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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 14, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> old man winter getting ready to deliver a powerful punch in the d.c. area and cold temperatures and winter precipitation is possible as we get close to the weekend. crews are out there feting ready for it now. >> on strike. happening now employees at two local airports off the jock and on the picket line more on why in a few minutes. >> hollywood saying good-bye to tv icon taken suddenly and he helped folks through their "growing pains." >> december 14, look at this beautiful, 2016, cold now as you get your day started. bundle up. still could be worse when the day comes or moves on. so, just be warned weather and traffic on the fives at 7:05 i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first up at 7 vdot crews prepping for blast with bitter cold already pretreating roads. they were out last night and they'll be out aga
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they'll be out again in fairfax, loudoun, arlington and northern sir vir alone more than 5,000 lane miles will be treated with mix app salt and water before getting hit with freeze. more on that could tom. don't want to scare you. tucker will be long with details. >> first news headlines now and developing overnight a 13-year-old boy died in major crash on i 95 prince george county video from last night happened northbound lanes:00 last night north of intercounty connector track toyr trailer vehicle and all three involved a crash happened after cars stopped suddenly to avoid a vehicle in the roadway. three adults hurt. all lanes reopened 4:00 this morning. >> also developing overnight, police search for a gunman after man is shot and suitland maryland this happened at apartment complex in 3900 block of stone gate lane around 9 victim was fond a mile away at gas station on suitland road we're told he's inri
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condition. >> happening right now. workers at reagan national airport and dulles international airport will be striking to protest low waim sfwlz with pour on who workers are and what they're striking for we're joined with "fox5" annie yu. >> hey good morning, steve, allison, good morning, everybody, i can it will you dozens plan to walk off the job today to protest or demand higher wages and will last for 24 hours and we're talking about hundreds of d.c. area airline workers baggage happenedlers and wheelchair assistance and they're going to be gathering here at reagan national as well as dulles national. we're talking about high profile reed leaders to join them. to name a few mark herring will be here and barbara povola and members of the community that support the cause. i want to bring in albert who is a baggage happenedler here. and albert, good morning to you. i know you've been working here for four years or so as a
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reagan national what are you fighting for today. >> fighting for $15 today. >> how much do you get paid now. >> $8.50. >> and so this is not the first strike you all have done. this has been going on for a while now. what sort of movement has taken place throughout that time? >> we are fiinging for $15 an hour and. >> now i understand after talking to several people many of you have multiple jobs an a hot of you have families and talk about how this impacted your life personally. >> actually i working two jobs here i close like one and go to other job like two. i even close night because of that i cannot go home and i work into the morning and this one is paying for and we're hearing about this one because
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family. even over a week we cannot see our kid and you you cannot see your wife because if we do not do our job we can't pay rent and would be homeless. that's why we want to do this now. >> thank you so much albert i'll let you get back to the colleagues over there. so you can hear the heartbreaking stories and that's just one of the similar stories and they have to sleep overnight because of the transportation costs and so on. later today at 9:00 there is a meeting here a board meeting regular scheduled meeting and a lot of these attendants will attend that meeting to put pressure on the metropolitan washington airport authority. that's the latest from egg are an nag at. back to you in the studio. >> 7:04. >> sad news out of hollywood many mourning at the sudden passing of tv icon alan thicke he. >> holly joins us to talk about his life and legacy, we know "growing pains" and that's where it starts
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some. >> it reaffirms every day say gift right a lot of people in shock and not really believing that we're reporting on this this morning. alan thick was just 69 and apparently suffered a heart attack yesterday while playing hockey with one of his sons. he was transported to a hospital in burbank where pronounced dead. like steve said most of us remember him from hit show "growing pains." >> give me that smile again♪ show me that smile♪ don't waste another minute on your crying♪ >> thickeen deerd himself as jason seaver on the sitcom which aired 7 seasons and thicke was guest playing on equal putter house" a tweet was sent from his account promoting the netflix series. what you may not know alan thicke and ex-wife gloria warren was writing genius behind tv songs like facts of
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of fortune". he was also a life-long who hockey fan first native canadian rooting for montreal and then switching to los angeles kings after moving to california. he was familiar face at nhl events over his life performing at league award ceremony and playing in the celebrity game and emcee as wedding of friend and hockey great wayne cigarettecy in 1988. thick he jan e is survived by his son robin thicke yes the center that he said his father was the greatest many ever met and leaves behind wife tonya and two other sons brenian and carter and carter was on the ice with him when he died. >> much love to him. >> every day is a gift. >> every day is a gift. missed and always remembered because he's such an iconic tv dad right? >> such a likable person. >> exactly. >> exactly. >> thanks, holly. >> 7:0 6 hi tuc
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>> arctic front we've been promising in the bitter cold. >> knocking on door september it. >> it's not coming anymore. i'm just kidding. i'm just kidding. >> you always toy with my emotions. >> that's a glorious and georgous beautiful look at nuances of color out there. gorn us. yes indeed the arctic front is m coming and will get in here later tonight and thursday and friday we're featuring whipped chills and single dinlit near zero and daytime highs and extended period of cold here. 4 washington and pitburg 21. detroit, chicago both into the single digits this morning and this is going to be in some cases historic cold. i'm not sure historic cold in mid atlantic and part of upper midwest will get really, really cold over the next couple days as little chung of that polar vortex drops down for the region and satellite radar radar and sunshine to start the day and clouds this afternoon. there may
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snow showers as that arctic front comes through between 8 and midnight west to east and then temperatures and will start plummeting and winds physician up tonight. today mid 40s not too cold out there and i moneyed evening snow shower for you 7 day as a lot happening. stay tuned. we'll talk about it. >> thank you, tker appreciate it. >> let's look what's happening on the roads this morning. good morning. >> good morning, steve. 7:08 you can see behind me if traveling 66 eastbound crash out by 50 blocking right lane is causing really heavy traffic delays. and now the delay leading up to the crash is also connecting back past 34 and simply because of heavy flow of traffic about 45 extra minutes needed to get from 234 to beltway. as we forward camera inner loop oxon hill a crash blocking right shoulder and after st. barnabus road backed up before branch avenue and maryland five with about 30 minute delay and outer loop
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we're seeing on inner loop now through oxon hill. let's go ahead and switch it over for a look at naps maps. these are not the only problems we're talking about. switch issues in tunnel and union station 32 stopped in tunnel and they were waiting to proceed. 300 stopped at l'enfant and attempting to have train 3 very verse passengers after at l'enfant and amtrak informing us the delay times due to switch issues are at the tunnel and recommend you take metro at this time. any questions@erin "fox5" on twitter back to you. >> let's go to fox5 exclusive now and we obtained a video of former chairman of prince george county liquor board failing sobriety test last thursday showing charles caldwell struggling to walk a straight line with officer looking on on the heels of yesterday's news that mr. wald well redesigned of chair of prince george county liquor control board. they canned him with driving the the nrups. investigators
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sobriety test and failed a breathalyzer test. he said he had two drinks offer a two-hour period. >> tracking metro this morning some residents in pet worth say they can barely sleep at niingt and it's metro's fault. >> that's because the trains are causing a major noise problem and even damaging perhaps some of their homes. "fox5" melanie alnwick live from northwest with that story. . mel, good morning. >> good monk, steve, allison. three dozen residents live around the metro station here met with d.c. officials and metro officials this week to tell them about the experience and problem they're not only concerned about potential damage to homes but also integrity of ground underneath them. we're talking about neighbors around several blocks surrounding pet worth metro station new hampshire avenue and taylor street and they all touingd to each other and mentioned the same thing new kind of sound they described as deep
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deep low frequency trembling before metro trains ran in. green and yellow lines run under homes and disturb ans seem to coincide with 7,000 series rail cars coming online and homeowners tell us it's more than just annoyance. >> you can feel the vibration of what it is under there coming through the dipping room area. >> at first we thought it was trucks. >> this mirror here fell off the wall. it's on beam. that's something that never happened i've been here 55 years or more. >> and again some of them say again causing sleep disturb ans and waking them up middle of night and these trains run 5:00 in the morning to 1:00 in the morning many fights and again with them coming at frequency during rush hour of every seven minutes or so you can see that certainl would be a problem for them. again reached out to met row and metro officials say they are looking into the complaint and at this point have not pinpointed cause of disruptions
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not even coming from metro but they're continuing to investigate. live no norm west, melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> inauguration is round the corer aen more on how the city is preparing for the historic day. >> plus we'll tell you who donald trump wants to perform ainauguration. these stories and more coming up (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> georgous. are those strat us clouds? >> good question. >> i think cirrus clouds in there. >> yeah. >> i see skooby doo cloud on left. >> you see that. >> that's a shape. >> any way what's going on. >> lots of weather to talk b all about the cold the next couple days. today in mid 40s. it's thursday and friday featuring honestly it will be dangerous cold. so drop off tonight yeah for most part after you go to bed after 10, 11:00 tonight winds pick up and we'll hear wind rattling tonight and and freeze means everything is
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we're not talking about that we're talking about freezing cold weather. >> and it will be very cold. >> is it a morning we'll have showers talking about that. >> so you will be frozen al but roads will not be. >> and however then when we warm up all pipes locally are cold and start to do their thing and potholes return and 37 wash it an 8 detroit and 9 chicago and let's go come on steve favorite time of day. >> where are we going tuck. >> canada. >> what's larange is that minus 70 there. >> i can't tell you big trout lake in minus 24 and that's a cold khuching of air particularly for december standards and that will descend upon lower 4 here particularly upper midwest and then northeast mid atlantic over the next couple days. actual front is still well north and west across
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midwest and sweeps down to our region tonight. winds pick up. temperatures fall back. wind chills tomorrow morning at this hour will be single digit and look at daytime eyes thursday and friday bitter cold and quickly i have to go. saturday morning it looks like we'll have a period of winter weather before transitioning to rain and there could be light snow accumulations. okay. >> we'll talk about that in a bit. let's look at erin with the roads. >> 7:17 don't forget taking vre problems at union station and taking metro better option today moving for look at rotdz and 66 eastbound crash moved to shoulder and blocking right lane at 50. look at that lay it. heavy traffic all the way back to 234 for instance will youth parkway up against 45 minute delay to get gainsville to beltway today. upper loop now another crash cleared after st. barnabus to shoulder and look at heavy traffic before branch avenue across the wilson bridge a 30 minute delay and heavy volume. as we
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only issues we're dealing with northbound back lit road crash etsell road and we have sky fox headed to check out the crash jammed back to heving ger drive and notice 395 out of way northbound side knowledge of pelt way starting to jam up and northbound 123 crash fairfax county parkway blocking right lane. that could slow you down as you head to fairfax station. aside from that 7 there's a crash jurj town pike blocking left lane da there. wide view shows outer loop delays route 1 over to georgia 20 minutes and again don't forget vre delays union station. we'll look closer at that next allison. >> thanks and trump administration getting ready for inauguration next month and we're getting new details on who may perform. turns out president-elect donald trump is a fan of opera and opera singer andrea bochelli he asked her to perform. >> and
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full swing and big groups in cham of the billing day are showing off their big plans. >> that's a lot of big. >> it's a big event. >> big doing. >> "fox5" bob barnard is at the d.c. armory in southeast with the details now. bob, good morning. >> good morgue, allison, steve, feel like "godzilla" this morning because what the folks here planning inauguration have done is created a big map here 40 foot by 60 foot map of airport of washington and mall mere. if you look over to the right you'll see there's capitol that's where donald trump will be inaugurated and what they're basically using this map for is to lay things out for everybody to get on virtually the same page. so you know where the parade route is going and what different branches of military and honor guards will be doing in terms of taking the parade past as is it turns out to be the trulp owe tell and old post office. they actually walk past and march past and he'll go past international hotel of his and
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you see there's a little sign there reviewing stand which is built there on pennsylvania avenue right at lafayette parka cross from the white house. and so that's basically chance today for all the players to see how this thing will lay out and for media to get a sense of what is going onen and it's all about the didn'tald in wisdom martin part of the thank you tour and gearing up to become president in just offer a month. and last month we were over at for the meyer he next to arlington national sem air teary we saw units the marine band and army case on and the air force and rifle drill team some different groups that will perform and they've already been practicing and now this is chance for logistical folksen including national guard which is based at d.c. armory which provides security for festivities especially inauguration a parade that day january 20 for them zone
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get all on same page and know roles and have this map laid out in front of them to walk on like we are just to get a sense of where they have to be and what they have to do to make the 58 presidential inauguration come off without a hitch guys. >> and appreciate your "godzilla" reference that was clever. >> and map is cool. >> thank you. >> 7:21 now. >> in syria cease-fire deal broken how this impacts thousands of trying to flee the country. >> ohio governor signing bill on abortion. more of the new law next 7:2
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>> new developments out of syria cease-fire deal in aleppo does not seem to be holding. buses meant to take rebels and civilians to safety sit empty waiting to evacuate the people delay being blamed on syrian government which has control over rebel held districts. >> developing in western europe there are growing xwernz possibility of terror attack during the holidays. security forces in several nations rounding out terror suspect and crackdown underway if france, germany, britt app an other countries. authorities say they have intelligence that suggest plans may be in works for an attack over the next couple weeks. they have obtained dozens of -- detained doz
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>> and governor of ohio signed a abortion bill for the 20 week standard based owe on theory it's the point feet es can feel pain. cases say that's unscientific. the governor said he was concerned a ban of the first heartbeat would be found unconstitutional. >> 7 degrees. temperatures dropping a bit. here's tucker. >> good morning a lot of cold on the way. this is not the cold we're featuring thursday and friday. this is just your average december morning temperatures. it's chilly out there. winds north, northwest and satellite and radar and looking at that all mopping and arctic front northwest and may give us quick burst of snow showers that move through and cold settles in and it's telling you half the story. wind chills tomorrow will number single diments much of the day maybe approaching zero
7:26 am
extreme cold hereby thursday and friday and it looks like it will end as a period of wintry mix on saturday before we transtoytion warmer temperatures and there may be enough snow early saturday to have minor ak layings. stay tuned for the forecast here fornd ever week. cold moves in tonight. very, very cold around here, thursday, friday, erin, how are roads. >> right now 7:26 and we're dealing with some congestion and crashes and i want to start you with vre update latest they have one track on union station and trains should move shortly and dealing with some big problems and that is simply because train was stuck in union station at the tunnel, 330 had to be cancelled an running on train 332 scheduled due to delays at union station and return train could not make it back to broadway run. they're still working on getting passengers on 300 off train there and tlar advising to take metro now until you get this sorted out. we'll ep coup update oddn
7:27 am
delays there. for metro rails we have safe track surge 11 single tracking orange and silver causing delays and earliersh use clears and things moving fine near mount vernon square. wide view. plenty of red on the map. we'll have a look at the roads next steph. >> meeting with tech giant today. more what is on the agenda for the big meeting we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back, b gorgeous morning out there. 7:29. 37 degrees. couldn't be more thankful forl that sky. >> kept its beauty tore the lass 20 minutes or so.r so. lots of folks enjoying nice sunrise this morning
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d. to crews pressing for old man winter treating the roadways inn fairfax county last night. night in northern virginia morehanha 5,000 lane miles will be treated before getting hit with thishhi really really cold weather. vdot in target roadways.dws crews will also work today and happening right now,ow, contracted wheelchair attendantt at reagan national airport and dulles international airportalio strike to go protest low wages.s they earn as little as $6 and 11 cents an hour plus tips askingpn for a raise to $15 an hour. residents complaining aboutn metro train noise a meeting lass night about the nuisance.nuisae. metro trapes are actuallyll shaking their homes. hom and waking them um. u some even say the shaking haskih damaged their they say the rumbling beganing about six months and continuedon they've grown more concerned asn it has metro says it's looking intoo this issue.ssue. politics now.ow. president-elect donald trumpt-el
7:31 am
today at trump tower holdingol audience with some of his fear s zest critics during the campaign. >> that follows a day that sawaw unusual comings and goings atngs trump headquarters.arter doug luzader followed all of tht action and he's with us fromro capitol hill. quite a day yesterday, dtooulg.. good morning.odorni >> reporter: good morning, mni quite a day shaping up today asa well. we'll start with the breakingare news this morning and that'sha that the trump transition officf has formal al nounsed that texas governor rick perry will be thee next energy secretary.secretary. we knew this was coming but thee formal announcement came this morning. mornin this is not really a surprise.e what is a surprise sometimes who walks through the doors at trump tower. ♪♪ >> donald trump continuing whatw he calls his thank you tour inrn wisconsin last night. ht but even he couldn't ignore the let's say unusual combination oo people who have been showing upi at trump tower. headlined by performer kanye west. >> bill gates, anna winter, kany
7:32 am
[ applause ] >> i like >> reporter: what was kanye was west really doing at trumpt t tower? he said on twitter thatt the topics ranged from bullyingg to violence in chicago.go at the other end of the spectrum, there was bill gates. >> we had a good conversationvet about innovation, how it can help in health, education. educi >> reporter: gates as well as wl tech leaders from apple,pple, facebook and google among otherh will meet with trump today to drill down on issues affectingeg that industry. indus and the overall domestic economo will loom large today as well.l. federal reserve expected to hikh interest rates and the marketsts continuing to to climb. the dow poised to set a new new record possibly crossing the 20,000 threshold.eshold. trump returning to language from the campaign >> it was my administration wili be focused on three very important words.. jobs, jobs, jobs.ob [ applause ] [ pl >> reporter: back here on on capitol hill meantime, democrata are bracing for battle over some of trump's cabinet picksicks in
7:33 am
tillerson as secretary of state. and there are more calls forls r investigations into russia's ru' alleged involvement in the i the presidential campaign. now we talked about trump'srump office confirming the perry pick this morning. morning to be energy secretary.ta we'll take look at the overallll cabinet here and look most of ms these slots are filled.ese sl the ones that he remain veterans affairs, agriculture andgricture interior. naming them is one thing, t getting them through the senatee is something else. els back to you guys. guy >> no question, doug.ion, dou thanks very much. new this morning baltimorete hit a grim bench mark so farnc this year there have been 300 3 homicides in baltimore. baltimo. city reached that number last tl night. police say two men were founderu with gunshot wounds in thends it northwest part of the city, botb to the hospital where one died. 2016 has actually been slightly less violent than last year.. the city had 344 homicides.omics perhaps a crack in a coldd case. colorado police are looking intt new dna technology that could c help with the j
7:34 am
investigation.stigat six-year-old would you murdered back in december of 1996.99 her killer never been found. the new testing would tap into t an fbi database with the genetic profiles of more than 15 million registered sex offenders. shouting m erupted in thenhe pennsylvania courtroom yesterdad during a hearing related to bill cosby's sexual assault case.. prosecutors want to call as many as 13 of cosby's previousous accusers to witnesses -- to -- t witness or as witnesses to support andrea constand's claimm cosby sexually assaulted hearr decade ago. during the hearing, the judgeud admonished cosby's lawyers for publicizing the names of theesft women accused of cos beef sexuaa assault. his lawyers are trying to get them baners arned from testifyi. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> country music legend dolly dl parton stepping up to help the t victims tennessee wildfires. parton is
7:35 am
to of tee. 14 people were killed andeoplre thousands of homes andousa businesses destroyed.busi she hosted tell lowne thon calll smokey mountain rise to raiseo e money for some of those victims. prayers for the people of pe nnessee.e. >> yeah, it's been a tough fallh for lot of folks. >> right.>>ight. >> tuck, good morning.ood >> good morning. i haven't heard>> dolly -- dolly has such a distinct voice. >> haven't heard it in while.. >> prolific song writer andrited entertainer. >> she looks great.>> s looks >> yeah, she does. doe let's do the forecast. all about cold around here. h today will be seasonably cool c but by thursday and friday the real deal wind chills i justt tweeted out will be in thehe single digits by tomorrow tor morning at this hour.his hou so get ready for some real heeea can treatment cold.caea 37 now in washington. wasngton. you can see that cold on ourur doorstep. columbus this morning 3 degreese eight in detroit. nine in chicago. in ch actual arctic front is going tog steam roll down through theown upper midwest and then the midid atlantic by the evening hours.nh we may have a quick first of ai
7:36 am
cause any problems but a quickre burst of a few snow flurries this evening as that front comet through and then it will clearwe and the winds will pick up andnd temperatures will plummetill pl overnight and we're going to bet for real cold as mentioned mti thursday 49 day. today sunshine to start the dayd get clouds as that frontt approaches late this afternoon and i'll be back momentarily with the seven day a lot of cold.cold. perhaps a wintry mix by saturday. you'll want to see that as wellw we'll have details coming up. u let's do traffic with erin. >> 7:36, tucker.uc we've been tracking breaking brn news with vre they had train had that was stuck in the tunnel atl union station.ion stion. causing big delays.causing de latest twitter update from themm trains have gun moving again. five trains stacked from l'efant to alexandria in the metro mro option is open.pen i would avoid vre towards unioni station. take metro.ta met we'll let you know when thingsns are officially back to normal.m. your train could be delayed heading into that area fromt aro alexandria. morning commute hitting the roads take look at all tg hecomr through oxon hill.ugh ox hil earlier crash just after saintfi barnabas on the inner loop.e ne that cleared.thatared. however, from well before fiveer all the way across the wilsonilo
7:37 am
the outer loop from upper marlboro up to bw parkway parkw heaviest and then the outer looo from route 1 over to georgiato a from earlier crash by 95.y5. that's still up against about 25 to 30 minute delay. 395 dealing with a lot of volume inbound 50 jammed from 410 to bladensburg road.oad. southbound 295 jams from 50 too pennsylvania.pennsylv so through cheverly you can see from the beltwayy oyon in you'r really jammed up those delays dy extending back past 410 now. unfortunately, north of 50295 5 jams as well.s so a lot of growing delays righg now. now. you need to be aware of that'sha closer look at the inner loop lo from the earlier crash.ra and notice how 295 on then northbound side from the beltway towards laboratory road is alsoa stack. we have you covered this mornini any questions at erin fox5 d.c.5 on twitter. steve, back to you.stev >> apple calls it the foreverlso change on how you use your yr headphones.head those new air pods finally readr to hit the details on where you can buy c them neck. >> okay. smoking to chewing more onn the new use of marijuana thatuat could be the next big thing.hi ♪♪ ♪
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♪♪ 7:> 7:40. uber getting more heat right non for security questions.ns security expert who was fired wf from the company claims the ridd service is tracking rider'sid private information at leaston t able to. that includes some high profile
7:41 am
friends of uber employees.yees the former security worker suini uber for age discrimination ando whistleblower retaliation afterr he complained about the allegeda privacy breach. bac uber says it has policies inolis mace to prevent any abuse off privacy but admits they may nott work if employees find waysinwa around them.. kiss senate recalling foodoo processors because the blade mae break overtime and end up inp in your food. very popular item right here. h the consumer product safety s commission says there have beene 69 reports of consumers findingi broken pieces of the blade and a we know how sharp it is in their processed food. >> what? >> 22 models of the foodd processors with four rivets ini the blades are included in this recall. recall so the ones affected check ithe out they were sold fro july 1996 all the way throughhr last december, december 2015. >> over 20-year period. p >> you know what, so really need to you listen if you use one of these quinn sin arts.sin a if you have one of the
7:42 am
using it, contact kiss senateat for a free replace many it's the blade affected here. >> 20-year period.>> >> forts ever. >> good news for iphone users if you wanted the for i new air poh announced a couple of months ago the company m's wirelessirel headphones are now finally available for shipping. sppin you'll even get them in time fon the holidays.ol orders can be made online now.. in store availability next weekw >> how much.>> huch. >> $150. >> i agree with tucker they lool weird but you'll see a lot of at people wearing them the. they kind of hang out of yourg y ears. >> how easy to lose those tse suckers. >> that's my problem. i need the>> tha cord.d marijuana chewing gum could be the next big thing. a company received a patent approval for a weed infused chewing gum called med chew rx. that catchy? it contains both thc and cbd and under going g clinical trials. the gum is expected to be used d to treat pain and muscle spasmsm in patients with multiple
7:43 am
uld approval to get it.get i if approved by the fda it shoulu be available by the year 2018. 1 >> secret santa spreading gooded cheer at one popular >> pope francis is loved aroundo the world of course known fornon his simple lifestyle.estyle many wonder what inspired his humility. one author takes a look at thisi past and his answer.ns he joins us next.ext. ♪♪ ♪♪ hi i'm lieutenant colonel cl randy bagram, afghanistanfghast afghanistan. i'd like to wish happy holidaysd to my wife and kids in frederick, maryland.ylan happy holidays angie, love you,u happy holidays caitlin olivia. love you very much.uch. miss you guys. bye. bye.
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♪♪ 7:00 frick. >> back, everybody.verybo that's line up. already looking ahead to goodooo day d.c. da you don't want to miss it. actor benjamin bratt, um-hmm, um will be live with us. u he stars in the new fox show sho star which has a special premier tonight.tonit. >> after empire.fter e >> okay. also on good day holly and i wee talked with jussie smollettmoet yesterday ahead of tonight'sht's empire fall finale we'll present that for you. and from your teachers to your babysitters, your nannies yournr garbage guys, whomever, hairstylist, trainers.ers >> co anchors.
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how much do you tip and do youu tip for theti holidays? we shae some expert advice.t advic i have a tip for you. >> yes.>> you better stay on my good sides >> i will accept that tip and double it down for the holidaysf as welorl.. let's check in with tucker barnes right tuck has tips on how tornes r pa for what's coming neck.k. >> allison, many people don't know this, in move countries the weather forecaster gets tipped e very hands somely.ds sely. >> is that right?s thatight >> in like tomatoes thrown at at you. you. >> fat cash. >> good thing. okay. ok >> cash. let's do the forecast.s the steve, can you hear the sound? (train).). >> train a arctic blast the train is on tht way. incoming, and we got -- that wat impressive it actually worked. e real deal of cold moving in herh the next couple of days. ds. as these temperatures are goingi plummet later 37 now in wt ashington.ashing not here yet. 36 in leonardtown. 30 in gaithersburg north andthnd west winchester 32, 31 in culpeper there are freezing frez temperatures out there make sure you bring a it will be a cool onbrein todayy only mid 40s and that's with sunshine the first half of the t
7:48 am
day. later this afternoon we'll getet some clouds and then our frontro our actual arctic blast front still north and west of chicagoa really going to be a quick movev and get in here tonight and a there might be a quick burst ofo a few snow showers or snowr sno flurry with it probably nine,e, 10, 11 tonight as it movest mov through, then the winds pick upu and temperatures startta plummeting around here overnight tonight, and into your day you d tomorrow and our wind chills ara going to be just looking reallyl really cold around here. her there's a look at yourr temperatures.s by thursday and friday these are actual air temperatures the winw chills will be in the singlengle digits. want to fast forward this forsta you quickly and showrd t youou tomorrow morning.tomorrow that's tomorrow morning 8am. single digit wind chills,hill 9 degrees it will feel like.ik minus two in hagerstown.ow eight at dulles.eigh you get the idea.u get e i make sure you're ready for coldl day. tomorrow afternoon feel like 111 we got a lot of cold.old. all right.l ri cold thursday, friday, heads upp here. saturday morning as we as w transition out of that air masss it looks like we'll get a periop of winter weather around here hr before it changes to rain by b saturday afternoon but therehe could be a long e
7:49 am
here saturday morning we getdaye light accumulations of snowtions around here britt changes tos to rain during the weekend. so just keep that time frame in as as well. there's your seven day.en d. cold temperatures make sure you're ready for it. in - -- >> y. >> you didn't get this in tenn dessee g no, i did not.idno it was cold down there but, i di will say do you know what this weather is. >> blew beep beep.epp. >> cookie baking gleeted is it? >> um-hmm. um-hmm. >> most weather is cookie bakin weather. >> i'll make those little peanuu butter ones with the hershey her kiss in the center.n cen >> oh yeah.. >> i'll bring them in. >> i love them.'ll >> i'm excite>> the two left lan blocked in fairfax countyy parkway on northbound 123. 1 so northbound and southbound traffic affected by this crash.a you can see the lanes arees a blocked and we're seeing heavygy traffic out in virginia again 123 accident on the northboundoo side both directions affectedece out by fairfax county that's a look from skyfox thishs morning. let's take a look at our maps. that's not the only big issueue we're dealing with.we'r e updadetes from twitter if youu taking vre today. today trains have gun to move again ww were dealing with a stuck traint out by union
7:50 am
five trains stacked from will he fan to alexandria. because they're all delayed frof alexandria to l'efant from thata union station issue, metroro option if you want to take that. now, if you're skipping there sn rails and hitting the roads aoaa lot of delays including top sids of the beltway outer loopoop through college closer look at that part of youu commute next.ex >> secret santa spreading holiday cheer in have nessa got an early holidayy surprise.rise had he she went to k mart to pay off her lay away balance whencew she went inside the cashier gavg her good news.oodew store employees say the secretye santa has been doing this for fr years. year they say the person usually pays off lay away balances that are e nearing their payment deadliness especially those with toys andnd other christmas presents. pre >> love those stories.ose sties google has released its topp searches of 2016. powerball took the top spot forf the most searched term. ter it was around the time whenime e three ticket holders won the $1.56
7:51 am
prince, hurricane matthew, pokemon go and slither claimed the rest of the top five spots.s now while trump and hillary clinton rounded out the end of the list.theist. always a fun list to check out.. back to you, steve. 7:51 right now. he's beloved by millionson around the world for the for t simplicity and the messages ofgo love and understanding, butng, t while many of us have heardav ha about pope francis' simple simpl lifestyle and the pope'ss devotion to the downtrodden weee don't necessarily know thenow t events that transformed him from a boy in argentina to pontiff oo a changing catholic church. mark shriver set out to find out what molded and influenced thece pope. the result is a new book calledd pilgrimage my search for thehe real pope francis and mark joinr us now to talk about a i good morning, mark g to see youe >> thanks for having me steve. e >> this was two part. par your journey to find the realhel pope francis and maybe a journen to find yourself as well.sel >> little bit of that.of that >> maybe not intentional but itn work out that way.haay it. >> work out that way. three or four years a little w t of a if you know where the whert catholic church was with theh we sexual abuse exams much the
7:52 am
financial situation and vatican bank, comments on islam,am comments on women. which is so much than the priests and nuns i know acrosscs country.try. great work that they're doing.h so it was a journey to talk tooo the people that know him. his colleagues, his friends butb also detractors to figure oute t who he is. here's a guy first jeez is you y witness ever elected pope, hee,h had arise to power an fall thenn another rise trying to dig ino g and figure out who he really is. >> also, the person who was living a very humble existence n not only when he was coming upiu but also as pope. he started out in very humble way.. even living conditions thats tt prior popes weren't doing.n't ig >> yeah. he's also given up the summer sm residence palace in italian hills. he turned night museum a couplel of months ago.. so he's definitely us a steer. i saw his room that he lived inn in bound notice heiress forss f their plus steve, it's unbelievable.ieva a little double bed, place tola kneel, place to sit. no flat screen tv. no laci boy none of the things i so
7:53 am
or hope to have in our ownurwn homes. he lived that way his entire enr life so the idea of humility and mercy really permeate his papacc and permeated his life.ife. >> what do you take for the bigger picture some people would say you expect somebody in thisi position of leadership and religious type of situation they should be humble they should bed giving up others not taking of themselves. so what do you see as the bigig picture here as far as what youu learned how it can affect thean church or religion in then in t future? >> i think he's sending a message for all of us, h right?r when he comes to america andca gets in the fiat and everybodyvy else gets in the huge suv's when he invites homeless people tos o his birthday party a couple of o years ago. he turns 80 this saturday. satur i can't wait to seaway has in hs store for us then.e r us i mean these are gestures that u are trying to bring us all all closer to our fellow human hum beings and also to god.ood he's trying to teach us humility. trying to teach us mercy. great story about to te how he e with a woman who was a prostitute.tite. had to prostitute herself to make ends meet for her
7:54 am
for the food you sent me and the kids, but thank you for moreor r thanly for calling me seniorior rah. ra he's teaching us how to treat tt each other with more mercy andcy little more humility and that's' message we can all take. take. look we aren't going to live ini spartan house or spartan smallan room like the pope does, but wee can all be kinder to each othero and we can all be more humblebl and that's good message to takek >> i want to ask before we letet you go, mark, your family is search al washington institution and has done great things oversr the decades now from the peace a corps to the special olympics tt best buddies to what you'reou'r doing right now save theave t but what was it that you tookouo away from this on personal levea on a family level that you y didn't have before?e? >> i think it's a great question. i mean i think the ida of, you you know, treating each other wither little more humility.ility i mean i think the idea of the homeless guy that works outsidei my office in downtown d.c. when he had that comment from fm the woman who's part-timetime prostitute about senior rah anda do i ask him hisam
7:55 am
really treat him with mercy andm see how he's doing, i think, i t that's a real message that we te can all learn from. >> saw some pictures there ashea well. i know your daughter had aour chance to get up close anddaughc personal as well.. >> yeah. >> one pictures is the book is o picture your daughter took.r tk. >> she saw him when he came intn andrews air force base and shene goes dad you can't believe the e size of the car he got into. 76-year-old man, 77 years old at that point. pnt get in the back seat of thatk sh tiny little fiat was amazingin >> she broke the news to you about the car we then saw driving around d.c.? >> for a lot of kids in thiss ii region it was moment they'll never forget and how about the feeling in washington the day ty and a half he was here? i meann the town i think really cameam together and i think that's ahaa message that he's trying toyingt instill in all of us on on-going basis. >> great moments here in our nation's capitol.omenitol. mark, thanks as always foray for coming the book is calledd pilgrimage. check it out and pick it up anda learn a lot more about the popep because you traveled all overtra the world picking up thesehese stories. thanks, mark. always good to see g y >> thanks for having me, steve. >> 7:55. let's turn things over to tuckeg barnes right
7:56 am
okay, fill me in on theon t what do i need to know. kw. traveling coming back saturday morning what should shall wed al expect. >> saturday morning will beday o interesting much we'll mentionmh to that coming up. 38 into t washington.hington. winds north northwest at 10.h ns the next couple of days it's ds just about abo col sunny and bright thursday andsdd friday arctic cold moving inovgn night.t. it won't be here today. t. mid 40s today but tonight thatia front moves in.mon. maybe a few flurries quick bursr of snow with it and then thehe real deal, cold here, thursdayha and friday.y wind chills will be in thes wien single digits.singleit hey, saturday morning, it lookso like we could transition back to a warmer air pattern here with a period of winter weather thereer might be light accumulationsulas before that changes to rainanger saturday afternoon. so my advice to mark ton all off you, sty found to the forecast r here as we can have light lht accumulations saturday.da erin? welcome roads. >> good morning.d mor >> hi. >> right now, 7:56, thanks fornf that tucker i just did my did saturday travel plans. you're the' taking a look atre vre dealing i with big problems train wasinas stuck by union station.tion trai
7:57 am
five trains are stacked fromck o l'efant to alexandria.ndria metro is an option.ptio consider that. tt. check your vre schedule beforeeo you head o metro looking good except foror safetrack surge 11 impacting the orange and silver lines.ilve li. taking a wide view of ourf o morning commute 50 stacked frome the beltway through cheverly.rl. new york avenue remains heavy hy past bladensburg inner loop very heavy traffic from well beforeer branch avenue into upperpp marlboro as you cross into oxonx hill earlier crash after saintei barnabas cleared. 395 head heavy traffic keep it to fox5 news morning.orng 8:00 o'clock hour coming right up.
7:58 am
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>> this is fox5 news good wednesday morning. i'm allison seymour.n our >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm sve e thanks for joining us thiss t morning. 8:00 a.m. this wednesday, am thdecember 14th hereis is what'w on the fox5 news morning menu. u >> first up donald trump taps t former texas governor rick perrr as second of energy.rg it's a position that perry is somewhat familiar with. annie? >> reporter: hundreds of d.c.f c airline workers are walking offi the job today. t we'll tell you why and what youa can expect at local airportspo coming up in live report.. and it is video you willil only see here on fox5. f the former chairman of prince or george's county liquor boardroa doing a field sobriety test and failing. and we're also bracing for a bia drop in temperatures.tu here
8:01 am
now. just over the dmv.v. sky looks really pretty.retty. it will be cold, folks.l be cd,f 37 right now to start off ourur wednesday morning. >> western pennsylvania gets ann early taste of region snow felnf on the region pittsburgh getting its first major snowfall. snoal slick conditions t the snow was piling up.g u there was a few car crashes inci around the city. note and ice causing power p outages in the eastern part of the state in allentown -- i'm -i sorry, let's make it allentownll neighborhood of pittsburghorhoo that's on the north side -- on h soute h side of pittsburgh. and an interesting look frok nasa. satellites this morning and thed burst of chilly air sweepingween across the thentry isn't that cool? take look.k these images show the movement n of that cold air fro december 1st through thimber 1 sunday. you can really see the cold airl moving. >> that purple stuff what'st puw coming our way, righthat',s tuc? >> yeah. little piece of the polarr vortex.vortex >> really interesting.t >> we talked about. >> compliments of the northplim pole. not today. today will be in the mid 40s.enh 40s i'll talk about details of our weather forecast i want to point out by tomorrow morning our winw chills are going to be in the
8:02 am i don't think our wind chillsin will be much higher than 10, 11 degrees. we've got the real deal. arctic chill on thee go way, gu. i will toss it back to you manym more details on the weatherlsn h coming up. >> all right, tuck, thanks very much. let's get to vdot crewst tor getting ready for old man winten doing retreating overnight justs in case doing it in fairfax faxx london, arlington counties as well. big freeze we don't necessaryeca mean on the roads we mean the mn temperatures are going to bere well below freezing.. >> this morning a 13-year-old-od boy has died after major crashoc on i-95 in prince george'sce g county. this happened in the northern nh lanes around 9:00 last night north county connectors.onneor a tractor trailer and three t vehicles were involved.hicles w it happened after the truck and two oaff ttehose cars stopped s suddenly to avoid disableisle vehicle. three adults were also hurt. hur all lanes of 95 reopened aroundo 4:00 this morning.or
8:03 am it shows the former chairman of the prince george's countyceeor' liquor board failing a field fie sobriety test last thursday. charles caldwell can be seencanb struggling to walk a straight ah now this came -- comes aft newsw mr. caldwell has resigned fromrm his job. job caldwell told fox5 he had two drinks over a two-hour how about a wild policedolic chase started in the district dr ended in alexandria yesterdaynde the woman who lead police on tht chase was already in handcuffs when it started. police tell us the driver was barred from the garfield terracd housing complex in northwest d.c. because she was involved ie fights with residents.esidents. police tell us the woman crashea into at least 10 cars during the chase.che. ♪♪ happening right now, workerr at ray gap national airport anda dulles international airport will be strike to go protest low wages.ges with more who these workerss and what they are asking foring we're joined by annie yu.e good morning. >> reporter: hey g morningey steve and allison.eve and good morning, everybody., everyy we're talking about hundreds off d.c. airline workers walking off
8:04 am
the job today both at dulles asa well as here at reagan nationala this is the first time that thet workers at dulles are joining ii on this strike, but certainly c this issue has been going on fon a few years now.ow now, you'll see behind me there are dozens here outside thehe reagan national airport.rt they'll take turns throughout the day but we understand thisat will go on for the next 24 houru or so and they are fighting forg hire pay. now many of these people earnean about $6.15 per hour plus tips.p they're asking for $15 an hour.h many of them work mull pell jobj to make ends meet. some are forced to sleep inleep their cars as we learned earlyay this morning because of that oht short turn around or to save ona commuter costs so a lot of lot stories coming out of this.his these are baggage handlers, somm of them are wheelchairchair attendants.nd they all work for huntly usa texas based company whichny w contracts directly with the airlines and employs roughlyouly around 400 workers at both airports.rports we are told by the airport authority that they expecty e normal operations today
8:05 am
we went inside and walked wke around.nd things are pretty slow right nog so it doesn't seem like this is affecting the travel aspect oftf it, but certainly if they doo this again on as we get closer o to the christmas holiday travela that should affect it. i but these guys will be out herer pretty much all day, all -- andd we also have elected officialsls showing as well including virginia attorney general markel herring and other members of the community as a sign of support.t but right now, they have a boara meeting at 9:00 o'clock that tht workers are planning to attendtt to put more pressure on the metropolitan washington airportt authority. they're going to just go intoo this regularly schedule boarde d meeting and put pressure on thee board officials hoping that tha they'll discuss this further ana hopefully on a vote to increases their rate to $15 an hour.n h that's the very latest here fro reagan national.anationa annie yu fox5 local news. >> 8:05 right now.ow annie is bundled up it's nothini compared to what we'll see thisi time tomorrow morning.or >> winds will be the big storyil as they'll be north andl west gusting 25 t
8:06 am
>> it will be really cold and smacking in you the face.ace. >> exactly. we'll be awake that's for sure.. >> so to speak. spe >> so to speak. >> figuratively not literally.. >> okay. >> maybe literal leral >> zero wind chills. >> yes. exactly. >> lovely. >> yeah, it's not just here insi d.c. it's much of the country will be experiencing extreme cold. 38 now in washington.ingt again not going to get here gere today. we'll be in the mid 40 today's ' which is close to where wewher should be for this time of yeary beautiful sunrise this morning. picturesque and plenty ofley nshihine early. we'll get clouds this afternoonn and that might be a quick burstr of a few snow showers or few or flurries as that front comes c through tonight probably afteryt nine, 10:00 o'clock tonight nott enough to cause any travel t issues i'd throw it out theret you might see a few flakes witht the front the winds pick up and temperatures plummet after midnight tonight.atur 45 fmior odnur wednesday. i'll be back with the thursday,s friday, saturday time frameim you'll want to see it becauseeeu the whole thing may wrap up asps period of winter weather on saturday.tu [ laughter ]rdhter ]
8:07 am
[ laughter ]er >> no words erin. e >> right. .> no words >> only bring us so much sad muc news. >> all my travel plans so i plas don't have to drive in thatriha stuff and saturday >> thanks, tucker.s,ucker all right. right right take a look at this.thi delays on 395 this is north of duke street as you head closerdo to the pentagon to the 14th the1 street b we do have some stop and goo traffic. traffic. adding about 12 to 15 extrao 15 minutes to your commute from th beltway to the 14th streett bridge. bridge we'll forward our cameras andme this is a look at the inner lool bottom side of the beltway bay through objection zen hill byzeb 414. you are delayed from branchrom h avenue across the wilson bridgeg delays improving since crash byh saint barnabas cleared. car but there's somebody changing eighty four tire by route 1 1 blocking shoulder caution theree traffic is improving on 66 but a long line of traffic waiting tog exit at 28 from 234 to 28 stopp and go traffic improved to just about a 200 minute delay 2234 to the beltwaw and this is 270 southbound.outhn steady flow of traffic makingak their way down towards the spuru but only stop and go conditionsn worry in the seeing major delays
8:08 am
north side wide open.ide o take look at our maps right nowt as we showed you a live tour ofr the dmv, switching over to our rails right now.. vre a switch issue in the tunnen into union station 322 had beenb stopped and waiting that causedu delays by will he fan. h f latest oh and that five trainsea stacked from l'efant to lfant t alexandria.dr. metro option is open if you wanw to take metro instead.te allison, back to you. ♪♪ donald trump meeting with the titans of tech at trump tower today.r day. microsoft ceo nadel la, apple ceo tim cook also, all righty trust let me slow down facebook coo c cheryl sandberg, ibmceo jenny r ame tti amazon ceo gee he has criticized for wielding theld washington post against the republican campaign so they'llie all be at trump tower today.. meantime presi
8:09 am
trump tapped rick perry forick o energy secretary.ry. the former texas governor metr with the president-elect at trump tower on monday and was confirmed as trump's pickk moments ago. a when perry was running forni f president back in 2012 he famously said he want the to the eliminate the energy departmentm but during the debate actually l he forgot the energy's name when asked which departments he woul shut down. here it is. >> i will tell you, it's threehr agencies of government when iovm get there that are gone. commerce, education and the --h- um, um, what's the third one there,? let's see.. >> you need five. fiv >> fh, five. commerce, education and the -- um, um -- epa. >> epa.>> e there you go. >> not really funny, though. th. perry served as governor oferno texas from 2000 to 2015. steve?st in just over a month donaldn trump will officially be swornlo in as the president of thethe ed united states. there's a lot of prep work
8:10 am
right now the group is in charga all that prep work showing offng their fruits of their labor andr bob barnard live at southeast sa with all of the details for us. bob, showing off really cooly stuff so far this fa what's now?moat's n >> reporter: they are.he are. well there's actually showing us the map that we were up close c and personal with in our lasturt hour we're inside the dc armorya and speaking right now is a is master sergeant with the army tm whose basically the man ine arge herere. what he's standing on is that's' a map they say it's 60 byy 40 feet, a map of the key areass from the capitol on the right to the lincoln memorial on theon te left. it's showing the parade we can show you some close-up cu shots we shot eli they are basically going overoio what they need to know. there's the capitol and where we the parade route will take people.pele how to logistic klee get peoplel around encouraging people to uso mass transit obviously.ioly metro to get down here. h but talking about the roll the l national guard will be playingep in terms of crowd control and ca security. and just all the differentre people who w
8:11 am
and for them to see how it's h i going to lay out and to show tow us the media then show youou basically put this map togethert and this is one of the these the drill the army caissoo the air force rifle drill teamem all these different participanta have been rehearsing.ears we've seen that.t we were there in arlington, virginia, last month showing tht marine band and what have you. but this a day that we're getting a chance to see how the actual logistics of the inaugural ceremony and themony t parade and the events the rest t of the day will be laid out, and that's what they're doing here right now, guys, the army unitry that is will be involved the ioe national guard units that willhw be involved just kind of laying out their plans using a big mapp here at the d.c. armory to kindk of help tell they're storyre s what's ahead in just under a unr month.month. steve? >> bob, we appreciate i8:118:11 right now. ♪♪
8:12 am
we remember a famous tv dad alan thick best known fornown fr playing jason sever on growingro pains back in the 1980's.n the s he died suddenly yesterday.este. he had a massive heart attack. k he was playing hockey with his 19-year-old son.-year-old son. he had been on tv and behind the scenes before growing pains most notably as a jingle an theme t song writer. most recently he was on fullertw house on netflix. alan thick dead at the age of 69. 69 still ahead this mornings m bill cosby's defense team gets g into a screaming match withch prosecutors why the courtroomom got so heated come up. >> an unarmed elderly man wasas kill as he was shot seven timest by police in california.alifnia next what his family sayingay about his death.ous de ♪♪ ♪♪
8:13 am
8:14 am
♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪
8:15 am
♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these. >> there's a live look at unionl station right now. the tracks are cleared. we had a lot of problems earlier this morning when itac camksef o vre. now there were trains that weree just backed up, stacked up. u there was switch problem in a in tunnel that delayed thing. we were at one point looking ata extensive delays but the problem started to clear out now as farr as hoping to get back to normal nor schedule soon. soon. as far as the slow vehiclew vehe traffic, in the upper right ofer the screen, that's aig different story. we'll check in with erin in jusu a minute and get thest details r you. >> cool shot.l sh i never actually scene the backc of union station. station all right. it's time for little cuteness.e. yes? >> yes. get's get cute. warmup factor.r. we'll need it the next couple oe days.days. >> aww. >> we got cuteness.. >> hello
8:16 am
>> aww. >> look how sweet she is. >> all right.>>ig lee la. can we change the prompter,ter, please? >> this is lee la. this ee >> all time now for first five -- fox5 first five photo of the day. we got very official name. lee la krahn dell.el. >> it could be lila.a. >> lila? l >> it could be >> either way, i mean, she'sn,hs just adorable. >> we're doing >> look at his little wide smile. >> she's from crofton.he's >> okay. >> you can see there she is. visiting santa with a great bigg smile on her face. f she will be nine months old byy christmas day. day >> and tell us more. >> all right. apparently not everybody loves s their first visit with santa.sis she did. she did. >> okay. >> loved loved loved it. led l and just loved his beard. >> aww. t her little is that real? >> man, you are just adorable. >> cute little smile.mi. >> send to us your child's picture f
8:17 am
and we expect lots of holiday hl themed pictures the next couple of daysne. >> ho, ho, ho merry christmas. >> i want warm weather. >> okay. you'll get that in the [ laughter ] >> thank you.ou >> 38 in washington.hito our favorite time of day we gete to spin around the country.. minneapolis six.eapo fargo minus three up into canadd look at that. tha everybody doing negatives big trout lake minus 23.3. swan riff minus 20. a all that cold will descendl dd upon the lower 48, upper midwest, mid atlantic, newantic, england over the next 48 hours8s and we too will be plunging intt the deep freeze here for couplec of days. not so much today.h tod. today mid 40s but that fronthatr that's well off to the north ann west will drop in tonight.onig maybe a quick burst of a littlel snow shower activity and then tn the winds pick up and temperatures plummet.erat i want to show you the wind chill forecaso tshow for tomorro morning at 9:00 a.m. 9. look at that. forecast to be 8 degrees what it will feel like here iner
8:18 am
three in gaithersburg. lese in.l zero pants burg.urg. minus three you get sense of what we'ref whe looking at here over the next tx couple of days.uplef days. this your seven day. day. 30 tomorrow morning for actual a air temperature and then 29 on o friday. talk about the weekend in aut tw minu >> thank you tucker.te.ucke >> let's check in with erin gete a look what's happening on the roads.. >> good morning. 1818. you said it earlier, steve, vree starting to get back on schedule after some problems.r somerobl metro is honoring those ticketse if you want to skip the delays exit vre at crystal city and pentagon city and take metro. mt normal spacing resuming on vrere after rough morning.. bw parkway northbound and and southbound through beltsvillehrh heff yet on the southbound past powder mill 95 southbound stacks up from the icc to the beltway y and outer loop is still slowsts from route 1 over to georgia gea with about 25 minute delay. d a lot of beltway delays and newn crash eastbound dulles toll roa at fairfax county parkway.ay three left lanes are blockedck traffic getting by to the rightt that's causing some significantt delays.delays. 50 inbound had slow traffic as a
8:19 am
nothing keep in mind if you're i headed out by the dulles airporo as well.asl. 123 at the beltway there's ahera crash blocking two left lanes in both directions.both d out in tysons and look at that a inner loop past seven.sen really heavy traffic coming upin from the area of annandale across 66 and remains heavy wanw to show you live look outside aa that delay.ay you're completely stacked up wee have reports of a crash out byat seven as well. so something to keep in mind min outer loop looking much better.. back to you tyou >> a lot of new developments oue of engineer today. today cease fire dee in aleppo doesn'n seem to be holding activists say bombing raids resumed overum eastern aleppo and buses meant to take rebels and civilians tot safety sit there empty waiting i to evacuate those people still s left in the city.left i there's some of the buses.some u the delay being blamed on the b syrian government which now hash complete control over the rebelb held districts.ic happening today the fedy thd expected to raise its key interest rate for the first tim in a year. now the move would lift the rate by one quarter point to range between five -- between 5.5 --- .5 and .75% nudging up th
8:20 am
of consumer and business loans.s second rate hike from a record low bench mark set during the 2000 crisis.20 boeing moving it's defenseee headquarters from st. louis toou the dc area it will affect a dozen top execs and support staff. it desires to be close to those in power on capitol hbe move unrelated to recented criticism from president-elect donald trump over the potential cost of the air force one presidential jet program. ♪♪ 8:20.> 8:. disturbing story here unarmed 73-year-old man was shot and killed after police officers believed he had a gun.eved this happened early monday. police in bakers feel californir respond to do the report of a d man with a gun.o th when officers got to the scene,, francisco serna refused to takek his hasn't out of his pock.ock. one of the officers fired seven shots killing family members say he sufferse u from dementia and that his deata could have been avo
8:21 am
>> in south carolina four fou marines charged in boot campmp abuse officials say more cases aresars expected. accused drill strucks being beg charged abusing, hugh mill mating and hazing recruits nonee of permitted by the core.ore. >> brat pack added to the t prestigious national filml fm registry.rery. >> breakfast club just one ofstu several popular '80's classicslc tamed for preservation this thi year. it's 8:21. 8:21. ♪♪ i'm brownie from seven nonen north dakota i want to wish my m family and everyone around myy area in maryland a hap holiday. holiday.
8:22 am
8:23 am
8:24 am
>> live look looking downe lookn national traffic flowing pretty good right now. not so bad, right. >> looks pretty good. >> 8:24 right now. not usually regarded as aflowin gnoolt den looks>> 8n age of america cinema 1980s produced its share of popularul classics.assics >> we now have made it into the national film retches see i'mes talking about --in
8:25 am
club.ub >> library of congress announceg on wednesday the breakfast club the princess bride,. >> manny -- you're put mowing on the spot here, al. >> you did it to yourselthf.e ol >> you said it yourself. >> who framed roger rabbit weogi know jessica rabbit.bit. there are among the 25 movies me tapped for preservation this t year. national library also pick a fef more recent favorites includence ridley scott thelma and lewis. w >> brad pitt. pitt. >> tucker' favre writ movie. m disney the lion king. kin i like that that one. >> with the >> wes anderson rush more. me. >> with rush more. mor >> i'm not familiar with that t one. on >> golden era cinema.a. >> ferris bueller.s bue >> i'm not saying it. sing i said that some regard it as not the golden era of cinema. c. to me that's what i grew up witt so to me it's a golden area of f cinema. i like movies you can watch andd check out on.t on >> he gets really excite.xce. >> tucker just accused of -- heh made an accusation.ion >> i don't think you heard everd word that i said.
8:26 am
>> let there be peace on earth! >> porky's will be on that list. >> there you y go. >> no it won' w ck t to you. >> golden age, allison.llison 38 in washington.ashingto we are talking about cold. extreme cold.em not so much mid 40 today's but laterater tonight, thursday and friday ass the polar vortex pushes down d into the united states here forf at least par of the united states for a couple of days. a u all right.all there's live look atere've l satellite/radar.sallit the actual arctic front still s well off to our north and west.w i promise you'll know it when it arrives later might be a quicks burst avenueu new snow showers with it andhowe then the winds pick up temperatures plummet. plummet. wind chills tomorrow single sin digits for much of the day and a parts of the area will approach zero at times thursday andhursdd friday. looks like the whole thing wrapa up as period of winter weather saturday morning perhaps accumulations of snow brittno b transitions to rain by saturdayt afternoon if you're travelingrag saturday morning keep a close c eye on the forecast. >> quote unquote not usually ual regarded as a golden age.en age i didn't say i d
8:27 am
it. >> who wrote that.>> w >> erin, good morning.rin, how are you. i'll chececk it out. >> good morning.k it take look out a.>>t the roads pe they battle it out. >> taking a look right nowook g behind me. be this is 270 southbound by shadys grove. we had earliergr crash just past this point moved over to the meo shoulder. still heavy traffic lingering ss as you come down from montgomerm county just be prepared for for about 20 extra minutes added tod your commute to the top side oft the beltway.o thbeway. forwarding our cameras not the t only slow zone.only slow zone. top side of the beltway the t outer loop in college park p basically parked by newy w hampshire from 95 to georgia.. 25 minute delay with heavy hea congestion, allison and steve. e >> thank you so much erin. erin. residents of one d.c. neighborhood say they arehood se dealing with a lot of moviny g d shaking and their blaming metrot >> what's the deal? we got theg details ahead in live report. r.
8:28 am
8:29 am
just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot.
8:30 am
>> there's a look at newhe hampshire avenue backed up a little bit on the rreoae dsav au can see. s. erin will get us details comingc up in just a couple of minutes. all in all, not horrible thisbli morning. >> not bad. >> not the worst morning that'ss for sure.forure. we'll check in with her and getd your forecast.ur some residents in d.c. say metro has become a big nuisance and a has nothing to do with safetrack. >> the noise and the vibrations from the trains at the pet wseow station are literally shaking sg their fox5's melanie alnwick is livese in northwest with the veryery latest now. la mel, good morningte.ning >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison.allin so while we've been here this hi morning at the pet worth statioa
8:31 am
here at the station itself, butl what i'm told is that a little l further up new hampshire avenueu where you're talking about thekt tunnels that are going u19 homes, that is where the probleb has gotten so bad that threere dozen residents about actuallyll had a meeting with metro metro officials and d.c. officials ofa telling them about the problems and asking them whether they whe could do little bit more toe to investigate this.igate this. they're really concerned.'re ree they're concerned about the integrity of theirrn homesed.e m they're concerned about the integrity of the groundro underneath. we're talking about newundeou nw hampshire avenue and the street surrounding the pet worth metro station. all these residents started talking to each other, and thene all noticed pretty much the same thg.g. they're saying it's a new different kind of soundfferen describing it as a deep low frequency tripling that seemed e to happen right before metro m trains pulled in.le i the green and yellow lines dolis run under these homes.omes underground tunnels and the t disturbances do seem to coincidd with the new 7,000 series railir cars coming online. homeowners say it's more than
8:32 am
>> all night and all day. >> definitely has been kind of n low rumble. >> every time trembles at night i hear it and i wake up sit up in the bed oh, that's a train running underground. >> reporter: again, they're,hey' saying that this also caused the shaking -- causing things tosini fall off of their walls. one resident telling d.c..c officials at that meetingng reported on by pet worth newss that even experienced someiencem problems with their floor andord asked metro engineers to come te out and test the vibrations anda they did that but said it wasas just a vibration and it wouldn'l cause any trouble.roub nonetheless metro tells us thatt it is looking into the problem.m they haven't made any determinations yet and they t certainly at this point are poit saying they aren't even confirming that the vibrationsin are indeed coming from metro, but the investigation does continues. live in northwest, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local news. ♪♪ it is
8:33 am
new this morning baltimore has h hit a grim bench mark.h police say so far this years y there have been 300 homicides is the city of baltimore. balmo it reached that number last nr l night. police say two men were found f with gunshot wounds in northwesh part of that city.atit both were taken to the hospitala one died. however, 2016 has been slightly less violent land last year whe the city had 344 homicides. homd well the latest chapter inpn bill cosby's sex assault case includes some courtroom drama. a during a hearing yesterday, a judge scolded both the defense e and the prosecution after theer two sides got into a shouting match over the defense's decision to publicize the namest of the women who accused billedb cosby of sexually assaultingltg them. prosecutors want to bring morenm than a dozen extra women to cosby' sexual assault trial but cosby's attorneys want to limitl the number of women who canan testify.y. steve? 15 minute moment of silencen held today newtown connecticutoc to mack four years sin the sandn hook school massacr
8:34 am
20 children and sick teachersich and staff members were allers a killed. kill the victims will be remembered r between 9:30 and 9:45am. 95a that's the time when those tho shootings took place. ♪♪ happening today, senatorsors mark warner and tim kaine willaw host a coffee on capitol hill h it's to honor virginia veteransr now the commonwealth coffee will be an opportunity for veterans,, active duty service members ands their families to speak with the senators and members of their staff.f president barack obama signed a bill that would help tp boost funding for the fight fht against cancer and drug abuse. the 21st century cures act invest $1.8 billion for cancer research. resear moon shot to defeat the diseasea once and for all.onll that's the name of the researcha program.progra. overall the law calls for spending $6.3 billion over theot coming decade to develop neweven treatment and policies foricie f dealing with the country's major health issues.ue vice-president joe b
8:35 am
to spearhead this initiative. of course he lost his son beauu recently to cancer. coming up 8:35 right now.htn we want to turn to tucker rightr now. tuck, i want to mention as we gg to you, because i know we're kw' talking about the big freeze tomorrow, everybody has things to do over the weekend as most s people do.o. busy business sigh time on t saturday. >> yes. >> saturday morning also the big reach across amemoricarn whenmea thousands of people go out too arlington national cemetery too put wreaths on the grounds.he g. update the wreaths in new jersew on their way down.own they're close.lo. they still needed about 5,000 50 earlier this week but we just wj checked in they're close tore ct getting the goal for everythingy >> good. >> but all these people will bee out sesaturday m porning tryingo put wreaths down. dow >> we need to know what to expect for everybody who will bl heading to arlington.inon >> okay. >> we need to you tweak some things if you need to. >> okay. that's part is a little harder.l >> make the weather a littlee hi nicer.ce >> let's get to's let's get to right now first,, and i just went past the past temperatures.ures. we're currently 38 in washington. not too far off to the wes
8:36 am
this morning. in chicicago. so plenty of cold air out there at this hour and this is nots it even the arctic outbreak we'rek' expecting later tonight and tomorrow. should be a sunny start to your day much clouds this afternoonfr as our front approaches.rohe there may be a quick burst of bt snow showers tonight as the front comes through the windss pick up temperatures plummets around here tomorrow daytime dai highs don't get out of the 20su2 for most of us. and into friday it is going tosg be very cold. so we'll have this arctic airrcc mass in place thursday andy a friday with wind chills nearr zero. as we get into saturday, i'lldal have more on this coming up.g u it look like we'll have a perioa of wintry mix transitioning toto rain on saturday and it may beae with us long enough that we dohw get light accumulations around n here on saturday morning. moning you can see how it will be. b so the pavement will get alcohoh here and if we get a period ofd snow early saturday morning, ing think even if it's light amounts it will probably stick beforeckf that transition to rain on r o more on that coming up but you t can see arctic blast highigh temperatures tomorrow all right, erin, i've done mye m rt
8:37 am
>> allison is on facebook life so we were chatting. >> oh g. >> we were listening to your forecast at the same time. i promise. >> i got that imprere lssstion a . >> hey.>> hey now.hew. >> what? >> sassy for this wednesday ts w morning.rnin >> tuck is in a mood today.od >> he's in a mood. he's not as bad as. mgm opening night drive mood. >> no!>> no >> i say on a scale to thatha we're at a four. f >> did he play the grinchay t g yesterday. >> i get it. er.raerill in cha >> he's in character. ccter >> he's a method actor.dctor >> he just wants to be loved. l. that's all.ll >> he dropped his peanut m and a on the floor and told him he's s not allowed to eat it. he said quote now i'm moving oh ton traffic.raff >> hey, erin. >> it's gone. >> you ate it. >> gross. >> gross. >> i have mild ocd when it comes to that kind of stuff. tt moving on to traffic. traic. i need a minute. okay. southbound baltimore washingtonl parkway backing up by powder mill.back icc to the bell way. 95 southbound has very heavyy hy volume through calvert ton. outer loop jams route 1 over too georgia with about 25 minuteut and then w
8:38 am
295 southbound 15 inboundnb through cheverly heavy throughvt oxillhill. the inner loop jammed.loamme 66 delays are bic picking up heavy through centreville noillo reported crashes right now takew look at that from 234 to sycamore street a ton of ton congestion. leave the house at least 35hous minutes early once again to makm your way from manassas to theaso beltway.ltwa inner loop jams solid from thele springfield interchange at theie mixing bowl all the way up top t the american legion bridge gw parkway river road cabin johninh clara barton seeing a a significant amount of backed upe traffic there.c the van dorn to 50 on the inner looo heaviest of the traffic and then through falls church 66 chuh 66 eastbound jams up the freewayrew east and westbound heavy by thee third street tunnel and 39595 basically parked from they parko beltway as you make your way upr across the 14th street bridget b and once again i'd like to'dike reiterate tucker should have non eaten the m and m off the flooro i suggest a little airborne. abn back to you >> is there no 32nd rule? with food on the floor? >> avoiding him for little bitoe of time. >> i'm just saying. just ng. 8:38. 8:38 erin thank you very much. tha yu president obama did you saw thatid
8:39 am
jennifer aniston did it even howard stern even tucker barnesr >> they all did it. they what are we talking about? v the ice bucket challenge for for als. now the man who inspired it is t being honored..
8:40 am
8:41 am
what do doctors from leading cancer centers in the country have in common? many of them now call cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia home. expert medicine works here. find out why at cancer treatment centers of america. ♪♪ >> live picture of the white house this morning. we are seeing some sunshine. now we are also seeing a little breeze out there. temperature right now 38 degrees npicthoationausl aire it's a balance
8:42 am
jose andres proposed a truce now in his months long feud withwi president-elect donald trumpel with a donation to charitable organization up for grabs.rabs he's being sued e reached out ot twitter k we end our lawsuits lu and we donate money to a veterans to celebrate. why keep litigating let's bothot of us he sent that tweet to donaldet t umpmp. so far donald trump has notot responded. now the back story here, lasttol year drum many filed a $10 million lawsuit against jose andres for backing out of a restaurant deal at the trump thp hotel.hote andres canceled his plans toance launch the restaurant at the dcr hoestatel after trump's controversial comments aboutmes mexican immigrants. a big honor for the man whon inspired the ice bucketucket challenge.chleng the ncaa awarded pete with thehe inspiration award in his massachusetts home last former boston college baseballas captain was supposed to acceptto the award next year in nashvilll but due to the progr
8:43 am
his als he wouldn't be able toe make that trip.tri he was diagnosed with the the disease in 2012. the ice bucket challenge gett ag this has raised more than $115 million.15 m for the als association since it took off on social mode ya twotw years ago. that is amazing.mazing >> it's amazing how quickly itci grew. how quickly it spread.d. hopefully all that moneyon continues to go toward good towr causes.caus. >> agreed. >> find help for people who neee it the most. let's check in with holly and ml maureen fine out what's coming n up few minutes on good day d.c.c today. >> hold l join us a little later. late >> we're following severalre f developing story at the top of good day includi sngto news involving president-elect donale trump. also, we are live at workersorrs striking at reagan. rea plus we go live with tmz workinr new details involving the sudded death of legendary actor alan thick. also ahead during our life twoeo hours let's put up that good dad guest list.t. popular actor benjamin bratt,nra yup, he's joining us live. uiv he stars in the new fox show
8:44 am
tonight at 9:00 o'clock.ock right after the fall finale off empire which is moving to 8:00 t p.m.p.m. but just for tonight, okay. okay speaking of empire, don't miss our interview with jussiee smollett from the hit show.the . he gives us insight into what will go down tonight and his character's struggle withit addiction.dictn. and from your kids teachers to babysitters and nannies toni hairstylists, even trainers, ar, you pretty unsure of what to wht give or tip these folk for theoh holidays, right? we'll share sh expert advice on tipping the t service workers for thehe holidays.days you don't want to miss that.t w. good day d.c. just moments away. back to you.. >> maureen, we'll come join in few minutes. we don't want you to be all byyl yourself.self >> i know. >> thanks, mo. m >> take live picture that is ahi burning christmas tree but for r good reason.son. this is at the university ofveio maryland. maryland. probably tipped off by the maryland logo on the left sidelt of the screenogo on the. but this is another example wemw do this every holiday to show to just how quickly these trees can just complete go up into flamese with just a spark.
8:45 am
started this experiment and youo can see how it's gone and it a could catch -- my christmas tree is right up next to my curtains. probably bad to do.oo. >> obviously they have this onen burning in controlled space. coa but if you hadce presents under the tree the curtains nearby and everything else the house couldu go down in master minutes. >> please be careful. >> 8:45. vin is nexext. wee see in you a minute.
8:46 am
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en elmo makes music playing eagle bank arena this weekend only tickets on sale now through ticketmaster
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>> nice look at the capitol.look it look like it should be a nice spring or summer day so far. >> we know what it is.t r su wii >> nice blue skies. ses temperatures right up there high 30s.30 but it's okay.but it's better than it will bet llb tomorrow. how cold will it get tomorrow? >> you'll find out because your forecast is coming up in justfi0 seconds. >> even my maps are shaking. watch carefully. blast it's incoming and it's real deal here as our daytime highs both thursday and friday don't get out of the out upper 20s to about 30.bout it will be very very cold. col alght.ght. nice morning. morning chilly morning. 38 in washington. the arctic air not in arrived y sort of typical december morninr for us. 38 in quantico. 37 north and west we did have we dh freezing temperatures this temps morning but warmed um into thebu midt 30s winchester hagerstown 34 d
8:49 am
sunshine first last the f we'll get clouds this afternoonn the actual frontal system is ous here towards chicago and it's ad quick mover. it will drop down into ourto o region tonight.on tight. there may be a quick burst of a few snow showers this evening ii think between about 9:00 andd midnight out on the road. not expecting any accumulation but there may be a quick burstur of snow showers and then that front will sweep east the windsw pick up temperatures plummet ana by tomorrow morning it will feee like the arctic express has expe arrived as our daytime highs h tomorrow air temperatures will be in the upper 20s to about 30. but the real story will be ourlo wind chills.hills check out wind chill forecast fr here for tomorrow morning. mning at 9am feeling like 8 degrees in shshington. 3 degrees in gaithersburg. minus three in hagerstown.stown seven in annapolis it is goingol to be bitter cold around hereour tomorrow. that's even with sunshine lookvh at tomorrow afternoon. tomaftern we never get a wind chills abovo about 10 to 15 degrees.5 degr so very very cold tomorrow andro then friday is cold. col i'm fast forwarding to saturday morning i want to give you a headg s upi here.e. that
8:50 am
and an area of low pressure a warming -- changing weather th pattern by early in the weekende will likely give us a period of winter weather early saturday sa morning which will eventually il you can get that warmer air in transition to the rain to theto day on it may arrive early enough we get light accumulations of sleet and snowo around here early saturdayur before that transition.trantio there's your seven day.ere's ev lots of weather to talk aboutk a next couple of days but the cou bottompl line cold blast tonighn that's wet allison and steve back to you.b >> tuck, thank you very much.k,r queue the music. ♪♪ >> sounded like a mix ofed le a tucker's theme and kevin's themt isn't we're going to do newoo music theme and new low go andwa everything for the new year.hi r >> we are? w >> yes.>> y >> fantastic. >> who told that you, kev. >> that is happeningho t. >> who promised you that? >> our news director and i had h discussion about that. tha >> yes, yes. yes. very very excited. >> i look forward to it. >> did you hear what tucker i lh said. >> does it come with a new movie critic, too., >> of ur
8:51 am
>> d.c. film girl.. fiirl >> my wife is taking over thenge position right here at fox5. f >> as long as you keep it in tho family we're all good. >> that is right.>> r >> start with sad news.>> sta alan thick obviously overnight e passed away -- yesterday passede away. if we can bring up the promptere read one thing here.e. growing pains obviously was hugu show and best known for his rolr as the dad 19 '80s showing pains and thick died after suffering f heart attack while playingla hockey with his 19-year-old sond i read in the la times articleic that right before this happenede he had just complimented hisment 19-year-old son on a great shots right before it happened. >> really? >> thick was rush to the t hospital in burbank, californiai where he was pronounced dead.ced he was recently part of the t netflix reboot for fuller houseu and also appeared in the populal show this is us which is a is a massive show right now.. according to thick had moviek ha supposed to come out in 2017 201 called the clapper that will bee starring amanda sigh forward and adam levine. thick survived by three sons
8:52 am
thick spoke to the la times lass night saying that his father was quote the greatest man i ever ie met and quote always alway gentleman. ge now, a lot of celebrities haveeh been tweeting about his passing over -- last night and on this o morning as well.ell. roughly 15 hoursing a actually l tweet appeared on mr. thick's account saying season two fullel house season looking really good. i like the ones i'm not n people have been replying saying howply did this tweet come out.d this probably a schedule tweet thatea was tweeted out prior to his tos passing obviously.. paula patton tweeted with ah quote from mother teresa whilees she doesn't actually say this ti about alan thick, assume it, a would be with heart there andbe obviously her relationship wit h mr. robin t next up is john legend tweetinge rip alan thick i grew up gre watching him and got to know hio through robin.h bin he was always so kind to me. to so sad to hear about his passinp and ellen degeneres among otherr took to twitter to say america e loved alan
8:53 am
gone. gone. sending so much love to hising m family. just for me personally, when i e first started off in this ohi business in 2005, i wasn'tas getting the biggest interviews w around 2009 he was one of thef biggest stars i first sat downad with this a picture him and i in los angeles for a movie he did d called the goods live hard sell hard. ha he was he was so nice to me.ce to me. answered every single question.o acted like he was the onlynl person in the room.on in ro really really cool man. cool i really enjoyed him.oy him. >> did you pull this out of youf 2009 celebrity picture file on l your computer?om >> no i just went back to -- >> out all the pictures you havc over the years if you had tohad pick one picture with aicre w celebrity to hang in your -- >> spielberg.pi >> is that right. >> yes.el >> alan thick was one of then i firsts. i remember that. i rest terstand that. i'm just saying, you have soou h many pictures.tures >> spielberg with celebrities.hi >> spielberg. >> i was just in la this weekend for thuset critics choice awars and sitting at ryan reynoldss dead pooltable.le >> we sought video. >> tom hanks was there. tomankss ryan gosling and -- i mean i m
8:54 am
i've wanted to meet since i wass a kid. i loved face off and pulpul fiction. fict and he was -- i was telling himl i did -- i did his dance at my t wedding with my wife.h my i was doing a little foot thingt for him it was -- really cool. yeah. any ways.s. >> thank you. >> is that all the time we haveh >> till good day.go >> okay. chat more next hour.xt hou. >> i missed you guys.sed yo >> happy you're back.>> >> love you guys. >> say good morning to ouru ay g facebook fan of the day.eay kara is her birthday. turning the big five-050 years young. >> 1966 baby.6ab she never misses a moment ofisse fox5 news morning.. yes. yes. playing the game, love it.. her absolute favorites wisdom and tucker.d cker thanks for your loyalty.oyal we do appreciate you and happiest of birthdays.irdays for your chance to be facebook fan of the day just post your yu picture under this one. o >> we'll be right back. ♪♪
8:55 am
z26i0z z17vz
8:56 am
y26i0y y17vy >> you do read roman numerals,re right, alad? >> i know that you were pointinn out the 24 for 24 carrat magic.c in i know what it is. >> ♪♪ >> it's bruno mars. m and james corden.d jas co i love it. love it.. love every single track on this cd. cd. if you haven't got it -- if youu like hiphop.ipho >> you got to hear every singlen track last nigh
8:57 am
karaoke.karaoke >> check out this cd. >> best par.t par. >> james corden says that -- cde >> we don't have time.e >> kevin save it for good day. . i promise we'll give you moree y time to talk about it later. lat >> hey, here's a good a transition. if you're stuck on metro in youu car, listen to bruno mars for mo good mood. good mood. >> there you go. >> how do you like that one.hato >> what's happening out there.en let's take a look at our mapsurs much red line delays if you areu taking the red line earlier malfunction outside silverilr spring residual delays to shadyy grove. in if you're hitting the road ha take look at this.his. northbound 395 there's a crash h at little river turnpikeurike blocking two right lanes.king tr keep it to the left.t to t lef we're stacked up for severalev miles keep it to fox5 good dayoo at 9a is coming right up we'll w keep up it dad on all of yourou news, weather and traffic.
8:58 am
8:59 am
9:00 am
♪♪ ahead on good day at 9a, 9 another hollywood icon loft. >> ♪♪ >> actor and notable tv dad alan thicke passing away whileway whi playing hockey with his son.on a look back at his memorable meb career and how he is being being remembered this morning. >> bundle up, old man winter ses to make a return to the dmv. bitter cold temps may be even some snow. sw. tucker has got you covered oner what you need to expect. a meeting of the minds. president-elect donald trump going one-on-one with the titant of tech. tec this as our nation'


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