - >> pretty women in the morning.. >> best thing he ever did wasr s told him dad he was going to beb in charge and take care of theef girls because then he said i got to live. >> holly was saying the bestayin thing you did was telling yourir dad that you would be in chargea of the girls because essentialll your dad knew he had to live.iv absolutely. big trouble right there.troublei [ laughter ]ght hter ] >> big trouble.. big jim the glue that keepsatee everybody together.ever >> he is. oh, my gosh, thanks guys. >> hope you likemy g it.osliket. >> looking forward to listening. >> jim is a cool dude.ud. he's a nice guy an great addition to the tim team.o tham what you see what you get. g >> he does every shift. he rolls in seamlessly as nice n as can be.. >> jack of all trades.rades. good all the trades he does. we're glad you're with us >> stick with the holiday themey
9:53 am
you. how much would you ever spend se for a christmas tree. t i'm not talking about one thatna you take out of the attic andic put back up every year i'm talking about --lkin >> i'm out. o one and done. >> one season and done.e >> tell you now or after.r afte >> you can tell me now.. i spent $60 once and i thought g that was a lot. w >> the most a is hundred it hast to be the boss tree if i went.e. >> wisdom you going over 20. 20. >> 15 bucks.>> 1buck >> i didn't third you'd go overo 20.20 >> come on. arm.h anw up oh and f i can go out back and pick ak a tree. tree farms in d.c. p not i t got an a artificial tree. t >> how much did you pay for.. >> i didn't pay anything for itf it's the tree my wife before wew got married.ri. >> you made sure you marriedade someone with a tree.susome >> three of them. tm. all three of them.the of t >> if you're willing to spend -d three trees.three tre >> 60 or 70 bucks to have a nicn fir whatever the high end fir e tree you're getting woe physical out bid for this. you're not even in the ballparkk when we talk about what peopleho are spending in new york.spen there's a place in new york citi that is sellingin n high-end lii christmas trees, now keep inee i
9:54 am
ason.n. >> right. >> they're not decorated. it's just the tree. the sheamey' treree youit's cann your lot near your >> okay. >> they come plain new york y lights they're exotic a koreanon fir tree whatever that is muchrs perfectly poe portion say they say. and they run about $650. >> what? >> that's just for the tree.ree. it's another 200 bucks for the tree stand.tree s them you have to pay for you de hlivery.ry set up. tip the deliver regies. reg one woman said she did all ofida that and s this year's christmas tree.istmt >> i feel bad for her. h >> here's the thing.. i got a whole farm full of treee down south.oth. give me a thousand bucks andd bs i'll bring you five trees. trees done deal.l. >> that's not a korean fir.t's o >> it's not a korean fir. >> pressure specially>> p proportioned. >> perfectly proportioned martin masterpiece down on the farm ini leak county.. >> ie charlie brown christmasism tree. >> it ain't costing a thousand t
9:55 am
>> there you go.>> tre y >> more expensive in new yorkivw but even this is ridiculous.icul >> it's ridiculous.. >> this is on par with just you have stupid money to burn and you want to have it as a status symbol.symb that's what this is.t th i >> just to say did you it.t sad >> give me a break.ive mere 200 fort stand. snd >> i never heard of a korean fir before. >> i never know there was aev koreaner k >> if you have that sitting in your face no way i'll knohawve w that is. >> you would be that person ifl you bought that look atth my korean fir tree. >> now that i know what it isha i'll be like that'st thei oneu spent a grand on, good luck witt that. speaking of wasteful spendingpen don't real knoll what you're itu gooding, how about this? remember the og,ld h pet rocks.. if you're of a certain generation like us you rememberr the pet rocks back in the day. d they cost about four buck.k when add in the inflation overlo the decades and you add in thatt cool leather pouch now the pet rock is $85 if you buy it at nordstrom.rd it's a los angeles stone. no korean fir but a los angeles stone wrapped in a leather leaer pouch. 85 bucks.uc. nordstrom's says the stone cantc
9:56 am
to you paid the 85 bucks.uc do with it what you want maybe m paperweight oh a conversationonn piece. i'm sorry, guys, none of you non will be getting this from mes om from the holidays.ay >> i'll shock you again.. there's a farm down south.n s there's some rocks. roc >> does it grow leather. >> they're called martin rocks.. >> yup. >> you can get them for 5 bucks. >> let's wrap them up. leak county leather. >> whatever the person at theth nordstrom's coming up with the t rocks and the greens, all rightt genius. and people are buying it.parkley >>in i got some rocks for free i my front yard. fnt yar ucksucks. >> denzel washington coming inwc to the lot of next. >> he's not actually --ctll >> down south i got a -- a >> oh my gosh.os >> guys that live around theivet corner from the martins named nzelel. >> leak county's >> maybe they'll come into the e loft in they would come to ce t washington.washingt >> denzel washington did come to washington.wash we did catch up with him. catchh he won't be live in the loft bub we'll have a little sneak peektl from him.
9:57 am
this season we have a sneak peep at what's to come.o come. two more he >> it's coffee t if you want the dunkin' donutsn' mug perfect for the your dunkin' donuts coffee head to or enter onn our fox5 facebook page. pag one lucky winner selected by y random drawing.wing get the entry in by 11:00.1:00 it's now 9:57. 9:5 10a is next. ?? at ikea, we believe everyone should be able to afford a welcoming home for the holidays. and that nothing should get in the way of a good conversation. we believe that room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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join all your child?s sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes musc its sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena december 16-18 tickets on sale now through ticketmaster ?? the biggest stars, the the hottest stories, only in onene place good day at 10a.. denzel washington in d.c. and good day has got him.ot h what he had to say about his new >> countdown is on for empire's' winter finale..
10:01 am
weight folks.ight fol we have a sneak peek. >> shawn yancy sleep walking? i no she's here to tell you abouta an important event she wants yoy to be a part of. >> also, the must have stocking stuffers this holiday. let's do it, mo. the 10a starts now. ?? oh yeah girls love to havee fun. especially when we have lovely l gents to help us do it. hel do look at this. >> it still works, you clearly sleep deprivation.. waking up early. >> what is shawn yancy doing inn the loft this in. >> i'm here because i havee bec something special i want to tell everybody about a big event. >> watch us tonight five to 6:33 we'll be special event i want to tell tel everybody about.ody a stick around.
10:02 am
>> that's why this is here.. >> you're always welcome withit that.. >> don't bury the lead.ury i've got the best right here.igr i'll stay here for the entire er show. can i do that. >> yes. >> alcohol and men. >> maureen just grabs them. t [ laughter ] >> don't judge. >> all right.ig we'll see ya'll later on.. >> we'll see you shortly.rtly >> parting is such sweet sorrowr >> save me a drink. >> meanwhile as we head on overe as we always do. here do tell we'll have thehe first ever art battle.ate >> yes. we are. we have a lot coming up thanks for being with us for the 10a.lh tos day.foto i'm steve alongside hollyngsideh maureen and wisdom.n wis yes it is going to be a painting challenge and our competitorspei who are busy getting ready right now. >> they don't have numbers tohao play with this wh th they'll have to do it all from m the inspiration inside of their heads.hes. >>t-ohoh. >> in one corner preparing
10:03 am
is erin como. in the other in a corner right here walking perfectly on time m late to the studio is tuckerr barnes and there's erin. erin >> all right. rht. >> folks, those are your ease sells. you can make magic happen magic through out the show today.out h >> we've got this, steve.te >> blank canvass. c isn't we'll play a little whoitw can do it better? and we'll let you guys decide. dec we'll judge. jge but we'll let everybody at homee weigh in. weig >> do you have any artrt background here? anyone draw >> just say no. >> i once received a c to in ar film are we going to fine oute o why we're doing this.hi >> oh we just made it up. u >> they'll talk how you can hown create your own holiday portrait.port >> no impressionist art.sit ar don't try to fool us with googlely a lot. >> you drink lot and you pa andn the. >> you want me to fix yout mefi cocktail and we can say cheershs and start painting.d stari >> do you have your inspirationp already in your head.already >> we are going to bein doingeoi
10:04 am
>> both going to do -- tried too nge same thing. >> it's a contest.>>t's you guys will gu >> i like it. like great. it's not just what they make up. they're trying to replicate the painting. in these are some of the otheroh options if you go to the paint i bar you can choose from. f >> you can personalize. >> if he wants to draw a wisdomm martin instead of a christmasiss tree. >> i'd like to see a christmasts tree with wisdom martin angel. >> i like where you're going.oi. >> that would definitely befel imaginary. im >> do your thing.yourhing >> wisdom martin angel. angel >> we'll be c them.em let's check what's trending the he's not yet president but drumm is that time magazine's brands new person of the year as ofs o this morning.this morning the magazine making thatmaki announcement at 7:30 thiss morning. every year time editors select t person or the idea who or which influences the news and thehe world in the past year the most. the president-elect beat out 100 other finalists including his democratic rival hillary clintoc for the top spot.for thtop now she was declared timeses runner up. u
10:05 am
he is continuing his thank you tour battle ground states thatat helped push him ahead of hillarr clinton in last months election. drum is that calling for the usc government to alcancel deal witt boeing for the development of aa pricey new air force one.ce o even though it would be yearsits and years donald trump last blasted the te deal on twitter saying it wouldw cost too much money. mon earlier this year the air forcer sign deals with boeing to desigg certain parts of thecert presidential aircraft.t government officials estimate et the entire project will costos about $3.2 billion i $2 billion for research and development. boeing released a statementte saying the current deal for airc force one development isur rreey $170 million. the air force has pledge to keet the costs down but says the replacements are necessary. all right.l r 2016 winds down, it's a chance c to look back at some of the most popular trends of the year andda it turns out music was somethint everyone could cree late toe especially oh and oh. everything from music, movies,s, tv shows, celebs, twitter cameem out with their top everything this week.
10:06 am
top trending artists of 2016.01 let's head over to korea. korean zen situation xe and jam any of the they nab the top two spots following --wing - >> all right. all right. >> wahoo! w >> rock it out. if you know who they are tweet e us #gooddaydc.. >> i'm sure there's someone herh who knows followed by prince,for justin beiber and david bowie bw rounding out the top five. five. >> zero living americans maderia the top five .> exactly. >> justin beiber.>>usti >> canadian. canian. >> that's true. >> see you get with the details. >> rounding out the top five t making the list one directiontin and -- representing.nting. katie perry roaring her way toay the most followed celebrities.t. she has a whopping 94 and a half million followers followed by b justin beiber 90 million that t girl i don't see her name with 82 million. m >> taylor swift. tayloswif >> president obama with o w 80 million and rihanna at 68 million. lady gaga, kim kardashian and ellen --eln
10:07 am
coming in three, two, one folloo you on twitter at -- exactly.y. maureen umeh fox there it is.e it who is saying. for all you taylor swift fans f i'm just kidding. we joke on this show.ok thi she's all good with me. >> all right.ight the special sauce that makec for viral video is quite illusive but 2016 has had plenty of youtube videos sky rocket in popularity.. youtube has em brave the if he nom and in in unit years tracking moved viewed videos and how much they're share.hare nobody one top 10ing video 2016 is adele's carpool karaokee with james corden. >> very cool.ool >> who into, right. rig >> the full list go to and see whate else made that list.else m i would have not guessed adeleed would have been number one.haveb >> it's good to see the youngee lady who just dancede the foryf recent al couple weeks ago herer in the loft was on that list, l, too. >> i forget her name the 12 yeae old.d >> i'm not surprised the car c physical karaoke makes those are hilarious an lot of people tunee in. >> i don't know. videos veog of other that made an impact this year. a
10:08 am
okay. okay. >> there you have it.>> t >> all right. of videos and that t whole digital world in a worldod surrounded by digital media 24-h7 defining screen time canng be difficult making it tough to set limits on teens and adults.u parents of teenagers spend ninen hours day using a screen. seen. a lot of parents have their ther knows in their phones just ass s much as the children.ilren. at the same time the study saysy 78% of all parents feel they ara good at media and technologyogy the article wants to raiseo r awareness of just how oftenow on parents are doing what they asky their kids not to do. d >> i see that all the time.e. >> guilty.uilt >> yeah. >> i see that all the time.l e i feign i'm at an event, parentsar are just in their phones.ho >> all the time. >> yeah. so it is a lot. >> i don't know how i get tow ig some of my daughter's events --- get through my daughter's eventt without my phone. >> i'm not kidding.'m niddi when you go to to a loss zen and they're doing their thing andhid parents are sequester the.r t
10:09 am
inot her ballet class we're notn allowed to they have us in room. i roo >> it sounds like to me thato ma study is talking about whenabo w you're at home or doing their >> no teching at the table. the. >> no teching at the >> i agree with that.>> i a that type of stuff. >> i agree. >> as far as telling the kids td do what you're not doing, you do are the adults.du that's all i'm saying. >> they are to do not to ask hy why. >> because i'm the one paying. n that's what my dad told me.old look how i turn out. turn >> words of wisdom. wds o >> case >> generations in the making. >> wisdom. >> listen next up a story that t might make you want to put the t razor down.n. a group of researchers has founf that people who groom their body hair down there regularly areegy more likely to contract a sexually transmitted disease.isa >> where a razor.. >> well -- - >> according to the study, sdy, regular groomers are about foure times more likely to reportor having an std. the up side for groomers, instances of life.s of study author doctors note that a
10:10 am
groom their netter regions arete more sexually active andive therefore more likely to have std's to begin with. >> possibly to sku the survey ay little bit.le >> just little bit.>> jus >> right.>> [ laughter ] ht >> i vote to move on. >> i second.on >> i third the motion. i okay t. >> we're unanimous.. ball this barbie backlash. amy shimmer is slamming criticss for her becoming barbie much bar it's about how ba pick out of barbie land for notn being perfect enough and going g on the adventure in the real t r world. she posted a picture of herself in a swimsuit saying those who w tried to fat shame her haveer h failed because she knows she'sne not fat and has zero shame inshi her game.n >> how about we move on.bout wme >> that movie was already greena lighted. >> her and her sister wrote it or something like that. herike >> they wrote it.. >> people are saying how dare hw you think you're barbie.thyou' i get kick out of barbie land.b. >> she's also a comedian.he's as
10:11 am 2016 not getting with netter fo kanye after canceling the saintt pablo tour, remaining dates and spenting hangs giving in the holiday for exhaustion. exhausto he received more bad news. he remediate grammy nominations one of the highest totals for fr anybody which is fantastic.stic but the life of pablo wasablo excluded from the major categories only receiving nominations in the rap let's not forget back inac objection one of his on stage rants west declared he wouldstea boycott th ocean was not frank ocean was not nominated nd for the he told the new york city hek cy doesn't care about the lack ofaf nominations and he would rathere use this as his colin kaepernicc moment and boycott the grammys. we shall see if kanye goes or or not. nomination is nomination.minat. i don't care what the categoryat is. >> yeah. >> kanye is still in recovery. r he hasn't even been seen andeend last we heard he's stille's s sequestered in a home somewhere. >> um-hmm.. >> publicist is working
10:12 am
10:11 is the t let's talk bowden sell sel washington.washin denzel making his first visit tt the new national museum of african-american and culture --- african-american history andamin culture.ur this morning he's got a messagee from the media plus a sneak peee the next two episodes of apyrasa the fox drama counts down to its winter finale.. >> first though why shawn yancyn is in the loft this morning. mni i mean she's at work like 12 le hours early.arly. >> what happened? >> it's a very special event>>re that caused her to wake early. we're also going serve up our celebrity dish of course allrsel coming up next.
10:13 am
10:14 am
10:15 am
>> it is timfo a sh aknowledge today because sn yancy -- >> wis you missed it.. >> you say we kicked it up byt adding an actual celebrity. >> shawn yancy. yan >> all right. holly. >> see, hold dull that right.tht >> girls got your >> oh, my gosh.>>h, m >> work on that. >> i saw exactly -- i'm fullyul aware now.are now. >> i'm happy to be here this tor morning. >> i stand corrected. let's talk about khloe>> i sboue kardashian apparently she had td clap back at people.ack atple. she tried tried to show some
10:16 am
her jean shop. >> is that khloe? is khl >> yeah. yh. >> wow! >> what? >> looks completely different ot that picture. she has had some work perhaps.. >> transformed completely. >> wow. look here's the deal.s thel. she puts up this picture of her jean shop. shop >> um-hmm. >> some people went in on her oh hard core on twitter sayinger things like by the looks of at khloe kardashian snap chat she'e got a sweat shop working on hern jeans what did she say wiz. w >> she shot back.t bac clap back as we caw it on this mean salaries and all are employed in la know your info before you you chime in.che >> what do you think celebrity shawn? isn't well, i think goog for khloe for clapping back. b i mean if she's legit, and her workers are not in a sweat shopt they're getting bad. b she's taking care of business. . >> are the jeans cute? ahe j >> i didn't see the jeans. jeans >> did we see them? t >> i don't even think i saw i sw khloe. i'm not sure that's her.t' h >> here's my thing.hi if their her jeans and they the represent her family i'm goingrg
10:17 am
>> why? >> they have ample room in thevo booty.booty >> oh. >> as a woman who appreciatestes that kind of jean, then thatjeae kind of fit, thenn i'm all happ. >> cheers to the junk in the the trunk. >> they are cute there's onete e khloe has worn a few times the t high waved a little weird.lerd >> like the kind we wore in we eighth grade. >> yeah. making a come back.omac a little weird. >> everybody wore those inrybo eighth grade. >> every six months they changee their appearance. >> ahh. >> let's talk about love.ov prince harry dating that young lady meghan, very cute an trackr tiff much that's her.tiffuch th. i don't know if she's had anykni work done.f sh rk >> no, no. no >> they're cute.hee. i like that.i lihat. >> what god gave her is good.d. >> shawn, you'll love thisl lohi story. i'll tell you why. 93 haven't officially been outln gegether. >> um-hmm. >> but she was up in canada in toronto, i believe, any way shee
10:18 am
it's a little initialed necklace. do you recognize that necklace.c >> i do.>> i d >> my friend shawn yancy. sha y. >> holly has one of those. >> i have that necklace. >> wait a minute.e >> shawn asks me about it. about >> who the heck is maya brenner. >> she's a designer.. girls know she's things. thi >> does chef a sweat shop. >> no.>> good does she make jeans. >> my necklace is my initial. il this necklace was their two t initials.inials. >> did you see see >> m and y h. >> it was really cute though >> her name is maya brenner.reer >> where is the h. >> no. >> the h is right there.he you don't see the i h the m and they're sideways. >> right there you sigh it. it looks like the collapse andpa because the it looks like the clasp. csp very cute necklaces by way. way >> this designer no sweat shopos new york jeans.neea >> no. >> just expensive necklace.ce. >> yeah. >> they are expensive, yes. >> yeah. i would like one for christmas,m
10:19 am
know who the person is.ho the pi >> why are you ignoring me? >> shawn, i'm got ya'll. i was following it. >> he was like aha.h following that away. >> what's the third celebrityeby dish. >> their celeb the before theore dish why shawn yancy is here. >> why are you here shawn yancyy because you have somethinge yo important to say.impot to >> speaking of celebrities,riti actually i've got a big eventa e big charity event coming up thi weeknd i hope you guys can all a join me for call girls night out by shawn yancy, and that's one e of the reasons paul wharton isat joining us today. >> i'm come bringing cocktails c d hot guguys. >> girls night out by shawny n yancy holiday extravaganza.a this is our eighth o we do this to raise money foreyf local charities that benefitenef women and children in the d.c. c region and this year our yr beneficiary is the saint ann center for children youth and ce familiar until high yatesvilleye they take care of young often o unwed mothers.he they give them a place to live.. they give them live skills and l job skills and we're just doingi our part to help out but our
10:20 am
call the ultimate girls nightirg out party with a purpose. ppo paul is going to be hosting ourg fashion >> yes.>> y >> with sarah fraser.h fse >> i don't know where she is bus she's in here somewhere. >> what's a gill girls nightls t without cocktails.cks. >> cocktails. >> hot guys and suites from basket treats.basket t i'm participating this yearhi especially because i saw wisdom martin participate in previousnp years. >> he's going to be>> h participating this year, wisdom by thine wayg is one ofr hosts. >> allison will be there.llis >> allison seymour is onone of f hosts. i don't know where she is. tucker barnes who is paining p right >> there you are. i didn't evenre see you. >> all right.ll >> i wasn't going to paul saidtd hot guys are going to be there. >> he ran over. he wanted to be included in that. >> of course they'll be cocktails, yes. of cocock. and you'll actually, you are y you're not going to be mixingin them saturday.them >> i won't. won >> you'll mix some of right nowt >> i'll mix some of right now ii honor of girls night out we'll ' make toasty cocktails.ocls right, guys. >> this is basically what i do,
10:21 am
cidar and then i mix in some fie in a son sticks, oranges, apples, a few lemons. i boil that up i let it zimmertm and cool.l. >> uh-huh.>> uh-huh. >> i mick it in here.>> i >> o mf couicrse. of you got to add those.. >> whiskey. >> little bit of, you know,tle stuff to keebip you warm thismhi weekend, right? rht >> to keep you warm. war wisdom is just laughing.auin >> paul is mixing up this drinks we want to let you know if you want to get tickets ticket areit still available.. go to g and o by shawn get your tickets now because t they're selling ouict fkeastst.f all right. paul. pa >> wait. wisdom i have an idea as we're e back here. ya'll ever want to fill in onl n good day we'll take in time off. >> that's fine.ine >> that would be great. >> thank you.ou okay. allison seymour is going to bene one of my of by the way allison has been a bn part of girls night out from the very beginning.ry b this started as aneg idea in myn living room.ving r >> she told me we're not friendi any more if i didn't do it.o [ laughter ] >> that's not true. but -- >> use your muscle, shawn.r mu
10:22 am
girlfriends and it's grown fromo a handful of girls to 300 plus u women from all over the women.. influencers, every day women, leaders. we invite to you come out it's s great cause. >> i'm so proud of you. i >> this woman does a lot for'm i i was in last year i saw hera hr working she's >> thank you. you >> tremendous.reme everything she does.evhing this is a great cause. c great lady. you got to support it.uprt it >> you gone from bottle of winen in your living room to full to f fledged drinks.ri [ laughter ]nk >> we have full fledge cocktailf now, yes >> cheers to shawn and all you u do. >> and fashion.hion models. >> amazing even. >> we want to see ya'll there. t >> we'll see you there.. >> cheers!heers! >> maureen i got one for you. >> come on, maureen.aure. ut-oh, okay. >> 10:22.>> 10:22 coming up taking some of the stress out of your christmas shopping.pi ideas for the travel lover inl your life. e. >> let's check in with ourhen wi resident artists right now.
10:23 am
>> ooh, nice. >> fancy. >> erin is doing -- all right. g we'll let you be the judge. >> looking a little charlie brown like truck. tck >> steve, how can you be rippinp already? i'm just gettin started. >> okay. add a little
10:24 am
10:25 am
sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eaglebank arena december 16-18 tickets on sale now through ticketmaster >> back on good day. quick look of your wednesday weather.>> b we're happy to put all that rain behind us.ok oto p
10:26 am
sunny and pleasant thisd pleants afternoon with temperatures inwh the mid 50s.0s tomorrow will be a transitionrat day and then cool down coming our way for friday and saturdayr >> also happening now, attorneyr and active visit holding a newsn conference to discuss what theye claim are unconstitutional efforts by the national parkar service to block protests durinr neck months' melanie alnwick live at thehe scene. scen she joins us with more much what's happening there, mel?el >> reporter: good morning.or the partnership for civilivil justice zen this letter thisettr moin service asking it to withdrawhda it's application that basically gives the presidential inaugurau committee first dibs on massivei areas of public space before, bf during and after thehe inauguration.ingura now, it's important to note herr that the law does allow the presidential inaugural committee to reserve as much space as its needs as much public space as it needs and then relieve protestrt groups want to decide what it i needs and what it doesn't mean'n much those area this time te
10:27 am
house. white house sidewalk and theuse lincoln memorial and so far the trump inaugural committee hasas not signaled whether it intendst to use this space or not.. protest groups are saying thatgt the delay now with six weeks tot go before inauguration day is is effect denying them their firstf amendment rights because they te say they need time to plan for n the tens of thousands ofds protester that is they believety are going to be coming in hereer to washington, d.c..c the partnership for civil justice also takes issue it says blocked out for days after the inauguration which it says is ss unprecedent.ect however we shall note that thete permit the national park servici applied for was done in januaryy of 2016.01 scent 2016.scent 2016. long before the presidentiall election and long before anyone even knew who the presidential candidates would be. so, again, it's look at both sides here.ere. national park service says s assembly following policy -- po
10:28 am
this is the way they've alwaysls done it in talking with someonem here they said this is the the longest it's every gone beforeor these protest groups knows k whether or not or where theyre y would even have proa those protests.prot that is why they're pushing thet national park service todayce probably doubtful that the parkp service would withdrawal it'sl i permit but they're hoping to geg some answer from the trump gnarring committee sometime verr soon.. back to you guys. >> mel, thanks very much. muc interesting to see how it all a plays out with so many different parties involve.rtie p yeah. there's just two al new episodee left before the fall finale ande coming up next some stars of thf show spilling secrets.ts >> first oscar winner denzel d washington right here in d.c. the direct hitting the red carpet at the african-americanma museum of black history andnd culture. 10:28. we're back aft this.we're ck a
10:29 am
10:30 am
10:31 am
?? hey, pop, can i ask you a question? >> how come you ain't never like me? like you? what law is there to say i got to like you? >> none. >> all right then. day? answernsvery me when i talk to you. don't you eat every evya >> yes. >> as long as you in my houselo you put a sir on the endng as i
10:32 am
>> you eat every e day. >> yes, sir. >> got a roof over your head.f >> yes, sir m. yesir >> got clothes on your back. b >> why do you think that is.u tt bececause of you. hell i know it's because of me. why do you think that is? you >> because you like me?ike me >> like you. i go out of here every morning i and bust my butt because i like you. you're about the biggest fool i ever saw. a man is supposed to take careor of his family. family you live in my house fill yourou belly with my food put yourdut behind on my be my son. it's my duty to take care of t you. i owe a responsibility to you. y i ain't got to like you.ou no i done give you everything ie got to give you.go i give you your life. l me and your momma work out between us and liking your blacr bleep wasn't part of the bargain good that's a clip from the newe movie fences based on the augusg wilson play of the same name sam which won the pulitzer prize and tony for best play back to 1987.
10:33 am
working to support hisg to srt piurgh fgh family. it's a role he played back in in broadway back in 2010 this timee around washington is pullingullg double duty because he also h a directed the big screenn adaptation.tion last night washington hit thengt red carpet at oprah winfreyah w theater in the new nationalew no museum of african-american-ame history and culture and fox5 f caught up with the oscar winnerr and his coach stars to talk to about why the movie set in the 1950s is still so relevant.evt >> this is specifically a story middle class african-american-aa family and the issues they have. universal will the of it itt could happen to anyone, any color, any socio economicnoc that's the part of the beauty of august wilson store telling. te. >> have you had a chance to loo around. >> not yet. >> not yet.
10:34 am
how much we raise?? >> 17 --7 -- >> 23. >> million?>> m >> um-hmm. >> we were instrumental in that way. so you asked t.u asked >> thank you for your time. t [ laughter ] >> wow.>> wow now that is a marriage. why knows all the details. denzel washington having funavin with our intern who the dreamn h assignment of interviewing him e and his lovely wife paulette.e. fences opens up nex nationwide on christ pass he had a message during the media. media. according to the hill the actore who was the subject of a fakef f news story during the electioncn that claimed he supported donaln trump said the 24 hour media med cycle has come at the expense oe the truth. washington said in part, in ourr society, now it's just first whw cares get it out there, we don'n care who it hurts.ur we don't care who we destroy. d we don't care if it's true. just say it. s sell it. se anything you practice you'll geu good at.
10:35 am
denzel washington definitelytone taking a very topical issue toue task talking about how itt affected him but always loveds him, his work and i want to geto back to the movie fences.e movin my goodness.ess. powowerful. >> exactly. i didn't know the story but just seeing that littlnoe cw lip i nn to see this. thi >> i didn't see the play. i d i full the full trailer when i was at the theater a couple months ago he mentioned thehs ae story set in pittsburgh in the 1950s. august wilson the great playwright grew up in the pittsburgh school district atrta teenager in the 1950s a part ofr the country an time that he quite well when he was writing thyt play. >> if anyone notice the storyote the father did not like the sone or getting -- make the point i'm your dad and i'm supposed to sud story you in this way? does anyone know.anyone kno >> sounds like that's what i waa >> i don't know what the wholele point -- i like you so much thaa i love you so much.o muc my life is for you.. >> that's what i got out of that clip. >> the way he commands the scream after all this time is at amerazing. he can say get me some cereal and corn flake and you're like what? wh >> at first when i first saw hih
10:36 am
look old but then when they got into the scene, he still got iti >> he's amazing. amang >> one of the greats.res. >> fences. go see it. >> all right. from fences to an empire we're e now weeks away from the fall fal finale the hit drama and the the shows stars and spillingpillin secrets. secr fox's michelle polino caught up with at a rash j p henson andenn taye diggs and co creator leeor dan cells to talk about upcoming plot lines and they're ultimatet guest stars. >> what do i want? i want this. >> with only one remaining before the fall finall things are really heating up on empire.empire >> your name is not dubois or lyon get the hell out.ut. >> taraji gave us a small hintml about what's next for cookie lyon and her boyfriend played bd taye diggs as he continues tonu run for mayor. >> what happens next week? xt w let's see. um, she's trying to pretend tott like this.likehi >> did i say that? politician.n >> mother this is cookie.
10:37 am
>> audiences do know thishis politician has one tough mom. m made by guest star felicia dig says it's surreal to play ta her son. >> charlie, it's been too long. >> so surreal. so surreal. because when i was younger ias u kind of had crush on her but now she's my mother and she's stills beautiful.l it's weird.eird >> taye is as captivated by thet series the viewers are >> this show just continues too so, yeah, i think the audiencess should be prepared to be surprised and i think they wille continue to be um pref.ref. >> as for who else may beay joining them on their musical journey lee daniels has one big name on his wish list.ish l >> diane in ross. i'm trying to get diana ross onn the show. s i want diane in ross to come on the show. sho diana! >> everybody got a weakness. >> in the meantime fine the
10:38 am
december 7th and 14th on fox. in hollywood, michelle polino, fox news. all right. the uncut firstut two episodes right here at 8:00 right here on all fox5. f we'll be back with an all newn l edition of ome tomorrow ge tomog believe it or not there's only 17 shopping days left untilil christmas.stmas and coming up we'll take some oo the stress out of the holidayreo shoputping season with some some perfect gifts for the frequentru 10:38 is our time. t
10:39 am
join all your child?s sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes musc its sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena december 16-18
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10:41 am
>> we cep this all real simple.h most of these items are $20. all of them underis athes $40. >> fabulous. fou >> fun stuff for the traveler. >> let's get started.tarted what are we talking about firstr >> this is really neat. really
10:42 am
that need to be powered up much these are fuel rods much this is little neat company. cny they developed fuel rods you can buy these online or get these te from kiosk in the airport.irrt they come fully powered up.ower. when you're done with it, after you bought it, you can go in ana drop it into the kiosk at thei airport and it gives you anotheh one fully powered up. >> stop it.p it >> 81. >> one-time fee. isn't one-time non't paying eacht time.e. >>owow. is it at most airports? isn't actually that's the great part p about this they're expanding eng rapidly. so bwi at bwi. philadelphia, move of the majorr airports and they have plans toa be at them all if they can do co it. it. does most of the major hubs.he b >> i'm excited about it. i >> as far as the airports arepoa trying put in outlets there's too many of us. es right. isn't exactly. so fuel rod 20 bucks.ks the best way to get it oh andh a line? >> you can get these online iflt you're at the airport look for the >> they're amazing.. >> fantastic. next up. >> next up. up. shoe horns.. shoe trees what's reallyay
10:43 am
counting in our luggage.. i mean every ounce.ce. ea yeah. >> and if you got good pair of o shoes a lot of people like to travel with shoe trees. a pair of these are heavy. company came out called schumer ranks. this is think is paper light. lt >> oh wow. >> yes. but really sturdy. >> yeah. put it in protect your shoesours that you really yll you can still a pair of socks io >> exactly.>> exaly >> socks and belts in my shoes.s >> i think we all do that trickk aldo going to run you.un you >> these are only under 20ndr 2 bucks. bucks. $19 for a pair.. super sturdy. >> easiest place to get them att their website. >> shoe merang.ra >> do they sell them severalm pas oror singles. >> you get a discount if you buy them in bulk.. >> passport covers. pas believe it or not if you get aet rip in your passport they canthc reject you. isn't really?reall >> yeah. it happens all the time. you get a stain or a rapippe.ip
10:44 am
chip inside that actualle y stoy a lot of your data your passport number, digital copy of youry u photos thing like that.e tha so nice thing is get a fun fun passport cover protect yourou ssssport. this is a company called travell on they make a lot of cool of products you see this in a lotsl of airport shops and thing you y can find passport covers allt cs over the place.ov the what's really neat there's a loa of craft people making reallyly funky designs and thing likes dt that. >> right. >> it makes it fun.>> i this one is note because this is actually can hold tom four t f passports. for family traveling mom or dadr can be the >> probably mom. [ laughter ] >> keeper of the passports. psp >> keeper of the passports. this is my personal oneof. thes >> keeper of the travelper documents that way it's alwayssw his responsibility.ity but that's great stocking stock stuffer. >> how much.>>ow m >> this is $20 and up. >> again like i said you can sdo find really fun craft ones one online and thing it's reallyy neat. >> travel on >> tag on yup. >> nice. >> e bags and trip adviserip ads teamed up for whole line of different travel products.ducts
10:45 am
their toilet tree kit.ree kit you know, this is nice and thini has lots of different not only do i use that for thetr toiletries i actually throw my m extra wires and stuff in there too. too. i can keep that in t a lot of folks throw your jewelry and watches in there the. the. >> it hangs which is key.t ha >> another giving a toiletng trt kit a nice gift throw in theirne products.ts find their favorite travel sizes products.od >> i love that. >> they're hard to find lastat. minute you do that ala head ofdf time for somebody they'll loveye you. put in the travel size it stayss that flat and fix in your bagag easily. >> nice and light weight. durable. >> what's this going to rename.t >> this will run you would 27 yu buck. >> 27 bucks.>> 27 buc some toiletries bags are only $9. >> absolutely. on up dollars on up. this high end model is 27 buck.b it will set you back.k. >> i like this much it's nice nc and durable much this one hasmun plastic lining for your wet wet products. pr isn't in case something spills,i too. >> yeah. like i said trip adviseriser surveyed a bunch of folks what would you like and this is what
10:46 am
>> designed it accordingly.ned r all right. last but not least. not lst >> so packing cubes much these t are great.e i use them all thegr because nice part i can throwanw the things in i need togetherd h and when i'm digging through myh bag i don't have to messhaveo me everything up.everyt so like this is my gym my songs and under wear.r this is entire outfit.ut people can do this. the other thing nice aboutic a packing cubes,.packinubes,. >> , you have crazy underwear mm friend. i'm just saying. atjust happened to notice that. >> okay, okay.y. called me out. >> thanks holly i appreciate itt isn't i like it. >> i like it. >> exactly. ectly tidy whites. the nice part about this if you're traveling with familyam this could be john know' this kt cab mary's i do like that.e tha you can grab grab >> here's an argument i alwaysly have my my mother-in-law. i always hear that this actualla save you space and you canpace c actually end up packing more. m and she doesn't believe me.e. tell me i'm right.ig >> i actually think the one t thing about most of us actual dollar over pack we take tooe to much stuff. stu. the more we stuff it in probabll the more we're incline to doncli
10:47 am
worried about is because again those 35 to $50 back charges for beingorei overweight that's the key issues so, you know, portable scalebl s might also be a nice thing tong get folks. great ones that come on a littlt hook. you can find those online really easily. >> one that you know i never want to travel with is a scale.a i'm just saying.m justaying. any way -- any >> do you it before you get to g the airport.. >> $20 and up.nd u these are all great ideas. >> thanks hold. i appreciate it. >> back over to ya'll.k overo yl >> great ideas for the travelere in your life. good stuff.od we need to plan a s trip. 10:47 time is almost up finishing fis touches on our first ever goods day holiday art battle coming um we'll check out the finish fin works. they're still working. finishing touches now.ey'res n we'll find out how you can getet the gift of accustom painting yourself. that's all next. t.
10:48 am
10:49 am
?? ?? ?? ??
10:50 am
?? >> all right. here's the deal we have tapping deal picaser picassos all morning long asonds a by we i mi erin and tucker have been bee battling out of the tuckeruc hiding behind this canvass righr now. turn around erin.rin. don't be rude.t be >> i was trying to get tucker.u. >> throughout the last hour it's been our first ever good day day holiday paint off. off.
10:51 am
over. >> we said it was over.e t wa >> we said you you had your twoo minute warning before we went tn >> fine. >> during the commercial.ia ann is the lead artist at mewst paint bar at national harbor. ho so in just a second we'll fine l out what you guys were able touo do i want to talk mares about a mews i love a place like mews l because you have food, you havev drinks, and you have are a allll happening at the same time. sam isn't how does it all comeall ce together? what should peopleuld expect when they come out theree >> basically we have assess segment that's manned they signt up for a painting they want to crow 8 walking them threw that and wete also have wine, beer, food while they're there. the >> can you walk up or you haverv to sign up in advance onlinean e isn't we do take walk ins a lott of times our sessions do sellons out. we recommend making a reservation aheadwe tim rece jut make >> i know one of them is likeonl paint your pet do you war the other sessions pebbleone can take advantage of if we do really cool christ wine glass ws soon and doing a vase paining as well. we we've done a few other thingshis we've had paper modeling forel
10:52 am
and trying to incorporate neworo stuff all the time so just likee check us out and we try to wry t change it up.ange i >> here's the best part, though. is that before tucker starts tkr talking about his mast piece, pe you don't really have to haveavh any experience, right? possibli like you there are to help out.o >> exactly. all of our artists are professionally trained to likeol hem you out. if you've never painted before.r everybody usually impresses ire themselves. 90% of our customer base has bas never painted before.intebef >> neither of you tucker or erie have paintly professionallyfe before, right.reright >> no. particularly you see i m wyou sm masterpiece there's no drinkingk involved.vo i think it probably would havere helped my work little bit.e b >> sometimes it helps. somett at least creative expression. es >> here's what we want to do.wh. we'll unveil one at a time.t a t and ann we want to find out howh you think we did before we takek it to our very subjective vote holding these two to a high to g level of artistic >> first up erin, are we ready?a you ready to turn around yourr work. >> we were trying to replicateti that tree bay the way with your own vision.isn.
10:53 am
erin como's painting of the tree. it's beautiful.ut. >> yes. >> yes! >> well done erin. erin. ann how did erin do here. h >> she was actually veryyy independent worker.independent she didn't need me that. t at all. she, um, really just got after a it look at the painting and wass replicating it really real well. i think she did an excellent job. >> gave me great tips on thes oe star how to make the snowflakesa and hold the brush for the snowf at the borottom. >> exactly. >> nice to have someone there kind of telling was brush toto h use.avtellin erin, you were in the zone. >> i was. was so focused.oced >> super focused on that.ha >> i'm not competitive at >> you're super competitive.tive >> i love this touch the littlee heart. >> the heart do it dotting thent i. great job, erin.greajob, erin. it looks fantastic. >> before we turn, let me just m say quickly -- no disclaimer. >> i have like to feel my art.kl i feel my art.. i'm not technical.. >> tucker, stop.ker, you're not influencing thelucing
10:54 am
>> ready.>> rea. >> so -- it's great, tucker.r. >> really great j >> did you a great job. >> so -- that angel is pathetic. >> tucker stop you're huringou'n your chances here.. >> look at your snowman.nowman >> let's let the experts talktsl about. >> critical of his artwork. arto >> look at the mountain she dree for you.u >> he's very competitive.ompe >> i didn't do i don't know you're talkingt kn about.ow he obviously he did his treeis very very very quick. he was like i want to add someds other stuff. so he got very creative. creive you can see all his creative he added wind over here. h >> i like it.e it >> angel and all these creation. i think his creativity was a little bit more outside the boxx but i think that they are bothrt beautiful in their own right.ig >> i have a question for eachore you. where are you going to displayyn these masterpieces? are they going to be hanging on wall in n house of comb mow and house ofoe barnes.. >> that's going in my bathroom.o >> okay.>> o >> i have a follow up questionpe for tucker.r. >> yes.
10:55 am
>> anderson. this will be worth something ont day i need to give the fulll initial. >> we want to do. ann -- can i ask a quick q question any way we can bock itk up and i can give it to steve te for christmas. >> we'll work on that right aftt we're done here. >> tucker, i know we make fun of each other a lot. other lot i would cherish that if you gava it to me. >> aww.>> a. >> tucker true story tucker painted a ceramic fox once and a he gave it to me and it's stills on my desk. des tender moment and connectent between the two of us.n two let's get down enough with the sweet talk.sweet we have to vote i hate to do hao this because they're bothy' bot wonderful works of art. >> so we have to vote. v so we didn't want to have evenav number. so the lovely and talentedented allison seymour came up to joinj us as well. w >> i'm going to vote first.e fit you guys voted. >> so i'm going to say first off all, this is so hard. har so pretty. i'm going to give the edge only because --cause -- >> you shall have gone last sha after you counseled i'm going to go first.llunse >> okay ..
10:56 am
weather i'm going to gift teachc tucker barnes.arnes [ applause ]applau ] >> one for tucker. t one for tucker.ker what do you guys say? >> you want me to read them.m >> all right. all >> hang on. >> here we go. >> secret ballots.. >> nobody will be offensed.. >> fox budget ballot here. her >> another vote for tucker. tke [ applause ] >> two for tucker. the next -- tucker. [ applause ] >> we don't need to look at thet rest. >> it was >> it's close.lose. >> i voted for erin. e i wanted to know erin got vote.t >> i thought you did a great job and i -- if i had known tuckeruc didn't draw the mountain i wouli have voted for you.oted you. >> i did draw the mountains. >> he didn't draw the mountains? >> wayne. >> >> i did draw the mountains. w >> congratulations. >> there's no recount. rou >> what are you doing.hat aru d. >> there's always a recount.cou.
10:57 am
>> bye, happy.ap y holidaysdays. i'm coming over. ove i want a drink. >> you shall. >> they're both amazing.
10:58 am
10:59 am
sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eaglebank arena tickets on sale now
11:00 am
[ cheers and applause ] live from new york city, it's the wendy williams show. [ cheers and applause ] >> now, here's wendy! [ chrs >> wendy: yes. the party continues. uh-huh. thank you so much for watching today. happy holiday. [ cheers and applause ]


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