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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 9, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10 a bone chilling night across the district and how low temperatures will go before you bundle up for the weekend. >> and beautiful friendship. uber and metro teaming up to offer passengers quicker transportation and cheaper fares. the news at 10 starts now. we begin tonight with the
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i'm tony perkins. >> i'm sarah simmons. >> shawn yancy has the night off. if are you heading outside tonight, even if it's just for a few moments you'll want to bundle up. temperatures into the 20s tonight. but wind chills feel much more like the teens. >> squen here. she's got your overnight and weekend forecast. hey, gwen. >> hi, there, you're absolutely right, both of you, you have to dress warm if you go out anywhere. do not take this lightly at all. dangerous cold weather actually an far. we have not been this cold since last february. fair warning to everybody. be safer out there. we have definitely very, very cold conditions for this entire weekend. so, let's begin now with a look at maps and show you what is happening, because we have air that is coming in well from the north. take a look at the numbers on this map. and as i just zoom in a little closer to the north you see a lot of minuses here. well, all that cold air will be invading us up and down the mid atlantic and starting with
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some pretty serious temperatures as we drop into the 20s as sarah mentioned for overnight lows. here's a look where the current temperatures are. it's now 32 at d.c.. right at the freezing mark. 27 at gaithersburg and you can see 28 dulles and only 24 degrees at culpeper. and these are air temperatures. this is not even the wind chill already in the low 20s. 28 winchester and 0 martinsburg and 30 fredericksburg this hour. so the winds have been a big factor. they moved by quickly of wind gusts now. they were gusting strong earlier today. and here's what it feels like when you step outside. feels like very cold 19 in winchester and it feels like 24 culpeper and 21 gaithersburg and 1 hagerstown. that's a good indication of where we're headed, colder to the northwest over the higher elevations. so for tonight we're talking 27 for the overnight low. becoming partly cloudy with a westerly wind from 10 to 15.
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somewhat tonight and tomorrow compared to where they were earlier today. but offer the next two days it won't stop it from being still cold with indchills and do not be fooled tomorrow bit sunshine. and 40 with mainly sunny skies. and but it's only going to be into the 20s in the early morning hours and it's not going to warm up much past the 40 degree mark. 9 on the sunday. we'll see a lot more in terms of cloud coverage and overnight, surprised, we're looking at seeing precipitation kicking in wintery mix and we keep an eye on that for you and a cold weekend. not as windy, your full forecast coming up later, back to you. developing tonight a secret assessment conducted by the cia ales russia tried to you influence the 2016 president den thal election. according to "washington post" us investigators have identified the people connected with the russian government who released the democratic
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wiki leaks. cia believes the russian government was trying to boost donald trump's chances of winning the president densey. and so far, there's no comment from the trump transition team. we'll continue following the story and bring you an update at 10:30. let's take a live look outside now mgm national harbor sky fox. casino has been on for under 24 hours now and it has been a huge hit. people were actually turn away earlier today because a building reached its maximum capacity. lauren demarco is live at national harbor with more. lauren, is it just as crowded as last night? >> no. not quite that crowded, sarah. but, man, let me tell you, the game is on. the party is over. and remember last night we were inside. we had all of that wonderful access. well, tonight, we're out here in the cold. with just the view of mgm grand behind us. take a look behind me.
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parking garage. they're calling this overwhelming success. but it is so successful they're actually asking that people hold off on coming down here. >> we have a team from mgm resorts here to help this resort launch. we've never seen anything like this we've never seen a reaction like this. we buildnt resorts. and we build up to opening day. and we did the same thing here. and the response, the welcome embrace of the community, is so strong that we're getting hugged a little too tight. so we're asking folks bear with us, let the newness wear off a little see us the week, week after, we'll be here and everything will be just as gorgeous when you get here. >> sint doors on at 10:30 p.m.
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seems to ebb and flow. this cellphone shows calm casino entrance 8 p.m. at some time and at times during the day they could only let in groups of people as others left and that meant waiting outside the casino or if entire resort is full waiting out in the cold. they recommended coming by during the week or waiting until next weekend. one issue overnight a fight broke out inside the casino. you can see a group of guys punches a at one point a chair in the air. this few seconds ever video doesn't appear any security guards but they were on top of it. >> any time you get a lot of people together there's a possibility you will run into problems. we had a minor altercation last night. think the only reason people were talking about it is because somebody caught it ob canal ra. it was something that lasted mere seconds. the people were apprehended and held. things were sorted out.
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two were held and then released because no charges -- he says that it did not interrupt operations at the resort. and now, as far as the traffic we have seen, of course, increase in vehicles and nothing like that traffic ar ma geden anticipated and they're saying the traffic control center prince george county police set up is working and the plan has been working and that's good news. again, people still heading at this hour even though they're asking you this week or possibly next weekend to come down here. i can say that the other businesses at the national harbor over by the gaylord want us to point out that they are on and ready for customers. live at the national harbor. lauren demarco, fox 5 local news. >> all right. now, aside from that one fight that lauren just told you about things remained relatively calm inside the casino and but there was a more than a little action outside the casino the chairman of the prince george county liquor board was arrested and
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influence and seep here on "fox5"last year police say charles caldwell was involved in an accident before midnight. and two other cars were involved. police say no one was hurt. they approached mr. caldwell on the driver's side of vehicle and observed a strong odor of alcoholic bevr ramming and some preliminary field sobriety test were given to mr. caldwell, which he failed and subsequently he was placed in custody and at that particular junction tour he was >> caldwell contacted fox 5 this afternoon. he admits had had a couplep cocktails over i two-hour period and said he took a breathalyzer test but results were inconclusive. as for field sobriety test caldwell says he's almost 73 and is not steady on his feet. while he says the police were professional he thinks they made a mistake in charging him for a very minor accidents. we now know the names of more than 100 people hoping to
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in maryland. they released names of 0 typelists on the path to be licensed to on dispepsry. there were more than 800 applications for the up to 109 possible lis ps and all applicants will need to undergo background check before getting licensed. first on "fox" uber is considering a partnership with metro to offer its riders deep discounts. if all goess riders could save 70% on trips to or from select metro stations. "fox5" tisha lewis has more. >> let's go. >> it's still in the works. if it happens, here's how uber metro partnership would work. uber riders taking upper pool to select d.c. metro rail stations would receive 70% off the trip. and that's $3 for a $10 trip
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drivers with customers to use rides and taxi stands at more than 40 metro rail stations. >> "fox5" transportation contribute f tribute tore says the new you beener metro partnership can be a game changer. >> two-thirds of uber rides in washington d.c. already start or end at metro station. stations that have taxi stands like union station, stations in the suburbs that have kiss and ride lanes they would be the stations on this yet to be released rail stations perfect for this partnership. >> i usually take the bus from the metro to where i work and back. but if i miss the bus i have to take an uber. >> if they were to offer 70% discount selecting uber pool to and from metro station would that entice to you take uber more. >> it would entice me to take uber i'm worried that may be a problem for the bus system. >> and problem for the district taxy cab drivers
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>> how about the 8,000 taxis in here. who have families and mortgages and responsibilities. uber is doing in the name without having any cars and it's okay to work everybody. but it's unfair for us. >> and uber spokesperson tells "fox5 local news" details are being worked out and there's no timeline for the rollout. d.c. department of f vehicles points out shared riding at reduced rate is already being done by taxis. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> right now, "fox5" crew is headed to the scene of breaking news in arlington. >> where military helicopter made emergency landing. hook at this. >> wow. >> at yorktown high school we're looking to get you details in a live report. >> how northwest d.c. community is coming out to support a local restaurant at
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theory. >> and honoring american hero the tribute to astronaut and former ohio state senator john glenn happening in the former ohio state senator john glenn happening in the smithsonian next at 10. ? [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models.
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? [vo] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the season of audi sales event is here. audi will cover your first month's lease payment on select models.
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>> the smith sewn jan paying tribute to astronaut and senator john glenn tonight he pass away at the age ever 95. today the national portrait gallery installed a portrait of the a mem or yum space. we're learning more about the services he will lie in state in ohio state house and memorial service planned at ohio state university. date and time are still being worked out. after that glean who served in world war ii and korea will be laid you to rest in arlington national cemetery. >> a hero sendoff was given to i sold are that survived isis attack in syria thanksgiving
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wounded and determined to aaccepted the few ralph one of his fallen comrades today. soldier left walter reed this afternoon and was driven by ambulance to tipton airport in odenton maryland and plane flew a shoulder and, doctor to the funeral in virginia beach and he's returning to walter reed after the funeral. "fox5" is in the district with show of support for northwest pizza parlor targeted by a ghaun over a fake news for a fundraising event a week after a north carolina man fired shots and pointed gun at employee. he claims it was response to fake news article that alleged the restaurant was a front for a child sex trafficking ring run by the clinton campaign. police say those claims are not true. >> there's nothing here it's completely fictitious and this is a great business and you know the fact that anyone would
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sunsetling but we have to tell those folks listen it's not funny you know what i mean and you need to stop. >> i'm just wanting to come out and show that the community supports everybody here and we do not accept this harassment. >> fundraiser will continue through the weekend and money raised will help pay for damage and lost business following the incident. >> and straight ahead at 10:00 getting together to say thank you. >> and the emotional survivors of life-threatening injuries and doctors that saved their
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, ?thank you for serving our country? and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. ding and restoring a a father's faith.... stronger is being a typical kid... despite a rare disorder. stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster.
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>> shocking and heart wrenching as a jury heard two hour interview and confession dylann roof gave to fbi agents after he shot and killed parishioners. he was tired of white people being treated like second class citizens and could not look the families of victims in the eyes after what he had done. roof's lawyers do no he killed the parishioners he faces death penalty and lawyers are trying to get a life sentence tore him up stayed. >> today was sentencing day for the young man that caused a fatal car crash on river road in bethesda earlier this year. while traveling at 15 miles an hour. in montgomery county judge sentenced ojan otkalu life in prison don't for deaths of a family that were killed in the
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survived the collision as the family was headed to event at walter -- walt whait man high school that saturday night. >> accident reconstruction people estimate if he only was going 95 miles an hour the accident would have never happened. >> this has been a difficult time for everyone. we had hoped that the court would take into consideration ojon's remorse and acceptance of responsibility and the fact that this was not an intentional act it was a griefious and horrible tragedy and will have affects on both families for the rest of their lives. ojon was behind the wheel of bullet driving his father's bmw three times more than the 45 mile an hour speed limit and
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crash and having a driver's license us is spended. >> emotional reun nontoday at george washington university hospital. victims who suffered life threatening injuries returned to say thank you to the doctors and hospital workers who helped save their lives. >> "fox5" photo journalist jack frame takes them inside the moving ceremony. >> i'm not even like absorbed what happened because it happened all so fast but sorry always go right in for so many years and somebody comes and takes that from you. >> i'm so grateful for the service you fwav us, gave me a chance to be here again because if it was not for them i would not be here. >> i remember the day after my surgery i had -- i didn't know
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and i asked my surgeon the first question was will i be able to walk again and they said most likely not i started therapy in baltimore a week going and actually started to walk again. >> and it's been humbling from the start. army vetian and served in peace time and was told early on by the surgical staff that some of the techniques that saved my life vick nimz iraq the whole experience makes me feel small but grateful. >> shouldn'ting talking or walking and he should be dead or in conveniently tateive state and we're so glad to be
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miraculous unless somebody saw me and stopped me nobody would have any idea that anything ever happened. think the real heroes are the people that can give you strength when you don't have it. i'm sure doctors to be able to see those people they helped. >> they do that job every day and sometimes it's a job. >> yeah. >> an and the impact you made that's fantastic. when news at 10 returns gwen has the frigid overnight for sglaingt when you hear leonardo dicaprio you probably think movies but he sat down with president-elect donald trump for a cause near and dear to
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>> welcome back. following breaking news out of arlington county police say a military helicopter has made mnl landing at yorktown high in arlington. and "fox5" anjali hemphill is live on the scream tonight with more. ankle lee. >> well, tony, it's not every day you see a military helicopter helicopter parked smack dmab middle of high school football field, yorktown high school football field and that's a military helicopter that landed right in the middle literally on the 50-yard line almost it's unclear what branch of military possibly air force. hard to see where we are. this is is all after mechanical problems while in the air. it had to make emergency landing i'm told was not a hard landing or crash everything went as planned and nobody was injured.
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middle of the football field while several people are gather around not sure if some of those people are off the helicopter or military crews a lot of them look like people maybe at the school in the neighborhood or heard what's going on and came out to take a look and possibly take picture and post to social media. we've seen picture on twitter already. now, arlington police is on scene. basically just for crowd control as people are gathering here. we're told another military here sometime shortly in the next few minutes to possibly relieve them. i they have a maintenance crew on board to get the chopper off the ground. no word when they're showing up or when they'll be able toe get this chopper off the ground here. for now, though, interesting stiingt see on friday night. people are ganlerring out here to take picture. but again nobody was hurt in this landing. for now, back to you, live in
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"fox5 local news". >> well a pretty cold day and cold night. we really have a cold blast across the area. winds a big factor in all this gusty today and creating significant wind chills. right now improvement in the wind department and anywhere from 6 to 12 miles an hour winds now pushing in from the northwest and here's a look at where we stand in terms of overnight lows, we're talking temperatures that will dip into the 20s and 30s in city and 0s to north and northwest. a lot colder there, of course, chills and here's what it feels like right now if you step outside. 17 gaithersburg and 23 d.c. and 18 winchester avenue only 2 dulles. >> so here's a look at what you can expect in the next few days with "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast it's going to warm up with mixed conditions on monday then it's going to cool down all over again. back to you. gwen, thanks. now to the latest with the transition of power in washington.
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thank you tour brought him to michigan this evening and this afternoon was in baton rouge, louisiana, he told supporters he would work hard to keep bezs operate in the united states instead of going abroad. >> and they may leave. but they're going to leave for another state. they're not leaving for another country very easily and if they do they will have a very, very substantial tariff or tax to pay. that's it. and you happen they'll say, we like louisiana very much. >> also tonight former new york mayor rudy guiliani says he's taken his name out of consideration for secretary of state. several people remain in contention. former gop nominee mitt romney and exxon mobile ceo and retired general david petraeus. president-elect also took time meet with one of hollywood's biggest names. trump sat down with oscar winner leonardo dicaprio and head of his environmental
10:33 pm
jobs focused on preserving environment can bowl stert economy and he held another meeting with environmental activist former vice-president al gore who continues to fight for climate change in career after politics. >> secret assessment conducted by cia ales russia intervened in the 2016 presidential election to help donald trump win. according to "washington post" u.s. investigators have identified the people connected with the russian government who released democratic national >> this is president obama orders a last minute review of allegations of cyber attacks on the election. and fox's kevin quark has the latest. >> a full review. that's what president obama is ordering u.s. intelligence agencies to conduct aimed at medaling in the 2016 election. >> it is to capture lessons learned and report and arrange a stakeholders to include congress.
10:34 pm
deliver a report to president and that willen sent to members of coming gress before he leaves office next month a review that white house officials say will enable them to take stock of cyber capability and reduce future threats. >> we're committed to ensuring integrity of elections and this report will dig into the pattern of malicious cyber activity time to the elections. >> wiki release of up turnal e mailings and hillary clinton campaign plagued former secretary of state throughout the election cycle and a conscious effort state to attempt to achieve a specific effect said nsa director michael onlyers in november and added south carolina senator lindsay gram this week it's pretty clear to me that wikileaks was designed to hurt clinton and could be us tomorrow. obama administration has accused russia of conducting many hacks that surfaced during the run up to election and denied there was impact on the actual vote outcome. and asked about it at the apex
10:35 pm
with vladimir put in. >> i already made clear to him our concerns around cyber attacks generally as well as specific concerns we had surrounding the dnc hack. >> experts believe getting to the bottom of the cyber attacks has less to do with questioning outcome of the election or partisan politics than it does preventing similar attack down the line. >> what is cyber feature and ability to hack emails and dump large amounts of documents and what we're seeing is that's having outside influence and we want to make sure we're addressing that appropriately. >> because this review comes after democratic loss in election and instead of after victorys in 2008 and 2012 there were some that suggested partisanship may be at foot here on behalf of obama administration. and white house officials insist the person most leakly to benefit from such a review
10:36 pm
is president-elect donald trump. at the white house. kevin quark, fox news. >> and the u.s. is urging a smooth and peaceful transition in south korea after the allied nation's president was impeached. president part gohae was strichd powers. park was caught newspaper a scandal involving one of her top advisors and accused of allowing long time friend to manipulate government affairs and export abouts and south korea prime minister will serve as acting president unti deliberate on when to formerly end pack's presidency or reinstate here sdm a special night for hundreds of girls in prince george county they got all dolled up and headed out for a special night with their dad. we're going to take you to the father daughter dance coming up next.
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p be >> at some time a heart-warming event took place in upper marboro hundreds of dads and elementary school daughters paped in a dance there and events was org niceed by prince george county member valentine involved until fatherhood forum. >> fatherhood forum was cat by myself and other father in the county to highlight parental engagement and opportunity for us to celebrate fathers and relationship between fathers and daughters in our schools. >> about 400 parents and elementary school children attended that dance. valentine says it's important to get the message out that schools are better when parents are active and engaged with children and valentine hopes this father daughter dance becomes annual event. >> that's great.
10:41 pm
children's lives. be a father. >> coming up at 11 we're highlighting a local restaurant naming drinks after d.c. neighborhoods. >> also tonight, big bargains or big lies? lawsuit that claims major department stores were trying to pull a fast one on you. those story and more tonight at to pull a fast one on you. those story and more tonight at 11 >>. >> well temperatures going down an bills going up. natural gas prices on kinking to surge this week now at the coming with a major cold snap hitting most of the country. around half of americans used natural gas to heat their homes. and if you're braving cold for a weekend road trip it's going to cost you extra cash. the national average for regular unleaded gas rising again this week a gallon will now cost you 2.20 and stocks are high. dow surming to another record high on friday. we set a new record every single day of the week.
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sales event ends january 3rd. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> part of mid wet and north east are digging out from a ma streets and roadways blanketed making travel treacherous. we get the latest from fox's karen mc cue. >> winter is in full swing in much of the country with heavy snowfall throughout the north. and in north dakota some streets disappeared under several feet of snow. crews are just beginning to get streets cleared there. a similar scene ohio where residents are trying to keep up with quickly accumulating snow. >> snow since winter time you
10:46 pm
pickle ball but roads are very slippery. >> slippery companies in northern ohio caused a major traffic jam late last night where more than 50 vehicles were involved in a crash on interstate 90. snow clearing crew where out in cast caddie michigan trying to keep roads safe for rosz department are hopeing for a boost in the season. most of us are skiers so i enjoy it. >> this is what we've been hoping for. >> while drives in down were more concerned about road tnz. and yet, others accept the
10:47 pm
snowy weather as a fact of life. and there's areas fron lake effect snow. in new york, karen gray houston, fox news. >> wow. does this bring back the memories. >> i like snow but hate deal with the madness. >> yeah i know especially around here. >> let it be calm and pretty and when we want to get rid of t. get rid of it. >> we don't have to talk about sn >> but we have to talk with other component of winter. >> cold. >> very cold. >> it's been bitter cold around here and i'm sure if you stepped outside you felt. it wind chills pretty significant as well and you know what, not going anywhere this weekend folks so just get prepared. get out all your heavy gear and protect yourself and dress warm. definitely a lot of that cold air is stick around for a bit. so as we take a look at what is going on then we talked about a cold night tonight.
10:48 pm
saturday don't be fooled by sunshine tomorrow it's another cold day with wind chills and not as windy as today, good news. more clouds on sunday overnight sunday we could see precipitation and we're keeping close eye on sunday night monday morning period. bays is that the when we have a chance of seeing a little bit of winter precipitation and but it's going to change quickly and i'll talk about that in a second. many the mean time our winds now us is stained anywhere from about 6 to 14 miles an hour and our temper gaithersburg and 28 baltimore and that's same at dulles and 28 winchester and 30 martins xwuring and now as we factor in the winds in air temperatures this is what it feels like outside. 17 gaithersburg and 2 city and 21 winchester and 18 hailingers town. that's windchill factor and it's going to get worse in the overnight hours as we get into the teens and single digits. so you me to do protect yourself. over the higher elevations
10:49 pm
there and we have a storm system that is moving in from the upper midwest. we'll watch that closely. a lot of lake effect snow going on now. here we're looking at seeing clouds that are moving a little bit in the overnight hours and ridge of high pressure will keep it mainly sunny for tomorrow. but breezy. so, cold start. 27 at your 8:00 hour tomorrow midday only 7 and that's same story for 4:00 hour. as i said don't be fooled by sunshine. navy versus army. big game to talk about 9 chilly degrees. dress warm. plenty of sunshine with occasional breeze. so, as we take a look at what is going on then ridge of high pressure holding steady and plenty of surprise like you said for tomorrow and cold. increasing clouds ahead of the storm system with we get into sunday so mostly cloudy skies. this system will head to the north. i cannot rule out maybe a little bit of wintry mix when it first heads the way across the area and we'll get a flow of warmer air and it's all
10:50 pm
so by monday we're talking pretty much rain event and little mix possibly adds we get to overnight hours sunday. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast warming up a little bit that's warmer air monday and then we cool back down wednesday another reinforcing cold shot comes in and overnight lows into the 0s and teens all over again. so pretty cold weather. not going anywhere dress warm sarah, tony. >> thank you. >> hello. >> hey there thank you. >> wake >> tonight's fox5 on the fly a festive us controversy and ikea offering solutions for relationship problems. >> and uber is adding new rules for riders. ? >> stop hitting on your uber driver the ride sharing company added flirting to the list of thing that can get riders band. new rules say you cannot ask
10:51 pm
also added to list of thing that can got you banned throwing up after too much to drink leaving behind trash or asking the driver to break the speed limit. >> ikea new strategy working out real life trauma with retail therapy. snoring spouse ikea rmdz a day bet and why can't men on up quark screw and attraction gone magnet. are you sure your boo is on board with your relationship. sunday december 11 is buzzest day of the year according to breakups according to facebook posts. people want to get breakup over
10:52 pm
gifts for someone they really don't care about. >> a fake holiday is stirring up real controversy in florida. city of del ray beach allowed two residents to put up festivus polls next to christmas days. it's a made-up holiday made popular by seinfeld. this year the men decorated the pole with a make america great again hat and up side down president-elect donald trump. other resident want politics left out of the holiday display. and unexpected act of holiday kindness. a waitress in arizona got 1,000 tip from customer. she was shocked by the generous gift. it came from a regular customer.
10:53 pm
to do something special for her son and of course pay bills. and that's your "fox5" on the fly. the woman whose song sparked interest fet sensation is tu suing to get the popular video taken down many know is as you name it challenge. ? >> shirley caesar says she was initially flattered by attention the viral video got and now says some of the images that appear in the video violate her imannual as a christian pastor. so, yeah maybe that right there. >> she may have a case. >> okay. well it's super bowl for local high schoolers. >> maryland 4 a state title game is a montgomery county versus prince george county show down.
10:54 pm
highlights of quincy orchard versus wives next. >> and as we head to break president obama come into your living room as he prepares to leave office. commander-in-chief will appear on the daily show with trevor noah monday december 12. it will be fourth time he's appeared on daily show as president.
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>> the year they timely got the monkey off their back. qo made the maryland for state title game for the first time since 2012 that's good news if you're qo fan but the bad news you have to face the same team that beat them in 2012. heavy weight bought in annapolis champion from prince george county and the other
10:58 pm
country -- that was terrible. they came out swipinging early after qo turnover and john momo oliver states claim for six. two point conversion in the first. wisely bundled up these fans. and more puma before the half and more momo before the half. oliver milking every yard he k milked every bit of this met for. another td. >> i heard steak. >> 14-0 at the half. >> cougars concernal bonner they call him dock evading tack letters oh, getting free and look who he finds, brenda mc google 54 yard completion brings it within the five. qo would score from it there and that's all they could put up today. simply out matched. pu many. a got out early. qbjabara through for 276 and wide-out anthony lynnton had a game racking up 113 receiving
10:59 pm
touchdown and that man momo oliver had 106 yards on the ground two touchdowns. might as well call them wise breaks they wept back-to-back. second team in prince george county history to accomplish that feat and puma beat cougars and they're 4 a state champion final 42-7. yes? >> met for police available? >> yes. >> okay. >> i'll hold thank you. >> yeah. >> thank goodness starts now. ? >> this is "fox 5 news" at 11. >> right now the region is in grisp of arctic blast. how long will the cold temperatures stick around. >> it's opening region for mgm imagination national harbor don't come unless you have hotel or restaurant reservations.
11:00 pm
teaming up to save you cash how you can take advantage your news start now. we begin with breaking news in arlington county military helicopter had to make emergency landing tonight at yorktown high school. >> anjali hemphill arrived at the school a little bit ago. anjali with what where you hearing. >> shawn, tony, if yorktown football field was tarring they air force chopper practically hit bulls eye. take a look at. it it's landed sitting down smack dab middle on the logo on the 50-yard line of yorktown football field here after a malfunction while in the air had to make emergency landing and it was not a hard landing or crash and the pilot is perfectly fine. he's actually down there waiting for another chopper to riff with a maintenance crew to help them get off the ground


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