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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 9, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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?? straight ahead, open for business. mgm national harbor opened lastl feeling lucky packed in.acke in. why the venue is getting rave reviews the traffic and parking. >> old man winter moving in. i temperatures taking a tumble ane we'll have a look at the freezing seven day that could include snowflakes.wfla conflict of interest.nfli of the president-elect says he'll h stay on as executive producer of his hit reality show. sho plus, the latest names added tod
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>> later, pap got a brand new bag. ba mick jagger celebrating birth of another child at the ripe old rp age of 7 good day at 9a starts right now. ?? there's time, tucker.ucke >>eah.h. >> there's time for you. >> that's his boy mig jagger upe there about to have a baby at 70 some years old. o >> he's got moves like jagger. . >> clearly. good day d.c. happy friday.happy a wisdom martin holly and erin. steve and maureen are at the casino gambling away their lifef >> or perhaps christmas shoppino for us. >> they're at the casino.y'ret >> you can always have hope. can old old on to hope. >> also ahead talk about a duet. tailor swift and zip malikik releasing a surprise songg overnight from the sound track t 50 shades darker.r. >> okay. >> we're going to have sampleeal coming up. you know who is in 50 shadess darker.rker. >> who?
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this hour as well.ell. >> we'll have a sample of what?w >> i don't know. >> how is that for a tease. let's talk about this weather. r temperatures, whoo, they took at big drop overnight.big drrn we are still in the 30s as of now. 9:02.02 it looks like they'll stay likty pretty low for the neck seven ne days. tucker has got all the chillylll details. details. >> yes, it's cold. cold. allison i tried out for thator a movie roll.l. >> oh, did you.>> oh, d >> what happened. >> they felt i can i wasn't want acting. it was too close to the reall thing. >> that's frightening enticing.n >> i had schedule lincoln flick >> naturally.>>at >> yeah. >> sleep deprivation.epriva >> obviously. >> 33 in washington.hingto wind chills 23 degrees.3 degree this combination winds out ofna the north and west at 15 andwesa that air temperature that's thes way it feels and that's the wayt it feels much of the day.he wind chills in the teens and 20s this afternoon hold coldest airt obviously of the season upon uss and it's not going to be anyoina hurry to get out of here.e. 23 in nap fredericksburg 27 degrees.grees. 19 at dulles. adull
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that's way lot of bright o b arctic air mass in place hereceh parked across the mid atlanticdn and we'll keep it very very cold temperatures about 10 plus0 degrees below normal here theale next couple of days. look at the lake effect snowect kicking in and very brisk northwest winds often to theds north and west and we'll bendlle feeling those throughout the dao today. so breezy, cold, blustery blustr conditions expected thisdhi afternoon with daytime highs asa mentioned only this might evenit be a little optimistic i think t many spots don't get out of the upper theirs this afternoon witw it will feel like upper 20s anda low 30s out there. tre all right. rht. momentarily i'll have theme weekend forecastnt.arekenfore we've got lots of cold air onolo that seven day you'll want toaya see stay tuned. stay t i'm going to toss itun ba, to bb and charlie's angels.el >> thank you tucker. [ laughter ]uger >> needs some work but it's okay. it's friday.riy >> that was rusty.>>st brought the whole thing down.
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national harbor open for on f business. >> new resort and casino made rs its publiort c debut last nightd as the lines and the traffiche a proved gambling near theea t nation's capitol was a safe betb we have live team coverage this morning. annie yu has been inside since s 4:30 this morning. mor she has not been alone.en she joins us now with a look ho the crowds have been since itini opened up last night. nig just keeps on going.n goi good morning. >> reporter: we'llly it does.oe we're still meeting people thatt have been here since last nig i mean, we know the drill. dri if you are a gambler, you canero pretty much go all night and i'm not mad at you. y we do see fresh face thise t morning who just wanted to popae in and check things out. thingst we ran into a number of peoplefo that, you know, were like, you k know, we've watch this project grow from the talks to the ground-breaking and then to thee building of this beautiful beaul building and so they wanted tote come by and check it out. i a lot of people think it's beautiful, and they like they lt fact that you don't have to walo through the casino to get to the
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so really this is a destinationa if you're not gambler you canou buy pass all of that and enjoy d everything it has to offer.ythi i want to bring in rj woodsonj o who just got off work.ff wor i guess you're tired but you're still fresh faced.esh aced >> good morning to you. good >> i'm trying to hold it tryinth together. >> reporter: right. what do you think about it. >> do s beautiful. it's beayot's utiful. i've been sitting here watchingt people put all these fresh f flowers n got to walk throught w the casino really quick.y qui i'm really trying to findo f breakfast but everything iskfasr really beautiful.allyutif i'm really impressed.mpress >> reporter: i'm glad you'mlad u bring that up rit the restaurants are not open ope except for marcus restauranturan that's still open.tilln. so you can definitely hit marcuu up. but you've been to other casinos how do you think this comparesou to the other ts? >> i mean this is brand new.nd w it's really everything is really nice. nic not as many people as ie experienced in other casinos but i'm sure that in the nighttimeit hours it will probablybl definitely meet up to that.t upt but i never really been in bee casino early in the morning likk this before either. >> reporter: i know, risight b.
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>> i have three quarters in myy pocket. po i think i'm goickng to the 5-cec slots and see how long that 75 cents lasts.s l >> reporter: you'll have to'l h hit up the penny slot.lo how you going to show up at a u casino with 75 cents. cen >> it's almost christmastime.isi i got a baby. i >> reporter: rj, stop. look, good luck to you.uck to y. i did meet a guy this mornings n who had a dollar and he walk oul of here with $200 so it'ss possible.ssible. >> hey. >> good luck. rub my elbow it's a>> good luckd charm. >> i'm going to give this to yo goiu. >> t put that in a machine if you hit jackpot, you better tip me. okay. ok >> reporter: all right.orte all we'll zen it back in to you,to u guys. >> annie, thank you. annie >> thank you so much.>> y >> wait a minute i never hearda of rubbing your emilbow for good luck, is that a thing?? >> annie, is that what it is? >> reporter:.ter: [ laughter ][ laug the whole thing is good luck.k. so it doesn't matter what he whh rubs it's like -- >> oh. oh. okay.. now we're in vegas. wahoo! >> hello. hel.
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harbor isn't just bringing in business and gross to prince george's county but also traffif and a lot of it. it. the roads around new casino werr jam pack last night, i know inow sat in hour worth of traffic. mel alnwick is on the roads forr a look how the roads are lookino this morning. th i hope better than last night.a. >> reporter: when it comes toor casino traffic a lot better. l we are right here one of thehe side roads her right across from the tanger outlets we've seen aa lot of overflow parking evenki e this themselves across oxon hill roar to get their cars this morning m you can see prince george'see pe county police have really kinde of set up a whole station area here along the side roads soo that they are ready to patrol and work on traffic flow at oxon hill road where one of the major impacts is expected to be.. also, temple hills, fortfo washington, all those areas the enableds really are the ones that will be living and dealing
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on the beltway exits has increased almost 20% since s national harbor started developing and so they're they't ones who are feeling it.ngt. we talk to someone last night casino -- we've been focusing aa lot of our stories come to go national who are bon and mgmre a national and getting home from mgm we wanted to talk to someone whe was just trying to get home froo work here's what she had to say. >> a hot mess. a mes it was really bad. b however i mean the everything going pretty much. m you know, they had their wands e going but it was -- traffic wasc everywhere.yw so a lot of people were kind off scared parking on a lot of thef lots because they had the towhe man around.. so, it was -- it was busy. once i took the bus around we sat on national avenue for aboua 15 minutes before i can even get to my bus stop. >> reporter: that's whathat people are dealing with againin
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get to their evening of fun butn people just trying to get homeom from work are having to livego l with this. with we know that they're going toret kind of take look at the first 72 hours of traffic managementem and then see whether any any adjustments need to be made toe the plan but that woman we talkl to francis said if she has to, t she might just move out of the neighborhood. back to you guys. >> oh, no. oo. >> not everybody is happy abouta casino and all that it brings tt the county. count >> i guess if you live close by. >> exactly. our hood.hanges y 9:09.. haen sentencing day for the man whoan killed nearly an entire familyy after colliding with them onllih river road back in pep februaryy he plead guilty in august toug t vehicular manslaughter andgh facing up to 30 years in prison. prosecutors say the 20-year-oldo was driving as fast as 115 mile5 an hour on river road ind bethesda he hit the brakes andrs then crashed into another int a vehicle. that impact killed a couple andd their 18-year-old son. the couple's daughter survived
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for d.c. pizza parlor targetedar by gunman over a fake onlineenl news story.tory. the four-day stand with comet pizza in upper northwest d.c. d set to begin today. it encourages everyone to showr their support by eveatierng thei this weekend.nd now it comes nearly a week after a north carolina man fired shots point add gun at an he claims it was all in responss to a fake news article thatrtict alleged restaurant was a front f for child sex trafficking ring.. police say those claims are not said they needed more time to tm pre pair for the case. donald trump making hisg h latest cabinet appointments appe during the third leg of his his victory tour to stop in iowa i last night the president-electst officially announced iowa governor terry brand sted as his pick us ambassador to chain n cn linda mcmahon the woman trump chose to lead the small business administration donated toed t
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back in october which broughtht her total contributions to $7 million. >> meanwhile here in washington, preparations are wellle und hery for president-elect donald trump's inauguration crews areiu busy constructing the inauguralg platform on capitol hill where the swearing in will take place january 20th.nuy we just learned new informationf as well about other inauguralnag festivities committee in chargea is announced there will be two o official inaugural balls as welg as another ball to absoluteo abo military and first responders. pr will attend all of those balls.. right now 9:11, thosese bargains at some major m department stores might be a bia lie. coming up a little later, why four popular chains are nowins e getting sued and the impact itmt could have on your holiday hid shopping.shping first though must within for tht burgundy and gold again.d aga we'll have a preview sunday's redskins/eagles match up ands mc talk about the possible play ofo implications.implns time right now is 9:11.
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.?? all right.> al 9:14 is the time right now.s th it's an october rematch sunday the burgundy ande tobe gold heaa the city of brotherly love tolyo take on the physical eagles. both teams at the bottom of the nfc east and the redskins in a a must win situation if they wantw
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for a preview we'll turn to fox5's grant paulsen. p good morning to you, grant.yo ga always good to see you.ou i guess from here on out withn o the rest of the season theyeasoe can't lose any more games. ges. that's the bottom line here.. >> yeah, for the most part. i think three and one with ait little bit of help will get thet into the playoffs.layoffs. nfc this year they're probablyy going get that help.t th hel but to your point, wisdom, ifm, they want to really controlon their defendant know in thedefe final couple of weeks of thend season, get in comfortably notan have to rel suffering set backs, theybacksty probably have to go four-zero ii starts this week with a veryy winnable game against teamst t frankly they should beat. now it's not to say the eagles e can't beat the redskins.beat thd there's not a huge discrepancy between teams but they handled them as you mentioned inntned in october. it was one much their more adopt nant performances of the seasons they're on the road now.'ron t philadelphia is getting a littl healthier than they were aier couple of weeks ago but this isu a game the redskins have tos he have. >> all right. llpl ak, i've seen philly couple of times.couple of time i saw them play at the beginning of year wasn't impressed whensse they were undefeated.
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everything is on the line for washingt.n. i know it's a road game. gam call it right now. n what do you think? >> i think the redskins willsil win. as you know more often than not on this show this season i'veso pick against the ts. i've got a pretty good gut feel here. only way that i see them losingg is if they turn the if the ballt over a few times. a fewim if they come out either flatithl they did last week to arizona that was cross coury the rescind are better than thee eagles are on offense. i don't see philadelphia's olphi being able to hang with them iff washington can put up close too 30 points. even against theoi redskins subn par defense right now, the t eagles are not all that all t explosive in the passing gamesim and remember the first time they played philly they generatedener great pass rush. they had multiple sacks on these opening drive hit and harassedta carson wentz the rookietzhe r quarterback. they surprised him a little bitl iteagles make adjustments but b wisdom i real dollar feel like k they'll be able to generateenert pressure in this game as well. s
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win as far as they're divisionis rivals and what they need to don to get into the playoffs. dallas versus new york we talkyl about this.this because this impacts washingtonn as well. so fur wearing the burgundy and gold dallas versus new york.s n. who do you want to win? w >> here's what's crazy.. you want the cowboys to win all their games the rest of thehe season to be honest with you,thu wisdom. it sounds awful, right? as redskins fan that just gives you chills thinking about it.inout however, theow front in the nfc so comfortably that it would take a stunning sn development for them not to not winter division.n because the redskins are vying i for one of just two wild cardsid in the conference, you want alla the division leaders that's also detroit who has beaten the beatt redskins this season in theson t north, that's also at this poinn probably atlanta in the south tt win the rest of their games andd you want the teams vying for vnf those same wild card spots as s you are to lospoe.e to lose. i actually think that the gianta could beat the cowboys.. they're due to lose game thisams week and that would be bad forh
9:18 am
until the playoffs.un then if you want to pullay theme for them get beat badly go for it. it [ laughter ] >> that sounds like a great plan. they win obviously they'rehe still a life and if they lose l it's armageddon.eddon is it over if they lose and if they win clearly they're stillri in the the mix. is it over if they lose? >> really you know really won'tw be. honestly with three week leftt because they will be b mathematically not only stillnls very much in the hunt but inut pretty good shape i their final three the problem is, if they losehe s this weekend, it's going to be b really hard for people to to imagine them ripping off threege straight wins after losses to aa cardinals team that had fourad u wins coming into last week andnd eagles team that looks ripe foro the picking right now and looksl like it's coming apart at the te ams.s. that will be more ant deck toll than authentic it will be hardlb to imagine them getting up offff the map f they rip off three ff straight wins at the end of the year and getat to the nine winsn would say there's probablyro
9:19 am
will would get em in. i don't consider likelyrik necessary but absolutelybsutel plausible and very much possible. >> all right. grant, this is the last question and this is a doozy right h is te. prepare yourself for this. know your enemy. do you know any of the words ton fly eagles eagles know your enemy. >> i know the first three wordsr go ahead. ahead. >> those the words i hear beforb i tune that song out and run and away from whoever is singing itg i don't know anything else.thine >> that's it. fly, eagles, fly you tune out? >> the words after might be on b the road to victory.ic i run so far away that i just -- it's all muffled after that.ft . i want to tell you guys by the way, last night, not for all the special stuff beforehand becausc i'm not cool enough to do that,a but i went with everyone else at 11:00 p.m. to the grand openingi of the mgm because i live abouta 20 minutes away. a i drove over there.
9:20 am
i had blast i'm be there forherr half hour, an hour. h a few hours.ours. i got to work i get to get out of hmere.ut o it was really really fun. >> grant, i'll leave you for advance advice the next time yom gout t there. >> you got to know when to hold them, know were to fold them,old know when to walk away, know knw when to run. run never count your money whilehi you're sitting at the table.ab fly eagles fly on the road too victory. >> grant paulsen thank you veryu much. we're not rein >> fat chance. >> i know. we hear it. >> we got a philly lady up herep >> we got a philly producer inci the >> how do you think that came um so quickly? quick >> you know it is a catchy songn that's why i know some of it.mei fly, eagles, fly, on the road to victory.. score a touchdown, one works,, three. >> for a touchdownth but closelo enough. so >> can you stick to the t prompter, please.e
9:21 am
>> i gotcha. >> islands in the stream. >> celebrate op monday withondaw cheesesteaks. >> we don't want to celebrate n eagles win in here.. >> i said either way we'll selll bray. >> all right. on, 9:21.:2ov and coming up, tributes pour ino for an american hero. hillary clinton out of the woods with a warning about fake news,, and mick jagger making it eighti at the age of 73. age of 7 we'll have check on what else ie making headlines next.. thinking about talking about high heels too fill. rita era taking over for tyra tr banks on the new season off america's next top model. first she'll join us to talk all about it.outt. >> i'm so excited.>> so ex about it.outt. >> imaking room for one more shouldn't cost more.
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ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. ?? all right. 9:24 right now. and it's friday and a time to headlines and first up, saying goodbye to an american hero. 's >> this morning funeraleck whs arramongements are beingrninfunr the first american to orbit thet earth. mercury seven astronaut and senator john glenn passed away a in columbus, ohio, yesterday aty the age of 95.f 9 while we don't know the k specifics yet, we do know thatnw glenn will be buried atburiedt arlington national cemetery. cem he served in world war ii and korea before joining the space s program.prram glenn last returned to space in 1998, yup, doing the math he wae
9:25 am
shuttle.shtle. nine more russian olympic med lifts have been implicated a by a report that adds more me details and claims that 1,000 russian athletes participated in a massive state sponsored dopinn program from 2011 to 2014. the report also claims thatlas russian's secret service wasas involved. going so far to call the dopingd a quote institutional conspiracy. hillary clinton was on capitol hill yesterday to celebrate the end of senator hillpitol en sen harry reid's career in congress. nouned the rise of fake news ass quote an epidemic and warnedned about the real worldl w consequences of such stories. clinton also -- she sewed heredh funny bone joking that it was tw time for her to stop takingin selfies in the woods and returnt to public eye.. and good news from wallews w street. the dow, s&p 500, nasdaq russell 2,000 all hit lifetime highs.hs. >> wow. they call it the trump effect t
9:26 am
23 sessions for the dow and thet 13th new high since electionlecn day. the s&p financial sector rose nearly 1% yesterday to end it's' a its highest level sinceevel s december of 2007n just the paste month the sector is up 30%. and finally, pap got a branb mew bag.. mick jagger a dad once againe a welcome baby boy into the worldd and this is his eighth child. cd he's 73 years old. o remember he' you cannot hold back rockk roc legends apparently whose previous children range in age from 17 to 46 years old.. imagine 46 you have a new littlt baby. sister, brother, yeah his firstr child with 29-year-old girl friend melanie hamrick is herer jagger also has fiveas fe grandchildren and even one great grand child. >> imagine holidays at thatgi hl house. >> he has great grandchild oldel than his child. cld [ laughter ] >> something we would see onhinl
9:27 am
impressive the fact he has a doh newborn or the fact he has a 292 year old girlfriend.rid >> newborn. >> now born is more impressive. >> i would expect thexp t 20-year-old girlfriend.lf >> he's like 120.s 1 >> he's not that old.. clearly not.ot >> still got it in apparently. >> well -- -- >> still do the darn thing. >> 9:27 is the time. holiday shopping season in full swing. door buster deals they might non be all they're cracked up to be one state is actually suing.y si we'll tell you department stores you might wanw to cross off your list.r >> old man winter making hisintg presence felt and that perfect r timing for winter fest.r we'll get details on the t ultimate fan experience next. >> fresh at 10a making music videos must see tv once again. a the guys from ok go join us livs in the loft to talk about howbo they transformed their music into visual artwork. they are masterpieces to say tht least. the special honor they just gotg
9:28 am
they'll be popping talking whill they're here. right now it is 9:27.s 9 we'll be right back. back.
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?? >> there you go. kenny. o. to fold them.d the know when to walk when to run. >> of course we're, about mgmabm national harbor. it opened last night at nigt 11:00 o'clock.o' this is its first full day of d business and to say it was a success this grant opening wasin an understatement of course.t of >> so much fun. >> you were there. and we were not.eot >> people were out of control. l >> i was in bed. in bed. if but any way we'll talk more about it coming up in a few. f first we're counseling down thet wire for holiday shopping. spp before you hit the stores thisst weekend, we actually have someem disturbing news to share.urbingn
9:32 am
sued for using advertising to trick shoppers into thinkingop that they were apectuarslly getg big bargains for certain items. fox5's bob barnard has the hashe details. >> reporter: well, this is a ths case that may not surprise you y anybody whose gone shopping and look at the price tag and tagnd wonders what's going on here. am i really paying a sale pricee this is a case coming out of thu city of los angeles which on thursday filed lawsuits againstt macy's sears, j.c. penney's and kohl's alleging something c basically to compete with online retailers saying that the actual original price was never what w anybody was going to have to pay. the lawsuit cites two examples. first ofex all at sears, the t lawsuit alleges that sears was selling kenmore washing machines lifted add 1179.99 on sale for 999.99 that never sold for morer than that lower price. p. the second example in the in t
9:33 am
10 in the bathing suit top sold online on sale for 31.99 down99d from the original price of $46.. that item kept being marked down. the lawsuit alleges it was nevev for sale at $46. the lawsuit alleging and askingk is a bargain really a bargain.. >> now, last year, both j.c. penney's and kohl's settledtl class action lawsuits alleging g basically the sa here now according to the los angeles city prosecutors theseto four retailers are allegedly alg doing it again.doinit a so the bottom line here, guys, from west feel montgomery mall m outside the macy's store here is, buyer beware. >> interesting. >> i don't know if it is a big g is it really a big surprise thee do that? >> no. >> n >>t's snsneaky.o >> yeah.
9:34 am
>> you think you're getting aout deal.. >> not on the up and up. and u they mark it up so they cano ey lower it.lower it. >> that's everything. >> i always thought that aboutto outlets to begin with.egin wh. you go there thinking you'reinge getting a great deal but youut y have to look at it. i >> bike beware as we said. sai now according to the losacco angeles times, who first fir reported on this, none of the four department stores wouldres comment on this particularla lawsuit. >> also not a >> yes.>> y [ laughter ] >> litigation.>> l i don't buy too many things sott it really doesn't apply to me. . >> you shop a lot. you shop a >> i understand. u >> the things that i do buy area always on sale at deep deepp d discounts. it has to be pretty good deal ga for me to buy it allison. >> >> one story that affectsne s ta everyone all the time is t tim weather. hank y holou holly. the cold has moved in.oved i probably don't need to tell nd you that. can can feel it. >> it's the wind. >> it's the wind. win>>dy conditions.. wind chills overnight in theht n teens and low 20s.ens and low 2 kind of getting a mini walk inik here right now. n >> oh, my goodness. >> inspired by mick jagger.kag
9:35 am
>> mick jagger is somethinger ii special. >> yeah, he. washington.n w 30 in gaithersburg very very v cold overnight.ight. these temperatures obviously oio slow to rebound here for an hern interpretation of the cold conditions 30 in frederick.redek the one and only ted come non teddy. wind chills are currently in tht teens and 20s.and0s teddy get over here i need you u to be able to see you.ou there you go.u go. it's okay if you get in the wayy everybody gets the idea.ybts t teddy how cold is it? do yout?o your dance. d all right.all right. >> feels like 21 in 23 in annapolis.. teddy will get tired he's probably out of shape he se hasn't been racing too much thet last couple of weeks.last coupl all rofight.l off to the north and west lakers effect snows still kicking in i very very strong northwest windw here today.ay and we are looking at cold conditions for the foreseeable future does not feel like basee bull weather but it does startts to feel like christmas as psychp from the cool hat teddy isddy wearing. we'll stay in the this weekend.e so be pro paired here for not fn only cold friday but saturday sr very chilly sunday as well.l. temps will struggle to 40 here e
9:36 am
for much of the weekend. weeke and and that i want to mentiontn we got reinforcing blast veryer cold january like air later next week.week so around 40 this weekend. weend we might not get out of the lowl to mid 30s by the end of next on week the cold is just settlingtt in and here to stay. late sunday early monday therere might be a bit of a wintry mixix across parts of the area. as -- [ laughter ][ >> teddy you got to stay. you as we'll be slow to warm up herh early next week.xt week. it looks like mostly rain eventn on monday. there's a reason teddy is heresh because this weekend baseball,el baseball is back in town. t the washington nationals arengti hosting their annual,, what is,a it valerie. verie. inter fest.est. >> winter fest fans can meet mee their facial players andalyers coaches, watch a homerun derby featuring the mascots and snow s forts. joining us is the valerie comee low. >> good morning. >> good morning. tell us everything.
9:37 am
wetellor t fanekend. saturday and sunday at theweunat washington convention center. 11:30 to 4:00 each day. >> convention sent.. downtown >> downtown washington. d get your tickets atowntge natiyoonals.courm. get them in advance the pricesop are a little more at the door. o >> okay. get them in advance.geva what can we expect this year? ? went a few years ago. years let me just give a quick disclaimer.disc i ran the basesla with the kidss they were all like under the ag of five except for me i ran then bases and i pulled a hamstring before i got to home plate. to a >> what were you your time?ourim >> i mean it was sad whatever it was. it was really all right.ight so tell me what we got going ong >> snow forts there's a giant g shredding hill a lot of holidayl themed things.emed santa will be there.he teddy will be there. >> cold weather arrived just int time. >> the players and team arriveds just in time, too. ajust iti they'll almel be there. photographs, autographs, therape opportunity to get some battingi cage pointers from them.from t you can pitch, measure yourreou speed of your pitch, run likeunl you d. up yup. >> see how fast you can get to t home p great time. gr >> obviously the kids can get involved in all of that.t. >> there's lost interaction wit the kids and mares will read wia
9:38 am
>> that's so much fun. t >> always fun. press conferenceonrenc so if you have a budding sportss reporter in the family, kids k press conference where he or she can takeover hand at asking questions.qu >> all right. know theou probablyes nationals traded for big named m player this week.s wk. he's going to be there, right rg adam eaton. >> he is. tweeted out he was he wa excited to becoming to winterine fest haven't a chance to meet te the fans he'll be there bothre b saturday and sunday.. >> okay. that's fantastic. fantaic. tell me about the shirts thathat i'm going to -- as soon as youon they're too cool. c >> you can definitely -- anything for you tucker. >> there's retail holiday pop up at winter fest with some special items that you can only getthatn there. this is an example of ourur holiday lights natio t-shirt. there's always lot of game usedu merchandise we'll haveha available. a lot of great stuff to put under the tree. of gunde tickets. tic we're on sale with tickets if te you buy three game pack at pac winter fest or yom get this little other than namha this little nutcracker ornamentm perfect for the tree.. so give the gift of thet
9:39 am
>> how quickly you might notig know the answer to this how h quickly will eaton jerseys be be available. availa >> that's a great definitely available by openinga day but they won't be ailt wintr fest. >> okay. >> tell me about the nutcrackerr pitchers up, valerie. >> indeed. indee last night, the president psi doctors their annual appearancec at the nutcracker. they go a little bit before the performance they get trained inn routine and then -- tn >> they look absolutely glorious in their tutus. tut they do. thect performance and then it's thehe presidents come out don their d version of it it's very vy entertaining, very funny and thd crowd loved it last night.t >> i love it. n winter wnformation o fest where do we. >> >> buy your tickets ahead of time because you get them tickeomorro game day they'll cost i was little more.le m >> little more, yeah. littlmore >> go out and say hi to your favorite players. pyers teddy will be there. be there. screech will be there. whole >> the whole gang. >> thank you very much for joining us. i want to go.nk y i 20 went a few years ago.earsa it's awesome.
9:40 am
>> very >> all right, guys, toss it bacc to you. y >> thanks teddy. >> 9:39. 9 office christmas party tells tht story of holiday party that goeg off the rails. r coming up next, the stars tellrt us what to expect if they really through their one of their own. ?? stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid... isorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
9:41 am
9:42 am
sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eaglebank arena december 16-18 tickets on sale now
9:43 am
?? is the anything else? actually, yes, this is a samplee chee as,se board for thi holidar tonight.tonit. >> you're having a christmasha party >> it's not christmas party. pty it's a non denominationall holiday mixer. mer more >> it's not >> yeah.>>h. it's definitely not happeningape because it happens at 5:30 in 5 the afternoon.the afternoon. it's just a small thing that's a really important to all of us, u but trust me, it's going to >> no, it's not because it's cancel. >> what?>hat? >> all branch christmas partiesa arncelncel. >> all right. >> it's cancel. >> clay, i mean it.>> c >> me, too, carolla.. guys, the holiday mixer is canceled. >> yes. >> hey idiot i'm looking rightog at you. tha you whispered to the fart tee t cheese l [ laughter ] >> office christmas party tells the story of a ceo who tries to
9:44 am
save his job and that'st' impressing potential client byl throwing an epic officeff christmas party.stmas ty. movie stars jennifer aniston and jason bateman and this morning i they share why office christmas party is this year's must seeee holiday movie. fox's jonathan hun has more. mor >> here we go. no, no, no.o new movie office christmas party follows co-workers who try to save their company by throwing a it features a star-studded cast led with jennifer aniston, jason bateman, tg miller and courtneyt b. vans. >> this year this is an eggnog n every single day until 2017. >> spiced eggnog.pice which is little bit of nutmeg,g, right. >> as legal arrive party hosts,, aniston always puts herself in i charge of dee core. >> i'm dee core. i am -- how would you describecr
9:45 am
>> she's, disturb this is my favorite thing to do.ngdo. >> established earlier in the eh day she does a really meanyea cheese boa >> cheese board.>> >> and she's great with who you invite because she's got nothing --noing >> ultimate. >> good people in her life. lif. the food is always incredible.d. the dee core is always ilway incredible.incrible you know what, the vibe is vibei always incredible. >> co-stars would help out ons e the dancelp floor. >> i like to get on the dance dn noor. my wife came out. wut we'll be the first people on tht dance floor often.oor ofn. >> yes >> sometimes people won't joinoi us and that's sad because we're having a good time. i think also i like to hand the dee jay stuff off to somebodyeby else.el >> ?? >> and when it comes to they're' place of work, they were remained onset what an odd gigno they have sometimes. >> 350 extras.ra >> going around just joustingjog with christmas trees and a baby. >> yeah. it's crazy. crazy >> also dancing silently because while we do the scenes, theys,he
9:46 am
party everyone is like -- le [ laughter ] >> for 12 hours day for three months ih row.w. they're the unsung heroes of this whole thing. >> greatest party ever. ever hash tag open bar. b >> in hollywood jonathan hunt,un fox news. all right.l rig office christmas party is inn theaters now. >> it looks fun. looks fun. >> i think it looks prettyptt funny. >> i really want to see it.o se. >> jason bateman is one of my if you could have dinner with the >> really.>> rlly. >> he'd be one of mine for surer >> have you seen horrible boss.. >> yeah. he and jennifer aniston togethet their chemistry definitely wantn to see that. >> good >> all right.ll rht. 9:46 is the time.9: is holiday classic for the entire t family for this week's special fox beat free friday give away a you could win four tickets see moscow ballet's great russianan nutcracker between december 21st and 23rd at strathmore. a prize with retail value of $224.
9:47 am
if you're interested going fox55 d.c../contests. one winner will be selected by y random drawing onng o december 12th.. all entrants maybe 18 or older r complete rules are available at >> all right. it is 9:47. coming up, america's next topt model is back but this time rita ora not tyra banks will be the e one who sees and who goes. she'll join us live to talk tal about season 23. >> wow! >> of the hit reality show andts the other project she's workingi on is definitely a lit darker. we'll be right back.
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
>> cipel business venture.el >> one of you will actually become america' next top model.m >> are you okay? o >> this is the real deal.ea >> this is exactly what you aree fighting for.ting for. that is a true definition of a boss.. >> rita ora. >> i know how to create a branda
9:51 am
business ventures. ventu i believe i'm living proof thatt there's no one manner of beautya >> she sounded like boss inos that, didn't she? she >> okay. o >> so we are about to talk to rita are a ora i think we're wag satellite and she's not quiet nq ours yet. ou maybe we can chat before thatano happens. >> for sure. re yedanks are you surprised that show 23 seasons.sons >> yeah, i am.h,m. i really am.i really i had no idea.o i >> i love that show. show. >> i love it, too.>> what i love about how they the sometimes take people and they make transform themselves and, um, and then afterwards oferrd >> it's crazy. >> i love it.ove >> how many of them have wonhavw actually gone to be bonafideide super models. models. >> besides that, though i've seen a lot tha of them acting dg acting and other things becauseb i really wouldn't known' k necessarily because i'm not really in that high,ing. >> like american idol this one.o isn't i'm it's a launching pad.p we'll get to see rita ora is i taking over for tyra banks inyrk the next season of america'smers next top model on vh1 takingak
9:52 am
night. that's not all she's up. for morita joins us from am preview from new york to talkork about the runway and something i little hi, rita.hi r good morning. >> hi, good morning. mni how you doing?w yodoing >> it's such a pleasure to talk to you.tok i'm doing you thank you.i' you're doing' g tell us about how this even camm about you filling tyra's highs heels shoes. >> well, of course, we love tyre banks. we love the history of the showe we love how many cycles it's it' had. 23 cycles that's crazy to be honored with the role of the host was exciting and ignd thought how are we going to phil tyra's shoes? we really didllyd reinvent the show this year.s y we wanted to make the show -- i- wanted to make the show reallywa current for my generation.ation. i'm only 26 years old so i never approach the girls as this is t what you need to do.d to d this is more of something wherew this is how we're going to mold you into becoming a super star.. because i know with social medid and the world today, it's so s easy to be forgotten i reallylly wanted these girls to leave the
9:53 am
to just be standard and bee there. isn't i love it like a boss.os >> like boss. likos >> like a boss exactly. like you guys. >> here's the thing.s ththi a lot of these women when theynt come on you might not see right away, oh, that will be b definitely, upping, a super star model. they're much more than just howw they look and that's yourd th yu message. messag what are you hoping that these young women go home with? >> and women watching. wch and people watching. men, women watching.. >> yeah. 'sis about a t we really get a chance to just show how we can mold girls and s you have to watch the transition from when they first come it's extraordinary to toward tht end of the show even they'rehe hair and how they feel and how they act and i think that's whaw makes this so special. special when i first started, you know,o i was 20 years old. o i released an album high no idee now i'll be hosting america'ri next top model it goes to showso if you stick to something you could have you know multiple ventures like myself being in 5i
9:54 am
next year and hosting this show and designing with brands such h i just wanted to telasl the girs you can be multi tasking and itd can be okay. >> well, you hit on what i wantw to talk about, too, the newhe n movie coming out.ut. your reprising your role.r rol what attracted to you this role in 50 shades darker. darke ea yeah. well, i just want to put out there, i don't have a crazy leal role oy play the sister of miafm gray.gray but i'm definitely in the grayit family so i get that certificate. we reallyrtif are an you know, the cast is exciting. new director foal system soor ft amazing and we really justyus really took this movie into thet next level. next i mean you can tell l bevy the e trailers and the songs coming cm out. it's amazing to a part of a franchise that is guaranteed to at least be seen.een. it's going to be fantastic.ta >> i know that you have a new a music project coming out but i want to you to ask you because you're such an empowering figure. a lot of people are like, it's degrading to w is it degrading or empoweringin
9:55 am
books in your opinion?pinion >> well, obviously, pins, new p, york city one will love l everything in the world but i feel like numbers speak louder.r i feel like you can tell by thee fact and the proof in theof i pudding that it's a success for the majority of people watchingg it. it regardless, i feel likeik everybody has their own tastes,e you know, so i just wish the the movie a lot of success and i hope everybody enjoys it.dy e >> it's out on february teppthre and your new album is out? ut isn' o february next year.ry next year. plse e enjoy it. have amazing holiday. holay >> you too. thank you so much.. >> bye. >> rita ora everybody.verybody >> just amazing. >>ove ove >> yeah. >> i'm looking forward to whatot she'll bring to the show.. >> she seems so much older thana 26, doesn't she isn't she's jusj running thing.ining >> very wise. he wle nan catch the whole new season of america mosses next nx top model monday the tenth on vh1. or monday at 10:00 on vh1. vh1 a little different.nt >> okay. oka.
9:56 am
swift have a song but i didn'tid want to ask her because she ands zane have a bumpy past. we'll talk about the surprise ss duet between those b have you ever seen their videosv thide group ok go? they are mid blowing. >> so good.blow >> yes. so mazing and in fact theact the smithsonian just recognized them they're so amazing.they're theyso are going to join us liv in the loft. we'll talk to them about howm ao they do what they do.o. we going to do. >> you do it wis.oing>> yo coffee time if you've been eye bawling our cool good day mugsdu we have a new dc dunkin' donutsn mug to give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donut coffee. so head to or facebook our facebook att d.c. to entere our mug contest.test one lucky winner selected byy random d you only have from now untilntil 11am to enter. e it is 9:56. 9
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???? ?? ?? ??
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??? >> it's friday and we're doingaa it up big right here on good day d.c.t heay >> trending right now, hey, hey taylor drops a s spiderman is back but with twisi and why trump is still hired byb the apprentice.e >> live in the loft, they're th' videos get millions of views oko go is here. he. >> can't wait for that.t for . also live in the loft little l drew tillman is back she sanghes hello adele's that is. i this time she has treat for us u just in time for the holidays. >> plus perfect holiday picture. this is not it.not i we learned from the best coming up. up >> ladies, holiday hair what wew
10:01 am
>> let's start this party.ty. the 10a starts right now. ?? >> where shall we go?hall w >> you want erin and -- michaell where do you want me.t m >> we'll sit down.ow >> what i'd love to see the twoo ladies right here in the front.o >> all rightnt..ight >> erin and holly. wisdom have a seat behindind holdly. >> sit on over >> all right. okay. >> create perfect triangle witht the tree right behind you. you you guys look fabulous.ulous. >> can you take the picture for >> i think so.>> ihink so. ou you ready. >> you look fabulous now that you look amazing i'll take one this way since we've w' got a vertical picture with the eeee. >> let me get my arm. let me there you go.get my >> oh, yereah.h >> to complete that triangle --- >> everybody as you can seedy an we're working on our good s dayy d.c. christmas c we have professional michael jerick here. >> i think we're done. de. >> he took our photograph lastog we're having him back to do ito again and chances if you haven'n taken yours yet like me, you'llu be doing it this weekend so he'' going to give us all great tips
10:02 am
>> do you photo shop. >> oh yeah. ]laughter ] >> photo shop that up for us. >> use any and all filters. >> yes. >> listen if you've alreadyif yu taken your christmas card youaru want to zen it to us tweet us hash tag good d.c.. >> i'd love to see them. >> we say to you good day ond d this friday. i'm holly alongside of erin, allison and wisdom. steve and maureen are enjoying a long weekend doing what they need to do. this is really cool. okay. we mentioned the bandis i ok go. >> mind blown when you watch you their videos.theivide they're going join us live inlie the lot of coming up in just ao few minutes.w mi they are known for their forir incredible music videos that tha they really truly are works of f there's a new one that is superp cool because unlike most music videos, we can show you entire thing right now. now. are you ready?u re? >> yup. >> we're ready. >> don't blink.. ??? >> wow.
10:03 am
>> that was like three seconds. >> 4.1 or two seconds something like that much that's the entir video.deo coming up we'll show you what ia look like when you slow it downn because when they do that, again, mind blown.wn >> you have to watch them overto and over again. >> yeah. yh. one them is a d.c. native he'ses in the band he's here.ser we'll talk to them about howm aw they do what they do and mostd s importantly why they are beingei honored by the smithsonian. yeah. >> i wonder how they came upthe were think whole -- the entire concept >> we'll ask them. >> 10:03. it's time to see>> what's 10ing. >> al, what do we got. got >> the first full day of gaming. underway at the national harborr because the new mgm casino is officially open.pen >> that's right.>> it was an incredible party lastt night. the new resort and casino madeod its public debut as the headlines and traffic provedrove actually i shall say the lines n gambling near the nation'satn' capitol was a safe annie yu has been inside sinceen 4:30 this morning. morning
10:04 am
how the crowds have been shapinn up since themed last night at a 11:00 to the public. annie, are you having fun andund making new friends? >> reporter: i'm making a lot lt of new friends, and a lot of people in good spirits thisthis morning. a lot of people testing their tr luck. but you know i think those longl lines yesterday and that traffic backup proved just how big of aa success this so many people looked forward ta this. we're talking about a $1.4 billion casino with lots oo machines. lots of table games and er eager to test their luck anduckd this morning i'm greeted by soms new iend we got sal, tony, lisa.. okay now the deal with sal is,ii he actually came last night nigt because you were looking forwarr to t you came last what happened?what hpene >> traffic was back up all the e way they were parking people over at the outlet mall and thet as we were walking down thereere was a big crowd outside andsi people were walking back upp saying it's packed filled to capacity and they're zenning
10:05 am
so you came back out today. tay and what do you think? >> today got in right away.y. no traffic at all.ll and i'm amazed by the beauty off it. it. the views.iews the restaurants.s. i'm a military chef so i'm looking forward to trying somere of the food here. the fhe >> reporter: i recommend marcus samuel son's new restaurant.restau i heard it's really good thing g about it.abouit thank you so much.uc i hope you have good luck in lun there. >> tony and lisa, speaking of magnificent views, all were, alr checking out the views over o there nea what do you guys think about iti >> out staning.>> staning. out staning views.g view one of the gentleman just told l us you can look and see the s t whole harbor and virginia.a very nice. >> reporter: yeah.eporter: you guys are from virginia. and so this means you don't havh to go very far any more.ore. >> we don't.'t 30 minutes up the road.eoa we were here.e here. parking was great this morning.r we're excited.xced. we're looking forward to gambling.mb >> reporter: what whoo.. >> looking forward to theking ft restaurants and shoo so it's exciting.xciting. it's exciting.xc >> reporter: good luck, guys.
10:06 am
in addition to gambling if gambling is not your thing we'v' been telling you guys there's ss much to t this is a destination you got 1t different restaurants.urants. you've got retail shops.hops. sarah jessica parker's shoe shoo is here.e you've got celebrity chefs in in fact march cause samuel john ish walking around and you can go cn say hello but i did a littleit walk through the casino and a guys, what i like about thiss casino and steve -- steve is noi there today, but i like the wayw that it looks like it's veryy well lit in there it's veryer so come on out and check it out for yours self.s self. it's truly an experience.exp back to you in the studio. >> annie -- >> always keep the casinos well lit.ep the stay awake. awake. >> annie, how much have you loso today, annie, be sincere? howch much have you lost today? today >> reporter: make sure you can c see your money. >> she's trying to evade. to ev. >> how much have you lost today annie? be honest. >> reporter: allison, i did not play on company time. >> oh, okay. >> good answer. >> good answer.ood r>> g.r answe [ laughter ] >> she was testing
10:07 am
let's talk about donald trump du because donald trump may be coming to washington but he'sgt' still has hand if hollywood aswa well. now the president-elect said hee will stay on as an executivecuve producer of celebrity apprentict after he takes office in i january. it's not clear what trump'stmp exact involvement in the show ts will be or how much he'll be pay. pay. well, pop powerhouse zanee a malik and taylor swift joining forces. zane would be would hate to be called a pop powerhousee wo.. they released a duet fief shades darker sun trackun t called i don't want to livet toe revever. swift's first single hins 1989 in 2014. she shared the news of theew the single with her 82 millionion followers with the crypticic comment, zt50.50 >> here's a little sneak peek. . ??
10:08 am
tay tay famously dated band bd member harry styles.les. >> um-hmm. um-hmm. >> right? >> okay. .> one direction >> you better hurry up and getpt off this video.f th vid >> i want to talk slow. >> single has been posted on idi tunes and apple music currentlyy not available on on theon the streaming or download services.. >> elevator. ele >> he was giving her an -- haveh a good day. d. that's what he was doing.hat hed >> have a good da >> all right. rig let's talk about spiderman reall quick. spiderman is coming home. ho from what we just saw let's tall about spiderman shooting hisoti webs all over the place.ver thea spiderman coming home. h [ laughter ] >> that didn't come out right. >> no. no >> let me start over there. spiderman is coming home. move out of the way toby maguiru and andrew garr field tomom holland is feeling the showng t balancing his super powers andsa homeroom as well. as l. here's a peek at the trailer
10:09 am
>> are there like trials ore tro interviews?? >> don't do anything i would doo and definitely don't anything ii wouldn't do.dn'to. there's a little gray area in a there and that's where youou operate.oper >> become avenger are there like trials or interview.iew. >> don't do anything i would doo and definitely do anything ionyh weren't do.o. there's little gray area inray a there and that's where youd th operate.erat >> so become avenger are therehe like trials --al-- >> he said gray area.a. you get it, 50 shades of gray. gray. okay. never the trailer pro mirrors on jimmy kimmel live on thursday.e on t it will be in theaters on july --ju- >> i like your double tie rather than your jokes. your jok >> double what?oublwha >> all i know -- all i know kno spiderman will be in theman ll b theaters this summer i can'this wait to see it. >> that's my story and i'ms torm sticking to it. >> that's a good one. o >> stick to it. right to h>>r. hr. show is over at 11:00. 11:00 >> you might want to stock up op tissues and ice cream beforeef
10:10 am
december 11th is the busiest bie day of the year for break ups. >> really?eal? >> data shows that two weeksthww before christmas day is the mosm common time for couples to calll it quits. qts >> for young couples the big cob split usually comes because thee don't wanting to through the has shell of introduce that aret a squeeze to the family. expensive gift giving can becan enough to push thing into the ie danger zone. christmas day is the day of thef year when the fewest relationships officially end. ed if you make it to christmas days it's that's that and da spring, you're in the clear. clr until next year that is. >> gifts don't have to beave expensive. some of best are ones that you just like, youre know, make or t together.gether. picture in frame. fme >> don't break up.ak up >> cook dinner for someone if you don't have a lot of money.vo >> take somebody to the movies e for christmas.mas. >> that's a great idea wisdom. >> 50 shades.>> 5 >> peter man. as.mext christm >> i was going to say.oi to >> you'll have to wait on thatna one. >> we're take a deep breath.reh. holiday party season in full inu swing coming up a little later,r
10:11 am
up your looks with just your hair. okakay. >> first though, one moment with ok go.ok the d.c. native turned leadd singer of the ground breakingakn visual band joins us live nextvx to talk about all their new single their incredible newble video and the one that changed everything.everythi 10:11 is our time right now. >> imagine their concerts. that's crazy. ?? kisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate,
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yeah, so mom's got this cold. hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe ... and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers.
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?? all right.> al music is part of most people's daily life, da when you talk about it yout y usually talk about listening too it. but if you're just listening tog our neck guests, boy, are youe u missing out.. big time. ?? ok go making music videos once o again must see t one of their best knowns was the 2006 for here it goes againga featured acrobatic treadmilladll performance. since then they have couldn't to do create visual works of art.. from the one take marching bandb and goldberg videos for this tos shall ?? >> to the drone shot video for i won't let you down.n.
10:15 am
>> from the gravity defyingng upside down and inside out. ?? >> to getting dogs in on the fun in white knuckles.ckle ?? >> their latest video might be m even more impressive. ?? >> the entire video than five seconds. but slowed down, well, the results is pure magic.. and the 9 million people whoe w have watch it since its debut a week ago clearly agreed.greed. >> breaking news, it now has now 30 million views, not nine. just so you know. the ban has ties to the d.c. d.c region and tonight they'll return to the nation's capitolap follow a conversation andow a ct performance at theion an hershon museum sitting venue for these
10:16 am
is dc's own dame yell and timim from ok go. go. >> thanks for having us.hang u >> oh, my gosh. gosh. i have watched one after anotheh and every time it's just i keep saying, mind blown.lown like i just don't know how dowow you what you do. >> thank you. y that's how it's supposed touppo happen i think. >> to be hahn never i'm not sure we know how we do what we do. ww >> how do you shoot an entireo o videu o that last seconds and it's all realll real everything you see. what kind of planning goes intoo it. >> it was a lot of math. i directedt twahat and my spreadsheet was 400 rows long, 25 columns wide, i just did matm for sick weeks basically. >> impressive document. documen. >> it is an impressive do youn s mean. how do you come up with your ideaous c? >> this one came from the song itself. it the song about those moments ins life that are most important, and you know we're trying to show how much can be pack floodf
10:17 am
go through so much of your live treading water and then you falf in love or someone dies or you r make a huge decision about yourr life. li live changes in these incredibly dense moments we wanted to showo that literally.. >> listen do you it in one takee and then when you slow it down, it matches the music perfectly. like how do you time out that ta the explosions happen on then on beat or that your mouth is mou moving when the paper is going? >> it's technology.hnog >> it real sal lot of what's weird it's a lot ofotf simple math that gets complicated the more you -- thee more layers of it there e each of these things isgs is basically the question of likeee if we're shotting at 200 times t slower than real life, how longn is the 16th note? n >> that's pretty -- that's, you know, simple division basically. >> this would be good time toule say he garaged from saint alnt a ban' right here in the dc area,e because clearly, you all are incredibly you know when they often say it
10:18 am
overnight success ya'll have been in the music business forsr long long is it still about the music orr has it become about these videos?? >> it's very much about the musics very.. >> yeah. it starts with the music. always starts with the >> the thing is we don't seewe e them as separate entities. entit i think, you know, we grew up iw the 20th century when feeblehene saw music that something came to you this way and are a came toa you that way and journalism this y.y. we all gets ones scene rows and they come to us the s we make art for the medium weedw live in and we don't distinguish between the visual side andn th audio side.dide. we're just chasing our best ideas. >> you're old enough to remembeb friday night videos.eos. >> yes. >> you all have made watching wt have you crows must see tv yet again. agai did you think -- i mean you meau wouldn't grammys for your videos you're being honored now by thee smithsonian.itia did you ever think it was goingi to go there? >> no. i mean in short, this is --s we've been so lucky to stumble u
10:19 am
best ideas regardless they're ae song or the thing we got from therom smithsonian an ingenuity award a for visual arts. a we didn't start the bandd thinking we would be playing at the hershorn as visual artists.t it's a dream come true. t >> how much do you think socialt media has played into yourhio yr success? >> oh, it's been completelyly instrumental. being on record label meant that we had to be shoved downed dow people's throats in a very v particular way with a lot of of gate keepers and we accidental hal something go viral in 2005.0 we realized that something wengw made literal by accident hadt hd gotten to 500,000 people without anyone pushing it.hi they had come to us instead ofin the other way around that was it changed.chan wait a second. aecon we don't need to do the wayhe you're supposed.yo to we'll do it the way we wanten to. >> it became a space we couldeou create.. >> it gave you incredible venuel that didn't exist before. bor we have this sweet downstairs of editing bays.g bay i mean we all -- our line is, we
10:20 am
but you are the of that. tha it is one shot wonders with no editing. ed i just -- mind blown.lo i can't say it any more. m how do you do that? >> basically the idea is that ww want to bring people wonder and joy and that sense of surprise s and that's reallury hard afterda you've seen the new star wars,tw let's say. like when anything is possible,s because of computers, it's veryr hard to get people not to suspend their disbelief.ef when you see something on tv you're like, anything is is possible. so we do things in a single takl and we do thing very real andeal very practical and very grittyyi so people will be remain overren and over again this reallyll enppened. >> no green screens.ree. no effects.ffts. no anything. you're actually doing everything yat you ally ou swhere do you go from here? r you just do more?you just do >> we just do more. >> yeah. like we're never sure where ourr next idea will come from or lead. who knows? >> can people still come hear h you tonight.yo ton
10:21 am
free. i think there's awaiting list at this point.e's is p. >> but you know i did read did they're going to scream it.creai >> oh, good. >> which seems like they shall,h right. >> i hope so. in this kind of w >> exactly. >> we know that you guys arehata pretty good on the treadmill. ti >> we're all right with it.ightt >> the been 10 years.ears >> see why you're so fit.e s f we have a friend at fox5 who's's actually not too shabby eitherer his name a leo he's a personalna trainer at crunch fitness justij right across the he's going to join us live now, leo ---- >> ut- >> leo, just do your thing.hi i got two pretty good treadmilli artists with me right now wehtow want to see how do you it. >> whoa. that is good.>> >> that is good.that >> i will not pay i>> t his docc bills. >> no. but that's impressive.ressiv >> we have tried things likeed i this. the way we core graph on graph treadmills was to hurl ourselveo at them.hem [ laughter ] >> and like noon% of the time tm that is injury.that iinj the other 10% of the time is genius but whatever he just dids we would not have been able tobo
10:22 am
>> leo, why are you stopping. sn don't let me down, buddy.ud. keep going. we know you can. can how many times do you do itimeso before you nail it. i leo is nailing it one time aftee the other.e before you nail the final f product how many times do you dd it. >> the treadmill video was 10mis days total.ys total we started with an empty room eight treadmills everythingread about it was made up on the spot. and, you know, we just cep going. i think 17 or 18 takes of that.t >> we can play and rehearse aehe lot we do.we do. >> right. when you actually do it it's alt one take. >> there are videos, video we did with core graphed dogs we did 126 takes. takes >> that's the dogs problem.t's h it wasn't your all problem. prom >> actually it was our fall. >> they never screwed up. we always did. >> leo, thank you for joining j us. and thank you all. mind blown. bwn i'm just saying.ayin check out their videos.ideos. you guys are amazing.rezi >> great to be here. >> thanks so much and welcome me home.. >> thank you. >> to you and your anur
10:23 am
back over to you guys. >> 10:22. buddy the elf says the best wayy to spread christmas cheer iser singing loud for all to hear. coming up later viral video staa drew tillman is put the loft in the holiday spirit.dairit. we're heading into the kitchennt to make our own edible works ofs art and share the see secrets tt a chef approved ginger breadre house. we'll be right back and i wouldu love to get my own ginger breade house to spice up my kitchen. k ll right.ght.
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> ?? >> little pink floyd.e pi 10:26 on friday. good day full of holiday spirit on this day and this little cold out there but we're still in the spirit. tucker barnes is joining us with a look how chilly it will be today. hey, tuck. >> hey allison. cold is the wor10d herl e foforr is j chi only today but f>>oror n your let me give you the currentrent conditions. the way to 35 degrees.ees however, it does not feel thatla warm. i'm getting lots of tweets aboua how the winds are really bitingg this morning out of the westhe northwest at 16 and there's youu wind chill at 25.wihi so keep in mind those wind win chills i don't think ever really get out of the upper 20s and low 30s this afternoon.. even though our actual air temperature bright sunshine wilw probably get fairly close to 40 degrees. wind chills i mentioned in the e mid 20s and you can see they're' hanging out in the low 20s like dulles 22 leonardtown 26.
10:27 am
the here very cold arctic airir mass in place and parked acrosss the region not only today but td tonight much of your weekend w saturday and sunday featuringng temperatures below normal asor well. look at the lake effect snow. upstate new york 48-inches partr of michigan 10 to 20-inches lakk he can snows and cloud cover tor the north and we'll see a few clouds thisds afternoon but keep it dry andbui there's yourt seven day foreca. i want to mention the weekendthd forecast it will stay chilly ana by sunday, monday, we look out t for the possibility little littl wintry mix before that changes g to rain theme for the next week or sor keeping it cold.ol have good weekend, guys.s. or i'll see in you few minutes s upstairs. sounds good, tuck. tuck. thank you. >> appreciate it tucker barnes. >> coming up, on good day att 10a, stay with us because we'ree showing off some hot holiday hair looks.ks right now it is 10:27. 10:27 we'll be right back.k.
10:28 am
10:29 am
taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside.
10:30 am
?? i think that's my queue. when we're talking about willowo whipping her hair back andk a keeping your hair on sleek, sek, sorry, can be a tough taskugsk especially this holiday season.a it may really seem impossible tt maintain a great style whentylee you're rush rushing from work to holiday party but have no fearof good day is our neck guest is a former nurse turn beauty mogul and she's herh with some tips to keep yourr holiday hair hot..
10:31 am
organics monique so nice to meet you. y >> night to meet you too. you t. thanks for having me.than >> most definitely.>> before we get into the hair we i got to talk about this successss 2.5 years old your business ises you're moving millions off dollars. tell us how this started. start >> i was a register nurse and id had a love for science buten bigger fashion for the beauty and hair and i wanted to be abla to merge the two passionswo pasi together. i did so by c reatinging formulations from a scientificti approach using natural andur a certified organic ingredients to promote healthy hair growth. gwt i felt it was a problem in ourur community about education andtia knowing how to take care of our .air. i thought i was solving thatng t problem with creating my own. >> you can find our products in sally beauty andprod also in tat and also on our website at miello >> our most popular productrodut would be our deep conditioneronn because everyone needs a great t deep conditioner. con that's like the root of havingg healthy hair.thy hair.
10:32 am
because that's what out hair o h needs and this if i had to pickc would be our top product. produ. isn't this one right here.ight r let's look at the different dfe styles. we got the wash and go.o high bun an blow out.blow out. so tell me where you want to wat start i'll let you lead. >> okay. for mary's hair we did a washidw and go and for her hair we usedd our oil and conditioning shaming poon deep conditioner. to define our curls she used our avocado milk and sty you see her a hair define andnd really make her curls pop.. >> okay. >> so basically wkahat this -- - deal with natural hair on ther t weekend i'm like curly and thist is blown out much this is wash s and deep conditioned and justt let the curls do what they do. d >> this is no twist out, no -- >> exactly. >> all right. >> let her hair be and quicker k way to just have a quick easy go to style just wash your hair inr the shower and put some productu on it and just defy your curls..
10:33 am
>> this is one of my favoriteisf styles because it's one of my protective styles most of timeft my hair is in bun when i chief i this style i just use our honey and ginger jelly styling gel asl well for this style and also the hair mill tock moisturize theure hair wrap it in a bun and keepne your hair in bun for at least a week or so. >> with the edge tamer i finer sometimes when my oldest girlstl has hairstyle a lot like can you wear it from day to day, because that -- that edge gel getting ge yo the hairline.eairl >> our edge gel is made withdge organic honey and ginger. >> okay. >> so it's really good. you don't have to worry about st flaking.flakin it's very smooth. it's not like any's v other edg on the mark.on t mar >> all right. last but not least here the her twist out. >> this is a twist out and thist is a simple style that you canhc wear for the holidays becauseecu you can just simply twist her h hair up and for her style we used rav of of a cad go hairo ir milk and leave in condition anda
10:34 am
lever it overnight to sit andrnt drain and take it down in thed i take it down with some oil to minimize frizz and you have thii beautiful defined twist out hair. >> monique, second day hair on o twist o what's your secret for that. t >> you can actually lee twist ie if you want to. ocrea twist with almond oil or just pineapple. put your hair up and put and p bonnet over it and sleep like l that. >> let's go back over here with your products.o back pi ask you about we talked abod a blow out. so if you wanted to go insteadge of doing the it out. what's the secret forgetting a sleeker look if that's what youy want to go. g >> what i'm wearing today isi'm actually a blow aw i blew my hair out last weektk actually and. >> spright city.prig >> thank you and so i use ourur leave in conditioner and so ia like to use a same products that i use when i wear my hair curlyy versus straight.traight. so we have our white peoni leave in conditioner we simply spray s it out there out my hair. thereo i let myut hair air dry overnigg that minimizes heat.t. >> okay. >> touching your hair and theng the next day i just blow out my
10:35 am
conditioner and i kid you notd t your hair will feel like silk ls once you blow it out.t >> we'll let you go.>>et have you seen any of those hairi demonstrations like these withth natural hair on the national nio news stories and then if youf thought they shall have had meaa in to do that child's hair. h >> of course.>> of . definitely. >> let me just say mst y monique rod rouges knows whatou she's talking about.she' this is s the line it's miellee organics you can buy it at sally's. >> and target. .> thank you.ll >> success story right here, sth guys. back to you. >> fantastic. love it al.>> f lo a little more than two weekstwow until christmas there's stillmar time to take a family picture pu and send it to everyone you knoo as a christmas coming up next we'll tell youllt how to capture the perfect pfect picture.cture plus the sweetest assignment ofm the morning. th we're heading into thee mo kitcn to try our hasn't at some gingen bread houses and show you how tt make one that would impress any pastry chef.. it's's 10:35. good day at 10a will be right r
10:36 am
10:37 am
10:38 am
>> hey we asked for christmasas cards and guess what, we got some. >> all right. >> aww. >> those are so cute. >> all right. we're going to share those perhaps in few minutes. we've got two really cute ones. thank you for zenning them in. but right now,esot the ing aps ino realr ze halls are l deck. holidays music is playing, ofng course, holiday season in full l swing but that doesn't mean thaa it's too late to snap the perfect picture for your holiday card.rd
10:39 am
hour. >> always so great. >> i so now it's time to check itck t out. ere it is.s. and share some advice for all oo the amateur photographers out here to help us out is photographer michael jerick. jic michael come on in here this morning. as always you make us look loo beautiful.ful. >> yes. >> thank you. [ laughter ]er >> what made this picture -- i i know you took several.ev the one that you ended uped u choosing and then how you put it >> well, the most important i thing is to get the spirit of you together close but not really creepy close.. >> right.>> rht >> we want to create a triangle that is an analogy against the tree. tree is triangle.trle. put the familiar fool triangle. >> or your colleague and that'se a great start.aggreat start put the ladies in that always works great. and, bam, perfect holiday card c match magic.ic >> i want to say i think it's i'
10:40 am
you're going to wear.u're luckily we had three solids onn the girls. gls they were bright colors.ere brir is that what usually works bestb >> i think primary colors ares a great. but they should complement ohho each other.eachther new neutrals are awesome and blacks always work very nice.ry >> they do? >> so you've got black and thent even accent of red is one of my favorites. so you guys were perfect.erct you match it all >> you also suggest maybeay consider taking your picture outdoors or consider the blackhb and white option. well, i brought a few examples. >> so since it's really cold, we want to bundle up. but not wear bulky layers the te most important thing show up on the photo shoot with yourhou jackets put peel them out.he out foragers wear a little bow, nic, accent really get the scarf in.. keep warm and boys get a nice ae sweater, focus on the eyes andnd face perfect mix right there.ig. >>ll r right. >> talking about black and white, you have an alternate approach where if you go allll
10:41 am
>> i like that. >> it's time less. is ti >> yeah.eah >> and the blacktops enable theh faces to pop out of the thehe contrast.nt. >> okay. >> what's also very nice about this is that ifso v you're goino align some silver or gold holiday greeting texts on then t card that pops off as well. >> yes.>> y >> good idea. g>> you have more to shows?? >> yeah.>> yh. another great treat if you'ref getting outdoors and it's nott'n too terribly cold you want to celebrate the end of the year ir a festive way. w. >> right. isn't grab some leaves, throw t celebration.lebration. >> writ. >> and wear dark colors so that the leaves pop against the the background. >> more candid photo, too.,oo >> very much so. isn't ri >> speaking of colors like wes e talk about, this is very similal to what you guys wore today. go the primary color route.or re >> all right.>> aight so they color coordinated veryer sim floor it was in your card, , and if you find a nice nic background with a lot of depth,, that's going to fall out of
10:42 am
focus.focu >> wow. cannot get any cuter.ny cuter. >> no, it could not. no, icoul >> and what's your trick on trio getting every child to look anda smile and oh what if there's a dog? >> well, i was just about tousto talk about that. tha >> really? >> dogs are children, too.. >> yes. >> and if you cannot get outside, stay indoors.ndoors get cozy on the couch.. add your pets.ets. >> oh, my gosh.h,sh. >> that's you. thayo >> holly we tried this lastd ls year. i think after you came in, itt was a disaster for two hours ana those pictures.s. you're amazing.u're ama >> thank you. >> the best thing to do is to to bring the family to window lighg in terms of lighting window wdo lighting is some of the most ths flattering light get the dogs ig there and if you're very charismatic as a photographer,gr you will be able to get all thee dogs to smile. >> charismatic is what it is.s. >> i had timer across the room.o it was doom from the verym frhey beginning. we didn't have michael injury iy rick with us. with .
10:43 am
>> yes. >> even easier. j-u-r-i-c-k had the net. n check him out.ut >> hope holidays.s. >> thank you. card.hearfor taking the we always love >> great picture.>>ic >> let's head over to the's kitchen now see what hea erin ii cooking up.. >> 10:43 holly making friendsg n and we'll stick with the holidal theme and the how to because this morning we're in m' the kitchen to learn how to make restaurant worthy ginger bread houses.hous. and here to show us how it'sowt' done chef antonio, and jeff mo ging, guys. thank you so much for joining m >> good morning.rnin >> happy to be here.beere >> you can smell the fresh ginger bread. bread. >> that's the whole key with the,, what we're making this morning is the spices that are involved with the ginger bread.b >> this is not like a kit you're going to purchase at the grocero store. >> no, this is the real deal.s a these are -- these are heirloomo you can eat them completely oreo save them from year to year. y >> look at all the differentrent styles. the detail and the frosting andn the candies.thes where do we begin?in?
10:44 am
important component to give tha you ginger bread.. so we have card man, cinnamon.i. show the cram that. >> cloves and nutmeg.s >> you mix them altogether.anixt >> right. that goes into your dough.s in once you -- you see that's that' ginger >> ooh, yeah. >> and you notice there's nohero gingers. >> they smell so differentl dif separately than this aroma youny get from the fully constructioned ginger bread. >> we construction the house ani we cut the house and we built it this morning so we can decorate ma is basic. two egg whites. egg w >> put them in the mixer.ixer >> the in mixer.mix start up that, okay. t oka and recipe could be two egg twoe whites to popped of confession n they are's sugar sometimes lemom juice or cream of tartar. tar >> you can see the steam coming out of it. >> a little powderness now.ow. we'll let that mix up.x u that will go. go. the finish product right inductg >> okay. >> we put that right into thento piping bag. e a piping bag ready for you.or i i see. there's no wrong way to do thisi
10:45 am
bottom.ttom >> okay. >> get a good grip >> hmm. i can get it to come out.get what am i doinitg wrong t here?? >> use this one. o too much pressure.e okay. >> a little bit more pressure like that. >> got it. got it. okay, got it. >> all >> hold it this way for my leftl hand and we'll just kind of, lnd we go.weo. >> you got it. youot i hold it up. >> team work. team you guys are great at this. >> okay.>>kay. >> that's so cool.>> i'm getting a feel for t it. >> now, we get to th i'll put ice on it you get to g the candy there.ndy tre >> you stick with the moree detail work and i'll pick outico our decorations.. all these different candies even the trees you said we can set uu and make --ak-- >> the leaves -- those are gummm leaves.leav >> yeah. >> they come and make beautiful trees. ee >> my question to you is, obviously giving great tips for how no construction these ationt home.ho where can i purchase one ofpuas these beautiful pre-made homes decorate my holiday.olay
10:46 am
woodward take out food att phoniex h street northwest.thst >> still time to order it's nots too >> you can order till december 20t. and we'll custom build it for you. yo >> in addition to the beautifull ginger bread houses you haveyou great cookies.heat ies. look at this like a community of ginger bread houses. >> chef antonio made a littleite village there.e tre we have just for display to show you the different ways to do iti no real wrong answer. answe and the more candy that you can find we have this morning we have gum drops, hard candies.ans along where do you get you ge >> those are from will tonse.. >> cool. >> pre constructioned ones thert little snowmen and the little ll ornaments and the christmas trees.ees. then the other stuff, half the l fun of this is finding the different candies.t now, lately it's ban little bitt hard to find some of the moref traditional hard candies andnd some of it you can find online. some of the ribbon candies. cans >> it has different looks to it. >> no wrong answers how to put it to your taste.your taste >> this could be something funot for the entire family to do to o
10:47 am
>> absolutely.>> >> might not necessarily turn aa beautiful as a pre-made one definitely even for the arctic kleec ee challenged. >> you can start with ginger bread in o sctoberta and novembe and make the ginger once uh-uh make the ginger bread and dry it it will last for or you can eat the whole thing at the end -- on christmas day.y but it really lasts a long time. >> i'll tell you we'll play a w little bit more.ttle i'll toss it back to the couch. i'll get better with my icingycg and frosting back to you guys. >> thanks, erin. coming up next a viral starirala stops by the loft to say hello. again, better than i just saidus hello. we're talking about internet ine famous singer drew olivia tillman and this time she's spreading a little christmas
10:48 am
we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed.
10:49 am
10:50 am
?? hello from the other side ?? >> ?? i must have called cle thousand times ???? >> our next guest a 10-year-oldd singer sensation singing hello
10:51 am
her rendition of the song wasg seen more than 6 million timesot online and landed her a spot ont good day. one year at the date of herer appearance our show she's backhb to say hello again and this timm she's bring along some christmas spirit.sp here to perform a classic oh, holy night, please welcome drew, olivia dill man, take it away. ?? ?? oh, holy night, the stars brightly shining, it is the t night of our deer savor's birthh ??
10:52 am
?? the angels voices, oh, night divine, oh, night when christ wh was born ??
10:53 am
night divine ?? ?? fall on your knees, oh, hearr the angels voices, divine, oh, night when christheh was born ??
10:54 am
night, oh, night divine ?? [ applause ] >> wow! wow >> that was beautiful. >> beautiful. >> thank you very much. >> thank you thank.nk you >> you're welcome.elme. >> welco y>> well, it'ou fs always goodg have you with your beautifulutfl strong voice.oice >> thank you. >> you've been a lot since youbu were here on channel five.. >> yes. >> what have you been doing d thins then. go down the list. goal busy. >> i creame herale last decembe. >>h-h-huh. >> i'm 10 now. so i was was nin so now i'm 10. isn't yes. y in i had my first audition in february.febrry >> uh-huh. >> i i was digged for broadway. okay. >> and so, um, after that i'vehi been going back to new york bacb
10:55 am
new york, school, yeah that'ss everything.evything and, um,.an >> you were at the howardathe theater. >> yes, i did the howard theatet with sugar bear.r. >> um-hmm.>> u you also good the national gthe anthem at a terps game.psam >> yup. >> how was that? it was fun.asf i got to meet a lot of people. um-hmm.-hmm. >> like throughout the month. >> like weeks and from the pasts year a lot of stuff has changeda i've been doing a lot of stuff.u like a lot. >> that happens when you turnwhr into a viral sensation.on >> ye >> i understand what you'reand r saying. >> and recently i booked a movio and i just shot it and it got like -- it got into the sun s dance film festival. >> is this with mia >> yup. >> yup >> oh, my goodness.y goness it's producing by forestngf whitaker the music is by farrell. >> mia long is in it, right. >> yes. >> i was just checking. go [ laughter ] i was go >> it's coach starred by me myy friend lyric, mia long, marshall
10:56 am
>> right. >> yeah. mark owe nel did the directing r and wrote the lines andlines and everything. >> wow. >> and music was by farrelll williams, and so it was just w j pick for the sun dance film festival and like 4,000 wereere submitted but only 118 were actually in the festival so i'mm like so grateful that we actually got submitted and i'm d just so happy.. so excited to see what else isei going to happen because i'm only imagine what will had a up when i'm 16. it's'szy >> that's amazing.zi >> crazy.. >> high five on all your work.r. thank you for coming in.ming i >> you're welcome. >> connell success.nell success >> happy holidays to you real h quick.olid your name shout out to peoplee that hemmed in you here today. >> there you go. you g >> hey, again, thank you veryery much. >> beautiful voice.>> beaut >> thank you. righfutuot bright future ahead of youre. ahe don't forget the little people.. >> merry christmas! >> merry christmas back over to the couch. we almost out of ove aos
10:57 am
>> cold, cold, great weekend, everybody.
10:58 am
he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. yeah, so mom's got this cold. hashtag "stuffy nose." hashtag "no sleep." i got it. hashtag "mouthbreather." yep. we've got a mouthbreather. well, just put on a breathe right strip and ... pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone.
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live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show"! >> we won't judge, but we're judging. >> it's going to be juicy. ?? >> announcer: now, here's wendy! ?? [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: it is what it is.


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