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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 9, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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you very much for joining us.inu i'm wisdom martin. mti >> and i'm erin como.rin c it is december 9th and let'sndet just say it, we made it to friday. >> gary mcgrady is here with us as well, your forecast andgr a check oad, f tyohe roads comip in about five minutes.. first let's start with this.s. construction crews brokews broke ground on the mgm back inmgm ban april of 2014.4. over the last two years we'verse watched as the massive casino cn and hotel took shape. >> the massive project is going to have an immediate imme impact on the area everythingevt from business to traffic t fox5 lnheaded that way right now.ow mel hour, are things lookingares out there right now while w people make their way homeeir wh from the big night. nht right now things are looking loi great. we are approaching the wilson bridge and you can look at ourkr front camera too and see that. we warranted to come this waythy and make this approach because u this is where perhaps we had the biggest impact yesterday.esy traffic backed up all the way across the wilson bridge, all the way into that virginia andai
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officials to close some of the entrances on the beltway ason tl well because the hotel andnd casino the park pentagon lotsn o everything at capacity whileacih they were doing that.doing tha if we can take that frontat fro picture that would be greatgrea then you guys would be seeing sg it because we're getting ready r to approach national harbor. but, guys, really you can see cn from the video here from last night, people were excited but b there were literally -- it was- just a park pentagon lot as they say, a parking lot on then over the sidewalks in the area to try toewal get in. i but definitely it was a.m. a pretty good night and the thendt impact continued all the way until morning about 12:55 a.m..m is when prince george's county tweeter out that they weret ther still at capacity and it i cleared pretty well after .hat. couple things we wants to letng you know.we prince george's county haseo done a fantastic jrgob at tryinn
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what's happening and the t traffic flow. they have a twitter handletter h specifically for nationalalor n harbor traffic.ic as you see we're approach appro presidential candidate theti casino now and nationalal harboh drive we're getting right in.igi i don't know if anybody elsebode wants to go to the casino at 4:30 in the morning but no problem. anyway you want to follow that twitter handle at nh travel tips. tips that is real times it isit dynamic. it will give you all at yll a information you need if you are coming or going to -- t-- coming from or national harbor.naal h so, we'll continues to monitor these as more activity picksitpi up on the roads so to let's go back to you guys. guy >> happening today tax show -- today a-show of support for a d.c. pizza parlor. plo four day stand with comet event at comet pizza is set to t begin today.begi it encourages every one tory o show their support by eating sut there this weekend.there this comes a week afterthis a
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and pointed a gun at an moment t he claims it was all inla response to a fake news article that allegimeds on tsehe restaurant was a front for a child sex trafficking police say those claims are not >> president-elect donaldside trump making his latestnt his lt cabinet appointment during the third leg of his victory tour. t during a stop in iowa the iowa h president-elect officially announced iowa governor terry t brand is it stand as his pick for ambassador to china. cna today trump is set to visitis nominate fast food executive andy purchasedder is as hischase labor secretary.ry wisconsin jump will hear arguments two pro trump groups who want to stop anwho wa presidential vote recount in ret the state.the state. wills wills' recount has moreasr than a 82 percent complete ase of wins. so farin clinton has gained 61d1 votes. federal judge in that pennsylvania will also hear arguments today.deral an those onia w whearthguer a recon begin in that state.t
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capitol hill yesterday tostary l celebrat yrde the end of senatot harry reid's career inr i congress. the former democratic nominee nm was joined by vice presidentsidt joe biden and house minority miy leader nancy pelosi for ther unveiling of his portrait.ortrt. clinton gave a brief speech spe calling reed a fighter aner an friend. fr reed was elected to the senatehe from nevada in 1986. >> ?? >> erin was out partying lastst night at the mgm. >> i will say they had heat larges set up to keep thoseeep o folks warm who were on thehe street waiting to get in.o that was smart w >> good thing to do. t do. the winds are gust pentagon.pent not only is it cold but the t winds are gusting and they'll t' stay gusty all day all d the gusts right now here ins the cityrigh 23, dulles is gustg to 26, baltimore too. and look, there's a lot ofot gusts out there up over 10, 15 miles per hour so that really makes it feel cold out, colderr than the actual temperature,empe sole a big deal this morning.
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deal tonight. tonight we'll be -- the wind chill chi factor. it feels like it's 21 now heree in town. annapolis 25. the winds are gusting a little l harder obviously north and west. westminster feels like sceneikee seen. a lot of teens this morning. you'll wants to dress in laeens wanyers today. even though we're going get some sunshine temperatures are only going to be up forug mh osm of us mid to upper 30's. 30' we may touch the lower 40's for a brief time today buttodayb with the wind it's still goingll to feel mainly like it's inike t the 20's and the 30's long. don't let the sunshine fooline you. yo it's going stay cold again tomorrow and the it reallyt looks like it's going stayrket' cold on sgounday as well becaus more clouds, less sunshine and a we'll talk all about that all ah coming up. we got to get to traffic right w.w. >> melanie just showed you a ju nice quiet view down by mgmy m national harbor on the inner loop down by wilson bridge, 414, 210 moving along just fine. fine i'll be retweeting all the updates for you at erin fox5t e5
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again. right now for the rest of yourr morning commute around the dmv d 50 inbound through cheverlynd th looking great.. on 95 northbound traffic is at a speed from woodbridge up to t the mixing bowl once you crossss on 395 you're wide openede o there. secondaries inn georgetown looking good.oo goo problem free across the 14th tht street bridge and key bridge.dg we'll copy you posted on yourd y travels as well as metro.. wisdom.sdom >> 4:36 is the time t thee t holiday season has many has m parents checking their lists lts twice. however, one toy won't be't found in any store all becauseor we're going talk about that.g ta we'll going to talk about the t fake play set that had thet hate internet abuzz. plus reaction pouring inn po following the death of john of o n.enn. the first american to orbitrb the earth. eth he's being remembered this morning.rn as we head to break, ae live look outside. the time ishelive 4:36. back in two minutes on this this fabulous friday morning.or
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>> ?? >> we're back now checking the stories you're engaging with the most this morning on social media. >> first up, donald trump mayact be coming to washington but he'll still have a hand in hollywood. the president-elect will stay on as an executivehoident- prodf celebrity apprentice after heic takes officers in january. j it's not clear what trump'srump exact involvement with theinvo show will be or how much he'llue be >> next up the union leader lea who criticized donald trumpitic over the presidentiz-elect's-ecs at a carrier plant says he'ss not fazed by trump's a's attack on him on twitter. ttter chuck jones says trump lied sayt about how manyru jobs he kept ip the united states. jones said he began receiving threats after trump tweetedweet about >> the world remembers john glenn. funeral arrangements are stillrs being worked out though we do d know glynn will be buried atie
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served in world war ii and corey yap before joining the space program. pgr >> one bar scene has the t internet abuzz this morning.s mo take a look. anrn instagram user posted this picture wednesday night.e >> oh, boy. >> claiming to show a fisher price toy that is happy hour play set complete withpl barstools, bottles, even eve grumpy toddler bartender. bar of course it's a's a but not everyone realized itiz right away and fisher price p was blasted by many on socialcil media.di the company releasing this statement, please know thatnoth this product is not endorsed, produced or approved by fisher price. >> i think that's pretty obvious. >> i don't know. ial.ooks a little official. >> it looks official but.ic >> common sense would say that they. >> photo shopped it.>> p >> they wouldn't do this.y would >> i would like to think that.ta >> all right. in the news this morning taxornx d.c. police officer often praised for paving the way forpw others now under the u microscope following a fox5ng ax investigation. still ahead what our exclusive
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police sergeant's troublingub past. >> the wait is over. is o the mgm national harbor harr opening its doors overnight but the crowds causing quites the congestion both inside andtn outside the building.ildg. team coverage on what you canyon expect if you're heading that way today. tay >> ?? >> live look outside right nowok as we head o to break. inside this gorgeous facilityout that was jam packed last night. seems to be pretty calm oute there right >> uh-huh.h. >> but this is only the tis o beginning. it's only day's oda we're back after this.s.
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get more choices you love, now with all day breakfast. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> 4:44 right now and you'rend e taking a live look on theook ont roads outside the mgm nationall harbor casino and inside it's i still pretty crowded.roed >> yeah. but it's calm compared to thed e way it was yesterday when theytw opened t time and you were out there t we're going talk about that in i just a second but first we want to say good morning too sa you. happy friday. i'm wisdom martiny to alongside ang erin como. c >> gary is excited. excited. >> the sweater wearing the professor is excited thishi morning. >> i didn't go stay out all night so i got lotsid on'ft sle >> i got a good four hours. feeling very caffeinated.affeint >> a solid four. >> oh, to be young again >> i understand. >> yeah, yeah.>> yeah, y >> anyway, welcome. wel
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sleeping comfortably in ourur homes out in the sticks.ti >> i think about 11:00 a.m.hi i'm goingnk to abe jealous of f guys. guys. leaving georgetown yesterdayge at rush houror at 6:00 p.m. toot me over an hour to get to the te casino. >> that was really before bor everybody --yb-- >> right. >> and then --nd then -- >> it didn't open until 11:00.10 >> it didn't open for then for commoners until 11 o'clock.1 cl [laughter] >> but for everybody else that e got an invitation. invat >> i was there with steve and te tucker arend chris and steve ana seth. se >> pocket people we see on theot go in first.go in >> give me an excuse to wear a beautiful dress and i'll weardrd it. the party was great.. restaurants amazing. amazi there were so many peopley peopl dressed in just tuckss andtuck a beautiful gowns here, sarah jessica parker there wasa pa taking pictures.tu i wanted one with her but i hert couldn't wait in that t. when i left at 9:30 there were already folks lined up on the sidewalk by the heat lampst lam waiting to get and in peoplen p circling around waiting forng a the parkingro garages to open u at 10:30.. every wasn't was so excited to o
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crowd. d. everyone is in really goody g spirits. >> they are because they're noty ar stae nding outside. >> they had a dj, live tapivta dancers. i can't tell you, you have toda get down there and experience it. it phone you're not a gambler and i'm notre n restaurants arean awesome. >> had i known they would have a down there. do >> i would have made a stop. s >> the next time they open aext casino in this region i'll beis' e.ere. [laughter] >> okay, wisdom.isdo >> gary mcgrady.>> >> that's wisdom logic right there. >> we can't find the clicker. ck i can't advance the graphic. gr. so don't worry about out. it's cold today.'s cold today. it's going to be feel like the t 30's all day lono g. dayon that's not going to tell usoinge anything. you might as well just come c back here. i have no way to push the button. okttay. no worries. don't worry about it. just don't cold today and -- ler sii is coming coming up. she's going to take other thanoe she's going to tell us thatgoin the traffic has left the casino. >> the traffic has left the casino unlike yesterday wheretee
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institution i will say on our weird hours i don't sit inhour rush hour traffic that tha frequently and twice this weekek i sat in rush hour traffic and c it was quite an eye open . you can see the cones set upes u to keep people moving into theoe parkin mg garages and there'snds still a little bit of a linettla as she goes around towards 295o2 and the beltway passing the casino. if you turn in you can valet c v park your car self still a little more crowdedro than i antic hour. we'll keep you post other traffic. so far beltway traffic back to normal 414 as welltw asay 210. 2 taking a wide view of our map around the dmv, the good news is right now severing n i don't want to jinx us.own't we had anwant e tarlier accideno 66 westbound by nutley traffic once again picking up pp that were. through tysons in great shamesh inner loop looking good across the region bridge.on more traffic in a few. >> all right.ight thank you very much erin como.y in the news this morning we're w
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fox5 uncovers disturbing distu information about a d.c.atio police officer that in s notsot been made public until now. n we're talking about sergeant sge jess cam hawkins being recognized for paving the way for so many like f horer searchs for the past two years on the y force as a transgender woman. wm she's also become the fails ofho the lgbt liaison unit but now fox5 has learned of findings fii of abuse of authority and unbecoming conduct. conct. fox5's marina marraco hasarra h the exclusive >> i have accomplished a lote ah in my life. she's been called a trailblazer.lbla she was born billy but is now jessica. sergeant jessica hawkins and has her coming out as transgendernsd woman has been chronicled byed many local and national media outlets.ets. nbc news broadcast this story touting the 16 year police t 16 veteran as woman who was w helping build trust and easing g fear in the district. but these documents obtained obt by fox5 show app differentre
4:49 am
mpd's remembers gay bisexual and transgender liaison unit. allegations the department dep itself found to be "extremely disturbing."st." allegations that were firstont brought to the attention ofon of higher ups back in june ande an that were initially only part pr of an administrative investigation.statio but then were sent to theere see officers of the attorneycers oto general fornr review. rie and just seven weeks ago, mpd's internal affairs bureaufau found a majority of the take interns tout drink wind gust other mpd officers att freddie's a well known lgbt bar in along torch the summer s interns were both under thereot age of 21. 2 one admitted to having a fakeg e i.d. and showing to it sergeant hawkins who laughed haw at it. theed allegations also said sergeant hawkins showed the shoe intern as "homemade video of
4:50 am
both allegations hawkinsns hawki admitted were true in ane true a interview conducted with w internal affairs where theal a tenor was anything but serious.ous. hawkins told investigators shete pulled out her cell phone ande d told her interns "if you wantan to watch it, it's right here. h and admitted to showing otherswh a picture of a (bleep) hawkinspw in that very interview alsoo admitted to buying alcoholg alco while on duty and drinking the store bought vodka inside an mpd facility amongst othersmongo while they were on duty.y. >> own orange line one problem how do you tell tur employer elo who is a masculine --culine -- >> reporter: her reputationeputt among d.c.'s lgbt communitiesomi came into question because ofbea her role in the unitnit allegations she gaveshe preference to concerns fromns transgender citizens over others. officers claimed her role wase w undermined amongst her peers prs after her predecessor and nowow chairman of the d.c. policee
4:51 am
incited tensions between her and the gay community after cmu mall left the units on bad terms.rm >> d.c. police made this city. t which reads followingwhic misconduct allegationsh duct aas sergeant jessica hawkins wasas the focus of a recent internalen affairs investigation.vest that investigation hasatnves concluded and the findings arere currently with the mpd'spd's disciplinary review division. dv they will review and determineei an appropriate penalty.enal. throughout the investigation sergeant hawkins respectns respt assignment is that still considered a valuable mpd a vual member in outer loop special liaison division.aison division. >> still ahead this morning, thn changes could be on the be horizon when it comes to making a phone call on an airplane. >> mother nature wreaking wakin havoc across the country.s thcot get ready for that cold c ample it's heading our way it' this weekend. th we'rise going c wheck in with gy mcgrady after the break too see just how chilly it's goingit
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>> back this morning heavythis snow falling across parts of the unng aited states causing blizzard like conditions fromito oregon to pennsylvania. a the snow causing a deadly dea pileup of about 40 cars and 40 a trucks in michigan yesterdayestd leaving at least three dead dea and 11 others injured. injured more snow the mississippi river over thert weekend with accumulationumul expected from the dakotas to dao vermont. >> phone calls from the skies could be on the fon the department of transportation proposed newsed e regulations that would allowllow passengers to make in flight flh phone calls using wifi but the b new regulations are not winning over many flight attendants who saw the callsalls could cause arguments between passengers. dealt at a southwest andat alaska airlines now saying airl theysa havyie know plans to evee
4:55 am
>> 4:54 is the time right nowign let's talk to gary mcgradyar about the weather.e weaer now, gary, i'm going to askng ts you this question.uestio >> what's that?>> what's t >> is there any chance we'ree w going to have snow in time foren christmas or is that just toot far away. ay >> no, there's a chance. >> i would love to see o >> there's a chance. cnce. and the reason i think there's a chance, it's slightly sligh greater than a chance of average have a white christmas maybe a little bit because i bie think we're going to have sooav many little waves of coldf col coming so if you get the cold,ol you know, the snow will usually follow so there's athe'a chance. i mean, it's probably slightly better than average but but there's still no guarantees guas that that's going to happen. listen, 14 miles per hour pour winds, this is sustained wind across the region, 15 miles per hour wind for winchester wir so you start getting the winds up over 10 miles per hour and ml that really makes aes difference with the wind chill factor sohi it feels like it's in thes t lower 20's here in town. the wind chills aren't going to go up much over the nexhilltn several hours.vera hou still going to have a a lot of t
4:56 am
this morning and then later on we'll warm up a bit, mainly maiy today we're going to be in thei 30's and the low 40's outou there but the wind is going to o be um, gusty, 10 to 20 t occasional gusts at 25 so itt oi definitely is going to be ae a cold blustery day out there. the looks like a fairly chilly chill weekend too.ekoo. we'll have that coming up in a bit right. now back to erin como with a look at your friday morningo er traffic. ly. >> it is friday morning.g. 4:56 right now. n live look behind me melanie alnwick and her crew outside the mgm national harbor and a you can see traffic light and it's flowing.t'owin they do have cones set up tot ut keep those folks moving into mov the parking lot a bit better b and she's moving at speed. speed last night around 9:30 when i we was down there it was not thewat case. there was just so much m standstill traffic folks patiently waiting to get their first look inside the casino.g s we'll keep you update otherate commute this morning.mmut now if you're just trying toe t get to work and you live inive that area we'll have everything you need know but right now you can see you trafff moving off the exit so much better. bett let's go ahead and switch ithe over toad our maps right now.
4:57 am
beltway traffic is lookingking odod. definitely heavier leading l towards the casino than what thh we typically see this time ofmeo morning but we'll let you know w if any major slowdowns startns t to pop a look at our maps. right now 270 looking good. an overview plenty of green gre through bowie and kensington.eno we'll check in with metro met xt.t. wisdom. >> donald trump continuing hisnh victory tour overnight as he adds more members to hisore me administration.tion. the very latest at 5:00.:0 our team coverage from mgm the grand opening party goingoig all through the night.throug a look at what you can expect ec if you're planning to head outod and visit this weekend.
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astra zeneca may be able to help. >> ?? >> this is fox5 news morning. >> and go morning and yes, people are up and at 'em and at the newesthe s hot spot in town. you're looking at live pictures of mgm nationalatio harbor. on the left we've got a crew cre en route headed there to check out the traffic situation howfit everything is going thisoing ths morning. on the right you're looking at a live picture inside of all of youture the on opulence and a grandeur. team coverage this morning if


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