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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 12, 2016 7:00am-8:59am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> straight ahead at 7:00 a quiet d.c. neighborhood aboood a crime scene at this hour a man is shot dead near the district's border with montgomery county. coming up a live report frommonr northwest as police continue to search for clues.coh r clues >> plus, trump transition the president-elect set toid make his pick for secretaryen oo state already a lot of o pushback.push >> first though a live look outside on this wet monday mondy december morning.mber morni it's december 12th. slick in some placess overnight. good news freezing rain advisory to our west has beenr h canceled. that doesn't mean your morning o commute won't abwet one. good monday morning everybody,ry i'm allison seymour.m >> and i'm steve chenevey. well do you mean fox5 newsal'm e morning, as we mentioned the t slick spots far to the west of the immediate d.c. area.. ar allegheny and garrett county schools in western marylandyl have a two-hour delay today. t there was some icingerwas conditions overnight.itions oveg let's get to tucker barnesht fos an update on the situation.itua. >> you said it. the good news is t>>he advisoryr has been let go and temperatures ith
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it's just a rain events for us u but enough to slow our roadways. there's your advisory.dvisory. now it's just in southernn souer pennsylvania which is goodania news. earlier we had it for countiesor there just off to the north ther and to the rain showers they continues.ties heaviest of the rain southern sr maryland now pushing alongnglo lower eastern shore.we off to the north and west not much of anything at the moment if you look out to the west weoe have w additional showerslho develop out in westernlo vip rginia. cold front coming through androa that will bring us periods of po rain showers this morning.wers again it should be all liquidlld from here on out with temps ini the 40's and then we'll getn wet some afternoon sunshine and eventual daytime highs in theig throw mid-50's. more on the weather coming upcou momentarily but again fromain fo here on out i think it's justs j falling as rain which is gh i allison, steve.allison, ste >> tuck thanks so mucveh.kso m while we're waking up toweeu rain here, parts of thethe midwest waking up to 10-inches of snow.ofnow. big problems in detroit ait delta plane went off the ende we of the runway 70 people on board. board. just at low speed. sed went no snowy grass after trying to turn onto a taxi tur
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chicago o'hare airport wherere there are many flight anyght cancellations already today. 33 expect even more later.ater that system pushing east at eas this hour.ou so check ahead if you're y'r flying especially if you'reeciay connecting through the midwest.midw >> ♪♪ 7:02 let's get to the other news of this morning and there's breaking news out ofg no georgia at this thiur two police officers have beenerb shot while serving a search a sa warrant. this happened in byron georgiang southeast of atlanta.anta the officers were part of a drug task force. tas now, they knocked on the door of a home around 2:30 this0 th morning. they announced themselves.heel but when no one answered thisres went into the home and that'sth when they were shot by someoneeo inside.inside. the officers returned fire.cers their r conditions unknown root right now and it's uncleard it'e whether the suspect was hit. wa. last week two officers in georgia were shot respondingon to a domestic situation.uati sadly both of them died.mie >> back here locally d.c..c police still on the scene of ata deadly shooting that happened on 302nd street northwest.orthwe >> the melanie alnwick is live l this morning with the latestng on thisthe
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mel. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison.eve anallison a little bit more activity macti here this t you canhi see now that d.c.hat d police moved back intoce moved b position here sort of mid m block there right in front of one of the homes littleittl further down here from wherefroe we were standing so we're we're getting a better sense ofense of where perhaps they are focusing their investigation.esi homicide investigators first came here last night around 9:15. 9: this is15 d.c.'s hawthornewthore neighborhood. it's part of the chevy chase cha area bordering rock creekordengr park, the homes here range r from in the 700 thousands to about $2 million.million. the report came in for a shooting. there were reports a plan was as found dead on the scene. scene police tell us the car hashe been towed away. towedwa certainly this is a very quiet neighborhood. neighbors here say that they enjoy block parties and the a diversity in the area and area d certainly the quiet and theiet e safety that they feel that tha they have had certainly islys something that is not common at all in this quadrant, thisans little corner of northwestorwe d.c. but so f
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again no suspects, no motive mot haven't not yet identified thede man who was found dead here onre the scene.the live in northwest, i'm melanieme alnwick, fox5 local news. >> 7:03. developing overnight as wellsel d.c. police searching for the person who shot a man in the 1100 block prosecutor 13th street pst thete shooting happened aroundd 2:20 this morning. that victim is in a local hospital. hospital no word on his condition but b we do know he's still alive. >> d.c. police also searchingrci for five people responsible for a carjack on western wte avenue in northwest. in happened about 6:20's lasts st night.nit. the suspects were armed with aa gun. they made off way char lookedr d like this wasn't 2014 blue blu hyundai santa fe. it has d.c. tags en1190. en10. so if you steep blue vehicle,ste are you asked to callp police immediately.diat >> a manhunt is under way forr f this man 22-year-old mohammed sherdel. he's wanted for a shootingotin that happened on friday nighty in woodbridge.oodbridg he's accused of shooting twootiw men, both are alive and
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so far prince william countyam police haven't been able to find this suspect though. they are asking for you toing give them a call if you knowou where he is.e hes. and happening thisanha morning, in rockville, anotheran competency hearing for couldou this run hoggle the woman believed to be the laste the l attorney see her two childrenhie before they disappeared twoaredo years ago.ars ago. she's being held in perkins mental health facility.acit this past sent a judge aud determined she needs more mental health therapy. >> 7:05 right now. time for>> 7 a check on yourck o forecast. tuck is here to do that for us. >> 42 degrees out there.degr >> i know. not the best driving this >> no, but at least 42 degrees e so we were concerned about freezing rain off to the northnt and west overnight and temperatures sure enough were wr at or below freezing when theinh rain moved in so we did haveav some pockets of freezing rain but that has -- that is no n longer a a concern. >> sounds like a warmup laterkeu today. >> yeah, low 50's later today. d already headed in thatadin that direction. 44 at reagan national.t n we'll be a little warmer than t we were all weekend long.on dulls
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40 degrees and again everybodybo with the exception ofon o winchester at last look here is above freezing.reezg. there could be a pocket or twokr if you're off to the north and west, a valley where you're driving that you encounter eou that may still have freezing f temperatures so just be on thej lookout here if you're well y north and west. for the rest ofno us, just rain showers and the heaviest oft the vein now pushed to the south and east although we doeao have a fewugh we additional shor that which i think will whi develop over the next few hochurs.p overho by late morning, we should be sb done with the rain been earlyly afternoon we'll get some s clearing and partly sunnysuy skies here by late this lthis afternoon. highs expected to be in thehe low 50's. and my advice enjoy the lowhe lw 50's because on the horizon.izon >> sounds ominous. >> arctic outbreak part two. this one means business.ines >> when tucker finally admits am that it's going to be cold youcl know it's going to be cold, col right. >> even i might need theghed gloves by the end of the >> okay. >> but any precipitation to go along with it? >> yeah, you know. >> don't play. this is a>> y>> d very importana weekend. we >> if u
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sunday you need a littleeed a le something on top, right., ri >> no. caitlin good morning. morning >> i prefer to be where thefer ice cream sunday melts. but ttohat'scream just me. >> not sure what that really rel meant. however, sounds like a tease.oud wet roads thiss morning. mor everyone going a little bit slower. we do have an accident on 29 southbound in an virginia thataha has forced a closure as closures emergency crews are on thehe scene between groveton road on pageland lane. if you usually take 29 you're yu in this more local section of virginia, 66 is your best66s yo alternate. westbound you're fine but eastbound it is a little heavyuo there. th and then onto east oft o centreville you've got some ont and off slowdowns from 234 to4 nutley street and taking youing into the beltway we're alsoe' ao seeing some heavier delays.s. from 95 northbound dale city c to the beltway your normalr nora delays right there as youu approach franconia looks like it gets a little bit heaviertt and then inside thele beltwayelw we've got some heavy delays onn 395t northbound edsall road too the 14th street bridge you're y very heavy here and you'reoue most heavy from the got aboutot king that's where the red ends andndn that's where you you've got really stacked up dela
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within the beltway you're very r heavy from about the falls church area, let's just sayt y the beltway to about sycamoreute street and then things loosenths up a little bit as you headas y into the district. dis inner loop delays now building approaching the wilson bridgerig so southern maryland still seeing the falling rain andn a they're also seeing a lot ofa local slowdowns two, 95 looks lo very heavy, too, northbound asbs you're heading into theo t district and then route visitout to the 11th street bridge on the southbound side of 295.. also 50 inbound, yeah, prettyh,e heavy. it's still raining from f cheverly into the district soics just expect it to take a take little bit longer with thoseho wet rhodes roads this morningds as long as we continues to have the falling rain. that's a look at traffic. allison. >> 7:08.he a thanks loo caitlin. caitlin president-elect donaldiden trump has reportedly made arepom big cabinet pick. p >> sources tell fox news thatha the president-elect selectedelec exxon co rex tillerson as secretary of state.of ste he'll nominate him. maureen joins us in studio with more. joins wi>> proving to be a verytho bey controversial pick. democrats are already soundingou
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conflicts of interest but thet e controversy doesn't stopversy ds there. trump is also making waves bykib saying he will not necessarilyey read daily intelligencelige briefings. yesterday he gave a rare sit a t down interview with fox news.ew >> what i'm doing is song is s important this is a calling. cag >> president-elect donaldside trump made his first appearance on a sundantumyp mor political show since the election. sitting down with chrish chs wallace on fox news sunday. sun. and this morning sources nowourw telling fox news the head of o exxon mobil rex tillerson iss trump's pick for secretary of state. stat >> does massive deals inls in russia, massive deals for the company no, for himself butno, for the company.fofo >> he's secretary of ir t. >> no,of i no, but i have i hav tremendous respect for him.espeh >> trump also dismissing the cia's report that russiat rusa influenced the elections soio s many he could win. win >> i don't believe it.ieve i i don't know why and i thinkhi it's just -- you know, they talked about all sorts oforts o things every week it's another excuse.
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couldn't traffic report to thefc reaction from other republicans, members of the senate armed servicesreactians,m committee including senator sat john mccain wants to fullynts ty investigate the claims saying sn the parties must work together.. >> we would be working in an bipartisan basis.rtisan basis. you can't make this issue partisan.rtisan it's two important. iortant a fundamental of a democracyl y is a free and fair election.lect >> this is a form of warfare for vladimir putin who is a is thug an bully, for him to be b trying to impact our elections, that's -- we have to -- there has to be -- hee -- has to be held >> the president-elect also made clear he's not interestedne in having daily intelligencelige briefings. >> i don't need to be tolde tol chris the same thing every day y every morning same words, sir,ir nothing has changed, let's jo go over, it again. aga i don't need that. >> silicon valley elite theirher head to trump tower. tow among those expected
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mark cuban will be staying at home allison and steve. >> trump's former virginiamer va chairman is turning to a guno ag give away to stir up 90 hisp campaign for corey stewartgn announced he'll' give away an ar-15 semi automatic rifle one of his supporters. stewart is a current chairppmann of the prince william countywila board of supervisors.ervirs his republican candidate forcanr virginia governor.overr. stewart says the give away isys a show of his dedication to the second amendment.ndnt. he says the win her have to havt undergo a background check.a ba >> breaking overnight in new orleans the man shoe whckog ov o and killed new orleans saint sai player will smith has been sth h convicted of manslaughter. cardale hayes insisted he onlynl fired because smith was drunkask violent and grabbed a gun.un this morning about the
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u.s.a. reporting he suffered from memory loss and depression before he committed d sigh side last s those were symptoms associateds withas cte a disease linked tolo concussions however it caner itn only be diagnosed after death da and salaam's brain was not donated for evaluation becauseen of his faith and burial rituals. salaam's brother said he spoke to salaam about an hour beforefo his death and salaam seemed seee fine describing it as a positive conversation.onrsat >> 7:12 now.ow in orlando overnight a moment mn of silence at 2:02 to mark the exact time six months ago ame sx gunman started shootinging insides the pulse nightclub. survivors staff and family fam members marked this ceremony.rkd today a public memorial will t be m hel the names of each of the 49 victims will be read.ea >> still a lot of talk thistalks morning about the plannedabou protests near d.c. after d.c. af donald trump takes officersrump next month. tnext month. coming up new details
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the women's march on washington. >> plus , it was a nail-biter ai in philadelphia.delphi the skins keeping theirskins playoff hopes alive.ayoff hope we are going to to break down d their big win and take a look ahead.
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the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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>> oh, boy. got some traffic backed up. >> i blame tucker entirely. tr thingaf tmeo tucot do. do. i was going blame the rain butbm i'll blame tucker, too, if youiy want. want >> always makes for a messy.s m and slow commute. commute. >> i know. >> okay. >> always a challenge. give yourself al little extrae a caitlin is in with traffh t this morning. we'll check in with her in a couple minutes. still cominupg down or leftovers. >> leftovers.>> leftove everything is timed forhing imed perfection. if it's a sunnype beautiful dayy we're okay. the moment anything at all -- a >> it snowballs. >> yeah.. >> snowball. >> rain showers trying to wind down and i think they willer move by lates i t morning and l be look along the daytime highs in the low to mid-50' >> but it looks like there's t bitter cold coming.d comin >> what makes you say that t steve. >> i'm just thinking it's whamha we should expect.we s >> make fun of the cold steved see what happens you to later this week. >> let the record show i did sh i did not make fun of you.f y
7:17 am
44 now washington.44 n there's a look at regionala lo temperatures i'm want toat mention we are locally local everybody's above freezing atez this hour which is great we did have a freezing rainzingr advisory that has been let go a little early which is good sowhich is anything that falls from herehar on out will be just rain and rad you can see on the radar that rt the heaviest of the rain is well south and east of us now. . southern maryland stillarand getting pretty good rainsg across the bay there lproweter r eastern shore is up next.ext. out to the west we're not done d with the rain shower threatin here for a few more hours butrsb i think by late morning rainninr will be completely out of here e by early afternoon we'll geterng some breaks in the clouds with eventually some bitter cold not arriving todayno or tomorrow but look whatt happens by thursday and friday.. daytime highs don't get out of f the 20's and you see that 16. >> that's our first foray intoat the teens this fall isn't it.'t. >> definitely. >> for d.c. at least. least >> highs in the 20's. hig go back to probably last january last time hsit was thato cold. cold >> all
7:18 am
>> okay. >> yeah. it didn't change when you looked at it tn'he secont d tch. >> it's like what now. somebody hand me my glasses.y ga >> is it a 46? no, it's a 16. >> hi caitlin.. >> hard to take especiallyto early on a t monday morning. mo. all right. it is mild but you just have rain showers out there this morning but e nough ra butinwers orain showers to cause everyone to c e need to go a little bit lite slower. we have a couple accidents to report.couple 295 northbound we've got a g crash at the 11th street str bridge.idge 295 now jammed all the wayay back to the beltway and thennd t looks like the southbound sideud on the other side of 50 alsof 5s pretty jammed too so watch outat for that 295 northbound crash. h also staying in southern maryland inner loop delays branch avenue to wilsonto wion and it does look pretty nastytts around this area. area. that's where the rain i the raii believe is still falling. falli into northern virginia 95gini northbound you're very heavy hvy here from dale city up to the ut beltway and then once you hitth the beltway it doesn't get't much better. 395 northbound has been heavyd h all morning edsall road to the 14th streetse bridge, heaviest to about king a street. that's where the red ends andnd then into the district youtric look a little bit better
7:19 am
okay.ok into virginia 29 southbound isd closed due an accident and the t emergency crews on the scene. s. this is between groveton roadn r and pagelands you might want to use 66 as an n alternate and this part of par northern virginia a little bitib further out towards our west ouw 66 doesn't look so bad but b then easter of centreville youtl see delays pick up on and off of slowdowns 234 to about nutley street.street. that's 66 eastbound pretty6 heavy.ea 295 southbound also very heavyoy like i said earlier routeer roue visit to the 11th street str and we've got these normal norma delays stacking up but keep butk that in mind everyone driving di a little bit slower due those wet slo i'll keep you posted o any additional accidents onccts o twitter caitlin roth fox5. steve and allison.llon >> talk about protests planned for the inauguration and the day after theaugu inauguration o of the most buzzed events isve the women's march. mch they claim they've been denied i a place to protest. protest. >> seems the group may haveayave that found a new location.nd fox5's bob a barnard joins us js with more now.with moreow good morning, bob.ning, >> reporter:
7:20 am
>> reporter: hey, allison, ais and steve. and stev people are planning to cometo ce from all over the countryount washington.wa yeah, guys, do you hear me all right? >> loud and clear bob.ou >> reporter: so,d basically bal this is a gathering forg justice, the women's march on washington that has been bee planned since basically the day after the election.leio and i've heard from thatrom people all over the countryll o that are planning coto come toot washington from northernern virginia and other parts and a you get the sense national park service is frustrated.ruste it's all because theau the inauguration of our nextr nt president, the 45th presidentrei donald trump will be on january 20th. the women's march on on washington wants to have aon w rally at the lincoln memorial ml on the 21st but the nationall park service says we have not made final plans in terms of working with the presidentialnta inaugural committee on where they, the people staging thee inauguration want to holdtiant certain events.. the national park service saysis theyav
7:21 am
permit of the women's march on washington.wa theysh have not granted any besides what the inauguralnaural committee wants to right now you mentionteed thatea the women's march onarch on washington has a new location.oo they say they're going to meet e on january 21st basically atly a the foot of capitol hill at third street and independencendp avenue and then march downarchon independence avenue.denden they don't have a permit forermo that yet. they are working with d.c. d. police on possibly other locations. their word is to everybody whodw is interested in this in getting the word via socialvia o media to come, don't changeng your plans, we'll figureigure something out.methinout. the national park service again frustrated by the factheac that the story keeps coming upig that they're denying permits pes has put out this statement.tatet again, thirty three statementrt an application for use of theth lincoln memorial had h previously been submitted by the presidential inauguraltial committee and therefore maye an not be available, the lincoln lo memorial may not be available aa for additional permittedrmitte events on january 20's first.s t the lincoln memorial is among the eight sites permitted tott the committee a
7:22 am
one year ago to stage the inaugural celebration.on. so, again, there is still some question, it's nothing set initg stone in terms s of where this women's march on washington will gather on the 21st but basically it's going to happen e somewhere potentially stilllytil even the lincoln memorial butemr it's probably going to be days y or weeks still before we knowe e exactly how it's going tot's gog shake out, >> thank you very much. two former congressmenhank e due court today, one for an arraignment, the other for a sentencing.sentencing. details next. >> update on that local teen a a victim of an explosion in newne york city's central park overaro the summer. summe he is now facing a new battleewt this it is 7:22.:2 >> ♪♪ ♪♪ once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in.
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>> ♪♪ >> 7: 25. man it's been so long since we've talked about the new 's bee mgm national harbor isn't it.t >> it has. >> here's a live look rightookig now. no there's some weather we'res so dealing with this morning. morn. a little rainy out there a-little hazy as well.liaz mgm by the way says everyones is welcome once on friday and saturday the the casino asked only people who pe had hotel stress asians orasia dinner reservations make theirat way because it just got too crowded. they had reached capacity a numberea ochedf times.imes casino literally like threeikth times the first night got capacity. same thing on fridacapay and ovr the week.e it's a new week's obviously this want people to we come. >> a prosperity problem, pblem right.
7:26 am
>> that's a good problem in i t have.t's a go >> that's a great problem inhav have.great pha >> okay. >> i agree. hi tuck. >> hey, good morning.good another good problem to have io don't know how i'm going to g tie this in, 44 degrees.4 gree all right.right 41 in gaithersburg, 42 dulles.2e we're looking at daytime highsti in the low to mid-50's. t hey, good news everybody withehy the exception of winchester is now buffer freezing. national weather service haderve much of the area here north and west aunt freezing rain rai rise sorry. everybody else getting a break. i can't promise we'reybod a donn with the rain shower threathe r here for a few more hoursai.eou we just have a few additionalita showers out to the thee. by late morning we should beld done with any rain showersith ho that will fall and again itill n will be all rain for us todayod and then we should get a little sunshine thisunshinthis afternoon, turn partly sunny tus with daytime highs ashss mentioned in the low 50's. arctic blast get ready for it.o. thursday, friday, highs don'tigd get out of the 20's. the0's. overnight lows in the teens. the it is going to be really cold cd around here by the end of the week. that is your weather u
7:27 am
caitlin is back thewith slowyour roads. >> slow roads. t wamight want to stay home wh to en it's that cold later i the week.k. wet weather might deter fromht d you heading out. 95 northbound headlightsd headls coming at you where we had anwhh earlier accident pushed off toci thede shoulder. sul you can see out extreme sidesee of your screen right there at fairfax countyscreen parkway.arw heavy delays, jammed solid as we go to the maps we'll show wls you despite the fact that thatt vehicle has been moved over to the shoulder and all lanes aresa opened look at this very heavyeh delays northbound 95 atthboun a fairfax county parkway and that stretches back to dalek to city. it was yellow last look but y now elin tlohe red and expectedc very long trip throughlong tripu northern virginia if you take t 95 northbound due that vehicletl pushed over on the shoulder.ul all right. all r let's get inside the beltwayde l here. 395 northbound very heavy from the beltway to about king kg street. and then in northern marylandla you've got your normal delaysl e on the outer loop, 95 georgiaeo avenue and baltimore-washington parkway as welle- awas 95v moderate dels southbound into the district. dr all right, that is a look atk 7:27.7: and fox5 news mornin
7:28 am
right back after this. this. ♪♪ with advil, you'll ask what sinus headache? what stiff joints? what time of the month cramps? what nighttime pain? make all your pains a distant memory with advil the world's #1 choice what pain? advil.
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♪♪ it is 7:30 right now.ow. d.c. police investigating atigag number of shootings this one a deadly shooting it happened onad 32nd street northwest just jus after 9:00 o'clock last limited information coming fromr police right now. we do know thepo vliictim is a n no word on suspect though noug n word on a motive for thator tt shooting.shoo virginia teenager who's foot was amputated over the summer sr from a bomb in central park an n explosive device in central parr in new york fighting his his insurance company now for prostatic leg. 19-year-old connor golden andr g his family say the road tooado recovery has not been biz easy. united health care the company y has not helping the company at first refused for months to
7:31 am
the family proved their son ther needed a prosthetic the familiar still say the goodg news is, connor is back ink i college now trying to lead whatt he calls a normal life. lif two former congressmen duesm in court today, one for for arraignment, the other for sentencing. >> let's start with at rain manw for aariton shock the formermer illinois congressman expected t plead not guilty as he faces 242 counts including theft of of government funds, wire and e-mail fraud and making falseg l statements in expense vouchers.s shock stepped down from congreso in march ofm 2015 a cover boy oo men's health magazine onn allegations he misused government and campaign funds to finance elaborate decoration ata his office ton take lavish lavis trips.trip happening now a federalen juing dgeno will decide the fatf former pennsylvania lawmaker chaka fattah today. today the former u.s. congressman wass found guilty of a long list ofoi charges including money laundering, fraud, racketeering federal prosecutors are seekinge 17 to 21 years for him.
7:32 am
in pennsylvania for more than 20 years. now to prince george'sto prr county where a majorge' rescue k place.ple. 11-year-old boy got stuck wastes deep in mud while walking in thn woods in firefighters wereht wer called in to free him. him it happened in hyattsville overo the weekend. lindsay watts spoke to the boy b about this ordeal. >> reporter: who would ever e expect to get stuck to that t degree just walking around ind n the woods? this is where it happened. back beyond the trees near near sheriff road and bell havenen drive.iv a group of boys was paying outg here when they ended up having n very close call.. >> oh, i was trying to feel colc but i realized i just wanted tod stay calm. >> reporter: cold, wet and and halfway buried in mud, eric e henderson says he told himselfse not to panic. he says before this, his friendn feet got stuck here and he was s trying to help.hel >> i finally got hem out becausu i used my hands and like a shovel so i could be able to geo
7:33 am
so then i tried to do the samehm thing to my leg but it didn't dd work. >> reporter: he says hisorr: hea friends ran through the woods tt get help for him. a police officer responded firsr but had to fall the fire department because eric was in so dope. a technical rescue team was w called in.lledn >> just got some shovels. shove. >> reporter: they covered eric way sheet for warmth and it took about 30 minutes to dig him outt some neighbors saw the big response.rese >> i'm just so sad to learn that this happened. i'm glad that they got him out.t >> reporter: eric says he has learned something from what whaw happened. >> changed my hyped about whatot i'm going to be doing. be ing make my own right decisions.isis >> reporter: he has this to thio say to his friends and firefighters.. >> thank you for helping me get out. >> reporter: theou only casualty today, the clothes and shoeses eric was wearing.eang his mom says she took one lookel at how dirty they were and theyt went right in the trash. eric's family also says they are grateful to rescuers.
7:34 am
in hay yatesville, lindsay lay what's fox5 local news. >> helpless feeling when you'rel stuck like that. >> i'm glad they're okay.std t >> thanks to everybody whovery helped out. help redskins took care of businesson in philly yesterday.terday >> that's the good news.ews but there was still some not sos good news.ods. wisdom joins us to break itreak down. wisdom you have the not so goodo news part. >> well, here's the deal.s the . you know how we always talkingln about you're not supposed tose t root for your rival actually you were if you're a redskinsedin supposed to route for theor t cowboys yesterday.ay. i'll tell you why in just a second. yesterday was a rare time if you were a skins fan you would be b root fog the cowboys much here'h thaldeal. the redskins need thed the the cowboys to win they were playing the giants.iants. that would help the redskins inn this whole wild card picture thing.. fuzzy math but you need to win o your all your game unneed help.. giants put an end to the cowboys 11 game win streak sign lensingi dak prescott and ezekiel elliot in very tight game in whichch dallas lost.ost all right.ight prescott threw for
7:35 am
two picks.ks. final two minutes this pretty much seal dez bryant caught thet ball driving trying to score and fumble it. i that pretty much seal the game.m that giants win kept them aheade of the redskins.edsks. tampa bay also won keeping themg ahead of the redskins as well.el and now the skins they're trying to carry that momentum from winning into next week playingyg the reigning nfc carolinaa nthehers. here are the giants nine and four. fr tampa bay eight and five. f they're in the hunt.heunt. redskins right now that's wheree the play off line would beul redskins would be out. woue out. so the giants and tampa baypa by would be in because the giants s and tampa bay won yesterday.. the skins won so it's too bad to kind of thing.hing you got to winter rest of yourfu games. carolina coming up.rolina they have to win that game andge everything and hope that thee tt giants and the buccs somehow sew stumble down the stretch. s. that way the skins can back b their way into the playoffslayos because right now they do not nt control their own destiny.esny so the best th
7:36 am
redskins fans to do is hope thaa these two teams ahead of themfhe lose and actually probably hopep that the dallas cowboys keep onn winning. sounds crazy.razy >> yup. >> that's just the way it is when you don't control your ownn you got to do what you got too u do. >> they can control it to finish 10-five-one that's the best theb can do.t >> that's all you can do contror what's in front of you.t ofou. >> wis, thanks much. turn things over to tucker that. darn tie, tucker. tke >> the missed kick. >> the one. >> hey, they put the giants last -- play the giants lastsas game of the season. seaso i think they do. >> sounds right.>> sou >> we'll have to check.e'll hav >> okay. that's good, allison. >> fact checker.>>ec >> 44 reagan national.iol 42 dulles. bwi marshall we're looking at daytime highs g in the low to mid 50s overnightt we did have threat of freezing z rain north and west. that is -- that threat has beenn let go as temperatures now areoe above freeze fog everybody.rydy all right.ight rain showers south and east ofa town. town not much happening locally.ocaly we may see another shower here r for you
7:37 am
think we'll get clearing thist g afternoon.tern a cold front coming through ando it will bring us some cooler aie for the day tomorrow.w but today daytime highs in theii low to mid mid 5 all right.l r that's a look at the forecast.t steve, says yes, redskins/giantt last game. >> january, right, right afterfr the new year?new ye >> okay. >> i don't know. i'm guessing. new year's day. okay.okay all right. still footballal season it keeps going going never seems to epp.p for better for worse, yes, lovee it! more.ore all right.. listen we have a metro update.p. metro sounds like a better bette alternate than being out on thet wet roads all morning we have a disable train at potomac avenueu that affects the blue line soe s expect residual delays toso franconia.conia heads if you do you take theu tt blue line there. also, impacting the orange anded silver lines too this is, youou know, they've already got delayy due to safetrack surge 11 but 1t because of this disable train at potomac avenue expect delays too vienna and wheelie as well. reminder safetrack surge 11ge through december 21 you've got'v continuous single tracking on
7:38 am
between west falls church andrcd east falls church where they run parallel to each expect crowding on orange and silver train lines. 95 northbound in have a haven ha this is a mess here.ves a mess r earlier when i was on i talkedd about an accident off to theff shoulder. now further southbound you'ved v got another accident north of no the purple heart bridge center e lane is blocked by the objectioi quon. you've got the two accidents, to athis one blocking a center lae and then further northbounder nh you've got another one up on the shoulder here.ere causing very very heavy jammed traffic 95 northbound all the nr way up into theth beltway. beltw all right.all right. that's look at traffic.oo more in less than 10 steve and allison? >> 7:38. uber out with a new zestew s rules. what you'll need to know becausu you're not allowed to someo some things the next time ---- >> you need to know or you needn to know. >> did you real dollar it?ou rel >> on, baby. let's go. >> let's bring it. >> i>>t keeps l it fun.. kevin -- you know i love le u.u. >> kevin mccarthy sits down with the stars of hidden figuree include tag raji p. henson. heno you got me. m >> don't do it.
7:39 am
7:40 am
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>> starting today you can now fly non-stop to havana, cubahava although you can only do it frot 10 cities the closest area toste the d.c. area newark, newk,ew jersey. also jfk in new york.
7:42 am
long island looking for a quicki flight southwest is flying non-stop from tampa and non-stop from ft. lauderdale if you can a get to one of those two airporta you can get to cuba non-stop. ns if you're willing to do a littlt waiting for big savings freeavie shipping day is this friday.y this happens every year hundredd of stores offer free shipping sn and they promise it will get get there before christmas if youtmi are a procrastinatortina december 16th is the last dayt d to do your last minute shopping and get that free shipping. shin some of the participants storeso include target, toys r us, game stop, et cetera.eter all right. i like that.i liket new rules uber wants to youo stop hitting on your driver.r the ride sharing company added a flirting to the list of thingsfi which can get you banned fromneo uber. you are no longer allowed to asa the driver if they're single or compliment their looks. looks okay. also, added to the list of things that can get you bannedae throwing up after drinking toonk much, leaving trash behind,d, spilling food or drink in the te ca
7:43 am
brake break the speed limit.d l. >> it goes both ways. w uber driver is not allowed to ad flirt with you the passenger asg well or you can report them.cant >> right.. >> they get in trouble. >> but do they gethe bany ned fm driving?drivin >> i guess that's need to know basis.bas >> ready or not award seasonn kicking into full swing. some of the biggest stars ofe br film and television turn out fof the critics choice awards and sd did kevin mccarthy he is as big as it gets. >> amazing. >> the night's>> ama big big wis neck. neck >> first a holiday message fromo a local servicemen overseas.rss ♪♪ i would like to give awoul special holiday message to myssy mother terry hendricks.ks happy holidays, merry christmas. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
♪♪ >> we're back now.ack now >> are we.e. >> we are.e ar it's 7:46. 7 welcome back.welcome bac a look at our good day guest list. li up and coming star will be livei in the loft.he he is singer and actor tyler hilton. you probably know him from onene tree hill. well he's fresh off of a strtins on fox's pitch great show.w this morning hilton will perforl his newest single for us. we'll talk to
7:47 am
be cool to talk to him and heara from him on good day did today. need great holiday gift ideast we'll kick off week of goodoo day's favorites thing. all about things for thehe fashionista in your >> i'll finally get gift ideas for you. for >> exactly. we'll make a list.we'l >> running out of time here.ere. less than two >> don't say it. say >> exactly.>> >> stress level off the chart. a >> quick shout out to everybodyo i met saturday night you did,htd too, girls night out. >> shawn yancy girls night out.. amazing. >> good job, >> amazing.mazi lots of toys. >> i dot walk --ot wk >> for charity. >> in front of people i geteoplt nervous.rv >> i heard you saying my namey n and i was downstairs.irs usual i'll do it when allison -- i'm coming, tucker.ucker and we of course then had to --t i didn't want to be involve in the walk but that's whatwalkut t happened. >> right at the very end.ight a >> we had fun.t th >> we had great night.. >> withing to shawn.hawn >> let's get to it. i lots of weather to talk about. ♪♪ >> speaking every it. >> ♪♪ >> okay. >> steve -- >> energized this morning. >> 930 club walk all the way. t. 's
7:48 am
there's only one. >> is this iggy azalea.. the first time iggy has beenas b played in 20 months ever on anyy medium. you're welcome iggy as sail la. >> let's do the >> we got lots to talk about a here. we've got -- this is on thethise horizon not today but by the ene of the week bitter cold. it is on the way.s on t way. it will be the real deal coldd daytime highs by thursday anddaa friday i don't think we get out of the 20s get ready for real r cold not today. tod today we're starting withtig w temperatures in the 30s and 40s4 that's good news.ew these numbers are actually upacu from where they were 24 hours ago. and overnight here the reason i'm focused off to the north and west we had freezing rain issuee off to the north and west thists morning. you can see temperatures in frederick now in the midn see s as well as hagerstown 34 degreee above freezing which is all right. rain showers pushed off to the o south and east. east most of it's winding down here.r i can't promise we won't see a few additional showers in then next couple of hours. h. here's your front system a coldd front coming through an area ofa
7:49 am
snow up into new england. eng we're not going to get any of ay that but we may get a few additional showers. showe we should start to clear out clo this afternoon highs in the low 50s. we're going to be in pretty goo shape little later thisape le afternoon as that front comesn t through. there you go.hat theru and again, dry. cool tonight. i want to give you a quick heada up tomorrow.orro weak area of low pressure, let e me show you future cast here.reh a few more showers.a more showe. here we are at noon.he we are a. most of the shower activity jusv for you guys in southernn sther maryland and then we'll clear ie out overnight, and we should be in pretty good shape. tomorrow, weak area of lowow, wa pressure off to our south andsod east.ea may kick up a shower a sprinklel or maybe even a few snow showero for parts of the area looks like the best chanca e will be to the north and then we'll get arcticc front through here wednesday ane look at your daytime highs thursday and friday. a frida bottom leap lot going onn weatherwise.weherwise. keep an eye on the forecast thec next couple of days.xtple of thursday 49 day daytime highsmeh dangerous cold, highs in the hig upper 20s, overnight lows in the teens even in the city. coldest air so far this year. getting close to the first day y of winter.inter aren't we
7:50 am
when i'm sleeping in everyin morning at 7:45. 7 >> you mean the walk.alk. >> the walk. >> people get up early to watchh that, caitlin.tlin. >> okay. o i guess.iuess all right. show it again. ut, too, i tls nightall o think that's one time i'veti i'e actually seen you freeze.reez when they're like tucker comekem and on. he has to do his walk live. boy, reel guilty studio settingi with two other people. peopl all right. all right. let's take look life look jammem on the outer loop 95 to georgiaa avenue here it is right belowhtl the bridge where you're accessing colesville road righto there. just normal delays volume atmada this moment.. haven't had any weather related accidents but still just heavy a volume again 95 to georgiaeo avenue. that's where you're jammed. all right.e ja all right. also jammed branch avenue to thh wilson bridge on the inner loopl you can see very heavy traffic f headlights coming at you there.e let's get to our maps and show s you a couple other trouble spote out there this morning. northern maryland that's just at wide view of it.iew i but you can also see 29 is,9 there are you go headingea southbound into the beltway.bel also very heavy jammed up there. 295 southbound route 50 to the t 11th street bridge very heavy
7:51 am
and 295 on the northbound sideds in southern maryland by the wayw also very heavy. inside the beltway 395tway northbound all the way up intop the district and 66 jammed solis eastbound within the beltway tol the that's a look at traffic.ic steve and allison?? >> ♪♪ >> thanks, caitlin. 7:00 have you.ave la-la land was the big winner at last night's critics choicehoic awards taking home eight trophies the fm stars emma stone and ryan gosling both strugglinl to break into the entertainment industry. it won best picture and best anb director it will hit theaters tt nationwide on friday. on fr >> i think they need to ban ty d hollywood movies about hollywooo because they always win. every time they're out thereheyt they win the award.rd >> it's an and cidar thing.hi >> a nod to the golden age ofo n hollywood.llood. >> people love ryan gosling. g some of the nights other bigts b winner best -- i'm saying he'sih very >> i love it. best actor wept to casey afflecf manchester by the sea.ea. expected to do really well. wel. we're looking for kevin in thefn crowd. he was at one of the hot
7:52 am
>> he's right in the middle of yourcrcreen. >> kevins back right there kevik and lauren sitting with the dead pool cast. c how does this happen? we need e full explanation.. kevin get on the phone asap. a that's dead pool winning big, bg best comedy ryan reynolds wonnos for best actor in comedy alsoso awarded the entertainer of the e year prize how kevin got to sitt with them at the table at thet critics choice awards i have noo clue. >> probably the same thing theyg were asking.skg. later this morning nominationsoo for the 74th annal wal golden gl globes will be w a >> among the five expected to t take in numberhe of f nods la-la land, moonlight and fences, tv t side hbo west world would be inn for big morning merrell streep r may add a 30th nod for heries resume. streamed live online 8:20.. the show january 8th hosted by jimmy fallon. >> they helped to launch johnh j glenn into space.ce >> timing is perfect.ct. >> kevin mccarthy sat d
7:53 am
these roles including taraji p. henson has catherine g. johnsons who won the presidential medalll of freedom. >> i had the crazy mon nor of ta going to the presidential medald of freedom at the white house in 2015 where catherine johnson wan being honored at that moment ini time, i had no idea who she was and i generally feel bad about a that when you saw the film i goi teary eyed at the end andnd knowing what these women had had done. before the movie i'm sure you've been asked diss dunk anythingnkh about them whatsoever.oer. >> no.>> i thought it was historicalrica fiction. the help was historical fictioni and since we had never heard h these stories it's not a part oo any of our history in writ tepp history. i thought it was fiction. fti >> by the time i got the scriptp ted had already told me that, mt you know, this is a true story,y and the first thing i wanted tod know is catherine still alive.v. absolutely. she's very much
7:54 am
once the ink tried on myrin my contract i had to go meet i had to go and meet her.t i mean you talk about 90 9 something.meg. like i have to meet her now. >> yeah. >> you know, and, um, she's just amazing her humility.. she never said i. she never said in fact she kind of looking like what is all the fuss about?bo? >> hmm. >> i was just doing my job.yob >> i'm a huge nerd about howow movies are made i can't get alll over your rupping >> yeah. >> i'm genuinely curious howiouh much running you had to do too get those shots and also --ls >> a lot. >> the chalk writing all you. y >> the chalk righting is all mel >> brilliant. >> thank you. would not allow a handd double. i asked. actually jim parsons get her aer hand double.hand dou what are you doing.oi why are you learning this stuffu and i was like ted doesn't want to use a hand double.ou i get it the way he shot it. the ladder there was no way toay fake that.ket and so. s >> the running just like all dad long just running for takes. tas >> when you read it it reads
7:55 am
like one scene. scene >> you were cold because had too have warming tents. t >> i had to run in the rain. r >> that's crazy.>> tha >> one day i had to run and be b wet all day and then it was like two weeks later we're filming mm actually going into the bathroom i'm running again. again i thought we did this scene!ce >> she kill it.. >> no, but you have to go into the bathroom. th that's where you're rune bath t. i was like oh. >> continuity.. >> you're dry, i got to be wetbw again today.. make sup. >> can't wait to see >>'t family affair.r. >> perfectly timed now.ow >> yeah.h >> of course with --ith -- bittersweet. >> let's check in with tucker once again check before we get t end of this hour.our >> that was so cool seeing kevsk at the party. the >> can't wait to hear about it. >> andto lauren.. d.c. film girl. >> if they were actually hisua >> he probably snuck up 45 in washickngto un. temperatures well above freezinz that's great news.that clouds out there at this momentm we did have some rain showersnwe move through overnight wet oight roadways for you as you head
7:56 am might be an additional showertio here this morning and thenen gradual clearing daytime highsmg in the low to mid 50s so it will feel like a warmer day than wene had around here this weekend. glancing at the seven day focusc on thursday and friday.da daytime highs that's an arctic i blast. highs in the upper 20s in i december.cemb relatively unheard of.tively get ready for some u real coldol around here by the end of the o week but today 54 with afternoon at least partial sunshine.unin caitlin is back with anotherh ar look at roadways. >> 16. we close to any record lowslo anywhere. >> i have to look.>> >> you better get on thatt hat tucker. let us know. metro update. metrda disable train on the blue line at potomac avenue.venue. expect residual delays on the blue line to franconia also impacting orange and silverr disable train so expect delaysel to vienna and wheelie all safetrack surge 1 another reminder through theh t 21st of december impacting theag virginia side of the or raffle and silver lines.silv lin continuous single trackingg between west falls church andhu east falls church. falls crch. expect crowding on
7:57 am
and silver trains.ra all right. monday morning wide view a lotng of read out there especially ini northern virginia. 66 eastbound and 95 northbound n lot of issues but the biggestig one a closure due to an accident. 29 southbound this is still closed betwe enthbo gunroveton road andro a page land lane. l due to that accident so take 66 as your alternate but look how heavy it is eastbound all thelle way out west of the 234 throughu centreville and then really alll the way to the beltway one longe line of incredibly jammedamme traffic to nutley street. so, yeah, you'll need patience p out there this morning justis m about everywhere.orabouerywhere. that's look at traffic.'sk at t fox5 news morning will be rightr back after this. a t ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
7:58 am
♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, “thank you for serving our country” and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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z26i0z z17vz y26i0y y17vy afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
8:00 am
all seems beautiful to me. >> this is fox5 news morning.. good monday morningoonday mg everybody. i'm allison seymour.i' i'm m steve chenevey. cheneve thanks for joining us thisshi morning. >> 8am on monday december 12th. here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. first up did the russianst' try to puss h the ut up.s did. t election e toward donald trump? u.s.. intelligence officials say yes.s donald trump says well we'lll w have to coming up in life report. and a quiet dc neighborhoodo becomes a crime scene after anen early morning shooting. shootin one person left dead. fox5 live on the scene as the investigation unfolds. >> muss deep trouble forusep t 11-year-old boy in princeprin george's county oh my goodness why does he have to be rescuedes by firefighters after going forf a walk in the woods?oo first off, though, live l
8:01 am
outside.outs it is a rainy start to your worr week and this monday morning.. let's get a quick check ofck of weather and traffic tucker andur caitlin standing by first tuck,, good morning. >> allison, rain showersin swers overnight and in some casese ces freezing rain well north andll a west just rain at this hour.s and most of it it's winding down pretty quick. qck go right to radar show you sho y quickly give you further weatheh update by late this morning m early afternoon we should benoon looking at some clearing and cle daytime highs in the low to mid 50 few more hours of showers ans we'll clear it out this afternoon. >> caitlin has your traffic.ourf >> no accidents to report ascide this hour. r is hou we have had are few earlier forr now it's your normal mondayl moa morning commute. heavy delays 66. southbound 270.nd 270 northbound 395 the worst isound going to be in nor 3thern virgii where we have a closure on southbound 29 use 66 eastbound u or westbound as your alternateat in that section of northf nor rgrginia. like i said no accidents toid report right now.port right now. we'll keep you posted on twitter. caitlin roth fox5 as we go as wg through the rest of the morning. steve and allison?? caitlin, thank you
8:02 am
president-elect donald truml pushing back against reportsts that russian hackers tried torit influence the us election in his favor. >> this comes as trump is abouts to name his pick f tor secretare of state. fox news correspond doug luzader from the latest from here in washington. good morning, doug. >> reporter: good amongng.amon we know that secretary of statea will be rex tellerson the ceo oo exxon mobil.. meantime, these russian hacking allegations continue to be ancoa issue and they have put the president-elect at odds with the cia as well as with some memberm of his own party. >> president-elect donald trumpr coming off a busy weekend attended the army/navy game gam refusing to pick sides. when it comes to the cia andia a reports that the agency believee russia tried to help trumpru within the election, he was,e w blunt. >> i'm not sure they put it out. i think the democrats areocra a putting it out because theyau suffered one of the greatest on defeats in the history
8:03 am
frankly i think they're puttingi it out, and it's rid ridiculousd >> reporter: it's true there'she uncertainty here.unce fbi, for instance, according to the washington post, is i unwilling to go as far as the cia and concluding that the that hackers who gained access toso e-mails from the democraticemra national committee and hillaryly clinton's campaign chairman werr trying to tilt the field inn trauma's direction.ti but president obama is askinging for an inquiry and some som republicans on capitol hill plaa on joining democrats to mount t their own investigation.stigaon >> we would be working in a bipartisan basis. basis. you can't make this issue partisan.partis it's too important.mptant fundamental of a democracy is a free and fair election. >> reporter: it's a real testel: for donald trump just as he's ah poised to name a secretary ofo s ste.e. widely believed to be exxone xo mobil ceo rex tiller son. s >> to me a great advantage he knows many of the players and hh knows them well. wel he does massive deals in russia. does he massive deals for thema company not for himself but forr the
8:04 am
>> if he gets the gig and g confirm as secretary of state, a one of the first things he mighg have to deal with is china whici over the weekend expressed its i anger over the fact that trump u is defending the phone call thaa he had with the president of taiwan.iw back to you >> all right. >> chain nan russia headlinesa l couple big deals. >> thank you very much. >>co> ♪♪ thank people planning to come from all over the country to help celebrate and protest thehe inauguration.inauration. >> one group called gatheringroc for jualstice getting the mosthe attention.ntio they're a group of women who w plan to march downtown inow protest of trump they want the t rally on the lincoln memorial to happen but the national park service says they haven'tyaven finalized their plans for thatto location. the women's march says they'll the meet at the foot of the capitolp and march down independencee avenue. avenue. arctic blast hitting parts b of the theount let's head to the midwest right now. oh, my goodness this is massive pipe up in michigan on saturdayr it involved at least three
8:05 am
three semi trucks, crash shuthu down multiple lanes on i-75 forf several hours.hou in detroit run away plane this land diagnose not get a 10. passengers relieved to be on th ground after the delta planehe a nearly skidded off the runway aa detroit international airportpo laig night. pilots say it was rough landingi because of the snow coveredhew o runway. in chicago airport starting to n pick up the pace o'hare says'hes it's been able to clear most ofr the snow from the runway and geu people where they're going. 1200 flights canceled at o'hareh this weekend.. 170 more canceled at chicago'sho midway airport.. so they're still working out some of those cancellations iff unique today, check ahead and ad make sure you're not involved in that. >> a lot of great football game yesterday. that game in buffalo.falo >> buffalo had a lot of green bay had little. l >> i like it when it snows i sno feel like somebody is going tont do a theissman on their leg. >> yeah. >> pouring rain in miami.ouring >> did you see all the buffalo s game all the pellets on thetsn field when they tried to clear the field they got like rubber r pellets all over the place.
8:06 am
>> i'll see if we can fine theaf video. vi >> show it to meme let's go to the forecast. oking at actuallyuay improving forecast around here h morning rain showers give way to afternoon sunshine and temps ant will top out in the low to mid 50s 10 degrees -- 10 too 15 degrees warmer than what we had around here this weekend. 42 up in reagan national 45.nal 4 42 dulles everybody aboverybo a freezing that freezing rainzingn advisory we had earlier this morning has been lifted.. it's's storm tracker radar trackingrain showers most of it is east ofs s the bay and the south of the salsbury, ocean city up nextpex with that band of heavy rain.vyr we have a few additional showere that will develop i think latert this morning and then by afternoon we should get breaks in the clouds and perhaps someom mid to late afternoon sunshine n again with temperatures in the 50s. so end join your monday.youron gus whwhat? >> what? >> temperatures will not that be warm later this week.s wa >> nrmo. lat >> in fact they won't be aobovee freezing later this week.nger t >> now i wish wash i hadn't said what? >> oh, okay. >> thas
8:07 am
he answered. t he>> just being honest.nt. >> as is tucker.. >> hi, caitlin g morning, how is traffic.c. >> good morning. busy morning with wet roads. ros i'm surprised it's not worset's than it is. th with that being said if yoanu ao in one of the trouble spots likl this one behind me 95 northbound you're in it for the long haul l trying to get to work thist to morning.morn two accidents on 95 northbound. this one has the center laneentl block just north of purple heart bridge.brid you can see the flow of trafficf being directed around that blockage in the center lane andn then further up along 95 we havv another crash. we'll show you as we go to mapsm and that is going to be one long stretch of traffic basicallyly anywhere from about dale city d all the way up to the beltway because we have that one northon of the purple heart bridge but then additional one by fairfax f county block way not blocking bn any lanes still you can imaginei with the two crash sites a lot a of issues on 95 northbound.ortho newest crash to come ine eastbound dulles toll road righg at 123 so just inside the t beltway you've got the rightig lane blocked there. block. we're starting to see delays day build back on to 67.o the dulles toll road.l so a little slo
8:08 am
of virginia. very very slow 66 eastbound a jammed two throw 34 to sycamorem street. traffic goingof traffic going to take you quite some time on 66 east this morning. mni that's a look at traffic.ic eve?e? >> happening right now h 8:00 o'clock dc police still oan the scene of a deadly shootingon it happened on 32nd street see northwest.northw >> shooting happened just afterd 9:00 last night.ast night and our melanie alnwick is live this morning with the latest ont this investigation. anything new, mel? >> reporter: steve and allison a we can tell i was few moments mn ago the forensics crime scene investigation van did pull up pl here going through the crime tape area and we've seenveee detectives now, dave will push in a littlee bit. bi it looks even though police tolt us it was the 6900 block of o 32nd street they're focusing fos on this home right on the cornec of 32nd and wind dale.dal and it looks like they were doing some peeking around in tht back area of this house wherere there's -- you can see it rightt now there's a swimming pool bacb there. so we don't know at this point
8:09 am
exactly where this car we weree told was found. fou so it was about 9:14 last nightt when police were called here tot the scene.ce and our information is that is there was a vehicle that perhaps adult male was found dead d we don't know if that vehiclet e was parked in driveway. dve we don't know if that vehicle vh was just in the middle of thehe road somewhere.ew. really have no indication atatio this time what happened but youy can see police taking someg some photographs of other homes asphf well. we're trying to get a bettergett sense of exactly where thiss happened and how it all wentt down.down but very little information froo police at this point.lice at th this is calisled p toihe hawthon neighborhood much it's part ofop the chevy chase section of d.c. bordering western avenue ande ad rock creek park as well.el very quite. qui rather pricey homes most people -- we talk to ak t couple people in this neighborhh said they're absolutely shockedc that something like this wouldeu happen and everyone really rll hoping for little bit moree information. as we get it, of course, we'llrl bring it to you guys.brinit to live in northwest i'll melanieae alnwick fox5 local
8:10 am
>> mel, thanks.s. d.c. police searching forole the person who shot aar man in e 1100 block of 13th streett northwest at twoly 20:00 thiss morning.mornin that victim still in a localocal hospital knowledge word on hisnl condition but he's alive.. >> dc police searching for five people responsibleg ffor carjacking someone on north of a northwest. it happened about 6:20 last20 ls night. the suspects were armed with a h gun. they made off with a 2013 bluebl hyundai sante fe.i nte fe. it has dc tags en1190.90 if you see this vehicle you area asked to call police immediately. in prince george's county a couple of kids waking up tonce o pretty happy moods this morningr after dealing way messy m situation yesterday.yesterday >> first responders had to come to the rescue of two kids 11id years old both of them who gotot stuck in mud.. they sang some soft mud near a march she area in eric henderson says he tried tod help his friend before he he realized he was stuck, too. >> i finally got him out becausc i use
8:11 am
i could be able to get him out. >> um-hmm. u >> so then i tried to do theo same thing to my legs but itt didn't work. >> aww it took about half anutf hour to get the boy out of the mud. mud. they remember wet and muddy bute uninjured. they saidr we that somebody kind of with them rent went to try too t fine help. they found a police officerof nearby and thank goodness they were close. >> it all work out.were>>t >> yeah. still ahead this morning we'll l switch gears.swit gea golden globe nominations will bs coming out a couple of minutes.t we'll be live from beverly hills. >> oh yeah. holidayidear' must have toy but it's not easy to get oh your hands on one.. hatchimal hunters are targetingi one big retailer in hopes of scoring the season's most soughu other gift. other gi they're targeting the retailer,, get it? >> i get it. >> targeting. >> they're not k marting. they're targeting.hey'rethey're.
8:12 am
8:13 am
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>> 44 degrees live look atdegr cumberland they had the worst o the precip because it was aau ws little icy >> yes. school delays out there and dely right, they had freezing raininr issue overnight.rnht >> it did snow yesterday.esteay >> yeah.>> yea >> frost burg got .70 of an inci of snow yesterday.esrd >> that's significant.hat'sign >> damascus got a coatingcugot yesterday morning. morni but everybody should lose it now right because we're ending thend rain and warming things up?hi >> still in the low to mid 30s s well off to the north and west.d mid 40s.. more on the weather momentarily. >> you know what warms us up about this time everynow mornir >> we need it, right? >> ♪♪ >> this is double trouble.s >> fox5 photo ofis the day doube cuteness, everybody.verybo
8:15 am
>> i love the shirts. shis. >> that's awesome. >> three-year-old landon.ear-old >> okay.. >> and his baby brother that's ' the big guy landon and baby baby brother carter. car >> carter has like a adult facee already.ady. >> look at them holding hands.n >> that's so cute.oute >> i can. this picture can make me cry ify i look i at it long >> carter is two months old.hs o >> look at his little oxford.xf >> so well dressed. so well dres >> do you know how small thatlla thing if you tucket off it's it' doll size.dolliz >> if you had a little one nowen with cell phones how could you d not not take 10,000 pictures.ics >> i feel i would be superup obnoxious.obnos. yeah. not landon and carter.nd i can't get enough.h. >> that's great one. o. >> carter wakes up his mommy every morning at 6:30 just to jt watch us here at fox5 news. >> landon gets up and joins them. >> it's a family affair.oinsffa. >> greatest picture.tu >> they watch until 11:00 eachac morning. >> they're watching now. i hear the boyhey's -- >> hi guys.>>ys >> watch the ladies the most al.
8:16 am
>> hey, good morning. >> guess who they're waitingaiti for?for? >> allison?>> aison >> santa.>>anta. >> jolly old saint nick.aiic >> santa will be visiting lessis than two weeks. >> tow don't have to wait foronh me. they do have to wait for santa.a >> please send us your child's d picture go to our facebook pagep fox5 d.c..c landon and carter we love your l pictures. we hope you're watching yourselh right now. >> cute overload. >> let's do some weather. teet'smps in the mid 40s we de mentioned that freezing rain advisory overnight off to thefft north and west. that was let go early thisrly morning. temperatures have been rising sn that's great news.'s greew still leftover showers looking o at a few calvert county, southern an a rhawn dell county getting a fewa showers southern maryland as m well we will see a few a few additional showers later thisatt morning as our frontal systemals continues to work on through. tu although i think the heaviest o the rain is now east of us, and by afternoon at least partialstr clearing so we should get someoe sunshine with temps in the lowhe to mid 50s. 50s so actually decent afternoon.on tomorrow looks interesting.ertig there might be a little perioder of a little mix across northernh maryland and then arctic frontcf on wednesday.
8:17 am
look at thursday and friday fday highs in the 20s overnight lowsl in the we'll have single digits byigit friday morning north and westnds with wind chills near zero.ea z so get ready for serious cold. >> eh. >> we'll leave it at that. >> unspoken grunting. >> eh. eh [ laughter ][ laer ] >> san tan the reindeer love ite >> hi, good morning.good he they do. m polar weather to get you into the spirit.ather right? >> right. >> trying to get into the spirit get monday morning.ning dark and gloomy and wet roads wr from earlier rain unfortunatelya this is a live look at northbound 95 in virginiairnia earlier accident has the centerr lane blocked just north of the purple heart bridge. so east occoquan that's where'se you're seeing very jammedyam traffic along 95 northbound.. that continues basically up toao the beltway there's an additional accident on theon acc shoulder by the fairfax county t parkway. parkway. let's go to our maps and maybe a we can show you that furthert fr detail. 270 southbound jammed now in n maryland from 27 all the way t down to the spur so that's just volume.volume everyonet
8:18 am
due to those wed wet roads. northern maryland let's startsta with 95. not too bad we've got some g southbound delays approachingppi beltway and outer loop heavy h from georgia avenue or 95 too georgia avenue. 295 looks moderately movie botht northbound and southbound as yoy leave the district. all northbound 395 that's been anben issue all morning long and nowoa basically all the way in the district you're stack up.'rst 66 east on and off very heavy h the whole stretch.ole stret all right.all that's look at traffic. we'll have much more coming atun in less than 10 minutes.ines >> steve and allison.>> s a >> thanks very much. happening right now>> tppini nominations for the 74th annual golden globes will soon l be a nounsed in california.. >> take a live look, shall we?hw >> exciting right.>> >> this is from the beverlym bel hilton hotel let's see what'sha' going on. going >> we'll get there in just is he can. don cheadle, laura dern and anna kendrick will be a announcing the nominees this morning.. >> dustin owe halleran for lion
8:19 am
hans zimmer farrell williams and benjamin wall fish for hidden figures. >> ooh. or inorrformance by an act a supporting role in any motionn picture. ali for moonlight, jeff bridgesg for hell or high water, simon gill berg florence fostere fo jenkins, dave patel lion, aaron taylor johnson nocturn animals. >> ooh. >> what we're going to do we'llw continue to show this on our facebook page life go to fox5 dc pace book page continue totinuet watch -- she just walk away from the microphone laura dern and ad don cheadle making ae mang a announcement you'll be able to' watch on our fox5 dc facebookaco page see all the >> we can tell you matt correctr me if i'm wrong that merrillm wr streep has won the cecil did he mill lifetime achieve ma award. >> different this year with the nominees without having kevinnt going yes, awesome thi wit.ho ah, la-la land expected to do really good.od. we'll sewh
8:20 am
>> hosted by jimmy fallon. flo >> in january.. okay. back to news now, man, out in tennessee folks are reallyarrea really hurting residents in gatlinburg pick up the piecesces after fire destroyed dozens ofdf homes and businesses volunteersn from across the country dug through cash and rubble to help residents find anything leftingt behind anything they could any salvage. some organizations say they'll be gatlinburg for the next few w weeks. we authorities charged twothor itieteenagers for the wildfire a killed 14 people and destroyed y or damaged more than 2400 buildings.bu federal investigators sayve they have wrapped up their workr at the scene of a fatal warehouse fire out in oakland, california that killed arthritii people. the blaze happened during aaze r dance party back onbackn december 2nd.ernd officials still looking foring possible electrical problem pbl here. meanwhile, funeral services have started for some of the victims. bill cosby apparently tryiny to cop plea deal so he'll not n having to prison for 11 sexex disgraced comedian asked hised atto
8:21 am
the case instead of heading toe trial for the andrea con stan sa sese. cosby accused of drugging andggn raping her over 10 years ago. criminal trial alreadylrdy scheduled. it's been set to begin in juneun of next year.. meantime arc federal judge j also in pennsylvania will decidi the fate of former pennsylvaniaa lawmaker chaka fattah today. tay the former u.s. congressman wasw found guilty of a long list of t charges including money laundering, fraud and racketeering.raeeri federal prosecutors are seekingg 17 to 21 years in prison.n he served as us representativerv in pennsylvania for more than 20 years. ar uber and metro working together to bring you bigouig discounts. we'll tell you about it nexdit.. >> all right. this is one big baby. bab the oklahoma city zoo showingwi off its new addition a six dayix old giraffe standing tall. >> aww.>> >> and proud. a>> aro >> wow! ♪♪
8:22 am
captain justin of>> springfield v have a want to say hi to my family back home my mom, dad and> cav sistehars far maddie as well as the slack tont and degrees zen family and go hokies.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> ocean city looking wet this morning, isn't it? not exact al good beach day. >> that doesn't even make sense what you just said. always a good beach day. >> wishful thinking for the summer of 2017 perhaps. it? taking ogonn't evwh a touatr ya the area.un the a we were justrea. in maryland and western maryland then eastern ee maryland and now let's go to tho mid section of the country. this is in oklahoma. >> there's a new addition to the oklahoma city zoo i love it.t. we just talked about giraffesafe now being on the endangered list.list. right. here's the zoo's newest a baby giraffe.ff. baby is already standing tall and proud during its debut dut yesterday. just six days old. did you know know baby giraffese are called >> i did not. did >> it has been in a barn, he hae been inside his barn since his birth because it was cold.s >> it look like,. it lo lik >> , they don't play the cold.h. >> get out baby giraffe was 5 feet talltall when born. b >> look at that.. it
8:26 am
their -- kind of bizarre andnd really sweet. >> that particular zoo had art baicby giraffe pass away two yey ago shortly after birth. birth so nice to see that they're having another new addition nown >> all right. check in with our own -- never mine. al calf. >> tuck, take it away.uck, >> little cub. >> i got to say -- >>.guy. >> birthing a giraffe woulding a probably be a challenge. >> for a ter to you. >> we don't know.>> let's go to the forecast.go to h 45 now no washington.e foshgton. leftover rain showers across the area but we shall get clearing this afternoon.this ano highs expected to be in the low to mid 50s milder than what weha had this weekend.nd. leftover shower east side of the beltway. right along the western shore oo the bay.bay. and a few additional showers swe here in west virginia with our r front again this will slideillie through and we shall dry it outt this afternoon partly sunny. 50s around here later today. t quick look at the seven day.n d. we'll revisit it momentarily,ri but heads up.but hes up thursday, friday that's bitter e cold here as we get closer tose our christmas holiday. caitlin is back.caitlin caitlin is here this morni
8:27 am
yay. >> how is traffic?raffic? >> you know, considering all ofi the rain earlier this morning ii feel like it could have beenulde worse. with that being said, live looko here at 95 northbound whered whe we're still following this crasa north of the purple heart bridgb center lane is still blocked.. traffic being directed as we go to maps we can show shw that you delay still on 95 on northbound. so it has been pretty stacked up earlier crash has cleared that was further north by the fairfaf county parkway you've got delays from the occoquan down to dalede city. city outer loop crash now blocks thek right lane before georgia avenue on the top side of the beltway. already delays there so expect c them to build even that's a look at traffic.ic steve and allison. >> new study getting a lot oftit attention this morning on sociai media. it claims to have found the keyy to happiness.ness. >> can't wait to hear what thatw is. redskins fans may have founa the key to happiness in winning. beating the eagles.. what the win means now in theowe race for the wild car. it's 8:27. 8:27.
8:28 am
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♪♪ following breaking news coming out of the georgia this morning a man who shot twollow in of police officers earlg y ti morning has died.hasie now the officers were part of a drug task force serving avi warrant in the middle of thehe f night. ni officials say they knock on theo door of a home around 2:30 this morning and announced themselves when no one answered they went w in and that's when they werethey shot by somebody inside.e. the officers returned fire andda that person inside the house died. as for the officers one wass one treated and released the otherth officer had to undergo surgerygr still waiting on condition there. 8:30. new overnight the man who shotgh and kit lled retired
8:31 am
smith following a traffic crasha last april has been convict cvi evidence manslaughter.te car dell hayes is his name he hh insist the he only fried fired f because smith was drunk he sayss he was violent and haye had he h grabbed a gun. hayes faces up to 40 years in in he'll be sentenced mid february. turning now to sunday nightt football.ll. the one game the redskins fansif needed the cowboys to win thoset darned cowboys they done messed up again, al. >> you can't count on them. the. >> they fell short against the giants.giants. dak prescott whose been amazingw allho year through for 165 yards and two interceptions. the final minute a fumble by dey bryant sealed the game and the giants within this 110 to seven very low scoring g unfortunately that means thethes giants maintain their hold on the nfc wild card spot the skins need. the skins did their part theyy took care of business in phillyl completing a season sweep of th eagles. team rallied past philly lastyas night yesterday afternoon iyestr should say 27-day 22.. desean with a n
8:32 am
touchdown skins seven-five-one eagles ares out of it five and eight. eight skins still behind the giants i the bucks in the wild card racee all righty. new this morning a study thattuy has many of us talking andalng sharing on social media. media >> the question is, what is it that makes you truly happy? iss it money?ey yes.yes. >> is it health. >> yes. >> is it familiarly? >> yes>>. i >> a combination all. >> maureen is back in studiotu with some of the answers.he ans hi, mo.hi, . >> you've heard this before givr me million bucks i'd be happiesi person alive.i. >> sure. >> you probably said it yoursels before. is it trubee does more money mae us happier if it does, whatha really does? here it is. is. turns out happiness depends on two thing.. your health and your friends.ds. yes. that is according to two newg to studies from the london schoolon of economics.of eno the studies look at responses ro from 200,000 people around the e world and they gauged how different factors impacted theig well-being.ll-being so suffering depression orssiono anxiety hit people the hardest.t while
8:33 am
saw the biggest increase ine i their on scale of one to 10 the0 the doubling of someone's pay only l raised their happiness level by .2 points..2 poi having a partner saw happennesss raised by six-point sick pointss being depressed or anxious saw happiness dip by poach sentoacht points. unemployment saw the sameploy sw reduction in points. pnt okay what does this all mean? a what's the bottom line? here it is. things that matter most to our happiness or misery are our relationships and our mental ann physical heah. now the study's authors did alld this to say that the studydy demanded a new role from the state focused on well beingfocue creation and not wealth creatidi again if you feel good, you are good. money doesn't always matter. >> doubling does make it happier. >> it did that. thei would like to win lottery multi million jackpot jp and i'll let you guys know exactly if this holds true. >> all kinds of new friends, fri right?ght? >> it's st
8:34 am
we just ran a study last week,t, that if you don't have a lot ofo money for health care preventivt health care. care >> you're mice rabble. you >> the health and wealth are kind of connected.ealt. >> depression had leads fromleaf that. >> give me health that's for hre. >> given next week we'll have h new study that says the exacthet opposite. as i sai d university if you're listening i'll take that lottere let everybody know how happy i i am. >> there you go. >> thanks maureen. >> uber is considering a partnership with metber ro to ss rider ms. money.. here's how it would work. how i uber riders who take uber poolbo that's where you share rides shs with other riders two or from -- to or from select d.c. metro rail service would receive 70%ec off of their trip.ofof their t that would be $3 for a $10 tript also metro would let them use kiss and rides as well as taxi t stands at more than 40 metron 4m rail station.tati basically if you share a ride, d to a metro station, you can savn a good chunk of change.e. >> yeah, but then you're sharing a ride. >> but you're saving a good goo chunk of change.nge >> can't stretch out.'t sch o all right.
8:35 am
furnace is to blame for a fire f that displaced nearly 70y residents in fairfax county.nt the fire broke out at the woodlawn garden apartments in a alexandria on saturday night.ig. officials say the fire startedtd in the attic. aic no serious injuries. iur red cross is helping displaceded residents. all right. 8:35. ght.s check in with tucker barnes and we hadk in w witet so the >> yeah. >> how does it look now.ow does. >> good news i think most of the rain is out of i h tere.ere. and some milder temperatures loe to mid 50s later this afternoonn with a little -- i'm doing the g hand thing today. i don't know why.oday >> often we speak with ouri dona k hands. it's not a problem. ablem >> with afternoon sunshine. sun. let's do the forecast. >> that was a cheer at the end,d al. . >> success. >> 45 right now in washington.ig hold on to those coldol temperatures off to the northurh and west. w of course we've been talking b about the snow over the weekend off big cities off to our northr and west. and overnight we did have freezing f rain issues. those have eased here ase a temperatures are now in the midm to upper 30s. and with daytime highs in thehsi low 50s actually be
8:36 am
afternoon.afrnoon. rain showers continue annapolisl deal, parts of prince george'sig county there, southern marylandd lower eastern shore doingsh showers and we will see a few af additional showers here throught the morning hours and then tn gradual clearing and as and mentioned daytime highs aboutiga 10 degrees warmer than dr yesterday. 10 t o 15 degrees warmer thanha yesterday.yestery 54 your afternoon high hey, wind chills near zero. there's on the seven glareheen g really? >> yeah. >> tucker,. >> not excited about it.t. >> this weekend we have a major -- we have sidney's sweett 16. >> aww. right?igndoors, >> but people have to get theree >> all right. >> as long as we don't have anyh freezing stuff.tuff >> saturday. >> during the day? >> no. > who has a sweet 16 during the day? y? >> i don't know. i don't know the rules. >> we'll talk.>> >> she's a nighttime partier,ar, tuck. >> we'll talk. isn't caitlin. >> can you teach this guy how th lift up a little bit, caitlin. >> most important vol steve andt i been invite.anbeen invite. >> we haven't. whaven' >> chaperones.ros. oh,h, no. chaperones? [ laughter ] >> i maybe a guest but
8:37 am
chaperones, really? reay? >> chaperones, no.>> c >> not a good idea. a good idea >> the more uncles the merrier.r >> you know what, i hope you'rer not busy and saturday.y. >> allison you're so diplomaticp >> thank you. >> uncle tucker and unclenk y se to sweet 16 birthday >> stay in the add dull area.. >> there will be barricade irici hope. >> that's right.t'ght >> all right. cold weather headedht our wet weather this morning wet roads and outer loop door report. ror overall it seems like peopleeope took heed dense with the wethe t roads and going slower on rampn to georgia avenue is closed dued to this outer loop crash you see right here approaching georgia g avenue you cannot access that tt on-ramp due to the crash onrash sight. and then you've got delays allg the way back to 95 as a resultal of that.t no accidents just volume 27070 southbound jams jammed 27 allndj the way down to the spur. spur. one long line of very heavyeavy traffic that's typicalypal gaithersburg to germantown too rockville and beyond.. eastbound dulles toll road we ra crash there. that has been cleared but delayl due linger this is just inside s
8:38 am
you can see some of those delays along the beltway although it looks like we're clearing beyond the beltway on the dulles tollsl road. all right. that's a final look at traffic. raffic steve? steve? >> certainly nothing new.ertaint are women as capable ahis mngene it comes to combat in the military? >> next a controversy doesa cors continue, though, as many stilli question the role of women inomi the military today. 8:38.8:38. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪♪ >> do you know wha
8:41 am
>> wait a minute. >> come back.know use >> a >ome panda -- - >> they never listen to us.o u >> there we go.. w wait. >> bye-bye. >> there we go. weo. >> we thought we'd give you nicn view of the pandas this morning because it's kind of rainy andmo cold and just kind of a december blah morning. morng >> i kind of wish pandas weree friendly and cuddly wouldn't itt be a great little snuggle buddyd >> i'll be honest al i neverer tried to cuddle with one. o >> don't do it they're not.y'ret >> i've heard they're not.e he don't do it. they may be. >> okay. o there we go.the we sit down here and chew on my my bamboo snack. sck >> are those floors comfy? >> um, pandas have a lot of a lf padding, right?g, rig? >> with all the fur and with ald everything. >> a lot of junk in there.ot o f >> right. >> we don't know. we thought it would be cute. >> good morning.>>ht morn a monday morning. i from the panda cam on rainy monday. monday. new this morning a rider for the fede mralistor is making the case that women are not ready r for combat.for >> even though the presidentthot gave women the right to fight io the military.tary. according to travis scott he'ss using science to argue thatrguea women are not as capable of menm in combat.
8:42 am
now, scott says, men and womennd are made he says men have stronger bonese than women and greater musclecl mass. he also says women are more m prone to injury compared to iur their male count parts. pts you know there is going to be a lot of opinion coming out in oui response to this story. but that's the latest coming's s from the federalist. >> okay. >> let's find out about the latest for good day d.c. becausc the big show is coming up ing i just 18 minutes.ut here's wisdom and maureen.esisd hi, guys. >> good morning. >> straight ahead on good day the redskinght sah nail biter is win they got that part done.on so what does it mean for theor e playoffs? that's the big that' question. we'll talk with grant paulsen at 9:15am. >> surviving the stress of thest so-called most wonderful time ol r.e year. we have the tips to help you from reaching your tippingpi point.point. >> all new at 10a taraji p. henson sits down with devinit dv mccarthy what she has to says t about her new movie hidden hid figures. the exclusive interview you'll only see on good day dc. >> brace yourself dmv it's ourts good day d.c. favorite thingsng ek.k.
8:43 am
ready! >> really?eall >> sorry auntie o. we kick it off fox5 fascinationn at a tam lee with her 12eeith favorites that's happening at 10:50am. >> live in the loft you know him from onehe l tree hill the new w show pitch actor and singerin tyler hilton is here. is her he's going to perform as well. w >> hmm.>>mm looks like a young randy travisa are right. >> a little bit. >> just a littl>>e. >> yeah. must watch monday jam packed good day d.c. justus moments away! a >> don't do that ever again. a >> you asked. >> sorry auntie oprah for the second she's my aunt because she mayhem leave me some money in her will. >> back to you guys. >> all right.ight. >> 8:43 right now. 8:43 no new year means newnsew resolutions right and we've gotn the scoop on new health trendshn that could do your body good. g >> plus big winners last night's critics choice awards.wa if you look closely you'll see's somebody that you know. 8:43. 8:43. ♪♪ ♪♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
8:44 am
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>> soggy white house thisgy w morning on monday morning. little breeze out there too. the flag onhion m the. to building and actually it looks likes there's a securityeg oinconvention going og n tanhef ght now.w. look at all those folks up there. >> little morning meeting maybe. >> i think it is. >> ling >> iittle briefing. titl >> we'll check in with tuckere barnes right now. you saw the rain this you probably felt the rainin. r. the question is, what about theb rest of the day, al? i say we w get to tucker in, oh, let's say, 10 seconds.
8:47 am
all right. let's get down to business. that's your big headline for the week. bitter cold. it is on the way, and this is the real deal.get dobig the i mea n the d waytiremeal higeahs blya and friday i don't think we'llhw get above freezing here for he couple of days as we get into the end of the week here.end not the case todayof. today. actually warmed up overnight.rn 45 now in 45 at quantico. leonardtown to you at 45 and and doing 30s here to the north andd west still a couple of spotsfts we're holding on to the freezinn temperatures, and it was well wl off to the north and west wend were concerned about freezingcen rain earliered a.arer good news is, precipitationtion north and west we appear done d with it so that threat is waninn hardy early this morning.y thisg leftover showers you can see s those just offho to the south ad east. lower eastern shore kind of gett out of of your way down towardss salisbury and ocean city gettint pretty good showers as well.oosw not quite done with yet.h what's happening we have a coldc front coming through. as that flys east perhaps fewerf additional i think by mid afternoon we'lldm get break in the clouds andudsnd daytime highs in the mid fiveeid tees today. tees
8:48 am
low pressure off to the norththh and west.anwest and that brings winter weathertr we were talking about that all t morning long here to some of tho big cities off to the north and we that's your forecast for this f afternoon. temps in the 50's. 50' want to mention tomorrow thatrot there may be a little bit ofy bl mixed precip and then by then bt middle and end of the week, round two of arctic express ere arrives and it is a real deallea here. it will be even colder than thet first round. daytime highs in the 20s0s thursday and friday. fy overnight lows in the teens, ana i'm afraid our wind chill bydll early friday morning may beay flirting with zero even here inr the city. th so we'll be ve ery very cold cod around here by the end of the week and a bit of warmup nextpex weekend maybe a mix to some rain next saturday. satda 54 this afternoon.. for the most part we're donetren with the rain showers should bed partly sunny later today. latery that's the weather update.eathet steve, allison, i'll toss it'lli back over to you. >> ♪♪ thanks, tuck. 8:48. beat the theut the fox romantic musical la-la land alss getting a lot of buzz. b last night in california
8:49 am
film took home the critic choico awards highest honor bestor b picture and also best director.. la-la land won a total eightalig award last night hit theaterss nationwide on friday. fday >> the big award show last nighg let's check out other big o b winners best actor went to casec affleck for his role as lee chandler in the drama manchestem by the sea. by look for to to do well at the wt awards this season.s sean. natalie portman right thereht recognized for her portrayal ofl former first lady jackie kennedy onasis in jackie.acki that's kevin mccarthy and his as wife with their backs to theac camera right there sitting withg ryan reynolds at the awards last night.night. how awesome is that? right upiu front. >> can't wait. >> dead pool won the critics cti choice awards for best com deeme ryan ren follow won best actoroe in comedy for that role.t r he was also awarded thethe entertainer of the year prizer i hopefully he took kevin and and lauren out afterwards tord to celebrate. w cool is that.s t >> i can't wait to hear whatrha really went on at that table.ab >> tomorrow i'm sure we'll geteg the entire scoop.op >> well if you are allowing youu appetite this holiday season tot just run wild don't worry, wry there'al
8:50 am
>> good friend dr. shilpir.hi agalwar joins to us talk about o the top trends in health for 2017. 20 we'll get her take whether or not you think it's a winner ori not. good to see you as always.ays. >> hello. h >> good morning.el>> >> it's interesting w ge heaoort trends. tr a lot of people try to get a hia of the trend instead of following the 10.lling you'll help us as far asas something we should go for inhor 2017 and then some we can just j safe our time. our te. >> you heard it here first. >> all rightt here. >> the first -- these look likei spices.ices >> anti-inflammatory foods madem a big way on the scene.mawaon t but specifically this cominghig year we'll see them as a trend e to be put into things. tng so use as a spice.pi a boost in your shake or in thet form of a drink we see they'rehe sold with drinks that you cans just get at the supermarket anda then also recipes are being boosted more that have thesee te anti-inflammatory spices.pi things like turmeric, sue mack,c very good properties for healthh in terms of helping prevent pve cancers also helping preventvent chronic inflammation.lamm >> a good thing for people whofe don't like to take supplementsle like myself.f >> tr
8:51 am
>> by working these into ournto foods that we might already bely eating are you fan of that orhat not. not. >> absolutely. this is definitely something that's backed by research and we know that it's very easy to incorporate it's not going to bo some huge process that you havev to undertake.ta add a dash to your smoothiemohi especially because some of theme are stronger in sue mack adding on to your foods flavoring got a tangy taste. >> super foods of 2017. 201 >> for sure we'll see them. them >> i was m what's this.s. >> next one plant protein a lott of times we see people aresee pp trying to increasele protein inn their diet and that's a greatat idea. helps keep you full and helpsd h with weight loss.eight ss. we see that way protein and casc scene are the big ones lot ofot times heard about.tis heard abo. but the reality is, that those o can actually be hard on the digestive system make peopleeope have gas, you know, get uncomfortable by having a lot of way protein. pte plan protein are the new wave of 2017. definitely see a lot.ot pea protein and hemp protein. they're much smoother, easier to digest.di same amount more of protein one scp
8:52 am
>> steve you don't have to be dt gas see. gas we'll go with this instead. ite >> i'll look for it under the tree with a bag from allison. as thank you very very muc >> okay. >> this is collagen.>> i'm only thi familiar with colln implants -- is it pour this on n my face. my >> yes. >> what does it do in this formf >> i have to tell you guys i wai wary of this. of this sounds very gimmick key. k. but i looked at the research ana it is true. drinkable collagen is going toig be the new thing.he n thi instead of --instead o stotop it. >> injecting -- >> wait a minute. >> studies are saying -- >>tudi stop. >> y we took the dummy entire er segment on whatever this is.r th i'm really serious.erus >> we will. totally talk about that. abo >> what does it do. wdoes >> what it really is supposed td help hydrate you from the insidd out and so when skin remains hydrated that's what helps toelt stop the ringling. ringlin you no longer necessarily have v to go and do all of the botox and the fillers if you can doo some ounces of prevention.evento >> stop, stop,.top,. >> does it work. >> studies are saying that it does actually wesor ak.rek. >> what? >> after its eight weeks ofer taking this c ionsitsstently yoy skin will look more h
8:53 am
>> here, al, mix it with wit turmeric.turm >> you take this. tak t >> i'll take that.>>l ta >> i'll leave all of these.of t. >> sue mack and collagen shake.e >> that's a ground-breakingki thing for me. absolutely is. a i will tell you allison at firsi i did not think that it wasas legitimate.gite >> yeah. >> i look at the data in theatit journal of dermatology.togy very reputable source.ou >> do you have to drink it evere day. >> steve, this is important., th >> i want to get through w aneverything. >> you would need to. >> all right. what dovet dove you s we have here. >> drinks in general we as a big trend fortified beefed uped beep drinks. these are different healthh tonics and elixirs that are tt going to promise instead ofad o having to take the supplements you were saying and all these other pills coffee for energy ee it's all in one. o. got some herbs, i will say about this one be very careful becausb herbs do have property that ispi can mess with thing like blood o pressure medication made your md heart rate go faster. so it's vericyheart important e you're actually drinking for this. i'm a little on the fence abouta these drinks with the elixirs and the tonic. tonic >> a talk to the doctorhe dto conversation.ersation. >> absoluty.
8:54 am
medication, et cetera isn'teter something that miter have beente sold off the back of a bandf aad wagon. >> yes. no you're not wearing the white coatt we today.coat for good reason. i'm i'm not. so the other big trend we'll see in 2017 is this thing calledled aglee sure.eure. it's clothing that can actually be worn at the office but then e translates so that you can thent wear it for your y workout. for me this is aglee sure typeet of top. a little bit on the casual sided for me. but i will say, it can reallyeay double as just, you know founo you're excuse is i can go c because i don't have time toi dt change and do the whole shabanga this is an easy way to just putp that top on in the morning and i then you just change gone to tht gym. >> girlfriend i was going to sa if you told me that i could c drink some collagen and wear and this and it would work out for me at the same time, then you'ru about to be my new best friend.. >> spoiler alert wearing theng clothes will not get you in thei better shape. >> exactly. >> you'll look good.>>ou'l >> thank you dr. shilpi ass alysys. hatchimal hunters zeroing in ong the latest toy this holiday season.
8:55 am
coming up.p stay tuned. >> let me taste this.
8:56 am
♪♪ >> well, is it ever possibler pe there's just too much christmas cheer?cheer? >> nope. >> according to one new york ner city lawyer, yes, there is.s nick wilder is a man who livesaw on the upper east side of thef t new york city and he is fed upeu with his neighbors festive andta noisy as you can see the display features figure
8:57 am
rocking out to the holiday music so wilder who also a lawyer isyi playing the role of scrooge.g suing his neighbor because he be doesn't want to hear the christmas music 24/7. >> okay. >> tough call. you don't want to be distractedt don't want the noise but it's nb the holidays.thlida >> it's like three weeks.hreeees >> it's the holidays. >> starting today one hottestdae toys speaking holidays will be b available again.. probably follow for long.l >> target restocking its shelvev with hatchimals.s. you want one you can go to to target. they say that they will be one o strict limit on purchasing themm each customer will be allowedll two. they also will not be sold onol the so if you don't already knoww hatch malls are interactive eggs which require new chering andnd patience before they hatch intoa magical stores started selling out as oa early as black friday. >> get one those ninten target,, good day is next.. 8:57. 8:57.
8:58 am
8:59 am
fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. lips appear to age faster than other skin. no worries! now there's chapstick total hydration. it's 100% natural, age-defying formula is clinically proven to provide healthier, more youthful looking lips. chapstick. put your lips first.
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♪♪ ahead on good day at 9a,ta, watching and waiting. president-elect donald trump ses to make his pick for secretaryec of state. of but it's already causing moresim controversy for hisr administration as he weighs in on concerns hacking helped givev him an election victory. victory >> i think it's ridiculous. thii i think it's justdi acun excuse. >> just in time for the holidays, old man winted n wi barreling in across much of them united states. >> the snow is nice for about a month.moh


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