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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 7, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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one week before the crash on frederick huff in southwest baltimore, paramedics were called to the office where 67-year-old glenn chappell was having a seizure. a common medical issue for chappell who, according to the ntsb, had been involved in 12 crashes or incidents while operating a school bus or his personal car in the last five years. chappell had a current medical certificate. but two months before the crash, the report said chappell had been inform by the m motor vehicle administration that he could not operate a school bus because his medical certificate was not on file. we went to the bus company in baltimore today for comment but no one would speak with us. couple miles away, family mementos and notes had been left on a fence next to where the crash occurred. according to the report, shawn barrackston was only going 16 miles per hour hit from the
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asked him if he was ok but got no response >> after he hit the car like he picked up more speed. didn't slow down at all. >> reporter: shawn barrackston was the man driving the mustang. >> my heart goes out to the families lost. . >> reporter: all aspects of the crash including driver's medical condition and medical certificate remain under investigation. we also reached out to the attorney representing the bus company today but at this hour, we've heard nothing back. the ntsb says reports from a number of crashes or incidents chappell had been in describe seizure-like episodes. paul wagner fox 5 local news. new tonight, police have
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connection with those tennessee wildfires that killed 14 people and left more than 130 injured. fires damaged or destroyed more than 1700 buildings in and around the city of gatlin gatlinberg. there is still a dawn to dusk curfew in place as the city recovers. a double dui one for at the driver accused of hitting two maryland state troopers and the tow truck driver called to away the cars. police say ruth was driving drunk monday south of smallwood drive in charles county. slam into one car, spun out of control and hit a state police cruiser with two troopers inside. officers say when the tow truck driver arrived on the scene, they could smell booze on her as well. not only was she charged with dui but the tow truck driver was also arrested for driving with suspended license. >> i was initially almost in
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anything is possible. >> another crash in st. mary's county was much more serious, this 21-year-old was charged with dui after hitting a sheriff's deputy. he was seriously hurt and is still in the hospital. upsetting discovery at a major construction site, a noose has been found there and not the first time. police say for the fifth time, a noose was found at the domainian cove point facility in maryland, authorities news and called police. the construction company is cooperating. anyone with information should call police. fox 5 is in prince george's county now, a dog napper was caught on camera stealing a newborn pitbull from the county animal she would. workers say the puppy will likely die soon after being away from it's its mother. they need the help finding the thief and the dog. lindsay watts is in upper
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>> reporter: i want to give you a look at the mother pitbull and her remaining litter. the pups are about three weeks old. the reason we're not on the other side of this glass, when you approach the cage, the mother starts barking like crazy, i can only imagine how she was reacting on monday when two guys went in there and took one of her puppys from the cage. you can see that there is a camera just above us here, so the guys were caught on camera. there's a door just around this corner, that's where they made their get away. it was a crime of convenience. these two guys were visiting the prince george's county animal shelter when they spotted the pit bulls. the man in the solid black coat was here they don't license his pets. the guy with the stripes is his friend. through the window, this is what they were looking at, a protective mother pitbull and three week old puppies. the few seconds later, guys go in for a closer look, in the room with the dogs a few minutes.
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comes out alone. he approaches the staff member in the hallway. >> one of the guys came out first and he was the guy that distracted the employee that was in that area while he was talking with the employee, the other one made his escape. >> reporter: the man in the stripes comes out with the puppy hidden under his jacket. walks out without any problem. this is a photo of the dog he took. >> the puppy doesn't get back to his mother, the puppy could die. we're now in a critical state, so some time by tomorrow, this mother, it could certainly die in someone's hasn't >> chief rodney taylor said at this early stage you need extensive knowledge of animal care to keep the pups alive. if you have information about these two men or the dog, call police. put it bullets are banned in prince george's county, and with a banned were breed, the shelter would transport at the dogs to a county where they're legal to be adopted out. now, the shelter does know the name of one of the dog nappers,
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employee. the shelter says it's up to prince george's county police to release that information. we reached out to them and so far, we have not gotten that name. the second suspect remains unknown. if you have information, contact police as you heard, this little puppy may only have a day or two before its condition becomes critical. in upper marlboro, lindsay watts fox 5 local news. we're just weeks away from the presidential inauguration. and while many will travel to dc to celebrate, others plan to but there's one question. will they be allowed? >> and the man tapped to be the next head of dc public schools met some of the students and families he will be serving in school next year. we had a pretty nice day around the area with a little bit of cloud cover this morning, broke for sunshine and while it was a little breezy this afternoon, surely a pleasant day. check out the high temperatures today. we did get at least into 52 degrees here at reagan national. and dulles hit 50 with bwi
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temperatures and we've got places down into the 30's. gaithersburg, frederick, went chester and culpeper. dc warmer at 48. get ready for colder air to finish up our work week just to give you an idea of what's coming. minneapolis is 19, nine in denver. a piece of that cold air will be heading to us, enjoy the pleasant evening as here in the city remain in the 40's. we'll have a look at your weekend forecast and how cold it will be getting coming up in a few minutes. tony? >> thank you very much. if you got a story idea, we would like to hear from you. all you need to do is pick put up the phone and call the fox 5 tip line. 202-895-3000. e-mail your tips to
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public schools chancellor antwon wilson toured one of the district schools. he was a tubman elementary school in northwest. he greeted students and parents and spoke with the kids while watching over their lesson in the classroom. he formally served as superintendent in schools in oakland california. still needs to be confirmed by the city council for the job officially becomes his. millions of people will be pouring into the district for donald trump's inauguration next month. some will be traveling to dc to celebrate while protest. but one big issue demonstrators are facing tonight is where will they be able to protest? today, a group of attorneys and activists demanded the national park service and the presidential inauguration committee stop trying to block protests by in the issuing permits. here's the group's message for anyone who want to protest. >> for all of those worried, who are concerned, who are think about changing their plans, that is the unconstitutional effect
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trump inaugural complete are doing, we're here to say that it is lawful to march in washington, dc, and we welcome everyone to the district of columbia to engage in free speech rights. >> we spoke to a member of the inaugural committee. he said they're trying to figure out the logistics for issuing permits. detroit is time magazine's new person of the year >> time editor selects a person or idea that has most influenced year. he beat out ten other finalists including hillary clinton for the top spot. the president-elect commented on the distinction on the road while he's continuing this thank you tour of battleground states that helped to push him ahead in last month's election >> we want to know if you agree with time magazine's decision to make donald trump its person of the year. tweet us your answer right now,
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the tweet on our political show coming up at 6:30. based on the criteria they used it would be hard to argue someone it is. >> i mean, you know, there were people, you know, it has nothing to do with political affiliation or how you feel about someone. it was the overall look at the influence he's had >> who drove the narrative. >> he certainly did. today marks 75 years since is the attack of pearl harbor that changed the world forever. coming up we'll show you how america marked the anniversary
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as fdr, put it. a day that would live in infamy. on the 75th anniversary of the attack on pearl harbor we honor the families.
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survived the attack on pearl harbor in the smithsonian's vast collection. it's a sikorsky >> rs 1 in a restoration hanger at the space museum's. >> we are the keepers of america's heritage. >> pat robinson is a museum specialist here. >> we can see the original silver that's underneath as this blue paint fades, the airplane is silver, orange yellow wings right would have oversprayed the airplane blue to tone those prewar colors down. had a little camouflage to it. >> the am fbiian was on ford island in pearl harbor that fate full day. in the hours after the surprise attack 75 years ago today, they flew the am fbiian off the coast of hides searching for japanese submarine
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nose as it's coming through that paint after 70 some odd years >> this was does he say tinned for the scrap heep before the smithsonian claim it in 1960 >> somewhere along the way, someone noticed in the logbooks that it had been present at pearl harbor on december 7th and brought that to the attention of the museum and museum act operator. >> reporter: these are not battle scars you see. all this damage is from years weathering the elements at the smithsonian storage facility in maryland >> that's heat damage from sitting outside. terrible heat of the summertime. >> reporter: 17 flying machines were built by sikorsky. this is the only one that survived. on the interior, were found quite a few objects still in the airplane. as an example we found a fresh water drinking kit under the
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five years to get the aircraft museum ready. it will be put on display with other art facts. >> reporter: it's bringing back to life a b 26 bomber a veteran of dday. we got our work cut out for us. when the time comes we will return it to the way it appears on december 7 of 1941. >> reporter: you can watch the work being doe observance gallery at this museum next to dulles airport >> bob barnard fox 5 local news. >> that the pretty cool. history in there. >> a lot of history. 75 years ago, obviously, very long time ago, couple of generations now who don't really remember the event. i would encourage them to look at some of the old news reel footage.
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things you'll ever see to watch the attack on pearl harbor. it's extraordinary. >> terrifying >> it really is >> i read a story today about a priest who was trapped on the ship and he had just said mass, and they were bombed and he couldn't get out to the port hole because something caught and he pulled himself back in and said everybody go and he was killed. it is devastating. we forget. how nice to have that living legacy right in our area. this is such a treasure for all of us. >> >> treasure this evening too, because by this time tomorrow night, it's getting chilly out there have not >> it's windy too. tony stopped by the weather center many nights, should i go out for dinner? is it raining? >> bring your dinner tomorrow night, tony. it's going to be getting windy, that's what we'll notice. tomorrow is generally not a bad day. but tomorrow night, here comes that cold air. and friday, it is here and in town. so we're going to go get you
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of your weather headlines and let you know that we do expect some changes and those changes are going to feel mighty cold to you as we go forward. clouds and sun mixed tomorrow, but really, again, not bad thursday, it starts to get breezy in the afternoon, that's the beginning of that colder air starting to come in. we still will likely get to near 48 or 50 degrees tomorrow. it's friday and saturday. beginning thursday night that we'll be so much colder, and that's just the beginning because we think there's another big blast of week. we're talking about windchills in the teens and 20's, this still will be the coldest air we've seen. could it come through with an isolated shower or maybe a flurry in a few spots? yes, there is a front that will cross tomorrow morning and overnight, we're going to go get chilly, probably going to drop to about 38 here in the district. northwest north and west low 30's, this is what some of the high temperatures will look like by friday and saturday. so clear tonight, cold. few clouds overnight.
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chances of seeing a flurry are really small but we'll put that in there just in case, and by the time we get into the afternoon, we may be able to touch 50 tomorrow as we'll get sun back. it is truly a day of transition. let me show you why. the frontal boundary will bring in a whole lot of cold air that will be in place for friday and saturday, with temperatures only topping out in the 30's and 40's. feeling a lot colder, feeling like 20's, the breeze begins to pick up thursday afternoon and evening, s and about, gusts could be 20 to 25, which is quite noticeable when the temperature is dropping. i want to take you forward with temperatures. 3:00 tomorrow, that's not bad at all. but look what happens by the time we get to 11:00, already down into the low 30's. let's run this to 7:00 in the morning, we start in the 20's on friday to near 30 in the district. by 5:00, we're only topping out in the upper 30's. this is the kind of cold air we're talking about that's going
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i wanted to show you the futurecast. maybe a quick shower tomorrow morning, some up slope snow showers in the mountains. let me show you if you want to see snow, you do not have to go far from here to find that snow. we're going to take up to the great lakes where they're about to get a pretty significant lake effect snow event and this is how it happens with these skinny little bands where you can go 20 miles either side and find the sunshine or get two feet of snow out of some of these and the lake effect snow warnings a flying for the areas around lake erie including my home town of erie, pennsylvania, they're not happy about it. one to two feet of snow could be possible between thursday night and saturday because the lakes are still so warm. watch for big pictures coming out of buffalo and watertown of huge snow. meanwhile for us this weekend, cold for saturday at 40 degrees. again, with the winds, because it will still be breezy. it will feel like it's in the 30's. we ease off of that cold on sunday. 44, but that is still below
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while we're staying sunny and cold saturday, its high pressure builds, we're going to watch sunday and monday, notice this warmer air wants to come through and that could squeeze out rain or snow showers very late in the day, because cold air will also be trapped so we're going to be watching that setup carefully for monday, is it a mix going to be possible? now we worked our way into mid december with a couple of cold shots, we have lots to keep an eye on. that is for sure. your fox 5 accu-weather seven-day forecast again those two cold days quick shot, so that's good. we'll be about 40 to 42 degrees on friday. colder for saturday. as we work our way into next week, notice by wednesday of next week, we're back to near 40. that's two cold shots that will be coming our way, each one will produce big lake effects snow. for lake erie, ontario, but central pennsylvania could get
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>> you say that word, people have tunnel vision and they're like -- >> yes, you do, >> not here. maybe a morning mix monday, keep an eye on that >> stick around, we'll be right back. >> my name is pat. i would like to give a special holiday message to my mother terry hendricks who lives in happy holidays, merry christmas >> see more greetings from our troops at holiday greetings from our troops brought to you by navy federal credit union, once a
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father and son have created quite the christmas tradition. the light spectacular grows bigger each year, this is twice the size of last year much biggest gets every year. they just can't believe it. >> setting up the enormous display just after halloween and their neighbors hate them. >> it looks rural. >> their neighbors are miles away. >> they have to have a barn, that is so much stuff >> i'll bet you can see that flying from an airplane
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they can release a few inflatables. >> don't do that. not good idea.
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shawn, how are you? welcome back. >> thank you very much. the trump transition, so who is in and who's out of this closely watched administration team >> side of your screen you see it's the top thing, tweet us what's on your mind with the #5at630 >> perhaps you heard donald trump is halfway home. iowa governor terry brandsted accepted. he's the longest serving governor in u.s. history served from 1983 to 1991 and was elected to serve again in 2011. >> congressional quarterly role call joins us with more on this one. let me ask you this first up. what makes him qualified as a four-term governor of iowa to serve as ambassador to china


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