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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 12, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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that man is expected to survive. and but still police are trying to piece together a little about what happened and what i can tell you is police believed the suspect -- the shooter and victim knew each other and there was some kind of domestic dispute. we have video, the mayor came to harmony public charter school to reassure students and talk to students and also the community and reassure everyone and let everyone know they're safe and this was isolated incidents. now, we did speak with a volunteer here at the school. she did not want to be identified. here's what she had to say. >> i was a little surprised and i'm not really sure what to say this is my first experience with this kind of incident. >> do you feel safe? >> honestly i'm a little worried about my safety because i walk to and from metro station
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safe on the outside. >> so back here live that was volunteer she helps some of the students here at harmony public charter school arriving to the scene as all of this was unfolding and the school was on lockdown at the time she arrived and that was lifted and the school remained on and even into the evening hours and no word on how long police will be out here. what we know is even though we're told investigators have an idea of the shooter and who is responsible for that you he has not yet been apprehended or arrested and police are tight lipped about information concerning the suspect. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> there is new information tonight in the dui arrest of the chairman of the prince george county liquor board. charles caldwell as charged following a minor accident at the grand opening of the mgm resort and casino and police report is couldn't districting his claim he took a
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breathalyzer test and results were inconclusive. "fox5" paul wagner joins us with the story, paul. >> tony, two sources familiar with that police report say charles caldwell was taken to the oxon hill station where he initially agreed to take a breathalyzer test and then refused to complete it the report says caldwell blew into the machine once but when he was asked to provide a second sample he refused. and police protocol requires two samples for a successful test. and an accurate reading of a driver's blood alcohol content. >> when we reached mr. wald well by phone today and asked about the report he told us he thought the machine was broken and then declined to comment further. last week, charles caldwell told "fox5" he had not refused to take a breathalyzer test and the police had made a mistake in arresting him. however, prince george county police say caldwell failed a field sobriety test which source now says was captured on a police cruiser's dashcam ra. in our
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the chairman of county liquor board last week caldwell said he's almost 7 and ununy on his feet aunt incident was blown out of proportion. here's what the police said about caldwell's arrest. >> they approached mr. wald well on driver side of his vehicle and observed a strong odor of alcoholic bevrn range. and some preliminary field sobriety tests were given to mr. caldwell which he failed and subsequently was placed in custody. at that particular junction tour he was kharn add accordingly. >> now in a brief phone conference i had with mr. caldwell today i asked if he was sis spended from his job. he said he had not. but then declined to comment further. and the chairman of the liquor board is appointed by nochb nor and despite repeatedly attempting to get a comment from the governor press office they have remained silent. paul wagner "fox5 local news".
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orlando pulse nights club massacre. a gunman killed 49 people and wounded more than 50 others and fox caught one residents that shared memories of the club. >> denise gonzalez remembers the night she spent with friends and fun they had at a place where nobody ever got judged. >> people treated you well. i'm a straight woman. i love going. and i support any lgbt community and friend and family all of them. >> forever the first time tonight she brought her 9-year-old daughter to the place where 49 people were killed by gunfire. >> i feel bad for the people that lost like family members and sisters and brothers and like friends and people they loved. >> and they walked along the fence looking at the murals and memorial as long with others who thought of pulse as a place of joy and sanctuary like peter see grief. he's locating north in a little while and wanted to visit pulse one last time.
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ever came to i met some of my best friends here. >> he says it's always important to keep on dancing. >> i mean i don't think perpetrator will win because love con kerz all. we have time to be sad and mourn erin then we need to go and dance again and have fun. remember those happy memories. >> and it's memories that make lori king support pulse owner barbara's hope to on the club in a different location. >> i think it will be a great idea. i think to the to keep it here necessarily but to on somewhere else and keep the name the same. i think that's phenomenal idea. >> that was matt tresit reporting. >> attorney general loretta lynch say hate crimes tear at fabric of communities and are a stain on our nation's very soul and she made that comment at a mosque in virginia in wake of reports that hate crimes targeting muslims continue
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increase throughout the country. >> when one of us falls we all have to step up without regard for our own safety, without knowing what lay behind that curtain, everyone fwoz to help. when one of us is threatened we all have to speak out regardless of the discomfort it may cause upon us. >> lynch is expected to travel to new york tomorrow for discussion with lg fwxt yunl at harvey mill high school and she'll visit stone fwhal and stonewall national monument. well, virginia republican law maker is raising eyebrows with controversial offer to his supporters. cory stewart chairman of the prince william board of supervisors plans to give away ar 15 semi-automatic rifle for christmas. the reason is to show his dedicate to the second
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>> this is semi-automatic rifle one of the more popular in the united states. i want to bring attention to the need for constitutional carry in virginia. we should have it and you know that's so i'm hoping to accomplish that as we move into the raffle. >> assault style rifles are subject of fierce debate because of mass shootings like sandy hook and orlando night club masser ker. brady handgun cpaign declined to comment today. >> we want you to know -- or want to know if you support the cory stewart gun giveaway are you #with stewart or #without stewart. tweet us your answer and use the 5 at 630 and look for treat coming up next at 60. >> straight ahead on the news at 6, redskins player ryan kerrigan spreads cheer to kids. we're there as smiles light up as children's
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hospital. >> the snow is nice for about a month. >> i don't even know if i like it for a month. >> all right. but for those of who you do in time for the holidays. old man winter barreled across much of the u.s. from frigid temps to snow to freezing rain. sue, is this cold weather here to stay? >> hey, shawn, we'll be a little up and down in that department. up today at 56. seasonable the next couple days and we'll take that nosedive and sample some really cold december air the coldest eave we've seen so far this season or december in six years. tony i'll have the 7 day in a few minutes. >> sue, thank you very much. hello there friendly viewer. if you have an idea for a story here's the best way to get it to us. call the "fox5" tip line 202-8 95-3000. we'll be back
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>> redskins star linebacker ryan kerrigan spread a little holiday cheer to children at the hospital in false church this afternoon. the annual event is called ryan's reindeer rush. he melt with special needs and physically challenged and i will kids and they received build a bears with redskins jerseys. >> especially during the holiday season. when you sigh the kids you build them a bear from build a bear and how happy they get it makes you appreciate the influence you have as professional athlete to be able to make a kid's day like that. this is a day i look forward to each year and it's gotten better each year. >> kerrigan tells us he has a cousin livering with autism that inspired him to live back and help and bring happiness to families with similar challenges. >> well, "fox5" d.c. cares has been partnering with make a
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wishes campaign. >> in fact oaf the last few weekends we shared stories on power of a wish and now we're getting ready for a big wish day this friday. the star of that day is 5-year-old from maryland named kaheem who has leukemia and is currently in active treatment. he is sweet and brave and his wish is to be a hero to help people and have courage. and we are working with make a wish mid atlantic to make his wish come true. >> as a matter of fact kaheem received this top secret letter from superhero counsel of america today make a wish delivered it reading in part "on behalf of all the super heros in america we are i whereing to you with a special top secret reget. we heard trouble is brewing in washington d.c. and we're always in need of brave boys and girls to help in the battle for g we might need you in the coming days. will you be ready? we would be very kited and grate fuel to welcome super ahm
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he will become a superhero friday with the help of local firefighters and police he will go around our area helping people and having fun. >> the magical day begins live on "fox5"morning news and ends here on "fox" news at 6 and you will be able to follow along all day long on facebook page. get ready for amazing day this friday and consider donating money or airline miles to help more wishes come true go to mid atlantic -- let me start again mid atlantic-season of to do that and we'll be right back.
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snrch the arctic air is settleing across the d.c. region and meantime folks in the midwest, where this video is from, are dealing with wintry conditions including snow. how the snow, sleet and rain affected chicago and how it may head our way. >> it's second week of december and most nation has had relative
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far and no winter is here and the storm is dumping 7" of of snow in the city over the weekend. more accumulation than that in other areas. biggest headache chicago o'hare airport we're 1200 flight delayed on sunday and nearly half of all the flights for the day. at chicago made we airport 170 reported cancel operation laces and dangerous situation in detroit where planes skidded off run way. in chicago this monday morning it was icy and cold commute. people we talked to have mixed opinions about this first blast of wintery weather. >> i put as many layers as i can on and get out the door as quick as possible. >> my whole life i've lived here and i'm still not used to it. >> i came from new mexico i'll never get used to it. >> whoa would love a white christmas. >> no complaints. >> not yet. >> this storm is fast-moving and in northeast where it's dumping more snow, sleet and freezing rain and
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in the forecast for rest of week. thursday in chicago high of 6 degrees forecasted. in chicago, matt fin. fox news. >> all right. >> w often w. >> our high temperatures on friday will be in the 20s. >> really? >> yes. >> oh, my goodness. >> that will be the coldest eave been since december 14, 2010 in month of december. >> wow. >> get ready for that. >> it's a quick shot for us. thursday, friday, pretty cold and we'll bounce back autopsy a little saturday. >> 0? >> not that high of a bounce. >> reminder buy hot chocolate. >> make that three tony. we'll need it. we've got a great shot to show you as we preview -- >> beautiful. >> moremon temple look at the great display they have and what a great sight this time of year. that's a fantastic angle and
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on the roadway. i don't know they can see the view from the beltway but you can he the temple itself. don't the trees sound fantastic oh, my good ntion thank you so much for sky fox getting that shot into our producer kimberly brown and to me too. trees, light, golden, fantastic. another special as spet this time of year and holiday koupd down is on we're 1 days away from christmas and the time is really flying. but, today, bonus weather. i have to say we started with rain this morning and ended up being about 16 one hundred ms of an inch and sunshine this afternoon up to 56. dulles 53, bwi 53. nice bounce after cold weekend and some of us saw the very first light flakes sunday morning and what we see tomorrow in the afternoon and evening could be either rain or maybe a couple of snow flurries here and there tuesday. not a big deal. we will be cloudy tomorrow, though. 45 and a front
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through might trigger couple of these rain or snow showers. but they should not cause any problems. wednesday dry day. still on chilly side at 44. wednesday night though is when that other strong front comes in with the really big push of cold air and arctic express we'll call that's when chicago will see the high temperature matt flynn mentioned of temperatures near 6 degrees and at least we're not pulling single dimmingit here and 20s and 30s for us on thursday and friday. and so, definitely get ready for real cold finish to the workweek and if the cold only only forers you maybe do run ago rounds over the next couple days so you you don't have to deal with it little snow coming off lake ontario here and why you don't see much moisture in mountains you see clouds coming. these will be here later tonight. some high, thin clouds. we have one freezing rain advisory to tell you about until 3:00 in the morning tuesday. westernal gapey and garrett county some counties also through west virginia including elkins. this is light.
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showing up on radar and often it does not. it would be light icing potential until 3 in the morning there. everybody else stays dry. 49 current temperatures and 4 culpeper and 50 annapolis and a very pleasant evening and temperature slow to fall. 46, 7:00, 9:00, 44 with more clouds coming to the picture and by 11:00, 40. again a chilly night tonight. we have another front going to come on through and that will keep us on the dry side. and but see our temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s overnight. those temperatures you see here overnight these are the eye highs we'll see thursday and friday and we may not see 35 anywhere on our maps as we get to late week. 20s and 30s tomorrow morning. we start out cloudy. chilly on tuesday morning. but dry. and then another frontal boundary in area of low pressure that comes up the coast could bring couple showers. ybybe flurry
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responsible for flurries maybe area of low pressure south bringing showers in and we'll see how far north they get. we should get up to 45 tomorrow. 43 dulles and 43 winchester and 46 culpeper and mannasas and 44 annapolis. so just to track that moisture tomorrow you can see mostly just clouds tomorrow morning maybe by 6:00 some isolated showers and area of low pressure produces more tam is rain south and east of our area. but, again, close enough to both of those systems we cannot rule out a passing shower or maybe a few flurries. by wednesday morning though we're back to sunshine. late week, friday to saturday could be enough cold air in place as moisture comes into town you could see a little snow or maybe sleet to the south. and that would change can-over to rain as a pub of warmer air comes in by saturday afternoon. and your "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. talk about up area down. we go from 44 on wednesday to 30 on thursday. 28 on friday.
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up to 45 saturday and sunday we're back to 55. so rounds of rain and all of a sudden this december much colder than last. last es is the warmest december we ever have. >> i remember last month -- not last month december of last year. >>thon date last year 68, christmas ever was 71. i ran air conditioning christmas day. >> i remember. >> it was muggy. >> i remember that. >> oh, well. >> pay back. >> that's what they say. >> stay with us we'll be right back. ♪ hi everyone, i'm colonel lang non southwest asia support cgtfoir i want to wish a happy holidays and merry christmas and happy hanukah and happy any year to my family in northern virginia. merry christmas, rob, sydney, cheryl.
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>> first lady michelle obama spread holiday cheer in the nation's capitol today. >> she toured the children's health system with fan ta and bo and sunny and guess who else. radio personality ryan seacrest. >> i've been wonder what he's doing since "american idol" she read the night before christmas to family and patients. >> it's christmas time again are we excited about christmas time? >> twas the night before christmas, when all through the house, not a crat
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stirring, not even a mouse. >> the hospital visit is a tradition dating back to president harry truman administration in the 1940s. >> very nice. >> love it. >> that's right. >> she does a great job reading that and lighting of christmas tree too. >> that's right. >> very good. >> and all right, so, going to start to get colder tonight. >> yeah, we will be cold tonight. 20s and 30s. those will be close to what high temperatures are friday. another look at 7 day forecast. 45 not bad tomorrow. you can handle that. it won't be windy. 44 wednesday. and then the bottom drops out on wednesday night into thursday it's only 30 for high tem you're thursday and 2 is the high on friday and we have to watch saturday morning we could see some accumulating snow. hm, saturday morning. it will not last because it will change to rain. >> exciting. >> if you get a picture of it, do it fast. >> good advice. >> thanks for joining u
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>> keep it right here, 5@60 is 5 at 6:30 is coming up after the break. we'll see you in just a few.
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>> on this monday president-elect set to pick secretary of state and only causing more couldn't vrtsy for incoming administration as he weighs in on concerns that hacking held give him a victory. >> i think it's ridiculous. >> you can see from the run down on the side of the screen it's top talk are tonight at 6:30 we want to know what you think about this tweet us was on your mind and use 5@630 meantime president-elect trump added another member to team today general john kelly as homeland secretary and kelly is four star general commander of u.s. southern command and also responsible for guantanamo bay and all u.s. military operations and central mek. >> meanwhile we're waiting to hear from trump pick for secretary of state as he pushes back on reports that russian hackers tried to influence the election in his favor. skoyning us now with more on this one


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