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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 14, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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going to feel it. lx to "fox 5 news morning". >> local road crews are already preparing for old man winter vdot was treating roadways in fairfax county last night and in northern virginia alone more than 5,000 lane miles will be treated before getting hits with the big freeze. >> developing overnight, 13-year-old boy has died after a major crash on i 95 prince george county. this happened on 95 north around 9:00 last night just north of icc. the tractor-trailer and three vehicles were involved. state police say the crash happened after truck and two cars stopped suddenly to aindividual a disabled vehicle that was in the roadway and three adults said it was also hurt. >> and suitland maryland police investigating a shooting at apartment complex this happened around 9:00 last night in 3900 block of stone gate lane. victim was actually found a mile away at a gas station on suitland road. we're told heeds in critical condition. >> happening today hundreds of workers in international at
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striking to protest low wages. >> with more on who workers are and what they're striking for we're joined by "fox5" annie yu this morning. good morning. >> hey, good morning, steve, allison, good morning, everybody, we're told that the strike is supposed to hadden closer to 6:0 this morning reagan national and this is not the first strike in fact this issue has been going on for about two years now and this is the first time that workers from dulles will be swroyning in on the strike. now, this could not have come at a worse time. as you know, we're diving into the holiday season and right behind me, it is hustling and bustling at reagan national. hundreds of d.c. area airline workers come together today demanding meyer pay. we're talking about those wheelchair attendant, baggage handlers all request are for a hike in pay. right now they're getting $6.15 and they're asking for $15 an hour. they work for huntly usa a
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texas company and they employ roofly 400 workers both airports. i can tell you this morning we spoke to a spokesperson that tells us the workers are putting pressure on mwaa to make things happen because they can being the middle person here. there's a board meeting with mwaa later this evening 9:00 and they plan to attend that meeting putting more pressure on those officials. mean while, the rally starts here at 6:30 and then at 7:45 workers will be joined by elected officials and as well as members of the community who support the greater cause. that's the latest from reagan national annie yu, "fox5 local news". >> and annie, thank you. now to video you'll only see on "fox5". it shows the former chairman of the prince george county liquor board failing a field sobriety test last thursday. charles caldwell can be seen struggling to wack a straight line. this video comes after news caldwell resigned fr
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he told "fox5" he had two drinks offer a two-hour period. >> a rockville man admitted killing his neighbors last year will spend the rest of his life behind bars a judge sentenced scott tom zwinski to two life sentences he pled guilty to murdering richard and julie anne velardo stole items from their home and went on a cruise afterle killing. >> and charges filed against a north carolina man that filed an assault rifle inside comet ping-pong in washington d.c.. he me tlevd theres with a sex trafficking ring inside the news shop. that story was fake and he's expected in federal court friday. >> big tech r can eo will meet with president le lekt today. mr. trump outed secretary of state nominee at the rally exxon mobile rex tillerson. he did not expect to win the election. he believed polls and was planning to lose. that's why he didn't want to have a big victor
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>> the british man that tried to attack donald trump at a rally in loss ves ago has been stnsed to a year in chael jail. he tried to grab a police officer's gun in a plan to kill the billionaire. >> this morning we remember a famous tv -- no that's not the right video. alan thick we're talking about. again not right individual dwro. he's best known for plague perhaps dr. jason -- >> let's come back to that story. >> growing pains. >> 69 years old pass away. >> was he 69. >> really sad he was on so many different shows throughout his career and that's when we watched tv. >> surprising i seen him in the news recently maybe doing commercials or something. >> i last saw him on wife swap. >> okay. >> soy learned about his family and all that stuff. >> right. >> famous son right. >> robin thick
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>> yeah. >> we'll talk more about that. sorry about that folks. >> meanwhile right to the weather. cold, cool, chilly conditions to start the day, reagan national 38. reason i hesitate seeing cold is this will not feel cold in a couple days. dulles 33. bwi marshall 31. arctic front we've been advertising for better part of week will arrive not so much during the daytime hours today that will arrive tonight and today will be partly to mostly cloudy day and daytime highs in the mid 40s. start with sunshine. nice sunrise, later today clouds approach. when the front comes through tonight maybe few flurries and cold and blustery conditions overnight and we're in for a big, big chilling thursday and friday. today, mid 40s. that's about where we should be this time of year. cool out there and partial sunshine. dry. >> one more normal day. >> thursday, friday, very cold. saturday interesting with wintry mix of rain and a lot to talk about. >> all right. we'll he see you again 6:15. >>
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morning. >> thank you so much good morning 6:05 now good morning allison you got your haircut it looks beautiful. >> thank you, erin, you are the only one that noticed it up here. i appreciate you back. >> upper and outer loop by 95. outer loop not looking good. right now typical 15 minute delay. 95 to georgia because of growing congested in job and inner loop better. let switch it over and show you a look at maps now. we have a, other problems northbound north broupd branch avenue and crash brandywine and delays to 301 split and you need extra time there and clinton traffic heavy 5 inbound as well 210 to for the washington and northbound side you to the parkway heavy as well. i did the cool snap i had clicker that was fail. northbound maryland now and volume building and looking fine in rockville on 270 southbound as you make your way, however, volume building 70 to
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side and right now ten extra minutes there and 70 in clear and ol any looking good and earlier disabled bw parkway near 19 cleared and northbound dale city to parkway don't like what i'm seeing there it's 20 minute delay stafford to beltway. once you get to upper loop through annandale quiet. yellow line has residual delays 395 looking good. keep that many mind if you take metro. inside from that 95 southbound by weigh station down in virginia we're dealing with a crash. we'll check in next. back to you steve and allison. >> battle with aleppo picking up overseas and civilians way to evacuate. >> and special honor for the man that inspired ice bucket challenge to help fight and bring awareness to als we'll be right back once again, this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day.
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who will feel its embrace? no one knows for sure. but one thing is certain -- its arrival is as inevitable as dawn. ♪♪ z26i0z z17vz
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y26i0y y17vy >> new developments out of syria cease-fire deal in aleppoff not holding. bombing rates over aleppo buses sit empty waiting to evacuate that syrian city. delay is blamed on syrian government which now has complete control of the rebel hill districts. >> close call for five marines when the off spray they were in crash landed on -- off coast of japan.
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this is video of the crash site. all members on board successfully rescued and latest incident have a week after a u.s. marine died after a fighter jet crashed. >> more than 20 years later new dna testing in jonbenet ramsey case and that would tap into a dna bank. she was found dead in her basement day after christmas in 1996. >> and in newton, connecticut marks two years since hand sandy hook school incident. they will be remembered between 9:30 and 9:45 the time the shootings took place. >> and big honor for the man that inspired ice bucket challenge ncaa awarded pete freddies with the inspiration award in his massachusetts home. former boston college baseball captain due to progress of als
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trip next year. he was diagnosed in 2012 and the challenge raised more than $115 million for als association since it took off two years ago. >> mixing good old fashioned charity and money raising with what's going on now the whole viral videos it's the best. so great to find a cure. why frito lay is dropping super bowl commercial. >> and live look outside as we head to break this it wednesday morning. we're focused on traffic. 95 beltway and pretty typical delays so far many the morning. tomorrow we're worried about. we'll explain why next. 6:1 1.
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>> well, well, well, what do we have here? apple lovers and iphone lovers this is what they're waiting for apple air pods headphones available for shipping timely. maybe available in time for holidays. close call. orders can be made online now with in-store availability slated for next week. cost $159. >> and for gamers out there super mario coming to apple iphone today. customers can download nintendo super mario run. it costs 10 of 10 apple gets of that. tuck, there you go. keep busy on the phone today playing super mario. >> hands free device you can speak into it.
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>> you can speak into it. >> they're wireless like when you talk on phone like bluetooth thing. >> cool. >> but two of them too, both ears. >> it looked weird. maybe you could get used to it. >> maybe it takes getting used to. arctic blast incoming and the real deal here. we'll talk about how cold it will be or probably are aware it's coming. but it won't get here until overnight tonight. by tomorrow morning you'll start to feel effects. this is plain old december cold out. 8 washington and 36 leonardtown and freezing temperatures gaithersburg and 3 and 30 in gaithersburg and 33 dulles and 34 this morning whip chester. it's cool out there. make sure you're dressed appropriately as you head out this morning. plenty of sunshine. when it decides it wants to rise and nice start to the day. litter this afternoon we will get cloud cover as next front approaches. this is bigger look at what is happening and arctic boundary is still well off
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into parts of upper midwest. it will drop down quickly tonight. we might kick up awe flurry with it as it moves on through later this evening and then winds pick up and temperatures start to fall overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning. all right. 40s and chilly this afternoon. we'll have sunshine first half of day and cloud this afternoon and should be pretty good shape. i want to he show you as that front arctic front there we are a5:00 tonight and as arctic front comes through quick burst of snow shower activity at 11 and wind physician up and very, very cold arounder here. i want to focus on late week. very cold, thursday, friday, friday night and saturday looks like a period of winter warm around here that will transition to rain on saturday as we get warmer temperatures. we could have light accumulations before the transition occurs. again if you have plans saturday morning keep a close eye on the forecast. there could be light ak laces fofore change
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>> allison by time of birthday party saturday evening you'll be fine. >> tucker, please don't -- >> i know. i got work to do on saturday. i want to point out again very cold temperatures around here thursday and friday. all right. that is weather update. erin is back with all things roadways. how was your trip. >> the trip was so much fun. got to see one of my good friends get married and ate good southern food and slept a lot i call it a win. >> good wedding stories. >> for sure. we'll talk later. if you head out this wednesday morning sky fox and college park over the topside of beltway and this is outer loop where we have heavy volume picking up 95 to georgia and 15 minute delay inner loop quieter and not tear ill and no crashes i'll let you know if and when any of that changes we switch to sky fox and cameras i don't like what i'm seeing 395 northbound to 14 street bridge heavy volume from pentagon to across the bridge. give yourself extra time there. and from the beltway however to pentagon you're in ch
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shape. this is look at 66 right now. 66 has heavy volume as you make your way out from the area 234 to sutly. so right now you need a good 0 extra minute to get to 24 to beltway. inside the beltway light volume falls church as you make your way to arlington and 95 northbound coming past route 1 brake lights heavy volume by courthouse road adds well. a look at maps. metro skipping rail and roads. service resumed on yellow line. residual delays to mount vernon square. other than that safe track surge 11 you see the delay i mentioned 95 northbound 17 to aquia harbor through stafford. i have you covered this morning. any questions@erin "fox5" d.c. on twitter allison and steve. >> as big tech ceos get said to meet with president-elect good news from ibm. >> doritos pulling out of super bowl and one other big company will not buy add time this year. >> i love those commercials. >> especially the ones people
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we'll head to the fox news network in new york next.
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this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks because some animals and plants are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ >> good bye doritos where frito lay is dropping super bowl xher smalz shalz. soyning us now from the fox business network studio lauren simonetti. >> it's been a joy. weeks after hitting 19,000 we're set to hit 20,000 we came within 50 points of it
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everything today is about the fed it's likely to hike interest rates what do they say about the economy and how many increases will we see in 2017 if you have too many up is coos you can choke any economic growth you're seeing. especially those with adjustable rate mortgage your bill can go up 100 a month if you have small increase in interest rate. it's something we're watch. dow 20,000 on the lesson horizon i'm looking for calls for broader market next year. some folks are saying early 2017 we'll see market go up 10%. okay i know and then you have others saying crash and birn. nonetheless this has been a nice rally since election day. >> and in the meantime president-elect said to meet with the tech giants and ibm making big moves. >> yep. >> so right ahead of this announcement ibm ceo jenny room di is also
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council -- trump comic council she announced ibm is creating 25,000 jobs in next four years 6,000 will be in 2017 in united states. this is exactly what we want to hear. jobs for americans created right here at home. but you know silicon valley for the most part will be trump tower in new york city today. larry page of alphabet will thereby and jeff basos of amazon and elan musk from tesla. many voted for hillary clinton and vocally so. it will be interesting as they talk about immigration reform and bringing profit stashed overseas back home and who will not be there this blows my mind jack dorsey ceo of twitter. i think donald trump twitter go together. apparently he was not invited. >> hm. okay. >> and we know that everybody else was invited or did they invite themselves? i don't know how
6:24 am
that level. >> invites went out and rsvps came in. >> wow interesting. >> and we're not exactly sure who will show up. tim cook from apple will be there as well. >> before we let you go. >> the bigwigs. before we let you go what is going on i love dorito ads in super bowl. >> i know, dorito owned by pepsi and frito lay are not doing ad in super bowl this year. by the way february 5 fox you can watch super bowl 51. these ads are so expensive and commercials are great but sometimes if you don't have any product or you're not getting great ad together you just want to sit it out and wait a year. it's actually the first time doritos is sitting it out in a decade. toyota will got be airing a commercial this year. pane companies are. you'll hear avacado mexico and skittles and anheuser bush. >> thank you. >> as long as the clydesdales are in it. >> clydesdales.
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>> we'll all survive. those doritos commercials were good i have to say. >> not getting the return i get it. lauren, thanks, we'll see you tomorrow. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> bye. >> bye. >> sales or dog chasing clydesdale. >> all of it. >> when they come back it's too much. >> at this point it's tradition. >> i have to see it. it's torture because i will be [ sobbing sound ] and it all came back. >> remember the late 1990s when it was like sock puppet one year it went crazy with internet. >> right when the internet was trying to become the big thing. >> yeah. >> exactly. >> hey, next big things here cold temperatures we'll be extremely cold here. daytime highs not out of the upper 0s to 30s and windchill close to zero here friday morning. obviously that kind of cold is davrping russ. make sure you're proper aly prepar
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and north and west at 12. chilly start to the day. plenty of sunshine when the sun gets up in a few minutes. and first half of your day features bright sunshine. later this afternoon clouds and arctic boundary approaches and burst of snow showers overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning as that front moves through. look at daytime highs. thursday, friday, upper 20s to 30s and wind chills can't see they will on the map. zero at times. >> tuck are i am sorry i need to do this to you but the checklist of things you need to it do when cold is here like turning off whatever outside. >> all right. >> we can do that. >> thank you. >> don't leave pets outside for long periods of time. >> awe. >> who would do that. >> i don't need him for that i need it for like turning off hoses and stuff like that. >> so you don't have water dripping. >> the secret leave a little water running very slightly to drip so it does not freeze. >> good information tucker we like that. outer loop crash topside of beltway three cars blocking cents
6:27 am
delays. so right now 15 minute to 25 minute delay. from route one to georgia bottom side of beltway blocked with reports of crash take a look there and as you make your way out 270 volume 70 to clarksburg yellow line normal service on the raildz and keep you posted on commuter on dmv. back to you guys. >> moving 'shakeing in one d.c. naind and melanie alnwick has that next. >> literally shaking right and on strike a push for higher wages. this is the scene at reagan national airport now where workers plan to gather any minute now. 6:27.
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once again, this wondrous thing called "luck" shines on a new day. where will it shine today? who will feel its embrace? no one knows for sure.
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its arrival is as inevitable as dawn. ♪♪
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>> welcome back. a live look at the white house. maybe it's a late night at the white house. not sure. nonetheless that's what's going on in our area dmv is it 35 degrees, 35? tuck? 8 degrees. tongueer and erin will be along shortly with weather and traffic. welcome back to fox news morning. first right now at 6:30 breaking news to tell you about right now. just in the last couple minutes donald trump transition team is ovlly announced president-elect selected former texas governor rick perry to be energy secretary of course that has to go through congressional approval. a live look now reagan airport hundreds of workers are striking and protesting low
6:31 am
strikers are contracted wheelchair attendants that earn as little as 6.15 per hour plus occasional tips. they're asking for a raise to $15 an hour. >> hetro has become a big sfu answer and has nothing to do with safe track. vibrations from the train are sake their homes. . "fox5" melanie alnwick is live literally shaking their homes mel good morning. >> that's right allison. >> reporter: these concerned residents about three dozen met with metro and d.c. officials this we can and they say rumbling and shaking has gotten worse since this summer and they're concerned not only about integritytive homes but also about grounds underneath them. now neighbors in surrounding blocks around the pet worth metro station we're talking about new shamshire avenue to taylor street they all sort of talk to each other and in the the same thing. a new different kind of sound. they
6:32 am
frequency trembling that seems to happen before metro trains pull in. now green and yellow lines run never the homes. disturbances coincide with new 7,000 series rail cars coming online and homeowners tell us it's more than annoyance. >> all night and all day. >> it's about a low rumble. >> every time trembles at night i here it and sit up in bed and say that's the train running now underground. >> and now again some told us it's causing things to fall off their walls and some neighborhoods according to pet worth news in the neighborhood say that they're concerned about cracks in the roadway and one according again to pet worth the news had metro engineers come out and do seismic testing to see and she was told it was just vibrations that would not cause any damage. nonetheless metro tells us it's continuing the investigation and looking into these complaints
6:33 am
has got pinpointed source of vibration even going so far to say metro at this point is not even saying that the vibrations are coming from metro. live in northwest i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> 6:3 and happening today capitol hill senator mark warner and time kaine host veterans from vur vir it's event called commonwealth coffee and it's an opportunity for vets and active duty service members to speak with senators and members of their staff. >> time for morning line to check sports now coming off loss to heat monday wizards host charlotte hornets tonight. washington players will sport a new stars and stripe uniform saluting air force in the military series. caps took care of business in new york. they were playing great. won five in a row. beat islanders 4-2. fifth straight win
6:34 am
fifth straight win caps gaping ground. caps now two points behind two teams for fist place. looking good so far for caps . >> let's talk football. skins, sunday familiar one all season close game decided in typeal minutes. so far eight of red skips 13 games were won by 7 point or less and winner of eagles keeps skins endplayoff hunt and three games to go. coach knows there's little margin for error. >> we understand we're right in the mix we know that. but we also know that one slip up and you'll be game and a half possibly back. so it's just up to us to take care of what we can take care of. that's car line aright now and we'll let the chips fall where they may. >> today ashburn tight end vernon davis will be on hand to give update to skins fit initiative teaming up with d.c. public schools and american diabetes association encouraging active lifestyles. they were given a t
6:35 am
fitness plan and will not only hear their success stories but goals for rest of school year. >> finally this morning no word on skins stadium a new stadium for d.c. football team but in california one step closer to keeping raiders in oak land. city and county officials vote todd give investment group anchored by former raider ronnie hot and permission to negotiate a 1.3 billion stadium deal and mark davis repeatedly said he would prefer to move the team to las vegas. and vegas getting nhl team next year and in the middle of one of the best seasons of the year. >> raiders belong to oakland. >> they moved to oak land and back to la and oak land and it seems like that's the home him dairy. >> the fans have been so loyal to a team that struggled years and years. remember ronnie lott had had to decide to have part of finger taken off or miss game. he ways tough football player. >> let's dot forecast. a lot of opinions about a lot of things this morning don't i? i don't know why
6:36 am
>> i like it. >> washington 38. pittsburgh 3. look what's happening kick chick this morning. 6 degrees. eight detroit. look what's headed in our direction. >> that nasty weather. >> arctic air moving in arctic invasion later tonight. winds puck up and in for blustery, chilly conditions around here. and both thursday and friday with daytime highs well below normal. in fact, so cold my maps are frozen. there you go. today we can expect temperatures mid 40s. sunshine this morning. cloud this afternoon as pront afrochs and cold stuff, thursday, friday, we're we'll talk about the weekend. >> tonight 8:00, 10:00. >> between and 11 i would say. there may be quick burst of snow shower. >> little surprise. dropping on us. >> wipt are happiness. >> we'll be living in our snow globe tomorrow morning, erin. >> i'm not looking forward
6:37 am
roads tomorrow morning if there's a wintry mix. >> no listen let me straighten this out now. not enough of anything to cause any problems tonight. >> yeah. thank you tucker. >> this would be a quick scenic flurry. >> that was a verbal hug for me i like that that was nice. sceneic flurry we'll take. outer loop college park there's a crash blocking shoulder and you can see traffic is really heavy congested in the area. you can see those three cars blocking left shoulder and now it has been blocking center lane. route 1 to georgia it's about a 5 minute slow down. let's go to bottom side of beltway one of the cameras in oxon hill nasty commute on inner loop now after st. barnabus road there's a crash because of that are you jammed solid back to five branch avenue and allow for plenty of extra time if you take that stretch of inner loop backed up from prince george county to wilson bridge. out are loop looking good. let's switch it over for a look at maps. eastbound side of route 7 there's a crash at georgetown pike. you can see some delays building as you make your way from sterl
6:38 am
and westbound suitland parkway crash blocking shoulder and metro back on time except for safe track. keep it to "fox5" back in a this is kim wayland in the nenler land and wishing everybody at home a happy hol days and happy new year. shutout to families and august, dotson and whalen. have a great holiday. >> see more greetings from troops at
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>> trump is suing celebrity chef andres for canceling plans to on a restaurant at trump d.c. hoe toll. andres asked to trump to drop the lawsuit and donate to charity instead. trump has not respond todd that tweet. >> and something at a rally for president trulp ryan was a harsh critic during the campaign
6:42 am
put hard feels aside saying he's a fine wine whose genius he appreciates more and more. >> prince harry girlfriend actress megan markle wrote with a powerful article about internet trolls and comments she had seep she this had to block and report a number of comment. #what's new al. >> #what's new. >> ignorance is very old. >> people are calling themselves out now with social media. >> so you can see it. >> you can see who it is unless they hide behind the aanonymous tag. >> a television icon gone too soon. tv dad alan thick has died. tribute to the actors pouring in this morning and reminder before we take to the break if you have a news tip share with
6:43 am
to dan cuellar r on shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget.
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at ikea, we believe that making room for one more shouldn't cost more. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget. . i noticed this last night maybe. all these days run together. but the moon was so bright. >> i said moon. >> i think the moon may be full tonight. >> we saw it offer a couple days. >> is that planet underneath it or star. >> looks like planet. >>
6:46 am
>> we'll have to ask our astrong my expert. >> to be clear this is not super-duper moon or anything. >> no this was not super moon. >> plain old full moon. >> mag any excellent beautiful. >> particularly beautiful when dry air moves in later tonight. >> very dry and i crisp out there. >> first it toll you about it from indoors. >> that's what tucker gets sent outside with no coat and i'll be like where's your coat. it's groundhog day. >> let's do the forecast. >> arctic invasion the blast is coming. cue the train. to the to the. >> hear it coming? >> still a distance away apparently. >> you guys have not having nearly as much fun as me. >> it has not arrived yet. it's plain old december cold. 9 quantico and 38 fred rikdzburg and 6 lna
6:47 am
and the cold tonight will be serious cold. please prepare here accordingly. make sure you dress appropriately thursday and friday. wait until you show you wind chills. all right wait let's talk about today sunshine to start the day. most of the day features sun. later this afternoon the front north and west will get in here it may give us quick burst of few flurries or light sprinkle toll push ouj south and east and winds puck up and cold gets in here a piece of the you know polar vortex we talked about will get close to mid atlantic over the next 48 hours. there we are 6:00 tonight enclosed cover the front gets through probably midnight. quit bust of snow shower activity. not enough to cause problems and that gets east and south of us and winds pick un. i want to show you wind chill forecasts. that's tomorrow morning at this time. wind chill forecast is expected 9 in washington and gauge rzburg and minus 2 haikers town and 14 mannasas and
6:48 am
afternoon with full sunshine wind chills around 10 tomorrow afternoon and 2:00. you get idea serious cold. i want to fast forward to friday night and saturday. i know we have a lot weather wise. looks look a period of winter weather around here as we try to get warmer air in here aearly saturday morning. so there may be enough to cause light accumulations and perhaps a period of sleet before transitioning to rain saturday afternoon. allison your birthday party saturday night no issues whatsoever. >> thank you. >> you're the real mvp. >> there you go. >> if you have plans saturday morning you want to be prepared for perhaps few delays. here's 7 day. >> competition saturday morning. >> saturday morning. >> i mean sunday morning sglping that might be get rescheduled. >> day more weather coming up. >> i'm supposed to go to philly saturday night for a party saturday night will it be tough on the roads you. >> don't want to wait until the afternoo
6:49 am
about that now. and and slow 95 to georgia we need to give yourself 5 extra minute and be mindful of the crash scene. as we look at cameras he we have other problems. new crash 66 eastbound at 50 blocking right lane and traffic backed up. this delay is now connect todd previous delay by 234. 234 prince william parkway past 50 this is what things are looking like please give yourself 45 extra minutes oxon hill upper loop crash causing delays basically stand still. you can see lights wloking right shoulder branch to barnabus to oxon hill. give yourself extra minute. outer loop good vandoren on through. let's switch for welcome at maps. getting information from vre on twitter and issues in the tunnel union station
6:50 am
3 stopped in tunnel waiting to proceed. expect delays. northbound virginia 123 crash fairfax county parkway causing delays through donovan corner and caution there to fairfax. eastbound 7 crash georgetown pike. as you head toe rest yin problems there and allison, steve. >> today we'll get first look at howard county new state of the art snowplow tracker tracker down loads refreshed information to provide complete updated snow removal prog fwres and data from highway traffic cameras and weather alerts providing one stop shop for winter weather information. >> also today the department of transportation will release new data about the impact of drunk driving and details about important new measures made to end impaired driving on u.s. roads. last year some 259 people died in drunk driving crashes around the holiday season.
6:51 am
cream short annual folks ready whip in short fly after fatal explosion at noxious oxide plant. ready whip is in stores. if you miss out you have option of making it yourself though i have no idea how that works sorry. >> maybe just making whip cream yourself? i don't think you want to messa round -- >> yeah. >> don't miss a minute. ♪ best known for role as dad on 1980s sitcom growing pains alan thick pass away died after suffering a heart attack while playing hockey with his 19-year-old son. kevin joins us now. reaction pouring in this morning. >> steve, allison. not the story i was hoping to come back for. allen thick
6:52 am
air lot of people grew up by his character. i did not watch a lot of growing pains but i did enjoy his performances looking back on those episodes i remember interviewing him for a movie over the years and he's been aright hand a long, long time. thick was rushed to the hospital in burbank california where he was pronounced dead unfortunately and most recently part of the netflix reboot fuller house and survived by three sons including singer robin thick. paula tweeted this. she never references alan thicke in this tweet and the love for mother theresa and connection with his son robin thick and john legend tweeted and said he got to know him through robin. he was always so kind to me so sad to hear
6:53 am
many celebrities chimed in including ellen degeneres and america loved him i'm sad he's gone. sending so much love to his family. i have to say, you know, i've been doing this job since 2005 i had the honor of sitting down with him in 2009 i believe i have a photo of him and i and i interviewed him for this rhawn. y r rated comedy there's him an i there. he was incredibly nice back when i started doing press junk et cetera couldn't have been nicer cool, on, funny in the interview and obviously cool about taking pictures obviously his work will live on forever thank you for your amazing work and we'll watch growing pains. get that going. >> search a tv icon he's one of them. >> we'll be remembered forever and again. you can revisit him whenever you want that's buty of being an actor on the screen. moving
6:54 am
james order inlast night i showed the preview. it was 15 minute episode these are getting long in my opinion. and i love them since they started. i love adele and michelle obama. >> weren't they like five minutes. >> now all they are i feel is promotional tool for agentist and i think adele is favorite. we'll look quick at this moment from the show last night sing is james♪ . move♪ what's you trying to do♪ >> 24 car at in the air sglot if you likth
6:55 am
see them in a candid way, unscripted and you know this kind of things and then to go into music. it's still awesome. >> this is bet part by the way. he claims bruno mars can make any hat look good. and james corbin says i cannot wear a hat. they went on this things james but a hat on it looks bad according to him and amazing on bruno mars mars. it's very, very funny he says he wears he hats because he has no idea what to do with his hair. >> bruno mars over the years one of the best super bowl performers i've ever seen. such ep are jixt i love him. if you want to watch it it's available on james corbin youtube channel i like these i feel like they've become promotional tool like fun they used to be. this is still fun. >> what will you get somebody not hot? >> i know but i don't know. >> you definitely don't want 15 minute of it. >> i liked it bruno mars and adel
6:56 am
the two best. >> what was your favorite tucker. >> bieber was good too. >> any other news. >> i wanted to say i missed you dearly and appreciate your it texts you asked had you i was doing i miss you tucker. >> we missed you. >> i missed you so much i'll come over and give you a big hug when you got break. >> okay that's perfect. >> the forecast, we're chilly, 37 washington. mid 40s today. plenty of sunshine first half of the day. clouds later this afternoon as arctic boundary approaches and it will be the real deal. cold around here. wind chills tomorrow morning will be single digits for much of the area. someday time high and actual air tem tire 0 to 30 over the next couple days and more weather momentarily airport is back and she has road, erin. >> that's right tucker we're seeing several small crashes and sky fox fly ago way. we'll switch to a camera. you see backed up traffic conditions dealing outer loop in
6:57 am
traffic crash blocking shoulder and 66 eastbound this crash by 50 has us backed up for several miles. it's actually connecting to delay all the way back to 34. leave 45 minutes to get to beltway. teen to fox 5. more warm and traffic in a few ♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
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>> old man winter getting ready to deliver a powerful punch in the d.c. area and cold temperatures and winter precipitation is possible as we get close to the weekend. crews are out there feting ready for it now. >> on strike. happening now employees at two local airports off the jock and on the picket line more on why in a few minutes. >> hollywood saying good-bye to tv icon taken suddenly and he helped folks through their "growing pains." >> december 14, look at this beautiful, 2016, cold now as you get your day started. bundle up. still could be worse when the day comes or moves on. so, just be warned weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05 i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up at 7 vdot crews prepping for blast with bitter cold already pretreating roads. they were out last night and they'll be out aga


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