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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 8, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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twitter battle donald trumpna tp takes on a union official. oic he's also catching some heateat for one of his latest cabinet announcements. >> the countsdown is on everybody. a live look t ahet m cgm nat ional harbor on this thursday december 8th. it is opening day t our annieg yu is there. tre we're going check in with herher in just a couple of minutes.f mt good thursday morning, i'my morn allison seymour.n >> and i'm steve chenevey. chev. welcome to fox5 news morning. mr >> a lot of developing stories from overnight to get to this morning. s his hit it now. first take a look at a t a car at a station destroyed afterroyed afr catching fire at the pump.he this happened just after 4:00 4 this morning on muncaster milll road. crews were able to safely putrea out the flames and we're toldbld no one was hurt. was >> it is back to court today toy for the man police say nuke ae n d.c. pizzeria on sunday andun started shooting an assault a rifle all because of a fakeak news story n court documentsts 28-year-old edgar maddisonr-ol welch said he read online that
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a repreliminary hearing is setns for 9 o'clock. 9 o'clo another pizzeria has becomeas bm the victim of that same fakeam f news conspiracy but this timespr in newac york. roberta's received calls threatening its workers. wor so far no arrests have far been made. >> meantime donald trump in trui the midst of another twitter battle. battle. the president-elect slamming aen uniont- leader whom claims that trump lied about how manyed auth carrier jobs were saved fromve going to negotiated.. trump tweeted chuck jones whoonw is president of united steelworkers 1999 has done ahasa terrible job representing workers.workers. later today, trump will w travel to columbus ohio to oo meet with some of the victimshes of last week's attack at the ohio state university.nivers the private event will includene a meeting with police and paramedics who responded toho rd the attack.k. trump will then return to hiso
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he'll hold aevenin rally with v president elect mike pence.ent trump using theel down timet on his thank you tour toou continue filling out hisis cabinet. he announced four moremore nominations yesterdaytion including retired marinee general john kelly as homeland o security secretary and linda l mcmann to head the smallhemall business administration.isatio she is of course the former ceo of the w wwe. the president-elect also als stirred controversy for hison nomination of scott known climate change skeptice ch as epaa chief.hi >> today on capitol hill a hill petition will be delivered to wl congress with morel than t 1 million signatures urginging lawmakers to oppose trump'sru appointment frankford steve bannon to be mischief whitechiee house strategist. bannon is known as an alt right conservativhoon ie as nd a chief executive officer offfic donalder trump's presidentialree campaign. update from overnight vernig about the redown in michigane it's over. a federal judge put aren e nd to it citing a state ruling thatha found jill stein had no legall t
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look at the ballots.lots donald trump won the electoralht vote over hillary clinton inllan that battleground state. >> ?? >> grand republican, the day r finally here. >> i like it. >> at 11 o'clock tonight. theep t 11 o at mgm harbor opensbor its doors to the public for the first time. >> excitement really building this morning.ement thiswe cents annie y mu to check things out ahead of the bighe grand opening. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ortealliand steve. that's rightsoand ste i'm stills discovering this place myselfe f but i can tel so much to offer, it's not's just a casino. casin there's plenty for you to do if gambling is not your thing.hi they're calling this ainthis destination and truly it really is. the -- before the 11 o'clock1 cl grand opening tonight for the public, there is a 11:00 a.m. opening ceremony and some a s important people are going tooig gather here to celebrate the opening. executivehe county rushern bake earl maryland maryd governor larry hogan and somee big mgm bigwigs coming to town w
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we're talking 1.7 million square feet and if you look up in the ceiling, mike, if youkeif can pan up there, this is a glass ceiling and it gives you a crystal clear view of the beautiful luxury hotel rooms.teo they have about 300 rooms hereor at this resort. we're talking suite as well as rooms and they have alisma spa spa -- restaurants. gambling is only a portion of po the thing here. we've been watching thisg t building sort of take shapeak s over the last few years.ea we have been following it fromtr the groundbreaking even as farvr as the talks all the way until today and it's come such a sh long way. w you truly need to come andnd experience this and sohiand s throughout the morning we're soft your personal guide herer e at fox5 just a fewrs minutes agt we spoke with executive chef james -- excuse me, james
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sorry s-real fun guy.sorr he's in charge ofy all of thelf restaurants we're talking 15 of them.he so you'll see them again butag he showed us some pizza andizzaa talked about all the varietyie of food here and i know, steve, you checked it out as o a well so you know exactly whatcta i'm talking about.lking about. there's so much to check out mue here. back to you in the studio. theti >> annie thanks much.>> a annienn will give ace little bit more avenue tour later thisnue t morning. >> oh, yeah. yeah. >> thanks annie. >> thank you.nk. >> 6:05 right now.t no there's details once again. agan we are there. tweet us fox5 d.c.5 d we want to know your thoughtsr s about the mgm grand openingand i and we'll share your tweets on o the air. a if you're excited to gocit to go f-you're going to go, if youo, wants to wait for the crowds cro to die down say in 2019 -- ea really. >> annie going to show us the tables giving out the mosting ou money. >> i don't think you can do that. >> you have to go foron't t do yourself.urlf. >> okay. >> can't just -- like this is ls going to be the winner.g to be . >> they typically frown only fro that. >> yeah, they frown on it.ow
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>> or it would be sad if we went to her and she would beould like give me seven it would be too much in thech i morning. >> i got out. looks like the weather if s like going down there later tonight will cooperate. coopera. going to want your jacket syo je reagan national 41 degreesgrees and -- thank you for fixingin that. that 36 dulles and 36 bwi marshall. h got some chilly temperatures tem across the area. all right.acro few cloudsall we'll gradually turn mostly t sunny. we have a front comingfront ng through. rough. this front means bin what's it mean? the hounds ofuo winter will be upon us. bottom line colder air on thedei way. not so much today but latery t t tonight and by friday andriy saturday you're really going goi to know we're moving into wintertime with highs in the upper 30's toinme w about 40 to. vigil it will be a dry day definitely jacket weather wither the winds later today.windlater >> thanks tuck.>> >> let's check in with erin. good morning. che >> good morning, steveng allisol and tucker and everyone elseveol out there. right now metroro problems you're waking up top t so pay attention to this. t
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the orange silver and blue and e line has delays to franconia-springfield wiehle-reston and seand sea availability silver line moreli delays because of a.m. train malfunction at wiehle-reston safe track surge 11 impactingck1 the orange and silver withit trains every 20 minutes and single tracking from west falls to east falls church. chuc all lanes have been blockeden b now the local and access lanes s are getting through.g th skyfox headed to check that heao ou ct so we'll bri y look as soon as they geton aey g there. let's show you someouom slow traffic cameras. camer this is 66. you don't even have anye any crashes on the eastbound side but as you pass sudley roadud you're at a crawl back to 234 t3 prince william parkway.ay i would say you need to leave la house about 30 minutes earlyar already just to get from gainsville to the beltway because of the amount of congestion. as we forward ourus ce amer as coming in from 395 towards theat district the 14th streeth stre bridge jam packed.acke those delays extends back herk to the pentagon and just ahe pen little stogop-and-go traffic trf
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beltway. you're in for about a 20 minutere i delay from the beltwo to the 14th street brim dge. gw parkway inbound alsoarkw starting to see some volumee vol building by 123. allison and steve.. >> overnight in the districthe r the pursuit of affordabledable housing kept some people out pet in the cold last night. >> a melanie alnwick, what's the story. >> reporter: good morning, guys.or yeah, association you knowte,in, affordable housing is real is r precious here in the city anditd it's harder and harder to comerm by. mayor bowser has invested i the housing preservationion strike force to try to keep fore some of these to tr affordablee housing units that perhaps might turn over into marketo rate housing, try to keep them t in the affordable housingou game. but you can see all thesesee l h people waiting in line, some s have camped out overnight somehe since 4 o'clock yesterday fores the chance to get on a waitingin list to fill out an application to get affordable housing.. i wants to talk to aisha here. h tell me why do you need this. n.
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>> reporter: uh-huh.orter: uh-h. >> so i won't be out in the the cold. co >> reporter: where are youter: a living right now? what's your y situation. >> i'm staying way friend oftayy mine. f >> reporter: what would itorhat mean to you to be able to get tt your own place.ur own place >> it would mean stability andsn a place for me and my son. >> reporter: and something s you can afford, too. >> yes, very much. >> reporter: so, looks likeooksl you have a pretty good shot at it. it. how you feeling?ling >> it's cold but i feel good. g i feel good.i f >> reporter: and we wish you luck. >> reporter: again that's the situaeportiteon here. so many of these people trying to get a specifically there'slle 42,000 people in the city on their waiting list foris f assistance so you can see whatnt a big problem it is and also a you can get a sense what theseha city is up against. also wants to show you a lotts t of people continuing -- look at down the end of the linee coe here. here. we've seen people come in metro access vans who need
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metrobuses dropping people off so they too can come here. droe. these folks aren't waiting in line for orchard park. p they're trying to get a shot at woodbury village.lage afternoon and only 200 people20l that's it they're the only the o ones that are going to get theee invitation to fill out an application and they may ton ant start the process all overess ar again with another developer der later down the road if they're a not in line in time. t back to you guys.o you uy >> mel keep us posted.os coming up next an update on the search for a military pilot hoop went missingt op w >> busted. why this dog ended up in a up police cruiser. >> uh-oh. >> what did he do? >> that's not a goo>>d>> boy. by >> no, don't say that, steve.te we're back in 30 seconds.on
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>> ?? >> this morning the search continues for a missing u.s. marine corps pilot off thehis coueass t ofne c japan. j the pentagon said the pilotot ejected from his during a training exercise butee has not been seen the incidents the latestt involving the exact same s aircraft six of which haveich h crashed this year. year. >> new details about thatbout t plane crash in pakistan killednd all 47 people on board. boa an investigation is now underr way. the pakistan international airliner was traveling from islamabad when it crashedtra yesterday. ses id thesaid they saw it burst into flamey ssaw beforeoe crashing into a remote village.
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urged of indonesia for anynd sign of survivors followingrs fl the powerful earthquake. earak the death toll has climbed to more than 100 people.moren thousands more are homelessre hs and afraid to go back to their t homes because of aftershocks. ah humanitarian groups have started to arrive in that cityia bringing some help along the way. >> more emotional testimonytimo expected in the federal death d penalty trial of dylann roof r charged with shooting to death d nine people at an historicallyia black church in charlestonn ch south carolina after he hadcalia been invited to join their t one survivor choked pack tears as she called roof evil. e a manhunt is under way in in georgia for this man he'san h accused of shooting two policete officers killing one of po kliceil say the suspect firef at the officers when they responded to a domestic dom dispute at an apartment complex. he's considered armed and cdere dangerous. >> here's a story that are should make yerou smie'le thishi morning. the californias sheriff's sri deputy found a dog in his
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to the driver of a suspicious t vehicle and he returned to t this ruger making himself himse comfy in the passenger seat. s just warrant wanted to hang to h out. turns out the dog owners have been looking for him allout th g and ruger was smart enough to eg find police officer and ask p for aolic ride home which he go. isn't that awesome? take methat home. i miss my peeps. my pee >> i love you rugerly. >> exciting news for all you pok? >> i can't wait. >> what the company has s setai to unveil in just a couple days. days. >> that long? live lookhat lonl outside as we head to break onhe this thursday morning. trsda 270 at germantown road, rd, typical backups right thereightt this time of the morning for for frederick. weather and traffic on the 5s next.he >> tellr he me about ruger agaia 5s next.he >> tellr he me about ruger agaia >> so, he was missing and hers. found a police officer. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays.
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> real quick before we get toi tucker. just want to let you know this is the dtoulles tollto l road.
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hopefully will not impact your p commute into d.c. very much. toll bound -- toll roadtoll rd westbound at weston parkwayar tractor-trailer accident soaile there may be some delays ass a folks look over to see what's going on but looks like the like bulk of the activity iss westbound. check in with erin in minute. first here's tucker. >> cold on the way big timee cold or cold-cold as daytimeay highs around here by tomorrow tr and saturday, you know, upperw,p 30's and low 40's as bigs chge not here yet.. it's just chilly out thisust morning but the real coldthe red doesn't get in until later later ghnight. pickup forecast parts of the t area below freezing so it'sinso chilly out this out show you the numbers in a second. little later today it will be cool andater t becoming breezy e we should still see some some daytime highs near 50 is that ta it will be a dry afternoon asbed you are coming home fromng homem school a little later this teternoon. here are your cold 41 in washington. spot.41 spoar ymou 36 leonardtown. leona just starting to get the cloud o cover associated with ourh frontalou system so that's so
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hour or so.e so. freezing temperaturesperature winchester 32 degrees, 34 in frederick, 34 in gaithersburg. mention the cold temperatures.em as a front approaches we'veve got at least a few echoes of a few light snow flurries andlurra showers out there just to thet t tout west. tout wes possible one or two of these could reach the ground. if you get any snow showers let me tweet me tucker fox5. fox5. but most of the day willill feature clouds this morning.oud then we should turn partly sunny this afternoon and the realis s atory will be the which will pick up our north and west. frontal systemand in eastern oi at this hour and as it presses s through later today we'll lose any light flurry activity chances we have and we'll be left way very, verywe h cold air mass. lake effect snow across lakecroa michigan the great lakes here he we're starting to get someto get pretty good lake effect snowsodl quick n cold blast. winds pickqu uicp. temperatures tumble and daytime highs by friday and saturdays 30 and 40's way 40'
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weekend. going to feel like december. dem late sunday, early monday the next time frame for some time precip. it may start as a little wintry mayix h sere late sundaya and early monday.on we'll have to look out for to uf that time that is the weather update.atata 50 this afternoon.s afternoon. erin hour, are the thes >> not looking good at 6:18. 6 skyfox over the dulles tolldulll road on the westbound side se right at reston park wage you y can see huge scene there.he there's a tractor-trailer crash right nowctor the local ad access lane is getting by but by very slowly. as you can see all of the all oh center lanes are blocked. eastbound traffic moving are b a final it's the westboundl it the center lanes that are causing the big problem as they divert traffic around that. we'll keep you updated oned on those delays.e delay it's again in place between b reston parkway and fairfax fai county parkway. parkway. as we look at our camerasam virginia not the only placenly l dealing with issues thiswith is 270 southbound at germantownt road you can see that long line of backed up traffic.ic. you're jammed through urbanaouga this morning from frederickrick
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of congested road.ed r let's look at our maps. os. this is a look where we hadread skyfox earlier again dulles dule toll road backed up, 270p, southbound you can see that line of red. we showed you the camera.ound y mera. it's just a pretty long day. d outer loop jams over to georgia. 395 backed up. we have a new crash reported ror 95 northbound bybound b franconia-springfield parkway.sp we'll keep you posted onri thatt one and take a look at metroet allison. >> another record day on waller street. re could come way free meal. >> nice. >> what. >> so fancy. >> we'll head to the fox ye'orkllw yorrk in new right after the break.ghafter t. >> first though the knicksst were n to challenge for the cavs so with the starter on theth bench lebron and company a com decided to do something aomhi little more competitive. doing their own mannequin the game is going on. had a little trouble with the landing. >> is that how you do it.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me,
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the north and the south are mine.
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>> if you're a pok?mon go fan. k good news coming up.e we'll make you wait a but we want top check the markets first. joining us from fox business bin network studio. hillary vaughn. >> reporter: the dow closing at a record highter: of 19,549., this is the third day in a the dow has landed at a lifetime high and it's now within striking distance ofce o the big 20,000 so we'll see wll what happens in the next few weeks. also having a good day, break, records on wall street, the str, & p 500, the russell 2000 andll dow transport landed inw transpr lifetime high territory soritory good day for those but not a a good day for the healthcareealte sector drug and pharma stocksd s were down after d president-elect trump said inn
6:23 am
bring down drug prices.rice >> all right. we're going see that i think t in some sectors gut good to goo see the big picture continues c to press forward.ress frd. funny when we talk about theseat airlines we were saying sayin everything old is new again. delta saying maybe we wille wil serve some food on board but bod it depends where you go. >> reporter: exactly. exactly so they are testing this out o on select flights between newige york's j.f.k. airport and flights to los angeles and sanan francisco airports.o so, what's on the menu. what' te if you're a morning flier you f can choose between a baked breakfast sandwich or a breakfast medley and if you'reme flying midday youdl get to choose between a mesquite a mest smoked turkey sandwich or multi grain veggie wrap. wra they're doing this throughe dois december 15th so just a few more days of this test run butun let's see if they decide toec keep it permanently. permanent i would imagine it would bet wo very popular on board.oa >> yeah. >> reporter: here's to hoping.ep >> yes, we will, yes. yes 's do do it. why not? okay, so i'm not a pok?mon fan but we weren we w talking yesterday when weing en
6:24 am
pok?mon was right near or att nr the top of the list so itt s looks like they're trying to push theirself into 2017 as well. well. >> reporter: yeah. it was the most popul>>ar appopr on itunes in july for down loads.load but it has had a little bit ofeo a drop in popularity so the creator of the pok?mon go appoke is trying to reenergize some s of its most loyal fans byl ns releasing new pok?mon andmon a guess when they're coming? com? coming on the app monday.pp mda look out for that.lo no idea what type of creatures t on the app but i'm sure we'll se be finding out monday as mon people run around and trynd t catch them all. all and you know, this really is part avenue larger plan to pla draw attention to theirtheir pok?mon go stop and their pok?mon gyms as they callal sprints the turningem about 10,000 locations into pok?ion?e stops and that had a good impact on s theirand stockir yesterday. it went u p 7 percent. so, it's interesting to see how this app can also benefit
6:25 am
people to different stores.o ern >> yeah, no, absolutely.ea no, a i think it's genius to get g them in the door and see ifee they spends any money and notndn just catch the pok?mon. pok? i'll let you do the researches hillary. let us know was find next weekf and have a -- we'll see you seey tomorrow i guess. guess. >> reporter: i'll keep youorte updated. see you w. thanks steve.ste >> you goat it. 6:25 now.6:25 now. >> all right. >> pretty genius way to getius g people in the stores, though,stg you know, put a pok?mon there,m, you have to go in the store to e catch now you're in the store. >> if they're still doing it. do >> we'll find out monday when fn the new --d >> or you can put something in the store people want to buy. t [laughter][laugh >> let's do the forecast. do we are looking at -- at >> i agree with both of you soou everybody knows i'm on board.n. >> hey a-41 in washington. wasng little bit of cloud cover outito there earlyf .there ely frontal system coming through. it's going to bring some veryomv colds air around here.arouere. not so much today but laterter tonight and tomorrow asrow as daytime highs both friday andh d saturday will not get out of g the upper 30's steve to about a
6:26 am
>> saturday? >> yeah, maybe 40. >> how will i go look for myk fm tree and stuff.tuff. >> you will be in the holidayol mood when you're getting thatn ' it will make it better. >> years past when it's been b that cold and i've chosen aen a tree it didn't work out so well. >> it would be were a retailer and everybody eo came in the store and theyre ant would be like see ya'. y we would never do that to you erin. erin. >> bats that's why you're myth friends. metro problems. track problem outside foggyat ttttom. normal service resumed on theed blue line. orange and silver dealing with delays to wiehle-reston east and vienna. single tracking between eastra fallsck and west falls silver line delays as welll
6:27 am let's take a look at skyfox. sky i want to point out that the the dulles toll road westbound has reopened.op tractor-trailer crash cleared at reston more traffic iainleat r a few.e. >> thanks much. m it is 6:27. heading back to mgm national harbor. >> we have something cool to show you. the s >> got to be a story behind b it. >> looks familiar to me. we're ooksgoing chat with the local artist whose piece is
6:28 am
stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger.
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>> ?? >> i'm sorry. when bruno mars comes on i feel like i'm in a video. he's one of the guest, the of t first win out of the gate athe mgm. we're looking of course at thec star of the morning, welcome, back to fox5 news morning,, live look there at mgm where w annie yu is this morning. morni weather and traffic on theth 5s at 6:35. starting with some news though g back to court for the mant for n police say walked into a d.c. pizzeria on sunday and started shooting an assault rifle. r all because of a fake news fakne article.cle. in court documents 28-year-oldyd edgar welch said he read one rdn line there comet ping-pong was hash boring child sex harboring child sex slaves andil he wanted to rescue them. d.c. council expected o toteo confirm the appointment of the city's newest schools
6:31 am
wilson fill the positionill following the resignation of of kaya henderson.ende wilson was in town yesterday yey greeting students and familiesdi at tubman elementary in northwest d.c. >> ?? yes, rolling out the red carpet.rp guests at the mgm nationaletal harbor will discover a permanent collection of highcoll quality artwork throughout theor resok rt. one piece of designed by local artist margaret boozer.ret bo she's standing by with our annie yu talk more abo good morning, annie. annie >> reporter: good morning,mning allison. good morning, everybody.ngeryb before we chat with margaret imt want to show you the other oer artwork you'll be seeing asein soon as you walk in. in. it's the welcome to the mgm m national harbor and this is thi what you're going to beoing to e greeted with along way friendly eager staff and, boy, b let me tell you, they arehe a friendly indeed. many of them local. loc weaver talking about 4,000 new0w jobs here in that princehat prie george's county so big, bignty i news and then when you get toett
6:32 am
going to be greeted with thishi mag any of cents artworky of behind us and this is the local artist us an who created . margaret boozer.rgaret booze very glad to have you with us. >> thank you. >> repohankrter: you were commissioned to be part of thisoned heritage collection.coi let's talk about your piecer pi specifically because it's fronts and send right here. >> this piece is made from clay dug from the construction. >> reporter: how much. loved the idea there would be wd access tots grounds and what'sat underneath after the t construction was done.truction . >> reporter: how does that process even tewor:rk and -- i'm speechless. when you look at it, it's it' 10,000 pieces. did you just go to the site s every day? like how did thatowt process work. >> no, we went once.. we got 150 buckets of clayla 5-gallon buckets and broughtucke it back to the studio and i
6:33 am
sculptural relief paintingelie over the course of the year working on the different layers adding it together putting different l addinayers n top. >> reporter: wow. and this isn't the only placeon we can see your>> rsn artwo't to you have artwork displayed allal around the city. c >> that's right.>> >> reporter: and you also a have your studio mounts rainier. >> that's right.rain>>hat's >> reporter: where are otherr: w spots we can check out yourr art. >> smithsonian american art a piec around 21, 21k street andan lovers private collections, too. too. >> reporter: awesome a lette me just tell you guys you're going to see sor:ll m yuch artwk surrounding the building there are more than 30han 30 different artists.ists we're talking national and thelh local that have their artwork at displayed here and so there'so s a lot to check out. out. let's just give the friendly fel staff a shout-out thisut-o morning. can we see some smiles? are excxcited. today is the grand opening. ope.
6:34 am
>> all right annie.>> a r lots oigf folks will be smilings when they check out the casinoec for the first time. let'sk for th see if you're smit the caps highlights you should be. they held offer the bruins inhlr overtime after causing up ap three goal lead in the secondhec period. three to two bruins on a poweruo play. play one cap falls.l colin miller alone.lone slapshot beats braden holtby that sends it to overtime. oveim let's fast forward. pretty slick passing. s backstrom back over a littlebaco give and go andver back to bac backstrom and he get winner. winner. seven straight wins over the bruins.ui caps seconds straight overtime win. win. next up a trip to buffalo tomorrow night. on the baseball field the to bas aeb new center fielderde but man did it come at aat a price. adam eaton comes over from the t chicago white sox in a deall that sent nats number oneone prospect and their number numbe three process and their number e proprospect. >> what. >> to the chicago white all three of themks. pitchers.ih eaton not necessarily aly superstar at least yet.
6:35 am
last two years. pittsburgh pirates wanted prospect victor robe bells foreo andrew mckitchen that.ha deal fell through. through. for the nats they need speed. general manager mike rizzorizzo with more on the strayed say >> high energy guy edge to himeh plays the game the right way w good hitter, good defensivede player bothly in center field fe and outstanding in the cornerr productive player throughoutyer his career up with him and he's a guy guy that has years of control and a cost certainty and it allowsows us the flexibility to do many dn more things. >> we say center field 'cause 'a that where he played in chicago.chic don't know yet if that wouldou move trea turner back to short stop.op for adam eaton welcome to d.c..c hope he's a great addition todd the team.tea as a fan seems like a heavy price to pay for one player. ple >> yeah.
6:36 am
>> getting moved. med >> the trades, yeah. the >> you don't have muchou d control. >> and how the players just find out basically in the middle of the game.ow theut bas >> uh-huh.huh. guess where you're going.wher g >> bottom line is he's goinghe'g to get paid $8 million here or there. >> i know but don't you gett do invested in your community aomny >> probably so, yeah. yea all right. i like dusty's suit by the way. did you see it? go back ande ?a watch it. watc 41 in washington.shi the blue line you see out to out the west, west of pittsburgh pih is a cold front. front an arcti bring us some very, very ver chilly air around here later tonight, friday and saturday. up ahead of it we should seese high temperatures near 50re50 today. so it will be a cool one butone little cloud cover out thereudoo early. all right, there's your storm sm track radar. flurry or two associatedssie with a front coming throughghr here early this morning.arly th if you see any falling from the sky i haven't had any reports yet please let me know and i will that certainly pass it along but this should pushlds offer to the east very quickly k and we'll be looking at
6:37 am
seven day a lot of cold air onir it. it. i'll have that >> okay. >> thank you. >> let's check in with erin>> t see how the roads are. >> 6:37. seeing big problems on theblon t roads. take a look behind me.oobehi this is the top of the beltway inner loop there's a crashop t inhevolving an overturned carrnr between 355 and connecticutnectc avenue. you can see the left lane is blocked. they're merging traffic intoficn just two right lanes gettingight by. traffic is basically parketidngy back to old georgetown par roadr and we're starting to seeing se delays spilling onto 270 spill southbound over the spur. spu problem. let's look in virginia on 95n through newington.ewgton. we have a crash blocking twoloco right lanes so you'reght lane basically parked so south ofs that that point delays go to theso purparkplpoe inheart brids that crash scene. sce you can see traffic is not not moving in the local lanes at all. al it's crawling along.rawl as we go to our maps we have hae another big problem in dale city this morning. minnieville road is closed. if we could take a look att those maps we'll slow you where that is. it's the northbound side at elm farm road.
6:38 am
please use caution there. as you head out in woodbridge we and dale city and we're jammed' up on 395 edsall to the 14th tht street bridge. b skyfox on their way to theay t inner loop for that overturnedve vehicle connecticut. a live look there next. back to you.ou. >> coming up next the push forur napping stations at one local >> wouldn't that just abdormt ar room. >> if you can't make there it. >> first though holiday message from a local servicen'tt member overseas. >> greetings from japan.romapan from our extended family that's here with us this he wits season to all of our family ourm and friends back in the united states, merry christmas y'all.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
feel a cold sore coming on? only abreva can heal it in as few as two and a half days when used at the first sign. it penetrates deep and starts to work immediately to block the virus and protect healthy cells.. don't tough it out, knock it out, fast. >> ?? >> it is 6:41 on a thursday. we are back now with what's trending on the web this 6:4 ba on the firstwe up,mo republican congres members wants justice clarencece thomas' achievements to be included in the smithsonian smio museum of african-americanri history andca culture. culture right now he does not have an hv exhibit in the museum.
6:42 am
thomas' omission from theomis museum is troubling and reflects a disregard for the historical significance of his service to our sig country. thomas is the second and only black member of the supremehe se court currently.ntly. well, do do you need a nap? yes. students at the university of maryland say they do and they want their school to at th s bet next college to offer on campus nap stations to gives them a chance to take a littlee power nap between classes.p beta according to thess school'she so newspaper the umd students stude governme a semester that proposes a pilot program for napping stations in the student union. steve aches expect you to do aet similar movement here at fox5. >> okay. >> >> finally a message from the oa heart. lady gaga opening up about herop battle with ptsd. pts in an open letter she sharedred on her born this wayhiwa foundation web site, gaga sit ga writes that "there is a lot of shame attached to mentall illness but it's importantimport that you know there is hopeou and kchange forno recovery. rev
6:43 am
be sleeping about the flappingg story but we don't. the list of mostabstor overd actors any guesses? thinksses?i about it during the break. break if you have a news tip shares ti it with us call (202) 895-3000 5 or e-mail us
6:44 am
6:45 am
>> ?? problems on the beltwaybl right now. this is the inner loop between wisconem sin ande in connecticut sonectic you could see the vehicles there, the vehicles with thehe flashing lightswi are the easy s
6:46 am
other vehicles going slower than normal. we'll check in with erin in a rin in a minutes.minu first though hi tucker >> hey, good morning. let me try that again. hey, good morning. mning. >> hey peter brady.>> h >> a little high. let's get.>> let's >> stillge growing and maturingr >> i like to think so, right.ig. definitely maturing. maturin still growing. >> cold along the way in a big g way. not so much today although theau front is going to come through r today. cold air will get in here tonight. daytime highs aren't going toghn get out of the upper 30's and0 41 in washington, 39 quantico.ut leonardtown good morningorni 37 degrees for you guys.s. 39 in did have some freezing freezing temperatures offer to the west this o morni still winchester holding onto 32 and winds which are whi a currently calm, not terribly ter impressive.impres. the reason i'm showing it to you is that winds are going to pick up t awi little later today behind our fronts out of theur f north and west at about 10 tot o 20's so it will be a breezy afternoon. here's storm tracker radar. r cloud cover has moved in inov i
6:47 am
what could possibly be a snow so shower or two associated way w front. if you see any snowflakes please let me know and i'llou s ceeertai letknownly report thosb haven't had any reports of anyuo of those touching the ground. g. not going to amount toto amo anything either way and thenr wh the front should fade off tould the south and east herefa prettt quickly and we are going to bee left in an arctic air mass in a big way here. you can see the lake effect snows, the very cold winds pushinn gsee acros ts thehe lak look at those snows there into o michigan where they're lookingyo at isn't inn some spots 10 to 20's inches of snow today. in fact starting tortg sneak right now lake effectnow snows east buffalo starting to kick back in. you get the idea. this is au ge very cold air mass and it will be with us hereus h friday, saturday. sur in fact most of the weekend. wnd early next week before we warm m it up. cold blast. 30's and 40's around here. those would be your daytimeuld u highs. even in the city inside thethcis beltway our overnight lows low will be back in the 20's.e ban h there's your search day.r search i do want to mention aftertionft early this morning our next nex chance for a little precipe fo
6:48 am
early monday so stay tuned here thisy tuned weekend.he okay.ay. that's weather. back with the roads. >> 6:48 tucker. big crash on the top of the tope beltway inner loop.beltwane it's right by 355 between that5e that points and it's involving an overturnedur vehicle. it had several lanes blockedaned and as you can see now just j that left shoulder blocked butcd big delays all the way back to old georgetown road on thead o inner loop and also trafficraff overflowing from the earlierarli big delay all the way spur connecting with the 270 th0 delays through rockville so 270 southbound extra heavy right now asou wthelbol. w outer loop looking good but but again the inner loop crash is causing some big delays. del they were able to flip over flir the overturned vehicle getting ready to tow it out of theto ttu way. should be cleared soon.ld bclea let's switch to our cameraso our and show you what else you'reour up against. this is a crash on 95 if we95f could forward our super rightig now that we're up 95 as you make your way outut franconia-springfield parkway at newington.a-spri police lightewsin blocking thost
6:49 am
traffic is basically parked back to across thec is b purpler heart bridge as you head out through dale stafford heavy volume pastum p courthouse road. i'd say right now you need an y extra 30 minutes at least toinue battle this congestion leadingna towards the beltway.towa as we take a look at our maps we have some metro delays.el new delays to be aware of. of. train pal malfunction atl malfut national airport. yellow and blue line residuallir delays in both directions. metro has handful of different h delays this morning.andfdelays silver line dealing withling wih center inay addition to safeitis track work slowing down thework orange and silver s line with w single tracking west falls to fs east falls. residualresidual delays to wiehle-reston etchant silveres and orangeto. check your metro schedule. sedu. a lot of typical volume on 66 o past sudley. we'll keep our eye on theseese crashes and the metroet slowdowns. allison and steve. >> details about the bus driver who died in a deadlyea school bus crash last month in
6:50 am
glenn chappell had been suspended two months beforeded the crash because his medicaltwe certificate was not on file. onl an investigation also revealedgi the bus was going nearly nea double the speed limit at thehes time ofpe that crash. >> 6:50.>> 6:50. happening today, ddot will dwi host a public hearing on a project known transform i-66n tr inside the beltway.el the hearing will provide residents with the opportunity to review and the comment on the project's preliminary designnars plans and new findings from ann the project.e projec that meeting begins at 6:30 p.m. at mary ellen e henderson middle >> surgeon general release ase a report on the dangers of e-cigarettes on the importance o of keeping the devices awaypingv from youngeicr people and the dangers nicotine and to bend tob back cole pose to nation's nat youth. the report urges the fda top continue regulating tobacco inoi all forms. >> former astronaut and u.s.. senator john glenn lab in the hospital for more than a weekthw
6:51 am
university. doctors tight lipped about whyey he's there. glen had last valvead last valve replacement surgery in 2014.n 2. john glenn is 95 years old.. >> new warning top parentsar this morning about potential danger of teething rings.f a new study slows many babyab teethers sold in the u.s. the.s contain low levels of now, even though most labeled pba free 59 teething productsdu are studied. studied researchers sait how much of a threat these low w levels pose to children butto cu they recommend using a frozen fo washcloth or a carrot like weroe used to do in the old dayshe ols instead of a plastic teeth. bpa is linked to >> fox beat today.>> fox beat there are new details regarding brad pitt andad angelina jolie's p divorce and custody battle t a los angeles judge turned down pitt'sne dow request to keep those t documents private. private. pitt and jolie reached a jolched custody agreement in october.t b
6:52 am
with a therapist presents.nt the couple have been togetherlen since 2005. they were married for tworrd fo years before their suddenir sud split in accept essential itenal is one of the most scathing lists of the year. ss of t y forbes out with its annual compilation of the most overpaid actors in hollywood. >> johnny depp topping listde will smith, channing tatum will ferrell. ferre george clooney. cloon forbes calculating the return of investments who ranked in theine celebrity 100 list. lt. >> you get paid a lot of money and then your stuff isn'tthen considered successfu yl.cefu >> so you're consideredsi overpaid. >> but you get paid a lot of money. >> do you feel sorry for them. t >> nope. >> me neither. >> congress likely not going .ess d pred press the house passed new passe legislation yesterday thatatio would make it easier for yout sr to score tickets to the most sought after musical sporting st events and concerts yea.rt
6:53 am
used by ticket brokers to snap s up all those tickets and then te sell them for those nastyhose n marked up prices the senate passed the bill last movement it's a now beinge cents to the president's desk.e. >> good luck with the bruno b mars ticket al. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> we heard of tha bnk>>oxed wix how about boxed whiskey? you can now buy fire >> look at this picture. >> in giants wine box all rightht. fire box is what it's called. ce it cost about 60 bucks.uc there are the box.e and there are two plastic spigots. how do you say that word again? spigots? i never seen s that word spelled before.ef spigots. so you can do what these two tse men are doing in this picture.tu turn up. fire ball. bl. >> you just don't want to ben'te the next two people to do d that, right. rig >> that is -- [laughter] problem in a box >> looking to buy a pet rock? oc you're not alone. nlone
6:54 am
about yesterday being sold at a nordstrom with that snazzy sna leather pouch.leatpouch. it's sold out.'s s >> i knew it. >> did you buy one? one >> heck no. >> the smaller 65-dollar5-do version, you know, for those you trying to get kno a bargain has also sold out. the department store describes the rock as a paperweightapwe conversation piece or work of art. >> may >> if you think six it as ax its paperweight that's kind of innius.s. yes, it's a piece of artwork for 85 bucks. buc >> there you go. >> that's a different way ofs ef looking at it. >> 6:54.>> time for our facebook fan ofk the day. today it's kirtis and her daughter nala. they watch fox5 every morning. >> sweet picture. i it. it. >> thanks for tuning in.hank what a great picture. great pic if you want to be tomorrow'srows
6:55 am
and nala's facebook page.ook pag >> isn't that a great picture.ha >> i love it. >> looks like summer time inimei it. >> probably was. >> just feels better.>> j >> couldn't get away witht get w those outfits early thise ou morning. >> no. et let's do the weather. 42 now i's dno th washington.hi cool to start your day.r d cold start to your day but the e real cold arrives laterater tonight as we'll get a very strong frontal passage in thegen next couple hours.ou look for the winds to pick up out of the north and west a ands times gusting to about 20's 2 miles an hour.s an h cloud cover has moved in and with eight few snowflakes outht there. at least falling from the sky. i don't think these are f reacewhingt theledon't surfact you encounter any please let pl me know as that would bee interesting. and then once the front getsrons east of us winds will pick upcku and that cold air is going to rush in h look at that seven-dayn- forecast particularly friday and saturday. d sa daytime highs upper 30's to0's about 40.0. overnight lows even here in the city in the 20's and therere
6:56 am
around here by early saturday sr and sunday morning.nday m. lots of cold air on the way.ld h make sure you're prepared asep it will be the coldest air ofsto the season.ason. plenty more we'll talk about monday's mony's possibilities momentarily.ilitie erin is back with the roads.. >> [inaudible] >> we got it. sorry about that guys. minnieville road at elm farm road.. seeing a ton heavy volume in dale see so please give yourself extra time as you y exit off prince williamrince wi parkway and make your way out around that intersection off of 294 seeing big slowdownsow there. 95 northbound crash blocking blk two right lanes at 286. wanted to show you the map. we can show you the to sh camer. look how far back that redack td line goes back across theth occoquan. you're going to need about 3oc53 extra minutes to get to thes tog beltway from stafford. staff keep it to fox5 news morning.tof we'll be right back withox morer
6:57 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the
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>> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. fm >> straight ahead at 7:00 another pizza gate hoax thishoai morning. the target a popular new yorkary city restaurants this as thes ae gunman police say showed up ap d.c. pizzeria heads back to
7:00 am
>> caught up in another twitter battle cdonald trumpaup takes on a union official.icia the president-elect also catch something heat for one of hisels latest cabinet announcements.ts >> and casino counts down.unts w a live look at mgm national harbor on this thursday december 8th, good thursdayer 8h morning, i'm allison seymour. ar >> and i'm steve chenevey.y. welcome to fox5 news. n are you feeling lucky? we're getting closer to the hugeg clos grand opening ofer t the mgmhe national harbor. >> check it out. it o this is the countdown clock at o the mgm web just under 16 hours to go to before the massive casino and hotel opens to the public.ub you can also see on youreen your screen live pictures insidens mgm and outside of the o t complex. again it officially opens aty on 11 o'clock tonight >> this morning fox5 has yourmo5 all access pass behind thedhe scenes of the mgm nationaliona harbor. harb annie yu is there with all theh scoop. we'll check in with her inn just a couple minutes.e min first wants to get to yourwato g headlines at 7 o'clock. 7 o'clo let's get to your news.'s g back to court today for thetoda man police say walked into ain d.c. pizza shop on sunday and s


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