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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 12, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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quiet d.c. neighborhood arhood cream scene at this hour a manan shot dead near the district'sis' border with montgomery coming up a live report as police continues to search forn crews. >> the president-elect set tosie make his pick for secretary of state and alreantdyk fo a lot of pushback. >> live look outside on this o monday morning, december rainy start out there. the slick in some places overnightes in fact a freezing rainai advisory that was in thatas in h effect out to our west hases judd been canceled but thatn does not mean thatcanc your y morning commute won't abwet take your time out there folks o and good morning.olan i'd m allison seymourgo.on seym. >> and i'm steve chenevey. chen. welcome to fox5 news those slick spots are pretty far to the west of thet of the immediate d.c. area.medi allegheny and garrett countytt y schools in western maryland are on two-hour delay thiswo-h morning. first delay that i remember sor far this winter.te let's check in with tuckerin whc right now get an update one o what's happening with the rainn and i guess freezing in somee areas. >> overnight it was temps are above freezing nowab even out to the west so thingovg should improve here pretty quickly as far as the freezingaa rain. howe
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uaisn and a very cool coo start to your day. d quick look there your winterourr weather alerts, the freezing frn rain advisory as mentioned hasth the just been listed. listed. still some advisories inie southern pennsylvania. rain showers moving through. generally washington points south and east. so rains in princen pr george's county and arrundelnd l county and southern maryland str early.rly. getting a break out to the out west. we'll have rain showers for a ain er s few more hours and then we t should clear it out thishis afternoon. yourn can see weaver lost the lh pink there so we've lost thatosa freezing rain that we were rainh dealing with earlier.ating ear plenty more weather coming up but again rain showers forwersor your morning commute.ning cmute done with the freezing rainh th threat for the time being. time. allison steve back to you. >> that's the situation hereth but look at the midwest.siok atw my goodness.oos. part of the midwest waking up to 10-inches of snow thisnow th morning and that means some some problems, too in detroit delta d plane with 70 people on boardrd skidded off into grass afterasse trying to turn from the run run twenty nine a taxi way.ty no one was nin injured. at o'hare fairmount chicagoe
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look at them. fhele screen full of thefamirra already today.y maybe more delays d that system pushing further furh east at this hour. hou so, heads up if you are traveling today. >> ♪♪ >> happening right now, back ng rhere at home d.c. police stilt on the scene of a deadly shooting.ting it happened on 32nd street northwest. >> that shooting afterfter 9 o'clock last night. night melanie alnwick with thewick latest on the mel. >> reporter: and steve and allison, you can seete hr:ere on 32nd street northwest that t d.c. police have still got the block cordoned offer here allon the way down to westerned own tr avenue. avenue it's kind of hard to see ind ofr the camera but there ared somem little blue lights way in the in distance down at the bottom of the hill. that's where western avenue isea and we're at wingate here one hn 32nd street. small group ofup o homes on this little block bck here. d.c. police were called heree at 9:14 last night for a fatal shooting. there was some informationforman perhaps that someone had been -- man had been found dead inside an vehicle.icle when we got here on the scene d.c. police
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vehicle had already been towed d so a lot of this investigation had been done last night.last n. as procedure they hold the theye scene also until the morningor at first light they can comecan back and continue the t investigation when they can see a little bit more. little bit more about thisationi neighborhood, too.oo. it's called hawthorne. hthor it's part of the chevy chasehevy d.c. area and it's that northwestern quadrant of the city right before you get to be northwestern quadrant of thegeta city right before you get to montgomery county and it is bordered by western avenue and also then rock creek park asdr t well. homes here anywhere from from $700,000 to $2 million and very, very quiet neighborhood.ut neighbors here in the past have talked about their loves h of block parties and diversity y in the neighborhood, that it t being a really good place toacet live and being a very quietyui and safe place to live asas well.we. so, certainly something very unusual here in this part of p the city. cit so far no suspects and no motive have been released bysed c. p police. live in northwest, i'm melanie e alnwick fox5 local news. >> 6:03. also developing overnight d.c..c police searching for the seahing
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1100 block of 13th street shooting happened around 2:20 20 this morning. morni. the victim is at a local lal hospital. no word on the condition right now but we know that he is still alive. icp>> let's keep ity isket now.d onbut we d.c.ep p it olicw.e searching fe people responsible for a carjacking on western avenue in northwest d.c. d.c happened about 613ywlast night. su3 ects armed with a gun made offed w way 2014 blue hyundai i that at a pavement looked likeve this one on theme screen. the one that was taken has h d.c. tags en1190. e19 so if you see that vehicle,ehice you're asked to call police immediately. >> a man spunt under way forpund this he's 22-year-old mohammed sherdel, he's wanted for a shooting that happened on friday night in woodbridge. accused ofng thaight i shootingm both men are okay.ka so far prince william countyam c police haven't been able to't bb w.nd this suspect. but if you know where the you ko gunman is you're asked to give g police a call. >> prince william county police department wants help in finding this missingartmmissn rcatelea
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hasn't been seen since last las night at his home on coverov stone drnow be in that manassasi police say he left his homen ism voluntarily around 5:3was t:3 he was found brought back homea but then left again aroundain ao 7:00 p.m. now police think that boy b might be walking around aro somewhere in the manassasn theas area. if you see him gnow be police aa call right away. no music. mus >> good morning. go mor >> hi, tuck. >> did you watch all the football yesterday with all you the snow that was flying inlyin different cities. cities. >> it looked cool some places. . >> buffalo was amazing, buffalo-pittsburgh game.o-pi half the time i watch the t games just ficp>> is that right >> this time of year. >> secrets of tucker barnes. thk leer bart's get to it. rain showers across the area. the good news is thesers acrod tempews eratures are all above freezing so no longer longe concerned with freezing rainwith although we did have some gh we reatches of freezing raine and west during the overnighturh hours so there could be a be a slick spot or two if youc. tef . well north and west here. 42 reagan national 41 dulles dul bwi marshall in the upperpp s ho's. reretty good band of rain isof s
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east here. still some good rains out towardssome g annapolis, anne arrundel, but notice the pinke n that was indicated freezingreezg rain has fade there had off toeh the north and west so that'st' good n in ns and because of tha, the weather service able toher lift that freezing rainse tha advisory a little eart frlyee.ay forecast for we'll have some rain showersshes for a few more hours and then an we should get some afternoon it will remain on the coolrema side. highs in the lowef0's and windins w till hepick up but yoy know honestly a little warmermer than what we had this wet isend. >> so nice. s >> last temps in the 3l rs thisi wet isend. >> a hillary clinton chilly over the weekend.ry cov >> yer the >> y goinotbto lover the forecast.r c >> we're glander caitlin with us this morning. as ood morning. icp>> good morning s of to ou. yes, good to be here. her it is slow movinotbmondayslow morning for many of m you. you when is monday morning not? y mt however, wet roasid out there r and i got tooa be honest iont thought we would see moret kind ofhalust looks like aike regular old monday with stillwil a lot of green on the map onn th the beeezway and only seeingayno issues it looks
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top side outer loop appr rechinotb95.inotb95. ssue southbound is slow and 2952 southbound is slow. slo let's zoom in there as we takeaw a lould at what is just volumee delays at this moment but youutu can see southbound ssue all thea way down to the beltway. now 295 it looks to be from about one t7 all the way downton landover r red so that's going mpoming in from those sectionsse of prince george's countynce geu trying get into the district.nt zooming in on routeef i0nto her are you slow withhalust somet sm volume to the 11th street bend weaver had rain move across the area so everyone isay looking at either continualr col rain or even if it's pastas thtue roads are despite that we haven't had h too many crashes. crashes. fingers crossed we keep things moving along this morning. 95 northbound dale city tosed le beeezway you're seeing youre seu usual monday morning delaysningd and then as we zoom in a little bit closer to the district itself coming in from t virginia northbound 395 acfor tally lood se okay esidali road to the 14th streeto t 14t ididge. we took a live look at the looke midge earlier this morning.rl that was slow butier againin moving. 66, though, doesn't look lon cee yongsre moving too well
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now around the falls church chu area. yomigjust got slow r resid there eastbound heading into the district as you alwaysslowd he . further off back further on dg o eastbound on and off slowdowns 234 to nutley street. and4 to nt we'll keehisyouley street updatt this changeable trome w.chang forecast as we go through theea rest of the morning.wethst oe mo steve and allison. >> deeheloping president-electi donald trump has reportedly made a bigprrump c habinet pickd sources are telling fox newsox who his nomination for secretary of state will be and therwayss immediate pushbackmedi from fox' ds kelly wright has the details. >> certainly rex till son anl so american icon and businessmanusn i think is a pretty incredible lf y. >> reporter: sources telling fox news the hear:d s of exxon mobil is president flect donald trump's pick tont be thet next secretary of state.ta democrats are soundinotbtheotthe alarm over potential conflictsic of interest.ter >> i want to know what mr. tillerson thind se about aio broad set of issues not justot s energy ones but initially thisli is disfor trbinotbto me.for >> reporter: even some republicans are concerned ove
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tillerson but say they plan toyt give him a fair examination puring the conw.rmatare n prheyess. >> a matter of concern tpro me that he has such a closese personal relatare nshihiswithelt vladimir putin. vlteeporter: meantime therear bere n in nr: c moneantceimrnei hacking helped get donaldet trump elected. ect >> i think it's ridiculous. i thijust it'shalust anotherther excuse. >> reporter: most of the intelligence communityllig disagrees with tugh mp's assessment. politicians on both sideshid of the aisle calling for an investigation. >> when you have john mccain,u a when you haveve demheyraget, whn you have a bipartisan sayinga bi we need anpa investigation,estii because this is very serare usrs stuff, i thijust we go forward.. >> reporter: mr. trump is trump also rrepusing eye mows as hews a sa nor he won't need to gset get daily intelligence briefings. bs >> i'm available on one minute's notice. notic i don't have to be told, youve t know, i'm like smart person. i don't have to be told the same thing and the same wordlisd every single day for the nman na
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>> r ceinlx ill s the president-elect plans to meet today at tugh res tower with r fof rer rhat wd setlican presidl candidates rick santorum and a carly fiorina.rina in n in n york, kelly wright, wh forks news. ct verdie meantime the verdi in overnight. what ahalury decided in a r reda rage trial that left a formert r nfl football player dead.ot >> uber out with a n in n set of rules. what you will not ab# bbaellth a allowed to do the nmanhe yomighail a ride.yoghai we'll be right back. ht back.
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>> ♪♪ >> back now at 6:11. we have breaking n in ns overnight out of n in n oht ean, louisiana.>> bav the moonshot and ke ilt ledof n retired srepunts player will mocitinafollowing a trafficowa r crash last april has been haseen convicted of manslhave ghter.slt cardale hayes insisted he onlysn fired because smith was drunk wd violent and grabbed a gun. g hayes faces up to 40 years to behind bars. he'll be sentenced in mid fe muary.fe in oht ando overnight a moment of silence was held at oa 2:02 a.m. to mark the eicancthec time six months ago a gunman gma started shooting insides ofinses the pulse nightclub. ndirvntimors staff fns aily memm of victims all gathered toms mark the anniversa ary.nniversa. 49 people died in the rns apagee the early morning memorial wasea private but today a public pli memorial will be held.l the restmes of eacinaof the 49 t will be read.e r >> final funeral arrangementsrrs still bworng worked out forut shero astronaut john glenn.n in ohio a review board hasd h
6:13 am
give its permission to glennn tg to lie in state at the statehouse. as le49. as le49 the first american to orbit the earth. he dthsd last week at the age of 95.of the plan is for glenn to lieie in reptue on friday.ri that will be opened to theil ope public. pu marine honor guard is alsouard planned. >> boeing lansid a monster deall with iran air but it's alreadys facing challenges. cha >> lntime look outside as we a head to break. pretty wet out there thisty weto morning. some places still rrepuningces r other places just wet from theum rain overnight. weather and traffic on the 5'sfe next. it's 6:13. >> ♪♪ blank
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>> ouut frowelcome back. rain showers across the area. the good n in ns is it's oot yt liquid currently and temperatures in the low 40's0' here so we were concernede concd rain north andn- west. that is not the case. just rrepun out there butnd stii enough to slo40your commute. c what to expect? bitter it is on the not too. i today wwaysre going to make itae in the low 50's.0' i want to w viove you a head'san up here. seriously colder airport. c we may not get out of the 20's by thursday and friday fri tteternoon as we get a real rl blast of cold arctic air hereirr later this weeúrater weeúr 42 now in washingtointe all right.light notice everybody, everybodyveryy with the exchat wtion of e winchester now is above that is great news. we had rrepun showers moving through and we did have some pockets of freezing rain off ayo the north and west earlierpr this morning but temperaturesngb are starting tout bounce just at little bit. 44.4.vic 34, hagerstown is no issues southern maryland mar leonardtown you're
6:17 am
44 in quantico.uantic and just want to show youst w quickly here wean did have rt.visories a f in n momenget ae off to the north and those have been let to expire tp a little redt earlier.. still some advisorthss insorss i southern pennsylvania.he off to the north and west is es is e pocket or two or a valleyr aal where the temperatures arerature still right aget und fred eing, there could be a slickeing spot. rain showers pushing through tou really lined up very nicely here alongide5 to the east herer and the heaviest of the rain thn is now pushing out into princenn george's county anne arrundelou county. i mentioned southern mar, eand m still get something pretty som good rain. rai the bigger picture, it's a, it'a cold fget nt, area of lowget presndire off to our northnt ana west and look what's flying's fy off to our north this morning.n. that's more snow in parts of pao new england early thist mornin in for us it will behalustrnin rreu iceo more hours of it. i we have another little batch lit out to the west and we should w as et some afternoones clearingg and daytime highs in the mid-50's as the fget nt comes fm thget oluh and then we'll be be clear and cool tonight. tonig not bitter colhe h berrive in an arctic front a
6:18 am
lacick loou' at that seven day.. some afternoon sunshine. sun there might be a light mixht m around for parget of the area a particularly to the northularlyh tomorrow afternoon. i'll showsunoue tomorr that rrtr man man minutes and there's your you bitter cold. > repook at tst.rsday and fridas highs behind thersda arctic arci fronts. highs in the upper 20'ss in overnight lows even in the ciylv in the teens and we may wy get a mix of rain here by safor trday so we got a lot ggig one go weather-wise.ther in inn this morning for trnnaffic, thi crepu juin, lesre ms seepu i is3ee we have a lot ggivng on gng o traffic-wise. what's happening.what's hap >> of course busy morning witpet ayhose wet rit.sid.hose i think we learned our lesnlear with the rrepun coming in last a wet w how difst ofcult it can bo to drive.fc so, pack your patience thisce mornin in a lhate sayingrnin that terit'ss overused but it is true besru patient on the rit.sid.on t here's a look at 66. a66 make lights respectmake eastbound. this is at sudley rit.d so lthe toud soth just have got volfice at this no accidents to report on 66. 6. however, everyone is ggivng a little bit slower because of slo the wet roads. t's go to o our nman despite the fact that the rainai has primarily moved out of o northern vrun the tove stou've still got those residual delaysual del builng
6:19 am
nortpiround at prince willins a paittway, those in thenhe northbound with your brakeur lighget right there but acfor tally not too many m for lights. i know it's hard to telly b ut b things are moving prettyre smoothly if not slow delayslow y may be building but we don't wdt have any reported accidengetep there.or you my may wants to take metro e as an alternate on one of of these met mornings could bet mo tougher on the roads. a reminder sarnfe tugraheckr se sledge onggivng tnot gough decemberve i1st and this t encompass both the orange andnga silver lines whereide3 runide r parallel to each otherth continuous single trackinginglag between west falls cst.rch and a east falthl cst.ot sh so exphsts the crowding in that sp otherwise no reported meyourmig3 ayhis dela p at this moment. southern maryland we've got more local delays. this would be it loou's m likeae get ute st ofvehalust north of o brandywine north of branchanch avenue split wherethe tou haverh nortpiround delays building andi even south of the split ithe spi looks l. ae on that mapthe tou have delays as 210 latooksve h deavy as you'reu running parallel to thel tohe potomayou mand awas get aching g the beltway you've got some som delays building. that does not look to belook tbe acnd dent related but at thiss moment just
6:20 am
the withlon bridgethe op d so you look good crossing bothot from maryland into vrun vionily t3 bend vice versa on the brirylea there. all right, that's a look at o trttest ofc.t, that' ttarr19. ster-e and allison.-e and aison. >> if you are using uber to ube get around an e thisund an e ths ticule to tellthe tou about. there is now atell ban on flirting: details coming >> aeetright. was a nrepul-redteent jl- got to love it when it comest c down to the final play. play. or dothe tou? this was a great play. pl skins keep their playoff hopes al at we. oe ggivng bre for next.
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>> uber wants to stornohittingn on their drivers. check.ont a che manchets joining us from theus t fox business netwoitt sfor tdio hillary vaughn. good morning. good morning. >> rep max r: good morning allisocticu >> still doing great omanx the market? a> re a max 3 i rhsord a higú>.ú> itw, s & p tt tay's nasdaq's n russell 2000 all hittingit lifetime higú> on friú>.y so fú> here's where the dow closed.d. gained 114 points closing at ayhe sgot t p rtue 13 pgivntst v closing atve i259.ntosin and the nasdaq 27 -- up 27 points closing ato a,444.o a,444 0e are inching closer and closer to the golden 20,000olde0 mark for the dow.or assond at win waq ll see if wews get this their this week. >> man, what's the presidentsret hereer lo when is the last te ti 0aq ve seen that? is it unprecedented? >> reporte3 i i mean ween ven't othe to be honest i hones don't know.
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>> okay. >> reporter: i 2l have tmig3te > repook into that and vile to t back to you. >> no problem. probl i was& bustover sell willthe tou say so excited about my 401k. m4 let's talk about boeing. about . >> reporx 3 i i 2l let you but iow tomorget w. >> okay. let's talk about this deal and runan arun.runan might not go tnot goughreet3notu >> reporter:. >> reporter: all right. so, no, is gh aoing t rnot goughepor and it's h rupening and here's why.w because they struck a deal in an s s government under the condition c that this deal with iran wh terneates& bobs at home andbobst ho that's exactly what it'shat it doing. >> okay. >> rep max 3 i how many& b les? 1or s inor & b les soepmany& beau wing beau says. $16.6 billion deal to createe these jeget.these je they. to be pget duced over, you know, the next few years and start sending them the o's ta in othe over el the tear starting in 2018 and there's ths going to be 80 of theit'so is be lot for bdinging and is ms for a lot for, you know, the areas a where boeing is based. it's gs inong to generate a lotg 1f youbs there so that's whye s this is happening and boeing sa
6:25 am
to do business with countries ct r biggestn an competitor comtito berunbus goodoup se a european company is doing the same.ame. so, thk to say in order to se t competit atcompetit at this. >> probably the sexiest sexie heboeiline in business beatsinea toú>.y is uber says nos no flirting. what are we talg:ng aboutreet3t a> re a max 3 ithe teah. all right. all well, these are the code of ce ethics that uber has relier-edrr on tst.rsú>.y and theo yore rule that you have to abide by whenaw you call an ung anal and that ta a lo at a lo at picks you up and that means no n sex and no flirtink. flirt and heraq s what uber says. s they say you are not allowed to touch or flrunt with other wh pe3 e inin the car. that even means people thatven e you're ridingop with. yo wee friensid orthe tour boyfr orthe tour grunlfriend. >> okay. >> reporter: and they also say e toas orte a rú>.yinder no sex in s i the car and they say that'sayha always been the rule and theyndt 0anget to remind everyoneet t bhsause apparently they neeo dhn to lurks shouldn't -- that you y
6:26 am
caent j this follows several sexualevera assault accusat win that isn tht hmorning.e been eralled saying n drivers were crossing the linere so they're coming out c withut t these rules to lay it on the table that these are the code c of ethics in everyone neesid tot s bide by. >> goes both ways. don't flirt with us and don't flrunt in the back of the car.t la weeen thanks so mekse -- hillary thank you so much. s >> reporte3 i thae y. 3i th >> old hs bits die ld h allison.thanks >> highest point ever. >> if you're my viorlfrall hnd and we're in the car together we can't -- vi thelo no intention nally se.illing food or drie vomiting due to.illr dr excessii alcohol hat mmea> g:nd of makest allowed. ea> les of makes sense. ms go to the forhsasing d i own have 1na seconds. looking at temperatures above freezing which is goodeat news. o to tow er-erything is t i just rain. 42 now in washington.asngto theraq sthe tour rain showerainr activity. heaviest is do the tot south and east. we wonk. is until late this morning early afternoon and then we'll get we w somete clearin tghien we'itll gy highs in the mid-50's. th
6:27 am
repu. >> ok loou' at tst.rsú>.y and friú>.y. >> focus o>.n today.and o hi caitlin. hi c >> good morning. i only hmorning.e 30 shsonsid. there's a cleaning charge withca uber alw not that i now fget it'personal ropperience. >> i do. do. >> tucker does.r es. southboundide5 a crado crado quake at the ithi has got thesot right lane blocked.ed. delays aren't trepun extensivexi justt but i exphst theo yoll bee building. 5 southbound route visit toou the 11th syoureet briryle heavyh 3 linme there or at least moderate volume that isat i building. sometimes i hear somebt ty in my ear i can't talk at the i c same time a full update with yourtteeralc coming up ate a 6. for now we will be right back.ei fox5 news mornillng coming upomp tteter this. >> ♪♪ al
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>> welcome back.>> 6:30 on a monday morning.n a mo glad you're with us.'re wi us. wet roads out there.t s ou take your time when you head out wherever this mondayev morning takes you. we'll have weather and traffic coming up on themorneath 5s at 3 first up, let's cheekier topr stories. breaking news out of georgia.. two police officers have been shot while serving a search sea warrant. this happened in byron georgiaeg southeast of atlanta.ta the officers were part of af drug task force.ce officials say they knocked on the door of a home around 2:30 2 this morning announced themselves. when no one answer they had went in. we that's when they were shot byhot someone inside.someinsi the officers returned fire.cers their conditions unknown right k
6:31 am
the suspect was hit. here locally d.c. police investigating severaleral shootings this one deadly. it happened on 32nd street intn northwest just after 9:00 last we have very hintedy ed information. we do know that the victim is vs a man. no word on a suspect nor a n motive for this shooting.hootin. and happening this morningpi in rockvilleng, maryland, another competency hearing for katherine hoggle the woman -- a jump determined hoggle needsed more mental health therapy. thea sources tell fox news that t president-elect donald trump'sec pick for secretaryt of state is the head of exxon mobil. mobil. rex tillerson.leon meanwhile there are new concerns that russian hackingiag helped to get donald trump elected. lawmakers wants to investigatess any possible interference.ible e steve over you to. t how about them skins. >> how about those skins. ski let's talk about that allison ti the
6:32 am
a game but before we get to g to the skins let's go with the late game.te gam last night. new york silenced rookie sacki prescott and elliott in a win win over dallas at the t meadowlands.mead why don't up wants to hearup wa that. the skins and giants fighting for possibly one playoffand gi o skins took care of business in philly completed a sweep ofompl the eagles but detown to the t last play basically. >> here's the >> took it down the last minute. minute. >> i don't understand why theynr have so many problems not just putting teams away but pro thoso first halves on both sides ofesh the ball are abysmal. abysm what is the problem? you gotot weapons, you will got the you w running game. why can't you do more than six points.ts >> the first half the problemsth is not the offense it'sal thet't defense. >> yeah. >> it's the defense.efse they looked horrible the firsthr half but they won the game. gam >> they had a lot of options they didn't take advantage of.
6:33 am
o pulling it out. i don't know who was playing on the right side ofpu powhill s offensive line but ryan r kerrigan and company had aompana field day come argue roundsue r that end and boy did that makete difference. >> especially at the end of the game when they took that ball and it'iaslly hen funny be the commentators are likens he needs his big moment. men how about this play.y. i thought it was pretty dirty. r >> it was dirty but hey -- he >> it is what it is, it's is, i football right. >> it is what it is. >> when i watchedfo i tt hat -- first of all i was like oh --ik- when you're talking to your tvot and you can feel the pain. pai you can't give the grille hit.rt he went right at the head.ri butgh then i was thinking --nki- like i'm so slow like i coulde d easily be i'm going to hit you h here and i'm going to hit you y here many these race are so fast.fa if you don't time thatimtha perfectly that's going theoing t happen. i'm giving him the benefit of bt the doubt. >> somebody we don't have to give the benefit oy fwe the douu to is rob kelly.
6:34 am one guy cannot bring him down. this dude is a legit running rui back football >> r. kelly is the man. >> this r. kelly.elly. not the other r kelly.elly [laughter] >> this r. kelly right here,ellr he is the man. is e m all right, the other thing is what do you think about -- when you see this beautifulutifl pass right here what do you think about cousins from yesterday? you saw the picksawc six. >> i think cousins he did notsi raise his stock. stock i think right now we know whatnh we're getting. getti i think definitely keep him. >> right.>> right. >> give him his money but he'sh not going to get as much moneyhn as he think he was going toink get.he he is who he is who >> i think you give him thehenk money. if you saw the stats they puttau up in the last season and an a a half he's the top quarterback in the nfl. yesterday not one of his better games. games i'm saying statistically he is. is. i don't think yesterday wasth one of his better s. >> right. >> right. >> but i did know they were d bid kall tol tat deshawn at some points.n they were going say goat get itt just run out there we'll get
6:35 am
you thely. >> i think now it's a casenk n with deshawn staying.tang they talked about he was goingwi back to philadelphia orphia whatever. >> i saw this as get the as t philly fans a reminder of whatra he can do so you can bring him back to philly that's what i saw. >> i think that's lawsuit absolutely correct.lutely >> i agree with you on that. tt. >> we already talked about it.ld the giants beat the cowboys which is bad news for thatr at washington. >> terrible. >> tampa bay also won, bad news for washington.hington. they still remain in thirdn ird place even though they won and they're still out of thest playoffs right now. so next up, theplayof carolina panthers. huge game.e. we've already said they can'tdyt lose any more >> uh-huh. a >> can't lose any more games. >> carolina beat san diegoina yesterday. do they have a shot. >> yes. >> yes. [laughter][laughter] >> they do have a shot.hey do >> yes, the hy got a shot. s you always got a shot in the nfl.l. >> i think they're favoritenk but carolina is tone heofy' tht teams -- they got off to a lousy start this year. y you cannot forget this was a w a team that was in the superas i bowl and you never know whichnoi team is going to show up.w up >> right. >> and i think that's the points i thi because they h
6:36 am
you know, heckle and united.nid. >> all over the maply.he maply. >> over the place. >> we'll see who shows up.>> o e >> i gua srantee you this. this. if the skins don't make theake t playoffs you know what it's youk coming down to, that tie >> yes. >> that tie >> absolutely. >> with the cincinnati bengals. >> absolutely. >> man. speaking of ohio, clevelandland browns win a game.brow we were talking about superup bob who was not so good. goo he was not good. >> he was awful. a >> we did good when we said we s yo' you got to go.' you got to g we did good. goo >> no regrets on rg iiin g i bailing. >> i don't think they win a game this year. thought ygaesterday was their chance. >> they got let's seet's see pittsburgh san diego and one a o more game. >> buffalo. >> buffalo. one.'re d >> out of're >> which means -- glad they're e not here. >> harshness. >> glad they're not here. flex thanks for comd ing.they cm always good to see you. you. we only got a couple moreore weeks it looks like you unfortunately.
6:37 am
>> wow. >> playoffs. >> thanks guys. >> they won yesterday.y won yes. >> yeah. >> but the problem is but tng telse is winning too that's ahead of them.he >> can't keep control of.'t keeo that we just control our o destiny. >> exactly. >> thank you. ks >> feeling good after the win yesterday. >> we have good news t wehave mentioood ned there was missingi prince william county boy 10 b 1 years old has been found safeouf and sound. diego martinez returned to his home.s >> fantastic. >> out of manassas. >> outgoesness.home nos.w, you were saying.g. >> there's a picture of him. yeah, good news near weatherwear as well. our temperatures are aboves arbe freezing for everybodyrybody including hagerstown now. we're 42 near washington.ashingo we were concerned about somencer freezing rain overnight north and west butain with temps abov freezing the advisory has beenor let go a little early which iss great. rain showers southern maryland you guys are getting the worst i of ingt at the moment. m off to the north and west not wt much of anything although wehoug have a few additional showers which i think will develop during the morning hours. you can see thothinse o tut ihet west virginia, westerntern maryland.
6:38 am
rain threat yet.rain tt by afternoon we should turnd tun partly sunny and highs in thenyh lowighs 50's. 50' cool afternoon but sunshinein expected later. >> thank you very much tucker.e >> uh-huh. >> all right. erin como is enjoying this o is weekends. >> yeah. y >> we get caitlin roth. rot good morning. >> good morning allison.d morni great to see it is a dareat k gloomy monday n morning. however, not too many accidents related.acci that's great news.that's g maybe we're all learning toree n drive again with the wet roads a because there are wet roads in n the maryland side seeing theeeit worst of the rain right now. it has passed through much of western virginia and startingrg to pass through theinia districc here's inbound route 50 on theot maryland side jammed inside ins the beltway as you approachppro central parts of the district. s i think 202 right there is the your intersection so verynter he also, very heavy inbound 295ound so this is where you hit theu t beltway but then approachingroag the 11th street bridge you can c see those headlights very, vy, very heavy delays there on both 295 and 50. 5 real quick to the maps andd we'll let you know any other issues out there on the roadways.ut here's a wide view. monday morning still showing some g
6:39 am
the top side very heavy on the outer loop 95 -- georgiarg avenue to 95. 9 95 to georgia avenue is what i meant to say and also we're we'e seeing some delays 395 northbound, 66 eastbound once, 6 you get inside the beltway. e by we'll have a closer look at the virginia roads coming up u in less than 10 minutes. mines for that now we'll send it nll s back to steve.o stev >> caitlin thanks very much. tha ready or not award season nowson kicks into full swingcks especially on the west coast. >> i love it. h a holiday messageesge from a local service member overseas. >> ♪♪ >> good afternoon everybody.tern my name is sean joseph burnsephs i'm with the 29th infantrytry division like to wishike everybody a merry christmaschtms happy holidays. holay like dollars give a shout-outiv- to my girlfriend nicky and daughters laural:and emmy.
6:40 am
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:42. time check what's trending on the web on this monday morning. what'web gust brady bunch. former bray budy bunch child sts got the pink slip from herrom r radio station after centering ci a homophobic opportunity artuni guest. susan olson grown up here known for playing cindy bradyiny sent a private facebook facebook
6:43 am
actor. ac he postd that rant then. after firing olson the showthe s the radio show said it willd itl not tolerate hateful speech byeh anybody associated with the radio staastion.sociti. next up parents might soontm be able to buy medicalical marijuana in maryland.aryld. patients i should say. 102 dispensary businesses got a preliminary thumbs up.p. next up criminal and background checks for the business owners.sinesswner they could be run buying next b summer. being called the longest ge uber ride ever. an uber driver said she droveheo a passenger from thatm that williamsburg, virginia to brooklyn new york so that theewy passenger could visitor her her boyfriend. nearly 400 miles, a seven hour h 42 minute journey.ey. the fare cost how much? $294.29 >> not bad.. >> really not that bad according to the new york postot the same trip via cab could cld have cost almost $1200 but youou know allison there are there airplanes, too, buts if youoo, got to go you got to go. g >> i was a little disappointedin
6:44 am
parents on your other story. sry see you later. [laughter]r] >> jk, just joking. jin lights camera action. some of the biggest and brightest stars of film and a television turn up for the critics choice awards. ard the big winners from last night. night. a reminder we take you to the break if you have ae take ns tip share the with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail your tips to we're back in a moment.
6:45 am
6:46 am
6:47 am
>> 6:45. shout out to everybody who -- w- this is -- sold out 9:30 90 saturday night. n a lot of great fox5 fans werefar there. we were doing a benefit showw honoring the 20th anniversarynna of the band oar and our good g friend the sports junkies. junki all the proceeds went to helpprc military causes in the areeeas a and it was great.and was so, i was hosting the show so s i got up on stage and i said sai hey can i take a picture oftakec the show on fox5 mondayon morning and everybody put and ey their hands up and wereup ander screaming.scaming. >> all of them have the number m four up which that on the day of the accident. >> allison. >> no, theisy're peace signs.ea >> look at all those handshose h with the fives. fives let's go back to that pictureaca quickly. a little bit of a possible cut and paste job here.and pajob he. >> let's see. ureur back to that pict very quickly. learn don't stand under und the purple lights. light >> there we we go. that looks real. the same purple is on the t audience goers.audience g >> those are stage i'll show you the a original. producer lynn i did hear you
6:48 am
background. epic fail. >> very cool steve.olteve >> we could because we care. c >> ryan zimmerman from themmman nationals was there helpingel out with the effort. t >> did you play a little >> please, there's>> pase, professionals there, al.e, a >> you're good. g >> leave it up to the pros. >> that wouldn't stop youwo't su steve. >> everybody says hi to yourybo guys as well.dy't stop >> we did get on stage and sing at the end. it was kind of fun.ind of f >> awesome steve.wesome >> christmas carol at the endola of the show. >> turned your microphone downmw a little bit. >> he takes us everywhere you go. >> bus stop forecast showersto out there.p overnight lows bacc in the upper 30's, low 40's 4 here in the city. c temperatures were very kind ofve critical here early this early morning. some spots were at or belowr bow freezing. we had some issues with freezing rain. after school tfroday, we shouldl get some sunshine and back inac low low 50's. 43 now in washington.asng all right, the great news here is everybody with theith exception of winchestercept appears to be at or aboveion freezing. with the rain showers that moved through overnight we hadhg some issues with freezing rains off to the north and west.wi
6:49 am
not the case any longer ass temperatures are up just aatur little bit and most of thet rain has moved on through. thr all right, right along 95 nowngn we're done with rain showers. rr at least for the time being.eei off to the east and the southou you can see we're not southern r maryland still get something sti pretty good rain, out along the bay western shore of the bay, annapolis look along theoo rain showers but not so much for you guys off to the north and west. can't promise we're donowe werao oneay few additional showers. you can see here got a few additional showers and our and cold front which will bel moving t area of low pressure to our north andhrf low west. w look at the snows flying up in new england this morning. we've been mentioning the problems up there witenhglane bn traveling and as that area ofre low pressure continues tontin track up into canada, thisca cold frontna will get draggedetd through and we should see partial clearing andugh an dayte highs in the throw mid-50's a-5s little later today so a pleasant afternoon. don't get used to thedon't relatively mild air as we gotasg much, much colder air on ther on way.wa there we are at 11:00. 11:00 i think we're done with thek wer rain showers by late morning. m. there's your clearing at 5:00. t wants to mention tomorrow aro little disturbance and tempsce m in the 40's. we splay a
6:50 am
mix here tomorrow night bywig tomorrow evening and then the te arctic fronts comes through on wednesday. es looks what happens to ourat h highs on thursday and friday. we don'tap thurs get out of thes thursday and friday withit overnight lows in the teens even the city so make suremake s you're prepared for a real a rel blast of cold air by the end of the week.eek. all right, ervin not here.t h caitlin is here this morning. m. >> good morning. i feel prepared after thishis weekend, right? that was like an introduction to arctic air.c >> you got it. >> with a follow-up comingowcom later on this week.r on t we've got a big problem on theet beltway virginia side of the sif outer loop approaching braddock road disabled. you can see where the vehicle is off on the shoulder but itseu doeslder but block the on-ramp p braddock road so you cannot access braddock road right nowrh as long as the police crews are the scene dealing with w this disabled vehicle. route 29 southbound closed29 s just getting word of this between groveton road and pagee land lane so if you areou
6:51 am
virginia local road 29oa southbound just north of 66, 6 that is closed due to an accident so we've had a lot of t wet roads this morning. the rain has cleared northern nn virginia but doesn't mean it's m not wet out there, doesn't 19sn1 you're not supposed to be a little bit slower because you so can still have those tires hydroplane on those wet roads quickly.quickly. again 29 southbound closed intho that area if you do take that -- if you use the localhe work around there.unre staying in virginia 66 eastbound we've got on and offof slowdowns 234 to nutley streettr very heavy.ea in some spots inside thehe beltway, too you can see from so the beltway all the way totheay sycamore street very heavy onn eastbound 66 and then heavy ithy looks like from the beltwayhe bl all the way to route sevente s here on 395 northbound. so, all the way not tot 14th not street bridge probably expectbat that some delays. that's a look atay traffic. tff steve back up. >> in maryland the public will get to way in on potential way high high rail service between baltimore and the district. dtr this evening
6:52 am
7:00 p.m., near al 40-mile0- route that would, if it workedtd out get passengers between betwn baltimore and washington in 15 minutes. wowow. okay. are you looking to buy a house in d.c. foyoru the first time? mayor muriel bowser plans to announce some first time home buyer programs todaymd that could help close theosehe deal. the meeting is at 11 o'clock.1 l the mayor made affordableore housing a major focus of her administration. today she plans toad increase is the loan amount for the housing purchase assistancepurca program and the mayor will w revise those repayment terms of hpap borrowers. borro weis markets partneringarer with giving 1600 pounds of hamf to the fredericksburg regionalre food bank part of hormel'ss hams for hunger more than 800 hams will bems wil loaded onto the food bank trk.k. that's awesomely. >> redskins linebacke
6:53 am
kerrigan will visit inova children's know falls church to bring clear to kids who arels seriously ill or have ave a special need.spial part of the line barker'se barks fourth annual ryan's reindeerei rush. kerrigan has a cousin on thehe autism spectrum and itmnd inspired him to give back as bk he has seen firsthand thehand t struggles that a family can face. >> ♪♪ >> 6:53 and in today's fox f beat another week on top for disney's mow want n the animated flick number one forck the third straight weekendir bringingd in just underneatht a million dollars. that was followed by the jennifer aniston comedy officent christmas party. comingri in third fantasticfanti beast and where to find them.inm the romantic musical la-laala- land getting a lot of buzz and z great reviews playing in onlyvil fiveay theaters.he the film made a recordec $855,000 for lion's gate ann's n all time high for a fiveaiv theater release it stars emmatae stone and ryan gosling both struggling to break into the entertainment industry andent it la n
6:54 am
california the film took homeoke the critic's choice awards for highest honor. that's of course best pictureic also best director. dec la-la land won a total ofon a tl eight awards last night. nig it will hit theatershithe nationwide on this friday.ri >> some of the night's other big winners best actor caseyctoy affleck for his role in the drama manchester by the sea. getting a lot of buzz. >> not the buzz of a razor. aaz >> best actress natalieie portman for her portrayal offora first ladyl jacqueoline kenny k onassis in the film jackie.e. kevin would be happy to know k that "deadpool" also won big,sob it won best comedy which kevinev kept saying that it had the comedic element and ryandic reynolds won for best actor in i a comedy. c which is kind of interesting.erg he also was awarded thenwarded e takenner of the year prize andep i'm willing to bet kevinev watches "deadpool" again tos "d celebrate.ea >> all the comedians are like really
6:55 am
>> little sarcasm a-little dry humor in a animated flick. >> nominations for golden on the tvinat side hb. os west world could be in for big morning. morning meryl streep could be nominate ed for her role as florence buster jenkins.ter >> you need a whole room for roo them. >> a house for it. nominations will be streamed live online starting at 8:20. 8 let's get to our fan of fan the day. it's a quick hello to lavonneone today her ring. her friend and someone you might know angela bassett.
6:56 am
>> lavonne today celebrate addee birthday on saturday.ur >> happy birthday. >> cute picture.>> cut >> fantastic. good mning.ood morning. >> hi guys. ra shohowers for us. temps in the 40's. 40' we have concerns aboutrn freezing rain overnight.n overn. no longer concerned with that which is great news butr ch so is me wet roads for you as yu head out to work and school.l. 44 in washington.ashingto these temps are on the risete which is good winds out ofwhic the south-southwest at 14. there's you were rain showeryouh activity.ower heaviest of it pushed off to the east and to the south and of o south we do have some additionalditio showers further west so we'reweo not quite though in the rainhe threat but i think by latey l morning things should start to t quit here and we'll clear ite a out later this afternoon. there's your seven day. cold air byclealater ere's theh week. indicate vin in she's got your roads. road >> wet roads causing biget issues in r virginia. vgi this is major. route 29 southbound is nowund in closed due to an accident andidd the police that are on then scene felt the need to close t c the road. the you cannot access that betweenet
6:57 am
road. if you use 29 in virginia usegie sticks '66 as your alternater an eastbound and westbound.boun eastbound you've got someplace e delays building. otherwise not so bad.ise keep that that in mind 29at inin southbound is shut down. d also on and off slowdowns 66own6 eastbound 234 to nutley nut street. that's a look at traffic. 6:57.6:57. fox5 news morning will bel right back after this.t ba aft >> ♪♪ ♪♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> straight ahead at 7:00 a quiet d.c. neighborhood aboood a crime scene at this hour a man is shot dead near the district's border with montgomery county. coming up a live report frommonr northwest as police continue to search for clues.coh r clues >> plus, trump transition the president-elect set toid make his pick for secretaryen oo state already a lot of o pushback.push >> first though a live look outside on this wet monday mondy december morning.mber morni it's december 12th. slick in some placess overnight. good news freezing rain advisory to our west has beenr h canceled. that doesn't mean your morning o commute won't abwet one. good monday morning everybody,ry i'm allison seymour.m >> and i'm steve chenevey. well do you mean fox5 newsal'm e morning, as we mentioned the t slick spots far to the west of the immediate d.c. area.. ar allegheny and garrett county schools in western marylandyl have a two-hour delay today. t there was some icingerwas conditions overnight.itions oveg let's get to tucker barnesht fos an update on the situation.itua. >> you said it. the good news is t>>he advisoryr has been let go and temperatures ith


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