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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 13, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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first urnl ept breaking story out of loudoun county. sheriff deputies there are looking for a missing 15-year-old girl from ashburn taylor call was reported missing december 9. 5' 4" and weighs 10. if you know where taylor cole could be call loudoun country sheriff department. >> nation is weeks away from having a new president. president-elect trump has been busy filling in streets for administration. >> he made his pick for secretary of state and today expected to announce chief executive of exxon mobile rex tillerson as top choice. "fox5" mel smell more with the pick this morning. good morning, mel. >> tillerson may have one of the toughest confirmation battles wet. each senate republicans are expressing concerned of conflict of interest. he has close ties to russia while cutting several deals wh
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vladimir putin gave him the order of friendship in honor of foreign citizens and tillerson's deep relationship with russia is beneficial to role of secretary of state and become more complicated not that cia determined they interfered with the election to help trump. in ain't view with chris wallace he said tillerson is impressive player. he's more tan a business executive he's a world class player. to me a great add van staj he knows many of the players and knows them well. he does massive deals in russia massive deals for the company. >> the cabinet picks are starting to narrow down and word former texas governor rick per we will be nominated for a pick and perry once called for department of energy to be eliminated and said science on
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sized. cabinet nominees have to get through committee process before going ton full senate for confirmation hearings for their parts and democrats said they watched what republican have done with delay tactics as of late and they're in no hurry to get the confirmation process underway. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick. "fox 5 news". >> and the recount effort has been halted in pennsylvania. federal judge rule party suspicion of hacked election boarders on president-elect picked up additional 131 sglots calls for members of the electoral college to dump trump continued across the nation. they marched the trump tower in an efforts to urge not to cast for president-elect donald trump this month. members of the college will
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december 19. >> first lady melania trump was attending a hearing in defamation lawsuit. trump filed the lawsuit aling maryland blogger and daily mail online falsely accused her of being involve in an escort agency during her modeling career. >> and suing over refusal to build a mosque in the area. the suit was filed yesterday and claims culpeper county acted in discriminatory manner when deny ago roovl to construct the building. sewage disposals with an issue at the pro positioned location for reason ever denial. happening today the map accused of shooting a rifle in comet pizza is due back in court. edgar wept to the restaurant after reading a false story online suggesting owners were hobb hosh oring sex slaves. >> fairfax county police chief is recovering from minor
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in a car carn light night. chief edwin loseler was hit at lee highway and stone road the person that hit the chief's car is charged with bw sghixt president obama leaving the oval office in january and will transition to new office in foggy bottom. he will have office space in the world wild life fund headquarters building on 24 street northwest. the wwf is non profit focuseden environmental conservation and leases space to other organizations. the office is about a half mile away from the neighborhood where the obamas will live. all right. 4:34 the time now let's go to gary mcgrady with weather. >> thanks. >> good morning. >> i think i want to do bus stop forecast quickly here. cloudy today. there's a possibility that later on this vrn achb we could have a shower around. temperatures will number the 40s. it won't be a problem. there's a disturbance coming out across. kid owes at the bus stop, cloudy and cold, dry, temperatures this afteron
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to 47 degrees. still cloudy. not a lot of sunshine if any. don't worry about rain this afternoon. anything we get will be spotty. most of it stays well south of us. and then up to the north west of us as well. so the immediate area here the metro looks good. again, south eastern neighborhoods. northwestern neighborhoods. there could be emphasis there for the potential for spotty shower. some folks down below freezing this morning in martinsburg or frederick you're below freezing and if westminster or winchester right at freezing here in town 40, annapolis 42. fredericksburg 38. cold air is coming. cold air is coming. consider yourself warned. we'll talk more about that all morning long. here's caitlin roth with a look at traffic. >> gary, we have been warned accordingly. it's saxtd you need the heat on in the cars this morning with temperatures in the 30s to around 40. extra high heat. incredibly high heat by end of week, yikes, tuesday morning commute, luckily no rain, no wet roads out there this morning. yesterday turned into a gorgeous
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hopefully you enjoyed that. if you're up early with us no problems as you head out around the districts. beltway, whole circle looks clear look going. there northern maryland let's zoom in a little. topside of beltway is fine. local roads near coalsville 29 northbound and southbound looks good. 15 in the clear and 270 from frederick to montgomery county no problems. let get out of the way. you see the green continuing for 95 and baltimore washington parkway looking good there. and all right. let's go a little further north ward, 270 i mentioned quiet and it continues to be peaceful from frederick down to germantown, gaithersburg and then to the spur. 66 eastbound no slow downs yet. 234 to nutly street looking good coming out of northern sir vir and inside the beltway 395 northbound looks good. 50 through arlington you're okay and not seeing any accident or delays to report. we'll have another look at traffic coming up in less than ten minutes, guys. >> 4:36 the time coming up on "fox news morning"
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stalker arrested outside trump towers. >> and major league policy outlaying hazing by players. >> and a live look across the region, you're listening to a new song, dream, imagine dragons and cold play. back in a moment.
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what's trending on the web this tuesday morning. >> holly. >> good to see you and everybody else out there. getting an early start this morning. go ahead and get tissues out. this first story is heartbreaking. a 5-year-old boy in tennessee got dying wish a visit from santa clause. the terminally ill child was in hospital surrounded by family when asked to see santa. a nurse called resident santa to come to room. santa needed to change into his outfit bu
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there was not time. she said "your santa suspenders are good enough" once he got to the room the boy's mother gave him a present this for her son and santa gave the boy his gift and head him. not long after he opened his president -- present rather the child died in santa's arms. next up, it is the down side of a high profile a long time stalker of ivanka trump was arrested blocks from trump tower they apprehended justin massler on the 29th. he was apparently staying at the hotel after fleeing a mental health facility in nevada. now, master was also arrested for talking in 2010 and pleaded guilty to violateing a restraining order in 201. >> next up, they say no crying in baseball. well, guess what. there's no hazing either. major leg baseball created anti-hazing and bullying policy and bans the long practice of forcing rookie
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costumes like wonder woman, hooters girls and dallas you could by cheerleaders and finally appears hollywood is definitely in la la land the critically aclaimed musical prance away with the most golden globe nominations racked up 7 nominations including best picture musical or comedy and so award season begins. get ready. thanks a lot, holly. coming up on "fox" news morning local regulators continuing to debate the future of high speed rail in our region. >> and local school board debates whether or not to protect rights of students regardless of lifestyle. >> as we head to break a live look across the d.c. region and song "all right" by chain smokers and justin bieber. it's 4:41 now and it's a cool 40 out there. more fox news morning after this♪
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>> today on "fox news morning" trump transition we know who the president-elect wants to lead the state damage for the next four years. >> we once questioned rick per pery's intell yeps and now he's close to nam nateing the former texas governor for a key cabinet condition. >> and an arctic blasts making it unbearable a 30 degree
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in it our future. holy cow. we need to bundle up and wiz is not feeling good as it is. >> do you feel okay. >> maybe i needed to go home. >> i'm needling because he refuses to acknowledge he is coming down with something. >> she called me snookums on the air i'll be it rocky but it's a marriage. >> i'm wisdom martin. today is tuesday, december 13. these two. >> look at gary. gary is like when you're done come to me. caitlin is like all right, now. >> caitlin is i'm done with these jokers after a couple days. caitlin and carry are talking weather and traffic in a moment. first wield yield the floor to gary mcgrady, hi, gary. >> listen, temperatures out there this morning it's kind of cold. not awful, awful especially compared to what it will be out here later this week. 30 now for gaithersburg. so it dropped down be lee freezing too. baltimore close, 34 i
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down to 40. we may get colder than that before all said and done. we could get to the 8 or 39. let's wait and see what happens. winchester getting colder. so is martinsburging down below freezing as well. even though mostly cloudy skies. again the cold stuff is coming for thursday and for friday around here and i mean it will be take your breath away cold. i think especially on thursday with wind blowing and wind chill factors in the single digits and teens most of the day. that's right, i said single digits. 40 this morning at 8 a.m. cloudy skies. chilly, it's going to be cloudy all day long. if you see sunshine not much at all temperatures max up middle 40s. couple showers late day to evening hours too tracking those and couple ever snow flurries north and west. that's about it caitlin roth is in for erin como look agent traffic. hey, caitlin. >> hey there, gary, great start to tuesday, dry roads out. there turned into a nice afternoon yesterday. so, looks likes we'll get that again. decent weather enjoy it while we have it.
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beltway all smooth through occoquan and as you approach the beltway through springfield you're look going here. inside the beltway etsell road toe 14 street bridge looking at quiet condions. just a little bit of light volume out there this morning. northern maryland outer loop 95 and baltimore washington parkway looks like smooth just about everywhere. and route 1 maybe a little bit northbound there after beltsville and further north of there maybe slow traffic. it's minor and then 270 southbound quiet commute down through montgomery country. that's a look at traffic. wisdom, back to you. >> 4:47 is the time beginning urgent news out of loudoun country. sheriff deputies are looking for missing girl from ashburn. taylor cole was reported missing december 9, she's 5' 4" and weighs 120. if you know where taylor cole could be you're asked to call loudoun country sheriff department. >> to president-elect donald trump trns
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for secretary of state. >> he wants chief executive of exxon mobile rex tiller stone take the job. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live at capitol hill with the latest in this story, mel. >> good morning, wisdom and tiller son may have one of the toughest confirmation battles on capitol hill. there's concerns of conflict of interest. exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson has close ties to russia developed while cutting several deals with state-run oil companies. russian president vladimir putin ordered him with the honor of friendship in 014 and president-elect trump says tillerson relationship with russia is beneficial to role of secretary of state and has become more complicated now that cia determined russia interfered with presidential election in order to help trump. in interview with fox news surprised chris wallace trump said tillerson sim pressive player. >> he's more than a business executive. he's
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and to me a great advantage is he knows many of the players and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia and for the company. >> now, the cabinet picks are starting to narrow down and there's word that former texas governor rick perry will be nominated for setting of energy. perry ran against trump in republican primary and his pick is also couldn't verse nal he once called for department of energy to be eliminated and said the science on climate change has been politicized. now cabinet nominees have to get through a confirmation hearing and committee confirmation hearing before going to the full senate for a vote. and senate democrats have said they're taking a play from the republicans book and perhaps watching their delay tactics saying they're in no hurry to get through the republican confirmation process. live on capitol hill i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 4:49 the time now. thank you, mel. happening this morning the plan
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that pleaded guilty to i canning long time neighbors will be sentenced. scott tamzowski accused of breaking into the home of rich and and julie an vlardo and stabbing them to death faces liver in prison with possibility of parole. >> a woman in trouble for bring ng a loaded gun to dulles international parent. a tsa agent found the loadedsome eye automatic handgun in her carry on hand she was trying to fly to dublin, eyre land. she was issued a sum monz and she borrowed the bag from herson and didn't realize the loaded gun was inside. >> today loudoun county school board will be considering whether to add anti-discrimination lgbt to the the board. there will and meeting tonight. it want to make sure school policies show respect to all americans. >> and maryland the public will weigh in on potential high
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baltimore and district. a public hearing to evaluate environmental impact of the service happens due burns copper mine a fieldhouse in baltimore this evening from 5 to 7 p.m. and forly 40 mile route gets passengers to baltimore and washington in 15 minutes. >> coming up on "fox news morning" the winter weather slapping the midwest is guest ready to bring arctic winds our way. >> and a plane headed from houston germany to j fk diverted after bomb threat is made. >> a live look across the region time 4:51 temperature 41 degrees. back in a moment. ♪ we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b.
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>> 4:53 a flight was diverted to jfk after a flight was sdi
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to frank furt germany was wh a threat was called into corporate head quarters it was diverted and all 5 30 baernl and crew were evacuated and nothing suspicious was found. >> and piling up evidence against dylann roof accused of killing nine people during a pible study. his online manifesto was read and a firearms expert said "they found the church bullets fired from his car." >> two georgia police officers were shot in the line of duty. the officers were shot during a traffic stop in franklin county yesterday evening. according local authorities suspect opened fire on the cops after they learned the vehicle was that he was driving was stolen and tried to make an arrest. we're told the officers injured are in life-threatening and the suspect is in police custody following a brief manhunt.
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an entrance. more than a dozen states reeling from snow to slippery road conditions in maine two people are dead after two separate incidences in each crash. in minnesota nearly 900 car wreck 234-z one 24 howard period. and new york part of state received more than 36" of snow. >> hm. >> keep in mind somebody always has it's worse than you. >> that is true. >> gary mcgrady. >> rest that vos you don't need to talk this morning. rest the voice. let maureen do the heavy lifting for you this morning. >> i may need a subfor the rest of the morning. >> we could never replace you. >> we don't need to replace him he has to rest the voice 5:30 to 6 and good day. >> later this afternoon cloudy. peek of sunshine here or there and showers late today into the evening hours. 45 in the city. gaithersburg 42. annapolis. fredericks
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so. again all this is dependent on sunshine here or there and maybe temperature goes up more than that. future cast shows mostly cloudy this morning and mostly cloudy through the day today and look what happens by 5 . i think most of any rain stays to the south of us and would be few and far between. but, later on through the evening hours there could be a few showers come on across and during the overnight as well. maybe a couple of flurries way up north and west and into pennsylvania and tomorrow morning, looks like we'll start with sunshine. that's your forecast. how about a look at traffic. caitlin roth doing duty this morning. >> hey. >> back again. >> i can't talk, either, wisdom you're not alone. still waking up and maybe you're waking up too as you watched us as well. no reported accident or delays or major slow downs on the roads. we begin in southern maryland if this is where you live all green on the local roads route 10, route 5 branch avenue split by brandy win 301 rosaryville looks good. no problems on this side of potomac an
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wilson bridge on both sides looks good. branch avenue to wilson bridge fine not looking at inner loop delays. 295 southbound to route 11 bridge good in the district and looking smooth avenue where. mature each, wisdom. >> thanks, caitlin. coulding up on "fox news morning" members of electoral college refusing to vote for donald trump. >> michelle obama starts her week brightening up the day of children in our region. >> before we head to break a look at stock fruit furz. fox news morning back after
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>> today on foxing news morning trump transition. we know who the president-elect want to lead the state department for the next four years. >> and once questioned rick perry's intelligence and today close to nominating the tem text govern nor for a key cabinet position. >> may be cold now but arctic blast headed your way. it will be up bareable possible 30 degree job, yeah, no joke here. >> how about that? to start the day? up bareable. yeah


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