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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 13, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> today on foxing news morning trump transition. we know who the president-elect want to lead the state department for the next four years. >> and once questioned rick perry's intelligence and today close to nominating the tem text govern nor for a key cabinet position. >> may be cold now but arctic blast headed your way. it will be up bareable possible 30 degree job, yeah, no joke here. >> how about that? to start the day? up bareable. yeah
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the year good morning to you thanks for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> tuesday, december 13 there they are gary mcgrady talks about arctic blast coming in. indicate lip only in for airport erin and she's talking traffic and any tieups out there she'll give you details in a few. 5:05 let's check tuesday head lines an new this morning fairfax county police chief is recovering from minor injuries after being involved if a car crash lasts night. chief ed rossler's cruiser was rear ended as he sat at a red light in centerville. the person who hit the chief's car is charged with dwi. >> today the man accused ever shooting assault rifle inside comet ping-pong is due in court. edgar madison well. went to the restaurant after reading a article about they were hash oinging child sex slaves. >> and republican con fwretional leaders say
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allegations that russia medals in presidential election. mitch mcconnell says richard burr will lead a bipartisan inquiry and related probe will be chaired by senator john mccain. >> and nancy pelosi's daughter are demanding intelligence briefings on russian interference by monday when the electoral challenge makes the presidential vote official. >> nine democrat and one republican who said he would no vote for trump. >> trump said he will announce his pick for secretary of state this morning. >> we learned one time gop candidate is the in line to be the next energy secretary. "fox5" mel smell live on capitol hill with the latest developments, good morning, mel. >> reporter: good morning and sources are saying that that secretary of state pick will be exxon mobile ceo rex till
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scheduled to retire from the company in 2017. tillerson may have one of the toughest confirmation battle on capitol hill and snot republicans are expressing concern about possible conflicts of interest. as ceo of exxon mobile rex tillerson has close eyes to russia and developed those cutting several deals with state run oil companies. president-elect trump says tirlson's deep relationship with russia is beneficial to the role of secretary of state but it's become more complicated now that the cia has determined that russia interfered with presidential election in order to help trump. in interview with fox news surprised chris wallace trump said tillerson is impressive player. he's more that a business executive. i mean he's a world class player. and to me, a great advantage is he knows many of the players. and he knows them well. he does massive deals in russia and massive deals for the company. >> reporter: the cabinet picks are starting to narrow down. there's word that f
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governor rick perry will be knowledgeit nated for secretary of epere. she once ran against trump in rep primary and his pick is controversial and perry called for the department of energy to be eliminated and has said the science on climate change was poll sized. they have to get to a commit tier hearing before going to the full senate and senate democrats say they are taking a page out of the republican play book saying they're in no hurry to get the combination process started live on capitol hill, melanie alnwick, fox news. >> and thank you justice department suing culpeper county in virginia over its refusal to approve the building of mosque in the area the suit was filed yesterday and claims cup pepper county acted in discriminatory manner when it denied the permit approval needed to construct that building and county cited issues with sewage disposal of proposed location as its reason. >> loudoun country sheriff deputies are looking
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missing girl from ashburn. the picture is on your screen. taylor pole was reported missing on december 9 she's 5' 4" weighs 120 pounds if you know where taylor could be you're asked to call the loudoun country sheriff's department. >>♪ if a la la la la sfwlot first lady michelle obama spreading cheer at children's national health system. santa her dogs, bo and sunny and tv personality ryan seacrest joined mrs. obama. and she read the night before christmas. hospital visit is tradition that dates back to president harry true map's administration in 1940s. >> awesome. >> isn't that the program that ryan seacrest talked to us about last year remember? >> yes i think so. we and kevin were down there. >> whole new studio there. >> i love seeing that. >> 'tis the surprise and boy gary feels like the season come tomorrow with cashing if i can blast settling i
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>> let's be clear. thursday and friday will be the rally cold days. tomorrow is kind of as we start to transition. >> transition day. >> yes. >> exactly. >> it's not going to be awful tomorrow. but thursday, friday, wow, we're talking super cold out there. and then it's sleeting. by the time we get to the latter part of weekend it's going to warm back up into the 50s believe it or not for sunday. so, this is going to be a real quick visit from the arctic regions here straight off the north pole basically. it's 0s and 40s for pickup this morning and cloudy no rain nothing like that fall from the sky and really believe it's dry this afternoon, 42 to 47 degrees if there say shower later on 3, 4, 5:00 super spotty and then slightly better chance of few showers drifting across the area later on this evening. and further north to the west, depending how cold it is. there could be a little snow flake mixed with that later on this evening and during the late evening hours. okay? we're up to 41 now. gaithersburg up to 34. lot of temperatures have come
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clouds appear to be thick eping a little bit. chilly out there this morning. obviously some spots cold. westminster 28. 41. we can do that. especially compared to what is coming our way. here's indicate lip roth with the traffic this morning. hey. >> 5:07 a.m., traffic starting to build out there as we look live outside. let me step out of the way. eastbound 66 this will take you through sutly road and eastbound is where you are seeing taillights. everything moving smooth. just you know early morning commuters getting out on the roads. hard to get out there early. let's see what else we is a live view of. 270 southbound on maps it's also a quiet commute frederick country to montgomery county all the way to the spur. to problems reported coming out of montgomery county. and then a little furtherouth here in northern maryland topside of the beltway looks smooth so far light volume building at this hour. 95 baltimore washington parkway looking good northbound a
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baltimore you have a smooth ride now. within the district all looks good around thebility way. no problems just quite yet. caitlin roth "fox5" that's my twitter account once we get issues rolling in this morning i'll be sure to tweet them. that's traffic nor on coming up at 5:0. >> united nations calling on syria to respect international rules of war. >> and walmart wants to make your holiday shopping experience as stress free as possible. >> bring it on. a live look across the d.c. region 5:08 and cold 40 degrees more fox news morning after this
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>> 5:09 now. more than 500 pages of document were released in 2014 and full report remains classified and white house council neal eggleson says mr. obama directed his copy of the report be preserved in his archives. >> government troops now control the the% of alepo city first held by rebels after days of up tee
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the government troops backed by russians and insurgents and retaking allepo would be his biggest victory yet in the country's civil war and comes as a price. 8 civilians were killed in recent battle for alleppo. >> and pennsylvania congressman will spend 10 years behind bars fatah had corrupt deals to benefit his family. he was convicted of racketeering and other related counts in june. >> attorneys of bill cosby will bat until court to say when can testify in the trial. they plan to call women that will attack the credibility and recommend vaps as they try to keep them off the witness stand. trial is scheduled for the spring. and captured on surveillance video. customers at a las vegas nail salon get pushy and then leave
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owner says it all started when two women and three men walked into the salon asking about prices and girls sit down foreman cure and guys then head out. shortly after the men come back pulling out a stack of bills and start throwing the money. the men leave again and the girls finish up and that's when the guys come back but the girls slip out. one of the men pretends to count the money and pushes the owners wife out of the way as he makes his way out. okay. for all of you last minute shoppers out there. walmart is going the extra mile to help you out retail giant is offering instore pickup of online orders by december 23 you can pick them up christmas eve and they launched dedicated online web site dedicated online web site for customers to view last minute gift inventory available at your local store. this is good news. shipping out of state are on december 0
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be quite difficult. >> those are the cutoff dates maybe the last you can accepted it out. >> we'll go with that. >> i like you can check was in the store. >> yes. >> that's awesome. >> you know what, because yesterday we announced there were more hatch moles at one particular store and they republicanster to gigglings and say no you have to be in line 4:00 this morninging. >> this morning. >> yesterday morning they said every morning line up at 4 we may get two or three. >> i don't want to hatchimole. >> coming up the married couple of popular reality design show have now decided to separate. >> yeah and the first family being criticized for final christmas card in the white house? what? >> as we head to break let's take a live look across the d.c. region. we're at 5:12 now. 40 degrees. actually it's a little cold out there, not bad compared to what is coming at the end of the week for sure. fox news morning back after
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>> we're back at 5:15 with breaking news in the district. >> d.c. fire crews are at the capitol hill 16 street responding to fire in basement legal of loupdry room the sprinklers were activated it's unclear whether the hotel was evacuated. we have a crew on the way to the scene and will bring you more as more information comes into the newsroom. >> meantime, it is 5:15 let's check with gary mcgrady and changing weather pattern here. good morning, gary. >> that's right we have cold stuff coming i'll show you how cold in a second. chilly out it it morning. temperatures 30s and 40s and couple spots have gotten well below freezing into the 20s. which will be the highs by the way around here on thursday and friday. no joke. it's going to be really cold. and you add that to the wind and it
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ready for it. today 45 koudy skies and maybe a little sliver of sun here or there and little sun beam perfect time to time that's about it lightser this evening we have a few showers passing by north and west in the colder air there could be a flake or two. but it should not be a good deal. tomorrow, we're 4. little sun mixes in with clouds and it looks like we could start with sunshine and go cloudy as the front comes through and the front will really come through late tomorrow evening and blast of colder air that settles in thursday and friday. here's numbers out. there right now reagan national not bad 41. b wixt i marshall 3 4 detroit this morning is 14. chicago 22. here we've been showing you leading edge of cold air. minneapolis is three below and fargo is three below and international falls ten below and that's all moving in our direction. and it looks like that you cold air has to not empty out of canada but the source region for this cold air coming up thursday, friday, is bas
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and polar vortex shifts southp. it's going to be bringing in cold uv st. we're talk 20s and 0s for highs on thursday an friday and on thursday the wind will be blowing 20 to 40 miles an hour out there. so, i think that feels like temperature especially on thursday is going to be brutally cold and we could be flirting with records as well. here back at home today, 45. mostly clouds. pm spotty showers. i really think most of this there won'ting a lot but most comes through after 5, maybe after 6:00. if we get a shower or two hopefully holds off until after the evening commute. 45 today, 44 tomorrow and then we're talking only 30 on thursday. ouch. 2 on friday and thursday's brutal because winds willing howling out there and then we go mix to rain. saturday morning, we're back up in the mid 50s sunday. just a quick visit of arctic air. here's caitlin roth this morning in for erin como sfwlp
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i suppose. but polar vortex got a little too early in the season for that. still early out there on the roads on this tuesday. luckily, no wet roads, no rain this morning, so, 95 northbound you're looking good. this is route 17 up to aquia harbor. no problems to report from the stafford area and then running par tlol that route 1 look going towards lorton dale city to the beltway all in the clear. coming in stafford country and prince william country light volume building at this hour. not much. inside the beltway, 9 5 northbound look going there. looks route 7 a couple of slow downs but that's probably volume building at this hour. 66 eastbound looking pretty good no slow downs to report 234 to nutly street and we're fine in that area of fairfax country and 295 route 50 to 11 street bridge looking quiet and no reported accidents or delays at this hour, mature each, holly, >> thanks, caitlin, time 5:1 and let's look at stories you're
5:19 am
social media. >> wisdom is standing by in the realtime news trainger. >> first up marnl marnl spelling big business for the state of colorado in the first ten months of 2016, pot shops in colorado made more than $1 billion in sales. now, according to a report, marijuana has had overall 2.4 billion economic impact on the state. next up, president obama admitted word christmas from annual christmas card. many conservatives are angry over the refusal to mention christmas it is reads happy holidays instead. ard coulding to white house historical association records several presidents have chose tone keep their card simple and vague including herbert hoover and john f. kennedy. >> htv stars slit after six months of what the couple called an unfortunate misunderstanding. acco
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todd couple's home for a call of suicidal male with a gun. and timely all you pokemon go fans there's in pokemon to catch. yesterday the game developer announced a slate of new pocket monsters and specific number ever creatures was not revealed but they say you'll be only able to coop tour them by getting and hatching eggs from poke stops. >> i thought we were done. >> i thought at the were done. >> i thought pokemon go asay. far away. >> pokemon still there. >> thanks, wiz. >> enjoy. >> through got it. >> m coming up on "fox news morning" netflix wants to take you to a virtual word. >> and another company taking advantage of the new mark net cuba. >> a live look across the d.c. region 5:20 now i think it was 40 last check. i believe it still is. more fox news morning after this
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>> we're back at 5:22 now breaking news in the district. >> yes, d.c. fire crews at the capitol hill son on 16 street as you can see responding to fire. this is a fire in the basement level loundry room. they report the sprinklelers are in fact working. we're going to continue of course to update you on the story throughout the morning as more details come in. you can see we have a crew on the scene there and we will give you the latest when we know it. >> and meanwhile, quest diagnostic says hackers gained access to personal helm information of 34,000 people and they say the data breached happened never 26 and hacked data included names, date of birth, lab results and telephone numbers and however the information did not include social security numbers, credit card information, insurance or other financial information. >> american express is changing policies on paid family leave.
5:24 am
parental paid policy for moms and dads to 0 weeks of full pay. plus another 6 to 8 weeks of women that give birth and require medical leave. they offer six weeks of paid leave for primary parent and another 6 to 8 for birth mothers that require medical leave. >> no surprise here, 2016 will end up being profitable for the airlines. new report shows global airlines are expected to bring in more than 35 billion in profit it year and 2017 is expected to be pretty good as well with airlines expected to bring in under $30 billion. >> and google and cuban government have struck a deal to allow faster access to companies data. it will allow the internet giant to install receivers on the island which will store much of the company's most popular content that could improve enter net speeds for those using services in cub aand estimated only about five% of people in cuba have international access and the government has boosted access by prodi
5:25 am
major cities. >> netflix streaming service day bud a an app with apple day dream view virtualryalty headset. it's a digital viewed in a living room and inside a cabin where they khoosz viewing selections. >> this tuesday morning, gary mcgrady, checking in with a look at our forecast. >> not bad. i mean we don't have anything falling from the sky this morning. that's good. for the morning commute, caitlin is in with that in a second and otherwise chilly to cold in some spots. we're just waiting for the cold care to get here thursday and any will feel like full on binter. i'm tell you. i'm tell you right now. this morning, though, clouds out there. there is a little bit of shower activity. here's a little bit of mix activity and this is way out west in the midwest. we have a frontal system working through and storm system staying mainly south
5:26 am
showers, okay. 4 for gaithersburg and 30 frederick and westminster back to 30. forecast looks like this. i'll keep it cloudy. pretty much all day long you make sunshine here or there and not much. temperatures basically get up into the middle 40s which is still pretty much below normal this time of year. there's forecast. how about some traffic. indicate slin in this morning for erin. hey, caitlin. >> good morning, gary and everyone else. right before 5:30 seeing volume build, 95 nobody with headlights coming at you at the dale city exit. normal congestion picking up although not jammed yet. no accidents and moderate delays as volume builds on 95 northbound. let go bad to maps and show you tuesday morning was quiet commute and that's how we like it. i will sweet any accident or anything out of the ordery that would snag your morning commute. look going into the beltway. quiet commute 270 southbound to
5:27 am
to the spur looking good. topside of beltway not seeing delays yet. looks like local delay here southbound 97 when you get on to 185 there otherwise not seeing anything reported on 95 or baltimore washington parkway. 295 so far so good smooth route 50 to 11 street bridge. that's a look at traffic. hospitally, maureen. >> thanks, caitlin. 5:7 and coming up on "fox 5 news morning" the department of justice files a lawsuit against call keeper country. >> and lawmakers take to the streets calling for removal of president elect lekt trul. as we head to break now a live look across the d.c. yeej ronon we're at a5:7 and 41 degrees outside. we have a lot more this share. fox news morning coming back after this
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>> today on "fox news morning" trump transition. we now know who the president-elect wants to lead the statement department for the next four years and once questioned rick perry's intelligence and today donald trump is said to be nominating the texas governor for key position. >> and a lawsuit against a rural county in northern virginia. fox news morning starts right now. >> good morning to you thank you very much for waking up with us. >> i'm holly morris tuesday, december 1. >>
5:31 am
was going to say erin como. >> creature of habit. >> and craziness many my head. caitlin roth is here this morning and gary mcgrady is here and weather and traffic coming up in a moment. >> hey, llisten we're glad you're with us, 5:31 if you're waking up telling you what is happening breaking news out of district you're looking live at fire crews at the capitol hill ton 16 and k streets northwest. theres with a fire. >> reporter:ed around 5 a.m. in a basement laundry room. the fire has been put out. guests were evacuated and it appears they're being let back in now. of course, that is got news and hopefully this scene will be cleared relatively soon. >> and also happening now the search for a missing 15-year-old girl from ashburn, virginia, the girl's picture is on your screen now. she's taylor cole reported missing on december 9 and she's 5' 4" and weighs 120 pounds if you know where she is you're asked to call loudoun country share ivl
5:32 am
>> big news in the trump transition president-elect is ready to name secretary of state. >> it's a time floated out there for about a week now. and that's not the only cabinet pick that is being talked about today. "fox5" melanie alnwick has the details this morning from capitol hill. good morning. >> good morning, guys, right, so the big reveal from donald trump will not be rude auto jury guiliani or mitt romney but indeed rex sillierson. he may have the toughest confirmation battle on capitol hill and republicans expressing concerns of cop nriingt of interest. as ce often of exxon mobile he had cut several deals with state run company and vladimir putin awarded him with order of friendship in 2013 monday or for foreign citizens and president-elect trump says tirlson deep relationship with beneficial to to role of secretary of state and has become more complicated. now
5:33 am
interfered with the presidential elections in order to help trump. senior republicans support an inquiry into the matter. >> the rush rans are not our friends we should approach most these issues on the sumingts that the the russians to dot wish us well. >> antecabinet fikdz are starting to narrow down. there's word former texas governor rick perry will be nominated for secretary of energy. his pick controversial and perry once called for department of energy to be eliminated and said science on climate change has been politicized and senate democrats say they will take a paycheck of the republican play book saying they're in no hurry to get confirmations under hill. melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> meanwhile green party recount effort has been halted in pennsylvania. federal judge ruled party suspicion of hacked election borders on
5:34 am
said employers tore fwreep party candidate jill stein presented no credible evident and election recall in wisdom martin added to trump's victory. president-elect picked up atitional 131 votes. >> called for members of electoral challenge to dump trump continue owe cross the nation. and in an effort not to cast votes for president-elect done done later this month the members of the clem will cast their votes december 19. >> justice department is suing offer at approval of building off a months in the area. suit was wild yesterday. claims call pepper county acted in discriminatory manner when it denied the permit approval needed to the building and at the proposed location as -- in today mana is coulded of shooting assault rifle inside comet pizza is due in court. he went to the restaurant after
5:35 am
which suggested hone orr's were harboring child sex slaves. he faces several charges including assault with a dangerous weapon. 5:35 is our time right now and gary, can we get many throat logzen. >> i'm tell you rest your voice. >> don't. >> go sit out then. >> sit out? >> or at least be quiet. >> he deposit feel bad so can't go home. >> doesn't sound right. >> okay. >> according to you. >> you can write that's what you can do. >> what's crazy how your body ak plates. we had cold and this morning when i went out i deposit think it felt that cold and it really won't compared to later in the week. >> listen, i'm figuring out how i get everything done thursday and friday i don't have to lever the house. >> weal hirer nate. >> not only super cold thursday but the wind will just make it be miserable as this arctic air comes
5:36 am
enjoy the next couple days. 30s and 40s at the bus stop in morning in the kids and cold in some places upper 20s in the suburbs and most of russ in the 0s and 40s not bad nothing falling from the sky just cloudy. cloudy this afternoon as well. 4 to 47 degrees and later on this afternoon. some of us will get close to 50 or so the best we'll be able to do with very limited sunshine. and all right, current temperatures for you. 41 in town and that's why holly would not complain too much it was not bad. and dulles is 7. frederick is 30. quest mipster back up to 30. and over there in annapolis 42. now bad with weather-wise for traffic this morning. but that doesn't mean it's not bad in spots. indicates lip has details on that. >> that is right, gary, i love what you are saying. get everything done. we need to stay inside thursday and friday not that it's snowing or anything it's just that cold. not bad on the roads this morning. weather related no delays or accident reported volume building and steady volume building if you look at the taillights
5:37 am
excuse me northbound on 59 right by dale city exit. you see heavy volume continuing through dale city at this hour. let's go back to maps beginning here out of frederick country kind of heavy as you get on to i 70 and moderate and then through hing quounty sdk doesn't look so bad. outer loop so far so good. few slow downs on route 1 will at least northbound aheaded out of up to and looking good in par mar, we'll look at vur vir in you bit. wisdom and holly. >> 5:37 is the time coming up loing regulators continue to discuss the future of high speed rail in our romingon. >> and a local school board debates right to protect all students regardless of lifestyle. >> a live look across the region 5:37 is the time and
5:38 am
i'm first class cory smith from north carolina wishing all my fellows overseas merry christmas and happy holidays.
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>> 5:40 is the time happening today the man pleaded guilty to killing his long time neighbors will be sentenced. scott was charged with breaking into the home of the couple and stabbed them to death. >> loudoun county school barred will consider whether it add lgbt anti-discrimination wording to the policy. members will host a public meeting at 6:0 tonight. the school board says they want school policies owe to show respect to all americans. >> and public get to weigh in on potential high speed rail service between baltimore and districts. a public hearing is set for this evening 5 p.m. in baltimore and nearly 40 mile routes would get passengers to baltimore and washington in 15 minutes. >> and coming up on "fox 5 "fox 5 news morning" scary moments
5:42 am
houston to germany is divert todd jfk in new york. >> and new rules for air bnb users in arlington county/and a live look across the d.c. ream xwron beautiful picture there of the capitol. little chilly out there. 41. 5:41 is the time now and we have more on the other side. don't go anywhere. you're watching fox news morning.
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>> 544 sets team now. not bad. 41. on tuesday morning. it's rally going to be cold come end ever week though we'll be wishing it was 40. nonthe let's i'm here and doing all the talking because wisdom is losing his voice. we're trying to preserve it. >> that's right although that's gary's theme song now. he don't know what it is. >> i could have sworn we would have bumped back in with barry white and here he is. >> in person. >> give us your best barry white, say something, come on, come on wis. >> saving it all. >> come on now. >> i know. >> your mic is hot. let's do it. >> maybe that voice is hot. >> it's only getting worse only getting worse, 41. rest that voice wisdom. 27 degrees for columbus and 26 pittsburgh and look past chicago. see all that pink
5:46 am
that's really cold arctic air coming blasting through here. and starting tomorrow night and it's going to be living here on thursday and living here on friday and we start to moderate and moderate quickly saturday and surprised and by 1:00 today we're all dry. by later on this afternoon into the evening the waves looking now it is later evening and we have potential of a few showers. further north and west and colder air there may be a brief snow shower or two. by tomorrow morning this is all out of here. we'll recloud up tomorrow afternoon in advance of the wave of real cold air coming in tomorrow evening. the real cold stuff starts to come in quickly tomorrow night and again it will be here on thursday and will be here friday and enjoy the next couple of days. 45 today. little evening shower. most of the day stays dry and hopefully that will hold off until we get most of the evening commute in. and we're 44 tomorrow. but by tomorrow evening the wind will kick up and temperatures will start coming on down. here's why. there's that leading edge of arctic air. all this air is below
5:47 am
it is super dry. and the dew points will be down around zero for us on thursday and for friday so keep that in mind. you get that really, really dry air mass that is super cold air mass and the winds will be blowing too. so we could be flirting with records, especially through mid atlantic and northeast and look at the really cold stuff off hudson bay. i've never been there but churchill this morning 31 below zero. how about that? we won't be that cold. this arctic express is headed in and we're talking about 20s and 30s for highs on thursday and friday and thursday with the wind blowing it's going to feel like teens and even single digits during the day. and forecast for today, lots of clouds. temperatures will make it up only to middle 40s and we get cold. thursday and friday. early mix on saturday becomes rain in the afternoon and we're 56 on sunday. cold air comes but it gets out of here quick. here's caitlin roth. >> qui
5:48 am
the holiday spirit, right, gary. >> that's beyond holiday spirit. >> i don't know what that spirit is. that's intense. >> reports of accident southbound 295 within the district and this is right by bening road and lock at the stackups 5:4 jammed solid within the district. i would bet by bening road there was an accident. avoid this area if you can because we're so packed and who knows how long it will take to clear the accident. we'll keep you updated on that as we go through the rest of the morning. southbound 295 at beping road. 66 eastbound we also have a crash here multiple cars involved and the left lane is blocked 66 eastbound you have a lane blocked and multiple issues you know it causes massive slow downs and maybe people are already doing that. look at 28 out of mannasas and nobody feels slow and 29 approaching september areville if you can avoid that on 66 do so and if not we'll
5:49 am
know once it clears. 395 inside the beltway etsell to 14 street bridge looks good and 66 ooen starting to see slow down east of falls church. that's a look at traffic and we have more. >> and flight was divert todd jfk due it a bomb threat. the mraep was headed houston to texas -- from houston to germany and all 35 passengers and crew were evacuated and official say nothing suspicious was found. >> two georgia police officers are recovering this morning after shot in the line of duty. the officers were shot during a traffic stop in franklin county yesterday evening. now according to local authorities suspect or suspects on fired on the cops after they learned the vehicle that he was driving was stolen and tried it make an arrest. we're also told the officers injuries are non life-threatening and suspect is now in police cust by following a brief manhunt.
5:50 am
montgomery county county council signed a bill improve relations between landlord and tenants and requires landlords to provide fair leases and more 234-9s about rent increases and safety inspection and council is not full" on board with inex somes until after the deadly fire last august at the apartments. the next step is passing legislation will include limiting month to month rent sure charges. >> arlington country board approved short term air bnb in all residential neighborhoods taken allows two guests per bedroom during short term stays. they cannot host parties bank wets on weddings for monday. new rules protect the character of neighborhoods and ensure health and safety measures are in place. new regulations take effect on new year's eve. >> time now is 5:15 and let's look at stories you're you engaging with most on social media. >> for that maureen is standing by with the realtime news tracker. >> get your tissues out thi
5:51 am
5-year-old boy in tennessee got dying wish a visit in santa claus and the terminally ill child was in the hospital surrounded by family when he asked to see santa. and the nurse called the resident santa to come to the room and santa said he needed to change to his outfit and the nurse told him there was not time. she said "your santa suspenders are good enough once he got to the room santa gave the boy a gift and not loming after opened present child died in santa's arm. >> it's down side of high profile marriage or case rather a long time stalker of he advantage atrump was arrested blocks from trump towers they apprehended justin massler would was diagnosed with exit fromia was staying she hotel after threeing a mental health facility in november. next up, they say there's n
5:52 am
well, now there's also no haze hazinging, evenlyer major league baseball created an eye hazing and bullying policy. for things like forcing players to dress up like hooter's girls and dallas cowboy cheerleaders and in la la land at the critically aexplained movie racking up nominationsen including best picture, mu suckal or come my. la la land if you have not seen it, catch it back to you. >> on my list of things to do. thanks, mel, a huge loss for opponents of a billion dollar settlement over the way nfl handled concussions and traumatic brain injuries. they de explained to har a challenge to the set he settlement. around 20,000 former players are covered and some with certain neurological disorders could end up with 5 million a piece. critics say the actual list of ailments is too narrow and
5:53 am
set aside a billion dollars the league may not end up actually paying all of the money. >> "sports illustrated" honored lebron james as sports pen of the year and star satisfied stawded gala in new york. jay-z paid trib out to the sports sar are star and recommended james community service he dedicate add ward toive woo! mother, children, mohamad ali and several other basketball stars. >> and a season of wishes campaignment we're getting ready for a big wish day this friday. >> a 5-year-old from maryland named kaheem is in treatment he wants to be a hero. we're making with make a wish to help that come true. >> with help of local firefighter and police we'll have coverage live on "fox news morning" and fox news at 5 and 6 owe on facebook page. you can make more wishes come true as well by donating mid atlantic dash season of >> they do aies m
5:54 am
that will be a special day on friday. i hope you join us for that. >> it's 5:53 now time for face back fan of the day we want to say hello to lar is abarns and great, great, great grandson. she just celebrate aitd huge birthday she's 91 i don't believe it. 91 years young indeed larissa was nominate the by her granddaughter. she says they wake up to us every more are he morning and she calls 91 the new 19. love that. post your picture under this win. it will be tough to top that one all right gary i got enough energy to toss to you. >> no barry white yet. >> no, no, okay that's all i got. >> we want him to rest the voice. 30s and 40s this morning for pickup time for the kids and cloud ci and all dry. okay? after school 42 to 47 still on the cool side and should be all dry. even this afternoo
5:55 am
showers come across later this afternoon and hopefully after the evening commute. it should be spotty and then a couple of showers come through. 6, 7, 8:00 something like that and 34 gaugeers bugburg and 9 quantico and 38 fredericksburg. basically cloudy this morning. that's the way we stay. you look way out here you see a little bit of precip and you see a little rain down to the south of us. there's area of low pressure swings by south of us and we have upper level low pressures as well. what i'm telling you there's a chance that later on late today into the evening hours we could have a little light rain further north and west there could be a flake or flurry or two and not expecting accumulation the way it's looking now. 41. look quick. arlington 4. i meant to push the magic button that takes us to the 7 day forecast. whether you wants to see it tore not. 45 today, 44 tomorrow. bottom drops out of temperatures true arctic care comes
5:56 am
first true ak tucker air we had so far this season. 30 thursday and it feels like in teens most of the day. with that wind blowing 20, 30, maybe a couple gusts close to 40 miles an hour. not as windy friday. but very cold. high of only 2. we could have single dinl its early friday morning. that gets your attention. doesn't it? >> it does it tough for the kids to be at the bus stop. if you park outside bitter bitter cold. not so much today. we do have dry roads. no problems except for couple of accidents that will report one on 295 and this is within the district southbound and you see it's jammed solid with accident reported bening road and those delays willty you all the way back to route 50. sdwrulingt heavy there within the northeast section of district. also a crash 66 eastbound reported this ten minutes ago it was blocking left lane and moved to shoulder here's site of crash. 66 eastbound that's at sutly road and but you're jammed from 234 all the way to suddenly because of
5:57 am
crash blocked the shoulder and two left lanes are block at some point within the whole stretch. with heavy volume piling up you're safe here. we have more coming up on "fox news morning" returning at 6 a.m.
5:58 am
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>> straight ahead at 6:00 we're on the scene of hotel fire in the district that broke out hours ago. what crews are saying sparked the flames. >> president-elect donald trump is said to make major aannouncement revealing secretary of state. and this calls after rush why's possible involvement in the election. >> december 13. warm and traffic coming unon the fives at 6:05. good tuesday evrm each allison seymour. >> i'm steve steve. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> if you are waking up what's developing overnight. we start in prince george county. police mr. reportedly searching for several people that robbed a home. and those suspects were impersonating police officers when they came through the door. this happened on home franklin avenue in the sea brook area after midnight. fortunately no one was hurt. >> we have developing news out of district. fire crews on the scene at capitol hill son 16 and k


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