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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 12, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. ♪ ♪ a metro malfunction, train left the station without some cars, what caused train to separate and should passengers be concerned? a man runs in a dc charter school looking
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shot in the parking lot. raising concerns about school security. we're keeping it close eye on the forecast, this temperatures get ready to plunge into the teens later. the news at 10:00 starts now. . we start with this, a word of warning to residents everywhere about particularly to those out and about in the northwest dc neighborhood of chevy chase,s thanks for joining us i'm tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy, people are searching for several people from a car jacking yesterday evening, tisha? >> reporter: well, shawn and tony though it happened earlier in the evening, the backdrop was similar. it was dark. there were cars passion by but this woman was unloading her groceries actually behind her house, we've all probably done it. probably seen someone doing. unloading the groceries when a group of men young memo
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we just spoke with that victim and here's what she had to say. >> in the moment, things slowed down i literally had to thought, is this even a real gun? a toy? i don't know guns, it could be anything. i'm not going to assume it's a toy and try to be a hero. in the moment, i really was thinking and i said it out loud, you don't have to do this because they were closer to me than you are. this guy who with the car keys. >> reporter: really an amazing moment as she recall lid what happened. telling the southwest you don't have to do this and she tells me that they were wearing face mask that is covered just the bottom half of their face but she said she could see their eyes and made direct eye contact with them and what stood out were the suspects were so young, people between 15 and 19 years old and she said you could tell that they were novices, they had never done this before. they had trouble starting the car. she
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fe. it was spotted in the area shortly after carjacking. there was a few things she took away from this incident. first and foremost she thought it was a joke but immediately turned over her car keys, which is what you are advised to do. she said in the future, she will have two separate key chains or car keys and also her house keys about now she's faced with the task of actually getting the entire house rekeep keyed because she had all her keys like many of us on one key chain. the this happened last night around 6:20 p.m. she was behind her house unloading the groceries out of her car. a group of young man approached her, asked for her car keys. she handed it over and they stole her car, police say it still remain as mystery who was responsible for this but they're urging residents in this area to stay alert, stay village lent in your day-to-day activities. tisha lewis,
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listen up. if you ride metro this story could affect you. more trouble for metro riders. train pulled apart with passengers on board. >> this happened at the twin brook station along the red line around 9:00 this morning. marina marraco is live and marina do they know what caused those cars to come apart? >> not yet, tony. it's been more than 12 hours, still no official cause. the train back running here in this stretch of the twin brooks station on the red line, you take a look at this video, you'll see the seven how to car, that's one of the newest addition to the fleet. they're supposed to be replacing the older car, the 1,000 and 4,000 series that had a lot of issues, but this morning, a major malfunction on that those cars. you'll see the cell phone video here from one of the passengers inside one of those seven how to series cars earlier, it was the height of morning rush before
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9:00. two cars disengaged leading 40 passengers stranded. they had to be evacuated on to the tracks by metro workers. metro says the coupler on the train disengaged between the second and the third train car and according to metro, they claim that the train safety system quote worked as intend and and brought the train cars to a complete stop. now, everyone was evacuated. there were no injuries. but again, metro under fire by its ridership because of safety concerns. >> it happens a lot, but stuff happens but they're new cars. they sometimes have flaws. >> i hope it doesn't happen again, you know, we -- they need to be rough with the manufacturer and say you gave us a bad cars. fix them now. we shouldn't have to -- the passengers shouldn't have to pay for that. the people who made rail cars she don't have to. >> get it together, decide what you want do. if you have to shut the system down completely, shuti
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document lives are more important than machinery. we pay for certain things, do it right. if it's not broken leave it alone. if it's broken, do what you need to do. >> reporter: metro says if you were affected by the incident, reach out to the agency for a reimbursement of your fare, the cause as well as how it was handled is still under investigation. live tonight in rockville, marina marraco fox 5 local news a stretch around 7:00 in loudoun is closed right now following a deadly accident. two car and a truck collided in the westbound lanes near yellow school house right nowed in round hill. one person died. the sheriff's office tells us the road may still be closed tomorrow morning. dc police tonight are looking for the gunman who shot a man this morning outside of dc charter school. police say someone shot the victim as he was sitting in car near harmony charter school in northwest northeast the victim ran into the school building to get hurt. dc mayor
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period newsham toured the school. a person who wanted to remain anonymous talked to us about the incident. >> i was little bit surprised. i'm not really sure what to say. this is my first experience. >> reporter: do you feel safe >> honestly, i'm a little worried about my safety because i walk to and from the metro station in the area. the area looks very safe on the outside. >> reporter: investigators say the victim was target to do. the shooter and victim knew each other. we're told the victim is expected to make a full recovery. a woman in alexandria is facing murder charges in the death of her husband. the grant jury returned the two-count deem against paula thompson marshal. prosecutors say the 47-year-old shot and killed her 75-year-old husband at their home on duke street back in october. it's still unclear what sparked the deadly shooting. no trial date has been set. if marshal is
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faces a maximum sentence of life in prison. we got to the 50's today. but temperatures are beginning to tumble and well, it could get colder later. let's check in with sue palka to find out what we can expect when we wake up in the morning. >> tomorrow morning not bad at all. there will be clouds around and it is getting chilly out there tonight but nothing we haven't seen before. you are hinting at the big changes that will come later this week when a piece of that polar vortex is going to visit us, bringing us definitely the coldest air we've seen saffron the coldest air since 2010 in december. here's a look at high temperature today's, we had a little bit of rain to start the day but then a lot of sunshine broke out this afternoon, and helped to get us up to 56 at reagan dulles, 53 b w i right there as well and as we check temperatures right now, it's not now. dc is 48. winchester, mart inside berk, 41, dulles 43, we also have our school spot lik
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and culpeper 36. we're going to go see clouds around tonight and tomorrow but that really cold air that shawn was referring to that piece of the polar vortex, that crosses us wednesday night and we're talking about temperatures that will be more like january on thursday and friday. 30's and 20's for high temperatures. so do your running around if you don't like it cold in the next couple days. the clouds around tomorrow, there could be an afternoon shower, maybe even a flurry and just wanted to give you a heads up we do still have a freezing rain advisory really just for drizzle in some of the high spots to our west. that goes until 3:00 in the morning, better safe than sorry. there has been a tiny i bits of moisture but we're keeping it dry locally. frontal boundary is swinging on through tonight. that's dry. but again, we'll have clouds temperatures in the 30's maybe a few 20's out there. and last stop, how about the bus stop tomorrow morning? chilly start, 20's and 30's. seasonally cold. 40 to 46 aft
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possibility of maybe a couple of showers, maybe a few flurries, but a chance of measurable snow on the seven-day forecast, we'll talk about that later. tony and shawn. when we come back a maryland school system is considering a controversial new sex ed program. new regulation, about the jingle bells, a lot of big celebrities on the stage. coming up right here on fox 5.
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developing police arrested 11 people connected to last summer's deadly terrorist attack in niece. they provided the suspects proposed logistical supports and guns to the isis attacker who drove his truck into a crowd. 86 people killed, hundred
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hurt. dozens have been arrested since the july 14th attack. . new at 10:00 a maryland woman has died days after police say her ex-boyfriend attacked her and her two children with a hammer. charges against cheriff, heyward, ariel fells died over the weekend. her ex-is accused of stalk her and her eight year-old and four-year-old son with a hammer. the children are in stable competition. a comprehensive hearing was held for catherine hog he will. she's believed to be last person to see her children before they disappeared but refused to disclose their whereabouts. judge said a new competency status hear for april. the dui arrest
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chairman of the prince george's county liquor board. charles caldwell charged after he was involved in a minor traffic accident during the grand opening of the mgm resort and casino, a police report is con districting his claim that he took a breathalyzer and they were inclusive. he explains what happened >> we approached mr. caldwell on the driver's side and observed a dropping odor of alcoholic beverage. some preliminary sobriety tests were given to mr. caldwell which he failed, and subsequently he was placed into custody, and at that particular juncture, he was charged accordingly. >> two sources familiar with the police report say caldwell was taking to the police station where he initially agreed to take a breath lize then refused to complete it. report says caldwell blew into the machine once but when he was asked to provide a second sample, he refused. caldwell spoke to fox 5 this afternoon.
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suspended he said no but declined to comment further. middle and high school students in montgomery county may be in for a change when it comes to sex education. a new proposal would add a tool called affirmative consent to the curriculum. teaching students more about consent instead of conflict. fox 5 anjali hemphill is live at the montgomery county board of education with more. angelly? >> reporter: well, tony, we are hear the phrase no means no when it comes to sexual assault but the montgomery county public schools is one of the first in the country to consider teaching yes means yes or affirmative consent and it may be taught as early at 7th grade. >> intended to prevent sexual assault which is something that has been in the headlines both local. and nationally. >> reporter: ariana kelly spoke to other lawmakers about a bill that would teach montgomery county seventh and 10th graders in the classroom more about saying
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>> reporter: in the 10th grade sex ed we do discuss consent and we teach largely girls but also boys strategies how to get out of a bad situation. if someone is pressuring them, to engage in something they're not comfortable with, how to avoid it, how to minimize it. what we don't teach is people should not be pressuring other people to engage in sexual activity. and that's illegal. and potentially could really damage their lives later on down the road. >> reporter: supporters believe more needs to be done earlier to prevent rape. >> sex is a consensual act between two people and we need to start teaching that to students for them to understand when they get to college. by the time they get to college it's too late. having five-minute discussion during freshman orientation isn't going to save girls on campuses. >> reporter: the montgomery county board of education is opposed to the bill. all health curriculum is aligned and guided by
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centers for disease control and prevention, national health education standards and health education curriculum and standards based on on the on the research and guidelines grade seven health education criminal lump as it relates to sexual activity focuss on waiting to engage in sexual activity, peer pressure and potential consequences of sexual activity. at the 10th grade level, a large section of the curriculum is dedicated to sexual aggression and consent. meanwhile, some montgomery county parents also wonder if middle school is the right time and place. >> no, because i feel like we're more kind of not exposing them, but we're putting too much like too much attention on that. i don't think the a good idea to have. >> there's nothing wrong with teaching something explicitly. there's value in modelling the things we want in society. we have an opportunity to give young people a positive model. why not take that opportunity? >> reporter:
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says they've been looking at ways to incorporate age appropriate curriculum as young as fifth grade, anjali hemphill fox 5 local news. tonight the arlington county board approved short term air b and b rentals in all residential neighborhoods. the new regulations allow two guests per room during short term stays. also homeowners are not authorized to host parties, banquets, or weddings for money, the board says the new rules protect the character of neighborhoods and insure health and safety measures are in place. those new regulations by the way take effect new year's eve. animal control officers in prince george's county want to know who wrapped a power cord around a kitten's neck and will have the the in its own filth, animal control officers got a call friday about a cat stuck in a laundry room of a green belt apartment building. theyound him covered in feces and urine with power cord and animal control officer was able to
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coming up on fox 5 news at one virginia gubernatorial candidate is giving away an rifle parts of his campaign. we know where president obama's new workplace will be located. details after the break. tomorrow morning on fox 5 news, pro wrestler whity we're looking at the perfect holiday gifts and i should say we're looking at the holiday gifts for the match-up lover in your life. tucker barnes is getting transformed into the grinch who stole christmas. you'll want to see that tomorrow morning.
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developing now, president-elect trump said he will announce his choice for secretary of state tomorrow morning.
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his plans on twitter this evening, oxon mobile ceo rex tilts emerged as the leading candidate he talked about tillerson in an exclusive interview yesterday. former presidential mitt romney is out of the running. romney posted a comment on facebook that said it was an honor to have been considered for the job. lawmakers on capitol hill are calling for a bipartisan investigation into allegations that russia hacked the presidential election. the probe will begin immediately. according to the cia russia was trying to help donald trump win the presidential race, trump went on a tweet storm and called the claims ridiculous. questioned why the issue wasn't brought up before the election. meantime a group of electoral college election tors are asking u.s. intelligence officials for more information about donald trump's relationship with russia. he ordered a full to review of all campaign season cyber attacks. he wants the report complete bradford he leas
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new at 10:00 when president obama leaves the oval office he will have a new office in foggy bottom. according to the "washington post," sources say the president will have office space on 24th street northwest, the w w f is a nonprofit focused on environmental couldn't vacation leases space to other organizations. office is about a mile away from the neighborhood where the obamas will call home. a republican lawmaker in virginia is causing controversy with a surprising offer to supporters of his gubernatorial campaign. prince william county core stewart says he's going to raphael off an ar15 semiautomatic rifle for christmas announced in an e-mail. it's to show his to dedication to the second amendment. >> this is a semiautomatic rifle. it's one of the more popular rifles sold in th
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states. i also do want to bring attention to the need for constitutional carry in virginia. we should have it. and you know, that's i'm hoping to accomplish that as we move into the raphael. assault style rifles are the subject of fears debate because of their use in mass shootings line, like the sandy hook elementary school and orlando night club massacre. they declined to comment on this there is a lot of action going on right now in comment chinatown. some of the biggest names took the stage for the hot 99.5 i heart radio jingle bells 2016. it is a big event with a lot of stars, we'll take you inside the show coming up next at 10:00. 00. . as we head to break, how about this one? the longest uber ride on record passed through our area, a woman ordered an uber your williamsberg virginia to brooklyn to see her
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the driver agreed. it lasted eight hours. the ride cost the woman $294. the driver only earned about $9 an hour after gas and tolls. she said she agreed to the ride for the venture. we'll be right back. ack. lieutenant davis in southwest asia i'd like to wish my family in cincinnati ohio columbus george and norfolk virginia happy holidays.
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this is fox 5 local news at 10:00. a metro train separated with passenger on board. the car in the new 7,000 series became separated.
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standed. workers had to evacuate them. no one was hurt. the brand new series cars had the newest in metro's fleet. closed in loudoun following a deadly accident. two cars and a truck collided in westbound lanes to near yellow school house road. the road may be closed tomorrow morning as sheriffs deputies continue to investigate. dc police tonight are looking for the gunman who shot and wounded a man this morning outside of dc charter school. police say someone shot the victim as he was sitting in car near harmony charter school. the victim ran inside to get help shortly after that the mayor and acting police chief visited the students and teachers inside the school to reassure them. sue? we are going to see a lot a cloud cover around later tonight and tomorrow morning, it should be dry to start your day tomorrow. and temperatures will be seasonally cool to
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40's. more clouds than sun in the forecast for us on tuesday. there could still be a couple of evening rain or snow showers. the snow showers north and west, rain showers south and east, not everybody will see them. it's a small chance, we'll keep an eye, they should not cause problems, but it will get told, arctic blast, you'll feel it thursday and friday, when our high temperatures are in the 20's. the highs only in the 20's to near 30 degrees. and right now, we can't to watch the possibility of snow on saturday. that would depend on the storm track. it would be saturday morning, eventually warm air comes in and changes that system over to rain. so lots to keep track of. shawn, tony, back to you. this should warm some people up right now. some of the hottest pop artists around are at the verizon center, the jingle bells tour hit the d m v >> only fox 5 is live behind the scenes, lindsay watts j
10:31 pm
live from outside. lindsay, how is it going. >> reporter: shawn and tony, i think this answers your question. you can hear the show still going on right now. we're in the hallway just outside and want to give you a live look inside at jingle bells. check it out. it is a packed house. the group that chain smokers is on stage right now. you can turn on any pop radio station and you will likely hear one of the groups and artist that is performed tonight. some of them really just took off this past year. if you have teenagers in the house, bring them into the room. here are some of the interviews from the red carpet. >> jingle ball. dc, are you ready? ♪ ♪
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>> what's your favorite stopping perform >> favorite song to perform, wow, is probably either sky is too beautiful find a lot of people are receptive to it and they sing back and always gets me in an emotional state. ♪ ♪ been a big year for sure. >> they won't have a sing >> really happy that my fans seem happy. ♪ ♪. >> reporter: you've been making music a long time and it took off >> this will be like my third album and i feel like it's my beginning, right now is a special feeling. a lot of people don't make it to a third column let alone get to a third and that's when you starting to from this to like that. >> has been such a big year for you. your grammy knotted, your first nomination what was that like >> crazy, i can't even process that. it's just, such
10:33 pm
so happy to be living in it and i'm excited to what's going to come next. >> reporter: i have your songs on my running mix. >> everyone says that. >> reporter: what is your favorite song to get up and perform >> don't me down is one of my favorites to. i love the chain smokers. it's such a rush on stage. >> reporter: if you're wondering how i got this assignment, i was the only one in our editorial meeting today who knew every single artist. now you know a little somebody aboutmy music taste. shawn and tony, i always say i have to live to up beat pop music because i go running a lot so i need it to keep me motivated. that's the excus i'm sticking to >> i knew a lot, not all of them >> looks like the crowd behind you you can hear they're having a good time in there >> go back in and enjoy some more of the concert,
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santa claus, left the north pole today a little early >> he's paying a special visit to children in northern virginia. >> we'll tell you why it was all for a good cause, why all these kids came in on busses and what happened when we uret. at." at." oh. company, companionship, food... we all need those things. when we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ your path to retirement may not always be clear. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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fox 5 bob barnard barnard shows us the spirit of giving is alive and well. >> it's hard to tell who's more excited here today adults or young children >> it feels great to be here today. >> reporter: this is the penn
10:38 pm
alexandria. the occasion? fairfax county county fire and rescue's annual toy coat and bicycle give away. >> this is a time where everybody should be rejoicing and celebrating. >> reporter: dozens of busses bringing less fortunate preschoolers from area day care centers, the piles and stacks and rows's goodies all of it donated >> i have couple years we got all of our law enforcement, the police department, the fire department, state patrol, sheriff department and the fbi is their first year participating. >> reporter: that sheriff's deputy take hand of a wide united child. >> santa claus? >> would that >> the main thing we started we want to make sure no kid wakes up christmas morning without a gift. >> reporter: battalion chief willie
10:39 pm
morning a decade ago. >> we started doing this approximately 16 years ago helping a couple hundred kids and every year it got bigger and bigger. >>. >> reporter: the children are coming away with more than just smiles. >> we get a stuffed animal. >> reporter: and community leaders say for these active duty and retired firefighters and police officers, this outreach is needed now more than ever >> we've been working hard in fairfax county to try to improve the relationship and they're improving. we see more engagement with law enforcement and the community. >> we wanted the kids to see them in a different light. >> star wars. >> reporter: santa says it's days like this that truly warm his heart. >> love making children happy and smile. good feeling. >> reporter: in fairfax county fairfax county
10:40 pm
5 local news. i love to see those little smiles. they look as to so excited. coming up at 11:00, we'll have more on the latest metro malfunction, two cars separated. passengers were on board. take a look what turned up at a security checkpoint at dulles airport, what woman told tsa agents. those stories and more at 11:00. good thing santa doesn't have to gas up his sled and rain dear to deliver presents. that's because gas prices rising 14 days in a row. dashing 8 cents higher since the cash tell agreed on cutting production. several nonowe peck nations are signing on cuts of their own, sending oil prices soaring to ancef-month high. helping the dow continue its record run but the nasdaq and s & p 500 not
10:41 pm
both breaking a six-day winning streak thanks to falling technology shares. 'tis the season to be faking. a new southern find nearly three quarts of all americans give a fake reaction when they get a holiday gift they won't like. on the flip side, only one in ten saying they actually fess up and tell someone that the present stinks. but kids, i really do love your gifts. i mean it. i'm practicing. that's business, i'm david asman. n.
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breaking news at new york due to a credible bomb threat. flight 441 was heading to houston texas to frankford when a threat was called into the airline's corporate headquarters. the plane was taken to a remote area of the airport where 530 passengers and crew members were evacuated. no one harmed, an investigationing ongoing. shawn and tone, we're talking about increasing. but generally it should be a dry start. and enjoy the relatively warm temperatures while they last. we're still 48 degrees here in dc. our high temperature today at 56. we won't see that much sun. we won't be getting into the 50's. at least we won't be in the 20's. it's currently 27 in detroit. even colder in chicago at 12. you can see that cold air spilling on down lincoln nebraska is 18 degrees, wyoming is six.
10:46 pm
a lot of cold air and we got more replacement cold air ready to funnel in. so we're highlighting the fact that late this work week, thursday and friday, and particular, are a piece of that arctic air will be visiting us for the coldest air we've seen around here in december since 2010. it will be quite blustery. if you don't like to deal with the cold, you pint might want to try to do it tomorrow or wednesday, we'll be about 45 tomorrow, 44 on wednesday, here comes that cold air and feeling so much colder because it will be blustery on thursday. a checkpoint temperatures, not too bad, hagerstown 38, hagerstown you have a chance of seeing flurries tomorrow afternoon and evening, i'll show you the futurecast in a moment. want to let you know we'll be chilly.
10:47 pm
degrees here in the district. and some good news, a big chunk of that freezing rain advisory freezing drizzle to get drop, but from he will consistents on down to just north of hundredorsville in west virginia, it will still in be in effect. clouds coming into dc. the lake effects snow this winding down new advisories watches and warnings have been posted, because there's going to be another big badge of lake effects snow which could amount to two feet. that gets going when the cold air starts coming in wednesday and thursday. so for tuesday, we are going to be chilly, we're going to see our temperatures starting out in the 20's and 30's as high pressure is going to continue to built on in. also wanted to mention we have a frontal boundary approaching. and we'll have a weak area of low pressure off the coast. that could produce few showers, we could also see flurries. i think a big chunk of our area may miss out on any kind of moisture tomorrow but i wanted you to know that there is a chance, let me show you the
10:48 pm
futurecast. because 10:00 tonight we have the clouds, tomorrow morning, we have clouds and maybe a little bit of sun here and there. as we go through the day, this is psi i said hagerstown you have a chance of seeing a few flurries, we're going to go see colder air and a little bit of moisture ahead of our frontal boundary. a little bit of moisture works up into the area tomorrow evening around can 9:00 or mainly south and east of dc, liquid because the temperatures should be fairly warm at that point. but again, we'll continue to see a lab of snow out to the west. maybe a few of you see flurries and you know what to do if you see some of those please sends me a picture. by 11:00 tomorrow we're going to go see that system starting to pull away and maybe a small amount of snow in the mountains. so that's what we're watching for tuesday, we have a second chance for snow this weekend. that's on saturday. . i'll show you that in a moment. highs will get into the mid 40's tomorrow not bad day with clouds around. what about that second chance for possibility of snow? you already know it's going to be cold friday. that cold air will be
10:49 pm
when a southern system with moisture is going to begin pushing in our direction friday into saturday. possible that that moisture coming however that cold air could also produce maybe some accumulating snow. the kids hate that they think it's a rip-off they don't get a snow day. any snow or little bit of sleep we might see into saturday would likely be overcome by this warm air, which is a strong surge of arm air saturday none. we would see rain out of that. that's something we're keeping an eye on as we get into the weekend. and you can see that saturday afternoon gets closer, rain showers would likely rule the date. as we look at the weekend, cold thursday, friday, saturday 45, we would warm up after maybe a little bit of a wintery mix to begin our day. sunday about 55 degrees, so the good news about the cold that's coming it's pretty fast. two days, and monday's temperature on the colder side at
10:50 pm
that is your very interesting seven-day forecast. shawn and tony back to you. >> thank you, sue. the redskins win is always a good thing, but why were fans forced to route for the cowboys last night? jim lokay looks at the playoff picture ahead. the stars are the popular h d tv show are calling it quits. christina announced their separation but they will still work together professionally to keep their hgtv program afloat. they're going into season eight. they married in 2009 have two kids. we'll see how it goes for season eight >> they must be super famous, they've been on my timeline all day i never heard of them. >> where have you been? you got to watch flip or follow up? we'll be right back.
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s. giants had to go in and upset the cowboys, let's go back to what we learned in philadelphia. clearly, the redskins trent williams back after a four-game suspension but the defense did have slip-ups, jay gruden gruden. if you thought there were problems, jay gruden said the important thought was dean u would have set things up >> they played good. there's big-time place in that game and we made some. for the most part i think our guys were sound. eagles did good things offensively. carson wentz is a good young football player, made great throws, our defense hung in there, stuck with the plan and made plays when they had to >> here's a look at the playoff picture. right now. the
10:55 pm
redskins barely looking in, then you have the vikings and packers standing by. every game counts at this point, once again we mentioned this the redskins host the matthews in a monday night game fedex. a big blow to potent of a billion dollar settlement after concussions and traumatic brain injury, supreme court declined the challenge, which paved wait for payments to start after two years after delays, about 20,000 former players could end up with at least five million dollars a piece. there's some people that say it list of ailments is too narrow. the definition is just not there. and while the settlement itself said aside about a bill dollars. obviously this something that has a lot of ramifications a lot of people still wondering there is attempts to slow it down to try and get the players who are affected to register and could get paid by the spring. >> when you start
10:56 pm
it >> it's not just cut and dry, if you got injured you're going to get paid. there you have it. >> thank you, jim we'll be right back with the news at 11:00.
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this is fox 5 local news at 11:00. ♪ ♪. at 11:00, a metro malfunction. two train cars separated while passengers were on board.
11:00 pm
what went wrong. gunfire right outside a local school this morning. the victim ended up running inside looking for help. ♪ ♪ and a star studded lineup is spreading holiday cheer at the verizon center, live on the red carpet, news starts right now. ♪ ♪. we begin tonight with breaking news. according to the associated press, president-elect donald trump selected oxon mobile ceo rex tillerson to lead the state department. he will formally announce the nomination tomorrow morning. the decision casts a pretty lengthy process that played out in public, exposed risks within trump transition team. his business ties to russia and vladimir putin could complicate his senate hearings, much more on fox 5 morning news. the very lates


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