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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 13, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ straight ahead on good dayod at 9a, it's official.l. president-elect donald trumpnalp announcing his pick for the fort nation's next secretary o state. exxon mobil ceo rex how the oil exec stacks up forpr the big job ahead. and a first and last on latn night tv. tv >> i think the president-elect may say one thing and do anotheh once he's >> the daily show's trevor noahh hosting president obama for thef very first time. as the commander in chief makes his final appearance on the tale show as america's leader.. all good thing must come to an end.nd gas prices on the rise.e but just how
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and get ready to rumble! wrestling's best making a stopns in the nation's capitol for a holiday tradition honoring ourgr military families.ils good day at 9a starts rightg now. ♪♪ >> we say thank you so much foru staying with us this morning. m. just after 9:00 o'clock onock tuesday, december 13th.. and i'm here along with maureen, steve, our dear friend wisdom wentm wet homesick.home we hope he's feeling better, of, course. we've got a lot planned thisnn morning. we just mention add moment ago a wwe star bray wyatt joining usin live in the loft. t lof he's going to be at the verizonv center later tonight for the wwe smack down and tribute to thetet troops show.oops sw we'll chat with him actually at 9:30. nothing says thank you for youry service like a goooud smack dow, right?ri [ laughter ]er ] >> steve already challenged him. it should be fun. >> challenged him to talk. tal we'll leave it there rht
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>> how great would it be if heee threw you over the couch. c >> that would be the best. b >> more fun if you through him y over the couch.ou >> that's not going to happen.go >> into the tree. >> did dr. solano leave.o we may need a chiropractor.hiroc >> we'll get a check of thehef h forecast. mile start for or tuesday butsday we've got a lot store for us. u >> yeah, we do.e d >> right, tuck? >> yeah, we do. yh, w little known fact i work as body double for bray.ra >> maybe you could challenge llm him. >> maybe you could be thrown y into the tree?ou >> um-hmm. >> i'm going to be -- i got agoa costume i'll be trying on. >> transformation.>> transformat 41 now in washington.n. winds east southeast at six at we're in for cooler day than thn stererday. mid fours for daytime highs.ig take jacket and the clouds you o see in our current conditions ci we'll keep the clouds aroundloun today maybe a shower by latey l afternoon and during the evenine as we get kind of a combinationa of low pressure to our south. sh little upper level disturbancein kind of squeeze into our areaur later today and then in addition to clouds we might see a fewew showers kick in late thisat afternoon.oon. anything we get should be on thn light side as we're n
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expecting a lot of rain today.od 45 your daytime high.igh. becoming mostly cloudy here with spotty shower late thisate afternoon best chance probablybc after sunset tonight.e ight. perhaps seven, 8:00 o'clockk tonight a few showers around. much much colder air on the waye we've been talking about it it'' the real deal. dea bitter chill setting up here foe thursday and friday.sdaynd f i'll have details on that and we do have the pros spec s possibility of winter weather oo that seven day.en those details as well and i am doing transport mission the next couple of hours.uple o >> ut-oh.>>t-oh. >> nice. >> doing character that we all l love with christmas time. me. >> okay.y >> maybe one you were late to -t relate to.o. >> i'm asking?'m ain >> oh, yeah, absolutely. >> frosty. it's got to be frosty.o be f [ laughter ] >> or jolly old saint nick.ic >> thanks tucker. >> that grin gave the away,n gaa though. >> thanks a lot. trump's tru'ske to you transition team he's officiallys announced his pick for who he wh wants to be the nation's nextn'x secretary of state. state rex tillerson is the man heson m wants for the job. tillerson is the chairman ceo oo exxon mobil.. trump's nominatio
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approve by congress. con tillerson could face uphille upl battle on capitol hill, though,g lawmakers on both sides of the o aisle are concerned about his close business ties with russiaa and russian president vladimir a putin. putin. in a statement trump says tillerson's tenacity his broad d experience and deepnd dee understanding of geo politicsndn make him ang excellent choice e secretary of state.secretary ofe he will promote regional regiona stability and focus on the coree national security interests of the united states.tes. trump also on the verge of vergo picking former texas governor gr rick perry as energy secretary.a he's met with trump at least atl twice in recent days to discusss a position in the administration. energy is one of the ener spoke ofperry eliminating during his failedd presidential bid back in 2011 i1 but he cannot remember themembhe agency's name.. >> my question and it's obvious question and is, why would you u name a person who wants to abolish the department as thehe department's head? hea >> i think we're seeing that wen with -- who he named for epa. i think also
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climate change denier.en i don't know. i guess in mine perhaps p these are people who he feelspe are the best for tophe job at a least that's what i'm coming -- take away from these positionsen but my biggest concern thoughhoh wafery with rex tillerson that'' the position i'm most concernedo with. if you have ties to russia and this is -- to me there's so mann conflicts here and i get there e you're a businessman you mightmg have done deals with themhe before. be this is about national securityy and our nation and i'm wonderini does this make sense? at sometm point doesn't someone say, holdl on minute here.ere these ties -- these too close ce ties. ties we need to pull the brakes ahe a little and see that there is nos conflict here really beforee proceeding. >> i think this is what congress has to look at too.his at too >> right. >> you don't want somebody who'o just has relations with one w nation because this is aon bec t position where you are being ambassador to the world. wld >> right. >> you're dealing with this country''rs relations with theeh entire world.entire world so i think that's where it willt get very interesting when it whe comes to congress right now.. not just with tillerson buton really any of these people whoe have been nominate to do theseoe positions to s h
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going to take and who is going g to bring up one ago is it going to cross the aisless as far as questions that are ous there like we saw during thetika campaiw gn not everybody in the gop was on board with donalddona trump was saying. s >> a person who has business to me yes, you're making money for company, but this -- this to me is clear conflict. cflic because you've made money.e mony you cannot tell me that tha somewhere along the leap the lines weren't blurred there winw the business deals.ea. now you're having --in >> those are some of the same te questions they have with thes clinton foundation in deals.thfi those were then deals same kindo concerns deals that were beingeg i feel like whoever donald trump picks right now there's going tg be concerns about.rn >> there is.s >> i think that what we arewhat seeing a lot with him, he's trying very hard to do anti establishment.blent. >> but is he really? b is >> well, none of these people tp have political experience.xperic these are not the people that -t >> or great love for the agencye that they are looking to head. >> none of them are insiders ana his whole campaign was i'm an'm outsider we're going to shake s
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>> the problem the challenges cl with the unnope even if you hado the quote unquote conflict offlf interest in the past, that's okay. ok >> um-hmm. >> but if you have it looking forward now it isf ayou proba me once you're in that position of power you can no longer have that. the question is are people going to trust these people changee behaviors that they had in thet past? that's where i think the big >> make whatever choice you wanw but as long as checks andck balances are maintained, i'mntni fine with that.h tha you're doing things in thengs interest of the country moveoe right ahead w that line isine is crossed you got to cut it >> all righty.. well today the man accusedon of shooting assault rifle inside comet ping-pong will head backwa to court. edgar madison welch facing fac muddle pep charges. fox5's bob barnard standing bynb with the latest.he latt. bob. >> reporter: this hearing gets under way shortr:ly. tr washort it was postponed basically fromm last week because madison that's his middle name that's what heht prefers to go by madison will gw much his attorneys wanted attorw several more days to furtherer investigate the situation anduai the incident. ninease goes back
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on that sunday more than a week ago when welch allegedly droveed up from his home in salsbury, sr north carolina, to investigatege those fake news reports thatha hillary clinton was involved in some kind of child sex slave s sting operation running out of comet ping-pong there inn northwest dc near the chevyhevy chase circle.. when welch went in there here didn't find anything but heind h fired off a gun, and customers e and employees went he was arrested there right outt on connecticut avenue righte rih afterward, and he's been held in custody since then. t the hearing today is tois to determine whether he can be released pending his trial and go back home to north carolina.n he has two daughters there. t his parents say what may havemav set him off was a car accident d that he was involved in.d he struck a pedestrian with hiss car back in october, guys, a teenager, and that that may havh set this whole thing off he's in court right now, and n we'll let you know how thist yow things turns out.. >> bob, thanks. in the meantime all eyes this morning on the silveher lin
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dulles airport and loudounun county. special guest is ride the rails this morning virginia senator st tim kaine and right now he's h with wmau transportationrtation reporter and fox5 contributoront martin dicaro. good morning, gentlemen. gentlem marty, we'll let you take itk i away and tell us what's what' happening. >> reporter: senator, why didhyd you request a tour of phase twoa of silver line construction? >> well, look, the region doesn't work without metro and a wanted to talk to paul and theln other metro team. t see how silver line is doing, ridership looking at some of thf construction that's happeningnig here in the corridors, reallyll interesting development going on. on the public transit with greatre urban development but i alsont t want to look at the phase two pe construction which is about hall complete to kind of see thef e t progress of it, talk both to metro and the wmua on the airport authorities about how the progress is going and are ae there things i can do to beo tob helpful. >> we're on our way to wiehle reston east the last stop
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phase one. o phase two under construction.unr $6 billion to build we have thii issue of thou op it or fun thert operations of it.f general manager paul wiedefeldfe standing here.g h he and other metro leade probably like congress tos contribute to metro's operatingi budget to help fund projects ke thihis. >> well, look, you know...w. construction has been throughroh dedicated federal loans, state money, um, the transportation corridor special tax --ax >> lots of pots of money.ots ofy >> lots of pots of money.s of my so the whole question ofn o congressional involvement andnt keeping metro up and runningng that's every year question.ue i frankly wish that we had donen appropriations bill this year that would have made it a little bit easier for these guys to do the couldn't resolutions througt april but i'm going to hopefully continue to be a battler foror metro funding as i was when in i was governor. >> good luck because in congresc the next administration seems unlikely that -- - >> you saw paul wiedefeld in the
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questioning why marty is noting talking to him apparently he did not want to be parimt o af thatt interview so he was still theree with senator tim kaine and martr dicaro apparently paul wiedefele declined our request to talkst o with him. >> our signal issues also a wreaking havoc there. >> sorry about that. >> he can have said yes and ited would have been on us becauseeee that tran mission issue.ra we're tracking metron again.gan still no definitive answers as a to why the two lead cars of red line train decoupled comingg apart from the rest of the trait as it left the twin brookswin station yesterday.statio this involved new 7,000 seriesee rs.s. newest in metro's fewer than 40 passengers were oe the entire train and only two ow were on the cars that separatedt they had to walk, though, the tt track bed for about 250 feet 25e before getting back to the platform. >> not an ideal situation.uation all right.alrigh popular baseball ritual strikins oh what players can no longeron force rookies to do next.t >> and bad n
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guess what? gas prices are onsn the rise. just how high they might go next. next ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> that was my song back in thes day. >> um-hmm. >> come on the day wasn't that long ago. >> you're right. 9:14 is our time right now. we have a look at the other today. theing headlines happening today thes our e a mo plead guilty to killing his long time neighbors will sentenced. tom -- scott tom sue ski chargeg width breaking into the home ofi richard and julianne did he lard dough in may of last year and stabbing them to death. may om h he faces live in prison withoutt the possibility of parole. scary scene unfoldinge unfdi overnight in prince george'se county where police are pe ar reportedly searching for severav people who robbed a home. h those suspects are apparentlyarn impersonating cops when they the came to the door. to e do it happened at a home onome franklin avenue in lanham see brook area it happened justpenet after midnight luckily no oneo was hur. fairfax county policefairfa department releasingco this mugs shot of the woman they say hit the county's police chief's cruiser last night in in centreville. her name is christie edgar and r she's charged with driving whili inn tock indicated.ic. this morning, chief edwinhi e raveler is back to wrk afteror t suffering from minor injuries i
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at lehigh way in stone road.tonr >> this morning fire crews hadrh battle a fire downtown at then t capitol hilton. 16th and k streets ints in northwest d.c.t that fire reported aboutrtedbout 5:00 o'clock this morning. sent guests out into the.sts ouo it was basement laund try room.r the fire itself was quickly putt out. there was some smoke concern for a little bit.m guese smts wer evacuated for brief forrief time and eventual al loud backoc inside the hotel.. meanwhile in northern north virginia, the search continuesrh for a missing teenager in in loudoun county. cnt police say 15-year-old taylorr cole left the ashburn avenueburu area on friday and she hasn'tt been seen since much she has sas blond hair, 120 pounds.ou if you have any information onto where cole might be, police polc would like to hear from you. it's unusual for decemberec but nonetheless it's happening.i gas prices on the rise now up 14 straight days the nationalio average this morning 2.21 a 21 a gallon. that's according to aaa.. that's up 8 cents since opec sie agreed on cutting oil productioo and now that several non opec oc nations are agreeing to cute ng production as well, prices arere
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>> middle behind school studentd in montgomery county may be in n for a change when it comes toom sex he had. sex new proposal would add a tool t called affirmative consent to ct the curriculum teaching studente more about consent instead of conflict.conf. fox5 as anjali hemphill takeses closer look at this. >> intended to prevent sexualua assault.t. which has something that has ths been in the headlines bothoth locally and >> reporter: delegate ariana arn kelly recently spoke to other th local lawmakers about a billill that would teach montgomeryonom county seventh tenth graders inn the classroom more about sayingn yes when it comes to sex.. >> right now, in the tenth grade second he had curriculum inculum montgomery county were donty we discuss consent and we teachea largely girls but also boyso boy strategies for how to get out of a bad situation.on if someone is pressuring them tm engage in something they're note comfortable with, how to avoidvo it, thou minimize it.ize but what we don't teach is thata people should not be pressuring other people to engage in sexual ac
9:18 am
potentially could really damageg their lives later on down theowe road. >> reporter: supportersoruppo believe more needs to be doneon earlier to prevent rape.ap >> sex is a consensual act between two people. peopl and we need to start teaching tn that to students for them to thm understand that when they get to college because by the time thee get to college it's too late. having five minute discussion during freshman orientationman t isn't going to save girls onls n campuses. >> reporter: however the montgomery county board epoorfaf education is opposed to the bilb saying in part "all healthh curriculum is aligned and guidee by research done by the centersn for disease control andan prevention, national healthea education standards and the a t health education curriculumri content and standards.ndar based on the research and guidelines grade seven health ht education curriculum as it as relates to sexual activityy focuses on waiting to engage ine sexual activity, peer pressure r and the potential consequencesqn of sexual activity "at the tenth grade level a large second of the curriculum is dedicated to sexual aggression and couldn'tn'
9:19 am
meanwhile, some montgomery monom county parents also wonder ifonr middle school is the right timet and place.ce >> no, because i feel like we're more kind of not exposing themos but we're putting too much likel too much attention on that. i don't think it's a good ideadi to hav >> there's nothing wrong with wh teaching something explicittedld i mean there's some value in modeling the things that we wann in so we have an opportunity to to give young people a positivee model. why in the take that opportunity? >> anjali hemphill.emphil >> i'm a little confusing. >> i don't totally understandndt what what's going on here withgw this story. i think what they're saying is,i what they teach in tenth gradeta they want to teach in seventhevn grade. and that's what people --'s - because in tenth grade they talt more about consent andnd harassment and stuff. and sff but in seventh grade they talk t specifically about not engagingg at all.. >> the other thing that i heardd was that the school
9:20 am
these are suggestions that are g coming from outside agencies that are sayingegrom we would e that you teach this way. w but the school districtl d apparently is going by the national guidelines. national health guideliness that's i think part of the controversy as well ithe t schl district is saying, look, we gog by whatever the national nationa guidelines are as far as how wea should teach this particularcula topic, but now other outsidethet groups are saying you should dod it that it way. it we'll listen to you but we don'd know if year going to change our policy or curriculum justlum jut because that's what an outsideht group w >> i think the headline is as little shocking because when --- how do say yes but look, thesekt kids a lot of them are sayingrey yes and so i'm trying -- i needn to do a little more research asa a mom in moment county to understand with, you know f kno you're saying -- what it comes along with that.t. but i think that a realisticlist approach to teaching sex he hadx is always a good thing, becauseu trust me, it's happening.peng >> but that's what they're upset abt.t. right? we're teaching kids toso say yes oo
9:21 am
age. >> it's not an easy conversation at any age. it has to be had. b h >> i'm going to have to get bacc to you after i read the guidelines in depth. depth >> coming up baby registrygist nothing new but one particular u registry making the internet go bananas.banas. the unusual couple asking foror gifts to welcome their newborn. >> wwe star bray rye yacht willh join us live in the lot of getss ready to pay tribute to thete tt troops tonight at verizon centee at 9:30.
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♪♪ >> 9:24 on tuesday morning. morg president obama now ordered an a investigation over the russianus hacking c the president appeared on theone daily show and on the daily show criticized donald trump forald p saying that he would ignoreld i daily intelligence briefings b when he takes office. >> i think the president-elect may say one thing and do anotheh once he's here, because these truth of the matter is, it's at' big complicated world.orld it doesn't matter how smart you are. you have to have the bestes information possible to make tht best decisions possible. and my experience with our --hu- >> donald trump said ind trum television interview on foxew f sunday that he was not was not interested in getting daily intelligence briefings practicee that's been a fixture bri for cf executives of both parties for years. as i said earlier, not
9:25 am
almost giving donald trump thedu benefit of the doubt once you get in office you'll see that sa it's a little bit different andd you might want to read them to e every day.evday. >> yeah. yea >> probably more than what youyo thought it was.t it i don't think anybody can really understand. >> no. >> what being the president is the prid like anden all that it entails a all the information you havematu access to until you're actuallyl in it. >> right.>>ight >> that seems fair. sai >> i didn't take it as thetake e president criticizing donaldon trump. >> yeah. >> all right. baseball now the days of forcing major>> lbaoollk rookies into -- it's the hazing of theoe rookies basically if you breakoe it down this is what thethis iwt national did to rookie classki a that included bryce harper a fep years back they had to dress upu like olympic gym masts. major league is saying you can't do this.s >> dressing up as women? >> well, women or things deemedd offensive.feive. >> yeah. part of the new collective bargaining agreement.f thrgninga super herogreeme costuments stiy >> so it is women. >> it's women.>> i it's dressing -- dressing them up as women
9:26 am
>> part of the collective collev bargaining agreement like whomel proposed it? was it from theitt players side or was it from thee owners side?ners s >> that's great question. >> yeah. like who has got the problem i guess? gues >> right. theuse i think -- for me, problem when these stories are a out there it seems like we'ree being overly politically correct. when, upping, it's not necessarily the entire they can still dress up but youu can't dress up as women whenn we're trying to be sensitive too all groups out there. so, you know. let's be honest.on. you can dress up as women any more. right.. that's deemed to be insulting ig you're almost making fun of that or whatever.ver. >> right.ig >> so are the women offended ord are the guys offended yes.d yes. >> i think in an effort to perhaps be sensitive to all a groups men who might preferhtree women's clothing or -- that's my but so it's not like oh my,y,
9:27 am
just say they can't do it it'sat ridiculous.lo i think that there's probablyba that is what behind it.t. i don't know for sure bute b looking at it, i think it's it's deeper than just -- because they can still dress up as super heroes. they can say okay working classc has to dress up like spiderman.. >> avengers.ers >> right exactly. so the practice right e isn't ga how you dress win the practice.. >> i gotcha. >> that's what i think.>> tha i don't know.t' i >> who am i? >> thanks for breaking it down.w >> you're welcome honey. hey we all know people who over share on social media. but what happens -- are youns- looking at me holdly? >> no, i'm not.ot >> what happens if that persone is your boss? >> i am looking at you.g at you you're my boss. my boss. >> um-um. should you engage or should youl just stay away from what the w boss is putting out there? weh dish it all in today's love anda order with sarah fraser coming up.up >> first a holiday message fromo a local service member overseas. ♪♪
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greets from japan we'rely hinkle family. s is myynda and thi amazing husband keith and our ao beautiful daughter paris.aris and we'd like to take thiss opportunity to wish our family back in virginia the bacon family mc knight family crenshas and alexander familiar al verylr merry christmas. merry christmas!tmas!
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♪♪ 9:31 everybody.vebody welcome back. fox5 dc cares is partnering with a make a wish mid atlanticc foundation for what promises toe be amazing wish day this friday. the star of our day is five-year-old kaheem.ah he lives in maryland.n mar he does have leukemia. he's current in treatment. while a lot of kids wish to go o to disneyworld or to some othere place like that, all kaheemll ke wants to do is to help people. l he wants to have courage and bed a super hero. fox5 d.c. cares will help make m wish make that happen.pen. kaheem's mom says her son will be so excited.ed and she also has had few thingst to say about make a wish mid atlantic
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>> what i want other parents tor know is that there are peoplereo that will care for your kids or your children whatever they'revr going through.thrgh there are people out there wholo will care as well as you. y make a wish foundation has been a great support to me and my child and i would recommend alla sick children to go to make a wish foundation. >> they're not alone. not ane make a wish and fox5 wouldn't bt able to pull off what we havewe planned for this friday withoutf the help of our local heroes.s kaheem doesn't know this yet buy he is going to travel around thd area with firefighters anders ad police officers at each stopac o he'll be asked to help in some way.y and we have to say our local l first responders have been so helpful in the planning of thisi magical day and we hope that you all will watch it all unfold life on our air and on fox5 our facebook page.ok p in the meantime please considern dough it 98ing money or airon o miles to make wish a
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atlantic-season of so they can help more wishese sh come true.rue. >> it's all great stuff.reat stf and we love to be a part of it.f it will be fun to watch onatch friday morning. we hope all of you are here witt us to do the tucker, maybe he can rescue us u from the deep freeze we'll getr' the next couple of days.cole of. >> we're going to need rescuingn temperatures which won't get out of the upper 20ing and lower 30w later this week.ter tee 41 now in washington.hingto 39 leonardtown.wn we're still holding tight to tig those freezing temperatures ints places like frederick andfreric winchester.hest martinsburg all 32 degrees.s so noticeably cooler than tha yesterday. yesterday we made it to the midd 50s today i don't think we gethg out of the low to mid 40s. lots of cloud cover your tuesday forecast combination of upperf p level disturbance out to the west you can see the snows outns in ohio and indiana and lownd l pressure here to our south andud they'll team up to give us a lo of clouds today.of clouds today i think as we get into the the afternoon hours enough moisturem will get in here we may get a a few showers particularly afterr su tet tonight. so maybe seven, eight,, eigh 9:00 o'clock tonight we'll get t few showers.few sh take look at fut
9:34 am
together.togeth 9:00 o'clock tonight trying toit to give us a few showers aroundo here as we get into thento the overnight hours, we should clear it out and we'll be in goode in shape wednesday but by wednesdad afternoon, went night, we'll gel this arctic front through herent that will be the big story fortr the week.eek. the arctic express once againncg returning to the mid atlanticidi and we're just going to tap into some he can treatmently cold air earlier this morningni temperatures minus 20 and my usm in 30 in parts of canada andts a alaska. we won't be that cold. be that l we'll tap into that arctictrctic express that will come steam co rolling down into the miding wni atlantic overnight temperaturesa will tumble into early thursdaya and thursday and friday's actuat air temperatures are going to bo below freezing here and our winw chills by friday morning some s indications near zero.r so again you want to be preparea here for the cold by thursdayrsy and friday as it will be b dangerous stuff around here i di want to mention that as we endnd the cold period here, saturdayar it look like as we warm it up, we're get overrunning a per
9:35 am
of snow that changes to rain ono saturday. sa it's possible we could havesibl light accumulation ace roundce here saturday as we start thatra transition. so get ready for an active act weather week. all i'm tossing it back to all the ladies. >> hey. >> h don't go too far, tuck. you've got big day planned for you we're about to tanks form fm er --r -- >> changing all that much,ha though. >> let's give him the benefit.n, he'll be transformed g iive ntht christmas character that a lot t of you -- of y >> are we going to say. >> know and loathe. k >> let's not. >> is your who are going to grow three sizes. >> you're not supposed to give it away. >> not unless you're verye nove familiar with this character n.r >> anybody ever heard of olaf.f. >> of.f. >> yeah. he'e's trying it. >> okay.>> oy >> thank you tuck see in you a bit. >> steve? >> all right. thank you very much and 9:35 you t now. bi g smack down coming to thego nation's capitol tonight and wea are for once not talking politics rather some of theso of biggest stars of wrestling atreg verizon center tonight.ter tonig it is a holiday tradition wwe's annual tribute to the
9:36 am
but first, some of the showho stars will pay visit to our o region's military families at ft. meade. among those one known as bray ba wyatt. at third generation wrestlerrest following in the footsteps ofin his grandfather, his father andr his uncles and before hittingitg the ring bray joins us live in n the loft with a preview of today's event.s let me just say first of allst sometimes when you see theseenos wrestlers on tv they are big ane scary then you meet them in reaa life and they're just big oldigo teddy bears. bears bray, you're really big andy bia scary. [ laughter ] >> i wish i brought the otherghh ones, too. i'll actually you know the runtn lithe litter. >> no, just teasing you he's aes great game it's good to see youy it's funny we were talking abouo the multi generation.enerat you are a third generationatio wrestler. at least three, right? threeght? >> yes, yes. >> three professionally maybenaa more in the years before that. so did you not to dig too much d in your personal life but dide d you have a choice growing up or just destined to be in the ring >> no, certainly i had a choiceo i tried a bunch of things in myn life and this is just what fit,
9:37 am
i am happy, you know, of theyw,y have i've been able toeo accomplish and this has been aas real good outlet for me and successful life for my family.y >> i would think so.ld t good stress relief as well.l >> yeah. >> we're showing off the belt right now. tell us about there sho belt bee you have super proud of that tha one. >> yeah, yeah.>> y it's actually my first wwe title. >> congratulations. >> yeah. and it's honor to be carryinge c this around.thisund. especially in a time like this tribute to the troops, youro know,.kn >> i was going ask you aboutng u that. gout this with randy, you guys u will both be in action tonight.. when you get to do an event likl this, especially here inll washington, where we have such close relationship with the wh e military, when you get a chancea to do tribute to the troops,tr what's thatib like for you? foru >> it's an honor. it's reward for us, you know, because they're really heroes. e you know, and anything we can dd to give back, you know, to theme is it's truly an honor, youon, know. know. >> very cool to be part of when you see it's funny becauseb we were talking about ft. meade
9:38 am
and, you know, some folks therel you get a chance to see the see military training and then thene training that you guys do. you guys are in like greatreat shape. shap then you see what the militarytr who do you think has the tougheh when it comes to just theust the physical part of it? >> i mean, it's toss up.p. completely different worlds i wr played college football, wrestled my whole life. life. so i would think wrestling, youu know. they can have that.t. >> so you're good where you ared right now. >> i don't want none of thatf ta what they're doing.whaty' >> it's interesting you talkng about college football and of a course everybody, you know,you o college football you want to goy to the proous.ros. you're minor baseball you wantlu to go to the g you work your way up even thougo your dad did it your grandfather did it you started at the lower levels in wrestling in florida.a so how does that work to get i g guess the call up to the big leagues now where you are now? because i think you have to puto a lot more work in than people p might expect.t. >> yeah, yeah, you have to loveh this. i had an opportunity toit possibly, you know, go play prophet ball.t b but this is where my heart
9:39 am
this is where my passion was.nas it's hard pill to swallow goingg from playing in front of lsu and the university of florida inloda front of 100,000 people to, youy know, going and competing intein front of eight. e >> you're in gymnasium. >> exactly. now you're competing in front of 50,000 people with big wrestling events.ts >> i got to do a one dread thousand people at wrestle mania in dallas.alla it's breath taking experience. >> fantastic.>> well, you'll be at verizont vero center tonight. what i think it's is interestini you don't even know what the game plan is tonight, right? ,i you have to be ready literalydy foanything.g. >> i just don't care.>> [ laughter ] >> bring it on!>> bri i >> bring it on!t on go up against anybody you if yoo in the ring. in t >> it's all the same to meme i'm the there's chasing me.e's chasing >> that's what we like. we need to hear that at s>> toms point. if you want to come see himant wrestle tonight there arenht t tickets available at verizon ver center. starts at 6:15 tonight. tonig remember it is the tribute torie the troops. tickets start at just 20 bucks0 you can pick them up online. o it's a great event.'s a g event. a lot of
9:40 am
wrestling tonight. t double main event as far as the championship stuff goes as welll congrats on your belt.urel >> thank you. >> i was m great to see you. m o wish you the best tonight and on going. >> right on, man.>> rig on, m >> thanks for being here.s for back over guys. guy >> thanks guys.>> thanks g following breaking newsowing brg involving the court appearancegh of the suspect in the com pet ping-pong shooting incident.en fox pie's bob barnard is just is out of the courtroom and joinshc us with details. what happened inside there, bobb good morning. >> reporter: hey g morningni allison. yeah, the prosecutors kind of kf startled us for a second sayingn they were dropping the chargesrg against madison welch but that't because the federal government is now taking over the case. ca. so there's a federal warrant fot his arrest. arres he will not leave custody.tody he was in court upstairs on ther third floor here at d.c. superior court just about 10 minutes ago.s his parents visiting from northt carolina were about the third t row. they kind of looked at eachind t other and glanc eed, and then we that, the 28-year-old welch wass quickly taken out of court. cou we believe he's going to be very shortly transferred to
9:41 am
custody and then he may even e later today appear in federalerl court here in washington thoughg it may not happen until u he had a haircut when he was ins court last week he look like hel did at the time of his arrest t kind of helonger t hair an bearb he since gotten a haircut. and is still facing these charges for a wee ago sunday s going into the comet pink upon pizza parlor just south of the chevy chase circle onire o connecticut avenue and firing af gun while employees andgun wh customers were there on sunday afternoon, and it was because he says and he's basically bic confessed to this in anhi i interview with the new yorkor times last week that he had heard these fake news reports that hillary clinton was somehoh involved with a child sex slave ring op the out of that restaurant which was tollly t false but it came to investigats and fired the gun allegedlylleg april seed at the time.apri no longer being handleled by d.. prosecutors it's now a federal d case, guys. at least for the time being he will remain in custody
9:42 am
>> thank you for the update thit morning. mo we'll be right back with morebe good day at 9a. rig
9:43 am
9:44 am
♪♪ hottest pop stars in d.c.s d for the ever popular jingle balb tour fox5 lindsay watts behindeh the scenes last night at thehttt verizon center and she caught ut with some of the big names.. ♪♪
9:45 am
jt. you ready? >> ♪♪ >> reporter: what's your whas favorite song to perform? pfo >> favorite song to perform? rm wow! is probably eitherr beautiful because i find peopleo are receptive to it which iswh beautiful and gets me in i megeg al state.. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: it's been a bign bg year for sure. >> ♪♪ >> really happy that my fanss seem happy.. ♪♪ >> reporter: you've been you making a music for long time ane it just took off.ff >> for it to be my third albume and my beginning right now is really special feeling because c lot of people don't me
9:46 am
to the third album and that's a when you actually start to likek go from this to like that.ha >> this has been such a big yeaa r youou. >> yes. ou areramm are a grammy nominated your first nomination. what was that like?ik >> so while.hile so crazy. i can even process that. t it's just such a dream and i'm a so happy to be living in it. i i and i'm excited for what's toha come next.t. >> i have your songs on my running mix. m. >> everyone says that. tt. >> really? >> what is your favorite song tg get up and perform?fo >> i would have to say don'tay n hold me down is one of my favorites. i love performing that with theh chain just an adrenaline rush onn stage. stage. >> how many people feel really old right now?y ped right now? >> yes. [ laughter ] >> just say it.. >> i knew not one of thoset one artists. >> who is that. >> i need a cheat sheet for thaa story g they were all big name.g >> you got that right.ou gott ri because they were there.e there. hope everybody had good eveninge we done with that?ha >> yes. good let's move on.good let we all know him.'s m>> people who ovewer share on socis media but what happens when that person is your boss? should yod get involved in t
9:47 am
offer your opinion? we'll dishs it all out in today's love ande order with sarah fraser that'shs coming up. coming up. >> plus we told you tucker was u going to get a bigck old makeove today.toda and he looks just like sarah fraser.. >> what?>> wt? >> wow! >> that's amazing.>> >> amazing. tucker you look fantastic.stic all right. see if you can guess what tuck t sixty four transitioning the big guess coming up atp at 10:00 o'clock.:00 o'ock little transformation tucker tuc style. >> yeah. ♪♪
9:48 am
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♪♪ >> all right. rht tuesday morning means some lovev and order with our friend sarahn fraser and first up, a boss whow complains about her personal pel life on social media. now asked her employee shoulde you give her your honest advicev [ laughter ] >> i say no.. >> sarah fraser stirring the pot as usual. as >> what conversation are wet co talking about? hnvow much overo sharing. >> this was a viewer of ours whs wrote in and she says, look, i'm already friends with my boss on social media lots of us in theie cefice are. but our boss shares everythingvy on social mode ya and wants w
9:51 am
personal life. my boyfriend tells me absolutely not. not. i should not comment on my bosss personal life or give her anyny advice.advi some of my other co-workers dosd and do it without consequences.e >> have any of them gotten promote. >> that's a good question.t' here's the thing if you area e openly friends were it your boss and they're posting about theire marriage or whatever --have >> no you don't comment.nt >> you don't comment.>> y >> no.ou d >> you like your dog's peg cherg their kids pictures but you y don't comment on that stuff. >> you can comment with positivv feedback more?ed more? >> sure. >> maybe something really sometr benign.. >> you guys look great going out for your you guys look great.. >> but when she writes -- >> i don't even give, i wouldn't give advice to a really good friend on social mode ya either. >> really? >> if they're really good frienr you don't have to turn to socian media.dia >> exactly. >> to give advice. to ve advice. >> my thing would be if -- if i feel like you can comment withmt caution.can. >> right. like you can>> say something ang you can comment --omment >> like what?ike wh >> let's see f they're posty'ret bowing their marriage you can bo like, i'm team
9:52 am
>> until they're team back together and you're team on the outside. outs >> right. >> the march watch one i mightne stay away from. >> i'm praying for you. you. >> right. >> hope everything goes well.ngl >> something very neutral and. a >> or consistently like i agreer you're right. absolutely.soly >> exactly. >> positive thoughts.s >> i just think it's on any wayw this story about the boss kind i of sharing it all but then beinb friends with everybody in the in office. i don't know. maybe that's the norm now. i just feel like that that is -- >> i wouldn't think so.ouldn' i thinkt that's very atypical behavior. i think it's strange. >> i know it's safe to remove yourself from that situationw in >> so -- >> hopefully you're smart enougy to not over share. >> hopefully. >> we basically don't sayy don'y comment, right?ig >> no comment. no o comment. >> what you got next? nt? >> the other one thi someone who wrote in to us ando they're going to visit theirgoiv family. some are relatives they don'tyon believe are blatantly racist bub ignorant to issues outside their own box. the question is, hi
9:53 am
holiday season, do you engage eg with them and try and have ann open discussion or do you justus accept that maybe they're kind of ignorant maybe they're kindyn of racist and leave it alone? feel like so many families deald with this. what do you do? >> accept their views. acc >> maybe not even change but try and engage in dialogue that's t' like a little more -- don you y feel like you can engage withagt somebody in a way to try and ses a different side. sid >> i would. >> have you ever thought of it i this way. this >> i definitely would. i d i feel like in those moments --s wee not going to get anywhere ar society if we don't talk aboutaa it. even if it ends with, well, i'll just agree to disagree but thiss is this viewpoint or can you pup yourself in this position but ii definitely would. i think it's a safe -- it shoulu be safe placed to it. >> we literally hang out like il said to you thanksgiving when w had the family half divided hall clinton supporters trumpupporttp supporters we let it all hange e out. >> you did. how did it go? >> fine. we argue>> -- we're nigerian wew shout. that's what we do. wt we d we're loud for n
9:54 am
shouting in our wheel house so s it's fine. it >> we eat, drink and we're a merry. that's what we's w >> perfect.erfe i love that. lo >> the embassy is on the phone for maureen. for ma youru into towed call in.into n. [ laughter ] >> about your dual citizenship. >> i know right. >> give it back. >> also need to know youredknowy audience.audien or know who -- there's no -- i i know that there are people i cal have conversations with and ives know there's people that famatiy that i can't have conversationsn with. so it just depends on where you wanting to. t >> okay. >> sounds like not the most opee mined people to begin with. >> i'm a little resistant to old time me. m i'm a little pregnant. >> little. if people are honest, a lot of o people are a little racist andat you don't know and so you say, , well, you know when you sayay this, it's a little racist. >> maybe you don't understand id comes across that way. way >> yes, i do.>>es, i >> then you're like, oh, okay.ka >> we like it. i have an open conversation.onve >> i'd say so g done.>> i'day s do we have time re
9:55 am
for the -- t- >> do it.. >> this one hysterical thiscal i woman wrote to us and she has h co-worker fallen on hard timesis he had to move out of his that's hysterical. [ laughter ] >> this is hysterical part.t. >> sadly he's fallen on hard o h times he has to live at a hotel. he's been sort of, you know,no trying to do his laundry but het can't even afford the laundrynd room there. >> he still has a job. h >> but he still has e a job.. >> okay. this is the thing.this he's asked hershey's a single sn mother three. can she take and do his drawn ha degree and bring it back?ack? >> no. >> look i want to help himim obviously fallen on hard timesam but the guy won't take no for an answer. answer. what am i supposed to do. to do. >> you can be push she on that. >> he wants to push his dirtyty drawers on her, no. >> he's asking her.kier he's not asking -- ain >> come on. on >> he can't afford laundry atfod the hotel he's talking l about o cleaning >> yes. >> can't put quarters in thehe machine. i spent years of my life goingoi to the laundromat there's a wayy to do it.
9:56 am
>> he's saying --sayg >> or he can ask her to say, say hey, do you mind is there a timt when i can use your washer and drier like i can do my own stuff.stuf not here's my laundry.aundry. >> he's not taking no for ann answer.sw that's a big red flag. f >> they can she cannot unablen e that it starts with that andartt neck thing you know he's got everyone doing all this work for him. >> i agree.>> i thought that was amazing he ag should push his laundry on her g just say no.justay n >> we did it. we di. >> sarah fraser thank you ma'amm >> you got it. got lot coming up on good day att 10a. coffee time. you've you've been eyeing ourino good day mug. ay they're so cool.they'r c we have a new good day dunkin' i donuts mugs to give away.ts m head to fox5ugdc facebook page e enter the contest one luckyucky winner selected by you got to hurry. only till 11:00 clock.00 clo right now 9:56. we're back with more good day on the other side. ng the safe. a post using the hashtag "#justrobbedthesafe"
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♪♪ the must see moments only ii one place at 10a. 1 it's good day. >> hottest topics marks donna,oa bruno takes a ride and newss involving lamar odum. >> it's tuesday so get happy.ap and we are with the king of happiness, pharrell. pharrel his project that teamed up withw his taraji p. henson. hen >> two of good day favoriteavore things, celebrity make up artist kym lee is here with her hottest holiday gifts. >> our hottest tv during the next hour tucker will be formedr into the grinch. no ba hum bugs here.ere. the 10a starts now.ow. ♪♪
10:01 am
>> yes. yes. >> whoa! >> wow! >> that hurts just looking at it. >> oh, my gosh. >> whoo! >> ville lot social security.l t >> i don't know how they do it. 11-year-old so jealous because e most kids --ids >> well done. well done. ause ]ause ] >> amazing. well well done. >> did you say did you that whet you were 11? >> when i was 11 remember uh-uh used to carry around the littlee lynn knoll lee yum thing g sohig impressive. they do it in -- you saw sneak e peek there. we'll get performance later in l the show. the show. >> they're going to really dance. dance. >> it has different spin it to.p a different twist to it you it don't expect when it comes to,
10:02 am
it's very cool. thanks ait lot for them coming i today. to we'll talk about the red bull rl flying later on i'm steveer on t alongside holly, maureen, wisdos is off ood allison is with us which isic is awesome. awesome >> we hope wisdom well. he was a little underel thehe weather. >> frog in the throat. throat. >> let's trend what's coming anw couple minutes past the hour.hor >> starting rye at the top heree the arctic blast heading our way. tucker's transformation. >> well that's -- now you know. right? >> maybe he's becoming the hulkl maybe he is.e he is. >> or what's her name from wick. >> alfaba.aba. >> give us the latest on the weather and maybe a hipt or twow about your big reveal. >> all right. all right guys, so the deal is this. thi this is amazing i've been downen here for like 45 minutes half hour, 45 minutes and it's goingg to be full traps formation. for. i'm not sure i'll bel b recognizable eye generally ily i have a big heart and this ts character has a rather smallll one. >> um-hmm.
10:03 am
>> now we know. >> what about the weather?abthe >> it's going to get really col does am i doing weather rightth now. >> a little bit. >> yeah.>> >> all right. i had no idea. ia. yeah, we'll be cloudy today andd temps in the mid 40s probablybay get some showers late thisatehi afternoon and this but anything we get today will y be light and of course we have e that arctic blast something thaa only a man that lives deep in a mountain cave could love byov by thursday and friday. and fday. hmm.m. >> the clues. >> another hint. >> keep coming. >> yes.>> >> o ykay.eskay >> we look forward it to.look f >> going to be fun.>> g to thanks, tuck. >> tuck, your ear phone cable in the back of your head looks immaculate this morning. >> don't do it. ahh!h! >> what tease.ease >> we'll they can check in witht tucker later. >> 10:03.>>03. trump transition team right now donald trump officiallyld tmp announ ocing his pick for who hh wants to be the nation's nexts t secretary of state. state rex tillerson the man donaldhe trump wants for the john. tillerson the chairman. ceo of exxon mobil. mob the nomination has to beoe approved by congr
10:04 am
capitol hill.l. lawmakers concerned about hisncr close business ties with russiaa and with russian presidentrede vladimir putin.ut in a statement donald trumpu though says tillerson tenacityet broad experience and deep dee understanding of geo politicsolc make him an excellent choice foe secretary of state. sta he will promote regional regionl stability and focus on the coree national security interests of o the united states. all right.. >> have to go that was of coursh congress. >> exactly. >> right. president barack obamaenra making one last appearance on l the dailyap show as chapter ina chief. but it was a first for the hosts trevor noah. they were mostly serious the president expressing concern about the state of the u.s. democracy after allegations off russia' involvement in thent i t presidential take lis >> i think the president-elect may say one thing don another ao once he's here, because theau t truth of the matter is, thathat it's a big complicated world. wd it doesn't matter how smart youu are
10:05 am
you have to have the best bes information possible to make the best decisions possible. >> president-elect donald trumpu has dismissed claims thats that russian hackers were trying tort get him elected.cted he is said to take office on january 20th.. we think of it as a funny show but we've seen in the past the performer host now blinking onl his name. >> john stuart.t. >> do serious interviews, too.oo so different light but he is turning out to be an excellentxt little interviewer. >> i was really impressed. impr. i don't think the show is doing that welthe l but to what you sd trevor noah interviewed someonem else as of late and got a lot of play on social media.. i thought he was a in depthep enter viewer. i was impressed with his line of questioning and follow up. up. to be a good comedian you've go to be smart. >> i think john stuart ishink jh incredibly smart. >> and stephen coluber. >> west virginia employee removv for
10:06 am
the first lady michelle obama am an ape in heels will get her job pamela taylor director of the of clay county developmentelopment corporation was fired iniredn november for her comments.nt the post also cost the locale lc mayor her job. former clay mayor beverlyly wailing resigned afterd ter commenting that taylor's postt just made her day. d. thousand of people were outragee by their comments or the commene and the response.esponse. the county says taylor though to will be reinstated on december 23rd. >> no word about the mayorrd a because the mayor voluntarilyboy resign. >> exactly. >> okay.>> oka controversy over.controversy ov people are hoping it's like lik okay, never mine. mine. we moved on to the neck thing ng and that is what we see in thist news cycle. cle it's like something isngs everywhere and then you forget e about it. i guess --ue - >> i feel like the full media outrage. someone outraged on social media but in actuality is it really? y is it really played out? the t whole thing just annoys me.ys >> it does me, too.. they tell her, okay, lose your job but hold on.
10:07 am
>> exactly until it blows overow and then you'll be back.k. >> it feels that way. >> clay county that's the placea that i don't want to go and and or be there.or b the because of that.becaus t >> based on this.asedthis >> based on that.t >> that's real life.hat's l that's disrespectful.ectful. >> we want to get heart-breakinr yet heart warming story at theth same time. five-year-old boy in tennesseens got his dying wish.dy wis go at visit from santa the terminally ill child was ins the hospital surround beside his family when he asked to seeee santa.nt. nurse called the resident santaa a man named eric schmidt matsono to come to the room.oo matson said he needed to changee into his outfit but the nurse toll him there wasn't' she said quote you're santa suspends good enough.d enugh. so he hurried over and once heee got to room the boy's mother mor handed him a present her son.. matson sat down neck to the bede and gave him the gift and heldel um.. he smiled up at him and not lonn after opening his present diedie in santa's arms. matson says he cried all the way home. >> i read the whole story. sry. if you go on and you
10:08 am
was a newspaper account thatount listed it. the conversation that he hadrsao with the little boy itn wthas t just the boy they had a full conversation and then the boy passed in his armss basically after saying that, yoy know, he was happy that santaan didn't forget about him this season. and then santa telling himling m basically when you get to youu know, to the pearly gates --at - >> he wanted to know what to doo when i get there. g the >> they had a whole conversation, and the santa saia that he -- he literally said heh ran out of the room -- when the boy's came back in he ran out oo the room because he was bawlingl so much he had to get out of had there and this is a guy who was an army ranger and said i'ved iv seen stuff that nobody shouldd ever have seen in my life andli this was the one moment that got to me probably more than anything in my life.if >> live changing. >> live changing.ngg >> just hearing it it's live changing i don't want to imagine it. >> god for bid.or bid. >> thank god he was there forr that little boy at that moment. >> there are no words of comforo for any mother or father father obviously to lose your child. there simply are no
10:09 am
if you know your child is goingd to pass to die i is n a moment f complete happiness.pine >> you know what i mean? really can't ask for more than that. >> okay. i don't know how you top thatt kn story. story or move on from it but we'll trl to. to. let's tell you about this abo ti happening too. a lot of us take ohaur kids outt eat to restaurant and sometimesm connect be a littleite rambunctious, right? one womanm shared her story how she took se her kids to restaurant and occasionally they would yelp atp excitement and when they were at about to get the bill and whe ae an older lady walked up to her t and said, your children are a charm to go no one but you. >> wow! the woman was stunned sn replied back i hope someoneope takes care of you when you're y old and in response the olderhed woman told her i have a greatret relationship with my childrenlde she snarled and they never bases like this. wow! okay. o so the big question is, did the woman cross the line or shouldro parents be told when kids are misbehaving in public? pli >> i don't >> that's a tricky >> yes and yes. y i think she did cross the leap l because you don't want to g
10:10 am
involved in somebody else'slse' business but --ne- >> do the like the rest of ust s do. do. just do this all the time. tim [ laughter ] >> look. >> totally -- that's just ahat' joke. i think she was totally, youe sl know, over the line. >> i think when bad behave yourr encroaches on something you'ren doing the ksoid -- k - >> running around your table.. >> or knock your stuff down oryr hitting your kid maybe you say s something at that time.. >> it never ends well. it doesn't.oesn't that whole at this time or at aa time going back and forth is bkn just -- then that's a horribleol example for the kids that are te watching that go down. >> don't do it. okay. isn't it not -- is it theok holidays or is it not thethe holidays good maybe not when yoy get to the next story. story. the season of fake bag accordind to group upon nearly quarters oo us give a fake reaction when wew get holiday gift we don't like.k >> of course. >> you just fake it. y just a tenth of people actually feett fess up and till the giver youry present is not a good one. one eight out of 10 said that theyte would lie and pretend to likeoik the gift feign they hate it. he i'm not going to lie, i'm on, in board with that.board t >> me too. >> results so that men are twice
10:11 am
as likely to tell if you they don't like their gift.ift. >> come on. >> more that the thank you verye much and then i'll deal with it on my own lateri' beaut you don- why would you be disrespectspec during the holiday season. sea >> it's a gift. gt. it's a gift. be gracious. >> unless somebody was intentionallynles getting you y something that you knew theyou y were going to displease to youl try to get under your >> i agree.. >> the jerk.erk. >> i give my sister a gift oneat time because i knew it wasit w horrible and i wanted -- >> i wanted they are act like ae she like when she acted like she like it, that is oh ugly dana dn you don't like it. i it was a continual joke we givev it back and forth. for >> she was trying to be nice ti because that's how we weree were raised.raised >> and we're happy that you were raised that way. >> i know. >> don't look a gift horse inori the mouth.. >> okay. that's a funny story though. bruno takes a ride.. yes. yes. kanye stepping out for meetingoi with donald trump.d trp. we have the developmentingelop details and kanye has new look. >> yes.s
10:12 am
>> and it in with donald trump. >> we already did this story about her emotional speech. >> lady gaga part you know thatt part? >> miss no it all. >> yes. >> okay. we'll what? >> jeff do all the madonna newsw for now on?? >> jeff is like our madonna correspondent. ♪♪
10:13 am
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z26i0z z17vz
10:15 am
y26i0y y17vy ♪♪ >> all right. we're ready to serve up celebrity dish on this tuesday and, yes, we're going to start with material girl herself. >> your commentary, i'm color. >> exactly. go ahead. >> here we go. >> play by play're redishwe'ratn .. so first up, madonna gave a pretty empassioned speech at the billboard music awards.sic as take listen. >> stand before you as a door dr mat, oh, i mean a femalee entertainer. [ laughter ] ] [ applause ] es yes. whoo! >> thank you for acknowledginggn my ability to continue my career for 34 years in the face of of blatant misogyny, sexism, constant bullying and relentless
10:16 am
>> whoo! >> all right. got that because orecse said that as she got the womenom of the year gong for theear goor billboard music awards pretty p big deal. but here's the highlight allison. >> okay this is the new part. >> lady gaga tweetedthis i thist what did she say. >> she says, madonna, yourna you speech at the billboard musicus awards was inspiring. you're so brave and thanks for being that for uss girls we need that.ha it's impact full because these t two apparently have no love loss between them. be >> just this past octobert is p madonna was cueing lady gaga ofo like basically copying her.nger like she's nothing new and ladya gaga went on this whole big b tirade i write my own music i play strum. we've seen madonna try to play p the guitar. gtar. not her strongest skill. but any way they were having this whole feud back and forthnf here they've come together. tete >> that's nice. >> i like it very much.e it veru >> all right. rht moving every onward, let's see s speaking of madonna she got outo of the carpool.. >> yes.
10:17 am
>> get who is getting in.ti >> my man bruno mars.runo >> i cannot wait for it.t. >> okay. we got a little preview g littlt trailer.trair. okay. >> ♪♪ >> you mind if we list stone music.ind ne >> shall we see what we've gotm. >> ♪♪>>♪ >> come on. ♪♪ >> look that's like me in thein car when i listen to the bruno b mars cd. >> that's what i love aboutbo bruno mars other than the fact he's uber talented, he alwayslws looks like he's so happy. h >> i know. >> when he's performing like he's really having a grea i kt t this comes out tomorrow night. >> okay.. >> but, tonight i think it's tonight -- tomorrow night asniga well. if you want a little more bruno. >> okay. >> cease performing 24 carrat ca magic on the finale of the voice. >> oh really? >> yes. >> okay. yeah that's what i did not know. >> let me say this about bruno. he is very happy he's successful, he's doing his you know he had who are times. he was addicted to drugs way lol and came back up.and bac for me he's inspirational onal o another level as well.
10:18 am
>> and he can sing and dance d pretty wel so speaking of being well, , we've got a lot of news bon kanye he does appear to be healthier that is good news.r th he's been out. he's been spotted in new he was around in soho and he waw just, you know, out and about,bo and he's got this new blond n b hair. he remind me of frank ocean with this whole look.oo he's a big frank ocean guy. g >> he was out and about and even amidst the kim k divorce rumorsm he wasn't really -- rll >> when she say no way.ay. >> yes. >> but speaking of, his life,if, guess where he just was? w >> i'm not going to be able tooe s its it. >> yeah. take look at this picture. this. you've got to see this picture.c i hope we have it.hope do we have it? maybe we don't have it. >> we've got to have it.e've >> we don't have it.>> wdon' >> you have to look it upe to l because this is breaking just happened right now kanye was a trump tower with donald trump. >> with drum. >> yes. they took a picture together.r. and they said they've beeny'veen friends for a long long time. l >> let's do the picture.picre >> we don't have i w
10:19 am
looks like. >> who are you going to be. arey >> i'll and kanye.>> i'land >> you be trump. >> ready. wait. let mewa put my hair over. >> ready. >> so it's weird. >> yes. it was a little bit weird. a >> but l they itsaid when askedw they talked about they said weew just talk about live things.thig >> okay. >> so maybe the president-electe is helping him with his currente >> maybe so.tu>> who knows? >> good luck.ood l >> interesting. two people i can hospital nestly sa cy ian didn't think i'd see s glowing we got it.glowwe g >> i'm sorry. >> he's been in the hospitaln h getting help.tting lp. >> yes. >> and no sooner is he better he dies his head and hairs to trumt tower. >> i have middle information. >> are you saying he's not y tter.ter. s >> i what happened to know whata were the steps leading to this. >> i have middle information. >> please.ppen >> he and kim are working ontepd their home they basicam llye woa doing their whole mansion over.o he was spending time doing t dog something interior decorating dt telling the people what to dothe for the home construction.onct that's was the report yesterdayy >> where does this come in? comi >> today i guess. it was weird.od it was likite w we heard he was
10:20 am
released.leed. >> decorating himselfinhims >> he was out. he wa o i'm not sure, like, yeah.h >> isn't their home inire in california. >> it's we'reness.cas we i'm not saying i have all theall answers mo.ano. i do know one of mill steps.ille i'm not sure she's dots are but nonetheless -- >> that's why i'm asking. askin. >> someone else trying to bette himself. because the word is lamar odumdu has just check himself in to rehab 30 day facility.. >> okay. >> now, he went back in after the bunny ranch episode, didn'tt gentlemen. >> yes. >> so now he's going back. hope he's successful this time. >> his people are saying he'sg clean right now and doing thisns as a preventive measure. o okay. but we do also know that i think this week his divorce will beilb final with khloe he's just trying to make sure with all wia that coming down that he's ont n the right track.the ri >> trying to be in a safe spacec >> trying to be a safe space. s. we wish him well.m well >> trying to be musical space ia one of david beckham's children. >> really? >> owe reece log a christmas lom single, and david beckham is i fiercely defending it. i >>
10:21 am
>> well, okay, here's the deal.a you know, he -- he recently renl signed with justin beiber'ss manager scooter braun. bra this is cruz the 11-year-old. >> just >> he sings acute littlee singu christmas song that was a harshh criticism why are you put your y kid in this world? why are youy trying to make him a star? s >> give me break.reak bye-bye. >> david beckham was like listen, come on --e on >> give me a break much his momm was a singer. what's the problem?bl >> it's not like he's trying to be a music star. s all the proceeds from this arema going to charity. chaty cruz came to them and said, cani i do a little something i wanthi to give back? >> why can't cruz do he wants ts do. >> david said i'm proud of myi' son and his giving >> my question was --n was >> haters are going hate.s are e >> why was it cut off the videod because i couldn't see his facec >> that's the one we got. g the one i watched he actuallye a had a head. had >> he did. i'm just checking. che that's another issue. issue. >> he had a head. nonetheless speaking of two of powerful heads coming togethernh in concertre
10:22 am
>> yes. >> and they're kicking it off in baltimore in march. march >> what? >> can you guess? >>.no >> lionell ritchie okay. >> one commodore you know. you w >> that is so unfair. >> mariah carey. >> huh.>> huh >> yes. yes. yes. >> so now it's billed as lionell ritchie featuring special gueste ma roy ya cary. the headliner is lionells lione ritchie.hi >> huh? >> maybe she'll come out don ono >> that's what it's call.l lionell ritchie and very speciai guest mariah carey. c this is the first time that cary has toured in like six years. >> no way she's hoping foring anybody.anyb >> she's not. >> she'll come out don a littlee something.thin >> all i want for christmas. ch. >> they are doing a 35 show tore kicking it off -- off >> together both together forr this long? >> it's what this says. >> 35 show tore kicking offff march 15th in baltimore at thehe royal farms not playing dc. dc >> i'm not buying my tickets. what i don't
10:23 am
them. >> i think mariah will cancel. >> lionell will be dancing onl d the ceiling.e ceiling >> lionell is still doing thelli shows .. >> coming to mgm national. niona >> lionell is coming to >> maybe mariah will show. >> lionell.ione >> okay. come on. >> you're welcome to come intoen the loft. lt. mimi or lime n >> come over to my side. s >> any way. way all right.right. and before we go, empire fans wn are going to be talking liveng l with jussie smollett at 11:15 1 for segment that we'll actuallyl air tomorrow during the 10a. 10. so allison and i are going tong chat with him.. tweet us questions for him. h. okay. this is our chance tomorrow isoi the show's fall finale. what's going to happen to jamalj gentleman what's going to happep to the other lyon brothers.s. cookie? his relationship withnw his cute little new boyfriend? >> exactly.>> questions #gooddaydc make sure s you get them to us before theore end of the show we're talking sn with him at 11:15 this morning
10:24 am
>> you'll do a fabulous job onob that. hankhank you mo. >> lionell. >> you have questions leave them. >> sure, sure. [ laughter ] still ahead daye tthw of gd day's favorite things. this. celebrity make up artist kym lel is here to give us her favorites. looking for one of a kinds gift check out these hot slipone of . wahoo! more after the break. ♪♪
10:25 am
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10:27 am
♪♪ ♪♪ >> if you're in the midst ofre your holiday shopping we've goto the perfecppt solution. a shoo designed by an artist.. chicago based sneaker company ca bucket feet just partnered for the first ever dc artist designed shoe only 240 pairs ofi the shoes have been made so this is exclusive, folks. bucket feet co-founders raja is not here but others who are. are they'll give us the dish onh o these really cool shoes and and guys, this pretty neat. neat. great story that goes behind b what started this.rtedhis. we'll start with you. y you met on trip or this got g started via trip in argentina.ea >> that's right.s rig. so in 2008 i bought a one way ow ticket to argentina and didn't really know what it was i was is going to do down there but i had this shoe customizing business s had started in college.ol so i decided to bring that downw there and i actually met my
10:28 am
were volunteering with kids in the slums outside of wasn'tf was notice heiress, and i sold him m pair of shoes. shoes. he was traveling around the world by heim self and wore theh shoes everywhere he went. w over a year, went to their the countries i believe.s elieve and everywhere he went people were always asking him about the shoes and he found --- >> the design on them or the wae the shoes were made? >> yeah, it was canvass shoes so that i would put custom art on t and they didn't look likeik anything anybody had he have hav seen people were always asking n about them and it was a real rea conversation starter, and yeah,y we had the idea that, you know, are a is so powerful and we can utilize shoes as really greatat platform to share it. >> so now you have taken this ts and you work with some 40,000 artists to create shoes? ses >> yeah. >> tell us how it works and howi you got to d.ct wo.rk >> yes. so the way that the
10:29 am
works the mold dell is really great. great. all you need is an internetnet connect and you can create an account and on bucket and submit your art and so whatt is so telling about what we'ree' doing is, you know, the fact that 120 or 130 countries have been represented in ourn our community about 40,000 artists s really speaks to this idea thata art really is universal language and is global. gbal. and so, you know, people summitt art from all over the world ando we go through and do our best tt pick the ones that we think will be the most successful.. >> go ahead. >> you're with no kingskings collected.llted. >> yes. >> tell how that work in terms that the seshe shoes here in d.c. and the opportunity f hortr people.people >> oh, um, it was great. they reach out to us by designing a sneaker we actuallya just put our brains together anh thought about making a completely just all dc shoe.cho this is actually the sneaker.ner >> right in the front.ightn the >> d.c. new, right.w, rht.
10:30 am
>> limited number.r. >> yeah. >> that's the one, right. rht >> we're a bunch of knucklef heads and all of our stuff iss high design mixed with knucklece head. he >> i love that.ovthat >> so we took all d.c. element e so it's a pair of chicken wings, ma'am ba sauce on it. >> there's actually hiddenden washington monument in theon m front. >> i see it. >> dc stars and bars we juste j removed the stars.tars we wanted something that playeda well. good we'll call interactive artt in our last second how can folkl get a happened of this. ts. if someone wants to purchaseuras these or get involved.nvved. website to go. to >> bucket also we now have a retailetai location we call a studio here h at the shaw in washington. so definitely stop by and get those. over at our retail.l >> you her them say. s >> how much?>> h much? >> price point. >> these guys are going for, um, .5. kay.kay. >> $65. >> and 230, park 240 pairs andaa they're union any sex.
10:31 am
you looking for christmas giftaf tell me that is not it? right. may not --ot - >> all shoes being conversation starters. st >> exactly. >> they are that.>> t he>> thank you all. you all >> good to see you.> good to se. >> good to see you.>> g al aoondd steve back over to yu >> i love the wearable art. cool stuff g thanks ladies.adie time to get happy. hap it is the holidays.lid the king of happy pharrell isrri next teaming up with tara gee p henson for movie fifty two fty o getting a whole lot of praise.e >> we're inching closer too tucker's big make up reveal mucc he's been hard at work for aor a long long, there it is. >> well, we'll show you morehowm coming up. >> ♪♪
10:32 am
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playing eaglebank arena this weekend only tickets on sale now through ticketmaster we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works.
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♪♪ we're putting human on top t of a missile shooting them intoe space and it's never been done i need a mathematician
10:35 am
look beyond the numbers.umers math that does not exist beforet the russians plant a flag.g >> do you have someone? >> ♪♪ >> she can handle any numbers hn you put in front of her.dl or. >> don't embarrass me. >> this was empty last night. >> i'm sorry, i'm not -- >> new in many hits theaters int less than two weeks on christmas day as a matter of fact. a in addition to an all star castt the movie sound track which you heard some of in that clip is oa also getting a lot of buzz. >> music is courtesy of pharrell he also served as producer for the highly anticipated film and kevin mccarthy sat down with wh pharrell for more on how he camc up with the music for the movie. >> do you have someone?omeone >> i'm a huge fan of knowing how music is made when i was torontn i asked i was question about hon you got that a really cool sounu drop it look it's hot snoop andd you said you used some kind of n instrument that started with ann m. m. >> that was actually a part that was panned up. mimicking
10:36 am
i don't know what kind ofkn whistle that is.whisthat i >> yeah. it was chadop of singing the word snoop. s >> i didn't know that. >> ♪♪ >> how do you,ing when youn y create music how do you knowuno what instruments you're going tt use? do you know what the souns you want to find first and findf instruments next? how do you do that. >> sometimes you looking foroukf something.thing. other times you're just open too what is coming in and you kind u of pick and choose betweene b what's coming in. >> ♪♪ >> you're a computer at nasa ana women handle that. >> yes. women do some things at nasa, mr. johnson. it's not -- because we wear glasses. >> hans zimmer one of thes greatest composers e do you learn from this music at all? what do you pool from him. >> i learned from him the way hh look at films.
10:37 am
his way of analyzing the poetryr in a film and row interpretingpn it in the score is unbelievable, and he tapped ben wall fish toh work with us as well, and ben's work was just like masterful. and so hans wouldn't let me stay out of it we ended up being this amazing what felt like trio for me.. the idea we bounced ideas arouno the way that we did, and you know, ben structure and hans h sprinkles and, you know, my m weirdo cord changes. changes. it was just fun.itas >> coming from 757 from newport >> oh wow. >> home. >> i love it. i'm wondering you created s much music over the years. years i'm wondering how 757 how you transferred that into worldwide appeal? what sounds from the t 757 do you think are still winln your music that kind of are now worldwide?rldwid >> i don't know if we have'tno sounds in the 757 as much as wee pive spirit. you know, we are from virginia.. that's what's in
10:38 am
drum to timberland to missy too clips, deangelo, chris brown, like, that's what's in us, it'ss virginia. >> hell has in a fury one of tht greatest albums of all time.ime. >> thank you bro. thank you bro. >> kevin is back tomorrow. we get to see him in is person. >> right.>> and la, new york back to us u tomorrow. >> all right. workinn.working man. >> busy man.. someone else working who arere this morning.orng. drum roll, please. p the moment is here.e. all morning long -- >> whoo!ho >> under going a holiday makeover one that all ages willl enjoy. without further a do, tucker is the >> ♪♪>> ♪♪ >> hi tucker. tucr. >> they'll be no christmas for you boys and girls. ha, ha.a [ laughter ]
10:39 am
>> you got to own it. it. own it. ow you did greatn >> great character.ra come on. do it. >> grr. >> come on max, let's go. g this is really cool.oo the grinch is come to goome go national theater and we have the real grinch right here. >> yeah. >> that's how do you it. >> yay! >> come on >> squeeze in.eezen >> get to meet you. >> tucker -->> tucker -- >> welcome, welcome. wel >> how are you. >> how long did it take.>> lg >> about an hour. ahou before we talk about the show to talk about the make up here this is quite the look.oo >> quite a process we sit downn every 45 minutes. i'm the first one in every ghght. my good friend steven makes me m look that beautiful every single night.nigh >> is it itchy? i >> you okay, tuck?? >> i kind of feel like i caniken have luck with the ladies likee this.. >> not with that laugh.tau i'm not sure the ladie
10:40 am
attracting with that.t >> i'm seeing a little moree moe cowardly lion with tucker g tuc that's funny. hang on. close up >> here we go.. >> oh, wow. >> you convince. >> that's a good -- that mile is amazing.azing. >> it's really good.ood >> did you study the animate the version or did you study -- >> right. >> first day of rehearsal theyar actually gave me the book howk w the grinch stole christmas andaa they said this is what you're're going to base everything off off the original book.. and so what's hard to get that t smile but it's definitely heartt warming to try to accomplishish that. that >> i was wondering did you sticu to the original story. sto that's the one we know and lovev in our o h are there liberties in the play? >> they gave me as much freedomm as i want and they tried to reaa me back bacn. i go a little nuts see sometimes.ti >> ut-oh. >> it's very fun role to play.oa >> i'm not going to live tuckere is the grinch in business attire.
10:41 am
how comfortable is it to be in i all in get up when you're untheu lights.ts >> very warm.>> >> i would imagine. >> you know you got to>> i w appreciate the -- just how hot w it gets in that costume and whad we're actually doing because bec there's times where i don'tmen' leave the stage for about 30ut minutes. minute >> >> as you can see it's just constant movement.t. >> like one-man show. >> who is cindy lou who.ho >> tell us about you.bout what got you to this point? >> to the grinch the grinch ishe actually a role i've eye reallyl wanted to play for quite i'm glad i had an opportunitytui this year to shuttle actuallyctl show up and audition for thefore creative team. team. it was long process. was long p. >> what's the audition like for the grinch? grinc >> they call you back in again n and again and again and eachh time they expect you to bee better and funnier and more a original than the last time.e >> did you trite to put your ow grinch or play a traditional role?ro? >> no, i try to always bring ini something new and original that i can create foral them. such as finishing the song andoa then just saying,
10:42 am
the room and not coming back. b leaving them wondering what's wrong with this guy?guy? >> right. >> we have to call him back. >> hey, it work, though.hoh >> all right little crazy.tle c >> tucker has been here theer t whole time looking at t camera. >> admiring himself. admirhi >> that's what he does daily bub this team he has good reason ton >> tell us what makes the storyo so universal? i mean year aftet year people love it?t? >> it's really about a story st about community and just reallyr wanting to be a part of thatha community and that's what thehat grinch is. y grumpy.y grum he doesn't hate christmas. he longs for that community anda that's why it's so universal.vel >> he wants to be part of it. of >> we're coming out to see you. >> we're coming tomorrow.omor >> we can great.>> we ca >> great show. >> thank you.reat >> thanks tuck err you look great. >> we'll be right back.ack. >> we're going to lunch likee this.
10:43 am
10:44 am
10:45 am
♪♪ >> as upping it's christmas just -- oh my gosh 12 days away we're here to help you finish off that christmas shoppingpi.ns i'm hoppjoined by a member of te fox5 family celebrity makeup artist kym lee going to show usu 12 gifts.12 gifts. you brought amazing thing.aming let's get started. started >> let's get start the.rt the. everything that i'm talkingng t about today isha off things beat so you know when you give gifts it should be part of
10:46 am
>> right.>> >> everything about me is beauty. and so i love everything that's pretty so let's s tarte ever off first fir with those ladies who are going to the gym when you're at the'r hotel and you don't know how to actually dry your hair. listen, we have this hooded hood drier it's actually a drier.a dr it hook up to your drier andri d it's wonderful it's a soft hoodo drier which is a wonderful giftt at sal's only 24.99 this ishi i great to take on travel. tve >> love it. >> for those ladies who are really into trendy products the aragon oil is hot right now. >> right. >> really derived from morocco from ora began trees beautifulul product to have in your stash.r. we have dry shampoo also haveo e oil because you know when it'sy really cold outside, it really l extracts lot of oils from yourr hair. what the ara began oil it doesn't make your hair feelsee greece cease infusion that oil f you need so your hair doesn't block. >> this wand is designed to wore with the oil. made specificallyfi for the oil which i love this wand is only 4.99 comes with tht oil and make tho
10:47 am
curls. >> like this you got going on. >> bouncing curls we love. i have something for my natural hair girls for my girls whoirlsw don't have perms or product.. this is the product of life.if i absolutely love this product. >> on black hair. >> african-american hair veryr well it's a v blow drier curliec brush all in one so it's for for those girls like dominican blow out. >> this really works. wks >> goes to up 430 degrees ifesf your hair can't get straight off this i don't know were we goinge to do. d [ laughter ] >> little wayne sang about it. >> you'll be fine. fin we're going from head to toed to remember all things beauty.aut. i love these week enters righter at target.t we have the week enter and we aw also have this beautiful roll u valet which i love and thishis whole complete set including the brush roll is only whopping 60h bucks this is igrea great for your college studentsu and all your teenagers thatrsha actually want to give somethingi to they can still all theirll tr stuff in there and travel realrd ll w with it. t >> i love it. it >> so now our
10:48 am
christmas.ristmas. >> um-hmm. >> i have these beautiful candles anthd they are infused s with burg montgomery a male fragrance little more sultrytr candles which i love candles are actually very very nostalgic.ic when you burn them it makes youu feel like you're right with that person. so my husband loves these. these and as you can see this is like a marble case it looks manly.ksn i love that. t love love love. now, this one is my absolutee favorite.ri. what is this. >> this is my kim k box. and i give this box to myy relatives torque my friends who visit. what happens is, that i actually take a monogrammed towel and i take hand soap and i take all oa my favorite things my favoriteat tea i actually take deep poureeo scrub and for those who have hav traveled far you have your batht salts and then have i bubble bul bath i take bubble bath everye u >> do you? day. dy single so these are things that i absolutely love. and then also pure firing maskgs sometimes when you're trying arg long way your skin kind of feele
10:49 am
used to maybe dc water get allll that out. pure firing mask in there. the you have all your things andth d then what i also do is i give gv them a handwritten card which i love. so welcome to our home, fox5. >> nice. >> then we put the wi-fi code so that way your guests feel atl >> i love that.>> love th whatever that is reminiscent ofo you put in that box you have a u box or an m box -- >> they're wrapping real quick. then we have linen spray foray f your room spray and you also ao have or delicate wash spray.h sr this is for your towels, your unmentionable your panties things like that. final wal we have herethin is yu nail stuff. s. so ladies if you're going from g the office with those nails,ail, those freshman cured nails nowai you can switch it up don your own gel thing. led cure it lamp will help youpy change your nail colors. your nails will be dry in five i minutes. >> how much. muc >> this is only 34.99 fro salli' glass sold this is realll really great.
10:50 am
one more real quick.uick. >> the ring light you know thiso is my favorite thing this is as great gift when she's reallyy nice you get had he ever ringe g lights they're wonderful only $199. right on amazon$1 so you may wan to make sure you get one ofet o those nor your special friend.rd >> thank you kim, you couldn'tnt have. [ laughter ] >> i know we ran out of time.f m thank you very much. mh if you can find idea op thisphi table, i don't know what elseon you want from us.'t k. but this is definitely some things that you can give peoplel keep it i think i would. >> all kinds of stuff. >> kym lee wink and pout asout a always gorgeous.orge >> thank you, enjoy. enj. >> i will. >> merry christmas.tmas [ laughter ] >> back over to you guys. >> off the top of the show yousu saw great foot work weren't had he a shoe segment and even morer fancy foot work coming up aft ut the break getting moving this g.rning. don't go any w more from flyingg steps coming up next. it's 10:50. 10:50. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:51 am
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>> you saw them right off theawt top of the show. man they are amazing. man thbit mo a little bit morehe now. full performance from flyinging steps. step we'll let them take it away. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:54 am
10:55 am
♪♪ >> wow ! wow >> my goodness. that is impressive.e >> amazing. >> you guys are great. great to see you this m yorounig >> well done.on how is your head. >> good. >> the head is okay.>> t the hat helps.el tell me about how this whole w concept came together because we typically think about break dancing, you know, beat boys that are out there, you mightout think hiphop music not classical music.musi >> exactly. >> i'll let you catch your cat y breath. >> thank you. >> the idea came from one of tht founders of flying steps.teps flying steps is famous for doind new and innovative shows and non just doing the normal shows.. >> >> so he came up with the idea.. why not try to dance to t classical music? and they souns chris the artistic director anda started talking and realized that well
10:56 am
best choice for flying steps,te, and we found way to visualizeise the music through the moves. mov >> i think it's amazing and it's great to mick the genresenre because, you know, like i said, when you think of one you don'td necessarily think of the other.r >> exactly does real quick we dw have a few seconds left when folks come out to see you'll bel perform mc dc next month. what are they seeing in the shos all classical music? a varietye of music and dance.ce. >> classical music we hav remixes with beats to bring the hiphop side as well. >> nice.>> ne. taking class can you sal andal remixing that.remixing t it's going to be at the warnerar theater in january 1st week inei january phenomenal show.l s tickets are still available forr flying bach hash tag flying bach. you guys are awesome and amazing talented and flexible.nd flexi i had to get in in the thanks guys. amazing stuff. >> sure is. sis. >> something i've never seen n s before in all the years of doind this. >> talking winded do you mazingn work. thank you for being a sport in at
10:57 am
>> it he perfect way to open anp close our show.r ow. >> exactly.>> >> thank you.>> tha you >> high energy at the top of tha hour and now chill as we go into the break. the break >> all right, guys, we'll see. you tomorrow for more good day. >> happy tuesday.
10:58 am
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live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: it's going to be juicy. >> now you here's wendy. [ screaming ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> wendy: i'm glad that you're watching.


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