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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 13, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> it it is 6:59 now and donald trump making announcement just a short time ago. officially nominating exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson for secretary of state. this comes after fwroing calls for investigation into russia possible with u.s. election. >> plus we'll have the latest own yesterday's metro malfunction. two train cars separated while people on board which could become a dangerous situation. so, what went wrong? we'll have details ahead. and a live look outside it's tuesday morning straight up 7:00. live look at the white house. weather and traffic coming up for you at 7:05. good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> rex tillerson officially nominated for setting
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possible involvement in the election. >> good morning. mo. >> a lot of con teption on a lot of front with incoming trump and picks for cabinet. next fixing secretary of state is big. donald trump turns this to real and public competition. >> exxon mobile ceo rex tillerson spent a great deal of time on world stage and never been government official much less secretary of state. his experiences desire for redder relations was russia and president-elect has been abusive in his pray. >> the real losser may be mitt romney meeting raply with trump and seen forefront runner at state. despite earlier differences with president-elect.
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was honor to be considered for setting of state of our great country and trump is said to be on the conveniently of picking former texas governor rick per write as energy secretary. >> commerce, education, and what's the third one there, let's see? >> and energy is one of the department's perry spoke of eliminating during his failed presidential bid in 2011. but he could not remember its name. >> all of this is more questions emerge about russia role in election and supporters of hillary clinton suggest investigation into alleged russian email asacks -- >> this was not a secret. >> arguing that much about russia role was known before the election. and democrat and reps will push for broader investigates putting them at odds with trump. >> russians do not wish us well.
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continue thank you tour today headed to wisdom martin for a rally. he cancelled a us in conference he had for late they are week and trump said he will hold a kavrps in the near future to discuss his business and cabinet fikz and steve and allison it appears to hear where he's here and what he plans to do going ahead. >> in the meantime here's a look at other top stories develop be overnight and let's start at prince jonl countery. several people robbed a home and those suspects imperson nateing police officers when they came through a door home franklin avenue in lantum. fire shoes responded after responding to a fire 5 a.m. at basement lawntry room. that but guests out for a little. the fire was put out and eventually allow todd reeper the hotel
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the hoe. >> minor injuries after being in a car crash. chief edwin roveler's cruiser was stopped traffic light:40 last night when rear ended lehigh william stone road and the person who hit the car charged with dwi. new this morning search for missing teen and ier in loudoun county and police say 15-year-old taylor cole left the aaron burn area on friday and she has not been seen since. it's hard to tell by the picture but she's 120 pounds and blonde hair and if you have any information on where cole may be police want to hear from you. >> the mana us coulded of assault rifle inside comet ping-pong is due back in court. edgar madison welsh went to a restaurant after reading a story online after owners were hash oing are sex slaves. including assault with a dangerous weapon. >> all right. coming up on
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on tuesday. tucker, is here with more. >> good morning. >> hello. >> i ran and got coffee and i'm ready to go, fired up now, let do this. >> cloud cover, cool temperatures to start the day. temperatures right now reagan national 40. 33 out at dulles and bwi marshall 33. in a few days these will be temperatures you will dream about saying oh, my god i can't wait until it's 30 degrees he's degrees. >> we've said thaet never. >> no. >> we dream big. >> i know you do. >> cover in the forecast. mostly cloudy. combination of upper level low to west and area of low pressure south. it will get up along the coast and team up to give us plenty of clouds and we may get a shower or freeze route" showerer well norman west of the snow showers this afternoon but it will not amount to a whole lot of anything. temperatures in mid 40s. still lot of cold on the way and in fact extreme cold. coldest december temperates
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we'll look at the 7 day momentarily. >> at least we're imagining history then. >> little too excited. >> little too excited. okay. we'll step it back a little. >> talk a look at roads. >> well, we'll see how quiteed we feel thursday an friday and how long you can standing outside. oh, my goodness you're going to need extra heat in the car for that drive and you already do no matter what it's relatively chill hi out this morning nice clear view of 66 now and eastbound delays are up thising a little 234 to 2 earlier accident pushed off to the shoulder. where i'm looking 4 begins to stack up and you have heavy volume combined with earlier accident and it's a long ride in on 66 eastbound. and let's go back to maps here. wide view of tuesday morning commute any questions indicate lip roth "fox5" on twitter moon lyinging as traffic reporter today and i will try to answer as best as' iling. topside of
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georgia avenue as it is and you got residual delays 95 southbound heed headed to bell way. there. let check in on 270. really, really heavy jammed 0 down to spur. for the most part i mean you got a little loosening past montgomeryville am and those heavy volume delays continue to spur on and off. montgomery is not as bad. zoomed in on outer loop heavy. 5 to beltway you have delays etsell road toe 1 street brim and move further east ward across po toe to make and branch to the will sonl bridge and heavy on inner loop approaching brim and off beltway and on to 9 5 northbound to mall ton area. >> you have on and off delays through wood brim to beltway moderate late this. steph eachal
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more trouble for metro riders yesterday as we told you a train pulled apart with passengers on board. >> mess you. >> so sorry. >> no need to apologize. >> bob barnard following up and bob i apologize i could not hold that sneezing. but a very serious issue this morning he jops us liver from the rockville station what the latest. good morning. >> good morning, bless you, allison. yes, this happened yesterday before 9:00 and i wish we had answers for you and no it reman's a history as to wapd and we show you cellphone video shot by one of the vieders again this was just before 9:00 just outside twin brook metro station here and coupler connecting cars two and three detached separating the train and and this happened to 7,000 series in a car. newest of fleet rereoltdest and least re
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that's one of the new shiny 7,000 series cars and and metro riders understand it and it happens a lot. and something happens with the new cars and sometimes they have flaws. i hope it does not happen again. they need to be rough with the manufacturer and say you gave us bad cars. fix them now. we had you should not -- passengers should not have to pay for that. people who made the rail cars should have to. >> they need to get it together and does he side what you want to do. if that is shut the system down then shut it down. lives are more morning than machinery. do it right. if it's not broken leave it alone. if broken do what you need to do. >> no rider were injured yesterday morning but obv
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service was affected for about a half hour on the red line. so far this morning, guys, everything is back up to speed. bob, thanks, 7:09 now we appreciate that senate report documenting cia harsh treatment of detainees after 911 will stay classified at least as president obama is in office and he turned a request to make public before turning into office and he wanted shielded for public for thevl weerz. and bipartisan investigations are in works to look at allegations russia hacked presidential election. according to cia rush was was trying to help trump whip the riz raise. any i'm electoral officers are asking for more information on donald trump's relationship with russia. >> preobama want the report completed by the too many he lost office.
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heridge about the hacking allegation sfwlz it appeal the battle for allepp owe o is all put over. sear yap military is ending rebel four year halt. 100,000 civilians are still trapped. red cross is issuing urgent lead to help those 1,000 people. >> long time ritual in the major league coming to end. >> bullying in baseball i should say. well tell what you they're doing as part of long term hazing ritual, 7-eleven. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings.
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you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> it's beautiful. >> oh, boy welcome back to fox news morning on tuesday morning. it's going to feel like spring timing, 41 as week prog fress. >> yes, it is is looking forward to 4s by end of week and clouds you saw out there this morning that's what we're dealing with today. lots of clouds in the forecast. >> we're still keeping crazy weather at bay for weekend ah
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we'll talk about saturday morning. saturday morning will be touch and go. but by the time the party rolls around. >> it will be okay. >> later saturday it shoulden light rain saturday afternoon. >> 40 washington and let's do first thing steve. >> what's that tuck. >> trip around the country. >> and say hi to friend. minus 6 minneapolis. >> mip app list. >> and fargo. >> great falls. >> you get the idea there arctic air off north and west. and as we get back to canada we're not up to old crow. you get the idea there there's seriously negative numbers. looks like churchill minus 3 and that's all headed down to lower 48 here over the next couple days. we're talking about extreme cold possibility of record lows and friday morning for part of our area and wind chills around even in washington may get close to zero by early friday morning. we have a lot of cold on way.
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of area of low pressure upper level low west combining cloud cover and we might fire up a shower or snow shower this afternoon for part of area. anything we get will be extremely light. we're kind of between the two systems. there's 7 day. that arctic front gets in late wednesday and thursday and friday daytime highs what you cannot see it winds on that map and it will be wntdy. allison, saturday morning as we transition to a warmer air pattern. >> tucker. >> ter rain and there may be more before changing to rain. >> if you can give me clear warm you will have major spot on the dance floor for sydney sweet 16. >> that changes everything. >> do what you can, no pressure. >> just cleared up. >> not only will be be ayou loved to attend he's on the dance floor with the other 16-year-
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>> let me reconsider. >> i know you can pull that off. >> dancing is legendary. >> your dancing like walking. >> legendary? >> yeah. >> i like to think so. >> we'll let -- let us know about nat you're out there. luckily allison i think we're locked in with wet warm saturday morning. tuesday morning commute so far a couple accidents reported in maryland and one in vur vir earlier 66 and you can see the main areas of concern. topside of beltway in maryland 295 both northbound and southbound in the disstraight and then it looks like upper loop approaching wilson brim. let's zoom in 270 left lane blocked 270 due to accident here and not only heavy traffic coming out of frederick loosens up a bit and booked solid through 27 because of accident that is blocking left lane. once you get past that issue you start to free up as you get through rockville and spur. 95 to george ahev heavy there and ut
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heavier delays back up washington. northbound 95 etsell road to 14 street bridge normal delays there. this is heavy southern maryland branch avenue to wilson grim and if you come off the loop and get into 95 you are -- steve back to you. >> lawyers for actors bill cosby are back in court fighting limited number of accusers who can testify at his sexual assault trial. prosecuteers are hoping to call 1 other women to the stand to show paten of drinkingen and molesting women. case started a decade ago and temple university woman filed a police report and scores came through. >> 7:18 public banl rooms
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soon have new decor. >> it may required hanging signs of directing pregnant women where they can find services like adoption carry so women carry the baby full turn. it's a reduceding effort for abortion. and groups to presenting hospitals and restaurants complain. >> changes to major league baseball the route you'll of dressing women that may be deemed offensive is now band part of hazing policy starting next season players are not allow todd dress like women or wr wear costumes based on sex, nationality, rage or expectation. something like super hoor owe costumes are okay like bat map and superman. >> defense contractor lockheed martin are subject of one of the twitter rants. f 5 program and cost is out of control and billions will be saved an military and other purchases
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he takes office. shares fell more than 4%. lockheed make or defense contractor made up 20% of total ref umast year. it's trump's second time. remember last week he tweeted cost to build new presidential planes by boeing were out of control. >> gas prices on the rise and up 14 straight days. national average.21 a gallon up 8 cents since opec agreed oween cutting oil pro tux and several non op. c nations are agreeing to cut as well and prices shoot higher. >> it was not all one and games for president obama last appearance. >> i think the president-elect may say one things and done another once he is here because the truth ever matter
7:21 am
big complicated world. it doesn't matter how smart you are. >> president weighing on 2016 to election to sign area tacks to how trump will handle commander-in-chief. more details ahead. hi i'm sergeant garrett stationed in korea and want to wish a happy holidays to wife victoria and daughter madison indicate lip and vivian and niece harley. see you soon.
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>> the smithsonian national portrait fallry will display a portrait of president-elect donald trump it will go on display in a month and was taken in 199 and he is tossing an apple can you can see. the portrait is one of four images on collection representing the president-elect. >> and current president barack obama made one last apeeps on daily show as commander in chief and first for host trevor noah and he kept things serious about him mapping on skipping daily intelligence briefings at the white house. >> i think the president-elect may say one thing and do another once here. because the trum of the matter is it's a big complicated
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is it's a big complicated world. it doesn't matter how smart you are. you have to have best information possible to make best decisions possible. >> president obama is also calling for review of election cyber attacks and russia's possible role in it and wants those reports complete before he leaves office. >> 7:25 now on tuesday morning. it's tucker time. but you know what, isn't it really always tucker time. good morning. >> i like to think so allison and maybe everybody else doesn't. we're looking at cool temps, 40 washington. wind chill 37. will be a cool one todayment yesterday mid 50s. mid 40s yesterday. lot of cloud in forecast and disturb apps west and here and fearly get close and because of that we could see a few showers this afternoon. i guess if you're off norm and west and mountains it myia my may be a snow shower. of what we get
7:26 am
there's the 7 day. that cold around here tweet today out. tweet me, tker "fox5". overnight lows by friday morning in teens and single dimming its and wind chills near zero by friday morning. very, very cold around hereby end of week. all right. caitlin is back with the roads. >> exciting and on time traffic 7:26 now and i looks like we have sky fox over a 295 crash that has moved to the shoulder. that's what we're looking at below me pe here. you can get a clear view now that the sun came up. 25 so many issues throughout the morning and moving to shoulder and you have delays to the beltway as looking at 25 right now and we step out of the way you can see all day jammed traffic right there and let switch cameras and see what we have around the area this one upper loop we have delays approaching american leemon bring. no accident sceepz on camera per se. but rngts heavy volume presidentialer loop and we had
7:27 am
heavy volume stretch of upper loop without the building. if we can one final thiming we'll got a wide view of the beltway. there's upper loop delays in southern maryland. indicate rox fox5 on twitter. >> and if you commute on metro and you go to the capitol south station be prepared for a tweet ride to work. folks from the national confessioners association will handout candy canes and i don't know why i said candy canes i apologize. >> you got excited for it. >> completely acceptable. >> time 7:27 look you know mgm national harbor has been on now almost a week. >> coming up, did things run smoothly is it all as it was supposed to bement after the break we sit down with bring george countsy police officer to see how the country's second
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stay with us
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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7:30 on tuesday morning. o chilly one. n temperatures going to get muc ht much colder. live look over the dmv as weer a welcome you bac
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morning. we have developing news out ofve the dloistrict.istric fire crews still on the scene aa the cop hal hilton at 16th and a k streets northwest.west fire reported around 5:00 this0h morning in a basement laundry ld room. now it has since been put outn t and guests were safely evacuated. but they were allowed to re-enter the hotelthey. today the man accused ofmand shooting an assault rifle inside comet ping-pong pizza is dues d back in court. court according to court documents, edgar madison welch went intoen the restaurant after reading arg fake news story online which whh suggested the owners were harboring child sex slaves. welch faces multiple chargings g including assault with dangerouo weapon. it is official now. now press release president-electsit dold trump has officially offic announced his nomination of rexx tillerson the chair and ceo of o exxon mobil. mob he has picked him to serve as se secretary of state. trump's nam nation has to be approved by congress. tillerson could face uphilll battle. batt
7:32 am
his close business ties withs ts russia and russia's president, vladimir putin.utin. steve?eve? >> allison, thanks much.ks 7:31. if you bill it they will comeil and come they did to the mgmhe m national harbor as with any any opening on this big scale there were some problems with traffict with the let's fine out from professionas though how the opening weekend went. check in with prince george'swee county police chief hankan stawinski joins us now with hist opening weekend report.ep good to see you, chief.hief good morning. gooood morning. it's pleasure to be with you.e y >> so, chief, i saw you out at t the opening the other night fort the big party and i know thatha you were there hopefully had thd opportunity to celebrate aunto little bit but you were workingg as well keeping an eye onye o let's try to get through as muc as we can. let's start with traffic flow. o initial thoughts on traffic flof and where can we improve? >> the flow was we were able to maintain motiono again, as i had mentioned priorr to the opening, our goal was now to rely on signalization but to actively manage the
7:33 am
successfullyec.tion. in addition, we were able toe t partner with mgm and with a wit national harbor community and ensure that we were providingrog timely updates to the public and the community with respect tore the capacity of the casino, witw respect to roadway conditions.dn i think that helped and the oneo thing as i mentioned yesterday e we're look to go partner moreerr strongly with our friends in tht ride sharing community.nity. the individual driver may notayt think that stopping for 20 or 3o seconds in the roadway oray o pulling to the side and puttingg on flash schers is a problem bul when that's happening a dozen d times around that footprint ito creates problems for our goal ga which is motion and that puts ut in a position where we have towv move traffic along again andlogn that creates frustration for tht ride share community so it feede itself and we're asking them tot partner with us and to use the designated ride share locations for pick up and drop off.. >> asking to partner is one ione thing enforcing another. will there be enforcement of that suggestion to partner witht ride share community? >> well, if we cannot get to a a place where we
7:34 am
in motion or having persistenten problems potentially york, but , that's not oriole.ri our goal is to have this venue be successful to have the locall community respected. respected. to have the ride share community able to do their jobs and to a have patrons flow freely. fre our goal is to partner and to to get their collaboratively.rave >> aside from people gettingle g there and leaving there when itt comes to traffic, how did people behave when they were actualtu film? there were of coursee of online videos of a fight in the nosino. other than that, did you have ye any other incidents? did yous? have any calls to the casino over the opening weekend?? >> we had couple of minor callsc for service that we were able to quickly resolve.resolv nothing significant. with respect to the altercationr that you saw, that same confrontation occurred a dozen z times throughout therougut t metropolitan region over the ove course of the weekend. nothing extraordinary about itxi and it lasted a totalnary a of 0 seconds. beyond that, it was a tremendously well ordered crowd. everybody seemed to be enjoyingt themselves and really takinges l advantage of the opportunity tot see this venue in princeue i george's
7:35 am
the hope that tha continues folks are well behavev and it orders to be well ordered crowd.owd couple things i want to touchhig on.h wasn't report from openingng weekend involving the head of o the prince george's countyince liquor board charles was charged with dui the question we have for you thishi morning, is there damage camamem video of that incident and if there is, would it be released a by police?? >> my understand that there isst video of that incident, and ad right now we are working with w our partners in the media and throughout media relation r division to make information to about that incident available tl you. >> all right. the last question i have for q oveuernight ornin of a home invasion in prince ine george's county.. and the allegation here thate th people actually posed as policed officers. do you have any information on that? >> so i'm glad you asked me thaa particular question. q i appreciate it. we've seen this before. these individuals at tired in ti black clothing with hoodiesh od carrying guns and crow bars.w b they identify themselves aselve police but no objec
7:36 am
could look at these individuals and conclude they were policelue officers. we were always well identified, we always clearly t a rtwaiculatyse wrtulat that we are police officers.icer you will see emergency vehiclese if there are police officerse o involved in an operation. operai this is where i really want to t begin my campaign in 2017 of o organizing prince george's county against crime.ri we're doing tremendously well.yl it's our sixth year of of consecutive crime reductions bus i'm asking the community to partner with us via next door to communicate and get informationn about crime, to considerside becoming part of our smart water initiative which is deterrents t to crime and as always and i'vev done this before, 186-6411 tips. that's our crime solve verseolvr number. 186-6411 tips.11s. you can remain anonymous. if you know that individuals are selling marijuana committingmiin robberies, stealing whatever thv case may be, contact us.ct i want the community to have confidence in many departmentce that we can do good work and wea can successfully resolve theseve things and if we all partner p together and we all participae
7:37 am
and again this is anonymous tip we can end this kind of stuff if prince george's county in 2017.2 we're doing tremendously wellel but i'm appealing to thepeg to community let's organize against crime and provide us witness wit information we need because b there's lot of good people outet there who know this is going ono these guys are impacting ouracng insurance rates, they're drivind things up, they're reducing our quality of life in some som instances. it's time for this to stop and i need your help.needour >> chief, i know that that helph certainly comes in handy ton hao close some of those cases.some chief, as always appreciate yout time this morning. >> it's always a privilege to bi with you and thank you.nd tha y >> you got it. let's check in with tucker righr now. get a check on our forecast on this tuesday morning. morning. >> steve, quick look at the map let's get it to.thlet't 40 degrees here in 30s off to the north and west. s teens in places like chicagohi this morning. morni all right.ight. cloud cover in your forecast fos your tuesday. your tue there might be a shower thissdw afternoon with temperaturesn wia about 10 degrees cooler thanle a 45 will be your daytime high. h stay tune i'll have the seven he day. you'll want to seat on the way w momentarily.meil erin not here today. t caitlin is with traffic.ic >> good morning, tucr.
7:38 am
traffic you've got your normaloa delays plus a couple of other issues inner loop crash this isi right before the saint barnabass road et. we've already had very heavyea traffic on the inner loop on th southern married side so you'vev got the delay building behindin saint barnabas exit and thenhe even beyond that crash sitera se delays to the wilson bridge even on to the bridge.ri spilling up over on to 295 2 northbound to malcolm x. inbound route 50 you are jammedj from 410 to bladensburg road r northeast. we'll take look at the have a have roads when we come back thk allison?liso >> 7:38. still ahead, did the russians dr help donald trump win the 2016 6 presidential election?ctio >> trump denies they had anyad a influence on the out come, butoe the cia says otherwise.erwise we'll break it all down next.ex ♪♪ ♪♪ look at this... a silicon valley server farm. the vault to man's greatest wonders... selfies, cat videos and winking emojis. speaking of tech wonders,
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♪♪ health company requesteque diagnostics was hacked leavingav thousands of people's healthea information vulnerablely new jersey based laboratory says online thieves hacked an an application last month exposingl information for 34,000as people. they gained access to names, nam birthdays, lab results, phonetsp numbers. number stolen data did not includenclu social security numbers.ity nues credit card information orma insurance details. quest diagnostics notifyingiaosi affected customers by mail. mai >> wells fargo scandal widenin
7:42 am
stopped selling policies through wells fargo bank. ban last week three former fme prudential employees filed a a whistleblower lawsuit claimingg pro den shall tried to ignore ir evidence that wells fargo that employees set up accountsccou without notifying customers. they were fired for complaining tofor pre done shall managemenm something the company denies.g o prudential says it'sst' investigating how wells fargoar sold those policies.olics recall alert for you this morning. if you have one of these candlen or you got some candles forandlf somebody on your christmas listm you'll want to return it. 31,000 yankee candle these --he- this line here doesn't like the typical one i suppose in that ih mason jar type look these fancyn ones. this collection the loom fencefe collection are being recalled b due to a laceration hazard. the glass jar it comes in can crack and you can get cut by the glass. you can return the candle get at full refund. ♪♪
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7:42.> . the season of faking. new group upon survey finds that three out of four americans givv fake reactions to gifts they git don't like. i call it being polite.ol >> yeah, i agree. yeah, agr >> this is called fake i guess.. in addition to sort of faking your reaction, eight out of 100 will lie and pretend to like aoe gift when they hate it. okay.ay only 10% of the people surveyede say they would actually tellllyl someone they didn't like a giftg those people --eoe >> kind of rude. >> shouldn't have to worry aboua getting one the next year what a say. >> the holidays be nice. >> 7:43.:4 tiz the season to spread cheersh as well. we'll tell was some employees atest a best buy store in new york did for a regular customer.cutome this story is going viral but getting backlash, too. details ahead.
7:44 am
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welcome back. >> all righty. >> guess what it's time for. >> tucker time again. >> you know it. hi tuck. wha>> tuc today, allis they're intim aidatinisg me.e >> just walk back and >> tucker v i taught you nothini over these last 26 years we'vee' been working together. >> play it cool. ant to do. tou w >> i want to do the weather. wth shower or flurry today.erur what we're expecting will be wib very very light.. so here's the deal with today. d cooler than yesterday with clouo cover and we might see a showerr or a few light snow showersno s later today. 40 now in washington. was it's cold out there. frederick 30 degrees. everybody in the mountains out to the west.0 in t tes at or below 33 dulles.ul leonardtown good morning you'ree 37 degrees.egre 38 in fredericksburg. here's your cloud cover.over. little disturbance out to the ot west. you can see that bringing light
7:47 am
indiana and illinois a hal areaa of high pressure developingev along the coast. they'll team up to give us a lot of clouds today, but this energe will pass to the north. nor. this one will pass to the southh we're on the fringe here.ring any shower activity we gety we g should be very very light i lig don't think will amount for a ar whole lot.ole ot the real story for the week wil be the colder cold.rold. i mentioned the low, upper level disturbance coming through giveg us a few flurries or showers.wes this is real store for the weeke featuring arctic express and that will arrive late tomorrower night into the day on thursdayn and friday. we are going to be really realla cold around here for couple ofol days to end the week. daytime highs don't get out of't the upper 20s to about 30.ut wind chills by friday morning mi may approach 0 degrees we may be flirting with record lows byrd b friday morning for parts of thet area. ar so just, you know, make sureur that you plan accordingly here. keep ourselves and our pets andd that kind of thing indoors indos thursday and friday it will bele there's your seven day.ere's yo i do wantur to mention
7:48 am
morning quickly there could be a wintry mix here that transitions to rain but it could be a littll touch and go saturday morningni before that transition curse.ur so just keep that in mine if you have plans early this weekend. okay. that's an update.updae. caitlin i got a question.ion. >> yes. >> if i tweet you, am i tweetinn about traffic or weather? weaer >> whatever you'd like. whate >> oh yeah. >> any question, traffic, questf weather, i guess,ic yeah, i said for traffic but i think i know o little bit more about weatherea traffic.fic. >> where do i find you.. >> caitlin roth fox5.ox thank you tucker and everyonery else. else. traffic, weather, whatever you'd like. li keep it appropriate, right? i think i'm supposed to say that. disclaimer.disclaimer. [ laughter ] [ >> ut-oh. that's not going to beat's n appropriate. all right.alght let's start off 66 eastbound wew are jammed 234 to the beltway that whole stretch really goingg through centreville pretty nasts long line of traffic not seeinge any breaks through fairfax f county. to the beltwayco and even beyonn like two infinity and beyondndey when you're on 66 eastbound youu are sitting forever.ever so maybe use 29 as alternateltea back west to centreville if youe
7:49 am
manassas it looks like.looksik so some of our local roads also seeing heavy traffic. 95 northbound through woodbridgo very very heavy. very av then all the way up through franconia it look like into likn springfield on and off traffic.. finally let's check in on our on inner loop crash.ner lo it's still there before sainteft barnabas road exit. you've got heavy delays now stretching really far back itk i looks like almost all the way ty morning side there and thennd te following that crash, you've gog delays on the inner loop all th way through the wilson bridge ae least midway through the bridge and delays extending upending up northbound on 295 to malcolm x. that's look at traffic.raic. allison?n >> thanks so much, caitlin.. president-elect donald trump clashing swords over the ciaia with the cia over the agency's reported stance on allegations s that russia tried to interfererf with the user presidential ection.n. intelligence officials say thehe cia has concluded that russianui hackers did tamper with democratic party computers in an evident to either help trump wiw the election or weaken hillarynh clinton as commander in chief if she wo
7:50 am
now, republican congressionales leaders say they will handle the investigation into it.igatio joining us now the latestt catherine herridge she is fox ix news chief's intelligence courss respond. good morning to you.regoodornin >> thank you allisonyou... it's probably best approach toao break it down for people at homh because it's a pretty complicated subject. >> yes. >> as you remember, with thecomp electoral prreocessme, there wee three separate hack attacks. aac there was the attack on dnc andc then the attack on the clintonon campaign e-mail which is we camc to know as wikileaks and then at also the attack on the state boards of election to steal tsta voter registration data in illinois and arizona. arina and the intelligence community has different sets ofet information for each one of these distinct attacks and theyt have a different, um, sort of certainty about the involvemente of russia in each one of these.e what we know from the testimonyi of the nation's intelligenceellc chief is that they have a high level of certainty about thebout attacks on the state b
7:51 am but they have much less l certainty about russia involvement into wikileaks.ik so when you look at all of these different attacks, temptation is to lump them into one bigon b hacking buck f you will, but more nuance than that.hat. a higher level of certaintycertt about the state board oft th elections but a much less --es much lower level of certaintyern about wikileaks and it's not clear based on our report wagong the level certainty is about tht hacks on the dnc and the d triple c. >> allison? >> as chief intelligence correspondent, how troubling isi this? we're talking about --bo- we're talking about russiaa perhaps tampering with at least agencies that could feed into aa bigger picture, determining ther out come of an american election. >> well, it's a very serious subject which is why it's going it' to be theiss subject of congressional investigations.gai i mean we're going to be lookini at this issue well passed thed inauguration in january is my expectation.exct it's not that unusual for the
7:52 am
different assessment about a series of events. the bar is somewhat differentife for the fbi which we want too have information they feel is admissible in a court of law fow a prosecution and that's muchuch different than an intelligenceli assessment by the cia. but the big question here is, he how an intelligence agency cany know what the intent anden a motivation was of those hackerss and there's reporting thisephi morning now from the reutersrs news service that the nation's top spy james clapper and his cr office the director of national intelligence they don't have that same level of confidence ci that the cia does that thehe russians were motivated with the intent to try and impact the election in favor of president-elect donald but again it's a little more there are different levels ofe intedifflligence about each of of these hacks and a different level of confidence about thenct russia involvement, and, again,n there's not high confidence inn wikileaks and those were thee te clinton campaign
7:53 am
themselves, allison.llison >> the director of national intelligence, james clapper, tht umbrella group, if you will,uil, tell me again, disturb like thee boss. >> right.>> r where does, y does james clappep stand again?? >> the reuters news service isee reporting this morning and i'm working to confirm thisto con t independently that they do not e share the same assessment as the cia that it was russianusan directed. >> okay. >> that the intent was to help h donald trump defeat hillaryil clinton. they don't have that same level of confidence and i know from my own reporting fbi does not have that same level of confidenceone because their bar is somewhat sa higher for a prosecution if youo will it has to be the kind ofino evidence that would be admissible in a court of law and again, it's always so difficult to understand the intent of a group of hackers.acrs you have to get inside theire t minds and that's only ever possible if you have a moral or humane intelligence asset inet that decision-making chain andin that would be highly unusual.nuu >> okay. >> in this case.isase. >>
7:54 am
mccain one of the people callinl for a bipartisan review of whatw is going on. >> catherine, thank you veryrinn much. appreciate it. .> you're welcome 7:53 right now.htow. always great to talk too t catherine. we have a very special facebooko fan of the day today >> you will see when we show you. let's say hello to loris is aiss barnes and her great great-grandson because loris isi a just celebrate add bigig birthday. 91 years young. how awesome is that. is >> that's just amazing. >> so miss laurissa nominated by her granddaughter.uger they wake up to us every morning. she also calls none the new 19 1 and she sure does look like it.i that picture --re >> that's awesome. >> that picture is amazing forc your chance to be the face bockb fan of the day post your picturu under this one. >> 19 or 91 keep those smiles se coming. looking great this morning. well, a sweet gesture goingg viral getting backlash, though,g employees at a best buy near new york city saw boy come into the
7:55 am
store every day at the store's i. ii display the workers chippedrp in 300 bucks to buy him one hise own. the boy is speechless.pehless. but he wasn't sure if it was for workers assured him it was, it complete with a receipt.ith a the video has gotten nearly -- a million views but the story doesn't end there.n't enthere it also got a flood of negativet comments from trolls on youtubeu and read it. i some of the comments make fun oo the boy'smmen reaction.eactio others accuse the workers ofke f trying to make money off the mot video. the workers say they were justet trying to do some good.yingo do >> let's leave it at something t good. it's the holidays.ay 7:55.55 it's very nice.e my question is this.hi what's wrong with people?epl >> right. >> that's what i mean. it's the h tolidhaays.heol >> you try and do something nice. >> what's wrong with you?s on >> something else to do with yoy ysys. >> no, apparently trolls do notd >> over it. >> yup. >> if you want to tr>>oll you c find steve at steve chenevey at -- at >> and try me. try sent it to -- send one to me asa well. >> send it to all of us.en >> i wish you would. i wish you. >> don't zen it to allison. alls [ laughter ]
7:56 am
winds out of the east here at six. let's see. let' cloud cover out there.cover t th out to the west we have upperavp level disturbance little low lit here. bottom line we have a lot cloudc in the forecast today.orecast t. there might be a few showersght this afternoonbe. athernoon. anything we get very very light. tomorrow sunshine before arctic blast and then look out.k thursday, friday. guess what? that ends a periodr of winter wet saturday morningor before transitions to rains to n saturday afternoon.saturday aft we may get whiteer accumulationo across parts of the area there saturday morning.orng more weather momi more caitlin right now.ow. >> just so you know i'm not n taking my ugh boots off until ou sunday and you shouldn't eithert you shouldn't either. all right. 66 delays continue long stretchr 234 all the way out to the beltway.ltway there is some movement at leastl we're not totally jammed but heavy traffic from earlier eli accident plus volume that's whaw you get.yo g also let's take look at thek ate outer loop heavy delays all thet way to 95 to georgia avenue.e. no accidents this is just volume but you're barely moving just j nudging along right there andrea finally last camera let's see le where we're at.t
7:57 am
route 50 from the beltway allayl the way to bladensburg.nsburg that's where you're looking atry the headlights, the jammed j traffic on route 50 coming incoi from maryland again beltway to bladensburg right in theht inhe district in the northeast in the section of the d.c.section of to our maps we go, beyond those heavy delays let's see if we's e have some other issues outissueo there. here we go.o 95 northbound no cameras but you can see it on the map. red 95 northbound throughund woodbridge on and off delays ala the way up to the beltway. beltw so basically dale city to thee y beltway you're looking at thattt volume.vo alllu right. that is a look at traffic. ings a up at the 8m hour including weather andeathea traffic on the 5's.. fox5 news morning will be rightt back after this.
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news morning. >> good tuesday morning. i'm al sopoo sd eymour.eyur >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us thiss s morning. >> it's 8:00 on this tuesday tuy morning, december 13, 201601 here's what's on the fox news fw morning menu. >> donald trump cabinet taking shop tapping rex tillerson asrs secretary of state he continuesu to reject russian hackingking allegations. plus the man at the centerte of what's known now as pizza piz gate is due back in court todayy he's facing multiple charges crg including assault with a deadlyl weapon. >> metro malfunction two trainsa separate as they leave thehe station. dozens of riders stranded. strd what is metro's next move.ov. the answer ahead in a liveiv report.
8:01 am
outsiders and wt eth are bracinf bitter cold temperatures thisra week. the full forecast and thed t traffic report coming up on thee 5's.s first off breaking news comingso from president-elect donaldnt trump about two hours ago the president-elect officiallyent- announce the he tapped exxonxxo mobil ceo rex tillerson to be te secretary of state. >> well, this news comes as coms there are growing calls for an investigation into slaw's sw' possible involvement with the united states election. fox's doug luzader has the t latest on trump's transitionrant news. >> reporter: allison and steve d g morning. mornin this is rex tillerson.ilrs he will be next secretary of state assuming the senatee confirms him, and that may maymy be rough sledding ahead for himr we'll see how that this goesisos much this pick comes at the ende of a pretty intense and public deliberation.liberation. >> exxon mobil ceo rex tillerson spent a great deal of time onfi the world stage but never beenee government official much less a secretary of state. ste but his expected desire for
8:02 am
in keeping with donald trump's s views and the president-electdet has been a fuse seive in hisive praise. pr >> i mean he's world classorldla player. >> reporter: real loser here may beter: former gop nominee mt meeting repeatedly with trumpru and at one point scene as acenea frontrunner for state.ta. despite his earlier differences with the president-elect.-ele on twitter last night romney posted, it was an honor to havev been considered for secretary oy state of our great country.. trump also said to be on the bee verge of picking former text fox tuck governor rick perry as energy secretary. >> commerce, education and the -- what's the third onehird there,? let's see. >> energy is one of the of the department's perry spoke off eliminating during his failedaid presidential bid back in 2011n01 but couldn't remember its name. all of this as more questions emerge about russia's role inol the supporters of hillary clinton ct suggest that investigation in i alleged russian e-mail hacksailh could impact the out come of the electoral college vote nex week. >> this was not a secret.t secr
8:03 am
though arguing that much about russia's role was known beforeef the election. e but democrats and republicans oo capitol hill will press for a f broader investigation.ti putting them at odds with trumpp >> the russians are not ourur friends.. we ought to approach all thesehe issues on the assumption that the russians do not wish us well. >> reporter: well, trump meeporantime was supposed to haa press conference later this weee to detail his efforts to to distance himself from his business interests now he has hh decided to push that back untilu next year probably sometime in steve and allison.d alli >> all right.ll r more developing news.. >> president obama has ordered r an investigation over thehe russian hacking concerns. concen the president appeared on the daily show criticized donaldd da trump for saying he'll ignoregne daily intelligence briefings once he takes >> i think the president-elect may say one thing and do anotheh once he's here, because theau t
8:04 am
big complicated world. it doesn't mat how smart youma y are. you have to have the best b information possible to make the best decisions possible. >> trump said in television tev interview on sunday again thatgn he wasn't interested in gettingi daily intelligence briefingse ie practice that's been a fixtureiu for chief executives of boths b parties for years. a call for intelligencentele briefing coming in fromiefi com bipartisan group of electionf et tours regarding on-going investigations intont president-elect donald trump'sec ties to russia. of lectors including ilu republican released app oh o letter to james clapper he's the director of nationalio intelligence yesterday.rday. they requested information aboua the on-going investigation. apologize we don't have the hav sound there. the college off lectors were officially castic
8:05 am
the 10 lectors say they are unlikely to vote for trump. tru 10 of them.m. ♪♪ all right. 0404. developing overseas syrianeas sa forces move to take last rebel holds out in eastern aleppo.le the red cross is urging thoseg e fighting to do all they can toao protect and spare civilian cil lives. thousands of people with no parl in the violence quotee have h literally nowhere safe to run. they say there are reports ror civilians being kill on thelln t spot. spot more than 80 are confirm deadfia including women and ♪♪ 40 degrees, temperaturesre dropping just a little bit. >> yeah, cool start at theng dad cloud cover out there i just put on my facebook pagee beautiful sunrise picture. ptu >> very nice. >> nice sunrise. nice ise. >> where can people see that. t >> out on the chesapeake.ak actually my i wasn't took it. >> my auntie.untie. >> it's tucker barnes fox5. f >> thank you, yeah.. >> okay.. >> hi, auntie.. >> 40 at reagan national.ationa 36 at bwi marsh
8:06 am
cool out cloud cover as mentioned mightod be a sprinkle or a shower even e snow shower if you're north and west this afternoon as we have a combination of area of low of pressure to the south and upper level disturbance to the west.ow bottom line we're not going to t get much of anything falling from the sky it will remainhe mostly cloudkyy this afternoon a with temperatures topping out in the middle 40s. 4 there you go.u enjoy those mid 40s, becauseec we've got much colder air on the way. wind chills near zero actual aia temperatures in the teens.n thes single digits. digit i'll let you know when that will arrive and how long it will lasw coming up. >> i'm too lazy to go to your first pack page i would like tot see that sunrise pictureictu magically right now.gicallrigh >> i'm impressed. >> thanks, susan. >> good morning, aunt susan. sus >> don't you love being like lik from the area you can get your y aunt susan to watch?an to watch >> i know. soute.e. >> beautiful.if. >> caitlin it makes us feel like we'd stay there and not worry nr about a commute, right?ute, rig? >> i know. just stay in especially they inl weather starts to turn. hibernate that would be nice.e n can we wr
8:07 am
and friday? if so might noto mt want to venture out walking toko the car and walking to the the office. tuesday morning commute we'vemo had our troublernin spots. the ordinary top side of theidef beltway very heavy 95 to georgia avenue and as a result southbound 95 southbound andth northbound bw parkway up there e looking very heavy.. 270 southbound you've got on ann off delays i70 all the way downd to the spur it looks like you'rr heaviest though just north of route 27 and down through throu montgomery village breaks ups up through rockville towards theroa spur. all ghght. there's that outer loop even look like route 29 from frm colesville very heavy southbound towards the bell way much get mc closer to the district. to dist inbound route 50 is jammed alld the way from fort 10 to thehe district bladensburg area in thn northeast and you're alsod yorea looking at 295 very heavy southbound and northbound as yoo approach route 50. 5 inner loop delays jammedme pennsylvania avenue to theo wilson bridge. b so very heavy there and then the wilson bridge itself very heavyh at least on the onset on thesn t inner loop there and then 295 northbound from the beltway to
8:08 am
heavy. so we've got lot of red on the e map.. 66 eastbound is also on and off 234 to sycamore street.t. moving there but pretty muchy m jammed through the beltway. btwy that's a look at traffic.ffic allison, back to you. time right now 8:08. 8 we're tracking metro still no definitive answers as to why thy two lead cars a red line trainia came apart from the rest as thee train left the twin brookswin station yesterday.rd. this involved the new 7,000 series c the newest in fact metro's entire fleet.le fewer than 40 passengers were or the entire train and only twotw were on the cars when theyn ty but they had to walk the trackha bed for about 250 feet beforeef getting back to the platform. thankfully, nobody was hurt inar this. when the trains dee coupled butd it was a frightening incident tt say the very least.very lst so what more do we know?wmau transportation reporter and fox5 contributor martin dicaro isicao live this morning at the tysonsn corner station.taon. you'll find out why marty is there
8:09 am
trip brooks situation.ip bro bring us upoks to speed, martyr >> right now, metro says the incident is under investigationi a key point that we do not knoww is whether the third rail was de-energized when those twowo passengers who were on the front two rail cars that dee coupledou were taken off the train and onn to the track bed. you'll recall that back in julyj when train on the red line ran n red signal and became disabled metro personnel properly he is cored those passengers off thata disable train. however, they did de-energizegie the third rail in that incidenta and that led to disciplinary act against the employees.empl we'll final out possibly this t thursday whether the third raili was de-energized this timeim around after that decoupling.ecn why is that important? well yow can certainly walk down the t track better without coming com close to the third rail.e the i certainly learned that when i took metro's track accesscc training myself before i want w out on the tracks to check outhe some track work..
8:10 am
of the train even if it's not ot the side of the third trail cann be electrified.. metro has what's calleds cal collector shoes on the outside i of these train, not to get too technical here, there what makee contact witness third rail theye run alongside of the third rail. the end tear outside bottom parp of the train will be electrifiet even if it's on the oppositethe side of that third rail that's why it's a danger to passenger p and that's why the third rail r needs to be de-energized whenhen people come off a train. >> could be very frighteningghti tutuation. thankfully nobody was hur in noi that incident. ou're want to get whyn y there today. t vip will be where you are ridinr the silver. >> that's right.hat's we're here in tysons corner cor which is a model for the urbanization of the suburbs. senator tim kaine of virginia vi had take a tour of phase phasesp two of the silver line which iss six extra stops being built allb the way out to dullesle international airport and on into loudoun county two stops in loudou
8:11 am
join the metro family and jennen until judge mur paul wiedefeld d will be joining senator kaine for that tour. t senator kaine when he wase whens governor of virginia was reallya instrumental in a couple of keyk decision that is have shaped had this project. $6 billion project and one ofndo those was his decision asns governor to hand over the dulles toll road to the airport authority. author remember metro is not buiitldinn the silver line. line airport authority and when then governor kainenorn decided to hand the toll road over to the state, it was to geo the project moving -- sorry,orry away from the state to the to airports authority to get thet t project moving. the airports authority has beenn using the toll road revenue toee cover the costs of this project. 70% of that $6 billion is toll revenue paid by motorists someoe of whom probably never use the t silver line.. so that's raised questions abous how this whole project has beenb financed.finced. a lot of different pots of money to take were needed to get thisi project off the ground. remember, $6 billion for about a
8:12 am
it's very very expensive. >> big new stations.ew later, we will join you and the senator as you ride the thanks so much, marty. >> okay.>> o >> all right.ight. >> holidays approach buying buyn things online might get pricieri because supreme court decision.o we'll have those details next.. >> and police surveillance videv yo shows disable man strugglingn with an armed robber on then t what the suspect took from the e victim makes the story even more disturbing.ur. 8:12. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
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8:15 am
♪♪ all right. let's check in with tucker barnes right now. final out what's happening -- it's that time for our morning excitement. >> let's do it. let's do it. >>ba ♪♪rnwhat'sme f ♪ tfirst five photo of>> the day we got cuteness much that'ss adorable. >> so cute. >> that is super cute. >> aww.>>ww >> all right.>> ocean of cuteness this morning.g >> you know it. kw i >> we got callie everybody. >> precious. callie is seven months old.ld. and wakes up early every morning to watch allison while her mom r gets ready for work. >> hi, callie. hi, baby.ab you are just the cutest little rmaiaid. >> put that outfit on in the morning before mom getting readr for work. hang back while she gets ready.a >> my goodness. >> that's super cute. to tha st'end us your child's pe go to fox5 d.c. and if there's cute as callie they will be on n the air tomorrow. tomro >> my goodness.>> ms wh
8:16 am
>> that is a great >> um-hmm. >> in little basket.asket >> can you pull that off >> i can still rock it it. i it worry ever be on facebook. [ laughter ] >> let's do the weather.ea 40 in washington.hingto we're in for cool one today.oday mid 40 force daytime highs. h look at that cold out to the west.west. minneapolis minus seven inter falls minus 10 great falls minun 13. you get the idea.u get the ide let's go upa. into can in a tod. how about minus 33 in church hell. minus 24 -- i'm going to go to t these places one day.ay stone know rapids. r >> high level. >> i'm going to go there, it's balmy 5 degrees.egre >> so cold in clinton they don'd even register.even r >> they're like we don't want t tell you.we you. >> right. >> it's that arctic air is air headed in our direct later thist week we'll be looking at high hh temperatures which will not gett above freezing thursday andrsda friday. for your day today, cloud cover. a couple little disturbances little area of low pressurea ofe around the carolinas and littlee upper level disturbance o
8:17 am
the west bring us a lot off ouds.s. steve look over at me like ut-oh he's gone bring us a lot of l o clouds and maybe a shower a a sprinkle or flurry thiss anything we receive will be verb very light.very l. so not a big deal and then we'l' get sunshine tomorrow up ahead of that arctic blast thursday 44 day it ends as a period oferio o winter weather early saturdayy moing.g. early saturday plans with mayitm get a period of wintry before ie transitions to rain saturday saa afternoon. plan accordingly much i wouldn't be surprised if we are a littlel sensitive there might be areht cancellation.tion >> right back into the 50s onin5 su0snday.nday. >> briefly. 50s on sunday we'll right back in the cold weather early nextw week.week >> okay. >> all right. just the messeng we appreciate it.ppreci isn't right back. >> hey, caitlin. >> we didn't have cold like that last year, didave we? we? >> not in >> i would not be surprised toit see cancellations i'm justus saying.ying really really cold.lylly cold. >> another crash on 66 eastbounb for you right right he. you can see it's all push off tf the shoulder.the shoul not blocking any through laneshh but we've got additional traffic
8:18 am
this is right before fairfaxax county parkway on 66 eastbound right shoulder blocked withined what has already been a longa ln line of delays. so it kind of breaks up right rg after the fairfax county parkway but once you get to nutleyle street it picks up again. ain. so let me get out of the way thy here. i believe that we are looking aa 295 delays right now. n and those 295 delays northboundo from the beltway to pennsylvania of a just very heavy trafficff right there. t. additionally we've had some slow traffic let's see where wehere looking at here? this route 50.e this is beltway to bladensburgdg road into the district. into we've had a really hard time heavy delays 295 and 50 trying0y to get into the district fromtrf prince george's county thisty ts morning.morng so patience needed there.he let's go to our maps as well. w. because there's been some other trouble spots and this one thatt just came in to us this is is northbound on route 15 reports r of a trash truck on this is just north of 66. so route 15 stay away from thisi area if you can with emergencyrg crews approaching the scene.ce we'll keep you updated oh and
8:19 am
trash truck on fire north of 66. northbound route 15. all right. that's a look at traffic.ou l steve and allisonoo,k back to . >> caitlin, thanks very much.uc ♪♪ would you soon pay more mor things you buy online, maybe sos thanks to supreme court rejecting certain case.ctin it had to do withg a colorado l requiring online sellers like le amazon to notify customers and d the state you live in how muchwc you owe the state sales taxes.. the supreme court decided not tt hear a challenge to the law so officials there can go ahead ana try to collect as much as $173 million in taxes a year. y. other states may see the court'c move as a green light to move forward with collection efforts. google and the cuban cub government have to strike a deaa to -- they have struck a deal i should say to allow fasterter access to the company's it will allow the internet giant to install servers on then communist island which will store much of the company's most popular content. that's could improve internet ir speeds for those using servi
8:20 am
ub cuba. it's estimated that only aboutn 5% of people in cuba have he internet access.ess. 5%. the cuban government hasas recently boosted access by providing wi-fi hot spots in major areas. nearly seven years after that deadly sev earthquake in h, 50,000 people are still intill i cement camps. camps number people living in thisnhi make shift community has declined since the earthquakethk but it's still a reminder that t the country hasn't fully recovered from this natural disaster. >> there's new video released al huge fire at a suspected marijuana growing house inn sacramento.sato yes, those are marijuana plants burning.g. police say about 100 of them the were growing inside the home. under new california law aa lawa person over the age of 21 ise o2 allowed to grow up to six pot st plants not 100.00 the cause of the fire is unknown. nobody
8:21 am
the san jose police department releasing video of af criminal targeting disable manam this is disturbing and this maym be your anger factor of the morning.g a bicyclist knocks over a manovn he'd been walk wig the aid of a cane. bicyclist seems to show concerne for the man tries to help him sm the man gets out his cell phone because he can't speak. can tried to communicate with theite cell phone. but the suspect steals his celll phone, kicks the man and then at minutes a gun at police have it all on videoideo they're still looking for thatl suspect. haven't found him yet, though. no words. >> police in prince george'sin i county searching for severalrchi suspects in an apparent homee invasion. the latest on this investigation is still >> major league baseball banning hazing. what's loud, what's not loud nou next. first though a greeting from ou servicemen and women serving seg overseas this holiday season. s. ♪♪ senior master sergeant mr se jeremy, stationed at bagram air base afghanistan.nian like to say hello to my wife
8:22 am
renee' and daughter riley and my son dylan currently at langly air force base, virginia.irgini happy holidays.happy hope to see you soon.
8:23 am
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>> changes coming that baseballm days of forcing major leagueing rookrciesing into dressing likm like the nats did to bryce to er ban banned. you can force the rookies torcek dress like olympic gymnasts,yms, disney princesses.ncesse part of new collective colct bargaining agreement.gaining the policy obtained by the t associated press says in part pt "the purpose of this policy is i not to prohibit all traditionsdi regarding rookies but rather tot prohibit conduct that may causeu players physical anguish or har may be offensive or be distracting". there you go. major league baseball. r leab here at fox5 when it comes toomo tucker barnes --arnes -- >> can we say what's happeningni now isn't all bets are off. we'll dress him ut p lall ater y i don't think -- i think it wil be a surprise. >> surprise?>> s >> you have to wait for goodpr dae toy. >> it's a surprise. it is a surprise.>> i >> let me just say,t' yitousu'le more hair than usual.. >> okay. >> that's a hint.has a >> and you'll be friendlier than usual.usl. >> um-hmm.>> uhmm. >> yeah, right. right. [ laughter ] >> maybe no pants.
8:26 am
>> that would be bonus, wouldn't it? >> yeah.>> we'll have start writing our owo policies here. her 40 in washington. winds out of the east at six. tx cool one today, cloud cover anda the possibility of a few showers little later this afternoon.. so we have this area out to thet west little disturbance.rb little area of low pressure herr they'll get close enough to ouro area we may squeeze out new showers. we'll keep it cool. yesterday the midwe'll 50s wonb that warm today.od mid 40s with cloud cover. cover tomorrow arctic front comes com through it comes through dry. d but it also comes through coldhr and look at thursday and friday. our daytime highs do not get n above freezing get ready fordy very cold blast here thursday and friday and into the start of your weekend. all right.allig caitlin is in this morning.orni. she's got a look at your roads.a caitlin roth, fox5.5. >> i have a loss report they'ree grogg to be hairy, friendly anda pant less on good day dc. that's a tease. tse. one thing to mention here, more of a rural spot 66 eastbound but route 15 northbound trash truckk on north of 66 and again there area crews on scene and you can see
8:27 am
been stopped due to that.ppue t if you're in that area, just usu caution try to avoid if you canc again northbound route 15 in 15 staying in virginia 66 eastbounb delays continue 234 to sycamore street look earlier like maybe we were getting breakse but is i don't know. still looks like one ldoonn'gt l line of traffic from about 29bo2 all the way inside the beltway. finally real quick inner loop il crash two right lanes block atka little riff turnpike also delayy on the inner loop basically fro the whole mixing bowl area alla the way up to 66. 66. all right. that's a look at traffic.raffic steve and allison.llis still ahead the neck generation too connected to the digital age? it's a alarming trend taking place among kids in our nation.ion. >> bill murray teamed up with ut president obama for around of mini golf. golf.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30 of the let's check our e top stories on tuesday morning. a possible home inn vagues on t overnight with an interestingthg twist on the suspects. s prince george's county policecop are investigating reports that t several people who identifieddef themselves as police officers bursts into a home on franklinnn avenue in lanham after midnight. burst into that home. hom no one was at home was hurt andd it's unclear exactly what mightg have been taken. tak good news no one was hurt theree this morning fire crews morf battling fire that happened atd capitol hilton at 16th and k and streets in northwest. a fire was reported aroundd
8:31 am
laundry room. r put out quickly and guests weree evacuated for a brief time.. today the man accused ofan d shooting an assault rifle inside comet ping-pong due back ink i court. court. according to court documents,ums madison welch went into the restaurant after reading a false story online which suggested the owners were harboring child sexx slaves. welch faces multiple chargesrg include dangerous with assaultss with a dangerous weapon. wpo new 8:00 o'clock this8: morning bill murray playing gol with the presipldeaynt in the oa office.fice because why not? oh, come on.. >> sir, it's got to go in.. >> he's a tough judge. jud it wasn't all fun and games.fua at one point bill murray mur complained about knee pain it's that when president obama reminds him and to sign up for f plan under the affordable careoa act by thursday in order to bee eligible for coverage next year. speaking of pain that may be be you're f
8:32 am
in the morning and you feel paia in your feet or just trying to t absorb the shock of being on ofo your feet for exercise or a lona day at work, maybe you boughtout some of those special insoles i for your feet for your shoes. so more than 800 shoe insertns products on the market.oducma while they may promise a lot a l they don't always deliver.lways. in fact new study says you may m be just nat out wasting your yr money. so how do you know what to get,t what works and what doesn't,? joining me now sportsow s chiropractor dr. ray solano.ctor what mistakes are people makingm when it comes to -- the market r is just flooded with these aftet market products.cts. gooddea a or bad? >> i think it'sor b a bad idea a you go in and buy one of thesefe just over the counter devices oo the sim employee put these are cushioning devices.ic they do nothing to correct anyny bio mechanical abnormalitiesbnoi with your feet. >> all right. f themef break down some o products you brought.ught this is what would if you boughu a pair of running shoes, fores example this might just what bet in the sho >> right. >> what does this do.>> whi >> this is the aft market product.product. >> this is after market productu someone would b
8:33 am
shoe isn't giving me enoughe eng cushioning i feel like i need ie little bit more paddingadng underneath my foot. f so they'll go and buy somethingi like this oftentimes thinking that this product will correct e something like a stress fracturu or maybe tendinitis or plantar fascitis in actuality all it's doing is cushioning the bottom t of the foot not correcting anyg structural abnormality the. >> giving you sponginess in then shoe but not going to help if you have a foot problem.p oot om >> right. o we have here. here. >> these are custom madeusmad orthotics.ots. accustom made product takes inti consideration both feet, youra know, thatit'son anotherring tht about these over counter insolei they don't look at both feet. f each foot is different. you may prone 98 or your footroo may turn in little bit more one one on on the the the other footth o it's neutral custom madee products takes that into tt consideration provides moster importantly theatio supportrt underneath all three of thesehe arches and they typically last y lot longer
8:34 am
>> i was going to say that's the key. now keep in mind these arese are prescription. they are pricier if you look ato the difference between thebetwet flimsiness of this product andrd then something like thisike ts obviously lot more sturdy of a product.oduct how much does assumption likesui this >> three to $400.o $ >> pay a lot more 15 to 20 buckb you'll pay for this but as you u said this can last three to fou years. are these the same similar to these? >> they're all the all s custom orthotics can be madeead whatever type of shoe, whateverw lifestyle. three quarter length here iste made more particular dress shoee because the tow box is narrow. for ladies that wear heels mostm of the time. of t you can even have them made forf hee heels. but your average shoe is a fullf length orthotic.rthotic if you look at all these bumpss and grooves these ares ese corrections that once again are custom.. they're made prescribed by ascr physician and they typicallyeyal take a couple of weeks to comeeo back. ck they -- do you get more bang foa your buck though because these t will actually correct the causee of your pain as opposed to justj these which you buy probablyrobl
8:35 am
actuality you can spend goodnd d money on this tough. ts tough. >> most reports it comes out.itc when it comes to report thatt says things or good or bad takek it with grain of saul and say sn maybe something like this mayben isn't as effective as people peo might believe it is.mi but if yough go the correctiveht route and you do it the way way then it still can be beneficiala >> be proactive with yo health. you have to go to your doctor,t, diagnose the foot pain. pn >> proper assessment.sses in my office i do a digital scaa of the foot the most accuratet a way to measure the feet to geto the proactive about your healthu not reactive when your foot f starts hurting don't run and get these in soles to cushion your i foot. >> at that point it might be toe late. >> might be. >> always a pleasure. >> alw bet. >> 8:35. let's get check in with tuckerht to get a look at the 40. t 40 now in washington. cold temperatures off to northfn and west. wt. detroit 19. 1 chicago 17. chicago we got those temperatures on th way for later this week butut today cloud cover cooler tempslm than yesterday you can see arean of low pressure off to our s soh and east, and
8:36 am
disturbance out to the west.ncee bottom line a few showers around. best chance probably late this afternoon and tonight withe pr h temperatures in the mid fours.ou stay tune.stay tun i have the seven day forecast. s you'll want to see it. because it features wind chillss near zero. z >> but on the weekend no bigoig storms or anything. athing. >> we'll talk about that, too.,. >> that's a tease? thas a >> yeah. >> all right. >> okay? >> caitlin roth, good morning. n >> good morning allison.d morngi on-time traffic busy morning. mg lots of different accidents.idts northbound on route 15 this is s where we'll start northernrt non virginia. trash truck on fire and we've aw had emergency crews on the scens it looks lying a good chunk of route 15 around that truck hasck been closed.sed but we are getting word that they are in the cleanup stagesaa so hopefully that will bely thab cleared soon. clea otherwise use local detours. dos follow some of those local t l alternates that you or hop on 66 if that can take t you where you need to bed eastbound you're okay until youu get passed 29 that's when thosee delays start to build. to build. 234 all the way to sycamore street one long line of heavyfea traffic right there.t tre and you can see trying to bre
8:37 am
really very heavy as yous yo approach the district.trict inner loop crash two right lanel are blocked this is at littletil river turnpike so you've gotoe delays extending all the way t back to about the tysons cornerr area there on the inner loop. l pretty heavy due to that crash. 270 southbound on and off delayd 70 to the spur but it look likel it's loosening up a bit instead of all that red we are mainly ml yellow you're moving and just got a couple of rough patches in between montgomery village andia rockville.e. finally outer loop top side ofls the beltway you are stacked upcd 95 to georgia avenue it look i o like our delays southbound onbon knife approaching the beltwaye w are thin ago little bit sotle bs that's good.. baltimore also improving greatlt from last hour.tou southbound you look over. northbound 395 edsall road torot the 14th street bridge bdg actually most of 395 that wholew stretch as you're going throughu northern virginia it looksitooks pretty heavy not red heavy soeao not like you're not movie jam jm but there are still some delaysl often and on heavy traffic 95 northbound this is dale city tot the beltway so you're lookinghit pretty heavy conditionstions
8:38 am
springfield you could say.fiely really after that whole tour of the area we've got our normalura traffic issues and then watchn t for that trash truck fire on route 15 northbound and alsondls that inner loop crash. cra all right. that's a look at traff ic. steve and allison?eve an >> still ahead one retailer, won charity and $100 million in donations.. >> sounds that pretty good.rettg we'll see what thats about. abo what men really want forwant f christmas. no, not what you're thinking.hik maybe it's what you're thinkingt i don't know. p in tuesday tsd talkers with sarah fraser.r back in a moment.ent. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
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8:41 am
that is look at the harrye r nice bridge taking a look acrosr the river from king georges county virginiay vi where the camera is looking over to maryland. maryl that's a different view of the t water this morning. isn't it?ter >> yeah. >> all right. t's no re's no traffic if you're trying to commute acrosso nice bridgemu at this very momem >> good to know. goo 8:41 on tuesday morning. mni k mart has reached a major fundraising milestone.esne it has raised more than 100 million in lifetimeet donations for the saint judentud children's research hospital. >> wow! >> i know. rfect. [ applause ]plse ] >> congratulate you.onatul thank you. more than any other partner ptn saint jude's history so celebrate the milestone k mart unveiled its new virtual realiti bus let's patients enjoy gamesnm and virtual experiences like l climbing on mt. everest and in addition to
8:42 am
saint jude patients also got alo visit from grammy award winning singer and song writer neyo. >> waying to k mart. that is a mazing to race $100 million for anybody theseby days unbelievable accomplish apl many. way to go helping those in neede we have a lot coming up gonu day starts in just about 188 nutetes. kevin sits down with pharrell a conversation. you know they'll talkco 757.57 >> they'll dish about his role h in music and the highlyig anticipated movie hidden figurer as well. w there will be a whole bunch of wrestlers in dc. big show at verizon center and we have one otef the largest ono with us.s. bray wyatt is with us.h u of course our good day favoriter things gift guide continues with focus on all things make up andp you don't want to miss that. i know i won't. >> no. you've got ladies in your life.l >> and tucker is going to be perhaps wearing make up today ay llll. >> okay. don't transformation of tucker t will undergo on
8:43 am
it's going to get you in then te holiday spirit we promise.mi >> looking forward to that.ooki >> very you only have one mother but now being called mom is considered a compliment for not just your juu traditional mom. mom >> okay. >> we'll have to explain that. >> all right. up i todoming up in todays hav tuesday talker.alr also old man winter making an entrance into the state o maine. it is 8:43. will one will it get here that a winter weather? tuck is up next. ♪♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪♪ >> the water looks nice with the sunshine reflecting off it right w.w.ooksctin >> yeah. >> real pretty on the beach this morning. >> go to the beach yourself,rsf, steve. >> why not, tuck? 40 degrees ar the beach is still a day at thet >> you got that right. ou g>> that's what it look like the beach. now, let's take look at some s other conditions.ot this is in mainehe. they've had some storms theres r and unfortunately it's causing i problems as well.s wel in fact they actually have two fatalities because of crashes or monday with the dangerousgeus conditions playing a factor inli each one. in minnesota, nearly 900 car c wrecks in just 24 hour period. o and in new york, part of theof t state received more than 3 feet of snow. sno >> they're getting all the snows snow.snow we still have sunshine over thet beach and we have forecast fec coming up in just 10 seconds.
8:47 am
>> all right. nothing like that around here we might get a few showers or perhaps few snow showers ifhors you're well up to the north andd west late this afternoon and this evening. evening along with it we'll get plentyey of clouds and cool temperaturese today. it will be cooler than yesterday. 40 now in washington. wil still doing the 30 up there inri frederick.freder still doing blow freezing in thn mountains off to the north andoo west. so cool start to our day.ay leonardtown 37 degrees.7 degr we have seen nothing yet.hinget wait until you see the seven day forecast.forecast. features some really extreme cold by thursday and friday. fra all right. here's why we got a shower inho the forecast upper level lev disturbance most of this energyg stays to our north and area off low pressure developing alongel the carolinas get close enoughso it will bring a few showers to s parts of our area as these kindk of team up together late thisati afternoon ton night but anythiny we get should be on the lighttht side. and be quick moving. min future cast show you that t developing later this afternoonn 8:00 o'clock tonight a few a f showers around after sunset it t will be warm enough it should bs liquid here. li looks like the snow showers wan to be well north andw west. w then we'll clear out overnight. we'll be in for partial s
8:48 am
tomorrow up ahead of our neckec arctic frontal this one meansona business it will steam roll inli here late wednesday.ate by thursdaywe temperatures plumt even with the sunshine out there. and our daytime highs bothr gh thursday and friday actual air temperatures upper 20s and lowow 30s. but the wind chill unfortunatelu by friday morning could be featuring temperatures near zero. so we are going to be talking t about extreme cold it won't be just here places like chicagocao maybe below up towards boston and new yorker it will be he can treatmentlyaty cold to end the week if you're'r traveling, just be prepared here that much of the country will b extremely cold for the end of eo week. there's your seven day.s yo sev 45 today.45 i mentioned the cold do want tot point out early saturday it lool like as we transition to warmere air pattern we could have a a period of some winter weather ww around here perhaps lightaps lit accumulations of some snowno around here early saturday sda before it transitions to rainn eventually it will be in the 404 but take several hours to do that on saturday.da that is a weather update.. steve, allison, toss it back to you. >> tuck, thanks very much.veuch. 8:48 right now.48 rig n
8:49 am
talker. sarah fraser is with us this t morning. hi, sarah. >> hi, >> off beat funny trending topit watch do you have for us.dofo >> i love this washington postgs story kids under 10 they watchyt youtube no longer watching tv. >> what? >> but it's having a really rea strange effect on kids. eff in fact parents are saying moree and more they have to tell their kids that their youtubeirtu personalities are not theirhe friends in real life.e and then also kids now ares n walking around either constantly thinking camera is followingollo them. >> yeah that.>>eah >> or pitching something.hingom. >> i'm for one love this 10. t i used to play talk show hostw when i was like six so i think i this is it's such a new phenomenon they're not sure is this a goodd trend. >> right. >> is this -- what really -- if you thought elmo was your best friend? of f course. >> is it any different now.feren >> ernie talks to me all thee al time on sesame street.treet. it's just the way kids aresre getting the information it usedu to be television. cartoons.ns
8:50 am
>> my question to you al as a parent then -- would you have hv any issue with your kids being best friends air quote bestuotes friends with real person versus a puppet like elmo. e >> when i was in second grade, , told you this story, i thought o that michael jackson was watching me walk to school in a snow globe so i was on my bestnb biff your all the time. tim this is nothing new. new it is just a different way we'r' getting these images.s. i won and what the girl do's gl which is every time like theye t start to do anything, they wante to cook, the wy do this. they'll start with, okay, guys,y today i'm going to -- it just like youtube tutorial.ia this is what the kids do today.d you know what i mean?t i me? >> yes. >> okay. this is how we're, washington we're doing is making sugar cookies we'll takhoew wedo ouri' like just like you talk showk so host as a i'm not concern. c it's just the new medium it'st' what we do today.ay >> okay. good. >> for me that's how i feel about it. me >> your girls because theyits cs grew -- you still have young kids, too., did they grow up with cartoonsho than youtube
8:51 am
>> they definitely watched tv.. they watched nick load dion,io disney and then the cartoons. they definitely bridged thatdged like my oldest will be 16 but b the youngest is 12.s so she, you know, power puff girls when they were kids and kd you know. >> the story goes on to say werw one kids watch that tv they cann differ between the two. t two but when you're on youtube andtd just watching a normal kid thatd looks like you it's hard to tell hey this kid isn't my friend.ri >> food for thought.for what else you got?thu go >> new surveillance 58 out forlf this year says this is what menm want most for christmas.istm >> bring it on what do we want?? >> quiet. >> not what you think. n what >> power tools. >> it's cash. >> truth be told i never beggedd tor power tools. >> it's cash? >> i don't see you as power tooo guy. >> i can hold my own. never asked for them for the>> e holidays. >> men want cash.h. this was like 60 something% ofng men by the way would prefer casc over a gift card overve traditional gift.naift. now, of course, wanted a traditional gift more.or only
8:52 am
they wanted cash.. but do you think cash -- is that true? true? >> i think over the gift card i think we're lazy we don't like l to be confined to one particulaa store. the cash you can just knock it k off wherever you want.f ever >> who is the giving the gift?t? >> who is giving steve cash. c >> i personal woman rather havev a gift. a but i mean, whogi would ever sar no to cash? >> good for me. m they said in general men would d want cash from their significana other family member if they were --we >> well -- >> that's weird. >> i don't agree. >>s somesomebody close. your significant otherbody c,loe think that's the easy way out. >> here's $50.s >> it's kind of cheap. it's kine >> i think that's when you need to be like thisap. i thast' somt meaningful that made me think of you for a gift. >> this is interesting i'mntertm giving two men in my life mywo brother wants cash.nts ca >> but i will say this. t my parents have done it in the t past f there's something i was w saving for, then they wouldth w would be like i'm going to givee you like half the price or your know what i mean ears somethings to get you started toward whatow it is you want to get. g. >> it must be my family.. my mother wants scratch ticketse d
8:53 am
do you think they have gamblingg issue?e? >> it's very easy for you to dou your holiday shopping.iday spp one trip to 7eleven and you'reou done. >> i know. perfect. >> hit the atm pick up scratchpt offs you're good to go.goodo go. >> yeah. what else? >> for me mom is title that's tt' reserved for the mom, the real r mom figure in your life. you whatever. but not any more. >> by the way, you are a mom to all viewers. so mom now is buway, y ultimateime you're seeing a lotme online beyonce' being called mom by her fans. taylor swift.ft. a lot of big celebrities andnd this trend has got a lot of kini of controversy not real rea controversy but discussion as tn what does it mean.ea you're seeing that mom now whici used to be maybe more of older d title or not cool is now very cool. so these big celebrities to their fans their fans want theme to be their mom. >> like the mother monster withh lady gaga, that whole sort off honor term for celebrities? >> yes. >> do you know what i mean? she
8:54 am
was mother monster and little ll monsters. >> now it applies to any womanal that you admire.dmir >> okay. >> >> it can be your teacher at yoc school. if you think she's super cool.ns and you admire her.e h she's your mom.. or tv personality.soty >> what does your mom think? y what would you think about thatt if your girls my teacher mom. >> nope. >> you're looking at her right here.look >> right, yup.he [ laughter ] >> which applies to me. whi i get itch.t it i think it's kind of awesome ase like if you look at a beyonce' or whoever mariah carey and you say it's different.. it's like -- to me it's met' different.diffent it's not mother.'s mot it's like mom because she's a sa >> right. >> she take care of business.>>i and that's all the things a gooo mom does. doe >> there you go.>> theou g now you can hash tag mom and see wait means, steve. sve. >> okay, mom.>> thank you. than >> you got it, mom.ou got it, m. >> all right. >> much more coming up.>> check in wit ah tuc mkeruc ah gr isis. >> have you seen this -- thi >> let's wait for it.for i >> we're going to wait. okay. all right. ♪♪
8:55 am
join all your child■s sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes musc its sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena this weekend only tickets on sale now through ticketmaster z26i0z z17vz
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y26i0y y17vy >> oh, no. >> tucker have you seen this. >> i saw this yesterday. >> let me just say this. >> no thank you. >> i think i would have had likm an out of have bodhyad t lype e here.. >> yup. >> an alligator big old daddy od hiding in a storm drain in florida.fl so man saw it when he went toeno check his m his name is lewis camacho heac pull out his cell phone but thee alligator wasn't feeling photogenic. lewis went back into his own o backyard he was able to recordoc video of, what? a
8:57 am
bear. bear is that a different story?t a dn >> is that what you call applpp alligator. >> if this man an alligator and bear in the same >> matt, what are we talkingalki about.about. >>blemblem. >> the produce sr. said --ai >> i'm going to guess it's justly alligator.tor look how low that was.ow l tha you're like down there at with w that cell phone. phone. if that thing launches at you.ct >> what i heard he heard some sort of a boom.a boom. he turn around and he sees it. >> okay. >> feet don't fail me now.n't fe >> i'm out thereof. i'm o speaking of out of there thatt e will do it for this hour.his good day is next.sext. don't go anywhere we have a packed show.ed sho good day dc coming up in just is two minutes.nutes.
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♪♪ straight ahead on good dayod at 9a, it's official.l. president-elect donald trumpnalp announcing his pick for the fort nation's next secretary o state. exxon mobil ceo rex how the oil exec stacks up forpr the big job ahead. and a first and last on latn night tv. tv >> i think the president-elect may say one thing and do anotheh once he's >> the daily show's trevor noahh hosting president obama for thef very first time. as the commander in chief makes his final appearance on the tale show as america's leader.. all good thing must come to an end.nd gas prices on the rise.e but just how


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