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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 12, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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ly. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> welcome to fox5 news foxfox5s morning. live look outside as we start.o it iass cold and pretty soonreto some of you can -- will see a bit of wintry weather today.eatd >> a lot of us are waking up win aunt freezing rain advisory s gary and caitlin will let youg u know what you will face as you u head outside today.oday good monday >> thank you for joining, i'mni, wisdom martin.tin.
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gary is here with weather, caitlin is here for erin.ri she has traffic. >> we'll begin with gary mcgrady talking about thaty tal fabreezing rain and the advisory a number of you will be b dealing with this th gary. gary >> i just wants to reiteratet this does not look like a biglo deal at all a the freezing rain advisory is still iny istil place. place. that's frederick county,'s fredc that's washington county.ou was that's also berkeley andeley and jefferson and over to morgan moa county as well and then out towards the west. there was an ice storm warningrw in effect way out to the west,t, western maryland. but that has been canceledled early. let me show is you, all about at temperatures here and all of the temperatures with thereth exception of winchester areches above freezing. we're 42 degrees here and letnd me show where the rain ishow whh movinge ra through, across i-959 now and there's a sliver of potentially freezing rain wayy r up north in upper frederick frei county.coty. we'll talk more about this inlk the forecast coming up. morp. guys. >> happening now at 5:00 d.c.t . police investigating a deadlyy shooting that happened thahapp overnight in northwest.we >> the victim is a man butst tht details are pretty limited aty thisou
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live in northwest with the details.ils. mel. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys. rep so, we are here in d.c.'s d.c.' hawthorne neighborhood.ei it's really part of the chevy chase areahe c northwesternthst quadrant of d.c. borderingboerin rock creek park. cre park. d.c. mom side investigatorsnvesa were here... homicide investigators were here for her most of the night.most o they have this second of 32ndon3 street blocked off from herem hr to western avenue but wevenue tw really haven't had much muc success in telling exactly howlw far down the block the incident happened. h there were reports that a man am was found dead in a car in a i driveway and then d.c. police. did put out the information toon us that it was a fatalal shooting and when we got hereeoh on scene we asked about a vehicle and we were told thate the vehicle had been towed away.. but at this point d.c. police really don't have a lot of information other than thation that to give out. they have not given us any thave noon on a suspect, information on motive and atn o this point also no
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in this very unusual homicide hd in this neighborhood.rhoo live in northwest, i'm melaniemn alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 5:02 is the time. d.c. police are alsoo investigating an incidentncid where five people arewh responsible for aer carjackingan on western avenue in in rtrthwest. around 6:20 last night thehe suspects were armed way gunwa g and made off way 2014 blue4 b hyundai santa fe similar toim the one on your screen. it has d.c. tags en1190.19 if you see this vehicle, vic you're being asked to call cal police immediately.po >> developing this morning a new cia report out thisliopinpot morning claims russia did hack the 2016 presidential electionln and helped president-elect p donald trumpre now lawmakers want fullant f investigation into the the shocking allegation that isatiot russia interfered with thewith t election. a didn't did russi help him win but a probe is pbe already in the works.already in president obama wants a full tsl report on all cyber attacksttac that happened during the happe election on his desk before hebh leaves office in january. janua >> president-elect donaldresi trump is head sed to be leaning towardde numominatp
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exxon mobil ceo rex tillersonles to be the next secretary of state.stat some have questioned whetherther tillerson will be the right r pick. he has a close relationshipatns with vladimir his world view is differentfent from the one donald trumpal presented to voters during thert presidential campaign.pan. happening today montgomeryi county will host a town hall meeting on community dialogue and police relations.elat the meeting is at 7 o'clock at the silver spring civicing civic building on one veteransveeran plaza. the meeting is opened to thepett public and the goal is to keep the conversation going about building a better relationshiper between the community saand bete police department. >> today hormel foods donatingg food top families in need. part of hormel's happening for hunger program. program. more than 800 hams will be loaded into the donation trk.k. >>
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philadelphia last night and they got a win twenty seven 22. the redskins now movehingelphiat seven, five and one. o the eagles they remain at the ah bottom of the nfc east they'rehe five and eight. last nightnd the cowboys lost ts the giants and that means the redskins are still in third place behind the giants and the buccaneers they won so they're ahead ofan theee redskid insk the wild card race so it'se going to be a tough road.ough ra they have to win them all and ad home the other teams startms s losing. >> and the likelihood of that ot happening. >> well, it's the nfl. n any given sunday.da >> gary mcgrady weather any mcgn issue this >> just rain. the problem this morning is oblem rain, whetherhe it's freezing rain or not,reez it's not freezing rain but if fz you add that in, that in, compounds the commuteomte exponential technological -- exponentially.exnentially. up and down i-95 right nowow it's starting to dry out back ot out to the west, okay. so we're going to watch these showers move to the east. hopefull
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will get through the big interstates and the the mosttesn congested morning commutengom places up and down i-95 andnd whatnot.atnot. hopefully this will get to the east and at least it won't beonb raining. i think the damage is done anddd there's more showers on the way no, doubt about look at the temperatures this morning. the reason i say this is jthusts some cold rain.some cold rain here in the city it's 42, it's gaithersburg 39, westminstertmit is baltimore is 40. and it's middle 40's down in warm front is kind of comings kg on through so that's going tos o take it temperatures up overte the next couple of hours, somp again, there is no worries ato w all with freezing rain, okay. westminster, yeah, you'reh, you thrum but it's not rainingai there, okay, so we don't have dt to worry about that at all. a here's the forecast for today. r showers this morning. some cold showers.showerme colow still around 43 at 8:00 a.m. or so. 51 by lunchtime.or s most of the rain i51 bsy lu gonb think there will be at least a a slight chance of a shower chanca around and then we're dry this i afternoon and cool, maybel, little sunshine. that's your forecast. forec how about a morning commute update with erin
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is here. her caitlin is here. hey, caitlin. caitl >> good morning to you garyd mo ton everyone else justrn aboutbo 5:07 on a monday morning. morni. rain out there and all it at takes is just rain to cause t some problems on the roads.. now, if metro is an option you might want to consider it ifert we get really snarled trafficlef on the interstates t safees t s track surge 11, can't believeanb we're up to 11, continuoustinu single tracking orange line tra and then on the silver line between west fallscken on chur the east falls church singleh tracking expect crowding onng all orange and exp silver trainn there will be some issuesue going to and from northern virginia. down through montgomery countyrg and also ongh m more local rurar roads maryland 27, 108, 97 all07 looking good at this hour. at th it's still early of course.ou outer loop 95 and bw parkway paw no problems coming into the the district and leaving as well. w 95 looks good in bothoth directions and so does behinds b
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so we're not seeing too manyto issues in maryland.ises in virginia it's a little .low. 66 eastbound you had the rain tr come through first in our more m western suburbs there and sourba that's why we've got some slowos volume but you're not seeing noe too many delays stacking upkin u just quite yet. if you see any it would beuld between sudley road and routeou 28. 28. westbound looks okay but againot slow on those wet r northbound 395 edsall road tond3 the 14th street bridge street bg starting to see a little bite te of slowing. we'll keep you updated if anyf of those weather related relat delays or just regular delaysr s through the rest of therouge re morning. wisdom and maureen.wisdom and >> coming up on fox5 newsing oo morning militants have once again retain the ancient stevee palmyra from syrian forces.s. >> listen to this i know it'sn a shocker. a number of redskins fansto t mb cheering for theer of dallasal cowboys during monday night nigt football. we're going to explain why inin why i just moment.just ment. >> as we head to break a live h look across the d.c.ead region. 5:08. a little christmas music can get you in the mood.n we're not even two weeks away. a my goodness.oodn time is flying t more fox5 news morning after the break. >> ♪♪
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>> >> isis million stance recaptured the city of palmyra from syrian troops on sunday scoring a major a idvance asi tn a year of setbacks in the region. region. the streaks missile groupst appears to be takingreak advantn of the syrian and russianusan preoccupation with
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poe. >> more than 2,000 isis militants have been killed by coalition forces in the ongoing fight falor mitosulio in iraq. aq. it's believed up to 5,00000 additional islamic stateic s forces are defending that city t iraqi forces began their fight retake mosul in october. meantime did he firstme did he t secretary ash carter made a surprise visit to iraqri yesterday where he met with country's prime ministeriste hadn't lunch with u.s. serviceve members. er app applauded their efforts. >> in nevada search truce crews located ach t body buried beneath the snow at a ski a resolve officials say it mayiaai be the body avenue skier who had been missing sinceg saturday morning after an avalanche struck. two menan both older than 60 entered a closed area of mount m rose ski resolve one man-madenem it out. the medical examiner is workine g to idementifdiy the by buried underneath eight toei 10 feet of snow.fno >> breaking overnight the man t who shot and called retiredetir new orleans saints player wasntl convicted of
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that verdict coming down justg s before midnight. mnigh hm smith was killed back in april after a traffic crashic throwed a fight. cardale hayes claims he fired h because smith reached for ae sme gun. a gun was that found int fo smith's car. smith was a defensive end fornd the saints and helped them win h the super bowl back in 2010. 2 cardale now faces up to 40p t years in prison when he gets sentenced in february.ruary. owners of pulse nightclub nht in orlando florida opened the fo clubpene overnight for that cath light memorial. it was followed by a moment ofwm silence at 2:02, the time when the attack pulse nightclub will reopen at 5:30 this evening for a memorial ceremony. local pastors are scheduled tooe eak and the orlando gayrlan g chorus is set to perform.form the owner recently declined an offer from the city of orlando o to buy the she says she plans to mak be the space a "sanctuary of hope." hop let's talk about somes talks sunday night football now. now this is interesting becauses in this is all nfc east ateren'tste the one game that the redskins n fans needed the cowboys to win. they fall short in a big wayin b against the giants.s. cowboys q
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prescott threw for 165 yards and two picks.and in the final minutes dez bryant fumbled and that was fuml the giants take this one, tone o seven and maintain their holdirh on the nfc wild card spot spo leaving the redskins outsideinst looking in on the playoff playof hunts and what's alsoo interesting is that the giants are -- techng icallyis the giana could still win that division.i. >> even though they've beenoughb less than -- >> they're owner two gamesy're back of of llas if dallas starts stumbling -- basically if you keep winning. g >> how can i learn this game gam if the rules continue to change.chge. you win by losing, i don'ton know. >> all you know is it's never nv good to lose. to lo. >> that's what i thought buts then you just said -wh- oh, dear. dear. >> i'll explain it later.'ll ex i'll explain it later.ll elain 5:12 is your time right now. coming up, victoria's secret see is a apologizing after black customers were thrown out ofwn one particular store andrtular accused of stealingalin merchandise.rchande. >> hm. and medical marij
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dispensaries could be comingriod to maryland by next summer.t su >> here's a live look outsideuti across the d.c. region. the time right now 5:12. 5:12. the temperature is 42. back in a moment. oment. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful.
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>> ♪♪ >> we're back at 5:15 and a live look at that new mgm back m casino hotel t mgm says everyone is welcome once again a on friday and saturday theurda t casino asked that only people oe with hotel and dinner reservations make their wayns w there because it was soe itas s crowded.crded. the casino quickly reached maximum capacity shortly afterlt it opened on thursday night and the same thing happened hpee again on friday afternoon leading to the plea from that officials who once againga public welcome to enjoy and
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gamble your fate away if you want. want. it was really nice, though.hoh. >> 5:15 is the time right now.rn hey, gary, what's going on. >> how did you do at roulettet e this weekend. the same way i did the previous weekend in the previous 25 years of my life. lf >> did you know he likesw h online roulette.on >> i'm learning. >> showers coming across this cc morning. good rain, too, moderate rain embedded in some of this.n f as it comes across obviously oio this will slow down thethe morning hopefully a lot of this willt ll get out of here but i don't think it's going get out of here all thing'ss consi gdereoie because looks like we'll haves l more shors come on across. a lio there was a little bit ofa littt freezing rain potentiallyotenal northern frederick county,nty, that's since moved through,ince okay. so, we're all above freezing frz this morng. 54 degrees for a high a h temperature this afternoon.his we're talking about moraningning showers and drier there may be just a.m. smidgen of afternoon sunshine before it'son s all -- before it goesrt back down later on thiss evening. tomorrow cooler, little suneun
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going to be mostly clouds. cloud should be dry bitter cold coming. cin look there, may be a littlere, bit of snow early tomorrowmanowo morning northmorrow and west juu you just so you're not completelyy surprised if that happens.t bitter cold air is come, allhaia right. this is true arctic air and, yes, what we get later on this t weekend will be a piece of the polar vortex.ortex. what we got earlier last weekas wasn't a polar vortex. it was still way up north.porth it will definitely be morely b like january around here whereew temperatures are going to be art super cold thursday, friday. here's the rain comingn coming through. more rain back out to the west of o again, most of this rain isn i this morning. here's your seven-day forecastas kind of give you an ideaf ve what's going on. on. seven-day forecast whether you want it or not. not 54 degrees today, 48 tomorrow. r getting colder, whew, high temperature on thursday isure 3ly 31. high temperature on friday, only 28 wow p then we warm back upk u into the middle 40's. here's caitlin roth this morning in for erin with lookoo
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gus.s. 28 yikes. the problem this morning not the cold but the wet roads and with that wet weather we are seeing just a few issues outm te tht t ere.a of course the mfew isorningsu cu has some slow fifty eightgh volume so far just after 5:00r t a.m. a.m. checking southern maryland youny respect delay free so any of your local roaladsy , 210, 210, northbound and southbound you're looking pretty good ass you get underneath the beltwayew there.e. route five, 301, all good inin this area of southernern maryland. now as you approacryh the wilsol bridge, look, we still gotti g some green out there. notre. seeing any problems crossingcroi from virginia into maryland or vice versa. ce 295 southbound let's check check route visit to the 11th street1t bridge.idge also looks good.also loo 295 inks and out of the district is fine and then on the otherthr side of the district actually al 295 where it becomes theeces the baltimore-washington parkwaywash not looking at any weather related delays asing well.el outer loop 95 and that parkwaykw all looking n northern maryland. we'll keep you updated if we i have any weather related or regular delays of course as weye come with another traffic hitfit in less than 10 minutes.. that's a look at traffic.k traf wisdom and maureen. mre >> all right, thank you. y time right now is
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let's take a look at theat stories you're engaging with eng the most this morning on social media. >> an alabama woman's tearful tf facebook live post has gone hasn viral after she was kicked outs of victoria's secret becauset be she was black. ba in that many report she saysnyo another black woman was caught shoplifting in story in the -- - in the store and then shen s walked over to her and toldol her to leave.ea she says she doesn't know either of the other blackr ck women in the store and none of f the other white shoppers wereere asked leave n a statementstatemt victoria secret says that it tht reached out to her tom expressss their sincere apology.apolog >> next up, medicals marijuana has been legal in marylandylan since june 2014 and nowndow patients may soon be able toblet buy it. 102 dispensary businesses got a preliminary thumbs up onnaup friday and they could be up and run buying next summer. covering to the washington t post patients would be able too legally buy marijuana for the treatment of seizures or or anxiety and for dealing with
5:20 am
the side effects of cancer or cr keep moment the preapprovalreapv stage is step one in theone licensing process.oces. the next step will be b financial and criminal background checks of the new thw business anglers stars shined at last night's critics chongico awards and the show may have h provide add road map for otheror award groups.up the musical la-la land won w best picture and best director. the movie moonlight nabbedight b best ensemble prize. actress natalie portman wonon best actress for her role in jackie and casey affleck wonle best actor for the film film manchester by the sea. >> that moonlight i actuallyi aa saw their win, it was amazing. . remember we had them here inem e the loft talking about the the movie. yes.s. >> critics loved that show.ov ta i wonder how it's going to goowi as the awardt' season goes on. o good luck to them.ohem. >> yeah. >> coming up, if you still have a galaxyg up note7 any poce you're down to your last daysn of using theto y potentiallyenay harmful phone. >> and uber has arm new rule r about how you're allowed towed interact with its drivers.rivers >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region. reo ti
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chill out there but 45 degrees.45 give or take a degree or two.wo more fox5 news morning afterrnaf e break.k. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> 5:23 is the time.>> 5 samsung is taking action to make sureg yisou tr galaxy not7 doesn't catch on fire anymore.r. samsung will push a software sor update to phones on december 19 which will9 which wl completely shut down all 89 a devices. they say 93 percent of the note seven's were returned's w afterer that fire recall a fewca months ago but a few still a remain on thgoe verizon is the only carrierhey a who will not be participatingtii over concerns customers may need their phone in the event e of an emergency. >> iran has finalized aized $16 billion deal with boeing purchase 80 passenger planes. pe the deal is made possible bybl b last year's nuclear agreement. . 50 boeing 737's and 30
5:24 am
u.s. and other world powersorlds agreed last year to liftasyear sanctions on iran in exchangehag for it curbing its nuclear nucle activities. new rules uber wants to you stopw rule hit on your ubere iviver. what? the ride sharing s company has added flirting tolin the list of things which can get riders banned.ned. you are no longer allowed to ask the driver if they're single or compliment their looks. also added to the lisrt ofisof things that can get you banned n throwing up after too much drinking leaving behind trash la or asking your drivervi to break the speed limit. lim >> all right. >> flirting.>> >> well f-you're willing to do a littleyou' waiting for some bg savings, free shipping day ispig this friday. now this happens every yearry y where hundreds of stores offer free shipping and pinkiehipping promises that it will gepit there before if you're a procrastinator december 16th is your last doas you dato do online shopping.g. some of the participatingartipa stores are target toys r
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and game stop up. >> up on 5:25 here in about 10 1 seconds gary mcgrady talkingal about some weather issuesth we're having.e havi light wind in some areas, are freeze warnings in some areas. . >> there's still a freezing's rain advisory out there sti butt this point it's no big deal.ea most that of rain has moved on o and temps are coming up.temp let me show yous real quickly k for the kiddos at the bus stop p this morning, hit that buttonatt and that will come up, 30's and 40's still a few showers, ss kind of a cold rain. definitely rain coats aree needed fancy rain boots too but we'll dry out this fancywe' afternoon. we may be drying out before bef lunchtime even though i think i'm going to keep at least ast a chance of showers in untilil lunchtime. then after that we dry out forut the afternoon.e after later on a little bit much b muc sunshine possibility here'sne the freezing rain advisory pos y until place for frederick county back out to washingtonaco county then west virginia, extreme western maryland, too.d, there was an ice storm warning be in effect though way out in westernct t maryland. maryl that's been discouldn'td.uldn there's just no precip out n there to cause any problems this morning ando pr tempeto cra look at temperatures thistuth morning, winchester is still iss at 32, but martinsburg and hagerstown have come
5:26 am
and everybody else is prettyet much well above freezing so no need for alarm this morningng but traffic will be slower due to the fact that there's all th this rain in place out there.he so, just keep that in mind. here's caitlin roth in thisn th morning for erin. you've got the short strawhort s this morning erin 'cause -- 'cause --..., caitlin. >> we have just rain. rai let's take a look behind me northbound 95. 9 the brake lights there areake tt northbound in northern virginia, so already very slowlo at prince william parkway f p you're coming out of northernf r have a van you take 95 this is s what you'll be encountering asns you hit the parkway. parkw now, this could just be slowe traffic due to the wet roadset but as volume increases the traffic lynn crease, the rainean continues so you can see how we get into a pretty big issueor very quickly here with the wetth weather out there on the roadsta so again that's a look att five. let's go back to our maps and ms of course any other issuesther e will be shipping behind me onshi our maps.r why view of the beltw
5:27 am
all the way around fromway arouf maryland into virginia andgi and even into the district. dtr caitlin roth fox5 tweet tee meee there, let me know what you're u seeing safe and carefully of of course. zooming in on 295 southboundd route visit to the 11th streetht bridge still looks okay. small delaysge o sn route 50 in and out of the city.and out of c that's a look at traffic.ook atf we'll have much more coming upmu in less than 10 minutes.utes maureen and wisdom. wdo >> 75:27 is the time.the time. coming up, police in northern nr virginia need your helprp finding a missing 10-year-oldar boy. >> burgundy and gold losing two kgundeyy players to injuris philly. >> we're going to breakph rightt now with a live look acrosscr the region. 5:27 is the time, 41 is the temperature. back in a moment. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> today on fox5 news morning,no ridiculous. that's what president-elect donald trump called a.m. ciarump cassessment of russian hackingc of the presidential elections. . freezing rain advisory. ready or not the season upon us. redskins win in philly but still manage to lose on andnan off the field. fox5 news morning starts rightht now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> ly. >> good morning to you. thank you very goomuch for joining us.d ry joining us. i'm wisdom martin. marti >> and i'm maureen umeh today. o is monday december 12th.r 12 gary is here with weather wth caitlin is in for erin with wit
5:31 am
gary and freezing rain a rain a number of you are dealing with this morning.this >> freezing rain advisory inisoy place extreme north and westes counties. i don't think they will much, wc they may take frederick countyct out of it before it's set toet expire at 7:00 a.m. but we'll bw wait and see. see i doubt it.ubt i we're so close to that rue --- right now.tow winchester is 32 but there'sutrs no precip out there.recip out t i want to show you what'so sh happening right now.ha rains are movingpp through. tou. pretty good rain up and down i-95 now and then a few f showers still back out to the west. i'm going to keep technically showers, rain showers in thisn morning but by this afternoon ao we're going to be dry, maybe abe little bit of sunshine out out there, too. t again, just a chilly wety wet commute for us. us. we'll talk more about this aboui coming up and some bitter coldtd air headed our way too, guysoo in just a few months. >> 5:31 is our time right now. >> let's get trite what's beenet developing overnight. thede princveelo william countyy police department need you
5:32 am
on your screen. he's 10 years old. this ishe diego martinez.z. he hasn't been seen since lastil night in manassas. massas. police say he left his home around 5:30 and he was found f brought back home and then heban left again around 7 o'clock. olo police believe the boy may beoyb walking around in the manassasaa if you have seen him please him give police a call. >> developing overnight d.c.opin police are still on the scene si of a deadlyll shooting that happened on their 32nd streetr 2 northwewest.nd >> this shootingst happened juse after 9 o'clock last night.ig not a lot of information rightnr now. our melanie alnwick trying oin sort things out this she's on the scene with the latest. mel, what can you tell us so far? >> reporter: we can tell you that hr:omicide detectives werew here starting right about 9:14 9 last night sunday evening and this is the hawthorneawthorne neighborhood of days.hood of da. it's in the chevy chase area.see the upper northwest quadrant qan just sort of bordering westernes avenue and rock creek park. par
5:33 am
here but relatively quiet neighborhood. you can see that d.c. policepole still have this part of the block blocked off all the wayalw down to western avenue therevene so police on both sides of the -- of this end of 32ndof street northwest and reallythwer hard to tell at this point exactly which home or which part of the block they arehey a focusing their attention on. they've kind of wrapped thingsno up for now and then when sunlight comes back up they'llue probably have moreor investigators here on the on e scene. just all of the information weoi had is that there may haveayav been a man found dead in a vehicle and then when we weree here on the scene we asked a d.c. police about that andutan they said that the vehicle hadeh been towed away but we don't w know whether it was in a drive way or whether it was on the the street. street. association still hard to telln herest exactly what happenedt h except for we have in adultor we male, a fatal shooting hereing h last night. so far no suspect informationnfa has been released none motive
5:34 am
live in northwest, i'm melaniei alnwick, fox5 local news. >> d.c. police also searching for five people responsibleve for eoa carjack on westernck onn avenue northwest around 6:20 6 last the suspects were armed waysp gun and madeects off with a 2014 blue hyundai santa fe similar to the one on your screen bute u the santa fe they're looking loi for has d.c. tag en1190.n1 if you see the vehicle you'releu being asked to call police immediately.mediaty. developing this morning the cia wants a fullvelo invespithe tigation into allegao that russia hacked theed t presidential election. elect a bipartisan probe will begingi immediately. and the allegations are that russia somehow helpedomehow president-elect donald trumpt-el win that tight race.wiat t trump says russia did not interfere with the election eleo though. president obama has ordered a full review of all campaignt obm season cyber attacks at that time he wants the report he completed by the time heled by leaves >> changing gears a little bitge right now let's talk redskins taking on the eagles ee in the fourth quarter after an abysmal first half. hal four seconds left in the s game -- this is n
5:35 am
desean jackson camping a bigam bomb for a then with 54 seconds left in the game chris thompson heson took the ball 25 yards, wentyasn to the house for the score t s giving the redskins a 27-22 27- victory over the on the downside, well, the welle skins lost linebacker cravens and will compton injuries. both are due to have mri'se i' day. they won. they won. >> yes. >> you just got to keep winning. >> he explained to it me fully. now i think i get it. you just got to keep one exmeno w i st gotkeewinning. >> and hope the other teamse o t lose. >> you got to score morecore m points than the other team.e ot. >> something like that. s >> none that of matters if youor don't -- you already know. k >> is it kind of like addition o by subtraction.traction >> that's different. >> that was a prettydif good g drive by kirk cousins. he had a tweet some saidaid something like red zone, baby. b got it done. [laughter] >> let me have the last word, tr please. please showers are moving through. thr rain showers, okay.inhowe where it's cold enough backcolde
5:36 am
precip right now so it's justits a moderate rain up and down i-95. it's starting could cleari-ulcla western suburbs now which is good.good i think the damage is alreadytha done on the morning commute.the we'll wait and see but as this t passes to the east of us there u could be a few more showers sho coming through during theuringhe morning hours but i think the tk bulk of the rain is done. 41 now, 39 gaithersburg.ersb there's a warm front that'ss a trying to push up through thewa area now that will takell t temperatures up into the 40'sesu and the 50'sp today.. here's the forecast. fecas showers this morning stills is m around at 8:00 a.m., a.m 43 degrees. d there could be a lingering lge shower around by lunchtime.unti but i think late morning wein really start to turn thehe corner here and dry things upng and warm things up a littlengupa bit. we may get a little bit oft sunshine before it's all saidai dnd done. caitlin roth is in thisn is morning with traffic. >> gary, good morning.d morning it is wet dark bloom mee b monday morning but so far haven't seen too many delaysseen with the light volume early this morning.he l now that being saidig our first o fir crash of the day on 270n southbound it blocks the right t shoulder at 8
5:37 am
so, in maryland, you see thosehe delays stacking up approachingpc 85 so it's normal volume. volum the crash is off onto theo right shoulder but it's still il along with those wet roadsds causing additional delays.s. be careful out there.he slow morning commute. com outer loop 95 and bw parkway all look okay so if you'ref your going to and from marylandar you're all right. all r. parts of montgomery county count into prince george's countyri all right as well. that's a look at traffic.nce al. wisdom and maureen, back toac you >> 5:37 is the time.>>:3 coming up on fox5 news morning disney ruled the box officeox of for weeks and their reign onir n the top isn't expected to endsen any time soon.any me soon. >> bill cosby's legal teamegalea said to be in the process of prf trying work out a plea dealle with prosecutors.wicu >> a live look outside acrosssis the region.the re. the time is 5:37, temperatureemu is 41. back after this. ts. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >>
5:38 am
afghanistan and i just want to give a special holiday greeting to everybody ings bn a evybodlangley hospital i miss yp i love you guys and i can't i ct wait to see you. ♪ ♪♪ >> see more greetings from our troops at >> ♪♪ be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> 5:40 is the time right now.he this t thursday marks the four year anniversary of the sandy sn hook school mass they are newtown connecticut. this is video inside theconnec w sandy hook elementary school elr building. thy e sccity is planning 16nng 16 minutes of silence to honorencen the victims.the victims it will also lower flags to flao half-staff. mer symer pennsylvania congressman chaka fattaha fattah scheduled to be sentenced.nced federal prosecutors areprors seeking 17 to 21 years for the t former lawmaker who was convicted of racketeering ander bribery charges back in june.s j >> bill cosby is trying to copgc a plea deal in one of his sex os crimes cases. cosby has asked his attorney aor to seek a plea deal instead ofnd heading to trial for the t andrea constand case.ase. he's accused of drugging andin d raping her more than 10 years ago. >> coming up on fox5 newsing morning, you can now fly nonstop to havana cuba. ca. you just can't do it from heretf in our region.egion. >> and if you're waiting on angn recalled air bag to get fixed,, prepare to keep on waiting. waii could it take a few moreit t weeks, months maybe 18 years. ya >> ooh. >> as we head to break a live cross the d.cea.d rtoeg
5:42 am
it's 5:41 and 41 degrees.grees. more christmas music for you,ou, getting you in the mood. m we're back after this.e ba >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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5:44 am
>> ♪♪ >> what? gary we got a littlerw snazzy music for you.azzy is this a m new thing?hing? >> no. >> talking about this music for that you. k we've ihin
5:45 am
you before with anything thisins hip and happening.hip and ha not that you'reppen not. n >> my theme song is that what you're saying. >> it could be. it's got>> a little funk a-little soul. >> is it my walkup song.on >> walkup song like in in baseball. >> there you go. >> in wrestling they do that,ha too. >> breaking news kind of beenf b taking about this all morning. i freezing rain advisory hasory been canceled early.led not a >> okay. you told us listen be coolten bc about this and here are you.ereu >> that's what i'll do.'ldo i'll always give you kind ofs the forecast but my opgiinion,on too. >> this is why you are the are t coolest. >> snow up north though up 270p we had some >> we d that's exactly we had a littlye r coating. coag it was a surprise to me buto m not a surprise to thee to the forecast.forecast. >> right, right. right. >> i didn't have that in myn't a forecast friday but i'm sure s they had in it there saturday. r >> i was surprised when i woke up sundaypris and saw it mime we said did you --- >> why wife said did youaid you fore
5:46 am
>> give me a break here.e showers are moving through, okay,me butare mo still a lot on up and down i-95 and off toi-95 the east of us.the st o we're drier back out to theo t west and northwest. norwest. therefore, the freezing rain the advisories have all beenn canceled early, okay, at leastea for maryland and back out to,, , into western section center city of west virginia maryland too. 51 forty one degrees in town. it's chilly. gh.d rain moving throune deg back here to the north ande the west temps are in the 30's. 30' warm front is moving slowly to the north and that will take tak our temps up into the 50's0' eventually today.en that's right, middle 50's fors r highs. reagan national 41.l . dulles 4 bwi marshall is 39 degrees. buffalo is 34. man, they are measuring theearie snow up here in feet and the lee of the lakes with that wasas lake effect snow. you see thislake right here faro is at minus 3 degrees, that's t' actual air temperature.emperatue little nose of few arctic air o is cominf g down and looks likek by the time we get to at theat later parts of this week wek w will have true arctic air in i place right on top of us, soonfs your cold up into te
5:47 am
territories of canada as well.ol everybody up there is below zero. this is futurecast thisas this morning at 8:00 a.m.rng at all the heavier rain is movingov to the east of us.ast us. listen, i'm going to leave atle least a chance of a shower inwen through most of the morning, mog even though the heaviest of it is gone. gon this afternoon we'reiserno definitely going to be drying g out. we could get into a little bit of sunshine late this intshine t afternoon as well.el that's the trends.s. tomorrow we start off cloudy. cd we'll be mostly cloudy all day. y. there's a.m. system working to the south of us tomorrow androw it may throw a little bit of precip back tup into the b colder air so tomorrowac afternoon, tomorrow evening,ve there could be, it's athyrias ah slight chance but there couldnc be at least a fewe sbuhowers, s maybe some mixed in with snowitw up to the north and west and we there could be a coating intingn place here if it's cold enoughis and we get enough of thiss moisture up into the northerner area just so you know. it's not a big deal but just j so you you know. know. 54 degrees for a high today. t showers moving thrgh. much colder tomorrow only the te mid to upper 40's.0's. this is you were we a.m. chilly showers f a drierrir afternoon.oo we'll get into a little bit ofta sunshine but not
5:48 am
seven-day forecast shows super p cold air. this is the coldest we've seen s in a long >> that's what you call super s cold right gary.ary. >> arctic cold. >> arctic super>> a cold.ol all right no, cold air outd airt there this morning, 5:48 on an monday but wet roads andds everyone going a little bittl slower out there. take a look at this. i believe we're looking at theso in14th street brg idgate right . yes, inbound 395 at 14th at 14 street bridge.dg so, approaching the bridge you u see your taillights and just very slow, no accidents there.te however, because we're wet just about everywhere on all of the roads you're just going to want to slow down.ow expect more time to get toore where you need to here's a look at thee yo beltway this is building delays at at georgetown pike. pe. here's the inner loop not as noa bad as the outer loop whichphi while it's still dark just j looks like one white bright b light because you've got so s many headlights coming at youigi there so very slow on thew on t outer loop. again this is approachingoacng georgetown pike.getown pike. finally let's take a look at 270. we've also got some buildinguiin dela
5:49 am
not too bad right now. n volume actually isn't as bad a as you would think but this is approaching montrose rooseveltrl boulevard looks like we'red lo moving okay but still heaviest rain moved through 270 asgh 270a well. let's go back to the maps wherego bac on 270 we have aa reported crash further north on 85. it is off to the shoulder butr t still a few delays there andre a they continues as you headtinued south on 270.on70 let's go back to the maps if c can. there we go.o. northern maryland let's checkan in here. 185 seeing a few delays there as well, 97. wel 9 these are just some locale ca roads but 270 southboundth rockville to the beltway is okay. okay. outer loop top side not so bad. into prince george's county 95 9 baltimore-washington parkway-was looks like we've got some delays building southbound on that one. you can see right here the yellow and the red. again that's coming inhili soutkehbound w oldnin 295g . see yellown 2 we'll give you an update on that coming up at about 5:55. wisdom and maureen. maureen. >> you can now fly
5:50 am
havana cuba. if you're looking for quickg r c flights southwest is flyingis fg nonstop from tampa and alsols nonstop from that fortt lauderdale happening today in h maryland the public will get to weigh in on the potentialn oe high speed rail service between baltimore and theltime n district. a public hearing evaluate thevau environmental impact of theentaa service will take place at arrundel middle school this mid evening from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00d. p.m. the nearly 40-mile route wouldou get passengers to baltimorealtie and washington in 15 minutes.ins >> uber considering a ube partnership with metro toth mett offer its riders deep discounts.diounts. here's how would it work.ould i. uber riders taking uber poolberl to or from a selected metrodet rail station would receiveeceive 70's percent off their tripri that's about three dollars forof a 10-dollar trip.lari also metro would let them usehes kiss and rides as well as taxax seep stands at more than 40 metro rail stations.tion >> all right maureen. all rightm >> okay. me af you're like me andau arern also waiting for your faultyr fa air bags to be fixed. >> yes, i. >> i've been waiting forn several months. se a liteady to wait a little while longer bec
5:51 am
safety regulators say it could take until 2023 before all the t vehicles with takata air bags ag could be fixed more than 15 tn years after the first car was recalled.reca the recall keeps government k regulators now say 42 million vehicles will ben w pulled back due to the potentially deadly air bagsag that are in them.he it remains the large effortffort car recall in u.s. history. hiso >> that is -- i laughed a little bit only because we we both have air bags -- cars car affected by this.s. that is crazy to me. i i know. and will they told me it wastoet going to be a couple of monthsou and then a couple months laterea they said --tethey said >> turned into a couple years. . >> we're still a couple monthsll away a and i'm like oh, this iss not good because this is justec the model car thatis j i have. v >> right. >> that's just one model and a this is much bigger than justn the one model. m >> if you want to be the lone holdout let me kept my car m car until 2023 and make sure theye y repair this thing. thi >> i think i'll
5:52 am
>> it's into the good deal.into they're trying but it's a mess. te tr >> 5:51 is the time right now.ya let's hetalk t about what's wha trending on the web thising monday morning.on t first up an internal report by eteranmos teafrnfairs hospital n florida sound found staffers left the body of a dead veteran for nine hours and tried to cover it up. the report said tied hetoy put e body in hallway leaving italea there for an unspecified time tm before putting the body in the shower roo the incident happened in february after the veteran vetan spent name hospice care.meospi >> national police n organizations say they'll holdyd president-elect donald trump to one of his campaignelec of hp omomises. and that is to lift limits on ln surplus military gear.lus that means military grenadeyre launchers bayonets tracked tck armored vehicles and high powered weapons would once again be available towe saptatea and local police departments.ens last year president obamar id issued an executive orderrder restricting that access afterft outcry over police use of war fighting gear to confrontsto con protestors in ferguson missouri. on the campaign trail trump promised to rethinned order. orr >> finally nominations for theom 74th annua
5:53 am
be announced this morning.orni among the films expected to expt take in a number of nods areodsr the musical la-la land, the coming of age tale moonlightage aren't the adaptation of. hbo os west world which i'm so s confused by could be in for aor big morning. morning the nominations will be w streamed live online beginningen at 8:20 this the gold globes will be hostedow by jimmy fallon. fallon. >> candy cranes a staple of c the holiday season right? ra but some candy makers putting interesting twists on the sweets.sw economy command new york isrk offering flavors like pickle.pil >> yuck.uck. >> wasabi. >> yuck. e. coffee. >> yuck. >> gravy. >> yuck. bacon. bonmost popular in case you're wondering a 10-inch bacon candy cane runsdy about five bucks. buc why would anyone want that.t. the pickle one i asked people pl about that and they said maybe b you could put in it a bloodyy mary maybe even
5:54 am
>> could you put it on a hamburger.mbger. >> i wouldn't do it. i parents prepare yourselves for another holiday toy te this is similar to tickle mee elmo or the cabbage patch kidsch from our the season's hottest toy isoy available again.ailablgain. target has restocked itscked i shelves with hatchimals. there's al strict limit on lit purchasing them though. tho each customer will only be allowed two per person. person. if you don't already know hatchimals are they were w active eggs which require r nurturing and patience before they knowledge a magicalnowl surpedrise. i googled it and it's about 60a0 bucks for one of those little hatchimals which i say hatch sah on. on. you're not for me. iyou' change my mind.e my m $60 for a stupid hatchimal? no. buy them at the thrift store for about 12 later maureen's man words of wisdom on a monday morning. facebook fan of the daytime, da, today it is lavana harry. ha her friend academy award nominated actress angelangel bassett showing out on mondayn n
5:55 am
how cool is that. tha >> she doesn't say where theyrey met angela bassett but kind ofdf looks like the mgm national harbor.rb is that. >> wait? it looks like it is. yeah, kind of looks like it.lo >> she also celebrated a a birthday on saturday so happy birthday to you lavanda.avda she says she watches everyve morning and tells us keep up kee the good work.the good wor >> thank you. to your friend on the other side hello to you, too.o y don't know your name but everybody in the pictureod looking really good. >> ♪♪>♪♪ >> wow. >> angela bassett does not age. >> no, she. terrific. >> all right gary what's going on.on >> bus stop forecast, we'ree' drying out a little the showers are moving off to o the east of us but there's there still a chance of showers.ers. 30's and 40's, cold rain out after school we're dry.ry lots of sunshine 48 to 53. to 5. let me show you theu e temperatures. we're back up to 42 in town, gaithersburg 39. still waiting for winchestering to comwie above 32 but again, n, rain out there. in terms of the freezing rain advisory he was in place backe a out to the north and the ws est, that's all been ca
5:56 am
because simply because becau temperatures are aboveerat are e freezing for the most part and a there's no rain out so, no problems here's what we have now. n it's moving off to the east. eas i was just talk wind gustk winds caitlin. we're a little surprised that the traffic seems to be as good as it is because with all a that rain moving through. probably just jinxed it, right? a.m. showers, drierer p.m. a little light mixht possible tomorrow afternoon,er tomorrow evening. shouldn't be a big deal.tomo real cold air comes in wednesday, thursday and friday. friday. temperatures will that tumble. w here's erin -- i mean here'sil s caitlin.calin. sorry. >> we were just talking gary. g >> habit. and i'm looking right at you y and still called you erin.ouri >> we just had a that's okay. o actually a shocking amount of sn green on the map all thingshi considered but from you just but about to head out a lot of wet w roads. take your time out there. dale.l city to the beltway 95 belay 9 northbound delays hereboun northern virginia. virni you see that yellow but it'sat y not red yet. not too terrible inside thenside beltway northbound 395 edsall95l road slowing to the 14thng t street bridge and we dido see a look at the 14th stre
5:57 am
earlier. ea there's movement althoughment ag there's a lot of volume. vum 66 eastbound continues totinu build on and off slowdowns 234wd to nutley street. follow me on twitter caiutletlin roth c we'll keep youroth f updated ond social media all morning as as well. we 5:57. fox5 news morning will bel right back after this. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose.
5:58 am
the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
5:59 am
>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> straight ahead at six:00
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quiet d.c. neighborhood arhood cream scene at this hour a manan shot dead near the district'sis' border with montgomery coming up a live report as police continues to search forn crews. >> the president-elect set tosie make his pick for secretary of state and alreantdyk fo a lot of pushback. >> live look outside on this o monday morning, december rainy start out there. the slick in some places overnightes in fact a freezing rainai advisory that was in thatas in h effect out to our west hases judd been canceled but thatn does not mean thatcanc your y morning commute won't abwet take your time out there folks o and good morning.olan i'd m allison seymourgo.on seym. >> and i'm steve chenevey. chen. welcome to fox5 news those slick spots are pretty far to the west of thet of the immediate d.c. area.medi allegheny and garrett countytt y schools in western maryland are on two-hour delay thiswo-h morning. first delay that i remember sor far this winter.te let's check in with tuckerin whc right now get an update one o what's happening with the rainn and i guess freezing in somee areas. >> overnight it was temps are above freezing nowab even out to the west so thingovg should improve here pretty quickly as far as the freezingaa rain. howe


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