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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 13, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this i fox5 a local news at 10. right now at 10, a fox5 exclusive.excl video of the failed dui check point that cost the prince george's county liquor board chairman his job. metro blamedountchai for some md shaking in one d.c. neighborhood. definitely, you know, seven or eight times a day we feel it. the disturbance that restat accidents are raising their ic
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and sad news out of hollywood,ly allen particular, the beloved of the 80 sitcom growing pains has died. the late breaking details on fox5 news at 10. we will get to those stories in just a moment. but we begin tonight with beg breakingin news out of beltsvill m. you're looking at live pictures from sky fox. a very serious accident on interstate 95.inte right now we're told by marylany state police that all lanes of interstate 95 both north and southbound are closed at the icc due to this bad accident we're told that the crash involves a tractor trailer and a number ofe other vehicle also. at least four vehicle also are involved. we're not sure if that includes the tractor-trailer at thisat t point. we're waiting for morer information to come in. we have no information right now about any injuries but we'll get you more info as we get it. now to the video you will only see on fox5 the former
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of the prince george's countync liquor board stumbled hisge way through a field so bitty test s following a crash. thanks for joining us tonight,it i'm shawn yancy and i'm tony perkins. the video was taken on the opening night of the new mgn national harbor hotel and casino last thursday.sday it's surfacing just hours after charles caldwell resigned fromn his job. fox5's sarah simmons has the latest. >> video individual. his is video t failing the test. it's exclusive given to us by a couple involved last thursday night. it shows mr. caldwell struggling to walk a straight line with an officer looking on. it comes on the heels of today's news that charles caldwell is resigning as chair of the prince george's county county control board. they charged the former chairmam with drivinger under then fluene the video seems to confirm what investigators are telling using that caldwell failed a field so bitty test and that he also refused a breathalyzer test. he told fox5, caldwell did
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he had two drinks over a two-hour period and that he tooh a breathalyzer,, but the results seemed inconclusive. he also told fox5 that he faileh a breathalyzer because he's almost 70 years old and he's not steady on his feet. he claimed that the incident was quote, blown out of proportion. this is video of caldwell making an appearance on good day d.c. to talk about alcohol approved for some maryland approved for sporting events. maryland governor larry hogan has asked to him to step down and he agreed.d. they release a statement that st says in part the governor is very disappointed in thiss situation and had asked mr. caldwell to step down from his role as chairman which he has agreed to do. ultimately there is a legal process that will play out. the current vice chairman will assume the leadership duties ofs this board in the inter time. the couple who gave us this exclusive video were againe involvedn
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caldwell. they did not want to speak on camera, but did say a female passenger in their car sufferedd minor injuries and is still notl feeling well. tony. let me ask you this, has charlee caldwell spoken about his resignation yet today. >> we did reach out to hip. it's interesting leading up to today he did answer phone calls from our own paul wagner about the situation and you heard some of the quotes limb saying it was all blown out of proportion. we reached out to him tonight to get a comment. so far we have not heard fromm him. sarah simmons reporting. thank you, sarah.. > a wild police chase that started in the district evented in alexandria, virginia thisrgin afternoon and the woman who led police on the chase was already in handcuffs when it began. fox5's marina maracco is live in northwest to explain this one. what happened? >>reporter: very interesting story, shawn, because still wel don't know how exactly she got out of those handcuffs from the back of the housing authorityriy cruiser to the front and
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11 miles from right here, northwest d.c., this housingng complex here, garfield terracere across the river and intod virginia all the way down to alexandria, virginia and you'll see this video here. this is how it all ended on king street as she was going the wrong way. she's 26 years old. she's from stafford, virginiata andff according to housing authorities she crashed into at least ten other cars on her wayo out of the city through the t third street tunnel and onto i395. she started driving the wrong way on an on ramp at king streeg and alexandria as she was finally boxed in by a d.c. police officer, mpd chopperpp following closely from up above and finally she was taken into custody and once she was arrested yet again she told s policehe shes was pregnant. police have not confirmed that tonight. no serious injuries reported and charges still pending followingn that wild
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district into northern virginia. marina maracco, fox5 local news. > developing tonight television icon allen particular has died. he suffered a masstive heart attack while he was playing hockey with his 19 year old son this afternoon. he was rushed to a hospital in burbank, california and pronounced dead. he's best known for his role on the 1980s sitcom growing pain. he was recently part of fullerlr house. he's■&z survived by his three s. he was 69 years old.d. > well, a few of you are seeing some showers this evening in in the meantime sue palka says a bitter blast of cold air is heading our our way and will arrive in the next 24 to 36 hours. sue joins us with more. mor >> that's the kind of thing youu can give us plenty of notice on. until you feel it this is a bitter
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that's what will be in thursday morning. in the meantime it's not too bao out there and we do have a couple of very light spottyt showers that you can see on radar. mainly they've been through central virginia and lower southern they're not going to amount to much tonight and they're going to be gone by the time you start your morning commute. especially down to the south you can see very few of us have actually seen anything and there have been a couple of flurries up to the north and east. if we see anything tonight it would be rather harmless. there is a front that is going to move on through and it's's possible that some areas north and west could see a little bit of flurry see activity. you can see a couple others starting to bubble up in the sheen and dough a area as the frontal boundary gets ready toay move on through. the big story is going to be thb cold ande it's not here yet. 42-degrees in the district. 34 for winchester. it is going to be one of our cold nights with pickupth temperatures at the bus stop tomorrow morning in the 20 #-se and 30s
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the way. the rain will be out of here. after school 40 to 46 breeze 46 picking up. there might be blight of breeze in the morning if the frontal boundary is still pushing onhi through the area.e get ready for wind chills in thn 20s and 30s for part of the day tomorrow. but believe me that's going to feel a whole lot better thantter what we're going to be seeing on thursday. so we head for the low 40s tomorrow. the artic blast that is going tg be coming in for thursday morning we're forecasting single digit forecasts, some placesac will be blow zero thursdayday morning. did i mention we're stilltill tracking the possibility of some accumulating snow.cumu i'll let you know when to expect that coming up in just a about it. shawn. thank you, sue.e. as you heard sue say a big chill is headed our way and area transportation departments are getting prepared. v. already started treating thee roads. teisha lewis is there with theth story. >>reporter: better safe than sorry,. that's the message from virginia department of transportation. what i can telyo
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actually riding in car. we're driving along fairfax county parkway and it's one ofoe the roadways that has been treated by the virginia department of transportation ahead of thursday's anticipatedi sub freezing temperatures.pera now, thiis just one of the main roadways that they were able to treat starting today at noon. they treated mostly in fairfaxy county because that's where they have they said the most amount of mild lane miles to cover.ver. now, crews again will continuell their treatment tomorrow aftertr rush hour. they're mostly using brian.ian. that's a salt and water mix. now, in northern virginia alone more than 5,000 lane miles wills be treated ahead of these artic temps that are headed our way. vdot will target roadways indw prince william, fairfax loudonun and arlington counties. how much does this all of thisis cost? about $300,000 acr
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four counties and if takes akes couple of days just to completee the anti icingment again, crews will be busy at work continuing tomorrow and thursday to complete the task while they have this window of opportunity open.op prior to the temperatures dropping. while the crews do their job on the roadways it's important that you do more. the most important to have ace an emergency kit in your car and find this handily in case you injured yourself ore one of your patients is injured and then if you can't jump start your car and there's no car there to do it then there's a self jump start kit that you can use to jump start your own car without another car jumping youg and then the other thing to have flashlights, flares, water and a fully charged cellphone. look at all the fluid levels. look at all the hoses to make sure they're solid and firm and they're not brittle because ifau one of those hoses breaks,aks, especially the radiator hose
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and you can warp your engine. aaa says that now is the best time to get ready ahead of the temperatures dropping and before problems arise. you maypr wonder virginia department of transportation treating the roadways and of we expecting some rain. now they said ifs if it's a complete washout guess whatat they'll have on retreat the roadways, but they say it's better t do it, it's better to get ahead of the curve and it'ss better to be safe just in case we're hit with some unanticipated precipitation or freezing rain or something ofhi that teisha lewis, fox5 local > residents of one d.c.c. neighborhood say they aree putting up with a nuisance and they're blaming metro. lindsay what's going on out there? reporter reporter percussion.. people in this northwesthwes neighborhoods are saying their homes are
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rumbling. they're blaming metro. we'll let you see what exactly they're experiencing yourselfer after the break. > plus a prince george's county facing serious charges stemming from a date he went on several months ago. accused of doing that could cost him his job.. plus the rockville man accused of murdering his neighbors and e then going on a crews learnedler his faith today. we'll have those stories and much more ahead still at 10. once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock.
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> we're back out with there breaking mus out of b greenbelt, maryland. sky fox live over the scene after a tractor-trailer ander a several vehicle also crashed cra earlier this this is i95. right now the north and the southbound lanes are closedlo right at inter county connector. we don't know yet how many injuries were reported, but we can tell you both helicopters from maryland state police and us park police have taken twoe people to the hospital as youyou can see this is a nasty accident, a number of emergency vehicle also are on the scene again both in north and southbound lanes of i95 right at
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greenbelt maryland are closed. keep it right her on fox5 and we'll keep up updated on our newscast tonight.nigh meanwhile fox5 is in the district where a northwest neighborhood is feeling vibrations. neighbors claim metro trains are causing their homes to shake and it's waking them up at fox5 lindsay watts is live in petworth tonight.petw some neighbors i understand saye the shaking has even caused damage? >>reporter: that's right, shawn and tony and some of theseof people that i spoke to have lived here in the petworthpetw neighborhood for decades rightrh by the georgia avenue petworth station. they say they only started noticing these rumblings aboutot six monthsing a and as thesethes continued they've grown moren concerned. mr. was a community meetingmmun about this last l the latest from metro.etro they're saying he don't known't what is to blame here, but wewe think we have some idea of aftee experiencing what exactly people
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see whatg you think. all night and all day. it definitely has been kind of a low rumble. >>reporter: neighbors say theyy initially dismissed it. at first we thought it was trucks.truc but they soon realized it wasn't traffic or their imagination.img you can feel the vibration ofof whatever it is that's underder there that's coming through my dining room area. lucinda martin invited us inside to check it out.t our camera was on the floor when it happened. a half-hour later, exactly at 6:30 we felt it again. this mirror here fell off thethe wall. it's on the beam. martin says it's caused damage. and that's something that neverr happened. her mom tells u s things are falling down and she's beinging kept up. every time it trembles at nightt i hear it and i wake up.
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underground. how many times does that happen. >> it's all night.s al metro says it's looking into thh issue, but the noise hasn't been confirmed as metro related. but inside the petworth stationt we found the in your 7,000your series train has a specific lower frequency sound audibleibe before it even reaches the station. now compare that to the older model. and that difference in sound iss even more noticeable when youwh are inside the station. we also found out that those int your trains are heavier than the older ones and metro got a shipment of them back in may. which was right around the timee people started noticing those live in northwest tonight,nigh lindsay watts, fox5 local news all right.
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new we turn to a fox5 followup. d.c. police have recovered a ca stolen from a woman who was unloading groceries in northwesw over the weekend.eeke this happened in the 5,000 block of western avenue. police say there were five suspects wearing masks and one was carrying a handgun. officers found the blue 2014 hyundai apartment that pay ony nicol son street in northeast at few hoursreet later. so far no arrests have been made. a prince george's county sheriff's deputy is facingfaci serious charges tonight. sergeant keen and connelly is charged with false imprison president. he was arrested yesterday following a nearly two-month criminal the charges steminal from an incident in october whenen connelly went on a date with a woman in anne arrundel. the woman claims connelly inappropriately touched heratel after they went to dinner. official i say he was off duty when the alleged assault happened. he has since been s
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a rockville man who admitted tot killing his neighbors last yeart will spend the rest of his life in prison. a judge sentenced scott tomaszewski to life without parole. he pled guilty to murdering richard and julian bee ladder on. the fact that it happened on mother's day made it all more painful for the family. this murder was discovered by kate bee ladder dough, rick and jodi's daughter when they didn'y show up for a family meeting for mother's day, drove to the house to discover horrific murder scene. he stole items from the home ane then went on a crews after he killed the couple. cou the man accused of firing that assault eifel inside the comet ping upon in d.c. is facing federal charges. they dropped the case against ed guard welch so he could face os
10:21 pm
documents show he traveled to d.c. because he believed a child sex trafficking ring was operating inside the pizzeria. welch said he heard about theth false news story on the internet and said he was willing to safe the lives of the children he believed to be abused. he is being held without bond. he is expected to be back in court on friday. > am eyebrows were raised today over donald trump's pick for secretary of state. we'll take a closer look at rex tillerson's ties to vladimir putin. plus we're learning more aboutme the role that ivanka trump woulv have in her father'sfath administration. we'll be right back. first we want to go back to theo breaking news in beltsville, m.. again, this is beltsville,elts maryland, both the north and southbound lanes of i95 are shutdown after five cars and a tractor-trailer were involved in some sort of crash there. no word exactly what happened.en again, this is i95 at the inter county connecte.coun it
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northbound. it looks like they are moving again. we know they shut dun the highway earlier so two helicopters could land to transport we believe people thae were hurt. we'll keep you posted throughout the newscast. z26i0z z17vz
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y26i0y y17vy donald trump's cabinet is takins shape. today the president cng elect td exxonmobil ceo rex tillerson asr secretary ofso state.te his selection is alreadysele prompting negative reaction on cab toll hill and elsewhereelse signaling what could be a fight come confirmation time.time fox's joel waldman has the story. >>reporter: president elect donald trump like himselfe hi picking someone present the business world is his choice toi be the next secretary of state. rex tillerson is the ceo of exxonmobil a 170 billion-dollar7 company with more than 175,000 employees worldwide. we couldn't be more greatful
10:24 pm
proven leadership and accomplishment has been willingg to step forward to serve our nation. senator bob corker appears on board with the businessman.busi mr. tiller son is a very impressive individual and has an extraordinary working knowledge of the world. but tiller son's close ties to russian president vladimir putin has many concerned including democratic senator ben card in i am deeply trouble by mr. tiller son's vocal opposition to us swaptions following its illegal occupation and annexation of ukraine and his close personal relationship with vladimir putin. fox news also learning mr. trumr is expected to name another texa and to his cabinet, former governor rick perry as hisor r choice for secretary of energy.. he's managed one of the biggestt states in the country, not just that, but one o
10:25 pm
economies in the world.worl more announcements and visitors are expected with both bill gates and kanye west visiting trump tower for a long time. we've been friends for aen f licensing speaking of mr. trump's business life even before becoming president he's going to hand over his business empire to hiso two sons so there's no conflict of interest. also today president elect trump elected ryan zin can i to headad the interior department. the 55 year old is a retired navy seal who was awarded two bronze stars for come bat missions in iraq. he beat out kathy mack morrisri rogers for the job. once confirmed zinc i will oversee more than 20 percent of federal land including national parks like yellow stone and ohio som think. > ivanka trump could play ann unofficial role in her father's administration. she could be serng
10:26 pm
to the left. ivanka has already pushed herhe father on the environment andand paid maternity leave. she is strongly into women'som issues and childcare and no one could do it better than her. it is a viral video that has taken off on our fox5 d.c. facebook. many of you are talking aboutut it. security officials dragged adrag woman off a delta flight after they say she boarded improperly. did the airline go too far or did the woman have this coming? you sound off next at 10.
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> this is fox5 local news at 10. we are back now with on look att tonight's top stories beginning with exclusive video of the dui check point that led to thehe arrest of the chairman of the prince george's county liquoriqo sarah simpsons has more.
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on fox5. former chairman of the prince george's county liquor board charles caldwell stumbling hisis way through a field sobriety test. the video was taken monday nighy at the mgn opening last thursday afterning getting into a car accident. it's surfacing hours after heter resigned from his job.b. caldwell is charged with driving under the influence. we're going to show you some pictures once again of what's going on in beltsville, maryland after having been closed forlo about an hour. it now looks like some of thehe lanes of i95 are open near the icc exit and we're talking northbound and southbound. some traffic is now moving. there was a very serious accident there a short time agoe a six-vehicle crash happened in the northbound lanes of i95 just about an hour ago.. this was the scene from sky fox. police tell us a tractor-trailer and five cars were involved.invo at least two people were hurt.ur they were flown by helicopter to
10:31 pm
and the weather is going to g change dramatically in our region in the next 24 to 36 hours. temperatures are going to dropo well blow freezing. vdot crews already are gettinget ready. he were treating the roadways in fairfax county this evening. in northern virginia alone more than 5,000 lane miles will be treated ahead of the expected big freeze. and tony we're keeping a closeoe eye on radar tonight becauseight there has been a few spottyy showers maybe even a few flakes, not a lot, but there is a frontal i boundary that's still going tooi come through later tonight. you can see some of the snow up to the north and it's not out of the question that we could get a few randoman showers, maybe even a few flakes.fl the better chance of seeing than is well to the north and west or down to the south aroundsout southern maryland as you can see here and into central virginia.i all of that activity should besu gone by morning. i just wanted to show you as we look up close not much showing up on our local radar, maybe a
10:32 pm
and there. i also wanted to show you as wes go forward in time our futurecast trying to paint a few more showers before the night is over, but clear skies by wednesday morning, so the sun is back. also i wanted to show you as the bitter blast of artic air comesi in tomorrow night it's possible it could come in in with a fewfe snow showers or flurries about 11:00 tomorrow night.rrow we're going to watch that veryav close limit we have another chance of accumulation on saturday. those details coming in just a few minutes. > hot on the web tonight, cellphone video of police dragging a woman off a delta airplane has gone viral. take a look. it happened at the detroit metropolitan area. she passed the ticket agent at the gait. that's not all she did wrong. as you can see here they dragge her off the plane. fox5's anjali hemphill is live at the airport. i know you've been showing thisi to passengers.seng what are they saying
10:33 pm
>>reporter: well, a lot of people are sounding off kind of frustrated at this woman's behavior. that's been what we're mostlystly seeing. obviously we are in the midst of the holiday travel season and that's got this video reallyreal striking a cord with our viewers. many of you sounded off about it on our social media pages. take a look. pretty compelling cellphone video taken by another passengey on the a plane. you can see the woman in redn lying on the floor in the middle of the aisle while many passengers stand over her.he this is at the detroit airport. then you see the officers grab her by the wrist and drag thedrg woman off the plane as otherthe passengers look on, some even gigging or expressing frustration. the woman did not follow proper check in procedure. however it's not clear how she managed to board that plane. after being asked repeatedly to get off the plane, police saypln they had to physically remove her. of course these incorporationino dents cause concern especially during the busiest
10:34 pm
year. we did get many comments on our facebook so chilled issue. they have rulm0ñ you must follow them. she should have got up andup i would be beyond poed if i had a connecting flight and missed it due to her foolishness and kathy who is also concernedo about security at that airport having been at this airport if she did not comply with some ofe it how did she get onto the concourse in by the way, i can tell you that plain eventually can take off. the woman was arrested and charges are penning. for now we're live at ronald reagan national airport, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. >> just seeing that video i would be absolutely frustrated. there are rules and regulationsg you just can't go past everybode and hospital on a plane and sit down. chrissy. she's put everybody's safety att risk and also made that plane late. some people might have missedise their connecting
10:35 pm
if she didn't cooperate and ther only way to get her off the plane was to drag her, that's what they did.did. uber was accused of using its app to attract more thanthan customer ride requests. why one security expert says he feels violated and is seeking legal action. .
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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> uber is under fire tonight. u the security expert whond was fired property company claims the ride service is able to track its riders' private information. that includes some high profile
10:39 pm
even friends of uber employees. the former security worker is suing uber for age discrimination and whistleblower retaliation after he complained about theafte alleged privacy breach. uber says it has policies in place to prevent any abuse of privacy but admits they might not work if employees find ways around them. retailers in communities acrossr this region charge a bag tax to encourage customers to bringo their own bags to cut down on waste.wa from now on cuisiniers in tacoma park, maryland will not havet ha that option because city officials banned the bag. they hope it will stop the bay to being literred with the bags. the only exception newspaper bags and bags used for produce at stores.stor we hope it finally gets peoplepl to remember to use their bags.g. i think we all have good intentions, but you're running around, you're in -- you're-- going to the grocery store and you're like, left those bags ata home. we're hoping now that thehe plastic bags will
10:40 pm
available it will be the extra incentive to remind people tople take those bags with them. the mayor says city leaders plad to work with businesses to give them plenty of time to comply with the new rules. farmers markets have until the end of 2017. coming up tonight at 11 we're still following the very latest out of maryland on the breaking news situation. it's a bad traffic accident involving a tractor-trailer ando several cars.seve it has backed up traffic on interstate 95. it does look like some traffic is now moving through that areah this is a live look at the scene in beltsville near the inter county connector. we're going to bring you the latest as it comes in. also tonight an armed robber picked the wrong man to target, the celebrity who took down the robber at this gas station. celebrity chef jose and dress is calling for a trust in his legal fight with donald trump.t wi how you wants to clear the airte tonight at 11.1.
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hope about their money. a brand new survey saying 70 percent of americans believec they'll be better off financially in 017 and more than a third are planning to make a financial resolution with savinh more and paying down debt topping the list. the stock market could be one reason why people are optimistii about their financial future. the do you closing at its seventh straight record. now less than 89 points awayway from 20,000.0. it's not just the do you, the nasdaq and the s and p5 ap5 hundred also hitting all-time highs. a word of caution before you start cooking your holiday meals. con air is recalling 8 million cause and art food processors. pieces of the blade can crack off and end up in the food. so far there have been around 30 people reporting injuries.. getting behind the wheel in the golden state might cause some road rage.age. that's because a new report is naming california the worst state for a
10:42 pm
long commute times, car thefts and the cost of filling up are a some of the big reasons why.y. that's a look at business. i'm david asman. .
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> musical legend doll i partonl is stepping up to help theegenhp victims of the devastating tennessee wild fires. 14 people were killed, thousands of homes and businesses wereere destroyed there. tonight she hosted a telethon called smokey mountains rise tot race money for the victims.tims if anybody can make those smokeys rise it is
10:46 pm
she has a beautiful voice. b >> i think she looks amazing for her age. her voice is so youthful, too. it takes a lot of work to do what she does. her fans really appreciate it. i'm a fan, too. the chill is starting to set in. it's chilly tonight, too, but wait until tomorrow and thursdad night, too. we have a nice treat tonight for you sean and tony. greg little, our wonderful foughtographer was down inogra georgetown and he was checkings out the third annual georgetown glow. it's really beautiful.auti it's actually a cure ated outdoor public light artrt installations and it's going to be on display between now and january 1 every night from 6 too 10:00 and the theme this year t and you can find this along the canal and along wisconsin avenue and many other open spaces down there. the theme is contemplation and interaction with the natural environment. that sounds like george town. i love it. and that is bu
10:47 pm
i love those prisms in particular. that is absolutely stunning. by the way, 12 days until christmas. are you ready? are you getting there? i know, i'm not either. don't worry, we're all in this together. tomorrow is a. > day to do your running around p p you don't like it cold. because thursday bitter cold, friday not much better. earlier today frost bug got enough to coat the grass briefly. wednesday will be mainly a dry day. it will certainly be chilly. it will be breezy, but it's not the artic air just that's really tomorrow night and the blast will be felt thursdayt and i'm going to show you some ofyo the wind chills that we're expecting. another big headline is that we have a friday night, saturday, possibly snowy icy storm that we have to watch that will changell over to rain by saturdayurda afternoon as big warm air comes in. it can briefly cause some issues saturday morning and we may even see some accumulation in a
10:48 pm
spots. average high temperature is 47-degrees, though. the story is going to be the big drop in the temperature. tomorrow about 44-degrees. thursday's high only 30 feelingy much colder. friday's high only 29, feelingfl colder and then look whatok happens saturday. in meantime of course we have the warm air system that's going to come in and bring us potentially some messy mix and even overnight friday. 42-degrees here now, that's not bad, but chicago is four andand detroit is here comes the bitter blast of cold air and it's time to comeme in here late tomorrow night, about this time.t th the breezes will be picking up ahead of it tomorrow and we can't rule out some flurries even around this time. 37 in gaithersburg, 34 for we will get a little bit colder. it's going to take a while toil get there. not much showing up on radar at this point. p you can see that there's still h little bit out to our west with the frontal boundary.the let me showfr you the fox5 seven day forecast because again ouran cold day is coming.
10:49 pm
into saturday for snow, sleet, maybe some freezing rain thatn h changes over to rain, 50-degrees on saturday. we jump almost to 60 on sunday with more -- another round of rain likely and then we're cold again on monday and tuesday. so plenty to keep track of inof this busy middle l part of december with 12 days to go until christmas. don't go anywhere. we'll be right back where more 10:00 news.
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> how times have changed in thh nfl, the redskins are far from a lot to make the post season. last year's nfc champion are clawing to get out of the basement. the apartments are out of it after the 2015 and super bowlowl appearance was because one piece of the puzzle is noticing you in burgandy and gold.bu we're talking about josh normann what goes through your mind when you face up to the same guys you were in the trenches last year. >> i don't have any. you got on go
10:53 pm
don't get me started. we're not going there right now. i kind of safe those notions foi anotherons day, i guess.uess > meanwhile christmas came early to landover. lan one of the season's best annual traditions today at fed ex field, the skins santa shop. about 200 elementary kids were on hand served lunch and then he went into the redskins locker room to find their names above the lockers. of course santa was there and so was eric onjoe. i'm sure there is a kid outut there who has been going through a rough time and if this takes away from that, thinking aboutii that or makes a good memory for them to have i'd love to be able to produce that. and there's a big scandal brewing tonight in the world of college football. this is kind of crazy, wake forest university radio commemorate it take iter is
10:54 pm
accused of funnel team documents to opposing teams. it was busted when they blew a second half lead to lose to lose iville. documents were later founded throughout the city. he will not be at the press box two weeks from day. > today was a pretty big day for leukemia and lymphoma society. i had the chance to emcee the kickoff. it is an event they hope will race more than 3 and a half million dollars towards life saving blood cancer research. this is a cause very near andea dear to our hearts. the went will be in march. fox5 is a very proud partner with lls. tony. fantastic. thank you, jim. we want to share with you an exciting event that fox5 will bl involved with later this week. fox5 d.c. cares is partnering with make a wi
10:55 pm
for what promising to be an amazing wish day this friday. the start of our day is this five-year old from maryland. he has leukemia and is currently in treatment. many kids wish to go to dismy ll he wants to do is helpt, but people. he wants to have courage and be a super hero and fox5 d.c. care. is going to help make that him's wish come true. his mom says her son is going tg be so excited and she's greatfuf for make a wish mid atlantic. a what i want other parents to know is that there are people who care for your kids or youror children whatever they're goingo through, there are people thatel will care as well as you. make a wish foundation has been a great support to me and my child. and i will recommend all sick children to school to make a wish foundation. > well, let me tell you, make e wish and fox5 would not be able to pull off what they have planned for this friday without th
10:56 pm
that him doesn't know this yet,, but he is going to be traveling around the area witha firefighters and police officers. at each stop he'll be asked toaske help in some way. our local first responders have been incredibly helpful for the planning of this wish day. you guys will be able to watch it unfold on our fox5 or facebook page. in the meantime think about donating or air miles so the group can help more wishes comee true. we'll be right back with fox5 news at 11. 11.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, “thank you for serving our country” and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast. afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine.
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all seems beautiful to me.
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> this is fox5 a local news at 11 1 #. only on fox5, video of the former chair of the prince george's county liquor board as he fails a field so bitty test outside the mgm national harbor. plus, is metro literally shaking a local neighborhood? the mirror that's in my living room, it dropped down behind the sofa. how the transit agency is responding to the complaints.mpa and atr


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