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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 10, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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starts now. ? >> this is "fox 5 news" at 11. >> right now the region is in grisp of arctic blast. how long will the cold temperatures stick around. >> it's opening region for mgm imagination national harbor don't come unless you have hotel or restaurant reservations. >> and teaming up to save you cash how you can take advantage your news start now. we begin with breaking news in arlington county military helicopter had to make emergency landing tonight at yorktown high school. >> anjali hemphill arrived at the school a little bit ago. anjali with what where you hearing.
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football field was tarring they air force chopper practically hit bulls eye. take a look at. it it's landed sitting down smack dab middle on the logo on the 50-yard line of yorktown football field here after a malfunction while in the air had to make emergency landing and it was not a hard landing or crash and the pilot is perfectly fine. he's actually down there waiting for another chopper to riff with a maintenance crew to help them get off the ground neighbors that flooded on to the field to take a look that chopper up close and personal. we actually spoke to one of the fathers out there who brought his kids down to see the chopper - 'gotta lert on email about a chopper landing at the football field down the street from his house. take a listen. >> just saw helicopter there and nothing outwardly wrong with it nice young man there telling us they had warning light and decided to land here
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i does speak to the pilot. there was a transmission issue a warning light went off in the air and that forced him to make the emergency landing and he says he was involved in standard routine training and again he was not hurt and is waiting for another chopper to arrive with maintenance crew to fuch the problem and get them off the ground. they could be here another hour or so. probably not much longer than that. around here had exciting friday night. for now live in arlington, anjali hemphill, "fox5 local news". >> thank goodness he found areas to actually get that thing down. all right. now to bone chilling temperatures tonight wind chill is dipping into the teens and even single digits and quep is here with more on the frigid forecast. >> make sure you dress warm. take a look at where things are now. look at national temperature
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well north and a lot of minuses here folks. well, guess what, all that cold air moves its way down the mid atlantic and we're actually in the coldest air of the season coldest since last feb. gusty winds today and now winds actually diminished be somewhat anywhere from 5 to 12 miles an hour even up to 14 and wind chills out here and right now those wind chills are actually 17 martinsburg and 23 dulles and 27 culpeper and to norm and northwest colder than that. temperatures right now it's 27 in d.c. and 30 quantico and 28 mannasas and 31 leonardtown and 26 at winchester. so, here's a look at next couple days. only 40 for tomorrow. don'ting fooled by sun. it will be a chilly one. 7 day forecast coming up in a bit. back to you.
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just over hours and business booming and people were turned away earlier today and last night because the building reached maximum capacity. hawrn lauren is liver at national harbor with more, lauren. >> tony party over. we had all the access last night tonight we are out in the cold and with just the view of mgm behind us but people here calling this overwhelming success. if you take a look behind me we everybody heading right now. and which is interesting because it has been search a success they're actually asking people to hold off coming down here. since opening doors to the public last night the property reached mavrm mum capacity several times more than 50,000 people already came through the doors police had to take to twitter and ask people not to approach. unless you have a hotel or restaurant reservation stay
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this weekend. >> we have a team from mgm to help resort launch we've never seen anything like that or reaction like this. we build anticipation for new resorts and build up to opening day we did the same here and response welcome embrace of community is so strong we're getting hugged a little too tight so we're asking folks bear us withnd wear off a little and come see us next week or week after we'll be here and everything will be just as georgous when you get here. the crowd seems to ebb and flow and this cellphone shows calm casino entrance 8 p.m. tonight and at times during the day they could let groups of people in as others left. that means waiting outside the casino or if entire resort at capacity at times waelting out in the cold.
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take a look at fight broke out inside the casino and you can see a couple of guys punching and kicking and another guy on the floor and one point someone has a chair in the air. this few seconds of video posted on social media doesn't appear to show any security guards but she's were were on top of it. >> any time you get a lot of people together there's a possibility you can run into problems. we had a minor altercation laingtsd night people are talking is because somebody caught it on camera it lasted mere seconds. the people were apprehended and held and one person was sent for medical attention and other two were held and released because of the no charges were being brought. >> and as far as traffic we have seen increase in vehicles but that traffic armageddon people were expecting next happened and they're saying
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been doing its job. that's the latest at national harbor tony back to you. lauren thank you very much get warm. >> meanwhile police charged chairman of prince george country liquor board driving under the influence outside the casino last night. investigators say charles caldwell was involved in an accident around midnight with two other cars. no one was hurt. caldwell failed a field sobriety test and refused a breathalyzer test and caldwell two-hour period and took breathalyzer but results were inconclusive and says he failed the field sobriety test because he's almost 73 and is not steady on his feet. he claim the incident was blown out of proportion. >> first on "fox" uber considering a partnership with metro to officer riders deep discount. if all goes as planned uber ridesers could say 70% on trips to or from select metro
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>> let's go this. >> it's in the works but here's how it would work. uber riders taking uber pool to or from select d.c. metro rail stations and would receive 70% off trip that's $3 for $10 trip and there's more. >> they'll allow them to use kitchen rides and taxi stands at more than 40 metro rail stations this new uber metro partnership could be a game changer here's why. >> two-thirds of uber rides in washington d.c. already start or end at metro station and stations that have taxi stands like union station and stations in suburbs with kiss and ride lines they would be fashions on yet to be released list of 4 metro rail stations perfect for the partnership.
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and if i missed bus i would have to take uber. >> if they were to offer 70% discount going to or from metro station would that entice you to take uber more. >> it would entice me to take uber i'm worried that may be a problem for the bus system. >> and problem for the district taxi cab drivers including johann as cabeta. >> how about,000 25678ys in here. who have families and doing in the name without having any cars and it's okay to work everybody but unfair to us. >> uber spokesperson tells "fox5 local news" details are being worked out and there's no timeline for the rollout. d.c. department of higher vehicle spokes person points out shared riding from metro stations at reduced rate is being done by taxis.
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>> and coming up n a big show of support for the restaurant targeted by a gunman this weekend. >> and are those big bargains just a big lie. find out why four popular chains are getting sued. >> and also tonight, get this, we're bringing back kheerdzs of good weekend for one night only. >> what. >> although it's the holidays maybe we'll sneak a few more
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>> a show of support for northwest pizza parlor tar heed by a gunman fundraising event at comet pizza tonight after a week after a north carolina man fired shots and pointed gun at employee and told police it was all in response to a fake news article. >> there's nothing here. it's completely fictitious and
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the fact anyone would perpetuate that lie it's not funny and need to open. i'm wanting to come out and show the community support everybody here and we do not accept harassment. >> fund raidser will continue through the weekend to pay for damages and lost business. >> and here's something i think we heard about this happening before. the los angeles city attorney's office is suing four big retailers complaininging businesses are lying to you. prosecutors almacy's penny, steers, coles, falsely advertised items that mislead shoppers to believing thousands of product were on sale at big discount. sees stores listed items at higher price even though they were never for sale at that price. that led customers to believe they were getting a better bargain. >> incident of these sorts of things legally is not rare. unfortunately retailers as with other companies have sometimes really poor internal controls
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>> just last year j.c. penney and kohl's settled similar issues. retailers are refusing to comment on the suit. stop trying to cheat us. >> yeah, we're on to your antics now. >> lower the prices give us good service and we'll come back. >> that's right. >> yeah. >> that's good quality. >> what tony said yeah. >> like coats and scarves and mites >> i need some of that. >> i think they all sell those. >> i think. and it's getting colder. >> well, bundle up. >> try selling coats for a change. >> wait they do. >> time to get out we need the willies as i always say. all right. definitely cold weather. we're heating it up with laugh ter inside tonight but the challenge will be to stay warm this weekend and a cold night tonight and tomorrow don't be fooled by sunshine and another
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side with more sun. clouds rolling in on sunday ahead of system that could bring us precipitation overnight and then challenging forecast for us. for sunday night into monday. so, here's a look at winds right now which have calmed down quite a fwhit comparison to where they were today from three to twelve mile an hour winds now. we had gusty wind and significant wind chills earlier. let's look at what is going on now. current temperatures 3 d.c. and 28 at baltimore and 27 gaithersburg this hour and mar tipsburg 27, 28 frederick and 28 hagerstown. so here's a look at current wind chills right now. you factor in the temperatures and winds and we have feeling like it's only 17 martinsburg this hour and 19 gaithersburg and pretty good indication of where we head for the overnight hours and so really it is really very much on the cold side and not rally going anywhere too soon.
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used to it. but prepare for it. so clouds rolling in from the west. all ahead of upper level system that's creating awful lot of lake effect snow. we will see snow showers over the higher elevation through tonight and tomorrow. elsewhere we'll see cloud coverage for now and that will move north. planner for tomorrow:00 hour mostly sunny cold 7 deagrees and only 37 by the time we get to midday. so ridge of high pressure gives us that sunshine tomorrow. and we wrlly wind become on wrlly flow and then we see this storm system heading to surprised increasing clouds and this will head north. sunday night overnight hours expect to see some precipitation looks like with colder air in place it could start out as little snow rain mix and then it's going to change to all rain monday because we'll get influx of warmer air and that will be warmest day of week. 27 then for tonight and as we look at "fox5" accuweather 7
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precipitation. cooling right down the end of week another shot of cold air. back to you, brody. >> well, tonight's game in buffalo is the first game out since he signed with the game 2013 and carl olzer texded him to car pool like they usually do to which matt replied he's not making the trip. they usually go to dinner and sit be side heech other on the plane. that's sad he it this calves fan went. and osche is over 6 feet toll. 1-0 second. caps on power play. and jacob vrona scores first goal of career i don't think he's old enough to drink one of
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>> and depending champions take on quincy or khand cougars first appearance since 012. they came out hot and stayed that way. future army black knight goes up and gets it to back corner of end zone. one of morcel's two touchdowns flings out to lynnton he takes it from there. get off of there he is gone. 72 yards. catch and run for touchdown. puma too much too being the appropriate word. 4-7 over quincy orchard winning state super bowl twice in a row will make anyone feel like a star. >> well anthony was saying that every time we play the other team super bowl we talk about matching that, matching that intensity. this will be a super bowl and it's time to give them super bowl effort. he were able to do that week in and out.
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dream. i feel like when i walk by i feel like movie star you know everybody is talking to my and i get a lot of attention and i love it. i don't know -- >> he will be humbled next year he's going to army west point to play quarterback. >> yes. >> nice to be big man on campus after two straight titles and low man on totem
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>> it's friday night and we brought back cheers to the weekend for this special guest. >> for this guy. >> brands new bar opened in the district dusty rain here the beverage director for rent northwest and here to mix up drinks named after d.c. sglaibd we're happy to have you here. >> what's for rent. where does you get that from. >> we ki store front is set up it really looks like empty store front and when we first got to the space there was a little for rent sign down be row. >> oh, >> so we said why don't we turn the front vestibule to a living room and we made windowsill into a door and it looks like you're in somebody's house and once you on the windowsill you're into our bar. >> that's very cool. >> okay. >> let's dive into the drinks you have here. >> what we did is named tongue
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named after neighborhoods in d.c. our menu kind of looks like classified ad craigslist add and pictures of cocktails and right here palisades named after neighborhood here in d.c. very high rent area. so this cocktail does nothing but express that with kettle one vodka and st. jermaine and also comes with own personal bottle of >> we have edible flower in there with lemon wheel. >> cool. >> make us one capitol hill. >> capitol hill. >> was in it mix it up for us. >> a lot of people don't know rum was our nation's spirit before rye and bourbon. we used moroto rum new to d.c. a blend of rums from trinidad, giana and jamaica.
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rum works out well. next we'll use a little simple syrup. >> next? >> and pineapple juice. >> yeah. >> this will be very easy to drink and can get very taken away from. and we have a little bit of lime juice. >> okay. >> how about one minute left. >> and little -- we had this and this will kind of take some of the sweetness out of that. we had had a >> shake away. >> show us how you shake. it your shake was good. >> you like the one shake? >> yum. >> so, how do you decide this is capitol hill. >> so because of the rum and because of the lobbyists and everything else going on and rum the rum wars upon us here shortly i felt like this was perfect kind of vehicle for capitol hill.
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>> brody will come in and brody would like a drink as well. >> brody we also have. >> i happen to be here thanks for inviting me. >> please, guys, 1413 k street
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our project is called the mh17 inquiry. our contributors are independent russian and international journalists, experts, and scientists. we set ourselves the task of dragging this case away from the realms of politics and conspiracy theories


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