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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 14, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ wednesday nights talking about a meeting of the mind, president-elect going one-on-one with the tightens of tech, comes as critic debate his cabinet nominees. >> this is the big talker here at 5at630. tweet us what is on your mind, using the #5at630. so, there appears to be a distinct pattern among the president-elect's cabinet picks. many being nominated for positions towards departments they once disagreed or in one case couldn't remember, for example, rick
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pruitt and the environmental detection agency, betsy devos and the education department and ben carson department of housing and urban development >> let's break this down craig stevens, former senior advisory to secretary of energy kicks off our political pulse. is this a, you know, we talked about draining the swamp and you want to shake up washington, this is certainly way to do it >> i think the great that president-elect trump is facts on folks that aren't directly out of central casting people have new ideas and hopefully will bring some of these new -- initiatives and policy initiatives and policies to washington >> since you worked for the secretary of energy, rick perry what happened of course during that election, that he was -- couldn't remember the name of the department of energy, that was one of the department's he wanted to cut. when you see that happening, then, let's put him in charge of it, do you feel it's going to be hard for people to respect him
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overall somebody in the cabinet? >> i think governor perry is learned a lot about the department of energy. it's a sprawling organization with over 100,000 employees, 16 national laboratories doing a lot of the -- in charge of our nation's nuclear weapon stockpile, not only the construction but dismantling old weapons, there's a lot to the department of energy i'm sure governor perry will get schooled up on. betsy devos who's been nominated the secretary of education, proponent of charter schools, there are democratics very supportive of charter schools but she's never had any involve in public education, does that matter >> betsy devos is supporter of public education but also a supporter of high standards and choice, she doesn't think choice should be relegated to those with of a influence and money,
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throughout the public school sector, that perspective will be refreshing to the department of education >> scott pruitt with the epa, there's been a lot of talk a lot of people worried about they would sort of clean house perhaps this administration of the epa and seeing that scott pruitt has had multiple lawsuits against epa, as attorney general in oklahoma, what do you think? is this -- is he going to be doing what a lot of people are fearing going to clean house there? is there more of a threat to that agency than perhaps some of the others? >> i think everyone recognizes the importance of the environmental protection agency, something that we've all kind of grown to appreciate. i believe the challenge that mr. pruitt is going to jump into is the overregulation and overzealousness that this president had and use the environmental protection agency to quell a lot of the energize sources we have in the united states and projects he's going to take a hard look at those regulations and see what actually we can do to
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that our environment is being protected but also to insure businesses can grow >> we have 30 seconds, rex tillerson, a lot being made about this choice and president-elect trump here's a guy who had international business dealings, familiar with the players and the game. is that an inspired choice do you think or is it yet to be seen? >> i think mr. tillerson is a great choice. he has operations in 21 countries right now and certainly done a lot of negotiating with countries that maybe we don't the best relationships with but he's got relationships and puts us in a good spot >> appreciate it. thank you sir >> thank you. in dc, there's been a major development in the dispute over donald trump's conflict of interest. a lot of talk about whether or not the president-elect would be in breach of contract if he doesn't relinquish his empty new trump hotel in dc. >> here are the details we know so far. trump leases the old post office pavilion from the federal government. some say prohibitings elected of
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general services administration came out and denied earlier it had position on whether he needed to give up the lease, if he refuseds to give up after the inauguration, there could be a series of hearings to determine whether any disciplinary action will be taken on this. a lot of balls up in the air, so to speak, that need to fall wherever they end's falling >> tomorrow supposed to be the day we were going to hear from him about how he's going to handle his businesses once he takes office, that's been postponed. gsa need to have an official plan. they can figure it out. >> there's a lot. controversial tweet, it's getting a lot of attention, >> it reads in that case i would like to be the secretary of white men, in response to trump selection of rick perry to lead the department of energy, tom fitzgerald is on this one and a lot of people are buzzing about this one. this is a person who sent this
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tweet out that had this not happened nobody would know who she is. >> no, nobody would know who she is, she's a spokesperson for the dc public schools, communications director. you guys tweet. how carefully do you scan back over your tweets before you send something out >> i try to >> i've had a couple of slip-ups. you get very close and intentional with what you send. >> if you're in any pig of public notoriety, you have to be careful about the things you say and tweet especially if you have something on your own twitter account that says my views are not those of the dc ps. here'swhat happened. her name is hillary tone, she's the spokesperson for the dc ps, and apparently hillary tone is not a big fan of rick perry ing name secretary of energy. as we talked about back in 202012 he couldn't remember that's one of the three pa
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wanted to eliminate. hillary tone goes out last night and says, quote, if wanting to eliminate a department of government qualifies you to run it, she says, quote, in that case, either like to be secretary of white men. it didn't stop there. she went on facebook, she wrote. if wanted to get rid of something qualifies you to run i want to be secretary of white men. hillary tone had a change of tone, at some point, this morning, because she goes back on twitter, she deletes that original tweet and writes an apology. my tweet about white men was in poor state, my apologies. we headed over to dc public school headquarters, big surprise here, they wouldn't talk to his about this, who would talk to us? dc taxpayers. a lot of them had a lot of questions today about how somebody who is on the public payroll speaking for dc
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schools is still on that payroll when they're tweeting out stuff like this. . >> we're entitled to our personal opinion, but if you do represent the city in some way, shape or form and any aspect, i don't think it's appropriate. you have to be more mindful about what it is you tweet. >> it's racism. racism goes both ways. whether your black or white or whatever, it's racism. >> that sound prejudice to me. me, myself, i wouldn't have said that. at all. >> i don't think it's an attack against white men but it is. >> reporter: eliminate white men how is that not an attack against white men >> it's -- what do you call that, ratio? it's a really bad choice of words. >> bad choice of words. here are the words that dc ps close to put. the social media posts were said on an employee's personal
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reflect views of dc public schools. which prides itself on being an inclusive organization regardless of race, ethnic background, religion, sex, language family income or immigration status. we should also tell you, we tried like the dick ins to get somebody from dc public schools to talk to us, but ironically, even though this came from a dc public schools spokesperson nobody in the spokesperson's wanted to go on camera. that statement you just heard that was going to be the end of it. >> everyone is mum on that. let's leave it there. >> we're going to do that. fitz thanks a lot. president-elect trump said he's bring back the return of the phrase merry christmas and he made the statement at a rally in wisconsin. >> we are going to say merry christmas again. happy new year. but merry
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>> not for everybody. >> ronica cleary is joining us at the miracle on 7th street, a christmas themed bar there i enjoyed this weekend, ronica. what are folks having to say there? . >> reporter: jim and sarah, let me tell you this bar is packed. people having a great time. we're going to right to the pulse of the people. what do you guys say? merry christmas or happy holidays >> as a jewish fellow i start with happy holidays but if somebody merry christmases me, i will merry christmas the hell out of them >> how about you? >> i say happy holidays. it's pretty standard. >> reporter: you play it safe >> i play it safe. i want to be a nice person. >> reporter: a nice person, you heard that. let's come over here and ask more people. ladies, what do you say? merry christmas or happy holidays >> happy holidays. >> ok. >> i always say happy holidays >> let me sneak through here.
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>> in festive christmas environment. i want to offend anybody. holidays covers it all. why not? this is awesome. >> reporter: we have a gentleman back here, let's come over here, what do you guys say, merry christmas? happy holidays >> i'm worried about kwansaa, not enough people are celebrating kwansaa, but if i'm at work, happy holidays, happy festive us. >> we have a handful of people. merry christmas, happy holidays >> happy festive us >> happy holidays, merry christmas >> don't let the fact that the top of this part -- my photography, running around, i want to show you this, i'm not wearing a sweater. i probably shouldn't do this, look at this bar if you want to celebrate the spirit of christmas, look at the line, they started out here just after 4:00, people getting into the christmas spirit whatever you want to call it, m
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all the way down the block, like i said, 4:15 we got here, the line started. we've been having a pretty wild discussion about this on twitter all day, i have a poll going on. let me know what you think weigh in. i'd love to hear your thoughts. some -- they were kind of having fun in there. >> right. >> reporter: some comments on facebook and twitter have been really thought out on both sides of the debate. we'd love to hear from you. >> reporter: that gentleman talked to you is worth mentioning hanukkah begins i believe on christmas eve this year, so it runs concurrently, that throws another wrench into the system. >> by the way you have to have -- what was that drink you had >> no angels snuggles or something or other, >> it's pretty good >> few people had more than one of those, festive us, kwsa
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warm if you're outside. sue palka standing by with it latest on the weather. >> it's just can you believe that bar down there? crazy. that is, it was actually entertaining. and you know what? ronica will not want to pull that stunt coming out without a sweater tomorrow or -- that should be one of several layers you wear because the arctic air hasn't even arrived yet, sarah and jim. still coming in. we're 44 in the district. you'll know when this comes on, there will be no mistaking. it's the coldest air we've seen six years in december and certainly the coldest air all season, it's important to know that we could actually see snow showers later tonight, maybe just enough to cause slick spots on untreated surfaces, certainly very cold and windy all day tomorrow, temperatures in the 20's, but windchills in the single digits and teens, and we have another chance of some accumulating snow saturday. that will be brief and change over to rain by no later tha
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right now. 11:00 in the morning. so we want you to be aware of that as well, and that's a look at your weather headlines, jim, sarah, back to you. >> thank you. as always we want to hear from you, use the #5at630. what do you say, merry christmas, happy holidays? is there a war on christmas >> i think happy holidays to play it safe? what was it? you said >> i will merry christmas the hell out of you. >> back after this. .
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vanning trump. the two have been house hunting no word which neighborhood but it is fun to guess. dc real estate
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group at mcernie associates. >> where is going to be the place they will be up to their standards, the upper east side in new york city. >> they are, so i think many neighborhoods in dc have qualities they'd be looking for. in particular, georgetown, west end foggy bottom and massachusetts avenue heights >> what do you think we're looking at georgetown and some of the postings. you think of them growing up living in trump tower, you really don't have something to the left of that height, stature, there's beautiful properties >> dc has a very strong luxury condo market particularly in georgetown and the west end area, that would be definitely an area they should focused on if they want that high-rise living. >> you said calarama? what are the changes they say move across the street from the
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obamas >> high. it's an appealing neighborhood. and that's why the obamas are there. i'm sure they could be rubbing elbows >> what do you think people in those neighborhoods and some neighborhood are used to it. >> i do not believe they will be the first high profile neighbor in any of the neighborhoods they're looking at. really, if they are new, i think they're going to be welcomed with open arms and their security detail will be much appreciated because it's not just keeping -- ivanka and jarred safe but the entire neighborhood >> she's likely going to play a major role in her father's white house taking on some first lady duties. we're out of time. >> thank you >> thank you for joining us >> i like the way you work. we mentioned trump towers, there's been a bit of a revolving door. lewis defending his
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betrayed the black community by meeting with donald trump. lewis an nfl legend jim brown met with the president-elect and reportedly discussed u
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development issues, lewis said the meeting was good for black people and he believes retired neurosurgeon ben carson is a good choice to lead the department of housing and and urban developments. >> we were talking about that earlier and people perhaps disagreed with it. we'll have to wait and see how he will run the department. it's a sweet and rich holiday drink we've been talking about. we're making it with a twist to tonight. >> talking a little egg nog. i believe. >> i'm going to drink out of this chalice. i don't know what you're talking about. we'll be right back. joanne
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and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. 5at630 if you're looking for a drink withhold spirit, you can't go wrong with egg nog,
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nog with a twist. you can find it >> thanks for being here, i asked what is the drink called you said egg nog, how many different liquors do you have in this thing. >> three different liquors. there's benedict ine and bower ban, four cups of liquor. >> wow, >> pretty well balanced. >> we're going to put it all in here today >> how many eggs do you want >> we start with eight egg yokes and a half cup of sugar. mix it and to that, we're going to add three cups of milk. >> is this what you would make for like la big party >> this is perfect for when you have people coming over to the house, just chill the punch bowl and leave it out. >> or friday night with jim lokay >> what kind of milk is that >> that's is organic
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that, we stir the sugar egg mixture with the milk >> whisp, it together >> five minutes to get them nicely incorporated. you don't want to do it until they're a pale yellow color, add egg whites to stiff peaks. it ads nice texture to the egg nog. >> i like the taste of egg nog but to me it's heavy, the goal was to get the same flavors but for it to be lighter so that you can actually enjoy more of it >> you got the richness with the four alcohols >> absolutely. >> we got about 90 seconds. >> then we're going to go to add heavy cream that has been whipped >> that's the good stuff >> and we stir this together. and to finish
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and the benedict ine. you can substitute anything but it reminds me of the holidays >> benedict like a monk >> you can stir it to to incorporate or leave it like this. >> visually i know we kind of not necessarily see it. dare we try? >> gosh. there we go. >> ok. >> fortunately, michael told us ahead of time and we had it poured out. tell us where we can find it >> bib iana. >> cheers. cheers. >> very good.
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>> this is an egg nog i can drink. >> we'll see you later on tonight 10:00 and 11:00 tonight. gyp
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harvey: it is apparent to me justin bieber is about to snap. he's walking through beverly hills, and it is not pretty. >> the way your face looks, there's something wrong it. it's just like the insecurities in the face. >> he's so annoying. he's trying to be a philosopher. harvey: you're not a philosopher when you're calling somebody butt ugly. >> lauren from fifth harmony was busted at the airport for possession of marijuana. >> how big was the bag of weed? >> i don't know how much weed a fifth of harmony smokes -- >> a fifth? [laughter] >> kristian nairn at l.a.x. hodor from "game of thrones." the guy can only say hodor. that's all he says is hodor. a few days ago trevor noah said trump picked a cabinet, and he suggested perhaps hodor should be communications director. what does hodor have


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