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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 14, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> only on "fox5"video of former chair of prince george county liquor board as he failed a field sobriety test outside mgm national harbor. >> happening today the region is bracing for that big freeze. vdot crews are already treat iting roads and we're live with the latest on the weather. >> and our region bracing for the big freeze. crews are pretreating roads and it was worth repeating. it will be that cold we want
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you know. >> brain freeze already in effect. >> on a wednesday. >> good morning to you thank you for joining us i'm holly morris. >> i'm maureen umeh. >> today is wednesday, december 14. gary will talk about the freeze ahead and erin talking about troubles on the road. it cleared up ability but will clear up. first let's get you caught up on what is happening the news 5 a.m. these are the headlines you're looking at one right there two traffic alerts i 95 north in prince george it's back on now after a major investigation into a deadly accident. a tractor-trailer and five cars crashed last night happened around 9:00 knowledge ever inter he county connector. a 13 year oldo boy we're hearing was airlifted from the scene and died. three adults were hurt. state police say the wreck was caused when several vehicles suddenly stopped to avoid an suv that was disabled in the roadway. local road crews kicking into high gear in advance of arctic chill on the way. >> "fox5" annie yu joins us liver with more on that, good
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>> good morning to you holly, power and, good morning, everybody, virginia department of transportation is not taking any khachs and i think a lot of us feel better knowing they have a head start on this. they began starting -- started treating roadways yesterday noontime mostly fairfax county area along the parkway and then they'll start again today around noon. and to treat those roads. they have 5,000 miles to cover in the immediate area and they'll treat four different counties including fairfax and prince william county and loudoun and arlington and they're using a brine salt and walter mix. it's better to be safe than sorry. this work will take them a couple days and so they'll be working continuously until thursday to cover all that ground. and child they do their part they're us us to do ours
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check tire air pressures and batteries. aaa is expecting a lot of phone calls about stalled vehicles and things like that. so be prepared. but it is that time of year. once again, that's the latest here in alexandria, annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> "fox5" has obtained exclusive video of the prince george county liquor board chairman failing a sobriety test. it shows him struggling to walk a straight line. it comes on news that he is resigning as chair of liquor control board. he was charged with driver's license and the video shows what we needed to confirm that investigators told us that caldwell failed a feemd sobriety test and also refused breath lieser test. caldwell told "fox5" he had two drinks over a two-hour period. >> d.c. residents in d.c. say metro became a big nuisance and it has nothing to do with safe track. >> he
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from trains pet worth station are literally shaking their homes. melanie alnwick is live in the norm west with the latest. what's going on here, mel? >> reporter: good morning, guys, metro will on in a few minutes. let's see if they have the gates on yet. pretty soon they'll have the gates on and we'll get a chance to see or feel for ourselves perhaps what these people say they have been experiencing. they say all this began about six months ago. neighbors along taylor street northwest and new hampshire avenue started talking to each other and say they notice the same thing a new different kind of sound a deep, low frequency trembling that seemed to happen before metro trains pulled n green and yellow lines do run under these homes. the disturbances seem to coincide with 7,000 series rail cars coming online. homeowners say to them this more than just an annoyance. >> you can feel the vibration whatever it is under there that's coming through the dipping room area. >> at first we tug
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trucks. >> this mirror here fell off the wall. it's on a beam. that's something that never happened. i've been here 55 years or more. >> and so again, many different people here reporting that to us. or actually was a community meeting about this last night. and now we did reach out to metro and metro got back to us saying that it is looking into the complaint about the vibrations and at this point, they have not determined the source and metro going further saying they have not confirmed yet that the vibrations are coming from metro. but i can tell you that's exactly what the people that live in this neighborhood seem to believe that it is coming from. live in northwest i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". 5:05 is the time now and gary it's the only things people are talking about. >> well, wait until i start talking about possibility of snow. i have not really gotten there yet. >> what? >> you just upped ante is that before or after arctic i
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invasion? >> after -- well actually, we potentially have a little snow as arctic air comes in tonight later on in the evening okay and after the commute. after this evening's commute. >> this super cut and body blow comes later. >> and we're up against the rope. >> and we start pounding on kidneys by the time we get to saturday right? there's a chance of some -- there's a chance of showers. i mean this is a crazy 7-day forecast. we'll do the weather here and start with bus stop forecasts and coming up it is up, down, little bit of everything. 2 to 3. obviously 0s in suburbs and upper 0s in town. chilly. nothing falling from the sky there. don't worry about that. 42 to 46 later this afternoon. we should have good amounts of sunshine today. obviously not going to be too tear bally cold. numbers out there just so you can see where we are now we're 40 in town and gaithersburg up to 0 and dulles
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winchester 36. some places not bad and we'll warm up to middle to upper 40s today. pretty much across the region. 7 day is coming up. you'll want to stick around for that. it's got something for everybody. here's erin como with a look at traffic. >> 5:0 gary right now volume picking up as you come down through clarksburg passing maryland 109, 270 southbound, 730 to clarksburg no delays to report and because of all that increased volume we may start to see slow downs. i'll keep you updated on that one. nobody side deep creek looking good. forwarding cameras. this a little pedal right here and i almost tripped and it's wednesday and i deposit i'll consider that a win. 95 to beltway to 14 street bridge great shape freeway east and westbound is also moving along lo
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bridge problem free in oxon hill coming from prince george county into vir vr i like what i'm seeing in terms of volume it's light and quiet. largo is problem free outer loop to bw parkway and inbound 410 to bladeensburg road it's quiteet. all the second aires looking good. we're problem free as you make your way outside the beltway looking good inside the beltway silver spring and 66 as you cruise to nutly street at speed metro on time except for safe track. back to you maureen and holly. >> time 5 o 08 a solemn day in connecticut. >> four years in fact since one of the worst school shootings in u.s. history 20 first graders and six teachers killed in sandy hook in newtown and the memorial planned to remember those lives lost. >> as we head to brk a live look across the d.c. region it's 5:08 and a chilly 39 this morning. more "fox 5 news morning" after this. be noisy. be silent.
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be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. espressos, and donuts. >> happening rights now at 5:09 activists in syria say m woulding resumed in aleppo signaling collapse of truce deal meant to help civilians evacuate the site. it is held up by iranian fighters that renewed shelling of rebel part of city this comes as syrian army and allies are accused
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horrific acts of violence. new un report seeing 80 civilians were killed on spot by syrian forces. happening today it has been four years as soon as that horrific shooting in sandy hook elementary. newtown connecticut will make the anniversary with a moment of silence a troubled 0-year-old gunman shot his way into the schoolhouse and killed 0 children and six teachers and he shot his mother before driving to the school and killed hillself after the rampage. relatives of the 36 people who died in the oakland warehouse fire continue to mourn. but they may also get ready to take legal action. children and spouses of the dead are well within their legal triingts sue and could ask city of oak land for large sums of money. survivors have two years to file claims and survivors have just six months. >> and a hearing related to
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prosecutors wanted to call as man question as 13 cosby previous accuse rz as witnesses to support andrea's costin's claim that she was sexually abused: cosby's lawyers are trying to get them banned from testifying. >> developing in western europe. there are growing concerns about possibility of terror attack during the holidays. security forces in severity countries rounding up terror suspects and crackdown underway france, girl nirks britain an other countries. authorities have intelligence that suggest plans may number the work for attack over the next couple of weeks. they've detained dozens of people. >> remember the west virginia woman us is sended for racist post about first lady michelle obama returning to work lightser this month. taylor sparked national outrage when they made a post saying the first lady
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heels it was sdleeted but not before it went virm. they was suspended from director role at non pravt that helps seniors and low-income residents she's scheduled to return to work on december 3. >> coming up on "fox news morning" rapper kanye west and donald trump becoming buddy buddy. find out what happened when the two mogels met up and what is kanye west saying after the big meeting at trump towers. details ahead in the trending section. >> thumbs i never thought i would see, right? >> okay. >> as we head to break now, let's look live across the d.c. yeejon this wednesday morning. we're at 5:12, 39 degrees and we're become back after this
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♪ >> we can all use a night in hollywood. california i'm thinking is a lot, lot warmer than it is here. >> showing you a live picture of reagan national.
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>> ar gary we don't want to be here for the arctic blast. >> it's 8:45 flight for burbank let's do it. >> dlots it. >> i'm in. >> i get you, i get you. a lot of people like it. a lot of people like this stuff. we have a little bit of everything on the 7-day forecast. i think if you like it we'll probably have it here in a couple seconds i want to show you that. stick with me now for two minutes and twelve seconds 40 for reagan national and dulles 4 and same bwi marshall. it's not super cold outside. here it s columbus 13 right now. detroit is 9. chicago you can see it 5 degrees. there's leading push of this arctic air. it's pretty shallow. it will not make it all the way down to the south. we'll have quite a bit of warm-up quickly after this arctic air invades for a couple days. here's the setup. we have 40s. obviously 40s are not here it will be super cold. for us 40s today. jet stream takes a drop as this arctic air comes in tonit,
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really through friday and then it starts to get out of here on saturday. we're talking 20s and 30s and this doesn't matter. it doesn't matter what the air temperature will be especially for tomorrow. i think we'll be right around 30 for a high temperature and wind chill factor tomorrow will be in the the single digits and it will also be in the teens for most of the day tomorrow. wow. quite a bit different than today. saturday now saturday is interesting because we'll be cold friday night. we'll get a little possibility of snow and it may accumulate around here as well and we'll warm up real quick. so this early saturday mix is actually going to go to saturday afternoon rain. we'll get to 50 degrees and how about sunday? close to 60 degrees and after being so, so cold the next couple days around here. and we'll have a possibility of late rain showers on sunday there's no reason it won't be rain because it will be so warm. cold air comes many it tonight and as cold air comes in few clouds will ganl
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afternoon and evening by late evening we think there could be as this cold air comes in it find a little moisture in the atmosphere and squeeze it's out in form of light snow possibly rain further south where it's warm enough here and burst of snowy think it's good especially virginia treating roads out there we could get a burst of snow showers here or there and that could complicate things on the road. and tomorrow, lots of sunshine. it will be dry tomorrow. except there may be a flurry or two coming down from the northwest with all this cold air. tomorrow is cold and windy and we'll have wind chill factors tomorrow in the single digits and teens. something for everybody. not bad today, 45. really cold, thursday, friday, snow potential friday night and it could accumulate in spots. then we go to rain on saturday afternoon. rain on sunday. and then we get cold again next monday and tuesday. that is up and down 7 day forecast. you have to admit that erin you can see that. >>
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i'm kenned i'm driving to philly saturday. >> what time. >> in the morning. >> it will be a problem. >> good to know. adjusting my travel plans according to gary. he's the best. right now 20 southbound delay and keep in mind if you head out and about in the area delay free right now 70 to montgomery country and like what i'm seeing there. 70 east and westbound looking good and problem free through ol any as well and outer loop 95 route 1 problem free fly beltville and we're nice and quiet all of the options between call toll beltway and baltimore beltway and i'll let you know if that changes. 66 eastbound gainsville to mannasas and centerville and oakton looking good and 28 mannasas and also quiet and 395 upper and outer loop across the wilson bridge that's all area bridges looking good. if you take metro they'
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surge 11 and impact in orange and silver. any question erin "fox5" d.c. twitter. back to you lauren and maureen. >> thanks erin. >> let's look at stories you're engaging with. >> paul ryan booed in home state of wisdom martin while speaking at a rally for president-elect trump. he was harsh critic of trump during the campaign and president-elect seems to have put the hard feelings aside calling ryan a "fine wine whose genius he appreciates more and more." >> new details about kanye west visit with donald trump and rapper tweet about visit to trump tower yesterday afternoon. he sgraibz the meeting at talk about multi-cultural issues including bullying, education and violence. his visit to the big apple was his first major outing since release from los angeles psychiatric hospital in november. >> finally walmart helping out
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holiday procrastinators and offering free christmas eve store pick up for orders placed online by december 23 and online destinations specifically for last minute guests. go to minute gifts to easily find items available for same someday pickup in the days least being up to christmas. december 2 at noon local time is last day to place an order on for rush delivery. hope you got that. little much. >> need a dry erase board to figure that out. >> just do it now. >> fox news morning next time you shop bring your own bag if you live in this town. >> many areas in dmv charging 5 cepts for a plastic bag at store. in one small maryland city you cannot get a place kick bag even if willing to pay for it. >> as we head to break. a live look across the d.c. region, 5:20 is the time. we're inching through the morning, folks we have more to share. don't go anywhere. fox news morning
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>> happening now retailers in communities across the region kharing a bag tax to cut down on waste. customers in tacoma park won't have that option. city officials planned plastic bag. they're hoping it stops the chesapeake bay from being littered with the bag. farm marker et cetera have until the end of 2017 to comply. >> fruit fewer of sdriving maying closer than we think. they're pushing to make cars to talk with each other to try to prevent accidents. transportation department says under proposed rule all cars and trucks will be required to use same technology for vehicles to vehicles communications. cars could send location, speed and direction to other cars which regulators say will help drivers
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>> hm. >> cuisinart recalling food processors because the blade may crack over time. there's been 69 reports of consumers finding broken pieces of blade in processed food. 22 models of food processors with four rivets are included in the recall sold july 1996 through december 05 when sold and if you have one stop using it and contact kui sixt nart for a free replacement blade. >> for eighth straight year citizen hotel posted list. to highlight the big stories and news makers good and bad of 2016. nice list includes maryland chicago cubs and david bowie and prince. the naughty list meanwhile includes clowns, pokemon go and 2016 election. >> i agr
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i agree. >> i didn't think anyone would disaagree with that right? >> not so controversial. >> but, the weather. >> the naughty list mother nature for giving us this super cold weather. >> you will be shocked tomorrow morning when you come in the building. i'm telling you that. >> why i'm anticipating it. >> well, no, i don't think we can properly and. >> i cannot wrap my mind around how cold it will feel tomorrow when i come in. >> it's been a while since it's been this cold. >> like how long. >> a while. >> last year. >> a while. >> she tries to put me on the spot. there's wiggle room everywhere, right? >> here's where we are in terms of forecast for today. it won't be too terribly bad. it will be balmy compared to tomorrow and compared to friday and we'll warm back up for the weekend and be close to 60 sunday and that's right what 60 will be close on saturday and i mean sunday pardon me. here's what's going on. nine,
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minneapolis 9 degrees leading edge of arctic air it's cold. and zero may be below and that means statistic electricity will be flying everywhere and on thursday and friday and then again we moderate colder air gets down to the coast and florida and there will be a lot of warm air down there it comes back up into our neck of woods bilateraler part of weekend and not before we could have potentially snow friday night into early, early saturday morning. temperatures for late today, 45, and snow bursts leading edge of arctic air comes through. hopefully air and snow shower activity we get will be after evening commutes. hope flingly 9, 10, 11:00 something like that. >> that sounds way bet to me, dare. we know what rain and snow can do to the roads around the dmv right now however as you wake newspaper stafford
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wednesday morning 95 northbound, 17 and now we do have increased volume and not enough to turn our flap green to yellow. i will will the you know when that changes. route 1 north and southbound cruising and no problems springfield interchange and we'll take a look northern maryland next, holly and maureen. >> thanks, erin, appreciate it. if you are watching "fox 5 news" thank you. time is 5:27 that's what you need to know and it's 40 degrees. so it's chilly out there. bundle up. tomorrow you have to wrap your whole body that's how cold it will be meanwhile we have a lot to share. don't go anywhere this wednesday morning you're watching fox news morning, we're back after this.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> right now at 5:30 net row blamed for moving and shaking in one d.c. neighborhood and disturbance they're raising their voysz about. live with the details. >> our region is bracing for the big freeze. vdot crews treeingt roads and we're live with the latest on the weather and gary has our full forecast. >> and good morning. thank you for joininging us i'm maureen umeh in for wisdom. >> and i'm holly morris today is wednesday, december 14. >> gangs here, gary is working that arctic invasion forecast. erin has eyes on the road and she's back after a few days
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first we'll start with the news. >> all right if you wake up now at 5:30 let's bring you up do date on morning's top stories sad news from the roads the 13-year-old boy died after a crash i 95 prince george county happened on i 95 north around 9 north of inter county corrector a tractor-trailer and three vehicles were with involved. two of those cars stopped suddenly to aindividual a disabled vehicle in the roadway. three adults railroad hurt. northbound lanes were reopened at 4. >> police are investigating a shooting in suitland maryland at an apartment complex in the 39 0 0 block of stone gate lane. the victim was found a i'll mile away at a gas station on suitland road. we are told he is in critical condition. >> now overseas to syria activists say bombings have resumed in aleppo signaling collapse of cease-fire deal. and the evacuation deal is held up by iranian fighters who
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of the city. >> friends and family are playing tribute to alan thick. he ha a heart attack yesterday while playing hockey with 19-year-old son inal call. best known for role as the dad on 80 sitcom growing pains and he was also a talented song writer and man behind the scene as different strekz and facts of life. he is sure vivrd by three sons including acceptinger robin thick. he was 69 years old. >> happening today, hundreds of contracted wheelchair attendants at ul its will be trikeing to protest low wages. the group earnings as little as $6.15 per hour plus tips and asking for a raise to $15 an hour. >> "fox5" obtained exclusive video of the former chairman of the prince george county liquor board failing a field sobriety test last thursday. and it shows charles caldwell struggling to walk a straight line with an officer looking
5:33 am
on. this comes as news yesterday that caldwell is resigning as chair of the liquor control board. the video seems to confirm what investigators are telling us that caldwell failed a field sobriety test and also refused a breathalyzer test. caldwell told "fox5" he had two drinks offer a two-hour period. >> residents in pet worth say they can barely sleep at night and they say it's all metro's fault. >> that's because they say the trains are causeing a major noise problem and even damaging some homes. melanie alnwick is live northwest with that story, hey, mel. >> good morning, so about three dozen residents met with metro and d.c. officials complaining about this. they say that the rumbling and shaking really began in ernest last summer. they're concerned about integrity of their homes and also concerned about the integrity of the ground their homes are built on. and we're talking about neighbors arounds several blocks of the pet worth metro at
5:34 am
they all started talking to each other and noticing the same things. i new, different kind of sound a deep, low frequency trembling that seemed to happen before metro trains pulled n green and yellow lines do run underneath some of these homes and disturbances seem to coincide with new 7,000 series rail cars korling online. now, homeowners say it's more that just annoy apps it's actually caused things to fall off their walls and even damage their floors. and now the 7,000 series rail cars are heavier than the older ones. we did reach out to metro and metro told us it's investigating these complaints but as this point, metro says it has not pin pointed the source or even whether these rumblings and sounds are even coming from metro. but the investigation does continue. and live in north west i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". vdot crews are prepping for old man winter. treating roadways in fairfax county last night. in northern virginia alone more than 5,000 lanes of miles of
5:35 am
hit with the big freeze. vdot will target roadways in prince william and loudoun and arlington an crews will, would would going today and again tomorrow. >> all right we've been talking about it gary mcgrady hard at work trying to get it altogether for us. >> turning away -- >> very dramatic. >> it's so slow. i don't even know what it's showing. hold on one second. >> okay. >> briefly. >> is it frozen. >> no, no, not yet. >> it's just wednesday or something i don't know. >> who knows. >> all right. >> hello. >> bracing for what comes our way. >> yes, it s get ready for it it's crazy because we'll be unbelievably cold tomorrow and friday. and then by sunday we're talking about close to 60. >> it's nuts. >> i know why but -- >> mother nature is manic. >> by monday nobody has a voice right because it's going to be all over the place. >> here's where we are. bus stop forecast this among for the kids. all go
5:36 am
so, to 30. some spots upper 0s. most of us are right there above 0 or so. close to 40. and after school 4 to 46. we should see good amounts of sunshine today and few more clouds late in the afternoon. arctic air is poised okay to the northwest of us. so it starts to come on through later on this evening and that may squeeze out a snow shower or two late evening. hopefully all that is after the evening commute. here's erin como speaking of commuting how is it going this morning. >> right now we're seeing typical morning con squeington popping up. 270 southbound you can see now this is out by 109 volume increasing and from 70 to truck scales as you head out of frederick you need typical ten extra minutes now and you see things start to brak up. as we look inside the beltway 50, 50 through chefly increased volume as you pass by 20. be mindful of that. we'll take a welcome at maps at dale city starting to see congestion. 95
5:37 am
acap. holly and maureen. >> thanks, erin, appreciate it. >> coming up uber accuseded of using app to track more than customers ride requests. >> why one security expert feels violated and is seeking legal action against uber. >> a live look across the region. time now is 5:37. ohh the moon. all right. 5:37 is the time. 40 temps, back after that and fwreeting from men and women serving over sea this holiday season. ♪ hi i'm a 1 c pettit currently deployed in afghanistan and i wanted to say happy holidays to my friend and family montgomeryville annual maryland. happy holidays and i'll see you soon.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, “thank you for serving our country” and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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>> 5:4 the tomorrow. you beener under fire. the ride service is able to track riders private information that includes high profile poll intergitys,
5:41 am
employees. former security wore ering is usuing uber for age discrimination and wrisle blower retaliation after complaining about alleged privacy breach she said they have policy any place to not breach policy but. >> marijuana chewing gum could be the next big thing. , called axom biotech received patent approval for we'd infused chewing gum med chew rk and is undergoing clinical trials. it's expected to be used to treat pain and muscle spasms in patient with multiple sclerosis. wow need a doctor's approval to get it. if approved it should be available by 2018. >> trump administration found someone to perform for the inaugust raiing. opera singer andrea bochelli mr. trump said to be a huge fan approached her personally a
5:42 am
>> 5:41 coming up on "fox news morning" a viral video taking off on fox5dc facebook page. many of you are talking about. security officials sdrainging a woman after a delta flight after boarded improperly. did the airline go too far or did she have this coming. >> let's look live across the d.c. region. 5:42. 40 degrees. fox news morning back after this
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my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> the private one is the one we take. >> exactly. >> and the wheels up on the g 5 at 8:31 right that's what we're doing. 45 -- just joking. >> and 45 degrees. we'll be lucky to get a southwest airline and 45 degrees for washington and mastracchio and 47 highs today good enough for sunshine too. enjoy this. because it will get cold. arctic blast is coming and there's nothing we can do to stop it except one array to warmer climate if you can do that. buffalo down to 15. here in washington 40. since natty is 18 detroit is 9 and chicago five and look at all this below zero stuff. up to the north of us, there's trt
5:47 am
zero. that's actual air temperature. polar vortex is slipping down and circulation of polar vortex will be right up here. southern sections of hudso air in. and it will be fleeting though. it will not stick around for very, very long. it's a pretty shallow air mass and it will be replaced by some significantly warmer air mass by the latter part of the -- for the warm air up -- down from the south up hereby the latter part of weekend. arctic express no doubt on the way though that will take temperatures into the 0s. and the 30s tomorrow's wind chill factors will be in the teens and single digits too. and what about the weekend. we warm up quickly. it's friday evening. into early saturday morning. we will go snow to sleet and possibly freezing rain and then over to all rain on saturday. 50. and by sunday, some places will be close to 60. weep be close to 60. some places may be to 60 de agrees to the south of us.
5:48 am
i want to show you future later on this afternoon and evening arctic air will come in. 5, 6, 7:00 winds pick up and temperatures traumatically dropping late this afternoon. especially north and west. and then there could be a couple of little snow showers getting squeezed out of this cold air mass. briefly and they'll quickly move on off to the eeingd and to the southeast. but, again, keep that in mind. 9, 10, 11:00 we can see that. here's 7 day forecast all over the place. 45 today, 30 tomorrow, feels like single digits and teens seriously and very cold, not as windy friday and we go friday night we can get a little snow accumulate and then eventually to rain on saturday afternoon. late showers close to 60 on sunday. and then next week we're right back down into the 30s. wow. that is a roller coaster if you have ever seen one. >> here's erin >> i'm on a roller coaster of emotion right now gary. >> think about it. >> think about the forecast. >> i hate to do that to you. >> i'll have to get out the gloves and warm winter loathes. we have a crash
5:49 am
laend parkway stanton road and watch for delays building inbound 295 northbound to 11 street bridge quiet and same story on saub side as you make your way 50 to the bridge. we are starting to see a little volume picking up and you can see the yellow towards pennsylvania but not tear ill and 50 unbound 410 to bladeensburg is looking nice and new york avenue getting a little congestion and not enough to slow us down. outer loop 95 to georgia at speed and 95 towards bwi flowing freely in southbound side from icc to beltway still in great shape. same story route 1 and baltimore washington parkway and seeing delays pick up. no longer delay free on 270 from 70 to truck scales only a ten minute delay because of congestion and once you get to 109 you on up from clarksburg through gaithersburg and rockville and 66 eastbound we are starting to see that congestion pop up from 234 to nutly street. give yourself about five to seven extra minute and majority of the congestion 23
5:50 am
i'll let you know when that changes and northbound 395 quiet and inbound bridges cruising. i'll keep you updated on morning traffic. metro on time except for safe track surge 11, holly and maureen. >> cellphone video of police dragging a woman off eye delta airplane has gone viral. this happened at the detroit metropolitan airport. officers say the woman skipped past the ticket agent at the gate and boarded plain she was asked repeatedly to get off and refused police then had to physically remove her she was arrested and charges are pending college as cross the country are becoming bomb sniffing dogs to campus to combat increased secure think threats. they're ovrp a hub for bombers seeking maximum carnage and justin department is stepping in to help fund those. >> and let's look at stories you're sharing on social media this morning. >> a
5:51 am
about. 18 up indicted from the heroin ring from maryland it to west virginia and they say the operation began in august of 2015 and ended just last week. >> and next up prince harry's girlfriend actress megan markle wrote a powerful essay about social media trolls. 5-year-old opened up about the backlash she endured when producer of a show cast a plaque actor to play her on screen father and comments rap the gamut why would they make her dad black to ohh she's black i used to think she was hot. markle said she had to block and report several comments and made the decision to find her own identity and push for positive change when it comes to racism in hollywood. >> president-elect trump is calling for return to the phrasemerry christmas. at a recent rally michigan fledged we will start saying merry christmas again. many department stores kept sakeular decorations but don't havemer
5:52 am
>> and in a rare show of bipartisanship president obama signed into law a fight against cancer and drug abuse. 1 century act invested 1.8 billion in cancer research moon shot to defeat the disease once and for all. overall the law calls for spending 6.billion over the coming decade to develop new treatment and policies for dealing with country's major health issues. vice-president biden helped sphere head the initiative. >> 21 century cure act will harness best mind, science, medicine and technology to tackle some of our biggest and most complex health challenges today. some of the money will be used to research and find treatments for opiate addiction, mental illness, alzheimer's disease and other major illnesses. >> it will be a memorable holiday season for michael bubla and h
5:53 am
son noah will be home for christmas. he is undergoing chemotherapy for liver cancer. doctors say he is well enough to go home. >> great news. >> that's right. >> pulling for you. >> "fox5" partnering with mack a wish mid atlantictic for season of wishes campaign. >> we're getting ready for a big make a wish a 5-year-old from maryland is named kaheem he wants ton a hero to help people. he we are working with mack a wish to help his wish come true we'll have coverage live fox news morning fox news at 5 and also 6 and on our facebook page you can help make more wishes come true by donating mid atlantic-season of >> when you see stories you see michael bublae's son and battling it and you see kaheem here it doesn't discrimination. blood cancer specifically for make a wish
5:54 am
and they do such incredible work and it's not just a wish granted for the child it's really it's a moment for the family and we can't say enough about this group if you have not donated on your heart this time of year anything, anything helps it's important and if ever there's a take to watch the news, friday. it will be a memorable day indeed. >> 5:54 now time for facebook fan of the day. we want to say, hello, to kira. look at you pretty. today is kyra's birthday. >> no way she's turning 50 today. >> you can tell us the truth now. >> you look 5. >> what? >> you're 25. >> what? >> you're 25 stop the lying okay? good lord you're gorgeous. she never miss as i moment of
5:55 am
absolute favorite wisdom and tucker. >> wisdom took your birthday off to celebrate. >> he was blinded by the beauty. thank you, we appreciate it for your chance to be face back fan of the day post your picture under this. >> unbelievable. >> 50? >> unbelievable. >> i want your night cream. >> seriously what is that. >> or whatever elixir you're taking you're gorgeous. >> have you noticed so many people when our parents were 50 you thought they were so old and nowadays 50 is like 25. >> i know. >> i know. >> trust me my kids think i'm old. >> you are old. >> no, 50 is the new 12 apparently my gosh. 8 to 38 degrees. i hear you in my ear tammy i know i have a couple more second here. 42 to 46 cool conditions with sunshine too all right listen it's going to get cold tomorrow you know tucker will tell
5:56 am
friday night here's erin with a look at traffic. >> hi, gary, 5:55 we have delays train malfunction huntington as we look at rails and yellow line residual delays to mount vernon in addition to safe track surge 11 ongoing through december 21 impacking orange and silver line. as we move for a look of southern maryland northbound brandywine road crash delays to 01. five at 301 split backing up and baltimore, washington parkway northbound we have a disabled vehicle blocking left lane by 198. as you can get outside the beltway you may see a slow down. keep it right. 95 route 1 alternates if you want to hop on those instead. beltway squiet. morning congestion around the dmv. keep to fox news morning and we'll keep you updated on the morning ride here at fox 5.
5:57 am
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we get in that spot in life, it's kind of nice to have 'em there. (avo) through the subaru share the love event, we've helped deliver over one point four million meals to those in need. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ sxwlv a "fox5" sdlusive video of failed dui check point that cost a liquor control chairman his job. >> and also on strike a push for higher wages and this is the scene at reagan national airport right now where workers plan to strike this morning. >> and another live look outside wednesday morning september 14 chilly out there and nothing like the arctic blast. unfortunately it's headed our way. warm and traffic on the fives at 6:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> 24 hours
6:00 am
going to feel it. lx to "fox 5 news morning". >> local road crews are already preparing for old man winter vdot was treating roadways in fairfax county last night and in northern virginia alone more than 5,000 lane miles will be treated before getting hits with the big freeze. >> developing overnight, 13-year-old boy has died after a major crash on i 95 prince george county. this happened on 95 north around 9:00 last night just north of icc. the tractor-trailer and three vehicles were involved. state police say the crash happened after truck and two cars stopped suddenly to aindividual a disabled vehicle that was in the roadway and three adults said it was also hurt. >> and suitland maryland police investigating a shooting at apartment complex this happened around 9:00 last night in 3900 block of stone gate lane. victim was actually found a mile away at a gas station on suitland road. we're told heeds in critical condition. >> happening today hundreds of workers in international at


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