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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  December 13, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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recruited some p however, that is still in question at this point as to what prosecutors know about that part. in addition of that, this affidavit also says that he was willing to kill in order to safe the baby s he thought were being abused.abus the court document filed in the case says cigar welch texasedsed two messages in the days befores coming here to washington in which he hoped to recruit some help. he had been researching pizzang gait and that i was quote,te, making him sick. he told the unnamed people he was communicating with that he was getting his information from youtube and when asked whats the mission -- and when asked what the mission was responded with this, raiding a pet owe rink, possibly sacrificing the livesvs of a few for the lives of many and rapes babies and children ir our own backyardment he then said the world
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account a and i'm too stubborno not to.. the document says welch walkedlh into comment pizza an assaultn rifle that was loaded with more than 20 rounds and fired a few when he found an unlocked door. when asked by the fbi where he was getting hugs informationg hu about the sex range he said frod the internet, other people andoe the radio. welch also told investigatorsvet that he believed that there were secret rooms and tunnels underr comet pizza and when he didn'tne find them inside the restaurant that day, that's when he decided to give up. he was in superior court earlier today when prosecutors droppedre the charges there and moved it here to federal court. he was in court for just a short hearing this afternoon. and he's due back now on fridayy at 9:30 where they will have ave preliminary hearing in thatat case. until then, he's being p heldin without bond.t live outside the federal court house, paul wagner, pox 5 local
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news. > n a prince george's countync sheriff's deputy ise ge facing e serious charges tonight.har sergeant keen and connelly is charged with sexual contact and false imprison president. he was arrested yesterdaysted following a nearly two-month criminal investigation. i the charges stem from an incident in october whenen connelly went on a date with a woman in anne arrundel much the woman claimed connelly inappropriately touched herriat after they went toel dinner.ner. officials say he was off duty when the allege salt happened. connelly has since been suspended from the department. we're talking about people that drink and drive. police in northern virginia havn become victims of dui crashes.s matt ross letter is back at work after his cruiser was hit by a suspected drunk driving a speeding suv slammed into his car. police have addressed the other driver, 40 year old christie edgar of
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scene and charged her with driving while intoxicated. ross letter said he's recovering from a sore hip and a stiffiff neck.neck i did some stretching before ie came here today, but i just thank god i'm okay. you have to be responsible. you can't drink and drive. buzz driving, whatever you want to call it. i have zero tolerance.ance it's unsafe. i've seen too much death and injury out there and i don't want to contribute toucannt naming.ri investigators have not said sai where the alleged dui driver was coming from and what cause her alleged impairment. days earlier another drunk driver crashed into a driver in arlington. two officers were standing outside their vehicle and were struck by debris. he charged that driver of july low castor with several otherr traffic violations. last week we told
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other drunk driving in maryland. then in st. mary's county michael mat incorporately wascop also charged with dui after hitting car bring after heer h assisted a driver. car bring was seriously hurt and he he's still in the hospital.t. > there is new information inrt the dui arrest of charles caldwell. a police report says after caldwell was taken into custody he asked the arresting officer r if quote there was a way we could make this go away. the report also says caldwell repeatedly told the investigating officers that hegf was the chairman of the liquor board and appeared confused after he was stopped andpe questioned by police. caldwell previously told fox5ld that the officers made an arrest in arresting him. he refused to take a breathalizer.. caldwell as arrested last week e following a three vehicle collision following the grandfol opening ofow the mm national harbor. we spoke to him on the phoneone
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comment further on that police report. > so many of you much whatting tonight know that here in someme areas of the dmv if you want a plastic bag with a much p, if you go to cvs or the grocery o store you you have to pay for it, in one small maryland city you won't get a plastic bag even if you're willing to buy it. matt ackland is live in toe mack contact park. >>reporter: that comb ma park has always been preeasternen p environment. this is one of the first city to ban styrofoam containers, the containers that you get food in, usually fast food. as you were seeing no more of these. typically five no i want to show you why the council here in tacoma park, maryland decided to ban these. we took a drive over to slag owe creek park and take a look at what we found.
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find these plastic bags literring such a beautiful area. they passed the law which will fine store leaders. city leaders plan to work with the business community to give them plenty of time to comply and for farmers markets they won't have to comply until the end of 2017. we hope you finally get p peopll to remember to ohio theirly bag. i think we all have good intentions, but, you know, you're running around, you're going to the grocery store and you're like left those bags at on. we're hoping now that the plastic bags will no longer be available that will be the tray incentive to remind people toope take those bags with them. so this plastic bag ban is really picking up theme across the country. justs recently california voters went to the polls and they basically said that they want to keep in place a regulation
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ban these as far as toe come contact park, maryland we walked and talked td some people here and they don't t find it as a huge issue.ue. they keep paper bags and switching from plastic to paperr won't be a big today. a although some we noticed wereed still giving out the bags even though it's against the law. remember the mayor says they'ret going to give them a little bit of time to comply to the rule. matt, like you said, they can choose paper.oose i know a lot of places have beee giving that option. you mentioned that some people are still coming with the plastic bags.. what happens if these businesses don't comply by a certain time? >>reporter: the mayor says she doesn't want to have to fine these businesses, but there is a fine within the law for ther first offense, the business will get a # hundred dollars ticket. after offenses of afterdo thatr they will go up to $200. so the city here really means business, butt the mayor is hoping that everyone will just comply and she also is hoping that customers will simply take the reusable bags with them som
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even the paper bags. > matt ackland reporting livee for us. >> you figure how many storesowm are going to sell the reusable bags. > if you forgot your bags, three bucks, four bucks. > a discrimination against measures they say the countyhe took from a mosque being built there. ronica has >>reporter: we're looking atokn how the trump cabinet is coming together and how it really is a little bit unexpected. we're going to take a deeperper look into that after the break. sarah and it's a meeting that turned a few heads today. donald trump and kanye west. what the president elect said about their meeting at trump tower and two other big names that stopped by, too. >> i wonder p if kanye wants tow run with trump in 200. that may be. sarah, jim, we are seeing a pretty decent night out there, but a few showers are showing ug on radar, even a few
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parts of the area. i'll let you know what to expect for this tuesday evening and we'll preview what's ahead, too. fox5 local newses will be right back. back.
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> new york police busting a 1k year old college student forpo carrying
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inside a tower. alex wang's bag set off a metal detectivor. they found knives and some kind of stranging device. he is a finance student at brew college. he is charged with unlawful possession of weapons. police do not believe he has ans kind of ties to terror groups. > another major announcement today about president elect donald trump's cabinet. rick weeks ton is named ass na secretary of state. > ronica cleary at the white house. >> trump's cabinet is takingakin shape and about it by about it we're seeing all these piecespic fall into place. >>reporter: we really are.e. we're just over a month away from the inaugeration. you can see the stands being put up in place right behind me at the white house.e wh as the president elect preparese for thatct today he's also slowy putting together the
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his cabinet. for weeks there has been so much speculation about one position o in particular, the secretary oft state. one name that was talked about quite a about it, myth rom any and that was very controversialr because of they heated relationship that the two have shared in the past and a also rumored daniel david speak trayd us and rudy guiliani amongstongs others. none of them were elected. in fact, recollection tiller sol to beec the next secretary ofex state. to tell you a little bit about him, he is the ceo of exxonmobil. he has been with the company foa 40 years and he has an extensive relationship with russian in particular during that time witn the company. now, when trump tweeted abouteee his selection this morning he said the thing that he likeshat best about tiller son is that he has experience dealing successfully with all all types of foreign governments.over so let's take a step back for a second. as we've
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come together it's been a littl bit let's look at some of the people that you may have thought wouldt have been in this cabinet as we went through the process. these are people i like to call trump loyal lists. many talked about the possibility of chris christie, rudy guiliani, mike huck by andb into the begin rich, but at thin point it r seems unlikely that y of them will be included in trim's cabinet.inet instead we've seen a handful of what i might call surprises. general james mad is for secretary of defense. tiller son for secretary ofor s state which did come out today. senator jeff sequential, governor make i hail i for un ambassador and dr. ben carson nominated for housing urban secretary. are you pleased to see some off these unpe
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you think he's filling his cabinet the way he should be. you can find me on twitter at ronica cleary. we keep seeing this parade of celebrities through trumpbr towers. theitiep latest two nfl grates stopping by to meet with thethe president elect. e nfl gym brown reportedly discussed urban developments.evl after the meeting lewis told reporters he believes neurosurgeon beth parker carsonb is aet good person to head the house of urban developments. a the look of high power people flocking as jim mentioned to the trump tower and grammy award winning kanye west, add that to the list. he spent about an hour with the president elect.ect. reporters asked what the two men discussed and mr. trump says he and west have been friends for a long time and that they talk
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about life. west was recently hospitalized in los angeles for cancelling his possible low tour.s po the singer said he was suffering from exhaustion and mental health issues. on the heels of a divorce former nba star lamar owed objection to the form is checkingar o himself back into rehab. this comes after a year after he nearly died from an overdose. his pending divorce from chloe kardashian helped him seek help. his divorce will be finalizedinl later this week. a country music singer isinge stepping up to help the people from the devastating fires. >> doll i parton is present da veer county. she's hosting a show called keny rogers than a alice crows. parton has pledged $1,000 a in fo
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their homes for six months. > a the lot of those folks need help, of course. >> absolutely. we're going to need some helpp warming up here in the next few days. it's not too bad today, but the cold weather is getting ready td move sue is here with the forecast. she said yesterday in her typical sue style it's the bestt day the week and that's her way of saying everything else is buy. >> today is second it hasn't been terrible outut there and the cold air that yout just alluded to, that rolls into town tomorrow night.ight we still have tomorrow night to aroid the big wind and the wished chill. there are a couple ofple light showers and a few snowfew showers showing up on radar ahead of another as well as a weak disturbance. not everybody is going to see moist your t.t we have a flu flurries and i
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doug a little l while ago. some of that is still showing up on the ground.he the bulk of any snow isnow mainlying whying to stay upstay through pennsylvania.enns they've had a few inches in and around the pittsburgh area and north and we are closer to those rain showers. we're going to keep a couple of showers around maybe you see a little bit of light mix here ane there but it should not be a big deal. in fact, i thought i'd take you through the futurecast so you can see what we're talking about in terms of any moistureny tonight. a lot of moisture around. we have meteor shower aroundound tonight. the clouds are going to make it tough to see the showers. we could have a couple of showers as late as 8:00. any snow showers may be north be and west possible. by # 1:00 still a couple of showers here and around in and around the dmv. slowly, but surely things willis clear out during the day tomorrow. missing a few the temperatures as we look at our few t map, but mostly low to
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region right now and a wider picture will show that pittsburgh has a temperature of 31 so some of that snow is sticking. real cold in chicago at 12-degrees. detroit 26. lexington about 39. new york city at 42-degrees.2-de some he that colder air still back to the north and west. and again tomorrow afternoon you begin to notice the breeze. tonight is kind of okay for running around if you need to. 7:00 temperature 43. t by 9:00, 41 and we're putting og a chance of maybe a rain or a snow shower not a big deal. temperatures at 4 # anythingt that hits th4e ground is going o melt anyway. by 11:00 not too cold either. the headline after we get through the daylight hoursligh tomorrow we await the artic blast and you'll know it's heres as that starts to pick up. we'll have another look at the seven day forecast and show you what to expect thursday and friday in
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> matt ackland corrected me, it is severe county in tennessee. >> it has been sold. > ahead at 5, not a good thing here. this is low.. a kitten found inside a laundryd room with the power cord wrapped around its neck. what animal control is saying about animal gruel tiller son. the popular brand of candles are now being yanked from store shelves. a special week ahead for one special little by. it is fox5's season of wishes. we're going to presume that home's super day coming up next. .
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welcome back. i want to share with you a pretty exciting event that fox5 will be involved in a li
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later on this week. >> fox5 is partnering with mid atlantic. the star of our day is five-year old that him. he lives in maryland and he has leukemia and is currently in treatment. while a lot of kids want to go to disney world other some othee places all he wants to do is help people. he wants to have courage and bed a souper hero. that him's mom says her son is going to be so excited aboutited this whole thing. she also had a few things to say about make a wish mid atlantic.t >> what i want parents to know that there are people out there who care for your kid or yourour children whatever they're going through. there are people who care. make a wish foundation has been a great support to me and my child.chil i would recommend all sick children to go to make a wish foundation. anemic a wish and fox5 a really wouldn't be able
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what we have planned for thisfo friday without the help of our local heros.os. tahim doesn't know this yet.t. he's going to travel around the area with firefighters and at each stop he's going to be asked to help out in some way. our local supporters have been so helpful planning this. he will be able to watch it alll on air. > if p people consider donatint money or air miles so the make a wish foundation can make more wishes come true. > coming up tonight at 5:30 a rockville plan who was caught on an alaskan crews found after killing his neighbors found outd how longest ' going to spendo behind bars. > a virginia county slapped with a federal lawsuit after denying a mosque.
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investigators say they believed that sparked the fire that killed 36 people earlier this house. major league ritual that's now being banned. welcome to my house, baby take control now
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this is fox5 local news at 5. a rockville man who admits he killed his neighbors last may found out his punishment this afternoon. a judge sentenced tomorrow suerr canow i to life
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he admitted to killing them. he stole items and then went on an alaskan crews after he killed the couple. > firefighters are investigating a hazmat scare. they were called out to d street after five people fell ill. two others refused treatment. they found nothing. there is still no word on what o caused the incident. you police still need your help finding the person responsible for animal gruelty. they got a call about a cat stuck in the lawnry room. officers found the kitten covered in feces and europe with a power cord wrapped around its neck. fortunately an animal control officer was able to rescue that kitten. in tonight the county of virginia has been slapped withih the county government. they are illegally blocking the construction of a mosque in
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county. tom fitzgerald is joining us with the details. what did they have to say. >>reporter: good evening, culpeper islamic center has been trying to build a mosque in than virginia county for sometime now. now, in april, the culpeper board of supervisors denied a construction permit for the construction of that mosque. the board of supervisors saids they had serious concerns about the waste disposal plan of the proposed building. it turns out the u.s. justice department thinks there is muchs more to it than that and in fact has now filed suit against culpeper county. the reason, the center says what they have is a pump and hole permit that they need for that e sewer and they can't get it. for nearly 25 years, 26 such su permits have been granted thishs federal lawsuit now claims thatl the islamic center of culpeper f was denied that permit because of religious reasons. right now there is no mosque at all in
5:32 pm
ofan that event ser have to hold their meetings in sites all over the county. so far they have been asked by the department of justice tortme issue the permit, allow thehe construction to start. a spokesperson from the council of american relations today said they are praising the doj's efforts in this case. since 1992 every pump and hole permit that that's been asked for has been granted. so it does seem odd when you see the one islamic event ser beingr the one time it's rejected. is this racism in your view? vie >> i would call it islam phobia for sure.ure > the us attorney in virginia, john fish wood called this an effort to stomp out racial discrimination in that state. we should tell you that we reached out to the county attorney for culpeper, bobby joe alexis. she has not reached back with a comment. we're live tonight, tom fitzgerald, fox5 local n
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> perhaps you remember the wesh virginia woman suspended for a racist post about first lady michelle obama? well she is returning to work later on this month. pamela taylor sparked national outrage when she made a post on facebook called the first lady an ape in heels.eels the original post was deleted, but not before it went viral onl social media. shortly after she was suspended from her role in a nonprofit. she is scheduled to return to to work on december 23. a it soming match erupted in a pennsylvania courtroom today during a hearing related to bill cosby's sexual assault case. he arrived in court this morning. prosecutors want to call as many as 13 of his previous witnesses during the hearing the judge admonished cross bi's lawyers for publicized the names of thef women that have accused cosby of assault. they are trying to get them get banned from testifying. tes the hearing is expected to lastt
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investigators say they cannot pinpoint the cause of the warehouse that killed 36 in oakland, california.oa that fire broke out during a dance party on december 2. they focused their investigation on electrical hey palestiniansey in the back of the billing wherg the fire started. they say it's finishedinis collecting evidence.ting s of ons say it doesn't appear p the building was infected. we have no records of 1315 31st avenue being inspected. to nor do we have any records of them applying for a special spe permit, a chance of occupancy, any type of tenant improvement, which is types of construction. none of those areas that would trigger this facility to be in our system was -- had occurred. > murder charges are possibleos as they determine whether crimee are linked to that
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a stand against hazing.azi in years past it's not uncommon to see teams make rookie playeri to go through some india of ritual. we've seen it here in washington. some of the rituals is having players dress up as women or cartoon cartoons. it is banning in some instances. it may be offensive to some based on their race, sex, nationality or sexual orientation. >> some professional wrestlers are here in d.c. for a good a cause to help honor the troops. wwe is holding its 41 tribute to the celebration. earlier today they banned together an army unit at forth immediate. it gave the rest letters a taste of what it is likee re to be ine military. this whole experience has already been in amazing. today was my first time ever shooting a gun and just learnina from the sergeants. they were so helpful and he just kepting a smile to my face. i had thegr
5:36 pm
out there and i can't wait to go meet all the troops. after leaving forth immediate f they moved onto bethesda whereee they held a meet and greet. within the hour the wwe tribute to the troops will take place at the verizon center. i have to hand it to the wwe for doing the troop activities. they put their money where their mouth is. >> absolutely. we like it. > the redskins are playing on monday. they have some good news for the redskins. did he say remember it will not beay rem suspended for levelingt returner derek spots who was out of the game with a than could concussion. i'm sure when josh norman became a red skin one of the first things he did was look at the schedule and see when his new team takes place. that happens on monday. mon i don't have any.
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don't get me started. i'm not going there right now. i'll save those notions for another day, i guess. > all right. ri this is jay gruden. that's him as a quarterback a qa long time ago.e ag he's a quarterback by trade. eco leaning why itville in l college. halleanin of famer of the nfl nk interviewed gruden and couldn'td resist talking a little trash about one play from 30 years ago. take a listen. li >> you know in 1986 deon i thre1 a post run against you for the louisville cardinals.ard >> you're vocking. voc i swear, 36-yarder over the top of you. my claim to fame. > that couldn't have been me. >> 56, if you said 15, 06789 i i got a video. > i got to see it. i'm not sitting here lying because you're not that kind of
5:38 pm
i got to see it. > all right. one of the seasons' best annual tradition took place today atday fed ex field. it is the skins santa shop. they were served lunch and then they went into the redskins red locker room where they found f their names on the locker, about the lockers, around the locker room and were rewarded with a wt gift from santa. > very cool.> you may v remember this picturet this is a young afghan boy who became a sensation after making a to become a star. the boy's name is bat as owe. they made the meeting possible. the boy will take a picture with messy and gutter tonight. sadly the fame has come withome some pit falls.lls. the boy's father has said he has had to flee afghanistan afterfga the peck tour went viral because of threats against their son. nonetheless it has made his dreams come through. c >> the fact thatom they had to n because of the
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that's -- where we're at. >> that's exactly it. think about what they have to ha deal with and what when have to deal with. > candle, scandal, thousands of yankee candles now being recalled. plus, the aisle to your is is closed today. it's actually blue. blu hear why the monuments and employees were to blame.s we are you honest when you get aet gift you don't like. find out how am of you actually fake it. we're almost to gift giving time. mother nor has a gift for us,s, too. it's an early treat of not so much today. these are the high temperatures, dulles 46 and bwi44. subtract about 20-degrees off0-e these temperatures and that'surs what it's a going to feel like n thursday and friday around here. we're previewing that are theprv pennsylvania of ourie early winr forecast coming up in just a few minutes. we'll be right back. e open road.
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> i be vest in a breakthroughst effort that i we've been callinn the vice-president's cancer moon shot and i think the senate came up with a better name when they named it after beau biden. and like am of you i believe that the united states of america should be the country that ends cancer once and for all. president obama there signing legislation that makes newew investments in cancer research and batting drug abuse. the 21 century cure sac invested 21 billion-dollar.21 been strongly supported by vice-president joe biden whose son bowe died in > today was a big day for the leukemia and lymphoma society. i was honored to emcee today's kickoff as the group gears offas the ball. it is
5:44 pm
hope race more than 3 and a half million dollars for blood cancer research. it is going to be in march. with a special guest jim graph began who is gu hysterical.hyst there is a friend margie receipt in ^berg. we should partner out that fox5 a is a proud partner with lls. so much good work and help out so many good people.peop you see where the money goes.s. you realize how worth it is is. people are being saved.ved. people with big hearts steppings up today and they're going to make it happen. the leukemia ball is always one of the best events in city.ity they do a great job. weather not so great, though. not bad yet. but sliding downhill just a little bit more. we've got about 24 or more hours before we first see it. those wind chills on thursday, forget about it. they wil s
5:45 pm
you know what to expect. what i always remember about wind chill it always feels so much worse than it sounded.nded we're giving you plenty t of notice as we look live down at the mgm national harbor and i'm sure it will be hospital down b there so that's a warm spot if you need to find some warmerarme air. we are seeing a few showers outs there tonight. there could be a few that linger overnight. maybe even a few showers of snow, a few flurries around. i'm noticing some up in northeastern maryland, but it'sm in the going to bear a big deall not anything that will cause you any problems.blem tomorrow will be dry. we'll case the last of anyof showers out of here. it will be a cool, breezy day.. the artic blast comes in tomorrow night and we'll noticei it thursday and friday. the good news is it's probably ' onlys going to last a couple of days, but while we're waiting for the cold air to pull out of town, another system will be approaching and we do have tohae watch saturday morning. it could be a combination ofof snow and ice that
5:46 pm
rain saturday afternoon as we're watching this cold air trying to give ground and allow warmer aie to take over for the second half of the weekend. speaking of those showersower there's in the a lot out there. we have a few showers down a long the share lots area. we sha have a little bit of snow showing up across eastern maryland. the bulk of any snow has been up to eastern pennsylvania. don't be shocked if you have a quick shower or a few flurries here and there. your better chance of seeing the flurries would be we've been checking the observations around pittsburgh. they've been getting it on the order of two or three inches. the futurecast keeps the cloudsu around and does try to keep akep few showers around even as latea as 10:00. a little system off the coaste also that we'll be watchingwatc promote a few showers here and obviously this is not a lot of moisture and by 7:00 in the morning even the clouds are clearing out. temperatures willr be an important part of our story, too. it's still pretty com
5:47 pm
are missing today.oda we're following up on that. it seems to be some kind of dayf to drop somewhere else otherme than our computerwh system.tem. meanwhile it is 44 in thehe district. but we look at chicago, only 12 degrees, minneapolis, 5. denver, a couple of daysing a they were freezing. there is another big batch of that cold air pouring out ofurin canada that is going to moving its away across the northeast.oh you'll notice the wind chills after tomorrow night.ight temperatures will be in the 20s and 30s as the colder air coming into town. we'll have some sun to come out, but clouds will start toic thisc ebb in the afternoon. generally a chilly day but not as cold as we're going to see. 45 for wednesday, 45 for quantico. breeze quite noticeable and we get into the afternoon. let's go forward because weause don't want to jump overum wednesday and get to this artic cold, but you need to know abou it. it could even be record settingd cold as the blast comes intoto to
5:48 pm
thursday and friday temperatures in the 20s, maybe some 30s, but wind chills let me take you forward. tomorrow night at 11:00 it's just beginning to get going. the wind chill in d.c. will be 34. the wind chill in cumberland,cub 19. what about thursday morning, 8:00 a.m., single digit wind chills maybe some wind chillsd blow zero. maybe even gusting to 40 from t time to time. that will make thursdayke afternoon single digit wind chills to maybe low teens to zero or one blow and by by the time we get into thursday at 5:00 we're talking about singlee digit wind chills as well. the worst of the wiped will be thursday, but it will still be noticeable as we head into friday as well.well we'll also continue to much what the set up for a combination of snow and ice saturday night into the saturday morning that will change over to rain. we wrap it up with the seven da forecast, a couple of cold days coming, thursday 2, friday withr those wind chills assday you sa, sage l l digits and blow zero in some responsibilities saturdaynb we get back up
5:49 pm
and ice we have in the morning think about maybe delaying yourn plans until the afternoonn because the rain will melt any snow we do get. monday 58-degrees. a big bounce up. a big strong push of warm air.r. monies cool again with 36. rain or snow possible tuesday p with aos temperature off 38 degrees. that's your seven day forecast.y jim and sarah, back to you. > so let's get you someou breaking news. this is a followup of what wewht started with the new's, the charles caldwell has now resigned. we have been told,3&ú■ fox5's pauu wagner following up on this one. larry hogan called asked for his resignation. he was arrested last thursday. he was arrested for drivingving under the influence. we'll keep you posted.sted now to some promising newsws tonight from a new study on teen health. teens are drinking and smoking less than their olds.h they're also doing fewerei drug. researchers found that 5 years ago 11 percent
5:50 pm
seniors smoked half a pack of cigarettes or more a day.. but less than two percent sayere they smoked that much they're not sure what led to the decline because they suspectsusp social media has kept teens occupied. >> it's good for something. > one of thes ggooodod benefits policyholder social s you you can't hold a cigarette with a cellphone in your hand. > you're too busy a big disappointment forfor tourists in paris, a secretcret santa buys over $30,000 worth of toys. your fox fly is next.
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in tonight's fox fly on the fly, a dough dough norris spreading christmas cheer. thousands of people are fleeing the fighting in
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> a cease fire agreement has been reached in syria now allowing civilians to evacuateae as syrian government forces continue to advance in the rebel held area of aleppo.eppo they they're calling on syria, russia and iran to call to allow syrians to leave unharmed. talk about bad timing, touristst itself in france missing out on the full wonder of the eifel to your today. e famous attraction closed duese to a worker's trying due to pay. disappointing to them. panned l cabbed l. yankee candle recalls. after reports of the glass jars cracking. not a good look at are holiday party. and 'tis the season of
5:55 pm
according to group upon nearly one-third of americans give ae fake reaction when they give a holiday gift they don't like. just a tenth of us actually fesses up and tells the giver your present stings.s the ultimate secret santa an i none must donor gave $30,000 of toys to kids in need. purchasing toys, dolls, bikes and more from walmart bringing holiday cheer to many. he couldn't believe that one person could be so generous and that's your fox5 on the fly.
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join all your child■s sesame street friends as they discover that everything makes musc its sesame street live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena this weekend only tickets on sale now through ticketmaster we have breaking mus tonightea from prince george's county,kigs there is new information in the
5:59 pm
dui arrest of charles caldwell, the chairman of of the princef george's county liquor board who was charged with dui. maryland governor larry hogan has asked caldwell to step down. caldwell has caldwell was involved in an accident at the national harbor the night the mgm casino open. the governor doesn't have the authority to remove him from the bore. he did ask him to step down. governor hogan's office releasef a statement, the governor is very concerned and disappointedd and asked caldwell to step down which he has agreed to do. ultimately there is a legal process that will play out. he assume leadership rolls inls the interim.teri > it is official, presidentside elect donald trump announced his pick for the next secretary of state. > thanks for joining us, i'm shawn yancy. > and i'm tony perkins. rex tillerson has been pickeden
6:00 pm
he has close ties to vladimir putin and no background. his expansion for free trade doesn't fit with the president elect's beliefs. but tiller son is haven't the first cabinet pick who came as a surprise. fox's ronica cleary starts us off live from the white house. >>reporter: shawn and toned initial it has been fascinating to watch president elect donald trump's cabinet unfold and really today's announcement of the selection of rex tillerson x to be the nominee as secretary of state, it's just anotheranot example of what i'm callingng someone who is not a trump loyal list, if you will, being w selected for oneill of these cabinet let's take a look at a handfuldl of those loyalists who a lot of people thought would be filling trump's cabinet by now. governor chris christie, mayor rudy guiliani, governor mike huck bi, into the beginningnt


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