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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  December 8, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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knocked unconscious by foury fo other men. >> the attackers took thehe victim's att phone and passportp and left him just lying in thein street. and the crime well it wasell w caught on camera. fox5's paul wagner live in in the northeast with more on this. is paul. >> reporter: hey, guys, yeah, the night of the attack rk the man that we talked tod today thinks that he was set up here outside the laila the la lounge. he thinks that because he wassew with several people who he believed at the time were t friends but now believesw eve the hands of his attackers.ttac. now before you look at thisfo video we want to tell that yourt he's doing okay tonight.on he was not hospitalized but the night of the attack he washw knocked out cold.ol it was just faster 3 a.m. on a saturday two weeks ago whenks a this man who we are not areot identifying left the laila t l lounge way man he thought atay the time was a m friend. fri he admits being drunk and a needing help and held onto hisnt friend's arm.rm >> the next thing i know he h
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they walk up from behind me, m they hold my arms and one ofnd f the guys comes up in front of me and puts a gun up to my chest and they tell me to run mu to my stuff and give up my belongings basically and i'm just cursing and yelling andel i'm panicking.anicking. i don't know what's reallyt happening. at that moment i didn't evenkn n'tve know you a getting robbed. a gee feltd. like a prank. a pra >> reporter: no, this was no prank. for whatever rea hit him in the face rifled rifle through his pockets and whenetsn they were done kicked him inicki the face. that's not all. ignoring the mantra never kick a man when he's down came inhe for more. for mor >> you know, to be honest, ion didn't know what was happeningwh while i was getting attacked. ac like i said, i was intoxicated. but even after the fact i wasac in pain and i couldn't open my jaw. i wasn't able to eat for a week. >> reporter: the man who't aor w grew up near washington andashi
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himself for the attack.elfor thk >> it didn't have to go the way it g did and i don't believe i deserve it. i don't think anyone deservese rv it and they're just grime meet i people and petty people in thee world. >> reporter: the victim whoorte works asr: the a freelance fel technician says he wants theay n men responsible arrested andd held accountable for what they t d he knows they were in thehe littleological lounge that night and tookolog advantage of him.him and as far as being in the man told us they saw those tho people who attacked him here inside the nightclub on morse oo street northeast. n there's cameras all aroundd here presumably there's cameras inside as well and he also knows that someone wente wn to an atm and took money troutut his account so presumably presu there are other photographs out there, perhagrps that the police can use to finallyseo f track these guys down but that t man who was attacked really rea wants these guys arrested. live outsider laila flanch
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local news.s. >> police are in the district td asking for your help tonighton top identify person of 90 of connection way shooting. sot surveillance video capturedtured the incident last month along the 600 block of h street in northwest.rthwest. now you can see shots arets are fired and then the people takeae off. the victim was taken to theeno h hospital with minor injuries.nje if you have any information infi about the person seen in theon t video or perhaps that vehicle captured leaving the scene, scee call police. >> ?? >> they were pulled out of schools over complaints ofver hate speech andco racistacist language but tonight a virginia school district has sch decided to return two classic ls american novels to the shelves despite their widespread use of racial slurs. slurs for's tom fitzgerald liveldive tonight at the library congress with more on this. thi fitz. >> reporter: matt good r evening.r: the question is this. when doesthe qu politicalolit correctness get in the way of teaching students historical literature? two american amen
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mockingbird" and the adventures of huckleberry finnyn are headed back to thek bookshelves in virginiave vir tonight after being pulled off those same they feel just -- - shelf just days ago. a to kale mocking bird was putut out in 1960 written by harper be low. adventures of huckleberry finny was written by mark twain back in 18 crime now, remember rember those books dealt in harsh h used offensive language.age. they used slurs.sls. they used the n-word all in anal effort to show the inequalityal of life in the deep south, but just recently a mother inher accomac county saw her studentnt reading what was in that book. she objected and filed a complaint with schoolh ho officials saying that children d should not be exposed to me t racial slurs in the classroom. back on november 29th schooloo officials pulled those books
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superintendent has restored the novels.the a director of the first their amendment says of the newsew banning books from an educational standpoint in her opinion often denies studentsofe the ability to learn from textnt that is they disagree and ty het come up with twice challenge those ideas. ideas. >> i can't say that there's a natural correlation betweenion n banning them and the resolvingng hate speech.peec i would say no because they'rehe both classic americanic american literature and they are both novels about racialt ra sensitivity so in my personal pa opinion it would be that it is u better to include them in theo l cuude rriculum this afternoon cf them out based on some s uncomfortable conversationsonvet they might rai >> reporter: well, the chairman of the accomac school board s says he agrees that the language in both novels ish novs offensive but it will now bee bu up top students and teach tch stories put those novels inels i their proper perspective and learn from them.hem. we're live at the library ofry o
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>> now to the district whereistc the d.c. council confirmed theet appointment of the city's cit newest schools chancellor.ncello mayor muriel bowser nominated nn antoine wilson to fill the position following the resignation of can i yap henderson. wilson greeter students and g famirelyet at tubman elementaryn nohwest.t. wilson comes from californiaomea where he had been theliere headb superintendent of publicnten schools in oakland. oakla >> all right.>> right it has been four years in the making. maki many of us have kind ofki of watched it slo and finally tonight is a bigg the mgm national harbor is finally opening up. u >> i can't believe it's been four years. if you're not ready to face th're croe wds yetno our own our alexandria limon is live to give us a look at this massiveas property and to give us angive idea of what we're missing if we don't want to go out theret just yet. hey, alex.y, >> reporter: guys, that's right. we got an up closes andlo personal look.rson we got to sample some of theme e
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right here noun they're getting ready for a veryfor v special event.l eve let me show you you can see cello players.lo pls this is for a special gala. gal invitation only for vip'svi that's going to be happeningpeni at around 8:00 p.m. p but then after that if you'ref e a member of the public and youpd want to come here and check itct out for yourself you can comen e at 11:00 p.m., that's when the doors open and you can comeanom here to enjoy things like of le course the casino that you seeee right here but we actually got to go inside, inside the take a look for yourself.elf. it isn't the swanky decor orr high tech but rather somethingsn else that's sure to impress atma the mgm national harbor hotel.ol >> we're perched on top of a hill 400 feet high pan ram ma views a corner suite. >> reporter: you can see them. >> absolutely. >> reporter: why don't you show us. >> as you come out what'sepor s tyorteyou come apart apa is the views you're going get'r from our floor to ceiling to ceg glass.
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up the potomac river lookingoo into old town alexandria asld t well as our nation's ow capitolp seeing monuments and memorials. this is something truly is meth special and a sight to beholdeh for guests. >> reporter: yeah, obviously thtee roor:m itself very modernr clean. clean. it's the first time we arehe fie getting a little bit of a areg snealek peek of the rooms and the games from slots to tables, the casino brings an upscale vegas feel to prince tpr george's county.'s cnty. complete way 3,000 seat seat theater and top of acts already scheduled butut front and center of it all islls the food scene. sne from burgers to fresh seafoodea to everything in between. betwe >> our restaurant is going toang be the all day restaurant andt d it's a great restaurant collection, we have both the, wo supper club back here alle a about music and cocktails it's call sammy's bp.'sp. if you want to come in forn cocktails we have that. t
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>> reporter: tell mhae aver: little bit about t yelour menu. do you have fried chicken on it. >> we definitely have fried chicken and one of the staplesat i serve in mheytapl restaurant e rooster. it's really about an elegant ant comfort food dining cultureul that is fun. f >> reporter: now, from being inside of that theater andat just taking a look at whataking they have going onlo tonight, wt can tell that the entertainment is going to beoing top notch. in fact i'm toldh. n that f tonight at the gala they're going to have somee in super secret they wouldn't say whom but i'm going to bet it's going to be i some big super stars. but despite all of that, youhatu know, it's not all just about ju the entertainment, the fun,un, the excitement the mgm national harbor is actually acta employing thousands of peopleg h right here in our area, soouheo coming up at 5:30, i'll havelav another update for you and we're going to be breakingakin down those numbers and hownd h they're benefiting princeg george's county and the statee s of maryland.arylan for now i will send it back toac
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>> all right, alex looks beautiful doesn't it. >> yeah. looks like are you in little vegas over there. it's beautiful. thanks alex. >> i'mi'm notbeauti ve a a big gambler butut the food looks great and what do they have cher and other big flames that are c >> no, the spa that's wheres w it's out. out >> excuse me. get a facial. let's go together. >> exactly. we have the dangers of driving in harsh weather havther >> a massiveio car take a look at this videoideo leaves three people dead after conditions for >> no one that i've talked to so far in any agency has eversve seen anything like this. thi >> two young children are dead d in what new york city mayor ismi calling a tragic freakc frk accident.nt how a radiator mishap may be to blame for this. >> and it was a complicated and risky surgery at a bay area hospital. conjoined twins undergo 17s und1 hours of an operation. the delicate task performed by r
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hey, sue. he >> that is always fascinatingnai to z hi, matt and my gosh, the sunset tonight tong sam jaw dropper so beautiful tet you know what else is a jawis jw dropper? the forecast for thea temperature drop.teatur we're really seeing windei chills now in places likeik winchester already down into d the mid-20's.0's. it feels like 38 here in the district.di here comes a real feel of winter weather minus the snow ts advisory at this point but snowflakes at this point. p i'll let you know what tot expect as well as the week. thee we take you back out live ate at th mgm.. they are getting ready for a a big night down there as you just saw alexandria limon tell l us. we'll have much more coming up c in just a fewh mo come on back.
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see holiday tradition in a whole new light. join in the joy of christmas town at busch gardens. ends. celebrate with special holiday shopping and shows in our winter wonderland. with over 8 million twinkling lights...
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>> ?? >> all right, take a look at this incredible video out ofight michreigan.dimi killed and several others you. h >> a deadly multi-vehicleulti-v pileup. this happened this morning on interstate 96. 9 the accident happened in thedenh westbound lanes near lanes flowerville. officials estimate as many asmaa 40 vehicles were involved and believe snowfall mixed with w slick road conditions plays pl have caused that accident.hacide >> the two young children deadrn in what new york cityin w officials are calling aha tragii freak accident.ccid the toddlers were inside theirit bronx apartment on wednesday wne when somehow steam escapedscap from the radiator killingtorilli
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and two years old. o they lived with their parents and temporary housing for homeless families. >> this was a freak accident, ad a series of painful p coincidences that led to theed t loss of these children. hpv went through the buildinghe and the adjoining building.uildn they apparently had a joint aoi boiler system, went throught thu went to every apartment last night to not anything like this in any other apartment.rtme >> so tragic.c. investigators are still tryinge to deterstmineil were caused soe much steam to escape from there radiator.ther. moving on now it's at' delicate surgery some aregeryare calling a miracle. >> yeah, two once conjoined twin sisters are recoveringwo tonight after undergoing a 17g hour operation. two-year-old eva and erica e were born connected from the chest down.dn. they share a bladder liver andea
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system and a third their mother reportedlytey learned her twins would bewins conjoined only nix heroid on pregnancy. pr doctors initially said the sd t twins would not survive beyond b month. >> there's going to be the challenges i'm not going tongesn deny that but it's something i want to help them through and ad they're going to show not only o me but other people thatple disability isn't somethingilit that's going to bring youy u down, you it's something that's going tohg make you stronger >> the sandoval 20's are from a the sacramento area and ared are expected to stay at the hospital for the next few weeks before returning home.ninh >> hoping for the best forinforh them. let's take a live look outside.t's outs beautiful sunset there tonighthe and as the sun goes down, thehe cold comes in. i >> 40 something degrees outdere there. th i felt it, that's for surefor sr when i came in.when cam >> you can feel it come down.ome i'm not ready.ea >> sue palka is standing by with the latest on the weather
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warm. >> it is a stunning sunsetunse tonight. put a bunch of pictures ontus twitter sue palka fox5 d.c. d if you get a good one send itd to me.t we'll put together a nice n gallon regent since we arencwe e basement dwellers and can'tnt d see thatwe beautiful view butiet you're right matt it is i definitely deceptive. decepti while we're still in the 40's'rt the wind chill is reallywinds picking up. let me show you the highhe temperatures today. remember, this fondly because we're not going to be able toisn do this for g a few more days. reagan 48, dulles 48.uls check out the cold that's t the district has dropped toas dt 45. there's the arctic boundary.y. pittsburgh 26. columbus 25, chicagocago 22 degrees, oh, just a couple c more hours before we really rll start to feel all of this ands honestly you'll feel it if you u step out now because the t temperature is 45, winchesterche now down to 36, martinsburg maru 38. hagerstown 36. westminster 36 and the wind t wn chill because the gusts arethe r picking up to the low and mid-20's, that is also aa factor. fact
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martinsburg and hagerstown asurn well as westminster. look at dulles at a 33-degree 3e wind chill and gaithersburgersbr 32t association we know thisis is a big night with the mgmgm opening at 11 o'clock for thefor general public. pub that that wind chill att windll 11 o'clock is going to be about 23 degrees. 18 degrees in gaithersburg.therr 21 for winchester hagerstown 15, 25 for leonardtown.eo here comes the cold air and to d get you ready for tomorrowom morning real cold start with chills head down into the teens. teen 21 in the district.t. to 12 in martinsburg. 14 in winchester.inches 19 in annapolis and 19 in a 1 baltimore. so, we're getting ready for aeay very cold friday. friy. breezy conditions are going too continue with us and this iss just round one of the cold airol coming into town. into town. we have another one to dealo del with next week. we'll have a look at that withh the weekend details in the seven-day forecast coming upfore in a few minutes. minut matt, sarah, back to you. y >> thanks sue.>>s
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conspiracy theorists are targeting a new pizzeria iniz new york city. >> getting out of hand d the threats workers there sayhes they have been receiving.ecvi >> hey sleepy head? you want a good nap? you want to pay for it? a new place in pla i downtown d.c. lets you pay to camp some z's during your durg o workday. how sleep is being marketed as an upscale luxury. luxury. >> oh, no [cheers and applause]pp someone give this kid a contract. christian high school baller bal nails a game winning shot. tonight he tells fox5 aboutbo his epic buzzer beater. bea that is so cool. >> first we have a>> heartwarming update to a story you first heard here on fox. f the adorable pitbull puppy p that was stolen from a prince george's county animalor c shelter, well it has been been returned.rn two men were caught on camera ca stealing the dog on monday.onda
5:20 pm
returned the dog to theo shelter last night. the three week old puppy was w checked out and is said to betoe doing just fine. f so far no charges have beenav b filed. we'll keep you updated on this one.
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he west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> ?? >> mayor muriel bowser and other d.c. lawmakers are on hand for the annual senior the district. murc. law thelebr thousands attended the eventve held at the d.c. armory inmory n southeast.uthe the mayor took the stage to speak on her ongoing efforts eor to make the district a sustainable age friendly citye c for everyone.very >> i am so proud to be yourou mayor because you call me up, u you tell me what's going on in your neighborhood, you tell me e what's going on in your churches, you tell me what's wt' happening at city hall andlnd
5:24 pm
have been delivering on those promises to you. >> today's event featuredea health and wellness demonstrations informationalio exhibits and also some livens ao enteme lrtainment too.t t. >> holiday miracle for some residents living in howards livi county afterng i police stoppedd thieves way truck full ofs stolenway holiday deliveries. well, officers will returnn those items to the columbia cola neighborhood they were stolenod from the and hand deliver all oo those items.e items. any packages that that cannot be picked up monday throughgh friday at the northern nther district station in ellicottott city. a residentsci called 911 after1f seeing a suspicious sprungs spr truck driving in theirng ith neighborhood. police arrested two people in connection to those thefts and n the recovered more than 70'sred packages. >> wow. that's. >> that's a bad and good st ory.t's it's great they got them backy m and then they're taking them personally back to the residents. >> i know but it's shock -- shouldn't be shocking butw but t crazy to see how many packages
5:25 pm
able to steal. >> think about it during thebo holidays we're atut work andk a there could be one at our doorsteps.step easy pickings. >> monumental opening in thetal nation's capitol.nation >> we'll have a live report rep from the national harbor har before the grand opening isning under way in just a few hours.. >> and the latest on donald on a trump's transition to then to white house. the president-elect's new pickcw to lead the department of labor. la >> coming up in sports, ann update on redskins tight endins jordan read and his chanceshancs this sunday to suit up against t the eagle from lebron james and the cavaliers as they can't keep kee their own enthusiasm bottledot up at the garden but first autir message from our troops. >> ?? >> hi, i am rebecca mesh c. hler first lieutenant from maryland stationed in kuwait. i'd like to say happy holidaysos to my mom and dad mineine brothers and sisters joseph and paula, my brothers and
5:26 pm
rachel i miss you all and ill can't wait to come home. >> ?? your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price.
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>> ?? this is fox5 local newss >> the department of defensef de announced today a maryland maryd soldier has passed away. a sergeant first class alanla ala brown died tuesday at walterlt reed national medical center.ene brown was one of three soldiers injured after a improvised explosive devicesived went off on november 12th.. the 46-year-old from takomama park was part of operation freedom sentinel inntinel i afghanistan. two other soldiers were also killed in that incident. iident. >> u.s. park police need yourpak help to identif py the person io this sketch.
5:30 pm it happened back in october atca the georgetown waterfrontatfr park. the victim told police theolicet suspect grabbed her but she was able to run away and callall 911. anyone with information is withs asked to call u.s. park police. >> arlington county police arrested and charged these two men. they were arrested and chargeddr with attempted robbery itbery i comes after they failed to to rob -- or they failed to rob a a jewelry store last night onn the 2700 block of washington boulevard in arlington.rlingt with an employee both took offoo in a car. they were arrested after a witness called police to report a suspicious vehicle. vec >> the search for affordablee housing in the district hadtricd some people camping on-- out ine cold. cold. people braced the told get into the apartment leasing office. the first 200 people that were in line were able to make anhe appointment to apply for housing at the woodburydb village complex.
5:31 pm
to some of those who were waitingome of in that line.e. >> i got out here 5 o'clockot this morning. i was making sure i got out out making s >> reporter: and what would that mhere.ean to you if yoorutu finally get through thenallget process and get thepress and gee application and get a place? >> god is good.ood. god is great. gre you know, i'm just going to beo very happy, you know, that kno a it's actually, you know, a a opportunity for me to get my acace. i'm glad they have stuff like l this. >> mayor bowser's housingou preservation strike force fce found 70 pe residents are in unaffordable >> preliminary court hearingmi for the so-calledna pizza gate t gunman has been moved to next week. the defense says it needs more time toe sa prepare for the casc police say edgar welch walkedchl into comet ping-pong on sundaynn fired shots and pointed a gun at an employee. elo it was all reportedly becausetee of fake news article appe news alleging the restaurant waswas housing a child sex s trafficking ring. rg. police say that claim has
5:32 pm
popular brooklyn pizzeriari roberto's says -- say they'vehee received threats from those fros who believe the rest vaughn connected to pizza gate. ge. >> latest on donald trump'sald r transition to the white house. e the president-elect made hisid pick to lead the department ofen labor. trump selected fast food executive andrew puder.. he's a trump adviser who is the minimum wage. th an adviser andr spokesperson for mitt romney fom in 2012. >> hyattsville the first citylet in prince george's county toe ge extends voting privileges toges nonu.s. citizens. citens. on monday the city councily un voted to allow residents whoents have lived in hyattsville foror at least 30 days to register. re each person must provide a valid government i.d., proof., of residency and a sworn s affidavit.affit. noncitizens are still barredll e
5:33 pm
they are still not allowed to to vote in county, state orte federal elections.ctns >> nba legend michael jordanhaej scored a major legal victory. china's highest court hast s ruled in favor of mj in a long running trademark case. although jordan won the rights to his name the court did not find sufficient evidence touffi show chinese consumecirsrs associated the number 23 withbew >> speaking of the nba wizardsbs might want to give this kid a contract. >> you got to take a look. we're talking about virginia teen who has serious bragginglkr rights tonight afterious bra ma unbelievable shot.un take a look. [cheers and applause] >> whoa. right. check it out. with just 2.4 seconds to go, all right.
5:34 pm
fredericksburg christian high school was down two points against the legion hight 2.ksbus school. 24 tray green shot an tragree incredible half court buzzer beater to win that game.ha you can see teammates prettyre happy there.happy there. >> just a little bit.littleit. >> yeah. my gosh. can you believe y that?t? >> i saw it was two secondswo sn left and then i have been practicing those shots ats little bit, like in practice prc just messing around.just i guess it came in handy. iandy. i looked and i was like it hadad like the perfect arc and i could just like see it going in. [cheers and applause] ala >> and get this. t tray's parents tell fox5 that f he was actually feeling sick s that day but apparently ity didn't stop him from playing or hitting the game winninginnig shot. shot >> bam. >> that's incredible.>> maybe it was the cold medicin tn that helped him or >> michael jordan had theadhe famous flu game. gam maybe that's his version of ars flu game. i like the thought that hefl thg said he practiced this like l mess argue round i'm sure hisuer coach is probablouy like trayy a stop and tray is like uh-huh, u,
5:35 pm
could use some of trey's last minute heroics. they have some big ones coming n up especially starting thisth sunday.nd e p>> all right. rht >> 222 weeks ago the redskins rd were projected as the sixth six seed in the nfc playoffs. playof following two straight losseso the skins are like marty mcfamoy at the enchants.he ents. under the sea dance slowlyce slo fading out of the playoff picture with every l they take t but not all hope is lost. to win this nun philly all they have to do is set the dash in dell lore yen.en eagles team was flying highg hig three and one before losing atga fedex field. now the eagles are reelingre rei losers of three oacins won that october matchup without jordan read and theyd at may be without him read practiced taking inscheased reps but status is
5:36 pm
so what account redoacins take s . >> yay from last year's december run? ru >> just that it can be done. d i don't -- iearr'i really viewel every game and every season as its own entity. ownnt i don ye like to believe that well we did this so i'mso confident that it's going tot workth out.ut i feel you have to go back and a earn it from the jump all over e again so, you know, we werew, we able to finish the season strong last it can bdo means do i feel any type of calm or comfort drawing on last year's finish. fin >> hoping to win their way to tr the post season tonight damascus hornets looking to loot win their 28th straight game and second straight marylandylad 3a straight title.3a franklin high school fromh scolf baltimore county a team that'sha won 11 straight of their ownwn after losing their season seaso open. this is a rematch of the 20's 14 championship game a gamee franklin won. won.
5:37 pm
10 o'clock. what do teams do toat do te entertain themselves in a blowout if you're lebron james and the cavs you do the water bottle flip challenge on the court the cavs were ufte31fte31 points against the knicks inhe i the garden when they startedta famo afping water botmmes to see watb if they could make them stand tt upaight.ght. this is sad. is ks you're the knicks and knicks they're doing this in theing tit middle of the game, at one at point lebron had to dive onad tn the court to stop a bottleurt ts from imptoeding play. just so disrep full.ull. come on f you're the knicksthkn and you're out there andout the you guys serious. sious ome ome on now. >> they don't have enough to 1elves.rtaihe >> you have a great seat ton hv watca h thisgr game. >> exactly. >> so boring i'm going to tossni a water bottle.ot >> by the way i'm here.y i'm e. i have all of my -- that felt tf i have araigir rd.- that felt tf [laughter]au >> kind of strange. k e p>> just like marty mo stly bt i gotike ma my parents back tog and now i'm here. here. coming you want to bplay. a goog
5:38 pm
why buy one. >> that's what i thiope too.s wh people are paying for it.le are >> i know. downtown d.c. they're actually.a letting you pay to catch some z's. >> i found this new they've got a grand openinganope coming up in just a week or soer and yeah, what you got to dooto is you actually got to pay aoay price to take a nap. n sue, what do you think about that.t dobout >> i get it for free. t r f i sleep so hard matt it's suchuc a gift. gif >> do you snore sue. s e p>> i don't thinso ii snore bn would deny it if iso did. did >> all right.>> all rig e p>> as long as brody was justj finishing up on spo add there's a big football fooal game saturday in baltimore ity i is the navy versus army game, g, 39 degrees at m and t bank bk stadium at 3 o4 clock onlo saturday but a lot of sunshine.suns the breeze should be better so l wed 're not expecting that windi chill to be horrible but bundle if you you're going and go navy. n what can i say mo another look l at mgm harbor -- mgm nationalat harbor where we are going to be going right bacso iout there to see what our friend alex
5:39 pm
rgo resort. r going to be hopping tonight. be lots of warm air inside.ns a chill outside. we're talking about you weret yw weekend forecast when we come back. >> ?? ght. this is my body of proof. proof of less joint pain. and clearer skin. this is my body of proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis with humira. humira works by targeting and helping to block a specific
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?? ?? ?? ??
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>> ?? >> its d them national harbor opens its doors at tile. them s. tonight and before that theyforh are having a swaopey party for y some. >> a af guests. >> sure does look g reat.. for many prince george'sny prinr than just glitz andusglit entertainment.entertai it's about n3 r lskial jobs. fox5's aledonndria limonriaimon joins us with more on this. hey, alex. >> reporter: hdow, gplay.s, well, that's right, the mgm t national harbor is making amakia huge impact on the lskialheski economy. let me tell you about some ofu e these thdow're employing 4,000 peopley and we're told about half ofutao those, about 2,000 are local people from prince georg ms coun geoms
5:43 pm
why don ye you join me. i'll tell you a little bitl about him much you graduated from howard in 9eco right? rig e p>> that's correct.e p>? rig >> reporter: and he's a> retired prince georg ms countyin paramedic and now you work here. what a a change. what do yoedindo here. do yodo >> ieno the risso imanager hereh and also in charge of safety. st >> reporter: what edonctlydonct does that thamean >> well, it entails keeping kee the guests safe as well as thehe play.spl, tees. >> r ertaimen. i give me an example of what thetes. work yo u wk do is. an edonmple of how yoummeeepouee thplay.s safe.ay.s safe. >> well, i do safety training ta for the employees, safety training s extinguisher training and life f safety evacuation training.rain. >> r ertaimen. i a. who i imagine how to lift things and making su re people don't fall, thingens. ift thin like that. ift thin like that. >> that's correcs. correct. ladder safety. >> r ertaimen. i perfect. thanso iyoedinso m00 h. what a difference. now, let me ask you this. do you a.ety. who, yoummenow,mmeeep anso iwh let m an a dowe on the tables and the tab slots and make sure there's no like cheating going on?heg goin >> no. i leave that to the eyes in the sky.the sky. >> er's that's rt >> er's that's rt mre told thdow are watching you and while it's not his job, some of the lskialght.ld to here play.spl, ted at the mgmy.p
5:44 pm
hotel side in the casino inasin the restaurants.e restaur we got to go inside and take t an up close and personal look at all of those and we will will have more to show you at 6 whenclskik. for now we are live at the national harbor alexandria alexd limon fox5 lskial n3 rs. rs >> she got the best mmeeg today by the way. >> she did.. [laughter] >> thaopes aleitz >> alex. a do you take naps duringps dr the day. e p>> i don't really have timeny i'm wish i could though. h >> we talked about it in ouravwi news meeting this morning andtig it was really t about 50-50. 5 some p quicso i10 minute nap.inute nap. other people said no, if i i i take a nap then i'm going to be t really tired throquhout the day. >> oh, yeah, there's no nap, tho it's either all or nothing for me. me. lshis dission came after we ah report we heard yesterdayssiy about the university ofy of maryland s gdents who w antedho wante nap stations so they could geted some rest bpl,ween classes. csss >> that got us thiopeing about g a new place in downtown d.c.. where yoedincan basically pay ty na re yeah, that's right.yeah you got to pay to nap. well, thdow invited me in for ar tour tod
5:45 pm
all right so you are one ofreneo notice people who really needsey a midday naftebut you justyou j don't have a place to do it? well, i found a place for you.uo do msto ms d af. it's calleddo recharge. christine runsre it. this is growing in popularity.o. a lot of people say well maybesl i'll just take a little bit of a snooze in my oacuice or at mya desk but folks actually come fol here and pay you none take a na ree tell me about it.out . >> so, we are a modern mod meditation and power naper studio oacuering downtownnt okfterars a place that they're not taking napsaki in their cars which happens aha lot and not taking their naps tr at their desk where it's notit'n really an oere or gnior back from that wall that youwah hit in the midday. mid we offer a place where theyheree can comake they're complpl,elyol ensconced in this beautiful pod curtains are closed around a thplay.s.ay thplay.sraige preedide a.s perfr environment so that they canenso drop into this kind of stateof between wake fullness ands a sleep where we can they cane ca wake up and fell recharged and get back to thir r day with more cognition more awareness
5:46 pm
>> there's even l hass dohere ms here. you want people barefoot.'sss ds >> it's a barefoot s gdirect we have barso ion the walls w glass floor all elements areoor cotton and natural. natur it's a dksference from therenc steel and concrete and glassreng that most of the people do msto ms are surrounded bdoy. >> people probably scratchingcrh their heads saying i'm goingingg to pay for this wa meh does ites cost typically. >> average nap is $15 for 25 minutes.tes. yoedinget this beautksul but environment. we offer lots of specials ands you can purchase thplay.s ine th bundles which gives youpl ayou >> and i heard you say to one se of your clients you don ye falle fully asleepnts right. >> right.ight >> it's not ammenock out. o >> you're not dropping into ain rhem street sleep where you're r gl hang to be complpl,elyompl, exhausteok this is that state between wakes th fullness and moreeping before you go bdeny and beforeen you wake up in the morning itnit allows you to come out of your y naftefeeling completely revivedl and more energetic more m productive and go back to that mepl,ing thor conference orr
5:47 pm
>> quickly here this is one ofon the pods >> yes. >> is this just like a cot or a bean bag. >> it's like a -- it's some kind of --s like it's similar ta bean bag but allows yoedinto gp, completely -- >> can i try it. >> go ahead. e p>> i'll try it.e p>> ll t >> it conforms to your bodyco and then we offernfor blankets d i pillo do so that you canan completely be comfortable atforb we have setting you can loosen e completely be comfortable atforb we have setting you can loosen e your tie, your bels.ur are closed you're here youd u' drop in and everything isthg aniven throughhe yod ore in and out in your 25en5 minutes. someone is a loud a lou snorer. >> it doejust it happen yet. y we've had some people thatt have sle10 d10rivation thatle10i actually do completely falletelf asleep and those are usuallysual the people that need this i dir than anything. so, if you're falling thatli t de10 amoreeftein that amount of time you need us more.ore. >> and you know christine my chm boss told me this morning hening was giving me permission takess a nap which that isn't bad,whic, right. >> you have a really high inoutensit hyav lifestyle or you
5:48 pm
are longer than the 40 hourhe 4h week you're working 68, 70's 70' s urs a week and you're gpl,tinl five hours of sleep a night n walking in with that many badge oh, yele o i mdue ou kve hours a sle10 you need to beyele taking paranyms at least threese times a week. >> i like to idea. i'm a napper for>> sure. for sur christine all al e p>> so guys.l ri ou you're guy >> yes, i'm awake.m e. it looked a litmme vacant butant th'v gave us ou kve minutes. mit we had to do -- five minuteses because people were waiting outside to nste.o high to whisper in there. tre >> even though there was no one. >> my gosh. myself ks iyself ks i close than eyes for 10 minutesi feel better and i guess thister is a little place to escstee and it didtle feel70ery zen ann lshey had a very nice scent in t there and grass on the floon it was relaxing. relaxing. i n iuld think to myself oh myy god i'm spend this morning tle10 i got to gpl, to sle10. e >> people el end so much moneyel on beauty produc ets but gettini
5:49 pm
>> totally agree. >> for me it's n>>umber one domino. >> for me it's n>>umber one domino. ve everything else gon'es south. yeah, and the mood can changake tothin but speaking of changes,g >> yes you. >> ready for some weatherfer .. >> nrect >> we have some weather headlines to get you through. wr it will be sunwas tomorrow butwb that will be dec10tive becauseec it's going to be zero so cold and it will feel lifee it's in thet 20's and 30's tomorrow.omro if you've bon been out tonigyp the ttineei'm as have alreait is started to pick up. the colder air isstar infiltrating.filt. suthis my on my couit is on s spday. on s spday. the breezes will be better onet saturday but it rfll be cdll bed than average.vera sunday night into monday morning, a warm front is gl hang to come by. it will have some moistureoi with it. west want to make sure that'skea not a mix on monday morning.ning keep an eye on that time framete and we'll guide you alongwe throif h the weekend to lpl, you yeuow what we're seeing if'll there's going to be any travelnl lsroubles especially north andes west monday morning oper lateg t sunday night. 45 degrees here now.e now. lokind at all the cdt all the cd
5:50 pm
below in casper all the wayay down to amarillo 25.ll25 dallas is 36. that's a big push of cdh of cd and there's plenty more stille i to come. so, get ready for that. t we'll have two waves of cdaves d air, the first one coming inirnc tonight and the next one ist ons next weepoee and so as we look at our o temperatures here you can seean that the wind chill is chi i deou knitely noticeable and was that one explains i went too early. okay i-thoif yp it was gpl,ting, a wrste here but younotnow i can drawing out on thewingut t seven-day forecast becwinseec we're only going to be 42 degrees tomorrow and thates t is going to feel like it's init ther >> ands. sa grday 4ing thdel hees, not nds. as a breezy. i just mentioned that we need n to watch s spday nigyp into n monday morning.ig could there be moa little bit oo mictiaround mo it n iuldn ye lan long becwinse we should get upht to about 50 degrees but thenut t the next big blast of cd cd and younotnow what we're going w to tell you what it is, it's a,a piece of the pd pd it's coming next wednesday.sday. and into thursday it looksy lo
5:51 pm
now. so get ready for that and bundle uftefor the weekend. the don't go anywhere. fox5 local news at 5:00 will
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z26i0z z17vz
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>> ?? >> in tonight's foxhere yon the 3 wy, theght's yon next big naild could be chocolate manicures.ur. getting t' thaing thds all i do. t' you eat it. >> yeah, just liste another chance to gpl, your to u hands on the most in dplay.sand holiday toy. >> ?? >> yered., epl, pre ha mehimacol are rpl,urning tout store shelves.helves the hottest toy of the holidayed season started rpl,urning to wal-maloo store shelves today and target says it will bestor restel lking the toy stalooing because of the huge demand,nde f target says youx l have t tohe e in store and customers respectmr limited to two hatchimals
5:55 pm
t' cor 7cor 7 t'> and theoof santa can unicaticate with kids no matterwith what language theyhe eaeapo sign lanifeeage santa wasta w spotted at a mall in denveren giving hundreds of chi. yren adr chance to perso.nally tell t saint nick what they want for w christmas in sign lanifeeage. ly. t' cor 7 scoring a great dealscea benefits more than just yourour budgpl,.dg,. doctors say ou knding a bargainr can be good for your brain. bra the feel good high you gpl,gh y wiom that landing a deal is even sweeter when you thinkweet you're it. t' cor 7t' this is how burger king celebrates hanukkah with a a doif hnuts ca meh help burg per. it's a whopper with the breadthe swapped out for doughhtt buns ou klled with catsfer .h ca it only be available in israelse during hanukkah.h. t'> how long do you thie fr a chel ld yup, you heard that right. a nail tecai theoick un in neweoick un in ne
5:56 pm
decorations on her naicol toaico create complpl,ely e3 table e manicure and that's your3 fox5 on the fly. bre you can't predict the market. bre rough good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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>> ?? >> this is fofee lel lal news at 6:hr. t' we begin tonight with thehtie developing story.lopingtory. foad foad senator jo theo glethis m has died. gthis >> glenn was 95 years old.s o 196o awhen he became the first f american to orbit the earth. thr he was the third udy .rddy . >> yece. s>> ys he circled the earth three times. glenn then spent 24 yearsn th serving as the dplay.sel lratiec senator from ohio and heo an briefly made a run for president insto984. he chilly returned to space in e 1998 at the age of 77 aboard abr >> yece sreettle discovery makig him the o.hi yest person to flyson to
6:00 pm
the ori al mersonry seven astronauts. >> quite a legacy he leaves he s jabned in and a t choe americanja hero and before that new that ne fighter planes and served ser h? an amazing american. ameri >> now too to another bigow story. a monumenta tloog opening stoust outside of the nation's ti capitol.pi >> tonight the mgm national harbor opeani to the public andd we're giving you a sneak peek p at what's inside.e. t' our own alexandria lnd duon is live from e alex it looks fabulous. ful >> reporter: it certainly iste and w mve been here all dayene al telling you just how swankyt how the bars and the restaurants rta yogaccan see pes now all dressed up. up. they're in that tuxedos anded goiefs because thego anre here for the grand opening gala and ga an take a look at this decor.. it's out of this wor. o y, . >> tsolutely beautiful, deckedie out for the holidays but it's i all about more than stoust f sp and


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