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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 15, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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some of right now at 11:00 i hope you know where your players are you will need them tomorrow morning the coldest air is rolling into town now. i'll let you know what to get ready for. >> only on "fox5"a woman claims police failed to help her after someone broke into her home. >> i had to call channel 5 to get help. >> and scary moments at a local mall during the hight of holiday hop shopping season. new details about what happened right now at 11. >> and we begin with the winter weather tonight. road crews are on the clock. these are some of the 50 plow and salt trucks hitting the streets of d.c. in case snow showers create slippery conditions. thank you for staying with us
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ni >> i'm sarah simmons. >> in for shawn. >> arctic blast is bearing down on the d.c. region bringing frigid temperatures and even colder wind chills. let's get right to sue palka for an update on this, hey, sue. >> sarah, tony, we are head lining the fact that those wind chills will be really hard to take tomorrow. many places will wake up tomorrow morning to wind chills in single dij digits and it's not quite here yet cold are air a couple hours away temperature here in d.c. is 41. that front will come through between 2 and 4 in the morning and when it does we could also see some snow showers with it. and that's what the crews are worried about. it doesn't may much to cause slippery problems. they'll monitor for that all night. and boy the big story really is the cold airen ait looks like endless supply of pink on the weather map. because it goes up to canada and ina lass ka. it's truly arctic air coming in and real shock to the system. because not only is it coldest air is then but coldest in december since 2010. we have acouplef
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up towards baltimore. some not hitting the ground. that's the kind of thing we have to keep an eye on tonight. there's another little batch towards west virginia and you soo see where rain showers are developing so far too warm for anything too to be sticking and we have to watch cold air coming in and you also have to be ready for this. tomorrow morning at 7:00 single digit wind chills to the teens and it does not get much better as the day goes on. we'll talk about a second chance for snow coming up this weekend in a few minutes. sarah. >> sue, thanks. >> first on "fox5"tonight if you report a crime to police, you expect them to follow up right? that's how it works. but one woman said when she report aid break in d.c. police failed to file a report or investigate. "fox5" marina morocco is liver with the story. >> it's all caught on tape and still the question tonight is why did detective never show up at a woman's house and what happened to that
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>> detective would come later and so okay i'll waited for them all night and nobody showed up or anything. >> six days and counting and jean darrellton has not heard back from d.c. police officials or an a detective. >> are you sure they had a police there? are you sure they are just -- these kids are 3 and 19, come on. >> she claims six district officer even questioned if two sons called the police when intruder jumped fence and tried breaking in through her basement. and but the surveillance video doesn't lie. not one, but two officers showed up to take a report and now nearly a week later the report does not exist. >> when was this report taken, ma'am? >> december 8. >> it's not in the system. >> maybe you missed a number or . . . >> no, 16207 [ [ bleep ] ] nothing is
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>> if she would have done what she said she would do had the de tebt activities come they would have had his picture out and could have caught him by now. >> picture is clear is day. >> clear as day. >> reporter: instead this man is still on the run. >> it's really scary. >> reporter: darling top lost her office and called the mayor's office for help and instead was told. >> somebody made a mistake. just go file another report. why should i have to file another report. he tells me walk over there or drive over there and why should i have to do it they made the mistake why can't they come with me. >> she lives with fear this man will be back when she's not at home and blind 89-year-old mother is left to fend for herself. >> my mother is 89 years old and cannot see. if something happened to her, does something have to happen to people before the police comes.
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supposed to work. >> because this man broke a window and didn't steal anything they thought this was a waste of their time. >> i think that is what it s i really do. because you deposit even mack a report. hi to call channel 5 to get help. >> and "fox5" called d.c. police and we also called the mayor's office. "fox5" never heard back from police or from mayor's office and but 5 five minutes after we reached out to them the victim says she finally got a call from detective sergeant and we are still waiting to hear back and she finally got that call six days late better late than never. live tonight south east marina morocco "fox5 local news". >> and some evening shoppers were in for a shock tonight. shooting victim crashed his car into a mall in maryland after being shot several times. tonight, police tell us the suspect is still on the loose. "fox5" liney
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temple hills with more. >> tony, shooting victim crashed right into the main entrance to the mall. we're not over there. because it is private property. we can show you a photo of the damage from the crash. you can see those two doors, the broken glass and the barricade that has been set up and this happened in middle of the afternoon and it was around 3 45 today and police say the driver pulled up to mall and stopped if front of it and told an officer he was shot and asked for help. and then for some are on the victim slammed into the mall. police don't know why he did that it may have been something to do with trauma from injuries and we could see bullet holes all over the driver's side of vehicle and the victim was taken to presidential hospital and police say he remains in critical condition right now. before this happened, police say people spotted victims car chased by another car two miles away on 2 parkway and oxen run drive. this is what we found there.
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shell casing all over the roadway. tonight mees are not saying dive up of itly this is where the victim was shot. they say there may have been another location involved here. >> we are still ak everly investigating this crime scene and trying to find and establish crime scene suspect and motive we'll gave you one more look at the victim's car before being towed away. you see the bullet holes. i counted 7 in the driver's side. police say the only thing they can tell us about the other vehicle reportedly chasing victim is that it was white suv no suspect sfwriptions at this point and police are hoping for help with this. if you have any information about the crime give prince george county detect activities a call. live in temple hills, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> and well also in prince george county police are searching for two suspects that shot a man during an armed robbery. it happened this afternoon
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construction site in brandywine. police say two truck drivers were robbed and one was shot. following the shooting the two suspect ran from the scene and no word if this was a targeted attack or what was taken. maryland governor larry hogan making first public remarks following dui arrest of the former chair of prince george county liquor board. in the video you can see charles wald well undergoing a sobriety test outside mgm. police say he failed the test. caldwell agreed to step down. we spoke to the governor about this issue today. >> we did it immediately after we got the news and i don't have the authority to remove him. but i called and we strongly suggested he resign and he agreed to do so. we thought it was -- i was concerned about the incident it was inappropriate for the chairman of liquor board to be driving drunk and i didn't think
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serve in that capacity. >> caldwell had not committed on the video. >> up next another massive hack attack that's affected a billion accounts on one web site. >> plus remember this video of trump supporter punching protester at a rally. we'll show you what happened today when they came face to face again. >> and forget about ordering rowing tickets online this guy is making sure he's first in line the old fashioned way by waiting in line for days out in freezing cold. hope he's bundled up. back after this
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sgv if you have a gentleman hoo account change your pass word word. they stole information for more than 1 mill gone usersen including e-mail passwords, telephone numbers and birth dates and this happened in 2013 and good news is the company says bank account and credit card information was not affected
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and this sbreech dprivrp another recent yahoo hack that affected 500 million accounts in 2014. >> president-elect donald trump risked a possible conflict of interest and breach of contract because of ownership of new d.c. trump hotel. issue is trump leases the old post office pavilion from the federal government. today general services administration told lawmakers lease forbids any elected official from holding lease and if trulp refuses to give up the hotel after inauguration there would be" series of hearings to determine when any discipline action will be taken. remember this viral video that captured ugliness. that's a trump supporter punching a protester as security was escorting him out. afterwards police charged 79-year-old john mcgraw with assault and disorderly conduct anded in court he came face to face with protester rakeem jones and mcgraw pollizeed
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jones saying he was caught up in heat of election. two men spoke and shook hands and hugged. there you go. right there. mcgraw pleaded no contest and got year of probation and fines. hopefully everybody learned something from that. >> me too. >> up next, a pop star busted actuales airport and the guides first in line for tomorrow's showing off rowing one. so, which seat he grabbing since he gets first choice that's after the break.
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>> a member of group fifth harmony got some trouble they gave lauren haragi was given a citation for marnl marm she performed with her group monday night at the verizon center for jingle ball concert. tmz say workers found a bag of not dare on luggage her attorney says she was released and this will not interfere with future scheduled
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>> a lot of people cannot wait to see the latest "star wars" movie rowing 1 that includes this gentleman david caster line. he has been in line at the uptown theater west since yesterday morning and he's prepared for the frigid forecast. >> it's been cold. it will get colder. and wearing about three layers of cloning an i have blankets and sleeping bags. it will be cold. but i think we'll do fine. >> it's become a tradition i've been doin it since 2005 and this theater has history behind it. they played original in 77. so i want to keep doing it. >> first showing is tomorrow night at 10:45 he will experience cold temperatures. since he gets first choice of seating he says he's grabbing lower level back row center i believe he only needs one seat. >> okay
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>> now sue does he have enough layers there. >> does not. >> i was going to say he's got a bed. >> yeah. >> i really kind of worried about that. he'll be experiencing tough conditions out there with wind that could gust to 5 miles an hour nuch of the day oh, my gosh. >> maybe they'll take pity on him and let him in the lobby. >> maybe take him an extra blanket. >> i hope he has wind -- looingd like he set up a tarp or something. wow, that's dedication. >> sure is. >> but got to watch nights like this hypothermia and frost bite if you're out too long and even though we're deceptively mild, 41. it has not gotten into town yet. it will be i few more hours before we see arctic air rolling into town and we'll have to hang in there with it for a couple days. it's actually piece of polar vortex which is that dome of very cold air that sits over the polls and little piece of that will break off and bring us most cold
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around ear here in six years and colder air we've had so far. we may hit 30 in next few hours but it will be going down during the day and very windy, 29 friday. those are actual air temperatures as you know we have been talking about those single digit and teen wind chills and again not here yet low to mid 30s north and west and yes keeping an eye on the possibility of some snow showers developing and as the arctic air comes in a few towards baltimore that is expanding over the last hour or so. few more showers developing south. it's possible. if you look close to here you can see maybe in a few more locations some snow showers trying it it develop maybe even in montgomery country and bottom line it will not awb lot but would not take a lot to make slick spots and that's why crews are scrambling as blast of arctic air comes through and we don't want anybody having problems tomorrow morning. check everything out and make sure there are not any problems and gary and tucker
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here tomorrow morning nice and early. oh, that wintd the sun will be back and early morning but those winds gusting to 5 and 45 bring us single digit and teen wind chills. another look what you can expect tomorrow morning this is what it feels like. one below in haing haagers up to and 1:00 single digit continue and 6:00 we're still looking at single digit and low teens, by 11:00 it's not much better and just to give you an idea look at the predicted winds gusting to 5, 36 miles an hour and pretty much all day nrong some spots they could gust higher especially west. so that's a rough one. little bit of snow may develop friday night and it will quickly changeover toe sleet and then rain saturday. so you don't have to shovel. if you want to see the snow you likely need to see it before sunrise on friday. after about 9 or 10:00 in the morning we think it will be rain. that could cause late night problems friday night to saturday and saturday gets up to 52 and sunday 60. we go from
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average on weekend and then it's another cold shot monday and tuesday as wint area rivdz on wednesday at 45. officially. it will feel like it tomorrow. sarah. >> sue, thanks. >> for the fifth straight year rfk stadium serving as distribution site for annual marine corps toys for tots program and several items will be handed to those less fortunate through day. the marine corps has given out more than 500 million toys to estimate 00 million children over the years. lot of happy kids there. >> "fox5" is partnering with make a wish mid atlantic for schb wishes campaign. >> a 5-year-old he from maryland has leukemia and this friday we are working with make a wish to help his wish come true. >> we'll have live coverage on "fox5 news morning" and on "fox5"news at 5 and 6 and on our facebook page all day.
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you can donate mid atlantic-schb we'll be right back. >> hi i'm sergeant derrek dubliki in afghanistan and want to wish my family a very merry christmas
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quarter way through nba season last year wizard were 10 and 14. how things khavrped with scott brooks. after 24 years the wizards a10-14. maybe a little changes. john wall early on and strip going on. watch this. they're going down court. little slow here. then here comes wall. strips it away and gives to kelly ubrey and off to the races and in the starting lineup for the jam 15 points. wall had 7 steals to
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763 final minute wizards up four they clear out for wall and you can see this end of game right there. at the end 25 points and there's the missed three right there and kimble walker grabs loose ball and races behind arch and tries to fire and no good wizards old hold on 109 to 106. >> no doubt redskins were burned in the past by free agents that under performed paging albert haines worth and signing quarterback josh norman after the championship has paid offhand somely. just ask captain kirk. >> the answers or the way he answers questions he is just a quiet humble leader on this team who goes about business. you see him stay after practice. winning matters to him. he's been a part of winning team and knows what it looks like and i think getting some of your best players to be best leaders can mack a big difference and that's whe
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guess i'm most pleased with josh on top of his ability. >> and meanwhile the other quarterback we'll see monday will become a father for second time. cam newton and girlfriend gave birth to their son named chosen last december. soon, chosen will become a big brother and reporter in charlotte asked if he would consider naming son after former teammate. >> josh norman not in a million years, no. fy were to tell josh norman i'm naming my next child josh, joshua, nah, nah. >> i think it's a strong name. come on. >> chose sent okay. >> chosen is fine. >> go with chance that may be nice. >> chosen and chance. >> there you go. >> you have to both ways then. like the first one better. >> wow. >> all right that does it for us for tonight. we ask you stay tuned. tmz is next. >> join us
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news morning starting at 4:5
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