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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 15, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> waking up to bone chilling temps. it is cold out there and that 30 doesn out't do it the justice the wind chills are out there.he temperatures dropping at thisesd hour as well. that's a live look at dupontro circle on this thursdayn th thua it is december 15. >> good i'm allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.n 'm s welcome to fox5 news morning.or first up at 6:00 a blast of o arctic air and the wind makingan it feel even colder. cde >> temps already low enough to h cause school delays out to our r west. we take look grant and hardingt and county schools in westtych virginia you're both on aou're o two-hour delay because of thef bitter cold. >> let's get details from tuck d here starts us off oain thisn ts thursday morning. good morning, tuck.thur morng >> hey, good morning, yeah,ning, cold pouring in overnight and a it only gets colder from here fe believe it or not our temps our when they check in later today i think it will feel evenit wl e colder than right now. that -- having said that, itd tt is plenty chill out there tre early.eay. 32 now in washington.ashito let's see. 25 up in gaithersburg.sburg. notice it just off to ourjust o north and west temps aremps ar 10 degrees cooler so that coldol air is pouring in on that that a brisk northwest wind as we speak.ea
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culpeper. winds will be blowing at timesmo at tes 20, 30, maybe even a gust ofustf about 40 this afternoon and your currents wind chills feels like 20's here in the city, eight inke 20' gaithersbu. look at hagerstown now 5 degrees t these numbers willnl be certainly in the singleinly digits to about 10 degrees fors much of the day. day that bone chilling cold wee ch have been talking about the t with the scold here to stay.tay. sat ride our front has coment through. i haven't seen any reports of any snow shower activity from last night. if you got any or a dusting a ds let me know but your forecasts s for today, and again ourin temperature right nowmper 32at degrees.32 deg it continues to fall as the winds pick up out of the north n and west went to 30.west went t3 so get ready for a cold and gusty day.yay. all right. plenty more on the we still have that wintry mix. i'll let you know when thatwhent arrives. >> a man and a woman shot as they natasha their car. natashat police say it happened aroundhen midnight in the 3800 block of o palmyra lane in aspen hill.lane the victims say a suspect inct his late teens or early 20's 20s approached the car talkedwi
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them briefly and then shothe sho them. both victims have have nonlife-threatening injuriesg in but it's unclear if thej victims andit t'she u suspect kk each other. each other. to temple hills now wherepl a murder investigation ise hieri under way aftenvres atin officen routine patrol found man m laying in the drive way on colebrook drive suffering fromsm gun shot wounds. >> annie yu is on the scenen ths for us this morning.r this morn she joins us now with more.ore. good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, goodod morning, allison and steve. good morning, everybody. this is stillorning a very actit situation we have.siation we ha. detectives still arriving here. here. we know that the officer was on routine patrol. patrol. he was driving through therivi colebrook drive area.ook driv this is the 2700 block, whenloch he came across the body. by. now, one of the officers scenece did tell me that some of thesome neighbors here, the residentse s say they heard the gun shots, they heard the commotion but no one called 911.11 when the officer was driving dvi through he found the bodyhe b right on the drive way inve wayn front of that home straighttrai ahead. they are still processing theint scene and as far as we know,w, they have not removed the body. bo it sits right behind t
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crime tape.e t we know that the victim is an an adult male. he had been shot multiple times.s. he died here on the scene. scene again lying in the drive wayng i of thisn beyond also this car, we found -- or we counted at least three evidence markers.e v they were takingid pictures anda they're still again working the scene. wor th don't really have muchve m information. we're not sure, we asked if askf the victim was a resident ofesif this home. police are not sure at this surt time or how this sort of allll played out so that is still sti being investigated.gad. they also don't have a suspect look out or information on that but they are asking us to t ask the viewers or ask anybodyny who may have heard or seen or s something to give them a call. v that number is 186-6411 tips. again, that's to the prince george's county police department. an adult male found shot dead here on colebgerook's veale fo inve in temple hills maryland.leills m that's thear very latest, anniee yu fox5 local news.ew >> hours before that homicideefc and just down the road aoa separate incident at iversont an mall.
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to the mall's entrance afterft scag security officer forecuriti help. police say calls to 91he1o 911 reported the victim's cars being chased by another cary anr 2 miles from the mall. mal that many other vehicle is described as a white suv.uv at last check the victim wasict in critical condition.onditi >> meantime happening today ae p preliminary hearing for ronaldd francis jr. who was charged crg with first degree murder inurde the deaths of two women whohs had w oorked at the same grof up home in woodbridge. erica jannell hixon and lizeth were colleagues of a program pgr supervising young adults. hixon went missing in a-yadier row back in april. apr both were eventually found dead in wooded areas. a. >> today in the district we'llth get an update one the policee department's body camera the mayor will mark the full t f deployment of outfitting all a patrol officers with bodyers thd cameras at a news conferenceonfc this afternoon. this comes at a time whenwhereee there's an overall decrease inrn that homicides and robberiesobbs in the district. ly. ly
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bit.h bit. they've already made history as the allread time best sellinr and b group of all advertisement now boyz ii menyze will make headlines locally locy when they become the first tir perform else on the, performers on the new stage at the mgm harbor: very nice.ic >> history making. makin >> that's cool.>> tha coo can't twenty eight go at tw concert there. of cl.peaking of cool. >> yeah, maybe real cool. temperature right now is 32. the winds as promised haveha picked up.pi you could hear in it annie yu's mic a few moments ago and a look what's on the way.. >> these are temperatures not wind chills, right.. >> those are actual temps, steve.stev 32 in hey, pittsburgh is a balmy 10 by this look at chicago, zero. z very cold air north and west anw we'll be tapping into and it's i flying in here on that northwest winds
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winds are now gusting in someme cases over 25 to 30 miles anil a hour. there you go. g wind gusts of 30 near of 30 n washington, 29 annapolis, 2929 s dulles. so wind chills in many spots right now are in the teens andee i'm afraid they'll be in the be single digits later today.igit extreme cold around here andnd that's even with bright sunshine.hi. so, temp right now is now3 i think we'll spend most of mos our day in the 20's.y you're probably looking at thet high temperature for the day t y right now at 6:00 a.m..m there's a live look at storm srm tracker radar. rar no reports any snow locally. lol if you got any last night let as me kt now. tweet me at tucker fox5. otherwise we'll be looking at at generally clear skies todayskie and it will be a dry afternoonfn but a very, very cold day.ay there go.go. temps in the 20's this afternoon. wind chills single digits to about 10.s si >> wow. >> okay? tomorrow is cold and n we got that wintry mix early saturday.tu we'll talk more about that in mr a mine utes.a mi >> i have like then super long puffer coat today.t t i'm entirely serious about blocking this cold erin,
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good morning. arty todaypurple p and i joined in yay!! >> can we play prince.e. >> why can't we play it always. >> this morning especially it will that clear up my heart.rn stall blockingin tg hecl leaeftl inner loop by gam lows andws a delays are all the way back too before little river turnpike.ur. we're seeing some really heavyyh traffic right now. that's nasty.asty look at that tucker.okt that tue you don't want to get stucktu in. give yourself extra time fromel the mixing bowl 395 as you5 head up the inner loop throughlp annandale again that's what you're up against this morning southern maryland inbound delays in the usual spots.rn ma 210 backing up as you makeak your way towards the bottom of the beltway and clinton we'rey seeing some heavieran traffic picking up on five.pi five atckin the 301 split jams s usual.l. 301 looking pretty good right now. let's forward our maps and show you what else you'rerwar ue against for your morningur moin commute. southbound 295 from visit to the 11th street bridge siredge e heavy congestion new yorkene avenue past bladensburgue past backing up a bit in suitlandsuid parkway some
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bile silver silve northern maryland we have some outer loop delays as you make mk your way really from newom new hampshire over to georgia.eoia it's only about five to seveno e minute slow down.own. then seeping nice condition nic ons 95 but we have volume 270ol0 southbound from 70 down to 27 to about 12 minute delay.12 min traffic looking good once youokn get into rockville.g t to roc and i cakvn feel my voice m v getting a little hoarse and i can hear tucker kind ofker kindf coughing so i think we all need to have so some herbal tea right now. >> i think so. >> yes. >> new developments overseas coming from war torn syria.syri. we told you yesterday the ceasefire broke down.d you brok. reportedly it's back on now. >> tough questions this morning about donald trump's trp new d.c. hotel and a possibleble conflict of interest.nt what is set to happen there inn just hours. >> ♪♪
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the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me. >> there are reports of some are shelling continuing in that tha area but officials say a say planned evacuation of tens off o thousands of people will still happen.happ we're also hearing from heari fm activists overnight though t that ambulances have been shot at trying to leaveance aleppo injuring three people. >> 6:10.>> 6:1 new this morning presidentis m barack obama has decided not had to sign legislation that would u renew sanctions against iran.sti this decades
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bill however does not need his s signature and will stilllti become law. iran's president had vowed to vt respond if the sanctions werehes renewed arguing they violateio the terms of the nuclear deal. d donald trump has been sharply critical of that deal. >> president-elect and vice president elect continue their thank you tourelec in her thee e pennsylvania tonight. tonight there were renewed concernswe over trump's businesses benefiting from his presidency e as some of his children who och will take over the company sat s in with tech ceo's yesterday. yd advisers say they are tryings sa to figure out what they are legally allowed toy ure this comes as the cia and fbi af refuse to meet with congress after lawmakers called for a meeting on possible russian r interference in the u.s.en in election. intelligence suggested moscowent worked to put president-elect donald trump into >> they had an obligation to show it to us. there is ne. this could be a whole house ofsf cards. i see it as some type off disinformation to discredit dit the incoming president-electiden and that's absolutely disgraceful. >> democrats have been trying torats h
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their votes. we've also learned this morning former trump campaignamg spokesperson katrina pierson prn is being considered for theng cn role of presssidere secretary. y >> petition with 400,000ith 4000 signatures will be deliveredes to the new trump w international hotel over possible --ossible potential conflict of interest. now this is all happening at noon and it comes after the is t general services administration said that trumpt would be in violation of the t lease when is sworn into office. office. trump had planned to discuss the future of his bd usinesplsee today but he's postponedpostne announcement until next month. h similar petitions will bel delivered to other trumper trump properties in new york,operties chicago and las vegas.egas yahoo at the center of the largest hack in history. what you need to do right now if you h naveed e a yahoo accou. >> let's head outside on thisdeo very cold morning. only to get colder. colde weather and traffic on the 5'sa5 next. 30 degrees air temp but those b wind chills, oh, those wind chills. ck
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>> deep freeze and snow takingze its toll across a the nation. n let's start out on the westst ast.t. portland oregon drivers and a school buses strand for hours fs on slick roads.onlick then we come closer to theser tt east coast in buffalo new yorker where snow is the norm but the frigid temperatures there andre heavier snow than normal highalg winds all causing problems probl there. tucker you were sayingg buffalo this time of year o you're talking feet of snoweet o not inches. >> yeah, the lake effecth, t
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they can get the feet and nar an rope bands of it. impress seven wave of cold has invaded the lower 48 here iere going start with the seven-day forecast. let's see if we can't start sta this whole thing over again.r aa we are looking at lots andot a lots of cold around in fact daytime highs i thinkhsi we're looking at them rightm now with very windy conditionsos which have set up overnightverng and that continues to move inonu as we're looking atesas w l temperatures right now ofaturig about freezing but wind chillsil are holding temperatures backtuk in the 20's.0' all right. here's your headline and again what to ehexpect adlater today.. it's all about the singlehe s digit wind chills and they'rendt setting is up right now. i'm going to show you the wind chills sho in just a s.e.c.a s.c currents numbers as mentioned an 32 in washington.washington. notice everybody off to the north and west. you guys are already in the no's.verybo thes aere a are20 our air temps. little warmer off to the south h and east. annapolis 34, leonardtown 34rdt4 but i promise that cold will continue to kind of ooze in on i that northwest wind and we'rend' all going to be feeling singlenl digits to maybe low teens
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wind chills here for much of your day today. currently feels like 20's in washfeelington. winds out of the north and west gusting to about 2t 5of too 30. 30 feels like 10 in gaithersburg,er 15 out at dulles.s. 27 in leonardtown, 25 in certainly our coldest day thisc fall and one of our coldest cole days in 2016 as we're lookingng at afternoon air temps in the tm 20's and that's with bright bgh sunshine. tip pick technological when you get the bright sunshineth you warm it upe br a little bitb it will not be the case todayod as a chunk of that polart pola vortex we talked about getsbout down very close to the tohe midatlantic here over the nextt 24 hours. okay. this is future wind chills. going tofu ftueelre like 8 degrs at 3 o'clock this afternoon. aft three in gaithersburg. minus one up in hagerstown. you get the idea.a. tomorrow morning will beor another very cold day for oniurr friday it will feel likelik 10 degrees at 7:00 a.m.00 a.m although i think the windshe wds will lighten up by tomorrow. here's our setup for early saturday morning.turday morning area low pressure is going to pass up from the great lakes..rr eventually it will drag warm ig air in here but at the onset tht overnight friday into earlyt fr saturday morning we're likely ll
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that will quicklyun change to cg sleet and perhaps somet and per freezing rain before itso changes to all we're not going to get a lotet a of snow. i won't throw out the totals tot yet but certainly thely t possibility we could have ourave first light accumulationatio through parts of the area byof e saturday morning before it turns to rain. oth saturdayh saturday sunday afternoon.fterno we've highlighted those inse i red. temperatures will be in theur 50's before the cold air moves back iesn b wutthe again todayl up. cold, colds day.ol day headed to schoolly? you wantsc to wearhool the heavy duty gear, erin, right? >> oh, yeah. >> you know the one where it w th in a in u're sleeping bag. >> like the little boy in ale b christmas story he's walkingor down the street and he can't het move his arms because he has heh so much padding on.uch >> we have to startpa a new a n segment what to wear and we'llnw wear what we should be wearing outside. >> give me a high-five. that's tucker's takeive me t trf behind she backed up.d u this is 95 northbound as youd au you make your way out inn fredericksburg.eric this is a look at theks day at y the rappahannock bridge.dg
6:19 am
centreport parkway. parkw almost standstill right now.ndsh traffic is crawling.s crawl you need a lot of extra time.a . keep it to the right about 30 extra minutes.ines traffic breaks up a bit. b i was you get into staffordtaff heavy traffic simply becauseply of congestion.of congestio we'll forward our cam russ.uss. at the beltway inner loop problems look t it's just at's mess of very, very backed upck u traffic a disabled car blocks the left lane at gallows inner loop backing up all way w towards the springfieldgfield interchange so allow for extra time there.time t we'll keep you updated.upted. metro also dealing with some delays on the orange and on th silver in addition to safe to sa track. a closer look at metro next. ne. back to you allison and steve.te >> coming up next the effectsec that the feds interest rates in will have on you.ll he on you >> plus a 13 minute dronero flight marks a giant step forkst amazon. we'll head to the fox business network after the break. 6:19.
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y26i0y y17vy >> 6:too. yahoo at the center of the largest hack in history. at test check of the markets. joining us lauren simonetti.ti. today lauren good morningy la first of all. not just talking about upur or down on the market we're talk wt but feds and interest rates i and possible multiple interest i rates. what's going on. >> reporter: the possible multiple interest rates rate sykes what has investorsrs nervous. they have they project 38roject raitt hikes in 2017. in 20 that caught a lot of peopleaugh off guard. it's a series oft rate hikes.ate hikes. it will obviously start to srt normalize interests rates bute n it makes your mortgage ate lotge more expensive we're talkingre at least a hundred dollars aol month more if we
6:23 am
hikes looking at the averageve loan morgan rates right nowgan are at a two year high, its 10 1 year yield that's also at aie two yearld t high 2.6 percent sc things are going up in a bigig way and the fed is that that responsible for. that dow 20,000 didn't happent today. could it happen today? planes p dow futures up 40 points. poi >> yahoo breach bigger thanha anybody imagined.maned. what does it mean for thatoe people as far as you and i? >> reporter:s as fa change youo be careful. caref i mean 1 billion users the biggest data breach everbree and it happened at ya'. y who it happened about three,bout three and a half years ago and it's separate from the hackaratm attack that yahoo told usho about earlier this year. that one, 500 million users were what these intruders got wasas your personal information.nform. your security questions anduritn answers, they basically got everything but your financial fl information. so change your
6:24 am
this affects yahoo becauseec verizon looking to buy themto te for about $5 billion. $5 ll what happens to that? 'causet?e now they're going to have to tvt deal with this. rigight. exact coastal low. all right. like up said to your and i we have to take it into our said o twn o hands and be extra careful. carl amazon putting the beautiful uk countryside into the global spotlight yesterday. >> reporter: the countryside because there's lesse th distraction, right.diraction, r it's rural.'s rur. and in 13 minutes amazon prime air delivered a fire tv stickck an bag of a pop dorn an customer. that's their drone you're looking at. it looks's the different than t prefers drones amazona shadow's. obviously these vehicles will these ve change over time.hicles w deachan is to deliver items ite in that under half an hour.lf ah so there you have it. amazon has continued to testas this in other countries and cn r then maybe one day right here in the u.s..s. we got our toilet paper justpapt like that on outer loop front ln door from a bird in the sky. ths >> looks like they had twoad drones inbecause one was o stolen and the other as it wass
6:25 am
>> reportengr: t so observanceba steve. >> we do what we can.t we c we'll see you tomorrowse tomor morning. it will be friday and thenl be we'll all celebrate the weekend. >> reporter: awesome.>> r ep>> 6:25. >> tomorrow is friday. tomorro >> sure s wait, it is, right. >> yeah, it is. >> scared me periods al.ds a >> i just checked maya who e-mail and i have a letteret from yahoo saying change my cng password. >> i had a yahoo account and i hadn't used it so they took it upon themselves to shut itt i down.down. >> maybe they did you abe t change. >> i have to change my cnge password from i love allison one to i love allison two. t >> too many pass wards.ass ward. i can't remember them all.t all right, let's do thereghet's forecast. we are cold and colder is here to. 32 degrees in washington.rees winds picking unout of thef t north and west at&t at 21.t with that winds and airth tha temperature feels more likeat 20's and much of yourure day iy going to feel like singlelike sl digits and low teens.digits a although the worst is yet toet come in many ways don't ben't fooled by the relatively
6:26 am
32 as we'll be in the 20's foror much of the day.he d. it has cleared out. cleared out. the front has come through.has h winds will pick up. up. it will be a very blustery ander colds day but it should be ay tt dry afternoon and cold againgain friday looks cold.iday lks c looks like a wintry mix of o rain on saturday.ur we'll have more on that comingg up. weekend temperatures will be in the 50's. 5 >> why is it highlighted inightd red you. >> like that or not. like >> the highlight? why is thatha because it's the weekend. wkend >> we try to highlight the weekend. >> oh, that it's the weekend. wd >> no. >> >> no, some people have to work.rk >> it's a work in progressprogre erin. we'll fine tune it. >> we're here for everybody. >> tucker's face he just goes, e no .no . >> [laughter]>> >> okay, right now metro safe mf track surge 11 continuous contiu single tracking orange andorannd silver between west and east ans falls church. crch. trains running every 20 every minutes during rush hour.inrush we have a switch problem powerow problem outside west orange and silver additionalitna delays there. 66 backing up a
6:27 am
bit 234 top sycamore. you can see that yellow linene developing. it's ownable 15 minute delayminl from gainsville to centrevilletl and more volume through fairfax as you get to thex asoug beltway.beway. insides the beltway 66 through6h falls church in arlington aingt picking up as well. w inner loop dealing way stall w s by little river right now from thetle springfif interchange up to 66 dealingnge with a mess of congestion soions be prepared for that one.ha we'll keep you updated.ed 95 also dealing with a crash cra blocking the shoulder inde in newington on the northbound the side big delays from south ofouh the keep it to fox5. back in a few moments.ts >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. that is the trustee clock in the thate cle that we all love talo look at when it flipsf to the temperatures and yes,pe itra is 28 degrees. bundle up you guys seriouslyly dangerously cold out there and e it's the first time we've seen it so -- this year so bundlee up. welcome back to fox5 newse morning. weather and traffic coming upano on the 5s atming 6:35. 65. a live look right now, though,u, at colebrook drive in templen hills where a murder investigation is under ud plan found dead after 2:00d aft0 this the victim was that foundtou police tell us in the 2700 in t0 block of the road. roa this blocks away from where a shooting victim crashed his car into the entrance of entraef iverson mall yesterday afternoon.oon. in montgomery county now atm man and a woman were shot asre o they sat in their car. c this morning the gunman is still on the run.still on t happened around midnight in
6:31 am
in aspen the victims say a suspect inpe i his late teens or early 20's approached their car talked carl with them briefly and thenieflyt shot them. shot them. both victims have nonlife-threatening injuries.ju. after a week and some help from fox5 a woman who reporteder a break in at her home ine southeast is finally get some help. surveillance video shows two officers on two separateo sep occasions slow up to take ans report but those s reports werew never filed. the intruder was also capturedap on surveillance video and he'svh still on the run this morning. i jean darlington fear that isli he'll be back when she's not home and her blind 89-year-oldar mother is left to fend for fd rselelf. ly. >> mother's 89 years old and cannot see. if something happened to her -- does something have to hv happen to people before the police come? i wonder now ifw i that's how it's supposed tosu work. >> reporter: do you think that because this man justep broke a windowause and didn't re
6:32 am
they thought that this was w away from the of their time. >> i really do think tm hatth is what it is.t i really do.o. because they didn't even maken m a report. to call channel five to get help.p. >> fox5 called d.c. police andl also the mayor's officers. off we have yet to hear back but but less than an hour after we reached out the victim saysays she finally got a call from aalm detective sergeant. so, let's get back to theett cold for a do you like anything so much that you would sleep outsideou e in these temps to be the firstet in line for it? it's happening right now for ther th new star wars movie that comes ouhatt tonight and bob barnard i outside of the uptown theaterat in northwest and you have got g tears in your eyes it's sos so cold bob, good morning. m >> reporter: yeah, good repor y moearning, allison. allis i can't stop watering up here. h if you have layers a hat and a t gloves it's not so bad but it bt is windy, there's a windd advisory here in the districthes of columbia and as you see you s here behind us this makeshiftt sign says #the uptow
6:33 am
star wars. there are two guys under heredee under the tarp protectingg themselves from the windheind catching a little extra leastext one of the four people on linep just got up.ot we've been chatting with john wh snyder who is here and here'sndr the uptown and the new star n s wars movie "rogue one" opensneon tonight. john is from winchester virginia.virg john snyder, good morning.ny de>> hey, good morning.>> h >> reporter: how would you -- you were here lastey rep winter -- last year under similar circumstances but itcirc was rainier then.wainie for people just waking up and you have been here all nightalt how do you describe theescribe weather they're going to face.ey >>'r it's chilly.hill i would definitely layer.r. i got a lot of layers on hand ln warmers. at least not wet but it is it i cold. >> reporter: you said you were up most of the night because you don'teporte up mo sm any way. what is it about this kind of movie i think has caught a lotlo of people off guard, oh myuard,h goodness there's a new star news wars movie.ov haven't heard much about itmucht but it has still brought fansugf like yourself to wait on line. l why is that. >> as a fan you're foilinge il anyway. i know all the news about it
6:34 am
and that kind of stuff.ha we were already excited about it before theyalread startedta advertising. >> reporter: it's no longer a john lucas thing right andor this is not one of the seriestes this is kind of likenot one of t rogue episode that's being thrown in there. in >> right. george lucas is out completely. he sold itgeor comp but yeah this one is not going to be a part ofoi t the main cannon, it's nott' n going to be an episode. episo you won't see that in thet in scroll at the beginning it's i kind of a storyt' fill you in on some things aren't that holes tt for the die hard fans.r th >> reporter: here's one ofof them. john snyder thanks very much.des you can see guys they'll have their little cocoon for the rest of the morning until the sun is uplitt andlethe mo maybes up a little bit but the new "star wars" movie openingr wa tonight atrs 7 o'clock here.'cl. they could probable show up at p ro4:00 this afternoon and beafro fine but they're die hard andier they don't care about the cold r they're here waiting for the newhere movie, guys. >> can't even get tickets yet.v. >> let's switch to sports.'s s we'll start with indoor sports because it's so darn coldo da c outside. ou word this morning in the nba and player'
6:35 am
a new collective bargainingarga agreement under new termsemen money. the average player's sal realt s expected to rise to an average of $10 million over the next four years.illionfo yea the deal must now be approved by owners and players. pye let's get to on the court.o. wizards in action at homen at he against the first place charlotte hornets. wizards struggling tolo get bacb to .500 this year.500 th they got it done with those new stars and stripes jerseys. john wall on a steal to kelly k oubre for the jam. now your all time wizardsizar steals leader. final seconds wizards up bdeyars three. 3-pointer right there by t b campbell walker in and out no good that gives the wizards a win 109-106.09-1. next up the detroit pistonsit p and that game will bee wi b tomorrow. >> i'm going to that game.t g >> are you.>> are you. >> i'm going help the wizards out. >> social media. you do this every year. >> going with wisdom ou dour t y
6:36 am
>> that's awesome. >> that will be fun. you guys have a great time. you were down on the>> tys hav t last year right. >> we were near the court. nr th >> come on it's kind of a bigig deal. >> we weren't on the court.we >> do you tweet? do youren' instagram. >> i'll tweet out exact what's ' happening. >> i want to be able to i w retweet tto or repost. ros >> basically what i'm saying is i don't know exactly whatt ih i'm doing. >> got that. awesome. and i like the stars.and rekeminds tme of the old bullee uniform. >> me, too. hey, lots of weather to talkeaer about. wind advisory, this was posted about an hour ago and the winds are expected to gust to about 50 miles an hour with ait wind chill around here in theere single digits. see the blue out to the west. that's a wind chill advisory.or i was just looking in garrett county, currently 5 degreesly but with the winds it feels lycopene us in 15 in garrett 15r county right now so that'sht no extreme cold. ex our currents number 32 at32 reagan national, 27 dulles, 288 bwi marshall. marsh our wind chills locally feelslle like 20's here in washington,asg nine 15 dulles.ul the colder air is pouring in i as we speak and
6:37 am
temps will probably fallbl fal throughout the day as we'll be e looking at afternoon afterno temperatures in the 20's.the 20. lots of sunshine expected.ecte should be a beautiful day.a beaa sun is up i think at about 7:17.7: vial to17 double-check that. doc 20's either way. sunshine dry but very cold, col, very gusty winds.inds >> hopefully psychologically the sun makes a little bit oflit a difference with thee wi conditions out there. tre. >> yeah. yea >> thanks. >> will it. >> no.>>o. >> okay. >> maybe in my head it will.d iw >> okay that's all that matters. matt h hi erin. good morning. good mor >> good morning .ning >> [laughter] >> right now taking a look atoo the roads. first starting you off witharngy the rails normal servicel se resumed on the orange andmed t silverhe. watch for additional delays ins both directions from safe track but things are starting to get back to a normalt thinl pattern. want to take a cruise arounde au the area. let's take a look at ourk cameras. we have a new crash.ra the outer loop this is a looksoo at good luck road but north of o that point closer to bwo b parkway there's a crash black cb back to landover road. t inner loop a bit heavy. as we goner lo ahead and forwarr me
6:38 am
else you're up against thisinhi morning. ooh, not looking so good on the innerot loop. we had a crash out l boothye lt river turnpike.ike. right now from the springfield interchange up to 66 you're ine for about a 30 minutes delayut d with very heavy volume.olum as we take a look in i fredericksburg this is 95 on 95 the northbound side. sid as you cross the rappahannockapk bridge really backed up traffic because of a crashc be blocking a lane by centreportenr park wage you need about 45ed a5 extra minutes to get froma mi fredericksburg to the bnueltwayw a second crash in newington 95i5 northbound. that's your traffic allison and steve. >> thank y youour erin. eri major backlash against d.c. public schools after one of its spokes people made anop offensive post on socialnsiv media. >> first a holiday messageiday a from a local service memberce me stationed overseas. >> ♪♪>> ♪♪ >> my name is dominic gregreg deployed at bagram air field fie in bagram ago. bagm ag happy holidays to all myo ally friends and family back in petersburg virginia. nia.
6:39 am
i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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d.c. publicba spokeswoman. hillary tone over a tweet about her desire to abolish all whiteesir men. men tone quote add news storyy about former texas governor rick perry writing "in that " t case i would like to bee secretary of white men." dcps wouldn't tell fox5 is tone is facing disciplinarycipln action over her post newark questions this morning about a story of one ofthis santa's helpers an dying child thatld tt went viral this week we talked about it yesterday on the thiay .how. last sunday a knoxvilleil newspaper published a story s about a santa being called to c the bedside of a dying child chd and holding him until his lastil moments but now the paper sayspr the story can't be verified vife and officially retracted thera account saying it did not meetdm the paper's standards of verification. finally hard work really does pay off for one chick-fil-a worker.or a goepp fund me account set upot for him by a customer has raised more than $20,000. a customer noticed he was mor working way brace around his
6:43 am
it right here his neck bracek br arm in a sling but he's still working in a car crash.ra the customer asked him why he hm was working in that condition and he said he was raising money for the homeless thisr holiday season. seaso hm. okay. picture went viralent vira so did his go fund med m campaign. all i got say is we need moree young men just like this one.ike steve, back to you. >> disappointed bite santaanta story. >> but it doesn't 19 it's not truet do.estr. we heard from santa himself. hsf i'm not sure why.. maybe there's more to it.s more it's a feel good story. i don't know. kno we hope it's true. >> thanks friend.en >> premiere for hidden hidde figures. this is a movie kevin has beenee talking about.lking ab kevin was there and he joinsandi us live to talk about it next.ux it's 6:43. 6 as we head to break rightht now if you have a news tip y hav share it with wh us. either call us, (202)895-3000.80 a real person will pick up the t phone and talk to you orou e-mail us we're back in a minute.
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6:46 am
>> ♪♪ >> all right. live look at the sun coming up but do not be fooled. that sunshine is not going to mucath tbut dosh winare ming te in for our coldest day d certainly of the fall.he f one of our coldest days since 2016 as we're going to be gng featuring that even its thermometer is shaking this morning. single digit wind chills throughout the day. just looking i mentioned inle dn garrett county, currently the wind chill in garrett county minus 15.s 15. currents air temps not -- t not yeah, chilly but it could be id worse and it will be later
6:47 am
32 in leonardtown that hast ha fallen in the past 15 34 in fredericksburg.rick we've got low 20's off to the'st north and west frederick 23,de one in hagerstown. winchester and winds i'm a win watching our live report this rs morning and you can really hear the winds whistling outng there. currently out of theurrey north and west at about 30. in fact we have a wind facwe h advisory for much of the area today for possible windsbl gusting to about 50 miles pers e hour. 45 to 50 currents wind gusts g up in hagerstown 36. 3 this is giving us wind chillsndi in the teens and low 20's.0' later today i think evennk ev locally here even right alongn a its 95 corridor we're likelyik to have some wind chills in cll the single digits so it'ssing going to be a very coldle col afternoon. storm tracker radar our fronts s has got gotten through the area. weaver looking at clear skiesooi and quiet conditions but this bt is true arctic air that ist parked overhead and will bel b with us for the next couple ofoo days. all right. right thurston night friday is going a
6:48 am
cover and then this is ourand th setup for early saturday surday morning. this will give you a head's up p here. we'll have what looks to be a t bit of a messy mix earl saturday morning.ning. eventually limit transitionly rain but we might get som let gm light accumulations of snow perhaps sleet around herearounde early saturday morning so if sof you have plans saturdayda morning keep a close eye on the forecast as there will definitely abperiod when we w get winter weather and then andt all rain and then a cold front r on sunday will bring that coldcd air back into our region forionr early next week.xt wee all right, futurecast here we h are at 6 o'clock tonight neariga great say. just going fast forward thisgr to early saturngday fas morningi tomorrow night we get theow nig clouds and then by early saturday morning that's at 5:00 a.m. looks like thatike messy mix is setting up across the area and eventually eventual changes to all rain.chan mild weekend and back into thete cold air next week.ext wee today 20's this afternoon wayno wind chill in the singleth digits. make sure you are wearingle lots of layers if you're working your outdoors.oors erin, hi. >> hi. it's 6:48
6:49 am
big problems.ems this is 95 on the northboundhe o side. crash that was blocking twoth laneats w just before franconia-springfield parkwayngy has been haas moved over toen the right shoulder but i want h to foraaward ourt shou cldameras we have a pretty heavy delayy d even though traffic is moving m along a lot better there. by fairfax county parkway dale city up towards franconia-springfield if for aer heavy delay of 25 to 30 t30 minutes because of that crash.c as we forward our camerasam before that points as you head out of fredericksburg we'll see a big delay frede over the rappahannock bridge. bri 95 northbound a crash by thatshh centreport parkway.ntport delays back to 17 on the17n th stafford side of things andhing then once you get past that tha crash at centreport parkway p you jam again as you head hea towards the aquia harbor. hbo inner loop right now superop riw heavy traffic from the mixing mx bowl all the way to little river turnpike. t if you're trying get uptryingetp towards 66 or tysons bebe prepared for those slowdowns.low heavier traffic building overngo the legion bridge on the inner i loop as well. as we move o
6:50 am
cameras and show you a lookd sha right now at our maps we have hv other slowdowns in maryland as well. this is taking a look at thekine outer loop. we have a crash just beforeust e baltimore-washington parkway.e- delays are all the way back towe landover road. way b as you try approach 50 you'll50u hit those slowdowns. slowdowns. inner loop jams through oxonop hill as you make your way out from 414 tots bridge. excuse me. and then road work on southbound and th route one at 198net blocking the left lane.ane. 95 southbound backing up as u a well. back to you guys.u >> well, this morning al, thimoa montgomery county departmentry of liquor control wil cl kickl k off its holiday safe ride r program way give away of $20f per ride for vouchers for driver, a designated driverriv program that takes you and y a your car home. h the gift cards will be available at montgomery countyco dlc, liquor stores beginning bin at 9:30 in the morning. morni it's all part of the county's cs efforts to get you home safely f this holiday season.son. >> also today maryland officials will be unveiling a a new lstruck thats will will offo mobile breath alcohol testingesi
6:51 am
drivers. now the truck is the first of its kinds in the and state it's reveal will coincide with an annuall wi remembrance evente told celebrate the lives loved ones killed by impaired drivers.s. >> ♪♪ >> kevin mccarthy is herethis h with today's fox beat. >> hi kev. >> hold on. >> got to be careful. carul >> now you look jokey. jok >> i wanted to go down ao dow little bit. litt this is good to see you >> how are you. y >> my voice is going.voice oi i'm sorry i was out last night g at the "hidden figures" in we i should phenomenal premiere the african-american museum of culture.ur this premiere is so important. r you have to see this movie.this. it's about three incrediblencre african-american women whon-am were working behind the scenes at nasa and they were a massively important part to par john glenn getting into orbitntt for the first time and taraji p. henson also jannell monetannm and o
6:52 am
this it opens in d.c. at onensd.c. theater on christmas day. >> wow. >> regal gala. open wide everywhere january 6th. this is a film that you need to see, families need to see it. i was crying at the end in thenn best way possible. possibl but i spoke to some of theme oft cast last night that was here at the premiere including octave yap spencer about howpeea this role changed her life andnd she recently got nominated foraf a golden globe an sag for this performance. >> well, every character you play if it's profound and they t impact your life in some way iai would say dorothy definitelyefil impacted my life the mosteos because i realize i had i something she didn't have andn'd it's what i do with that agency. it's having a voice and usingndu it to further our causes. so, i'm over the moon that it got play
6:53 am
>> i feel like music and acts as regular so similar becauseec they both take you on emotional journeys and whenl jo you play aur character, do youe think about the music she might like? >> yes, absolutely. absutel that was one of the first things, control 88 back storycot for you were character andro i honestly had to because to bse unfortunately miss maryrtunely jackson has passed on. o i didn't have the opportunity to speak with her and not a lot of family so i had h tave ot really understand what she was thinking so when you areking walking that road that no oneo else has traveled what are youhu listening to to inspire youpire and keep you uplifted and encourage. i never shared with anybody. it's my work and something i hold dear to me. to >> did you have a playlist. pyl >> yeah, i was teapot playlist s together and that music thankfully was igenctherrediblei i mean i hated the politics pols during that era, the way minorities and women werener treated. we didn't even have the triteavi vote as black women duringomen that era but the music fashionan loved it. it. >> if you're going to theo the television and you're want -- one of your movies is on
6:54 am
there one you'll stop on.e on >> no, but the dog usuallye suay gets up and hears my voiceears e before anybody else. i have to look at a movie real r close 'cause i got a nine and gn a seven and a six and i got ad make sure it's not a movie meove adult situations in it. >> one of the things i wantsinga to say about this film is thatut no one knew this story and itora spoke to taraji p. henson theth whole cast this past fridayt id into new york city this is a yo story that no one knew notne n even the cast and these three women were never talked aboutert and how they were so important r to john glenn getting inton space for the first time inglfii orbit. i'm telling you right now, everybody should see thiss film. film. comes out again december 25th in washington, d.c. >> interesting that thein w filmmaker was that able toker find this story and decidey andc that look this is somethingethi we're going make this bigoing mh investment >> somebody knew about it. i it wasn't taught. was >> it wasn't taught.g >> nobody knew because of that.obody but these women -- of woen - >> but there's a lot of but stories that people are not willing to invest $1 t00s th mii in to put it out there.he >> what i'm saying is -- i i
6:55 am
>> it was hidden in plain pla sight let's say it that way. >> interestingly enough i wastio speaking to astronauts lasts la night who had been into spacece nasa astronauts who had neverevr heard this i'm telling you right now i n i don't -- and i can't say this sy fo tr sure but john glenn john n getting into orbit had a lotd l to do with these three womenomen obviously.ousl >> they had a lot to do withhaao him getting into >> exactly. >> so it's a phenomenon film opens you called "hidden figures" definitelys yo see it t was important to have it laste t night.nigh >> taraji here. >> she didn't talk to anybody on the carpet.idn't she did photoson t and walked al weigh. i don't think she was feeling too well.think but did i get her on friday. she was fantastic. fanta >> awesome. thanks kev. >> time to check in with tucker bar nes.ime bne >> hi guys.>> hiuy all about the cold air.l abt th i'm hearing my phone dinging because i'm tweeting out windutn chill advisories for parts of po the area.the . 29 degrees in washington.egre we are trending doeswnwarddownrd temperature-wise while the winds trend upwards.tren winds north and west at 2 that combination giving using u wind chil
6:56 am
wind chill 14 locally but i'muti afraid that the wind chills chi will be in the single digitsin t for much of the day goodch o news, we clear it out.o we'll be in for a sunny brightni and dry day.d the bad news air temperaturesra will be in the 20's.0' this is modified arctic air. this is the real deal with the t wind chill in the teens for thet much of your thursday. thursda tonight is going to be bittero r cold. tomorrow is going to be very cold. and then we're going to iendsse this whongle thing way wintryngy mix to rain on saturday.ur more on that coming up. coming . all right. that's a quick look at theckook weather. at again, cold today, lots ofots layers. la erin hour, are the roads. houoa >> not looking so good tucker.uc outer loop right now we have a just before bw parkway. parkway. heavy delays back into largo.aro so be prepared for that. tha 50 inbound towards 295 jams in j cheverly and the outer loop loop typical backups right now 95 9 over to georgia. georg about 15 minute delay there. mit we have this new crash. it's just before springfieldgf franconia parkway blocking theg shoulder now. t that delay from dale from da city as you cross the occoquan a making your way to the mixing mx bowl. right now about a 35 minute
6:57 am
south that of points we have a s crash at centreport parkway onao 95 northbound. the inner loop this disabled vehicle cleared but you'ree backed up from the mixing bowlct with very heavy traffic ashe mhr well. we'll take a closer look at those 66 delays as we continue.contue. fox5 will be right back.
6:58 am
6:59 am
>> ♪♪ this is fox5 news
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>> ahead at 7 o'clock a7 o'cck a violent night in both bot montgomery county and prince ani george's countie in one case a man and a womanom shot while they sat in their car. also live in temple hills l where a man was that foundive wo dead in his drive way.ay. >> today's other big story s waking up to bone chillinge chig temps. it's cold out there folks and ad those digits still dropping at this hour as we take a live l look at dupont circle one on this thursday morninghursy mo december 15. >> do you like anything sonythg much that you would sleep outside in these temperatures to be the first in line? in that's what some folks are are doing for the new star warswars movie that comes out tonight.. >> good thursday morning. mor those are some star wars star ws loving folks out there. the >> hardy souls. >> good morning, i'm allisonmor, seymour. i'm >> and i'm steve chenevey. te chene first upve waking up to a blasta of arctic air and the wind win making it feel even colder.olde >> in fact temps already low tem enough to cause some schoolsc delays out to our west.ys o to take a look. grant and hardy county schoolso in west virginia both on a on two-hour delay because of thef bitter cold.tter cold. >> so what happens next? o whattucker joins us on thisoi u


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