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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 9, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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outside of the resort oh my goodness traffic what a nightmare. here's a live look right now n seven hours after the casino cas welcomed guest for the firstst f time. state police will to close several exits off the beltways b to keep theel traffic moving along. >> today's other big story the e bitter temperatures heading our way.eaw it's friday december 9th.9th. weather and traffic coming upafp for you on the 5s at 6:zeroze advertisement good fridayy morning, i'm allison seymour.eyo >> and i'm steve chenevey. chene three straight pictures national harbor. that's a big deal this morning.morng. living up to the hype skyfoxto capturing the scene outside of u the mgm national harbor abouthat an hour before the casinoo opened to the public last night.t. traffic already causing majoradj headaches and then it even --orv it just got worse. >> congestion didn't ease up inside some waited in line for hours to get inside. insid is it any better this morning. i annie yu is checking it out. annie two days in
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roller baby. >> reporter: i feel b like one e but i'm definitely not a highfi roller. good morning, everybody. all right, so right nniteow at orni a this hour we're seeing a mixg ax eopleople. you got the people that have the been here for hours since lastt night when the doors openedrs o and then you have the peoplehe o just coming in this morning mori who took the day off just for f this day.ay so o-you can tell a lot of can people are excited for thisre ed because thousands, over 5,000r 0 people lined up outside yesterday.yester they braved the cold and folksol were like you know what doors a little sooner to letet folks in.folks in. instead of the 11 o'clock door opening they did it at 10:30. 10 parking lot was maxed out andutd so some folks had to park offarf site and then walk up here.p hee but nonetheless let's get to the people right.the i'peve got my early morningor risers. we're going to talk to ed realee quick here.quick he ed how has your experienceex been this >> it was okay.en it doesn't compare to vegas.pare >> reporter: oh, no. t now, you've been to a lot of casinos.
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>> it's beautiful because it's >> reporter: ed. >> i'm being honest. >> reporter: no, but>> i'm you also ate at marcus here, the restaurant. how was thatst experience. it was the only restauranthe onl opened. >> they ran out of food. >> reporter: okay.y re y rar: oka we did hear that from several sl people that they did run outth d of food. hopefully they'll gethe g restocked for the big dayked tony, right., right. >> yeah. >> reporter: tony, my gosh my gh real quickly give me your y story. story. you came here way how much are you leaving with. >> leaving with $200. >> reporter: yes, her you leavi. >> i came with $1.01 time at1 t grand i love d.c. d.c shout out to cars and vision. vo >> reporter: drinks areter: flowing i can tell that youi ca butn te the 71 flowing as well melanie, i don't know how thehot traffic is flowing out there. how you doing? doi >> we're actually doing really a great. good thing is i guess for guessr people that want to go to the casino at national harbor early in the morning theyninghe really shouldn't have anyhouldny traffic impacts.c impats that's what prince george'spr county police also were saying. we're going over the wilson bridge right now heading to
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point because yesterdayt be 11 o'clock at night 11:30ca at night the wilson bridge wasridgs jammed. people were saying they were yinghey taking a half hour to geto g across and that was allas a because of overflow impact from the beltway traffic that actually closed three exits on n the beltway to make sure -- toet try to mitigate some of the ofhe impacts here. the harbor, the mgm was at capacity at 12:55 even sove s almost 1 o'clock in the in the morning still at capacity withat as you said all the lots closed and people had to find overflow parking out inng i the community. there's 200 police officers200 that arepo manning the roads around the area trying to help l with the traffic flow. national harbor had its own o national harbor trafficff management center. prince george's county police asking folks to follow theirrger new twitter handle for trafficaf here, the at nh travel tips.lip if you are going to nationalonal harbor follow on twitter at nh n travel tips and that should shol
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information that you need. n they're saying, you know, gpsnog is easy but it's not necessarily the most up to u t date information.on so, again, this morning things looking pretty good but b definitely there are concerns te about overflow of traffic andica the impacts on the communityommi and we'll talk a little bit about that in our next hit.. back to you guys. guy >> mel thanks very much. tnk 6:04 right now. >> ?? >> it is sentencing day for s the man who kilenleted nearly an entire family after colliding in february. pleaded guilty in august tougt vehicular manslaughter is thathr facing up to 30 years in prison i. up pris. prosecutors say theprosec 20-year-old was driving asing fast as 115 miles per hour on hr river road. he crashed into anotherher vehicle. the impact killed a couple and their 18-year-old son.d son the couple's daughter survived i the horrific crash. >> also today a-slow ofy a- support for a d.c. pizzaiz parlor targeted by a gunman
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the four day stand with comet event comet pizza in upper uer northwest d.c. is set to begin today. it encourages everybody to show theirrage support by eatint there this it comes nearly a week after a north carolina man fired shots o and pointed a gun at ann employee. he claims it was in response to thaitt w news article a-fakef news article that alleged thehe restaurant was front for aor child sex trafficking ring. rin police say those claims are not true. yesterday welch's defense team m says they need more time to prepare for the >> while we wait for bitter we a cold temperatures to set inpera this weekend snow is fallingtuii in other parts of the countryry n michigan three people ineo fact died in a 40 car pileup pip near lansing. in ohio, 50 vehicles involved in a chain reaction crash lastnl night due to slick conditions.d. more snow is expected east ofd f the mississippi river over thero next couple of days. o >> all right. challenging conditions outonou there when that white stuff stu starts to fall tuck.uc >> got a tweet from viewers viee out in frostburg yesterday of flurries flying.urri
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>> the winds have picked upin and the cold is here tdsoo. hoo >> it is cold. c like it feels different.e >> by the way later i want to share my mgm experiences.erienc. >> you do. >> i can share some of his h mgm's experiences. more than i have to share. sre >> okay. we look forward to that. >> uh-huh. >> my experiences were not many because i spent most of the time trying to gepetrise i . >> tucker was -- >> my goodness.ooes >> drank a little of wisdom's wo hater aid last night. ight >> steve that's not >> i waswa a little it's all about the cold. dulles 27.7. great big shout-out to all ourlr fox5 viewers we saw there. the >> so many. >> so many. me.weso's a >> so much l everybody asked l e about you allison. >> hi, everybody. everybo i was sleeping so.i >> more on that coming up.on bwi t marshall 28 degrees.degrs. those numbers are coldest colde temperatures at reaganerat national so far this season soo it's the real deal.ea look at your wind chills.his. currently 20 in washington,hing, winds out of the north andt west here at about 15 oftop 20's. 20's. it's a very, very cold a v morning.
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you are one of the whiz kidsid watching this morning going to schoolly. schoolly. >> dress appropriately kid a december.pp will w something that keep you lake effect snow machineffect sc kicking in. you can see it to the east of e itthe great lakes and we're going to be teat la in for a plt looking day but it will bell b cold. it won't feel that warm. war actual air temperature aboutempo 40 but wind chills will be inwi the low to mid 30's all day soay make sure you bundle up. u >> speaking of walking, ialking fou used to say if i saw them, tucker i want to see him doee hd the walk. last night i had people sayingey where is tucker watch me dor h e the walk and tell him how i h i d i it. it's taking on a life of its own. ow they're walking for me now so so i pass the word along tolo t tucker. >> i was on my -- i wasn't on my best behavior. by then emynd of th -my be eveg got better. >> funny how it two, way. how i >> everyone we took picturesctus with big question where isstio
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her family but we miss her. her >> i missed you guys too. pictures looked great on cial media.a. >> we would have loved you there. that was great. great traffic was terrible.erble. look behind me from this vdot this is 95 northbound. the right lane right shoulder blocked at three plank a traffic backed up all the waylle to u.s. 17. got to merge into those left lanes. two left lanes get buying. l you can see the flashing lights beyond that pointan.n set an earlier tractor-trailer crashctor and there was fuel spi so they're cleaning up that cle fuel right tafurty ayotu least 40 least 0 minutes if you're headings if'r through fredericksburg thissb morning. but once you pass between 177 and three things start to open n up. let's go ahead and take a lookke at our maps right now. now we're going to help you getp yo around town today for your friday morning commute.ning come look at that, the wilson wso bridge nice and clear right now. will i say more volume than we typically city.ore typiy ci if you're headed to mgmgm national harbor today traffic tf flowing on four between, 210r b, and the beltway. beltw no reported issues as far asd is waiting to get in the parking pi garages or problems clownblems l
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tweet from vre this morning signal issues between alexandria and l'enfant.'enft. expect trains at reduced reduc speeds between these areas andea red line no longer singler singe tracking between shady grove and twinbrook.etwe and n was disabled train at rockville. residual delays in bothdual dire delctions. earlier switch problem at glenmont residual shady grove impacting thegr orange and silver.ove allison and steve. >> president-elect donald trump gearing up for this third thank you rally this week takingsidentgearin his mano michigan tonight. last night in desmich moines ioa trump called governor terryy branstad to the stage togeo officially announce him as his s choice to be the next u.s. ambassador to china. china the stop featured protestors.or. trump dismissed them by saying s they're on our side. side. they just don't know it yet. >> meanwhile at another anoer wealthy business to trump's cabinet.bine the president-elect said heiden
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executive andy puzder as hisdeas labor secretary. puzder is the co of cke restaurants, it's ah thehe parent company of hardy's and other chains.cha puzder is a critic of minimum wage increases.ncreas >> did he first secretary ashfis carter landed it n afghanistanni an unannounced vis is. i >> reporter: he just wrappedustd up a meeting with the president of ago. oago. the defense secretary alsoe se a will deliver a preholiday pephop talk to u.s. troops and thisth is afghanistan that we know of beforehanding off his job to his successor.sor >> american hero aviation iconno former u.s. senator.ator next tributes continue to pour in for john glenn.lnn >> dam plait can you sayla hornets looking to extend their 27 game winnings look stra did they do it? the winner of e last night's 3a title gameam next. we're back in just 30 seconds.
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i like better. i prefer b. b. i would like to smell ke this every day. but what was body wash a? ohhhh i love bath and bodyworks. i have this in my bathroom. and what was the one they preferred? ohhhh. this is suave. really? that's quite a bit of smelling good. suave three fragrances preferred over bath and body works. >> the american flag loweredrica to half-staff to pay tribute to former astronaut and formerar seaunat tor john glenn.tor he passed away in columbus yesterday 95 years old. back in 1962, glenn was thenn wt first american to orbit the earth. he then spent 24 years as a democrat from ohio in the senate and returned to space in 1998. at the age of 77, aboard the space shuttle discovery. disver.
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>> you know,to john glenn the astronaut, great.t, g john glenn humanitarian, johnumn glenn the human being, johnng glenn the husband, you know,w, the loving husband that's whatta i'll remember >> john was one of the best people i ever served with. and i speak of what it was like coming here. her every time i've been askedn about that mr. president, talk about the fact i came here sworn in with john glenn.. >> funeral arrangements arent being made now.beg ma he'll be buried at arlingtonon national >> a small parting gift from f president barack obama to federal employees. he's ordered ant bdera pay raisr civilian agency workers of 2.1 percent for the next n fiscal year.ear. it equals that of did he firstdt department workers.departnt the news comes the same day se the senate approved a defenseef bill to give the dod more
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than $600 billion to run theunhe military next year. yea and progress in the house.. lawmakers passing a spending a s bill to keep the governmenternmn opened past tonight's midnight deadline.deline. the measure would fund federal agencies and departments through april 28. it would also fast track theth process foror clsonfirmo ing dod trump's pick for did he first ht secretary. retired general james mattis. the bill's fate is in thes inhe senate though. a little uncertain.ta. >> quick look at high school football.otba damascus and franklin meetn m franklin cut a second quarter 14-o deficit to two but the damascus offense ruled the day y t intercepted three passes. damascus holds on for the 14 t 1 to 12 win so a low scoringow srg game but second straight title for damascus ninth title in i school history. histo congratulations tonight it will be theti maryland 4a final princee
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>> damascus that team is apss beast. beas >> they proved it last night.ed >> we know it per isonally.nall congratulations.ras. well a dire warning from thefr surgeon general about teensgeneb andou e-cigarettes.igarettes. >> let's head outside right hea nod w as we head to break onea this friday morning.. mgm national harbor right therely.therel >> friyay! >> weather and traffic on the
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>> ?? >> hey, welcome back. let's get right to it. breezy and cold conditions set up for the day today. temperature will get above freezing to about 40 but it's b not going to feel it with the very brisk winds that tha developed check out your cold temperatures. i mean, it is cold out there this morning.lo winchester,that martinsburg, dulles 27 that 31 is the coldest colst temperature so far this seasonsr here at reagan national,ationa freezing temps now annapolis,ols 32. leonardtown 30.ardtn 30 30 in quantico.uantic 31 fredericksburg. everybody is cold belowol freezing and it feels like l teens for much of the areah of
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right now, 17 up in baltimore.te 19 culpeper.ulpepe 21 in leonardtown.rdtown winds are currently out of ther north and west at about 10 to 1t 15 and the winds are going toreg be with us for much of ourof our friday so just make sure you are properly dressed here ifse you're going to be outside for any period time today. we should wake up with plenty of sunshine. should be a nice looking bday.wake u we'll build ie n somtoe clouds this afternoon as the lake the k effect snows are still kickingsr in and we'll get cloe uds fromfr the north and west.the i don't think we'llnorth get aa snow flurries but we'll getrriee some cloud cover.loud cer you can see of lake effect snow there in i michigan parts of new york.ts o i was just looking about another three to six perhaps four to 8-inches of snow for much of upstate new york and then more like eight togh to 12-inches here in the parts of michigan as we're pushingeushi those very, very cold windsd win over the great lakes. for us, the weekend, it just looks plain old cold aroundund here. he high pressure and stiffnd s northwest wind today.rthwest it will be very cold tonight. tg tomorrow looks cold and thend an as we get into sunday our next t warm front will start to t approach. area of low pressure is going to push up into the great lakes. this will bring us some w cloupd
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and by late sunday into early monday it's possible that parts of the area could have ahe bit of a wintry mix before we transition to rain so just j keep that time frame in behind h particularly off to the north and west. and west. we could have some issues. there's your seven-day. h 42av te's odyoay. t 40 tomorrow. wind chills will keep it in the 30'slls wi both days and the things get a littleittle interesting next week. a couple different chances forff a little bit ofer winter weatheh and we're going have anothere ar blow of arctic air next week wee that may keep temperatures more like in the low to mid >> i have a question for you.esu >> sure share. sure share. do you want to build a snowman? >> that was beautiful.hat >> i sang you a little bit off "frozen." >> that was gorgeous. >> will we get any snow. that y >> it wasn't that bad.t tha don't look at me like that.ha >> it was real good. >> 6a18. wasn't does look good possiblyoy worse than my singing. >> mgm traffic.ra >> they turned the camera around so now it's i had a really long line ofe o backed up traffic.raic
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slow you>>downs 95 on the iw trd side. side right lane blocked at plankplk road. road. seeing stop-and-go trafficto back to 17 but they've turnedp-d it around again so we're note' seeing that heavy delay but iut can assure you it's backed up.e. crash in upper marlboro fourlbor inbound by woodyard road.d by that's a look at the wat's a fredericook ksburg delay again a big long line of blocked traffic. westbound suitland parkway crash before branch avenue. left lane id ssufore b blocked. 295 looking good towards the 11th street bridgeg .goidge. we're looking good. 395 southbound, 95 is at speed once you get into newington but look at that delaysys picking up as you grow dale dal city across the occoquan.ccoqua. we got you covered this morning. we'll take a look down by national harbor and the new then mgm with your traffic next. allison and steve.teve >> association the skins haveki very little room for error ifori they want a post season spoteas a win in philly definitelydefiny will help we'll preview that matchup with wisdom and ez
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talk i had a little chicken inen my throat. throa are hackers targeting youror holiday packages? next theex fake e-mails you need to keep ke an eye out for. f nobody feels like this overe th the holidays, folks. fol we'll let you know how to be hoe safe. safe. ?? ??
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?? ??
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>> a dire warning from the surgeon general about teens and e-cigarettes. first though a check of the a business fthe network studio we have hillary vaughn thisth morning. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. notherepors what? a noer record day for wall street yesterday. the dow gained 65 points closing at 19,614.19,61 the s & p rose four closing at 2,246 and the nasdaq up 23 att 5,417. and why is all this happening? g why is this trump rallyp r continuing to roll on? well,el a lot of businesses are just
6:23 am
donald trump is going to holdpri to agoin lot of campaign promise that he made on the trail and ad part of that comes withit cutting taxes, rolling back regulations but also talk of a fiscal stimulus and the gop led congress encouraging assumers could spends more which is making consumer stocks surge. s >> whatever it is it looksveoo pretty good in the 401 right now. fingers crossed that iters cr continues. let's talk about -- this news came out yesterday but really al diving deeper into the surgeon general's message and e-cigarettes these otherseth things not traditionalal >> reporter: right.>> rter: exactly. and so the surgeon general is saying that these -- they sayy any type of nicotine inhalant in or consumption is not safe foror youth and the reason why thisast is a bighi problem is because ae lot of big cigarette companiespi like philip morris marlboroarlb they're looking into theseo the alternatives because they bec te think that they're safer andy'rd there's a good businessod buss opportunity there for them. the. and also, the market is huget ih
6:24 am
because among young people, 18p, to 24, the number of these alternative forms of smoking smi vaping e-cigs has doubled. their use has doubled in the has past year and d additionallyionl we're seeing that in the pasthep five years, the use amongmo middle school aged kids has tripled. tr >> wow. only is they he consumption getting bigger but it's skewing even younger than e we originally thought.hought so, this is something tong t definitely look out for but companies that were looking to -- into this option to getnog into the market for this alternative smoking. >> okay. this time of year we always e tofhe s ycams but really warnings to not get taken in an particular type of e-mail, right? >> reporter: right. repor. okay, so, if you get an e-mail about a missed packagesed pack delivery but you aren't expecting one proceed withg on caution. ibm's vice president of security says phishing scams
6:25 am
and guess what these scam e-mails doubled since on. doubl. here's how you know if you got one. if youou kot get an e-mail withe subject line that says couldn't deliver your package or missed parcel delivery orvero please confirm your order, oer proceed with caution because if you click on thi bs e-mail oo a link inside they could contain malware or ransom wear. wallets the difference? nc malware gains access to yourto y personal information, your infoa bank log in info, ransom wearm a actually takes your computerut hostage remotely locking and demanding payment beforein you can getg access back to your personal files. so, here's how you protect yourself. p's h make sure that the e-mail yohe e address is from a legit web web site like uspsf you're in doubt don't click on anything.thin call the shipping companyhe s directly to confirm thehictly t package before you do anything. >> i can't find enough adjectives to express how mad t i am at people who spend aexll a this time trying to take ourak o
6:26 am
but hillary we loved you this yi week. thanks for being with us have u a good weekend. >> reporter: thank you. have a wonderful weekend.eported thank you. >> bye.>> b >> i get so aggravated and a annoyed at that as wel i've gotten those e-mails she was talking about in the lastabe week l and i'm pretty computerct literate and you still have to o double triple check and for a f heel who are not or i think about my parents who think hey h a package is come you clicklick and your computer is gone. >> it's awful. >> they're sneaky because the e-mail address will be like snes fedel x bunch of letters. letters. you have to look for that and makeo look sure it's something y and if you have any questions don't do it. have do >> or calln' me at nd i'll comem put the hammer down on it. >> 1996 dell -- >> whatever.>>hatever. >> hostage they're welcome to it. >> 31 now in washington.hingto wind chills are only at about 20. it's very, very cold out thisuti morning. be ready for a chilly day.ay. only about 40 for daytime highmg and then wind chill is going goi to keep it in the 20's andthe 2d
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>> that four gigabyte hard drive is still workingfo gurreat hi, erin good morning. mni >> coming up on 6:27 we have a crash in upper marlboro westbound four after dower house road. right lane is blocked andlane that's causing a bit of a i c backup leadingausi to that scen. past that scene towards the beltway you jam up.beltwayou once you get to the beltwayay inner loop through morning side looking good asop you t geu to the wilson bridge. bri a quick look at skyfox overoxve mgm national harbor casino. cin we'll get skyfox in a moment mon but traffic is moving beer live look at those festivitieses as we continues. w
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what you gone do? lift up your head
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everybody lack confidence, everybody lack confidence i keep my fee-fi-fo-fum i keep my heart undone
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>> live look outside the starlo of the morning onceok o again mm the national harbor now open for business. it's like a beacon in the nightiona therel like folks just fol just flocking there filled toled t capacity last night. n you're looking at the outdoors o of it. our annie yu is inside.ns welcome back to fox5 morning annie right now.right w. annie it looked beautiful fromel the outside. inside is even more gorgeous.ou good morning.good >> good morning, allison.d g, it really is. rlly it's gorgeous outside and inside. and that's what everyone has evs been telling us this morningning once they got a chance to, youcu know, look around and explore, e everyone is like oh my gosh my s we're just so taken aback fromrm the art collection, thelecthe sparkling lights and the twinkling of these seasonal s decor so it's very gorgeous.orge
6:31 am
casino and they opened their doors at 10:30 lndast ni tght.ti it was supposed to open at on 11:00 but when they had 5,000,00 people or so lined up outside, i they decided to open up those t doors early.s e i can tell you the garageag filled up very fast and so aasta lot of people had to park offpld site and walk up here. but then might be the case for the next few days. d as people try to get down here h and explore.anexplor but right now at this hour,s ho, we're starting to see a mix of clouds. we're startinclg to see folks leaving who were here from last night and the coming in early this morningning and a lot of people telling usop they took the day off just for this occasion. so, no doubt the grand openingbt was a big success. success. we're going try to mingle within other people and see how thehe casino has been going for ang fr lot of people. peoe. back to you in the studio. studi >> annie thanks so much. much. 6:31.6:31 let's get right to the morningg line. we have a lot to talk about abo this morning. this first up 70's morni night at ver center one of the bulletsul great biggy elvin hayes in the
6:32 am
start then rallied from 14ro bound. bradley beal the hot handhe hotd again a game high 26 points.oi wizards win 92 to 85 so low85o scoring defensive battle.g defes next up -- how many times doo we say low scoring defensivengee battle with the wizards. next up the bucs tomorrow night. ni you heard wisdom martin with us.s. ez street.eztr if the redskins wants a playoff spot a win in phillyhi will help. help. can they get it on. get >> that's a huge q right now it if you lose this game. g >> lit the button you. butn >> may be done. so, key matchup if you do lose l this game, let's go with the's h negative side, if they loseos are they done? don >> i think so. so unfortunately, i mean -- you-- y know, on the outside lookingooki in already you want to get to number five or number six tober get n at this point and still we have new york, too. >> right, right. hav >> come on, man. man we have to win. >> steve. >> done or not? >> loo believe't you're done until you're done. >> until thee suneason is is officially glover until thelove season is officially over butofi
6:33 am
arizona that was key. key you know, that was -- w >> and that tie is coming backo to haunts them. back. bs coming look at this point you're still alive so you got play at a for it.for i >> if we get the win on then flip side if you get the win. >> plus look i think thate if ya every time you win within yourhu own division. >> division. >> there pumps you up that much p right.ig >> keys to the game to beating e this team in philadelphia philai because philly started out the t season red hot.asonot washington started off theff t season super slow and noww a they're kind of almost in thef t division so what's the key tos k the game this week, the mosthe m important part of the game. >> defense. >> defense. >> we have do it defensively. reve do ranking last last in third down did he first, red zone did he first and our turnovers. we have we have no turnovers.ure >> i'm pickup truck it on theicu offensive line. you have to give kirk as muchp time as possible. to give k philly's did he first came outih strong in the beginning of thet they haven't been there but bee you know it could emerge at eme
6:34 am
advantage for the skins. the phillies -- the eagles intag believele have zero widee zero w receivers left healthy on this t squad to play this week sos wee unless they make a trade for desean jackson before theore game. [laughter]ghr] >> ly. yobroud you brought that up. >> that is a huge advantage. philly's offense is going tos g be hurting.. >> deshawn has to step up.hawn t he's going back too his oldis squad. philly. phio be in energy is going to be there.he >> and the rumors are out are ot there about next season where w he's going to be. >> you can see the -- did youhet sehee -- the photo o prescott trading jerseys.ys he had the dallas jersey in his >> i think deshawn is a a statement game back in i think they'll feed him the ball a lotth.eyll lot w we need it. >> that game at s at 1:00 right here on for. f we have the songs, hail to thee redskins versus fly eaglesle fly. any of you know the words tohe s that song. >> little to the redskins. redsn >> what about fly eagles fly. >> i know they'reabout the enee
6:35 am
>> no fly eagles fly on thefl road toy ea victory, touchdownco one, two, >> not at all. sk me why i know that. t >> did you know that before y this morning. >> i did. don't ask me whyou s kte ve. >> really. >> what was her name? [laughter] >> on that note, we're donee, wn over here, steve. we're done. don talking football.talkinotba 1 o'clock right here on fox5. fx washington versus philly.lly. >> you didn't ask who is goingog to win. >> we have to win.. ly. ly >> the score.>> the score >> we going win by one touchy oe down. >> by one touchdown.ouchdown. ns going a go 31-17. 31-17 >> i'm going write mine down 27-23. in favor on the road i'm doingnh my formula, okay, man we outan u of time yet? [laughter] >> producer that's what i'mducet talking about. lynn says we're out of time. the score is going tos we be 27-23. >> okay. okay. >> 27-23ly.>> 27- >> he gave a aco >> i always give a i didn't tell hugh was going win. win. >> it's the redskins. rsk
6:36 am
ez. we got to go. >> let's be clear.. >> they cut his microphone.icron >> we want him to pick thewant eagles.eagl that will help us. let's go to the forecast.tho th. it's going to be cold all cal weekend. cold in philly on sunday.n s i think they're in philly right. >> are you asking me. >> i'm asking>> are >> i'm going have to looink igti up. >> 31 in washington right winds out of the northwest andhn west at 16. at wind chill 20 and i want to wan give you a heads up. youeads that wind chill is going to be with us throughout the day. >> in filly. >> >> 1:00 p.m. kickoff oning. ong. >> if you're going to the gamero in philly it's going to bineg e olol. temperatures about 40 atut0 a kickoff.ckf. >> hm. >> okay. >> that's going to feel like what ins go the stands? >> it it will feel like low 30's. for us we'll be fine only about 40 for daytime high.ti dry but it remains very cold c through the weekend. weend. thahanks, tuck. >> uh-huh. >> from the bottom of myrom thet little heart. heart >> erin over to you.over tyou. >> hello. >> hello. >> right now 6:36 and we're
6:37 am
briggs road in prince williamwia closed north of minnievillele road. ad a crash involving a motorcycle l and a dump truck.d a dump tru really big scene out there.ut keep to it dale boulevard as an alternate through neighborhood. let's see if we can take a ke a look at skyfox they're over ove mgm national harbor where we w are seeing things moving along o just fine right now. a little pixilated. traffic is picking up. u nothing like yesterday rightrd r tucktory. tucktory. a lot of traffic getting down g there last night onet 414, 210 1 the beltway across the wilson bridge. let's switch it over for a camera of the wilsonswit bridgeg you're making your way out onayo the outer loop heading pasteadip eisenhower avenue you can seeu e we're already at a crawl.rawl you have your morningyou congestion that we're uphationte against, inner loop picking upkp as well towards annandale andnd in addition you have extrae e folks heading to the casino now that it's officiallyy opened so have some patience. we'll keep a closee pa eye on hn traffic around national harborr is shaping up for this fridays f morning commute but i wouldcout say already get an early start if you're talking the bottom of the beltway through oxonlkino hill.hi.
6:38 am
take it erin. next, fisher price is responding to a pub play setub t for toddlers making the roundsah on the web. w have you seen this? it's like a happy hour.appy first though a holiday messageas from that a local serviceal ser member overseas.rss ? ?? >> i'm a1c brown flee from that 791st north dakota.ot i want to wish my family ando wi everyone around my area in in maryland a happy holiday.olay >> see m troops at
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> 6:41. let's check what'sre first up donald trump may be coming to washington but he'll still have a hand in donwash hollywood. the president-elect will apparently stay on now as an exprecutiveesly s producer ofrof celebrity apprentice after heprt takes office as president in in january.ja not exactly clear what his exact involvement with theinvo show will be or how much hew mue would be paid.wobe p friday afternoons are forsre happy hour. h one bar scene has the interneter abuzz this morning.abuz what is this? an instagramnstam user posted this picturehis pict wednesday night seeming tot emig show a fisher price toy thatce a is a happy hour play set s
6:42 am
the look at the mean mug on the bartender. barten fake. not everybody realized itody alz right fisher price was blasted by wasb many on social media.cial media. the company had to release aea a statement saying please know this product is not endorsedt ed approved or produced by fisher price. , y yes. >> come on, steve.on who would think this is real? >> yeah. >> people thought it was real,e, al. al. >> bottles don't even have labels. [laughter] >> kids don't have jobs.ids >> life today.d. >> finally gat parents on the hunts for thisont year's hot christmas toy the tctchimals. target and wal-mart among the ag few stores that say they'll get new shipments ofshipmeo hatchimals guess when starting t sunday. here's the deal. local sto to your local store make sure they do in fact have v them al so you can get it fortor tucker because he'll neverse he' know that's going to be his to h present this year. yea >> i'm so happy that santa s doesn't bring any of that any stuff to the house any more. mor it's just like one time thenim e they don't play with it. anyway, it's really cute. ce.
6:43 am
back. ba >> merry christmas.>> merry c >> i don't want onehr sisteve. >> thank you. a chia pet again. a thanks very much. v >> fisher price bar set.price re >> he's back kevin mccarthy. mar i don't know how he's going do g it but he's dragging himselfim in here after being on a a flight for like 28 hours.ou he'll have his movie reviews next. reblinder we take you to the break if you have anise news tip share it. 202-895-3000 or e-mail yourr tip fox5 tips we're back in a moment.
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> all right. i want to give a great bigo gi thank you to everybody we saw s out at the mgm last night. nig we had. we h >> you guys look good.ou glook . >> we had the best time. t i think this is cherisse youngeu and her husband then watchheat every day.ay >> nice enough to tweet that twe you say picture which isy pictu fantastic. we took a ton of pictures.ture everybody if you have one tweet it to us and we'll try hav to geto it on tv 'cause obviously we didn't get toeto keep a lot of those great to have >> slap a hashtag fox5 picks5 ck and we can do double duty.e dut >> we can show them on goodoo day today. >> send them in.>> >> glad you guys had a good g time last night. >> everybody missed you. >> everybody asked about yourybo over and overdy again. aga >> you guys looked great souys you know you represented. >> thank you.ow y >> going to have to go backou and do m ty walk overo ha theree didn't get a chance yesterday.e. i was on my best behavior. behi. a lot of people in tuxedos and stuff. >> you didn't want to be outn't there monkey shining.hi >> there's that walk's ta >> let's go to the fork.or
6:47 am
the real deal cold this cold morning.morn breezy and cold that's thes the theme not only today but mosty m of the weekend will featuretu temperatures well belowes well w normal. that 31 in washington coldestde so far this these are the actual air temps. i'll show you wind chills here momentarily.ntaril quantico 30. 28 in frederick.ri. 30 in leonardtown, 27 thiswn, 2t morning out at dulles and herene are your wind chills withind winds out of the north and west here at about 15. itch ft of heelser more like tet about 20's so make sure ifif you're headed to school this s morning you put on that extrahar jacket and gloves feels like 12 in gaithersburg, 23 in i leonardtown, 20's this morning i in fredericksburg.resb the good news, should be a lote of sunshine here.of s it will be a bright looking day and a nice lookingbe a b tod we'll get more sunshine than tha yesterday. we'll work in some clouds aoudsa little later this afternoon as our lake effect snows areke effc really kicking in in once again up into new york,or four to 6-inches expectedxpec today parts of michiganicga another eight to 12-inches andca that's what we call cold aird invection.ct lots and lots of cold airol a being pushed across relativelyav
6:48 am
there. we're not going to get to any of. that we're going to keep itre g cold around here for the weekend as the jet stream is i well to our south and we're w just going get a taste here of o what's to come for the winterwir season so temperatures bothre b today and tomorrow around 40. 4 overnight lows below freezing fg and then i just want tot wa mention quickly here we'll dowe another round of this next this week so more like january byliky next week. in fact our daytime highsme probably don't get out of theont 30's by next thursday and trsda friday. there's your seven day. and quickly i've got to go. to g there could be a wintry mix ainr he so watch the weekend forecast a little bit. roads.dsack with the >> when we were walkinghe throughn we the hall yesterday y mgm and there was deejay youeeyu were doing a version of the t walk that was pretty fierce. fie it wasn't for anyone but i was watching you in your groove.our. >> it was for everybody but i get what you're saying. say >> all right then. r right now as you make your way w out in prince william we have hv a crash on spriggs road closed right now in both directionsrecs north of minnieville road.
6:49 am
trycy to tleake a dale boulevart save yourself some time.e. dealing way crash newcr new hampshire avenue northbound in adelphi road so watch for some s delays leading towards theds beltway this morning.this mornig and then in addition to thato ta an inner loop crash right r after little river turnpike turp backed up to the springfield interchange. a live look at that delay as des you head through annandale. thr we'll take a look at ourou cameras.mera we are seeing a lot of backedke up traffic just really slow conditions again from thehe springfield interchange upchan u past that crash once you goat ya gallows road.llows as we take a look they are over mgm national harbor actually it is greenee there. i can promise you that theyoat e picture of national harbor harbo looks much better. aside from that 66 backing upacg through falls church and as you cross the wilson bridge volume is b picking up butut traffic out in prince george's o county across the wilsonthe wiln bridge leading to nationalnation harbor right now on 414, 210,, 2 it is so much more pleasantlean right now than what we were we seeing last i'll let you know if that kno ta changes.chan if you wants to get maybe an early morning visit to mgm. mgm.
6:50 am
morning on good day. ahead on the big show at 9 o'clock this morning, pop singer rita aura is going tong t join us live about to take t over the hit show america's next top model .next she hos tted the voice uk and some other shows so she'sohe going to be doing america'samers next top model but she's going to be talking with us this bu us morning. mo some other big other bs are you familiar with the band.w ok go? you should be because bu they have some of the best of bt videos that have ever been produced and at least one of o o the members is from right here h in washington, d.c. d.c. going to join us as wel tl. 10-year-old drew tillman tlman became a viral sensation with her rendition of adele's adele hello. she'll be back singing us thisih morning getting us all intoll it the holiday spirit so that'sso all ahead on good day today. tod should be awesome.e awesome. >> should be. >> speaking of holidays it is a holiday classic fg ofor h ther whole this week's fox beat freeeat ee friday give away you can win c w four tickets to see the moscow s ballet's russian nutcrackercrke between december 21st and 23rd3d at strathmore a prize with a
6:51 am
>> go to between now and 11:59 p.m. to59 enter for a chance to win. w one lucky winner selected by random drawing on december 12.. all entrants must be 18 or be 1r older. complete rules available at >> all righty. ry. here we government it is movie movie -- go. it is movie review friday. fri first official trailer for the >> he's back fresh off his off s honeymoon. ho kevin mccarthy joins uneyms live in new york city. >> although kevin is on thein n phone with us this morning soiss he may be in australia or newiae zealand.aland. welcome back my center. >> good morning guys. we're having some technical issues near new yor gkood ving i up bright and early make up on hair is ready to go but the camera for some reason isn'tn n' popping me up but yes good tod t hear you guys this morning. there's so many films openinglmp up this weekend i can't waitn' to talk about like la-la land.
6:52 am
night on jimmyut kimmel show sho which looks absolutelyy massive. i'm so excited about thisuthi movie because tom holland hla playing you know him because he was w introduced to us in captain capa america civil war earlier thislt year and this takes place pla after captain america civil c war and basically the t character is kind of in high school, they're rebooting theoog i know we've seen toby mcguire andrew garfield but for meut foe this is the best rendition ofenn spider-man i've seen so far,en , the comic books because he'secause s nailed the character he nails ns the fun nerdy quality of him. hm will i say the trailer itself didn't blow my mind.low i thought it looked a littletl too cgi heavy.. a little too similar to a loto o of things we've seen already aea in the marvel cinematic universe. interesting thing about this movie is that it is a sonyg th release but it still takestill k place in the same universe as a all the disney films like the
6:53 am
in this movie but sneadless toat say i'm very excited.xc comes out in 20's 17 i hope itoe delivers as well as captain capa america civil. civil. >> we were watching the trailer we saw the firste swehe that looter washington monument to me. mo was. wer: it >> yea. >> reporter: opening shot is r: oon the monument like divi tonng offerum which is reae cool and i loved the moment he stops these robbers in a bankan and they're all wearing fakee avengers that was really reacool >> there it isism i think tomnkm he's like the best choice forfor spider-man. i'm hoping it's great. >> why are you there in new york cityan today.ho >> reporter: i'm in new yorkpirt because i'mr: i interviewing 'mw i'm so excited allison all interviewing pharrell williamslm and taraji p. henson thisensoths morning in new york city fororkr this new movie called hidden hid figures which by the way is one of the best films i'velms ie seen in a long time.g if you're not familiar withwi the story, it's about these incredible three women whoee w worked for nasa and wereer responsible for nasa's first
6:54 am
taraji p. henson is phenomenalne in the movie and the reason rea why she's so great guys isreatu it's totally different fromfereo cookie. she really shows great range. re she always has as an actress and i'm looking forward toward speaking to her this morning also jannell monet octavia spencer.spce personally from newport news i cannot wait for pharrellharrell williams. i'm so excited to meet him.. >> that's awesome kevin. kevin let's goat a -- get to a we've missed you last coupleascp weeks. i know you were away having a great time well deserved butell we want to hear a movie review v in the best kevin mccarthy mccay style we can. >> reporter: no, no, i missed you guys too.epor youuys it'sto funny because i wish thii movie la lap land was coming com out in d.c. this weekend.d.c. it's only hitting in new york y and l.a. i'll get to that next week. wee as you remember a couple a coupl months ago i told you la lapyou land was going to win best picture at the academy awards. a
6:55 am
friday. this weekend is a movie calledad miss sloane which is a d.c.hich. based film jessica chastainstain plays a lobbyist and it's actually interesting take onakeo washington and she actuallyctll met with 11 lobbyists whileistsi preparing for the entire role. r it has a great cast like markmak strong. i will say it's a little longe n in the middle but she delivers s an amazing performance.erforman you know her probably most from zero dark 30 but she is incredible in the film.theilm. i gave the movie a three and and definitely expect to see her nominated for best actresst are year. by the way if you are in the d.c. area this weekend w definitely check out our arrival ortely the movie nocturl animals.amal those are the two best filmsfi out in theaters right now. n >> kev we got to let you go. thank you.ou quaint to see you in person.u in have a good day in new york. >> reporter: byed da guys. love you guys so much.uys >> thank you. see you soon.oo >> i do that wants to seeants t nocturnal animals.imals. >> tucker saw it.ucker
6:56 am
i'll leave it at that. [laughter] >> i don't remember it but't that's okay. let's go to the forecast. no, it was good. let's do the forecast. go to nos dotemperatures. r i'm rolling.i'm run in washington. hey, wind chill 19.hi 1 wind chill 19.ll 1 winds west-northwest at about ao 15 to 20's so be ready for aor a cold day. day that's what you call lake cla effect snows. we won't get those.on we will get plenty of cold air i out of the north and west wes throughout the day today. quick look at that seven day. sv going to be a chilly weekend.wen look out for the possibility of a wintry mix sunday ni keep chilly next week as well.kl erin is back with roads. rds last time for the 6 o'clocke fo hour.6 >> that's right. i'm walking in the studio right now because we h>>ave som problems. let's take a look right now. now skyfox up over mgm roads so s much quieter than what we werewr dealing with last night on theio way to the grand opening att 11:00. 11:00. however we are seeing a lot ofaf traffic on the beltway pickinghb up so be prepared across the t wilson bridge especially the inner loop through oxon hill ahu lot of slow traffic back to branch avenue.low tr keep it fox5 news
6:57 am
6:58 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
6:59 am
>> ?? f this is fox5 news morning. >>ox5 the doors arene opened, e roulette wheel is spinning and the excitement at mgm national o harbor continues a steady sa
7:00 am
dmv's newest >> outside the resort traffictrf not good at least last nightlast that was the case. live look right now fromow fro skyfox eight hours after the casino welcomed guest for the first time. >> a warning for anyone planning on doing sho warnihoppg. beware of price tags. tag several retailers facing aac lawsuit for tricking newfor icki thinking you're getting a bigig baain.n. where has this been all our allo life.fe what you need to know in a live nee report. r out there heading our way. it is friday morning,colde he december 9th. great view of the white housede this morning. flag,lag, look at thece of th the wind is blowing out theres l and thaowt makes wind chills very, very we'll have weather and trafficea for you coming up 09 5's at 6:05. >> good news is it's friday.da >> amen to that.>> >> good friday morning to youyo t i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning.ll. great to be with you thisto morning. first up at 7:00 living be up toto the hype so far it's only a few hours old but skyfox capturing this scene about anboa


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