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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 8, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> caught up in another twitter battle cdonald trumpaup takes on a union official.icia the president-elect also catch something heat for one of hisels latest cabinet announcements.ts >> and casino counts down.unts w a live look at mgm national harbor on this thursday december 8th, good thursdayer 8h morning, i'm allison seymour. ar >> and i'm steve chenevey.y. welcome to fox5 news. n are you feeling lucky? we're getting closer to the hugeg clos grand opening ofer t the mgmhe national harbor. >> check it out. it o this is the countdown clock at o the mgm web just under 16 hours to go to before the massive casino and hotel opens to the public.ub you can also see on youreen your screen live pictures insidens mgm and outside of the o t complex. again it officially opens aty on 11 o'clock tonight >> this morning fox5 has yourmo5 all access pass behind thedhe scenes of the mgm nationaliona harbor. harb annie yu is there with all theh scoop. we'll check in with her inn just a couple minutes.e min first wants to get to yourwato g headlines at 7 o'clock. 7 o'clo let's get to your news.'s g back to court today for thetoda man police say walked into ain d.c. pizza shop on sunday and s
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rifle because of a fake newsf as story. >> his name is edgar whelp.lp. he spoke with the new yorkw times about the incident.incide. meanwhile another pizzeriaria caught up in that a similarar more on that in a bit. first let's head tout bobhead barnard who is lie inbarnwho is northwest with more on theoron charges welch faces. faces good morning. >> reporter: allison and steve good morning to you. cometeporgoodde c ping-pong here on connecticutonc avenue. it has reopened and you canan see here a lot of their loyalhe customers have left notes of noo if you look to the left this d.c. police officer says thise is now a temporary assignment am to be here to make sure all goes well here moving forward. a we can tell you about maddisonn welch. according to the new york times heing goes by his middle name maddison welch.nelch you see him arrested onn connecticut avenue on sunday. he's 28 years old have salisbury north carolina arrested charged with firing aig gun inside the pizza p restaurant. restaura he says he drove up from north carolina his home there onther
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s reports.orts well, in that new york times t interview conducted yesterday ye maddison welch says quoting here i just wanted to do someom good and went about it thehe wrong way. the second quote here is the intel on this wasn'tas 100 percent and i regret how i h handled the situation.tion now, he is due in court at 9 o'clock this morning. d.c. superior court.ou it's a preliminary h he's being held without bond.itb the question today, guys, will w be whether he is released tose t go back home to north carolinart to be with his two children while he awaits trial. >> bob thank you very much. muc >> another pizzeria has become m the latest victim of that same s fake news conspiracy.iracy. this time in new york city. roberta's a brooklynoklyn restaurant known for its wood iw fired pizza received callsreceil
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social media users connectededia to the restaurant to the pizza p gate hoax centered on d.c.'s comet ping-pong. so far nog- arrests have been madely. >> also happening today, d.c..c council is expected to confirmoi the appointment of the city's ct newest schools chancellor. chanc mayor bowser north 98ed 9d antoine wilson fill the position following the resignation of henderson. hende here was wilson greeting wilsonr students and families aties at tubman elementary in northwest e d.c. of course he comes top c washington frooum california cai where he had been the bee t school system.ys >> a lot of developing storiesgo from o first up at 7: 03 a car at a gaithersburg exxon stationbu destroyed after catching fire at the pump. this happened just after 4d af:0 fter 4:0 this morning on muncaster millcl road. crews william able to safelyab a put out the flames and we'reande told no one was hurt. >> in tennessee police arrested two juveniles now whoul they suspect started the fires f in the great smoky mountainsount
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damaged a whole bunch ofleun buildings and seriouslyerly injured 50 other people. oth peo a judge will decide whether todt hold or release thosethose they could be tried as adultstru for aggravated arson.on. >> disturbing video to showo s you out of the district afterice a man was brutally attacked bytc a group of people.feo warning here, if you want touano turn away but it happened last s month along morris street int in t.rtheast. that's not far from trendyrotrey union market.union mark now police say after knocking kg him to the ground the suspects t took the man's phone, h debit card his i.d. and took off in his car -- in this- in t carp. the $10,000 reward that'shas being offered for information if leads to an arrest and conviction. >> is that a police vehicle in c the background we ith the lights flashing? massive manhunthunt under way in georgia for this man. officials say 32-year-old minguell lembrick shot the officers while responding to apo domestic dispute call.mestic dic the surviving officer is said
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>> just about 7: 05. a thursday morning big day in the dmv with the opening ofpeng the mgm. hoping for good weather. >> yeah, it's going to be coldel later this afternoon and this at evening but otherwise also weather-wise we'll be fine. fin >> great. we don't need anything to add to the traffic basically. >> right. >> nothing falling from thelinge sky. >> supposed to be going downsedn to the opening party. party nervous about traffic. tff 42 at reagan national. dulles up in baltimore it'saltimore it' 38 degrees. cool start to you dipping down below freezingez but in the past couple hoursle cloud cover has moved in and ina that's going to allow temps to at least temporarily get pushed up. maybe a snowflake or two early this morning.owflthis morning i have no reports of any ofno ro that touching thef ground.un bottom line is our arctic arcc boundary is starting to movee in and later today the windser n pick up and that cold air a rushes in tonight and daytime dy
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t 30's to about 40 so colder air a on the way. the more on t what coming up.t comi. for today we'll turn partly to l mostly sunny this afternoon. thi it will be cool.s coo highs near 50ly. near 50 >> i like that. i lthat. highs near 50. nr don't think of it as 47, thinknk of it as near 50. 50. >> right, near 50. >> uh-huh. >> positivity. >> yes. >> it helps. baby steps erin. >> baby steps yes and a really warm jacket this morning.eps jc right nowket this 7:06.:0 skyfox still over the top ofthe the beltway.el. the inner loop betwe connecticut we had a crashrash involving an overturnedur vehicle. police activity still blockingit the left shoulder.e even though all lanes ares opened delays extending pastdinp old georgetown road now to bradley boulevard.d. really heavy traffic on the inner loop. heavy in also overflowing 270 southbound up the spur we're sp' seeing delays all the way backab solid through rockville.ockvill. outer loop looks good at thatkst point but 95 to georgia geoia there's about a 15 minutes5 m delay so be prepared for that t one. as we forward to our cameras cer 95 on the northbound side is sid
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of two right lanes blocked atocke franconia-springfield parkway. the spcrash riis causing thoseso huge delays to extend acrossendo the purple heart bridge.ri solid jam packed back to dale dl city. about a 40 minutes delay rightug now to get from stafford up toop the beltway so be prepared forrr one. we'll take a look at our maps. . aside from problems on theems roads we have metro delays.ay train malfunction nationalatio airport early this morning. mori residual delays yellow andw blue line in both directions.h . earlier metro issues we weres wr dealing with on the silver sve orangein outpatient but we have safee he track surge 11 single tracking between west falls and east fals falls church on the orange ande selling very.very minnieville road closed out inut dale city. northbound side at elm farm e f ro.d. causing big delays leading lea across prince william parkwaykwy so please be prepared forr delays in that area. a lot of other slowdowns.ther we'll take a wide view of theief dmv next.ex that's your traffic. >> erin thanks very much.ry it's that time, al.
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well, and the wait is almost als over. tonight at 11:00 p.m. the.m. th grand opening of the mgm the national harbor. hbo >> the process to get to thiso t point has been ao long one andgd morning many this morningin we'll take a look at the journey for the first ground break to today'sg mal tafor bi. >> ?? >> i'll go. g on sit in the traffic, too. [laughter] >> i would come just for the atmosphere and excitement. >> ?? >> the mgm harbor to proud to be -- >> will you come? >> yes, i will.l.
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neney. >> there's a lot to offer inside mgm national harbor. >> ?? >> music is called sail and itsa looks like a big old ship withp garage. gara team coverage continues rightesi now. live from the mgm nationalal harbor. >> annie yu is literallyha right here giant annie because thiseci is a giants opening. annie, good morning. morning. >> reporter: i'm take, itor i'm all in. it is grand as you sayou say lisoson. that music gets me going. look, there are a lot of excited people here working around the clock to get this ges all ready for you. a lot of tlc going into it. i local people.l
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brought to the area. are they're bringing in big headliners as far as entertainment goes bruno marsgom boys to men, lionel richienel rc cher sting, big, big people.g p. so it's a real cool thingool happening right in our o backyard and you saw the package, it's been years in y the making, a lot of talk, the e groundbreaking, so exciting. ext we've been following it allbe the way up topen f today and so tonight at 11 o'clock theock the doors will officially open ton the public. just so you know if you wants to drive here, the garage ise going to open at gives you 30 minutes to snag a g parking spot and get inside i here. there are multiple levels ofelsf parking. park i think they're saying about 5,000 spaces. they're encouraging ride sharing. that's hyland encouraged. it will bring you up to thel bro u front door where you'll be yol greeted by everybody.verybody. some of that you like to testth your luck this is a 24at y hour casino.sino mike let's show the casinoet's over there. there it is.e its. the star.the and it's a $1.4 billion casino resort.
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than one 20's table games andgad then for all you will high wilhi rollers there's a special room o for the vip's.ip's. annie gambling isn't my thing mt what can i do? how about you at make it a dining experience. entertain.tertai experience. 15 different restaurants torentr choose we spoke earlier with the executive chef of mgm national o harbor jason johnson. joh they have over 15 different dfet rest opportunities choose fromti and the deal is you have people coming from allthe overo not just here o region but across the country, t international travelers aretr going to be here so they bre s really collaborated with theh different chefs from all around to satisfy thosend t different palates includinglu celebrity chef jos? andres, are and so a lot to choose from.os f after you eat you can get aeat e ticket to a show.a s you can do some shopping. shoppn there's just a lot to see guysuy and so we're sort of getting get this little access pass to the behind the scenes up until thent
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which by the way hm gather hm th some important vip's right here for the opening ceremony. maryland governor larry hogan rushern bake as well aserke a important folks with mgm allt fk here ready for the opening oforg the mgm national harbor. back to you in the studio. >> annie thanks very much.s if you want to share youroua thoughts about the mgm grand opening you want to let us know what you think go aheadea and tweet us using #fox5d.c. #x5 will you go? is it great fort the area? is it the kind of worried about traffic.raff. whatever it is, did you it is, o already go and win a lot ofnd wo money maybe? maybe? >> i think yes, yes, yes and no. >> yeah, that's probably they way it's going to go. >> feel free to share. s we would love to hear frome to m you. cold night for everybody but for some d.c. residents an g extra chill in the >> a little colder. why>> a dozens of people camped out outside of a local loc apartment complex in in southeast. sout melanie has that story next. ne.
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>> ?? >> all right. >> hard to see right there. >> apology for the blurry d to spologyt can tell that some folks are stopped and a there's a lot of taillights. that's the important part. 95 northbound. >> franconia-springfield parkway. erin will be alorancng right aft tucker wit >> good morning tke >> hey, good morning.go you ready for some big weather changes? >> okay. >> i mean it's going to -- ito - hasn't really felt like the like holidays yet. startto >> all right. >> okay.>> okay. >> uh-huh. >> let's get to the maps, talke about that cold air which isir i on the way.. in fact, this is my favorites time of year. ti you want to know why? >> why. >> the hounds of winter will beound unleashed.
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primary. [laughter] >> that's a hound i could get behind. >> good winter.>> >> all right, clearly i'm having an issue withll rig ourto friend in sound. sou >> is that max? max probably. p >> i asked for. >> hilarious. >> a barking dogs and that's what i got. 42king in washington. washing there are your hounds of o winter. denver is minus two.f is inus look at casper. minus 28 this morning . >> [laughter]laug >> minute news three greatute falls. all of thatat is. >> (howling). (howling). >> that's a little better. more liket's a wolf though.f gh crow. >> yes. how are they doing? even colder. >> minus 46. you get the idea.get thide these temperatures by the way t even in canada are not seasonable. >> random trivia up there thatie they can't ever turn thean't etu trucks off. o. >> really. >> have to keep the engines keei running 24 hours a day.ours d >> you kidding.ding. >> how do you sleep steve.ste. >> you sleep when the truck is i rolling on i guess. gue >> could you just get a uber driver.driv >> too many questions.eroo my qu just bail out. out bail out. go ahead. what's next. n
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later today. we'll be about 50 up ahead ofute the front and tonight cold airgc gets in here. not looking at any negativeeg numbers but colder air. >> you could should call it the kitten winter because it's a little less intimidating.imidn >> daytime highs around 40un friday and saturday.friday and a overnight lows in the 20's. it will be cy.olght dlo here tot >> kitty cats of winter erin e just how you wanted it. >> meow.>> meow. >> see. >> doesn't have the same ring't as the dogths of winter or ther ground. >> hounds. >> as tucker says. right now tra>> as ff i 95 northbound.95boun crash at franconia-springfield parkway. parkway. there's two right lanes blocked, a tractor-trailer involved. delays extend pastere' ps urplda st pur heart bridge back to dale city c with at least a 30 minuteute delay. jammed up on the northboundd side through stafford as wellghs as you pass courthouse road sors get an early start coming from westminster or fredericksburg this morning. this we'll take a look at mor our map that's not the only bigbi problem. we had an earlier crashlierra involving an overturnedrtne vehicle on the inner loop.he ino it had been out by -- excusey -e me 355 from that point tom thatt
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to bradley boulevard and then a coming off the spur yondu canu see some delays as well. w so even though it's moved to mov the shoulder and cleared, hugeed delays there. lays outer loop jammed from beforefrr 95 over to the spur as wellpur l with about a 35 minute delay.el. 95 northbound we told youd about that crash blocking the two right lanes and look atght that delay. it's extending evenla past daleasda city right now and thenight n ae there's a crash route one nearne giels run road. r both directions blocked in lorton. that's traffic. traff back to you.back tyou. >> 7: 18. need your help finding two missing 15-year-olds. take a look all-o right screen.r on the left that's reginaegin christmas who was last seentee nearly a week ago on minnesotane avenue in southeast.southet. that's on the left. now on your right jenae davis d last spotted on november 27thbe7 on reynolds place ins ac southeast. if you've seen either of these young ladies, please callleca police immediately.ediately. in loudoun county nownty n police need your help finding fi
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friday. celine nap frequents the areas of ashburn fre village shoppingn center, the dulles town spentpe and potomac falls. fal if you have seen this seen is 16-year-old, police ask thatol you give them a call. cal worried parents overnight in the districther pursuit of affordable housingeou keeps people out in the coldold overnight. >> here with where that's happening and why those residents spent theere nwiigppn camping out is melanie it leaving officers opens at 9 o'clock opened until 12 for u the first 200 people to try to t get their name on a waiting list.list take a large the line now goeseo all the way down w to the end od the block here. her all of these people, some of o them showing up early this morning but we're going tobut eo come up with, this, way lane. w. some of these people have beenee here since 4 o'clock 4 o'c yesterday.y. let's see what some of theme te are
7:20 am
this so important to you? why y are you standing in line. inine. >> so i can get me an affordable house. >> reporter: what's your situation. >> have i my own place right now but i would rather havei mya something that go according to n my incomplete how hard is ite hr to find good place to liveo liv that you can afford.ff >> it's very hard at this t point in time. you just got to take what you w can get i guess. >> reporter: and everyone is just kind of standing in lineof taking their chances right.ig >> y-ma'am. >> reporter: what about you, what's your situation. >> right now i'm currently itenn a homeless slt trying to find my own spot so. . >> reporter: what do you think? you think you're going i to make it. to mak >> oh, i am. oh, i a i am. a i got out here 5 o'clock thislot morning. i was making sure i got outgot t here. >> reporter: and what would that mean to you if youorte finally get through ther:at meah process and get theroug application and geh ttheproces ? >> god is good.oo god is great. g you know, i'm just going to be t very happy, you know, thatw,ha it's actually, you know, anow, opportunity for me to get my place. i'm glad they have stuff likeik this. >> reporter: all right.
7:21 am
luck and here's the situationti steve and allison. allis you know, folks here, they're all in good spirits which iswhii great but it is a very serious tuatation. d.c. says that there's about a 42,000 people on its list its ls right now for housingsi assistance and affordable housing is shrinking in thehe city. mayor bowser has put $1ma00 million into anyo00illi initiative to try to keep k developers who have affordableol housing units give themthem incentives to keep those units as subsidy agreements expire and they're trying to give them t none do property upgrades theyue need. a lot of things really kind of workhiing againsngt affordablebl housing in the city but like l we said this is one of those oft just really visible examplesle here of how important it isimpot for people toan get a place thaa is safe, where they can livey cv that they can afford.caafford. ck t to you. >> mel, real quick obviously obs the volume shows the need that is there way couple of hundredah people in line. l is there a finite number ofmb
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people have a chance of getting? >> reporter: from what we're told, this particular lotteryote today so to speak is the first f 200 people, that's it. i there was another group gup yesterday, another linee yesterday for another complex. so, this particular developerel wc smith has a number of complexes around the city then hold these different waitingferw list events. it doesn't mean steve andstevnd allison they're going to getg tt an apartment right away. they gpaet ortn the list, thentt they get an back and fill out an application.icatn. if they meet the qualificationln then they may be able to get an apartment and could it take u three to six months.ldtoth >> mel thanks much.>> mhank coming up a former ufcfc champion is here multiermu champion will join us many randy couture is head to capitol hill. >> headed back to mgm national
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>> ?? >> hey, welcome back. cool start to your day. overnight lows back in the 30's. 42 here in town. outhtare niceco aolnd s lignihe of the north and east at a and weaver had some cloudav cover move in. that's associated wit h ourit frontal system which is goingoi to bring this very cold airry cr we've been talking about the tki last couple of days and it'st' been responsible for a a flurry or two. or t
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there could be a flurry or two for one or two of us early.. eventually we'll get some g som sunshine and the winds willne as pick up out of the north andof n west and it will be gradually cooler and colder in here asr ih the day particularly later tonight andat early tomorrow morning. that overnightrly low 30 degre in the city and tomorrow'somor daytime high only 42. blustery conditions.ondition we keep it cold around this aro weekend and by the end of the ee weekend sunday into monday we night mite get a wintry mixte gn before we're back to work and w school monday morning. afternoon. ervin back with the roads.n ba >> 7:26 right now.>>6 ri we're going to stick to our maps. maps we have a lot of crashes for youre a thursday morning commuu and congestion right now. we'll zoom new app northbound nd van dorn street crash justash before the beltway blockingre t the he bcenter lane approachingn the beltway.e th goode belt news is inner loop ao outer loop looking quietkinget through franconia right now.. southern maryland we have a marh lot of inbound delays on theav d inner loopay from branch avenueu past 210 as you cross theross wilson bridge as well as
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210 heavy between fortwe washington to the beltway.el eleventh street bridge youen back north of 50 from 410 down, 50 dw through cheverly is parked.verl good news is yellow and bluend line back on time for metro.acim steve and al soon.l >> coming up next an update ontn the search for a militaryitary pilot who went missingsi overseas.erse >> plus caught up in another uph twitter battle donald trumpnald takes on a union official. oic he's also catch something heathh for one of his latest cabinet
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?? >> 7:29. we're back now with a look at today's stop stories. back to court for the man policp say walked into a d.c. pizza pza shop on sunday and started shooting an assault rivalssau because of a fake news article.e in court documents 28-year-oldld edgar madison welch said he read
7:30 am
harboring child sex slaves endle wanted to see for himself andimf help to rescue them.m. also in the district todayiy d.c. council is expected toxp confirm the appointment of the e city's newest school's chancellor mayor bowser nominated ant want wilson to fill that position.itio this is video of wilson in town yesterday morning greetingreet students and families at tubmana elementary school in northwest. it is grand opening day for mggr tonight the doors will open to fine dining, slot machines, entertainment. mgm has brought 4,000 new jobses to our area and also bringing a bunch of star power. bruno mars, cher, sting, lionell ritchie expected to perform pfo there soon.ere soon. we'll check in with annie yu live from mgm coming up later up this hour.this h >> very cool. also new this morning actor leonardo did you cap caprio and have met with drum top discussou how jobs focused on preservingrv
7:31 am
the economy.. those three men met yesterday at trump tower in new york.ork. the president-elect meantime inm the midst of another twitterth battle this morning going aftert union official yesterday whoes questioned his job claims. claim some of the president-elect'sct cabinet picks should touch offoo some skirmishes with democratsec in congress.ins. >> doug luzader has more now fof us from capitol hill. h good morning. >> reporter: good morning. orng this twitter battle had to doado with those jobs that trump claims to have saved at carrier air-conditioning and this is one of the tweets in and t questiono going after a jones the local president of th a united steelwork kearse union saying that he's done a terrible job representing workers, nokers wonder trump says companies flef the country. >> we want vote --ot >> donald trump's appearancesrac sin the election have been largely fleeting with thathha twitter account he keeps stirring the pot. st target union president chuck jones whochuc claimed on fox business that fos trump is exaggerating the jobs j that were saved at carrier air-conditioning.
7:32 am
pence are taking credit for 350 jobs research and developmentele jobs that were staying here in annapolis from the start.he s >> reporter: amongta other oth things trump responded that thet union should spend more timee working, less time talking, and lower dues. another battle ahead for trump, nominating oklahoma attorneyne general scott rue it to head the environmental protect agency.. >> general rue it has greatre qualifications.ifatio and there were a numbe qualify candidates for that fora position the president-electside introduced and he settle on o attorney general pruett.ruet >> he has been a steadfasttest critic of epa over reach those confirmation hearings could getg ugly with one environmentalonnt saying it's like puttingng arsonist in charge of forest f fight it would be in keeping k with trauma pops promise to t reduce regulations something that may be an impact on wallal street where stocks have been hv soaring this week.eek. another expected cabinet pick,k,
7:33 am
head the department of homelandd seririty. a tasked with implementing trump's plan to expand borderde enforcement.. and that may cause some concernn among some democrats here on tht hill. that trump will have too many former generals, retiredet generals serving on his cabinetn right now that would appear tort be including department ofartmeo homeland security and the a department of defense. back to you guys.s >> doug, thanks much.uc more to come. 733 the search continues over seas a for a missing pilot. he he ejected during a trainingg session. he has not been sessen since the latest incident involving that exact same model aircraft six oo which have crashed this year.ea there are new details aboutt that plane crash in pakistanakta that killed all 47 people on on board and investigation is now underway. it was traveling from islamabadd when it crashed yesterday.esrd witnesses said they saw it bursb
7:34 am
a remote village. >> desperate search continues is indonesia this morning for anynr sign of survivors following anng earthquake earlier this week.hiw the death toll now over 100. thousands more are homeless ands afraid to go back to their home. they're worried about after shocks. some good news, though, humanitarian groups have started to arrive in that city bringinga much needed aid. >> more emotional testimony is s expected today in the federaled death penalty trial of dylan roof. roof he's charged with shooting tooto death nine people a historically black church in charleston, south carolina.aroln after he had invited to join toj their bible stu one survivor choke back tears as she called roof evil. >> well, this might fall under the category of evil, too., too. watch this, a talk about real live grinchri ruining the holidays.olid goes out and gets up to frosty r in missouri and slashes the t inflatable snowman. snoan he didn't have chance.ha police still looking for thekinr person who did this.pers now the good news frosty is actually back to his old self s this
7:35 am
fee page to pay for frosty's medical bills air quotes he'll donates the proceeds to a a children's charity end has a nen frosty. fros >> do you think that jokerthk tr thought frosty was threateningha him in some some wa >> maybe in court that will beti the defense. the how about that shot? giveou him a contract.t 2.4 seconding a fredericksburgck christian high school down two points against collegiate.olgi terry green witness incrediblenl half court mail mary -- hail mary. nailed it. hail yeah.h >> great shop shot, terry.hop oe happy to see the game extended there. there. somebody will be super populari at school today. t >> check him out. him that's the best. the it's the best thing about beingi young, right, and at a game. >> how many times in theany ti driveway have you imaginary hith that shot.att. >> forever, right. >> the crowd cheers and goesnd g crazy. >> that go crazy. czy >> remember tucker when you wer in high school and that happenee to you? >> i'm still dreaming, allison.. >> you probably dreamed about
7:36 am
cup goal at that point. poi >> i did and i ended up here.p h see what happens. >> it's a dream. win. win >> oh, that's sweet, allison.. >> um-hmm. >> yes. glory days. 42 now in washington.ashito i'm trying to think if i have hv any basketball highlights in myn career. i don't think i can throw itthi that >> when you were young and you were a dreamer, tuck.uc >> pure adrenaline on that shott don't you th >> absolutely.utely. >> skill but adrenaline tucking that ball all the way down.e d >> 31 in pittsburgh.burgh blew you see on that map a fromf region and it will slice and sle dice and the bottom line bringib in the colder air later todayatd with winds out of the north anda west at 20 miles an hour.ou we are going to feel much coldel air filtering in later tonightet in fact overnight lows expect to be near neaee let me mention just got a nice message we're getting sprinkless down near national harbor unmaym encounter a sprinkle or flurryru here early.. associated with a front it willw quickly push out and we'll be ie for a mix sun and clouds this cd
7:37 am
i'll have the seven day in just a minute. >> erin is back with roads. back >> roads are roa busy coming upo 7:37 taking live look behind me this is 95. 9 we had earlier crash involving a tractor trailer clear. cle this is just as you approachach franconia springfield but delayl are still really heavy back to dale city.dalcit about a 35 minute delay to the t beltway. so be prepared for that.ed for t as we forward our cameras,, unfortunately, this is 66 rightt now eastbound by suddenly road.a no crashes to report, however, from before 234 all the way back to 29 really all 28 this is what your commute ist looking make sure you giveg yourself 44 minutes extra minutes to get tot from gainsville to the beltway.. traffic is improving on thehe inner loop by the 270 spur.r. earlier crash by connecticut wac causing big delays traffic tff patterns getting back to normalr we'll keep updated keep it to fox5 news morning.orng.
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?? happening today, the surgeor general will release a report oo the dangers of e-cigarettes.te the report is expected to focusc on the importance of keeping tht devices away from young peoplenl and the dangers that nicotineic and tobacco pose to the nation'' youth. youth. the report also encourages the fda to continue regulatingin tobacco in all forms including u
7:41 am
joint paint is one of theonf biggest challenges when you have arthritis and many arthritis mat sufferers say when you have a cold, damp morning, it's thet'st worst when it comes to pain. to a lot of people with arthritis say they wake up in thehe wintertime already in pain andea that makes the days even more m difficult to manage. dr. mark cheek at begin net chee medical center says there's good reason why that happens much the cold physically causes ouruse joints to stiffen. >> that's why it's worse thing g thing in the morning overnightig your joints cool down and y inactive so you have pain and pa stiffness when you first wake up. also, why it's s bwhetteenr wakt the day.e da. because once your joints warm y up, you feel better.r >> so you're probably saying say right now what do i do about it to combat the stiffness dr. cheek recommends taking ammk warm shower first thing in the morning and then avoiding anyny exercise until your body feelsye like it's warmed up.edp. if you're headed out the door d after your exercise make sure to dress in loose layers and thenet stay hydrated throughout thet te day. da that will help keep your joinsin limber.limb
7:42 am
colder -- >> you feel that pain. >> you feel it you. >> how many times i feel it in joioints. >> right.>> r. listen real quick before we getw to the break the fredericksburgr christian basketball player who hit had thee point shot his name is tray. t apologies, we had thead information in as terry but it i is tray what an awesomeen shot. s great job and congratulations tr you and your teaatm.yoea we're headed back to mgmo national harbor to check out tht national market >> nfc champ randy, is in town.t he's in the green room now. n we'll chat with him next.. my name is major jerry fromm washington, d.c. i'm concernd.c colonelly deployed with theployt 29th infantry divisionisn overseas.ov i want to wish my family and friends back homer row christmas
7:43 am
7:44 am
7:45 am
>> we got lots and lots to talko about. we got cold on the way and the real deal around here its m aean daytime highs by tomorrow this is really fry, saturday won'tdaw get out of the upper 30s to t about 40.out so here comes the cold, and starting to move in right now.n. i'll show you the frontal systee here momri all right. cool this morning.rn the cold really hasn't arrivedta yet. 42 now in washington.ashingto 37 in leonardtown.rd 39 in fredericksburg. north and west plenty of spots s got below freezing early thisart morning but we're bouncing little bit here.
7:46 am
36 in culpeper. storm tracker radar tracking a a couple light snow showers and s flurries out having had any reports of that a touching the ground.un a few light sprinkles just souts and east of town down towardsnow national harbor if you encounter any of this associated with ouro frontal system which is starting to move in further north andortd west.we you can see clearing skies and a some cold conditions.some cold o i'll show you here ondff to thet normal and west up towards tow pittsburgh.. we'll trend towards moreowards sunshine today. cloud cover early, then partlyy sunny. it had turn breezy afternoon as we start to clearoe it out. o lots and lots of. ls o lake effect snows really kickinn in up to 20-inches of snow osn expected in parts of michigan as snows kick and upstate new yorkr towards buffalo expecting up top a foot. lots and lots of snow and lotsnl and lots of cold.d. denver this morning out at theut airport minus nine. so that gives you an idea howow cold it is across parts of the r country here, and we're not wre going to be that cold but we will be in the upper 30s too about 40 both friday andynd
7:47 am
so, you know, real first coldt c arctic blast of the season hereh friday, saturday and for much o the day on sunday. in fact we can all end as wintrn mix early monday before warmer r air arrives on monday. mda that is a weather update. erin has a look at roads, railsi bike paths and the rest. >> planes, trains andras and automobiles. >> yeah, how is it going today. >> it's slow. sad. sad it's thursday.hursy. >> that's good. >> how does that sound.ow doetht >> friday eve.daeve. earlier crash did clear that wea were tracking on the inner loopl residu back to bradley boulevard.rd just thing are picking up movinm along a lot better.. from southbound to urban nat to the spur.pu we'll keep up it dated on that. 95 jams icc to the beltway. bw parkway north and southbound heavy traffic the outer loop
7:48 am
66 jammed solid from 234 to4 t nutley street. look at that long line of no crashes out there but we alsa have overflow of traffic on 28n8 northbound through manassasnd tm leading towards 66 so be6 so prepared for that in chantilly twenty eight north and southbound looking good. 95 crash move to thehbou shouldl out by franconia springfield.ind we have a second crash in theshe backup right now by prince princ william parkway.. delays past dale city with 45 minute delay from stafford to the beltway. sltw. metro is back on time save traffic.veic back to you t >> erin, thanks much.. 7:48. well you probably know him bests as a six-time ufc -- six or o seven?ve >> six. >> six time ufc fightingin champion martial arts hall of famer randy is here for aor a different cause.c he's a witness before a house h panel looking into issues iue related to mixed martial arts. a before he goes to the hill rand was cool enough to stop by our r studio and talk about changes he says are needed to protect athletes. >> thanks for coming in.
7:49 am
when protecting those when competing. >> we're used a flawed structurr in mixed marital arts. a we have the same regulatory bodies for bocking you fill outl the same paper work.ork. the difference in mma they're promotor and the sanctioninganng body are the same they're setting the rankings and creating titles and they'rehe promoting the sport. sport it's a huge conflict oflictf interest, and unfortunately, i i think that leaves the fightersht with not much power and not able revenues that come from thisrohi sport. >> there were change that is came to the world of b woxinergg years back.ack. has that helped? that's what you're trying to bring over tovt to mma has it helped when iten comes to boxing since the ali t act has been in existence. exise >> i think when it's enforced ir has helped.s he it's created standardized contracts.cts. created independent sanctioning bodies licensed by the athletics commissions to create thosee tho titles and only mark so theo t promotor which is bid on makingg though best fights happen and hn
7:50 am
negotiation to get what they're value is in n thato gt equationo that's not happening in mma. m so the ali act being expanded which was implemented in 2000 to protect boxers from the sameom e thing we're trying to get ityi e expanded now to include mixed mx martial arts not really changina the language of the act at all,a just the definition of what combatant is and include. inclu >> when it comes to those whoitc are going to be speaking today,p i know theeareki'sng -- it's a w variety of folks who are going f to be there includingol yoursell on capitol hill today. though. are we involving medical peoplel watching out for medical watchch dogs or more financial aspectssp and protecting the fighterser financially?nciall >> obviously, ct and all of those things are at thehe forefront in all contact sportst right so i'm sure that the subhe sub committee is going to hear fromm people that are, you know, on-going studies in mixeddiesn m marital arts, boxing and all the other combative and cop tackd ck sports about cte how about to dd
7:51 am
athletes in contact sports.ports >> i'm not saying this to pump p up if you go by the books you'rr one of the most decorated and accomplished mma fighters of all time. i know you had beef with ufc asc well financially at >> they had a beef with >> one way or -- they i don't have beef with them. they have a beef for.or. i fought over these contracts we're talking about that kind of get g fixedab with the remedy of expanding the -- the >> do you feel the fighters aree getting advantage of behind thet scenes. scenes. no doubt about the fighters are not getting d t when you see a company like thet ufc sell for $4.25 billion you u do the math and figure out howe much they've actually paid outcd fighters in that same timeeim period, it's pretty stark contrast. i think this is one big step bip towards helping us get our fairr value in the marketplace andarke creating an open free marketar where we can negotiate the bests deals. >> we wish you the best onwish e capitol hill today.capito last thing i have to say is, four championship vick over thet age of 40. of 40.
7:52 am
it's's unb >> it's been part of life.been l staying fit. keeping fitness level high and d being able to work out, youut, o know, as way to make living has helped. >> pro mma fighter collegiatele wrestler and us army veteran. vr thank you for your service as a well. >> thank you. >> he has a charity fund here in somchear out sing veterans as well. 7:52.. al, we'll send it back to you. >> one of the many features oft the new mgm resort and casino the national market. gourmet food festival, that kind of vibe when you thinb of it.nk annie yu is standing by with two arcs designers of this upscale casual dining experience.g exp can i afford these prices, annie?a >> reporter: absolutely al, l, you sure k and when you come and check this place out, al, you'll be blown away by all theyll different options you have.oue. you might need a few days heresr to get through some of thise oft dining options.ningio but i am in the presence of greatness. local greatness. okay we're talking about alout a native washingtonian and someono
7:53 am
years. they are the designers of the o howard theater, ya'll., yll. and they're also working on somo big big projects we don't want't to give that out just yet but the designers of the nationale n market here at the national nio harbor mgm. harb this is a big deal. is a d you all have been commissioned by the resort to work on thishis amaze project.ct. who wants to talk about the t design?? >> michael? >> i'll start with that. >> this is michael marshal'll bl the way and paul lemoya. loy >> i got so excited. >> marshall is a very diversese firm. firm. we have people from all over thf wo eight different languages in ouo firm finding a project like this that needs a diversity of food d venues just right up our alley. >> reporter: that's what we'vehe been saying all morning the mort sense i get from being att casinos myself and being here, h this is really a headquartersua for people from all around thehe rlrld. okay. you're going to have not onlyoig locals t and people from differe states but also internationaleri tourists coming h so that was very important intot the design, right?the design, rg >> it was very important and tht
7:54 am
we have to design venues thatuet are from around the world and wd want to bring this to the mgm really to bring diversity and to bring all the diversity we have in the city andty w also fromm visitors so for us it was key and it was great, because weecau have mexican food, we have seafood, we have fried food, we have diverse. just diversity cultures.s. >> sushi. >> can't forget the sushi,hiorth michael.l. >> ice cream parlor. cre par >> yes. for the dessert. as you sort of walk around through the national market doil yo visiting that country and thatna time. >> that was intentional.tintl. exactly. modern venues but very diverse r and the idea also to brim all of that into one venue that feelsht great. that you can bring yourr families, your friends and haveh you know, options. >> reporter: how does it make you feel that you're a part ofaf this amazing project, guys. g >> for me as a native washingtonian this is this is great for economicmic development.loent.
7:55 am
county, and it's in a greatat location right near d.c.,.c. maryland and virginia.. perfect location.ocio >> reporter: it is really the te perfect location.ation. there's so much to do around here. he truly you'll need a few days too get through all of this.of t you also have the retail shops.s you've got entertainment.inme it's just endless, guys., guys. you don't have to be a gambleram to enjoy this. this trial al defendant nation right in our backyard, and alsoa i want to answer question cedrii chapman asked me on social medid what about the parking, annie? e guess what it's com parking right now as they do tht grand opening festivities.tivits that's the good news, dead cedric.ce come on out here. h they're expecting thousands onco this door opens at 11:00 o'clock tonight. back to you in the studio.o yo >> annie, thank you very much. >> all right. unteer barnes countering downvey himself also courint ddownow tor continues. tuck? >> steve, as long as they have h 5-dollar tables we're in. i >> high rollers. th my my guys. >> that's a no go. go. >> 43 now in washington. looking daytime highs about 50b0 winds out of the north at six.
7:56 am
should turn partly sunny we'll l turn much colder really laterllt this afternoon.fteron really tonight when the cold air will move in. wi want to mention getting a littll flare up a few light sprinkles i our frontal system is startingst to press in from the north and west. 50 today and here comes the coll overnight lows freezing foror everybody. tomorrow blustery and 42.2. very cold on saturday.atda highs just about everybody onlyo in the 30s and we might end the weekend with wintry mix lateat sunday early monday. more on that as we get closer.lo >> erin is back with anotherno 7:00 o'clock hour. hour. >> 7:56. we're taking a live look arounda the area live . new crash in the backup so we had crash 95 northbound byd by franconia springfield that t cleared by prince williameil parkway a second crash blockingo the right shoulder and you canon see traffic is at a crawl you're really heavy passed princed pric william parkway and thing starts to open up once you cross thehe act quon certainly keep updated on that one you still need extre time to get through that area. as we move up to 395, once you o cross the beltway this is bys by edsall road you're at a crawl. l it's about a 25 minute delayutel
7:57 am
heaviest by the pentagon thisagi we'll keep updated freeway easts and web by the third streetrd se tunnel is heavy. 66 as been a parking lot all all morning long by sudley road froo 29 all the way through nutley n street you're in for about a 45 minute delay. simply because of how heavy that congestion is but again nogain crashes. crashe top side of the beltway outer loop through college park jammej 95 to georgia with 15 minuteh 1e slow down. more traffic, news and weather h a f few. keep it to fox you have fox youe fox5. ?? ??
7:58 am
?? ??
7:59 am
8:00 am
?? >> this is fox5 news morning. good thursday morning to ou you. i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve schenn z thanks fo joining us this morning. morni 8:00 a.m. on this thursday,a december 8th.cemb 8 here's what's on the fox5 news5n morning menu.g u >> first up thousands of peopleu are in need ofsa housing assistance in the district andtd hundreds of them stood in the ie cold all night long hoping theyh can find affordable new information on the manrm accuseatd of firing a rifle inse comet pizza.. police say there have beene b warnings signs possibly weeksees before the shotting. >> well we've been talking aboug for it weeks and the dye is finally here. the mgm grand casino set to opee its doors tonight.onight a live report coming a live look outside, ofside course, mgm what we're talkingig about and our crew is there this morning annie and mike and
8:01 am
pictures. all right. 8:00 o'clock now. o'clo now >> mgm national harbor.r not mgm grand. gnd new information this morning the man police say walked into ainto d.c. pizza shop and starting shooting assault rival becauseiu of a make news articlely edgardr madison welch had problem weekse before this incident.ncident. >> in october welch struck a teenaged pedestrian with his car. also dropped from the volunteer fire f droepm artment.tmt today welch is facing legalg leg trouble more legal trouble.roub fox5's bob barnard live in theit courthouse now in northwest wite more on the charges he now bob? >> reporter: hey, allison andisd steve, yes, edgar med son welchl he goes by madison that's hist's name due here in court in an in hour. preliminary hearing.el we're at dc supeimriinor court. he's currently being heldel without bond. the question will be will theilt judge release him to go home to north carolina pending hisng h upcoming trial. tal if it goes to that.hat. can show i was photograph of welch arrest on sunday. sunda this was on connecticut avenue u in
8:02 am
firing a gun inside comet pinkk upon. up that's a pizza restaurant there. popular place in northwest d.c. welch is told investigators hege was investigating fake news ns reports about an alleged child sex ring run from the restaurant connected to hillary clinton. ewto h with ail nlaewry new york times reporter yesterday madison welch said this. ts. quoting here, i just wanted toao do some good and went about itbi the wrong way.. he said the 100% and that i regret how i handled the situation.uation this comes as reports coming out of new york city this morningk i that aty popular wood fired piza restaurant called roberto's in brooklyn has also been theo bn target of these same fake newsaw reports and that employees there are getting telephone threats.ha so the man who drove up from salsbury, north carolina, 28 2 years old, madison welch in court here this morning, guys. g we'll be in there as well and a
8:03 am
cicides. >> bob, thanks. let's take a look at>> other stories we're following thisnghs hour.ur a fifth noose was found at theeo dominion cove point facility ini maryland. maryla to nooses were found in april.or two more found last authorities from a constructionn firm saw the noose andoosend immediately called police. p now just last week, a worker at the site terrell powell felt sot concerned for his safety that h walked off the job down at the t wharf project, i believe. bel >> reporter: 8:03.:0 dk p two missing, 15 year take a look at the screen. scree take moment if you can. m on the left that'som reginaeg christmas she was last seen lt nearly a week ago on minnesota avenue in southeast. on your right gianna davis lastt scene on november 27th on reynolds place in southeast.thea if you've seen either of thesehe girls, you're asked to call cal police immediately.iately also in the districtic disturbing video near union market. warning here it's disturbing. ii if you need to turn away, but bt
8:04 am
surveillance video is out. is o. it happened last month alonglo moore street in northeast. police say after knocking him tt the ground, the suss spec tookeo what the man had on him, thatimh was his phone, debit card, id, they took off in this car that you'll see. a $10,000 reward is being bei offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction inii this brutal beating. ?? 8:04. if you've been outside thissidei morning you likely felt thet the leftovers of last night's frigid weathr. d.c. those frigid temperatures not enough for them not to spens the night outdoors.utdoor why did they do so, mel. so, m >> reporter: steve, they aretev looking for affordable housing g and if they are one of the firsr 200 in line here, there's a gooa chance they might get it.t these folks many of them startet lining up at 4:00 o'clock yesterday afternoon.erno others started showing up at dad break the line now going all tht way down the block. now they're lining up here atli the orchard park apartments butb
8:05 am
village.villag both owned and managed by they e smith company. and they are hoping that theyhat will be able to get inside the leasing office when it opens at 9:00 o'clock, and get on on awaiting list. after that, then they will get an invitation only the first 202 to come back and fill out an an application to get one of theoft affordable housing units at woodbury village over on savannah terrace southeast.thst just visual representation ofioo how tough it is what thehat the competition is like to try to to get avenue forrable housing here in the city. it's been on-goheing problem wih more and more affordable housing units turning over to marketarkt rent rates as they're subsidiess with the city are set to expirer mayor muriel bowser has pledgedd $100 million in an effort to trt to do more to keep affordable housing properties in thein t affordable housing business even setting aside some money foror
8:06 am
do the renovations and up graded and any repairs necessary that a sometimes happen when thesen the units have been affordableorda housing for long time, and the units nor longer it is a big challenge.enge. the city has 42,000 people onpl its waiting list for the housing assistance, and they are again concerned that by 2020 the cityy might lose upwards of 13,0000 affordable housing units.. so this is the line for there was a line here yesterdayy as well. w i understand from talking to people that yesterday there wasw a small altercation here as it i became apparent that some peopll were not going to get into the leasing office for those fhose apartment that is were upp yesterday, and, you know usually happens weather whethere it's waiting for housing orng o concert tickets or anything likk that when there's competitionpen online people get irritated inen they feel like someone isomne is jumping the line.jump
8:07 am
looks good.sood. dc police are here just helpingi out with crowd control. conol again the doors will open at at 9:00 o'clock this morning. they say they will processcess people until noon or the firstit 200 and then that is it. back to you. >> all right.>> a real problem here in theere the district. really is. really i that just highlights it.ghtst. thanks, mel.ks, mel. >> check in with i talking about the cold out there. it is. >> you saw the live shot le everybody bundled up overnightvt lows back in the 30s and 40s. 4s we'll be only near -- upper 40s4 to about 50 today but i do wantn to menti tonight.nigh get ready for overnight lose teens and 20's. >> 43 now in washington. dulles 37.7. up in baltimore bwi marshall 39l degrees. cloud cover even a couple cple sprinkles have flared up just ts the south and east of the city.t not going to amount to a lot this is our frontal systemystem starting to work through ando this is a coldwo arctic boundary you'll notice the winds pickings up and that cold air will realll arrive later tonight. as our overnight lows for lowsor
8:08 am
freezing, and tomorrow's daytime highs 30s for about everybody ty about 40. get ready for much colder air. 50 today.. up ahead of that front and windn pick up this afternoon north ana west 10 to 15. weekend forecast momentarily.oma >> you got that thing down to t science.sciee. >> um-hmm. >> check in with erin see hown w the roads are. >> 8:08. 8:08. we still have mess of congestioo right now. ri metro the only delays we'reys we dealing with on the rails areth safetrack right narow.ow. continuous single tracking onin the orange and silver linerin between west and east fall church. metro bus on delay in the inhe district because a lot of heavyy congestion through rosslyn asyna well check your metro busetro schedule before you head out.efe taking a wide view a lot of slow downs through largo on the outee loop as you make your way out from four towards baltimoreal washington parkway.wash inner loop jams a bit passedinaa ritchie marlboro as well. well. seeing heavy traffic on the on inner loop through objection zen hill towards the wilson bridge.e and t when 395 basically parkede with a 20 minute delay from thel beltway to the 14th street bridge. taking a look in northernern maryland right now.
8:09 am
in for about a 30 minute delayey with outer loop jams from 95 over too passed connecticut and 95 from north of the icc to the beltway bw parkway north and soul nearor powder mill jammed and 66jammed6 eastbound has been really jammee up owl morning long as you makek your way passed sudley road.yoa back to you steve and allison. >> let's done to president-elect donald trump. he'll travel to columbus ohio and meet with victims of last week's attack at ohio state university. it's a private event. it will include police and paramedics whoho responded to the attack.ttac he'll return to his thank you tour heading to desmoines ohio will where he'll hold a rally with vice president-elect mikecm penn. >> he announced four more m nominations yesterday includingn retired marine general john joh kelly as his homeland securityit secretary and linda mcmahon toat head the small business b administration. she's the formerad ceo. wwe the president-elect also als stirring controversy for hisonor nomination of oklahoma attorneyy
8:10 am
chief.chief. a petition will be delivered to congress with more thanill 1 beremillionss wit signatures n lawmakers to oppose donal trump's appointment of steve ste bannon to be white house --te h- chief white house bannon is known as all right conservative and the chief and i executive officer of trump'srump presidential campaign.pan today the d.c. council isncs expected to confirm theo confirt appointment of the city's newest school' chancellor. mayor muriel bowser nominateded antwan wilson to fill thislhi resignation of kaya henderson.. wilson was in town yesterday yed greeting students and familiesal at tubman elementary in in northwest.hwest. wilson comes to dc from california where he's been thehe superintendent of public schoolo in oakland. also, in the district today, the d.c. council expected toxp confirm the appointment of the newest councilman -- newest chancellor.ll we told that you story just nowu if you want to check s out the n mgm casino but you aren't ready to hit the slots we've got tasty
8:11 am
out next in a live report.or >> also police make arrest inlim the deadly tennessee wildfires.r who they say are response al for the deaths of more than a dozen people. it's 8:11. 8 ??
8:12 am
8:13 am
?? >> is it time for tucker again?m >> it's a special time. >> i feel like he was just here with us.e fo it's >> it doesn't matterke h.witter >> we welcome him.>> we >> it can never be too much tuck. >> you have something special. >> aww. >> now it have to leave thee so leave
8:14 am
>> we got bailey everybody. eve that is adorable outfit.t. it's candy cane cuteness. cutes that's what it is.'s whait i >> can we please lose thee losee banner. i have to take in the whole w vision of perfect.perct look at the roughlied socks, soc tuck.tu. >> aww i love the outfit.t. >> um-hmm. >> that is super cute. ser cute. >> shirley temple dimples. dimps >> we got bailey, everybody mucc she's three years old.ree yearsl you can tell from this picturetu that she is looking forward tooa christmas. >> i feel like this familyam shared their christmas card witt us. clearly, there could be no b n i'm trying to take a screen graa and make her my christmas card.c >> here's bailey loves doing. >> hallmark.>>lmar >> loves going to pre-school ana learning how to play with all oo her great friends. >> aww. >> she gets up every morning and watches us here at fox5 with heh >> merriest of christmases to ct you. >> we love it. bay lee that is a beautifulut picture. merry, merry christmas to zen uu your child's picture go to our facebook page fox5 d.c. d >> that time much year we'llearl
8:15 am
christmas photos.hotos. >> yes.>>es. >> yup. >> that outfit is perfect.perfe >> isn't it cute?ut >> did your parents take you tot those photo places when youlace were -- >> i had a very non traditionalration childhood, tucker. tucker. i think you know that.thin >> i think we're aware of that.a three years old i was living in india. we didn't have have that. >> you don't have this. this >> that's not an option. opt >> not an option.ot aopti >> my mom tried to take myoak brother and i one time.and i e. we got in a big fight. >> i thought they just painted your family portraits.ortrts >> we go to sears for t when -- my elan mills for all those in this area. reboil land mills i never had that. >> hey, 43 in washington.ton. cold arctic boundary on the way, and looks what's going on behinh this front.this f 20s out to the west. west. currently minus eight in denver. >> hmm. >> minus 28 this morning in mng casper, why opening. >> come on.. >> yeah. these are impressive numbers.
8:16 am
>>in5 in dallas. i mean that's really chilly. >> steve's fair writ place old o crow at minus 46. >> chilly up there. >> temperatures. we're going to get that flow gel going here over the next 48 4 hours. ho bottom line we're not going to be looking at theseure we n'rums we'll looking at coldest air ofo the season with brisk northwestt winds and daytime highs upperpp 30s to about 40 by friday andnd saturday. today cloud cover early.cover er you can see the lake effect eec snows kicking in there off toero the afternoon but it will turn brisi and colder throughout the dayth and there's your seven dayeven d forecast.forest. es yes? >> in 2011 guess how many peoplm lived in old crow?in old cro >> how many? >> 245.45. >> 2011? >> yes. >> it's tight-it in community. >> they can all bundle up forca rmthalth.l >> okay. >> okay. >> yup. >> yeah. >> in the yukon.kon. >> okay. i think of old crow i saw couple of vultures in up in a lamp post >> it seems like a scary name. m >> it does seem very scary..
8:17 am
>> why is that, tuck, i don'tk,t understand. >> good morning. >> can we have a little thankful thursday moment. >> let's do it. >> i'm thankful l for you guys.g >> oh, my goodness. don't do it, erin.n't it, >> that's sweet.hat' >> you know i'm emotional.i'm oo >> you made me cry.e me cry. your stories i love them. you can kerr makes me laugh. l steve looks at tucker and makesk me laugh. i can't take it. right now the out loop jams by b new hampshire as you make youray way from 95 over to georgiato gg we're in for about a 15 minute5t dow down. inner loop is so much better. b we had earlier overturn car by b connecticut but that cleared anr normal.rm forwarding our cameras. o camer. don't like what i'm seeing hereh on the in your opinion and outeo loop by good luck road.uck r as you make your way out outer loop through largo towardsow baltimore washington parkwaye wa show traffic. and then the inner loop starts to really jam up once ashe is pas branch avenue getting closer tos 210. making your way through oxonou o hill across the wilson bridge b forwarding our cameras onceurero again we do have some other slos downs you need to be aware of.f. things are up proving on 95gn northbound passed prince williai parkway debting back to normaloa but still once you cross it 395
8:18 am
pentagon. back to you guys. >> 8:17 right happening now a manhuntnow nhu continues for a georgia manorg accused of shooting two policewl officers yesterday.te one of them died. them ied. the other fighting for his lifel police are looking for limb f l brick accused of shooting the officers while they werecers responding to a domestic disputu call at an apartment building. meantime south carolinaarol authorities in columbiaoritin c searching for the person stabbes a police officer in inside aid a wal*mart store yesterday yesterd evening. we're told it was a femaletoldta officer who responded to theo store aft r shoplifting.lifting. suspect pulled out this weaponue and stabbed her multiple timeses as she tried to take him no a n room for questioning. questning. the officer is recovering in tht hospital in stable condition. in tennessee two juveniles s have been arrested policerestolc suspect they started the fires f in the great smokey mountainsai national park that went on to to kill 14 people and seriously injure 50 more.0 more. a judge will now have to decidec whether to hold or release thest suspect who's may be tried asria adults for aggravated arson.
8:19 am
giving you updates and all access pass in the new mgmhe n national harbor. h the grand opening is tonight. tt >> let's get back to it now. annie yu has another special s guest for us g morning.est for m >> reporter: yes.or a>> good guest for you ys.s. okay. so the deal is the doors open an 11:00 o'clock tonight.:0o'cl a lot of you are asking when cag i come? well, w the garage opes at 10:30.0: so get here by 10:30. plan ahead. they have spaces for youacesor y complimentary parking right noww as we get through the grandhe opening festivities and then a t in. okay? including a new aew restaurant called fish.d f let me bring you in here. h we've got celebrity chef jose andreas joining us n good morning to you.good >> good morning.>> goorn up super early. >> no, it's good. it's good.>> >> so exciting, right? >> i mean nothing as exciting as opening an entire brand new casino. >> what about your restaurants? >> my restaurant very happy wee have such great family of chefss
8:20 am
>> you have collaborated together it's one beautiful bigu happy food family. >> correct. cor my restaurant called fish is is fish and seafood restaurant ur we're going to concentrate a lot in the chesapeake bay kind ofino fish. fish >> love it. i >> very american fish restaurant from a chef.he >> that goes to show you how important it was to mgm to allaa the people involved to keep it local to also incorporate the it plays a lot of monument thett potomac river, local artists and local chefs and then i love the menu as spec of your restaurant. and so when people come in talkt about the big dishes that we should all try.should try >> okay. >> o i'm going to tell you what i wha don't have yet.n't et >> okay. >> i have amazing terrace outside you can see the potomac meeting the chesapeake bay andad every spring every summer we'llw be having like a crab housera h where we're going to be steaming
8:21 am
>> oh my gore. >> with corn. le a oing to be like a big celebration.ce >> that will be a hit. thall b >> besides that, i have beautiful whole forage which ish a fish that requires more love.v >> yes.. >> we are kind of deboning and we fry whole and it comes to the table -- >> how big is it? >> big. >> okay. >> you have to come scene it. >> big.>> >> and delicious. portion>>s.g okay? and before i let you go g think it's always nice to get to know the c theof g.he for those of you who aren'tn' familiar, yo work in addition to satisfyingay palates do you so much work fork just awesome causes. cse hunger issues around the world.r let us no he what you're up to. >> well, not only me, the chefhe community in general is super involved.vo not only here in the -- ooh juss came back from haiti after the r hurricane. they were in a lot of trouble. we did kind of soup kitchens. we got a lot of volunteers fromf the states and haiti and we began feeding thousands ofg thof
8:22 am
anybody can do. not only chefs. >> that's right. o it starts we one>> okay.ay make sure you check out fish, guys.e you guhe lote he has lots of restaurants in d.c., he willil lay, las vegas. vas. plenty of restaurants but youou got to come here to princeprince george's county to tie back to you in the studio. >> annie, we love tell jose j thank you so much for coming on the show today. he's celebrating a lot of folks are looking forward to gettingoi out there trying the new place.e >> big names right here in ourer backyard. we love that. the orld's tallest is is in danger of >> there's been a historic drop in life expectancy.y. it's now 8:22.8:2 ???? i'm major darwin deployed at bagram airfield in afghanistan.n i want to say hi to all my all m friends and family inamily washington, d.c. i want to wish i was merry m
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor.
8:26 am
walking right now. >> i do, too. he's supposed to be here over here twa epose wd ants t h do. >> first up this morning for the first time in over a decade live expectancy for americans has decline. >> experts say that risinghat rn deaths from heart disease, disea stroke, drug overdoses, diabetea are to blame. bla strength thenning arguments tha health problems are worseningorg across the united states.s. overall live expectancy fell byb just one-tenth of a year from 78.9 to 78.8. 7 but doctors say that' a change to be concerned.onrn especially since the last time e it fell was back in 1993. experts caution against readingo into the data too muchn thoughg and say the trend could reversev as soon as next year.t y we can make that happen, folks.f i know we can. >> talk about the giraffes. >> do you fine this surprising.r >> i do. >> i do too. i hadn't thought of them on thi list. devastating news for the world'r tallest animal this morning. mog the giraffe.thraff seriously risk of extinction.
8:27 am
years. year now unfortunately, this is ins n line with current global trends. last october major unless foundf the number of wild creatures waa back on track to fall byl by two-thirds by the year 2020 compared to 1970. 1 time to ramp up those efforts. r >> all righty.>> we can't lose the giraffes. >> no. no. a warning for parents beforr santa delivers all those toys t this christmas. christmas. there are things you need to don first. >> plus weather and traffic next.s weat it 8 8:27.
8:28 am
8:29 am
? [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models.
8:30 am
?? welcome back, everybody.rybo we're in full christmas modeistm over here in the loft. 8:30. 8:30. we want your kids to have fun on christmas when they open theirth presents, but you also want thet to be safe at the same t when you're shopping online or at stores there are a few thingg that you can that your kids won't be hurt byb the toys and gadgets theygets receive. so joining us this morning is john, with the ul consumerr safety he's the director of thef ul consumer safety and you've au seen those ul symbols onn electronics and on products.duct well the ul an end productproduc safety organization which has wh been around for more than ahan a century.y. >> yes. >> which is pretty darns pretarn impressive good right.ight. i haven't there for the wholethh time. >> of course not. why would i think y>>oung man lk
8:31 am
it's been many years.manyears >> yes. >> happy holidays to you. so this is supposed to be joyfuf me o of year. nobody wants an accident, right. >> that's right. we have to take few seconds to think about safety especially ay this time of the year we're in such a hurry.ur rear wrapping gifts and meetingn friends and everything else. a lot of things are possibly potentially >> okay. you are here for gentleor g reminders and we're talking tki about you think that toys and electronics would be fine what's the danger here, john? jn? >> well, electronics and toys batteries they pack a lot ofot f energy into a small package went demand.dema. we want our laptops and tabletse to work for a long time with one charge. and lithium ion technology doess that.. it's safe and relatively new.ti. the fact is every so often we we see some of those strange things that happen. you've seen probably you' vebly yo reported on hover boards.ver bod >>htight. >> today we've got hover boardsr that meet ul standards.ndar you'll find ul marks on it thisi
8:32 am
charger and the battery and that combination is very if you have something that needs charging, a toy of any kind, it needs recharging and you canndoc fine the charger make sure youeu go back to the manufacturer andf get the proper charger because c mat are mated. you need the right carrier forar that zest zes if off different charger you can over charge the batteries and that could cause a fire.e. some have deed feedback it willw sense the battery is charge anda star dropping down on the charge. withat's the main problem >> yes. when you're charging thoseou t batteries keep them in the opene it's a chemical reaction.n that's what lithium technologyog is. >> got it. it. >> you charge it's one chem tree and when you dischargee it it i' another. >> are these examples of thingsa that would use thosemple ts ypef batteries. >> they can use any type ofcaus battery and lithium technology g could be used here.uld use we see a lot of it in the tablets and the drones and thent phones and the hover boards. brd that's the kind of place you'dla need a lot of energy. ergy. >> you've got the old-fashionedn batteries here. her
8:33 am
>> something like this is kindsn of technology that you see every day. some of these are rechargeable.a me a are not. >> okay. >> make sure that you don't put the kind of that are thare notre rechargeable in a chargera chaer because that could damage it ant e use a fire. >> okay. >> okay. >> the other thing that you see on the table are theer thi buttn these are used in many, manyy,an things today. cameras, for example, greeting n cards, hearing aids. aids. >> sure.e. >> all use this kind ofhi this is extremely dangerous to o toddler.ddler they put things i which is very normal for a f child. but the factil is, if the childc ingests this, they have to haveo surgery to get that battery outo you need to get it out even twoe hours in a child's system can be hazardous.rdou >> how do you know? they moveun so quickly. so q keep them out of the way.hem ou. >> that's right. keep them out of the way. them >> the backs are good andd latched. >> packaging to date comes you m need a scissors or a hack saw tw get them out of the packaging but that's really a safety feature.fe isn't that's so funny that yount say that. my kids are older now.are olr n.
8:34 am
absolutely right. it's all for the safety ofab the kids. kids >> even the older children theyy might have siblings who arere younger you might have visitors remember this is the holiday season. thi season there are toys all around theree might be children all around ch that are normal -- not normallyr in the house. the hse you might have visitors from ou of town or friends or neighborsi coming over. yourouight be a toddler in home that you aren't accustomede to having toddlers.oddler >> john, how important are theor age, you know, i imagine on the age six plus and this is i probably much younger, ofoung, course, but how important is for pay attention to them.h. >> allison an extremelymely important point.ant those age recommendations are a meant for safety they're not n indication of how bright the child is. chil the child could be buddinge bdi genius but the fact is att certain age, children put thingi in their mouth just the way thet identify with thing around them, and three-year-old is the limitm many of these things will say for three and above. a and don't try to give it tot younger child.younr child. they will put it in their mouth and it might be a small part ana
8:35 am
>> okay. okay. >> that's something that parenth should always follow that agehae tamitation. >> good point. >> we just want our kids to be b safe and normally ul on the ul t lights and things like that buta we're happy that you came andthd talked about other thing.ed auth we could go on and on drones aea big thing this time, too. t >> yes. does we're out of time. for more informationes we', johw can folks go.olks >> great website at save save >> all right.ight thank you very much.thanyou ve >> have happy and save holiday h season. >> i feel safer with you justr h back to you guys in the otheryo studio. st >> ?? ? allison, yes, it will startt feeling like the holidays as we got cold air on the way and a wa cool morning this morning.ornin. 43 now in washington.ow in shin cloudy skies out there early.her winds out of the north here at six. it's kicked up a snow i haven't seen anybody reportn that. lemme know tucker fox5 at f twitter if you're get snowflakes and couple showers out towardsos calvert and anne arundelruel ununties. we'll get any of this lightight precip out here shortly and we
8:36 am
afternoon mix of sun and cloudsd highs about 50. 5 the warmer temperatures that 50t being the warmer temperaturespee won't blustery tonight and look at tht overnight lows about 30 and very chilly around here friday, fri saturday and sunday with cloudso moving in back in by sunday.un we might have wintry mix to m t start your monday morning. mng a w wintry mix? >> a wintry mix. mix >> what?>> w >> it's a possibility. >> unacceptable.table. ightight? >> you know what that does to the roads and we have problemsal enough.enou take look behindgh me.e inner loop is moving along witht typical morning volume disable before 50. 5 you're back up all the way to t pennsylvania with big delays and then those continue pass 50 pas5 towards bw parkway.aray and you can see the traffic isrc just pretty heavy there. t inner loop again jams towardss the wilson bridge. bdg let's take look at our maps ourp because whole lot of congestionn this morning that we are up against.agait. 270 remains really heavy through gaithersburg and rockville.lle outer loop jams 95 over to georgia.orgi bw parkway north and southbound has been a parking a lot all morning powder mill road and 959
8:37 am
down. if you're heading from baltimoro towards capital beltway you'lltw need a lot of extra time and te some patience. pat a closer look at that delay.ay and also notice 29 is backing ui tour the beltway as well.el also seeing congestion through kensington on connecticut. 295 southbound from the 50 to te the 11th street bridge is slowlo north at that point throughnt tr cheverly it's jam pack as well.w inside the beltway once you cytohet 20250 issue remains rai yeavy. keep in mine 395 dealing with w delays to the 14th streettree bridge and across the freeway.sw back to you err rip, thanks much.h. 8:37 right now. n have you ever received let'sved just say inn appropriate giftteg from one of your co-workers? i? happens a lot more than youhan might think. th coming up next, we have a list a of some gifts that might evenve make santa blush. 8:37.37 oh, yeah, erin, i'm talking
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
?? today is the eighth. 17 days. >> is it? a little over two weeks until ul christmas day.stmas >> since the holiday season isn here that means a lot of you y will go to holiday parties andea maybe some gift exchanges atng a work. a lot of employees participatini in secret santas.. >> i wish we would do that more. >> we believe.>> according to career builder.comc 2% of workers plan to buy holiday gifts for co-workers.ers >> only one in five.nly on f i thought it would be more thana that. >> your math acumen is off the hook. ho hmm. >> go ahead. go ead. >> give me a calculator.
8:41 am
i've given an ornament before. books, i've gave tucker a book k last year. year. gift cards, et cetera. cetera. here's a list of the most unusual presents that employees received from co-worker.rom cooe somebody got two left handedan oveses. tucker you and erin could split those up.p. coconut bra.ra >> doesn't that sound >> what is that.t. >> i have no idea would you wanw it. >> it depends what you are.pend >> is it edibles wh bra? that s coconut flavor. flavor. >> if tucker gave that to be won >> no.o tuck, mark it down for allison. how about ajar of gravy?? >> homemade gravy.ravy >> okay. we're getting weirder.eird a fake lottery ticket. ticke that's just cruel.el >> that's mean.. >> a real stuffed duck. >> throw that in gift exchange.e i'm assuming that's taxi that'sx determine me. no thank you. >> okay.>>ka >> well, maybe you won't get abn present this year.ear. toilet paper that looks likeksik money. i don't have a problem with that. >> i'll take that. >> post it notes they're expensive if they're the real>>t post t >> they come in handypo..
8:42 am
>> i guess if it's coming from, upping, a co-worker. >> practical. >> it's fine. good use moreseor tow than a real stuffed duck. d okay. okay holly, wisdom, maureen, who mann ever is over there what do you u want for christmas.hristm. pick something off the list.t. >> allison, the coconut bra goes with your grass skirt.kirt >> oh.>> the real coconuts. coc i don't want that.hat. >> she has that who gets the real duck? >> i know people that have reale stuffed ducks so i'm not goingog to comment on that. >> all right.>> all right >> i'll take the toilet >> how can i i miss the coconutt bra, of >> i know. you can borrow one of mine, al.. don't waste a gift on it. i >> here's what we have to talkvl about coming up on good day.. 8:42 is the time.ime. the gunman who targeted popular pizza place expected in courtn t any moment.oment. we're live with the latest onh t meanwhile president-electilt trump in the middle of another h twit battle was need to know alw in the first five minutes. live coverage from the new n mgm grand casino continues youny never know who will pop up withp our own annie yu. y i'm just saying. sin
8:43 am how cool is that. that. >> all new on good day a sneakak peek of rogue one.. a star wars story. story brace yourself for this one.sne >> all right.>> all then fresh at 10a cook can he ii spreading holiday cheer tonightg we're talking about, well, noten really cookie taraji p. henson h who plays cookie and she's goths pretty big names with her.h we'll get a preview at 10:30. 1: >> what do you really get thellt person that has everything thisi holiday? how about a ryanya gosling pillow case. just in case you want up with him. one of the many gifts we're suggesting courtesy buzz feed fe they've got great more ideas. ie we'll share.l shar >> live in the loft gospel super star ant know brown is here toeo tell us all about a show that'ss sure to get you in the holidayol spirit.irit. >> plus we'll dish about lastas night month's empire and go livi to hollywood for the latest les celeb hot topics with rossoss matthews.. >> the re hot good day d.c. will warm you up during this cold col snap.. >> i'll pass on the ryan gosling pillow case.ow c
8:44 am
>> you're half awake you mightit get freak out.k ou >> steve, i'm getting a carrie i winter of underwood pillow cases >> thank you. >> we've learn the new detailshi about the split of angelinaina jolie and brad pitt. pitt you're welcome.come >> details coming you. annie yu has been taking us on o tour of new mgm national harboro what's so funny, annie? >> reporter: i just heard yourey tease prior to me it made me chuckle, steve.. but you know what's also makingn me chuckle the celebrity chefs.c of character. they don't just prepare theirhe food. we'll meet the brothers comingon up standing by but we're justre hours away from the grandra opening. the doors open at 11:00 o'clock a lot of people are here gettini things ready at the last minuteu touches. we'll tell you everything you need to know including you e tag to the before thes coming up.inu need to know including you e tag to the before thes coming up.inu we'll be right back. your path to retirement
8:45 am
we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
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8:47 am
?? >> that's what i ask all thes we time. >> right? >> um-hmm. you going to miss me when i'm gone, steve. >> it's not going to happen. you're not going anywhere. >> you're right. >> it's a good thing. make it better for all of us g to m noincluding you.t not 8:47 right now.>> it'or allusinl check in with tucker barne47s rs right now we have to wait an
8:48 am
>> all right. we got cold on the way. we got real on the way. in fact daytime highswe gotwe gy tomorrow i don't think they get out of the upper 30s foron mos's the area.e aa. current numbers, 43 in big blue line you see is a coldc front, and look what's going on' hindnd the front. i'll give you current numbers. these are actual airthesare temperatures right now minusighm eight in denver. minus 28 in casper. cas minus three in great falls ungeu newspaper canada, that is what you call some pretty extreme cold up in 46 degrees. 46 d not going to be this coldis col locally but we are going to bewt in for our coldest temperaturese of the season here as this fronf is able to push off to the soutu and east.dast. a couple of light showers nowow kicking up just to the south anu east of the city. looks like calvert county maybe towards annapolis getting lightg sprinkles as temperatures are iu the 40s. 40s earlier it was actually a fewct snowflakes off to the north and west. all right. front gets through.ou you can see what's going one whg behind it very very cold air cd that's all lake effect snowsws kicking in.g i
8:49 am
get 10 to 20-inches of snow. just to the east of some of thet great lakes here towar buffalo. parts of upstate new york as well going tofo u get big snowss that cold air rushes overallve till tiffly great lakere lake temperatures sunny and breezyat for us our set up forures fridaa saturday and again daytime highs tomorrow and saturday withh breezy conditions the actual aia temperature upper 30s to about a 40 and overnight lows back in lw the 20s. the 2 it will be very chilly weekendyw make sure you're ready for it.ey there's your seven day forward to friday, saturday andy sunday.sund this afternoon partly sunny witt temperatures near 50. 50. then by monday, it is possible s to get a wintery mix changing tg rain around here for the day on still some question marks withii that one. that is a full weather steve and allison, i'll toss iti back to you. good tuck, thanks very much. ver we do appreciate it.. ?? i mixed those words. several celebrities.. celebrity chefs are setting up shot new mgm national harbor.aro
8:50 am
popular chefs getting ready forf tonight, annie, my apologies fos messing up the intro. good morning.orni >> reporter: that's okay. o that is okay allison.llis you are forgiven. listen we have the ba tag leaagl brothers in our presence righte now. native maryland grew up in i frederick county this is exitext exciting. exci brian and michael ba tag lea opening up the first restauranta together. how exciting?howxcit >> it's pretty exciting it's like a homom i live in los angeles.. i left here almost 10 years to come back and do this inside i this amazing building i couldn'u ask for better homecoming and to do it with this guy -- -- >> aww how does that make you mk feel, warm and fuzzy.nd fuz >> it does. it does. you know, it's -- this ishis amazing thing.azing thing for us to be able to open up in maryland where we grew up and ba a part of this a amazing projece it's really fun. michael and i have been wantingn to share the stove, you know,u , for a long time and to finally f we have that opportunity to doou it. >> no one has gotten hurt yet.u.
8:51 am
>> neither one of us report roar marylanders have shown so muchom for you guys. you have volt.u ve v you opened up.. ink in west hollywood you're you very very busy but this is going to be a homecoming for you guysg >> it really is.t real i moved to la actually to workor with and for jose andres who's o opening up here, too.ere, too i'm also a little bit nervous nr about that because the chef thaa i call chef is right neck door.d >> right. >> so there's that aspect and rr i've got thie's guy who i've gre up with my entire life on both n sides of me, yes, c >> what are you talking >> you don't know how happy mgm and maryland is to bring together these two amazing brothers. they are talented.ed and having them together in thee same restaurant is going to be b unbelievable. >> it is unbeliebevable. there's a lot of love here butee let's be honest any fights in fg the kitchen so far, brothers?s? >> no.>> >> no. i think it's been pretty clean so farit's.. >> agreements on menu items?te
8:52 am
brought from our respectivefroms restaurants techniques and techq basically look to do ourur repertoire what we've done andvd put that together much these are dishes that we -- we love to loe share. share. things that we want, you know,ak maybe inspired by childhood orld things we really like. flavor profiles we feel like are going to be exciting for peoplep >> marbled potatoes, mack croner knee and cheese, caesar salads,s steak it's all there.ll the we've got a whole we're roastinn in wood. salads are -- you've had tomatot salad in steakhouse before. you've that see sawyer salad and wedge salad it here. we're doing it our way. w >> awesome. thank you so much, guys.u so m good luck to you.o y there you have it.ere yo we have have been like graced bd some celebrity chefs.he there's so much to check out, ct guys. guys the doors open at 11:00 o'clock tonight. if you are driving, 10:30., 1 that's the time to that you canu start those parking spaces. spa right? back to you in the tou studio. >> annie, can i just say thehe epic nature of having thoseg t three chefs together right here on fox5, awesometo.wesome well done.e. >> reporter: i know.>>orte >> right. 8:53 right now. 8: so cool.53 r so
8:53 am
you guys better take a photo op. >> get some food. f >> and recipe secrets, annie. >> we'll let them keep chattingt college football what anll whata exciting one it is for college c football fans this weekend faced off between west point and the a naval academy, yes, it is the army/navy game right in ourht io backyard this year because theye move it from year to year.toea it's going to be in baltimore bo the spirit already growing onng both sailors all the way from iraq ia zen going luck to theirinck to representatives on the feel. >> coming from the army post in iraq, this is the navy expeditionary medical ui as you can see behind us signalg loud and clear -- go navy beat army!! >> the navy of course getting gi hometown help from maryland m based under armor who made themm special uniforms for the big b which you can see right there. now, smack talk coming from the other side.. u.s. military academy west point tweeting let's play sailor said no kid ever.ver.
8:54 am
epic video certainly bring thent heat.heat so we will find out what happene when they play this weekend.. if you're not pysched for the big game already here a few funf facts to get you in the spirit.. 271 members of the core of cadets each contributed 52 cents to pay half of the 52 navy'savs traveling costs for the 1890 1 game going back well over a a century ago.y a. although today we know the gamem annual tradition and been so s since 1930.e there have been 10 times when the army/navy game was notot a lot of times aroun going into the 1944 and 45 games army and navy were ranked numbem one and number two respectively. army won both of those games.s. >> okay. always a great matchup. >> sure is the president isre there it's a big deal. b d should be a lot of fun.shou >> i got to go to one.o one. >> i have yet to go. to g >> when they played at fed ex ae field. ouras amazing seeing service members on the field anf in the stands. in eat t moment. the >> former republican>> f presidential candidate ted cruzz having a twitter melt down. d >> has nothing to do withng to o
8:55 am
get it, melt down. >> like fondue. 8:55 right now. okay. here's the deal. there's one they know we just learned about ted cruz ione ntharne fact lovee cheese. >> who doesn't. >> who knew. w .ake a listenho >> just tastes good. it speaks to the soul. good queso, relaxes you.. look, it's cheese -- cheese dipi
8:56 am
or with one of those tiny vienna sausages.s queso is made to be scooped upsp with tortilla chips andps a trickling down your chin and ona to your shirt.. >> look, i'm on border withn boe that. >> what the heck are we talkingg about right now. >> i don't know. it makes me hungry i'm on team case so.o. >> video of cruz owed to queso u has made its way around the web. his tonness for the dip came across unup tension alley sexuaa film why do you have to go downw >> drb >> on twitter one person -- i i love when it dribbles on myles o chin. >> stop. >> one twitter person wrote, ted cruz case so clip is incrediblei and that it almost makes me make never want to touch case so foro longs i live. how dare you, sir.. that's wait one person road please stop showing the picture of ted cruzu with cheese dribbling down hise face. herehere's photo. >> i don't know. kno t has to be. let's focus on the facts, tuck.c
8:57 am
45 at reagan national.nal 39 dulles. bwi marshall 42.l2. arctic boundary coming through. that's the bottom line on today. a couple sprinkles off on theeso south and east.and east. [ laughter ] >> we'll gradually see -- i'm -- glad you think that's funnys clearing skies, sun and cloudsnd this afternoon 50.ft 5 here comes the cold friday andrd saturday.ay real cold setting in here laterl tonight with some winds. some ws all right. erin is back for last look atk traffic.traf >> i'm sorry that wasn't funnyfi but i have the gigrygles t from allison's impression. i almost spit my tea out of thank you. thank yo right now big problems on theemt outer loop. two right lanes blocked betweent 66 and 50.0. traffic is at a crawl.. big first responder presence oud the.e. use caution. self cars involved. aside from that a lot oselff residual delays left overheadini into the district any questionut at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. tr keep it to fox5 news morning. mg good day at 9a is coming rightht up.
8:58 am
what you gone do? lift up your head and keep moving or let the paranoia haunt you? everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
8:59 am
9:00 am
straight ahead, a monumental opening in the nation's capitol. >> i'm annie yu live inside thee mgm national harbor. har we're just hours away from thehe big grand opening, and the lastl minute touches to get ready is on. plus, the pizza gate gunmana in his own words. the suspect head back to court u here in d.c. but first he tolll the new york times why he did t


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